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Front Cover Artwork by William Bubba Flint. We are excited and thankful to have Bubba as our middle school art teacher. Bubba is a professional artist whose editorial cartoons are published in the Dallas Morning News, Dallas Cowboys Star, White Rock Lake Weekly, Katy Trail Weekly, Park Cities People, Preston Hollow People and The Amusement Today. He has illustrated six children’s books, and his paintings can be found in galleries throughout Deep Ellum and the Bishop Arts district. His daughter Brittany went to school at DC, and Bubba is a former DC assistant baseball coach.


FROM THE PRESIDENT Dallas Christian School is celebrating 60 years of partnering with families to provide accredited Christian education for the purpose of equipping students with the intellectual, social, and spiritual tools necessary to sustain their faith in Jesus and navigate a constantly changing culture and world. Over the span of six decades, we have graduated Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials, and now we are launching Gen Z students to higher education. That is four generations of Dallas Christian Chargers walking our halls and taking our shared biblically-charged narratives with them to college, their careers, and eventually their families. Stories or narratives have great power to provide meaning and purpose. Jonathan Gottschall, in his book The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, makes this observation, “We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.” It seems that God hardwired and separated humanity from the rest of creation with the capacity to interpret our world and our existence through narrative and literary devices that provide the necessary mental framework to organize our emotions and relationships and to contemplate faith matters that transcends that which can only be affirmed through our senses.

Jesus’ message captivated individuals and compelled them to make life-altering decisions to re-orient their worldview and re-evaluate their sense of meaning and purpose to align with the elements of His message or story of Good News (Gospel message). This same narrative (the Bible) that spans a 1,500-year period is miraculously woven together despite over 40 different authors through overarching themes, plots, characters, prophecies, common metaphors, geopolitical powers and storyline. We affirm at Dallas Christian that the Bible still has the power to provide individuals with an overarching narrative that possess the spiritual capacity to bring about transformation. The role of narrative is critical in the formation of school culture and the educational process. For example, it is not uncommon for students to attend a school that reinforces a cultural narrative or story of consumerism. This particular narrative suggests that the significance and purpose of education and learning is to prepare an individual for a great career to become a wage earner so that they may consume goods in the market place. While we certainly affirm the responsibility of making sure our graduates are well-prepared to be leaders in our world, we are not convinced that launching students into our world with the life calling and purpose of making money to accumulate “stuff” provides the life-long worldview necessary to experience personal and collective fulfillment, not to mention to endure the crises that beset us in life.

Our world is full of wealthy and successful people that are miserable because they lack the overarching The most compelling piece of evidence that affirms the narrative of God’s purpose and desire to be in power of narrative is the Bible. God selected the use relationship with them. As a result, people that of human language, the art of narrative, and literary approach life with the empty narrative of consumerism devices like metaphor, analogy, parables, and plot as will only value life when they are engaged in His medium to reveal His Character, Nature, and His consumption. We see over and over again that a Purpose for humanity. When God put on human flesh life of consumption is never satisfying, but instead, in the person and deity of Jesus Christ, He spent His strengthens the desire for more consumption. time communicating spiritual truths and abstract ideas through the use of storytelling. In contrast to the narrative of consumption, Jesus shares a narrative of contribution. In Acts 20:35,


Luke cites the well-known advice by Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This advice would be personified in Jesus’ own sacrificial gift on the cross for humanity’s salvation. The narrative of contribution frames a story where individuals are less interested in operating from a position of power and consumption in their relationships and more interested in serving the needs of others. Instead of using people and loving stuff, the axiom in a contribution narrative is “use stuff and love people.” Central to Jesus’ ministry and message in the Bible was to introduce a new narrative where a different kind of kingdom was the focus and a different set of values were the expectations of ethical living and contribution to society. Jesus challenged His audience with a different type of allegiance that was not centered on the Roman military and government. Instead, Jesus introduced a narrative that provided salvation, hope, and value regardless of one’s status or power in relation to the Roman Empire. This new narrative inspired shifting allegiance from a cultural way of thinking and living to a spiritual way of thinking and living.




Jesus’ message still resonates today. At Dallas Christian School we recognize that the type of narratives that permeate a school culture shapes the minds and hearts of their students. Unfortunately, the examples are many of the types of schools that use a narrative of individualism and consumerism as their source material for inspiring their students to derive meaning and purpose. Put differently, using wisdom from the Greek philosopher Aristotle, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


Our parents partner with us because they value that our academic methodology is influenced by our deep commitment and conviction that the Bible contains the overarching narrative (story) that provides eternal truths, wisdom, and guidance that equip their children to navigate life. Instead of graduating students that are only interested in being consumers and not contributors, we are providing a different model and approach to education than what is offered free by our government. We are launching a new generation to college that is already acclimated to a narrative that protects the marginalized, stands-up for the oppressed, seeks to provide resources to the downtrodden, enters into relationships for the purpose of contributing and valuing and not consuming. Essentially, we are graduating students to be God’s representatives described in John’s Gospel as the “Salt and Light” of our world living according to a different storyline. Our storyline is an allegiance to a different power structure that doesn’t seek to oppress or consume. Our hope and salvation does not derive in how much stuff we accumulate at the expense of those in need. Rather, our hope and salvation are found only in Jesus Christ and the life He gives and makes possible. May you find joy and significance knowing that God already situated you in His story of hope and rescue!

Dr. Chris King, President Dallas Christian School 5

Dallas Christian Gradu INTELLECTUALLY-EQUIPPED “Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.” Proverbs 9:9


DC graduates combine core academic knowledge with critical thinking skills to maximize their ability to develop and sustain long-term career goals.


DC graduates possess skills to utilize technological tools in the world of academia and also have an acute awareness of technology’s influence in social circles and in the world at large.

