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ROLE PL AY December 11, 2015–February 20, 2016

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Lect ures

The visual arts exhibition features artwork that questions the way we define gender and the ­societal roles we have traditionally assigned to men and women. How can gender roles be uncomfortable? What happens when people challenge them? Participating artists include: Angela Ellsworth Jona Frank Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle Edna Lanieri Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger Lindsay Morris Nathan Vincent

Panel Discussion: What Is Gender Today?

Opening Celebration Fri, Dec 11, 5–7pm Free at The Center, Ketchum Join us as we celebrate the opening of Role Play!

Gallery Walks Tue, Dec 29 and Fri, Feb 12, 5–7pm Free at The Center, Ketchum Start your Gallery Walk at The Center!

Evening Exhibition Tours Thu, Jan 7 and Thu, Feb 11, 5:30pm Free at The Center, Ketchum Enjoy a glass of wine as you tour the exhibition with The Center’s curators and gallery guides. Para arreglar visitas guiadas en español, favor de llamar al Centro de las Artes.

Fa mily Day Mix and Match Portraits

Tue, Jan 26, 6:30pm The Liberty Theatre, Hailey Free, Ticket Required Join our panelists in a discussion of gender stereotypes today and how we envision gender defining our lives in the future. Our panelists include Dr. Virginia Husting, Director of ­Gender Studies at Boise State University; Adrien Leavitt, Criminal Defense Attorney; Kelly Miller, E ­ xecutive Director of the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and ­Domestic Violence; and Fatima Tall, Youth ­Activist, Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and ­Domestic Violence. Moderated by John Glenn.

Lecture: Laverne Cox Thu, Feb 4, 6:30pm Wood River High School Performing Arts T ­ heatre, Hailey $35 member/ $45 nonmember / $55 premium / $65 premium nonmember / $15 student Laverne Cox, an outspoken transgender ­advocate, is the first trans-woman to produce and star in her own television show, TRANSform Me, appear on the cover of Time magazine and be nominated for an Emmy. She also has a leading role on the scripted television show, Orange is the New Black. Cox inspires people to consider moving beyond gender expectations to live more authentically. The 2015–2016 Lecture Series is sponsored by Jane P. Watkins. Wood River High School student lecture series tickets have been made ­possible with support from Robin Leavitt and Terry ­Friedlander.

Sat, Jan 30, 3–5pm Free at The Center, Ketchum In addition to exploring the exhibition Role Play with Center staff and guests from The Advocates, visitors will make a Surrealistinspired portrait that visually mixes and matches a collection of elements of each maker’s unique personality.

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The atre

The Mask You Live In

Commissioned Monlogues by Bo Wilson, Russell Simone Wilson and Irene Ziegler

Thu, Dec 10, 7pm Magic Lantern Cinemas, Ketchum $10 / $12 nonmember The Mask You Live In follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. Pressured by the media, their peer groups and even the adults in their lives, our ­protagonists confront ­messages ­encouraging them to disconnect from their emotions, ­devalue authentic friendships, ­objectify and d ­ egrade women and resolve conflicts through violence. These gender stereotypes i­nterconnect with race, class and circumstance to create a maze of i­dentity issues boys and young men must navigate to become “real” men. Experts in ­neuroscience, ­psychology, ­sociology, sports, education and media also weigh in, ­offering ­empirical evidence of the “boy crisis” and tactics to combat it. (From The Representation Project website.) This screening of The Mask You Live In is ­presented in collaboration with The Advocates. After the film, we welcome the audience to stay for a post-screening discussion with local ­students. 97 minutes.

Girl Inside Thu, Jan 28, 7pm Magic Lantern Cinemas, Ketchum $10 / $12 nonmember Following 26-year-old Madison during a ­crucial three years of her transition from male to female, Girl Inside tracks her emotional, intellectual and spiritual journey of self-discovery that is as ­important as—if not more than—the ­physical journey of hormones and surgery. Sharing the spotlight is Vivien, Madison’s glamorous 80-yearold grandmother, who has taken on the job of ­advising her on all things feminine. While Vivien’s attempts to school Madison in old-­fashioned codes of fashion and behavior are often ­hilarious, the juxtaposition of two vastly different ­experiences of womanhood, from very distinct generations, raises profound issues about the nature of gender, femininity and sexuality. 70 minutes.

