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BESPOKE HOME INTERIORS The latest trends and styles

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Bang & Olufsen | Puerto Banus | Main entrance | Phone: +34 952 81 72 50 |

Puerto Banus


Home to a unique collection of stunning designer furniture, furnishings and accessories, Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home sets the standard in luxury furniture. Designed for customers who want their homes to make a statement, this luxury furniture delivers a real wow factor. Beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant. Exclusive Furniture | Chandeliers | Kitchens Fine Arts | Interior Accessories | Mosaics Fabrics | Unique Wallpapers Glassware and much more...



Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | | |


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ISSUE 12 2015 EU €4.95 UK £4.50



BESPOKE HOME INTERIORS The latest trends and styles

LUXURY REAL ESTATE From the most desirable places in the world

Available for sale in all 196 countries of the world


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Spring has finally arrived and with that style trends within the home take a dramatic twist. Colour becomes revitalized with pastels and shades of Lime green & Aquamarine creating a style statement. With the arrival of lighter mornings and evenings, we take a look at the different types of window treatments and how they impacts on the style of your room, we look at the current trend in hammocks and swing chairs and bring you all the latest style forecasts around the home for 2015. If that wasn’t enough we also take a look at the benefits of waterfront living. Many cities around the world have harbours, coastlines and bays making them appealing and exciting places to live and in today’s market there are still some bargains to be had. So sit back grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!! Mr Stan Israel Director & Editor

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Style News


ith the arrival of spring, now is an ideal time to refresh and refocus your home interiors. Nothing announces the arrival of spring then a home makeover here we forecast the top trends for spring 2015 that will be sure to enhance and revive any home.

Secret Garden


reen spaces are inspiring next season’s colour map. Bright, floral, vibrant colours teamed with fresh shades of green, and preferably combined with white and other neutral colours. Secret garden is a combination of rustic retro and contemporary romantic; second hand is a huge source of inspiration that can be mixed with contemporary furniture for an individualistic look.

Chairs with integrated plant holders, a trellis as a room divider feels right – green plants are always welcome in our Nordic homes. We’re still seeing a lot of organic patterns on printed fabrics, bright colours on white backgrounds. Themes can be both naive and naturalistic.



Photos:, www.Villa,,

Homes are furnished with items that work either indoors or outdoors, and there are a lot of new items of furniture whose sole purpose is to display flowers and plants.


he natural world is one of the greatest influences on the coming season. Inspiration comes from the Nordic landscape with its endless vistas. Natural materials, such as stone, wood and glass, dominate this style. Natural elements, represents a contemporary feeling in design and form, with natural materials in furniture and permanent fittings. It’s an exciting mix of wood, metal and leather (which is making a comeback, but in a new way). 14

Basket weave and other plaited details will be appearing on furniture. Expect to see pre-patinated surfaces on both wood and textiles, and a lot of washed linen ahead of next season, both on sofas and bedding. Natural colours will be prevalent. Cold shades of brown, in combination with granite, and with hints of leafy green in nature’s colour scheme.


Natural Elements Photos:,,,,

Pure Classics


he impersonal style so prevalent in recent years is finally on its way out. The anonymous hotel room feeling or ‘lounge style’ that’s been so dominant in interior contexts has given way to an elegant and sophisticated style with far more individuality – Pure classics. Mixing old and new styles together. Contours are curvier and the colour scheme is more discreet, with matte pastels perfectly set off with shades of grey. Metals are still popular, especially warmly glowing gold and bronze. Metals are mainly combined with other materials, such as the base of chairs and tables, or as details on furniture and permanent fittings. One of the materials in the spotlight is white marble and we can expect to see more luxurious stone materials.








quamarine is a style that updates the traditional maritime feeling. Living close to the sea is a dream for many people; the sea’s fantastic underwater world is a major source of inspiration.

Watercolour techniques, with colours running into each other, are used on prints and bring fabrics alive. Wood is the most dominant material for furniture in this style. White-painted garden furniture is perfect for the patio, but grey-coloured ‘driftwood’ wooden furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The style is very Nordic and plays to our deep love of the sea and our fleeting summers.


The classic marine style is being given a blue-green makeover. Varying blue, green and turquoise colours are an inspiring colour map that we team with white for the summer. Blue-and-white is the summer’s strongest mix – on everything from chinaware to furniture. Blue seems to be one of the most popular colours on upholstered furniture ahead of next season.

Wall Art


lthough wallpaper continues to be popular, feature walls are out. Instead, zonal painting is the new way to add interest to vertical surfaces, using two or more block colours to distinguish whole walls or even segments. Fibre art and other fabric, wool and mixed-media wall hangings have replaced the once popular metal “wall art� structures. Gallery walls are a great way to display your art in a balanced mismatched organization. Display your piece of art in your living room, bedroom or anywhere else you like, starting with one piece and adding more to it over time.



Photos:, www.,,,


Design: Fly Design Lightecture is much more than a new product range: it is the expression of a vocation that is now followed even more systematically. Axo Light has always worked on numerous prestigious international projects, using both products from its catalogue - whose decorative impact and technical features are perfectly suited to public spaces – and adapting products to individual design needs. The aesthetic value and quality of the collections and the company’s flexibility in creating ad hoc objects are now the main features of Lightecture. Lightecture (“Light for Architecture”): in creating this new range the company has concentrated primarily on the needs of interior designers of large, and also smaller, public and private spaces. The new family of lights has six collections available in a wide range of types (hanging lamps, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights) in an even wider range of colours, sizes and bulbs. Each collection features different fabrics that conform to the strictest fireproofing regulations. The models range from small diameters of 25 cm to much larger diameters of up to 180 cm. In order to satisfy the widest possible range of needs, from energy saving to diversifying the quality and intensity of the light, the lamps are also available with halogen, fluorescent, incandescent and metal halide bulbs. This new range offers around 5.000 catalogue variations in terms of type, colour and light source; a range of possibilities that can be made even wider, as the company is always ready to carry out modifications upon request. Bell features a bell shape that is elongated according to its diameter and a metal structure covered in ribbons of supersmooth, fireproof pongŽ fabric. It is available in ceiling or hanging versions in 10 colours: black, green, golden yellow, electric blue, red, bordeaux, white, warm white, brick and brown. Diameters vary from a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 180 cm, with incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or metal halide bulbs.


NEWS The kitchen of the future

Aptly named Ekokook, this modern kitchen designed by Faltazi includes a complete system of waste management and water supply, which brings an innovative twist to the storage and processing of waste and fluid in your kitchen. Throughout the complex, eco - friendly system converts each of these kitchen wastes into a new resource and every drop of water in the return fluid. Ekokook has three micro - plant systems that help reduce environmental impact: mikroplant 1 is used for solid waste, mikroplant 2 is used for liquid waste and mikroplant 3 is used for organic waste.

Kitchen has machines that use a small steel ball to break glass to reduce waste, as well as the screw to break the cans and water bottles. Built-in double sink with water tank and two pitchers collect kitchen water and help you recycle clean water that you can use for your flowers and plants. The filter also comes with a kitchen, allowing you to remove the impure particles. Water Conditioner can save up to 15 liters per day.

Finally, there is a drum that is part microplant 3 system, which uses earthworms to break down organic waste, fruits, vegetables and scales of food. Futuristic Ekokook system will really bring a healthy and attractive change in your kitchen, as well as the whole community and the world. For more information:

Oriental expressions Nina Cambell draws on Imperial China for the inspiration behind her latest collection, Cathay. The new freely painted vertical stripe Jinsha fabric is named after a tributary of the Yangtze River in China and sees Nina experimenting with her classic colour palette. This multi coloured fabric is available in four colour ways and coordinates effortlessly with Nina’ previous collections. For more information visit:

Vispring introduces two designer centrepiece headboards

SEDEF TUB - for maximum pleasure

Expressing sensuality, this bath tub will soothe and stimulate all your senses

Luxury British bed maker Vispring has launched two new directional headboards in collaboration with top designers Terence Mesguich Jacquemin and Dirk Debbaut.

The inspiration of this organic-shaped Spa comes from the mother of pearl. Created by Liberio Design the uniqueness of this luxurious bathtub is in its shape and features. It allows a sensuous escape from stressful life, by stimulating all the five senses and soothing them.

The Portman (inset), designed by Belgian born Debbaut, continues the geometric theme of its parent headboard, the already available Berkeley. It stands 70cm high and comprises seven individually hand-upholstered panels, set at angles. A solid fabric edge frames the headboard; customers can choose their own fabric, typically velvet or textured linens.

A touch interface lets you create your own combinations of lighting, sounds and aromatherapy. Choose one of the available wellness programs (relaxing, energetic, fun, tropical pleasure) or create your own and memorize it. Integrated pots allow you to have a glimpse of nature when indulging in the bathtub. You can create a blend of your favourite plants and flowers, such as orchids and ferns. Hidden faucets and shower provide a feeling of perfect, all-in-one structure.

Both the Celeno and Portman headboards are natural bedfellows for Vispring’s range of luxury mattresses and divans, all handmade by the brand’s skilled craftsman in its Devon.

