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Hyun Joo Min, photo: Antti Viitala

15–17 February 2013 Kulturhuset, Stockholm

In the last 8 years, Supermarket has grown from a spontaneous art happening (in 2006, called ‘Minimarket’), with 10 artists’ initiatives, to the largest and most international art fair in the Nordic region. This year there will be 88 exhibitors from more than 30 countries. In recent years, Supermarket chose not to increase the number of participating galleries, but instead focused on other aspects of the programme, emphasising the non-commercial aspects of this art fair. For 2013, we examine the theme of Happiness. Happy – is it really something we can become? In what contexts do we define and identify its meaning(s)? From positive psychology and scientific methods to religious and socially constructed beliefs, we are trying to understand what happiness is, how it might be attained and how it feels. What role does the concept of Happiness play in forming art’s meaning and role in today’s society?  Acknowledgements: SUPERMARKET TALKS PROGRAMME Izabella Borzecka, Pontus Raud RED SPOT PERFORMANCE PROGRAMME Meggi Sandell, Izabella Borzecka

The seminar programme is made in cooperation with Riksutställningar – Swedish Exhibition Agency, Sveriges Konstföreningar, KC Öst, the Finnish Institute, with support from KRO and with engagement from participating panelists.

Graphic Design: Andreas Ribbung Language editing: James Foote

The performance programme is made in cooperation with PAiN - Performance Art in Norrbotten, PALS / Fylkingen and with generous support from participating artists and the Finnish Institute and Polish Institute.

MEETINGS PROGRAMME Sheena Malone, Sanna-Lisa Gesang-Gottowt

Many thanks to the staff of Kulturhuset and SUPERMARKET’s team of volunteers.

Assistants: Sarie Nijboer, Sanna-Lisa Gesang-Gottowt


SUPERMARKET TALKS TALKS started in 2007 as an open space for talks, presentations, performances and debate on contemporary art. TALKS has over the years developed into a 3-day seminar on issues relating to the visual arts in general. The themes have been ‘Art of the Future’ (2009), ‘Documentation/Non-documentation’ (2010), ‘The Absent Hub’ (2011), and ‘The Waiting Room of Eternity’ (2012). This year’s Supermarket TALKS includes lectures, seminars, debates and screenings surrounding the concept of ‘Happiness’. From media, social, economic, political, evaluative and futuristic perspectives, TALKS will take us towards our perhaps ultimate goal – a happy ending? RED SPOT PERFORMANCE Performance art has been part of the fair since beginning, increasing year by year. Live Action Göteborg, Lokal_30, Warsaw, No Budget Performance and Stockholm Fringe Fest have been important contributors to the programme. In 2012 a stage for performance art was created, in the black-box theatre space called ‘Hörsalen’. This year’s RED SPOT is partly programmed by PAiN – Performance Art in Norrbotten. SUPERMARKET MEETINGS Since 2010 Supermarket has arranged MEETINGS, a programme which allows participating artists and artists working as exhibition organisers, project managers and other professionals to meet and discuss various issues surrounding their gallery and the wider art world. The focus is to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, compare experience and discuss issues related to self-organised projects. SUPER TV In order to reach outside the venue, and to those who are unable to visit Stockholm, Supermarket has been experimenting with different kinds of web broadcasting. This year SUPER TV is produced in collaboration with V-art Live. V-art Live is a virtual cultural arena, focusing on the creation of new experiences and artistic creativity. There will be interviews with exhibitors and visitors, as well as Anders Karnell’s Talk Show Live, streamed from a sofa located in the middle of the fair. SUPERMARKET ART MAGAZINE Since the first Supermarket, in 2007, an exhibition catalogue has been produced. In 2011 the artist-run art magazine Supermarket was born, with submissions from our network around the world, always connected to the theme of the TALKS programme.

TALKS FREDAG/FRIDAY 15.2 15.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor pietmondriaan.com – ‘/pos’ pietmondriaan.com launches its new online programme ‘/pos’, a virtual studio environment with the opportunity for  artists to develop, research and showcase new work.  The presentation of pietmondriaan.com/pos will be accompanied by a skype performance by Bas Schevers (NL). Duration: 30 min 

16.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Totaldobže – ‘Culture Currencies’ In his art project ‘Culture Currencies’, Kaspars Lielgalvis from Art Center TOTALDOBŽE (Riga, Latvia) strives to overcome one of the main forces that prevents the development of non-governmental institutions – the constant lack of funding. Now, after almost a year of testing, Kaspars Lielgalvis is prepared to offer hundreds of NGOs worldwide the possibility of joining the project. Duration: 40 min

