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Inspiring a better urban future Head of Renewal SA, Fred Hansen, shares his views


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A fresh look at contemporary architecture


Building for the future

One family’s view of our liveable city



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Light as art

Artemide illuminates our thinking

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portrait of fred hansen on rooftop?

Fred Hansen – “I think Lightsview really got it right”.



red Hansen is from another

Lightsview is part of the plan. Renewal

world – a world where building

SA has partnered with developers CIC

the future is a daily activity. A native of the United States of America, he has worked for the White House’s Environmental

Australia, to support the city-fringe development as it transforms into a model 21st century, fully-integrated community.

Protection Authority and pushed the

Fred says Lightsview is somewhat

now-famous Portland onto the world

like the more successful planned

stage by integrating its disparate

communities he’s seen internationally,

pieces with a revolutionary public

but better.

transport network.

He points to two of USA’s more

He first came to Adelaide in 2009 as

celebrated suburbs – Columbia,

Thinker in Residence and has since

Maryland and Reston, Virginia –

moved permanently to the city after

as examples of well formulated

being appointed the head of Renewal

developments, but he says those

SA. This organisation is responsible

places still have some failings.

for leading urban renewal activities

While Columbia and Reston foster a

on behalf of the State Government

healthy lifestyle balance by placing

in a way that builds and enhances

residents close to work and other

the community. Fred is determined

facilities, there are still some lessons

South Australia will grow smartly

to be learned on the design front.

and elegantly.

“(At Lightsview) those issues of design are addressed,” says Fred.

The north facing Loft 38 makes the most of the natural light.

“Most of those other places may

“…They have all these open spaces so

Ultimately, Fred believes Lightsview

have been planned in the sense of

there is a lot of natural light, there is

will be a world-class example of a

the community but if you look at

a sense of privacy, there’s a sense that

planned community because of the

individual housing it wasn’t all that

you really are in your own space…”

power it hands to its residents.

interesting or diverse. Those were

he says.

very good lessons.”

“I think Lightsview really got it right

Alongside innovating in the realm

because they said what’s important

Fred believes Lightsview has

of public and private design,

is that people feel like where they are

improved on the work of these

sustainability is another area where

has an energy and something that

communities in two main ways.

Lightsview pushes the boundaries

is special and different and isn’t like

Firstly, its comprehensive design

of progressive. Here, Fred can see

every other home that is there,”

guidelines encourage diverse and

Lightsview building on the knowledge

he says.

individual home designs, which Fred

gained at South Australia’s Lochiel

thinks are important to create quality

Park – another Renewal SA planned

streetscapes. Throughout Phoenix,

community that was set up with the

he says, there are some planned

expressed aim of being revolutionary

communities where you would need

in its environmental capacity.

“to push the button on your garage door opener” to work out which house is yours. Secondly, the smart design principles of the overall Lightsview development, with its 15ha of open space, make areas of higher density living comfortable.

Through its design guidelines,

“It gave people the right to be able to choose. They didn’t have to come and buy something. They essentially buy a lot and then… buy a builder and make a design and it really means you can keep control of things.”

Lightsview ensures solar energy is used wherever possible, recycled water is deployed for irrigation and homes are laid out with the best solar orientation to minimise the need for heating and cooling.



“…it is really for people who like architectural detail.” – Adrian Popple.

Adrian Popple – Designer, Metricon Homes.