For more information visit:

The Celeno (above), designed by Jacquemin, is the first leather headboard of its kind for the brand. It consists of two large rectangular padded cushions, upholstered in ebony leather. Vispring says the headboard embodies the brand’s new “art of sleeping, art of living” philosophy. The cushions are set against a handcrafted solid oak frame which stands 140cm tall; the frame is available in natural and wengé. Evoking a premium look, cream stitching trims each cushion. Interior designers should note that the divan can be upholstered in the customers’ own choice of material and tailored to any design scheme.



The perfect harmony between metal & stone Rubinetteria GIULINI presents Stone Collection, a selection of semiprecious gemstones, to furnish with refinement and elegance the most luxurious bathrooms in the world. Composed of 5 collections: Persia, Praga, Harmony, Odessa and Giò and of 5 types of gems: Lapis, Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Rock crystal and Tiger Eye. The stones are different both in type of material and in colour: Lapis, originating from Afghanistan, are distinguished for their typical light blue colour, which their name derives from. Their similarity with the ancients’ Sapphire stone represents their distinctive trait. Malachite, historically originating from Russia, Africa and America, is regarded as one of the most renowned minerals and one of the most cited in legends. It takes its name from the Greek Malàchee, which means mallow, due to its unique green colour which can vary from a subtle to a more intense shade and come to a blackish nuance. This stone represents one of the most well-known minerals serving as decorative material.

Check Mate When it comes to sleek, contemporary Italian kitchens, the choice is really endless.

Rhodocrosite, originating from Argentina, is a fluorescent mineral belonging to the group of calcites, whose name derives from the Greek in allusion to its rosy tone. The Rock crystal, generally known as clear quartz, is a completely transparent type of quartz, typical of central Africa and Brazil. Its aspect resembles the one of glass and crystal. The Tiger Eye, originating from South Africa, a golden-brown quartz with typical yellow reflections which make this crystal resemble the eye of the tiger. It is primarily used as a gem for creating jewellery. 5 stones and 5 finishing colours create the perfect harmony for an exclusive bathroom. Stone Collection adds the right balance among quality, luxury and elegance

Designers today offer compositions that are both modular and versatile, and the creation of the modern kitchen is now easier than ever before. However, several ingenious and exceptional kitchen designs have always managed to swipe us off our feet with aesthetics and functionality. One of the stars of this year’s London Design Festival is the kitchen Slide & Checkers, presented by Armani / Dada. The design of this exclusive kitchen will surprise you with its minimalist form, solutions that save space and sophistication. The concept is the result of the genius of the company Giorgio Armani, which is based in the area of informal elegant dining. The kitchen is transformed into a modern dining room, thanks to an exclusive patented sliding system that transforms the aura of the kitchen. Central island contains a marble piece that reveals the work area made of stainless steel. This allows you to

For more information visit: 28


use a stainless steel surface for food preparation with ease! The kitchen also has a horizontal lining of the Sassafras tree that slides horizontally revealing kitchen appliances. Creating a seamless visual space, this refined horizontal sliding mechanism gives the kitchen a modern, sophisticated and urban style. For more information visit:

Its attributes include maximum quality, excellence in details, design, innovation, customization and technology. The Collections, blend the best quality with the utmost sophistication from the past. The offer is distinctive by its quality that only the mastery of experienced craftsmen can provide.

Jetclass - classicism meets contemporary

CAPRI Carefully designed, with details in goldplated or silver-plated woodcarving, Capri is luxurious in its delicacy and reveals itself in its rounded, smooth lines. Inspired by the paradisiacal purity of the Italian Capri Island, Capri reflects its luxury way of living. GLAMOUR Carefully designed, with details in goldplated or silver-plated woodcarving, Capri is luxurious in its delicacy and reveals itself in its rounded, smooth lines. Inspired by the paradisiacal purity of the Italian Capri Island, Capri reflects its luxury way of living. The name “Glamour” was not chosen by chance. Glamour Edition is the most romantic edition by Jetclass, showing elegance and romance in all its details. It is distinguished by its glamorous design, its delicate richness and by details that make us dream about love stories and fairy tales.


Jetclass creates and produces timeless neo-classical and classical furniture to provide unique environments.

LUXUS Refined, distinctive and elegant... Luxus makes all eyes stare at it. It is unpretentious with its sophisticated design with details in golden or silver carving. The curved lines from its legs are absolutely unique and are the most striking feature of Luxus Edition. NEW YORK In an urban and sophisticated style inspired by New York, this edition shows the same strong and live presence as the city itself, filling with life the best environment. In the High Tech Special Edition by Jetclass, New York edition is added with cutting edge technology, turning it extraordinary. SPACIUM Harmonizing the elegance and romance of the past with the desired functionality of the present days, Spacium is sophisticated and perfect... just like coming from another galaxy. Its minimal and avant-garde body and its legs with its continuous lines meticulously designed and crafted, make us dream about distant destinations. VENEZIA Venezia is feminine and exuberant, with a strong and impressive nature. Its rounded lines define it as delicate and majestic at the same time, reflecting its European baroque culture. Venezia’s refinement is completed with Swarovski diamonds that the hands of craftsmen integrate as a luxury detail.



KIDS SPECIAL EDITIONS GRAFFITI Graffiti is a special edition that represents a new paradigm in personalized pieces of luxury furniture. From chic urban style, this Special Edition enables customers to select the customization to be made on the pieces, which are illustrated by talented graffiters. Innovative and unique, this edition answers to a company philosophy: never stop surprising and satisfying the demands of luxury furniture. HIGHTECH The High Tech Special Edition, as the name suggests, merges together Jetclass luxury furniture with high technology, luxury and comfort, aiming top level quality standards. A monitor, a LCD TV, a sound system, a Dock Station and a mini bar are some of the new features that can be included in the furniture. JET CLASS KIDS To follow the most magical time of life, all children deserve the best possible comfort that could be provided to them. Thinking in that comfort, Jetclass apply all its knowledge and expertise in the creation of safe and functional furniture. The materials are carefully selected and finished with aqueous varnishes and bio-paints non toxics. For more information visit

They say it’s the lifestyle that makes Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty

“Cap Blanc Ibiza a project of exceptional design and quality” Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty within the Mediterranean sea. The culture, the luxury, the atmosphere… produce a sense of a relaxation and peace that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe. The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza are well selected, to create a living space that enhances such qualities has been our biggest task. It allows you to step into a world of all-inclusive quality of life. We have selected a unique team of experts, a team of world-renowned experts in every aspect of the development of Cap Blanc Ibiza, which guarantees the high quality and unique designs of our villas.

“Allow yourself to step into a world of allinclusive quality in life CAP BLANC IBIZA” Cap Blanc Ibiza represents a luxurious residential private complex with on-site 24 hours security, with only 9 luxury design villas all with exceptional sea-views and located in Ibiza – Talamanca, Cap Martinet, one of Ibiza’s outstanding and sought after locations. The residences of Cap Blanc Ibiza will be built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch. Each residence has been exclusively designed with unique shapes and proportions, allowing it to fit in naturally within its surroundings. Construction period of each villa is approx. 12 months. Each villa will be tailored to your own wishes The private grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza offers the ultimate expression of style and substance, these new to be built 9 luxury design villas are more than just luxury properties, they are a sublime work of art. The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza have been carefully selected. Therefore, it not only ensures its aesthetic value, but also your investment. Cap Blanc Ibiza is currently the most luxurious real estate development on Ibiza.

“Each Cap Blanc Ibiza residence is conceived to be a world on it’s own” The luxurious design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are on private parcels of 1.000 square meters, with 800 square meters of built surface including: three floor levels, 5/7 luxury bedrooms, 5/7 on-suite bathrooms, a spacious living room and an open-plan kitchen, an elegant dining room, a fitness lounge, spa and sauna, optional a cinema room, air conditioning (heating and cooling), floor heating, domotica system, alarmsecurity system, outdoor swimming pool, a large private garden with several lounge areas etc. Each villa is ensured of total privacy whilst enjoying unobstructed views on the sea. Within such an extraordinary space, Cap Blanc Ibiza stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. The luxurious modern design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are very open, luminous and airy. The large floor to ceiling windows create a spacious atmosphere with stunning sea views and in the distance the island Formentera. This extraordinarily open atmosphere, created by the glass doors-windows that can be completely opened, guarantees that the family life in-and around the villa ultimately converges.

“Feel the gentle sea breeze, enjoy Spain’s rich culture” Ibiza has a beautiful, varied coastline with impressive cliffs, turquoise bays and white sandy beaches with the world’s most exclusive beach clubs. You can sunbathe on the sea, the beaches and coves of Ibiza, even late into the fall season.

One of the main features of Cap Blanc Ibiza is the way it communicates with its environment, each residence has a private garden, lounge areas, large outside swimming pool within her own exclusive private world. This is how we achieved a seamless connection between the comfortable interior and the beautiful exterior. This excellent private environment ensures each residence owner complete privacy, safety – security, luxury, elegance, and family comfort.

