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from that,” he says. “What we’re trying

something different to any customer in

to do is to get the platform to learn and

any industry.”

to come up with the best solution that

Another example of this saw a

it thinks is right, coupled with a human

customer request that Maistro connect

being in that loop, advising the

them with suppliers connected to sonic

customer and thinking logically about

branding, the practice of using auditory

how that could possibly work. Using

elements to brand a product or service.

those two things together to give the

This was an area that even Cook himself

customer the best solution.”

admits to having a limited understand-

Maistro works with customers in

ing of and this required Maistro to

a wide variety of industry sectors and

approach this particular request a little

this provides the company with a broad

differently. “What we do a lot of the time

picture as to what different industry

is help bring the suppliers to customers

players demand and what the key

that can educate them and help them

drivers behind that demand are. Cook

make their companies more effective

points to a tobacco company, one of

and, in the process, we learn as well,”

Maistro’s biggest customers, that

he says. “There’s no substitute for

has a footprint spanning 12 countries.

making sure that we are keeping ahead

In Europe, the company’s focus is

of the game by doing research our-

centred around innovation while in Asia

selves. We don’t simply react, we are

its cost. Through this one customer


Maistro has a view of the intricacies

This proactive approach has seen

of multiple markets. “They are looking

Maistro recognised on a global scale,

to move from tobacco to reduced risk

not only by current and future custom-

products and that’s a massive change

ers but also by the Chartered Institute

for their business,” he says. “What they

of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). In

need then is speed and innovation

late 2018, CIPS announced that

across their supplier base. How quickly

Maistro had become the latest CIPS

can we find them a supplier to match

Knowledge Partner. As a knowledge

that changing focus? Maistro looks for

partner, Maistro will work with CIPS

innovative suppliers that can offer

and its global members to address the

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