The bathroom features a Marbletrend Edge freestanding bath.


or 25 years Adrian Popple has designed homes for Metricon. Even with decades in the business, designing

the Sentosa for the Lightsview development involved a number of firsts for his career. Lightsview’s take on fresh, contemporary architecture inspired Metricon to look at features where design and function find synergies. The result is a luxurious and innovatively detailed home aimed squarely at Diverse facade materials include grooved cedar linings with black oxide tile.

growing families. “It was about wanting to make a statement and really develop homes that stand out above the crowd but are affordable too; the Sentosa for example starts at only $349,600,” Adrian says. Designed to accommodate large families needing plenty of space, the impressive design creates a natural relationship between outside and inside. “It is a higher level, higher specification home and it is really for people that like architectural detail. Around every corner there is something that makes you go ‘wow’, and that’s really what it is all about,” says Adrian. “The indoor – outdoor relationship is something we pride ourselves on. It is all seamless, so even if it is not warm enough to be outside… you’re able to sit in the family room and still feel like you’re sitting in the garden area. When it is balmy enough you have the option of sitting under the

in, and high ceilings are all in demand. We also showcase the convenience a butler’s pantry and outdoor kitchen can provide. With the level of detail present in the Sentosa, it could run the risk of not being to everyone’s taste, but Adrian is in the business of knowing what people like and don’t like and understanding what they need. Adrian says “years of experience” have taught him how to make every house into a home that makes life easier. “I think with our homes it really is about lifestyle and creating a relaxed environment that people want to live in and are happy to come home to. We pride ourselves on making our homes feel like you’re on holiday all year round.”

covered outdoor room, which overlooks the pool and has

The façade of the home is another of Adrian’s highlights.

an integrated BBQ area so it really functions well.”

Made to front both streets of a corner block, it uses a

Metricon has evolved into one of Australia’s largest home builders and has a reputation of responding to consumer trends. “Designs such as the Sentosa respond to the needs of many modern families. Features such as multiple living spaces, ground floor master bedroom suites, integrated home offices, fully glazed living areas that bring the outside

combination of tiles, render, timber cladding and brickwork to give an artisan look to the frontage. The cantilevered staircase, that gives the impression of floating out from the wall, and the meticulously appointed kitchen are just two examples of the new territory Adrian and his team chartered when making this home. The Sentosa is open daily between 12 – 5pm.


BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE “We’d love to get another block and build again.” – Richard Frahm.


or the third year running Adelaide has been ranked

community”. Lightsview’s town centre, which is part of

the most liveable city in Australia, and in 2012 it was

the long-term plan for the suburb, will offer easy access to

also lauded as the fifth most liveable city on the globe.

facilities that residents can reach by walking, bicycling or

With its short work commutes, ample open spaces and

on public transport. The 15ha of open space included in the

easy access to basic amenities like education as well as

masterplan for the area is another significant element.

universal availability of entertainment through the arts it is not only a safe and comfortable place to live, but also affordable and enriching.

Lightsview residents Lucy and Richard Frahm are already seeing the benefits of these measures. Two years ago they packed up their home in Murray Bridge, where they had

Lightsview’s designers are borrowing from world’s best

lived most of their lives, and moved to Lightsview with

practice and mixing this with Adelaide’s natural advantages

their 14-year-old daughter Olivia.

to break new ground in their pursuit of an even higher standard of living for the new community’s residents.

“I had taken up a job in North Adelaide and the point was to get back to 10-15 minutes travel to work,” says Richard.

Michael Visintin of Design IQ has advised on Lightsview’s

But the move didn’t just benefit Richard. Lucy has found a

urban design. He believes the new suburb has the

job in Gilles Plains – just seven minutes away – and Olivia

opportunity to be a leader in liveability by employing

can now walk to school at Cedar College.

customised, inventive design techniques.

The Frahms are active community residents and are

“There is not really one unique place that Lightsview

excited to meet new neighbours whenever a community

draws its inspiration from, but instead we seek good

event is held. Currently renting in Lightsview, they have

principles and examples from various developments and

bought a block and are in the process of building a new

cities around the world – including Australia – and these

terrace home to move into.

are assessed and adapted to local market needs and conditions,” he says. Liveability is ranked on basic principles such as easy access to shops and healthcare, cleanliness and safety,

“Towards the end of the development we’d love to get another block and build again,” says Richard. “Just thinking of the grandchildren,” adds Lucy.

as well as through less tangible ideas like cultural and

It seems the Frahm family believe Lightsview will be a

entertainment value and friendliness of people. Michael

liveable city for generations to come.

says all of these criteria can be fostered through the built environment if you prioritise “delivering a fully integrated

Artists’ impression: City Terraces by Gasparin Homes.