Company of Fools has commissioned three dynamic monologues on gender that will be ­performed in various sites throughout the run of this BIG IDEA project. Look for performances before, during or after events like the ­exhibition opening or gallery walks, lectures, films or ­readings, or at other programs that are part of Role Play. A spoken-word piece entitled ­Daughter tells of a young woman’s hope to empower her future daughter with the tools to navigate a world that often attempts to rob women of self-ownership. Luna captures a female wolf’s riff on the benefits of mating for life—or not. Homily relates a p ­ astor’s desire for his congregation to search their souls on judgment as it pertains to ­transgender ­individuals. You never know which monologue will…pop-up!

Company Of Fools Play Reading Casa Valentina by Harvey Fierstein Sat, Jan 16, 6:30pm The Liberty Theatre, Hailey Suggested Donation $10 Set in the idyllic Catskill Mountains in the 1960s, Casa Valentina is a discreet venue for men who enjoy dressing up and acting as women. When the opportunity to become an official ­organization arises, Casa Valentina must decide whether this would help their clientele gain recognition in ­society or wreak havoc on their personal lives. Under Core Company Artist Denise Simone’s direction, the cast features Andrew Alburger, Scott Creighton, John Glenn, David Janeski, Keith Moore, Cameron Needham, Joel Vilinsky and Patsy Wygle.

Sun Valley Center for the Arts


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ROLE PL AY December 11, 2015–February 20, 2016 A B ig Ide a Project of t he Su n Va l l ey C en t er fo r t he a rts

Center hours & location in Ketchum: Mon–Fri 9am–5pm, Sats in Feb 11am–5pm 191 Fifth Street East, Ketchum, Idaho Sun Valley Center for the Arts P.O. Box 656, Sun Valley, ID 83353 208.726.9491 208.578.9122 110 N. Main Street, Hailey, Idaho

Cover: Angela Ellsworth, Seer Bonnet XIX: Flora Ann, 2011, 24,182 pearl corsage pins, fabric, steel, wood, courtesy Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix Mailer: Miller & Shellabarger, Untitled Cameo (Beards with Bow), 2009, carved sardonic shell on sterling silver mount, courtesy the artists and Western Exhibitions, Chicago Introduction Panels: Nathan Vincent, Locker Room (detail), 2011, Lion Brand Yarn, foam, wood, courtesy the artist and Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, New York; Lindsay Morris, Meadow from You Are You, 2012, archival pigment print, courtesy the artist Inside: Edna Lanieri, Geni, 2012, digital archival inkjet print, courtesy the artist Jona Frank, James. Wirral Club from The Modern Kids, 2013, archival ­pigment print, courtesy the artist and De Soto Gallery, Venice, CA Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, The Debutante, 2014–15, India ink, acrylic paint and polyfilm on wood panel, courtesy Jenkins Johnson Gallery and the artist Miller & Shellabarger, Untitled (Crochet, Chicago, Illinois), 2014, archival dye-jet print, ed. 3, 1 AP, courtesy the artists and Western Exhibitions, Chicago

ROLE PLAY December 11, 2015–February 20, 2016 Sun Valley Center for the Arts How do we define gender in the 21st century? It’s a question that has ­become the subject of national ­conversation over the past decade. The way we understand gender is shifting— moving away from binary opposition (male versus female) toward a looser definition that offers more freedom in describing and determining gender identity regardless of biology. At the same time, traditional expectations of male and female gender roles remain embedded in our culture in sometimes surprising ways.

This project asks questions to inspire dialogue. How have we as a nation transcended gender stereotypes? Where do they still exist? Has the emergence of prominent transgendered men and women changed the way we think about gender? What will more fluid definitions of gender mean for how we organize our society and raise our children? We offer this BIG IDEA project as an opportunity for us all to join in the conversation about how we understand gender today.

Role Play: Changing Ideas about Gender BIG IDEA & Exhibition