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WHERE WAT E R M E L O N S J O I N T H E N AV Y & S TA R F I S H H E A D FOR THE RIVIERA The sun is shining, the water is warm, surf is up and the day is long and lazy. Everything’s better at the beach, especially when girls are looking gorgeous, boys are looking cool, and everyone is safer in the sun. Sunuva’s got it covered, for girls and boys from 3 months to 14 years.

It all began in the May half term 2007


I T ’ S A L L D OW N TO OUR KIDS You know how it is. You’re enjoying a great family holiday, your children happen to recognise one of their friends from nursery, and suddenly as parents you’re chatting around the pool about a shared love of travel, family life, and the need to dress your kids in sun protective swimwear. Only then do you realise that you also share a mutual frustration at the lack of stylish UV protective swimwear out there, swimwear that protects your kids without any compromise on design. And suddenly an idea is born – gorgeous swimwear for kids with UV protective suntops and beachwear that style conscious parents will adore and cool kids will love to wear. Thanks to our children, that’s how it all began, on a family holiday back in 2007.

THEY’RE SAFER IN THE SUN T H E B R I T I S H S K I N F O U N D AT I O N VA L I D AT E S U N U VA’ S U P F 5 0 + S W I M W E A R Sunuva are proud to support The British Skin Foundation. It is the only charity in the UK dedicated to fighting skin disease and skin cancer. 100% of everything they raise goes straight towards funding research. We are proud to announce that The British Skin Foundation validate Sunuva’s range of UPF50+ swimwear.

Since launching Sunuva, we’ve established it as a global fashion brand for kids and we’re very proud to see our collections featured in major department stores around the world, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Barneys and Bloomingdales, as well as independent boutiques and luxury international resorts. Being as passionate as we are about Sunuva means we’re always developing our range, and today the collection features gorgeous dresses, kaftans and playsuits for girls, as well as cool linens and t-shirts for the boys. Design is so important to us too, and working with our team in London we create a unique new collection of prints every season, inspired by our favourite destinations and our most memorable journeys. Protection from the sun also remains a high priority and all of our Sunuva swimwear is made from the highest quality UPF 50+ fabric which blocks out more than 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. Our validation by the British Skin Foundation means as much to us as it will to you, after all it’s one of the reasons our brand was born.

So, now it’s time for the ‘ta-da’ moment, cue the drum-roll, and please allow us to introduce ‘the all-new Sunuva Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, where watermelons join the navy, starfish head for the Riviera, and zebras just love to surf’.

With our fresh prints, new styles and updated favourites, we’re pretty sure we’ve got something to suit every beachcomber – from the coolest of crocodiles and the punkiest of pineapples to the most folky bohemians and patchwork hearts.

For the girls we celebrate fluttering fabrics and contemporary cool. We have friendship close to our hearts and we introduce influences from Mexico and India. For the boys we go on tropical adventures into the jungle and under the sea.

Welcome to Sunuva 2016 - we hope you love it as much as we do.


EXCLUSIVE NEW 2016 PRINTS Inspired by travel, friendship and fun on tropical beaches and lovingly crafted in our own London studio, our new and exclusive range of prints is brought together with gorgeous swimwear design and cool co-ordinating beachwear.

Sunuva’s got it covered, let’s hit the beach.

WHERE GIRLS MAKE TRACKS & T R OT D OW N TO THE BEACH 2016 GIRLS COLLECTION Our new spring/summer collection says it’s time for Friendships to Blossom down at the beach. Girls who love to stay cool when the going gets Tropical can share a slice of Watermelon, grab a Boho Bandana and stay safe in the sun. Sunuva’s got it covered, let’s go horse around.


WAT E R M E L O N Get your juicy watermelon here. They’ll be chilled, refreshed and feeling good after a long day in the sunshine with a lovely slice of watermelon.

Girls Watermelon Rash Vest

Girls Watermelon Swimsuit

Girls Watermelon Bikini

Girls Watermelon Floatsuit

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6250

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6252

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6251

1-2 YRS – 3-4 YRS S6253

Girls Watermelon Frill Pant

Girls Watermelon Kaftan Dress

Girls Neon Red Tie Dye Dress

3-6 MTHS – 3-4 YRS S6254

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6256

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6330


FOLK Arriba, arriba, andale, andale. Now is the time to get inspired by Mexican folk embroidery and get noticed at the beach with a splash of neon.