AFFORDABLE URBAN LUXE Planning your inner urban dream home with land from only $129,000

Contemporary architecture has

Where you can make the most of the

its place, and more often than not

community feel including its devoted

it doesn’t sit well amongst older

parks, recreational sites, tennis

character homes in established

courts and lake. Buying a City Terrace

suburbs. When efficiency,

allotment in Lightsview actually

customisation and budget are

encourages you to build a home with

the key considerations; location

fresh designs, so your own ‘blank

can be the most important

canvas’ has the opportunity to embrace

ingredient to getting it right.

many up and coming great ideas.

Changed views on the traditional

But besides having the ability to make

family home opens new doors to

your City Terrace home as individual

exploring new ideas, especially

as you like, you can also take

those with the opportunity to focus

advantage of dual street frontages,

on personal needs, including more

ensuring a light and airy design

emphasis on the building and less

helping encapsulate a sense of space

on the block of land.

associated traditionally with much

At only $129,000, a City Terrace allotment provides a cost-effective entry to a Lightsview lifestyle.

larger homes. A City Terrace allotment can easily accommodate the most popular elements of a modern family home, at a fraction of the cost.



“A sense of space exceeding expectations.” – Alan Miller, Lightsview Project Director.


or many Australians, a happy

A small future does not mean we need

future is a smaller future.

to leave behind the things we love.

Even in this country, with vast and empty brown earth surrounding us, people are moving closer and closer together as we cluster around our city centres. In Adelaide, the State

still room for a garden and pets, still room for your bulky sports equipment. The key to achieving these two things simultaneously is good design.

Government predicts there will be

The Loft 38 terrace home at Lightsview

258,000 homes added to the greater

is an example of a big space built into

Adelaide area in the next 30 years.

a small home. Using internationally-

The trend away from the traditional quarter acre block is not new. Compact allotments allow more equitable access to the housing market for those with less disposable income and suit modern lifestyles where the focus has

Fine detail remains a priority.

There is still room for entertaining,

inspired design techniques such as joinery that allows a whole bed to disappear into a wall, each room can fulfil multiple functions at once; A home office can become a guest room when friends drop by.

shifted from maintaining a big home

In traditional properties of similar

and land to enjoying a comfortable

dimensions, where walls are shared

lifestyle. Located less than 8km from

with adjoining homes and frontages

Adelaide’s CBD, and priced at less than

are slim, designers are challenged

$300,000, Lightsview’s Loft 38 caters

to find solutions that let in fresh air

exactly to these preferences.

and natural light – two of the most

vital things for making a home

Smaller spaces with less stuff in them

comfortable. The design employed in

means less dusting, lower utility bills

the Loft 38 property allows sunlight

and more time for things like nice

and air to flow down from the loft

glasses of wine and sunsets. When

bedroom above where large picture

smarter design extends outside the

windows look out over the rest of

home and includes access to good

the community.

quality communal parks and reserves,

Graham Hill is the founder of and is famous for his TEDtalk that encourages people to live better surrounded by less stuff. “Less stuff in less space is going to equal a smaller (carbon) footprint, it’s actually a great way to save you some

which at Lightsview are never more than 300m from your front door, there is all the room in the world and no

Bringing the outdoors in.

need to worry about maintenance. While the future may be small, good design can mean it will also be spacious.

money and it is going to give you a little more ease in your life,� he says.


