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Pedro to the Point! Champ Chats Jubilant Joao!

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Envying Edoardo

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'The Calm Between the Storms!' That was one hell of a winter then! There can't be anybody reading this who hasn't seen or heard how Europe has been battered by some of the worst storms that Mother Nature has hurled at us for a very long time –some are even saying in living memory! But it's not all been doom and gloom. There have been in fact some small pockets of our continent that have come out relatively unscathed, Portugal seeing some of them! So we've sought out some of the calm moments between all those storms in an effort to restore our faith in the feisty oceans around us. Sit back then and enjoy this issue!

Somewhere in South Portugal looking pretty perfect! Photo: Joel Gray SM - 02

03 - SM

Surphang Magazine

Magazine Editor: Stuart Gaston Contributing Photographers: Bianca Asher, Stephane Becret, Luis Bento, John Brumfield, Andrew Christie, Harry Gibson, Joel Gray, Catherine Gregory, Greg Martin, Alvin Mtatshi, Andrea Papa, Hugo Silvaa, Vince Timson, Alex Williams Staff Photographer: Stuart Gaston

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Cover Shot: Pedro Coelho with a perfect punt! Photo: Stuart Gaston

Joao Kopke getting to work with the lip. Photo: Hugo Silvaa

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This Issue's Features

The Pro Show

Champ Chats

The Perfect Praia

Pedro Coelho has been training hard, getting ready to get to the point – winning! We spoke to him over sushi!

Joao Kopke became the latest Portuguese Junior Champion at the end of last year. So we had a chat with this jubilant champ!

Portugal – everybody thinks of Peniche. Don't overlook the perfect Praia Grande though as Luis Bento shows us right here!

Pedro to the Point!

05 - SM

Jubilant Joao!


Surf 'Sul'utions Joel Gray's been coaching for quite a while now so we talk to him and his Cadet Squad following their recent trip.

Surphalosophy Envying Edoardo

Surphang's A to Z

Italy seem to sprout super Groms! Here's their latest, Edoardo Papa and he's been busy hunting the best waves Hercules had to offer!

In The Goss, we complete our A to Z of who we consider to be the best upcoming surfers that will fill surfing's future!

Rush hour in Carcavelos can be hectic! Photo: Hugo Silvaa SM - 06

Welcome to

The Pro Show Pedro to the Point! Words & Photos: Stu Gaston

07 - SM Pedro Coelho with that perfect punt at Carcavelos! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show

Pedro Coelho is one of Portugal's top Pro Junior surfers but he is especially good at one thing – punting! So as he prepares to take the surfing world by storm in 2014, we caught up with him surfing some of his favourite breaks back at home in Cascais near Lisbon to find out more!

SM - 08

Pedro to the Point!

09 - SM Pedro Coelho carving at Carcavelos! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show

Name: Pedro Coelho Age: 19 Years surfing: 6 years Where you live: Cascais, Portugal Sponsors: Hurley, Neff Headwear, Roam, Future Fins, Qta da Marinha, Absorvit Vitamins Local break/s: Praia da Poca Favourite surfer? Julian Wilson Favourite place to surf? Coxos, Ericeria; L Point Favourite surf movie? Modern Collective Favourite surf trick? Air reverse Favourite board? 5’9” 18 3/8 2 3/8 LaCrau Surfboards

SM - 10

Pedro to the Point!

11 - SM Pedro punting tail high! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show What got you into surfing? I started surfing with my dad and I always loved the sea! When and how did you become sponsored? Last year, the Hurley guy saw me surf and so I had a meeting with him and my coach and he was happy to sponsor me

SM - 12

Pedro to the Point!

13 - SM

Pedro grabs a chance to practise those all important landings! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show How big a part does surfing play in your life? Well surfing is my job at the moment! My goal is to do all the contests and be a professional surfer What moment are you most proud of in your surfing career so far? Being vice national champion in the U18 (Joao Kopke won) and representing my country at the World Junior Surfing Games in Nicaragua

SM - 14

Pedro to the Point!

15 - SM Pedro picks out a good turning point! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show Who in surfing inspires you most? Kelly Slater because of what he’s achieved - he’s just the most focused surfer! What do you prefer, free surfing or competitions and why? Contests – I just love to compete!

SM - 16

Pedro to the Point!

17 - SM Pedro punting nice and high again! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show When and where was your best surf session? One session in Nicaragua I surfed a reef left and was pulling some really good airs and tricks and was surfing in just shorts and it was hot – it was just perfect really! What's the worst wipeout of your life? An epic session in Carcavelos, I was paddling out but judged it a bit late and the lip hit me straight on and the fins ripped into my leg!

SM - 18

Pedro to the Point!

19 - SM

Pedro putting his favourite air reverse into practice! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show What do you do when you don't surf? Go to the gym, be with my girlfriend and hang out with my mates. Do you train as well as surf? Yes, as well as five surf training sessions a week I do four in the gym and one swimming session.

