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AWESOME AUSTRALIA Discover the Outback Sun, Sea & Surf in Sydney Heavenly Hugh Jackman

YVES SAINT LAURENT Fashion fades, but style is eternal BMW GRAN LUSSO COUPÉ German precision meets Italian elegance



AWESOME AUSTRALIA Discover the Outback Sun, Sea & Surf in Sydney New World Wines

YVES SAINT LAURENT Fashion fades, but style is eternal BMW GRAN LUSSO COUPÉ German precision meets Italian elegance


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THE FIRST WORD This month we travel across the globe to Australia “the land of plenty” and take a look at this country of contradictions with its ancestral heritage but new world status. We chart the meteoric rise of Australia’s famous son Hugh Jackman, and explore the beauty of the awe inspiring outback and cosmopolitan Sydney. As our regular readers will know Sunsearch Magazine is dedicated to highlighting the plight of planets endangered animals with the help of WWF and this month we focus our attention on one of the seven natural wonders of the world The Great Barrier Reef. This month we introduce our newest feature “Weekend Getaways”, where each and every month we will spotlight locations from around the world which are easily accessible from either Malaga or Gibraltar airport, so now there’s no excuse to recharge those batteries! In addition we also bring you are regular features on fashion and this month we take a look at the legendary Yves Saint Laurent, the man who was a genius who knew how to dress a woman to make her look like a woman “Chanel gave women freedom. Yves Saint Laurent gave them power” PIERRE BERGE, FORMER PARTNER

We bring you all the latest beauty and health news and for our male readers feature two super cool cars the Koenigsegg Agera and the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe. If that’s not enough we circumnavigate the globe aboard the luxurious The World Residences at Sea, and have a sneak peek at what this year’s Monaco Yacht Show has on offer. Happy reading!

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Weekend Getaways - Frankfurt

Hugh Jackman - Jack of all Trades

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Weekend Breaks and Getaways We all need a weekend away to recharge our batteries now and again. The Costa del Sol is a favourite tourist destination but for those of us who reside here the thought of jumping on a plane and being somewhere else in a matter of few hours is very tempting. With many European routes leaving Malaga & Gibraltar airports the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller indeed!



Frankfurt Museum of truth, beauty and virtue

Flight Time: 3hrs 2 mins SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE



ost people associate Frankfurt with brokers, banks, stocks and shares and they wouldn’t be wrong, but there is much more to the city than just big business. Frankfurt does, after all, have an unrivalled museum scene.

The museum embankment on the southern bank of the Main is a wonder to behold, in particular the magnificent Städel Institute of Art with the Municipal Gallery. Situated in the heart of Frankfurt’s museum mile, this is one of Germany’s preeminent art galleries and features masterpieces spanning nine centuries of European art. The recently opened underground extension houses a collection of works from 1945 onwards, including such famous names as Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter. To the east of the gallery you will find the film museum and the architecture museum, which in itself is an innovative and unconventional example of building design. And just a stone’s throw from there stands the Museum of Applied Art (MAK). A thousand years of arts and crafts are represented in this striking building designed by American architect Richard Meier. On the opposite riverbank, again only a few minutes away, the Museum of Modern Art (MMK) designed by Hans Hollein is well worth a visit. As is the Schirn Kunsthalle gallery, which has made a name for itself as a leading exhibition house in Germany and Europe. There are also a number of smaller galleries around the cathedral, some of which are less main stream




but feature exceptional displays of art nonetheless. You can even admire art in the metro system. The Jewish Museum, housed within the historical rooms of the former Rothschild Palace, and its Judengasse branch bear witness to this past with both sensitivity and accuracy. Dining out, then Frankfurt has an extremely wide array of options for the gourmet public, ranging from modern eating houses serving exotic dishes to local diners with delicious homemade cooking. There are also many places serving specialties from the Balkan region, Greece and Turkey, besides the classic Italian, French and Oriental dishes. Although low in numbers, some restaurants offer Russian cuisine and dishes from other former socialist countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The best places to go for a quick bite are the Imbiss, fast food bars where you eat standing at the bar, served with a variety of meatballs, sauces, hamburgers and potatoes; the best also offer soups, cutlets, chops, barbecued chicken and salads.Many eating places (Gaststätte, Gasthaus, Gasthof, Brauhaus or Wirtschaft) belong to a beer brewery and serve as a meeting place, ideal for a drink

and most importantly, inexpensive. They serve homemade German cooking and servings tend to be generous. Main dishes are based on pork, generally of prime quality, with a large variety of sauces on the side. On Grosse Bockenheimer Street you will come across the most elegant and sophisticated restaurants. Sachsenhausen, on the north bank of the Main River, is a cuisine area devoted to typical dishes - such as smoked pork chops or the frankfurter, the original sausage with green sauce served with boiled meat or eggs; this area is a mustsee for those who enjoy the good life. Most restaurants are situated in an area known as Alt Sachsenhausen, a network of streets around the Affentor square, where stores selling cider (Apfelwein or Ebbelwoi) also abound. It might be more serious, but the financial district is well worth a visit for a true taste of Frankfurt. The towering banks and office blocks form Europe’s most impressive skyline, and Frankfurt’s ultimate landmark. But rest assured, the art found in this part of the city is also of international standing. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and DZ Bank own art collections any museum would be proud of, and these are opened to the public at certain times. Skyscrapers as art galleries? Only in Frankfurt.







He is the man of the moment, a charismatic song -and-dance man with a serious ripped body. But who is the man behind the muscles, the sideburns and those retractable claws?


orn in 1968 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Hugh Michael Jackman is the youngest of five children and was the first generation of children born in Australia to English parents who had migrated to Australia as ‘Ten Pound Poms’ an Australian government’s scheme which had been devised to encourage skilled migration. His father, Chris, took to life in Australia well and knuckled down as a hard-working accountant but his mother, Grace, did not adapt so well, suffering from suspected post natal depression meant Hugh began the first 18months of his life living with his godparents.

Growing up Hugh’s father played a important role in his life, sadly unable to cope with life in Australia his mother Grace left and returned to England leaving Chris to bring up their five children, as a devout Christian Chris drew strength from his beliefs and through single handed discipline and hand me downs he saw Hugh excel academically. Hugh first attended the Pymble Public primary school in Sydney and then later attended the high-achieving allboys school, Knox Grammar, where he was an all-rounder showing an passion for sports and dance. After completing his education at Sydney’s University of Technology, and receiving a B.A. degree in Communications and Journalism, Hugh switched to acting and joined “The Journey,” a year acting program held at the Actors Centre in Sydney in 1991, it was here that Hugh’s talents became evident he turned down a role on the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, to continue his studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth from where he graduated in 1994.

Those three years were probably one of the happiest times of my life. We’d do Shakespeare, then circus skills and singing and dancing. It is a quality that seems to tap into my surname, Jack of all trades Hugh Jackman



Erskineville Kings During those early lean years Hugh made his living as a clown at children’s parties, and worked in restaurants and gas stations, before receiving his first television break in 1995, in Correlli, a popular Australian prison drama. Hugh aged 26, played the role of a violent and manipulative but insidiously attractive prison inmate Kevin Jones who falls for his counsellor played by his future wife Deborrah-lee Furness (pictured above). The success of the series, combined with Hugh’s good acting skills helped him win a recurring role the following year in another television series, Snowy River: The McGregor Saga. His relaxed and natural presence was soon tapped for hosting duties or television guest appearances and offers began to flood in. In 1996, Hugh was hailed as one of the most promising newcomers in musical theatre when he was cast in a Melbourne production of Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, essaying the supporting part of macho villain, Gaston. The tall and muscular Hugh still had to wear prosthetic pieces to pull off the exaggerated build of the character, but even with this added padding, his spot-on portrayal complete with appropriate pomp and swagger shone through. Hugh followed up by playing hack screenwriter Joe Gillis in Trevor Nunn’s Melbourne production of Sunset Boulevard, easily making the transition from his previously larger-than-life boaster to the Hollywood-fuelled broken man cynicism of Gillis. His good acting handed him a Variety Club award for Musical Theatre Performer of the Year and a Mo for Musical Theatre Performer of the Year in 1997. Trevor Nunn was so impressed with Hugh’s work he invited him to audition at London’s National Theatre, and it was as Curly (below) in the acclaimed West End production of Oklahoma! where his strong and energetic performance earned him recognition for the country’s top theatrical honour, an Olivier Award. (Hugh also starred in the 1999 film version of Oklahoma!).

Paperback Hero

Following his successful stage performances, Hugh took the leap and in 1999 made a move to the big screen with his film debut Erskineville Kings (above), a drama examining failing relationships. This was an emotional and challenging role for an actor so new to the art of film. For his performance he won the 2000 Film Critics Circle Australia award for Best Male Actor. Hugh followed this up with a starring role in Antony J. Bowman’s amiable comedy Paperback Hero in 1999, Hugh portrayed an outback trucker who writes a sappy romance novel in his spare time and submits it to a publisher under a female pseudonym. The role was perfectly suited for the open and unpretentious actor, and Paperback Hero earned Hugh acclaim and exposed him to an international art-house audience. The new millennium saw great things for Hugh, he and his wife adopt their son Oscar, and Hugh’s big break into the big time arrived, Scottish heartthrob Dougray Scott backed out of his commitment to play the Logan / Wolverine in the first X-Men movie and Hugh was selected by the film’s director, Bryan Singer, as a last-minute replacement. This role would ultimately make Hugh a worldwide star. Hugh’s performance as Wolverine in X-Men gained positive reviews from critics and handed him a Saturn Award for Best Actor in 2001. The film was also a massive success at the box-office and became one of the biggest hits of the year. Adamant that he did not want to be typecast into the Wolverine-type action hero roles that were inevitably rolling in after his strong performance in X-Men Hugh went on to cement his position as a movie star when he was hired to star in three silver screen films during 2001. He first co-starred with Ashley Judd and Greg Kinnear in the romantic comedy Someone Like You. He then tackled the role of a computer hacker forced to participate in a major heist in the action thriller, Swordfish opposite John Travolta and his X-Men co-star Halle Berry. Hugh then starred as Leopold, opposite Meg Ryan, in the 2001 romantic comedy film Kate & Leopold, a role for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. 2003 saw Hugh once again don his sideburns and claws as Wolverine in ‘X2: X-Men United’, leading a coalition of mutants against the mutanthating General Stryker (Brian Cox) in a spectacular ending showdown. Now an international movie star, Hugh returned to his love of musical theatre and debuted on Broadway in 2003 in The Boy from Oz, where he won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a



Kate & Leopold Musical for his sensitive and flamboyant portrayal of Peter Allen, Liza Minnelli’s first ex-husband who eventually died of throat cancer. A lead role in the big budget monster thriller Van Helsing in 2004 playing the famous vampire hunter, and pairing up with the exquisite Kate Beckinsale to fight against an assortment of fictional monsters followed. This was not one of Hugh’s finest hours, as the poor writing, silly plot, overuse of poorly done special effects and lack of chemistry with Beckinsale undermined his talent. Off screen, Hugh’s good looks and muscular body had made an impact he was listed as one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World for five years straight, from 2000 through 2004 and in July 2005 Hugh and Deborra-Lee’s second adopted child, Ava Eliot Jackman was born. Having being considered for the next James Bond (which eventually went to Daniel Craig), Hugh returned to his now-familiar role of Wolverine in X-Men: The Last Stand in 2006, taking on Vinnie Jones’ Juggernaut in a Team Professor X vs. Team Magneto battle royale. His next film was Hugh’s most challenging yet, playing three characters in Darren Aronofsky’s 2006 film The Fountain. Spanning almost a millennium, he plays a conquistador, research scientist and astronaut at different points of human history all in search of the secret of life. Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett were originally supposed to star, but Pitt left after major creative differences between himself and Aronofsky. Aronofsky, on a smaller budget, then cast Jackman and Rachel Weisz. En famille

Happy Feet


The ending to a prolific year for Hugh was a major role in The Prestige, telling the story of the rivalry between a pair of magicians obsessed with performing the ultimate trick. Hugh stole the show in a quality cast including co-star Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, David Bowie and Andy Serkis. Just to enhance his reputation as an all-rounder, Hugh lent his voice to two animated films: ‘Happy Feet’ and ‘Flushed Away’ which also starred Sir Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Bill Nighy, Kate Winslet and Andy Serkis.

Adding icing to the cake, the film’s release coincided with People magazine’s annual declaration that for 2008, Hugh Jackman was again the “Sexiest Man Alive.” When asked how his wife reacted, Hugh responded, “She said, ‘I could’ve told them that years ago.’ And then she

This is pretty much one of those roles that had me pinching myself all the way through the shoot. I got to shoot a big-budget, shamelessly old-fashioned romantic epic set against one of the most turbulent times in my native country’s history, while, at the same time, celebrating that country’s natural beauty, its people, its cultures.... I’ll die a happy man knowing I’ve got this film on my curriculum vitae Hugh Jackman, December, 2008

said, ‘Obviously, Brad wasn’t available this year.’ I said, you’re kidding, right? But Deb is the most unfazed person in the world.” With comic book films out grossing any other film genre at the box office once again Hugh reprised


Deception a film co-starring Ewan McGregor followed in 2008, this dark thriller barely stays on the right side of soft pornography. Jonathan McQuarry (McGregor) is an accountant with no life, until he meets the mysterious and dashing Wyatt Bose (Hugh). Suddenly, strange women start calling him to set up casual encounters for meaningless sex, no emotions, and no strings attached. Reactions to the film were lacklustre and generally apathetic. Following the disappointing turnout of the movie, Hugh went on to team up with fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman in director Baz Luhrmann’s romantic blockbuster Australia in 2008, which landed him a Teen Choice Award nomination. Although the movie received mixed reviews, it was a commercial success and went on to become the second-highest grossing Australian film of all time after the 1986 outback comedy ‘Crocodile Dundee’. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Van Helsing


his role as Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in 2009, which also starred Liev Schreiber, and Ryan Reynolds. He was a producer for the film, which was the fourth in the X-Men series and served as a prequel to the tale, going back to Marvel Comics’ fictional character Wolverine’s beginning. Hugh finished the year by co-starring with Daniel Craig on Broadway at the Schoenfeld Theatre in a limited engagement of the play A Steady Rain, which was listed at #2 on TIME Magazine’s list of top 10 plays of 2009 - 2010. Early 2010 saw Hugh co-starred in the comedy Butter alongside Jennifer Garner and Oliva Wilde and perform as the lead role in the futuristic film Real Steel. 2011 saw Hugh return to theatre “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway”. The one-man song-and-dance spectacular saw Hugh fronting an 18-piece orchestra and performing an array of songs from across the musical spectrum Rodgers and Hammerstein, American Songbook classics, movie medleys, Peter Allen pop hits. There was even a surprise musical nod to his native Australia. After a recordbreaking 10-week run the show ended to critical acclaim. This stint on Broadway was quickly followed with a big-screen version of Les Misérables in 2012. Hugh took on the role as Jean Valjean in this big-screen adaptation of the stage production Les Misérables and received an Academy Award nomination in the Best Actor Category. With thanks to | | | | | | | |

The song and dance man with Beyonce



Les Miserables

The Wolverine the fifth instalment of the X-Men saga was released in cinemas nationwide this summer and once again Hugh showcases his physic and sideburns as his character travels to Japan to train with a samurai warrior.

With his charm his wit, his talent and his obvious good looks & devilish grin Hugh Jackman has the world at his feet and it is evident that Hugh’s status among Hollywood’s A-listers means he is one of the most sought after actors and we hope that his star continues to shine brightly…







Ladymatic STARRING


Stimulate your physical, mental & emotional vigor. Evian offers fantastic taste and refreshment, with no sugar.

Invigorate your senses



b& h

eauty ealth



Eternal youth in a jar

When it comes to finding that elixir of youth it is evidently clear that the sky’s the limit - Price holds no bounds! Our obsession with maintaining a youthful, smooth and hydrated appearance goes all the way back to Cleopatra’s milk-and-honey baths. That said, although the world’s most legendary beauties regularly get expensive facials and splurge on high-tech treatments, spending over a £1’000.00 on a palm sized moisturizer must sound even excessive to them.

So what makes skin care so ridiculously expensive? Well aside from the selling power behind some of the luxury brands, trendy ingredients such as gold, platinum, minerals & caviar, intensive research, and impressive packaging are some of the main reasons for theses ever increasing prices.

Here we look at some of most expensive face creams available on the market today.

2. Orlane Creme Royale Orlane Creme Royale, one of Orlane’s most expensive products at $382 per ounce, it contains gold, which continues to be a trendy skin care ingredient for its antioxidant and skin-firming properties even though it was named “allergen of the year” in 2001 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

1. ReVive Intensite Volumizing Serum Weighing in at $600 an ounce, RéVive Intensité is one of the most expensive and prestigious creams in a market full of expensive and prestigious skin moisturizers.


Designed to erase wrinkles by enhancing facial volume and plumping skin cells, the key ingredient is the keratinocyte growth factor (KGF), a chemical that increases cell growth in the skin. KGP is reputed to help cells multiply up to eight times faster than normal. The human body produces growth factors naturally to heal wounds, but clinical studies have shown that even artificial KGF, when applied topically, can make second-degree burns heal faster. Manufacturing a substance that can accelerate the healing process is an exciting idea, especially for cosmetics companies that are always looking for ways to revitalize old or damaged skin. But there’s a catch. One of the reasons that the Intensité Voluminizing Serum is so expensive is that KGF is extremely difficult to produce a single pure gram of it is worth about $4 million, making it one of the most expensive substances on the planet. 24


3. Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream At first glance, the ingredient list for this $739-per-ounce cream doesn’t look particularly unique. But mysterious acronyms abound, such as ACE (Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme), aka vitamin A, and MACC (Methyl Aminomethylcyclohexane Carboxamide HCI), which “strengthens the functions of lymphatic channels.” Add hyaluronic acid, vitamin C-ethyl and rose fragrance made from a “rare and special variety of rose” and you’ve got yourself one complicated-sounding cream that tops even Cle de Peau other most expensive cream, La Creme, priced at $500 per ounce.

4. Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream Chantecaille’s golden-yellow-coloured cream, costs about $247 per ounce and apparently binds nanoparticles of gold to silk microfiber (protein) to deliver “healing” benefits to the skin. Most of the other ingredients, from lactic acid to pineapple juice, are included with the goal to reduce stress and promote energy -- kind of like a really expensive yoga class ... for your face.

5. La Prairie Cellular Cream Platinum Rare Perhaps one of the most recently buzzed-about creams La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare contains exactly that the “most precious metal on earth.” Contrary to popular belief, at $588 per ounce, it’s not the most expensive or “over-priced” skin cream in the world.

6. Kanebo - Sensai Collection Premier The Cream This cult-favourite moisturizer costs about $464 per ounce, but there’s a good reason: Sensai claims it is the first line to introduce super-fine Koishimaru silk, once “reserved exclusively for the Japanese Royal Family’s use,” into its skin care. Extract from the silk supposedly hydrates skin and promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis, along with the other cell-renewing stimulants in the cream such as Japanese seaweed extract, beta-carotene. A cream fit for a King!










Botox Banishers


verybody wishes they could turn back the hands of time after years of forehead furrowing nearly all of us get forehead lines as we age. But luckily you no longer need to book in for Botox, here we pick some of our favourite products which work topically to reduce the appearance of ageing.



Nip & Fab Frown Fix Instant Line Filler Frown fix has been specifically designed to target the appearance of wrinkles with active ingredients. A concentrated formula that instantly plumps + soothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles. Packed with amino acids to smooth + minimise the look of expression lines, Purslane extract hydrates to tightens & Centella to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Dr Nick Lowe Dual Action Wrinkle Filler Designed to tackle troublesome lines, this cream fills and smooth’s skin from the moment you apply. Great for plumping saggy skin and calming creases.

Frownies Facial Patches Stick these patches on before bed and as you sleep cells shift to stretch the skin abd relax muscle tension which causes creases

Medik8 Pretox This professional strength muscle relaxing gel tightens muscles when applied to prevent new wrinkles appearing and ensures old ones and less prominent.





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shades of Pink from OPI Couture de Minnie Collection. Liner, glitter and gloss Oh My!

For Great Hair Colour ask your salon about Rimmel has teamed up with Kate Moss to create a line of new long lasting finish lipsticks. Kate is a long time fan of Rimmel the first lipstick she ever bought was one of theirs so it only makes sense that the two would work together. The results are definitely fab and available in 15 kick ass shades. Â They come with an awesome price tag too!

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Is ‘cupping’ a miracle cure or just a silly celebrity health fad? Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Paris Hilton, David Arquette, Lady Gaga and even tennis ace Andy Murray have endured the treatment but apart from creating silly circles on your back what is behind this alternative therapy that everyone seems to be practising


is quite easy to spot if someone practises Cupping because of the tell-tale signs evident across the persons back. Small red circular marks a bit like crop circles but on the back (and not a field) can be seen and in some cases they do look quite painful and alarming but apparently looks can be deceiving.

The practise of Cupping, which is an ancient Asian therapy, is where heated cups are placed onto the skin, creating suction that supposedly improves blood flow. Typically, a flame is first placed inside a glass or rubber cup, so the heat can create a partial vacuum, before the flame is removed and the cup held to the skin for about three minutes. Dating back 5,000 years, Cupping is one of the oldest methods of traditional Chinese medicine as a form of acupuncture, and is based on the idea that suction from the cups draws the skin up and mobilises blood and energy around the body by creating a vacuum on the patient’s skin to dispel stagnation;. stagnant blood and lymph, thereby improving qi flow to treat respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia and bronchitis. Cupping also is used on back, neck, shoulder and other musculoskeletal conditions. Its advocates say it has other applications and can be used to treat a broad range of medical conditions such as; blood disorders (anaemia, haemophilia), rheumatic diseases (arthritic joint and muscular conditions), fertility and gynaecological disorders, skin problems (eczema, acne) as well as improving general physical and psychological well-being. 36




Liquid Olive oil varieties include: Extra virgin – This oil is considered

to be the premium grade of olive oil. It is made from the first pressing of olives. The oil is extracted by the traditional cold-pressing method, where no chemicals and only a small amount of heat are applied.


– This oil is produced from the second pressing of olives or from the second-best grade of olives by cold-pressing, without use of chemicals and use of little heat.

Olive oil – Also marketed as ‘pure’

olive oil. This type of oil is nonvirgin, commercial-grade olive oil. It is ‘pure’ olive oil to the extent that it consists only of olive oil. This grade of olive oil consists of the inferior oil that is a result of subsequent pressings after the virgin oil has been extracted from lower-quality olives. This oil then undergoes a refining process involving heat, chemical solvents, high pressure and filtration treatments. This oil is then mixed with a small quantity of virgin olive oil to restore colour and flavour.


ecognised as one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet is not a creation of some doctors or nutritionist or even some media fab it is a centuries old eating lifestyle and the olive tree and its fruit plays a major part in this.

The olive tree throughout history has played an important role it has appeared so frequently within ancient mythology that even today, despite our advancements in farming and production, we are still not certain of its exact origin, but since records began olive oil has been used as a product to promote skin care or as a cooking aid.

produced, and each brings a unique flavour and quality to the oil. While some olive oils are made by blending different olive varieties together mono-varietals, monocultivar olive oils are made using just one and it is the variety of olive, along with the maturity of the fruit that contributes to most to the flavour of the oil.

So what exactly is Olive Oil? And what sets one olive oil apart from another?

Olive oils described as ‘virgin’ are those that have been obtained from the original fruit without having been synthetically treated. Once the olives have been picked, pressed, and washed, no other process has taken place other than decantation, and centrifugation to extract the oil, and filtration. The best quality of olive oil available is described as ‘extra virgin’.

Olive oil is the pure oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees. There are many different kinds of olive varieties from which oil can be


Light and extra light

– These oils are produced from the last pressing of olives. They are more refined and of lower quality than the other grades. There is little of the natural olive flavour and colour in these oils.

The health benefits of Olive Oil are extensive: Heart Disease: Olive Oil helps lower levels of blood cholesterol leading to heart disease Cancer: Studies suggest that Olive Oil exerts a protective effect against certain malignant tumours (breast, prostrate, digestive tract).

Osteoporosis: A high consumption of olive oil appears to improve bone mineralization and calcification ths preventing the onset of Osteoporosis .

Blood Pressure: Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease both systolic & diastolic blood pressure

Diabetes: It has been demonstrated that a diet rich in olive oil, low in saturated fats, moderately rich in carbohydrates and soluble fibre from fruit and vegetables is the most effective approach for diabetics. Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Although medical science cannot explain this fully yet, recent studies have shown that people with diets containing high levels of olive oil are less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.

