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ISSUE 17 2017 £5.99 ESP e4,95



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CELEBRITY HOMES on the market

STUNNING PROPERTIES from Harrods, Beauchamp Estates, Hamptons and many other top agents

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The First Word from Our Editor Spring has finally arrived and with that style trends within the home take a dramatic twist with the focus this season on nature. Ethnic Elements, Desert Chic and the use of eco materials such as cork and rattan help to create an ever-lasting style statement..

Celebrity House Hunting

Creating that designer look can sometimes be difficult, within this edition we focus our attention of several designers who have turned a house into a loving home with Jacek Ludwig & his partner restoring an Italian hideaway, Fracese Rife creating a modern stylish in Barcelona and Maxim Maximenko’s Phiadelphia Project. of the rich and famous listed for sale... Each projectHomes offers fascinating insight into the mind of an interior designer. If that wasn’t enough we also feature market reports from around the world and up and coming developments. So sit back grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!! Mr. Stan Israel Director & Editor


Christie Brinkley’s Hamptons home & observation tower Born in Michigan and raised in Southern California, Christie Brinkley says she was a “surfer girl” when she moved to France after high school to study art. In 1973, celebrity photographer Errol Sawyer saw her in a Paris post office and connected her to the world of fashion modeling. With over 30 years as one of America’s favorite models, a record stint as the Cover Girl pitch woman and lucrative endorsement deals for beauty products, wine and fitness equipment, Christie Brinkley can afford to live wherever she wants. For the last fifteen years, she has made her home in the Hamptons. Charmingly eclectic, the home is pure Christie - subtly sophisticated and at the same time whimsical. Christie is no stranger to owning enviable real estate where much of her wealth is involved. This knowledge speaks to how fabulous a property must be

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the home include a 33-fo lion and sweeping stairca library, billiard room with balcony. All first-floor room

In the spring of 2014, the they were building a sma


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Liberty Apartment on Volcanic Lake

Restored apartment in Italy with stunning views over a volcanic lake


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New Dreamy Design House


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Celebrity House Hunting


The Hotel André Latin


A round up of what’s new within interior design and furnishings

Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace, Europe’e most original and expensive home Want to live like a superstar? Here we review the homes of the rich and famous currently for sale

100 Market Report UK

Majority of estate agents in the UK not affected by Brexit

148 Market Report Spain

Glut of unsaleable new homes in Spain down by 20%

208 Market Report International

Prime property price growth slowing in key global cities


Covert House is a place specially conceived for professionals of the interior design world

Property portfolio managers navigate the legalities to owning a luxury home An iconic project with a modern twist

72 The Ra Apartment

Developing connections between the past, present and future

92 The Philadelphia Project

Design studio Nota Bene

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Benefits of golf course living

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10 Cities to watch in 2017

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Style News Although interior and design trends are not as fast-paced as fashion, strong annual themes tend to dig their heels in, saturating the market within a matter of 12 months and this year is no different. This year we will witness a move away from structured, traditional pieces with and emphasis towards more organic, natural trends and a shift away from the photo-shopped perfection of celebrity homes towards a more bohemian, ethnic inspired carefree way of living.



Natural Texture Cork is making a comeback. Sustainability and practical cork is a stylish material, which adds warmth and texture to your living spaces with an added benefit of absorbing noise and heat and being water and stain resistant. Used predominately as a wall covering, designers are now recognising cork’s versatility and are combining it beautifully with glass, metal, ceramics and timber to create stunning pieces of furniture and accessories. And as all eyes are turned on sustainable design, the fact that it’s eco-friendly adds to its credentials.



Modular Furniture Systems Modularity is an upcoming trend for the future – called from necessity and creativity and enabled by modern technology, modular systems offer playful, convenient and stylish shape-shifting functionality. Ideal for young people who regularly change homes or for those who simply like to alter their living spaces, modular furniture systems are flexible furnishing arrangements which puts your home design at your fingertips. Modular furniture systems are designed so that you mix and match the elements to create your own custom piece becoming a co-creator of your home. With components like stools, tables, coat racks, containers, shelves, screens, work surfaces, and seats and can be used within every area of the home from the living area to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and are perfect for those living within a small compact space. The design ethos of modular furniture systems is to challenge the conventional ideas of home decor and go against the traditional layout of interior dÊcor.



Ethnic Elements

Ethnic and geometric elements will play a great role in this year’s interiors. Influences from North Africa, India, South America and Mexico will create a kind of bohemian style and well-travelled appeal creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. This design trend is perfect for those who like to surround themselves with reminders of journeys past and who like an eclectic mix of influences in their space. Woven fabrics with imperfect patterns, eastern mosaics and Moroccan cushions give a sense of fun, colour and informality to your home.



Reflective Surfaces



The use of reflective surfaces is a massive trend to watch out for 2017 with materials like coloured glass, pearl and mirrors incorporated into furniture and accessories alongside warm metals like gold and brass. Mirrors and reflective objects open new dimensions and perspectives in interior design and have been commonly used as a design tool to bring light into a room helping to expand it visually, especially in small spaces. But mirrors are no longer just wall decorations. Mirrors now infiltrate furniture and decorative accessories to create a whole other dimension and dynamic in a room.



Desert Chic This trend is all about “Controlled rusticity,” celebrating the raw free spirited bohemian vibe versus the modernism aesthetic movement. A monochromatic tapestry of beiges and soft greens accented by the beautiful warm colours of a sunset, the colour palette blends a “hazy mirage of colours that merge together almost like a sandstorm” with muted spice tones of: saffron, cinnamon, mauve and indigo juxtaposed against metallic accents such as copper and silver. Materials required to create this look are essential with leather hides and Navajo textile an essential element and of course cactus plants!









Interior The sideboard that conceals your TV

NEWS A clean-cut and strikingly simple design for Soho by Ronda Design, the steel structured sideboard with a concealed TV storage compartment. Stylish and extremely practical, the hidden TV system solves various problems tied to unsightly wiring and cables, freeing up space and making the scenic impact of the screen less invasive in your home. The concealed TV compartment supports a maximum screen size of 42 ’’ but it can be customized for larger screens upon request. Sophisticated interiors for Soho represented by three compartments with glass shelves and the possibility of adding small drawers. The doors are made of stainless steel with Scotch-brite finish (with a slight horizontal satin finish) and anti-fingerprint treatment. The impeccable colour combination of the sideboard with steel doors and black lacquered wood TV unit, along with the game of volumes created makes for a piece of furniture with a strong personality that retains clean-cut silhouettes. For more information visit:

Breaking New Ground Atelier d’Amis inaugural collection Laisse Béton, designed by French New Yorkers Sebastien Leon and Valerie Pasquiou reinvents the chaos and turmoil of New York City construction sites. “There is a certain beauty and unity in the architectural skeleton of construction,” observes Sebastien Leon “ which offers a stacked X-ray of structural elements, floor after floor.” For Valerie Pasquiou, “concrete is the raw material of New York by excellence, which I felt should be glorified by bringing it to the world of fine furniture”. The design duo chose to reinterpret rebars into legs, grids into tables, pinion elevators into armoires and clev20


erly infused the vocabulary of construction throughout their collection. Material-wise, Atelier d’Amis selected ultra-thin and resistant concrete-finish ceramic plates with brass plated tubular steel, marrying the worlds of industrial, contemporary and high-end furniture. For more information visit:

Get lost in the light UNIQCUBE is more than just a light cube but a colorful, unique, and playful piece of art that can easily be carried from room to room creating illuminations of different designed designs ‘Inspired by Nature’ capturing a part of the natural world. KNOW YOUR STARS UNIQCUBE has the constellations labeled on its top surface, whereas the sides and bottom areas are decorated with large representations of them, so you will never get lost in the endless night sky. GET STONED UNIQCUBE reflects the different stone textures that look as rough as those of a real stone. SNOWFLAKE UNIQCUBE consists of 8,712 snowflakes, each of them being different and unique. Each Uniqcube light cubes can be placed on any surface and are very easy to mobilize since they only weighs 500 grams. A personalized light cube can also be commissioned and designed via their website For more information visit:

We have lift off!

Cypriot-based designer Stelios Mousarris is back again after presenting his previous inception–inspired table and this time has conceived of this fun glass coffee table. The designer was inspired by the nostalgia of his own childhood toy collection and tried to

embody a “retro” look with cartoon-like puffs of clouds at the base of each of the five rocket. The table combines a variety of techniques from 3D printing to lathe work, and each rocket position is customizable.



Sitting Pretty The limited edition Maximillian Chair is the result of seven years of design innovation by Armen Sevada Gharabegian. The design of the chair was conceived in 2007 after the birth of his second son, Maximillian and embodies the dedication, commitment, and love, towards a pursuit for perfection in proportion as well as craftsmanship. Constructed of 100% polished stainless steel, which is polished to a mirror finish the use of stainless steel was conceived to ensures the chair will not rust or tarnish and can therefore be used on yachts, or estates near a body of water. The Maximillian comes in a wide range of luxury fabrics that enhance the chair’s beauty and elegance. Custom fabrics of choice are also available, including handwoven tapestry and hand-painted fabrics imported from Europe.

Drawing inspiration from nature After winning the German Design Award, Earth Collection proposes new tiles composition. Earth is the first ceramic collection designed by Pininfarina and created by Casalgrande Padana. The tiles that make up the collection are extremely versatile, featuring a texture that draws inspiration from the world of cars, something that generates a multi-sensory effect, conveying a sense of measured luxury and beauty underpinned by a sophisticated, simple design. The Earth collection is a truly original project based around a range of porcelain stoneware tiles featuring a three-dimensional texture obtained by combining three very different materials: glass, leather and fabric. 22


For more information visit





MALAY | ARMCHAIR W 76 cm | 29,92" D 76 cm 29,92” H 80 cm | 31,50”  AMIK | TABLE LAMP D 45 cm | 17,71” H 96 cm | 37,79”  KOI | SIDE TABLE W 34 cm | 13,39” D 34 cm 13,39” H 48 cm | 18,11”  PEARL | SOFA CUSTOM SIDE LALLAN | CENTER TABLE W 120 cm | 47,2” D 90 cm | 35,4” H 40 cm | 15,7”  VELUM | FLOOR LAMP W 25,5 cm |



9,85” D 21.5 cm | 8,46” H 170 cm | 66,9” YOHO | STOOL W 32 cm |12,6” D 28 cm | 11” H 42 cm | 16,5” KALINA | RUG W 300 cm | 118,1” H 200cm | 78,7”



Liberty Apartment

on Volcanic Lake





With their main residence in London, artist Jacek Ludwig Scarso and his husband Jonathan Thomson have been restoring an apartment in a Liberty palazzo near Rome, with stunning views over a volcanic lake.

While busy preparing for their marriage celebrations in December last year at the Lansdowne Club in Mayfair, the couple stumbled upon an apartment in a Liberty palazzo on the volcanic lake of Castel Gandolfo, a thirty minute drive from Rome. It wasn’t just the impressive panorama onto the crater of the lake that they fell in love with, but its delightful architectural features such as quirky secret doors and vaulted ceilings throughout. Their aim has been to reclaim its former glory, whilst sparsely furnishing it in an eclectic combination of antique furniture, contemporary artworks by Jacek and his mother, artist Marta Czok, as well as decorative pieces from their travels.

The Liberty style was a key feature of Italian architecture between the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. When Jacek and Jonathan bought the property, it had been lived in by the same family for decades. “The beauty of this” says Jonathan “is that they had kept many of the original features, including the original decorative floor tiles that we love. We later discovered that the building was formerly inhabited by French clergymen, and has truly become a contemplative place for us, in the shadow of the Pope’s Palace”.



“My link with this lake is very important for me” says Jacek, “having been brought up here before moving to London in 1998 to study performance arts. I remember, as a child, walking by the Liberty villas neighbouring our place: many of these were owned at the turn of the century by clergy and aristocracy. Growing up gay in a catholic country wasn’t always easy and it is somewhat poignant that the year we moved into this place is also the year when same sex union has been legalised in Italy. My artistic practice now sees me working between Rome and London and the apartment in Castel Gandolfo is in this sense a professional as much as leisurely base”.

Aside from necessary renovations of the kitchen and bathroom, the couple made a conscious decision not to excessively do up the place. They kept all floors and windows original only opening up one of the secret doors between the drawing room and the dining room, allowing for more flow and light in the space. At once minimal with a few “baroque” touches, they want the apartment to convey its history and are excited to continue to work on this for the foreseeable future – this is not a quick renovation for them, but an ongoing labour of love.

A note on the location In the province of Rome, within the hilly area known as the “Roman Castles” (Castelli Romani) Castel Gandolfo is a medieval town known for the volcanic lake it looks over and for being the Pope’s summer residence. The inside of the Apostolic Palace that dominates its main square is officially part of the Vatican State and therefore not under Italian jurisdiction .



“Soher combines the latest decorative trends and luxurious furniture with the most traditional designs, allowing it to reach perfection”





Athena Advisers announces a prime development in


n Eight turn-key two-bedroom apartments n Located in the very centre of Lisbon, just off the Praca do Comercio, one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods n Prices from ₏645,000

Baixa is the most ancient commercial neighborhood in Lisbon, where the boats used to anchor at the harbor and bring all the new coming products. A special atmosphere of movement, life, light and tradition has been attracting Portuguese and tourists to this area for years. Within an extremely connected area yet garnished with tradition and history, this brand new collection of apartments is part of the complete transformation of a beautiful period building. 8 apartments are available in total at Santa Justa 60, all enjoying a superbly connected location in the heart of this historic area. The properties enjoy generous amounts of light-filled interior space (74-132 sqm) and have been designed under the prestigious atelier de arquitectura DNSJ. The apartments are filled with light and located on the pedestrian street Rua Augusta just 250m away by foot from River Tagus where one can enjoy the buzz of the city without the inconvenience of traffic noise




w w w .b yk ok et .c o m | inf o @b yPERFECT ko ket. com HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE




New Dreamy Design House



Designed to be a “new experience for design lovers”, the Covet House is a place specially conceived for professionals of the interior design world. Located on the Douro River bank, 15 minutes from Porto’s historical centre, the COVET House is a traditionally built manor, filled with remarkable architectural details that hold the glory from a noble past. Its interior, projected by Covet Lounge, features furniture pieces from some of the world’s most recognized and prestigious furniture and lighting brands - Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, Brabbu, Koket, Essential Home, Maison Valentina, Circu and Luxxu.

jump insight. With a gorgeous swimming pool for long dives and an amazing space to take long sunbathing, this house looks fresh, eclectic and playful, perfect to enjoy life. Still, outside the house, it’s possible to see a beautiful and antique chapel, which is an integral part of the house that clearly shows a Catholic past, very characteristic of the Portuguese people and, in the garden, wide cages with beautiful peacocks inside gives an exotic and luxurious atmosphere.

The COVET House is adorned with an unbelievable view over the River, and its Southern facing front ensures a full day of splendid sunlight. It’s easy to get lost in the landscape over the river, and looking around, details

Walking inside the house it’s possible to understand how stunning the mixture of styles is: vintage pieces with modern elements, soft with strong, feminine with masculine – all together. Living and dining rooms are common and it’s possible to see a charming fireplace with a big and luxurious chandelier and two beautiful and velvety sofas and several charming corners filled with details and charming pieces. In the dining room, a huge table is on the center flanked by comfortable and inviting chairs. It feels homey but luxurious and artistic at the same time with many gold pieces, to make the decor somewhat precious, like a gem, and to add a touch of femininity—like a spark. Gold makes things more exciting. The impact is augmented by the floor to ceiling windows, where the sun gets in and afford a relaxing and sunny atmosphere to these divisions. Soaring and ornamented ceilings and superb proportions create an artfully balanced with the entire appointments of the house. Even, on the first floor, there is a large and light kitchen, great to prepare incredible banquets and to really enjoy this beautiful place.



Upstairs, each of the four bedrooms has a specific theme and are furnished with one brand in mind. Each bedroom has a different concept, a different sensation. Thinking about renovating the concept of master bedroom, Boca do Lobo brought out a whole new concept to the suite. Black and gold are the colors that stand out in the different pieces that match up together bringing a luxury and seductive ambience into the bedroom. Gold leaf and black lacquer are the main materials in the room, mixed put with details such as insects and brass handmade nails.



With a perfect retro universe, Essential Home Suite in partnership with DelightFULL created another bedroom full of sleek lines presenting the knurled details on the walnut sideboard and the modern dressing table enhanced by the classic elegance of the irregular shades of the marble table lamp. Looking closely, you can almost see Greta applying powder in from of the mirrors. And because there is a story behind everything, getting inside of BRABBU’s suite you can tell that the story has Nature as its main character and its written by the materials, textures and colors of some of the most interesting places around the world and it’s possible to feel it just for the very first moment we look at SEQUOIA side table, a nature force, an ancient spirit belonging to the largest and tallest trees in the world. All of this is a mixture of senses. Inspired by the warmth of tropical atmosphere CASSIS wood sideboard is the touch of nature that every space needs and it could not miss on this bedroom. To create a live and bright ambience in the suite, BRABBU travelled to Kiribati islands surrounded by the depths of the Pacific Ocean. It’s the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU floor a rarity in contemporary lighting. This desire to keep discovering cultures led our designers to Myanmar in Asia to create the KAYAN mirror the complement for creating an exotic touch in this modern suite.


Coming out for a bedroom and peeking to another, it’s possible to see sensual lines and a feminine concept. The luxury design brand Koket, known for their empowering and dramatic statement pieces, conceived two luxury rooms so guests can feel Koket’s opulent lifestyle. The KOKET’s bedroom suite is designed as the perfect bedroom set. The airy space features the Kelly bed, covered in an indulgent lazer rabbit throw, skirted by two Art Deco Tamara nightstands. The nightstands are topped with two pink Gem table lamps for an ambient glow, and an Eternity sculpture hangs nearby shimmering in the soft light. At the end of the bed sit two black and gold Mandy stools, completing this gorgeous bedroom set. Across the little corridor, a private living room comes alive in shades of black and gold in glamorous present-day luxe. The majestic Heive Armoire pairing with the voluptuous Caprichosa sofa, the big ceiling to floor window and a big size Buddha statue, give to the private living room the perfect quest for Zen and relaxation.

The Covet House represents part of Portugal’s culture and history and a perfect match with the country’s strongest design group with a 10-year legacy. It’s an anthem to the upcoming future and a tribute to those who helped along the journey. Ultimately, it is a place to celebrate design with friends.


In the bathrooms, Maison Valentina introduces a new and lavishness approach of what the best luxury in this space can offer by combining exuberant design pieces within a marble’s ambience. Refined, expensive and royal material, the atmosphere offers the best and most exquisite material for the bathroom design.

Other luxury brands are being invited to be part of this unique experience and expose their own products to a VIP list of the world’s best interior designers, a place where visits to the house are available by invitation only.

Our mission is to give a unique experience to visitors. More than a common showroom, we want our exclusive guests – which consist of a VIP list including the world’s top designers – not only to see our products live but also to enter the unique world of each one of those brands and experience them through all the five senses. What we really want is to celebrate Design Ricardo Magalhães, COVET Lounge’s Co-Founder and Head of Interior Design





SINCE 1990 SINCE 1990 SINCE 1990

SYZYGY Homes brings together a series of factors that produce SYZYGY Homes brings together a series of factors that produce a unique living environment onfactors the Costa Sol. SYZYGY Homes brings together a series of that del produce a unique living environment on the Costa del Sol. a unique living environment on the Costa del Sol. An enviable location, exclusive modern Mediterranean design and the finest materials An enviable location, exclusive modern Mediterranean design and the finest materials coincidelocation, to make SYZYGY Homes ideal lifestyle choice, thefinest New Golden Mile. An enviable modernthe Mediterranean design andin coincide to makeexclusive SYZYGY Homes the ideal lifestyle choice, inthe the Newmaterials Golden Mile. coincide to make SYZYGY Homes the ideal lifestyle choice, in the New Golden Mile.

