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cover: A-Mazed - Grass shown : Shaggy - White Sands
shown : Tatami - White Sands

Perennials S tory

In 1997 Ann & David Sutherland revolutionized the textile industry by introducing a luxury fabric with a soft hand, strong enough for the outdoors. Made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic (SDA) yarns, Perennials, from the beginning, has let clients live their lives without worrying about stains, fading or mildew.

In 2013 luxury SDA headed underfoot with the launch of the first-ever SDA rug by Perennials. An unexpectedly soft rug you could use indoors or out, the collection started with Flatwoven and quickly grew into Tibetan Knot and Dropstitch.

shown : Kintsugi - Breakers


Two decades later, Perennials is recognized as the designer’s dream for both contract and residential applications. Using the same passion for design and respect for craftsmanship as when founded, Perennials offers 8,000+ pom colors, four constructions, and hundreds of designs. All backed by Perennials' guarantee of bleach cleanable and fade-resistant products.

shown : Meandering Lines - Bluestone
- 8 -
shown Tyger! Tyger! - Beeswax by Rose Tarlow
- 9 -

Perennials D ifference

It started with the simple desire to make great rugs. Ann and David found the perfect fiber, then sought to expand their luxury performance offering by finding a solution to making rugs responsibly. India’s generations-long history of rug weaving made it a natural choice for Perennials' rug expansion.

Starting with Perennials 100% solution-dyed acrylic fiber, weavers carry out every stage of rug making by hand. From spinning the yarns to knotting the rugs, then trimming the pile, we obsess over every detail. In 2023 the Government of India bestowed a prestigious honor upon Perennials, deeming us the " Best Rug Facility of India " under their “Invest India” initiative.

across: Cumulus-gemstone [ DS405-329 ] above: Skylight-night shadows [ DS406-336 ] across: Vibrato-white sands [ TK375-270 ] above: C Major-rocky road [ TK379-386 ]
shown Kintsugi - Special Order Color
- Ann Sutherland, Founder “
It's the construction of the rugs, the ability to work with various methods, that make our products so successful. One of the biggest challenges, and successes, was the ability to teach traditional weavers to work with the material

in the same way they work with cotton, wool, silk, etc.”

- 12 -
- Shivmohan Yadaz, Weaver “
Perennials knows that the innate beauty of weaving comes from the hand of the artisan who pours his heart and soul into it.”
- 15 -


Tibetan Knot

The softest and most lush pile, each heirloom rug is hand-knotted with our most knots per square inch. The dense pile features hand-carved details, with an overall rug height that averages 2/5 of an inch. These rugs are more appropriate for use indoors or in covered areas.


Perennials’ flatwoven artisanal rugs feature subtle color blending and an unbelievably soft feel. A tailored binding gives a clean finish to the horizontal edges, while the selvedges are left intentionally visible to show the craftsmanship of each hand-woven rug. These rugs are ideal for use indoors or out.


Toeing the line between a flatwoven and a pile, the dimensional structure of our handwoven dropstitch rugs combines the subtle color blending of our flatwoven rugs with low pile height elements for a lush textural effect.

Introducing Tufted

Ideal for area rugs and wall-to-wall projects, tufted rugs are crafted with rigid backing making them amenable to all skill-level installers. While customization is limited compared to our handwoven designs, tufted rugs maintain our performance promise at a more attainable price point.

shown left to right : Crescendo - Blue
- Blue Boy, Clean Slate - Special Order Color
Jean, Jardin
Chalk, Stones
shown : Waves - Ocean
shown : Waves - Ocean
- 22 -
Cascade - Melon shown: Cascade - Cucumber Cooler Cascade - Berry Blitz
- Design Director, Amy Williams, on the Wabi Sabi collection rugs “
I was captivated by the simplicity and elegance of Japanese natural elements and their time-honored craftsmanship.”
- 25 -
Taki - Special Order Color Taki - Cucumber Cooler shown: Taki - Mulberry EuphoriaSpecial Order Color shown: EuphoriaConfetti EuphoriaSpecial Order Color
- 28 -
above Sonder III - Vintage Blue across : Take the Plunge - Rhino