Apply for a full brochure:

Ibiza is also renowned for its worldfamous selection of exclusive clubs such as Pacha, Eden, Privilege, Amnesia, Space and DC10. Several famous DJs fly, in many cases weekly, from around the world to this unique destination. Our own DJ Tiësto and Armin van Buuren are regularly found in Ibiza. Cap Blanc Ibiza is located 300 meters from the brand new Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. This is the most luxurious resort on Ibiza in the summer of 2013 it will open its doors. If you want, you can have a look on the website of the new Destino Pacha – Ibiza Resort


“David Alayeto his creative talent and vast knowledge of image” ESTUDIO IN was founded in 1998 by DAVID ALAYETO. It is one of the fastest growing architecture and interior design studio’s in Spain. In the last fifteen years, he has become known for his refined work and high quality output. Through good use of space and light, basing his design on local cultures and traditions, fabric selection and a special love of art and crafts, he knows how to combine modesty with great elegance. Interior architecture and design, according to David Alayeto, is far removed from fashion and trends, standing instead for eternity, beauty and tranquillity of subtle luxury. He believes that comfort is not in trivial wealth but in delicacy and rarity. This uniqueness became more and more evident and David Alayeto launched his own Brand, ESTUDIO IN Barcelona. He has a team of hard-working, creative people, with the technical and work experience necessary to provide excellent results, offering customers a direct and personal experience. His sophisticated style is a result of a comprehensive study of the needs of his clients, which together with the search for the newest and latest trends, allows him to develop his imagination when designing and executing his projects. The contrasted character of Cap Blanc Ibiza inspired him to create a dedicated design line completely in line with the elements of project Cap Blanc Ibiza. David Alayeto is famous for his designs of Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort, Lio and several Pacha clubs including Dubai and the United States. Ibiza town represents narrow streets with numerous galleries, exclusive boutiques, excellent selection of fine restaurants with Michelin star but also French or Spanish gourmet restaurants and a wide range of Oriental and European localities. There is a suitable restaurant for any occasion dining. There is a large amount of shops, trendy, luxurious and traditionalthat are open until late in the evening. In the season even after midnight. Moreover, there is the old town where you can eat and drink rich and enjoy the beautiful view over the harbour and the sea. Culture and art are also very highly regarded in Ibiza. For thousands of years people from all cultures feel very much at home in Ibiza. Great artists and craft workers, successful businessmen, chefs, merchants with taste and travellers from around the world have created a haven on Ibiza offering comfort, exclusivity and pleasure.


“A work of art of unique design and beauty” The design and building of Cap Blanc Ibiza is in the hands of the renowned architect Dick Venneman – Dedato Amsterdam. The residences of Cap Blanc Ibiza are built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch. Each villa has its own unique relationship with its immediate environment resulting in a high quality and individual residential experience. Let the magic of the surroundings captivate you. Let the architecture inspire you with its mix of straight lines and unique views. The outdoors becomes the indoors. The indoors the outdoors. See the painting unfold before your eyes.

For further information contact: Global Luxurious Properties | T: +31 (0)-15-2630195 Minerva Development | T. +31 (0)20 471 57 83 |


THE SANCTUARY Parrot Cay Island

Parrot Cay is a multi-award winning COMO Shambhala Resort, known for five-star wellness retreats and services, including many natural and holistic healing therapies, and a host of spa services.

secluded and exclusive resort islands in the Caribbean, this seven-acre compound is an extension of The Sanctuary, the private island retreat of fashion designer Donna Karan. Flanked by lush vegetation, the estate directly fronts powder-soft white sands and turquoise waters, offering panoramic views of the island’s pristine surroundings.

Residents of the property can also enjoy two private butlers, a personal chef and daily maid services as well as access to resort amenities, such as a 24-hour manager, sporting facilities, water sports, restaurants and boutiques.

Two four-bedroom villas are the centerpieces of the compound, each featuring a second-floor master bedroom with stunning ocean views, three bedroom suites, and an infinity-edge pool.

Located on Parrot Cay, one of the most

Designed by Cheong Yew Kuan, the

villas’ crafted interiors are complemented by cedar and coral walls, teak furniture, and eclectic works of art from around the globe. A screened-in guest pavilion sits adjacent to the wooded terraces, while a chef’s kitchen and yoga studio are further highlights. Price: Upon request Property Type: Single Family Home C#: C56334 Property ID: 1409261013261884 Katherine Baryluk +1 649 441 1151

ALPINE ESTATE Salzburg, Austria

Designed by the renowned architect Volker Hagen and constructed in 2007. The result is a stunning contemporary villa that has been carefully integrated into the topography of the land. The house paints a thrilling picture with its modern interpretation of traditional styles and materials such as wood and marble, and glass. Creating an atmosphere of tranquil beauty, windows span the entire height of the rooms and let the magic of the alpine landscape flow in and merge with the interior.

Featuring more than 600 square meters, this spacious country house is partitioned into a private living and sleeping area and an area for guests. The highlight of the private area is the breathtaking living and dining room with a terrace overlooking the valley and mountains. The library and fitness room are found one split level above, and on the ground floor is a modern, specially equipped swimming pool and sauna. Additional features include a wine cellar built in red brick and a home office. The guest apartment offers a charming living room, kitchen, and two guestrooms with en-suite bathrooms. This modern villa is nearly self-sufficient in terms of

energy consumption and uses a heat pump paired with a geothermal system and a system that recovers unused heat. The expansive 4,500-square-meter property allows for the creation of an additional home on the property, if desired. Boasting contemporary elegance and impressive views, this stunning villa is a remarkable availability. Price: Upon request Property Type: Villas / Townhouse C#: C55840 Property ID: 1406090520025571 Leo Hohla +43 662 658 5110



Petit Saline, St. Barthelemy Overlooking the bay of Lorient and spanning across more than 3 acres, this unique Caribbean jewel is an enclave of unsurpassed privacy. The first impression on entering the residence is that of space. The whole property is enhanced by tropical gardens speckled vibrantly with flowers. The main house is built in stones with a roof structure made of darkly stained woods which perfectly complement the terracotta floors. This open-plan living area invites gatherings

and quiet relaxation. The dining room and lounge open to the swimming pool area. The infinity pool provides a refreshing escape facing the spectacular panoramic ocean views. This building also holds a fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar and a bedroom with private bathroom. Lovely paths, nestled in lush vegetation, allow you to find your way around the property. A second bedroom with bath is to be found in the garden and a little further is the master bedroom which compasses an elegant private bathroom facing the view and a private plunge pool. At the entrance of the property, in a separate building, 2 bedrooms with

bathrooms and a common terrace open out onto a large lawn area.A garage, a gym and a private tennis court complete this expansive, elegant, extremely charming property. There is nothing quiet like it! Price: Upon request Bedrooms: 5 Full Baths: 5 Exterior: 3.02 Acres Property Type: Villas / Townhouses C#: C55813 Property ID: 1308291031271136 Christian Wattiau +590 590 29 88 91


Mont-Tremblant, Quebec Dramatic cathedral ceilings and south western orientation this house is graced with natural sunlight throughout the day. The open concept living and dining areas with oversized fireplace create an ambiance which may be enjoyed by all. .

granite counter tops and heated ceramic flooring. The splendid four season sun room is not to be missed, surrounded by windows and captivating both the lake and dramatic stone cliffs creating a serene environment. The master-suite is conveniently located on the main level with custom on-suite bathroom.

The outside wrap around gallery has ample space for entertainment where you may enjoy the spectacular Tremblant sunsets.

Guests may enjoy the vast family room which includes a nine foot ceiling and stone fireplace. Three large bedrooms occupy the lower level along with a walkout to the stone terrace which has a landscaped path leading to the lake.

A refined interior, including hand crafted beams, custom kitchen, wood flooring,

The built in bar and large sauna are ideal for après ski! The audio system allows

you to play music in any room from different sources. A separate two car garage with guest apartment is within steps of the main residence offering a quiet environment for friends and family. It even has an on-suite bathroom and butler’s kitchen! Price: $2,975,000 USD Bedrooms: 5 Full Baths: 4 Property Type: Single Family Home Property ID: f1501071256700092 MLS / Web ID: 24910796 Jennifer McKeown +1 819 425 9324


ELAINE ESTATE Sydney, Australia

Waterfront in Point Piper, on 6 titles , owned by the one family for 4 generations, 122 years. Elaine, is the most significant residential estate to ever be sold in Australia, likely to be the last of the great old harbour front estates that will be offered into private hands. 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, across 3 levels, a ballroom, a tennis court, stables and rolling lawns down to seven shillings beach acclaimed as Australia’s finest property, the Elaine estate is one of the

most significant offerings ever to come to market in Australia. Situated about 5kms from the city centre on 6,986sqm (1.72 acres) with approximately 43.5m frontage on Seven Shillings Beach, no comparable estate has ever been offered for purchase.

compound to potential luxury apartment development. Elaine is the priceless jewel of Sydney and the estate’s attributes and deep-seated history are impossible to replicate, making this a truly unique opportunity to own a piece of Australian history - and to invest in its exciting future.

