Sussex Local - Storrington - November 2017

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Computer Care

Using the Cloud? by Alan Stainer

One of the great shifts in computing right now is the transition to the cloud. ‘The cloud’ refers to any service where you log in to a remote server. I use the cloud all the time. It still surprises me when I hear people say they don’t trust the cloud and that they would rather keep their things safe in one place on their PC. So let’s talk about the trust issue. The main reason given is the fear that someone else may be able to hack into your account and get at all of your things. The sad truth is that as soon as you connect to the internet, you are exposing your device to malicious attacks and malware which can indeed rob you of your personal information and files. That is why it is so important to use a good anti malware program and to make sure you keep everything up to date. When it comes to your login details for your online accounts, there are ways to protect them. 1. Make sure your password is complex using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. 2. Don’t use easily deciphered words or phrases. 3. Enable 2 step verification. That will stop anyone from logging into your account without also having access to your phone.

Horsham District Council Recycling Changes From 5 February 2018 Horsham District Council will be rolling out across the district changes to our household bin collections. Your recycling will be collected one week, and your household waste collected the same day the following week. We will be sending every household an information pack in January 2018 with further details about these changes, including the specific date when your bin collections change and what day of the week your bins will be collected. Do I need to do anything now? Depending on your needs, additional bin capacity can be provided for those households who meet one of the criteria below. You may be eligible for a larger household rubbish bin or you may want to request a larger or additional recycling bin. You will need to apply for this by Thursday 30 November. There is no cost for the bin but there will be a delivery charge of £5 for each additional or larger bin. Apply online at or telephone: 01403 733144. For advice and tips on how to reduce the amount in your waste bin and more visit our online pages here