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BRAHAM MUHURTA means the time of about two hours before the sunrise. This time is hailed as the best time to learn; especially learn and realize subtler aspects of philosophy and spiritual growth. If one tries to find out the secret underlying this; then one is tempted to speculate or conjecture that there are probably several changes in physical, chemical and biological atmosphere at around this time, which probably catalyze spiritual blossoming of an individual. This is indeed a rejuvenating time as the whole universe begins to wake up at around this time. The circadian rhythms have been studied in vast details by biologists and physiologists and probably this period is associated with hormonal changes conducive to blossoming of mind!

The subtle differences in USHA, ARUNA, PPRATAH and SURYODAY are a matter of research, by geophysiologists! Study of a variety of electromagnetic radiations, ozone, oxygen, effects of other planets and stars and so on; on the various biological and psychological parameters could reveal a lot of new insights in the interrelationship of man and the universe! It is a general observation that (and a detailed study, statistical survey and analysis is worthwhile of ) the people who get up in BRAHMA MUHURTA in morning and get engaged in morning ablutions, prayers, penance, yajnas, pooja, bhajan, kirtan, yoga or any such activity; are generally immune to depression. This is holistic approach!

Brahma muhurta dr shriniwas janardan kashalikar  
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