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Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

The purpose of anti-aging efforts actually constitutes the concept of aging gracefully. Because aging can not be prevented. However, the debility, dependence, disease and dejection are frightening especially to a person bordering the 40s, 50s and 60s. Hence the measures taken to achieve healthy aging are aimed at

a] Being fairly fit in terms of stamina, flexibility, power, balance, coordination, physical form and functions and speed. b] Being independent c] Being free of any gross disease d] Being useful to the society In my view, mere engagement in hobbies or habits does not give the strength, stability, buoyancy and benevolence. This approach makes you a seeker, a meek individual. It makes you

selfish and dependent. Hence I find the following measures quite useful. 1. The most important measure is NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering the name of God, i.e. remembering the your true self. This helps you to get oriented to yourself and not get dragged by deceptive temptations. It also helps you live alone, without feeling lonely. 2. Taking bath regularly preferably twice a day

3. Eating green leafy vegetables and sprouted beans 5. Drinking cow milk with halad [turmeric] and sunth [dried ginger] 6. Concede without grumbling, that the people are involved in their interests. So do not expect gestures of love, in stead try to give justice to your aims and objectives of life. This keeps you connected with God or yourself and also with the

hearts and souls of the others. 7. Try to practice Pranayama and some yogic exercise. 8. Try to accept every moment and every situation with reverence or focus on the root of that moment and situation viz. the name of God. This is not easy. But try it. This helps realize that your body, your relations and your possessions are bound to end but the core of all

these i.e. you is not going to die. 9. This gives you the enthusiasm to keep working in tune with the promptings of your soul without any returns!

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