SM - 20

Pedro to the Point!

21 - SM Praia da Poca affords Pedro the chance to practice his backhand. Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show

So why surfing? Why not any other sport? With surfing, I like how you have direct contact with nature plus I think it’s just a beautiful sport to watch. If you had unlimited money, what would you buy? I would buy a wavepool!

SM - 22

Pedro to the Point!

23 - SM One more punt for luck! Photo: Stu Gaston

The Pro Show

What's your goal for this year? To make the top 10 in the Pro Juniors and top 3 in National Pro Juniors and also compete in the European WQS events and hopefully do well! And what about the future? Where do you see yourself in five to ten years time? I want to be making more of the QSs and fighting for qualification on the WCT!

SM - 24

Champ Chats Jubilant Joao! Words: Stu Gaston; Photos: Hugo Silvaa

25 - SM Joao Kopke carving at Carcavelos! Photo: Hugo Silvaa

Joao Kopke had a good year last year ending up as Portuguese Junior Champion. He certainly deserved it, being one of the most hard working people you could ever meet. Not only that, he's also an accomplished double bass player. So in his packed schedule, Joao recently found time to talk to us about life as a champ and what he's noe got planned for the year ahead.

SM - 26

Jubilant Joao!

27 - SM Joao's surfing is pointing in the right direction! Photo: Hugo Silvaa


Name: Jo達o Kopke Age: 18 Nickname: Zenguito Years surfing: 10 Where you live: Carcavelos, Portugal Sponsors: O'Neill, Polen, Fonte Viva, SurfHouse, Bana, Reef, Creatures, Piazza di Mare. Local break/s: Carcavelos Favourite surfer? Taj Favourite place to surf? Carcavelos, Portugal Favourite surf movie? Stranger than Fiction Favourite surf trick? Barrel Favourite board? My 5'9 Polens are always pretty sharp! What got you into surfing? My mom, she used to make me go, before I started liking it! Who in surfing inspires you most? Many guys inspire me, but I get the most amped up when I see someone like Tiago or Micro. Those guys struggled for years on the QS and then they got to the tour! I like to see hard working people and the way they fight.

SM - 28

Jubilant Joao!

29 - SM Joao Kopke kicks his fins out! Photo: Hugo Silvaa

CHAMP CHATS When and where was your best surf session? Probably in Reef, Ericeira, a couple of years ago. It was just me and a friend of mine and it was pumping. And what about your worst wipeout? I fall a lot, can't say for sure what the worst one was! Probably Supertubos this year when I broke 2 boards in a row! When and how did you become sponsored? It first started when I was 11, I got my first sponsor Lightningbolt. Nowadays I am sponsored by O'Neill and I've never been happier with their support. What do you prefer, free surfing or competitions and why? I love free surfing and having fun but I think that competing is something special. Not because I want to show my surfing but because I like the feeling of being challenged.

SM - 30

Jubilant Joao!

31 - SM Jubilant Joao eyeing up some tube time! Photo: Hugo Silvaa

CHAMP CHATS Now, two thousand and thirteen ended up being a good year for you after you became Under 18 Portuguese Junior Champion. So first talk us through that contest and the highs and lows that lead to you earning your title. It was a goal I had since the beginning of the year! I won the first two stops and the rest of the guys had no consistent results. After that I had two second places that wasn't so good so I refocused and won the next stop which then gave me the title before the end of the circuit. So I went to the last stop already as champ and I won that too so it was great! You’ve had to overcome some solid surfing from your contenders in that contest. First then, how do you rate your surfing peers over in Portugal at the moment? I think my surfing is developing fast, because I am training everyday and focusing on the aspects that have held me back for the past years. But that's also what many guys have been doing so they're also getting better every day and, as I think there's a lot of talent in Portugal, I know that all those guys are going to do really well in Europe and in the rest of the world. And what about the surfing talent in your age range across the globe? It's getting scarily good I think. There are guys my age and younger kids surfing amazing, doing new things and trying new airs but also throwing some huge rail turns. Surfing is going to an interesting place right now. And now you're national champion, does that go down as your best victory to date? It's a great result and I am proud of it but I think that if I am to succeed in surfing I will really have to show that I am good outside Portugal and even outside Europe.

SM - 32

Jubilant Joao!

33 - SM Joao jumping with joy! Photo: Hugo Silvaa

CHAMP CHATS So now you’re a champ, what are your goals for the year to come? This year I am focusing mainly on the Pro Juniors in Europe and on the WQS. And what about training? How do you keep on top of fitness and keep on pushing your surfing? Every week I go to the gym with my coach and train, focusing on different routines depending on what competitions are coming up and on my individual needs. Now you're from Carcavelos on the West Coast with some of Portugal's best waves like Coxos and Supertubes relatively near at hand! But what about plans for travelling? Well I love surfing in Portugal, it's for sure one of the best places to surf in the world. But there's a lot of good surf spots in Europe really close to Portugal too. For example I already went twice this year to Mundaka chasing two different swells. But as I said my main main focus is the WQS so I've got no trips planned yet. Finally, where do you see yourself in five to ten years time? I see myself surfing, probably competing and trying to get to the WT or maybe, if I'm lucky, already on it. Also I'd like to still be making music!