Girls Folk Rash Vest 1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6270

Girls Folk Swimsuit

Girls Folk Bikini

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6272

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6271

Girls Folk Embroidered Dress

Girls Neon & White Cheesecloth Dress

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6273

1-2 YRS - 13–14YRS S6504


B LO SS O M Yellow is the colour of sunrays. Spring has sprung along the shore and Japanese cherry blossom is making the prettiest little rays of sunshine.

Girls Blossom Rash Vest

Girls Blossom Swimsuit

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6190

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6192

Girls Blossom Floatsuit

Girls Blossom Smock Top Dress

1-2 YRS – 3-4 YRS S6195

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6194

Girls Blossom Bikini

Girls Yellow Frill Dress

Girls Blossom Frill Pant

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6191

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6336

3-6 MTHS – 3-4 YRS S6193


PAT C H W O R K H E A R T Love them to bits. We guarantee your heart will melt when you see them in this crafty medley inspired by traditional patchwork.

Girls Patchwork Heart Rash Vest

Girls Patchwork Heart Swimsuit

3-6 MTHS – 5-6 YRS S6200

3-6 MTHS – 5-6 YRS S6202

Girls Patchwork Heart Floatsuit

Girls Patchwork Heart Embroidered Dress

1-2 YRS – 3-4 YRS S6203

Girls Patchwork Heart Frill Pant 3-6 MTHS – 3-4 YRS S6204

Girls Patchwork Heart Bikini 1-2 YRS – 5-6 YRS S6201

6-12 MTHS – 5-6 YRS S6205


REVERSIBLE HEART Decisions, decisions. When a girl can’t decide what to wear, she can have a morning that’s just peachy and a berry happy afternoon.

Girls Reversible Rash Vest 1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6310

Girls Reversible Stripe Swimsuit

Girls Reversible Stripe Bikini 1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6311

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6312

S TA R F I S H Twinkle, twinkle little stars. They’ll do just that in an undersea collection where starfish and seahorses settle down on deck chair stripes.

Girls Starfish Rash Vest

Girls Starfish Swimsuit

Girls Starfish Bikini

Girls Starfish Kaftan Dress

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6300

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6302

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6301

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6303

Girls Starfish Frill Pant

Girls Red & White Stripe Playsuit

3-6 MTHS – 3-4 YRS S6305

1-2 YRS - 13–14YRS S6503


TOW E L L I N G The sun’s going down and it’s a wrap. When it’s time to step off the sand there’s nothing better than wrapping up in some super luxurious towelling.

Girls White with Neon Pink Towelling Bomber & Short Set

Girls White Towelling Hoody

Girls Pink Towelling Hoody

Girls Aqua Towelling Hoody

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6326

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6321

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6320

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6322


TROPICAL Float like a butterfly. Head down to the beach for a rainforest inspired adventure, and be showered in pretty flowers and sunshine.

Girls Tropical Rash Vest

Girls Tropical Swimsuit

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6240

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6242

Girls Tropical Frill Pant

Girls Tropical Swim Short

Girls Tropical Bikini

Girls Pink Frill Dress

3-6 MTHS – 3-4 YRS S6243

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6244

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6241

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6335


B O H O B A N DA N A Hippy days are happy days. When boho style goes down to the beach and sits in the pastel shade, it all adds up to a summer they’ll love.

Girls Boho Bandana Rash Vest

Girls Boho Bandana Swimsuit

Girls Boho Bandana Bikini

Girls Baby Pink Beaded Dress

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6210

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6292

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6291

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6337

Girls Friendship Bracelets Rash Vest

Girls Friendship Bracelets Swimsuit

Girls Friendship Bracelets Bikini

Girls Neon Pink Tie Dye Dress

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6230

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6232

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6231

1-2 YRS - 13–14YRS S6505

Girls Pale Turquoise Boho Dress

Girls Turquoise Tie Dye Dress

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6340

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6329

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS Forever and a day. A summer’s day on a sandy beach, bright bracelets are swopped and friendships made that last a lifetime.


CORAL SHELLS The sound of the sea. One look at the delicate detail of our coral shells and they’re already hearing the waves breaking on the reef.

