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The new civilization of the TV channels especially in India; seems to be intoxicated by cheap entertainment and vulgar dance mania; often marketed under the promotion of cultural ASMITA! Dance is for enjoying, coming together

emotionally and also achieving Total Stress Management or Holistic Health! But its vulgar aspects are lopsidedly, excessively repeatedly and disgustingly bombarded! This is counterproductive and against evolution, love, romance and blossoming!

The blossoming life has all colors and not merely the cheapest, vulgar and mean ones! Sanskrit, Upanishada, Yoga, Ayurveda, Medicinal herbs, our history and geography, law and its principles, ethics, economics, and most

importantly holistic health or Total Stress Management is eagerly awaited by global audience! One can only say that if billions of people practice NAMASMARAN with involvement, then such hurdles in the global

blossoming can be overcome! Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

Dances and dances dr shriniwas kashalikar  
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