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Energy is everywhere.



Patents granted in U.S.A. and Europe

Energy Floors (formerly known as the Sustainable Dance Club) was founded in 2007 in the Netherlands and has developed a patented technology creating energy generating floors. The floors are combined with custom made Energy Experiences: a unique invention that captures energy from the public and makes it visible. More than 300 temporary and 20 permanent installations have been realized over the past five years for a long list of respected clients in more than 20 countries.


Sustainable Energy Floor

Sustainable Dance Floor

In 2008, Energy Floors successfully launched the world’s first energy generating dance floor: The Sustainable Dance Floor (SDF). Next to generating 8 billion joules up to today, the SDF realized fun and awareness regarding energy. The latest development is a pedestrian floor which is the most efficient converter of human footfall into electricity: The Sustainable Energy Floor (SEF). Patents are granted in Europe and the U.S.A.

Energy Experience

Energy Tower, Battery, Red Button and digital Energy Meter

Giving people feedback is an essential aspect of the installations. The converted energy of the floors can feed low power applications for interaction. LEDs are integrated in the floors for visual feedback, which light up when the modules are being stepped on. More interactivity can be provided by a digital Energy Meter Screen, a big LED Battery, an Energy Tower and many more. Customized light and sound installations communicate the clients’ message to the public.



Heineken ‘Made.Out Green Energy’ event, Lisbon

The Sustainable Dance Floor is a great interactive tool for any kind of event: Energy Floors has a track record in producing festival solutions worldwide and worked with many different sponsors to activate their campaigns. Fully customized audio-visual applications connected to the floor create a user experience and reflect the clients’ vision and ambitions regarding sustainability. This interactive tool has been a pitch winning concept for events of many well known creative agencies and brands.

Exhibitions and museums Educating visitors on (renewable) energy and at the same time providing an interactive playground is what Energy Floors is specialized in. Science Centres use the installations to make energy tangible for young visitors, while the Energy Experience is used to bring sustainability and innovation under the attention of visitors during trade fairs and -shows. Skoda Autoshow, Paris

Public spaces The Sustainable Energy Floor (SEF) is designed especially for permanent installations in high footfall areas. Customized appearance combined with individual control per module creates a high profile floor with great impact. Energy Floors is preparing permanent projects in places like shopping centers, offices, airports, train stations, pavements, fitness centres, parking garages etc. People will be able to generate their own energy that illuminates the space sourrounding them, just by walking.


Energy Floors offers you: a fun, positive and sustainable way to interact with the public.

an interactive technology which is fully patented in Europe and the U.S.A.

proven solutions for client activations and campaigns that focus on: energy, sustainability, movement, interactivity.

experience in working for large international agencies that represent major brands worldwide.

involvement of the public as a sustainable energy source.

unique experiences of walking and dancing.

Who we worked for:

What they say about us: “We easily surpassed the objectives of this roadshow.The feedback from our client taught us that the dance floor was a pivotal part in achieving this succes. The SDF team further took care of flawless execution and was always very hands on, responsive and professional.” Account Director Ogilvy, Ireland “We are getting great publicity and amazing feedback on how great the exhibition is, how wonderful the design is and how entertaining and interactive the exhibits are. Without a doubt, the dance floor is the most popular thing – with kids and adults!” Exhibition manager Australian Museum, Sydney

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“... a fun, brand-driven interactive experience powered by the energy created by attendees on a sustainable dance floor. We knew that Exhibitor 2012 was the perfect place to bring this idea to North America’s exhibit industry.” Exhibition Manager PICO, Las Vegas

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Europe invests in your future. This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

ENERGY FLOORS Energy is everywhere.  

Energy Floors believes that consciousness about energy and the impact humans have on it, are the main conditions for the creation of a susta...