COMMUNICATION DC graduates value the ideas of other individuals and groups, seeking to understand their perspectives by effectively listening, collaborating, and expressing themselves clearly and confidently.


DC graduates participate in Fine Arts and/or Athletic endeavors to enhance their educational experience.


“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18


DC graduates are able to discern and interpret how God is leading and guiding their lives through developed spiritual awareness. They work diligently as servant leaders to achieve their fullest potential in the service of a common, higher calling to enhance their faith.

DOMESTICALLY DC graduates demonstrate the love of Jesus by embracing the importance of community and fulfilling their civic responsibility through service and generosity.

GLOBALLY DC graduates exhibit awareness of global needs and demonstrate the love of Jesus by supporting international mission efforts.

Class of 2017 Stats:

ates Are...

64 members of the class of 2017


“Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” 1 Timothy 4:12

21 of the graduates began their education at DC in Kindergarten

3.1 over 3.1 million dollars earned in academic scholarships

8,025 Community Service hours

BIBLE KNOWLEDGE DC graduates will know God’s plan for salvation through His son Jesus Christ and have an understanding of Scripture that brings relevance to their lives on a daily basis. They will know moral and ethical truths and will be able to apply these daily to situations that develop in their lives.

100% of our graduating class were

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST DC graduates will continue to develop a personal relationship with Christ through prayer, scripture, and interactions with others. They will understand God’s plan for active involvement in a community of believers.

STEWARDSHIP DC graduates realize the importance of giving of their time and resources, and using their spiritual gifts and talents to further the kingdom of God.

accepted to 4-year college or universities


averages: Top 25% = 1257 Top 10% = 1365


averages: Top 25% = 25 Top 10% = 28


STEM In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, where success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know, it’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. These are the types of skills that students learn by studying science, technology, engineering, and math — subjects collectively known as STEM. Research by the Department of Education shows that fewer students have been focusing on these topics recently. Therefore, STEM programs are receiving a lot of emphasis in programs and schools around the country. Dallas Christian is committed to continued growth in our STEM offerings and our integration of STEM curriculum across all age levels, from our youngest learners to our seniors.

Anatomy and Physiology

DC’s Anatomy & Physiology class is taught by a registered nurse, Rachel Tonick. Students that are looking at degrees in medical sciences are encouraged to take this class. The class studies the in-depth workings of each body system, how disease processes affect homeostasis, and the medical provider’s role in the care and treatment of each system. The class concludes with a trip to UT Southwestern Medical School where students get hands-on experience in the cadaver lab.


Visioneering 2017 Competition

DC Middle School students had the opportunity to participate in a competition called Visioneering 2017. This competition was sponsored by the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU). The students were given an engineering problem to solve in a designated amount of time. At the end of the time limit, the students had to explain their ideas and prototype drawings to engineers. DC’s team won the award for “Engineering Excellence.” Participating students were: Jared Gent, Kinsey Herbel, Rudy Lea, Bryce McDougal, AJ Sorrells, Daniel Walker and Bryce Wurster.

NEW Engineering Offering

Starting in Fall of 2017 DC is partnering with The University of Texas in Austin to offer a class entitled “Engineer Your World” for our high school students. This class was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation by a team of University of Texas faculty and NASA engineers, Engineer Your World engages students in authentic engineering practices in a project-based environment. Students discover how engineering shapes their world as the class highlights engineering’s potential to impact human lives and the world around us.



Mrs. Kristi England as Upper School Principal

Mrs. England brings over 20 years of experience in working with our teachers, students, and parents at DC. She has served as the principal of the middle school for the past four years and will transition easily into a great high school principal.

Mrs. Jodie McAngus as Upper School Assistant Principal Mrs. McAngus has been serving in our Upper School Learning Lab and brings previous administrative experience from both Garland ISD and Rockwall ISD. In addition to her duties in the middle school, she will continue to oversee all Upper School Learning Lab activities. She and Mrs. England will make a great Upper School team.

We are creating a great team that will function in tandem with our teachers, coaches, staff, students and parents in both our middle and high schools.

Transformative Teaching and Learning Dallas Christian School has committed to partnering with the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning as a participant in the Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy, which is being co-designed with individual faculty from Research Schools International (led by faculty at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education) and the Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins University. The Academy invited a select number of public, public-charter, and independent schools to explore how Mind, Brain, Education science can enhance teacher quality and student achievement. Dallas Christian School is sending four participants to the Academy and will be joining 150 educators from 5 countries and 20 states in this deep dive into Mind, Brain, Education science. As part of the Academy partnership, 100% of Dallas Christian School teachers will complete a snapshot survey to assess their current Mind, Brain, Education knowledge, skills, and mindsets. The Academy has attracted an international faculty, who have authored books such as Make it Stick, The Teaching Brain, Urban Myths About Learning and Education and Neuroteach. 10

Korie Young My name is Korie Young. I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and I am excited to be at Dallas Christian. I am here to provide the highest quality healthcare for all students and staff at DC. I have a passion for the profession of athletic training and the well-being and education of student athletes as well as student athletic trainers. My vision here is to not only provide quality healthcare care, but also introduce students to the profession of athletic training through our Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II classes and student athletic training program. This is an opportunity for students to learn and serve at the same time. I attended the University of Indianapolis where I received a B.S. degree in Athletic Training in 1997. I am certified by the National Athletic Training Board of Certification and licensed by the State of Texas to practice athletic training. I am also certified by the State Board of Education. I am married to a wonderful man David and we have three children - Carter, Karrington and David III. We attend Highland Oaks Church of Christ. I look forward to serving the students and staff at Dallas Christian.