Discover more about this new living experience at

Discover more about this new living experience at Discover more about this new living experience at

Overseas Property Purchasing Post-Brexit:

A Solution Let property portfolio managers navigate the legalities to own a collection of luxury homes from ÂŁ53,000

Its Capital Portfolio offers shareholders joint ownership of a collection of centrally located two-bedroom / two-bathroom apartments and townhouses from as little as £53,000. Properties are to be located in Venice, Flor-

ence, Cannes, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Vienna and Prague, destinations which are among the top 20 most visited cities across the globe as referenced in the current Mastercard Global Destinations Index[1]. All residences are at least 1,500 sq. ft. in size, with a market value of between £1.2 million (€1.5 million) and £1.6 million (€2 million). Each of the properties is sourced, acquired, renovated and decorated to a high standard before being presented to Portfolio members to enjoy. All of the legalities and bureaucracies of sale are navigated by the team of Rocksure experts leaving shareholders with minimal hassle and responsibility but all of the usual benefits of European home ownership.

CEO David Rogers explains that



In the aftermath of Britain’s decision to exit the EU, shared ownership specialist Rocksure’s unique property Portfolios emerge as hassle-free, risk-averse solutions for those still harbouring a desire to own luxury homes abroad. In what can be argued as the most opportune time in recent years to consider shared ownership purchasing options, Rocksure promises to take the hassle and worry out of buying property via its global Portfolios.

Compared to buying individually in these markets, purchasing through Rocksure is a markedly easier process for customers, offering a neat solution for the many still aspiring to own homes across Europe. We believe this to be a unique and proven model which has been refined over the 10 years since our launch and feel that now, more than ever given the uncertainty ahead, is the perfect time to consider joining one of our Portfolios 44


As well as co-owning a share of the bricks and mortar, shareholders are able to use the houses at times of their choosing for a generous period of time every year – the perfect pied-à-terres for holidays or business trips. Investors can also apply part of their annual usage entitlements towards properties in other Rocksure Portfolios, which include deluxe apartments in New York, villas in the Caribbean and properties in many other spectacular destinations. The Capital Portfolio has a ten-year lifespan, at the end of which, all of the properties are sold and the proceeds, together with any capital gain, distributed amongst shareholders. This gives purchasers a tangible exit strategy and low risk investment option, with capital spread across eight different markets. Shares in the Capital Portfolio start from £53,000 (€62,500) for a Half Unit to £105,000 €125,000) for a Full Unit, with 136 Unit shares available to purchase. Those purchasing a Half Unit package will be afforded an average of 7 nights annual usage of the apartments, with a Full Unit package providing an average of 14 nights. Those wanting more usage can simply buy additional units in quarter increments. Each apartment within the Capital Portfolio is fully-serviced by a daily maid assisting with bed-making, washing-up and general cleaning assistance, whilst ensuring the kitchen is pre-stocked on arrival.

For more information on Rocksure or to enquire about the Capital Portfolio contact thededicated management team on Tel: +44 (0) 1993 823 809or Email: or visit: PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Bend-Sofa, sistema de asientos diseĂąado por Patricia Urquiola. Delegacion de Espana y Portugal JoaquĂŹn Selma T. 902125555 -





Pierre Cardin’s Bubble Palace Europe’s most original and expensive home



Round houses were the architecture of choice for eons dating back before the Iron Age. They were built in Europe, Africa, Polynesia and almost anywhere humans congregated. In John Hawkesworth’s The Flame Trees of Thika, it was duly noted that Afrikaners believed evil spirits would collect and live in the corners of square homes and couldn’t understand the British penchant for residing in square buildings. Mid-century architect Antti Lovag expressed similar feelings when he designed Le Palais Bulles - the Bubble Palace - in Cannes, France, which was built between 1975 and 1989. He concluded that “...human beings have confined themselves to cubes full of dead ends and angles that impede our movement and break our harmony.” He went on to say that the straight line was “an aggression against nature.” Another in agreement was fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who purchased Le Palais Bulles at auction in the early 1990s as a vacation home. He was drawn to the property saying, “Round shapes have always inspired me,” and compared it to a woman’s body saying “...everything is absolutely sensual.” After all, Cardin did design the famous Bubble Dress in 1958 and is known for dressing The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.



Currently for sale and by far Europe’s most expensive home at approximately $456 million, the connecting bubbles representing one room each, is spread over six levels on 1.75 acres on a cliff with 180-degree-views over the Mediterranean. With not a straight line on the property, the 10-bedroom residence has all spherical formal and private rooms including curved bathroom fixtures. The lush gardens contain ponds and swimming pools that artistically reflect the architecture both during the day and when lit at night. At the edge of the cliff is a 500-seat, open-air auditorium with spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Bay of Cannes. Many notable events have been held here such as the recent Dior Resort Show and the James Bond 40th birthday event. On occasion, the estate has been rented to private individuals for $1,100 per night per person. Michaël Zingraf Real Estate in Cannes, affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate for the South of France, holds the listing.

Pierre Cardin’s retreat in the South of France - for sale at $456 million - is Europe’s most expensive listing. For More Information: PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE





Snow retreat: Stunning chalet in Gerignoz designed with luxurious interiors making a perfect vacation spot





Plus Design interior design team and architects Claudia Sigismondi and André Proto created the perfect luxurious shelter for a winter break. This Chalet, located in Gerignoz, Switzerland, is a holiday home with a spectacular mountain view. The interiors reflect the cosmopolitan spirit of the owner, as the Plus Design team explains “The client’s brief offers us a challenge to test our creativity and our ability to provide the final user with the best possible solution. No matter what size or budget, we try to get the most out of each space, developing its potential and enhancing its qualities, while fulfilling the client’s expectations.” In this case, the intent was to convey a discreet sense of luxury combined with the cozy atmosphere of an Alpine chalet.





Once we have developed our layout, we pick one or two furniture pieces that we consider really essential to carry out our vision. Plus Design

Thru Plus Design words “Once we have developed our layout, we pick one or two furniture pieces that we consider really essential to carry out our vision. Then the other elements are added and combined, following our inspiration and our criteria of harmony. Sometimes a choice is demanding in terms of time or price or even in terms of transportation. For instance, in one of our latest projects, a chalet near Gstaad, due to its size, the one-piece sofa by Vladimir Kagan had to be delivered by helicopter and was brought in from the balcony. But the final result, paired with the table Eden by Boca do Lobo, is quite stunning and definitely worth the effort.” Furnishings and accessories are a mix of new, contemporary furniture, as well as antique, vintage and traditional pieces or eclectic finds sourced from all over Europe and US. For the interior designers “Our attention is always captured by what is new and beautiful, while memory and culture help us discerning and selecting what is worth. Whether it comes from the web, from a book or a magazine, from an exhibition or from a shop or from the street, inspiration is everywhere” Not all the materials and finishes were made by the designers: “Some materials and finishes had already been set before our intervention, so we had to pay more attention to blend in with the existing features.”



The staircase has been enclosed with a glass wall to increase the overall brightness by adding multiple reflections of the open-space living area and its stunning views.


W W W. L U X U RY S A F E S . M E





W W W. L U X U RY S A F E S . M E





Hiding what is often beautiful, why should your safe be ugly? Boca do Lobo makes impregnable safes customized to your own personal requirements. Individually manufactured with the utmost care and craftsmanship, it is safe to assume that it is secure enough to place where its most convenient, strong enough to be invincible , and according to yourtaste, appealing enough to be a work of art in its ow right.




Baron is an exceptional piece of haute craftsmanship perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury. With a personality of its own, this steampunk safe embodies the essence of the new hyperluxury trend.

Knox represents an entrance point into the world of elite collectors. Inspired by the safest place on earth, this watch winder envelops watches in the perfect scenery for exhibiting the most precious works of art.

Collector watches are like diamonds, Lapidated like these precious gems. Diamond watch winder provides for the bet care the sensitive mechanism or automatic time pieces require while valuing their perfect design.




Boca do lobo is one of the world’s premier design houses. Excitement, fascination and intrigue all packaged up with outstanding couture furniture. The engine that keeps this brand moving is composed of a team of talented young designers and skillful master artisans headed by designer extraordinaire Marcos Costa. At 27, the designer is considered one of the best of his generation, with several awarded pieces of furniture are carrying his signature and collecting fans in all the major international design events. “ I find design to be absolutely amazing” Marco say. “ In my work, I’m fascinated by the past but it’s important to have a strong vision of the future. My curiosity as a child has contributed enormously to the designer I am today.” However, it is not just an innate talent that makes Marco Costa one of the best designers of his generation. “ I feel my passion daily” he says, “ I study in an unceasing way to discover new materials and to revitalize the already unknown.”


Marco’s distinctive signature is actually an unusal mixture of different styles which represent a unique philosophy – Emotional design. “Above all, this is what I love the most about being a designer. I adore creating exclusive furniture design that is a deep emotional experience. At Boco do Lobo, this mixture between past arts and contemporary techniques is perfect for me to be kept excited and continue to explore emotional design on a daily basis. I like to design pieces that are provocative and at the same time can make people have an emotional connection with an object.”


Baron was designed in a Victorian futuristic style inspired by literature classics such as Jules Verne’s 200 Leagues Under the Sea. The luxury home safe is full off brass and stainless steel gears, all manually applied by Boca do Lobo’s master artisans. Inside, watch winders keep precious watches safe and exhibition stages and drawers upholstered with black velvet carefully trimmed, sewn and fitted by hand guard rare gems.

Although the brand is proud to use traditional methods, it often complements those skills with the highly contemporary techniques required to complete lavish creations. The new collection of luxury safes, PRIVATE, is a prime example of this guideline Boca do Lobo lives by every day. The brand takes the word handcrafted literally, adding the comforts of modern techniques to be the uniqueness accomplished through traditional arts.

Boheme | Luxury Safe BOCA DO LOBO

Watch Winder

Safe Box

Boheme embodies the spirit of true adventures’ who choose to live an unconventional lifestyle and aim to achieve what is accessible only to a few people. Just like the artists of the Belle Epoque. Again, traditional techniques add to its uniqueness through manually hammered brass and hand fitted luscious velvet. For Marco Costa, “every single piece of our collection is of extreme importance to me. Each piece was created with passion and to pass from generation to generation while storing the most treasured of family objects. Each piece is intended to have a tremendous presence in any setting.”





Treasures may in many forms and trigger in our mind the most beautiful and comforting emotions. For many people, these treasures are not just jewels and collector watches, but simple and familiar objects of symbolic value which have accompanied them for a very long time. In order to preserve these treasures, Boca do Lobo Studio has created a new collection designed for demanding clients who possess fascinating secrets and desire to preserve them from the tricks of time.

Newton Watch Winder BOCA DO LOBO

Millionaire Luxury Safe BOCA DO LOBO

PRIVATE’s pieces were designed to keep safe all those things we value so highly, while offering the perfect setting to envelope these exquisite treasures. Stunning safe boxes, exquisite jewelry cases and other table top related objects can be found in these collection to be filled with special personal treasures. Pieces of furniture born from the hands of talented designers and skillful master artisans who share a passion for timeless design and traditional manufacturing techniques come to life with a unique and extremely magnetic soul. With PRIVATE COLLECTION all of your treasures will be in your own secret place, your exclusive and unique world

Dali | Luxury Safe BOCA DO LOBO

Melted Metal Diamond | Watch Winder BOCA DO LOBO


A person’s private secrets can be kept even closer to heart with this exquisite collection of table top objects. Each and every one of these pieces are bon from a unique story, the finest materials and the passion of extremely talented craftsmen. Compartmented jewelry cases ready to let every single piece of jewelry in your collection shines on its own, whilst it is waiting for a special event to shine even brighter and adorn a woman’s beauty. An ever present sense of refinement and sophistication can be felt in each of these luxurious jewelry cases.

Watch Winder

Smaller safe boxes with elegant designs that take security to a whole new level and will fit in any secret place, because Boca do Lobo strives every day not only to create pieces that are understandable and usable, but also bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, as well as beauty to people’s lives. All these pieces conceal not only a whiff of distinction, but hopefully a dash of family heirloom too.

Exquisite watch winders, from classical designs to futuristic inspired ones prepared to offer your senses automatic watches’ mechanisms the rhythm of movement and relaxation the need in order to have a longer life.

Millionaie | Luxury Safe BOCA DO LOBO

Baron | Luxury Safe BOCA DO LOBO



Symphony | Cigar Humidifier BOCA DO LOBO




The Hôtel André Latin An iconic project with a modern twist and a retro lighting inspiration 50-52 rue Gay Lussac - Quartier Latin - Paris The majestic André Latin hotel is located in the heart of the «Quartier Latin» close to the Luxembourg gardens and the Pantheon, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, which is one of the oldest districts in the capital with its typical streets and universities. After many months of renovations, the Hôtel André Latin finally opens its doors to the public once again and unveils its fabulous new world. The hotel has been influenced by the Belle époque, in the honor of André, the grandfather and the founder of the establishment, a famous dandy of the 19th century. Fabien and Guillaume Sodano reinvented their hotel based on the codes extracted from that iconic era, with a modern twist and a friendly and welcoming environment, full of elegance and authenticity. The new cocktail bar André Latin welcomes visitors into an immersive world, a «home sweet home» filled with 34 seats, including a terrace directly accessible from the street. The warm atmosphere that prevails is partly revealed by a clever combination of comfortable sofas in luxurious tweed, marble bistro tables, mirrors, Art Deco illustrations and furniture from the 50’s. The bar perfectly reflects the spirit of the Latin Quarter and welcomes all generations, in this unusual place. The creative energy for this project has firstly been focused on the ground floor and it comprises four distinct areas: the lobby with a concept store and reception desk, the living room and the bar. The general redevelopment was conceived from floor to floor, detail by detail. 66




Michael Malapert has been working to revive the soul of the André, inspired by the origins and history of the dandyism from the 19th century. This approach was born by stimulating fusion between the codes of a historical time to those of contemporary artistic values. The purpose of the aim of the exercise was to create a dynamic dialogue between the two worlds, to spread a poetic message, capturing all the charm of this place that had many lives. Some original walls were protected to uphold the heritage of the building. The furniture is designed from 50 legendary blueprints using only noble materials like marble, brass, solid wood, beveled mirrors, alongside the wallpaper graphics, while the black and white ceramic paving accompanies the lighting fixtures by Gubi and DelightFULL facing the «bistro» tables and the seats covered with Kvadrat. From the lighting brand DelightFULL, the Hôtel André Latin counts with the designs from the brands core collection, the Heritage Collection and faces 2 iconic pieces, the Brubeck Wall Lamp at the cocktail bar and the Galliano Wall Lamp at the bedrooms.



Michaël Malapert The interior designer

Michael Malapert launched his interior design agency in 2005. From the start he developed living and commercial spaces on a national level. His work reflects the codes of contemporary luxury, always factoring in the historical context of each project and taking into account function as well as the energy released by the space itself. Michael’s visual vocabulary enhances the well-being always designing sustainability and a balance between form and function. Each project tells a story through the architecture and design, enhancing the ergonomics of each space to provide a clear path. His approach is simple choosing and

assembling the key ingredients for the project - materials, lights, volumes - to form the basis of a coherent study and selecting the artisans based on their proficiency. Overseeing the construction to ensure the quality of each part. Choosing to work with what the space has to offer instead of demolishing and keeping the authenticity of the places as much as possible. In recent years Michael has enjoyed amazing success and built an incredible range of projects, from the Speakeasy, the bar of the Jules and Jim hotel, Yuman the 100% organic restaurant, A-Noste, the gourmet restaurant of chef Julien Duboué, the bistronomic Colonel Moutarde or Kristin Frederick’s Huabu, the founder of the reputed Camion qui fume, La Maison Bleue and the Café de la Marine in the 10th arrondissement. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE



BeoLink Multiroom unites your Bang & Olufsen products into one liberating wireless system. Play different music in different rooms or let one tune flow throughout your home. Just touch your Bang & Olufsen product to instantly join the music stream, or control the experience from your mobile phone.

Bang & Olufsen | Puerto Banus | Main entrance | Phone: +34 952 81 72 50 |

Advantages and disadvantages of living upon an industrial estate:

The Ra Apartment



Since the beginning, the Studio’s work has been based on the order in the spaces and rationalism in the elements. But if in addition to harmony and balance we talk about good taste, we would be describing the perfect project. This is the “coincidence” that a great customer can provide sometimes. It has been a pleasure working in this project because we knew it belong to someone who would turn it into something better Francesc Rifé



Our main goal in this project was to reflect the personality and way of life of their owners. The starting point was to develop connections between the past, the present and the future, conceiving the interior in harmony with the building. Through a meticulous process of renovation, we tried to keep most of the architectural elements such as the moldings, the arches and the high ceilings. Its form was absolutely essential and we didn’t want to lose those lines in the main rooms. We were faced to a duplex whose staircase, with great verticality, was located in the main entrance. Part of the success of the project would be redesigning a new access to the rooms on the upper floor (study area, guests rooms and terrace). The new staircase is strategically projected in the only remained space to avoid the structure to become a “gruyere cheese”. We were forced to lose a guest bathroom that was previously attached to it. Its new design, which integrates a large library and windows, sought to provide a new narrative and meaning to the house. On the one hand, large staircase made us create a one-piece plinth which is used as shelf and storage space that transforms and enters into a glass cubicle where the kitchen is located allowing to eat in a high “table”. On the other hand, it becomes a key architectural experience because the distribution of the house is organized from this common space.



The living room is divided into reading area and living where a new fireplace is designed (replacing the previous). Faced with the volume of the kitchen, there is a dining area with furniture belonging to customers: very vivid classics such as the Carl Hansen CH24. Furniture designed by the Studio is combined with sofas, chairs and lighting of iconic designers of the 20th century. Rooms are clear, minimalists. The height has led us to emphasize special elements like doors with 100% height (3 meters). Wardrobes are built in the coating and the large empty space becomes something purely perfect. A bathroom designed in dolomite marble subtly personalizes that great verticality and clean atmosphere. Fortunately, the elements of art (of owners), souvenirs of their travels and books show up humble and ongoing way throughout all the rooms, providing the entire house with a wonderful personal touch. The predominant material is natural oak wood of large format that blends the growth potential offered by the floor plan. The goal was to create a home that speaks a contemporary language through the elimination of all superfluous elements and where natural materials, along with the light and the books take a leading role. In the upper room the handrail is reconverted into a worktable. In this area we find the Lounge Chair, by Charles and Ray Eames and Cesca Chair, by Marcel Breuer. A new reading zone precedes the terrace with a poetic view of the city of Barcelona.






Interior and industrial designer, Francesc Rifé (Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, 1969) founds his own studio in Barcelona in 1994. Influenced by minimalism and following a familiar tradition linked to craftsmanship that leaves a mark on his work, focusing on ways of approaching spatial order and geometric proportion. He also has a special attraction for fine materials from the early days of the studio until today. Currently, Francesc Rifé leads a team of professionals from several design fields. His projects, national and international, embrace from interior to industrial design in the commercial and private sectors. Throughout his career, Rifé has been awarded with prizes from the field of design like Contract World, Spanish National Awards of Ephemeral Architecture EMPORIA, Red Dot, ICFF Editors, FAD, several ASCER awards and recently honored for his career at the 8th Biennial Iberoamerican CIDI of Interior Design in Mexico.

His work has been widely released in general press as well as specialized publications and books, at national and international level. Also, there have been published several books that collect his most outstanding works. Currently he combines his work with workshops and conferences.

Photos by Fernando Alda.



Celebrity House Hunting Homes of the rich and famous listed for sale...

Christie Brinkley’s Hamptons home & observation tower Born in Michigan and raised in Southern California, Christie Brinkley says she was a “surfer girl” when she moved to France after high school to study art. In 1973, celebrity photographer Errol Sawyer saw her in a Paris post office and connected her to the world of fashion modeling. With over 30 years as one of America’s favorite models, a record stint as the Cover Girl pitch woman and lucrative endorsement deals for beauty products, wine and fitness equipment, Christie Brinkley can afford to live wherever she wants. For the last fifteen years, she has made her home in the Hamptons. Charmingly eclectic, the home is pure Christie - subtly sophisticated and at the same time whimsical. Christie is no stranger to owning enviable real estate where much of her wealth is involved. This knowledge speaks to how fabulous a property must be 78


for her to live there for so long. However, as a new empty nester, it seems reasonable to downsize and begin to enjoy the next stage of her life, which also of late, includes boyfriend John Mellencamp. Named for the century-old observation tower that was built as part of the main house in 1891, Tower Hill is sited on more than 20 private open and wooded acres, the three-story traditional main house has four bedrooms and five baths, while the guest house and artist’s studio add another five bedrooms and seven baths totalling 11,000 square feet of living space. Amenities include a large country kitchen and family room, gym, office, four fireplaces, multiple stone terraces and a four-car heated garage. Grounds with rolling lawns, flower and organic vegetable gardens and walking trails also include a tennis court, pond and heated swimming pool. The property was totally restored in 1998 by Christie and her then husband - architect Peter Cook. Since the acreage is 200 feet above sea level, from the observation tower, Christie can see the Atlantic Ocean, the south shore of Connecticut, Gardiner’s Island, and the North Fork Peninsula. Though she has put the property on the market several times in the past, this time she plans on moving to one of her smaller homes in the area as two of her children are now living in New York City and her youngest will be attending college there. Christie Brinkley continues to model and is now producing her own wine, Bellissimo Prosecco, and a new line of Christie Brinkley skincare products. Three-time Sports Illustrated cover girl Christie Brinkley is selling Tower Hill, her Bridgehampton family home of 15 years. The estate is listed by Enzo Morabito of Douglas Elliman. Priced at $29.5 million. Source:

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Virginia Farm Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky, from her breakout performance in National Velvet at age 12 until her death at age 79 in 2011, was well known for her classic beauty. She was the woman who, in 1963, got the Cleopatra role that every actress in Hollywood wanted and was the woman whose photos were taped to the bathroom mirrors of housewives who would struggle to copy the arch of her eyebrow and the pout of her rosebud lips. Her facial features, exotic coloring, hour-glass figure and the rare glint of violet in her heavily-lashed eyes made her the complete package as one of the world’s top actresses from the 1940s to the ‘60s.



In her youth, Liz she was sweetly feminine, as a young adult - mysteriously sultry, in middle age - raucous, with frequent marriages and scandalous affairs throughout her life. But when Elizabeth Taylor repeated the marriage vows for the seventh time to conservative politician John Warner, many people were surprised. Elizabeth met Warner during the last throes of her second divorce from Richard Burton in 1976. She had been living like a vagabond for the last 15 years on Burton’s yacht, Kalizma. After disembarking from both, Liz hit the Washington, D.C. social scene. When Queen Elizabeth visited the White House, a blind date for the event was arranged for John to escort Taylor.

Five months later and after a few visits to Warner’s historic Virginia farm, Atoka, they were married at the farm on December 4, 1976 on top of a hill at sunset. The farm reminded her of growing up in England and she felt a sense of stability there. Elizabeth was happy at the farm riding horses through the acreage and enjoying the pastoral surroundings, but soon after settling in, spent two grueling years helping John with his campaign for U.S. senator. John lost the campaign in the end to Richard Obenshain, but when Obenshain died in an airplane crash two months later, he again ran for the seat and won. For Elizabeth, that meant leaving the farm and moving to Washington. John was gone for long hours and now with no career, Elizabeth started to fall apart from loneliness. After four years of lonely isolation resulting in food and alcohol binging, in 1982 she made the decision to resume her career and go back to Broadway. They parted as friends and were divorced the same year. They remained friends and continued to communicate until her death in 2011. John sold Atoka Farm in 1994. In December 2015, the 400-acre Atoka Farm again went on the market at $8.7 million almost twice what John Warner received in 1994. A prized estate, it immediately went under contract, but the contract failed to go through and it was taken off the market. Fifty acres were set aside from the original 400 and sold to an adjoining neighbor for $1 million. In April, it was relisted at 350 acres and sold in early June for $7.17 million.

pected slave runner, assisting slaves on the underground railway after the Civil War.

are also multiple barns, run-in sheds and a half mile of Goose Creek frontage.

The farm is located just outside Middleburg, Virginia, an hour from Washington, D.C. in the middle of Virginia’s renowned horse country. The 1860 field-stone manor home is 7,000 square feet with five bedrooms on three levels and an indoor pool and tennis court. There

Historic Atoka Farm, home to former Senator John Warner and actress Elizabeth Taylor, sold for a total of $8.17 million. John Coles of Thomas & Talbot of Middleburg, Virginia was the listing agent. For More Information

Atoka Farm is an excellent example of preserved northern Virginia history with examples of the evolution of generations of architectural styles. Seamed tin roofs, hundred-year-old boxwoods, split-rail fences, an original log cabin with later added fieldstone and stacked stone walls attest to its past, with some structures possibly originating from an early owner. Joshua Hoge, a Quaker who called the farm Woodland, was a sus-

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Al Capone’s Miami Villa Death Home An historic Miami Beach compound that Al Capone bought in 1928, the home he used as an alibi for the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, and the place where he died in 1947 may, or may not, have recently sold for $9 million. In 1928, Miami Beach was reeling from the the collapse of the Florida land boom and the Great Miami Hurricane that had destroyed much of the resort city. Never one to miss an opportunity, Chicago crime-boss Al Capone bought one of Miami Beach’s best estates on Biscayne Bay at the bargain price of $40,000 (about $550,000 in 2016 dollars). Capone spent another $70,000 in fortifying the property against intruders adding a guest/guard house at the entry gate and using rooms above the pool house at the bay’s edge to house his guards who were on 24/7 lookout. Safe and secure from his Chicago crime rivals, it was the home where Capone was vacationing when his gang pulled off the 1929 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, lived full time after his release from prison in 1939 and where he died in 1947 surrounded by family and a few friends. According to the granddaughter of Clarence M. Busch, who was a real estate developer of Miami Beach’s Palm Island, Busch sold the Spanish-style, waterfront home across the street from his own in 1928. Unbeknownst to Busch, the deal was being brokered through a middleman for the notorious 82


Capone. It wasn’t long before the actual buyer was revealed, sending a shock wave of horror throughout Miami and Miami Beach. City fathers were afraid that having the kingpin of organized crime in residence would muddy South Florida’s Chamber of Commerce image of clean family fun. However, Capone saw it another way. He believed the Prohibition rum running from the Bahama’s, gambling and the element of crime drawn by these activities would keep officials too busy to pay much attention to him. Many of Miami’s community leaders came after Capone, especially the Miami News and the Miami Women’s Club, to rid the city of the crime boss. Clarence Busch wrote a letter to Florida Governor Doyle Carlton complaining about the noise, gunshots, unapproved additional construction added to the property and the fact that Capone’s presence had disrupted land sales on the island and was damaging Miami Beach’s reputation. Although many crimes were likely orchestrated from Capone’s residence, he was seen as a hero and philanthropist by much of the American public, funding one of Chicago’s largest soup kitchens during the Great Depression and free milk for Chicago school children. Lawmakers were never able to pin gangland events directly to Capone and he continued to live in his Palm Island residence in relative

peace until the feds convicted and imprisoned him in 1931 for tax evasion. Capone returned to the residence in 1939 when his prison sentence was reduced due to his deteriorating physical and mental condition. He died peacefully at his Palm Island estate on January 25, 1947 surrounded by family and a few friends. Since Capone’s death, the storied estate has changed hands many times. Although several U.S. and U.K media sources recently reported that the home had sold to Mino Raiola, the Dutch super-agent who represents many of Manchester United’s soccer stars, the company that maintains the property has denied any sale of the property. Whether newly sold or not, the Capone mansion is an iconic piece of modern American history, old world glamour and an ideal location. With each change in ownership, there have been improvements to the property with the most current owner completing a full restoration. At 36,000 square feet, it includes the seven-bedroom, seven-bath main home that is gated and walled, the two-story gatehouse and two-story pool house overlooking 100 feet of frontage on Biscayne Bay and a view of Hibiscus Island. Original features include an Art Deco black and gold tiled bathroom and a living room fireplace. Capone’s mansion is now renamed as 93 Palm Island and available for rent for photo and video productions. According to its website, the home is “one of the oldest and most notorious estates in Miami” with “7-foot walls” and “secured 24 hours a day...surrounded by the Biscayne Bay on all sides.” For More Information

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The JFK Honeymoon & Godfather Mansion! One of America’s most famous homes is The Beverly House, the former estate of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and actress Marion Davies. Well known for its memorable scenes in the movies The Godfather and The Bodyguard, the estate has just come on the market at $195 million. Designed by Gordon Kaufmann, the architect behind the Hoover Dam and some of the most important estates in the Beverly Hills area, The Beverly House stands as an emblem of Hollywood’s Golden Era. The estate is well known for its H-form architecture, characterized by long colonnades, wide balconies, arched floor-to-ceiling windows, and its spaciousness: a stunning two-story library with hand-carved paneling and a wraparound walkway; a formal living room with its 22-foot-high, hand-painted, arched ceiling; a state-of-the-art spa; and a billiards room with herringbone parquet floors and an intricately designed ceiling and carved fireplace, both from the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. The main level hallway is a staggering 82 feet, seven inches up to the 32-foot billiard room, which is open to the main hallway, for a total of 114 feet and 7 inches visible upon walking into the entry. The grand upstairs hallway is more than 102 feet long and features a 40-foot wide, nearly 9-foot-tall Dennis Abbe mural. A substantial addition was made in the 1990s, expanding the size of the building as seen in The Godfather. The gardens, designed by landscape architect Paul Thiene, include cascading waterfalls to the pool as well as impressive, mature, trees. 84


Located only three blocks from Sunset Boulevard and the Beverly Hills Hotel, The Beverly House features 19+ bedrooms and suites, a near Olympic-size swimming pool, lighted tennis court, two projection/screening rooms, a commercial grade kitchen, terraces to accommodate 400 or more guests for a seated dinner and grounds to accommodate more than 1,000 people, among other attributes. Sitting on its own promontory, The Beverly House consists of approximately 50,000 square feet and in excess of 525,000 cubic feet of wellproportioned space, and offers extreme privacy and security with four security gates and several perimeter housing structures.

Serving as both a destination on Jacqueline and John F. Kennedy’s honeymoon and the West Coast presidential election headquarters for JFK, The Beverly House is anchored in American legend. Together with the adjacent property, The Beverly House compound is in excess of 55,000 square feet, featuring 25-28 bedrooms, two swimming pools and six separate structures on its prime acreage. The Beverly House is available either by itself or with an adjacent but separate legal parcel and seven-bedroom home, which together comprise The Beverly House estate, situated on approximately five acres of landscaped flat land in the heart of Beverly Hills. The listing agent is Mauricio Umansky of The Agency. For More Information:

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Eric Clapton’s Beach House! Venice, California was a vision from tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney in 1905. He and several partners originally purchased two miles of pristine Pacific Ocean beachfront just south of Santa Monica and west of Los Angeles. They developed the north end into an oceanfront resort town originally named Ocean Park. When one of the partners died they dissolved the partnership, though there was still the question about what to do with the remainder of the land. They flipped a coin to see who would win it and Kinney became the new owner. Having previously fallen in love with Venice, Italy, he resolved to turn his new stretch of beachfront and the marshes bordering it into a replica.



Kinney created several miles of canals, a pier, three blocks of tourist shops and arcades, beach cottages and live-in tents to house vacationers. By 1910, amusement venues had grown, gondolas floated through the canals and a miniature railroad transported tourists around the town. By the end of the 1920s, Venice had become the Disneyland of the day and it was annexed by the city of Los Angeles. Now with the arrival of Google and Snapchat, real estate values have been on the rise and Venice has experienced a new surge of life and interest. Residents and visitors enjoy the Farmer’s Market, art galleries, bars and restaurants along with the pier’s attractions and the boardwalk, made famous as the backdrop in many films and television sitcoms. Now for sale is a stunning contemporary residence only steps from the ocean, the only home designed in the U.S. by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, who also designed the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. The home has received worldwide acclaim and has furniture designed by yet another well-known designer Klaus Rinke. Another claim to fame is that Eric Clapton owned the home from the late 1990s until 2004. The 2,920-square-foot beach house has two bedrooms, two baths, a sleeping loft, 30-foot ceilings in the great room and 20-foot ceilings in the master bedroom. Filled with sunlight, the second floor looks down over the main part of the house. Included is a kitchen with Garland professional range, dining room for ten or more guests, and a 600-square-foot private patio for entertaining. Former home of Eric Clapton, the Arata Isozaki-designed beach house was originally listed at $5.195 million in July and has now been reduced to $4.75 million. For More Information

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Known for being a somewhat dark, idiosyncratic actor, Johnny Depp has followed his own instincts in his choice of parts since his first role in Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984. A high school dropout at age 15, he played in several garage bands and married early. When he and his new wife took a trip to Los Angeles, in a stroke of good luck he happened to meet Nicolas Cage who suggested he go into acting. This led to his first film role and quick successes in Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He then moved on to more serious parts portraying drug and gangster criminals in Blow, Public Enemies and Black Mass. Widely considered as one of Hollywood’s best actors and box office stars with Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, Depp has made headlines from his movies, love life and his interesting real estate holdings, which include his private island in the Bahamas. At various times engaged to Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, Depp had a long relationship with French singer-actress Vanessa Paradis.



Johnny Depp’s LA Penthouse Collection!

During his Paradis years, he purchased an entire French village which is now on the market at $55.5 million. After he split with Vanessa, he married Amber Heard in 2015, but divorced just one year later. Listed after the $7 million divorce settlement with Heard

is Depp’s unique collection of penthouses in downtown Los Angeles. Depp acquired the five multi-storied, side-byside penthouse units over a period of years after the building had been refurbished in 2007. Decorated in his unique style, he never joined the units, but instead lived in them as though going from room to room. Whether or not it was a conscious real estate business decision or a happy fluke, it means that the collection of units can be resold as a whole or individually. The sale includes five condo units: four two-bedrooms and a one-bedroom, totalling approximately 11,500 square feet. The 13-story Eastern Columbia Building was designed by Claud Beelman in 1930, considered to be the city’s best example of Art Deco architecture still standing. Johnny Depp’s collection of five penthouses in the famous Los Angeles Eastern Columbia are available as a group for $12.78 million or individually with prices available on request. For More Information

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90 90



91 91

Philadelphia Strict forms, clean lines, natural light and artistic flavour represent the main features of the project.

According to Maxim Maximenko, the head of the design studio Nota Bene and author of the project, it was difficult to fulfil the customer’s desire to live in their own house within the city limits. There aren’t too many new locations for the construction of a private house in Minsk; besides, the customer wasn’t satisfied with the existing options. Nevertheless, they managed to buy a well-situated house; however, the acquired building was hardly suitable for a family with two children. Having examined the building in terms of the set tasks, the designer made a decision to completely upgrade the house, starting with the lower floor. The examination revealed that the house foundation is very deep. This allowed to redesign a small cellar into a full-fledged basement floor with a sauna, a large bathroom with a jacuzzi, a shower room, a relaxation room and a technical (server) room. Later, another problem arose: a latent defect of the roof was revealed, and it had to be covered again. The house redevelopment became the critical stage of the project; it represented a total transformation of the house internal logistics, taking into account the interior design style and the hosts’ way of life. The first floor secured the status of the private area, while the ground floor was traditionally occupied by the rooms intended for the relaxation of the family and the guests. Design Studio Nota Bene also implemented the works outside the house; designed a lawn, a carport, and a terrace facing the courtyard, which can be accessed from both the dining room and the living room.

Warm wood textures, contrasting graphic combinations and strict forms defined the interior concept. The married couple described their style preferences quite definitely: “We like modern style, but we do not want a sterile Scandinavian interior,” - they said. Nota Bene found out that the customers preferred warm wood textures, contrasting graphic combinations, strict forms, plenty of light. These points defined the architectural interior concept featuring the game of forms, lines and textures. The cabinet furniture is integrated into the space, and forms a clearly structured interior frame. For example, a TV stand represents a large podium gradually turning into a rack, which, in turn, flows into the ceiling plane, and at the same time represents a zoning element between the entrance room and the living room. This is not the only chain of elements, present in the interior.

The boiserie (lacquered black and white with gold stripes) decorating the walls and ceiling also emphasizes the strict graphic nature of the space. The interior could have easily remained monochrome; however, the designer enhanced the colour scheme with contrasting combinations (purple, gold, champagne) and bright accents (lamps in the shape of flowers and author’s graphics), which softened the interior, and made it emotionally rich and vibrant.

Maxim Maximenko:

“With no doubt, interior design and architecture belong to the sphere of human creativity. At the same time, in my opinion, they are mainly practical in nature, and cannot be created solely for the sake of “format”. Interior design and architecture, in the broadest sense, have to be comfortable and functional; they should keep up with the times, and be suitable to accommodate a person.”

The public area is quite moderately decorated; this is reflected in the colours of the main pieces of furniture and decoration created according to the Nota Bene design studio sketches. Bright and unique elements that can be found in every corner of the ground floor space, tell a visitor this is a place with an attitude. They include, among others, aqua creations lamps, and a futuristic steel table in the entrance hall. It is the interior design elements that bring the space together, fill it with meaning, life and movement.

The kitchen and dining room are implemented according to the sketches of the project’s author. Light, simple and functional, such kitchen would be an excellent option for any house, no matter how many square meters it occupies. The kitchen “work� area flows into the dining room with a large table for a friendly family and their friends, who are always welcome in the house. The special atmosphere is created by the low window sills beside a dining table - the street is so close, but at the same time separated from the living space.

The stairs represent another semantic point of this architectural interior. Absence of visible fasteners makes it visually light. Light, simple, and rhythmic – Nota Bene design studio managed to create an engineering object, which, as a high-volume mosaic, became a kind of wall decoration, without making the space heavy. The simple “recipe” of the stairs includes only wood and glass panels, which does not lessen its charm. The simple solution is balanced by a bright red lamp, a noticeable detail, descending from above, and bringing together the second light and decorative panels in the living room. We climb higher and find ourselves on the first floor, in the space of individuality. Here we may find a strict and laconic master bedroom, a son’s bright room, and a room for a true lady - a customers’ daughter. It is worth noting how the private areas are separated from each other. The doors the project author has chosen are not conventional. They do not have frames and additional esconsons - they are embedded in the wall. This trick allows to create the space of straight lines and logic, thus eliminating superfluous details. Undoubtedly, such an extensive space should be properly taken care of, so the house contains the additional rooms for storage and climate control, as well as a laundry room and other household rooms. The house is equipped with all the necessary control systems responsible for security and access to the territory, the quantity of light and music volume. The “smart home” system also includes a climate control system. In conclusion, we can say that scrupulous attitude to every centimeter of the available often determines the quality of work and its durability. Attention to details at every stage of work becomes a crucial competence, while the scale of thought and possibilities when developing a concept can transform a building into the house, bring the scattered elements together and present them not just as a whole, but as something fundamental and indivisible.

