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“ We want to align with suppliers that really share our vision and values and to include more active participation from suppliers in terms of sustainability” — Nirav Mehta, Vice President of Global Procurement at Edgewell Personal Care (EPC)


its digital foundations to provide the right

possible and streamline processes.”

level of data integrity and governance.

“We have digitized our sourcing

“If you don’t have sound fundamentals

capabilities to a great extent by imple-

to build upon, you can easily end up

menting new technological solutions

spending millions of dollars on some

for Spend Analytics, eRFx, Contracting

technology and spinning your wheels but

and Procure to Pay solutions. We are

not get the most out of it,” reflects Mehta.

also looking to transform our vendor

“We have deployed technology-enabled

life cycle management,” says Mehta.

solutions at every stage of the procure-

“What constitutes the onboarding of

ment value stream, with the objective

new suppliers, vendor master automa-

to reduce redundancies, automate where

tion and self-service, to performance

MARCH 2019