SM - 34

The Perfect Praia Words: Stu Gaston; Photos: Luis Bento

35 - SM Pedro Correia picks out a perfect looking tube at Praia Grande! Photo: Luis Bento


If you're looking to get away from home for some serious sun and surf, there's no better place to start than Portugal. Thanks to the budget airline revolution, it's now just a short flight away but picking exactly which part to head for is becoming increasingly crucial. One spot that certainly won't disappoint is Praia Grande just half an hour's drive out of the capital Lisbon. So we asked local photographer Luis Bento to show us why it can be so good – he took local rippers Pedro Correia, Miguel Blanco and Francisco Alves along to help show you what makes Praia Grande such a 'Hot Spot!' SM - 36

The Perfect Praia

37 - SM Praia Grande offering that perfect green room view! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 38

The Perfect Praia

39 - SM For Francisco Alves, it's all or nothing! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 40

The Perfect Praia

41 - SM Pedro Correia nicely covered up! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 42

The Perfect Praia

43 - SM Pedro Correia continuing to pick out some nice little gems! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 44

The Perfect Praia

45 - SM Pedro Correia perfecting the cover up pose! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 46

The Perfect Praia

47 - SM Pedro Correia caught taking off into another green room! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 48

The Perfect Praia

49 - SM Now that's a green room with a view! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 50

The Perfect Praia

51 - SM Miguel Blanco about to get barrelled on the left! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 52

The Perfect Praia

53 - SM Francisco Alves finds one on his backhand. Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 54

The Perfect Praia

55 - SM For Francisco Alves, Praia Grande has been more than perfect! Photo: Luis Bento


SM - 56

Surf 'Sul'utions Words: Stu Gaston; Photos: Alex Williams, Joel Gray & Greg Martin

57 - SM

surphangaway 'Stoke levels were high each day so I didn’t need to provide any motivational input!'

L-R:Joseph, George, Rory, Stan, Ben, Kit, Bertie, Seth and Finn Photo: Alex Williams

SM - 58

Surf 'Sul'utions

Joel Gray has been coaching up and coming surfers in the UK for as long as I can remember – so long in fact that the groms of his early days are now charging the giant waves of mullaghmore, searching for the best waves around Europe or even shaping their own boards back in Britain's home of surfing – Newquay. So we caught up with both the man himself and his current cadet squad following their recent trip to the south (do sul) of Portugal to find out what has made his 'Surf Solutions' so successful over these many years. 59 - SM An awesome A-frame awaits the current Surf Solutions Cadet squad! Photo: Joel Gray


Kit Innes

Seth Hughes

Bertie Norman Photos: Alex Williams

SM - 60

Surf 'Sul'utions

61 - SM The main man himself getting some quality tube time! Photo: Greg Martin

surphangaway How did it all start then? What got the young Joel Gray into surfing? I started after watching Big Wednesday on TV with two mates in Newcastle. That summer I went to the East Coast of the States to a family wedding in Rhode Island. After being inspired by Big Wednesday I pre planned that I was going to try surfing out there. I did some body boarding and came back all stoked on it. Once back home (this was 1988) with one of my friends Nathan Chisholm we ended up with one board and one wetsuit between us with parents sharing lifts from the city to Whitley Bay and Tynemouth.

SM - 62

Surf 'Sul'utions

63 - SM Joel Gray looking anything but blue! Photo: Greg Martin

surphangaway At what point then did you make the move into coaching other surfers? After a couple of years as a Secondary School teacher I began the qualifications to become a snowboard instructor and teacher. This took many years and I was one of very few granted the Carte Professionalle license to work in France. I already had done the various surf instructor qualifications and had done some basic work in the surf field. But for sure it was the quality of the snowboarding courses that inspired my to transfer ideas and the thoughts and methodology over to the surf scene. At that time no one was really doing the advanced level surf coaching stuff.

SM - 64

Surf 'Sul'utions

65 - SM Stan Norman nailing a nice bottom turn. Photo: Alex Williams


So when and how did Surf Solutions come about? I made a plan with Gabe Davies to do something positive and different and really bring some value added to the surf scene. We set up the name 'Surf Solutions' and operated out of France for the first few years exclusively. Doing high end private coaching and even intensive beginner lessons using video analysis. Pretty early on we sorted a trip out with a load of the best groms at the time - Tom Butler and Jayce Robinson were both on that first trip. It went really well and so we simply flowed more in that Junior coaching direction from then on. SM - 66

Surf 'Sul'utions

67 - SM Kit Innes coming up trumps! Photo: Alex Williams


Now many Years down the track and Joel's impact on the Junior Surfing Scene has been so extensive that he now run's an annual surf contest just for groms – the Mini-Bugs. Attracting huge numbers of pre-teen surfers from all over the country, last year's lucky winner received a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Joel's cadet squad on their end of year training trip to portugal – Looks like Kit Innes made the most of it! SM - 68

Surf 'Sul'utions

69 - SM George Hudson honing his barrel riding technique. Photo: Alex Williams


What's your approach to coaching? How do you get the best out of the young surfers you work with? MY approach is based upon developing Correct Technique. On a longer term this is linked in with getting appropriate experiences of both waves and peer groups. While there’s a million different styles there are certain undeniable patterns for each of the main moves. Surfing follows the same Bio-Mechanics as all other sports. I work to create an awareness of performance coupled with a clear vision of goals. SM - 70

Surf 'Sul'utions

And what does a typical Surf Solutions coaching session involve? Put simply an outline of what is to come followed by a physical and mental warm up appropriate to the activity. I like to generally stick to 30 minute blocks with perhaps just one clear aim for each. Self analysis feedback comes first before getting my input. When I have more time - for example a week - all of the footage will be edited so that each surfer’s every single bottom turn that they did for example is in one file. This makes it really easy to see the patterns and what key technique markers are missing.

71 - SM Ben Tucker taking on the bottom turn! Photo: Alex Williams


SM - 72

Surf 'Sul'utions

There are a lot of surf coaches around nowadays but you obviously bring your own wealth of experience to the role. What would you say is the most valuable advice you offer any upcoming surfer you coach? I thick probably the most important advice is to take care and prepare your body. It’s your body (and head) that control where you board goes. Next in line is getting the right board. The vast majority of surfers I critique are on equipment that is not appropriate.

73 - SM Rory Morgan racing comfortably through the green room! Photo: Alex Williams


Rory checking his equipment's ready to roll. Photos: Alex Williams

SM - 74

Surf 'Sul'utions Now you're working with a good number of upcoming surfers in the UK at the moment such as your Cadet Squad, Finn, George, Seth, Kit, Rory, Joseph, Ben and the Norman brothers. How did they perform on their recent training week in Portugal then? What were their highlights and what did you give them to take away to work on?

75 - SM Another epic green room provides the perfect training ground! Photo: Joel Gray

surphangaway There’s two squads this year: the Grom Squad which is 12 and under and the Cadet Squad that is 15 and under. The majority of the year they train separate but come together for certain trips and specific weekends. That last Portugal trip was really good. We were fortunate to get really good weather and crucially for that time of year perfect winds. There’s always swell so the winds are more a key factor. Stoke levels were high each day so I didn’t need to provide any motivational input. Each surfer had different highlights at different spots. For me I get most satisfaction when I see them accessing waves and achieving performances that they were not 12 months previous. That was the end of year trip for them so they all had very individual goals to work on.

SM - 76

Surf 'Sul'utions

Ben Tucker

77 - SM

Stan Norman Photos: Alex Williams


'Each surfer had different highlights at different spots. For me I get most satisfaction when I see them accessing waves and performances that they were not 12 months previous.'

Finn Gamblin SM - 78

Photo: Alex Williams

George Hudson

Age: 15 Nickname: Big G Years surfing: 8 years being a landlocked surfer in Oxford and 2 years to the day living in Cornwall Where you live: Crantock Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Carve Eyewear, Fourth Surfboards Local break/s: Crantock Favourite surfer? Dane Reynolds, Ozzie Wright, Chippa Wilson or Mason Ho cant decide who I prefer! Favourite place to surf? Either my local or La Graviere Favourite surf movie? I’ve always liked the surf film Campaign Favourite surf trick? Probably my favourite manoeuvre is a nice big forehand carve as they always feel pretty good in my opinion Favourite board? Probably my 5’6 Rasta spray Blue Canvas made by Fourth Surfboards. It always goes good whatever the conditions

79 - SM

George judging the drop into the green room! Photos: Alex Williams

HotShots What first got you into surfing? Since Recently I only surfed on holidays to Cornwall so it was the tourist vibe that got me into surfing when I was at a younger age, I started on a body board then I had my first surf lesson when I was 4 years old and since the first time I stood up on a surfboard I have loved the sport ever since! When and how did you become sponsored? My first ever sponsor was Sorted Surf Shop (in Bournemouth), who I grew to know while I did the Boscombe Boardriders winter surf league. They were very good to me and helped me out a lot! Then in October last year Santa Cruz and Carve Eyewear contacted me and said if I would like to be on the team and I said yes, and have been enjoying riding for Carve and Santa Cruz Ever since! Then recently I have joined the Fourth Surfboard Team, which I am super stoked with, as the boards I am riding from them feel super good! What do you prefer then, free surfing or competitions and why? In my honest opinion I prefer free surfing as I like having the freedom to surf for as long as I want and not have the pressure of having to perform to a criteria and time limit. I also enjoy not having to worry about other competitors when I free surf and I like being able to find my own little peak and have fun! However I do still enjoy competition surfing as it is a challenge and it means I get to see my mates from different parts of the UK. I like the feeling of doing well in a competition if I am surfing ok in it.