Design Studio “Nota Bene” Design studio Nota Bene was founded in 2001 as Studio of interior solutions headed by Maxim Maximenko, the author of projects. Nota Bene creates unique architectural and interior design projects, demonstrates high quality and professional implementation of work. Nota Bene deals with the design of houses, apartments, residential buildings and compounds as well as non-residential spaces such as business and retail design of offices, hotels, restaurants and etc. During the years of fruitful work, the Studio has accumulated invalu-

able experience and knowledge, which allow to perform at a high international level. Since 2001, Nota Bene has successfully completed large number of outstanding projects in 10 countries around the world and has established itself in the Belarussian market as one of the leading companies. Being the first highly specialized organization in the field of interior design in Belarus, studio worked their way up from the studio of customized interior design to the project team applying comprehensive approach to problem solving. | | +375 29 110-30-30 | +375 44 720-30-30 | Belarus, Minsk, Alleinaya st., 17

Image: Benjamin Gillet




Majority of estate agents in the UK not affected by Brexit, new poll shows Nearly two thirds of estate agents in the UK remain undeterred and unaffected by Brexit as they have not seen activity drop as a result of the referendum vote, a new survey shows. Overall some 64% of estate agents polled by cloud based estate agency software provider Dezrez said they had not developed a Brexit strategy plan as they don’t see the need for one. Their confidence has increased since the vote last June, the poll also suggests. Just after the vote to leave the European Union Dezrez findings found that 22% of estate agents felt they has no need for a Brexit plan but now that has increased by over 40%. Of those surveyed, 53% don’t believe Brexit has had any significant impact on their business to date, while 40% suggest say that Brexit has had some negative effect. Similarly, 55% haven’t seen any change in property prices since the Brexit vote, while 37% suggest the vote has caused some turbulence in prices which has led to lost sales. Some 60% say that there has been no change in the volume of first time buyers since Brexit, while 17% have seen an increase, and 65% suggest that there has been no change in the amount of foreign investors, while 10% have seen an increase. The research also shows that 63% say they have seen similar levels of deal completion since Brexit, with 28% seeing a slightly higher proportion of withdrawals. ‘What’s notable here is that, despite the general media sentiment, and doom and gloom stories in the media, the amount of estate agents with a Brexit strategy has technically reduced,’ said Justin Morris, Dezrez chief executive officer. Article provided courtesy of



‘When you consider that estate agents have not experienced Brexit related fluctuations in the amount of buyers, or a change in house prices, it’s easy to understand their approach. It’s very much business as usual for most,’ he added. The findings also suggest there is no clear picture amongst the estate agent community about who has benefited most from Brexit. Some 33% thought were the greatest beneficiaries, 10% said sellers, 7% landlords and 5% tenants. In the long term, only 23% of respondents believed that Brexit would have a long term effect on their businesses, while 43% believed business would remain as usual, with 34% unsure of the effects. ‘It’s fair to say there is still a picture of genuine uncertainty. Looking on the bright side, the vast majority are unaffected, with a relatively small proportion seeing negative Brexit related effects. The key will be how the markets respond once Article 50 is triggered,’ Morris explained. ‘What’s important is that estate agents don’t wait to see some effect. They need to be proactive. For instance, the technology sector is largely pursuing its aims of digital transformation as a means of future proofing their business,’ he pointed out. ‘We’ve seen similar signs amongst estate agents, who are seeking to integrate their online offerings to deliver a more comprehensive customer experience, while delivering a fuller suite of services such as integration with financial advisers. There are higher margins to be had for those who are thinking more laterally about their business, Brexit or not,’ he added.


LONDON property to the world

Sharing the global reach of the Harrods brand, Harrods Estates holds the key to the thriving London property market. The agency offers a broad range of services, dedicated Middle Eastern and Russian desks, as well as translators - including Mandarin speakers. Wherever a client calls home, they can access London’s most exclusive properties through Harrods Estates. • LONDON RESIDENTIAL SALES • LONDON RESIDENTIAL LETTINGS • ACQUISITIONS • NEW DEVELOPMENTS • ASSET MANAGEMENT • PROPERTY MANAGEMENT



PORCHESTER GATE, HYDE PARK W2 Stunning three bedroom apartment with viewS of hyde park • Generous lateral accommodation • Two balconies • Approximately 1,880sq ft / • Lift, porter and 24-hour security 174.7sq m • EPC rating C • Dual-aspect reception

guide price: £4,750,000

mayfair offiCe: T: 020 7409 9205

Leasehold: Approximately 968 years


HAnS CRESCEnT, KniGHTSbRiDGE SW1 a beautifuL interior-deSigned apartment in an eXCLuSive bLoCk • Approximately 1138sq ft / 105sq m • Master bedroom with en suite • Second bedroom and separate bathroom

• 24-hour concierge/security • Secure underground carparking space • EPC rating B

guide price: £1,300,000

knightSbridge offiCe: T: 020 7225 6797

tenure: Approximately 982 years


AvEnuE STuDiOS, SYDnEY ClOSE, CHElSEA SW3 a moSt impreSSive artiSt’S Studio in Sydney CLoSe, Sw3 • Over 1300sq ft •Uncommon volume and light •Potential to add value

guide price: £2,250,000

• Unique and unusual opportunity • Discreetly and privately located • EPC rating D

CheLSea offiCe T: 02072256700

Leasehold: Approximately 82 years 9 months


AiRliE GARDEnS, KEnSiGnTOn W8 a fuLLy refurbiShed two-bedroom tripLeX apartment • En suite Master bedroom • Bay fronted reception room • High specification design

guide price: £1,300,000

• Access to communal gardens • 814sq ft / 75.62sq m • EPC rating D

kenSington offiCe T: 020 3650 4600

Leasehold: Approximately 97 years


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Spectacular London Penthouse



his spectacular six-bedroom penthouse located in one of the world’s most exclusive locations Knightsbridge, London occupies a prominent position on the southern edge of Hyde Park offering un-interrupted views over the open landscape of this famous London Park and the Serpentine. The apartment has over 10,000 sq ft of sumptuous interior-designed living accommodation and private roof terraces and balconies perfect for outdoor entertaining. Dating back to the early 19th century, Wellington Court is an imposing building initially commission as a riding school by the Second Duke of Wellington. Elegantly blending style, glamour and luxury this sensational penthouse offers state of the art- living and comprises of; a large reception/dining hall with a guest bar and servery which opens up into a 27 ft wide reception room with floor to ceiling bi-folding doors which lead onto a fabulous 1,000 sq. ft roof terrace offering uninterrupted views of Hyde Park and the Serpentine and a covered dining area for 12.



A fully equipped state of the art gym, treatment room, utility room and 2nd kitchen complete the accommodation.



GUIDE PRICE £ 35,000,000 Sales Director: Shaun Drummond T: +44 (0) 20 7225 6508 E:






KNOWLEDGE, IT’S IN OUR NATURE. With over 150 years of property experience, Carter Jonas have the expertise and knowledge to assist you with whatever your property needs may be. With 35 offices throughout the country, please contact us today for a free market appraisal. 020 7590 6699 PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE





TOWER HOUSE St. John’s Wood, London

An iconic detached villa built c.1850 which has been fully refurbished and redesigned to suit modern day life PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE



This house is an imposing, detached and handsome period home situated in St.John’s Wood within the Local Authority of the City of Westminster. It is offered for sale having recently undergone a substantial refurbishment programme and is ready for immediate occupation. The house has been meticulously redesigned, handcrafted and modernised, whilst retaining a wealth of period features, to offer an elegant and quintessentially English feel. The recent redesign of the layout has improved the flow of the rooms for ease of modern, day-today living. The ground floor offers exceptional entertaining space with an impressive entrance hall, study and dining room leading into a full width drawing room, which opens onto the large upper terrace overlooking the landscaped garden. The lower ground floor provides a spacious and relaxing atmosphere with a cinema, family room and an open plan state-of-the-art kitchen/ breakfast room with full-width glass sliding doors opening onto the lower terrace and then into the garden, with a barbeque area at the far end for additional outside entertaining. There is also an independent nanny/housekeeper flat on this floor. The floor below offers a leisure complex including a fabulous swimming pool, large gym, sauna, steam room, two shower rooms plus a store room and strong room.



HISTORY & ARCHITECTURE This property is situated in the St. John’s Wood Conservation Area and has an interesting history, not only due to its architectural style and stature, but also due to its position and previous residents and neighbours. In 1732, the wine merchant Henry Samuel Eyre acquired the land of St. John’s Wood from the Crown, but it was not until the early 19th century that development started. The catalyst for the residential development in the area was the laying out of nearby Abbey Road in 1824, later made famous by The Beatles. In the master plan, the commissioners allocated this plot of land (along with its neighbours) as an opportunity for a selection of architects to each build a home in a style which they envisaged would replace Georgian architecture (pre 1841) with a new style of architecture. This later became known as the ‘Battle of the Styles’. 72, 74, 76, 78 and 80 Carlton Hill are renowned for having elaborate and unique architecture for the area and were test cases for a new movement of homes which would lead to the labelling of Victorian Mansion for the desirable and enviable Eyre Estate. In the early 20th century the adjacent building, 72a, became a sound recording studio and then film studio staying in use until 1970.





ACCOMMODATION Entrance Hall Study Dining Room Drawing Room Upper Terrace Open Plan Kitchen/Breakfast Room Lower Terrace Family Room Cinema Wine Storage Two Cloakrooms Master Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom, Two Dressing Rooms and a Private Terrace Four Further Bedrooms, Two with Ensuite Bathrooms and Two with Ensuite Shower Rooms Leisure Complex with fabulous Swimming Pool, large Gym, Sauna, Steam Room and Two Shower Rooms Strong Room Store Room Two Technical Plant Rooms Kate Gould Landscaped Rear Garden Private Parking for four cars behind Electric Gates and CCTV cameras STAFF/NANNY ACCOMMODATION Sitting Room/Bedroom Shower Room Kitchen Utility Room

Price: £18.5 million Contact: Russell Simpson +44 20 7225 0277



AN IMPRESSIVE OUTLOOK FROM EVERY POINT OF VIEW. Whether it’s breathtaking cityscapes or security you value, London never fails to deliver. Barratt London has been building homes of exceptional quality throughout the city for over 30 years, drawing on wealth of experience and an unrivalled passion for the capital. London is simply without parallel. And the future has a home here.

Effortless shopping for beautiful interiors


Resurrected to their former glory

resurrected to their former glory

Hereford Square is a truly unique project, which has all the elements of a restoration project, but with new-build quality that brings three lost homes back to their pre-war glory. Each property has been masterfully constructed to recreate the exceptionally beautiful, classic Victorian London architecture typical of the area, using a combination of modern building materials and traditional styling.




Located on a quiet garden square in South Kensington sit three recently completed new-build townhouses, restoring a 167-year-old Italianate terrace to its original glory. Razed during a World War Two bombing strike, 24, 25 and 26 Hereford Square have been completely rebuilt by luxury developer Unbranded London to provide modern family homes, with traditional features. On the market with joint agents Russell Simpson and Savills, the stucco-fronted properties are priced individually at £8.75 million (24), £8.65 million (25) and £9.25 million (26) or collectively for £26.65 million. Numbers 24 and 25 Hereford Square are near identical, with 25 measuring slightly larger at 3,997 sq. ft. compared to 3,928 sq. ft. Both homes comprise six bedrooms (including master bedroom suite occupying the entire first floor), seven bathrooms, guest WC, reception room, drawing room, kitchen/dining room, cinema room, two terraces, outdoor patio and loft room that could be an extra bedroom, family room or breakout space. Occupying the corner plot, 26 Hereford Square is the largest of the three townhouses, providing 4,000 sq. ft. of accommodation. The spacious home provides a similar room composition - six bedrooms (including master bedroom suite occupying the entire first floor), seven bathrooms, guest WC, reception room, drawing room, kitchen/dining room, cinema room, study, two terraces and an outdoor patio – with wider floor plates and addition of a games room, study and security vault.








These elegant townhouses deserve architectural praise for how seamlessly they blend with the original mid-19th Century stucco square. They offer buyers the very best of both traditional living alongside modern comforts. Behind the beautiful white Victorianstyled facades, unlike the original townhouses on the square, you will find spectacular lower ground floor accommodation, generous ceiling heights and better volume, and an exceptionally well configured layout.





The properties along Hereford Square were originally built by the architect Thomas Holmes between 1845 and 1850. During the Second World War American troops were based in temporary barracks on the square, with the private gardens used as a baseball field – Major League Baseball star Elmer Gedeon, serving as a bomber pilot, was one of the more high-profile names to grace the temporary field. One of numerous bombing raids severely damaged a number of homes in the area, with 24-26 Hereford Square suffering the worst damage, eventually being replaced by a block of flats in 1956.



The build project for 24-26 Hereford Square began in 2014, following the demolition of the post-war flats, with the three new houses built to perfectly align with the existing properties and recomplete the historic terrace. Unbranded London studied and referenced historic floor plans to design homes that mimicked the original 19th Century layout, whilst adding modern aspects such as generous ceiling heights, secure digital entry systems, integrated Lutron lighting, zonal heating and cooling system, as well as I-pad-controlled security monitoring at the main entrance. The developer has reimagined the original features and ironmongery throughout using polished nickel detailing on the staircase railings, fireplaces, light switches and electrical sockets. The flooring is a mixture of wide-plank oak flooring in the principal living areas, kitchen and hallways, with luxury wool carpets in each bedroom. The kitchen includes Carrara marble worktops, Miele appliances and lateral open-plan breakfast/ dining areas. The bathrooms also feature the finest Carrara marble, as well as Samuel Heath-designed fixtures and fittings. Hereford Square is located a short walk from Gloucester Road and South Kensington Underground stations (Piccadilly, District & Circle lines), whilst also being close to the nearby museums and cafes, as well as the shops, restaurants and amenities of Chelsea.

Viewings at 24-26 Hereford Square arePrice: strictlyÂŁ18.5 by appointment only, million for further information, contact: Contact:

Russell Simpson Russell Simpson on +44 (0)20 7225 0277 or visit or +44 20 7225 0277 Savills on +44 (0)20 7581 5234 / +44 (0)20 7730 0822 or visit



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Mayfair, W1K A bright and spacious split level four bedroom apartment in prime Mayfair with a separate kitchen and a large reception area. EPC: D

£1,500 PW Unfurnished • • • •

*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Mayfair Lettings. 020 7717 5467

• •

4 bedrooms 2 reception rooms Eat in kitchen Central locations Split level Located in the heart of Mayfair

Our home will always be in the heart of London Back in 1890, Hamptons International opened a branch on one of the most iconic streets in London: Pall Mall. Their passion for properties in Mayfair and the West End existed alongside an ambition to deliver a seamless service to all their clients. And, their journey didn’t stop there. In fact, the Pall Mall branch set a president for where the company moved to next; Arlington Street in St James’s, to prestigious Grosvenor Square and more recently, relocating to Oxford Street. Still rooted in that same passion, Hamptons International has grown to be one of the leading residential estate agents in the UK. With 32 branches across London and over 85 branches nationwide, we sell and let some of the most prestigious homes in the world. Our home will always be in the heart of London.

Hamptons Mayfair and West End 020 7717 5465

Marylebone, W1G

£1,250 PW Unfurnished

An impressive, bright and spacious one bedroom flat on the upper ground floor in the heart of Marylebone. The apartment is immaculately presented throughout and provides two reception rooms, a sleek kitchen and a spacious bedroom with en suite.


*Tenant Charges Tenants should note that as well as rent, an administration charge of £216 (Inc. VAT) per property and a referencing charge of £54 (Inc. VAT) per person will apply when renting a property. Please ask us for more information about other fees that may apply or visit

Hamptons Mayfair Lettings. 020 7717 5467

• • • •

1 bedroom En suite 2 reception rooms 1 bathroom Cloakroom Heart of Marylebone

Mayfair, W1 A beautiful three bedroom (2,116 sq ft) duplex penthouse with amazing views across the London skyline. The apartment has been refurbished throughout and offers superb entertaining space. EPC: D

£4,750,000 Leasehold • • • • • •

Hamptons Mayfair Sales. 020 7717 5465

Penthouse 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms Separate kitchen Roof terrace Porter

Marylebone, W1H An outstanding three bedroom apartment on the eighth floor of this portered, art-deco building. Beautifully refurbished throughtout and boasting a fantastic south-facing roof terrace and balcony with wonderful views. EPC: E

£4,100,000 Leasehold • • • • • • •

Hamptons Mayfair Sales. 020 7717 5465

3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms South facing roof terrace and balcony Porter Separate storage unit Access to private garden square Lift

Hamptons International Wealth Partnership Combining the highest standards of service, discretion and professionalism, Hamptons Wealth Partnership is a new benchmark in UK estate agency and property wealth management. For more information about this bespoke service, please contact Andrew Phillips on +44 (0)20 7288 6900

The Beacon towering above London Lumiere Developments launches the world’s most sustainable residential tower Revolutionary developer Lumiere Developments is launching The Beacon – the world’s most sustainable residential tower, which will save residents up to £11,000* a year in living expenses whilst offering the very highest standards of modern luxury living. Located just 24 minutes from London Euston, bordered by over 400 acres of stunning protected Boxmoor Trust Green Belt land at the heart of Hemel Hempstead’s regeneration district, the 17-storey world class tower will generate sufficient heat and power from on-site renewable energy to power the vast majority of the building’s requirements. Coupled with The Beacon’s energy conservation technologies, this makes the building a world leader in its overall energy efficiency. Current energy modelling has predicted that the building is virtually passivhaus, resulting in an expected reduction in heating costs by 70% to 80% compared to normal properties. Via a number of innovative solutions including mechanical ventilation and heat recovery [MVHR] systems, the building will generate enough power to allow Lumiere Developments to offer ‘Free Energy For Life’ to all Beacon Residents*.

The majestic André Latin h located in the heart of the «Q Latin» close to the Luxem gardens and the Pantheon, 5th Arrondissement of Paris is one of the oldest districts capital with its typical stree universities.

After many months of renov the Hôtel André Latin finally its doors to the public once and unveils its fabulous new The hotel has been influen the Belle époque, in the ho André, the grandfather an founder of the establishmen mous dandy of the 19th cen

Fabien and Guillaume Soda invented their hotel based codes extracted from that ico with a modern twist and a and welcoming environment elegance and authenticity.

The new cocktail bar Andr welcomes visitors into an imm world, a «home sweet home with 34 seats, including a terr rectly accessible from the stre

The warm atmosphere that p is partly revealed by a clever nation of comfortable sofas rious tweed, marble bistro mirrors, Art Deco illustratio furniture from the 50’s. The b fectly reflects the spirit of th Quarter and welcomes all g tions, in this unusual place.

The creative energy for th ject has firstly been focused ground floor and it compris distinct areas: the lobby with cept store and reception de living room and the bar. Th eral redevelopment was con from floor to floor, detail by d



hotel is Quartier mbourg , in the s, which s in the ets and

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prevails combiin luxutables, ons and bar perhe Latin genera-

his prod on the ses four h a conesk, the he gennceived detail.