shown: Double DateOpal

Double DateSpecial Order Color

Double DateSpecial Order Color

- 32 -
shown: Silhouette - Special Order Color by Lori Weitzner Silhouette - Platinum by Lori Weitzner Woodblock - Fossil by Porter Teleo Woodblock - Special Order Color by Porter Teleo
- 35 -
across Paintbox - Special Order Color by Porter Teleo above : Splash - Mushroom by Martyn Thompson across: Voyage - Shale by Allison Paladino Brush WorkSpecial Order Color above: Brush WorkMoonstone Voyage - Stormy-Cloud by Allison Paladino
- 38 -
Rippling Water - Cerulean by Timothy Corrigan Ink Blot - Fossil by Porter Teleo Painter's Palette - Honeydew by Porter Teleo shown: Rippling Water - Special Order Color by Timothy Corrigan
- 41 -
shown: Regal Row - Wedgewood by Timothy Corrigan shown: Jardin - Chalk by Timothy Corrigan Jardin - Special Order Color by Timothy Corrigan Regal Row - Special Order Color by Timothy Corrigan
En Plain Air - Special Order Color by Porter Teleo above: En Plain Air - Special Order Color by Porter Teleo En Plain Air, Modified- Special Order Color by Porter Teleo
shown : En Plain Air- Gunmetal
- 45 -
Jolie - Blue Jean by Eric Schmitt shown: Cercle - Royal-Blue by Eric Schmitt Cercle - Special Order Color by Eric Schmitt Jolie - Special Order Color by Eric Schmitt
Special Order Color - 47 -
above: Take the Plunge -
across: Splat - Nimbus Splat - Nocturne Take the PlungeRhino
- 49 -
C Major - Special Order Color shown: Deep Water - Special Order Color Deep Water - Storm C Major - Rocky Road
- 50 -
Jaguar - Special Order Color City Kitty - Toast shown: City Kitty - Ebony Snow Leopard - Special Order Color
- 55 -
On Deck - Special Order Color Rope inlay On Deck - Special Order Color Rope inlay
shown: Tatami - White Sands Rope construction Tatami - Beach Rope construction shown: ShaggyWhite Sands ShaggySpecial Order Color ShaggySpecial Order Color
- 58 -
above Line Dance - Pumice across : Shaggy - Ginger shown: Tyger! Tyger! - Beeswax by Rose Tarlow Tyger! Tyger! - Salt & Pepper by Rose Tarlow Tyger! Tyger! - Paperbag by Rose Tarlow shown: In the Weeds - Emerald Rope inlay by Rose Tarlow In the Weeds - Apricot Rope inlay by Rose Tarlow above: Meandering Lines - Shell by Rose Tarlow across: Meandering LinesBluestone by Rose Tarlow A-Mazed - Bluestone by Rose Tarlow shown: A-Mazed - Grass by Rose Tarlow

Needlepoint - Special Order Color

Needlepoint - Special Order Color

- 69 -
shown: Linea - Sunset by Vincent Van Duysen
Rope inlay by Vincent Van Duysen
Rope inlay by Vincent Van Duysen
Linea - Special Order Color by Vincent Van Duysen above & across: Tartan - Vintage Blue Rope construction by Vincent Van Duysen above: Tricot - White Sands Rope construction by Vincent Van Duysen Tartan - Linen Rope construction by Vincent Van Duysen Tricot - After Midnight Rope construction by Vincent Van Duysen shown: Ink Blot - Chili Pepper by Porter Teleo Ink Blot - White Sands by Porter Teleo Ink Blot - Special Order Color by Porter Teleo
- 74 -
above Mirage Stripe - Hot Flash across : Off Kilter - Special Order Color Playa Stripe - Hibiscus by Far West above: Playa Stripe - Cosmico by Far West across: Playa Stripe - Azul by Far West



- 79 -
shown: Fine Tune - Blue Jean Chenille - Front Fine Tune - Bluestone Chenille *Reversible - Front Fine Tune - Bluestone Chenille *Reversible - Back shown: Fine Tune - Blue Jean Chenille - Back

