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かわいい 2013

こんにちは Hey gang! thanks for checking this out! giving it a glance, giving it a look, giving it a read, because it’s all good!

We have some amazing talent in these pages, from across australia and all around the globe!

So with out further ado here’s the first issue!

have a FUN time! and always remember THE FUN TIMES

Ellie Andrews

Who are you? ellie andrews Where are you from? New Cross in South east London What do you do? I recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, I studied BA illustration there for 3 years, i also did my foundation in Illustration there so 4 years in total. Now I’m continuing this practise, hoping to one day make my part time drawing obsession (while I hold down another job) into a full time career. What is your favourite food? short stack pancakes with bacon & maple syrup

When did you start making art and how did you first start? I’ve been making art since I was old enough to hold a paintbrush. My mum has pictures of me painting naked in my high chair at 2 yrs old, so this has been a long time coming!!

What keeps you motivated? caffeine fresh air tumblr my mum my friends free will to do whatever I want If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? the nike swoosh What influences you in your art making process? from pencil to print I work to a thought out scheme. Its in important that I can engage at some level with the subject matter. My aim is to produce unexpected insights into the the subject at hand, through my illustration.

What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I am currently working on a piece for a magazine, about how the dutch have grown too tall for their traditional sized homes. I have some collaborative publication work in the pipeline, and will being doing sweatshirt designs for the winter which I am excited to get underway. As for other plans for future, I need a regular paid job so I can make my next holiday adventure to San Francisco



Species of moth assholes : Wax moth -

The Fear Of The Moth A little report on why people hate one of ugliest creatures in the insect world: the moth. Why should we hate the moth? Obviously, the moth is the ugly cousin of the butterfly, that relative we all have who ended up all the shitty genes and ate cat food as a small child. There are 160 000 species of this ugly bastard and they’re nocturnal - probably so they can creep into your room while you sleep and kill you. Moths are actually pretty annoying, they have a habit of living in your pantry, eating all your good food and hanging out in your wardrobe, destroying all your clothing. Why do they do this? They are nature’s assholes. The sad thing about the moth is that it starts off as a caterpillar - which can induce a whole other fear, which we’ll skip over. Caterpillars are like nature’s baby assholes, and they can really scare people - like a friend of mine who called me up screaming because one was sleeping in her bed. After spending half its life as a caterpillar, it forms a gross little house called a cocoon. In the real world, a cocoon would probably be that home your parents told you to stay away from and seemed to always have numerous stray dogs hanging out the front of it. After living in its shitty little home for a while, it emerges as a freakin’ moth.

This dude likes to fuck around with bee hives so we can’t collect honey but we use them as fishing bait and in scientific research so in the end, we’re the winners. Death’s-head Hawkmoth Culturally related to the supernatural and evil shit, this moth is pretty much all the evidence you need to know that moths are bad. Hannibal Lecter and Dracula both had a thing for them, so you know they’re not good news. Grease Moth After I read up about these guys, I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep. The Grease Moth, or the Aglossa Cuprina has a really nice diet of eating grease, as the name would suggest. What their name doesn’t suggest is the type of grease they like eating. Butter, oils and fats. Not just any fats, human fat. This is probably why moths are nocturnal so they can sneak into your room, kill you and nibble on your love handles. Atlas Moth Personal favourite of mine, these moths are the largest in the world. At a school camp, one of these moths flew into one of the kids’ cabins and scared the hell out of some girls. There was a lot crying and screaming and some kid wet their pants.

Fun facts - Some moths can live for up to two years - The fastest flying insect, reaching 50 KPH is a moth - Moths can’t fly during earthquakes - Some moths don’t have mouths

In case you now have newly developed fear of moths, like I do. You can always make some new moth-hating pals here: www.


Where are you from? Sydney What do you do? I take photos/other art What is your favourite food? At the moment theres this sweet place that does a ten dollar fried basil and chilli fish with rice and soup. Thats probably my favorite right now. When did you start making art and how did you first start?