Teacher Award Winners: Dr. Vaughn Luster, Jr. Reputation Enhancement Award: Awarded to the faculty member whose efforts outside the classroom setting have contributed to the reputation of the school in areas such as athletics, band, chorus, drama, literary events, community service, and special event or school-wide projects. This person portrays excellence through personal example and instruction and promotes school spirit. Winner: Barbara Luster

The Doris Alexander Excellence in Teaching Award: Awarded to the primary and secondary teacher who demonstrates excellence in classroom teaching performance and inspires the love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities. These teachers have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues. Winners of this award foster the spirit of the 3 C’s- Character, Citizenship and Christ. Winners: Karen Beene , Becky Crain, Katie Wolfgang, Melody Meek

Excellence in Service Award:

Left to Right: Katie Wolfgang, Becky Crain, Karen Beene, Barbara Luster, Heather Parks, Melody Meek

Awarded to the staff member who consistently goes “beyond the call of duty” in serving the needs of DC families, inspiring the students, colleagues and families they serve. Winner: Heather Parks 11


A “School for the Whole Family”, is a mission of Dallas Christian. We strive to not only challenge our students academically, but also provide accommodations to those who need extra support. To be able to provide this service, DC established the Learning Lab (formerly known as Scholars). Our Upper School Learning Lab received a new home in the renovated library. This provided the students with space to work individually, in small groups or one-on-one with the teacher through a variety of learning modalities.

The Arrowsmith Program

Another exciting way DC is meeting the needs of all students is through the Arrowsmith Program which identifies, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning. In this program, students are able to capitalize on their increased learning capacities and after a three- or four-year program can function many times without any special assistance or program accommodations. Funding for the Arrowsmith program at DC was provided by a substantial grant in the Spring of 2014 from a local foundation that supports new initiatives. The funding provided for the training and certification of three teachers in Toronto, Canada along with purchase of equipment, supplies and


program setup in two classrooms. Dallas Christian is only one of three schools in the state of Texas that provides the Arrowsmith program. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. This verse provides the understanding that the brain can change because complete renewal is needed for transformation. The Arrowsmith program utilizes the brains ability to change to increase learning capacity. We are excited about the potential of the Arrowsmith Program to change students’ lives.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Spiritual formation is an important part of our life here at Dallas Christian School.Through our Bible classes and daily chapel, we are learning what it means to be followers of Christ. The curriculum of Lower School chapel this past year was focused on studying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and how those habits align with Biblical principals. The students spent seven weeks in the spring studying Joseph and how the “7 Habits” are evident in his life according to the Bible. Students finished out the year looking at various situations in the Bible where people utilized one of more of these habits as they were interacting with Jesus. For the 2017-18 school year, the lower school will be following a curriculum called “Kids Own Worship” and will be implementing the Charger Code which will emphasize how we relate to others, how we impact our world, our character and how we bring glory to God. Most importantly however, chapel time is always centered around worshiping God and bringing glory to Him through our actions. What a privilege it is to draw near to God each day with our students who are growing their hearts toward Him!

High School Spiritual Retreat


HIGH SCHOOL Seniors/First Grade Buddies: Class of 2017 and 2028!

For the past 20 years, the Seniors at DC have adopted a First Grader for the year. The pairs get together once a month for fun activities like, bowling, movies and scavenger hunts around the campus. They develop strong bonds that impact both the Senior and the First Grader.

High School Awards Day The PTO 3 C’s Award is given to honor students who have been nominated by teachers, staff members and/or DC parents as great examples of living out the three C’s in the Dallas Christian Crest: Character, Citizenship and Christ. Martha Underwood Service Award: Drew MacKay

Most Scholarly Reagan Davis

Mr. DC and Miss DC Ben Bueno and Addison Southers

Three C’s High School winners: Michael Potts and Grant Degner Outstanding Students

Juniors Rachael Shipley and Noah Walker 14

Sophomores Melanie Barnes and Luke Clevenger

Freshmen Lydia Degner and Jensen Barnett

Most Spirited Ben Bueno


Faith (Goodson) Murphy (‘94) addressed our seniors at graduation on Saturday, May 20th at Highland Oaks Church of Christ. Faith was very involved while at DC and continued her education at SMU where she earned a BA in Marketing/Advertising with minor in Art History and Religion. She is currently working as an actress doing film, TV & commercials. Faith has written seven Bible studies for her local Bible study groups and speaks at women’s conferences, retreats and organizes large-scale events for her local church in Nashville. We were thrilled she returned home to share her wisdom and encourage our class of 2017.

“Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you; A prophet to the nations - that’s what I had in mind for you”- Jeremiah 1:5 “Lifers”

This year the graduating Class of 2017 includes 21 “Lifers”. Lifers are students that have attended DC since first grade. These students have been together the past 12 years of their lives and have made many memories together that they will take with them as they transition into the next chapter of their lives. We are thankful for the dedication and support their families have given to DC.

Valedictorian Anna Wilson

The Class of 2017 “Lifers”: Ben Bueno, Kennedy Barnett, Stone Willingham,Valeria Goothuis, Connor Ellis, Katie Platz, Travis Wardlaw, Erikka Sotelo, Jake Rippy, Jonah Hunt, Chad Tucker, Will Stegman, Lauren Ramos, John Gafford, Jake Langford, Mikayla Leech, Joshua Delagarza, Emily Garrett, Brackett Owen, William Clevenger, JB Potts

Salutatorian Cory McDougal


DC Students Costa Rica

In the summer of 2016, a team of students and staff from DC teamed with Joshua Expeditions and Homes of Hope in Costa Rica to build a young family a new home. They only had three days to complete the project with only the slab being provided. The Mejia family had been living in one of the most dangerous areas of San Jose, Costa Rica for quite a while. The father and mother were both twenty years old, with a two-week-old daughter. The area they were living in was unsafe and they desperately needed to get to a safer area so they could begin their new life as a family. Not only did our team build the house, they also provided everything needed to set up a home. When the Mejia’s received the keys, they had a fully-furnished home. It was evident how much it meant to this young family. The tears running down the mother’s face represented the hope that she had for a safe future for her daughter. This symbol of hope alone was enough to fill our hearts with joy, and it was a trip that will never be forgotten.