TRENDS IN LANDSCAPING “The essence of a successful small space is perception.” – Tony Zappia.


he opportunity is now there for the garden to be

Large, highly-accessible, inter-connected parks and

reinvented,” says James Hayter, director at Oxigen

reserves are dotted around the community giving

landscape architects – the firm responsible for designing

neighbours the chance to meet and interact, and kids a

many of the parks and reserves at Lightsview. “With

place to stretch their legs or cycle safely. With these needs

professional couples there’s far less time to manage

taken care of, home gardens can be dedicated to personal

a quarter acre block and there’s no need for the food

preference and stay low maintenance.

production element that my parents’ generation used.”

Architecture firm Studio Nine is a leader in the design of

Instead, the garden is now a place for personal expression

smaller allotment homes. They worked collaboratively

and it has transformed physically too – into a more

with Lightsview’s developers to finesse four designs in

compact space.

the new community and placed particular emphasis on

“The nice thing about gardens is people can become

the outdoor areas.

involved with them and they can shape them… Because

“Some of the external spaces are very compact so we’ve

the people have control over their gardens it works

designed spaces that take from a Japanese model,” says

intuitively with their home,” says James.

director Tony Zappia. “The essence of a successful small

The Lightsview development embraces this new style of garden.

space is perception – you need to make sure they appear spacious and big even though the footprint is small in size.”

The expert top tips for gardening in small spaces

A stylish outdoor area from Chasecrown Homes.

Colour is important. Using darker colours on your fences and

Grow up! Creepers and vines that grow vertically provide a nice

Include different levels. Planting at different heights creates a feeling of

boundaries will make a space

leafy feel without taking up any

space even when there is very little.

seem deeper.

floor space. If you’re a little more

Include plants that don’t overwhelm  the space. Smaller plants not only mean more variety, but also leave more air around them so people feel comfortable instead of claustrophobic. Consider the transition from indoors  to outdoors. Using folding café-style doors can mean extra outdoor space in warmer months and a smooth integration of the home

ambitious you can buy vertical garden structures ready to be hung from walls and trellis, but make sure you fill them with plants that suit the amount of light and water you have available. Remember to leave space for humans. Including comfortable seating and clear walkways in a

Buy for your garden. Learn about  your home’s orientation and consult experts at your local plant nursery on what will grow well. Surround the garden with earthy materials. Using materials like timber and stone in your garden will mean even the spaces without plants feel natural and fresh.

garden is important so that the garden is used and enjoyed.

and garden areas.


LIGHT AS ART “Some people might like to paint a feature wall, but you can paint with light too – so don’t be afraid to try something new.” Edward Scalzi, national technical manager for lighting group Artemide.

“Custom lighting is able to create moods in a space.” – Edward Scalzi.


ighting can be about more than chasing away the

“Custom lighting is able to create moods in a space,” he

dark. Done well, custom designed lighting is like art:

says. “Rather than just having a plain light across the room

expressive and personal. “Some people might like to paint a feature wall, but you can paint with light too – so don’t be afraid to try something new,” says Edward Scalzi, national technical manager for lighting group Artemide. Edward explains that lighting in a home is about striking the right balance between the functional and the creative. It must deliver the light a home requires to be useful, but it is also possible to employ light and shade to highlight or hide features and create atmosphere.

you can create areas of light and shade that make the place more beautiful. You can highlight features and different effects, which is what makes it a home rather than having that bland office-type light.” Involving a lighting consultant in the design of a new home is the ideal way to make the most of the architecture. Most light suppliers also offer a consultancy service that will provide advice.

Painting with light.

Through years of experiencing the way light can affect a room and immersing himself in the culture of the Italian-based, decades-old Artemide firm, Edward has learnt to translate people’s preferences and needs into a lighting solution. “We just sit down and chat to them and see what they’re using the space for and then work out a concept plan,” says

In short: Tips for letting the light shine Plan ahead. The best time to consider a lighting solution  is before construction. Consider a mix of stand-alone and ambient lighting that  can draw attention to décor or bespoke art pieces. Use lighting directed up or down walls to change the  perception of the size of a room and make it more flexible.

they will work in the space. There’s no one set plan: there’s

Energy efficient fittings can dramatically reduce power  consumption. Compact fluorescents are amongst the

a million ways to light a room.”

cheapest to run.