For more information about Olive Oil visit: 38




Courtesy of



A Megawatt Smile

You can tell a lot about a person from their smile, so if this is the case what do our American friends across the pond take from the fact that us Europeans don’t have a gleaming white smile like their own. American smiles are pearly white paragons of straightness. European teeth especially, British teeth can only really be described as having character.


oday dental cosmetic surgery is a growing business and at the forefront of this is teeth whitening, not everyone wants to undergo major dental surgery to have that perfect smile but by lightening the shade of your teeth by 2-3 shades the difference to your appearance can be quite amazing. It is said that by having lighter brighter teeth you can actually reduce your age appearance by 5 years!

Speak to your dentist first

Check for the FDA seal

You use one-size-fits-all trays

Going to the dentist can be an arduous task. But it’s crucial to go every six months, especially if you’re thinking of whitening your smile because you need to first make sure that you don’t have decay. If your teeth are damaged and have holes in them, the bleaching products are going to seep into these crevices and hit nerves which can mean major pain and severe damage to your teeth.

Whitening can take a big bite out of your wallet, making it hard to resist budgetfriendly options online. But fight the urge to immediately click “buy now”. People often purchase brands online thinking there saving money and don’t realize they’re not FDAapproved which means you could be getting chemical concentrations that can damage your teeth.

While we’d all like to have a smile like Julia Robert’s, everyone’s smile is different, which means we shouldn’t be using the same size tray to whiten our teeth.

Stop relying on whitening mouth rinses

You go too far

Save your cash. This is just a marketing ploy using a rinse probably won’t give you the results you’re after plus, it could be doing more harm than good because mouth washes can be very high in alcohol content, which could be harsh on the other parts of your mouth – causing ulcers.


Whilst enhancing ones appearance is never a bad thing when it comes to making our pearly whites – white - seek advice from the professionals. WHY? With so many DIY teeth whitening kits available on the market it is difficult to tell the good from the bad plus will the product really produce the results it claims?


When you take it to an extreme trying to get your ivories stark white teeth lose their healthy sheen. Instead of looking beautiful, they get a chalky look or white splotches and look really bad. A good rule of thumb is that the colour of your teeth should match the whites of your eyes.

Custom trays make sure you get the bleach where you want it and not everywhere else. If you purchase an over the counter kit, you can actually get chemical burns on your gums. If you do go the store-bought route, be sure not to overfill the tray. More is not necessarily better!

Follow the instruction There’s a reason why your box of white strips comes with time limit instructions. Using them longer than you’re supposed to can lead to unattractive splotching on your teeth and increased sensitivity.



Beauty Fact:

The right colour lipstick can make your teeth look whiter?


hoosing the right colour lipstick can be tricky, even though you may fall in love with a lipstick shade, it doesn’t mean it’s the right colour for you. Unless your teeth are ultra-white, you need to exercise extreme caution when picking out lip colour. The wrong hue can make your natural coloured teeth resemble kernels on a corn cob a major makeup faux pas! Thankfully, flattering lipstick colours do exist that can visually transform natural coloured or slightly yellow teeth. 42


such as red-orange, coral, copper and brown hues. In other words, that delicious shade of apricot is not an option. All it will do is intensify the yellow shade on your teeth. Pale pinks, frosts and mattes accentuate stains and make your smile appeal duller.

For a smile that shines bright like a diamond: Get in touch with the blues in lipstick hues that is. Blue-based colours will create a flattering illusion that your teeth are whiter than they actually happen to be. Raspberry, wine, plum, berry, violet, icy pink and other blue-based pinks and reds all can prove perfect choices for offsetting teeth that need a little brightening boost.

Colours to Avoid:

When scoping out lipsticks, step away from any that have yellow or orange-based tones

To create an illusion of shiny teeth Try nude glosses. A glossy, shimmering formula in a classic neutral works to reflect against greying enamel.

The Test

When you see that lovely shade of lipstick in the store and hear it calling your name, keep your wits about you. Instead of making an impulse buy, take the time to find a mirror, flash a smile and hold the lipstick next to your teeth. If your teeth look more yellow with the new lip hue, ditch it. If they look whiter, the lipstick is probably a keeper.



Couture Styling







ect H


The Worldwide Property Bible,showcasing properties, here in Spain and all over the world, with features on everything needed to make a house a home from Interior design, lighting, kitchens, bespoke furniture, gardens and much more...




7 201

LIA STRA U A MckE EthSe O a Outb ydney AW r cove rf in S Su Dis s Sea & Sun, orld Wine W New




SPOTLIGHT magazine

Spotlight Magazine


www IN .issu THE UK m/s uns & SP earc h m AIN edia






eW Spain orldwide €3.95 Propert yB UK £ ible 3.50


Marriot’s Vacation Club Resort VIP Guide

A great bi-monthly guide for all of Marriott Vacation Club Resort residents on the Costa del Sol. Clients receive this guide in their welcome pack upon arrival for their stay at Marriott’s Vacation Club Resort.



Sunsearch Magazine

Sponsored by Marriott’s Vacation Club Resort, this magazine brings you high end fashion, motor news, restaurant reviews and informative features.


The Spotlight Magazine is an informative pocket size high class glossy magazine published monthly aimed to help people find individual businesses & services within a designated area.








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al M













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the bag is back in force


1. Mandarin 2. Louis Vuitton 3. Michael Kors


A girl can never have too many handbags Spacious shoppers, funky fringed handbags, cute little clutch bags and stylish every day bags all for your essentials Here we bring you some of our favorite must haves for this season.




4. Ferragamo 5. Lowe 6. Versace 7. Hermes







the classic cLUTCH 8.


10. 8. Valentino 9. Marc Jacobs 10. Hermes


11. Anya Hindmarch 12. Fendi 13.Michael Kors 14. Oscar de la Renta 12.





A utumn/WinterCollection



FV FASHION VILLA IN ELVIRIA We invite you to our monthly fashion shows, for more information please contact the store

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“Yves Saint Laurent was first with everything and has inspired practically everybody,” Vogue 2002


as born on 1st August 1932. Growing up in Oran, Algeria, the son of wealthy and prominent French parents he was a sensitive and artistic schoolboy who loved drawing and the theater, but he was mercilessly taunted by the macho sons of the other French colonists. “I didn’t have what it took to be a boy” he once reflected.

He found solace, however, in the world of fashion. He liked to create intricate paper dolls, and by his early teen years he was designing dresses for his mother and sisters. At the age of 17, a whole new world was opened up to him when his mother took him to Paris for a meeting she’d arranged with Michael de Brunhoff, the editor of French Vogue.






mpressed with his work Michael de Brunhoff encouraged Yves Saint Laurent to move to France so at the age of eighteen Yves Saint Laurent packed up and moved to Paris to study couture at the Chambre Syndicate de la Couture, his designs soon began to gain attention and thanks to the connections of Michael de Brunhoff, Yves Saint Laurent found himself with a job assisting Christian Dior. To start with he was given mundane tasks but after winning first prize in the International Wool Secretariat Contest for his cocktail dress design in 1954, Yves Saint Laurent quickly progressed through the company and in 1957 took over the house of Christian Dior, succeeding the legend himself by landing the job of Haute Couture Designer at the vulnerable age of 21.

One of his earliest looks, a black gown with a long white sash, was immortalized in Richard Avedon’s 1955 photograph Dovima with Elephants The timing couldn’t have be right for Yves Saint Laurent, 1957 was a time when politics and society was edging toward a more youthful, anti-establishment, pop culture was rebelling with the likes of Elvis and the beats and James Dean was a popular film icon. Yves Saint Laurent relished in these times sampling these new cultural dimensions incorporating them into his designs for Dior. His first collection “Dauphin of Dior” was received with critical acclaim, he feasted on the aesthetics of political protest movements, working-class uniforms and the gangster underworld but within a few seasons the titled ladies who had frequented the house began to feel alienated, they boycotted Dior unhappy with the looser shapes and brash styles. This boycott alarmed the business heads of the house so it was arranged that Yves Saint Laurent would be conscripted into the army. So, in 1960 Yves Saint Laurent found himself in the barracks back in Algeria, but his spell in the service was short lived after only nineteen days he suffered a nervous breakdown he was transferred to Val-de-Grâce, a psychiatric hospital where he underwent psychiatric treatment including electroshock therapy. This ordeal turned the shy and fragile Saint Laurent into a frightened wreck, and served as a prelude to his later drug abuse and emotional agony. With the help of his long term partner Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent was released from Val-de-Grâce in 1962, returning to Dior only to discover that his job had disappeared and he had been unscrupulously replaced by Marc Bohan. This news at first was traumatic for the young, fragile designer but with the single-minded devotion of Pierre Berge, Yves Saint Laurent successfully sued his former employers for breach of contract and was awarded £48’000.00 56


The money and the freedom soon presented Saint Laurent with a unique opportunity. In cooperation with Pierre Berge the designer resolved to open his own fashion house YSL. Over the next two decades, Yves Saint Laurent’s designs sat atop the fashion world. Models and actresses gushed over his creations. YSL is perhaps most famous for “Le Smoking” tuxedo jacket, see-through blouses, peasant blouses, bolero jackets, pantsuits and smocks. By feminizing the basic shapes of the male wardrobe, YSL set new standards for world fashion. He not only adapted the male tuxedo for women, but also safari jackets, pea jackets, and flying suits. His 1971 radical ‘40s’ collection shocked critics, as did the advertising campaign for the first YSL men’s fragrance, ‘Pour Homme’ which featured Yves Saint Laurent posing nude. The emotional seesawing of the fashion world along with Yves Saint Laurent’s drinking, drugs, and club-going, were taking their toll the house had now switched to a gruelling schedule of presenting four shows a year—

two couture and two prêt-à-porter, instead of just two couture shows and the designer was feeling increasingly shackled in his own everexpanding kingdom. The despairing designer once again suffered a nervous breakdown in 1976, it was while he lay in hospital recovering that Yves Saint Laurent conceived of his most stunning and exotic couture collection to date lush furs and foulards inspired by fantastical costumes of Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes. By the 1980s, Yves Saint Laurent had become a true icon, personally he was falling apart, but professionally he had excelled his wildest dreams he was the first designer to have a retrospective on his work at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and under the direction of Berge, who continued to manage Yves Saint Laurent’s firm even though the two had broken up in 1986, the fashion house flourished. While Yves Saint Laurent always commanded respect as an oracle touched with genius his collections would never quite regain their luster or originality some in the fashion world began to

January 2002, saw Yves Saint Laurent participate in his final show an extravagant 300-model finale at the final match of the 1998 World Cup tournament, the following year he was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award from The Council of Fashion Designers of America he then retired for good in Marrakech. In June of 2008 aged just 71, Yves Saint Laurent died from brain cancer. A few days before his death after a reconciliation he married his long-term partner Pierre Berge in a civil ceremony, his body was cremated and his ashes scattered in the Majorelle Garden in Morocco, which is aplace he regularly visited and found to be inspiring.

complain that the designer’s work had grown stale – this pushed Yves Saint Laurent further into a depressive state and soon he became reclusive fighting an addiction to alcohol and drugs. The early 1990s saw Yves Saint Laurent find some inner strength his designs were rediscovered by a fashion elite that had grown tired of the grunge movement that dominated the runways. Yves Saint Laurent, seemed too, to have conquered his demons and by the end of the decade, with Yves Saint Laurent slowing down his work pace, he and Berge had sold the company to a pharmaceuticals company, Sanofi, for approximately $600,000,000, netting the two men a fortune. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge

January 2002, Yves Saint Laurent’s final show Laetitia Casta and Catherine Deneuve showcasing 300 models 58


Catherine Deneuve once said of her friend Yves Saint Laurent that he “designs for women who lead double lives.”

Piaget unveils its Couture Précieuse Collection P

iaget, renowned Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, celebrate the launch of its stunning new Piaget Couture Précieuse High Jewellery Collection. Inspired by the exquisite detailing found in Haute Couture, the Couture Précieuse Collection is a tribute to Piaget’s more than one hundred years of skilled craftsmanship. The collection’s colour palette - black, red, and white - symbolizes feminine beauty, while highlighting three distinct inspirations: “Radiant Lace,” “Diamond Embroidery,” and “Magnificent Adornments”. These themes are all inspired by Haute Couture. “Diamond Embroidery” is a concept derived from the art of corsetry and ribbons, emphasizing the feminine silhouette. “Radiant Laces” is inspired by the detailing of Venetian lace evening gowns, once again highlighting the depth of feminine beauty through unique symbols, such as fans, lace patterns and embroidery. “Magnificent Adornments” features buttons from uniforms, “Brandebourg” elements, and tassels, to showcase even more unique feminine characteristics. The collection’s ingeniously-crafted, openwork gem-set necklaces caress the neck like a swaths of fabric, while diamond detailing gleams on the wearer’s neck and wrist, celebrating the spirit of Haute Couture and the exceptional creativity and craftsmanship of Piaget. 60


Couture Précieuse watch - Radiant Laces Inspiration This small watch with a thin strap has been created in rose gold with a white satin strap for added softness and femininity. The ultra-thin case is set with 13 brilliant-cut (approx.1.1 cts) and 12 baguette-cut diamonds (approx. 1.9 cts).

Couture Précieuse cuff watch - Diamond Embroidery Inspiration Inspired by the 1970’s the chain cuff watch showcases the traditional expertise of the Piaget chain. The dials are set with 331 brilliant cut diamonds (approx. 1.4cts) with a choice of ruby, turquoise or white coloured mother of pearl face.

Couture Précieuse necklace Magnificent Adornments Inspiration With elegance, luxury and refinement, this Piaget necklace is inspired by the decoration of male official dress uniforms. Crafted in 18K white gold set with 18 rubellite drops (approx. 38.73 cts), 370 brilliant- cut diamonds (approx. 16.04 cts), 4 pear-shaped diamonds (approx. 6.10 cts), 5 pear-shaped diamonds (approx. 4.09 cts) and 9 square-cut diamonds (approx. 2.98 cts). It highlights with exquisite delicacy the forms of a plunging neckline. With its intertwining, sensual curves, it thus enhances a dress through this motif of elegant nobility.

Couture Précieuse earrings Magnificent Adornments Inspiration These magnificent decorations are the most striking examples of style in the form of rubellites and diamonds. The rubellites seem to twirl around at the ends of shimmering strings of diamonds, like a perfectlyorchestrated waltz. Crafted in 18K white gold set with 114 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 3.30 cts), 6 pear-shaped rubellite (approx. 9.52 cts) and 4 square-cut diamonds (approx. 1.39 cts). SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE





Haute Couture Collection

The Chanel Haute Couture Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 fashion collection has been presented in the City of Light in front of an audience of fashion know-it-alls and many celebrities. Chanel’s head designer Karl Lagerfeld unveiled the showstopping collection. The latest collection sees a mix of striking dresses, luxurious fabrics, and bold designs. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


In a one word: Vunk. To be precise, Versace Punk. Donatella Versace’s fall collection sizzled with signature sex appeal but infused with a masculine restraint. Venturing into dominatrix territory with all the latex, vinyl and patent leather that appeared in trousers, PVC jeans, corsets, strips and embroideries. Very few houses have tacked onto the punk trend this fall; then again, very few houses have the innate ability to channel such a specific genre, as does Versace. Accessorized sparingly but demonstratively with embellished harnesses, nailhead earrings, oversized bracelets and studded boots, this collection was an exercise in streetwear.






Elie Saab can always be relied upon for drama, glamour, and sparkle. His Fall 2013 Couture collection included heavy doses of all three, with an array of full-length gowns in emerald green, navy blue, a deep red, silver, and cream. The models walked to the Vienne waltze and wore long dresses dotted with cr ystals, sequins and glitters embroided on fine lace or silk. 66







Misahara is a combination of designer and company founder, Lepa Roskopp’s children’s names. Inspired by her bi-cultural upbringing and global travels, Lepa Roskopp partnered with jewellery designer Susan Royce to create a line of jewellery that will last throughout the journey of life and forever.



New Adriatic Fine Jewelry Collection There unique pieces channel an upscale, gypsybohemian flair and comprise impeccable handcraftsmanship using only the finest quality gemstones and metals. This August Misahara Jewellery has launched it´s second range the “Adriatic Fine Jewellery collection” in Porto Montenegro. This Fine Jewellery collection was created with an upscale, avant-garde, timeless approach to the entire line. Each piece is hand made with one-of-a kind, Limited-edition elements, highlighted by beautiful hues of blues representing the colours of the Adriatic, yellows-oranges-purples representing the sunsets on the sea water and earth tones representing the soaring mountains. The Adriatic is home to designer Lepa Roskopp, and the design is born from her Balkan background with influences from the Mediterranean neighbours.

The Adriana Pendant Necklace Features variations of a fabulous necklace. In a stunning tribute to nature, the freeform design pendant echoes the elements of the beauty around us: a moss patch, a sea of green, a soft white cloud, a blue sky. Surrounded by sparkling, brilliant diamonds like stars in a night sky, all is set in rich 18 karat gold and finished off with our signature diamond encrusted logo detail. Each pendant hangs from a beautiful 18 karat gold chain. As is nature, these pendants truly are a work of art. Talented craftsmen cut all the stones by hand from the rough to create this extraordinary shape Variations: • White Opal • Aventurine • Adriana Green Prynite • Blue Shatukite • Blue Chalcedony DISPLAYED: Adrian Green Prynite

Pilma Earings Adriatic Collection A series of gorgeous earrings in variations of gemstone colours that emulate the sunsets, the waves, the skies and flowers.

Ari Ring OriginalCollection A delicious composition of six different shapes of gemstones all bezel-set in an oxidized 18 karat yellow gold band makes this ring simply scrumptious. A true signature piece that you can wear every day, and everywhere. Available in: Red Rubies Rainbow (A Mix of Coloured Sapphires) Blue Sapphires DISPLAYED: Blue Sapphires

San Reminiscent of the green moss decorating the seashore, this big, bold, beautifully faceted prasiolite boasts 88 carats. Encircled with white diamonds, the round pendant hangs from our signature bail also encrusted with diamonds all set in 18 karat yellow gold and suspends from an 18 karat yellow gold link chain.

A single round gemstone encircled with diamonds sits on the earlobe and then a bounteous blossom of gemstones dangles from an element meant to allow for movement. As you move, the blossom of gemstones moves with you allowing light to illuminate from every angle. Variations: Pink Sapphire Blue Sapphire and Peridot Peridot DISPLAYED: Blue Sapphire

Jansi Bracelet Original Collection This bracelet is defined by a gorgeous large oval centre stone surrounded by 1.75 carats of brilliant white diamonds on an adjustable 18-karat gold cuff. This cuff is available in 18-karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and Mexican fire opal. Variations: Black Onyx, 18-karat White Gold Black Onyx, 18-karat Yellow Gold Black Onyx, 18-karat Rose Gold DISPLAYED: Mexican Fire Opal, 18-karat Yellow Gold SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


To find out how easy it is to save money, pop in for a chat or call us on + 34 952 587 657 Quoting reference code 10387272

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is the new face for


o t long after unveiling Beyoncé as the face of its beachwear collection, Swedish retail giant H&M is on to the next campaign. Brazilian top model Gisele will be making a return to the clothing retailer as the face of its Autumn-Winter 2013 collection.

Gisele Bündchen shooting for H&M on the street of London

Gisele is one of the world’s most profitable models, having worked with a plethora of brands from Chanel and Versace to Vero Moda and Esprit. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Les Heures Fabuleuses

de Cartier Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier, a range that remains true to the brand’s tradition of expertise, sophistication and craftsmanship. With this line, the brand promises to metamorphose time, subscribing by the view that a watch can play the role of a brooch, pendant and a watch! Les Heures Fabuleuses consists of no less than 41 creations that are an extravagant expression of creativity, delight, playfulness and ingenuity. Each watch holds a special secret, from a diamond-coiled serpent that slips off the face of a watch so it may be worn as a brooch to a parrot ring that swivels its diamond-set head to reveal a dial. The animals regularly associated with Cartier, including, of course, the panther, snake and tropical birds, are present as well as more unusual creatures such as turtles and even little frogs. We see a young panther cub mischievously clambering up a baguette-diamond bracelet, her pelt resplendent in shimmering diamonds. Her little paws are curled around the bracelet as she pulls herself up to peep out at the world through her emerald-green eyes, her tail curling in delight. An elephant proudly marches across the dial of a pocket watch, his trunk waving triumphantly in the air.




Chronographe Grande Date Established in 1735, Blancpain is the oldest watch manufacture in the world, renowned as much for its superlative watches, all created in-house, as for its calibres – 26 innovations over the past seven years. The new Chronographe Grande Date is no exception to this tradition and might belong to the category of the manufactures that succeeded. From the very first glance, the shimmering mother-of-pearl dial reveals two waves of 17 variously-sized diamonds rippling out from, the offset hour and minute display with Roman numerals on a mother-of-pearl dial creates a dynamic counterpoint to the Arabic numerals on the chronograph counters. Twin apertures at 6 o’clock frame the double disc large date display. The red gold case with diamond-set bezel contains the Blancpain 26F8G calibre with its petal-shaped oscillating weight, visible through the sapphire crystal back.



HUBLOT Big Bang Caviar Red Gold and Steel Diamonds timepieces The Big Bang Caviar watches, according to the world renowned watchmaker Hublot will reportedly boast more sexiness, more elegance, more glamour and more classiness than ever. The Big Bang Caviar watches will center around two designs, steel and red gold, which both feature bezels with 36 diamonds. They are made upon the same design used for the fabled One Million $ Black Caviar and the black ceramic Big Bang Black Caviar, which has been a bestseller since its official launch, back in 2011. The two pieces, the 5N red gold Big Bang Caviar, and the new steel version, boast 41 mm cases designed sleekly and sharply, with gorgeous angles and reliefs, bevelled, cut and polished just like the black baguette diamonds on the older Black Caviar. Inside we’ll find the HUB caliber 1112 selfwinding mechanical movement, which is also responsible for the functionality of the date indicated located at 3 o’clock. The movement itself consists of 62 distinct parts and 21 jewels, and works at 28,000 vibrations per hour allowing for 42 hours of continuous use through the in-built power reserve. Furthermore, the watches boast 100 meter water resistance and silver or 5N gold coloured calfskin straps intricately sewn to a black rubber base. The two watches both boast additional versions with 36 diamonds.



The MB&F Horological Machine Nº3 Megawind Time and Power – who says you can’t have it all? Derived from the iconic HM3 series, MEGAWIND combines a giant 22k gold and titanium winding rotor with highly legible time indication cones rising up from the complex asymmetric case, like truncated gold-framed monoliths. Rotating within their twin gold and sapphire crystal frustums, the cones display hours (left) and minutes (right), with the time clearly visible from both the large numbers on the sides of the cones as well as duplicate indications on their flat caps. However, while it may be a temporal desire that attracts the viewer’s gaze towards the three- dimensional sculptures housing the hours and minutes, it is likely to be the giant battle-axe shaped winding rotor that mesmerises the eye as it swings unhurriedly, but indomitably, over the meticulously hand-finished movement. As they revolve, the strong, but lightweight hightech titanium arms of the rotor intermittently reveal tantalising views through to the fervently oscillating balance wheel. Power is nothing without control and MEGAWIND offers a perfectly harmonious balance of the two. MEGAWIND is powered by the beautifully engineered, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht-designed HM3 engine. Placing the rotor and regulator on the dial side required an inverted movement, which was only possible thanks to two large high-tech ceramic bearings that efficiently transmit time up to the revolving hour and minute cones above. MEGAWIND is available in red gold with a 22k red gold rotor or white gold with a sky-blue 22k gold rotor.





Choose complementing but contrasting colours

Try to match the colour of the shorts with the colour of your t-shirt or shirt.

Combinations that work well are yellow and navy and bright blue with coral

Wear a busy patterned top, stick to plain or simple stripe designs.

Wear a white t-shirt under a denim shirt for a versatile outfit

Sports and training shorts belong in the gym only - and if it’s good enough for Bond, who’s gonna argue.

Add a suit jacket Wear boat shoes, loafers, trainers or flip flops for a smart yet relaxed look.

Follow a theme and stick with it don’t mix looks together Tailored / Military / preppy / Nautical.