16 16

Costa Ric Mar tha Le a Trip Par eson, Ashle ticipants: y Webb, Colt Jonathan F o n Walker, Ma o ckenzie Jud Jenson Barn rester, Laurie Barnett d, , e K tt e n , L n a e ure dy Barnett Mallor y W , ade, Bri Co n Ramos, Emily Garr ett, Jim Wa peland, Ab Ellrich, Pay de, bie Walker, ton Nix, M Jo adison Sha hn Ellrich, Maddie En rp K asey , Maddie Ju gland, Garr d d , McCar tne e K tt ri s C ti o England, dy, Kayci Y y Kirk, Ma arbrough,T dison Har tl a ra JB Potts, M Kirk, e y , Rieley ichael Pott Warren So s, Jacob Gin Smith, Kathr yn Potts uthers, Add , nings, Kris ison South Pepper, e r s , Bethany M Gabbie Ro cNamee, sales, Callie Abbott

Serve Abroad Ateiku, Ghana

Dallas Christian forged a relationship with Ateiku, Ghana in 2007 and it continues to change the hearts and lives of our DC students. This summer, a group of 25 students and six adults traveled to Ateiku. They dug three water wells, worked in the Christina Adock and Sons Christian Hospital, taught in the school and much more. They carried more than 60 trunks of donated goods to the village. Items consisted of Bibles, soccer balls, back packs, t-shirts, purses, clothing and so much more. The students gave up their first week of their summer vacation to make a trip. Many of them have dreamt about going since elementary school when they donated bicycles for our Ateiku Bike drive. It’s been almost ten years since we held the bike drive for the village and shipped more than 350 bikes to every child and teacher in the school. Mrs. Leeson has personally been on 16 trips to Ateiku.

17 17

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAM DC International Students by Jolie Clevenger

Dallas Christian is blessed to have had nine international students as a part of the High School student body for the 2016-17 school year. These students come from provinces in southern China as well as one student from Mexico. Dallas Christian is in year one of a partnership with Three W International, a renowned international student management company based out of Orlando, Florida. Partnering with Three W, as well as maintaining our relationship with The Cambridge Institute of International Education, will allow Dallas Christian to expand our exposure throughout southern Asia and beyond in areas that include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Brazil, as well as continued marketing in China. This is the 6th year of the international student program at Dallas Christian and it has been a blessing to share a valuable cultural experience for all parties involved.

Current International Students Include:

Freshman– Candy Song from China; Sophomores– Becky Jing from China, Alvaro Garcia from Mexico, and Rose Peng (not pictured) from China; Juniors– Tina Lian from China and Viola Du from China; Seniors– Kris Wu from China, Daniel Xu from China and Kyle Wang from China.

Japan 2016 by Jules Stiger

I spent ten weeks studying Japanese in Tokyo during the summer of 2016. It was amazing! I had so much fun sightseeing, going to karaoke, visiting animal cafes, and shopping. I received a lot of attention as a foreigner, and people were surprised that I could speak any Japanese. Even though I spent a summer there, there is still so much I have to see and do. I cannot wait to return.

The great thing about living as an exchange student is that I was able to experience a genuine Japanese lifestyle. I slept on a futon on the ground and ate whatever my host mom made for me. I woke up at 6:00, ate breakfast at 6:30, and left for school at 7:00. It was a 30-minute walk to the train station and then 30 more minutes by train. All of my classes were taught in Japanese, as it was a full-immersion course. Although I made many mistakes during my stay, the Japanese people were very tolerant, and there was always someone to help when I was lost or unsure of which train to take. One of my favorite experiences was walking past an elementary school on my way to the train station where I was greeted by teachers who would tell me “good morning” everyday. One of the best features of Japan is the food. My favorite dish was cold soba noodles (buckwheat noodles) with a bowl of katsudon (a rice bowl with fried pork cutlet and an omelette). Everything I ate was fantastic, from ramen to sushi to convenience store food. The most exotic thing I tried was raw horse. It was quite delicious. Also, if you ever go to Japan, I recommend melon soda. Don’t ask any questions, just try it. 18

FINE ARTS Welcome to DC’s New Theater Staff Christina Lang, Theater Director

Christina Lang is joining the DC HS staff to share her passion for teaching and coaching students in the art of communication. “Whether it be one-on-one, on stage before an audience, or in prayer with our Creator, thoughtful communication reveals our hearts and builds relationships.” Mrs. Lang will be teaching the High School Critical Thinking and Speech classes and overseeing the DC Theater Department. Mrs. Lang received her Bachelors of Arts and Masters Degree in Speech Communication from Texas Christian University. While in graduate school, Mrs. Lang taught several undergraduate sections of Basic Speech Communication as well as Business and Professional Speaking. Mrs. Lang also taught Basic Speech classes with the Dallas Community College District at their Mountain View and Richland campuses. Following her teaching career she worked in Human Resources as a recruiter and doing talent placement for Accenture, a global technology consulting firm. Mrs. Lang then had the privilege and joy of staying home with her children but she continued to consult in the areas of resume writing, interviewing, and public speaking. She also continued to teach classes at her church and taught a weekly Middle School girls’ Bible study at DC for two years. Though not her academic or career focus, Mrs. Lang has always had a love and enthusiasm for theater. She has been in several musicals and plays and always bring an element of theater to her classroom. “Theater is Communication’s creative cousin. Together they tell stories and bring imagination to life!” Mrs. Lang and her husband Robert have been married for 19 years and have four children, Sophia, Jonathan, Olivia and Celia. They all enjoy sports, movies, music, theater and, despite her two degrees from TCU, they all bleed Baylor green and gold. Go Bears!

