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Behind the Cover This issue’s cover image was shot at The Cabinetry Kitchen and Bath Design Studio located in Hingham, MA. Showroom owner Marlene Ketchen is the third generation of her family to work in the business, which includes her grandfather who manufactured cabinetry beginning in 1960; uncles who manufactured lines of hardware and an uncle who went into the kitchen design business. Marlene purchased that business in 2003 and has since designed some of the most beautiful kitchens in the area with homeowners and interior designer’s alike. Photography Michael Lee and I took over the showroom to create the cover shot to fit this issue’s theme of “Kitchens” and created an indoor lobster bake, because here in New England, it can still be too cold in May and June to eat at the beach!





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Why Designers Love The Cabinetry “Working

Get the look: Cabinetry by Medallion in maple. Style: Beaded Inset 1. Bottom cabinets finish: Harbor Mist 2. Upper cabinets finish: Appaloosa 3. Faucet set: Belle Foret by World Imports 4. Farmer’s sink: Belle Foret by World Imports 5. Counter: Silestone in Alpina White 6. Cabinet knobs: Amerok crystal Design & above products available at The Cabinetry. 7. Four-Arm candelabra by Dunes & Duchess; available at Hudson. 8. Portuguese pottery from the collection of Beth MacLeod-Largent.

with Marlene Ketchen at The Cabinetry has been an ongoing positive professional experience. Her quick interpretation of my design direction on a number of projects made it clear that we speak the same language. That results in beautiful projects and delighted clients!” Teresa Burnett, Willow Designs, Inc.

COVER SHOT: photography by: MICHAEL J. LEE • styling by: LINDA MERRILL • showroom: THE CABINETRY 2

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

May/June 2011 IN THIS ISSUE Behind the Cover Photo shoot at The Cabinetry

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Kitchen Bling: All that’s bright and beautiful

Greetings! It’s pretty clear that the most important room in the home is the kitchen. Even before Man moved into houses, life revolved around the cooking hearth. It’s the “heart” of the home where meals are shared over important conversations. It’s where homework is done and important family decisions are made. Big or small, we love our kitchens. We don’t even need to cook to love a beautiful cook top or a shiny new sink. It’s simply the promise, the belief, that food is love and we wish to share it. This issue of ::Surroundings:: is all about the heart of the home. For the cover shoot, photographer Michael J. Lee and I created a vintage inspired lobster bake in the design studio of The Cabinetry, a kitchen and bath design studio. My Mother offers her favorite recipes for lobster (I need to do something with all those lobsters used in the photoshoot!) and also her favorite cookbooks. Three amazing kitchen designers share their favorite new appliances and I have a profile of Susan Serra, a kitchen designer who has just come out with her own line of warm and modern kitchen cabinetry.

Design Podcasts:

Talking Kitchens at The Skirted Roundtable

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Past is Prologue: Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS brings her Scandinavian roots to her all-American made kitchen cabinet line Page 6

From Mom’s Kitchen: Linda’s Mother shares her favorite lobster recipes Page 9

Kitchen Appliances Designers Love:

3 top-notch kitchen designers share their favorite picks Page 10

Design & Cook: Kitchen reads from Linda & Mom

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Credits and Contacts Who, What, Where & When


It’s still cool and blustery here in New England and a cup of tea would be just the thing right now! I hope you are enjoying your Spring.

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Kitchen Bling

Normandy Copper Oval Hammered sink from Waterworks Talo Smart Touch Faucet from Brizo

Arabesque Tile in Blue Mist by Ann Sacks

Culina Semi-Professional Faucet from Blanco

Decoupage platter from John Derian

Le Creuset in Tiffany Blue

Star Crystal Cooker Hood by Elica

Animal door pulls from Martin Pierce Hardware 4

Helena Tea Service by Georg Jensen via Unica Home

Oval Rope knob by Top Knobs

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Kitchen Aid stand mixer in Kiwi