17.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Horkarlsmynt och organiserat tiggeri – om massmediala konstskandaler. Panel discussion in Swedish. Varför skapar vissa konst- Karl Fredrik Mattsson, ”Horkarlsmyntet”, verk skandal? Påverkar photo: Lars Aneer skandalen innehållet och budskapet i konsten eller är det så att själva skandalen är konstverket? Kan konstnären styra över detta och vad har media för ansvar i skapandet av skandalen? I höstas trädde copy​writern Karl Fredrik Mattsson fram som upphovsmannen bakom de omtalade ”Horkarlsmynten”. En månad tidigare genomförde Carina Reich och Bodgan Szyber konstprojektet ”Tiggarlördag” på Drottninggatan i Stockholm city. Horkarlsmynten och

RED SPOT FREDAG/FRIDAY 15.2 12:00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Tove Sahlin/Shake it Collaborations – ‘Open shake session’ Performance artist and choreographer Tove Sahlin invites you to an open shake session in relation to her new solo project ‘MY OWN BODIES’, premiering at Dansens Hus March 12th. Tove uses it as a way to start the day, a physical meditation to shake one’s own concepts. But most of all to be happy and to be able to continue questioning power structures and norms through art. The session lasts 90 minutes, during which you shake on your own terms and in your own interest. It’s not a dance class. It’s an opportunity to shake as you wish along with others. Please be there in time and stay to the end. Wear whatever sets you in motion. Tove Sahlin, photo: Ela Spalding

Duration: 90 min

14:00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Juha Valkeapää – ‘Vocal portraits’ Presented in cooperation with the Finnish Institute. Vocal portraits are short improvised concerts for one guest at a time, using the guest’s name as material. A portrait takes a few minutes and other people are welcome to watch and listen. Juha Valkeapää has performed vocal portraits in various contexts since 1997, and his sound installation ‘Year’ is currently being exhibited at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm. Duration: 30 min

15:00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Andrés Galeano – ‘Indexical’ ‘Indexical’ is a performance stemming from a collection of secondhand family pictures of people pointing at something with his or her index finger. ‘Indexical’ is an investigation of the index finger and a documentation of documentations, a performance that comes from photography, then to go back to it. Duration: 30 min

TALKS FREDAG/FRIDAY 15.2 Tiggarlördag fick media att rasa och väckte många arga röster – de blev massmediala konstskandaler. I anslutning till samtalet visas filmen ”Kungaexperimentet” som berättar hur Mattsson gick till väga för att skapa horkarlsmynten. Filmen har aldrig tidigare visats för allmänheten. I panelen: Karl Fredrik Mattsson (”hobbykonstnär”/copywriter), Carina Reich och Bogdan Szyber (konstnärer), Martin Wicklin (journalist). Moderator: Mia Laurén (skribent). Tid: 90 min

19.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Panelsamtal om konst, hälsa och skapande Panel discussion in Swedish. Presenteras i samarbete med Konstnärscentrum Öst (KC-Öst). www.konstnarscentrum.org/kcost Tid: 60 min

‘Archipelago Scifi’

20.30 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen – ‘Island Utopias’ Presented in cooperation with the Finnish Institute. ‘Archipelago Scifi’ is a futuristic short film about the Finnish archipelago in the year 2111 where inhabitants of the idyllic Turku archipelago are invited to write collectively about their future homeland. The film is a collaboration between Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and Henrik Andersson. After the screening, the artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen will present the themes of their short film. Duration: 70 min (film 25 min, presentation 45 min)

RED SPOT FREDAG/FRIDAY 15.2 16.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Fake Finns and Wannabe Swedes A collaborative project between Fylkingen/PALS festival (Stockholm), New Art Contact (Helsinki), and PAIN (Norrbotten). Meet ‘Fake Finns and Wannabe Swedes’! ‘Fake Finns and Wannabe Swedes’ is a bilateral exchange project between artists in Finland and Sweden originating from other countries. The aim is  to contribute, from two neighbouring countries, to the discussion about cultural integration, identity and nationality in today’s globalised world. Performance art Olga Prokhorova provides a dynamic range of artistic expression and direct encounters with the artists, who are at the same time personifying the topic. Performing Fake Finns:  Baaba Jakeh Chande (Zambia/Finland), Hyun Joo Min (Korea/Finland), Olga Prokhorova (Russia/Finland), Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland), Willem Wilhelmus (Netherlands/Finland). Performing Wannabe Swedes:  Hiroko Tsuchimoto (Japan/Sweden), Katri Shaller (USA/Sweden),  Dorinel Marc (Romania/Sweden),  Dror Feiler (Israel/Sweden), Nongkran Panmongkol (Thailand/ Sweden).  Duration: 240 min

20.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor The Advantage of Being a Foreign Artist Public discussion with all ten performance artists from the project ‘Fake Finns and Wannabe Swedes’ and special guests. ‘Fake Finns and Wannabe Swedes’ is funded by Fylkingen and the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation. Duration: 90 min

TALKS LÖRDAG/SATURDAY 16.2 12.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Underground artists in exile – a discussion about human rights and freedom of expression The Armenian artist Narek Aghajanyan and his family are facing expulsion from Sweden. They have been denied asylum despite the fact that Narek has suffered politically motivated threats and physical violence to his person and art, including having his paintings destroyed. Why is there sanctuary for writers in Sweden but not for visual artists or musicians? Narek Aghajanyan, who has had several exhibitions in Europe, including Sweden, will be interviewed on stage concerning his work and experiences. The seminar will continue with a discussion focussing on recent developments relating to more inclusive definitions of artistic freedom. 1. The founding in 2012 of Artsfex, the first global network in support of freedom of expression in visual arts and music. 2. The ongoing discussion in Sweden on widening the scope of the City of Refuge project (‘Fristäder’) to include support of persons active in non-verbal creative arts. The issues will be analysed by: Kerstin Brunnberg, journalist, Chairperson of the Swedish Council of Culture; Alfons Karabuda, composer, Chairman of European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA), delegate to the United Nations Expert Group on Freedom of the Arts; and Patrik Steorn, art critic, Vice Chairman of the Swedish Art Critics’ Association (AICA). Arne Ruth, journalist and writer, former president of Swedish PEN, will chair both sessions. Duration: 90 min

14.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor ‘Size Matters!’ – On the values of small visual arts institutions. Presented in cooperation with Riksutställningar/ Swedish Exhibition Agency. An implicit understanding of the role and value of small organisations has long existed among arts professionals, in the cultural sector as well as in society as a whole, yet it remains at odds with the metrics of government and many funders, whose measures for audience and income development serve to de-emphasise the potential of these organisations. Sarah Thelwall, who has written the paper ‘Size Matters’, will present the significant potential small visual arts organisations have in the present cultural landscape and economy, also detailing the operational and investment challenges they face in realising this, followed by a panel discussion with professionals from the Swedish cultural sector.

RED SPOT LÖRDAG/SATURDAY 16.2 12:00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Emilia Engblad/Tjusningen – ”Bla Bla Bla” Performance in Swedish ”Det känns som att saker och ting är över. Saker och ting är över. Här går vi, trots att det är för sent.” ”Vad finns det att säga och går det att säga det? Och om man säger det, gör det någon skillnad?” De här frågorna undersöker konstnären Emilia Engblad i performanceverket ”Bla bla bla”. ”Bla bla bla” är en metaversion av föreställningen ”Undergången”,  med text av Ulrika Nielsen, som nyligen visades på Turteatern.  Tid: 60 min

14.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Zirkus Loko-motiv – ‘A sculptural staging of mass analysis – BED-SITTING’ Solid walls and a clear ceiling height. In an age of anxiety, it’s good to have something completely incomprehensible to hold on to. 9 beds, 9 cardboard boxes, 12 gallons of paint, transparent plastic poetry, live music and projections, no real dogs! Duration: 20 min

OHYRA, photo: Mats Aldén

15.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor OHYRA Dance Company OHYRA consists of Rebekka Aldén and Julia Benon. They work with dance, film, performance and improvisation in different settings and contexts. OHYRA are the teeming, subterranean creatures that exist but are not visible. With titillating, neurotic movements they invite you to a dystopian sci-fi world of swinging, electronic house. They like wacky costumes in unexpected materials. They explore the stage and surprise their audience in a playful way. They are intense, secret, vindictive and focused. Duration: 20 min

TALKS LÖRDAG/SATURDAY 16.2 ‘Size Matters’ was commissioned by the advocacy group Common Practice working for the recognition and fostering of the smallscale contemporary visual arts sector in London. Panel discussion with Sarah Thelwall (Common Practice), Ida Burén (Intercult), Helena Selder (Marabouparken). Moderator: David Karlsson (Historian of ideas and writer). Duration: 90 min