Comprising 272 studio, one, two and three bedroom balconied apartments and luxury penthouses, off plan launch prices at The Beacon start from £217,950. Showcasing a combination of ground-breaking green features not present in any other residential development in the world, this project is the first of its kind. A multidwelling EPC A rated energy neutral building, key features include; • The highest density solar farm in the world (0.8mw on <0.5 acres) • Solar photovoltaic panels – embedded into the solar balustrades at each floor level • Triple-glazing – to all apartments • Quadruple-glazing – to upper level apartments • Ground Source Heat Pumps – to extract heat from the basement of the building to heat the hot water

• Air Source Heat Pumps to extract heat from the atrium • 100% rainwater harvesting (collected at roof and balcony levels) for toilet flushing and irrigation of the green planters on each external balcony and internal arboretum • MHVR – Mechanical Heat and Ventilation Recovery System – to ventilate apartments and create comfort cooling • Thermal emissivity of less than 0.2W/M2K • Electric Car Scheme – 5 cars available including Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 • Electric Bike Hire Scheme • UK’s tallest residential indoor arboretum • UK’s largest underground automated robotic car park (supplied by Skyline Parking) - 319 car park spaces underground in less than half an acre

“Ultimately we hope that we inspire other developers to build significantly more highquality sustainable homes across the property spectrum from affordable to luxury” Ambi Singh, Commercial Director of Lumiere Developments

Alongside its sustainable features, The Beacon also offers residents an unmatched living experience, providing world-class amenities and services that create a community and lifestyle not currently in existence elsewhere in the local property market. Each turnkey ‘ready to move in’ apartment is accessed from the central atrium via scenic glass lifts overlooking the arboretum. Impressive 2.4m high apartment front doors open onto elegant wood-floored hallways and open-plan living areas featuring ceramic tiled floors and walls. Living spaces open on to private balconies through full height patio doors and windows to create a light infused living environment whilst bathrooms are European-inspired**. Kitchens come fully fitted with German manufactured fittings from Hacker, with a full suite of integrated energy efficient A+++ rated appliances. Other interior features include smart-controlled thermostats, comfort cooling systems and automated blinds whilst premium Skyline apartments on the 13th floor feature impressive terraces with winter gardens, hot tubs* and electro-glass for added privacy. The ground floor will be the main hub for residents featuring the internal arboretum alongside a café and bar area, water fea138


tures, club lounge and cinema room and external patio space. On the first floor will be a 2,120 sq. ft. gymnasium, fitted with the latest fitness equipment, whilst a communal roof sky garden will provide an outdoor residents ‘library’ decked area and observatory at the top of the building. Home owners will also benefit from an inhouse electric car and electric bike share scheme (the first of its kind at a residential development in the UK), 24-hour security and concierge service, as well as on-site waste compaction and recycling facilities. Purchasers with cars will have access to the UK’s largest automated underground car parking system, providing 319 secure spaces and operated and managed by Swiss-funded Skyline Parking - Skyline Automated Parking Systems are European leaders in Performance and Reliability. Cutting CO2 emissions by 80% compared to a standard car park, the automated system uses mechanical technology to reduce the average parking time by 50% and car insurance by up to 20%. As a result of The Beacon’s groundbreaking renewable technologies, buyers will benefit from annual savings of up to £11,000 per year. The building’s energy-generating and water retention capabilities mean household bills will be vastly reduced, whilst typical

monthly costs such as gym membership, contents and building insurance are all covered and heavily discounted, within the annual management fee (approx. £1,580 per annum for a typical apartment). Lumiere Developments is also contributing towards purchasers’ conveyancing and valuation fees, as well as moving costs for pre-launch sales. Ambi Singh, Commercial Director of Lumiere Developments, comments: “The Beacon is the result of a number of years of extremely hard work by everyone at Lumiere and our partners in the design and planning, to deliver the world’s most sustainable residential tower. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and we wanted to marry emission free renewable technologies with simple yet effective energy conservation strategies to create a zero emission development that is truly world class in its architectural design, engineering and specification. “We want residents to feel like they are part of a community and to truly enjoy their living environment. At the same time we want apartments to be as cost effective as possible whilst ensuring a positive environmental impact on their locality.

“Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of the world’s harmful emissions and the World Health Organisation quotes air pollution as the number one risk to human health responsible for 7 million premature deaths worldwide. Hence, it is our mission to promote large-scale uptake of emissionfree renewable energy generation and simple energy conservation technologies within residential new-builds and old stock to significantly reduce emissions and by default help save lives. Using The Beacon as a blueprint for zero-carbon residential development, we will be rolling out this unique mixture of sustainable technology and building practice across our future projects and ultimately hope that we inspire other developers to build significantly more high-quality sustainable homes across the property spectrum from affordable to luxury.”

plans include regeneration of the main line train station and surrounding area to create a new residential-led mixed-use scheme, delivering over 1000 new homes, entertainment complex comprising new cinema, restaurants, supermarket and public parking area, as well as a potential Crossrail 2 station. The Beacon enjoys exceptional transport links and is within walking distance of Hemel Hempstead train station, which links residents to Euston (Victoria and Northern line) in 24 minutes. There is also direct access to the A414, leading to M1 and M25 for Central London and Heathrow Airport.

Set to complete in 2018, The Beacon will contribute to the regeneration of Hemel Hempstead, which is currently undergoing a major transformation following the council’s £30m investment. Additional private inward investment into the Town Centre and Maylands Business Park Regeneration area has also been prolific in recent years. Future

For further information visit For sales enquiries contact Lumiere Developments on Tel: 0203 2838583 or email: *Terms and conditions will apply **Selected Plots Only PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE



simply different 140



T | +44 (0)20 7495 9580

E |



West Heath Road, Hampstead, London NW3


A magnificent six bedroom detached family house located in a prime position in Hampstead. The home has been remodelled and interior designed to a high specification throughout providing lateral living predominantly over three floors. This elegant home is further enhanced by a south-east facing landscaped garden with a garden studio to the rear. EPC rating C. Approximately 6,450 sq ft (599 sq m). Four reception rooms | Six bedrooms | Six bathrooms | Games room | Gym/media room | Garden | Garden studio | Garage | Driveway Freehold.

© 2016 UK Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty is a registered trademark licensed to UK Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK. Each offïce is independently owned and operated. All information non - contractual, approximate and subject to error, change and withdrawal without notice. Rent excludes 142fees. Please THE WORLDWIDE PROPERTY BIBLE administration contact our offïces who can provide this information.

Eaton Square, Belgravia, London SW1W


A stunning three bedroom penthouse apartment located on the South side of this highly desirable garden square in Belgravia. This penthouse apartment sits beautifully in a prime Belgravia address and has been subject to comprehensive refurbishment and reconfiguration. Culminating in an improved layout, it offers stunning bespoke features and finishes throughout. EPC rating E. Approximately 1,627 sq ft (151 sq m). Reception room | Kitchen/dining room | Master suite | Two further bedrooms | Shower room | Underfloor heating | Air conditioning | Juliette balconies | Terrace | Porter Leasehold: approximately 147 years remaining.

t | +44 (0)20 7495 9580





Britton Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1


‘Infinity House’ is a Grade II Listed, Georgian house situated in the heart of Clerkenwell. The front portion of this unusually wide home is set across five floors of accommodation whilst the cleverly excavated basement provides a swimming pool with spa facilities, cinema room and a wine cellar. This impressive house has been envisaged and designed by the current owners, who are both internationally acclaimed designers, and benefits from three roof terraces; with spectacular views of the City including St Paul’s and The Shard. Approximately 5,570 sq ft (517 sq m). Three reception rooms | Kitchen | Six bedrooms | Five bathrooms | Three roof terraces | Swimming pool | Sauna | Cinema | Wine Cellar Secure private parking | Prime position | Architect designed Freehold.

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Glut of unsaleable new homes in Spain down by 20% A glut of homes built in Spain during the boom housing years before the crash of 2007 which have been difficult to sell is steadily falling but some will never sell, according to new research.

popular with European buyers the country’s golden visa scheme which grants residency to people from outside the EU investing in property is also proving popular.

Some of the houses may end up being demolished but the glut is now nonexistent in several areas of the country, according to research from real estate services firm ServiHabitat, part of the Caix Bank Group.

When it was introduced in 2013 with the offer of permanent residence for an investment of €500,000 or more in real estate, it was slow to take off but the latest figures show some 24,500 visas have now been issue of which 11,774 were to principal investors and 12,731 to family members.

The figures from the report show that the glut which fell by 20% in 2016 to 388,000 homes is set to fall another 20% in 2017 to around 315,000, well down on the 650,000 peak of 2009. The highest number of difficult to sell new homes are in the La Rioja region, Castille-La Mancha and Valencia and is smallest or non-existent in Madrid, the Balearics, the Canaries, and Catalonia. ServiHabitat expects sales of all homes to rise in 2017. It says there were around 445,000 homes sold in 2016, up 26% compared to 2015. Its forecast for 2017 is for sales to rise by another 12%. The firm also forecasts that the national average house price will have increased by 4.6% in 2016 and will rise 4.3% in 2017. But rising prices will not be universal with the biggest growth likely to be in Madrid, Barcelona and locations popular with overseas buyers including the Balearics and the Canaries. The latest indices to be published suggest prices were flat towards the end of 2016 for seasonal reasons. Data from Tinsa shows that values were up by 0.2% overall in December. It is expected that a return of overseas buyers in 2016 will continue into 2017, but fewer British buyers due to Brexit jitters. While Spain has always been Article provided courtesy of



Total foreign investment through the scheme was €1.71 billion as of the end of October 2016, up from €1.05 billion at

the end of 2015, an increase of 63% with property the most popular investment stream accounting for 77%. The data also shows that Chinese buyers had invested a total of €469 million in 666 real estate purchases by the end of October, up 75% compared to the end of 2015 while Russians invested €480 million, 46% in 2016. The most popular destination amongst Chinese buyers was Madrid while Russian buyers are concentrated on popular holiday and second home locations such as the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava and Barcelona.

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Ref: HSN3-1201

SOTOGRANDE ALTO, SOTOGRANDE Elegant contemporary villa at the end of a cul-de-sac with south-facing views of the Almenara Golf Course and the countryside. The entrance is via a pretty courtyard with fruit trees which connects the main house with the guest house. The main house comprises on the ground floor of an entrance hall, study, kitchen with access to porch, decking and pool, laundry room, shower room, living room and a snug/TV room. On the first floor there are 2 bedroom suites, one of them with a living room, master suite with a covered terrace, 2 further bedrooms sharing 1 bathroom and a big open terrace.

The guest house comprises of a living room/ open plan kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Other features are: double garage, Iroko wood double glazing, underfloor heating and hot/cold air conditioning. Elegant contemporary villa at the end of a cul-de-sac with south-facing views of the Almenara Golf Course and the countryside. The entrance is via a pretty courtyard with fruit trees which connects the main house with the guest house. The main house comprises on the ground floor of an entrance hall, study, kitchen with access to porch, decking and pool, laundry room, shower room, living room and a snug/TV room. On

the first floor there are 2 bedroom suites, one of them with a living room, master suite with a covered terrace, 2 further bedrooms sharing 1 bathroom and a big open terrace. The guest house comprises of a living room/ open plan kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Other features are: double garage, Iroko wood double glazing, underfloor heating and hot/cold air conditioning.

Main Features 6 bed | 5 bath 2.724m2 plot | 684m2 built Price: 2.200.000â&#x201A;Ź

Holmes Property Sales, S.L. | Tel : +34 956 79 53 40 | email: |

A grand country estate

Ref: HOS-292

COUNTRY PROPERTY ON THE EDGE OF SOTOGRANDE To enjoy the freedom and space of a true country property yet be within a few minutes of Sotogrande, golf, shops, restaurants, beaches and an international school is a rare combination indeed. Most country properties in these parts are found further inland in the valleys and ranges that extend inland from San Enrique de Guadiaro. Among extensive orchards and pastures you will encounter fincas and cortijos yet none are as conveniently located as this fine country property right on the edge of Guadiaro – just five minutes from Sotogrande itself. NATURE AND CONVENIENCE IN ONE A true country estate, it extends over 13 hectares of undulating land on the very periphery of Sotogrande, incorporating hill country, gently sloping land and the largely level area that the main house and stables are located on. The latter is a stately country property with traditional charm and up-to-date amenities that is surrounded by natural beauty and lovely views all around. The private gardens and driveways that envelop the 1,150m2 main villa measure a total of 8,000m2, shrouding the property in greenery and shaded areas that frame the views down to the coast. A large forecourt provides a suitable sense of arrival, complete with garages and parking spaces positioned amid cork oak and palm trees. Stepping through the grand entrance reveals a classic Andalusian courtyard around which the villa’s five bedroom suites are arranged on two levels. A colonnaded walkway surrounds the patio, which also provides access to additional studies and reading rooms, as well as the main living areas, which include a lovely country style family kitchen, a large drawing room and a grand salon on the first floor. From the lounge, French doors open out onto an expansive terrace with a raised section that offers some of the best views in the property. It is an ideal spot for relaxing, entertaining, outdoor dining and making into a stylish chill-out zone. Though essentially a contemporary country home, the property offers lots of scope to add modern style and amenities. A RIDING ESTATE Endowed with its own water wells, stables, a tack room and groom’s quarters, this is a first class riding estate, with both the land and amenities to keep and enjoy horses both for riding and polo at the nearby Santa María and Ayala Polo Clubs. The latter is just a short ride away, though the property itself also offers plenty of scope to add stables, a riding arena and a stick and ball field. This very complete property on the outskirts of Sotogrande further features under floor heating, CCTV, automatic irrigation and comes with a delightful two-bedroom cottage that is a fine property in its own right. Main Features 7 bed | 7 bath 130.000m2 plot | 1.150m2 built | 150m2 terrace Price: 5.650.000€

Holmes Property Sales, S.L. | Tel : +34 956 79 53 40 | email: |




Boulevard Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Local 25, 29602, Marbella, Spain.

+34 609 572 275 -





In recent years the Spanish property market has been steadily growing, with sales figures at their highest levels since the 2008 global financial crisis. In May this year, 32,512 homes sales were recorded, which is an increase of 23% on May 2015 records and also marks the fourth consecutive month of double-digit annualised increases. According to Arum Group, the luxury developer behind La Manga Club, Murcia and Abama Luxury Residences, Tenerife, this current period of prosperity has been fuelled in part by the popularity of the golf industry, a key driver behind near 3,000 property sales in 2016 alone. One of the most popular sports in Spain and contributing over â&#x201A;Ź2 billion each year to the economy, golf is also a big draw for overseas buyers looking for a holiday home. It is estimated that 160,000 Britons living in Spain do so either on or close to a golf resort, with over 8,000 property purchases in Spain per year directly linked to the sport. Due to this strong market demand, the proximity to a golf course can add up to 25% to the value of a property compared to a regular home.



Las Casas del Lago, Abama Luxury Residences, Tenerife A collection of six boutique villas, complete capacious living spaces, private pool and large gardens. Prices from €930,000

Las Acacias, La Manga, Murcia 29 new plots on a site of more than 27,000sqm. Each site has ample space for swimming pools and 3-4 bedroom villas with the option for spacious basements to be built on request. Prices from €220,000

Las Lomas, La Manga, Murcia The recently launched Las Lomas Panoramic apartments are a collection of 52 newly refurbished units in the popular Las Lomas Village. Within walking distance of the swimming pool and spa, the studio, one, two and three-bedroom turnkey apartments each have a private balcony and sweeping views over the 1,400 acre resort.. Prices from €84,000



Commenting on the strong impact the sport of golf has had on Spanish real estate, Agustin La Rocca, Sales Director at Arum Group, said: “The Spanish property market is currently on an upward curve and one of the main drivers is the golf industry. We have certainly noticed the appeal that having world class golf courses adds to real estate developments. At both La Manga Club and Abama we are graced with outstanding examples and there is no doubt that they add to the appeal for our buyers. For a start it means that their views will never be interrupted or built upon and also means that the peace and tranquillity of the area will be preserved’ A report recently published by the Real Federación Española de Golf states that 68% of golf courses in Spain have a direct or indirect link with a real estate development, and that 234,500 properties enjoy ‘direct’ access to a golf course.

Key findings include:

The golf industry has been a key driver behind near · 3,000 property sales in 2016 alone 8,000 property purchases in Spain per year are · directly linked to the sport It is estimated that 160,000 Britons living in Spain · do so either on or close to a golf resort The proximity to a golf course can add up to 25% · to the value of a property compared to a regular home 68% of golf courses in Spain have a direct or indirect · link with a real estate development In total 234,500 properties enjoy ‘direct’ access to · a golf course

In line with increased real estate sales golf has also had a positive impact on the Spanish tourism industry with visitor numbers increasing 36.3% in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015, in the region of Murcia alone. La Manga Club, a 1,400 acre resort in Murcia popular with sports enthusiasts, has seen strong sales thanks to its on-site sporting facilities including three golf courses. It also reports, a rise in visitors using the available rental accommodation. These findings are supported by the Murcia Tourist Board, which recently released data highlighting that tourists staying in private rented accommodation in the region has risen by 25.6% in 2016 compared to the same period last year. There is a similar story at the Abama Resort in Tenerife, which features an 18 hole Dave Thomas designed golf course and tennis academy. 45 units were sold in 2015, almost 50% more than predicted, with all purchasers attracted by the lifestyle offered by the resort and its amenities. A range of residences are available across both resorts including apartments, townhouses, turn-key villas, plots and custom villas. For more information visit and



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> CONTEMPORARY URBAN LIVING SOUTH BAY · ESTEPONA 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments. Panoramic Sea Views.


COMBINATION OF ART > AAND EXCLUSIVE LIVING LA CERQUILLA · NUEVA ANDALUCÍA Beautifully designed 5 Bedroom villa offering modern open architecture and living spaces.

LIVING > CONTEMPORARY CLOSE TO THE BEACH COSTA MARINSA · NEW GOLDEN MILE 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments & Penthouses. Only 150m from the beach.


+00 34 952 813 333 | |

They say it’s the lifestyle that makes Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty within the Mediterranean sea. The culture, the luxury, the atmosphere… produce a sense of a relaxation and peace that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe. The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza are well selected, to create a living space that enhances such qualities has been our biggest task. It allows you to step into a world of all-inclusive quality of life. We have selected a unique team of experts, a team of world-renowned experts in every aspect of the development of Cap Blanc Ibiza, which guarantees the high quality and unique designs of our villas. Cap Blanc Ibiza represents a luxurious residential private complex with on-site 24 hours security, with only 9 luxury design villas all with exceptional sea-views and located in Ibiza – Talamanca, Cap Martinet, one of Ibiza’s outstanding and sought after locations. The residences of Cap Blanc Ibiza will be built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch. Each residence has been exclusively designed with unique shapes and pro-portions, allowing it to fit in naturally within its surroundings. Construction period of each villa is approx. 12 months. Each villa will be tailored to your own wishes. The private grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza offers the ultimate expression of style and substance, these new to be built 9 luxury design villas are more than just luxury properties, they are a sublime work of art. The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza have been carefully selected. Therefore, it not only ensures its aesthetic value, but also your investment. Cap Blanc Ibiza is currently the most luxurious real estate development on Ibiza.

The luxurious design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are on private parcels of 1.000 square meters, with 800 square meters of built surface including: three floor levels, 5/7 luxury bedrooms, 5/7 on-suite bathrooms, a spacious living room and an open-plan kitchen, an elegant dining room, a fitness lounge, spa and sauna, optional a cinema room, air conditioning (heating and cooling), floor heating, domotica system, alarmsecurity system, outdoor swimming pool, a large private garden with several lounge areas etc.






