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This letter is written with the intent to give certification and verification of work “Scientific-theoretical, technological and innovative aspects of training and skill upgrading of IT specialists in universities” filed for State Awards of Ukraine in the field of education from Chernihiv National University of Technology. Today there are very high demands on the level of IT-specialist’s training including knowledge of specific technologies and the ability to apply them in practice. This work is a very good example of effective union of real IT-project activities and distance learning for training IT-specialists. We have the opportunity to work with students from Chernihiv National University of Technology who come to the Glyndwr University to continue their studies on Masters and PhD programs. They all have an excellent level of education and training enabling them to successfully defend their thesis. Additionally they demonstrate the ability to work in a team. It is definitely the result of an excellently organized approach to their education and training during the early stages of study. An important aspect of this training methodology is student participation in scientific conferences, project execution, individual approach to learning using distance education systems and on-line education. We also have considerable experience of cooperation with the University of Chernihiv since the teachers participate in an internship. This cooperation is mutually enriching and very productive because their work is innovative in the specialist area of IT and Computing. Given this, we can confirm the high importance and effectiveness of this work for the development of Computing and IT specialist’s international mobility and empowerment of university IT education.

John N. Davies Postgraduate Programme Leader Computer Science 3rd June 2014

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