Erected in 1863 in the grand Victorian mansion style, Elaine’s ballroom, numerous balconies boasting stunning Sydney Harbour views, and rolling gardens have played host to a bevy of important guests across four generations of ownership by one of Australia’s greatest media families.

Price: Upon request Bedrooms: 7 Full Baths: 7 Property Type: Estate C#: C55442 Property ID: 1310101657419473

Spanning six separate titles, the estate offers the flexibility of a magnificent family

Ken Jacobs +61 2 9328 1422


Branford, Connecticut, USA

Undoubtedly one of the most stunning residences in Long Island Sound’s celebrated Thimble Islands, Dove Island (also known as Potato Island) is an enchanted private island oasis designed to maximize the most sought after views of coastal New England while respecting the traditions and spirit of this archipelago just off the mainland of the famed village of Stony Creek in Branford CT. Described as palatial when originally built in 1912; now captivating, this residence stands at the southern end of the 1 plus acre private island and encompasses 3,871 square feet of sheer perfection. Completely renovated to preserve the original character while providing every modern convenience.

Among the 23 inhabitable islands that many say resemble the coast of Maine, just off shore you see the island with its lush landscaping to the north and the beautiful classic New England seaside cottage to the south. In minutes you are transported to another world. Walking up from the private deep water dock through the white picket fence you are immediately aware of the attention to detail that has been put into every aspect of this private oasis. To the left and across the perfect lawn are park like grounds with lush foliage and plantings providing privacy for a spectacular heated pool flanked by Adirondack chairs and chaise lounge perfectly situated as to not disturb the natural balance of the environment. Following the path to the right, leads to the residence and the wrap around porch which encompasses unparalleled views of the islands, water and landscaped gardens.

Walking around to the south porch there is a custom designed hot tub with hand cut granite nestled into the rocks for catching perfect sunsets and amazing views. Moving inside, the large fieldstone fire place to the right, anchors the large living room designed for chic casual living and entertaining which is surrounded by windows take full advantage of the island location. Original character has been preserved with hard wood floors and bead board complemented by sophisticated design elements throughout the home. The dining room is perfectly situated on the south side of the house to take advantage of evening sun while dining, or perhaps opt for a more intimate dining experience in the nook surrounded by a circle of windows that make you feel as if you were on a boat at sea, a magical experience. The lovely kitchen with state of the art appliances, breakfast bar and beautiful pantry doors is a delight to work in as you


watch the occasional boat pass by.The first floor also provides a half bath and planting/mud room with washer and dryer. Upstairs, are four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. The massive master suite with vaulted ceilings boasts views to the east with sitting porches on the north and south side of the room. The cottage theme is continued in the master bath with soft colors on the wainscoting white marble counters with his and her sinks, a steam shower, Jacuzzi tub and separate WC. The large second bedroom has a shared full bath, vaulted ceilings and could double as a second master suite with sweeping views to the

north and west. Inviting window seats beg you to crawl up and read a great book. Bedroom three with a private bath is nestled on the south side or the house and feels as if you are floating over the water and currently doubles as a study. The fourth bedroom is currently used as an exercise room. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum with the use of a solar energy platform that supplies electricity to the house and there is a propane fired generator to supply power to the charging station as needed. The uniqueness of the location, design and attention to detail make this island home an exceptional opportunity for the

most discriminating buyer. Manhattan in 1 hour 40 minutes and Boston in two hours thirty minutes by car. 15 minutes to the local airport. Price: $7,350,000 USD Bedrooms: 4 Full Baths: 3 | Partial Baths: 1 Interior: 3,871 Sq Ft. Exterior: 1.1 Acres Property Type: Private Island C#: C56188 Property ID:1408111327024458

Karen Stephens +1 203 453 6511



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outh African-based firm SAOTA - is a studio of architectural designers and technicians including in-house CGI and marketing teams, as well as a strong support staff.. It is driven by the dynamic combination of Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen and Phillippe FouchĂŠ who share a potent vision easily distinguished in their design. This, paired with both an innovative and dedicated approach to the execution of projects, has seen SAOTA become an internationally sought-after brand.



Sitting up high above Clifton, this house connects a hillside garden on the East through the generous living space to the expansive Atlantic Ocean to the West.


hen undertaking this project the brief was to create a building that maximized the connection with the view and the sea, create a garden on the mountain side of the site and to minimise views over neighbouring buildings. ‘The Client had a special request that the main living space was to be breath-taking and be able to accommodate major social functions,’ says partner Stefan Antoni.




There was a small 60’s style house on the site with multiple floor level changes making it impossible to salvage. The street level entrance hall is a dramatic, triple volume vertical gallery like space and provides a counterpoint to the living spaces on the levels above. The main Living level is reached by stair or glass lift which also goes directly to the Master Bedroom suite located on the upper most level. This Master Bedroom floats over into the double volume Living space with a striking soft s-curve cantilever. It is screened off from the Living Room double volume by a set of adjustable walnut shutters. The double volume Living level space is positioned on the second upper level connect the garden court to the east, the rear of the site and the mountain. This level enjoys 270 degree views from Lion’s Head at the rear to the Bantry Bay ridge on the North and the dramatic sea views over the Clifton beaches to the West. This double sided space is then able to have a wind free external space and reduces the heat load from the setting sun in the west by taking advantage of natural ventilation across the space.

A gentle split level allows the rear spaces to enjoy views over the front spaces, Pool Terrace and Pool. The pool deck is framed by a large Rheinzink clad buckle, which in addition to working as a sun shading device also adds drama to this terrace by creating a double height external space. The horizon pool creates a seamless connection to the ocean beyond. ‘With the doors opened the interior and exterior spaces connect seamlessly giving one the feeling of infinite space floating in the sky,’ comments partner Greg Truen. Bedrooms, family rooms, the gym and cinema are located on the lower levels and are all accessed by lift and stair The house is on several levels. An emotional and sensorial journey when moving through the house was created between the Architecture and the Interiors. The location, the incredible geography and astounding views provide drama at every turn. At the same time the interiors provide surprise as one moves from space to space. Moods shift and alter and emphasise the different roles of each zone, from private and secluded areas to generous entertainment spaces. ‘The building provides a volumetrically dramatic and dynamic interior space on a grand scale. The objective of the interior décor was to create a softer and intimate counterpoint whilst not jeopardizing the clean, geometric lines of the architecture. These elements can harmoniously coexist and work off each other,’ says Adam Court of OKHA Interiors. By utilising a broad base of textures and finishes, the décor feels natural and subtly organic, comfort being of paramount importance at all times; the overall ambiance is one of calm and serenity. Colour is kept to a bare minimum, the interior works predominantly with a light and shade tonal range, allowing the exterior views, the mountain, the ocean and sky and also the artwork to bring in colour. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE



Nettleton199 Pentagon

The furniture and lighting is predominantly a combination of select designs from the OKHA product range in conjunction with bespoke pieces that were designed specifically for the project. OKHA products are manufactured locally in South Africa and utilize only skilled local artisans and where-ever possible locally sourced materials. The canvas like slabs of pure white wall that mold and delineate the interior spaces also provide a consistent gallery feel throughout, as such art and sculpture played a pivotal role in personalizing the interior and acted as an inspirational interactive catalyst.



INSPIRATIONAL ARCHITECTURE & INTERIORS Project Name: Nettleton 199 Pentagon Location: Clifton, Cape Town Architects: SAOTA Project Team: Greg Truen, Stefan Antoni, Teswill Sars Interior Design: OKHA Interiors Project Team: Adam Court Photographs: Adam Letch

Ski-in/ski-out apartment with


Lyon and Geneva Airports: 2hrs drive (200km) Charming 6 bedroom chalet of approximately 190 sq m in an ideal location for the ski slopes of Courchevel. Located in a high standing residence you will be seduced by the south facing panoramic views. Accommodation includes a living room with fireplace and south facing terrace, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, garage, cellar and ski locker I EPC = D and F

Nic Brennan Savills International

Guide â‚Ź5.35 million

+44 (0)20 7016 3842

Modern Luxury in


WESTERHALL POINT, ST. DAVID’S, GRENADA Maurice Bishop International Airport: 14.2km This split level, modern masterpiece was completed in 2011 and sits on approximately one acre of land. It has an open living, dinning, kitchen area with Bosch appliances as well as 5 bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms and 1 powder room, panoramic ocean views, private studio apartment, infinity pool and jacuzzi, gazebo and wet bar.