Girls Ombre Coral Shells Rash Vest 1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6286

Girls Coral Shells Bikini

Girls Coral Shells Swimsuit

Girls Coral Shells Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6281

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6282

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6284

Girls Coral Shells Smock Top Dress 1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6285

Girls Baby Blue Beaded Dress 1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6346


PA I S L E Y Let’s make pretty patterns. Take soft milky pastels and light bright colours, stir together with some happy squiggles and up pops paisley.

Girls Ombre Paisley Rash Vest

Girls Paisley Swimsuit

Girls Paisley Bikini

Girls Paisley Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6290

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6212

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6211

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6213

Girls Pale Pink Boho Dress

Girls Mint Green Beaded Dress

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6339

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6338

WHERE B O Y S C AT C H CROCODILES AND MAKE IT SNAPPY 2 0 1 6 B OYS CO L L E C T I O N Our latest collection for boys has got everything they’ll need for those castaway days at the beach. We’ve got Crocodiles that are cool, Pineapples that are punk, Zebras that just love to surf, and Toucans that keep them safer in the sun. Sunuva’s got it covered, let’s go Jelly-fishin’.


RIVIERA Ooh la la, tres bien. Stylish and chic, just like the famously fashionable coastline in the South of France that inspired our designs.

Boys Riviera Rash Vest

Boys Riviera Swim Short

Boys Riviera Swim Trunks

Boys Riviera Floatsuit

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6070

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6071

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6073

1-2 YRS – 3-4 YRS S6072

N AV Y S T R I P E Aye, aye, captain. It’s all hands on deck, so let’s salute the splash of neon that’s joined the navy and help them earn their stripes.

Boys Navy Stripe Rash Vest

Boys Navy Stripe Swim Short

Boys Navy Stripe Swim Trunks

Boys Navy Stripe T-Shirt

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6100

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6101

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6103

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6102


TOW E L L I N G For land lovers. When it’s time for dry land, wrap them up in warm and stylish towelling designed for the perfect shore leave.

Boys Navy Towelling Polo Shirt

Boys White Towelling Polo Shirt

Boys Navy & White Towelling Hoody

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6171

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6170

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6180

J E L LY F I S H With a sting in the tail. Look out here he comes, but here’s the thing, this is one jellyfish that you’ll be very happy to meet in the sea.

Boys Jellyfish Rash Vest

Boys Jellyfish Swim Short

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6030

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6031


C A M O S TA R Now you see him. And now you see him some more, because there’s no hiding place at the beach for this stand out superstar.

Boys Camo Star Swim Trunks 3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6024

Boys Camo Star Rash Vest

Boys Camo Star Floatsuit

Boys Camo Star T-Shirt

Boys Camo Star Swim Short

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6020

1-2 YRS – 3-4 YRS S6023

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6022

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6021

TO U C A N Toucan, Play at that game. Fun in the sun, games on the beach, inspired by days of adventure in the steamy jungles of Costa Rica.

Boys Toucan Rash Vest

Boys Toucan Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6090

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6091

B O H O B A N DA N A Just chillin’. They’re safer in the sun and you don’t have to worry about a thing while they’re chillin’ at the beach boho style.

Boys Boho Bandana Rash Vest

Boys Boho Bandana Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6110

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6111


CROCODILE Snappy dressers. A dangerous dash of neon makes these crocodiles even snappier, but fear not, it’s safe to go in the water.

Boys Crocodile Rash Vest 3-6 MTHS – 5-6 YRS S6060

Boys Crocodile Swim Short 3-6 MTHS – 5-6 YRS S6061

Boys Crocodile Floatsuit 1-2 YRS – 3-4 YRS S6062

ZEBRA Straight from the Serengeti. Seriously though, Zebras really can go surfing, it’s all down here in black and white, oh, and grey, and yellow.

Boys Zebra Rash Vest

Boys Zebra Swim Short

Boys Zebra T-Shirt

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6050

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6051

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6052


PUNK PINEAPPLE Tangy in tango. Let them get spiky in some punky pineapple, it stands out from the crowd and breaks the rules for swimwear.

Boys Punk Pineapple Rash Vest

Boys Punk Pineapple Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6000

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6001

PUFFER Now that’s a clever fish. Getting big and round to fool your predators, that’s almost as clever as UPF50+ protection in your swimwear.