Strato - Polar

- 80 -
Strato - Special Order Color Crescendo - Special Order Color Crescendo - Special Order Color shown: shown: Line DanceBlue Jean Line DanceNoir Line DanceDove
- 84 -
above Do-Re-Mi - French Slate
- 85 -
above Kaleidoscope - Special Order Color
- 86 -
shown: Fade Away - Desert Rose Fade Away - Verdigris Passerelle - Seedling Passerelle - Breakers Tide PoolsSpecial Order Color shown Tide PoolsVerdigris Tide PoolsSpecial Order Color
- 92 -
Skylight - White Sands by Lori Weitzner Cumulus - White Sands by Lori Weitzner Skylight - Night Shadows by Lori Weitzner Cumulus - Thin Ice by Lori Weitzner
- 95 -
shown Daydreams - White Sands Nouveau - White Sands Nouveau - Desert Rose Daydreams - Special Order Color

Tufted Rugs

Introducing the Groundwork collection. Perennials is pleased to announce our first collection of hand-tufted rugs. Made in the same world-renowned facility in India, skilled crafters tuft each rug by hand. The added benefit? We can confidently offer a solution for wall-to-wall installations, insets, yachts, commercial projects, and other complex installation projects. The launch collection features 45 designs in loop and pile. Clients can customize according to color palette by choosing from any of our 8,000 poms.

shown left to right : Sequence with Band Border - Special Order Color, Rhythm with Outline Border - Pelican, Unison with Equilibrium Border - Special Order Color

First, pick your preferred texture

shown clockwise

HOOP solid loop

RHYTHM loop with pile accents

UNISON solid pile

SEQUENCE alternating loop and pile

CABLE pile with loop accents

Choose from one of our four

border designs

shown : OUTLINE three borders - 101ROW two borders
EQUILIBRIUM border on horizontal sides BAND one solid border

Complete with the perfect c olor

shown : Unison with Equilibrium Border - Special Order Color


You dream it, we'll help design it. Perennials' rugs are 100% made to order, giving you the ability to not only tweak existing Perennials designs, but also build a new design from scratch. The Perennials Design team reviews every pixel of art before weaving begins. Our weavers then bring the art to life using complex yarn blends and intricate weaving techniques.

shown : Landscape, Modified - Special Order Color
shown Custom 1 - Special Order Color - 108 -

Our online colorizer is a great tool for creating your own custom rug palettes. Trying to match that perfect fabric? No problem. With over 8,000 pom colors and endless combinations, our team can help you make the perfect match.

Plus our colors permeate to the fiber core, guaranteeing that for years to come, your rug will stay as vibrant as the day it arrived.


- 113shown : Cascade - Special Order Color Custom 9 - Special Order Color Custom 10 - Special Order Color Custom 8 - Special Order Color
shown : Custom 7 - Special Order Color

From children’s artwork to your company logo, our Perennials Studio design team works with a variety of inspiration sources. Choose what construction will work best for your project, whether it be a plushy Tibetan knot or a poolside-friendly flatwoven rug. The final design is sent to Perennials India, where our artisan weavers handknot and hand-finish each rug. We take pride in knowing your rug is treated like a work of art every step of the way. perennialsfabrics.com/ about/ inspiration-to-installation/

- 116Custom 2 - Special Order Color Custom 4 - Special Order Color Custom 5 - Special Order Color Custom 3 - Special Order Color
shown : Custom 6 - Special Order Color
shown : Custom 11 - Special Order Color
shown : Crescendo, Modified - Special Order Color
- 120shown Custom 12 - Special Order Color
- 121 -
shown Hoop with Outline Border - Special Order Color
- 122Custom 13 - Special Order Color Custom 15 - Special Order Color Custom 16 - Special Order Color Custom 14 - Special Order Color
shown : Walkabout, Modified - Special Order Color
- 124 -
shown : Rippling Water, Modified - Special Order Color
- 125Custom 18 - Special Order Color Custom 20 - Special Order Color Custom 21 - Special Order Color Custom 19 - Special Order Color