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TAG Luxu LIC ry Vintag of the O ELEG rie e Loui ANC s Vuittnt Expres s on

ISSUE 5 2013

Double Page Spread H 325mm x W 460mm 5mm bleed to be added all round for trim size


The Splen











Miche Fine lin 3 star T EX di Discov ning at Vilongest ho CELL ANC lla ld er Ca fé Pa Tiberia ers E nade ria



The City of Romance



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TH B Awe in Migra spiring So OUN tory Bi D uth Af rds rica





Spon sored by




The Most Powerful Rolls Royce


LA story, Beauthe World VIV, aElesson in HiCa baret in Paris st Famous el The Mo Coco Chan Classic

EAST THE B el TY & - Frank BEAAtU traction WWF Mane the Edge Y ER Life on LL GA ion MER d vis SAM ality an rity, qu


An Epic Tale of Love and Loss Taylor & Burton









Wedding Special











Spain €3.9







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Discover the Outba Sun, Se ck a New Wo & Surf in Sydn ey rld Wines

Full Page H 325mm x W 230mm 5mm bleed to be added all round for trim size

BE IN ape SP d th e 20 IRE D th C entu ang ry ered Bea spe W W uty, cies heri of C F tag e an M hina db O reak TO Fea ing turi F R the ng V I mo S illa NE uld Tibe rio DIN and Rob ING in Wo m

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ored by Spons

Half Page Vertical H 325mm x W 105mm 5mm bleed to be added all round for trim size

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Y VES S AINT L A Fashion fades, bu UREN T t style is BMW G eternal RAN LU SS German precision O CO UPÉ meets Ita lian ele gance


GREAT OFFER 4 FULL PAGES FOR ONLY €1,500.00 +IVA Half Page Horizontal H141mm x W 230mm 5mm bleed to be added all round for trim size

Classifieds H 148mm x W103mm No bleed

Technical information:

All print ready artwork supplied must be in PDF format


5 mm bleed on all trimmed sizes

Compression & resolution:

All photos, images and logos provided must be to a minimum of 300 dpi.

We accept the follwing formats:

*InDesign, Quark Express, Illustrator, Phooshop files, Freehand (for text) Word documents *Programs that are not listed are not supported

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Nicknamed the Land Down Under A ustralia is a sun lover’s dream, an oasis of stunning paradise locations, a playground for the adventurous and a hub of vivacious cities full of charm.



Located in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Southern Pacific Ocean Australia is a country, an island and a continent. It is the world’s smallest continent and the sixth-largest country offering a diverse variety of landscapes from the mountainous great diving range that lines the east coast, outback deserts, tropical rainforests, snow-capped mountains, the iconic sand dunes of Fraser Island and the beautiful Byron Bay. Australia is a product of a unique blend of established traditions and new influences, surprisingly it is one of the oldest countries on the planet, as well as one of the youngest it is believed that the country’s original inhabitants, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people arrived there by boat from South East Asia during the last Ice Age, at least 40,000 – 60’000 years ago. At the time of European discovery and settlement in the 17th century, up to one million Aboriginal people are believed to have lived across the continent as hunters and gatherers scattered in clans. Known then as New Holland, Captain James Cook claimed the island for Britain in 1788 and the new outpost was put to use as a British convict colony, the first fleet of 1’500 people arrived in Sydney Harbour on 26th January 1788. During it period as a convict colony up until 1868 84


it is recorded that over 160’000 people were transported to Australian as convicts however the gold rush put an end to this and in 1901 Independence followed with a constitution adapted in part from that of the United States.

of this vibrant city giving the city a cosmopolitan feeling as it connects the central business district and the north side of the city. The bridge is the 5th longest bridge in the world and is a replica of the Hell Gate Bridge in New York.

If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks

Baz Luhrmann

Today Sydney is a far cry from the convict colony of yesteryear. Today the city is the largest and most dynamic economy in the country it is the state capital of New South Wales and resembles a cosmopolitan, vibrant city with suburbs and village districts built around the attractions of a working harbour. The visual excitement and variety of the harbour city is matched by the diversity and energy of its four million inhabitants. High-rise buildings of the central business district look across the water at green headlands of national parks and comfortable garden suburbs, the beloved old lady Harbour Bridge is one of the main attractions

The most stunning landmark of Sydney is the Opera House which must be one of the most recognisable images of the modern world - up there with the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. Inaugurated in 1973 this architectural beauty brings together multiple strands of creativity and innovation in both architectural form and structural design. It is a daring and visionary experiment that has had an enduring influence on the emergent architecture of the late 20th century. The Sydney Opera House comprises three groups of interlocking vaulted ‘shells’ which roof two main performance halls and a restaurant. These shell-structures are set upon a vast platform and

SYDNEY are surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses. In 1957, when the project of the Sydney Opera House was awarded by an international jury to Danish architect Jørn Utzon, it marked a radically new approach to construction. Today the Sydney Opera House hosts more than 1’600 performances throughout the calendar year and is regarded as one of the busiest arts centres in the world. If you ask anyone Sydney is all about its coastline, and few stretches are as iconic as the seasculpted section from Bondi to Bronte. Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach, located in the suburb of Bondi, in the Municipality of Waverley. Bondi is believed to be an Aboriginal word meaning the sound of breaking waves. Bondi Beach is a surfer’s paradise with waves to suit all levels of experience. It’s a great place to learn to surf as the beach has protected areas for the novice and if you’re an experienced surfer South Bondi, offers southerly swells across a rocky reef which unfurl as powerful right-handers, to the joy of a mostly short-board contingent of locals and visitors. Popular with backpackers, billionaires, board riders and the body beautiful, Bondi is one of Sydney’s most stunning beaches. A walk along the beachfront promenade will give you the chance to experience its carefree sun-drenched lifestyle. The main thoroughfare, Campbell Parade, has stylish surf wear shops, souvenirs, outdoor cafes, cool bars and fish’n chip shops. For a busy global city Sydney is surprising surrounded by nature at every turn. In fact, Sydney Harbour is also a national park at the heart of the city with Ku-ring-gai National Park a tight cluster of secretive, winding creeks, sheltered beaches, hidden coves and wide expanses of deep blue water lying to the north of the city. This scenic beauty is combined with a rich Aboriginal heritage and offers a strong sense of history. So it’s hardly surprising that millions of walkers, boaters, swimmers and picnickers have visited this iconic Sydney Park since it opened in 1894.

One of the great things about Sydney is that it has a great acceptance of everyone and everything. It’s an incredibly tolerant city, a city with a huge multicultural basis Baz Luhrmann The Royal National Park lies to the south of Sydney situated on 15,080 hectares, affectionately known to locals as the ‘Nasho’ or just ‘the Royal’ it was established in 1879 and is the world’s secondoldest national park. It features unique heritage attractions, along with fascinating plants, birds and animals. Perfect for bushwalking, cycling, surfing, picnicking or whale watching, this diverse park offers everything from beaches to rainforest. Sydney Harbour also has several small islands that surround it that are accessible by water taxi, ferry or on a guided tour. The Harbour Islands are Sydney’s best kept secret. There are several in the harbour that you can visit. These include Fort Denison, Cockatoo, Garden, Shark, Clark, Rodd and Goat Islands. Each island offers its own distinct history and beauty with magnificent views of sailing boats on the harbour and of Sydney’s harbour side buildings. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE



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Yacht Show






is the playground for the rich and famous with the highest number of billionaires per capita in the world so it make complete sense that the most prestigious yachting event of the year showcasing some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive yachts would be held here.

Now in its 23rd year, the unique Monaco Yacht Show is a high-end event for those who are serious about their yachts, with 500 leading luxury companies showcasing their most modern and stylish superyachts, along with all manner of gadgets, innovations and toys. This is the ultimate show for the elite yachter held from September 25th to 28th and this year the event will showcase over 100 of the world’s most significant luxury yachts in Port Hercules, either available for charter or being exhibited to promote a shipyards’ expertise in new builds with over 35 making their worldwide debut Following the success of last year’s event where an impressive fleet, with an average length of 46.7 meters were on display and approximately 40 new builds were unveiled to their world premiere, the 2013 Monaco Yacht Show is set to attract yachting enthusiast from the far reaches of the world. Among the yachts already confirmed for this year are: Chopi Chopi (80 meters) which is the largest ever superyacht built by famous Italian shipyard CRN , which will also be celebrating their 50th anniversary. Galatica Star, Heesen Yacht’s new flagship and simply the world’s largest fast displacement yacht (65m). This year the line-up also includes Lürssen’s voluminous new delivery Quattroelle (86 meters), Perini Navi will unveil their first model of the 60m series with the new sailing yacht Sea Hawk, and the new yacht by Picchiotti-Perini yard with the world debut of Grace E (73 meters) the 3rd and largest model from the Vitruvius Series.

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lobetrotting The World


any people dream of travelling around the world, some people actually do it but only a select few have the privilege of circumnavigating the globe on what is probably the most exclusive and refined way to travel – on board the luxury yacht The World





TheWorld The World is the only private residential community-at-sea where its Residents may travel the globe without ever leaving home. The brain child of Knut U. Kloster Jr, who grew up in a family that was passionate about life at sea. After many years of working and vacationing on the world’s best yachts and cruise ships, Kloster had a dream to create a way in which travellers never had to get off board.

As such, in 1997 he gathered together a team of experienced professionals and began working on the first vessel where people could travel the globe without leaving home. Kloster’s dream was realized in March 2002 when he delivered The World. In October 2003, its Residents purchased the Ship, and in 2006, the original inventory of Residences was sold out. A lifestyle aboard The World allows Residents to explore the planet’s most breath-taking destinations with like-minded adventure seekers from the comfort of their own private Residence. This exclusive community offers the ultimate combination of luxury travel with world-class dining, custom tours, and enriching cultural events like renowned guest speakers, local dancers or art exhibitions. A myriad of exceptional on-board amenities include a gourmet deli, The World Spa, library, cinema, and a sports centre offering real and virtual golf excursions to the world’s top-ranked courses. The on-board lifestyle fosters a warm, welcoming atmosphere and encourages the formation of lasting friendships.



The World’s Captains and Residents collectively determine the Ship’s yearly itinerary based on the best sea routes and Residents’ personal interests. Continuous worldwide journeys, with a focus on extended stays of an average 3 days in port, ensure that Residents & Guests have sufficient time to explore their favourite destinations. There are 165 Residences aboard The World ranging from studios to expansive three-bedroom units and a palatial six-bedroom penthouse suite, which boasts accommodations for up to 12 people. The spacious Residences include 106 two- and three-bedroom apartments, 19 one- and two-bedroom studio apartments, and 40 studios. Interiors of the two- and three-bedroom apartments are customized based on Residents’ tastes and feature everything from contemporary to transitional to traditional decor. All of the Residences aboard the vessel have been sold and as the homes are sold to private individuals the community of residents who collectively own the entire ship comprises of 130 families from 19 different countries – North Africa (49%), Europe (36%), Asia, Australia, South America & South Africa (15%).

The World celebrated its 10th anniversary on March 29, 2012 and since it first set sail in 2002, The World has visited over 800 ports in approximately 140 countries.




he ship

The Ship is effectively a floating city, equipped with high-end facilities and luxurious amenities that create an intimate, refined atmosphere for Resident owners. In addition to two swimming pools, the world spa (award winning retreat), a tennis court, golfing facilities with driving range, putting green and golf simulator, jogging centre, fitness centre with personal trainers, saunas, medical centre, night club, theatre, cinema and library. This strikingly beautiful Ship promises gracious and personal service in a warm, inviting ambience much like that of a private yacht, well-staffed private home or exclusive country club. With a length of almost 200m and a width of 30m The World is a state of the art ship being the first Ship of its size to run on clean marine diesel rather than burning heavy bunker fuel, making it a much more environmentally friendly Ship thus allowing The World to call in areas where ships burning heavy fuel are banned. The World is also the first Ship to feature the unique Scanship wastewater cleaning system in which wastes are filtered by means of a flotation system and as then reused for technical water




estaurants & Dining Options

For the 130 families who call The World home, dining on board The World is easy and effortless with a variety of food styles, atmospheres and presentations are available across the four main restaurants which include East (for eclectic Asian delights), Marina (serving prime steaks and seafood), Portraits (featuring haute cuisine), and Tides (Mediterranean cuisine with Northern Italian flair). Other dining choices are The Pool Grill and Fredy’s Deli (a casual café and gourmet market that gets stocked with local produce in every port). A team of qualifies sommeliers offer a selection of approx. 800 different wines from across 18 countries which are held in the vast 12’000 cellar.

The World, is like no other residence in the world providing the ultimate combination of extraordinary travel coupled with world class restaurants and facilities.

...In summary...

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UK Inheritance Tax News

By Bill Blevins, Blevins Franks Financial Correspondent


nheritance tax is one of the most unpopular taxes in the UK, and it follows British expatriates around the world, including to here in Spain. It is based on domicile rather than residence, so even though you may now be non-UK resident, your estate could easily be liable for this tax, even if you do not have any assets in the UK. British expatriates need to keep up to date as any changes may affect their estate planning. UK inheritance tax is a combination of a death duty and in some circumstances a gifts tax. If you are a British domicile, it is charged on your worldwide estate at the time of your death, plus any assets you gave away as gifts over the last seven years. It is also payable on certain lifetime gifts. Non-domiciles are not liable on their worldwide assets, but are liable on any assets situated in the UK. The current “nil rate band” or “inheritance tax threshold” - the amount of your estate that can be inherited tax free – is £325,000 per individual.



Any unused portion can be carried forward and used by the second spouse (the rules applying to spouses also apply to civil partners) on their death. Over the threshold, tax is charged at a fixed rate of 40%. This is now reduced to 36% if you leave at least 10% of your estate to qualifying charities. Inheritance tax is often described as a “voluntary” tax due to the number of measures which may be employed to mitigate or avoid this potentially onerous tax. Seek advice from a firm like Blevins Franks which specialises in tax planning for British expatriates, and on how the UK rules interact with the Spanish ones. Spain also imposes a succession tax on death, so you cannot look at the UK rules in isolation.

Nil rate band frozen for longer As announced in the UK March Budget, the threshold will be frozen until at least 2018. The money this generates for the state will contribute towards the cost of social care for the elderly. We can expect to see more tax rises, directly or indirectly, in future as governments need to find more revenue to pay for longevity related costs.

The threshold has been frozen since 2010, and was expected to increase to £329,000 in 2015, so this is bad news for many families. It would normally increase each year in line with inflation, so freezing it is effectively a tax rise. More families will be drawn into the tax net and the tax bills could end up considerably higher than would have been the case.

Spouses of different domiciles Transfers from one spouse to another are exempt from inheritance tax – with one notable exception. If you are domiciled in the UK and your surviving spouse is not, the spousal exemption does not apply. In this case the amount that could be transferred between the spouses was limited to just £55,000 (on top of the usual nil rate band). This changed with effect from 6th April 2013. The £55,000 limit has increased to match the nil rate band, so currently £325,000. The total that can be transferred tax free is therefore now £650,000. Also, non-UK domiciled individuals married to UK domiciles can now elect to be treated as a UK domicile for inheritance tax purposes. This enables them to receive the full spousal exemption, but it will mean that their worldwide assets are now taxable. Once the election is made, it is irrevocable for as long as the surviving spouse remains UK resident. If they become non-resident for tax purposes, they will continue to be treated as UK domiciled for four full tax years. You therefore need weigh all the factors to calculate whether you are better off being treated as UK domicile or non-domicile, and investigate any tax planning opportunities. You should seek professional advice on this.

Deductibility of loans Loans are generally deducible from an estate for inheritance tax purposes, but there are some changes on the way. These will be released as part of the 2013 Finance Bill. Any outstanding debts at the date of death will be scrutinised by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and heirs to the estate will need to be able to demonstrate that there is a commercial reason, other than obtaining a tax advantage, to retaining that debt going forward. Otherwise the loan will not be allowed to create a reduction in the value of the estate. Loans taken out to purchase assets that are not subject to inheritance tax will not be deductible either. Where a loan has been incurred to acquire assets on which a tax relief is due, the loan will be used to reduce the value of those assets only, rather than set off against the whole estate. UK inheritance tax, and particularly domicile determination, is very complex. Many people leave estate planning until it is too late, or do not appreciate how it affects them, or get their domicile wrong, leaving their heirs with an unexpected tax bill. Professional advice from a specialist firm like Blevins Franks is essential to ensure that you get it right and save tax for family and other heirs where possible. The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice.

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


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Collectibles the antiques of today! If you look at a shelf in any home across the world you find trinkets and ornaments, some of which have been passed down through generations holding sentimental value and some of which have been brought as a modern day collectible. Collectibles can come in many guises, who would have thought that a Barbie, Action Man figure or even a Beanie Baby would be considered a collectible but surprisingly they are and this is because enthusiasts will often try to assemble a complete set or variations of the product playing into the manufacturer’s hands. Here we take a look at some seemingly normal everyday items that are now considered collectibles:

Toy mechanical bank


Made in the 1880s, mechanical banks were intended to teach children the importance of saving their coins. Banks made from tin are fragile, so those still around and in great condition are a rare find and can fetch up to £100,000

What makes one album worth a few pounds while others bring thousands? In the vinyl record world, it all comes down to availability -- or lack thereof. In one recent example, a promotional record for the Beatles single “Love Me Do” sold for €8,226.44 on eBay.

Antique coins

In one recent case, a bidder paid $16,878 for a San Francisco Morgan silver dollar, which had a total mint run of only 100,000 coins, making it highly soughtafter by collectors

Action figures

Who would think that a €3 action figure bought in 1985 would sell for thousands of dollars today? That was t h e case for a 1985 Kenner action figure of Boba Fett, based on the animated “Star Wars: Droids” television show that lasted only one season. It sold for €7,646.23 on Ebay. 100


When it comes to old coins, a number of factors determine the value, including the mintage, or the number of copies issued of a particular coin, and the unique characteristics of a coin. For instance, the design might be highly regarded or controversial or the design might have a rare defect. And then there’s the bullion value of the coin -- what the metal would be worth melted down.

Comic books

A vintage 1939 comic book recently sold for $13,000 on eBay. Why? It’s known as the first issue from Adventure Comics that introduced the hero Sandman. For comic book collectors, the debut of well-known characters is often the most important indicator of a book’s value.

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Nothing says ‘Australia’ quite like the Outback




he open spaces that seem to stretch on forever tell the story of the exploration and development of an unknown barren land, and reflect Australia’s pioneering spirit and unique identity. You can find a little bit of the outback in every state of Australia, however the Northern Territories are probably the most famous, here we take a look why.



World Heritage-listed

Kakadu National Park The koala is everyone’s favourite a tree dwelling marsupial

Northern Australia is a land of stunning diversity, where waterfalls cascade into ancient gorges and rain forests skirt beaches overlooking legendary reefs. From the iconic Uluru/Ayers Rock in Australia’s vast Red Centre, to Darwin and World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park in the tropical Top End, the Northern Territory is both timeless and as ever-changing as the seasons. Alice Springs forms part of these Northern Territories and is one of Australia’s most famous outback towns,

surrounded by red sand deserts which stretch for hundreds of kilometres in all directions it is the gateway to the iconic natural features of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta National Park.

spiritual significance. There is an Aborigine legend that Uluru was once an ocean, but after a great battle at its shores, it rose up in revolt at the bloodshed, forming the great blood-coloured rock.

The town lays in the physical and spiritual heart of Australia’s Red Centre and is surrounded on all sides by the jagged MacDonnell Ranges, which according to the traditional owners, the Arrernte people, Aborigines who made their home in the desert around Alice Springs over 30,000 years ago was formed during the Dreamtime by giant caterpillars.

Visually Uluru / Ayres Rock is breath-taking changing colour throughout the day taking on various hues of red, purple, orange, grey and yellow, depending on weather conditions and your distance from it.

One of the great wonders of the world and one of Australia’s most recognizable natural icons is Uluru or Ayres Rock in Kata Tjuta National Park. Uluru / Ayers Rock is the world’s largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site. Believed to have formed over a period of about 500 million years, it is said that it was created when sand piled up on the bottom of an ocean that once covered the middle of Australia.

tarrka a W e h yon in t rk n a C Kings al Pa Nation

Uluru / Ayers Rock is covered with caves and the aborigines believe these caves hold a

Another mesmerizing sight located in the Northern Territories is The Devils Marbles, these huge granite boulders scattered across a wide, shallow valley of 100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek are precariously balanced on top of one another, appearing to defy gravity. The Devils Marbles are located in the traditional country of the Warumungu, Kaytetye, formed by erosion over millions of years the Devils Marbles are made of granite, which surfaces like an island in the desert. They vary in size, from 50 centimetres up to six metres across. The Devils Marbles have great significance for the Aboriginal people, ancient creation legends are passed from generation to generation many stories are secret and only a few can be shared with non-Aboriginal people. One of the main Dreaming stories for the area which can be told to non-Aboriginal people relates to how the Devils Marbles were made. This tradition tells of ‘Arrange’, an ancient ancestor, who walked through the area. He made a hair-string belt, a type of traditional adornment, worn only by initiated Aboriginal men. As he was twirling the hair to make strings, he dropped clusters of hair on the ground which turned into the big red boulders. Arrange finally returned to his place of origin,

Aborigin e

s at sa cred Ay ers Roc k

a hill called Ayleparrarntenhe, where the legend says he still lives today. Kings Canyon part of the Watarrka National Park sits at the western end of the George Gill Range, it is approximately midway between Alice Springs and Uluru. The soaring sandstone walls of Kings Canyon have evolved over hundreds of millions of years, featuring remarkable geological formations that date back as far as 440 million years. This ancient landscape has been sluiced by vast inland lakes and was once covered in tropical woodlands, some of which remain in the Garden of Eden a permanent waterhole and waterfall on the canyon floor which is a welcome retreat for Australia’s unique and wonderful wildlife.

ck Uluru/Ayers Ro

A look at Australia’s outback wouldn’t be complete without mentioning kangaroos. Scattered across the vast plains, Australia has more than 140 species of marsupials including the kangaroo, wallabies, koalas, wombats and possums. In outback regions, Kangaroos are often visible as a silhouette bounding across the horizon. The koala is everyone’s favourite a tree dwelling marsupial (and not a bear!) who lives in the temperate regions and spends all its life in eucalyptus trees, munching its leaves. It seems cuddly, but isn’t really; if annoyed it may give you a nasty scratch. It is amazing to think that today we can marvel at Australia’s landscape if you think that the earth was formed 4,600 million years ago and that the dinosaurs became extinct just 65 million years ago, you can appreciate how ancient the Central Australian landscape is and what monumental forces have shaped and moulded what we see today. www.

Devil's Ma rbles in Wa rumungu











109 109

Life’s a beach! The beach has a natural hypnotic attraction that draws people, young and old, near and far it holds no judgement, it doesn’t care if you thin or fat, can swim or not. The beach is a place to relax, have fun and enjoy life.



A place where this ethos has truly been accepted is Australia. Aussie Beaches are an icon, and spending the afternoon on the beach riding the waves or having a barbeque with friends and family is a national pastime. Surrounded by three oceans – the Pacific, the Indian and the Southern, Australia has some fantastic beaches to offer along its golden coastline with over 7000 official identified beaches, which is more than any other country in the world. As a society, Australia has claimed the ‘beach culture’ as its own, and the rest of the world honours the claim. Fashion labels, recreational sports, careers, music, arts and lifestyles revolve completely around the beach with surfing being Australia’s main passion. Australia has some of the best surfing spots in the world, possessing some of the world’s surfing champion. Most surfies travel the globe looking for ‘the’ waves, and many of those occur around the Australian coastline, in particular the infamous Bell’s Beach. But do you know that surfing is not just a fad of the 20th century, but is actually a culture that is thousands of years old! It has only been in the last 100-to-200 years that records of surfing and surf culture began. It is thought that Captain James Cook first observed this pastime in the early 1770s. It was around the same time that missionaries suppressed the sport, outlawing it as being an ‘unchristian’ activity because the noblemen of that time would bet on the size of waves and length of ride. It wasn’t until December 1914 that Australian surfing history officially begun when the legendary Hawaiian Olympic champion, Duke Kahanamoku, re-introduced the sport of surfing to Australia. He was invited to give a surfboard riding exhibition, and promptly shaped a surfboard out of a solid piece of Queensland Sugar Pine. A 16 year girl, Isabella Letham, was plucked from a large crowd on the beach at Freshwater, Sydney, and became the first official record of an Australian learning to surf and actually standing up riding waves. After Duke left Australia, Claude West, “the Hawaiian’s star pupil” became Australia’s first surf champ and ruled as such from 1915 thru 1924. Surfing soon captured the imagination of locals and quickly built up a cult of devotees and proceeded to capture the imagination of sporting Australians. What followed was a whole way of life developed entirely around surfing and the search for the perfect wave. Today, it is commonplace along coastal towns to find long-haired surfers cruising the beaches in cars full of friends, surfboards and good humour. Surfs up!