Joseph Burnam, Assistant Theater Director

Joseph Burnam is a 2016 graduate of Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Directing. He will be joining the DC staff as Assistant Theater Director and will be involved with the band and drum line. Since moving back to the Dallas area, Joseph has stayed very active in the arts and education. This past year, he has served as music director and orchestra conductor for two of Forney High School’s productions and has served as a mentor in The Firehouse Theatre’s 2017 Youth Education Initiative Program. Joseph is making his educational transition to Dallas Christian Schools after previously working with Mesquite Independent School District and teaching private voice lessons. Joseph cannot wait to share his knowledge and experience working in the arts with the DC community. His experience encompasses training in education, performance and direction for bands, choir, and theatre, and a life of learning spent in church. Joseph participated and won numerous awards in high school and college choir, band and orchestra. In theatre, Joseph has been active as both actor, director, and educator. Professionally, he has acted and directed in many theaters around the Dallas area and is currently an Actor’s Equity Membership Candidate. He is also trained in technical theatre design, costume design, and lighting design for the theatre. Today, Joseph is a member at the Saturn Road church of Christ, where he also worked for 5 summers as the children’s ministry intern and assisted in producing several musical productions for their Vacation Bible Schools. In his free time, Joseph enjoys playing piano, guitar, drums, violin, or any instrument he can find! More than anything, Joseph is ecstatic to start the year with Dallas Christian, helping this community grow and learn in a Christ-centered environment.



FINE “Fiddler on the Roof ”


ARTS “One Act Play” 21

DALLAS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL The Forward in Faith campaign is an initiative that was developed after multiple strategic planning sessions by our Board of Trustees in the summer of 2016. As the campus master plan was being developed, an immediate need to address upgrades to Wheeler Field was identified. While engaged in this planning, DC received a major land gift from Baylor Scott and White parallel to the campus along I-30. This new land gift inspired us to commit a new project to prayer imagining what it would look like to relocate our athletic fields. After engaging the services of a professional firm to assist in identifying our capacity to raise the capital needed to begin a building campaign on the new land, we began a thorough process of performing the land studies necessary to determine the viability of construction. This multi-month process provided our board and key donors in our community time to prayerfully consider their involvement in our Forward in Faith campaign. At the conclusion of our feasibility study and quiet stage of our campaign, we sensed God was calling us in a different direction back onto our campus and the current location of Wheeler Field. The funds required to deal with the challenging topography of the land gift was adding significant cost to our project that far exceeded our pledges as well as our debt threshold that our board established to continue to operate in a fiscally responsible manner. With wisdom and discernment, our board determined it was not fiscally responsible

22 22

to proceed with a new stadium on the new land. After more than a year of examining and praying about this campaign, we have made the decision to totally renovate Wheeler Field by replacing the grass with a top of the line turf field, replacing the home stands and press box (our home stands will finally be centered on the field!) and replacing the retaining wall along the south end zone. Construction has already begun and the project is expected to be done prior to our first district home game this year. In addition to the renovations at Wheeler Field, we will be adding a new four-lane running track on the “Nissan field” across from the ECLC building. This is just Phase 1 of our master plan for the campus that was made possible by God leading one significant donor as well as members of our board to cover the full cost of the renovations. As a result, DC will take on no long term debt to complete these renovations. While the plan has gone through many changes and revisions, we believe God has led us to the right decision. But we are not finished. Next up we plan to examine the next phase of our Master Plan by addressing the elementary building and facilities for our Fine Arts programs. Look for updates after the start of the school year on the exciting things happening on DC’s campus. As our plans for campus renovations expand we will need our entire DC community to be in prayer and generously participate in our Forward in Faith campaign.


Wheeler Stadium Renovations: New Turf • New Press Box New Retaining Wall • New Stands on Home Side New 4-Lane Track and Field on the “Nissan Field”

Stay tuned for Phase 2 & 3 updates!

23 23

Athletic Awards

24 24

Varsity Girls Basketball Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Fighting Heart Most Valuable Player

Addison Southers Kaylee Rasbury Callie Abbott Taylor Jones

9th Boys Basketball Most Valuable Player

Joseph Yarbrough

JV Boys Basketball Most Valuable Player

Jared Ivy

Varsity Boys Basketball Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Fighting Heart Most Valuable Player

Reese Holder Kris McCune Jacob Ginnings William Clevenger

Cross Country Most Valuable Girl Most Valuable Boy Most Valuable Boy Most Valuable Boy

Addison Southers Will Stegman Ben Bueno Jackson Southers

Girls Track Fighting Heart Fighting Heart

Nikeya Webb Ava Meyer

Boys Track Most Valuable Distance Runner Most Valuable Runner Outstanding Sprinter Fighting Heart MVP

Will Stegman Tyler Robertson Davis Baucum Garrett Gilcrease Jacob Rippy

Boys Golf Fighting Heart Most Valuable Golfer

J.B. Potts Jared Ivy

Boys Tennis Most Valuable Player - Doubles Most Valuable Player - Doubles Most Valuable Tennis Player Fighting Heart

Boone Tison Cameron Paul Jonah Hunt Noah Walker

Girls Tennis Most Valuable Player - Doubles Most Valuable Player - Doubles Most Valuable Player - Singles Most Valuable Tennis Player

