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balanced against operational costs, end-of-life costs and labor costs. “I aim to give the total picture; a better appreciation of the decision they are about to make - and for our current customers we point out that trucks become more expensive with every year that passes. They can consider minimal technology investments such as telemetry that can be added onto older trucks. This gives visibility into the way the truck is operating and the ability to measure and manage those costs. Our dedicated fleet management organization works as consultants and advisors to our E XE CU T I VE PRO FI LE

Gijo George Gijo brings over twenty years of experience in Procurement, Supply Chain, Sales, and IT Applications. He currently leads the Global Procurement function, responsible for both Direct and Indirect supporting 170+ facilities. He has extensive experience in Capital Expenditure Projects such as construction, automation, assets and systems upgrades and renovation as well as Goods and Services Procurement for categories like Energy, Consumables, Contingent Labor, etc. Prior to Americold, Gijo worked for Rock-Tenn, The Home Depot, The Hackett Group, GeP, and consulted for several Fortune 500 companies.

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