Sussex Local - Storrington - September 2018

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Computer Care When good software turns bad by Alan Stainer

I am always saddened when I see really useful bit of software get tinkered with over time and end up being bad for the person using it. I don’t normally do this, but I am going to call out three such programs. Coincidentally (or not) they are all owned by the same software company. The first two used to be great anti virus products called Avast and AVG. These days both programs behave more like malware, with pop ups and deceptive practices aimed at getting you to install additional products that you don’t need. Clients I have helped have found they have been billed multiple times for those products, which adds up to hundreds of pounds in some cases. The other program is called CCleaner. It has had some very worrying issues in the recent past, with malware being injected into the code. Other concerns are: 1. It is always scooping up information about your system and sending it back to the owner (Avast). 2. You can’t turn the software off. 3. The option to stop data being shared with third parties has been disabled. If you use any of these products think about whether you really need them, or if a different product would make a better alternative.