James Burdess Savills International

Guide US$2.8 million

+44 (0)20 7016 3783

Computer Generated Image

Computer Generated Image

The Links


MUSCAT HILLS GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB, SULTANATE OF OMAN Muscat Airport: 5 minutes A rarely available opportunity to purchase freehold apartments in Oman – ownership and residency rights available for all Nationalities. Located in the heart of Muscat’s ‘New Downtown’. 1-3 bedroom apartments under construction, pools, gym and gardens. Some views over Muscat Hills golf course. Guide US$150,000 to US$400,000

Jelena Cvjetkovic Savills International

+44 (0)20 7016 3740

Elegant Parisian


Elegant top floor studio residence dating from the 1930’s. It comprises an entrance hall, vast lounge, dining room, small lounge, master bedroom (en suite) with dressing room, guest apartment or apartment for a household employee is also included, 50 sq m terrace, magnificent views over the Dôme des Invalides and gardens below, decorated by François Catroux. Guide €4.14 million

Nadia Bergman Savills Agence Varenne

+33 (0)6 25 89 68 96

Stefan Antoni at his


CAMPS BAY, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Cape Town City Centre: 7km, Cape Town International Airport: 26km This lock-up-and-go, low maintenance, brand new elegant home is an absolute stunner. Superb views across the bay, north-facing and the best finishes. A symphony of perfect design and indulgent luxury offering excellent accommodation. Jelena Cvjetkovic Savills International

Guide ZAR18.5 million

+44 (0)20 7016 3740

Prestigious ‘Piano Nobile’ in a gothic-style Palazzo


Venice Island: 13km from Venice Marco Polo Airport Elegant apartment on the 2nd floor of a Venetian palazzo, characteristically Venetian in style it features high frescoed beamed ceilings and terrazzo and wooden flooring, balcony with splendid ‘trifora’, stunning view of the Canal, elegant location, close to public transport, approx 260 sq m Guide €2.45 million

Jelena Cvjetkovic Savills International

+44 (0)20 7016 3754

Paola Doria Views on Venice Estates S.r.l.

+39 0412411149

Thinking inside the B x New Urban Living Innovative architects turn to shipping containers for affordable housing solutions.

Shipping Container Home construction has become one of the biggest home and office construction trends globally. Since 2005 shipping containers began to appear in many news stories in the U.S., Canada, UK, Netherlands, China, Australia, New Zealand, and much of Europe. Shipping container construction has become popular for not only homes, but for offices, hotels, student housing, safe rooms, and emergency shelters.

Lemons To Lemonade The original interest began when the world realized that shipping containers were stacking up in the ports of every major city in the world. In the United States alone the estimate was nearly 1 million in 2005. After much publicity and interest, the total in the U.S. is said to have dropped to about 500,000 by the end of 2007. Similar decreases have been seen in many other countries also. It is well known that the rapid growth of manufacturing in China and the global thirst by virtually country for the lower priced, high technology products from China has given to happier consumers and lower prices globally, but the side effect has been the one-way shipping of all the containers bringing the products from China.



Photo: www.

Through the efforts of many designers, builders and eco organizations, the surplus of shipping containers from China has diminished greatly. The result of two years of publicity and awareness has stimulated a growing trend to construct housing, offices, and apartments using the base of the standard Shipping Container. The exposure of the problem, combined with the incredible strength and ease of shipping container based construction has truly turned the problem into one of the fastest growing building trends globally....lemons to lemonade.

Beginning The Trend The first person to thank for the Shipping Container Revolution is a man named Malcom McLean, who, in 1956 changed the world by inventing the first shipping container concept, which not only brought the cost of loading and unloading down 90%, but speeded the loading process of a ship, from days to just a few hours. It wasn’t until the mid 1970’s that containers became standard on every ship globally. The US Military began demanding them for their shipments and supplies globally, and the success was so great the shipping companies had no option. Thus, the ISO Shipping Container was fully born, legitimate and standardized as we see it now. Fill it at the factories; truck it to the ship; load it 5-10 containers high; unload at the destination port; load onto another truck or rail car, then off load at a warehouse near you.

The Strongest Box In The World So what is this incredible box that faces wind, rain, salt, typhoons, extreme weight, dropping and bumping for years? The common ISO Shipping container is 20’ or 40’ long; 8’ wide; and 8’6” tall. The taller version named HQ, which means a High Cube (HQ) is the same dimensions but 1 foot taller. 20x8x9’6” or 40x8x9’6” A special stronger steel named Corten steel that won’t rust or corrode.

Mold resistant The Corten steel is used inside and out and is also stronger than normal steel A 1.24” plywood of hardwood



Either teak, birch, or keruing laminates to withstand tons of internal weight

Caterpillar House

is located in Lo Barnechea, Santiago de Chile, Chile, and was designed by Sebastián Irarrázaval.

The home overlooks a dry landscape, and was designed for an art collector, using twelve 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers.

Extremely adaptive to the most efficient Eco insulations For many reasons, it’s the strongest mobile or stationary structure in the world built to withstand typhoons, tornados, hurricanes and even earthquakes. One or more of these incredible steel modules are the safest superstructure for a home, school, office, apartment, dormitory, storage unit, emergency shelter. ...where would you rather be in a storm, hurricane or earthquake? I think in a room made of strong Corten steel....

ISBU Construction Modules Now we have a perfect box that is strong and virtually won’t rust - what else can we do with it? For many years shipping containers have been used as storage units. In the beginning they were used primarily by the military and also construction companies. Soon this evolved and the humble storage was soon be used as small workshops, refrigeration units, offices, and employee cabins. But when the Shipping Container is no longer used for shipping, the name changes. When it used for any other purpose, other than transportation, the name for the ISO Shipping Container becomes ISBU. With the Shipping Container no longer being used for its original purpose “shipping” its name changes from ISO Shipping Container to ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Unit) The construction module is known as an ISBU to most people in the building construction trade.

So What Can We Do With This ISBU? The ISBU shipping container has grown in popularity across in Europe, UK, Australia, China, and the US since 2005and with price tag of €1000 - €2000 it’s easy to see why! In Amsterdam and the UK, the ISBU shipping container units have been popular structures for Student Housing and apartments since 2005. At about the same time in the US, people like Adam Kalkin, Peter De Maria, and the Lo-tek company in New York began using the shipping container as contemporary art type homes. The homes looked like shipping containers, but were designed in a very trendy way that was appealing to many. In mid 2006 David Cross of SG Block was

Masion Container

French architect Patrick Partouche designed the Maison Container in 2010.

Located in the outskirts of Lille, France, this 2,240 square foot, two story house is made of eight 40 foot shipping containers.



The Rosneath-based arts center, Cove Park, overlooks the stunning Loch Long in Scotland, and, since 2002, has had a set of container buildings, known as The Cubes.

featured by many news programs because his company built the first conventional looking home for a government project in St. Petersburg, Florida, and also made headlines because he used a new Ceramic Insulation Paint technology from NASA as the insulation. Building conventional looking homes, but with new Eco-Green technologies. David Cross and others have shown how easy it is to create conventional homes by using multiple ISBU shipping containers. With the establishment of the ISBU Association in early 2007, the growth of quality ISBU shipping container construction has exploded. ISBU’s are now more easily adapted to conventional housing and office structures, both on-site and with a growth of new ISBU shipping container Prefabs and Modular companies cropping up across the US and globally.


Commercial Uses of Shipping Containers Most people only think ISBU shipping containers are used for simple home construction, emergency housing and maybe secure storage units. In reality, the use of shipping containers for the base of commercial construction is hot or even hotter than residential home construction. In 2007 some big players were in the news for their use of ISBU shipping containers commercially. SG Block constructed a very conventional looking prefab office building for the US Army, Travelodge became the first of many new Travelodge Hotels to build with prefab ISBU shipping containers, and even Sun Microsystems jarred the business and technology sector with it’s BlackBox Data-center that is self contained and can be shipped anywhere globally in hours.


Photos by Tom Ackerman for Starbucks A new Starbucks store made from old box bars is set for Edgewater, Chicago (Credit: Starbucks)

“The world is waking up to the new ISBU trend”, says John Sanders, General Manager of the ISBU Association International. “They are no longer being used because they are cheap or plentiful, or even recyclable. They are now being used because people realize shipping containers are the strongest, most flexible construction module in the world”. Shipping Container Homes, plans, and cargotecture design container home trends continues to grow. Container Home designs are more plentiful now than ever before. Container City, Trinity Buoy Wharf, Orchard Place, London Docklands, E14

This year CASASOLA MUEBLES celebrates a milestone of 30 years of business within the Marbella region.


ince its inauguration in Marbella in 1985, Casasola Muebles has secured itself as providing the highest quality of furnishings and accessories for the home and as such has achieved a name that stands for: Exclusivity, Exquisite design and Refined Service. Always one step ahead the collections presented by Casasola Muebles are at the cutting edge of contemporary design all are beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant this alone underlines Casasola Muebles position as one of the Costa del Sol’s main luxury furniture provider. With specialist shops located in Marbella, Rabat and a furniture outlet in Campillos,

customers are able to select from their extensive range of furnishings to include; classic, rural, modern or colonial furniture design plus the Casasola Factory Shop offers you all the latest furniture at considerably lower prices.