Jami Davis Becky Jing Mfonabasi Owot Taylor Walker

Junior Varsity Volleyball Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Fighting Heart

Caroline Davis Hope Smith Rachel Chandler

Varsity Volleyball Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Larry Crooks Fighting Heart

Anna Borgen Madison Sharp Natalie Connelly

Athletes of the Year Addison Southers and Chad Tucker Girls Soccer Offensive Player of the Year Defensive Player of the Year Fighting Heart Most Valuable Player

Rachel Chandler Payton Nix Sydney Underwood Erikka Sotelo

Varsity Boys Soccer Co-Defensive Player of the Year Co-Defensive Player of the Year Offensive Player of the Year Ed Toogood Fighting Heart Most Valuable Player

Chad Tucker Ben Bueno Elliot Bracy Cade Bull Cameron Paul

JV Baseball Defensive Player of the Year Offensive Player of the Year

Cade Denton Joseph Yarbrough

Varsity Baseball Silver Slugger Golden Glove Fighting Heart Most Valuable Player

Luke Henley Jared Tipton John Gafford Hayden Clark

Varsity Softball Golden Glove Outstanding Hitter Most Valuable Player

Emily Garrett Tori Jones Anna Borgen

Varsity Football Outstanding Defensive Back Outstanding Defensive Lineman Outstanding Linebacker Outstanding Offensive Lineman Outstanding Offensive Lineman Outstanding Receiver Jack Terry Fighting Heart Most Valuable Special Teams Most Valuable Player-Defense Most Valuable Player-Offense

Kris McCune Bryan Estrada Brandon Thomas Jacob Ginnings Jeffery Sims Davis Baucum Stone Willingham Drew MacKay Palmer Nix Tyler Robertson

Congratulations 2017 TAPPS GIRLS Basketball State Champions

Girls and Boys Basketball Girls Basketball - All District 1st Team Taylor Jones Kaylee Rasbury Addison Southers Tori Jones Callie Abbott Carlie Jones

2nd Team Tiffiney VanLoon Tori King Jewell Howard

Boys Basketball - All District 1st Team William Clevenger Reese Holder Colton Arnold

2nd Team Kris McCune Garrett Beene

Honorable Mention Justus Brown Jacob Ginnings

Girls Basketball Academic All State Kaylee Rasbury Addison Southers Callie Abbott Carlie Jones

Boys Basketball Academic All State

All State

2nd Team William Clevenger 1st Team Kaylee Rasbury 1st Team Taylor Jones

William Clevenger Reese Holder Garrett Beene

2nd Team Addison Southers

Boys Offensive MVP William Clevenger

Honorable Mention Callie Abbott Tori Jones

Girls MVP Taylor Jones Defensive MVP Kaylee Rasbury Coach of the Year Warren Southers All Tournament Taylor Jones, Kaylee Rasbury, Addison Southers



26 26

1st Team Bryan Estrada Jacob Ginnings Palmer Nix Kris McCune Tyler Robertson Jacob Ginnings Jeffrey Sims Reggie Peck Davis Baucum Brandon Thomas Drew MacKay

Defensive Lineman Defensive Lineman Defensive Linebacker Defensive Secondary Defensive Secondary Offensive Lineman Offensive Lineman Offensive Back Offensive Receiver Offensive Tight End Offense Kicker

2nd Team Trey Phillips Marshall Hernandez Brandon Thomas Wayland Thompson Josh Wilburn Palmer Nix Jacob George

Defensive Lineman Defensive Linebacker Defensive Linebacker Defensive Secondary Offensive Lineman Offensive Back Offensive Receiver

Honorable Mention Marcus Knox Defensive Linebacker Travis Wardlaw Defensive Secondary Drew MacKay Punter John Gafford Offensive Lineman JB Potts Offensive Lineman Garrett Cody Quarterback Marcus Knox Offensive Receiver Wayland Thompson Offensive Back Garret Gilcrease Offensive Back Cade Bull Offensive Receiver Luke Henley Defensive Linebacker Stone Willingham Defensive Lineman Chad Tucker Defensive Linebacker De’Jaun Ochulor Defensive Lineman Connor Ellis Defensive Lineman Cody Hatfield Defensive Lineman

Celebrating Coach Mike Wheeler’s 25th Year as DC Head Football Coach “Athletics builds strong character that prepares our students for the challenges that life presents.” –Coach Mike Wheeler This season marks Coach Wheeler’s 25th year as the Chargers Head Football Coach. During this time, he led the Chargers to 12 state championship appearances and won 4 times. He has received the honor of being named the TAPPS “Coach of the year” 14 times with this year being the most recent award. Coach Wheeler has impacted hundreds of players both on and off the field. Coach Wheeler is respected by many and DC is honored to have him serve our Charger Athletes for 25 years... and counting.

HONORS AND AWARDS TAPPS District 2 Division II Coach of the Year, 2016 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Co Coach of the Year, 2015 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 2014 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 2013 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 2012 MaxPreps and Comerica Bank Coach of the Week Nov. 5, 2012 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 2009 TAPPS 4A Coach of the Year, 2009 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 2008 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 2007 Texas Private Sports 4A Coach of the Year, 2003 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 1999 Nike Coach of the Year, 1998 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 1998 Nike Coach of the Year, 1997 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 1997 TAPPS District 2-AAAA Coach of the Year, 1996 Fab Knit Coach of the Year, 1995 Nike Coach of the Year, 1995 TAPPS Coach of the Year, 1995

FOOTBALL SEASONS 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2006

State Semi-Finalist State Quarter Finalist State Finalist State Champion State Semi-Finalist State Champion State Champion State Finalist State Quarter Finalist State Finalist State Finalist State Semi-Finalist State Quarter Finalist