A PROJECT OF EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN & QUALITY For further information contact: Global Luxurious Properties T:+31 (0)-15-2630195 Minerva Development T +31 (0)20 471 57 83 |

Each villa is ensured of total privacy whilst enjoying unobstructed views on the sea. Within such an extraordinary space, Cap Blanc Ibiza stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. The luxurious modern design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are very open, luminous and airy. The large floor to ceiling windows create a spacious atmosphere with stunning sea views and in the distance the island Formentera. This extraordinarily open atmosphere, created by the glass doors-windows that can be completely opened, guarantees that the family life in-and around the villa ultimately converges. Ibiza has a beautiful, varied coastline with impressive cliffs, turquoise bays and white sandy beaches with the world’s most exclusive beach clubs. You can sunbathe on the sea, the beaches and coves of Ibiza, even late into the fall season. Ibiza is also renowned for its world-famous selection of exclusive clubs such as Pacha, Eden, Privilege, Amnesia, Space and DC10. Several famous DJs fly, in many cases weekly, from around the world to this unique destination. Our own DJ Tiësto and Armin van Buuren are regularly found in Ibiza. Cap Blanc Ibiza is located 300 meters from the brand new Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. This is the most luxurious resort on Ibiza in the summer of 2013 it will open its doors. If you want, you can have a look on the website of the new Destino Pacha – Ibiza Resort. Ibiza town represents narrow streets with numerous galleries, exclusive boutiques, excellent selection of fine restaurants with Michelin star but also French or Spanish gourmet restaurants and a wide range of Oriental and European localities. There is a suitable restaurant for any occasion dining. There is a large amount of shops, trendy, luxurious and traditional-that are open until late in the evening. In the season even after midnight. Moreover, there is the old town where you can eat and drink rich and enjoy the beautiful view over the harbour and the sea. Culture and art are also very highly regarded in Ibiza. For thousands of years people from all cultures feel very much at home in Ibiza. Great artists and craft workers, successful businessmen, chefs, merchants with taste and travellers from around the world have created a haven on Ibiza offering comfort, exclusivity and pleasure. Visit our website to download our brochure:

Visit our website to download our brochure:



ESTUDIO, founded by David Alayeto in 1998, is one of the fastest growing architecture and interior design studioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in Spain. It is known for refined work and high quality output. Through good use of space and light, David Alayeto bases his design on local cultures and traditions, fabric selection and a special love of art and crafts.

The residences of Cap Blanc Ibiza are built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch. Each villa has its own unique relationship with its immediate environment resulting in an individual residential experience.

Interior architecture and design, according to David, is far removed from fashion and trends, standing instead for eternity, beauty and tranquility of subtle luxury. He has a team of hard-working, creative people, with the technical and work experience necessary to provide excellent results, offering customers a direct and personal experience.

Let the magic of the surroundings captivate you. Let the architicture inspire you with its mix of straight lines and unique views. The outdoors becomes the indoors. The indoors the outdoors. See the painting unfold before your eyes.

Sierra Blanca 168


Built 1,817 m2 | Plot 5,005 m2 7 bedrooms | 7 bathrooms Location: Sierra Blanca (Golden Mile) Price: 15,900,000 euros REF: 263-00396P PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE +34 952 766 950


La Zagaleta 170


Built 1,500 m2 Plot 6,464 m2 5 bedrooms | 8 bathrooms Location: La Zagaleta (Benahavis) Price: 9,000,000 euros REF: 263-00564P PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE +34 952 766 950


Guadalmina Baja 172


Built 1,164 m2 | Plot 3,191 m2 4 bedrooms | 4 bathrooms Location: Guadalmina Baja (San Pedro de Alcantara) Price: 6,900,000 euros Stunning modern villa located in a prestigious residential area close to the sea REF: 263-00569P PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE +34 952 766 950



t’s BluePort Altea, a project of extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable villas located in the best available spot in Altea Hills - a unique place form which the views of the bay of Altea are simply unsurpassable and where the peace and quiet, privacy and natural surroundings envelope each and every home. BluePort stands for elegance and exclusivity specially for highly refined residents who invest on a luxurious level, and who seek to develop their stylish life in a setting of privacy, family comfort and first-class refinement. The grounds where BluePort is located are truly mind blowing! The Slope faces south and are displayed in such a way that each residence is ensured total privacy whilst enjoying 270 degrees of unobstructed views over the bay. That view is yours forever. Within such an exceptional environment, Blueport stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. Our understanding of luxury goes beyond the material level. It allows you to step into a world of allinclusive quality in life. All BluePort residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters. Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area, including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service-quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens. Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. The master bedroom, privately situated, offers a wealth of pleasure, comfort and relaxation, and it is favoured with a spacious dressing room en-suite bathroom, jacuzzi, private garden and large windows affording superb views. Large floor-to-ceiling windows take full advantage of the outside scenario, making sure that wherever you are, the beauty of the sky and the bay is your companion. Because of the position of the villa, you can see all without being seen. Blueport Altea is surrounded by the amazing blue of the Mediterranen Sea. The blue, the sky, the sea... produce a sense of well being, a spiritual contentment that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe. To create a living space that enhances such qualities has been our biggest challenge. Our houses are not just beautiful dwellings, but they stand for expentional quality and will be appreciated by those who enjoy life. We are very thrilled to work with a unique team of experts that Altea Hills Estate has put together a team of world-renowned experts in every aspect of the development of BluePort. It is Truly inspiring! Home to BluePort, is the heart of Altea Hills (5 starurbanisation) that merges beauty, comfort, safety and well-heeled, tasteful residents who are environmentally aware and appreciate what life has to offer. There is Truth in the proverb ”My home is my castle” being more than just luxurious surroundings, BluePort Altea offers an absolute sense of security as a result of the enclosed perimeter of Altea Hills.



BLUEPORT ALTEA TIMELESS VILLAS TAILORED TO YOUR WISHES The prestigious Altea Hills Estate Group launches the most luxurious exclusive residential villa complex on the Costa Blanca



ALTEA On the foot of Altea Hills, is the town of Altea. Altea has more than six kilometers of the most beautiful and varied coastlines, combining impressive cliffs and turquoise coves with white sandy beaches that proudly display a blue flag all year around. Embraced by the majestic Sierra Bernia, a chain of mountains that curves into the sea, Altea is guaranteed a perfect climate almost all year round, mild and sunny. Its low humidity levels and the protection of the hills that surround it, create a unique micro climate that the world health organisation has rated as one of the healthiest on the planet. The “Old Town” built around 1244 is a maze of narrow steep streets, whitewashed houses, hanging balconies, carved wooden doors, jasmines and bougainvilleas that today, contains private homes as well as numerous galleries, exclusive boutiques, excellent selection of fine restaurants from Michelin star restaurants to French or Swiss Bistro, gourmet Spanish grills and a wide range of Oriental and European tendencies; the rainbow of choices is yours. Culture and arts are also top priority in Altea. Officially granted the title of “Cultural Capital of the Valencia Region”. Altea has several private and public harbours of great quality, including two first-class Marinas El Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes (also known as The Greenwich Marina because of its location exactly on the Greenwich meridian) and EL Club Nautico de Altea, distinguished for organising wellknown international nautical competitions. Sun and Sea bathing are also a wholesome pleasure at the beaches and in the coves of Altea, even well into the autumn days Mascarat, La Olla, Cap Negret or La Roda are beaches of unspoiled beauty, these beaches invite you for a complete relaxation. The Nine-hole golf course Club Don Cayo is just minutes away from BluePort, Club Don Cayo is one of the five golf courses around the area of Altea. The two international airports of Valencia and Alicante and the well-maintained network of national and European roads and fast trains, keep Altea just a blink away from the rest of the World.



ERIC KUSTER The Shelter of the mountains and the endless sea provides the perfect symbiosis between the privacy of your home and overwhelming nature. The contrasted character of BluePort Altea inspired by world-famous interior designer Eric Kuster to create a dedicated design line; Blue by Eric Kuster. It is the perfect match born from a passion for luxury and beauty, balancing classic and modern, light and dark, hot and cold, luxury and natural materials. Blue by Eric Kuster is Metropolitan Luxury in one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most beautiful places.

Apply for a full brochure:

Global Luxurious Properties Phone: 0031-(0)15-2630195



+34 652 903 072




Beds: 6 Baths: 6 / Plot: 3.650m2 Built: 472m2


Price: 995.000 €

+34 625 960 806

MARBELLA - BAHÍA DE MARBELLA Beds: 4 Baths: 4 / Built: 242m2 Terrace: 70m2

APARTMENT FOR SALE Price: 820.000 €

Urb. Los Patios de Sta. Maria Golf. loc. 13-14 CP. 29604 (Elviria - Marbella)




Plot: 1.010m2


MARBELLA - EL MIRADOR Beds: 4 Baths: 4 / Plot: 990m2 Built: 273m2 +34 952 831 200

+34 609 408 400

+34 609 542 963

VILLA FOR SALE Price: 670.000 €


+34 615 696 010



Beds: 3 Baths: 3 / Built: 281m2 Terrace: 30m2


Price: 540.000 €

+34 676 802 776



Beds: 3 Baths: 2 / Built: 237m2 Terrace: 30m2

Price: 340.000 €

Urb. Los Patios de Sta. Maria Golf. loc. 13-14 CP. 29604 (Elviria - Marbella)


MARBELLA - NAGÜELES Beds: 3 Baths: 3 / Built: 302m2


MARBELLA - ELVIRIA Beds: 2 Baths: 2 / Built: 117m2 +34 952 831 200

+34 615 857 218

TOWNHOUSE FOR SALE Price: 449.000 €

+34 629 508 060

APARTMENT FOR SALE Price: 290.000 €

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Marbella-Puerto BanĂşs

Plaza Antonio Banderas, 6 +34 952 866 800

The Seven at La Reserva de Sotogrande cgi by Jensen & Skodvin Norway

u A house can be a true work of art. Since the earliest days of modern architecture, there have been rare and valued examples of architects creating domestic spaces that represent a complete synthesis of every aspect of their art and approach. The German term for this all-encompassing approach is gesamtkunstwerk – ‘total work of art’ – and it resulted in some of the grandest and most accomplished pieces of residential architecture ever made. The opportunity to live well while also enhancing global architecture culture on a grand scale is rare. Finding a site, commissioning an architect, and creating a house that embodies a sense of place as well as world-leading innovation is rarer still. To find seven such houses in one location is therefore truly unique. La Reserva is such an opportunity. Perched high in the foothills of the Sierra Almenara, overlooking the sparkling seas of the Costa del Sol and the horizon revealing the distant forms of Gibraltar and Africa, La Reserva (1,154 acres / 467 hectares) is the next chapter in the illustrious history of the 5,000-acre privately owned real estate and leisure destination; a slice of beautiful Andalusian countryside, the most beautiful and secluded hideaway on the coast. La Reserva will be set within a landscape developed by Jean Mus, the highly decorated French master of Provençal and Mediterranean landscape design. Renowned for his work at Ritz Paris, Palais de Monaco and numerous private residences along the Mediterranean, Mus’ masterplan unites the relationship between nature and architecture, with strictly indigenous planting allowing the terraces and gardens to blend with the surrounding hills. Here, scattered within private and secure communities will be a limited number of ultra-contemporary residences, from €2m, of exceptional contemporary architecture and allied in their orientation to nature’s rhythms, the landscape and the passage of the sun and changing seasons. At La Reserva’s apex, high in the hills, within its own private and gated community, will be seven world-exemplary residences (from €13m), taking Sotogrande’s sense of exclusivity and seclusion to another level.

The residences at La Reserva will be amongst the most spectacular pieces of architecture to ever grace the Andalusian hills, a region already rich in both traditional vernacular building and contemporary design. The opportunity for innovation, whilst still respecting an ancient landscape and the environment and traditions that shaped it, is unprecedented and truly exciting.

The Seven at La Reserva de Sotogrande cgi by Gumuchdjian Architects

Seven of the world’s most acclaimed architects have been invited to design seven villas, creating the ultimate representation of their ethos and aesthetic, tailor made for the site and climate. Each villa sits on a private and secure 10,000 square metre (one hectare) plot, yet the hope is that the seven owners and their families will ultimately come together, finding shared ground in the journeys that have brought them to this place. In many respects, La Reserva is the culmination of the Sotogrande project. Founded in 1962, the community was a refined and discrete destination from the outset, intended as a place to escape from an increasingly media-saturated world. On this sheltered coast, residents found privacy with style in amongst an environment of exceptional quality, from the design and materials used to the way that space, light and architecture reached out to embrace the Spanish skies. These twenty square kilometres have now served as a distinctive retreat for many decades, with five world-acclaimed golf clubs, some of the world’s best Polo fields, tennis and racquet clubs, sailing facilities, an equestrian centre and 1,400 berth marina, as well as a selection of the region’s best restaurants. La Reserva shares all this and more. The seven villas are the work of some of the biggest names in contemporary architecture, including Ben van Berkel of the Amsterdam-based UNStudio, best known for their fluid, elegant villas and bold, sculptural towers. Carlos Ferrater, who heads up the Office of Architecture in Barcelona brings a distinctive angular twist to the white-walled perfectionism of Mediterranean Modern, creating public and private spaces that are refined, gracious and bold. The London office of Philip Gumuchdjian has worked all over the world, with works ranging from tiny boathouses to a collaboration with the legendary Japanese architect Shigeru Ban on the Pompidou Gallery in Metz, France. The Valencian practice of Fran Silvestre shares a delight in the abstract and architectonic possibilities of solids and voids. Silvestre’s whitewalled architecture is never plain, but always spectacular - an abstract canvas for living. Jan Jensen, founding partner of the Oslo firm of Jensen & Skodvin, creates buildings with a strong connection to their environment, emphasising natural materials and traditional craft in a modern shell. Marcio Kogan, founder of Studio Mk27 in São Paolo, has a similarly close relationship with materials and place, while the Swedish architect Andreas Martin-Löf creates houses that frame their spectacular surroundings. Sotogrande will provide the perfect canvas for these seven skilled practitioners. Each house will share a sense of grand scale and great occasion, translated through seven very different architectural approaches but all including spacious entertaining rooms and living areas, as well as facilities like pools, wine cellars, gyms and media rooms, staff accommodation, ample parking and studios or art rooms. Amenities include access to Sotogrande’s long-established facilities as well as the private new Country Club currently under construction at La Reserva. Here will be an exceptional health and wellness spa, lagoons, tennis club, trails for cyclying, horseriding or strolling, and plenty of activities dedicated exclusively to children’s enjoyment. This is a landscape steeped in prehistoric legacy, with a crucial role in the history of modern Spain. Wildlife abounds around the surrounding 1,500-hectare nature reserve, with its rare marshland and many indigenous species. Jean Mus’ vision for the landscape embraces Sotogrande’s wild and beautiful nature, with authentic Mediterranean flora mixed with hard landscaping that utilises the long-standing Spanish tradition of building with stone.

Stunning modern villa with panoramic sea views Latest technology Under floor heating, and hot/ cold air conditioning

Plot: 3,155 m2 Constructed area: 700m2 Price: â&#x201A;Ź 2,700,000

Please call us for further information: Tel: 607 911 661 or 607 465 383 We would be delighted to show you this property

Noll & Partners with Stephanie Noll and Charles Gubbins, professionals who care! Finest properties for sale in Sotogrande - solid experience and knowledge of the real estate market

â&#x201A;Ź2, Price: 700 ,0


Luxury villa in La Reserva, Sotogrande +34 607 911 661 +34 607 465 383

HomeSt yle Interiors

Italian Design

Since the opening the company has continuously offered its clients the latest trends and attractive new designs in furniture and fabrics - mostly from Italy and always in a wide choice of colours and shapes. HomeStyle Interiors is based in welcoming and inspirational modern showroom – across two levels and over 850 square metres – located in San Pedro De Alcantara Marbella . Here customers find an exclusive selection of products by well-known Italian brands such as Antonello Italia, Miniforms, Alta corte, Santa Lucia Mobili, Veneran, Roberto Cavali, Cattelan Italia, Lass, Milano bedding and much more. HomeStyle Interiors offers inspiring collections of furniture and home accessories that combine striking materials - hard woods, luxurious leathers, cool metals and polished glass - with designs that are both contemporary and perennial. The collection consists of a vast assortment of furniture such as sofas, all kinds of chair, dining tables, beds, rugs and lighting and soft furnishing. While quality, design and customer service are all fundamental to the company philosophy, refreshingly are often considerably more easily affordable than you may have thought. With impeccable credentials, the Homestyle interiors staff has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of the furniture industry – interior design, retail, wholesale and manufacturing – on the Spanish coasts and around the world.The company is also involved in the contract business and provides a wide range of its products to clients such as hotels, cafeterias, restaurants and executive offices for the furnishing of their premises. The company’s competitive advantage is based on a sterling reputation of highly professional service and assistance and the level of personal contact it has with clients to best ensure that their furnishing needs are anticipated and met. The philosophy of the company is to provide individual clients with furnishings that are specific to their unique requirements and tastes, and to provide solutions best-suited to their lifestyle and interiors. At HomeStyle Interiors you will always find the finest of high quality Italian furniture for the creation of a home that is truly something special.

“From Inspiration to Installation”


HomeSt yle Interiors

Italian Design

Pol. Ind. San Pedro de Alcantara, Calle Fco. Moreno Lomena nยบ 4, 29670, Marbella, Malaga Tel: 952 786 631



HomeSt yle Interiors

Italian Design

Pol. Ind. San Pedro de Alcantara, Calle Fco. Moreno Lomena nยบ 4, 29670, Marbella, Malaga Tel: 952 786 631

Built: 200 m² Terrace: 127 m² Price: € 2,195,000

Beachfront Golden Mile, MarBella, Spain

Bright and spacious corner apartment offering 3 en-suite bedrooms and superb views to the Mediterranean Sea. The complex offers lovely communal gardens with pool, concierge service and direct access to the beach. Walking distance to amenities and to Puerto Banús. Ref. PHI6127

An International Associate of Savills

Offices at the Puente Romano Hotel & opposite the Marbella Club Hotel Tel. (+34) 952 863 750 Regulated by RICS

Built: 713 m² Plot: 2,703 m² Price: € 3,650,000

Parcelas del Golf, Nueva aNdalucía, Marbella, sPaiN Frontline golf 5 bedroom mansion with guest house overlooking Las Brisas golf course and located in a private community with 24 hour security. Magnificent tropical garden, heated pool, gazebo with Jacuzzi. Direct access to the golf course, walking distance to amenities. Ref. PHI6037

An International Associate of Savills

Offices at the Puente Romano Hotel & opposite the Marbella Club Hotel Tel. (+34) 952 863 750 Regulated by RICS

Built: 819 m² Plot: 4,282 m² Price: € 5,950,000

Los FLamingos, Benahavís, spain Fabulous 10 bedroom frontline golf mansion enjoying panoramic sea, golf, and mountain views. Designed for outdoor/indoor entertainment with indoor pool & spa. Potential rental income 7-8% ROI per annum. Possibility to build an additional house or sports facilities. Ref. PHI9573

An International Associate of Savills

Offices at the Puente Romano Hotel & opposite the Marbella Club Hotel Tel. (+34) 952 863 750 Regulated by RICS

Built: 931 m² Plot: 1,750 m² Price: € 7,900,000

Bahía de MarBella, MarBella eaST, Spain

Contemporary 5 bedroom masterpiece just metres away to the beast beaches. Recently completed to high standards, features include a gym, wine cellar, cinema room and heated infinity pool with fabulous sea views. Ideal for entertaining and 10 minutes’ drive to Puerto Banús! Ref. PHI9325

An International Associate of Savills

Offices at the Puente Romano Hotel & opposite the Marbella Club Hotel Tel. (+34) 952 863 750 Regulated by RICS

Spain set for a more robust property market in 2017 as prices rise Demand from international buyers will remain fundamental necessity to help the Spanish property market continue its recovery and it remains to be seen if Brexit results in a fall in British interest. Overall experts point out that 2016 was a positive year for the real estate market with prices having bottomed out the year before and modest price rises seen in some locations. It is likely that locations with lower prices could become more in demand in 2017 as buyers still want a bargain and there is likely to be some uncertainty around the UK formally beginning the process of leaving the European Union and elections in France and Germany. According to Lucas Fox International Properties the last 12 months were a turning point for the property market in Spain. Co-founder Alexander Vaughan said that the recovery continued throughout 2016 and price increases moved beyond the big cities such as Barcelona and Madrid and desirable second home destinations. ‘We believe that a growing economy, low financing costs, good potential for rental returns and capital appreciation will

continue to drive sales throughout 2017 and beyond,’ he said. But his firm has found that Brexit had a noticeable effect on sales to British buyers in the second half of 2016 but he believes that this was mainly due to the depreciation of the pound rather than concerns about the country’s future in Europe. ‘Across Spain as a whole Brits still dominate foreign sales with nearly a fifth of the market share, more than double that of French buyers, he pointed out, adding that diminishing demand for high end homes in London following Brexit could also see non-EU citizens look to Madrid or Barcelona in the forthcoming months. ‘We also expect that demand for Spanish property from other foreign buyers, including from the United States and the Middle East, will continue its upward trend throughout 2017. We’ll see new low cost flights from British Airways and Norwegian Airlines from the US to Barcelona during 2017, a reflection of the growing attraction of cities like Barcelona for Americans, as both a tourist and second home destination,’ he concluded. New homes are expected to be built in Valencia in 2017, signalling that developers think the demand will be there, according to Juan Luis Herrero, a partner with Lucas Fox in the region.