Any piece from Casasola Muebles is sure to be a welcome addition to any room. Having navigated the good and bad times here in Marbella the key to the success and continued longevity of Casasola Muebles is without doubt the excellent customer service it offers which Cati (the

principle of Casasola Muebles) explains is vital “people entrust us to manage their “Turnkey” projects and installations and we want them be assured that when they walk into their new home it feels like a home away from home – We take all he stress, worry and hassle away from them so when they arrive they can simply relax and enjoy their surroundings. With this care and attention it is little wonder that Casasola Muebles receives a very high percentage of repeat custom or recommendations from satisfied customers friends and family.

30 Years

RABAT Avda. Ahmed RIFAI, 82 Soussi, Rabat Tel. +212 537756522

CAMPILLOS CASASOLA FACTORY Carretera Arcos-Antequera Km. 106 29320 Campillos Tel. 952 72 21 00

MARBELLA Carretera Cรกdiz-Mรกlaga Km. 184,5 29604 Marbella Tel. 952 77 27 58



Finest Real Estate Marbella, Spain

Frontline Beach Los Monteros: Unmatched in design and location, this spectacular property is probably one of the most attractive homes available on the beachfront of the Mediterranean sea. Situated on a plot of 2,700 sqm in Los Monteros, one of the Costa del Sol most exclusive communities, this residence is defined by a

remarkable architecture with exquisite details which blends effortlessly into its unique setting. The villa boasts 1,548 sqm of living area and terraces with several reception rooms, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a spa with indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, gym and cinema. E&V ID: W-01ZHBN . Price on request

Engel & Vรถlkers Marbella . C.C. El Rosario, Local 2 . 29603 Marbella Tel.: +34-952 83 20 40 . .

Finest Real Estate Marbella, Spain

Frontline Beach Golden Mile: This exquisite villa is located on the beachfront in the most desirable address, Marbella’s Golden Mile. Besides the prime location and the breathtaking views, the villa offers Mediterranean style at its best; with magnificent decoration and exceptional details. With a total of 6 bedroom, the villa

comprises several reception rooms and magnificent outdoor entertainment areas, around the private pool or the Moorish courtyard with its lovely fountains. The property enjoys direct beach access and is only a short walk from Marbella’s center and Puerto Banus. E&V ID: W-020Q0E . Price: € 6,800,000

Engel & Völkers Marbella . C.C. El Rosario, Local 2 . 29603 Marbella Tel.: +34-952 83 20 40 . .

Finest Real Estate Mallorca, Spain

Puerto de Andratx: Impressive masterpiece of architecture with perfect sea views and complete privacy. The villa impresses with its floor plan and provides 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, including a sep. guest apartment and the possibility to extend. Convenient living area on one floor for the master

bedroom, living, dining areas joined with the pool and terraces, combined with all sea-view bedrooms, create a unique solution. Further features: double garage, underfloor heating, AC, fireplace, wine cellar, beautiful garden and fantastic sunsets. E&V ID: W-01I2T7 . Price: â‚Ź 6,800,000

Engel & VĂślkers Mallorca Southwest . C/ Isaac Peral 50 . 07157 Puerto de Andratx Tel.: +34-971 67 47 80 . .

Finest Real Estate Mallorca, Spain

Santa Ponsa: Located in one of the most sought after areas, this amazing, southwest orientated villa offers wonderful sea views overlooking the superb Malgrats Islands. This property has been renovated with special attention to detail and fitted to a very high quality. The generous layout offers a large living & dining

area and an open kitchen and all bedrooms open out onto sunny terraces. This estate can be summarised as a perfect combination between modern architecture and pure relaxation! Total surface 303 sqm, land of approx. 1,110 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. E&V ID: W-01Z747 . Price: â‚Ź 2,850,000

Engel & VĂślkers Mallorca Southwest . Avda. Rey Jaume I, 111 . 07180 Santa Ponsa Tel.: +34-971 69 90 63 . .

Finest Real Estate Barcelona, Spain

Eixample: This wonderful apartment is located in a 1921 classical building. The property is completely renovated, with the charming style of the time, with high coffered ceilings, very well preserved parquet floors and it also has a large terrace. The property has 187 sqm, with five rooms. It has two bathrooms, one en suite.

It has a spacious living room that opens onto a terrace of 125 sqm and receives direct sunlight and a quiet courtyard block. Ideal for people looking for a home with the charm of the Eixample neighbourhood, plus the ability to enjoy the sun of the terrace all year. E&V ID: W-01WJMN . Price: â‚Ź 1,150,000

Engel & VĂślkers Barcelona . Avenida Diagonal, 640, 6th Floor . E-08017 Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 515 44 44 . .

Finest Real Estate Barcelona, Spain

Sant Gervasi: This old house of 827 sqm, designed by architect Enric Sagnier, consisting of 4 spacious floors, contains artistic details: refined woodwork, original Art Deco style bathrooms and art nouveau windows. There is a special access to the interior of the property through a cave leading to a large double staircase on the

main facade. On the back you can enjoy a fabulous romantic garden with a covered gallery for flowers. Located on the top of Tibidabo Avenue offers a panoramic view of the city. Very near to the Collserola Park gives a quiet and privileged natural environment. E&V ID: W-01Z77R . Price: â‚Ź 7,000,000

Engel & VĂślkers Barcelona . Avenida Diagonal, 640, 6th Floor . E-08017 Barcelona Tel.: +34 93 515 44 44 . .

Finest Real Estate Luxembourg

Schengen: The Schengen Castle and its expansive outbuildings are located on the borders of Luxembourg, France and Germany. This small village, has become renowned for the agreement signed aboard the ship “MS Princesse Marie-Astrid“ on the free movement of people

within the Schengen area. The origin of the castle dates back to 1390. In 1812, its owners rebuilt a new one with the original materials. Renovated in 2000, the castle is now operated as a 4-star boutique hotel and conference centre. E&V ID: W-01LAF1 . Price on request

Engel & Völkers Luxembourg . 6, avenue Pasteur . L-2310 Luxembourg Tel: +352 26 47 98-1 . .

Finest Real Estate Santa Monica, USA

Santa Monica: This top floor corner penthouse at 1705 Ocean Ave is an exquisitely finished one-of-a-kind 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath plus den home which includes over 1000 square feet of private terraces. The great room features floor to ceiling glass looking onto stunning views of the Pacific, a fireplace

and a terrace with outdoor fireplace. The Marmol Radzinerdesigned open island kitchen is appointed with quartzite counters, oak cabinetry and Thermador stainless steel appliances. There are other units available in the development. E&V ID: E-0014I7 . Price: $ 7,995,000

Engel & Vรถlkers Santa Monica . 1123 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403 USA Tel.: +1-310-460-2525 . .

RAIN, WIND, HAIL, SNOW & FIRE. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR HOME IS DAMAGED BY ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENON. GENERAL WEATHER CONDITIONS IN SPAIN As the climate has warmed globally, some types of extreme weather have become more frequent and severe in recent decades. Extreme heat, intense precipitation, and drought, are on the increase. Heat waves are becoming longer and hotter. Heavier rainfalls and flooding are more frequent. In a wide swing between extremes, drought is also more intense and more widespread. Small changes in the averages of many key climate variables can correspond to large

changes in the weather. These changes are extremely difficult to predict and this weather variability can be extremely costly. Other atmospheric phenomena, such as hail, snow and fire, previously uncommon in regional climates such as the Mediterranean, are now becoming more common occurrences. That’s why its important to take out a quality home insurance policy.

WITH LINEA DIRECTA YOU ARE COVERED FOR DAMAGE BY ATMOSPHERIC PHENOMENA As global climate conditions vary, Linea Directa adapts their home insurance policies to ensure that customers are covered for damage resulting from some types of extreme weather. Linea Directa includes cover for these unpredictable events in their insurance policies.


We understand that your peace-of-mind is important, especially in your home. As adverse weather conditions become more

common, Linea Directa will ensure you are fully covered from their diverse effects to your property and their contents. When you take out a home insurance policy from Linea Directa you can breath more easily. We can’t predict when extreme atmospheric conditions occur, but we be there to ensure that if any damage should result, you won’t have to worry. Our aim is to provide you with added peace-of-mind. We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. To contact Linea Directa please call + 34 902 123 161 More information on Linea Directa online at





Boco do Lobo furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. We strive to encourage sensational experirences by creating beautiful pieces, which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do. Our designers posess an undeniable talent for comosing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. No detail or element is overlooked as we offer the best at the frontier between design and art. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotton, and take you to places you have never been before; a journey to Boco do Lobo world, a world of emptions.







MARIE ANTOINETTE MIRROR A mirror will always be an object that evokes supreme beauty. There is an immense mysticism behind it. Marie Antoinette mirror is an attitude, an historical fact and a “époque”. It is inspired by the controversy of Marie Antoinette and by the greatest times of the French royalty, where impressive and large-scale pieces marked the halls of the Palace of Versailles and its big and luxurious parties.

