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Foundation Annual Report 2016


Foundation Annual Report 2016 From the Chairman Dear Friends: The Erie Community College Foundation impacts students’ lives daily. It can be through providing a scholarship, investing in areas of academic excellence or supporting the college’s strategic initiatives with philanthropic support and guidance. We invest in our alumni and former students by providing professional development, connections and social interaction. The ECC Foundation has increased its assets more than 200 percent in the last five years. We are proud of our growth and in turn, the additional resources we are able to provide to students and the college. But our job is not nearly complete. The outstanding staff and board of directors work tirelessly every day to connect our alumni, donors and friends to the institution. We recognize our strength is greater in numbers and greater when we all work toward the same outcome. We do not walk this path alone but rather in tandem with you. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Erie Community College and the Foundation staff, I’d like to thank you for support this year and encourage you to read our 2016 Annual Report on the following pages.

Rick Mason Chairman Board of Directors

ECC Foundation Board of Directors Officers Richard Mason Chair John Schiavone, CPA Vice Chair Robert E. Pollock Treasurer Cynthia Schwartz Secretary Michael J. Flanagan Vice President Camille P. Wicher, Esq., PhD Vice President Mark L. Martin Immediate Past Chair

Members JP Folsgaard Bak, Esq. Thomas Baker William R. Basile Dennis W. Elsenbeck Lenora Foote '90 Mark Gaulin '79 Paul A. Lamanna Gregory P. Miller, Esq. Anthony J. Picone '65 Christopher Sansone '93 Thomas W. Schratz, Sr. '72 Susan Swarts Thurman Thomas VP, Foundation & Alumni Relations Jeffrey Bagel, CFRE Ex Officio President, Erie Community College Jack Quinn Ex Officio


I am involved with the Foundation because I am a graduate and appreciate the education I received and completely support the model of

education that ECC provides. – Mark Gaulin'79

The education provided by ECC is vital to our community. By being involved in the Foundation I feel that I am contributing to the betterment of the organization and the betterment of our community. – Robert Pollock

As a graduate of ECC, I experienced firsthand the many benefits of an ECC education. I hope in a small way, my involvement with the

Foundation can assist ECC in moving forward. – Thomas Schratz '72

Foundation Annual Report 2016 Support and Revenue

2015 2016


$ 424,046

$ 424,585

Program Service Revenue



Special Events

$ 146,002

$ 174,951

Support from Erie Community College

$ 224,074

$ 266,467

Admin & Mgt. fees



Interest & Dividends

$ 170,345





$ 127,232


2015 2016


$ 493,123

$ 450,597





$ 286,599



$ 317,629

Source: Audited Financial Statements Fiscal Year: September 1 - August 31


Foundation Annual Report 2016 Assets 2016 Cash & Cash Equivalents



Accounts Receivable



Unconditional Promises to Give




$ 4,101,328


$ 5,000,479

Liabilities 2016 Accounts Payable & Accured Liabilities



Obligations Under Remainder Trust

$ 162,432


$ 165,907

Net Assets 2016 Unrestricted

$ 1,293,231

Temporarily Restricted

$ 1,597,370

Permanently Restricted

$ 1,943,971


$ 4,834,572

Source: Audited Financial Statements As of August 31, 2016


Foundation Annual Report 2016

Our donors from 9/1/2015-8/31/2016. Every effort is made to be accurate. If you believe there is an error or omission, please contact Chris Gengo at 716.851.1992 or