Ready to R oll

In a time crunch? A limited stock of handmade rugs are ready to be rolled out. Bring the beauty and durability of Perennials to your floor faster in standard sizes. Explore the available styles online or visit your local showroom

shown : Outer Limits - Cement, Rippling Water - Oyster, Terra - Sable

Designer C ollaborations

Working with some of the world's most talented and respected designers, we've translated their innovative art into our luxury performance rugs. Our shared passion for rich textiles and sophisticated designs shine in 100% solution-dyed acrylic.

shown : Silhouette - Special Order Color by Lori Weitzner



- 129 -

Care & C leaning

Let’s face it, you’re going to spill something on that rug of yours. But fear not with Perennials.

Made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns, these rugs are a cinch to clean.

shown : Passerelle - Seedling


Regular vacuuming is recommended to remove loose soil and dirt. To prevent damage to yarn fibers, use a canister vacuum without a beater or set the beater bar to the highest setting.


Remove spills immediately to avoid staining. Blot excess liquid from the surface and gently dab with a clean, damp cloth. Use a mild detergent if needed to remove the spill. Thoroughly rinse with clean water and air dry.

Stubborn Stains

Chlorine bleach can be safely used for stubborn stain removal. Use a diluted solution of one part bleach to two parts water. Thoroughly rinse with clean water and air dry.

Ground in Dirt

Heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements can grind dirt into the rug’s surface, causing a dingy appearance. Powerwash Perennials Flatwoven rugs to remove surface dirt and return the rug to it’s true colors. Allow the rug to dry thoroughly before reinstalling.

When to call in the Pros

Professional cleaning service is recommended when on-site cleaning is not possible. Advise cleaners to use low-heat steam settings to avoid damage to solution-dyed acrylic yarn fibers.

- 132 -
shown TBD- Special Order shown : Taki - Mulberry

How to S hop









here to help you find the perfect rug.


p.26 Project Designer: ANN GOTTLIEB / Photographer : STACY ZARIN GOLDBERG 2023

p.29 Project Designer: G&G INTERIORS / Photographer : NAMEY DESIGN STUDIO

p.33 Project Designer: DOWNEY INTERIORS / Photographer : TIM LENZ PHOTO

p.34 Project Designer: BALLON STUDIO / Photographer : AUBRIE PICK

p.35 Project Designer: CARA WOODHOUSE DESIGNS / Photographer : BRIAN WETZEL PHOTO

p.39 Project Designer: STUDIO IDC / Photographer : MICHAEL STAVARIDIS

p.42 Project Designer: LAURA LEE CLARK / Photographer : STEPHEN KARLISCH

p.46 Project Designer: BRITT DESIGN GROUP / Photographer : STEPHEN KARLISCH

p.47 Project Designer: ANN GOTTLIEB / Photographer : STACY ZARIN GOLDBERG

p.48, 51 Project Designer: TEN PLUS THREE / Photographer : STEPHEN KARLISCH

p.59 Project Designer: EMILY MILLMAN DESIGN / Photographer : RYAN MCDONALD

p.74,75 Project Designer: CHANCEY INTERIOR DESIGN

p.82 Project Designer: MARIA CROSBY POLLARD / Photographer : NICK JOHNSON

p.84 Project Designer: HABITATGREENWICH HOME / Photographer : JOHN R GRUEN

p.85 Project Designer: CROSBY DESIGN LLC / Photographer : MARIA CROSBY POLLARD

p.106 Project Designer: HARBINGER HOUSE

p.108 Project Designer: CHRIS ANGELLE

p.118 Project Designer: THE IRON GATE

p.119 Project Designer: TRACY MORRIS DESIGN / Photographer : GREG POWERS

p.120 Project Designer: A WELL DRESSED HOME / Photographer : JOSE MONTES

p.123, 124 Project Designer: VERGE YACHT DESIGN / Photographer : ADAM KUEHL

- 136 -
shown Cascade - Berry Blitz back cover : In the Weeds - Emerald

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