The Downton Effect 82


How Downton Abbey is Dominating Trends in Interior DĂŠcor Set in the exquisite Edwardian Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England, the British bombshell show Downton Abbey has been captivating audiences for years. There is something compelling about the upstairs aristocrats and the downstairs servants fighting the battle to bring their English country estate and their traditional way of thought and life into the roaring twenties, a time of social and political upheaval. One of the greater appeals of Downton Abbey is the setting. Those ornate drawing rooms, luxurious bedrooms, gorgeous meandering gardens and the fresh, crisp appearance of the downstairs servants make for a lively and interesting backdrop for the production. Many fans of the show are relinquishing the casual interior dĂŠcor of their homes and are bringing the more formal style of the Downton Abbey era inside. According to interior designer Bill Stubbs, rich velvets, tassels on posh pillows, gold leaf and stately mahogany are all very much a part of the more formal traditional look in demand today thanks to the BBC production.

Recreate the Essence of an Era

Flooring Wood floors and natural stone set the stage for room sized Oriental and Persian rugs. Deep jewel-tones, and rich vibrant highly saturated colours for drama in the public areas, softer in the bedrooms and more formal living spaces. For less traffic areas consider Aubusson rugs. Feel free to place smaller rugs over solid room size rugs, wall to wall carpet, or in very large rooms even over another rug! Persian and Oriental rugs can work in any style and add an immediate luxurious feel.

Walls Paint is the simplest way to bring the classically rich appeal to your own home. Kelly Moore and Farrow and Ball have released colours based on rooms from the series. The colours range from deep in the library with the addition of blue by way of furnishings against cream walls. Green is introduced in small accent pieces on the mantle and on tables within the space. These colours will translate well to walls, ceiling, trim, built-ins, and doors in most homes and can be interchanged with varying degrees of emphasis based on personal preference. The dining room is essentially in the same or similar colours with cream walls and stained wood, with accent colours in the rug and the introduction of green on the dining chairs. This same palette can be repeated in the grandee saloon, with its painted and glazed trims in cream, and highly decorative Spanish tooled leather walls.

In the more formal sitting rooms, painted or lightly glazed off-white trim is used against softer creams, or pastels. The bedrooms should be coloured in soft pastels with off-white trim, or stained wood with deeper greens, blues, and reds.

Take care in smaller homes not to “break up” your spaces, this will accentuate the size, as continuity will make it feel larger. By following this formula of repetition of palette in different styles the old world elegance can readily be applied to most any of today’s spaces.





Consider wall coverings in large damask patterns, tone on tone stripes, and even painted embossed wallpapers. These embossed papers can be painted to resemble plaster, leather, wood, even metals. Embossed borders installed at chair rail height and bordered with a small moulding, then painted and glazed to look like wood are a great way to add detail to walls. This is also workable on the wall at the ceiling.

Lighting Crystal chandeliers are the perfect choice for most any room if you want instant opulence. From large highly adorned pieces to the more delicate simple French flea market style with fewer crystals the selection is massive. Mirrored wall sconces, in fact wall sconces of any type, are also a perfect way to accent fireplaces, shelving, or add ambient lighting around the perimeter of a room. Add a pair of matching lamps on a console table or chest. Remember a collection is acquired over time. 86


Accessories Silver in decorative and functional pieces is perfect for this era’s influence. Silver serving pieces, tea sets and candelabra come to mind immediately. Books in shelving and with bookends on surfaces are a must. Ceramic dogs, zebras, cheetahs, and other animals can be used on the floor as accents, typically about 24 to 30’ high. Ceramic jardinières, garden stools and vases in Chinese patterns can add colour and also function as pedestals, planters or vases. Ornate framed paintings and table top framed photos of ancestors and family can be another way to bring the style into your home. Fresh floral and greenery are necessary additions. Fine china tea sets can be used to serve guests, especially Meissen and other classic china, this of course is more a lifestyle change than décor, but quite fitting nonetheless.

The Downton Effect

Mouldings, trim, doors, and built-ins The stacked multi piece mouldings, baseboards, and coffered beamed ceilings are a large part of the grand appeal of most all the rooms at the Abbey. They add a grounded impression that can easily be adapted. Changing a base moulding from 4� to 6� in height will give a huge impact. Stained wood is also used extensively. If you have paint grade trims, this look can be created by painting doors and mouldings in a wood-tone colour. For richer depth the painted surfaces can be dry brushed with a darker glaze giving the effect of graining. This treatment is also very effective on built-ins. Adding crown moulding formalizes any space, and if contrasted to the walls and ceilings it’s a lovely finishing touch. Picture moulding used in conjunction with special hardware allows you to hang your art from chain or ribbon this in itself is reminiscent of elegant English salons. Wainscoting is a wonderful way to add interest to a wall and a favourite of period designers and can used on single walls for an accent or focal point.

Furniture and furnishings A wide assortment of period antiques, as if they had been collected over time, will always give a luxurious impression. Foregoing massive tables in living rooms in favour of smaller accent tables, and tufted ottomans as cocktail tables will work well. Centre tables, and game tables are functional and decorative. Tufted furniture in general works as does French and English fauteuils. Canopy beds come to mind as possibilities for bedrooms, along with carved exposed wood daybeds for secondary bedrooms and multipurpose rooms. Large framed mirrors in stained woods and gilded finishes are a must, and should be placed freely. From simple to highly adorned, they will work in traditional to modern spaces. Case pieces are usually highly decorated with carving, inlay or marquetry, or even painted. The addition of a few these exquisite pieces can transform a room immediately.



Fabrics Texture, weave, luxury of hand, and light reflection are of utmost importance in the selection of fabrics and other textiles. Tone on tone damask is a staple for the opulent living room. Upholstering a sofa or a pair of matching chairs in damask can set the tone for a living area, with embroidered or contrasting fabric fringed 90

pillows as accents. Solid and cut velvet are a great choice for less formal areas. Tapestry fabrics also are wonderful choices. Fringe and trims can be added to most any pillow, or even as a skirt on a chair or sofa. Small textured geometric patterns can be used to complete the furnishings. Quilted silks are a favourite for the bedroom, as are brocades, velvets and tapestry fabrics. Large floral prints on


windows are also quite lovely. Simple coverlets or duvets with a restrained number of pillows, or large neckrolls at the head are preferable to the massive pillow stacks more common in today’s bedroom.  Large tapestries hung on the walls are simple way to add elegant rich and regal dÊcor to a space. Available in many themes and weaves they work with all styles.


Inkchair | Inkchair Stirata | Inkchair Banquette Tel. Italy: +39 339 357.34.20 | +39 339 454.38.26 Tel. Kenya: +254 (0) 703.114.314 | +254 (0) 708.995.708 Tel. Sultanate of Oman: +968 952.100.67 Tel. UAE: +971 (0) 554.847.188 Tel. UK: +44 745.228.1281

The right choice to realise your dream and maximize your return on investment

Estepona - New Golden Mile

Stunning beach apartment for sale on New Golden Mile, Estepona Ref. LP467A - Sale Price 485.000 â‚Ź Absolutely a wonderful ground floor apartment located in a luxury beach front development in Guadalmansa.

ample terrace and garden area from where you can enjoy views to the gardens and the sea.

Located midway between San Pedro and Estepona. A short 10 minute drive to Puerto Banus and Estepona.

An open plan fully fitted and equipped kitchen with a separate laundry area. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms whereof the Master bedroom is ensuite. Parking and storage room included.

This development offers beautiful tropical gardens, 2 outdoor pools, a heated indoor pool, gym and a sauna. The apartment consists of a large living-dining room which leads to the

Beds 2





Lotus Marbella - Blvd. PrĂ­ncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, CN-340, Km 178.2 Marbella Golden Mile, C.C. La Poveda, Local 1 - 29602, Marbella - Tel.: +34 951 91 42 00 -

Nueva Andalucia - Las Brisas

Lovely villa for sale in Nueva Andalucia, Marbella Ref. LP471V - Sale Price 645.000 € Located in the heart of the golf valley, at a short distance to amenities such as supermarkets, pharmacy, shops and restaurants. Just a few minutes’ drive to Puerto Banus. Very well maintained villa and built on 2 levels with beautiful views to the garden and the mountain “La Concha”.

From this level you have access to the ample terrace and the garden with private pool and lounge area. The upper floor consists of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathroom whereof the master bedroom is en-suite. Community Fees: 59 €/Month - Local Rates (IBI): 1400 €/Year

With on the main floor a large living room with open fireplace, dining area and an open plan fully fitted and equipped kitchen with separate laundry area and guest toilet.











Lotus Marbella - Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, CN-340, Km 178.2 Marbella Golden Mile, C.C. La Poveda, Local 1 - 29602, Marbella - Tel.: +34 951 91 42 00 -

Estepona - Costalita

Penthouse second line beach in Costalita, the New Golden Mile Ref. LP508PH - Sale Price 535.000 € This penthouse is located midway between Puerto Banus and Estepona with only a short 10 minute drive in either way. Set in a well-established and secure urbanisation of Costalita with several beach restaurants and clubs, tennis club and hotels. At 5 minutes’ drive to one of the best golf courses on the coast. The complex offers 4 swimming pools, a gym with modern workout equipment, security and lush tropical gardens.

