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BOGUS COLLECTOR IN SCARBOROUGH AREA Reports have been received by the St Vincent de Paul Society of a fraudulent man door knocking in the Scarborough/Doubleview area, collecting donations from unsuspecting residents.

The man is described as Caucasian, tall, thin, approximately 16 years of age with long, bushy fair hair, carrying a clip board with a sheet of paper complete with names, pretending to collect money as part of a school project for the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Residents are advised not to give this bogus collector money and to contact the local police on 131 444 if spotted in the area.

The St Vincent de Paul Society does not conduct door knocking activities and only collects during the annual Street Appeal, held every September, at local shopping precincts and train/bus stations.

St Vincent de Paul Society Spokesperson Lucinda Ardagh says volunteer collectors are always properly identified with a permit number, signage and branded tins and stickers making it easy for donors to know where their funds are going.

“Our volunteers are easily identified and shake the can only one day every September, usually in local shopping centres for the annual Street Appeal. I would urge anyone who comes across a door knocker pretending to be a collector for the St Vincent de Paul Society in the Scarborough area not to hand any money over and to contact the local police,” Lucinda said.

Donations can be made to the Winter Appeal safely on 13 18 12 or via the website at WA is currently behind on the Winter Appeal fundraising target and in need of the community’s support to respond to the growing demand for emergency welfare assistance.

Media Contacts: Communications Coordinator: Deana Pullella (08) 9475 5426 or 0404 086 054