Australia´s remarkable natural gift...


ne of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breath-taking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef. It contains an abundance of marine life and comprising of thousands of individual reef systems and coral cays.

The Great Barrier Reef is a site of remarkable variety and beauty on the north-east coast of Australia, as the world’s most extensive coral reef ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef is a globally outstanding and significant entity. Practically the entire ecosystem was inscribed as World Heritage site in 1981, with an area covering 348,000 square kilometres and extending across a contiguous latitudinal range of 14°. The Great Barrier Reef includes extensive cross-shelf diversity, stretching from the low water mark along the mainland coast up to 250 kilometres offshore. This wide depth range includes vast shallow inshore areas, mid-shelf and outer reefs, and beyond the continental shelf to oceanic waters over 2,000 metres deep.






s the largest living structure on the planet, the Great Barrier Reef is incredibly rich and diverse and incredibly this natural icon is so large it can even be seen from outer space. While it’s known mostly for its large maze of colourful reefs, its intricate architecture also provides a home for a huge number of plants and animals. Some of these, such as turtles and crocodiles, have been around since prehistoric times and have changed little over the millennia. The breath-taking array of marine creatures who live and use the reef includes; soft and hard corals, jellyfish, molluscs, worms, fish, sharks and rays, and more than 30 species of whales and dolphins making this vast expanse one of the most complex natural ecosystems in the world.




he reef structure is composed of and built by billions of tiny organisms, known as coral polyps. The underwater structures are made from calcium carbonate secreted by corals. Coral reefs are colonies of tiny animals found in marine waters that contain few nutrients. Most coral reefs are built from stony corals, which in turn consist of polyps that cluster in groups. The polyps belong to a group of animals known as Cnidaria, which also includes sea anemones and jellyfish. Unlike sea anemones, coral polyps secrete hard carbonate exoskeletons which support and protect their bodies. Reefs grow best in warm, shallow, clear, sunny and agitated waters.

Sadly there are a number of environmental threats to the Great Barrier Reef, the major concern being climate change, which has led to mass coral bleaching because of rising water temperatures. The reef has to date already experienced two mass coral bleaching events. Which has led to mass coral bleaching because of rising water temperatures, the reef has already experienced two mass coral bleaching events – in 1998 and 2002. The bleaching in 2002 was so severe that aerial surveys have shown that almost 60% of reefs experienced bleaching of some degree.






nother considerable concern is pollution from the mainland, sediment, nutrient and pesticide pollution from catchment run-off’s that travel down the rivers into the region are affecting the health and resilience of the reef ecosystem. The amount of sediment flowing into the marine park has quadrupled over the past 150 years. This increase can largely be attributed to grazing and cropping expansion in the catchment, which has also resulted in the loss of native vegetation and wetlands. Water quality on the Great Barrier Reef has declined and led to the growth of algae which competes with the coral polyps for light and oxygen. As with everywhere in the Ocean overfishing plays another part in the reefs demise, trawling for prawns which is permitted in over one-third of the marine park damage the seafloor and its resident plants and animals. For more information about the coral reef or how you can help to protect this awe inspiring natural wonder visit





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Sea the Stars Champion among champions


t is a title that is bantered around the racehorse world far too often but along with Frankel, Brigadier Gerard and Mill Reef, Sea the Stars must be regarded as one of the greatest racehorses of all time!

Foaled in Ireland in 2006 to Dam Urban Sea, winner of France’s most prestigious race, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe and one of the top broodmares of her generation and Sire Cape Cross, winner of the Lockinge Stakes, Celebration Mile and Queen Anne Stakes in the UK and half -brother to a number of stakes and group winners including: Galileo winner of Epsom Derby, Irish Derby and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes; Black Sam Bellamy winner of the Gran Premio del Jockey Club and Tattersalls Gold Cup; All Too Beautiful second in the Oaks and,

My Typhoon winner of Diana Handicap. Urban Sea is one of only a few mares to ever produce two Epsom Derby winners, namely Galileo and Sea the Stars. Sea the Stars had all the pedigree required to be a champion and like every champion in every sport he was defined by the opponents he left trailing in his wake. Best known for winning the 2,000 Guineas, the Epsom Derby, the Eclipse Stakes, he was the first colt to accomplish this treble since 1989 champion Nashwan winning the International Stakes, the Irish Champion Stakes, and the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE

125 2008: two-year-old season

2009: three-year-old season

Sea The Stars began his racing career at the Curragh in July 2008. Still very green he was boxed in during the seven furlong maiden race and finished a close fourth behind subsequent US Grade 1 winner Driving Snow.

Sea The Stars completed a perfect three-yearold campaign, winning six Group 1 races in six months, including two English Classic races and one French Classic race. His three-yearold record is described by many as the best of modern thoroughbred racing.

His first win came on his second racecourse appearance at Leopardstown where his great turn of foot lead him to winning his second race easily by 2½ lengths, taking the lead 2 furlongs out and never being threatened but it was not until his Group Two Beresford Stakes race, again held at Curragh, where his staying power became evident. Sea The Stars won the race by ½ length from stablemate Mourayan and Ballydoyle’s Masterofthehorse. This turned out to be his closest race.

2000 Guineas Sea The Stars was rested over the winter, he was entered into the 2009 2,000 Guineas without a prep race. Despite this, he started 8-1 in the betting behind Craven Stakes winner Delegator (3/1f). There were concerns about his preparations because of a setback on 17th March due to a viral infection and a temperature. He rested for 2 weeks, which hampered his preparation for the Guineas. However, trainer John Oxx still wanted to give him his chance at a mile, and a good workout the week prior to the race encouraged Oxx to declare him fit to race. Travelling well throughout the race, Sea The Stars pulled clear of the field in the final furlong, winning by one length from the favourite, with Gan Amhras ¾ of a length behind in third.

Champion jockey Michael Kinane and trainer John Oxx 126


Epsom Derby Despite doubts about his stamina and a strong field, notably from Ballydoyle, who fielded six of the twelve runners, Sea The Stars won the 2009 Epsom Derby,

beating the favourite, Fame And Glory, and Masterofthehorse. Racing prominently behind the pacemakers, Sea The Stars travelled very well and slowly reeled in the leader from three furlongs out, taking the lead with 11⁄2 furlongs to go and keeping the lead all the way to the finish. Eclipse Stakes Sea the Stars was withdrawn from the 2009 Irish Derby due to the track conditions, but won the Eclipse Stakes at Sandown Park a week later. Always travelling well, he overtook the fading pacemakers early down the straight, forcing Kinane to commit earlier than expected. Rip Van Winkle came with a strong challenge two furlongs out, but Sea The Stars fought him off with a surge of acceleration, winning readily by one and a half lengths, with 2008 Breeders’ Cup Turf winner Conduit five lengths behind in third International Stakes In August 2009, Sea the Stars won the Juddmonte International Stakes at York. Scaring off most of the opposition and was faced by only four other horses; Mastercraftsman, TIME, Cornish, Georgeberhnardshaw, with three of them coming from Ballydoyle. Mastercraftsman, was the main opposition, with the two others acting as pacemakers. Tracking Mastercraftsman throughout the race, Kinane (jockey to Sea the Stars) followed Johnny Murtagh (jockey for Mastercraftsman) through a narrowing gap created by the two pacemakers at the beginning of the straight. Sea The Stars powered past Mastercraftsman in the last furlong, taking the Group I race by a length and breaking the track record by 0.8 seconds. Irish Champion Stakes Next to come was the Irish Champion Stakes at Leopardstown in September 2009. It was Sea The Stars’ first appearance in front of his home crowd since 2008, and the race was billed as a clash between him and Fame and Glory, who

since finishing second in the Epsom Derby, had won the Irish Derby by five lengths. The race was highly anticipated. Turning into the straight, Johnny Murtagh on board Fame and Glory took the initiative and got first run on Sea The Stars. A patient Kinane on Sea the Stars stayed on Murtagh’s heels and with a powerful burst of speed went easily past Fame and Glory two furlongs out to win by two and a half lengths. Mastercraftsman finished third, another two and a half lengths behind Fame and Glory. After this win, Sea the Stars was awarded a 140 Timeform Rating. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe On October 4, 2009, six months since his win in the 2000 Guineas, Sea The Stars lined up as the odds-on favourite for Europe’s most prestigious all-aged race, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in France. A large field of nineteen runners along with a long and difficult season were major concerns, with some thinking this was one race too many. The race featured nine other Group 1 winners, including unbeaten French filly Stacelita; Yorkshire Oaks and Pretty Polly Stakes winner Dar Re Mi; Irish Derby winner Fame and Glory; 2008 St Leger Stakes, 2008 Breeders’ Cup Turf and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes winner Conduit; Prince of Wales’s Stakes winner Vision d’Etat; Grand Prix de Paris and Prix Niel winner Cavalryman; and two-time Arc runner-up Youmzain. Quickly out of the stalls, Sea the Stars pulled very hard for the first two furlongs, was bumped and dropped back down the field. Settled by his jockey he raced on in eighth and ninth position throughout the race. Turning into the straight, Sea the Stars stayed on the rail and seemed boxed in and in trouble. As the principals started to pick up, Kinane (his jockey) found a gap and challenged Stacelita alongside Dar Re Mi. Sea the Stars then produced a decisive turn of foot and went clear in a matter of strides. After going three lengths clear half a furlong out, he was eased down, winning by two lengths. He thus became the only horse to have won the 2,000 Guineas, Epsom Derby, and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in the same year.

Sea the Stars with owner Christopher Tsui

Sea The Stars was officially rated the best horse in the world in 2009, with a rating of 136. He was rated six points superior to the second-rated horse, Goldikova. Timeform rated him 140, and the joint seventh best horse in their history, with only Sea Bird, Tudor Minstrel, Brigadier Gerard, Abernant, Ribot and Mill Reef & Frankel rated superior. On the 13th October 2009 Sea the Stars retirement was announced by trainer John Oxx with a stud announcement. On the 27 October 2009 it was confirmed that Sea the Stars would stand at the Aga Khan’s Gilltown Stud in Ireland with the 2008 Prix De l’Arc de Triomphe winner, Zarkava, among one of the first mares booked to be covered by him. On March 6, 2010, it was announced that Sea the Stars had his first five mares checked in foal. Among those was Zarkasha of the unbeaten Zarkava. The other notable mares includes Bordighera - dam 2000 Guineas winner George Washington, the 2009 winner of the Darley Prix Jean Romanet (Fr-I) Alpine Rose, Centreofattention, a full sister to Irish Group 1 winner Holy Roman Emperor, and Seward’s Folly, the dam of Group 2 winner Sayif. His first foal was born on 21st January 2011 to the Australian horse Centre of Attention at Castlebridge Stud in Ireland. The owner of Castlebridge Stud said at the time, “We are delighted to have had the first Sea the Stars foal born he looks a smashing colt with plenty of size and scope he is completely bay with a very attractive head, hopefully he proves to be as successful on the racetrack as his father!”

Who could argue with that?

Danzig Green Desert Foreign Courier SIRE Cape Cross

Ahonoora Park Appeal Balidaress Mr. Prospector Miswaki Hopespringseternal

DAM Urban Sea

Lombard Allegretta Anatevka SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Horse Attire… Keep up to date and stay on trend with these new collections of horse attire

Tottie adds new polo shirt to its collection Tottie has added a new, short-sleeved polo shirt to its range. The “Hayley” shirt features a diagonal stripe across its middle and has “No 1” emblazoned on the sleeve. The company says it is just the ticket for hot, summer days. “It has a simple, yet stylish design and is ideal for those warm days at the yard,” said a spokesperson. The polo shirt comes in cranberry, mint and white, and in sizes extra-small to extra-large. For more information visit

Want even more “bling”? Carrots is launching a new range of sparkly hat covers in September to help you shimmer into the autumn. Carrots already has a range of bold and colourful hat silks but it is about to launch a new sparkling range in 5 different colours. A Carrots spokesman said: “Taking a traditional plain hat cover and adding some sparkly detail gives the subtle blingy detail that many riders desire. “Perfect for hacking, schooling or cross country riding, the fun Sparkle Hat Cover design will brighten safety equipment in an instant!” The glitzy hat covers are made from 90% nylon and 10% elastane and will fit on any size or brand of skull cap. The covers will be available in purple, blue, turquoise, black and pink. For more information visit

Petrie launches new riding boot Petrie has launched its new “Significant” riding boot for competition and every day wear. The handcrafted, calf leather boot is designed with performance and style in mind. It has an elegantly-shaped ankle and comes with standard brogue detail to the toe. The Significant boot is available in a range of colours. Olympic event rider Sharon Hunt, who has just joined Petrie’s sponsored rider team, described the boots as “unique”. She said: “It is a superior boot that combines elegance with quality and comfort. There are so many different styles to choose from. “I believe they are the best boots on the market,” she added. Another leading equestrian sponsored by Petrie — international dressage rider Peter Storr — echoed Sharon’s sentiments. “Unlike many others, the Petrie Significant boots were extremely comfortable right from the beginning. These boots are very smart and elegant and I am thrilled with them.” Petrie can also produce a made to measure boot, if required for more information visit for your nearest stockist.

Tottie adds new over-reach boots to equine range If you want to add a bit of bling to your horse’s wardrobe, take a look at Tottie’s new Glamour Over-reach boots. The boots have a large, 3D rubber badge and stripes running around them in different colours. 128


They feature a secure hook and loop fastening and a soft, neoprene lining. The boots are available in pink, crystal, flamingo, turquoise and silver, in sizes pony, cob, full and extra-full. For more information visit

Konig launches long leather riding boot specially designed for children German brand Konig has produced a new long leather riding boot specially designed for children. The firm says it is responding to the growing need for smart and correctly-fitted boots for competing for children competing in the various equestrian disciplines. The new boot, called The Youngster is designed as a classic and comfortable square shape boot promises comfort for growing feet. A spokesman from Konig said: “To combat the growth spurts that some children have, Konig has a wide variety of foot sizes and calf widths and lengths to get a great fit for most children.” The Youngster is made from black box calf leather and features include a rear, fulllength zip with a protective heel strap and top press stud fastening. It is available in sizes 28-37 in a variety of lengths and widths. For information on stockists contact www.










Samuel Oliva


The Raúl & Samuel Oliva riding school is located within the Costa del Sol Racecourse, established since 2000 we now have over 60 boxes and can cater to over 200 students of all ages We offer lessons, 6 days a week from Monday - Saturday, on carefully selected horses and ponies providing a range of sizes, types and temperaments to suit all, from total beginners to the more experienced rider. Our qualified instructors are available to give lessons to any person from 4 years old and upwards, for riders of all abilities, including Dressage & Show jumping. We offer a range of lesson types as follows;

Group Lessons

both Adults and Children

Mini-Group Lessons both Adults and Children

Semi-Private Lessons Private Lessons Beginners Lessons For more information visit or call 607 223 872/636 685 730 or email

In addition to riding lessons, we compete throughout the year within Dressage & Show Jumping competitions and have won The Prince of Asturias, CTO of Spain for three consecutive years, CTO De Andalucia and Malaga. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE






Caretera Nacional 340, Edif. Guadiaro 6, P.N. Guadiaro, Cadiz, 11311 Tel: + 34 956 793 406 email:

Cinturato P7

Reduce impact , not performance









g g e s g i n e o K

’s ar g c g r e gs pe i y n H e er Ko t f s o d a lt o u s R e r a e op t h n t d o r i s i t ha ec ra f e r e l e g b p a A r w 3 o o f 1 t s 20 ursuit d e n h a T p le s b s a e l h tac end e d a with



3 1 0 2 a r e g A


lthough sharing the same values and philosophies as previous Koenigsegg models, the 2013 Agera takes the Koenigsegg experience to a completely new level. Similar to that of all previous Koenigsegg hyper-cars, the new Agera is the brainchild of Christian von Koenigsegg and sets new benchmarks for hyper-cars when it comes to control, handling, speed, comfort, practicality and sheer driving enjoyment, while combining these features with clean, efficient and beautiful design. The Agera name “to take action” in Swedish and “ageless” shortened from the ancient Greek word Ageratos set the tone for this project.



The design The Agera is designed with a minimalistic “less is more� philosophy in mind. This philosophy dictates that the shape of the car has to be purely functional, with no added features except those needed to meet regulations, or enhance safety, ergonomics, practicality or aerodynamics. The Agera has handsome proportions. It´s compact and muscular. Its timeless, efficient and distinctive shape is a true testament to good design. The original shape and concept of the Koenigsegg CC, created over 15 years ago, is still valid, fresh and highly competitive today. The Agera manages to stay true to the philosophy, shape and size of the original CC. but at the same time looks, feels and performs like something belonging to the future.

The interior The Interior of the Agera is truly minimalistic and efficient in the purest Swedish sense. Only those materials deemed worthy by Koenigsegg are allowed in the interior. The only materials you get to touch and see inside the Agera are aluminium, carbon fibre, precious metals, alcantara and aniline leather. There is nothing in the interior merely to add visual drama; everything is there for a functional purpose. This is the essence of beauty as it follows the same less-is-more philosophy that typifies every engineering aspect of the Agera. The new, lightweight, full carbon airbag steering wheel incorporates many vital functions directly in front of the driver. As with the CCX, the shifting paddles are mounted directly on the steering wheel to enable shifting without taking your hands off the steering wheel during hard cornering. The central, high-definition touch screen infotainment system provides control for audio functions, satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone and secondary functions such as performance meters and telemetric data. The exceptionally comfortable carbon seats are great for long journeys but also give excellent lateral support when needed. They can be heated as an option.

The engine Koenigsegg differs from other low volume hypercar manufacturers by the fact that they develop and produce their own engines in-house. Not only are the engines developed in-house, they also have class-leading characteristics in many important areas. They are the lightest and most compact hyper-car engines in the world, weighing only 197kg complete with flywheel, clutch, dry sump system, Inconel exhaust manifold and turbo.

The low engine weight is quite astonishing as the Agera engine also has class-leading power and torque characteristics. The Koenigsegg 5 litre V8 bi-turbo engine develops more than 960 hp on 95 octane regular fuel. The Agera has over 1000 Nm of torque from 2500 rpm and 1100 nm from 3500 to 6000 rpm, showing great flexibility.

These are extraordinary numbers considering the size and reliability of the engine and they are obtained with no sacrifice of either drivability or flexibility. This is truly downsizing without compromise. These characteristics make it one of the most flexible and easy-to-use hyper-car engines in the world. The large air-to-air intercooler on the left side of the engine exchanges enormous amounts of fresh air, eliminating the need for water in the intercooling system, thereby saving weight and avoiding heat soak issues during extended performance driving. Following the Koenigsegg tradition, the engine has dry sump lubrication in order to lower the engine as far as possible in the chassis whilst maintaining full control of the crankcase oil, even given the massive g-forces that can be generated. The large 80-litre fuel tank ensures a long driving range due to the relatively low average consumption. The Agera follows the previous generations of Koenigsegg vehicles with its fuel tank being well protected, built centrally into the carbon fibre monocoque chassis. Since the fuel is placed centrally within the car, the weight distribution does not change regardless of whether the tank is full or empty.

The transmission The newly developed 7-speed gearbox for the Agera features a world’s first dual clutch system for a single input shaft gearbox. In order to keep the gearbox light, compact, strong and reliable, Koenigsegg chose to develop a new gearbox type in partnership with Cima, one that enables the use of a combination of both a dry and wet clutch systems in order to get class-leading shift times. First, there is the normal twin-disc dry clutch that operates in a traditional fashion. Then there is a hydraulically operated wet clutch-brake inside the gearbox that is engaged during each upshift in order to slow down the input shaft as the gears are changed and prior to the normal synchronization. This cuts the synchronization time by two thirds as the gear is pre-synchronized. The result is a very sporty, smooth and extremely fast shift.

The Agera has four intelligent return-less fuel pumps to deliver the correct amount of fuel at any given time. This reduces the energy needed to operate the fuel pumps and eliminates the waste of excessive fuel transport. The Inconel/Titanium patent-pending exhaust system is key element in the Agera achieving its remarkable emissions and power levels. The exhaust system uses a completely new principle created by Christian von Koenigsegg. The new technology drastically reduces back-pressure and gives earlier catalytic light-off than any other turbo exhaust system. At the same time, the acoustics of the exhaust have been examined carefully in order to maintain Koenigsegg’s typical, thunderous growl.



Koenigsegg E-Diff The Koenigsegg Electronic Differential (E-Diff) is both lighter and faster when compared to traditional E-Diff solutions. The difference lies in the fact that Koenigsegg has retained a limited slip differential with plates and ramps that have a built-in amount of analogue limited slip functionality. Consequently, the active hydraulic element can be more compact and therefore faster and lighter compared to traditional E-Diff solutions. The analogue part of the functionality also has zero processing time as it reacts directly. The analogue system is supplemented by a digital active system. Koenigsegg has therefore obtained one of the lightest and fastest E-Diff solutions on the market. The algorithms that control the

E-Diff - also developed by Koenigsegg - take inputs from throttle angle, g-force, steering wheel angle, yaw angle, car speed, engine rpm, selected gear, plus the prevailing weather conditions. The manner in which the car analyses and then reacts to this data makes the Koenigsegg E-Diff unique. It ensures that the Agera is very safe on the limit, with improved performance and feel. The Koenigsegg E-diff works in harmony with a new traction control system, the fastest reacting system in the industry with auto-adapt functionality for different road conditions and driving styles as well as a number of manual settings.

Information and images provided by 138



torque t al k The 2014 SLS AMG Black Series is the fifth Black Series model to come from Mercedes-AMG, and will go on sale in the U.S. next summer. With suspension and engine upgrades complemented by lighter weight materials, the 2014 SLS AMG Black Series may be the SLS AMG variant of choice for pure automotive enthusiasts who must have a Benz. Curb weight is down to 3417 pounds, a good 154 pounds below the SLS AMG. While that would probably be enough to notice the dynamic improvements on a track like the Nuerburgring, Mercedes bumped power levels beyond the 600-hp threshold to further boost the Black Series’ performance.

That’s Chrysler’s message, they revealed six custom Jeeps, plus the Mopar Wrangler and a Mopar Ram 1500 Ford Raptor-fighter. If you’re quick and have a garage full of the right tools, you can build a Wrangler pickup out of a Wrangler Unlimited, in your garage over a weekend, All you need to do is remove and replace a few body panels and rear seat parts, cut the Unlimited’s roll bar, and voila! The pickup Jeepsters you´ve been waiting for.


The bed is 50 inches long by 44 inches wide (between the wheel wells). The new body panels cover the second row entrance. The new JK-8 show truck shows off a Mopar/Dynatrac ProRock 44 front axle, stock Dana 44 rear and 4.88 gears, a 4.5-inch long-arm suspension kit and 37-inch Goodrich Mud Terrain KM2 tires. The JK-8 kit gets you a bed floor, inner/outer body panels, half hardtop and a new bulkhead. No list price yet, but it goes on sale later this summer. Makes you wonder why Jeep doesn’t build one itself.

The F-Type V8 S is a modern Jaguar. It’s not just the 3.9-second 0-60 mph or 12.1 sec quarter-mile times confirming this as the speediest Jag we’ve ever tested. It’s also that this convertible feels more elegantly integrated, better balanced, and willing to collaborate with its operator. Read recent big-bore Jaguar reviews and note the consistent mentions of spectacular, sudden oversteer distracting from the overall experience.


