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Democracy And

Stress Management Dr.

Shriniwas Kashalikar The conscience of the people, the sublime aspirations of the people and the blossoming of the people (and not their petty greed) constitute the core of the healthy


Whether the rulers i.e. policy makers, planners and administrators are educated or illiterate, urban or rural, religious or atheist, of one race or another; the very source of their thoughts gets universally benevolent dimension and character from their connection with their true self through different means called SADHANA or TAPA or various other pursuits such as illam, ibadad, mass prayers and so on, or study, analysis, experimentation, craft, art and so on, evolved in the course of human development.

NAMASMARAN is one such means practicable for a common individual. These forces of darkness comprising the petty interests of the few; rule and ruin the majority. These forces of darkness are empowered by the vitiated thought processes of the majority and vice versa! The global solution is, to evolve healthy democracy all over the world is to facilitate transformation of individualistic pettiness into the

perspective and urge of universal welfare! At present NAMASMARAN appears to be the means for evolving a global and healthy democracy! DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR