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T TA AM MA AR RJ JE ER RU US SA ALLE EM MC CH HA APPT TE ER R President: Pauline Clein Bulletin Editor: Suzanne Pomeranz

January 2008

Tevet-Shvat 5768

TAMAR CHAPTER GENERAL MEETING MONDAY, January 21, 2007 – 10:00AM Beit Frankforter, 80 Derech Beit Lechem

Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel & The Ethiopian National Project Speaker: Nigist Mengesha Nigist Mengesha immigrated from Ethiopia to Israel in 1984. Since June 2003, she has been the Director General of the Ethiopian National Project. This meeting is sponsored by Hilda Clyman. If you would like to sponsor a meeting, please contact Peggy Frost, program chair at

FFRRO OM M O OU URR ~~N NEEW W~~ PPRREES SIID DEEN NT T… … Dear Friends, Tu B’Shvat is the birthday of the trees and a fresh beginning for nature. It is a fitting time for a new Board to begin its work. The past Presidents, Marge Feinstein and Phyllis Levinson and Board have done an outstanding job and set high standards for us to maintain. Most of the programs and activities are already in place until the summer. We have some interesting speakers and programs scheduled for our monthly meetings. Our summer International Luncheons have been very popular and we are hoping to now have luncheons all year round and not crowd them all into a short space of time. This will give more people an opportunity to participate both as hostesses and participants. I appreciate the guidance that I have received from our Past Presidents and their ongoing support.  We have a dynamic, capable Board and I am looking forward to working with them and all of you. May we go from strength to strength. H Haavvee aa H Haappppyy T Tuu BB’’SShhvvaatt..

Pauline Cle in


H Ha ad da assssa ah h--IIssrra ae ell A An nn nu ua all C Co on nffe erre en ncce e T Tu ue essd da ay y& &W We ed dn ne essd da ay y,, F Fe eb brru ua arry y1 12 2& &1 13 3,, 2 20 00 08 8 Hosted by the Shaked Chapter, Rehovot th

Come celebrate the 25

anniversary of the Hadassah-Israel Organization & the conference theme:

AM YISRAE L CHAI! Two full days of lectures, activities, events, time to socialize and more… S Seep paarraattee ttrraacckkss ffoorr EEn ng glliissh h--ssp peeaakkeerrss aan nd dH Heeb brreew w--ssp peeaakkeerrss!! At the Ma’ale HaChamisha Guest House (on the hilltop above Abu Gosh) Only NIS410 (double occupancy) …including free use of the spa, heated pool, sauna & jacuzzi for those staying overnight SIGN UP NOW! CALL THE OFFICE 02-623-1411

PPEERRS SO ON NA ALLS S Mazel Tov to: Mr. & Mrs. B. Barnett on the occasion of their 65th anniversary! Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosenblum on the marriage of their son, Eliahu. Miriam Rosenblum on the marriage of her grandson, Eliahu. Mt. & Mrs. Werner Loval on the birth of their grandson – their 12th grandchild! Anne Dov on the birth of her granddaughter. Selma Reiff on her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. Refuah Shlema to: Selma Reiff Condolences to: The Family of Sheila Spitz. Honey Stollman on the death of her niece. May they be comforted among the mourners for Zion & Jerusalem. To submit a “Personals” for inclusion in the newsletter, please contact Susan Lowenthal at 02-625 3061 or email to

Tamara Rose reports that the


roaring success; everybody had a great time. We had people who weren’t Hadassah members, and we made over 2000 shekels. The tables were decorated with flowers, and we offered sugarless cakes and cookies. There were speeches about Hadassah and the building, Bait Belev, a protected home. All the prizes were donated. First Prize, a weekend for two in a Eilat hotel was won by Adele Stevens. Special thanks to Mr. Haim Karni, Hilda Clyman, Rose Meyer, Queenie Parness and Lionel Solomon. Many thanks to all who helped make it a terrific afternoon!

O Onn T Tuu BBiisshhvvaatt iinn tthhee LLaanndd ooff IIssrraaeell iinn CCoonnttrraasstt ttoo W Waannddeerriinngg iinn tthhee D Deesseerrtt Tu Bishvat is the New Year for trees. It marks another year that the trees were planted firmly in the earth. Planting expresses our being rooted in our homeland. Living on the land, in the Land of Israel, is different than the forty years of wandering in the desert in two major ways: Firstly, we are no longer in an interim state, which is neither here nor there. We know exactly where we belong – we are not torn by longings for the past, and we are not waiting for some better future. And secondly, living in Israel, we are no longer limited solely to intellectual and abstract means of expression – we can also express our physical abilities – tilling the earth, planting trees, and protecting our homeland’s eco-system and its magnificent natural beauty. – from KKL/JNF

BBO OO OKK CCLLU UBB N NEEW WS S Here are details of our next Book Club meeting: Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2007 Time: 10:00 am Book: The Dawning of the Day by Haim Sabato Location: home of Marion Lewin-Epstein 39 Emek Refaim (corner of Masaryk St) Tel: 563-1417 For information about buying books, you can call Steimatsky (Jaffa Rd. 625-0155 or King George 624-0494) or go to Tamir Books on Emeq Rafa’im or in the Jerusalem Theatre lobby. Tamir will only give a discount if you have a minui (subscription) to something at the Jerusalem Theatre, so show your minui card when purchasing. For more information about the Book Club, call chair Elaine Blankstein at 561-1349


D DO ON N’’TT BBEE D DEEFFIICCIIEEN NTT IIN N V VIITTA AM MIIN N D D!! Vitamin D is very helpful in preventing falls and fractures of the bones, writes Dr Iris Vered, in an article on Osteoporosis. Many adults in Israel, especially seniors, are deficient in Vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial in absorbing calcium into muscles and bones. Check it out and have a Divine Day! Ha’aretz Newspaper, 9 December 2007

Thanks to LLIILLLLYY T TA AM MIIRR for the nice, sleeveless sweater for Head Start and to D DA AN NBBYY M MEEIIT TA ALL for bags of mohair yarn in many different, brilliant colors! A AT TT TN N:: C CRRO OCCH HEET TEERRS S && KKN NIIT TT TEERRS S If you can use these wonderful mohair yarns to make items for either hospital (no more preemie caps however), please call Ruth Robbins at 673-3986. T T O T H O S E W H O D O N O T TO OT TH HO OS SE EW WH HO OD DO ON NO OT T C R O C H E T O R K N I T C R O C H E T O R K N I T CROCHET OR KNIT

If you have friends who can help make items, please call Ruth Robbins at 673-3986. We have been requested by the office to collect as many e-mail addresses from members as possible to be used for mailings. Please send an email to so we can add you to the list. Please send submissions for Personals, Book Club News or other regular columns to the person listed with the item. Other submissions should be sent to Suzanne Pomeran z, Editor, at no later than the 3 r d Tuesday of each month.

JANUARY 2008  

Monthly bulletin of the Tamar Jerusalem Chapter of Hadassah

JANUARY 2008  

Monthly bulletin of the Tamar Jerusalem Chapter of Hadassah