Boys Puffer Rash Vest

Boys Puffer Swim Short

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6010

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6011

KO I F I S H Catch it if you can. This design is koi, not coy, and it’s tasty red colour and cool design means everyone will be trying to catch it.

Boys Koi Fish Rash Vest

Boys Koi Fish Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6080

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6081


CLASSIC SWIM Beachwear essentials. Classic swim shorts in a choice of colours, teamed with UPF50+ rash vests to keep them safer in the sun.

Boys Turquoise Tailored Swim Short

Boys Red Tailored Swim Short

Boys Khaki Tailored Swim Short

Boys Blue Tailored Swim Short

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6120

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6124

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6122

1-2 YRS – 13-14 YRS S6123

Boys Khaki Short Sleeve Rash Vest

Boys White Short Sleeve Rash Vest

Boys Blue Short Sleeve Rash Vest

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6126

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6127

3-6 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6125


LINENS Roll up your sleeves. Or leave them down, casual for the beach or smart for the evening, the choice is theirs with classic linen.

Boys Pale Yellow Shirt

Boys Navy Shirt

Boys White Shirt

Boys Oatmeal Shirt

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6163

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6167

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6165

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6168

Boys Khaki & White Stripe Short

Boys White Short

Boys Navy Short

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6152

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6150

6-12 MTHS – 13-14 YRS S6153


ACCESSORIES Finishing touches. From head to toe, there’s everything they’ll need for castaway days and warm summer evenings ashore.

Boys Grey Buffalo Cap

Boys Blue Captain Cap

1-4 YRS, 5-10YRS S6183

1-4 YRS, 5-10YRS S6182

Boys Grey & White Stripe Espadrille UK 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4 S6367

Girls Watermelon Espadrille

Girls Starfish Espadrille

Girls Blossom Espadrille

UK 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4 S6362

UK 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4 S6368

UK 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4 S6363

Girls Canvas Hat

Girls Canvas Print Bag

Watermelon S6342 Blossom S6344 Pink Gingham S6341 Coral Shells S6343

Watermelon S6442 Blossom S6440 Starfish S6441

Boys Natural Straw Trilby with Neon Band

Girls Cowboy Hat with Headband

One size S6185

Watermelon S6349 Blossom S6332 Tropical S6348 Coral Shells S6331

1-3 YRS, 4-8 YRS

One size

One size

Girls White with Baby Pink Towel Mini Beach Bag

Boys White with Navy Towel Mini Beach Bag

Girls “Beach Belle” Towel with Matching Jute Bag

Boys “Beach Cadet” Towel with Matching Jute Bag

One size S6410

One size S6411

One size S6447

One size S6448

FO OT P R I N TS IN THE SAND S E E N I N S U N U VA You know we don’t really like to name drop, but when the names are those of amazing parents from the worlds of music, fashion, film and sport who chose Sunuva for their own little stars, you can see why it’s hard for us to resist. But resist we will, so you’ll just have to visit the Beach Blog at and see if you can spot any famous faces for yourself.


It’s always flattering when people want to say good things about us, especially when it comes from some of the most respected editorial voices out there. Titles that have featured Sunuva include Conde Naste Traveller, Tatler, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and BA High Life. Get online at, go to the Beach Blog, click press and see what they’ve had to say about us.

This year’s photo shoot took place on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao. With its fifteen beaches, beautiful fishing villages and colourful buildings, it was one of our most stunning locations and the perfect setting to bring the new collection to life.

STO C K I STS As the global reputation of our brand continues to spread, we’re extremely happy to be judged by the company we keep. Today Sunuva is in the very best department stores in countries around the world, including the UK, the USA, Singapore and Russia. You’ll find us in Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick, as well as Bloomingdales, Barneys New York, Kitson LA and Takashimaya Singapore. Sunuva also features in a number of small select boutiques. Our collections are also available at some of the world’s finest luxury resorts, including One & Only, Four Seasons, Aman Resorts. At the resorts to be seen in, we’re the brand to be seen in.

LO N D O N IS HOME Although born on a holiday, Sunuva has it’s home in North West London, where our dedicated team work tirelessly to provide the product we’re proud of.

Top: One&Only resort. Bottom: Four Seasons Hotel, Seychelles.

HEAD OFFICE 59 Goldney Road, London, W9 2AR +44 (0)20 7286 3939

Sunuva 2016 Brochure  
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