As well as integrating installed lighting, Edward

Blend interior and exterior architectural lighting to  create a dramatic effect at night.

Edward. “It comes down to their selection of lights and how

recommends considering stand-alone pieces that add design and artistic merit to a room. “Floor or desk lamps can be used to brighten spaces and simultaneously act a bit “more like a sculpture” he says. At its best, good lighting design can be transformative; creating flexibility in rooms that would be almost impossible to achieve through structural means. Smaller spaces get bigger, big spaces become cosy. “Playing with shadows and light areas and dark areas you can get a perception that the room is bigger or smaller,” says Edward. “If, for example, you throw light upward in a room with a low ceiling it will make the space look bigger.” Lighting is one of those little details that can make a house feel like a home built just for you.


Replica Vickers Vimy, on display at Adelaide Airport.


he land on which Lightsview sits

via letters, and offered a little hint of

holds special significance as the

how easy and quick travel between

site that marked the end of Australia’s isolation from the rest of the world.

countries would one day become. The Smith brothers were South

Here in 1920, on a runway marked by

Australian born and bred, and very

two huge pine trees, Sir Ross Smith

anxious to end their historic flight

and his brother Keith landed the

in their hometown. Despite this the

Vickers Vimy after becoming the first

legendary flight of the Vickers Vimy

people to successfully fly an aircraft

was very nearly cut short and

between Australia and England.

abandoned in Melbourne.

The flight opened the world to

It took Ross and Keith Smith and their

Australians, many of whom had taken

crew 28 days to make the journey

boat rides from their home countries

between London and Darwin, but

for months and months to reach the

months to make their way from

arid continent and were now almost

Darwin to Adelaide where they had

completely cut off from family. The

intended to finish their trip. The

possibility of flight to other continents

delays were caused by breakdowns

gave hope of faster communication

of the Vimy’s engine, which by that

point had been flying for almost 200

But Sir Ross Smith was determined

the reunion with my parents after five

hours. The crew worked tirelessly and

to make it home. He was concerned

long years”.

innovatively to patch up the machine

about the general public’s suspicion

at every stop, at one point even

of airflight, and thought cutting the

fashioning a propeller from a wooden

trip short would only confirm their

fruit crate, but were still plagued

fears. He also felt a sentimental drag

by failing engines and multiple

to make it back to his hometown, so

emergency landings.

he asked the Prime Minister if they

Melbourne would have been the logical end to the by-now dangerous trip. It

could borrow the plane back for this one last leg of the trip.

The location of the landing can still be seen today. One of the two historic pines still marks the western end of the runway. The eastern pine succumbed to age in recent years, but the wood was salvaged with the hope of incorporating it as part of artwork in a future public space. The landing

was the then-capital of Australia, and

When the Vimy finally landed on

strip will also be preserved within the

here the Vickers Vimy was to be gifted

March 23, 1920 at the Northfield

Lightsview reserve system.

to the Prime Minister WM Hughes

aerodrome, which was little more

who had offered a £10,000 reward

than a collection of flat paddocks, it

for the first crew to fly between the

was greeted by thousands of waiting

motherland and the new continent.

South Australians. Ross wrote that he was amazed and touched by the turnout, “but the greatest of all (was)

Steeped in history, the ground on which Lightsview is built stands as a reminder of the adventure of a few men that brought the world a little closer to us all.


LIGHTSVIEW NEWS IN BRIEF LIGHTSVIEW OPENS ITS FRONT DOOR Hampstead Road now offers direct access to Lightsview following the completion of road works on East Parkway. Initially, this entry will provide convenient access for home builders at the western end of the site, with connection through to established areas in the east progressively opening over the next two years.