This F-Type can hang its rear end out all day long (on power with stability control off) like its larger, elder siblings, but you benefit from an enhanced sense of the car’s motions and where it wishes to go. The precise accelerator with predictable gain offers drivers tremendous information and control over the car’s slip angle and rotation rate. Greater communication builds trust. The V8 S can certainly be a loose car if you want. But if you don’t want to spin it, don’t get greedy with the gas



Gran Lusso Coupé


and Pininfarina are two of the most tradition-swathed names in the motoring world. Each is a byword for cutting-edge technology, style, dynamics and aesthetics. With the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé, the two time-honoured companies have unveiled the outcome of their first collaboration. The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé is a one-off and represents the exclusive interpretation of a luxurious BMW Coupé as seen through the eyes of Pininfarina. Working in close consultation, the two design teams have created a new automotive persona brimming with character and ready to join the highend luxury class – typically BMW while sporting the distinctive signature of Pininfarina.




ranks as one of the most time-honoured names in automotive design. What began in the 1930s as a “carrozzeria� building one-offs and limited editions, alongside the visual refinement of high-end automotive technology, has today become one of Italy’s leading design companies. Its operating spectrum stretches far beyond automobiles to include product and industrial design. Through numerous collaborations with a wide range of carmakers, Pininfarina has established itself as a styledefining partner. Simplicity and harmony in look and feel, perfect proportions and innovative functionality are the hallmarks and underlying concept of each and every Pininfarina design. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Dynamic presence the front view

Consummate Elegance The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé adds a new dimension to the BMW claim to exclusivity. This painstakingly created one-off captivates the viewer at first glance. Liberal surface areas and taut contours are the distinguishing elements of an elegant car body. Typical BMW proportions – a long wheelbase, stretched bonnet and set-back greenhouse – imbue the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé with imposing dynamics even when stationary. At the same time the car exudes balance and harmony: BMW values such as technology, dynamics and precision are complemented by the skilled craftsmanship of Pininfarina to create a very special holistic experience. “The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé has an extraordinary impact. It expresses hallmark BMW values such as luxury and sheer presence in a highly elegant form,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “I admire the reductive clarity and precision in Pininfarina’s design. Their expectations for the end result have been just as high as ours, and their understanding of design perfectly complements the BMW design DNA for a vehicle of this kind.”

With its broad, wheel-focused stance, the front of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé radiates sheer presence and dynamics. The hallmark doublekidney grille and the road-focused headlights with their suggested twin circular look reveal at a glance the family bond with BMW. At the same time the distinctive Pininfarina elements have been interpreted with Italian finesse to lend the front end a special flair. The trademark BMW kidney grille forms the central element of the front-end design, and all surfaces and lines take their bearings from it. It symbolically points to the engine at the heart of the vehicle, its size reflecting the power of the V12 unit nestling behind it. The “kidneys” are angled towards the road, citing the typical BMW “shark nose” and lending the front end an even more dynamic look, particularly when seen from the side. Viewed up close it discloses highly accomplished detail work: the front part of the bipartite kidney grille is made of matt-sheen aluminium, while behind it an identically shaped part in high-gloss black adds visual depth and makes for an exciting contrast of materials. Above the kidney grille the bonnet stretches across the front of the car, its subtle contours appearing to emanate from the BMW emblem and lending the bonnet a dynamic elegance. The flat headlights underline the road-focused look associated with a BMW and round off the “face” of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. Their dynamic contours are in perfect harmony with the classic BMW twin circular look in an interpretation that leaves them open at the top. The use of LED technology creates a technically premium impression while adding a striking depth to the headlights. The eye-catchingly sporty front apron concludes the front end of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé as it dips towards the road. The flat, one-piece air intake accentuates the breadth of the front, an impression reinforced by chrome trim that adds a classy touch. The air intake is larger at the wheels and draws attention to the car’s wide, sporty track. Just above the road surface, discreet Pininfarina lettering points to the contributing partner from Italy, like a signature on a work of art.



Elegant sculpture the side view

The designers at BMW and Pininfarina set particular store by creating the right proportions. The car’s surfaces display the elaborate form language of BMW while being sculpted with a clarity that is hallmark Pininfarina. Within a powerfully present silhouette, convex taperings on the side add a dynamic elegance and give the body a tautly athletic shape. At the same time the reduced, precise contours stretch the vehicle and underline its exclusivity with a contemporary touch. The high shoulder line extends almost horizontally along the entire side of the car, imbuing the

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé with stature and presence. Above it the long roof line flows elegantly into the rear to define the short tail end. Below the shoulder line, a striking countersweep to the roof line emanates from the Air Breather behind the front wheel. Ascending towards the rear, it lends the back section of the car a light and dynamic appearance. All the lines have been designed with keen sensitivity: as they trace their course they become stronger or weaker and, through the changing play of light and shadow, show off the surrounding surfaces to their best effect. Numerous details accentuate the elegance of the side view. The mattsheen embellishment behind the front wheel adds a stylish accent as it integrates the side indicator. Another signature BMW detail is the Hofmeister kink – the eye-catching forward bend in the window graphic that is perfectly integrated into the surrounding play of lines. Behind it the V12 logo indicates the powerful engine within the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. Pininfarina lettering in the side panel points to the definitive role played by the Italian design company in creating this vehicle, with the Pininfarina logo above it indicating that the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé was also built by Pininfarina. The exclusively designed 21-inch wheels perfectly augment the sporty, elegant statement made by the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. Five trios of graceful yet powerfully sculpted spokes display a strong visual depth through the application of matt-sheen aluminium, black and black chrome. As such the wheel design blends an elegant multi-spoke style with the sportiness of five-spoke rims.

Sophisticated stance the rear view

The elongated side profile leads to a slender and elegant tail end. Striking horizontal elements imbue the entire rear end with a very broad, flat impression. At the same time, the generous surface design of the rear lends it a powerful presence. Between the surfaces, precise contours and horizontal lines break up the rear aspect, resulting in a clever interplay of light and shadow that partitions the entire design and brings it alive. An eye-catching detail is the transition from the roof to the rear lid: two elaborately shaped struts extend the roof pillar towards the rear, ensuring an elegantly fluid transition of the roof line into the tail section. Extending from the sides, the tail lights embrace the rear end in a single sweeping gesture that brings the side and rear together visually. The tail lights reveal elaborately detailed workmanship and lend the BMW L-shape a slender, almost filigree interpretation. They are set – jewel-like – within high-grade trim in matt-sheen aluminium. A particular highlight is their open design, allowing air to flow through them.



A contemporary take on classical values - the interior The interior of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé takes up the accomplished fusion of modern elegance and authoritative dynamics as displayed by the exterior. Here the melding of sportiness, exclusivity and comfort makes for a unique interior experience. The fluid underlying geometry of the interior design by BMW takes on an individual character courtesy of the Pininfarina touch. With a special colour concept, choice materials and geometrical details in the doors, centre console and dashboard binnacle, Pininfarina lends further emphasis to signature BMW elements such as the driver focus and layering principle, while

accentuating the sporty character of the interior with a fine instinct for cutting-edge and elegant details alike. The four-seater luxury coupé rolls out an exclusive ambience to welcome driver and passengers. The front and rear seats from the Pininfarina drawing board embrace all occupants with sporty side supports while providing the highest levels of comfort. From the driver’s seat, a sideward glance will initially reveal the hallmark BMW driver focus: all driving-related functions and controls are slightly angled towards the driver to be within optimal ergonomic reach. The horizontal alignment of the surfaces and lines of the dashboard create an expansive sense of space. The doors take up the flow of lines and invest them with greater dynamics as they follow their course, while the door handles cite the incisive shape of the tail lights as well as the side-panel embellishments as they bring these styling cues into the interior. The rear of the cabin likewise boasts spacious design, with legroom in the back seats of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé almost on a par with that of a large luxury sedan.



Select materials and topquality craftsmanship The exclusive colour and material concept is one of the stand-out features of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé and eloquently reflects its unique character. Extensive handcraftsmanship further enhances the interior ambience. Finest leather and kauri wood aged more than 48,000 years lend the cabin of the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé a special aura. The high-grade leather from the Foglizzo leather factory – in black and a light shade of Tobacco Brown – creates a warm, exclusive ambience. Metal highlights in black chrome set a technical counterpoint to the extensive application of natural materials. All the wood elements in the cabin are sourced from a single piece of kauri wood selected by the Italian timber experts of Riva 1920 exclusively for the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. Kauri wood has a unique grain and shifts in colour from gold to red to brown, depending on the incidence of light and angle of view.

Simply polished and oiled, it exudes a particular warmth and naturalness in league with the exclusive leather surfaces of the interior. Native to New Zealand, kauri wood is among the rarest timbers in the world. Its special character derives from the fact that the toppled kauri trees have been preserved in swamps for millennia and can be processed like fresh timber after being retrieved from the fossil swampland. The roof liner of finest Italian virgin wool features the striking “Principe di Galles” pattern. This grey plaid strikes a bold contrast to the traditional materials used for the doors and dashboard. The brown leather seats also pick up on the pattern in their all-round piping. Allowing extra light into the interior is an oblong aperture in the roof liner which is additionally illuminated by white LEDs. In the footwell areas, a soft deep-pile carpet in dark grey adds to a subtle sense of wellbeing. Another interior detail are the freestanding B-pillars, whose elegant design when viewed from the outside creates a homogeneous glazed area and frameless doors that appear very light. Press release from SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Food is our common ground, a universal experience. 146



ine dining



Say g’day to F gastronomy Aussie-style

or many of our regular readers usually within this section we would feature a selection of Michelin rated restaurants within our chosen feature country. This month we have chosen to showcase Australia however, Michelin rating have not as yet reach this neck of the woods so as an alternative for this issue we have used the next best thing the prestigious The World’s 50 Best Restaurants sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna as a guide.

Quay Sydney, Australia Voted Nº 48 on the San Pellegrino World Top 100 Restaurants Since the Sydney Harbour restaurant’s signature dessert ‘snow egg’ featured as the final challenge of Master Chef Australia three years ago, it has become something of a household name. But visitors to Quay will agree there is so much more to the restaurant than an extravagant dessert. Sweeping panoramic views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge aside, chef Peter Gilmore’s infatuation with his region’s produce results in thoughtful dishes that showcase New South Wales’s ingredients in their prime.

Information from Pictures:,,,,,,,



Attica Melbourne, Australia Voted Nº 53 on the San Pellegrino World Top 100 Restaurants Ben Shewry’s Attica is the only Victorian based restaurant in Australia to make the World Top 100 list. Set in the unassuming suburbs of Melbourne, dining at Attica is all about the food. Ben Shewry delivers tantalizing combinations of unique and eclectic ingredients, some of which are foraged by Shewry himself in the morning near his home on the Bellarine peninsula. These are then prepared using elaborate techniques and an array of home-brewed technology within the kitchen of Attica. Though the wine list, setting and service is no match for most of the other restaurants on our list the heights delivered by the food elevate Attica to its current position.

Marque Sydney Voted Nº 70 on the San Pellegrino World Top 100 Restaurants Mark Best’s Marque is a modest family run restaurant which seats 50 people and the front of the house is run by Best’s wife Valerie.

Tetsuya’s Sydney NSW Voted Nº 58 on the San Pellegrino World Top 100 Restaurants Tetsuya Wakuda’s Tetsuya’s is one of Australia’s most internationally recognised restaurants. The cuisine is a fusion of Japanese and classical French technique that consistently produces dishes of high quality. The menu may be regarded as more conservative and less bold than some of the other top restaurants in Australia but what is consistently delivered is almost perfect flavour and textural combinations. The dining area overlooks a serene Japanese garden and the friendly, informative service adds to a complete dining experience.

The menu is predominantly French influenced that delivers highly intelligent and original flavour combinations. New age techniques are used but without ego and only when relevant to amplifying the best aspects of an ingredient in a dish. An excellent wine list is matched expertly to the menu. Marque puts on a personable yet world class dining experience in all aspects and is deservedly one of Australia’s best restaurants.



Black Pearl CAVIAR

Celebrate in Style Find out more about our world class caviars 150



TIBERIO “A Marbella Tradition”

Carretera N-340, Km. 178.5 (Next to Marbella Club), Tel: +(34) 952 77 17 99 - Fax: +(34) 952 82 47 72 E-Mail: SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE




An Italian Utopia 152


As a personable, charismatic restaurateur Sandro Morelli owner of Villa Tiberio, is a remarkable individual who after 24 years at the helm of one of the most popular restaurants in Marbella still has the passion and desire to offer his guests the ultimate Italian dining experience. Italian dining is a way of life, it is a tradition where friends and family sit together enjoying each others company as well as marvelling at the food presented to them, this is a custom that Sandro holds dear “family is very important to me so to be able to sit with the ones you love in a beautiful setting eating exceptional food is an experience I want to share - so others can enjoy it”. Dining ´al fresco´ on the huge summer terrace overlooking the beautifully presented gardens which Sandro painstakingly maintains, is a delight and indeed a pleasure for the senses especially as the early evening turns to night. The aromas that drift around the gardens from the dame la noches and jasmine flowers are hypnotic, paired with the relaxing sounds of the cascading fountains and romantic lighting adds to create a magical atmosphere.

The extensive menu offers all the traditional Italian dishes as you would imagine plus encourages diners to ask for their favourite dishes this is because customer satisfaction is ranked high on all the teams list of priorities. Every plate at this gourmet Italian is exquisitely put together. The pasta is home-made, the sauces are rich and full of flavour and to compliment these culinary delights there is an array of over 3,000 bottles of the finest Spanish, French and Italian wine. Sandro, is very much a hands on restaurateur and this is one of the main reasons Villa Tiberio is such a success. Upon visiting Villa during the course of your meal you will most likely receive a personal visit to your table from Sandro, who takes enormous pleasure in regaling people with his jokes and anecdotes and of course charming the ladies! With all this in mind it is little wonder really that Villa Tiberio has played host to an illustrious list of cliental, such as royalty, diplomats and international celebrities over its years and with the ability to accommodate 250 people sitting both inside and out, Villa Tiberio was and still is the ultimate dining experience. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”



IN BONO’S BEACH Everything IS POSSIBLE Tfno +34 952 839 236 Email w w w. b o n o s b e a c h . c o m Longitude 36.49850 Laditude -4.81100 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


In a land as diverse as Australia, there’s a wide variety of cuisines to offer to those who are complete foodies at heart! The cuisine finds its base in the traditional style of British cooking but borrows flavours from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French, German, Lebanese, Vietnamese and Mediterranean cuisine, amongst others. These influences have permeated into all levels of eating, from first-class dining establishments to the local fish and chip shops where serving traditional damper bread alongside Thai sweet chilli sauce is everything but the norm.

Aussie hamburger ordered “with the lot” - beetroot, pineapple, fried egg, bacon, grilled onion, cheese, tomato, lettuce. Ingredients: 125 grams (4 oz beef, mince (ground meat) 1 egg 2 bacon rashers 1 slice cheese 1 large slice onion 1 large slice tomato 1 large slice beetroot (beets) 1 pineapple ring 1 hamburger roll lettuce, margarine & tomato ketchup Method: Cut the hamburger roll in half and butter both halves. Toast both bun halves on the grill. Fry the meat patty, the bacon rashers and the onion. Flip the meat patty over and add cheese on top. Fry the egg. Butter the bun and add tomato sauce to taste. Assemble the hamburger: lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, pineapple & the meat patty. Top with bacon, egg, cheese and bun top. Don’t forget to make some in chips to go with your hamburger. 156




PAVLOVA Named in honour of the Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, who caused a sensation when she toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s. Ingredients: Melted butter and cornflour for dusting 6 eggs, separated 280 grams caster sugar ½ teaspoon vanilla essence 2 teaspoons corn flour (cornstarch) 1 teaspoon white vinegar 300 ml whipping cream 2 tablespoons icing sugar, sifted Fruits of your choice Method: Preheat oven to 120°C ( 250°F ). Line an oven tray with foil or baking paper. Brush with melted butter and dust with cornflour. Shake off excess. Take a spoon and mark out a 23cm ( 9 inch) diameter circle in the dusted cornflour. This is the guide you will follow when you put the meringue on the pan. Use an electric mixer to whip the egg whites in a clean dry bowl until soft peaks form. Slowly add sugar (about 1 tablespoon at a time) beating well. Continue until all the sugar is dissolved and the meringue is thick and glossy. Add vanilla, cornflour and vinegar. Beat only until these new ingredients are mixed in thoroughly. Spoon the meringue into the circle. Using a spatula, smooth the side and top of the Pavlova base and make little peaks around the top edge. Bake for 1 to 1½ hours or until it feels dry to the touch. Turn off the oven and leave the door ajar with the Pavlova base still inside to cool down slowly. Use an electric mixer to whip the cream and icing sugar in a medium bowl. Whip until it forms firm peaks. Spoon the whipped cream on the top of the base. Decorate the top of the base with the fruit.


ANZAC BISCUITS LAMINGTONS A crisp, tasty treat with good keeping qualities. Often sent to the australian soldiers by their families. The quantities given make 36 biscuts. Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 1 tablespoon golden syrup 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 2 tablespoons boiling water 1 cup uncooked rolled oats 1 cup desiccated coconut 1 cup plain flour 1 cup brown sugar 2 teaspoons ground ginger Method: Melt butter and golden syrup in a large pan over low heat. Add bicarbonate of soda mixed with boiling water. Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, then pour melted mixture into the centre and mix to a moist but firm consistency. Drop slightly rounded teaspoons of mixture onto a cold greased tray. Cook for 10-15 minutes in a moderate oven. Cool on a wire rack.

These small cakes were popularised by Queenslanders in the early 1900s. They are named after Lord Lamington, the Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901. Ingredients: 3/4 cup butter 3/4 cup caster sugar 3 eggs 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup self-raising flour 1/2 cup plain flour 1/2 cup milk chocolate icing desicated coconut Method: Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Add two eggs, one at a time, and beat well. Add vanilla and half the sifted flour. Mix well. Add milk, the remaining flour and the third egg, and mix until smooth. Place in a well-greased lamington tin or baking dish and bake for 30 minutes in a preheated moderate to slow oven. Cool and cut into squares about 5cm Spear each square on a carving fork, dip in chocolate icing, drain off excess, and toss in desiccated coconut.

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Traditionally made by bushmen, who sometimes cooked the dough in the hot ashes of a camp fire. The outside was burnt but the damper was broken open and only the centre was eaten. Here is a sophisticated version of the basic recipe. It is excellent with pumpkin soup (includes a variation: Beer Damper). Ingredients: 2 cups self-raising flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons sugar 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup milk Method: Sift flour and salt. Add sugar and rub in butter. Mix in milk to make a medium soft dough. Knead lightly on a board until smooth. Pat into a round shape, place in a tin and glaze with milk.


Bake in a hot oven, reducing heat until cooked (20 minutes). turn onto a tea towel, wrap and cool. Serve with butter and golden syrup or jam. Variations: To make fruit or grated cheese damper use one cup of either ingrident, added to basic recipe. Beer damper can be made by substituting beer for milk. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE



is a happening place, somewhere to really live the moment!

Opening hours: 12:00 pm – 3:00 am

tanino is one of the most welcoming open air venues on the Costa del Sol which has made it one of the most popular restaurants in Estepona, situated only five minutes from Puerto Banus. Not only is it a surprising and special place for any first time visitor but it also offers fantastic value for money. Our International cuisine offers a wide range of dishes from home-made pasta, char-grilled steaks,

fusion dishes such as stir fries and our new concept of Indian cuisine plus home-made dessert including our delicious cheese cake and Tiramisu. With this tantalising variety of dishes tanino offers a fresh gastronomic concept, influenced by its two sister restaurants in Madrid, plus the newly opened restaurant in San Pedro.

Ctra. de Cadiz Km 168, Estepona by Hotel Crowne Plaza - Reservations 952 883 259

tanino is the perfect place to enjoy dining under the Inside we offer comfortable seating and relaxed dining stars or a fresh summer fruit caipirinha cocktail with experience with free wifi. live music on our chill out terrace with friends or tanino was created to invite people to experience family. our relaxed rhythm, style and design, to share any We also have an exquisite selection of cocktails day, any time‌ and specially prepared Gin and Tonics for the more discerning.


GOLDEN SUN Since 1997

Open all day, everyday from 12:30 til’ late Serving the finest, freshest food to eat in or take away

Recommended Speciality dishes: Steamed Sea Bass Spare Ribs in Barbecue Sauce Fried Battered King Prawns fried Shedded Chicken Yuk Shung Crispy Aromatic Duck with Fresh Homemade Pancakes, Hoisin Sauce & Cucumber

Beautiful Terrace

Easy Free Parking

Centro Comercial Benevista, 28 CN 340 km, 167 Opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel 29680 Estepona, Malaga Tel. 952 88 73 86 M. 629 73 66 85






Casino Marbella - The ultimate dining experience


ith its sophisticated ambiance, elegant surroundings, impeccable service and delicious cuisine, Casino Marbella’s restaurant is one of Marbella’s finest restaurants and this summer renowned Head Chef Jordi Miquel and his team have prepared a new international summer menu. Inspired by gastronomies from around the world with dishes such as: Blackened Spaghetti, with Cuttlefish ink and American style King Prawns, Cod confit with Wok vegetables, rice crisp & Lamb Kebab served with a yoghurt dressing this menu will transport you with its delicious smells, textures and taste to faraway lands.



To accompany your meal Casino Marbella’s restaurant also has an extensive wine & champagne cellar. A team of professionals led by maitre’d, Vall-Llaura Gerard, can advise you of the best combination between food and wine pairing, to ensure the full flavours of your meal are experienced. There is great balance between the kitchen and restaurant service and customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to all the staff so the new menu is now available in five languages: Spanish, English, French, German, and Russian to accommodate the cosmopolitan mix of residents and holiday makers alike who visit Marbella.

The flexibility and layout of Casino Marbella’s restaurant makes it ideal for small groups and large parties alike and it is a great venue to celebrate any occasion from an intimate dinner to a big birthday party. (Private dining is also available). The casual elegance of Casino Marbella’s restaurant is continually evolving and it is safe to say that dining at Casino Marbella is definitely a safe bet! Casino Marbella is open daily from 8:00pm until late at night. Reservations: 952 814 000 or



“The gentle art of gastronomy is a friendly one. It hurdles the language barrier, makes friends among civilized people, and warms the heart.�



A bottle of house wine per table (minimum spend â‚Ź20 per person) for VIP cardholders


he Perla Restaurant is located in Marbella, on the beach with stunning views of the Mediterranean, Africa and Gibraltar. We offer a variety of fish, seafood, meat and high quality rice dishes. For over 35 years we have dedicated ourselves to offering the best food made with natural ingredients and traditional recipes, which has given us an international reputation. We are open everyday providing a high class service and succulent cuisine.

Ctra. de Cadiz, Km 192 C/ Agata, s/n Urb. White Pearl Beach 29604 Elviria Marbella

+34 952 83 59 14 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Indulge your sweet or savoury side with a visit to

For just over 5 years Cafeteria & Panaderia La Heredia or the “Dutch Bakery” as people loving refer to it, has been making a bakery lover’s fantasy come true. Located only 3 minutes from the motorway up the mountain between San Pedro and Ronda within the beautiful village enclave of La Heredia, this wonderful bakery has set the benchmark for bakeries across the Costa del Sol and is a delight to the senses and a testament to its continued success. Owned and run by the charming Yvonne Van Kleef and her husband Jose, this delightful bakery offers everything from baked breads, imported cheeses from Holland, home-made chutneys, chicken coronation, sausage rolls, wines and a great assortment of cakes and tarts.

When you enter Cafeteria & Panaderia, you are greeted by the welcoming aroma of fresh baked breads and pastries which will set your senses alight. For those who enjoy starting the day with something special, Cafeteria & Panaderia offers natural juices freshly squeezed, freshly made smoothies or coffee. The tasty breakfast, lunch and snack menus offer everything you would expect from a wonderful variety of sandwiches, soups, salads, their famous home-made meat balls (which are enormous!) carpaccio, pastrami, pasta, paella, schnitzels with homemade French fries, hamburgers with home-made French fries or Steak PLUS a large selection of quiches. The Bakery has a large welcoming newly refurbished terrace where people can sit relax and savor the aromas from within, and I dare anyone to smell these delicious aromas and not be tempted! For those on the run, take the bakery home with you! Cafeteria & Panaderia’s deli counter offers a take away service so you can enjoy the nutritious homemade goodness of their breads & snacks without the fuss of cooking plus they also offer catering for barbeques & small parties. Cafeteria & Panaderia La Heredia is focused on, in addition to it’s delicious breads and pastries, optimum service and Jose & Yvonne, together with their sons Sebastian and Daniel, offer a warm and welcoming service and will do everything within there power to provide you with a memorable experience.

Thank you!!

We have just celebrated our 5th anniversary... and would like to thank all our customers - past, present and future - for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon. 166


Dutch Bakery • Cheese • Deli • Gourmet • Wine Open: Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm Ctra. de Ronda km 43, Benahavis 29679 t: 952 927 081 • e: Cafeteria y Panaderia La Heredia SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE



La Fiorentina 168


Ladies Lunch Every Wednesday from 14:00 to 16:00 Come enjoy a delicious lunch and experience the La Fiorentina fantastic atmosphere.

