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We are stressed if we cannot sell enough to enable us to buy enough! In other words; we are under stress; when we are unable to get sufficient price for our products; and so are unable to pay the price of commodities; required daily! This is what leads to suicides amongst farmers. The root cause of this situation is deficient conscious evolution; due to the education system; deficient in spiritual, cognitive, affective, psychomotor and most importantly; the productive domains. We have been stunted; in “inner growth�. We have remained petty in our personal and social life. We are disorganized in personal, family and social life. We think; that all that matters is; good quality of production, appropriate preservation, proper transportation and fidelity in advertising. Even though this view point; is beneficial in view of the prevalent cheating, adulteration, corruption and other mercenary transactions; it is not holistic enough to assist us in Total Stress Management. Actually; we require regulation of industrial and agricultural production as per the needs of the people. If we produce what is needed; it may not yield lot of profit. For example; sale of a kg of rice, may not earn as much a kg of opium would. A production of a bus; may not earn the same profit as a sedan car.

But at this juncture we have to decide; whether we (our policies and programs) prefer to revolve around the private profit or global conscience. If our production is profit oriented; there would always be unnecessary production and wasteful advertisement (as artificial demand needs to be created) and high prices of luxury items (still bought by affluent few); while there is underproduction, scarcity and inflation of the products required every day. Do we (our policies and programs) want to revolve around global conscience? If yes, then we have to study and practice the ways to arouse our own conscience (For me it is NAMASMARAN); and share them (thanks to the technology) with people around the world.


INFLATION STRESS AND We are stressed if we cannot sell enough to enable us to buy enough! In other words; we are under stress; when we are u...

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