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---------- Sophia Shen


----------- Claire Low


--------- Sammi Strong


-------- Devon Saucedo


----------- Karen Situ

6 --------- Elise Saucedo 7

--------- Matthew Chen


--------- Opal Ratchye

9 ----------- Chloe Rimer 10 ----------- Alyssa Yin 11 ----------- Jennie Lin 12 ------ Riselle Nicolas 13 ----------- Michael Yu 14 ----------- Whitney Lu 15 ----------- Clayton Au


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Bullet journaling has been a big part of my life for the past year and a half. There are so many different aspects that I could talk about, but I am most excited to get you started on your own bullet journaling journey! When I first started, the hardest part was actually finding which supplies to use, so keep reading to find out my favorite recommendations and tips! The sheer number of different bullet journal and pen brands can be overwhelming. With such a huge selection to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which stationary is best for you. I recommend starting small with your pen collection and building off of that as you continue to develop your own style and preferences.

Lemome Bullet Journal

Lemome is a popular brand for

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters

Tombow Brush Pens

Zebra Mildliner highlighters

Tombow is also a very popular brand of brush pens, known for their quality and selection of colors. They are also dual ended, with a wider brush tip on one end and a fine marker on the other. Although a bit on the expensive side, they’re a good investment as they offer great reliability and should last a long time.

bullet journals, known for its

are known for their pastel

heavy GSM (Grams per Square

colors, and are a personal

Meter), meaning it has thicker

favorite of mine. Although they

paper, which is great because

are highlighters, in no way

it lessens the chance of your

does that limit the ways you

ink bleeding through the pages.

may use them. They are also

The price ranges between $11-14

dual ended, with a highlighter

per journal, depending on the color.

tip on one end and a marker tip on the other. A great investment, they can be used for multiple purposes and come in an assortment of unique colors.



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"I Just Want a Sandwich�



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B l a c k L i ve s M at te r



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Owls We’ve been friends for a long time. You’ve been a constant in my life, since long before I knew what I needed. By your side, every lunch for as long as I’ve known you. I would have no idea where to sit, how to exist, without you. We’ve had some great times together. When the strings of life didn’t conspire to pull us apart, we saw orange and blue sunsets and the insides of cars on long roadtrips. Through the memorable and the mediocre, I’ve stuck around for you. Even when I told myself I had enough and could take absolutely no more, I still gave you a second, a third, and a thousandth chance. But you wouldn’t know; I don’t think you quite understand me. You don’t really see me the way I see you completely. All you perceive are fragments, discarding parts of me you’d rather ignore. You wrote me into your story once, and I played the part you directed - forever happy to act however you asked. You let me into your world on the condition that I stayed the way you imagined me - as an owl, with a tranquil face, an air of mystery, and a nose stuck in a book. If living in the skin of an owl were the single toll to enter your world, I would pay it gladly. I forget sometimes that the affection you showed for my shell was not affection for me. You liked the image of me, then used and discarded it to fit your aesthetic. If I am an owl, let me re-introduce myself. If you’d only cared enough to do the smallest bit of research, you would’ve known that great horned owls kill animals up to three times their weight. It’s remarkable how an owl can kill a large animal, like a cat. An article I came across said, “If it doesn't look up and spot the owl, the first hint that something is wrong, may be its last thought in life, when it feels the owl's talons penetrate its back, crushing its spine.” You have a cat, don’t you? I wouldn’t ever want to attack you, but what else did you expect? Please, don’t insist on remembering me as an owl, simple and booksmart. There are more sides to me, to everyone, and I know you know that. I can see you struggling to stuff the complexities of people behind façades you’ve constructed. I watch you get uncomfortable and panic, when you know you’re losing grip - you try to deny it, but you know the truth. And It’s waiting for acknowledgment.

The Great Horned Owl: Greatest Adirondack Predator?



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MANO PO A sign of respect/greeting offered by yungins to an elder. One thing I’ve been told constantly since I was younger was to respect yo’ elders! I’m so grateful to my parents for teaching my cousins and I to mano our relatives when they come visit. The mano is a simple gesture in which the yungins takes the elder’s hand and connects it to their own forehead. Although we got scolded everytime we forgot to mano, I’m glad my family instilled this in us.

HARANA A Filipino courtship tradition that allows young men to serenade young women. I find this way of forming relationships to be more authentic and heartwarming, especially since the present day version has become, “I think we met on Snap?” Harana gives couples great opportunities to take pride in how they began dating, which can then turn into stories that are passed down to their children. I’d be cool if people would partake in this tradition a little more often.


The ‘dance on a bench’ is not for nubes! As if dancing on thin benches wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, sayaw sa bangko intensifies as the dancers stack benches on top of each other and start jumping around. Needless to say, anyone who has tried this dance is the freaking coolest. Don’t try this when you’re home alone!

TINIKLING This dance imitates a bird and involves dancing rhythmically to the beat of two bamboo sticks Although I’m not skilled enough to try this dance without falling, I’m hella proud of my peers who can represent our Filipino roots through tinikling! I am fascinated by how dancers time their steps in and out of the sticks on the ground, without their ankles being caught in them.



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SUNSET MiCRO WAVE Sunset Micro Wave is the first edition of our official Sunset Media Wave magazine. The work we’ve made is our creative response to the pandemic and the solitude that we all face as a result of the longstanding quarantine in San Francisco. During the best of times, our art is what sustains us and brings us together as a community, but during this crisis it has become even more important. For many of us, creativity is the lifeline that keeps us healthy, sane, excited and connected. Although we have come together to support one another, the work in this zine also speaks to the self-reliance and determination of each contributor. Here’s to all the breakthroughs, big and small, communal and private, that led to the creation of Sunset Micro Wave! Stay healthy and keep fighting for a better world:

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE Editors Jon Bernson Rachelle Banares Michael Falsetto-Mapp Connie Liu Layout Design Jacob Thompson Special Thanks: Michelle Ton (for the cover photo), Matt Pemberton, Helen Lee, Sasha Nakamura, Devon Saucedo, Campbell Gee, Leah O'Neil, Glenn Jackson, Mandy MacGowen, Ella Boyd-Wong, everyone at SNBC, BACR & DCYF. IG: @SUNSETMEDIAWAVE /// ONLINE: SUNSETMEDIAWAVE.ORG

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