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Computer Care Apps that can save the world by Alan Stainer

Sunday 8th July was an important day for the Horsham District, as we officially launched Refill Horsham District. Refill is a scheme that started in Bristol, but has since gone national. The idea is so simple it is a wonder that no-one has done it before. Public water fountains aren’t cheap, but there are a ton of businesses with water taps on their premises. Businesses sign up to the smartphone app as Refill Stations. Consumers open the app, which displays a map of the local area (it uses GPS to pinpoint where you are) and shows you where the nearest Refill Stations are. You can then visit the Refill Station, fill up your reusable bottle and get points for doing so. If you have enough points, you get a free Chilly’s bottle with the Refill logo on it. The end result is that we will use less single use plastic bottles, which you have to admit is a major problem for us (globally). Anything we can do to stop using plastic bottles is very welcome. I love that a simple app like this can make a real positive change to the way we live and help us save the environment at the same time. If you know of any other apps that can help save the world, please let me know!