SM - 80

George Hudson What moment are you most proud of in your surfing career so far? In my surfing career I am very proud of winning the Volcom VQS in Porthtowan, as that was my first major win in a UK competition. I am also very proud of my progression over the last few years in my rankings, and also my progression over the last few years. Who in surfing inspires you most? The people who are having the most fun are the people who inspire me most, as I believe that surfing is all about having fun! When and where was your best surf session? I don’t really know where I’ve had my best session but I’ve had lots of really fun surfs at my local! What's the worst wipeout of your life? I haven’t had many bad wipeouts luckily but I split my eyebrow open a bit from where I got hit by my fin after falling off earlier today!

81 - SM George off the top! Photo: Joel Gray

HotShots Do you train as well as surf? Not at the moment but I am planning to start a land training routine of some sort to help boost my surfing ability in the water What's the healthiest thing you ate today? I had a chicken salad for dinner. What do you do when you don't surf? When I don’t surf I bike in Newquay with my mates, I skate or just chill out at home. What's your goal for the next year? My goal for next year is to get consist competition results and finish within the top 8 in the UK rankings. But importantly to me I want to still be enjoying surfing as much as I do now and even more! I also want be progressing in my ability more. And what about the future? Honestly I don’t know what I will be doing in the future; hopefully I will still be surfing and having fun and enjoying life!

SM - 82

Seth Hughes

Age: 15 Years surfing: 5 Where you live: London Sponsors: Alcatraz Beach Club, NP Surf, Agent Eight, SUP Inflatables and Ocean Leisure Local break/s: Boscombe, Dorset (But still 2 hours away!) Favourite surfer? John John Florence and Nat Young Favourite place to surf? New South Wales, Australia Favourite surf movie? Big Wednesday Favourite surf trick? John John’s alleyoops or Parko’s forehand carves Favourite board? DHD Project 15

83 - SM

Seth driving through the bottom turn! Photos: Alex Williams


What first got you into surfing? I first saw surfing when I played the Surf’s Up game on my PSP and it made me really want to give it a go. But I first got into surfing in Boscombe at Surf Steps school. When and how did you become sponsored? I got most of my sponsors in the last year. My first was Ocean Leisure, it’s a big watersports shop in London so I thought I’d go in and see if I could start little deal with them. Alcatraz Beach Club was next, it’s a clothing line made by a sixth former in my school and I get t-shirts and beanies from them. NP Surf, SUP Inflatables and Agent Eight all came at once about a month ago. We’ve recently got a flat in Cornwall and the owner of the flat has an inflatable SUP company so he asked if I wanted to get involved with that. Agent Eight and NP Surf is a branch of Neil Pryde wetsuits and the owner of the flat knows the guy from NP surf. So he got me involved with that too.

SM - 84

Seth Hughes What do you prefer then, free surfing or competitions and why? I definitely prefer free surfing because I can try what ever I want and not have to suffer the consequences. I don’t like the stress from surfing competitions and having to compete against my friends. What moment are you most proud of in your surfing career so far? I think my most proud moment was when I qualified for the Volcom European comp in Hossegor. It had such a good vibe and the waves were pumping.

Who in surfing inspires you most? My coach Joel Gray inspires me the most to progress in my surfing and he encourages me the most. Recently we’ve been doing a lot more fitness training and stretching, which helps me progress whilst I’m in London. My Fitness coach also inspires me loads. He surfs as well so he knows exactly what to do to help me. When and where was your best surf session? I’ve had loads of amazing sessions in my life but the most perfect waves were in Hossegor for the Volcom comp last year. We got perfect 4-5 foot, empty, peaky barrels all down the beach and I surfed with all my friends. What's the worst wipeout of your life? My worst wipeout was at Snapper at New Year in 2013. It was a classic misjudgment of the wave and I just got thrown over the falls and into the sandbar.

85 - SM Seth Hughes cutting back! Photo: Joel Gray


Do you train as well as surf? I train after school most nights, whether it’s skating, going to the gym, going swimming or training on my exercise ball. I go skateboarding every weekend I’m not surfing and stay out all day. What's the healthiest thing you ate today? Home made Moroccan lentil, spinach and feta cheese pie. What do you do when you don't surf? I skate most of the time but I also play guitar. I have to fit surfing, skating, playing guitar and training around all my school work which can be quite hard because I’m travelling at weekends a lot. What's your goal for the next year? My goal is to surf as much as I can whilst doing my GCSE’s and studying. And what about the future? I want to surf for the rest of my life and I want to get a career around the ocean and surfing. I would also love to live somewhere where the waves are pumping all the time and the locals are nice.