200TH AFFORDABLE HOME SALE RECYCLED WATER SCHEME Lightsview’s innovative recycled water supply is now active. More than 300 homes and public parks are receiving a supply for garden irrigation and toilet flushing.

Lightsview continues to exceed its target of at least 15 per cent affordable homes with the recent sale of our 200th home in this bracket. Four architect-inspired, Torrens-titled house and land package options are available to eligible buyers, each blending seamlessly with Lightsview’s vision for fresh and diverse architectural design.

WIN A LUXURIOUS SCOTT SALISBURY HOME One of Lightsview’s most impressive display homes, The Grandview, could be yours as the Hospital Home Lottery grand prize. Proceeds from the lottery support medical research in South Australia. The prize is drawn 13 November 2013 so be quick to purchase your tickets at

URBAN LIGHTS CAFE OPENS Serving fantastic coffee, delicious food and sweet treats, Lightsview’s first cafe is now open. Located in the former Sales and Information Centre, the cafe provides a taste of the community hub that the future Town Centre will become. Free bike hire is also available here seven days a week. The cafe is open from 7.30 – 5pm weekdays, 8 – 5pm Saturday and 9 – 4pm on Sunday. For more information call 8261 6820.

The Manhattan 60 by Australian Classic Homes.

LIGHTSVIEW REALTY – YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP! Whether looking to buy, sell or rent established homes at Lightsview, Lightsview Realty can help. As the only on-site dedicated real estate agency servicing the area, they are


best positioned to offer all the information and support

With the latest news, images, community updates and

at or call the team

housing choice now located in one convenient place,

located at the Sales and Information Centre on 8261 1888.

you need. Current listings can be viewed on our website

Lightsview’s new website is a useful information hub. Linking content from Facebook, Youtube and with local news and updates, the new website is great for first enquiries or to keep existing residents up-to-date.

$8,500 GOVERNMENT GRANT EXTENDED The State Government’s New Home Construction Grant has been extended to December 31, 2013 following a recent budget announcement. The full grant is available for new homes constructed with a market value of up to $400,000 and tapering down for homes valued up to $450,000. More information can be found at

A NEW DISPLAY FOR ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR ALLOTMENTS Terrace 60 allotments have long been amongst our most popular offering at Lightsview and the new Manhatten 60 by Australian Classic Homes showcases the type of family home that can be achieved in this space. With rear-lane double garage access, this three-bedroom, two living area display shows off the size and design options possible on these allotments. The display is located at 23 Rapid Avenue, Lightsview and is open Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1.00pm to 5.00pm.


VIEWPOINT [09] For more information contact the Sales and Information Centre 2 City View Boulevard, Northgate Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday 12.00pm – 5.00pm Ph: 08 8261 1888 CIC (SA) Realty RLA 217912

Acknowledgements: we would like to thank Fred Hansen (Renewal SA); Adrian Popple (Metricon); Lightsview residents Richard and Lucy Frahm; Michael Visintin (Design IQ); Tony Zappia (Studio 9 Architects); Edward Scalzi (Artemide); James Hayter (Oxigen); Louis Kanellos (Chasecrown); photographers Milton Wordley and Jonathan van der Knaap; Justine Firth and Howard Marsh from Adelaide Airport to coordinate shoot of the Vickers Vimy; State Library of South Australia for archive image of Sir Keith and Sir Ross Smith landing at Northfield 23 March 1920. Disclaimer: All care has been taken in the preparation of this material. No responsibility is taken for any errors or omissions and details may be subject to change. Intending purchasers should not rely on statements or representations and are advised to make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves in all respects. Artwork images and plans are artists’ impressions only and are not to be relied upon as a definitive reference. Lightsview is the development name of Northgate Stage 3 and is not intended to represent an actual or proposed place name in accordance with the Geographical Names Act 1991. CIC Australia intend by this statement to exclude liability for all information contained herein. CIC0146

Viewpoint [Edition 9]  
Viewpoint [Edition 9]