16.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Visibility – an empty buzzword or an important focus? A common problem for artist-run exhibition platforms is to exist in the public sphere, to become visible outside a small group of insiders. There is little or no money for PR,  and unpaid  time is mostly spent on the huge effort  in running the space with a high level of quality. Even if spaces have resources for good  PR work, they compete with every other public institution or private company to attract the highly valuable attention of the public. Is it worth the effort? What is the gain? What is the cost? What is the alternative? The seminar starts with a presentation of AIM* network’s prototype of a CMS (Content Management System) for artists’ initiatives around the world, that can work both as a network platform and a web directory for the public. * AIM (Artists’ Initiatives’ Meetings) is a network of artist-run initiatives who became connected through Supermarket. Presentation by artists Andreas Ribbung and John W Fail. Panel discussion with artists Sookyoung Huh, Philip Tonda Heide and Nico Feragnoli. Moderator: Signe Vad (artist) Duration: 90 min

18.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Interaction between art and societies in countries in change – an Egyptian, Greek and Hungarian perspective. Are artists always needed in times of change and crisis? Can art achieve meaningful change without supporting  and reproducing  the established order? Meet artists from  three countries reflecting on art’s fundamental role in contexts of revolution, economic crisis and political instability.  On the panel: Amira Hanafi & Amado Alfadni (Artellewa Art Space, Cairo, Egypt), Aliaa El Gready (Gudran Association for Art and Development, Alexandria, Egypt), Lívia Rózsás (2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary),  Artemis Potamianou & Nikos Papadimitriou  (Lo and Behold, Athens, Greece). Moderator: Andrea Hvistendahl (artist) Duration: 90 min

RED SPOT LÖRDAG/SATURDAY 16.2 16.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Alan Emerson Hicks Alan Emerson Hicks is a sculptor and performance artist from Chicago, USA. As an Art Illusionist, Alan creates sculptures from what society considers as nothing, worthless, useless – used materials. As if by magic, hula hoops are being transformed into armature and video tape to line and movement. Especially for Supermarket 2013, Alan will use a copy of  ‘ABBA: The Movie’ in his vaudeville-style live art performance. Duration: 25 min

Alan Emerson Hicks

17.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Erika Pekula Pettersson & Disa Krosness – ’Duolog’ A duet about the building of a sentence and the sentence of words, constructing bodies. The Sound artist Dr Bu’s monologues and turning over of words embodied by the two dancers in space. Monolog + Dialogue = Duolog. Where everything and nothing is said between the lines. Duration: 16 min

TALKS SÖNDAG/SUNDAY 17.2 12.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Ska konst vara hälsosam? – Om relationen mellan konst och hälsa. Panel discussion in Swedish. Vi lever i en tid där allt fler politiker och kulturprojekt förespråkar att konst ska bidra till samhällsnytta och välmående, trots principen om armlängds avstånd. Hur påverkas konstens oberoende och frihet av detta? Hur långt kan konstens instrumentalisering gå? Och hur kan man samtidigt värdera konstens inflytande på vårt välmående? I panelen: Lars-Göran ”Basso” Karlsson (Kultursociolog), Martin West (Kulturförvaltningen), Nalle Laanela (Clowner utan gränser). Moderator: Lotta Mossum (Statens konstråd) Tid: 90 min

14.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Vem ska få bestämma? – Ett panelsamtal om autonomi och värderingar Panel discussion in Swedish. Presenteras i samarbete med Riksutställningar. Hur ser samtidskonstens roll i samhället ut i nutid och framtid? Hur påverkas konstaktörers roll, fördröjt värde och kvalitet när kulturpolitiken regionaliseras och det ständigt uppmanas till att söka nya finansieringsmöjligheter? Håller principen om armlängds avstånd på att förändras? I panelen: Lars Ohly (v), Lars Anders Johansson (Tankesmedjan Timbro), Jonas Andersson (Göteborgs stad), Charlotte Eliasson (KRO/KIF Region Syd). Moderator: David Karlsson (Idéhistoriker och kulturskribent). Tid: 90 min

16.00 TALKS, Studio 3, 3rd floor Panelsamtal om framtidens konstförening Panel discussion in Swedish. Presenteras i samarbete med Sveriges konstföreningar. Hur ser framtidens konstförening ut? Vilken betydelse kommer konstföreningen att få på en allt mer polariserad konstscen, med å ena sidan successivt krympande offentliga medel, och å andra sidan en tilltagande kommersialisering. Ett panelsamtal kring konstföreningarnas framtida roll och position med Ann-Christin Nykvist, ordförande för Sveriges