SM - 86

Rory Morgan

Age: 15 Nickname: Rozza Years surfing: 3 Where you live: Bournemouth Sponsors: Sorted Surf Shop, Wetsuit Centre, Ripcurl Wetsuits Local break/s: Southbourne, Boscombe, Bournemouth Favourite surfer? Dane Favourite place to surf? Got to be Bournemouth Favourite surf movie? Chasing Mavericks Favourite surf trick? Frontside air reverse Favourite board? 5'6, 2',18' Fourth Blue Canvas

87 - SM

Rory Morgan on his backhand. Photos: Alex Williams

HotShots What first got you into surfing? I had a lesson in Hawaii and got hooked! When and how did you become sponsored? My local surf shop, Sorted, arranged it all. What do you prefer then, free surfing or competitions and why? I love to free surf but a competition is always good to help improve your surfing. What moment are you most proud of in your surfing career so far? Coming 4th in the British Schools 2013 probably.

SM - 88

Rory Morgan

Who in surfing inspires you most? Kelly Slater When and where was your best surf session? Bournemouth, around February. It was pumping! What's the worst wipeout of your life? I had a two wave hold down at Crantock last winter. Do you train as well as surf? Lifeguard training, running, swimming, and some gym stuff.

89 - SM Rory Morgan makes a confident cut back! Photo: Joel Gray


What's the healthiest thing you ate today? An apple What do you do when you don't surf? Usually skate or hang out with friends. What's your goal for the next year? To carry on having fun, and get better at surfing! And what about the future? Do well in competitions and travel around surfing different breaks more!

SM - 90

Surf 'Sul'utions

91 - SM George Hudson confidently judging that barrel stance! Photo: Joel Gray


Some of the other UK surfers you coach have just been selected for the British Junior Surfing team competing in the World Junior Surfing Games in Ecuador during April. You must have similar aspirations for your Cadet squad to follow in their shoes. In your opinion then, how healthy is the development of surfing in the UK that will help them to make this a reality? I've coached the Brit Junior Team at two World Junior Games and we got the highest place finish in history back in California (9th). Since then there’s been a steady flow of those I work with on the team. For sure it is an aim for some of the kids on the Squad and in fact this year George made the initial Squad which was great news. But long term people need to realise that the ISA World Juniors IS NOT a crucial event that people must do. The route pathway should be onto the ASP Pro Juniors as soon as possible which then leads into the Qualifying Series. I see the ISA as a luxury event that right now pulls too many resources away from what those surfers should be involved in.

SM - 92

Surf 'Sul'utions

93 - SM Ben Tucker on his backhand. Photo: Joel Gray

surphangaway 'The key is your relentless development and improvement!'

SM - 94

Surf 'Sul'utions

So over all the years you've been coaching, have there been any stand outs, any surfers you've thought will go far in surfing? Yes! Firstly I work on the basis that the best surfers will have the best chance of succeeding. Whether that’s In competitive surfing or free-surfing, both offer chances to make a living. Of course there’s a lot of marketting involved and recently self promotion has become a crucial part. That is why I love the undeniable simplicity of contest surfing and results. But it means it’s harder to spot who will succeed in the surf world as they need the high skill level but also some sort of appeal to the brands they are promoting. Ultimately there’s been so many very good 12 year olds that showed promise but really there’s little value in having advanced skills at a young age. The key is your relentless development and improvement through all of the age groups. Rather than skill I’d use attitude as a key marker in who will succeed or not.

95 - SM Stan Norman setting up with a solid bottom turn! Photo: Alex Williams


SM - 96

Surf 'Sul'utions

Finally then, what's your ultimate goal as a surfing coach? Just to be constantly improving and questioning what I do. I also finally want to get my own Advanced Coaching course set up and running. This will likely happen in 2015 now. The courses on offer worldwide right now are so far behind any other progressional sport that it’s a joke. I think the UK is well positioned to create a sea of change by empowering a new generation of highly skilled surf coaches which could then start a performance revolution in this country and possibly worldwide.

97 - SM Joseph Morris about to enjoy some green room time! Photo: Alex Williams


SM - 98

Surf 'Sul'utions

99 - SM Kit Innes keeping it real! Photo: Alex Williams

surphangaway 'Rather than skill key marker in who

I’d use attitude as a will succeed or not.'