Why not treat yourself to a manicure or discover what the future has in store for you with a tarot reading. A great afternoon for the ladies to all get together.

Set Menu for just 17.00€ a’ la carte menu available

Manicure from 20.00€ €



MONDAYS - SATURDAY Elvis Presley Rolling Stones Rod Stewart Dean Martin Marilyn Monroe Joe Cocker Amy Winehouse and many more!

S U N D AY Open everyday 13:00 - 16:00 for lunch 19:00 - 24:00 for dinner (Reservations are recommended) Urb. El Pilar, Estepona (entry from Benavista side) T. 952 885 765 M. 609 516 526

Italian Opera






SAN MARTINO is proving to be one of the best Italian restaurants in Elviria...


ining in Elviria, one is spoilt for choice with an abundant amount of restaurants however quantity does not always account for quality. San Martino Restaurant situated in the ever popular square of Pinaes de Elvira is a restaurant that offers this quality along with the finest of contemporary Italian cooking in surroundings nothing short of sheer elegance.

San Martino opened its doors in February of this year, and has never looked back. Named after one of the new owners’ mother’s birthplace San Martino has incorporated Italian Flair into every detail of its charming and sophisticated restaurant from creative Italian menus and a selected wine list, to inviting interiors that provide comfortable, intimate and memorable experiences. San Martino is a small village close to the lake of Fiastra, surrounded by the national park called Sibillini, there you can find extraordinary nature, gastronomy and wines. The owners of San Martino have dedicated most of their lives to food and wines, having been in the wine trade for more than 25 years. This experience has given them a great base for understanding the importance of combining the right food with the right wine. At San Martino restaurant we aim to provide a complete “food and wine experience”. The fusion of the classic Italian recipes made with only the very best high quality products with the touch of modernity, combined with beautiful surroundings, and exceptionally good wines makes the experience at the San Martino restaurant unique. The Chef Luciano is of course Italian and a true artist in the kitchen. All the pasta is freshly made daily and “the true Italian taste” is introduced into every dish served at the restaurant. The best connoisseurs of Italian food, even the Italians themselves come back

again and again. The chefs can make your mouth water with its excellent dishes using only the best materials. The restaurant offer an extensive à la carte menu for both lunch and dinner with a great selection of signature dishes and Italian favourites, all prepared with prime ingredients. With a great range of salads, fish and meat dishes and of course their homemade pasta. There is also a well-priced, set lunch menu priced at 16€ for three courses with mineral water included. The kitchen is open every day from 13.00 to 24.00, menu available from 13.00 to 16.30 and a la carte all day. Elegance is translated throughout every aspect of the culinary experience by providing you with exemplary service paired with dishes that are made from only the highest quality ingredients. Superb dishes, excellent service, and a transcendent and comfortable ambiance all blend together to construct the definition of fine dining in the heart of Elviria. Our goal: that our guests come back again and again to fill our tables and leave with a smile on their faces. That smile is our greatest reward.


San Martino Italian restaurant, the latest concept in chic, true Italian dining! For reservations: 952 832 702 | 172





De´Medici Restaurant Fridays & Saturdays - Opera and Dean Martin Our specials menu changes weekly Famous for our W hite A sparagus from Peru and once monthly Imperial Oysters



Gianni & Brigitte Pagani Open Monday to Saturday 19:30 to 23:30 (Dinner only) closed Sundays reservations reccommended U rb. El Pilar, Calle Sabinillas s/n, 29680 EsteponaT. +34 952 88 46 87





The best seasoning to food is the love you put in it. 180


Rancho Grill

Gin Corner New Tiffany room

Grill El Rancho - Las Chapas

For private parties and celebrations

Daily Menu €18,50 (+ VAT) Tel: 952 831 922

Live Music every Saturday

Specialists in Grill & Chateaubriand Two of the finest grill restaurants on the coast specialising in Charcoal Grill & Stonegrill. Extensive Wine List. OPENING HOURS: 12:30 ‘non stop’ till late


Grill del Puerto

We get copied for a reason come and taste why!!!

Delicious homemade Grill del Puerto - Puerto Banús Daily Menu €19,50 (+ VAT) First Line - Tel: 952 811 686

food in a beautiful location

The restaurant has a team of multi-lingual staff on hand and groups & celebrations are welcome. To avoid disappointment make sure you book early. Contact on 952 811 686 or for bookings in El Rancho Grill or contact ingrid@banusgrill for bookings in Grill del Puerto.

tanino san pedro! is a happening place, somewhere to really live the moment!


is one of the most welcoming open air venues on the Costa del Sol and beacuse of the huge success of tanino Estepona we are pleased to announce the opening of our third restaurant and welcome you to Tanino San Pedro.

We offer a wide gastronomic International cuisine with a wide range of dishes from home-made pasta, char-grilled steaks, our signiture fusion dishes such as stir fries and Indian cuisine plus our home-made dessert which should not be missed!!

This new Tanino invites you to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, a fun and relaxing dinner with friends or a romantic evening meal with your partner.

tanino was created to invite people to experience our relaxed rhythm, style and design‌

Paseo Las Palmeras, 15, 29670 San Pedro AlcĂĄntara - Reservations 952 78 33 94

Open from dusk till dawn tanino is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Why not enjoy a fresh fruit cocktail or a refreshing gin & tonic from our extensive gin menu.


offers a new concept of relaxation in a seductive, relaxing and cool way, our comfortable seating and relaxed dining experience with open air terrace will help to melt any troubles away.

Tantalise your sense at tanino San Pedro!!! Opening times from 8.30 am till late




Restaurante Asiatico


Opening Hours: Lunch 13:00 to 16:00 Dinner 18.30 to 24:00 184


Thai or Chinese Freshly prepared from our menu.

Menu a’la carte Come and Visit our lovely terrace with seating for up to 100 people.

All You Can Eat!

€19.95 or

All you can Eat & Drink

€24.95 Visit us on

or our website /BangkokRestauranteMarbella

soft drinks draft beer, house wine, “tinto de verano” coffee & tea

All included UNLIMITED!! We also have a take away menu!

Children up to 8 years old Unlimited food only €9.95 Unlimited food & drink €13.95 Prices are per person (Dessert not included) Each table must choose the same menu as the €19.95 and €24.95 menus can not be mixed at the same table.

For reservations: +34 952 81 36 03 Plaza de las Orquideas, next to Casino Nueva Andalucia, Marbella




Stamp their authority on Mediterranean Cuisine

Their identity is based on quality, hospitality and great customer service…. Providing a unique gastronomic experience and offering the highest quality in customer service is the hallmarks of Da Bruno Restaurant Group. With over 19 years of experience on the Costa del Sol, The Da Bruno Group of restaurants offer Mediterranean cuisine that combines tradition and modernity in perfect balance, making dishes using only the freshest of ingredients, and always cooked to order. Eating at any of their six restaurants becomes an unforgettable experience thanks to the dedication and commitment that the whole family of DaPASTA Bruno provides to DA BRUNO the customer making them feel at home. “We take care of all the details so our establishments are places devoted to hospitality. Customers are our greatest treasure and we work every day with determination to enjoy some quality time in company of family and friends or BRUNOevents A CABOPINO celebrate DA special that will surely have a guaranteed success,” said Restoration owner Da Bruno Group, Bruno Filippone.

Da Bruno has six establishments along the coast where you can share good times in good company with great food. What more could you ask for? Da Bruno Sul Mare, Da Bruno San Pedro, Da Bruno Cabopino, Da Bruno A Casa, Pasta Da Bruno and Da Bruno Mijas-Costa. All the restaurants are designed with spacious living and decor that manages to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, making them an ideal venue to hold cocktail parties and celebrations.


“The customer isDA our greatest treasure and BRUNO SUL MARE we work every day with determination so you can enjoy quality time”

Excellence certified by DA BRUNO SAN PEDRO customers Da Bruno Sul Mare is proud to announce it is one of a limited few establishments which has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the prestigious international website TripAdvisor. Only 10% of the thousands of restaurants reviewed have won this prestigious award. This award has been presented To Da DA Mare BRUNO MIJAS COSTA Bruno Sul because more than 80% of its customers consider the restaurant a very good or excellent place to dine.

Bookings accepted via the web and telephone for more information visit: or call 663 92 62 11 186


a great italian


PASTA DA BRUNO Tel.: (+34) 952 86 03 48

DA BRUNO A CASA Tel.: (+34) 952 857 521

DA BRUNO A CABOPINO Tel.: (+34) 952 83 19 18

DA BRUNO SUL MARE Tel.: (+34) 952 90 33 18

DA BRUNO SAN PEDRO Tel.: (+34) 952 78 68 60

DA BRUNO MIJAS COSTA Tel.: (+34) 952 460 724











hile Australian is a land of contrasts, the oldest continent with the oldest wine growing soil it is also one of the youngest wine industries thus wines produced in Australia are aptly called “New World Wines.”

Australia has long been at the forefront of the ‘New World’ wine renaissance, with a highly dedicated and professional industry based on research and development. Both Australia and the global wine industry have benefited from the technological advancements in wine-growing made by organizations such as the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI). The country’s contribution to revolutionizing vineyard management practices is also second to none. The vast landscape of Australia, with its huge range of climatic and geographical conditions, makes it one of the most versatile wine-growing countries in the world. Overall, the climate is affected by its



southerly latitude, but regional features such as altitude and proximity to the oceans also play a significant role. Wine is produced in all of Australia’s six states, but the vast majority is made in the southeast, in New South Wales, Victoria and particularly South Australia. Australia’s wine portfolio is almost as complete as one can imagine, and includes cult wines based on its very own Shiraz, southern Rhone-style blends, classic fruit-forward aromatics led by Riesling from the Eden and Clare Valleys, highly acclaimed Chardonnay with or without barrel influence, unpretentious but delicious Hunter Valley Semillon, heavy and complex fortified and dessert wines, and world-class sparkling wines.

Here we take a look at some of Australia’s most famous brands: Jacobs Creek Jacobs Creek is one of Australia’s largest wine brands with over 160 years of winemaking expertise founded in 1847 by Johann Gramp a Bavarian immigrant who planted his first grape vines on the banks of the then recently named Jacob’s Creek in South Austrlia’s Barossa Valley. The vines flourished and led to the production of their first vintage in 1850, making around 12 dozen bottles of hock style white wine from one small octave oak barrel. The winery now part of Pernod Ricard Pacific company produces some of Australia’s most successful export wines with some 80% of sales being sent to over 50+ export markets.

Wolf Blass

In 1969 Wolfgang Blass purchased a 2.5 acre landholding in South Australia. Four years later, Wolf Blass Wines was born with the first vintage of Wolf Blass Black Label. From humble beginnings in a tin shed in the Barossa Valley, Wolf Blass Wines is now one of the most successful and awarded wineries in Australia. The piece of land happened to be on Bilyara Road and when researching the name, Wolf discovered that it is the Aboriginal name for “Eaglehawk”. As the eagle is also the national emblem of Germany, Wolf’s homeland, he decided that the Eagle would also appear on all of his wines – a legacy that continues today. In 1974 Wolf Blass Black Label won the highly coveted Jimmy Watson Trophy from the Melbourne Wine Show, the first of three consecutive wins, generating substantial publicity and hype. In 1999, Wolf Blass Black Label made history, becoming

the only wine to win the Jimmy Watson Trophy an unprecedented four times. Since then, growth has been impressive and inspiring with Wolf Blass winning more than 3,000 awards at national and international wine shows, including most recently, International Red Winemaker of the Year at the 2008 International Wine Challenge in London. Wolf Blass Wines have always had a unique and highly distinguishable style. With a strong focus on careful fruit sourcing, fermentation, maturation and blending, the wines deliver lifted vibrant fruit flavours, a soft rounded palate and well integrated tannins that are the hallmarks of the entire Wolf Blass range. Today, Wolf Blass wines are exported to more than 50 countries and the Wolf Blass brand is recognised internationally as a producer of premium wines.

Bird in Hand In 1997 Andrew Nugent planted the seeds of the Bird in Hand vineyard and olive grove across 100 acres of rich, fertile ground in the Adelaide Hills. The region was scattered with gold mines during the 1800’s and the Nest Egg, Bird in Hand and Two in the Bush ranges proudly bear the names of these original mines. Bird in Hand enjoys local and international recognition from lovers of exceptional wine through to wine collectors and judges, including one of our most recent awards: “World’s Best Shiraz” for Nest Egg Shiraz 2010.



Penfolds Penfolds has long been cherished by wine-lovers the world over. Founded in 1844 by a young English doctor, Dr Christopher Rawson Penfold, vine cuttings from the south of France were planted around the site of the modest stone cottage he built with his wife Mary at Magill, on the outskirts of Adelaide. Following Dr Penfold’s death in 1870, the vineyards and winery continued to be very capably run by Mary, who had been fundamental in their establishment and development from the very beginning. After her death, full responsibility for the continued success of the company was passed to her daughter and son-in-law Georgina and Thomas Hyland – and then eventually passed on to their two sons and two daughters. Penfolds continues to innovate in winemaking. The Yattarna project of the 1990s has led to an expansion of the white wine portfolio of Penfolds. Two white wines now sit proudly in the Bin range – Bin 311 Chardonnay and Bin 51 Riesling – and a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc joined the Koonunga Hill range. In 2004, Penfolds released two Special Bin wines – Kalimna Block 42 and Bin 60A, offering these unique wines to wine-lovers en primeur. The Thomas Hyland range adopted the Adelaide appellation and launched two new wines, a Sauvignon Blanc and a Riesling. Sourcing the Penfolds Thomas Hyland wines from the Adelaide winegrowing region showcases the finest wines that the Adelaide region can produce from the only winery that truly calls Adelaide home. Thirty years after the inaugural vintage of Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet, Penfolds released Koonunga Hill Seventy Six Shiraz Cabernet from the 2006 vintage as an homage to the original wine. From humble beginnings in the 1950s, Grange has maintained its place as Australia’s most prestigious red wine over four decades. An Australian icon, Grange represents a tradition in winemaking that is totally uncompromising.

Rosemount Estates Over the last 40 years, Rosemount has established itself as one of Australia’s leading wineries, producing a selection of wines that reflect the riches of the Australian climate and showcase a dedication to winemaking excellence, quality, innovation and style. The Rosemount family of wines was developed to make it easier for consumers to clearly identify each range – making it simple for consumers to trade up and down while staying loyal to Rosemount, no matter what the occasion. Established in 1969, Bob Oatley instilled a mentality that a quality product will always be sought out and appreciated. Bob Oatley’s wish to establish a reputation for fine wine production was satisfied early and led Rosemount Estate to establish a wide variety of vineyard sites around Australia that take advantage of the varied soil types and regional climates. The 1980 vintage of Rosemount Estate Show Reserve Chardonnay became the first Australian wine to win Double Gold at the International Wine and Spirit Competition then held in Bristol, England. With the legendary Rosemount Estate Balmoral Syrah as the brand’s flagship wine, Rosemount’s range features an impressive array of single vineyard, premium regional and classic varietal wines that are the toast of wine lovers the world over. The Rosemount range of wines continues to win both local and international accolades, a true reflection of our dedication to quality wine styles. Whilst much has changed in the wine industry and at Rosemount Estate over the years, the winemakers’ commitment to quality and approachable wine styles, that defined the original vision for Rosemount Estate, has remained intact.



Linderman’s Lindeman’s wines contain the spirit and passion of its founder, Dr. Henry J. Lindeman, whose philosophy was to craft wines for everyday enjoyment. In 1843, Dr. Lindeman planted his first vineyard on his 330-acre property ‘Cawarra’ in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. One hundred years later, the Lindeman’s Wine Company became a public listed company. By cellaring wines and not releasing them for sale until they had properly matured, Dr. Lindeman earned a reputation for producing wine of the highest quality. In 1973, the Lindeman’s Winery at Karadoc was built to cater for the increasing consumer demand for Lindeman’s wines around the world. Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay was first crafted for the Canadian market and launched in 1985 in response to the popularity of the Lindeman’s style of wines in the northern hemisphere. Following its success in Canada and the United States, Lindeman’s Bin 65 was ‘brought home’ to Australia in 1991. The winemaking team of nine is spread across Victoria and South Australia. Wayne Falkenberg and his team at the Lindeman’s Karadoc Winery produce wines for the Cawarra, Bin Series and Premier Selection labels, whilst the team based in the Coonawarra produce the Reserve and Coonawarra Trio wines.





Short & Fat A New Edition to the Davidoff Family Smoking a cigar should never be rushed, to savor a fat juicy cigar is a pleasure worth savoring, but in today’s fast phonetic paced world catching these moments is not as easy as it seems. Until now one used to have to reach for a mini cigar or a cigarillo to get that quick taste of pleasure. Enter the Davidoff Puro d’oro Gorditos a pared down yet sophisticated snub nosed version of the master blender Henke Kelner’s first Dominican republic puro cigar. With a dark & oily yet delicately flavorful wrapper from yamasa valley and a blend of tobaccos that have been meticulously aged for at least five years, this pint sized smoke – which has the largest ring gauge of all of the puro d’oro line of 56 or 58 offering thirty minutes of pure enjoyment. It is available in pocket packets of four or in boxes of 25. This stylish gold-banded cigar is long on flavor even if you are short on time. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Alexanders´ Collection Spain Luxury Home

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 194


rt A “A painting is a poem without words”



Vik Muniz has exhibited his work all over the world. Using unexpected materials to create portraits, landscapes and still life’s which he then photographs. He delights in subverting a viewer’s expectations.

Self Protrait made from Confetti 196



orn into a working-class family in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1961 Vik Muniz as a young man attended art school for a few years in Brazil, and worked briefly in advertising for a billboard company and became something of an advertising wunderkind. His career ended abruptly when whilst on his way to his first black-tie gala he was shot in the leg. It is said that his assailant, offered him cash in exchange that he didn’t press charges, so Muniz took the money and decided to head to America. He arrived in the United States in 1983, speaking very little English, and worked a variety of jobs he lived in the East Village were at that time the gallery scene was booming. It was at this time where by chance he happened across Jeff Koons’s enigmatic vacuum cleaner and basketball sculptures and thought “I realized that I could be an artist too. He was speaking my language.” A friend lent him a studio space, and Muniz began making his own objects, a shiny shelf intended to gather dust and a preColombian drip coffee maker. In 1988 he held his first New York solo gallery show. Then he began experimenting with drawing and photography. His early work grew out of a post-Fluxus aesthetic and often involved visual puns and jokes. “I’m a product of a military dictatorship,” he said recently at his New York gallery, Sikkema Jenkins & Company. “Under a dictatorship, you cannot trust information or dispense it freely because of censorship. So Brazilians become very flexible in the use of metaphors. They learn to communicate with double meanings.” Certainly his photographs are filled with the visual equivalent of double entendres. At first each seems to present a familiar image or artwork. But examine the picture up close, and it turns out to be made from surprising elements, like Bosco syrup, which Muniz once dribbled across vellum to recreate Hans Namuth’s photograph of Jackson Pollock making a drip painting; peanut butter and jelly, from which he molded a Warholesque “Double Mona Lisa”; or plastic toy soldiers, which he used to recast a Civil War photograph of a boyish-looking private.

Civil War Toy Soldiers

This penchant for multi-layered imagery may be one reason Muniz, has been an art world fixture for more than a decade, and now a celebrity in Brazil. In the last two years his traveling retrospective, simply called “Vik,” has been in five cities there, achieving record attendance. He has also funnelled much time and money into non-profits (which have flourished in Brazil’s democracy), most of which are located in Rio de Janeiro, and intended to provide education and job training for street children. Muniz’s work as we know it today begins to take shape with The Best of Life (1990) where he drew pictures of photographs included in a coffee table book from memory after losing the book during a move. The drawings were subsequently photographed and shown as photographs, a practice that Muniz continues today.

Diamonds Eyes of Elizabeth Tayor SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Flowers and Leaves Van Gogh 198


Muniz followed “The Best of Life” with Equivalents in 1993, Pictures of Wire in 1994, and Pictures of Thread in 1995, in which he developed the other aspect of his characteristic style by making the drawings out of readily recognizable non-art materials (i.e. cotton, wire, or thread). This process of making a drawing out of a non-traditional material and then photographing it has been central to Muniz’s work ever since. The next major step in his career came with “Sugar Children” in 1996 for which he received critical acclaim. The New York Times reviewed the show and Muniz was invited to participate in the 1997-1998 New Photography exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York it was this exhibition where Muniz’s career as a photographer was born. In 2008, Muniz released the series “Pictures of Cars”, which emulate famous paintings such as “Standard Station” and “Norm’s on Fire” by L.A. Pop Art master Ed Ruscha. Created from car parts and associated thematic pieces, the monumental photographs range in size to 5’ x 10’ and represent a tongue in cheek commentary on Los Angeles and its car culture. Since then Muniz has worked with many materials (chocolate syrup, caviar, diamonds, junk, earthworks and pigment to name a few) and has exhibited his work in major museums and galleries around the world. Recently, Muniz has curated a show at MoMA as part of the Artist’s Choice series and featured the award winning documentary Wasteland (2010).

The Sugar Children

Mona Lisa in Jam and Peanut Butter SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Vik Muniz

Wasteland, Brazil

Filmed over nearly three years, Wasteland follows Muniz as he journeys from his home in Brooklyn to his native Brazil and the world’s largest garbage dump, Jardim Gramacho, a 321-acre open-air dump just outside Rio one of the largest landfills in Latin America. There he photographs an eclectic band of “catadores” - or self-designated pickers of recyclable materials. Muniz’s initial objective was to “paint” the catadores with garbage. However, his collaboration with these inspiring characters as they recreate photographic images of themselves out of garbage reveals both dignity and despair as the catadores begin to re-imagine their lives. The work of Muniz in the movie offers stirring evidence of the transformative power of art and the human spirit. The film was nominated for an Academy Awards for Best Documentary Feature and won prizes in numerous domestic and foreign film festivals, including the Audience Award for Best World Cinema Documentary at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Warehouse where Wastelands was created 200


Website: Twitter: @vikmuniz Facebook:

Wasteland, Brazil

HOUSES of ART Fabrizio Corneli

will present his fascinating shadows and lights in a Solo Exhibition

CONTEMPORARY ART AT ITS BEST From 19th of September until the 22nd of October, 2013 Marbella Club Hotel Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe, 29600 Marbella T. +34 952 857 196 202


Arsenia Tenorio is a renowned Spanish Contemporary artist who studied Fine Arts in Madrid & Valencia. Over the years she has earnt herself a score of international and national awards. A member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Historical Sciences of Toledo her instantly recognisable art because of its colour explosions has been displayed around the world at International Fairs such as Chicago, Madrid & Singapore and throughout the month of August through to the 2nd October her “about the abstract” collection will be displayed within the restaurant of Casino Marbella About the abstract (1972)” is a compilation of abstract work throughout her career. Few artists can boast of such a wide and complete artwork.

Painting Exhibition 11th July to 2nd October 13 Every day from 9pm To view this stunning artwork you need to be over the age of 18 years and hold a valid passport or driving license for entrance into the casino. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Your music, E

verywhere you look these days you see people listening to music on the go, white earphones of the iPods, bright coloured Beats headphones and a multitude of other brands adon people’s ears.

Listening to music is a form of escapism it has been scientifically proven that listening to music can help alter one’s state of mind. It can help you to unwind, can gear you up and motivate you, can evoke emotions of sadness, sorry, angst, joy, happiness and love. Just as a glimpse inside a bedroom or office provides clues about someone’s character, so too can a peek at someone’s music collection. Your taste in music can reveal a lot about you, giving accurate clues to your personality. Here we take a look at the different genres of music and what they may say about your personality Smart Sounds Fans of blues, jazz and classical music have above-average IQ scores, high selfesteem are creative, outgoing, gentle and at ease Country Road Fans of country tend to be more outgoing, honest, conservative and hardworking compared with fans of other genres. They also are the most religious of all other music genre’s Drama Queens Compared with other music fans, opera aficionados have high self-esteem, are creative, gentle but can bottle up their emotions little to much and as in Madame Butterfly can become over consumed. Parental Advisory Parents often worry that music—whether it’s Elvis or Eminem—promotes sexual or aggressive behaviour in teens. In fact fans of gangsta rap are often more timid and shy using the music as a shield against the outside world.

Boom Town Listeners of Heavy metal, rock & indie music tend to have low self-esteem, shy away from hardwork, prefer to stay in but oppose to the heavy bass line are very gentle individuals who can make people feel at ease.