Thank You to Our Donors $50 to $99 Ms. Margaret Alessi Ms. Lisa Aragona Mr. John Ballow Mr. Bruce Bauer Mr. Daniel Bieger Ms. Barbara Bohlen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boling Ms. Diane Borowski Mrs. Mary Bubel Ms. Pamela Buehler Mr. Dean Castren Ms. Joan Castro Mr. Michael Catalano, OFS Ms. Kristen Chenelly Mr. George Collins Ms. Lynn Conway Mr. Charles Danzi Mr. Richard Delo Mr. Martin Denecke Ms. Lisa Dicioccio Ms. Ethel Dipaolo Ms. Colleen Doll Ms. Linda Drabik Ms. Barbara Eismann Ms. Nora Carroll Elliott Mr. Perry Figliotti Mr. Raymond Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Kathleen and Brian Freier Ms. Linda Gallagher Dr. Marcia Gellin Ms. Kathy Haney Mr. Jeremy Harrison Mr. Daniel Haymes Mr. & Mrs. David Hoch Ms. Kristine Hoffmeister Ms. Jean Izard Ms. Marguerite Kaczor Mr. Robert Keating Ms. Margaret Kennedy Mr. Michael Kennedy Ms. Michelle Kerr Mr. Dennis Kessler Ms. Sandra Knight Mr. Thomas Kreuder Mr. John Laluk Ms. Dulcy Lecour Mr. Michael Leone Ms. Regina Lettieri Mr. John Leuthe Ms. Barbara Lewandowski Ms. Amy Lill Mr. Stuart Ludwig Mr. Christopher Maugans Mr. Ross McIntyre Mr. Paul McKinnon Mr. James Miller Ms. Patricia Mulligan Ms. Amy Murphy Ms. Susan M Nardozzi Ms. Sylvia Nascimben Network For Good Ms. Jacqueline Paterniti

Ms. Jean Penny Mrs. Danis Piedad Mr. Bruno Pistrin Mr. Jeffrey Renzo Mrs. Winifred Richman Ms. Clarissa Ross Mr. Ward Ruoff Ms. Janet Rusinski Ms. Deborah Schmitt Ms. Marie Schmitz Mr. Bradley Schreiber Mr. Mark Schroeder Ms. Jo Schweitzer Mrs. Judy Silver Mr. John Slisz Mr. Donald Spasiano Ms. Barbara Springer Mr. Carl Stokes Mr. James Stranz Dr. Gary Swistak Mr. Mark Tartaro Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Tichenor Ms. Patricia Ulrich Mr. K William Velia Ms. Janet Vieau Mr. and Mrs. Henry Vitale Mr. Thomas Warren Mr. James Wasmund Mr. Dennis Webber Mr. & Mrs. Marty Weinberger Mr. Michael Weremblewski Mr. Robert Whithed Ms. Brenda Yamin Mr. Robert Zaffram Mr. Morris Ziehm $100 to $499 Ms. Janet Acara Ms. Betty Allen Ms. Joan Amico Mr. Lloyd Arakelian Mr. Neil Arnold Ms. Dorothy Askin Mr. Ronald Bagel Dr. Kenneth Barnes Mr. Derek Bateman Ms. Debra Battistella Mr. Ray Bednarski Dr. Howard Benatovich Dr. Gerald Berkowitz Ms. Robin Bobowicz Mr. Clifford Boncore Mr. John Brennan Dr. Peter Briechle Ms. Sally Bueno Ms. Janine Burton Ms. Carol Buscaglia Ms. Sabrina Caine Mr. Anthony Calandra Ms. Courtney Cameron Ms. Cam Carson Mr. Joseph Chojnacki Dr. Terence Clark Mr. Paul Creighton

Ms. Melissa Day Ms. Rowena DePerio Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Diakowsky Mr. Richard Dixon Mr. Kenneth Donaldson Mr. Frank Dulak Dr. John Eagan Eastcoast Group, LLC Mr. Mark Elevich Mr. Fabio Escobar Dr. Francis Evans Mr. John Foley The Honorable Lenora Foote Mr. Albert Frisina Ms. Mary Garlick Roll Ms. Lynn Gates Mr. James Geary Mr. Christopher Gengo Mr. John Godert Mr. Mark Goldman Mr. Joseph Gonter Mrs. Joy Goudie Ms Colleen Hannen Ms. Barbara Hapeman Mr. Gillard Harrity Mr. Edward Hempling Mr. Daniel Herbeck Ms. Joyce Hetzel Ms. Kathy Hoffman Mr. Paul Holdaway Ms. Marjorie Holland HSBC Philanthropic Programs Mr. Henry Humphreys Ms. Jane Hurley Dr. Marsha Jackson Mr. Peter Jerebko Mr. Carlton Jewitt Ms. Dorothy Johnston Ms. Annette Kajtoch Ms. Kathleen Kennedy Ms. Louise Kieffer Ms. Luanne Kingston Ms. Kristin Klein Wheaton Mr. Stanley Krasinski Mr. James Kraus Mr. Robert Kulczyk Ms. Patricia Lanz Mr. Mark Libassi Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lill Ms. Jennifer Limer Mr. Charles Lipp Mr. Kevin LoVullo Mr. Adolph Lustenberger Ms. Phyllis MacCameron Mr. James Machtel Ms. Karen Maloney Mr. Richard March Mr. Mark Martin Mr. Richard Mason Mr. Anthony Mauro Mr. Matthew Meier Ms. Lynette Meslinsky Mr. Steve Mullen

Northtown Automotive Companies Mr. & Mrs. Dan Omahen Ms. Mary Beth Orrange Dr. Wayne O’Sullivan Ms. Judith Overs Mr. Benjamin Packer Pahl Associates Marketing/ Communications Mr. Brian Perry Mr. Robert Pollock Ms. Evelyn Post-Dunn Mr. William Prosser Ms. Elizabeth Pujolas Mrs. Anna Reid Mr. Leland Reid Ms. Hope Rektorik Mr. & Mrs. Norm & Diane Reynolds Ms. Josephine Riso Mr. Luis Rodriguez Ms. Cheryl Rogowski Mr. Daniel Rypysc Dr. & Mrs. Richard Schillinger Mr. Mark Sewhuk Mr. Gerard Sheldon Mr. John Sherman Skrobacz & Company, CPA Dr. Joseph Sowinski Mr. Franklin Spina LTD St. Lawrence Business Consultants Ms. Pamela Stachowski Ms. Lynda Stephens Ms. Suzanne Stucker Ms. Susan Swarts Mr. Robert Szynkowski Mr. William Tate Mr. & Mrs. Tim & Colleen Tevens Mr. Earl Timm Dr. William Tobin United Way of Buffalo & Erie County Ms. Audrey Vernon Ms. Mary Vrenna Ms. Sandra Wagner Dr. Richard Waterstrat Mr. Christopher Watson Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Weaver Weldrite Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yalowich Mr. Julius Zebehazy Dr. Kenneth Zieminski $500 to $999 Mr. John Alofs Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Maryalice Bagel Dr. Timothy Callan CC Products, Inc Ms. Mary Clancy Mr. Kenneth Duke Mr. John Elmore Mr. Michael Flanagan

Mrs. Moira Goldfarb Luxottica Retail Mr. Frank Marracino Mr. Douglas McLeod Mr. Erikson Neilans Optician Society & Training of WNY, Inc PremCom Corporation Ms. Carol Reis Mr. John Schiavone Mr. Thomas Schratz Mr. Mark Stachowski Ms. Rebecca Stock Western Association of Sanitarians Dr. Camille Wicher-Herlovitch Ms. Darley Willis Winning Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, PLLC $1,000 to $4,999 ASM Int’l Buffalo Chapter Confrerie De La Chaine Des Rotisseurs Foundation Mr. John Danna Ellicott Development Co. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund KeyBank National Assoc. Trust Division Ms. Louise Kowalski Mr. & Mrs. Richard Penfold Picone Construction Corporation Mrs. Cynthia Schwartz Mr. Paul Stenzel SUNY Empire Div Honors Scholarship Try-It Distributing Co., Inc. Mr. John Wright, RDH/Wright Smiles Pediatric Denistry $5,000+ Anonymous Mr. Scott Bieler Ms. Myra Conley M&T Charitable Foundation Patrick P. Lee Foundation Scott Electric Foundation, Inc. The Statler Foundation West Herr Auto Group In-Kind Donations Northtown Automotive Companies Ford Motor Company Mr. Robert Murdock/ Transitowne  Used Cars of Clarence Spectrum Dental Laboratory Transitowne CJDR of West Seneca West Herr Automotive Group West Herr Dodge, LLC


2016 annual report  
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