‘Regarding re-sale properties, we forecast a continued upward swing, especially now that the uncertain political situation which prevailed during 2016 has come to an end. The return of mortgage credit and low interest rates will continue to fuel this trend,’ he said. Demand is also expected to rise on the Costa Brava, especially in traditionally sought after coastal villages such as Llafranc, Calella de Palafrugell and Begur. ‘These are the areas where we are likely to see the first increases when prices begin to rise,’ said Tom Maidment, a partner with Lucas Fox Costa Brava. He also expects to see an increase in buyers from the United States but thinks second home buyers from the UK will hold off until there are firm indications of what deals will be done once the UK begins the formal process of leaving the EU which should start with the triggering of Article 50 before the end of March 2017 and the impact this might have on Sterling. Prices could fall further in Marbella as developers reach out to foreign buyers, according to Stephen Lahiri of Lucas Fox’s office in the region. ‘The increase of new projects is leading to increased competition and developers are increasingly focusing on prices and payment terms and value for money,’ he explained. Richard Speigal, head of research at Spanish property portal Kyero, pointed out that house sales in Spain have recorded a 15% rise on the previous year and seen 10 consecutive quarters of growth, which

means that the Spanish property market crash has officially ended. ‘Spain’s market has two unusual advantages. Firstly, it had nowhere to go but up. The 2008 crisis completely shredded the housing market. Secondly, Spain has incredible international appeal and with one in five property sales going to foreigners, it can endure weak local demand,’ he said. ‘British, French, German, Dutch, Belgian, Italian and Swedish buyers are picking up the slack, which has been good news for the wider market and for those involved in selling property in Spain,’ he explained. He believes that there is still pent up demand from potential British buyers, citing figures that show that overseas searches for Spanish property via Kyero reached all-time highs after the referendum vote in June, up over 50% on 2015. The portal’s largest agents also reported seeing record attendance at UK investor shows. He predicts that older British home owners with no mortgages on their properties and looking for a holiday home will be tempted to buy in Spain in 2017 and beyond. ‘In short, British buyers age 50 plus who love Spain are sitting on huge equity piles and Brexit didn’t diminish their wealth and as a group, British buyers are getting richer,’ said Speigal. But he warned that they will haggle over prices and will want to get value for their

money. ‘The hunt for value will translate to a key trend in the Spanish property market in 2017 with buyers seeking good value properties that offset the drop in Sterling’s value. Evidence is already emerging of the benefits of this on lower priced destinations, which look set to boom in 2017,’ he added. His top tips for 2017 include Almeria where traditional charm attracts overseas buyers. In the third quarter of 2016 sales were up year on year by 93% and with an average price of €129,000 properties are seen as good value, almost half the cost of the national average on the portal. Prices are also lower on average in Alicante where international buyers have more property than any other province in Spain. While this could make it susceptible to shocks, Speigal says it’s strengths are hard to beat including fabulous beaches, steady sales growth and prices up to 15% below average. Tenerife is also on the spotlight as far as overseas buyers are concerned with Italian buyers overtaking British buyers for the first time as the main group of international buyers. Prices are already increasing, up 5% to an average of €249,000 in 2016 and low cost flights from around Europe make it popular with those looking for a holiday home that they can also let out.

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James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

Real Sotogrande Golf - Sotogrande Costa - Villa 8 bedrooms • 8 bathrooms • 794m2 built • 3609m2 plot • €5,500,000 Through a grand door in an exterior wall, you enter the property with, first, a staff bedroom to the left and then 2 patios - a garden patio to the right and another for sitting out, with a fireplace, to the left. The garden patio leads to a 3 bedroom/bathroom suites with a small sitting room, with all bedrooms having access to the garden. Ahead of the patios, through the front door and into the hall, the

main area of the house comprises of a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, TV room and 2 bedroom and bathrooms (including the master bedroom) on the ground floor and 2 bedroom/bathrooms upstairs. An attractive beamed ceiling terrace overlooks the swimming pool and beautiful garden which gradually slopes down to the golf course.

Sotogrande Marina – Townhouse with adjoining 15m mooring 4 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms • 250m2 built • 80m2 terraces • €2,350,000 A truly exceptional property, this 4 bedroom townhouse is unique not only because of its location but also because of its superb qualities and furnishings. No details have been spared over the 4 floors to give you a property of excellent quality. The interior design is contemporary yet homely and inviting. The open plan living area and kitchen, leads through to semi covered terrace with private heated pool that is

surrounded by the water canals - an exquisite place to relax alone or with friends as the boats float by. There are 3 bedrooms on the mid floor, master suite on the 2nd floor and above an office with a wonderful sunny private terrace. With a south westerly orientation there is beautiful light throughout the day. A truly unique opportunity to acquire a property with these views and qualities.

James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

Sotogrande Alto – Villa 4 berooms • 3 bathrooms • 280m2 built • 1495m2 plot • A very charming cortijo style villa designed around a central courtyard in a quiet cul-de-sac in Sotogrande Alto. The ground floor consists of a living room with beamed cathedral ceiling and fireplace, dining room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom and a large master bedroom suite. Upstairs is a further double bedroom suite


with terrace. The garden is lovely as it is flat and not overlooked. There is a covered lounge area with an adjoining outdoor barbeque area. Parking is available in the garage (direct access into the villa) and driveway. Air conditioning in all bedrooms.

Gaucin – Country House 7 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms • 552m2 built • 5 hectares of land • A superb 7 bedroom Andalucian cortijo perched on a hilltop with a breathtaking view over the Jimena valley and kilometres beyond. You come to the house through the prettiest garden patio and walk into a courtyard with the main house on one side and 3 en-suite bedrooms and an office on the other. the main house is a sitting room, dining room, rustic kitchen with walkin freezer and 4 bedrooms including a magnificent master bedroom upstairs which has the best view of all. There is a basement with wine cellar and “play” room. the lovely


garden has a 13m x 4m salt water swimming pool and pool house and is over looked from 2 attractive and comfortable terraces. The whole property is in immaculate condition and beautifully kept. The house is central heated, has partial air conditioning and has WiFi, piped stereo systema and satellite TV in addition to CCTV and alarm system. This is simply everybodies dream Andalucian cortijo set in the most peaceful countryside only 40 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

SOTOGRANDE ALTO - VILLA 5 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • 875m2 built • 3635m2 PLOt • Excellent villa built on 3 floors on a beautiful mature plot with stream, discreetly located via a private long driveway. The villa consists of, on the entrance level, a very nice entrance hall which leads into a double height living room with upper gallery, TV room, dining room next to the fully fitted kitchen, staff bedroom suite, study and large master suite with dressing area. Upstairs there are 3 en-suite bedrooms

and the upper gallery area. In the basement, a very spacious games room/cinema, bodega/wine cellar and extremely large garage (7 cars). The garden is fabulously lush and extremely private. There is a covered terrace off the living room overlooking the swimming pool and a conservatory which makes a lovely sunny winter family area. It is a characterful villa with beautiful wooden features.

CENTRAL SOTOGRANDE - VILLA 5 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • 518m2 built • 3028m2 PLOt • A beautiful refurbished villa in the central area of Sotogrande. The villa consists on the ground floor of an entrance hall, formal living room with offset study area, a beautiful kitchen with concertina glass windows opening out onto the covered terrace, family lounge, guest cloakroom and 3 large bedrooms. Upstairs there is a large master suite with terrace and further double en-suite bedroom.



Accessed via the terrace is a tower room which could be an office. The outdoor area is fabulous with large flat garden surrounded by mature trees, 50m2 pool and various entertaining and relaxing areas within the large covered terrace area. This is an excellent villa to enjoy as both a holiday villa and a year round home.

James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

GAUCIN - CORTIJO 5 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • 924m2 built • 27 hectares of land • Charming Estate, Puerto del Negro, Gaucín: 5 Bedrooms, 2 Receptions, 5 Bathrooms. A unique opportunity to acquire a truly spectacular charming estate situated in the most beautiful location at the crest of the Jimena Valley. The Cortijo is world famous, having been for many years a private hotel, which featured in the top 101 Leading Hotels of the World. The estate also comprises a

full size tennis court (impossible to get building permission for now) landscaped gardens and a secluded swimming pool. A secluded retreat, afforded by a rural location with stunning uninterrupted views stretching to Gibraltar and as far as North Africa’s Rif mountains. Situated only a five minute drive to the old town of Gaucín, with all its amenities.

SOTOGRANDE COSTA - VILLA 7 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms • 594m2 built • 3423m2 PLOt • A wonderfully charismatic three storey villa in an elevated position overlooking the beautiful cork oak trees of the Real Sotogrande Golf Course in Sotogrande Costa. Entrance is via an Andaluz courtyard into the entrance hall followed by dining and drawing rooms. Both of these rooms lead out onto a spacious terrace which overlook the pool and garden. The kitchen with beamed ceiling and utility area is connected to both the dining room and covered outdoor



eating area. There is 1 en-suite bedroom one with interior patio on entrance level, 2 more very spacious suites on the upper floor and a further 3 en-suite bedrooms. An en-suite staff bedroom makes a total of 7 rooms. All rooms are spacious and charming with a lot of character. There is a total of 337m2 of terraces. Extras include partial air-conditioning, garage, fibre optic internet and security system. This is a very attractive property in immaculate condition.

Construction & Reforms


Established since 2005 we specialize in Modern and Contemporary architecture

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Villa SRC 72 - San Roque Club Built: 573m2 Plot: 2,564m2 Energy Certification A - 3.20 kgCO2 / m2 year




Prime property price growth slowing in key global cities Luxury homes in some of the world’s top cities saw a slowdown in price growth in the last quarter as new taxes, elections, referendums and economic jitters had an effect. Despite an average annual growth rate of 3.8% some 18 of the 37 cities tracked by the Knight Frank prime global cities index saw their rate of price growth slide in the third quarter of the year compared with the previous quarter. The rate of growth declined in 48% of the cities tracked by the index. Among them were Vancouver, Toronto, London, Sydney and Melbourne and the report points out that these are all cities where new taxes have been imposed in the last 12 months either in the form of higher stamp duty, additional taxes for foreign buyers or the closing of tax loop holes for non-residents. Vancouver continues to lead the annual rankings but looks set to surrender the top spot in next quarter having recorded quarterly price growth of only 1.5% in the three months to September. This compares with a quarterly average of 8.1% recorded in the last four quarters. The report explains that the new 15% tax

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for foreign buyers and talk of a further tax on vacant homes in 2017 is slowing sales. Elections and referendums tend to provoke a wait and see approach in the minds of buyers and this has had an effect in the UK due to the vote to leave the European Union and in the United States with the upcoming Presidential election.

to cool demand suggesting a more muted outlook. Hong Kong, where luxury residential prices are 4.7% below their peak in the second quarter of has halted its decline with prices rising by 4.1% in the three months to September. Strong demand has led to a recent upturn in sales, the report suggests.

Indeed, prime property prices in London fell by 2.1% in the year to September. The report says that stamp duty remains a decidedly bigger influence on the prime London market than the EU referendum and in some instances the uncertainty surrounding Brexit has been a catalyst for overdue price reductions.

In Europe the strongest performer is Dublin with prime property prices up by 5.5% while at the opposite end is Paris where luxury home prices have fallen by 3.8%. It is suggested that due to Brexit and the economic outlook for many countries the EU is second only to Russia and the CIS as the world’s weakest performing world region.

In the US the average price of a Manhattan apartment exceeded the US$2 million threshold earlier in 2016 and although sales activity has moderated, luxury prices in New York are proving resilient.

Looking ahead the Knight Frank report says that currency movements will be the single largest determinant of international demand in the world’s top cities over the next six to 12 months.

Chinese cities such as Shanghai with price growth of 23.4%, Guangzhou with growth of 14.3% and Beijing up 7.1%, dominate our top 10 for annual price growth but local governments have enacted a range of measures this month

‘Investors are increasingly looking to the US as their safe haven of choice as the world economy stutters, but a strong dollar will have repercussions globally, it concludes.



Limited Edition Living

Regalia is the crown jewel of the Floridian Riviera, rich in splendour and elegance. Inspired by the wind and waves the organically sculptured building, by architect Bernado Fort-Brescia is the essence of the contemporary aesthetic - a unique form of powerful imagery in singular harmony with its environment. With a minimum of one luxury residence per floor this 47 story condominium tower provides 39 perfectly situated oceanfront Residences. Each residence offers 360-degree wrap-around terraces and unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean, Golden Beach, Intracoastal Waterway and the dramatic skylines of Miami, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The sophisticated design that envelope’s you as you enter Regalia is the creative inspiration of Charles Allem, of CAD International. Using only the finest materials and a demanding attention to detail, Mr. Allem has achieved a symphony of colour, texture and fragrance which transcends time. From walls covered in hand-stitched leather panels, to bespoke area rugs, to intricately woven tweed upholstery, he has skilfully combines stone, wood, crystal and fabric to engage the senses. Prices start from: e8.64M - e31.4M | £7.38M -£26.8M | $9.65 - $35M For more information visit: 210


Going Back to your Roots River Garden by Nomin Construction Development Group (NCD), the award- winning residential property developer is located in the prestigious area of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Set within the slopes of the Bogd Khan Mountain and Queen Tuul River, the development covers 7.5 hectares (9.5 acres) and consists of 38 buildings which include townhouses, penthouses and apartments all with the latest smart home technology. The main aim of the developers was to create a â&#x20AC;&#x153;green village environmentâ&#x20AC;? primarily because Ulaanbaatar is listed amongst the top 10 worst cities in the world for air pollution. Over 70% of the village has been planted with over 15 different species of trees, shrubs, bushes and lawns. A waterfall connects the lakes, soft asphalt play area sports facility of basketball, football and tennis complex. Prices start from: TBC For more information visit:



A New Neighbourhood

Islington Square is a rare flagship 4.5 acre development in the heart of Islington that restores the former North London Mail Centre into beautiful warehouse style apartments within a vibrant modern village that includes retail, cinema and a 40,000 sq ft premier gym. The site’s Edwardian heritage is beautifully restored with magnificent flair by CZWG Architects’ stunning and inspirational designs. This is Islington as creative and cutting edge as ever. Islington has been home to influential artists for as long as anyone can remember, from Charles Dickens and Dame Gracie Fields, to George Orwell and Charlie Chaplin. This new development designed by Piers Gough, will provide a selection of studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments plus a limited number of stunning penthouses. Linked to Upper Street by two covered retail arcades, Islington Square will be the centre of a community with everything on its doorstep Prices start from: e839,000 - e2.1M £715,000 - £1.79M | $936,335 - $2.35M For more information visit:



Live like Royalty

Queen Central Park Bomonti situated in the heart of Istanbul is a project where luxury and comfort combine. Positioned in one of the oldest and most valuable districts of Istanbul, Queen Central Park Bomonti is Istanbulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s jewel in the crown. The project is composed of 900 residences in one tower spread over 48 storeys. Residences are offered as 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom residences with sizes ranging from 85m2 to 240m2. The development will also provide amenities such as spa&sauna, fitness centre, tennis and basketball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and specially designed walkways plus 10.000 square meters of landscaped grounds that provides a unique living space. Prices start from: TBC For more information visit:



Steeped in History Discover one of South West London’s most sought-after locations. Wimbledon Hill Park offers an eclectic mix of stylish 2 and 3 bedroom apartments & townhouses set around the spectacular conversion of the former Atkinson Morley Hospital and alongside an enviable 19 acres of protected parkland. Each apartment is offered with private outdoor space and superior views across the private formal gardens and are finished with superior craftsmanship and premier specifications. The six 4 bedroom, townhouses have been built in a complementary modern style which blend beautifully into their surroundings. The centrepiece of this grand development is Wellington Row, once the ancestral home of the 2nd Duke of Wellington whose famous father met Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. It is clear to see that every care has been taken in the imposing building’s detailing and in the craftsmanship of restoration work. These exquisitely restored apartments are complemented by the modern Dukes Gardens buildings and the period style townhouses of Cedar Place. These residences are newly built and provide a rare opportunity to own a quintessentially English property in an area rich in heritage. Prices start from: e1,345,840 - e3,510,800 £1,150,000 -£2,999,950 | $1,503,600 - $3,922,200 For more information visit:





Palm Jumeirah Villa Dubai, United Arab Emirates This sunset-facing, extended and fully upgraded six-bedroom Signature Villa exhibits the most comprehensive collection of premier furniture and luxury finishing. This multi-level home is built with the highest attention to quality and elegance. Considered as the largest house on the frond, the villa is comprised of three kitchens (Poggenpohl show kitchen with Gaggenau appliances, a service kitchen, and staff kitchen), a tropical fish tank, 11 marble bathrooms, an 84-inch LED smart television, a Bose home sound system, a fireplace, a custom-built master bedroom with a dressing room, and top quality Italian marble throughout.









Price Upon Request PROPERTY ID: ER-S-16158

Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty is independently owned and operated by High End Real Estate LLC (ORN 12521) (Advertisement Permit: 4969). Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC, a subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY). The information set forth in this publication is based on the information provided by third parties that we consider reliable. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information and shall have no liability for errors or omissions or inaccuracies, under any circumstances, in this listing, advertising, promotional or public statements and materials. The offerings are subject to change, including price, or withdrawal without notice. Prices for projects based outside of the UAE are subject to currency fluctuations. We do not guarantee any future earnings. All dimensions are approximate and have not been verified.

+971 600 545 451 |

Al Barari Villa Dubai, United Arab Emirates This multi-level home exhibits the captivating views of the river and the most luxurious finishing, which includes marbles of refined craftsmanship, waterproofed teak wood design, and meticulously carpentered doors, walls, cabinets, and ceilings. Other features of this villa include a family living room, a formal dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a cinema room, a state-of-the-art home automation system, full-height glass windows, and bedrooms with the most luxurious custom designed bathrooms. The outdoor space presents a private swimming pool and rooftop entertainment area.