Motor-mouths Fans of energetic music like dance and soul are more likely to impulsively blurt out their thoughts, compared with fans of other styles are creative, outgoing but can be inconsiderate & selfish Mellow Fellow Listeners of reggae are creative, outgoing and gentle. Willing to embrace the world and promote world peace Spicy Fans of Bollywood music are vibrant, expressive, highly creative and socially outgoing, wanting to enjoy all that life has to offer.

your personality 206








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Amazon’s Hot New Releases for Summer 2013 +( ta

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Book Reviews sponsored by

pi ng )

The Hairy Dieters Eat for Life: by Si King & Dave Meyers


ollowing on from their No. 1 bestselling diet book, THE HAIRY DIETERS, the Hairy Bikers share more delicious low-calorie recipes and easy-to-follow advice.

Si King and Dave Myers, aka the Hairy Bikers, have been entertaining and feeding Britain with their unique blend of tasty recipes, cheeky humour and motorbike enthusiasm for years now. THE HAIRY DIETERS has sold over 1.2 million copies in the UK and this, their second diet book, delivers even more low-cal family favourites. Packed with 80 delicious low-calorie recipes, tips, and techniques to learn, this collection of diet recipes is the Hairy Bikers at their best. Si King and Dave Myers are the nation’s favourite food heroes. The stars of numerous TV cookery series, they represent all that is good-hearted and loved about food.




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in g)



Never Go Back by Jack Reacher

fter an epic and interrupted journey all the way from the snows of South Dakota, Jack Reacher has finally made it to Virginia.

His destination: a sturdy stone building a short bus ride from Washington D.C., the headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP. It was the closest thing to a home he ever had. Why? He wants to meet the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner. He liked her voice on the phone. But the officer sitting behind Reacher’s old desk isn’t a woman. Why is Susan Turner not there? What Reacher doesn’t expect is what comes next. He himself is in big trouble, accused of a sixteen-year-old homicide. And he certainly doesn’t expect to hear these words: ‘You’re back in the army, Major. And your ass is mine.’ Will he be sorry he went back? Or - will someone else?



+( ta

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Book Reviews sponsored by

in g)

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King


n epic war between good and evil, a gory, glorious story that will thrill the millions of hyper-devoted readers of The Shining and wildly satisfy anyone new to the territory of this icon in the King canon. King says he wanted to know what happened to Danny Torrance, the boy at the heart of The Shining, after his terrible experience in the Overlook Hotel. The instantly riveting Doctor Sleep picks up the story of the now middle-aged Dan, working at a hospice in rural New Hampshire, and the very special twelve-year old girl he must save from a tribe of murderous paranormal’s. On highways across America, a tribe of people called The True Knot travel in search of sustenance. They look harmless - mostly old, lots of polyester, and married to their RVs. But as Dan Torrance knows, and tween Abra Stone learns, The True Knot are quasiimmortal, living off the ‘steam’ that children with the ‘shining’ produce when they are slowly tortured to death. Haunted by the inhabitants of the Overlook Hotel where he spent one horrific childhood year, Dan has been drifting for decades, desperate to shed his father’s legacy of despair, alcoholism, and violence. Finally, he settles in a New Hampshire town, an AA community that sustains him and a job at a nursing home where his remnant ‘shining’ power provides the crucial final comfort to the dying. Aided by a prescient cat, he becomes ‘Doctor Sleep.’ Then Dan meets the evanescent Abra Stone, and it is her spectacular gift, the brightest shining ever seen, that reignites Dan’s own demons and summons him to a battle for Abra’s soul and survival . . .



+( ta

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in g)

THE KILL LIST by Frederick Forsyth


he Kill List: a top secret catalogue of names held at the highest level of the US government. On it, those men and women who would threaten the world’s security. And at the top of it, The Preacher, a radical Islamic cleric whose sermons inspire his followers to kill high profile Western targets in the name of God. As the bodies begin to pile up in America, Great Britain and across Europe, the message goes out: discover this man’s identity, locate him and take him out. Tasked with what seems like an impossible job is an ex-US marine who has risen through the ranks to become one of America’s most effective intelligence chiefs. Now known only as The Tracker, he must gather what scant evidence there is, collate it and unmask The Preacher if he is to prevent the next spate of violent deaths. Aided only by a brilliant teenaged hacker, he must throw out the bait and see whether his deadly target can be drawn from his lair.



SHOWING... Genre: Action / Sci-fi Starring: Vin Diesel Katee Sackhoff Jordi Molla Dave Bautista The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sunscorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.

Riddick – Rule the Dark Gravity Genre: Drama / Thriller / Suspense Starring: Sandra Bullock George Clooney Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) in command of his last flight before retiring. But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone--tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening silence tells them they have lost any link to Earth... and any chance for rescue. As fear turns to panic, every gulp of air eats away at what little oxygen is left. But the only way home may be to go further out into the terrifying expanse of space.



at a movie house near you Genre: Thriller / Suspense / Drama Starring: Hugh Jackman Jake Gyllenhaal Maria Bello A desperate father turns vigilante and abducts the man he suspects is behind the disappearance of his daughter and her best friend, after cops fail to find the little girls and release the suspect. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) is facing every parent’s worst nightmare. As minutes turn to hours, panic sets in. Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) is leading the investigation and arrests Alex Jones (Paul Dano), but a lack of evidence forces the only suspect’s release. The desperate father will do whatever it takes to find the girls, but in doing so, he may lose himself.

Genre: Comedy / Crime / Heist Starring: Colin Firth Cameron Diaz Alan Rickman Stanley Tucci Remake of the 1966 British caper comedy which starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine. The film centres on a British art curator Harry Deane (Colin Firth) who devises a finely-crafted scheme to con England’s richest man and avid art collector, Lionel Shabandar (Alan Rickman), into purchasing a fake Monet painting.

In order to bait his buyer, he recruits a Texas rodeo queen (Cameron Diaz) to cross the pond and pose as a woman whose grandfather liberated the painting at the end of WWII.









GolfNews 220


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All photo’s

Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera at The Masters 2013 nerves and game: the then-reigning Masters champion, Angel Cabrera.

Adam Derek Scott (born 16 July 1980) is an Australian professional golfer who plays mainly on the PGA Tour. On 7 January 2007, he reached a career high Official World Golf Ranking of third with a second place finish at the Mercedes-Benz Championship. He has been ranked inside the top 10 for over 220 weeks in his career. Scott has won 21 tournaments around the world, on a number of golf’s major tours. His biggest win to date was the 2013 Masters Tournament, his first major championship and the first Masters won by an Australian in its 77-year history. AUGUSTA, Ga. – Adam Scott wasn’t just in a swoon. He was in an absolute free-fall.

“Nobody wanted to play with Adam [in the Presidents Cup],” recalled Charlie Epps, Cabrera’s swing coach. “Angel said, ‘I’ll play with him.’ “ Standing in the light of the Augusta National clubhouse Sunday immediately after Scott’s Masters victory – winning in a two-hole playoff against … Cabrera – Epps smiled at the memory – and the irony.

Justin Rose leader in the Race to Dubai

Race to Dubai Justin Rose’s maiden major victory at the US Open Championship at Merion Golf Club has fired the 32 year old Englishman to the top of The Race to Dubai and confirmed his place at the season-ending DP World Tour Championship in November.

Masters playoff: “It was kind of a gut-check time,” Scott said on Sunday evening. “My game was in a bit of a rut, to be fair, and I wasn’t enjoying it. But Greg as the captain had a lot of faith in me, and belief that I could win a point for his team, and he gave me a pick, and I didn’t want to disappoint him.”

Moving up from 25th place to lead The Race to Dubai, which will reach its conclusion with the DP World Tour Championship on the Earth course at Jumeirah Golf Estates from November 14-17, Rose is the first Englishman to win a Major for 17 years and the first Englishman to lift the US Open trophy for 43 years.

Adam Scott hugs Angel Cabrera after winning the Masters. (AP) What Norman would do in 2009 would contribute, more than three years later, to one of the most dramatic playoffs in golf history. Scott was radioactive, playing so badly that he was almost contagious. So Norman connected him with someone whom he thought could help steady Scott’s 222


Adam Scott

Runner-up at last year’s DP World Tour Championship, where he posted a final round course record 62, Rose admitted his loss to Rory McIlroy was on his mind as he waited for play to finish on Sunday.


Tiger Woods at Firestone

The BOSS Green Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection HUGO BOSS has been Kaymer’s official sponsorship partner since the beginning of 2011 and outfits the German star golfer with looks from it’s golf and sportswear line BOSS Green.

Camilo Villegas for J.LINDEBERG Collection Camio Villegas was asked, is there anything you really love from 2013 collection ? A lot of things, but I think especially the stripes in the entire collection – in polo shirts, knits and in the small details, will get a lot of attention this season.


There are shirts that are not very loud but they do make a statement. And there are pieces with very cool lines going through them.

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Tiger Woods had his game on cruise control and will motor to Oak Hill as just about everybody’s favorite to win his 80th PGA Tour event and 15th major. Tiger Woods, who took any mystery out of last week’s WGC-Bridgestone Invitational with his second-round 61, stuck to his riskaverse strategy on Sunday and walked away from Firestone with son Charlie clamped to his neck and his name etched on his 79th PGA Tour trophy. With the rest of the field duking it out for second -- and to see how close any one of a number of stud golfers could get to the man in red and black -- Woods was content with letting them come to him. Indeed, on a windy day when Woods was confident no one would shoot in the low 60s, his scorecard epitomized a prevent defense: all pars on the front and a birdie and a bogey on the back nine. “Today I was just conservative, just trying to make pars,” Woods told Golf Channel’s David Feherty after carding an even-par 70 to finish the week at 15-under, seven shots better than Keegan Bradley and Henrik Stenson. “This was a perfect day to protect.



Golfriend’s is the one-stop shop for all your golfing needs offering men’s and women’s clothing at competitive prices as well as bags, clubs and golf package sets.



SLDR DRIVER - Our longest. That you make even longer. • Stunning modern-classic shape with charcoalgrey crown. • Low-forward CG promotes high launch, fast ball speed and low spin for phenomenal distance. • Easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment. • 21 SLDR weight positions to dial in the desired shot shape. • Increase or reduce the loft up to 1.5° with 12-position loft-sleeve for optimal trajectory. • Silver button-back works with subtle crown markings for easy clubface alignment. • Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft blends light weight with great feel and playability.


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Anyone can drive a fast car, few can drive a car fast.

The summer break is over and the race to be the championship driver is still wide open… Sebastian Vettel may be ahead but with Mercedes, Ferrari and Lotus hot on his heels the second half of the season,’looks set to be action packed…

The last dates of Formula One Schedule # Date Race Time 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Sep 8 Sep 22 Oct 6 Oct 13 Oct 27 Nov 3 Nov 17 Nov 24

*All times are in Spain Time 226


Italian Grand Prix 2:00 PM Singapore Grand Prix 2:00 PM Korean Grand Prix 8:00 AM Japanese Grand Prix 8:00 AM Indian Grand Prix 10:30 AM Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2:00 PM United States Grand Prix 8:00 PM Brazilian Grand Prix 5:00 PM

Today’s your lucky day... Com e a nd t r y you r l uck ! COD:H33

Present this ticket for an entry to the Casino and a gift! It is necessary to bring your National Identification Card (DNI), Passport or Driver’s Licence to enter the Casino SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


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No1 on the Coast

CENTRAL FM 98.6 103.9


s ’ t s ! n a o o i t C a t It’s the rite Radio S Favou Garcia taly a N



n Joh


Andy Little Tony Keys



dy Phillips An

Lynn Halliday


dam lA


Matt Jones

Geoff Jameson central fm radio spain office (+34) 952 566 256 studio (+34) 952 443 443 Specialist shows with Dave Engelfield, Mike Whittingham, Gary White, Matt Graveling, Spencer James, Jonathan Morrell, John Martin SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


Aries - the ram 21.Mar/20.Apr Much can happen in the month ahead as far as Arians are concerned. There would be certain expectations about what the coming days will bring and surprises occur that can transform your life all of a sudden.

Gemini - the twins 21.May/20.Jun Even the most adventurous person enjoys some levels of predictability in their lives but not you Gemini for this month. As much as they enjoy adrenaline surges or the thrill of achieving something thought to be beyond your abilities, play it safe during this month.

The sky has singled you out to be recipient of sudden and unexpected developments of a very positive variety in this You could gain something significant by month. Take a good look at where you believe life is predictable because doing so now. Don’t feel obliged to make something happen. Stick with it’s in such areas where the most change can and probably will occur. the easiest options available this time period. You won’t be disappointed with finances and relationships for this month.

Taurus - the bull 21.Apr/20.May Your daily life during this month shall take a beating. Almost everything you try shall meet with hindrances and impediments. In some ways, the cosmos is demanding you appease it before it can grant you access to something you truly desire. You would need to face fears and worries of some kind or the other as the month moves on.



Cancer - the crab 21.Jun/20.Jul There’s a certain person you need to make more of an effort to understand for this month. The attitudes and opinions of people around you have changed recently and you could be struggling to keep up with their constantly-changing ideas. Are you willing to make an effort to be patient and understand why they now feel the way they do about certain things. You shouldn’t have to try too hard to understand these people. You’re about to learn much about yourself in a wonderful way in this month. Family members, particularly the older ones need your constant vigil during this month.

Leo - the lion 23.Jul/22.Aug There is much you can do now to win someone over or touch the heart of a certain individual. They don’t want anything expensive or extravagant or for you to go to too much trouble. To bring about increased closeness between you and someone else, all you need to do is show genuine understanding toward them. It would mean the world to them if you would let them know how special they are to you.

Virgo - the virgin 23.Aug/22.Sep A wonderful healing process is underway in your life for this month. You can probably sense this. A relationship, long overdue to be repaired, is being given special focus now. You probably thought that what happened would always remain left well and truly in the past and even if you had the chance previously to improve the situation, you’d have refused the opportunity to do so. This is a time of goodwill to others so let the process continue. You will benefit greatly once i t has finished. Do not be finicky with relationships for this month..

Libra - the scales 23.Sep/22.Oct It takes all sorts to make the world go round and you would be able to understand the same in this month ahead. That saying does little to help someone growing increasingly impatient with the behaviour or attitudes of certain people but the stars is trying to help you show patience or willingness to adapt to someone you find difficult to be patient or adapt toward. You and a certain person appear to have one or two issues to resolve and this looks set to finally happen. Love and romance are in the air but commitment and understanding are the keywords involved here.

Sagittarius - the archer 23.Nov/22.Dec The sky speaks of exclusion in some way and to say you’re unhappy or at least frustrated with this might be a bit of an understatement. You appear to have little in the way of choice in terms of participation or involvement with a situation. It’s important you recognize ways in which you are being left to your own devices and why this might be happening. There is something you can pursue or involve yourself with that promises to be more fulfilling. Long distance travel plan materializes now but beware of the financial rows coming with it.

Capricorn - the goat 23.Dec/20.Jan You have the right to respond to a tricky or uncomfortable offer in a way that suits you. That’s the thing, though. Are you, through choosing to respond in a certain way, doing what only suits you. You need to take the thoughts or feelings of your near ones into consideration. A certain person seems to have made monumental effort to explain how they feel in the hope that a bridge can at least be built. You can, if you wish, ensure that so much more can be achieved.

Aquarius - the water-bearer 21.Jan/19.Feb Aquarians are wise people and you are not an exception. You possess uncanny abilities to predict outcomes to events that the rest of us tend to believe must be left to unfold in their own way and time. You are seeing something now that others fail to see. An outcome, in your mind, couldn’t be clearer. Someone might not be thrilled or agree with what you’re seeing now but they will be grateful for your insight. Break some news to them gently during this month’s period..

Scorpio - the scorpion 23.Oct/22.Nov

Pisces - the fish 20.Feb/20.Mar

Grass may be greener on another side of a fence but don’t underestimate how much time and effort may have been required on the part of the gardener to make it so, Scorpio.

Some people love being fussy and you are one, Pisces. You take pride in yourself on not pursuing anything until every eventuality has been considered. You are more spontaneous than that and this is where you and a certain person are failing to see eye to eye now.

You appear to be of the opinion that your current situation is less attractive than one you know exists elsewhere. Your desire to ring a change could stem from impatience. Soon, you will see how where you are now can provide so much more of what you want and need. Be content with what you have and what you do. There are plenty of negatives going on around.

They insist considerable time needs to be given to making sure something is as close to perfect as it can be. You would prefer something happened on its own in its own way. Whatever it is won’t wait forever. Whoever is opposing you now is going to have to accept that. Academics shall take a new turn for the better in your life in this month. SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE



CLASSIFIEDS Sunsearch Magazine’s comprehensive listings of local restaurants, hotels, golf clubs and other useful numbers

RESTAURANTS AMERICAN HARD ROCK CAFE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner C/ Ramón Areces, esq. Marina Banús, Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 024 JACKS Open: Everyday - noon ‘til late. Puerto Banús. T: 952 813 625. Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. T: 952 563 673 MR. GOURMET BURGER Open: Everyday - 18:00 ‘til late. Avda. Luis Braile 20, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 785 257 YANX Open: Monday to Saturday - from 09:00 - Sunday from 11:00. Centro Plaza, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 818 861 ARGENTINIAN BUENOS AIRES SOUTH Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. C/ Virgen de Pilar, 6, Marbella. T: 952 779 297

CHATUEA MONA LISA Open: Everyday - lunch and dinner. Muelle Ribera, 8, Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 808 RENDEZ VOUS Open: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 18:00 (to 14:00 on Sundays) - closed Tuesday. Avda. de Prado, Aloha Gardens, Nueva Andalucía.T: 952 813 912 VALDERRAMA RESTAURANT Open: Tuesday to Saturday for dinner Sunday for Buffet Lunch. Apartado 1, Crta. De Cadiz, km 132.2 Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 791 200 GREEK RED PEPPER Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. T: 952 812 148 GRILLS ASADOR CRIOLLO GRILL Open: Everyday - for dinner. CN340-A7, km. 166, Cancelada, El Saladillo. T: 952 784 463

CLERICÓ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda Antonio Belón, 22, Marbella. T: 952 765 683

ASADOR GUADALMINA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Guadalmina Alta, C.C. Guadalmina, Local 3, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 883 003

TANGO Open: Everyday (except Tuesdays) - for dinner Puerto Banús (opp. the car park). T: 952 812 358

EL CARNICERO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Pueblo Viejo Cancelada. Between San Pedro and Estepona. T: 952 886 307


EL CARNICERO 2 Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Ctra de Cadiz, km. 176, Marbella. T: 952 867 599

CASA MONO Open: Monday to Saturday - 13:00 to 23:00. C/ Calderón Estébanez 19, Marbella. T: 952 774 578



EL GAUCHO Open: Everyday - from 19:30. Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande. T: 956 795 528

EL RANCHO DEL PUERTO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Benabola 4, Puerto Banús. T: 952 816 252 GRILL DEL PUERTO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Ribera 47H, Puerto Banús. T: 952 811 686 MARBELLA CLUB GRILL Open: Everyday - for dinner. Marbella Club Hotel, Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, Marbella. T: 952 822 211 PIRATAS FLAME GRILL Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Puerto Deportivo de Marbella, Locales 37-40, Marbella. T: 952 865 940 RESTAURANTE RANCHO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Ctra. Cadiz, exit Las Chapas. T: 952 831 922 THE GRILL HOUSE RESTAURANT Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Cristamar, Local 32, Puerto Banús. T: 951 319 842 INDIAN CHOWKA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, s/n, Marbella. T: 952 900 380 JAIPUR PALACE Open: Wednesday to Sunday - for dinner. CN340, km194, next to Camping Cabopino, Marbella. T: 952 310 004 JAIPUR PURPLE Open: Everyday - for dinner. CN340 km, 166, Estepona. T: 952 888 353 LITTLE INDIA Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Conj. Buenavista, L 21-22, Avda. De España, Calahonda. T: 952 931 829

INTERNATIONAL ALBERT & SIMON Open: Monday to Friday - for lunch & dinner - Saturday dinner only. Urb. Nueva Alcantara. Edif. Mirador, Bloque 4-B, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 783 714 ALBERTS Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Cabopino. T: 952 836 886 ALUMBRE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C/ Strachan 11, Malaga. T: 951 500 022 AMANHAVIS Open: Monday to Saturday - from 20:00. Calle del Pilar 3, Benahavis. T: 952 856 026 AMIGOS Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. C/ Malaga 3, Benahavis. 952 855 175 AROMA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C/ Moncayo 23, Fuengirola. T: 952 665 502 ARTE CAFE Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner Centro Commercial Los Pinares de Elviria, Marbella. T: 952838868 BABOO LOUNGE & RESTAURANT Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner - Sunday, Monday and Tuesday closes 20:00h. Catr. Arroyo de la miel s/n, Benalmádena. T: 902 102 675 BAR D'O RESTAURANT & LOUNGE Open: Everyday - 11:00 to 02:00 (03:00 at weekends). Avda. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Edif. Milla de Oro, Local 567, Marbella. T: 952 821 229

MASSALA Open: Everyday - for dinner. 57 Duquesa de Arcos, Sabinillas seafront. T: 952 897 358

BEACH HOUSE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Coto de los Doles, Carril del Relojero, Elviria, Marbella. T: 952 839 458

MR. INDIA Open: Everyday - from 18:00. Milla de Oro (next to da Bruno a Casa), Marbella. T: 952 867 868

BECKITTS Open: Everyday - for dinner. C/ Camilo José Cela, 4, Marbella. T: 952 868 898

MUMTAZ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Casa No. 7, Puerto Banús. T: 952 812 090

BOULEVARD Open: Everyday - from 20:00. Avda. La Fontanilla, esquina Paseo Maritimo,Marbella. T: 952 860 583

SAFFRON Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Parque de Elviria, local 7-9, Las Chapas (2nd exit, after Hotel Don Carlos T: 952 830 146

BRUNINGS Open: Monday to Saturday - from 19:00. Las Palmeras 19, San Pedro. T: 952 786 156

CAFÉ DE RONDA Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Avda. Ramon Gomez de la Serna 23, Marbella. T: 952 862 149 CAFETERIA KE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande, s/n T: 956 790 333 CAMURÍ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 176, Marbella. T: 952 765 553

EL RESTAURANT DEL CASINO Open: Everyday - 20:00 TO 04:00. Hotel Andalucía Plaza s/n, Marbella. T: 952 814 000 FABIOLA Open: Tuesday to Saturday - lunch & dinner - Sunday - lunch only. Cortijo los Cabos, Pueblo Nuevo de Duadiaro, CN230, km. 132, Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 695 114 / 619 694 484

LA CANTINA DEL GOLF Open: Everyday - for breakfast & lunch until 20:00. Flamingo Golf Club, Cancelada, Benahavis. T: 952 318 815 LA ESENCIA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Hotel Incosol, Urb. Golf Rio Real s/n, Marbella. T: 952 831 303

FINCA BESAYA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Rio Verde Alto, s/n, Marbella. T: 952 861 382

LA LOGGIA Open: Everyday - for breakfast, lunch & afternoon snacks. Hotel Villa Padierna & Flamingos Golf Club, Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 166 (Cancelada exit), Estepona. T: 952 889 150

CASANIS Open: Monday to Saturday - from 18:00. C/ Ancha, 8, Marbella. T: 952 900 450

FINCA EL FORJADOR Open: Wednesday to Sunday - 13:00 to 16:00. Ctra. De Casares, km. 10. T: 952 895 120

LA MENORAH Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Arena Beach, CN340 km. 151.2, Estepona. T: 952 792 734

CELIMA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Hotel Hermitage, Ctra. De Casares, Casares. T: 952 895 639

FINCA LAS BRASAS Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Ctra. Fuengirola-Mijas, between CN340 and highway. T: 952 580 513

LA TERRAZA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Golf Hotel Guadalmina, Marbella. T: 952 882 211

CORTIJO FAIN Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner.Ctra. de Algar, km. 3, Arcos de la Frontera, Cadiz. T: 956 704 131

GALERIA SAN PEDRO Open: Monday to Saturday - 11:00 24:00. Avda. Las Palmeras 15, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 780 927

COSY Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Paseo de las Palmeras 25, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 951 087 899

GD GOURMET DELI MARBELLA Open: Monday to Friday - 09:30 to 21:00 - Saturday - 12:00 to 18:00. Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe 7, Marbella. T: 952 774 049

CAPITÁN Open: Everyday except Wednesday - lunch & dinner. C/ Avila, Bloque 5, Local 1, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 799 635

