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HOARDER 5:STICKERS when i think of stickers in recent years i think of shep faireys obey project - one of my favourite art projects/operations ever. or the recent tidal wave of slap-happy street based sticker art. or the multitude of books that have been released on the importance of stickers in skate. this old shoe box (a pair of gravis, if you’re interested) has a load of stickers in it but looking back at them i can’t recall much about them or where they came from. i was about to scrap this issue for that very reason - they didn’t seem to be something i had collected for any particular reason just things i came across and threw in a box. things people gave to me because they knew i had a box to throw them in - i was surprised i hadn’t collected them with more zeal. Having said that i would never throw them out and i still add to the box everyone time i come across an interesting sticky-backed graphic.

any self respecting visual obssesive knows the golden rule - don’t throw anything away. hoarder magazine exists to document the mountains of stuff the superflake studio cannot bear to throw away. old tickets, football cards, fanzines, hang tags, stickers, magazines, flyers name it superflake saves it. One mans litter is superflakes cultural-can’t bear to part with it-debris. superflake says, ”fuck the ‘life laundry’ dullards !

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Hoarder 5  
Hoarder 5  

Issue 5 of Hoarder magazine (stickers) by Superflake Custom Graphics. Any self respecting visual obssesive knows the golden rule – don’t thr...