SM - 100

Surphalosophy Envying Edoardo Words: stu gaston; Photos: Andrea Papa

101 - SM Edoardo Papa with a vert to make most pros envious! Photo: Andrea Papa


Edoardo Papa

Age: 12 Years surfing: 4 Where you live: Pescara, Italy Sponsors: Billabong, Vans, Superbrand, Creature of Leisure, Sexwax, Surfing Sports Pescara Local break/s: Well my local, Pescara rarely gets waves unfortunately Favourite surfer? John John Florence Favourite place to surf? Lanzarote – Isquierda, La Santa and Derecha, Caleta de Caballo Favourite surf movie? Mavericks Favourite surf trick? Tuberiding and power carves Favourite board? Superbrand Answer 5'1 What got you into surfing? It just gives me such an incredible feeling, a mix of sheer pleasure and the desire to challenge and push myself against the power of the waves How big a part does surfing play in your life? Surfing is very important to me because it allows me to live really close to the raw power of nature and furthermore I have the chance to travel and see unique places in the world

SM - 102

Envying Edoardo

103 - SM Edoardo Papa perfecting his barrel stance! Photo: Andrea Papa


When and how did you become sponsored? It was in 2011 when I was in Fuerteventura surfing the North Shore waves and a Billabong manager noticed me. It was actually right there in the water! He asked me who I was and where I came from because at the beginning he thought I was American! Since that chance meeting out in the waves, my Billabong Europe sponsorship began. Then in 2012 while I was surfing in Hossegor I met Manu Portet, Vans Europe Team Manager, who suggested watching me for a year to follow my progress. A year later, I ofcially got into the Vans Team and at the same time Nuno Matta of Superbrand, following the advice of Didier Piter, welcomed me onto the Superbrand Europe Team. Recently Hervè Lacastaigneratte from Creatures of Leisure Europe started to support me with accessories. I'm very happy to have all these competent people by my side!

SM - 104

Envying Edoardo

105 - SM Edoardo and his impressive backhand! Photo: Andrea Papa


What do you prefer then, free surfing or competitions and why? I prefer competitions because I like the challenge to push myself to do my best What moment are you most proud of in your surfing career so far? When I was surfing in Lanzarote with pro surfer Jose Maria Cabrera in this epic day and I received a lot of praise from him. The same day he and other local surfers nicknamed me "Makina" because of the way I surfed and faced the waves earlier that day Who in surfing inspires you most? John John Florence and Mike Fanning

SM - 106

Envying Edoardo

107 - SM Edoardo with power surfing way beyond his years! Photo: Andrea Papa

surphalosophy When and where was your best surf session? In Lanzarote last December at La Santa. The waves were pumping, 8-10ft, so good! What's the worst wipeout of your life? In Lacanau this big wave closed out on me and in the wipeout I was dragged down to the bottom and I hit my back really hard. I was held under for a while and I couldn't move. At the end, fortunately I managed to get out and recover, so everything was all right!

SM - 108

Envying Edoardo

109 - SM Edoardo Papa popping off the top! Photo: Andrea Papa


Do you train as well as surf? Other than when I get to practice my surfing in France, Portugal or Canary Islands, as there's no waves at my local in Pescara, I practice with the Carver surfskate. My father built a wave made of wood to simulate the surfing movements (WoodenWave). I also go to the pool to swim and exercise my breath resistance and when I can, I have fun with SUP and windsurfing! What's the healthiest thing you ate today? My mum's home made cakes! What do you do when you don't surf? I study, go skating and play with the Xbox a bit

SM - 110

Envying Edoardo

111 - SM

Edoardo Papa definitely pointing in the right direction! Photo: Andrea Papa


What's your goal for the next year? Take part in grom's competitions in France, Portugal and maybe the ISA European championship. I also want to have the chance to surf in Hawaii! And what about the future? Try to improve my surfing style and come up with some new manoeuvre.s When I'm 17/18, I would like to win the ASP JUNIOR to then compete with the top surfers.

SM - 112

Surphang's A Z to

Words: Stu Gaston; Photos: Various

113 - SM

Harry Timson showing us why he's the UK's top Pro Junior surfer! Photo: Vince Timson


Starting in the previous issue, we gave life to our vision, Supporting Upcoming Rider Potential Here And Now Globally, by bringing you SURPHANG's very own A to Z of the surfers we believe will be THE Upcoming surfers of the future. So here now is the second half of this talented bunch from tomorrow!

SM - 114

N Nomme Mignot

115 - SM

Nomme Mignot nailing one of his trademark airs! Photo: Stu Gaston

TheGoss Nomme Mignot lives in Mexico and surfs in France over our summer months. Last year he took his first ASP Pro Junior win and was Under 16 European Champion the eyar before! So he's sure to be a future high flyer!

SM - 116

O Hiroto Oohara

117 - SM

Hiroto Oohar tail high at Lowers! Photo: Catherine Gregory

TheGoss Hiroto Oohara already has a dominating track record from his native Japan which he used to his advantage to recently turn heads on the NSSA contest circuit, clenching some notable victories! With such form, he's sure to go far!