DON LEONE Open: Everyday - for dinner. Puerto Banús, Marbella. T: 952 811 716 DYNAMIC CAFÉ Open: Everyday - for lunch. Ctra. De Istan, km. 0.9, C.C. Le Village, Marbella. T: 952 775 021 EL BOLERO Open: Everyday - from 20:00 to 23:00. The San Roque Club, CN340, km. 127, Cadiz. T: 956 613 030 AL CAMPANARIO Open: Everyday - for lunch - Friday & Saturday for dinner. CN340, km. 168, Estepona. T: 952 800 126 EL CORZO Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Los Monteros, Ctra. CN230, km. 187. T: 952 771 700 AL JINETE Open: Saturday to Thursday - for dinner. Ctra. La Cala Golf, km. 45, La Cala de Mijas. T: 952 119 170 EL LAGO Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Urb. Elviria Hills. Avda. Las Cumbres s/n, Marbella. T: 952 832 371 EL MIRADOR Open: Everyday - for breakfast. Kempinski Hotel Bahia Resort. CN340, km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500

GIRASOL Open: Everyday - from 18:30. Avda. Del Prado, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. T: 952 813 859 HERMOSA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - from 19:00. Local 1A, Puerto de Cabopino. T: 952 837 483 HERRERO DEL PUERTO Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Casas de Campos, 1, Malaga. T: 952 122 075 HOTEL MARBELLA CLUB BUFFET Open: Everyday - for lunch. Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. T: 952 822 211 KARMA Open: Everyday - 10:00 ‘til late. C/ Las Violetas 7, Conjunto Andalucía Garden Club, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 815 736

MIRAFLORES GOLF RESTAURANT Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Ctra de Cadiz, km. 199, Urb. Riviera del Golf. T: 952 931 941 NUEVA CAMPANA Open: Wednesday to Monday - lunch & dinner. La Campana, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 814 041 NUEVA KASKADA Open: Wednesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Urb. La Montua. C/ Chorreadero 39, Marbella. Tel: 952 864 478 OCEAN CLUB Open: Everyday - for lunch. Avda. Lola Flores s/n, Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 137 OCHO Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. C/ Moncayo 12, Fuengirola. T: 952 460 232 / 648 502 822

LA TERRAZA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. La Cala Resort, La Cala de Mijas. T: 952 669 000

PASSION CAFÉ Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. La Colonia, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 781 583

LA VERANDA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Hotel Villa Padierna, Urb. Flamingos s/n. T: 952 889 150

POCO LOCO BEACH Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Playa Hermosa, CN340, km. 189, Marbella. T: 952 836 170

LA VERANDA LOBBY BAR Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Kempinski Hotel Bahia, CN340 km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500

POLYNESIANS Open: Everyday - 17:00 to 02:00. Urb. La Alcazaba, CN340, km. 175. T: 952 816 100

LA VERANDAH Open: Week days (except Tuesday) - from 19:30 - Weekends - lunch & dinner. Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 136, Playa Guadiaro, Torreguadiaro, Cadiz. T: 956 615 998 LOS ARCOS Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Melia la Quinta, Urb. La Quinta Golf s/n, Marbella. T: 952 762 000 LOS BANDIDOS Open: Everyday - for dinner. Muelle Ribera, Puerto Banús. T: 952 815 915 MC CAFÉ Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Marbella Club Hotel, Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. T: 952 822 211 MESSINA Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Avda. Severo Ochoa, 12, Marbella. T: 952 864 895

PUENTE ROMANO BEACH CLUB Open: Everyday - for lunch. Blvd. Principe Alfonso von Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella. T: 952 820 900 PURO BEACH Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Laguna Villaga, Playa el Padron, CN340, km. 159,. T: 952 800 015 ROJO Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. C/ Granada, 44, Malaga. T: 952 227 486 SCHILO Open: Thursday to Saturday - for dinner. Hotel Finca Cortesin, Ctra, Casares s/n, Casares, Malaga. T: 952 937 800 SEA GRILL Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puente Romano Beach Club, CN340, km. 187. T: 952 820 900

KHALA Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. NH Alanda Hotel, Marbella. T: 952 899 600 LA BIZNAGA Open: Tuesday to Saturday - lunch & dinner - Sunday - lunch only. Ctra. Ronda, km. 46, Urb. Las Medranas, local 4, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 951 275 750

EL OCEANO HOTEL Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 199, Miraflores Playa, Mijas Costa. T: 952 587 550

LA BRISA Open: Thursday to Monday - from 19:00. Kempinski Hotel Bahia, CN340 km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500

EL OLIVO Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner - Sunday- lunch only. Marbella Golf & Country Club, CN340, km. 188, Marbella. T: 952 830 500

LA CABAÑA DEL MAR Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Kempinski Hotel Bahia, Playa el Padron, CN340 km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


SHANTI SOM - AMRITA Open: Monday to Thursday - 13:30 to 16:30. Friday & Saturday - 13:30 to 16:30 & 20:00 to 22:30. Ctra. De Ojen, km 22, A355, Marbella-Monda. T: 952 864 455 SHIRAZ Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Deportivo, Local 15, Marbella. T: 952 778 334 SKINA Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. C/ Aduar 12, Old Town Marbella. T: 952 765 277 SMALL WORLD CAFÉ Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Ctra. Istan, km. 1, C.C. Le Village 15, Marbella. T: 952 771 046 SUAVE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Pasaeo Maratímo Rey de Espana 93, Fuengirola. T: 952 866 627 SUITE Open: Thursday to Saturday - for dinner. Hotel Puente Romano, Ctra. De Cadiz, km.177, Marbella. T: 952 820 900 SWING Open: Thursday to Tuesday - 12:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 24:00. Arena Beach, Ctra de Cadiz, km 151 Estepona. T: 952 796 320 TANINO Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 168, Benamara, Estepona. T: 952 883 259 TERRA SANA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Nueva Andalucía (next to the Casino). T: 952 906 205. Marina Banús, Puerto Banús. T: 952 817 977. C.C. Laguna Village. T: 951 901 050. C/ Camillo José Cela s/n, Marbella. T: 952 772 686 THE CLUBHOUSE BAR & BRASSERIE Open: Tuesday to Sunday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Urb. Los Naranjos de Marbella, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 908 844 THE MEETING ROOM Open: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 23:00. Avda. Ricardo Soriano 1, Local 1, (Edif. Portillo), Marbella. T: 952 772 577 THE ORANGE TREE Open: Everyday - 18:30 to 23:00. Plaza General Chinchilla 1, Plaza de los Naranjos, Marbella. T: 952 924 613. TIKITANO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Guadalmansa, CN340, km 164, Estepoms. Tel: 952 798 449

TROCADERO ARENA Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Torre Real Beach, Marbella. T: 952 865 579 TROCADERO BEACH Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Playa de la Carolina, Marbella. T: 610 704 144 VENTA GARCIA Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Ctra. De Casares, km 7. T: 952 894 191 ZOZOI Open: Monday to Saturday - 19:30 to 24:00 - Plaza Altamirano 1, Marbella. T: 952 858 868 ITALIAN AL DENTE Open: Tuesday to Sunday - for dinner. Urb. Jardines de Puerto, Local 12, Puerto Banús. T: 952 906 181 AMORE E FANTASIA Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Muelle Benabola, Casa 5A, Puerto Banús. T: 952 813 464 ARETUSA Open: Everyday - for dinner. Frontline Puerto Banús. T: 952 812 898 CARPACCIO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Frontline Puerto Banús. T: 952 813 357 CARUSO Open: Monday to Saturday - 19:00 to 24:00. Avda. De la Constitucion, corner of C/ Andalucía. San Pedro de alcantara. T: 952 782 293 DA BRUNO

Open: All day. Pasta Da Bruno, Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 27, Marbella. T: 952 860 438 (closed Sunday). Da Bruno Cabopino, CN340, km. 194.7. T: 952 831 918. Da Bruno a Casa, Marbella Mar, Local 1, Marbella. T: 952 857 521 (closed Sunday). Da Bruno a San Pedro, Avda. Del Mar, Local 1E, Sa Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 786 860 (closed Monday). Da Bruno Sul Mare, Edif. Skol, Paseo Maratímo, Marbella. T: 952 903 318/19. Da Bruno Mijas Costa, Ctra. De Mijas, km. 36, Mijas. T: 952 460 724 DA PAOLO

Open: Evereyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle Ribera, Casa G-H, Local 43, Puerto Banús. T: 952 460 724 DE MEDICI

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Urb. El Pilar, C.C. Benapilar, Estepona. T: 952 884 687 FRASCATI

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Plaza de los Naranjos s/n, Sorogrande. T: 952 790 392





Open: Everyday - 10:00 to 24:00. Complejo Benabola 13, Beach Side, Puerto Banús. T: 952 929 055

Open: Everyday - 13:00 to 24:00. Puerto Deportivo de Estepona. T: 952 802 144 LA PAPPARDELLA SUL MARE Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. T: 952 807 354 LEONARDO DA VINCI Open: Everyday - for dinner. Urb. Dona Lola, Local 21-22, Calahonda, Mijas Costa. T: 952 934 667 LOMBARDO’S Open: Everyday - from 19:00. Galerias Paniagua, Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 795 924 LUNNA ROSSA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Paseo Maratímo Benabola, Local 12, Puerto Banús. T: 952 810 543 MADE IN SARDINIA Open: Everyday - fordinner. C.C. Cristamar, Avda. Julio Iglesias, Puerto Banús. T: 952 906 608 METRO Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Puerto Marina, Benalmádena. T: 952 446 460 NUNOS Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Caleta Hotel, Catalan Bay, Gibraltar. T: 00350 200 76501 O MAMMA MIA Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. El Corte Ingles Food Hall. Puerto Banús. T: 952 909 990 PORTOFINO LAGUNA VILLAGE Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. C.C. Laguna Village, Estepona. T: 952 808 035 RISTORANTE REGINA

Open: Everydar - for dinner plus lunch on Sunday. Edif. La Ruleta, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 814 529 ROSMARINO

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Pino Golf, Local 34 (near OpenCor) Elviria, Marbella. T: 952 850 148 SALOTTO

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Avda. del Prado, Via 1, local 2, Aloha Golf, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 925 250 TRATTORIA L’IMPRONTA

Open: Wednesday to Monday - for dinner. Avda. Salamanca. Edif. Sab Pedro del Mar, Local 14, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 785 943 VILLA TIBERIO

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 178, Marbella. T: 952 771 799 MEDITERRANEAN SALA MIRADOR

Open: Everyday - breakfast, lunch & dinner. Monte Paraiso Golf, Casa Club, Camino de Camojan s/n, Marbella. T: 952 861 457 234


Open - Everyday - for dinner. C/ Tetuan 9, Old Town, Marbella. T: 952 857 933


Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Pinares de Elviria, Marbella. T: 952 850 060 ASIATICO ZEN

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner (closed Tuesday lunch). C/ Lirios s/n. Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 817 691 DRAGON DE ORO Open: Everyday - 12:30 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 24:00 (closed Monday lunch). Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 141, Urb. Hacienda Guadalupe, Manilva. T: 952 890 956 GOLDEN WOK Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Marbellamar, Marbella. T: 952 866 840 KABUKI RAW Open: Tuesday to Saturday - for dinner. Finca Cortesin Hotel, Ctra. Casares s/n, Casares. T: 952 937 800 KAIDEN SUSHI Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Guadalmina Alta, Guadalmina 4, Local 2, llower floor, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 896 508 KAMA KURA Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 20:00 to 23:00. The San Roque Club. Ctra. De Cadiz, km. 127, San Roque, Cadiz. T: 956 613 030 MECA Open: Everyday - luinch & dinner. C.C. Pino Golf, Don Carlos, Local 1, Elviria, Marbella. Tel: 052 830 365 / 658 646 829 NAMAZAKE

Open: Tuesday to Saturday - for dinner. Hotel Puente Romano, Ctra. De Cadiz, km.177, Marbella. T: 952 820 900 OSAKA

Open: Everyday - 13:30 to 16:00 and 19:30 to 24:00. CN340, km. 166 (Benavista), C.C. Costa del Sol. Tel: 952 885 751 RESTAURANTE ASIATICO BANGKOK

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. P. de las Orquideas, C/Iris, 11B, Edif. Excelsior no 1, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 813 603 SAKURA

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Jardines del Puerto, L5, Puerto Banús. T: 952 817 536 SAPPORO

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Costa del Sol, upper level, CN340, km. 166, Estepona. T: 952 888 710 SUKHO THAI

Open: Monday to Saturday - for dinner. C.C. Marbellamar, Marbella. T: 952 770 550 SUSHI DES ARTISTES

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. CN340, km. 178.5, Marbella. T: 952 857 403 SUSHI KATSURA

Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner (except Saturday lunch). C/ Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 5, Marbella. T: 952 863 193


Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Puente Romano, Ctra. De Cadiz, km.177, Marbella. T: 952 777 893


Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Paseo Maritimo, 5, Marbella. T: 952 770 078


Open Everyday - from 20:00. CN340, km. 175, Edif. Rimesa, Bajos, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 818 392 THAI STYLE

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. Puerto Deportivo 13, Edif. Poniente, Estepona. T: 951 318 445 TSE YANG DIMSUM CLUB Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. El Corte Ingles Food Hall. Puerto Banús. T: 952 909 990 WASABI Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C.C. Puerto Banús. T: 952 908 577 WOK AWAY Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Julio Iglesias. Puerto Banús. T: 952 907 304 WOK BUFFET Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Urb. El Pilar, 22, Estepona. T: 952 887 092 WOK WANG Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. C/ Camilo José Cela, C.C. Plaza del Mar, Planta 0, Local 1, Marbella. T: 952 925 478 YUAN Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Torrequebrada, Benalmádena. T: 952 441 414 SCANDINAVIAN SKANDIES Open: Tuesday to Sunday - 19:00 to 23:00. Avda. Antonio Belon, 26 (behind the lighthouse), Marbella. Tel: 952 776 323 THE LITTLE MERMAID Open: Monday to Saturday - 09:30 to 17:00. C.C. Centro Plaza, Puerto Banús. T: 952 929 181 SEAFOOD CERVERCERÍA OSTRERÍA SANTIAGO

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Del Marzo, Marbella. T: 052 770 078 EL BARLOVENTO

Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 11:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 23:00. Puerto Deportivo de Sotogrande, Cadiz. T: 956 790 370 RESTAURANTE LA MARINA

Open: Everyday - 13:00 to 16:30 & 20:00 to 24:00. Paseo Maritimo s/n, La Atunara, La Linea de la Concepcion, Campo de Gibraltar. T: 956 171 531 LA TORRE

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Muelle de Honor, Club de Mar, Puerto Banús. T: 952 811 561 MARISQUERIA LA PESQUERA


Open: Everyday - for dinner. Hotel Don Carlos, Avda. Zurita s/n, Marbella. T: 952 768 800 BEACH CLUB RESTAURANTE GRILL

Open: Everyday - for lunch. Hotel Fuerte, Castillo de San Luis s/n and Hotel Fuerte Miramar Spa, Plaze José Luque Manzano s/n, Marbella. T: 902 343 410 CASA DE LA ERA

Open: Everyday - for dinner. Ctra. De Ojen, km. 0.5, Marbella. T: 952 770 625 CASA FERNANDO

Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. Avda. Del Mediterraneo s/n, San Pedro del Alcantara. T: 952 853 344 EL PORTALÓN

Open: Monday to Saturday - 13:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 24:00. Ctra. de Cadiz, km. 178, Marbella T: 052 827 880 HACIENDA

Open: Tuesday to Saturday - 13:00 to 16:30 & 19:30 - 23:00. Urb. La Alcaidesa, La Linea de la Concepcion. Tel: 956 582 700 LA MÁQUINA

Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. El Corte Ingles Food Hall, Puerto Banús. T: 952 909 990 LA MERIDIANA DEL ALABARDERO

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. Camino de la Cruz, Marbella. T: 952 776 190 LA TABERNA DE ALABARDERO

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. San Pedro Playa, Urb. Castiglone, T: 952 785 138. Ctra. de Ronda, km 167, San Pedro. T: 952 786 265 MESÓN EL ADOBE

Open: Wednesday to Monday - lunch & dinner. Edif. Balmoral , Bajo 3, Marbella. T: 600 003 144 MI TABERNA

Open: Monday to Saturday - lunch & dinner. CB340, km. 178, Marbella. T: 952 827 880 TRAGABUCHES

Open: Tuesday to Sunday - lunch & dinner. C/ José Aparacio 1, Ronda (pedestrian street between bullring and Parador). T: 952 190 291

Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Plaza de la Victoria, Old Town Marbella. T: 952 765 170




Open: Everyday - lunch & dinner. Paseo Maritimo Rey de Espana, Fuengirola. T: 952 660 084

Open - Everyday - 10:30 - 23:00. Avda. Miguel Cano 11, Marbella. T: 951 245 889





CN340, km. 194. T: 952 902 537 Avda. Almenara s/n, Sotogrande. T: 956 582 200


CN340, km. 168.5, Estepona. T: 952 889 000 BARCELLO MARBELLA ****

C/ de Granadillas s/n, Yrg. Guadalmina Alta, Marbella. T: 952 889 099


CN340, km. 207, Fuengirola. T: 952 922 000


Benabola, Puerto Banús. T: 952 815 000 BLUE BAY Banús HOTEL ****

CN340, km. 173, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 811 517 CORAL BEACH ****

Golden Mile, Marbella. T: 952 824 500 CROWNE PLAZA *****

CN340, km. 168, Estepona. T: 902 875 730 DON CARLOS *****

CN340, kn. 192, Marbella. T: 952 899 700 EL OCEANO BEACH HOTEL ****

Miraflores Playa, Torrenueva, Marbella. T: 952 587 550 FINCA CORTESIN *****

Ctra. Casares, Casares. T: 952 937 800 GOLF HOTEL GUADALMINA ****

Guadalmina Baja, Marbella. T: 952 882 211


Huerta de Rufino, Benahavis. T: 902 504 862


Arroyo El Rodeo, Nuevo Andalucía. T: 952 899 700


José Melia s/n, Marbella. T: 952 770 300 H10 ANDALUCÍA PLAZA ****

CN340, km. 174, Nueva Andalucía. T: 952 812 000 H10 ESTEPONA PALACE ****

Avda. del Carmen 99, Playa de Guadalbon, Estepona. T: 952 790 040 HM GRAN HOTEL COSTA DEL SOL ****

La Cala de Mijas, Mijas Costa T: 952 587 710 236



Avda. el Fuerte s/n, Marbella. T: 952 861 500

Pl/ José Luque Manzano, Marbella. T: 952 786 400


CN340, km. 175, Puerto Banús. T: 952 810 500


CN340, km. 187, Marbella. T: 952 771 700


CN340, km. 127, Benalmádena Costa. T: 952 442 840 HOTEL PRINCESS PLAYA ****

Paseo Maratímo, Marbella. T: 952 820 944 HOTEL PUENTE ROMANO *****





18 holes par 71 - T: 956 791 040

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 595 970 ALMENARA GOLF

27 holes par 72 - T: 956 582 027 ALOHA GOLF

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 907 085




T: 952 762 000 HOTEL TORREQUEBRADA *****

Avd. del Sol s/n, Benalmádena Costa. T: 952 446 000 HOTEL TRITON *****

Avda. Antonio Machado, 29, Benalmádena Costa. Tel: 952 443 240 HOTEL VILLA PADIERNA *****

CN340, km. 166, Estepona. T: 952 889 150


CN340, km. 159, Estepona. T: 952 809 500 LA CALA RESORT *****

La Cala de Mijas. T: 952 669 000 MARBELLA CLUB HOTEL *****

CN340, km. 180, Marbella. T: 952 822 211

18 holes par 70 - T: 952 850 282

18 holes par 71 - T: 951 703 355


18 holes par 71 - T: 956 794 100


18 holes par 71 - T: 952 883 835


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 937 605


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 937 883


18 holes par 71 - T: 952 889 157 GOLF RIO REAL

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 756 733 GOLF TORREQUEBRADA

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 442 742


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 883 375 NH SAN PEDRO ****

C/ Jerez 1, San Pedro de Alcantara. T: 952 853 040 SISU BOUTIQUE HOTEL ****

CN340, km. 173, Puerto Banús. T: 952 906 105


CN340, km. 190.5, Marbella. T: 951 053 970

27 holes par 72 - T: 952 412 767 LOS NARANJOS GOLF CLUB

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 815 206 MARBELLA CLUB GOLF RESORT

18 holes par 73 - T: 952 113 239

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 882 812

CN340, km. 179, Marbella. T: 952 820 900

Urb. La Quinta Golf, Marbella.

27 holes par 72 - T: 952 762 390


54 holes pars 71, 72 & 73 T: 952 699 033


18 holes par 72 - T: 952 830 500 MIJAS GOLF

36 holes par 70 - T: 952 476 843 MIRAFLORES GOLF

18 holes par 71 - T: 952 931 960


27 holes par 72 - T: 952 381 225

REAL CLUB DE GOLF LAS BRISAS www.realclubdegolflasbrisas. com

18 holes par 72 - T: 952 810 875


18 holes par 72 - T: 956 785 014


18 holes par 72 - T: 956 613 030

SANTA CLARA GOLF www.santaclaragolfmarbella. com

18 holes par 71 - T: 952 850 111

SANTA MARIA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB www.santamariagolfclub. com

18 holes par 72 - T: 956 831 036



9 holes par 70 - T: 952 818 150

18 holes par 72 - T: 956 785 012



18 holes par 72 - T: 952 890 425

18 holes par 72 - T: 956 791 200



952 855 500 952 442 494 952 802 002 952 467 625 956 774 950 952 822 818 952 213 445 / 952 216 061 952 485 900 952 871 272 952 875 252 956 680 993 952 381 578

Cristo De La Agonia 5 C.C. El Zoco FUENGIROLA Pl. losChinorros ESTEPONA C/ Malaga 82-84 MARBELLA Jac. Benavente, 144 NUEVE ANDALUCÍA C/ Jasmines PUERTO BANÚS El Corte Ingles SAN PEDRO DE ALCANTARA Pizarro 41 TORREMOLINOS Av Palma de Mallorca, 25 ALHAURIN EL GRANDE CALAHONDA

952 491 096 952 932 175 952 592 599 952 800 537 952 772 898 952 810 887 952 909 900 952 780 393 952 377 740


Arts & Crafts - Village Square - 20:00h Fairground - 09:00 to 14:30h


Fairground - 09:00 to 14:30h C/ los Huertos - 08:00 to 14:30h C/ Chaparil - 09:00 to 13:00h


Arts & Crafts - Village Square - 20:00h Second hand - Fairground - 10:00 to 14:00h Calypso - 09:00 to 14:00h Avda. Juan Carlos II - 09:00 to 14:30h 09:00 to 14:00h 09:00 to 13:00h


Opposite Guardia Civil offices - 09:00 to 13:00h Divina Pastora district - 09:00 to 14:00h Avda. Europe - 09:00 to 13:00h El Cavario - 09:00 to 13:00h Opposite Guardia Civil offices - 09:00 to 13:00h


09:00 to 13:30h Calypso - 09:00 to 14:00h La Vibora - 09:00 to 14:00h Plaza de la Iglesias - 09:00 to 13:00h


C/ Urbano Pineda - 09:00 to 13:00h Fairground - 09:00 to 13:00h 09:00 to 13:00h Las Lagunas - 09:00 to 14:00h Next to bullring - 09:00 to 13:00h


Arts & Crafts - La Ermita Park - 10:00h 09:00 to 13:00h Fairground - 09:00 to 14:30h Next to Rosaleda Stadium - 09:00 to 14:00h 09:00 to 13:00h

B.Spoke INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS B. Spoke is a company devoted to comprehensive decoration; for the home, commercial facilities and hotels. From our facilities we offer the possibility of developing a project from inception to completion by offering our service for: REFORMS: Working with the client we design and build projects of reform to bring to life the clients vision for the perfect home. We work with leading firms in the industry, flooring, wall coverings, doors, kitchen and bathroom furniture and equipment in general. ACCESSORIES: We provided advice on decorative elements such as wallpaper, carpets and help to achieve that personal touch FURNITURE: Nothing is impossible when you customize your home, B. Spoke offers the ability to customize both the design and measurements to suit your home needs offering professional design and working directly with the manufactures. TEXTILE DECOR: In B. Spoke offer a wide range of fabrics, advice & guidance . Our goal is to advise our clients, from the birth and development of the idea, until full implementation. To book a no obligation consultation, please telephone 952 77 81 31 / 675 074 818 or email: Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local Nº1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Marbella SUNSEARCH MAGAZINE


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