RED SPOT LÖRDAG/SATURDAY 16.2 18.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor ”Kaspers Fettisdag” – August Strindbergs dockteaterpjäs för vuxna. Performed in Swedish. August Strindbergs ”Kaspers Fet-tisdag” sattes upp på 1901 på Dramaten som efterspel till Strindbergs ”Påsk”. Den korta pjäsen var tänkt att vara en satirisk kommentar till ”Påsk” men föll inte kritikerna i smaken. Nu presenterar scenkonstföreningen Bombina Bombast en nydanande och kritikerrosad uppsättning med en intensiv blandning av skådespeleri, dockteknik, sång, skuggspel, filmreferenser och muppets. En kärleksrelations dödsögonblick. Ett gemensamt liv som passerar revy på Sesame Street. På scen: Ida Wallfelt och Victor Trägårdh, Regi: Stefan Stanisic, Bearbetning: Emma Bexell. Tid: 30 min

19.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor Lugozi (Łukasz Dziedzic) Presented in cooperation with the Polish Institute. Lugozi is a solo project by Łukasz Dziedzic, who works with audio and video. He is also the curator and co-founder of Paracetamol vs KSZ from Cieszyn, Poland. Combined with dark and electronic sounds, his voice is processed and looped in real time and everything is flavoured by heavy, dirty rhythms. This music is the result of many, sometimes extremely different styles – from improvised electronics through hip-hop to synthpop melodies. Duration: 45 min

RED SPOT SÖNDAG/SUNDAY 17.2 PAiN – Performance Art in Norrbotten is a platform for performance art in Sweden’s northernmost county.  PAiN works to broaden and strengthen the performance art scene in Norrbotten, make Norrbottnian artists and artworks visible outside the region and to stimulate collaboration and exchange both nationally and internationally. At Supermarket, PAiN presents four Norrrbotten-based performance artists with three performances that have earlier been shown in Norrbotten, and also brings along a friend from Västerbotten, the neighbouring county.

TALKS SÖNDAG/SUNDAY 17.2 Konstföreningar; Anja Persson, konstnär/Galleri Syster; Sofia M. Westin, konstnär/MINIBAR och Martin Ålund, konstnär. Samtalet leds av Christina Jutterström, journalist och tidigare bland annat chefredaktör för Dagens Nyheter och Expressen, vd för SVT och f.d. ordförande för Sveriges Konstföreningar. Tid: 60 min

SUPERSIZE Paula Urbano, ‘Oscillating Absence’

A Kinetic Sculpture, Sergels torg Paula Urbano – ‘Oscillating Absence’ ‘Oscillating Absence’ brings an animated monument into one of the most coded public spaces in downtown Stockholm, Sergels torg, with its iconic black and white flagstones, visually communicates the city center: busy, resolved, highly designed. In this context, Paula Urbano’s 10 metre sculpture juxtaposes defiance with hesitation. This piece has been shown at the sculpture festival ‘Giants in the City’, Miami, USA. Paula Urbano, born 1980, is a visual artist based in Stockholm. In 2008 she graduated from Konstfack, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm with a Master of Fine Art.

RED SPOT SÖNDAG/SUNDAY 17.2 12.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor PAiN: Stina Engman & Malin Andersson – ‘Bread on bread’ ‘Bread on Bread’ is a follow-up to Stina and Malin’s most recent collaboration ‘Flour and Water’.  An ongoing performance where the artists explore the relationship between themselves and the material. Duration: 120 min

‘Flour and Water’

15.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor PAiN: Johannes Blomqvist – ‘Musical Chairs’ (”Hela havet stormar”) In ‘Musical Chairs’ Johannes Blomqvist refers to the traditional children’s game as well as his family history of chair-making, the context of Kulturhuset, and the everyday sounds of chairs. The performance examines the role of the audience in a performance situation and tries to sit uncomfortably between visual art and theatre.  Duration: 20 min

16.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor PAiN: Gabriel Bohm Calles – ‘The Piper’ (”Flöjtisten”) A piece about traditions. Duration: 15 min

17.00 RED SPOT, 3rd floor PAiN: Sofia Breimo – ‘Knock on Wood’ (”Peppar, peppar, ta i trä”) The central question is basically whether it’ll be a win or a lose. Good luck. Duration: 15 min

Profile for Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Supermarket Talks & Performance 2013  

The Talks & Red Spot Performance Programme at Supermarket 2013 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Supermarket Talks & Performance 2013  

The Talks & Red Spot Performance Programme at Supermarket 2013 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair