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suny potsdam orientation 2012 New Student Checklist

A journey of a lifetime begins with a single step

suny potsdam orientation 2010 orientation guidebook

There are two types of new students, freshmen and transfers. Please look for these symbols and follow the proper steps to ensure you complete all of the necessary steps.

= Freshmen = Transfers

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n&T Freshme


dent C rS New Stu

orientation u) to attend d .e am d ts po paws. -267-2580. S (http://bear mily Transitions at 315 W A rP ea B ister on dent & Fa Contact Stu e Step 1: R2eg t s? le on p ference.� ti m es o u Q C  q nsitions Con 1, 201 . rence ra 2 fe “T n ry o 1 a 2 C u . s n n a n a J o eJ siti on Sat., tation or th hoose Tran online orien reshmen: C e F th er th ei S and hoose on BearPAW l be d ransfers: C n T  u fo s rm  alth you wil ry health fo Dept. of He the mandato te s). te ta S le p rk m o o Y C 2: te these form p e New e le th t p r S m e p e co t s t o le (a n q Comp in as soon as possible UNY Potsdam if you do . s at S 7-2377 mail them your classe s at 315-26 e m ic o fr rv e d S e ll h lt AWS. Hea d is-enro rm on BearP ct Student fo ta n n o o C ti a s? tr n is Questio ousing Reg the online H t 315-267-2350. te le p m o C : mpus Life a e Step 3 q Comples?t Contact the Center for Ca BearPAWS. Express on r a e B Question d n a a Meal Plan Sign up for : 4 p e t S 7-2658. e q Comples?t Contact PACES at 315-26 rPAWS. nal) on Bea o ti p Question (o e g d a MicroFri Sign up for : 5 p e t S 7-3097. e q Comples?t Contact PACES at 315-26 ackaged. e them pre-p v a h Question to e n li ooks on rcv@potsda b e r rp u a o h y : r e re Sto the College e Step 6: Ord q Comples?t E-mail Carlie Robinson at p. Question campus ma

and a on. ic Calendar m e d a at orientati ny c g A lo 2 1 ta 0 a 2 C a te d a ea o include Undergradu . If you hav m le a ib d s ts s o We have als o P p s Y otsdam. SUN oon a a -P s e s 7 a iv 7 e n c o -8 e ti r 1 a l t You wil ll-free a this inform dmissions to plete all of A m f o o c e e c s a ffi O le P ct the please conta questions,

Orientation 2012 Deposit Package


faqs What happens at the Transitions Conference? At our “Transitions Conference,” you will have the chance to meet other transfer students and you will recieve detailed information about our General Education Program and how to declare majors and/or minors. You will have the opportunity to speak directly with our directors from Financial Aid and Student Accounts. Finally, we will end with a fun-filled interactive Q&A session with the orientation team, and you will receive lots of free SUNY Potsdam gifts. As a transfer student, and you choose to go online and take the “virtual orientation,” you will visit a variety of campus Web sites and learn about our helpful resources to meet student needs. This tour takes approximately 90 minutes and is followed by a mandatory quiz which you have to pass with a grade of 70% or more before you can meet with an advisor to register for classes.

Note: The online orientation option is for transfer students only. What time does the Transitions Conference begin? Check-in begins at 11:00 a.m. on Jan. 21, 2012 on the 2nd floor of Thatcher Hall, Barrington Drive. What is the cost and how do I pay? • Student Orientation Fees (online or Transitions Conference) will be included in your College bill. The fee is $35. • Guest fees of $35/person have to be paid online.

academic calendar Spring 2012 Students Move In

Sat. & Sun., Jan. 21-22

Classes Begin

Monday, January 23

Last Day to Add/Drop

Friday, January 27

Early Alerts Due

Friday, March 2

Spring Recess Begins

Friday, March 9 (10 pm)

Classes Resume

Monday, March 19 (8 am)

Last Day to Withdraw

Friday, March 23

Last Day to Elect S/U

Friday, March 23

April Recess Begins

Friday, April 6 (10 pm)

Classes Resume

Wednesday, April 11 (8 am)

Last Day of Classes

Friday, May 11

Academic Preparation

Sat. & Sun., May 12 & 13

Final Examinations

Mon.-Fri., May 14-18

Honors Convocation

Saturday, May 19

Master’s Commencement

Saturday, May 19

Bachelor’s Commencement

Sunday, May 20

Final Grades Due

Wednesday, May 23 (10 am)


step 1 ALL STUDENTS: Register for Orientation Choosing Sessions Freshmen: Log-on to BearPAWS and sign up for the spring Transitions Conference: Sat., January 21, 2012

Transfers: Log-on to BearPAWS and sign up for either the online orientation or the Transitions Conference on Jan. 21, 2012.

If you sign up for the online orientation, go to and click on the “Online Orientation for Transfer Students.” When you are ready for the quiz, log on to our “Blackboard” leaning system using your CCA (campus computer account, username, and password). BearPAWS Log-On Instructions Type in: Here you can register for orientation; fill out mandatory health forms; sign up for housing, meal plans and a micro-fridge! • Use your Campus Computer Account (CCA), Username, and Password. • Go to the “New Student” link and choose an orientation date that will work for you and your guests. • Print your confirmation page and bring it to orientation.

Note: Think carefully about your online choices.

After you register online for orientation, housing, and/or your meal plan, you will need to contact the appropriate office to make any changes. Fees: Freshman orientation Fee: $35 – this fee will be included in your first College bill. There is no need to pre-pay. Guest orientation Fee: $35/person. Guest fees are not included in the student’s College bill. To simplify your registration process, payment must be received prior to the start of the session. Transfers Orientation Fee: $35 Transfers Orientation guest fee: $35 Payment Options for Guest Fees: • P ay with a credit card on our secure website (BearPAWS). • P ayment by check or money order payable to PACES 611. Please note the student name and Potsdam ID number on all checks/ money orders. Mail to the Office of Student & Family Transitions, SUNY Potsdam, 128 Sisson Hall, Potsdam, NY 13676.

ALL STUDENTS: academic advising Follow these steps: • After you sign up for the Transitions Conference or complete the Online Orientation and Quiz and submit your Health Forms, you need to contact the Student Success Center at 315-267-2580 to set up an advising appointment to register for your classes. • Advisors will start registering students for classes on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. • Appointments last approximately 30 - 45 minutes. • Keep in mind the course registration process is on a first-come, first-serve basis, thus we strongly encourage you to follow all the “orientation” steps and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Orientation 2012 Deposit Package



• • • •

Log into BearPAWS Go to the “New Student” link Click on the Mandatory Health Requirements link Follow all the steps listed on this Web site

Note: New York State Deptartment of Public Health requires that these forms be filled out and mailed to the Office of Student Health Services before orientation begins.

Questions about health forms? Call Student Health Services at 315-267-2377 or e-mail the office directly at


step 3 ALL STUDENTS: Register for housing Prior to making your housing preferences, please refer to our Web page at and click on the “Residence Life” link for detailed information. All students must indicate their housing preferences and/or apply for an exemption to live off campus (available online). Room assignments are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since space in many areas is limited, we advise you to submit housing preferences as soon as possible.

Note: If you have any physical conditions or concerns that impact your housing needs, please send a letter with supporting medical documentation to the Center for Campus Life. Your room assignment and roommate information will be viewable on BearPAWS beginning January 11, 2012.

Live On Campus

Live Off Campus

• Log into BearPAWS. • Go to the “New Student Services” link. •Go to the “New Student Housing Registration” link. • Read/agree to Housing License and submit. • Indicate your housing preference from the drop down menu. • I f you have a roommate request, enter your desired roommate’s student Potsdam ID or social security number in the field provided. Your desired roommate must enter your student Potsdam ID or social security number on their form as well. • “Submit” your preferences.

• Apply for a housing exemption • Log into BearPAWS. • Go to the “New Student” link. • Go to the “New Student Housing Registration” link. • Indicate that you will not be residing on campus and continue on to complete the exemption form and submit. • You will receive an e-mail with the decision of your request for exemption.

Orientation 2012 Deposit Package


step 4 ALL STUDENTS: Meal Plans and Bear Express Keeping in mind that there are approximately 110 days in the academic semester, how many meals you choose to have available on your meal plan is an individual decision. When choosing what plan is best for you, think about how much time you expect to spend away from campus as well as your eating habits. Campus policy requires all first year students to purchase a meal plan. For detailed descriptions about plans and their terms and conditions, go to the Dining link on the SUNY Potsdam homepage under student life and review ’11-’12 Meal Plan Options for residents. Bear Express: Separate from a meal plan, this debit account allows students to purchase goods both on campus and selected off campus locations. Purchases are subject to NYS sales tax and at the end of the academic year, any unused balance (in excess of $20) will be credited to your student account (withstanding any unpaid balance) and a refund will be issued. Balances can be rolled over from semester to semester, but not academic year to academic year. Meal and Bear Express plans are priced and contracted each semester. You will automatically be enrolled in the same meal plan and Bear Express Plan for the spring semester unless you change it on BearPaws before the start of the next semester. To estimate what you should place on your account, go to Choose a meal plan and Bear Express account amount: • Log into BearPAWS • Go to the “New Student” link • Go to the “Meal Plan & Bear Express Registration” • Read/agree to Meal Plan License & click submit • Select your resident status • Select your meal plan for the semester • Select Bear Express Amount for the semester • Click save • Changes may be made to your meal plan & Bear Express account until the first day of classes


step 5 ALL STUDENTS: Microfridge rental PACES offers MicroFridge appliance rentals to all residential students. The MicroFridge is a combination refrigerator/freezer and 600-watt microwave oven. Delivered to your dorm room, the unit is available for rent by the semester or academic year, on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend that you contact your roommate prior to determine if a unit is needed. Units may be rented by one person only. The unit rental cost is $125 per academic year or $75 per semester. The unit will be delivered to your dorm room if the rental payment and the $20 deposit fee are received two weeks prior to the start of the semester. For more information visit: Microfridge Rental: • Go to http: • Go to the Merchandise link • Click on Microfridge rental • Complete Steps • E-mail confirmation will be sent to you upon successful completion of form

Orientation 2012 Deposit Package


step 6 ALL STUDENTS: ORDER TEXTBOOKS The College Store is the official SUNY Potsdam textbook retailer. Professors request specific books, editions, and course material – that is only what we buy and sell. When you register for a course on SUNY’s BearPAWS page, you will be given a link to the store’s online textbook ordering system. The system will show you what books are required, recommended or suggested for every course. When ordering online you must choose what textbook format you would prefer: new, used, e-book, rental (not all formats are available for every book). USED books generally are 25% off the new book price. There are not always enough USED books for everyone so it is on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot guarantee all NEW or all USED, but will do our best to fill your request. Your order will be filled before books go on sale in the bookstore and until we reach pre pack storage capacity. Online ordering includes a $4.50 handling charge, but you eliminate waiting in lines. Books may be paid for with BearExpress or credit card. No charge is processed until we actually pack the books two weeks before classes start. This will ensure that you get the right books for the best price. You will be notified as to when and where to pick up your books via e-mail. Visit the store at Order Textbooks online • Go to • Go to Student Tab, select textbooks from the drop down menu • Choose your courses from your class schedule • Pay with BearExpress or credit card • Choose FedEx delivery or pickup at bookstore • You will receive an e-mail confirmation about where and when to pick up your books



D dam


. Bay St


. Main St








Pierrepont Ave . (Rt. 56)






Minerva Plaza







Racquette River


Barrington Dr. 38 38


33 32



Athletic Fields



Outer Main St.



Marshall Park





ke D r.


er La





1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Raymond Hall/Admissions Carson Hall Morey Hall Flagg Hall Satterlee Hall Brainerd Hall/Gibson Gallery Dunn Hall Stowell Hall Timerman Hall Merritt Hall Kellas Hall Stillman Computing Center Mac Vicar Hall Crumb Memorial Library Physical Plant

Barrington Student Union Thatcher Hall Lehman Dining Hall Lehman Hall Lehman Hall (south) Bowman Hall (west) Bowman Hall (south) Bowman Hall (east) Van Housen Hall Van Housen Extension/University Police Draime Hall Draime Hall Extension Knowles Hall (south) Knowles MPR Knowles Hall (north) Sisson Hall

JULIA E. CRANE MUSIC CENTER: 16 Bishop Hall 17 Hosmer Concert Hall 18 Schuette Hall 19 Snell Music Theater

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 ern Gov eur

36 Maxcy Hall 37 Townhouse Complex

38 The President’s House

Lehman Park


SUNY Potsdam Orientation

Office of Student and Family Transitions 128 Sission Hall 315-267-2580/2415 or IM: potsdamssc


Orientation Checklist Spring 2012  

Orientation Checklist for students entering SUNY Potsdam Sp. 2012

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