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New Forms of Conferences Project Researcher

Volunteer Position title

New Forms of Conferences Project Researcher


Flexible: Work from State Office in Lewisham or from other location as suits the volunteer. Supervision of project will be by Staff located at State Office.

Position objective

To undertake research and prepare a report on new forms of conferences and membership for the St Vincent de Paul Society in NSW. 1.

Skills/qualifications required

2. 3.

Well developed telephone and face to face speaking and listening skills, specifically: • Able to listen accurately and feedback to the speaker what has been said • Able to ask clear and concise questions • Able to seek clarification of points that are unclear • Able to accurately summarise conversations and data collected. Able to organise data Able to prepare a report of collected data.

Desirable Some knowledge of the Society structure and/or experience as a member of the Society.

Key areas of responsibility

Manage the Project, Exploring Alternative models of Conferences, beginning with Steps 1 and 2. See attached Project Outline.


Bec Bromhead or Kate Scholl

Days/times required

The project is flexible, noting that some of the people to be interviewed may have some limitations to their availability. It is envisioned that Steps 1 and 2 are about 30 – 40 hours work including induction, set up, research and summary report of findings. This can be done over several weeks or more intensively. From commencement, steps 1 and 2 to be completed within 2 months. Steps 3 and 4 are expected to take overall, about 20 – 30 hours.

Training requirements

• •

Orientation to the Society (if needed) Induction to the project

Screening requirements

• • •

A completed Volunteer Application form Willingness to sign a Good Character Declaration Referee check (if not currently involved in the Society)

Benefits to volunteer

• •

Develop research and interviewing skills. Be part of the early stages of an exciting and innovative project to help the Society grow its membership base.

Kate Scholl, Volunteer Development Coordinator, on 02 95680209, 0425 211 065, Email: Bec Bromhead, Youth & Young Adults Coordinator, on 02 95680292, 0466 655 270, Email:

For more information please contact

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Exploring Alternative models of Conferences Project This project may be split into 2 parts. In the first instance, we would like to recruit someone for Steps 1 and 2. Overall goal of this project: Collect data on new or innovative forms of conferences and opportunities for membership activities outside the ‘traditional’ form of conference. Steps 1 and 2 include identifying and documenting what is happening and Steps 3 and 4 explore the options for other forms that might be developed.

Outcomes for the Project a. b.

An increase in the understanding and valuing of diverse models of membership and Sharing and promotion of some of the different ways of being a member and/or conference

Step 1 Interview people to collect data on 10 ‘alternative model’ conferences i.

What do they do? • Creating a description of each of the models


How did they start? How long have they been going?


What meetings are involved?

iv. v.

Challenges they have encountered in being a bit different from the ‘norm’? What is the age range of the members involved?


Other issues such as membership/volunteer, relationship to other councils, etcF

Step 2 Interview Diocesan Presidents • Issues that have arisen in discussing ‘new models’ in their diocese • Instances of ‘new models’ and opportunities for development of them in their diocese

Are there any other people who might be interviewed?

Step 3 Explore and describe new models/forms of conferences not yet in existence: Step 4 Additional task/ Projects to undertake •

Models from other States

Research on what makes a conference successful

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