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

State Finalist State Champion & Ranked #2 in the Nation State Semi-Finalist State Quarter Finalist State Area Finalist State Semi-Finalist State Semi-Finalist State Finalist State Finalist Regional Finalist

Career Record: 245 wins and 71 losses 9 State appearances and 4 State Championships Selected Head Coach of the TAPPS High School All-Star Team 2001 2017 National Christian School Association Coach of the Year 2008 Team Ranked 2nd in the Nation among all Private Schools DC Athletic Director Associations: Texas High School Coaches Association, Member American Football Coaches Association, Member Family: Wife Charlotte and two daughters, Sarah and Merideth 27

2016 All District Volleyball 1st Team Natalie Connelly, Junior Anna Borgen, Senior Madison Sharp, Junior Lauren Bueter, Sophomore 2nd Team Abby Marshall, Sophomore Graci Granberry, Sophomore Kenzie Stevens, Sophomore

Honorable Mention Kallie Stockton, Sophomore Maddie Judd, Junior Lydia Degner, Freshman Setter of the Year Anna Borgen, Senior Academic All State Anna Borgen Lauren Bueter Madison Sharp Natalie Connelly

2017 All-District All-State Baseball 1st Team Hayden Clark Jared Tipton Brandon Thomas Luke Henley Palmer Nix 2nd Team Nick Graves Cameron Schultz Ryan Rice Tyler Winfree Tristan Mellorn

Honorable Mention Chad Tucker John Gafford Isaac George MVP: Hayden Clark Newcomer of the Year: Brandon Thomas Academic All State: Nick Graves Luke Henley Palmer Nix

2017 All District/State Softball Awards 1st Team Anna Borgen Emily Garrett Tori Jones Kennedy Barnett Mirela Tornatore Lauren Ramos Madison Hartley

2nd Team Marilyn Gafford Addison Southers Graci Granberry Rachel Chandler

28 28

Pitcher Pitcher LF Catcher CF RF 3B

Senior Senior Sophomore Senior Senior Senior Junior


Junior Senior Sophomore Sophomore

Honorable Mention Landry Martin 2B Bailey Lester OF Kallie Stockton 2B

Freshman Junior Sophomore

MVP Anna Borgen Pitcher of the Year Emily Garrett Newcomer of the Year Tori Jones Co-Defensive Player of the Year Addison Southers Coach of the Year Tony Felker Academic All State Anna Borgen Emily Garrett Kennedy Barnett Mirela Tornatore Lauren Ramos Marilyn Gafford Addison Southers

Front Row: Emily Garrett, Harding University, Softball; Kaylee Rasbury, UT Tyler, Basketball; Hayden Clark, Hardin-Simmons University, Baseball; Bryan Estrada, Southwestern University, Football; Anna Borgen, Ole Miss, Softball Mirela Tornatore, Henderson State University, Softball Back Row: Travis Wardlaw, University of Mary Hardin - Baylor, Soccer Jacob Rippy, Stephen F Austin University, Track Kris McCune, Oklahoma State University, Football Carlie Jones, Southern Utah University, Basketball Drew MacKay, Midwestern State University, Football Cade Bull, Southwestern University, Football Tyler Robertson, West Texas A & M University, Football Not pictured: Reese Holder, Sterling College, Basketball

Girls Soccer 2nd Team Khayla Joseph Erikka Sotelo

Offense Midfield

Honorable Mention Rachel Chandler Payton Nix Sydney Underwood Veronica Morris

Offense Midfield Defense Defense

Boys Soccer

1st Team Elliott Bracy Cameron Paul Travis Wardlaw Ben Bueno Cade Bull Chad Tucker

Offense Midfield Midfield Defense Defense Keeper

Academic All State Ben Bueno Cade Bull Cameron Paul Preston Collins Travis Wardlaw Erikka Sotelo Khayla Joseph

2nd Team Cooper Hoelzle Preston Collins

Offense Offense

All State 2nd Team Cameron Paul Midfield

Honorable Mention J.B. Potts Offense Josh De La Garza Midfield Dylan Breedlove Defense

Honorable Mention Elliott Bracy Offense Ben Bueno Defense


State Track

4 X 100 Relay Finished 2nd and broke a school record with a 42.18: Davis Baucum, Garret Gilcrease, Tyler Robertson, and Jacob Rippy. Â Jacob Rippy Tyler Robertson Davis Baucum Will Stegman

Cross Country



30 30

1st 100 M, 3rd 200 M 3rd 100 M, 7th 200 M 5th 400 M 5th 800 M




7th Grade Camp at T Bar M

Middle School Literary Meet Winners

8th Grade Trip to Washington, D.C.

Ser vi ce W eek


Middle School Award Winners:

PTO Scholarship Award: Jeweliet Coffee

Athletes of the Year:

Jenna Rasbury and Matthew Mata

O u t s tan d i n g Stu d en ts

8th Grade: Allie King & Brett Judd

7th Grade: Bryce Wurster & Grace Smith

6th Grade: Nehal Pant & Cade Johnson

A c a d em i c E xcel l en ce


ECLC Science Fun Day

Dr. Seuss Read-In

ECLC Students Visiting Residents of Christian Care Center 34




SONGS from the


Grandparents’ Day at Dallas Christian is a special time to honor and celebrate our grandparents for being a strong foundation in our students’ lives as well as supporting the importance of a Christian education. We enjoyed performances from the Middle School Choir & the High School Chamber Singers. Both groups are under the direction of our Mrs. Kelle Collins, DC’s Director of Fine Arts. These performances were followed by our ECLC and Elementary students who performed some of their favorite songs, under the direction of Mrs. Tama Barnes. Psalm 40:3 . . . “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.”