Timepiece Anthropologie



Talking Kitchens

In 2009, I partnered up with Megan Arquette of the blog Beach Bungalow 8 and Joni Webb of Cote de Texas and created a “radio” podcast chat series that we called “The Skirted Roundtable” (with a little nod towards The Algonquin Roundtable). We fashioned ourselves after “The View” (only nicer) with conversation about design and blogging. Sometimes its just the three of us and sometimes we’ve invited other interesting people to join us. Since we began, we’ve been lucky to have hosted some of the biggest names in the design field today and these episodes have become something akin to a “masterclass” in interior design. The subject of Kitchen design has come up more than once and it’s always a hot topic! www.skirtedroundtable.blogspot.com


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photo credit: Helen Norman

Design podcasts

Our Dream Kitchens On Kitchen Design

Lauren Liess - designer & blogger talks about her own kitchen makeover


http:// w w w. k powers. com




::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

info@kpowers.com 5


Past is Prologue Kitchen designer Susan Serra calls on her Scandinavian roots to produce a line of forward thinking kitchen and bath furniture.


::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Successful entrepreneurs and designers have one big basic concepts were the jumping off point for Susan’s thing in new line of kitchen cabinetry she called the Bornholm common: when Kitchen. Co-founded in 2010 with her daughter Kelly recessions hit Serra Donovan the collection is named after a beautiful and business island off Denmark. Susan describes the collection’s style invariably slows as “clean lines and useful designs that make sense”. She down, they get goes on to share that she has turned the old adage form creative and follows function on its head and believes that sometimes, come up with function can successfully follow form. Bornholm their next big Kitchen is born out of the form-first aesthetic and if it idea. Such has means that homeowners have to re-think their kitchen been the case storage needs, it’s all to the good. Susan holds the Susan Serra (l) and Kelly Serra Donovan with Long Island unusual viewpoint - unusual especially for a kitchen based kitchen designer Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS. Susan designer - that a wall of kitchen cabinets is not inherently has spent the last twenty years busily designing upscale beautiful and can be a very hard look that offers no kitchens for a discerning clientele throughout New York visual rest. While kitchens are work spaces, they don’t and surrounding areas. Like most design industry need to be hard or merely utilitarian to get the job done. professionals, when And if more the recession hit thought is put into Susan’s business how much we own slowed down giving and therefor need her time to think to store, then score about other one for the opportunities and environment and areas of endeavor. our pocket books. As a designer living in a very established One of the area of the country, countries’ most the majority of popular bloggers Susan’s design work and voices on was traditional, kitchen design, though not Susan had already necessarily formal, developed an in spirit, reflecting audience who the architecture and appreciated her Custom made to order using mortise and tenon joinery. personalities of her expertise far clients. Traditional style, however, was not the one that beyond the borders of New York state and producing a really spoke to Susan and she felt that it was time to line of cabinetry gave her the chance to broaden her explore and share her own more modern design reach even further. She first began putting pen to paper, aesthetic. sketching out ideas about eighteen months ago. True to her design vision, Bornholm Kitchen products are all Susan’s own style, which she describes as “warm made in America using environmentally friendly modern” goes back to her Scandinavian roots in production methods. They are currently working in Denmark, birthplace of both her parents. Growing up, walnut and rift oak, and can also produce their pieces in she spent many vacations in Copenhagen visiting with maple and cherry. While the pieces look modular, they relatives and being immersed in a design style that was are all made to order in Pennsylvania and are fully fresh and eclectic yet always warm. customizable. Selecting a local manufacturer allows Susan to keep a close eye on the quality of each piece, In the early twentieth century, Scandinavian countries, ensuring the highest standards possible. They offer fullmost notably Denmark, developed a modern style that scale kitchen design services or can work with a client’s featured clean lines, simple forms, a dedication to own designer or architect as well. artisanal workmanship that was still highly useful. These [Continued on next page] ::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


Being on legs, the pieces have a strong furniture look. [Continued]