If you could be any inanimate object what would it be?

A while

happiness What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I probably need to touch up my body of work that im not even sure what to call. I think it looks alright though and I have a couple of exhibitions lined up with it. So if all goes well and shit doesnt fall through..Ive got a few other long term goals I guess...


Who are you? I am a horse gang / Ghost riders in the sky Where are you from? free range wild horse knows no home What do you do? graze, gallop, be ridden, contemplate the thorough bred What is your favourite food? grass etc When did you start making art and how did you first start? Horses have appeared in works of art throughout history, frequently as depictions of the horse in battle. The horse appears less frequently in modern art partly because the horse is no longer significant either as a mode of transportation or as an implement of war. Most modern representations are of famous contemporary horses, artwork associated with horse racing, or artwork associated with the historic cowboy or Native American tradition of the American west. In the United Kingdom depictions of fox hunting and nostalgic rural scenes involving horses continue to be made. Horses often appear in artworks singly, as a mount for an important person, or in teams, hitched to a variety of horse-drawn vehicles.

What influences you in your art making process? the horse is influenced by a variety of things, mostly by it’s surroundings, which can be other horses at times but mostly through direct experience in the field. What keeps you motivated? sometimes you need to listen to your inner jockey for direction, other times you just go with your instinct. if you ever feel like you’re just chasing the carrot it might be time to re-evaluate because there’s a lot more out there.  If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? a dead horse Got any good stories to share? art related or not. Star is a sweet angel! She and my little pony Shadow had formed quite a bond prior to Shadow’s passing. She treats Shadow like her baby and is very protective of her. Star loves to just roam the pasture, and then will just come right to you when it’s time for grooming. She would love it if you would brush her all day and she wouldn’t move an inch. She’s as soft as cotton.

What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? Trying to catch the Devil’s herd, across these endless skies


Who are you? Bonjour, I’d be Eleven, formally known as Lev Zepplin a.k.a The Double One and Only, the present day Frank Sinisternatra, the all-knowing Levstradamus and the critically acclaimed individual regarded as L. Venito. Where are you from? I’m from the sleepy suburbs of Melbourne. Not exactly the prettiest suburb and one with a dirty track record, but it’s home for now. What do you do? When i’m not saving the city of Gotham from insidious characters, I’m trying to give birth to artworks or slaving over the computer designing something for someone. I create strange, socially awkward characters with personalities as colourfully as a packet of skittles; with minds as loose too. I also invest time into sharpening my can skills, painting murals as much as possible.

What is your favourite food? A very tough call to make. As of late i’ve been indulging far too much of my stomach to burgers. There’s not even that much variety too. I’ve been going to every burger joint I can find here in Melbourne, but every time, I order the greasiest, meatiest pile of fat they have on the menu. I’m just a sucker for bad food. When did you start making art and how did you first start? I started halfway through the second last year of high school. Some friends of mine were picking up the graffiti game. I picked it up shortly after they stopped. I sketched all over my books and papers. From there it kind of just evolved into charters through natural progression. If I recall, a classmate said to me “Do you only draw letters?”. I took it as a challenge and I suppose here I am now.

What influences you in your art making process? In the early stages of my ‘art making’ it was very loose. I drew inspiration from everywhere and just went with it. I could churn out a character in a matter of minutes. Now I try to be more selective with creation, but I still draw inspiration from all corners of the universe. Things like junk food, copious amounts of caffeine, friends, bad jokes and dreamy ideas all come together in a hot broth that is my mind. What keeps you motivated? Hmm...I’m going to say keeping busy. I’ve come to notice I have a very short attention span and that my patience is very thin also. If i’m working, I can’t sit there for more than 5 minutes without having to get up and boogie down to whatever jam I have on or distract myself with other things. I get quite miserable when I’m not keeping busy. I also sustain myself by eating a lot of junk food and consuming violence amounts of sugar.

If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? Whoa, tough question. Maybe a rock. Does that count? I’d be a mountain. Does that count? I’m sure a mountain would have a lot say after the years of watching and listening it’s done. Got any good stories to share? art related or not. Hmmm nothing too grand. A few weeks ago I took a nap. Don’t switch off just yet, I don’t take naps, so this was a big thing for me. When I awoke an hour later, my mind was not use to this ‘napping’ concept and was still in a dreamlike state. I jumped on to Facebook to converse with a friend. Long story short, I happened to stumble upon Einstein’s theory of relativity without even knowing it. Serendipity. What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I’m currently working on a few projects. I’m trying out some new techniques and mediums and I’m starting a new series with these new skills. I have a few designs I’m trying to find time to do also, but they are personal works that I can get to any time. I’ve got a few photos in the 4th issue of Don’t Sleep Magazine. I have a few exhibitions coming up too, so stay tuned for those! The future? Hmm...I try not to think so far ahead of time. Intangibility. I try to keep my future loose and just go with the current. I like surprises, I think sometimes people just take things too seriously and they just don’t have enough... Well, for name’s sake, ‘fun’.

Spencer McDougall

music: sundial Who are you and where are you from? We are Sundial and we are from Wollongong When did you guys form as a band? We originally formed as a band around 2 - 3 years ago under a different name. Until about this time last year we kind of went our own ways for a short period but some of us got back together and formed Sundial, playing a completely different brand of music, and something we enjoyed a lot more. What type of music do you play and who would you say have influenced you? In a time full of niches and sub-sub-sub genres, I think it’s hard to pinpoint what we play. It’s different for everyone, though I believe we generally play emo-rock with hints of melodic punk. I’ve heard people say we remind them of Placebo and others say we sound like Jawbreaker, but I hear neither haha. What influences us most are modern bands like Daylight and Basement, but we use a lot of songwriting ideas from older Australian rock bands like You Am I, Ammonia, Tumbleweed, Pollyanna, Motor Ace, and Silverchair. Also Sunny Day Real Estate is a big one for all of us. I guess we’re just another statistic towards the ever growing contemporary revival of 90s emo music.

what have you released so far and do you have any more releases planned for the near future? In January this year we released our debut EP ‘Leave Home’ comprised of five songs that will become permanent in our setlist for a while. We also have 3 new songs and we’ll play a different one at the next few shows. I are hoping to release a split by June/July, if not, we’ll probably just release a 3 song demo unless we have more written and decide to hold of for another EP due December this year.


Who are you? I´m a guy from Spain. I make poetry with colours. Where are you from? Spain, living in Barcelona What do you do? I use the colours and shapes to make poetries and rhythmics What is your favourite food? Ensaladilla Rusa When did you start making art and how did you first start? Since I was a kid, I told my parents that I wanted to paint big walls. What influences you in your art making process? The process is very chaotic. I have tons of influences. But it depends in which piece I’m working on.

What keeps you motivated? I really enjoy creating new methods and languages. To make people laugh or hate me. We are the kids your parents warned you about. If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? Definitely any furniture of Memphis Milano. What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I´m working in my own fine panel brand: Outsiders Division. STATE OF THE ART An eye on the detail. An object of desire. A love for all colours And a label for today. For people who wear strange hats, This is Outsiders Division. “We believe in us.”


Who are you? Valid question. I will have an answer for you in my late 70s! Where are you from? Sydney. As North Side as you can go before being in the seas. What do you do? For money I work across a number of liquor accounts in the promotional marketing landscape. So I am a graphic designer like every other man and his dog really! What is your favourite food? I fight the good fight for Lentils, chili & fried egg...

When did you start making art and how did you first start? I would have to say I’ve only been making art for the past year or so. Prior to this I was a pretty untuned malicious damage machine, although I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m reluctant to call it art. It’s fucking graffiti & it’s almost more of a sport! People judge you on your performance, people talk shit about you, you occasionally appear in the newspaper near the back, you also have to run quite a bit & for this reason sporty attire is preferred. I’ve enjoyed it this way on and off for the last 14 years although am starting to get busy in other areas. Graffiti is where it started. What influences you in your art making process? Wild colours. Murders. What keeps you motivated? Beers. If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? A breast implant? A really shitty early 90s one.

Got any good stories to share? art related or not. Slipping down a 20 meter embankment whilst painting a siding on the M2 near North Rocks. Then being found out cold on the shoulder of the road by some friendly neighbourhood police officers. They were pretty stoked to get my dad to make the 2hr drive to collect me. Dad & I joked about it the whole way home and I’m pretty sure he bought me maccas... What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I’m currently painting on a bunch of distressed steel surfaces for something upcoming. Not exactly clear on what that is yet but think I will just know when ‘it’s time’. I’m having a whole bunch of fun watching it grow into something unmistakable...

music: jordan leekspin lacklustre records

Who are you?

Have any big plans for this year?

jordan leekspin, fashionable mastermind behind the project of lacklustre records (nothing special)

2013 has got some big plans, unfortunately that is all most of it is at the moment, just plans, nothing concrete... there are some friends who are working on new music and some strangers i’d like to make friends by the end of the year... maybe even bring these current friends or new friends into some towns near you (by you, i’m totally talking about the reader of this zine, shoutout to the boys for making this). and expanding my up and coming distro section.

Where are you from? canberra, australia, or more fondly known as god’s country / the holy land What exactly is lacklustre records? lacklustre records is a small little bedroom operation that is slowly getting bigger (but still well and truly locked into my bedroom at the moment) where i’m working on getting some smaller artists out on vinyl, or tape... or maybe anything really, any format that gets a product out there for someone to listen to or hold. When did you start lacklustre and what made you want to start with? lacklustre started in early 2012, but the concept has been buried in my head under piles of final fantasy fan fiction for a little while longer than that... i think around april is when it all kicked off. We can run with that anyway. i have always wanted to release stuff on vinyl, having a pretty big vinyl collection myself records are something i spend a lot of time and money with already, and to have a few records in my piles that are there solely because of me, and are releases i love... it’s a pretty cool feeling.

Favourite bands? well for anyone who knows me personally or even knows a little bit about me, you already know the answer to this question is the effort... there are a whole stack of bands i love that go along with it, but i won’t bore anyone with it, just a quick list of some fresher bands to check out... state faults for the screamo kids, johnny foreigner & los campesinos! for the indies, breaking point for the moshers, machina genova for the metallers... i could go on forever. music is so accessible now, so check anything out whenever you have time. and i can’t forget clipped wings & perspectives. hardcore.

Favourite foods? whittaker’s dark chocolate, anything sweet pretty much, i have a huge sweet tooth. also anything from au lac, that’s my joint. if anyone is in canberra you gotta do it up, wollongong has a new joint there too, please check it! laksa crew. If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? this is a real toughie... maybe a wheelie chair, they can wheel around, really useful for people and they always do a good job... and they’re always fun, especially if you’re racing someone

Your first 7” came with a Final Fantasy cover, what’s that about?

Any last words or stories you would like to share? as usual i’m going to shout out some thanks here, of course the fun boys, my friends all across the country who i’ve met through shows and what not, anyone reading this, you did good in taking the time out, anyone who has picked up a 7”, picked up more than one or will do in the future, thank-you so much! come say hey at a show or something and we can shoot the shit, high fashion crew signing out Website, Blog etc: just the usual places, lacklustrerecords for news and updates, and if you feel inclined to pick something up whether it’s mine or distro, hit the bigcartel

straight up, if you haven’t played ffx go and pick up the game and a ps2 and smash it... game is solid, also if you can even choose between lulu yuna & rikku you are a stronger man than i... basically i just wanted to do something fun as a thank-you to the people who took some time out to pre-order a new record. so thanks, final fantasy babes forever


Dakota Gordon

Who are you? Dakota Gordon most of the time Where are you from? Sydney, Australia What do you do? I take photographs of attractive people (mostly females) wearing good clothing, it simultaneously makes me feel great and ruins my self confidence all at the same time What is your favourite food? It used to be Grill’d but I had to give it up because it was becoming a problem, so I’d have to say caramello koala’s or kinder surprise, sushi is good too, so are grapes

When did you start making art and how did you first start? It first became a hobby when I picked up a camera at age 14 to spite a girl I didn’t like at school, but I started to enjoy it and started photographing local hardcore shows, but I’d like to think I ~started~ just over one year ago after I won a nationwide photography competition, because that’s when I saw my full potential and started taking it very seriously What influences you in your art making process? Everything around me. Magazines, people, music (a big one), my head, I don’t even know What keeps you motivated? This industry is really fucking shitty most of the time and it’s really hard to stay motivated, but it’s all of the avid followers of my work who keep me motivated to keep doing more, and also proving all of the people who put me down for so many years wrong If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? Probably a camera lol, veeeeeeery cliche of a photographer to say that but WHATEVER, it’d be nice to be a camera sometimes ya know??

Got any good stories to share? art related or not. One time a few years ago I was backstage at Diplo’s sideshow at The Metro and my best friend and I were talking to Amanda Blank about chicken fillet bra’s for 15 minutes, she was cool as fuck. I don’t know why that story came to mind first. Actually, I didn’t take a camera to that show and it pissed me off. I could tell you stories for hours and hours. What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? This month is pretty busy for me, shooting another Reebok lookbook + Bluesfest among other things, but future plans are looking OK, a zine of some sort is in the works right now, not your average photo one, but that’s all I’ll say for now!


Who are you? The name is Mez. Where are you from? I dwell in a quiet area tucked away in Western Sydney. Far from the city and far from the exciting streets sadly. It’s not as scummy as everyone thinks but its a cosy place. What do you do? Majority of my day, I’m a typical uni/ design student whose spends most of the day travelling on a train sketching about. Apart from being outside, I just dwell in my cave and draw until my brain hurts. What is your favourite food? You can’t go wrong with an awesome serving of fresh takoyaki with soba.

hen did you start making art and how did you first start? Early in my high school days, when I was in year 8 and first discovered loud music and local gigs. Fixated on t-shirt designs of deranged subjects and gritty line work and logos, I wanted to draw things that were far from pretty and sweet. A friend of mine who hired me for a part time job making flyers for a gig booking agency gave me a fake copy of photoshop during that year. It all just grew from there. Days on end learning how to use photoshop by myself. Then I got a bit crazy with different art forms and mediums from meeting various friendly strangers from far places and just it’s just been constant exploring since. What influences you in your art making process? If I were to mention all of them, I’m afraid this wouldn’t end. So many random things just pop up new ideas for me all the time. Everything from traditional japanese paintings, animes, the strangers I see at the station, colourful walls i pass by on a train or even the food i eat. I once felt like I had some insane yet bliss moment of utter realisation when I was staring at fishbones one late dinner a while ago. And of course theres a list of artists such as Robert Porch, Victo Ngai, Nychos and etc

Got any good stories to share?

What keeps you motivated? Sugar. Lots of sugar! But in all seriousness, just the idea of doing something far more ludicrous than before. All in all, the surprises that all come with it. A good tune and a sketch pad is all it takes. If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? A film camera without doubt. Its a timeless invention thats original and raw. Not to mention that despite having some of the most complex things coming out it, its an object so simple in structure and use. Also unpredictable in outcome. Surprises every time.

This was during late in my high school years. I was walking by myself on a sunny afternoon, enjoying a packet of those asian bear biscuits filled with cream, whilst on my way to the bus stop. Since my highschool wasn’t located on the best of all locations, you’d expect to see a lot of drug addicts or heinous looking women with heavy eye liner and a bottle. Although this rattled my nervous, a respectable looking man in a suit and brief case sat next to me. At that time, I was carrying a cracked skateboard which had tags all over it. He glanced at it and quietly asked “do you skate?”. Surprised with such a random occurrence, I stuttered ‘yes’. I explained to him I wasn’t very good but it was something i planned to learn. After saying so, a look of joy just exploded in his eyes and he came to divulge on his teenage years of how he was a street hoodrat, skating about, trespassing old buildings and drawing ridiculous characters on his note books, which his parents hated because they were quite religious. I was fixated on his stories and he started to draw characters similar to Neckface on a napkin. It was a purely random and intriguing event of exchanging interests and stories to a complete stranger (not as creepy as you think haha). After his bus came he left saying to never quit doing what you enjoy or i’ll end up miserable like him. It left me thinking for a while and made me appreciate the little lunatic joys of life. What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? Right now I’m working on 23 illustrations for an editorial.  For the future, hopefully I just have some time to work on projects for the fun of it. No deadlines, no limits, just a roller coaster from there.

music: mgkrp

Who are you and where are you from? i’m brendin. i’m from a cute little town in the dandenong ranges called the patch.

if you could be any inanimate object what would it be? big mouth billy bass. he has a great time.

when did you start making music?

any stories to share music related or not?

i had played with instruments for a while and just kind of taught myself a couple of things. so i’m kinda really bad at instruments. i recorded a few tracks early last year or maybe the end of the year before that under the name sea otter. it was a lot different. and then i first started playing with samples in about february or march last year. i’m still really new to it all and have no idea what i’m doing.

i lost my virginity on a bowling green. that’s the whole story.

What type of music do you make and who would you say has influenced you? um i really have no idea. i make stuff depending on moods and who i might have been listening to that day or the day before. so it’s all kinda different. my influences are really just all the producers i listen to. which is pretty broad. sorry that doesn’t rly answer the question. What’s your favourite food? double quarter pounder with big mac sauce any day my friend. what keeps you motivated in relation to your music? just listening to other peoples music. it makes you want to make it more. you listen to other people’s stuff and you think about what they’re doing and then things that you’d like to try and sounds you’d like to achieve and then you *try* to make it happen.


Who are you? I’m Kyra. I like hot cups of tea, handwritten letters, treeography, books that make you forget about the world around you, thunderstorms, forest walks and Scandinavia. Where are you from? I am from the Netherlands and live and study in Amsterdam. What do you do? I am a student in Literature, with contemporary Scandinavian literature as my main focus. Actually, I just finished my master degree in Literary Studies this summer, and am now enjoying some silent post-thesis days, reading loads and taking long walks, trying to figure out what I want to do... (and looking for a nice job). What is your favourite food? I like healthy, spicy food. Lots of vegetables. No animals. Vegetarian and preferably vegan. I love avocado. And chickpea-coconut-soup.

When did you start making art and how did you first start? I never really think of my photography as art - I don’t see myself as a photographer, I’m just a girl with a camera. But I first started taking photos a few years ago. I quit my studies and moved back home for a bit before moving to Amsterdam. After having moved away from the place where I grew up, I guess I, when I was back for a few months, was able to see it with “new eyes” in a way - appreciating the silence and nature a lot more. We lived only a short bike-ride away from the forest. I started going for long walks and took my camera along, capturing the trees and things around me. And continued doing so when I moved away again. In between all the writing and reading, I like to go out for long walks (or sometimes a run), listening to the birds, enjoying the silence and the trees. I like to take my camera along as my only company. Just me and the trees.

What influences you in your art making process? I don’t really know. Everything and nothing. As cheesy as it may sound, (the beauty of ) the small things, the small moments - the reflection of a tree in a puddle of rain, the colours of the leaves in autumn (and the sound it makes when you are walking through rustling fallen leaves), trees and birds, silent forestwalks. Scandinavia.

If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? Maybe a mountainous landscape in Northern Norway. Or a piano (though, both are maybe ‘alive’ in one way or another, depending on how you look at it..). What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I am not ‘working’ on something special, but I hope to be able to go on a little trip soon, with a few disposable cameras in my bag. A couple of months ago I started using cheap disposable cameras instead of a digital one. I love the rawness, the simplicity and the ‘happy accidents’ such as light leaks etc. Plans for the future.. I guess having finished my studies & with two master degrees in my pocket I am at a point in my life where I need to figure out what I want. And where I want to be. If I think without restrictions, I’d like a little house in Norway or Sweden, a small cosy place (with a wooden kitchen table and a cat called Osvald), not too far from the forest. I hope to try get a PhD position or/and work with literature, and maybe one day make a little book, collaborating with friends who’s work I love, including photography, illustrations and stories/ essay, tree/forest-themed. That would be nice.


Who are you? bhats Where are you from? i am from the sunshine coast in qld, spent some time in brisbane, now hiding in tas What do you do? draw, make books, collect tapes, study the eviroment mainly What is your favourite food? hair When did you start making art and how did you first start? i was doing really naive graffiti to begin, then started drawing other stuff completely seperate, then merged the two What influences you in your art making process? everything that exists and everything that does not exist...

What keeps you motivated? i just want to stay occupied and do what i do If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? surf board or tree What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? currently working on field recordings, patterns and shapes, drawings, learning, small time publishing. lots of dreams but no plans to share



the easy questions are the hardest to answer. the easy questions are the hardest to answer. the easy questions are the hardest to answer. the more i repeat it I’m sure the truer it becomes, I guess i made it has to be this way self perpetuating. I digress, i don’t believe that it is who i am that matters, more to the fact that tying down what is created to an entity seems to be what i am trying to escape. People like to be able to relate to things and hell, what better way then finding out that there is actually another person behind what is produced. The problem is that now days it is personality over product a lot of the time, look at those pop idols, rap icons and so called real cats. I am the sum of my fears. Anxiety seems to push me to create. I am afraid of fading away like all seems to do, a trivial fear i know. At the same time i am afraid of being known for what i do. Paradoxically i still push what i make. As i age i seem to dabble more, why this is i do not know, focusing on one form and working at it till exhaustion. I would say that sound is what intrigues me the most lately, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, as long as i can record it, use it, manipulate it. There is always something being schemed up, unfinished half baked ideas, EP’s and albums are on the horizon. Shouts to every couch I’ve crashed on.

nick santoro

Who are you? nick santoro Where are you from? wollongong What do you do? go to school/draw thing/sometimes play guitars What is your favourite food? anything greasy When did you start making art and how did you first start? i have always done drawings since i was real young. i don’t even remember when i first started What influences you in your art making process? certain types of music defiantly help the process

If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? parking metre Got any good stories to share? art related or not. almost got bashed by an angry cab driver last week because some guy threw sauce at his car. and he thought it was me What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? currently working on a film called “television theory” its about a guy who almost rents a video but doesn’t because he’s paranoid about whats on the video. i dont have any plans for the future

Lizz Hunt

Who are you? Lizz Hunt Where are you from? Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia What do you do? I rub pens and other good things on paper What is your favourite food? Any that fits in my mouth When did you start making art and how did you first start? Drawing extremely elaborate crows at the age of four, moving onto disabled dogs and giant breasted women What influences you in your art making process? Nakedness, feeling and white paint What keeps you motivated? Jealousy and self satisfaction If you could be any inanimate object what would it be? A dead moth What are you currently working on, and what are your plans for the future? I am working on small things only at the moment but in the future I would like to exhibit or possibly just finish one single painting


Hello again!

if you are a creative person and you would like to have your work displayed in our zine, send us your work! it can be anything! Art, design, short stories, journalism, rants, poems, music and jokes what ever you want! send it in!

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Fun Times issue 1  

❀ The first issue of Fun Times profiling a number of talented artists and musicians from around the world among other things ❀

Fun Times issue 1  

❀ The first issue of Fun Times profiling a number of talented artists and musicians from around the world among other things ❀