SM - 118

P Mitch Parkinson

119 - SM

Mitch Parkinson making his own mark in France! Photo: Stu Gaston

TheGoss Mitch Parkinson is indeed Joel's younger cousin but he is very much a champion surfer in his own right already. So he will be ready to make much more of his own mark in the not too distant future!

SM - 120

Q Quinn Bruce

121 - SM Quinn Bruce upping his game as ever! Photo: Harry Gibson

TheGoss Talking of Joel Parkinson, Quinn Bruce here took him out in a recent contest – so we think it's safe to say that Quinn will have many more wins ahead of him!

SM - 122

RRiley Laing

123 - SM Riley Laing loving a little tube time! Photo: John Brumfield

TheGoss Riley Laing is that grom who became the youngest surfer ever to take on Shipsterns. Looks like he'll be pushing big wave surfing to the next level when he's older then!

SM - 124

S Slade Prestwich

125 - SM Slade Prestwich kicks some impressive spray! Photo: Alvin Mtatshi


Slade Prestwich won the VQS Global Championship at Fiji last year. Known for his big turns and precision barrel riding, it's only a matter of time before we see more of this on your no doubt!

SM - 126

T Harry Timson

127 - SM Harry Timson takes to the air! Photo: Stu Gaston

TheGoss Harry Timson has been British Champion at numerous points through his junior career as well as being the highest ranked Under 18 Brit over on the European Pro Junior circuit for a few years now. So if ever a Brit had the potential to go far in the surfing world, Harry's the man for the job!

SM - 128

U Charly Quivront

129 - SM Charly Quivront confidently chucking his tail around! Photo: Stephane Becret

TheGoss Charly Quivront has been busy with trips to Australia and Hawaii helping to hone his superior surfing skills. Another solid surfer with the 'stone' at the nose of his board, he's sure to be a rock at the forefront of the progression of surfing!

SM - 130

V Vasco Ribeiro

131 - SM Vasco Ribeiro riding high! Photo: Stu Gaston

TheGoss Vasco Ribeiro made the move from top European Pro Junior surfer into the Mens events last year and did so clocking up a record four 10point rides in just one event! Vasco will be one to watch!

SM - 132

W Willy Aliotti

133 - SM Willy Aliotti grabs some air time! Photo: Andrew Christie

TheGoss Willy Aliotti is a freesurfer through and through, winning both ASP Expression contests in Ireland back to back since 2012. He will no doubt push the boundaries of progressive surfing for many years to come!

SM - 134

X Natxo Gonzalez

135 - SM

Natxo Gonzalez nails his aerial game!


TheGoss Natxo Gonzalez not only took his maiden ASP Pro Junior win at Lacanau last summer, he also won the Punta Galea Challenge, the opening event on the Big Wave World Tour. With a wide range of waveriding talent, Natxo could well be the next big thing in the world of surfing!

SM - 136

Y Imanol Yeregi

137 - SM Imanol Yeregi carves up a righthander with his yellow-railed Pukas! Photo: Stu Gaston


Imanol Yeregi, a champion in his native Spain, has been charging breaks from Mundaka to Pipeline this past season. Imanol will be one charging champion to keep an eye on!

SM - 138

Z Diran Zakarian

139 - SM Diran Zakarian drives through a backhand air! Photo: Bianca Asher


Diran Zakarian dominated the ASP South African Pro Junior circuit last year and so could well be the next South African surfer to make his mark worldwide!

SM - 140


141 - SM

There's nothing like getting some green room time in South Portugal! Photo: Joel Gray


SM - 142


143 - SM Bertie Norman off the top! Photo: Alex Williams


SM - 144


145 - SM

Joseph Morris makes the most of the small South Portuguese surf! Photo: Alex Williams


SM - 146


147 - SM Finn Gamblin on a fun one! Photo: Alex Williams


SM - 148

Surphang Magazine

149 - SM Reubyn Ash rotating through the air! Photo: Vince Timson

NextIssue By now you've no doubt noticed the fresh new look! Just one of the ways that SURPHANG will be keeping up with the times as we continue our third year as an upcoming publication supporting upcoming surfers! So keep an eye out for our next issue which will be as ever focusing on upcoming rider potential, taking a look closer to home at the top talent the UK and Europe has to offer! Until then keep SURPHANG!

SM - 150

Thanks for reading the Twenty Seventh issue of

Surphang Magazine

Rory and Ben head off on a wave hunt... Photo: Alex Williams

Surphang Magazine Issue 27  

SURPHANG MAGAZINE Supporting Upcoming Rider Potential Here And Now Globally - Keep SURPHANG!

Surphang Magazine Issue 27  

SURPHANG MAGAZINE Supporting Upcoming Rider Potential Here And Now Globally - Keep SURPHANG!