Understanding the marketplace as Susan does, she knew that not everyone will be interested in working with a designer or is looking for an entire room of furniture. Bornholm Kitchen has partnered with 2Modern.com to offer Bornholm Basik (coming soon) a select grouping of kitchen and bath pieces such as vanities, pantries and islands that will come in standard sizes and in several wood species. These pieces are the same high-end, made to order, quality as the fullcustom level, but with click-and-order accessibility. Also coming soon, for those who like a little more pizzazz in their style, will be a line of glammed up pieces featuring mirrored doors and painted cabinetry. Called the Bornholm Collection, these more showy pieces will be available through Avolli.com, an online source for high-

end Scandinavian antiques and accessories. All pieces have an approximate eight-week turnaround. Bornholm Kitchen is reflective of many a family business which pays homage to one’s past, while always striving to keep things moving forward in a fresh and accessible way.


Bornholm Kitchen main site: www.bornholmkitchen.com Custom Kitchens & Vanities: www.bornholmkitchen.com/shop Bornholm Basik: www.2modern.com Bornholm Collection: www.avolli.com Easy access drawers make storage a breeze


::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

From Mom’s Kitchen Lobster Roll - this classic New England favorite is as simple as can be. There are regional variations and people have been known to come to blows over the best recipe. At its heart though, a Lobster Roll is cold lobster mixed with mayonnaise in a warm buttered New England style hot dog bun with a little lettuce to keep the bun from getting soggy. Julia Child suggests adding tarragon and chives for a little added flavor. Here are directions from Bon Appetit.

Since this issue is coming out the same week as Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fun to invite my Mom, Dorothy, to share some of her favorite recipes using the leftover lobster meat from the photo shoot. Mom is a fantastic cook and credits Julia Child for expanding her culinary skills.

How to boil lobster Fill a large pot with enough water to cover the lobsters. Add salt and bring to a boil. Live lobsters should be placed head first into the boiling water. Wait for water to return to a full boil and reduce heat to a lively simmer. Cooking time 1-1/4 lbs: 12 minutes 1-1/2 lbs: 15 minutes 2 lbs: 20 minutes Yield 1 lb of lobster in the shell yields approximately 1/3-1/2 cup of meat. Serve out of shell hot with clarified butter (melted butter with the froth skimmed off) and lemon wedges.

Lobster Quiche - Easy to make, lobster quiche is rich in flavor and texture. Perfect for a blustery and chilly New England day. Pair with a light white wine such a Pinot Grigio or a Cote de Rhone. Julia Child’s recipe via Food.com

Julia’s Lobster Stock - After the cooked lobster is removed from the shell, chop the shells, sautee for 5 minutes in 2 tbs oil with 1/2C chopped onions, 1/4C ea chopped celery & carrots. Add 6 cups liquid (3-4 C chicken or fish stock, 1 C vermouth or dry white wine, water), 1C chopped tomatoes, Bay leaf, pinch tarragon, salt. Partially cover and simmer for 40 minutes. Strain. Use as a base for sauces and fish soups. May be frozen.

http:// antiquesdi va.com/ ::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


Kitchen Appliances designers love Every year, a slew of shiny new kitchen appliances enter the marketplace. New technologies are making waves in the kitchen arena and yet we also can see some retrovintage products as well. The urge to move forward while keeping a toehold in the tried and true is always an important aspect of home building. Three professional kitchen designers from across North America weigh in on their favorite appliances that are new in the marketplace.

Paul Anater a kitchen and bath designer in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a big fan of modular products such as Sub-Zero’s Integrated Refrigerator & Freezer Columns by Sub-Zero Refrigerator and Freezer Columns and Miele’s Combisets. “SubZero’s new integrated columns are separate, 27” wide all-freezer or all-refrigerator units that can be combined with their refrigerator and freezer drawers to make trulycustom food preservation solutions to any kitchen design. They can be completely paneled in and disguised or left with their stainless doors gleaming proudly. Like all Sub-Zero refrigerators, the new integrated columns are highly efficient and built for a lifetime’s use” says Anater.