Price Upon Request PROPERTY ID: ER-S-15229

Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty is independently owned and operated by High End Real Estate LLC (ORN 12521) (Advertisement Permit: 4969). Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC, a subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY). The information set forth in this publication is based on the information provided by third parties that we consider reliable. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information and shall have no liability for errors or omissions or inaccuracies, under any circumstances, in this listing, advertising, promotional or public statements and materials. The offerings are subject to change, including price, or withdrawal without notice. Prices for projects based outside of the UAE are subject to currency fluctuations. We do not guarantee any future earnings. All dimensions are approximate and have not been verified.

+971 600 545 451 |

Emirates Hills Villa Dubai, United Arab Emirates With 10,000 Sq. ft. of built up area, this villa captures striking views of the Dubai skyline and the most luxurious finishes, which include premium marble throughout the villa and finely carpentered doors, walls, cabinets, and ceilings. This multi-level home embodies the definition of quality, luxury, and elegance. The ground floor incorporates two large open plan family areas, a formal dining area, a stunning new European kitchen with high quality branded appliances, a guest cloakroom, and a large en-suite guest bedroom. Rising to the first floor, you will find three double en-suite bedrooms and a grand master bedroom with beautiful en-suite bathroom and direct access to a private terrace affording the views to the rear garden and the Dubai Marina skyline.









8,031,363 USD PROPERTY ID: ER-S-15950

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Dubai’s Best Investment Opportunity Introducing Cayan Arjaan – a collection of fully fitted, fully furnished, serviced apartments offering 8% projected net yields managed by the distinguished Rotana brand. With construction underway by Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. and completion slated for 2019 - ahead of Expo 2020- this turn-key, hassle-free investment is the obvious choice for savvy investors. Suites are available in studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom configurations and feature all the luxurious amenities and sophisticated finishes synonymous with the Rotana name. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of the Dubai skyline.


178,500 USD CONTACT:


Project Name: Cayan Cantara (1643) / Developer Name: Cayan International Real Estate Development LLC (1134) / Escrow Account No: 0096-293300-080 / Expected Completion: Q1 2019 / Services Fees: AED 17 per Sq. Ft. / Digital Permit No: 3052 / Contact+971 600 545 451 Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty is independently owned and operated by High End Real Estate LLC (ORN 12521) (Advertisement Permit: 4969). Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC, a subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY). The information set forth in this publication is based on the information provided by third parties that we consider reliable. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information and shall have no liability for errors or omissions or inaccuracies, under any circumstances, in this listing, advertising, promotional or public statements and materials. The offerings are subject to change, including price, or withdrawal without notice. Prices for projects based outside of the UAE are subject to currency fluctuations. We do not guarantee any future earnings. All dimensions are approximate and have not been verified.

Situated right at the heart of Miami and conveniently located minutes away from the design district, notorious restaurantsshops and unlimited entertainment, Paraiso Bay has left no buyer-desire unmet.

600 NE 31st St Miami FL 33137 (+1) 305-244-3655




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Forget what you think you know about the best cities in the world – Christie’s Real Estate showcase what they believe are the top 10 cities that you’ll want to keep your eyes on. These ten cities are set for great things over the coming years, and each has something unique to offer. Bogotá is an upcoming international tech hub, while Panama City is a playground for the rich and famous. Vienna and Porto are cultural hotspots, and Cincinnati is a sensational place to bring up a family. Read on for more on these on-the-up locations, and a glimpse of some hot properties on the market. 224


Vienna, Austria Sophisticated, affordable, clean, safe, aesthetically exquisite, and socially democratic, it’s little wonder Vienna regularly tops quality of life polls; the Mercer Quality of Life Survey recently named the Austrian capital number one in the world for the seventh year in a row. Geographically central, overflowing with work opportunities and excellent transport links, it has become a key European business hub. Equally, Austria now boasts one of the highest figures for GDP per head globally, according to the World Bank. A large student population ensures superb recreational activities and vibrant nightlife; Vienna’s bar and multicultural restaurant scene is on the up, while the city’s elegant café culture continues to flourish. “A beautiful city steeped in history, Vienna draws in vast numbers of tourists every year and benefits hugely from this financially,” says Julie Leonhardt LaTorre, Senior Vice President, Head of Operations, EMERIA, at Christie’s International Real Estate. “The government pours money back into the city’s infrastructure, meaning Vienna runs exceptionally smoothly, and residents have a very high quality of life.”

Panama City, Panama

Auckland, New Zealand

Lisbon, Portugal

Boasting a great combination of city, beach, and rainforest in a gloriously tropical climate, Panama’s economy is booming, partly due to the recent expansion of the Panama Canal, according to Bloomberg. Its capital is also rapidly becoming a playground for the super-rich. The new Soho Panama mall brought Chanel, Versace, Burberry, and Ladurée to the city, while the Ritz-Carlton hotel opens later this year. By 2024 its impressive transport, healthcare, and tax systems are expected to attract a further 7,000 super-rich residents. Meanwhile, a new Panamanian cuisine is beginning to emerge at hotspots like Manolo Caracol and Riesen.

The largest Polynesian city in the world, Auckland is a melting pot of international cultures. It also has one of the most business-friendly markets: the city accounts for 35% of New Zealand’s GDP and is growing at 2.9% annually, attracting new investment and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

The reigning European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year, Lisbon has worked hard to support domestic business and market itself as an accommodating place for entrepreneurs since the Eurozone crisis. Startup Lisboa has helped found hundreds of businesses, with around 30% of new entrepreneurs coming from abroad. People here are warm, friendly, and laid-back but also energetic and ambitious, and more and more high-tech, tourism, and creative start-ups are appearing. The city runs on a “work hard, play hard” ethic, with its golden beaches and 250 days of sun per year offering plenty of ways to unwind. Culturally, Lisbon has a thriving arts scene, booming nightlife, and a range of fantastic restaurants.

For savvy investors looking to acquire a luxury residence in this bourgening regional economic hub, Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate Panama Premier Estates is marketing this stunning waterfront apartment, which sits proudly above Panama City. Fitted with three bedrooms and several expansive living areas, this contemporary home is ideal for those wishing to take advantage of everything this exciting city has to offer.



Auckland ranked as the world’s “hottest” market for prestige property this year in Christie’s International Real Estate’s 2016 Luxury Defined report. Strong local, expat, and overseas buyer demand fueled an incredible 63% annual increase in million-dollarplus home sales. “Living and working in Auckland means you get the best of both worlds – a bustling, modern city set in a stunning natural environment,” says Kim Harris of Auckland-based Bayleys Realty Group, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. “The city has a stable business environment, a growing economy, a diverse and skilled talent pool, a worldwide reputation for innovation, and an enviable lifestyle.” Its most popular areas include Waiheke Island with its vibrant arts scene; Grey Lynn, famed for its chic feel and international food; Viaduct Harbour, full of superyachts and elegant dining, and Mission Bay, which offers a relaxed beach atmosphere.

“A wonderfully good value coastal city with a relaxed vibe, beautiful beaches, a tremendous culinary scene, and terrific weather, more and more people are understanding how attractive Lisbon is,” says Julie Leonhardt LaTorre, Senior Vice President, Head of Operations, EMERIA, at Christie’s International Real Estate.

Calgary, Canada

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The cool, cosmopolitan Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta, regularly ranks high on global living standard lists, and for good reason: low taxes, clean air, low crime rates, and an abundance of nature – the Canadian Rockies are an hour-and-a-half away by car – making life here easy to love. New businesses spring up daily, and, compared to Toronto and Vancouver, house prices here are low: the average price of a property in Calgary in the year to August 2016 was $457,000, significantly less than many other Canadian cities.

Forbes recently named the CincinnatiMiddletown area the top up-andcoming city for college leavers, given the huge number of openings for graduates and a vibrant job market. The city is also an emerging food and drink capital: approximately 500,000 people attend Taste of Cincinnati annually, making it one of the largest street festivals in the United States. Key neighborhoods include foodie central Over-the-Rhine; Europeanstyle Mount Adams, full of young professionals and artisans; exclusive Indian Hill; well-educated Hyde Park; and family-oriented suburb, West Chester.

The city is not only an auspicious destination for young professionals, but also for Canada’s leading real estate market. With a secluded garden backing onto the Heritage Pointe Golf Course, this luxurious, threebedroom residence is being marketed by Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate The Alberta Collection. Expansive windows flood the openplan, 3,830 sq ft property with natural light, and warm wooden furnishings and stone fireplaces lend the home a sumptuously rustic feel.

“The city borders northern Kentucky’s lush Bluegrass region, where the conditions for breeding and racing horses are ideal. Several horse farms have recently been purchased by international buyers,” says Kathleen Coumou, Christie’s International Real Estate’s Executive Director. “These clients can take advantage of the city life, fine dining, cultural amenities, museums, ballet, symphony, and major league sports.”

Honolulu, Hawaii The Hawaiian capital of Honolulu boasts great shopping centers, restaurants, and miles of beaches, leading to it being ranked one of The 50 best places to live in America by Business Insider. This modern Pacific city – which runs on a diet of tourism, entertainment, recreation, and exquisite scenery – also has superb air quality and low instances of cancer and heart disease. “In addition to wonderful weather all year round and beautiful natural surroundings, Honolulu is an energizing, multicultural city,” says Les Enderton, executive director of Oahu Visitors Bureau. Honolulu’s art scene has also taken off in recent times.



Bogotá, Colombia

Porto, Portugal

Valencia, Spain

Named by Forbes magazine as “the next capital of cool,” Colombia’s capital is an alluring mix of business and pleasure. Boasting a beautiful historic center, a thriving luxury shopping and dining scene, and an excellent cycling network, Bogotá is simultaneously becoming South America’s newest tech hub – Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have all opened offices, while local start-ups are booming. Huge improvements to security and stability have made Bogotá more attractive to both international investors and overseas home buyers, and and has boosted quality of life immeasurably.

Recently named “Europe’s most compelling new food destination” by The Wall Street Journal, Porto’s restaurant scene is catching up with its outstanding wines, and the city is quickly shedding its title of “Lisbon’s little sister.” Portuguese chefs such as Nuno Mendes in London and George Mendes (no relation) in New York, have put the country’s cuisine firmly on the global food map. People are now flocking to sample both Porto’s cellars and dining halls, where the focus is on excellent local produce and “urbane rusticity.”

Hit hard by the 2008 property crisis, Spain’s historic city of Valencia is now overflowing with real estate bargains, luring young Spaniards from other cities as well as international young professionals keen to take advantage of the coastal city’s low cost of living, warm climate, and attractive culture. Its rich and storied history lends itself to an extraordinary mix of cultures and styles, most identifiably in the city’s architecture, which ranges from old fishermen’s cottages in the Cabañal, to ultramodern flats overlooking the City of Arts and Sciences center, and beautiful façades in Carmen old town.

“The attitude of people in Bogotá is very driven, entrepreneurial, familyoriented, and outdoorsy. In terms of neighborhoods, Zona G is known as the Gourmet Zone, where the highend and up-and-coming restaurants are located. Meanwhile, Zona T (which has a T-shaped area at its center) is most recognized for exciting bars and the best nightlife,” says Rick Moeser, Christie’s International Real Estate’s Executive Director for the Southeast Region, Caribbean, and Latin America.



Laid-back and low-key, Porto ripples with cobbled streets, Baroque churches, Art Deco architecture, food markets, jazz bars, exhibitions, and music festivals such as Primavera Sound. For those looking to embrace the region’s charms as a permanent resident or second-home owner, this traditional Portuguese quinta (“country estate”) in the Maia region just north of Porto may entice. Marketed by Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate Luximo’s, it has 10 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a swimming pool, tennis court, and winemaking facilities attached to its own vineyard.

“Valencia is considered the most creative city in Spain. The way of life here is ideal for families due to the quantity and quality of schools – including international schools – and the many leisure opportunities,” says Francisco Ballester of Rimontgó, Christie’s International Real Estate’s affiliate in Valencia, Spain. The city ranked as the world’s top “comeback” property market in the 2016 Christie’s International Real Estate Luxury Defined report, and posted an incredible 89% annual increase in luxury home sales. Thanks to a weak euro, property prices below the 2007 peak, and a surge in overseas visitors, Valencia’s luxury housing market is likely to continue on its upward trajectory.

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Turtle Tail, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

US $25,000,000

Turtle Tail Estate is a dynamic, spectacular compound to completely fall in love with and is without peer on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. The newly completed estate combines the personalization of a custom home with the amenities of an ultra-luxury resort, elevated on a magnificent private 4.57 acre peninsula all its own. Approximately 10,000 sq ft (929 sq m). Seven bedrooms | Seven full bathrooms | Five half bathrooms | Two kitchens | Extensive reception space | Gym | Study |Wine cellar| Staff accommodation Swimming pool with multiple outdoor lounge areas | Tennis court | Garage | Private dock

© 2016 UK Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty is a registered trademark licensed to UK Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK. Each offïce is independently owned and operated. All information non - contractual, approximate and subject to error, change and withdrawal without notice. Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our offïces who can provide this information.

Le Gallerie, Soufriere Bay, Saint Lucia

US $4,900,000

Le Gallerie occupies one of the most stunning locations in the West Indies; perched on a promontory called Lookout Point, 300 feet above the Caribbean Sea. This most amazing and dynamic of panoramas, provides a magnificent backdrop for this beautiful and charming house, making it a captivating place to entertain and relax. Approximately 4,500 sq ft (418 sq m), 1.9 acres. Five bedrooms | Five bathrooms | Kitchen | Extensive outside entertaining space | Infinity pool | Tropical garden | Private location

t | +44 (0)20 7495 9580

e |


Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

US $1,775,923

A one-of-a-kind, multi-storey property, thoughtfully designed with hand crafted touches for privacy, comfort and living in nature. Listen to the sea in every room, and if you are lucky, on a quiet night, whales. Large decks on all three levels with doors that slide away to commune with the sea. Approximately 3,444 sq ft (320 sq m). Five bedrooms | Five bathrooms | Two receptions rooms | Dining area | Kitchen | Swimming pool with deck | Hot tub | Three terraces

t | +44 (0) 203 770 1240

e |

© 2016 UK Sotheby’s International Realty. All rights reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty is a registered trademark licensed to UK Sotheby’s International Realty in the UK. Each offïce is independently owned and operated. All information non - contractual, approximate and subject to error, change and withdrawal without notice. Rent excludes administration fees. Please contact our offïces who can provide this information.


Wentworth Estate

Agent: Christie’s International Situated in an impressive four and a half acres, Cherry Hill’s modern architecture is as striking today as when it was first built. Sensitive and ambitious restoration has retained the original architectural character and elegance of the property, whilst creating a wholly sustainable modern home with all the space, amenities and services an owner would expect. London is less than 45 +44 (0)20 7629 72822 minutes away; Windsor, Ascot and Heathrow are less than 20 minutes drive. Designer Oliver Hill’s decorative finishes gives the property an effortless, luxurious feel inspired by the Modernist Movement. The east wing of the house has been rebuilt and houses a cinema, study and wine cellar with a link to a new single-storey, standalone pavilion which provides guest accom-


modation and a large garage. To the west of the main house, a complete new wing has been constructed. On three levels, this provides a generous part double-height reception room, two guest bedrooms adjoining a south-facing balcony, a spa and relaxation suite and the house’s most dramatic contemporary feature – an underground swimming pool with descending floor.

Spain Benahavis

Agent: Savills International Property Modern top quality villa located in the golf urbanisation Los Flamingos, BenahavĂ­s. Built to the highest standards, this property comprises, on entrance level: hall; living/dining room with fireplace, sea views and access to the infinity pool area with Traventine flooring; modern kitchen with central island, Gaggenau appliances and a beautiful glass

+34 952 863 750

bodega; TV room; 2 en-suite bedrooms; guest toilet. Upstairs: en-suite master bedroom; further en-suite bedroom. Lower level: independent guest apartment. Extra features include: garage with space for 3 cars, A/C hot and cold, underfloor heating throughout, BBQ area, electric shutters, alarm system, heated pool.


n Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms n 2,400 m2 Plot, 205 m2 Terraces n Private Garage n Private Swimming Pool n Views: Golf, Mountains, Sea n Close to Amenities and Services n Air Conditioning n Living room with Fireplace


Kunfunadhoo Island

Agent: Sphere Estates A magnificent three bedroom luxury beachfront villa in Soneva Fushi, located on a private point of the island with outstanding sunrise views over the Indian Ocean. A luxurious private residence made with high quality sustainably sourced wood under a traditional thatched roof. It has spacious living areas which lead onto terraces and balconies with sweeping tropical views.

+44 020 8166 5320

There are three en-suite bathrooms. The open air master indoor/outdoor garden bathroom includes stepping stones over a shallow water feature, complete with waterfall and steam facilities. An extensive balcony on the top floor provides unrivalled views whilst on the ground floor level there is an expansive private swimming pool leading directly to the pris-


tine white sandy beach. Additional features include a leisure room with full size snooker table, table tennis and a private gym. The villa is fully serviced and includes a 24/7 butler service and ownership comes with full access to all the resort’s facilities, including restaurants, a Six Senses spa, a wonderfully imaginative children’s den and a glass blowing studio.

Corfu Spartylas

Agent: Corfu Property Agency Del Cielo is a totally private and luxuriously furnished Corfu Villa, with 6 air-conditioned bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms, set in 8000 square metres of private olive grove with spectacular sea, coastal and mountain views. In the grounds you can enjoy a beautiful infinity swimming pool with walk-in

+30 26610 28141

beach entrance and a small jetty. There are three timber decked sunbathing areas and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with traditional bbq and wood burning pizza oven. There is also a very large and exclusive roof terrace to the main bedroom with shaded loggia and large sun terrace,


wicker sofa/lounger and further seating. The properties most impressive feature is the private tower bedroom with private bathroom and terrace. This beautiful Italian stone built villa is set into a landscape with 150 olive trees and magnificent views over the coast.


United Arab Emirates

Agent: Luxury Estate Your villa with direct access to the lagoon !!! Located 4 km off the coast of Dubai. Beautiful villa with a living area of 416 m² including the ground floor, the living & dining room, kitchen, 1 maidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s room. Upstairs you have 4 large bedrooms with their own bathroom and balcony. All on a field ranging from 327-

+33 603602318

341 sqm. Luxurious gardens with durable soft landscaping with fully automated irrigation system. A beautiful swimming pool individual directly overlooking the lagoon. Not to mention the superb sea view breathtaking. lit high quality home and connected home systems Illuminated area with high quality

AED 9,680,200

floodlights. Exclusive boat transport service in the islands with piers accessible for boats. 24h concierge service and communication between properties and concierge is via AV. Locking doors high safety. Smoke detectors. Effective central air system. Hot water system with solar thermal collectorl.

Thailand Khok Kloi

Agent: Savills A rare opportunity to acquire an exclusive beachfront villa, set within a large private landscaped plot, offering 5 bedrooms, private spa and gym. The property, recently completed, meticulously designed and seamlessly built, offers a design that combines 5 star resort living with both Balainese and contemporary architecture. Villa Nandana is located on Natai

+44 (0) 20 7730 0822

Beach, a 2 km stretch of beach in Phang Nga Province, just north of Phuket Island. The beach adjoins the Andaman Sea providing a tranquil location that is relatively quiet and yet within easy reach of the small friendly local town of Khok Kloi. Built across a large private landscaped plot, the home comprises 5 bedrooms all en suite, living room, family media room, private spa,


private gym, handcrafted western kitchen with adjoining residential staff quarters. The home has secured gated entry with motor court and covered parking. A 20 metre infinity edge swimming pool oriented in a westerly direction to capture the setting sun across the sea throughout the year, along with 33 metres of direct beach frontage.

“We blend design and function to create spaces of perfect harmony. Spaces conceived to make us feel good and surround us with beauty. Puglia is what inspires us and always has: our land, our muse” Pasquale Natuzzi 242




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