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Westminster Bank On 27th June 2018, Storrington says goodbye to the National Westminster Bank. The Westminster Bank opened on the Square, where the One Stop is now, in 1927.

In 1932 the area was rebuilt and the Westminster Bank had a new look which is still recognisable today.

The Westminster bank moved to its more familiar position in 1957/8. The picture below has the National Provincial Bank next to it. This was very convenient as in 1970 the two banks merged and became the National Westminster Bank.

Photos and text courtesy of Storrington Museum The Old School, School Lane, Storrington, RH20 4LL Open: Wednesday, Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm & Sunday 10.00am-1.00pm. Telephone: 01903 740188 or please visit:


Computer Care Duplication, Duplication... by Alan Stainer

There are lots of reasons why a computer might be slow. One of the biggest causes I have found while fixing different machines over the years is duplication. Put simply, it’s when you have more than one program running in the background that does the same thing, each one using up vital processing power and resources. Take cloud storage as an example. Most people will only need to have one cloud storage client installed locally. Even if someone shares a file with you using a different cloud service, you can access that using a browser without installing anything. Windows 10 users will most likely have Microsoft’s OneDrive installed by default, which is silly if you use DropBox or something else. The simple answer is to uninstall those cloud storage apps you don’t need or use. Your files will still be safe and accessible via your internet browser. Another common example is the duplication of security software. You don’t need more than one antivirus program installed. Generally it is good practice to remove programs that you don’t need (whether they are duplicates or not). Your computer won’t thank you, but it will be faster.