Miele Combiset Wok Burner


Anater describes the Miele’s Combisets in much the same way: “The Combisets are a series of 15” and 12” cooking appliance modules that are intended to be mixed an matched to make a custom cooling zone in any kitchen.” Customization and personalization seem to be important aspects of many of the new kitchen appliances on Whirlpool Speedcook the market. New York based kitchen and bath designer Susan Serra, CKD, NKBA, CAPS, appreciates the all-in-one functionality of Whirlpool’s SpeedCook oven. “A true convection oven, a microwave AND a steamer all in one appliance. In addition, the G2Max® SpeedCook technology combines halogen and quartz light energies to sear meats and save up to half the cooking time compared to traditional ovens. With 1500 watts of grilling power and steam cooking, it's the healthiest way to cook and save time too.” Vancouver based kitchen designer

Corey Klassen AKBA, NKBA, is also turned on by great functionality combined with design style. Klassen’s favorite appliances to work with are from Fisher & Paykel primarily because of their 31" Refrigerator and

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Fisher & Paykel 31” Refrigerator

“When it comes to smart technology in appliances I'm all for the tried and true brands and even for the most economical choice, but I always fall back onto the sophisticated linear look of the F&P line. It’s the smart design of a small refrigerator with a big-boy attitude that gets me every time. Double Drawer Dishwasher by Fisher & Pykel Now, when it comes to the Double Drawer Dishwasher, my heartbeat quickens because with smaller families these days, you only need to operate the tall tub drawer instead of both. Everyone knows that a dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand, but using half that amount saves us more water and energy in the long run.”

operation. An optional French top provides wide versatility in temperature and it varies between 220 for slow cooking up to 850 for searing meats and other foods. The colors are just plain sexy...Copper, Bronze, Ginger Spice, Silver, Sand, and Smooth Black. In my world, performance and style collide!” If vintage style is more your thing, Paul Anater suggests the Northstar Retro Ranges from Elmira Stove Elmira Stove Works’ Northstar Retro Range Works. “This is a fully-functional, highly-efficient, modern appliance masquerading as something June Cleaver would have loved. It’s available in a riot of colors and represents another direction in appliance design. Just as modern appliances get more modern, so too do some appliances that look to the past for design cues.” When sexy new products come on the market, it can be tempting to trash the old in favor of the new. Corey Klassen cautions “Remember, just because it's cool and fresh, it doesn't mean that what's old doesn't work anymore. It’s important to remember to look at life-cycle when selecting appliances. The longer the warranty, the more the company is willing to put its money where its mouth is. Replacing appliances should be done when they have ceased to function and, wherever possible, appliances should be repaired or recycled properly.”

“Inspired by Marcus” Collection by Blue Star

Great functionality and high technology is always important but a snazzy style also goes a long way. Susan Serra is crazy about the new Inspired by Marcus appliances designed by Marcus Samuelsson, celebrity chef and spokesperson to BlueStar. Serra says of the product line “French doors on ovens allow for easy

This article was written by Linda Merrill for Networx.com is reprinted with permission.

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living


Design & Cook Great books for the kitchen

http://www.amazon.com/gp/ product/1588166953? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleoninte-20& linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creat iveASIN=1588166953

http://www.amazon.com/ dp/0307593525/ ref=as_li_tf_til? tag=chameleoninte-20&ca mp=0&creative=0&linkCod e=as1&creativeASIN=0307 593525&adid=1QNSQDX FANS5A8HVSNMC


http://www.amazon.com/ gp/product/0679747656? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleoni nte-20&linkCode=xm2&ca mp=1789&creativeASIN=0 679747656

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living

Kit re c h e n ad s

http://www.amazon.com/gp/ product/1561585343? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleoninte20&linkCode=xm2&camp=17 89&creativeASIN=1561585343

h t t p : / / www.amazon.com/gp/ product/B001U5SPHY? ie=UTF8&tag=chameleo ninte-20&linkCode=xm2 &camp=1789&creativeA SIN=B001U5SPHY

Gui de t o orat ive L iving


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