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) DC has been blessed for many years by the involvement of dedicated parents who form our Parent Teacher Organization.

Teachers Appreciation Day Luncheon sponsored by our PTO



Owen Miller Memorial Golf Tournament Benefitting DALLAS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL

DC sponsored another successful golf tournament this year at Firewheel Golf Park on May 8th. A special thank you to all of our sponsors, golfers and volunteers. Chaired by DC Parent David Hullett

2016 PTO Carnival DC honored our Hometown Heroes with an afternoon of Family Fun at the PTO Carnival. First-response vehicles such as tactical police cars, fire engines, ambulances and a helicopter were set up for carnival-goers to explore. Other activities included carnival games, inflatables, bungee jump, pony rides, zip line, petting zoo, sports games and, of course, fun for Chargers of all ages.


Dallas Christian 2017 Denim & Diamonds Auction & Gala was Saturday, February 4 at Southfork Ranch. Entertainment featured former DC student and American Idol Finalist Dalton Rapattoni Chaired by Brian & Kristi Hartley

Special thanks to our Platinum Sponsor IES Residential

Committee Members:

Tammy Bollman, Kara Chaves, Stephanie Colwell, Christy Cope, Melinda Dale, Rachel Davis, John & Lisa Ellrich, Kristi England, Lisa Fox, Kyra Freeman, Julie Garrett, Cathy George, Paula Ginnings, Mandy Goggans, Brittany Hill, Dana Hughes, Kristie Hullett, Lori Hunt, Hayley Ivy, Rebecca Judd, Tara Kirk, Leslie Knapp, Jana Lunn, Joanna Marshall, Trina Mata, Julie McDougal, Jaymie McIntire, Lindsay Newhouse, Michelle Patterson, Pam Pepper, Gayla Plunkett, Kathryn Potts, Courtney Poulos, Holly Reagan, Beverly Rippy, April Roberts, Kari Scherf, Tamie Schultz, Chasity Swehla, Heather Thomas, Rachel Tonick, Steve Tucker, Stephanie Walker, Jennifer Webb, Jodelle Whitley, Cynthia Wilburn, & Susan Willingham.

38 38

DC is turning




Join us for Homecoming... Friday, October 13, 2017



Alumni Testimonials DC “provided me a space to grow academically, athletically, and spiritually at one of the most important junctures of my life. The opportunities I gained as a Charger have set the course for my work as a husband, father and minister.” – Collin Packer, class of 2002 Collin and his wife Holly both graduated from DC in 2002. They now serve, with their 3 children Maddox, Addison and Brooklyn, as the lead minister of the Greenville Oaks Church in Allen, TX.

The number one thing I learned while at DC was from Mrs. Dickson. She taught me to not just memorize, but to learn the materials. I cannot tell you how many times I sat through a class at A&M and even during PT school that a professor would say something and I would hear it in her voice because she taught it to me first. Most students try to memorize things to pass the test and to pass the class, but then they get to the next semester they have to relearn it and are that much more behind. If you learn things the first time you have more time to spend with friends during your junior and senior year which is way more fun than trying to relearn freshman chemistry or biology.” – Tyler Seabourn, class of 2011 Tyler and his wife Betsy are currently living in San Angelo. Tyler graduated from Texas A&M with his B.S. in Kinesiology (Applied Exercise Physiology). He is currently in his final year working on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Angelo State University.

“The strong relationships that I built with DC friends and family have helped me stay accountable.” – Justis Nelson, class of 2013 Justis Nelson recently graduated from Texas Tech where he played corner back for the Texas Tech Red Raiders and was awarded the Texas Tech Scholar Athlete. He is also newly wed to his wife, Autumn Nelson. Justis is currently testing to be an officer for the Denver Police Department. He expressed that DC prepared him for college classes and taught him how to maintain his strong faith. He stated that he was able to graduate early from college and attributes that to the dual-credit classes he took while at DC. 40 40

ALUMNI NEWS Congratulations to Arpi Dayian (‘16), who is currently attending The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, for her team of four students, dubbed Team Quicksnap, that took top prize for their winning design in the NFLxFIT contest. The National Football League (NFL) and FIT partnered to reimagine the 32 NFL team identities, including artwork and graphics inspired by the teams’ logos and fan cultures. Arpi was chosen as one of two freshmen in the competition. The awards ceremony, as well as the opening of the exhibition of their work, took place at the Museum at FIT in New York City. New York Giants’ wide receiver Sterling Shepard and New York Giants’ defensive end Romeo Okwara attended the event, and wore shirts with the winning designs on them. Arpi’s team was interviewed by several magazines, such as Vogue and HOW Design, and took photos with the football players. The new graphic elements and branding treatments will be used on NFL merchandise this coming season.

Team Quicksnap with NY Giants football players Sterling Shepard (l) and Romeo Okwara (r)

“The kind of education I received at Dallas Christian gave me an edge to succeed academically, professionally and socially in my college career. DC did that by introducing rigorous academic material while providing the technology for students to fully research and understand the extent of the materials being taught. Furthermore, discipline rooted on Christ-like teachings motivated me to keep learning.” – Jack Oduro, class of 2014 Jack Oduro is currently a senior Accounting & Entrepreneurship major at Abilene Christian University. On campus he serves as President for a company called Wildcat Ventures, in which he manages eleven student-run small companies that operate on campus. He has also served in the area of worship leadership both at school and at his local church in Abilene.

41 41



The 2017-2018 school year will be exceptional as we celebrate Dallas Christian’s 60 year anniversary. All of our current families and alumni are special to us. We want to connect with you as we celebrate how God has blessed DC in the past and as we look forward to our next 60 years.

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Dallas Christian School Review (August 2017)  
Dallas Christian School Review (August 2017)