Beds 3

This well maintained penthouse is distributed in 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge area and a fully fitted and equipped kitchen all on one floor. Over 200 m2 terraces with barbeque area and a rooftop terrace with private pool and amazing sea views. Community Fees: 650 €/Month - Local Rates (IBI): 1048 €/Year







Lotus Marbella - Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, CN-340, Km 178.2 Marbella Golden Mile, C.C. La Poveda, Local 1 - 29602, Marbella - Tel.: +34 951 91 42 00 -

Marbella - Marbella Centro

First line beach apartment in Marbella centre for sale Ref. LP456A - Sale Price 497.000 € Located on the promenade just in front of the marina in Marbella. Walking distance to all amenities, the old town of Marbella and of course the beach.

With its south position you can enjoy panoramic views to the sea, the harbour and the promenade. A parking space and storage room can be bought separately.

The enclosed complex offers 3 communal pools and 24 hour security.

Community Fees: 160 €/Month Garbage Tax: 94 €/Year - Local Rates (IBI): 790 €/Year

This 2 bedroom apartment has completely renovated to a standard quality apartment modern finishes, bathrooms kitchen.

been high with and









Lotus Marbella - Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, CN-340, Km 178.2 Marbella Golden Mile, C.C. La Poveda, Local 1 - 29602, Marbella - Tel.: +34 951 91 42 00 -

NATURAL EARTHINESS of MARSALA PANTONE18-1438 TPX MARSALA Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding redbrown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.



Marsala for Interiors Complex and full-bodied without overpowering, Marsala provides a unifying element for interior spaces. Add elegance to any room by incorporating this rich and welcoming hue in accent pieces, accessories and paint. Marsala’s plush characteristics are enhanced when the color is applied to textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for rugs and upholstered living room furniture. Nurturing and fulfilling, Marsala is a natural fit for the kitchen and dining room – making it ideal for tabletop, small appliances and linens throughout the home. The hue will be especially prominent in striping and floral patterns found in printed placemats, dinnerware, bedding and throws.


I’d like to talk about “Pantone color of the year Marsala”

I find the variants of this colour are attractive on glossy lipstick as they are on a luxurious armchair. What I enjoy about this colour is that it can bring forth a crave for chocolate as it can for scrumptious fresh fruit. It allures the senses. I find Marsala to be both elegant and sophisticated, yet seductive with its earthy vibe! Finding the right tone can help set the mood in a room. A bit of warmth, playfulness and lush depth are always a good way of enhancing a welcoming and inviting look. I think Marsala works very well on velvet, silk and satin fabrics. It can work great on a decorative cushion - try using silk with a sequence detail, the combination will look fab or to add depth use plush velvet on an armchair or love seat. Try it as an accent colour on a wall in your office or to create a more cozy feel in a room. For dining, dress your table combining variants of the colour, working your way from deeper tones to lighter tones on plates and more intense on the wine glasses.

Keeping on trend with Andrea

SHOWROOM MARBELLA Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, 29602, Marbella, Málaga, Spain +34 952 858 699 DESIGN STUDIO Ctra. Ronda La Cancela de la Quinta, Edificio 3 Local 3.2B 29670 San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga, Spain +34 952 788 691

Photos Courtesy of Brabbu

Ambience Home Design S.L. +34 616 488 181




REAL ESTATE Offering peace of mind and professionalism MARBELLA

Drumelia provides a highly specialized service aimed at helping private buyers and investors acquire the finest real estate in the greater Marbella area. Our service is a far-reaching one in which our experience, market knowledge and efficiency are as important to our clients as are our integrity and discretion. Our marketing channels make us highly effective in bringing Marbella property to the attention of buyers and investors in markets within Europe and Russia, but ultimately it is the ability to meet our clients’ needs that has enabled us to build a solid business on the personal referrals of satisfied clients.



Apartment on The Golden Mile in Marbella

Build 403 m2 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms en-suite, 1 office and 1 guest toilet Completely reformed apartment in the luxurious 24h gated community Monte Paraiso Price 1.150.000 euros

Centro Comercial Rio Verde, Oficinas 6-7 | Km.175.3, Carretera Cรกdiz-Mรกlaga | 29660 Marbella (Mรกlaga) | (+34) 952 76 69 50 | (+34) 622 59 61 21 | PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Steal some showroom style to sell your home



ome staging is all about illusions, it’s more than decorating and cleaning, it’s about perfecting the art of creating moods. Home staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and, best of all it makes home buyers want to buy it. Contrary to what you might think, it’s about more than just preparing the house for sale. Home staging is what you do after you’ve cleaned, decluttered, painted, made minor repairs; it’s all about dressing the house for sale.



First and foremost - Get your house sparkling clean. From shining floors and

A guest room? Another kids’ room? Whether you buy inexpensive furnishings, rent them, or borrow some from friends, making a real room out of a junk room will have a big payoff.


5. Make rooms feel as spacious as possible. Mirrors and shiny surfaces

gleaming windows to clean counters and scrubbed grout, every surface should sparkle. This is the easiest way to help your home put its best foot forward. Whatever you do don’t skimp -- this step is key!

Use colour cleverly. Choose

sophisticated neutral colours. Now is not the time to experiment with that “fun”looking lime green. But that doesn’t mean you need to go all white, either.

Rich mid-tone neutrals like mocha and “greige” create a sophisticated backdrop that makes everything look more pulled together.

3. Add the right lighting. Lighting

creates mood, so keep it light and bright in practical areas like your kitchen, whilst table lamps will add atmosphere and ambience to your living room and bedrooms.

4. Define each room. Your buyers

need to know how they would use each room, if you have been using a spare bedroom as a dumping ground for odd pieces of furniture and boxes of junk, it’s time to clean up your act. Each room should have a clearly defined purpose, so think about what potential buyers might like to see here. An office?

help to bounce light around spaces, making them feel bigger. Try adding oversized mirrors to otherwise dim corners to really open them up. Remember, space adds value!

6. De-clutter. A potential homebuyer

needs to picture themselves in your rooms, and quirky decorating or pictures hurts the illusion. Take the collectibles off the mantel and put the pet paraphernalia and children’s toys into storage.

7. Swap personal photos for stylish artwork. Nice pictures for your walls don’t have to be expensive; there are plenty of high street shops selling affordable wall art, and these will give your walls a real lift. Choose art that won’t offend (no nudes!) and try to pick out colours from your existing décor to add a sense of balance and harmony. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


8. Give dated bathrooms a facelift

A nice bath helps sell a house but, don’t invest in a total renovation. Bring an outof-date bath up to date with gleaming white walls whether via a fresh coat of white bath and kitchen paint or ceramic tile and new lighting. Replace bathroom accessories with well-designed ones from a designer bath boutique. You can get matched ensembles that include toilet tissue holder, wastebasket, trays, etc. Aim for the hotel chic look: Crisp white towels neatly stacked in a towel holder, small trays on the vanity holding attractive toiletries or soaps (wrapped or unused) and scented candles.

9. Invest in new bedding. Cheap or

old bedding can really devalue bedrooms, and make them feel dated. For a relatively small spend, you can transform your bedrooms with new bed sets and matching curtains chose neutral colours as this will again create space and light

10. Create a gender-neutral master bedroom. Appeal to everyone with a

clean, tailored master bedroom, free of personal items and clutter. You can’t go wrong with clean, crisp linens, tasteful artwork and a blanket folded at the foot of the bed 110


11. Open those closets! Open-house visitors will peek inside your closets. Closet space can be a make-it-or-break-it selling point for buyers, so show yours off to their full advantage by giving excess stuff the heave-ho. Again, this is really important, so even if you need to store a few boxes elsewhere, it’s worth it. Aim to have 20 to 30 percent open space in each closet to give the impression of spaciousness

12. The exterior of your home should look as polished as the interior. This

means neatly trimmed bushes, mulched flowerbeds and fresh seasonal arrangements in urns by the front door. Think “tidy,” “update” and “refresh”: never do anything costly or major like adding a swimming pool or pond, which may put off potential buyers.

13. Think seasonally. Make sure your garden is in beautiful shape in the summer,

and that any extra features you have, like a pool or a fire pit, are cleaned and ready to go. Take advantage of the cosy vibe of the season in autumn and winter, by building a fire in the fireplace and simmering hot apple cider on the stove.

Create a Lifestyle 14. A great smell makes a house memorable. Baking bread or brewing

coffee have become a bit of a cliché, instead buy a room spray with a fragrance you love and spray the house sparingly before each showing.

Home staging can be easy and inexpensive, especially if you focus on the small details. Then, just stand back and let your house shine and it is sure to impress potential homebuyers.

15. Create a lifestyle people are looking for. Generally speaking, you

want to play up what your neighbourhood or area is known for. Have a house in a quiet, grassy suburb? Hanging a hammock in your backyard and a bench swing on your porch could be the perfect touch.

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KNOWLEDGE, IT’S IN OUR NATURE. With over 150 years of property experience, Carter Jonas have the expertise and knowledge to assist you with whatever your property needs may be. With 35 offices throughout the country, please contact us today for a free market appraisal. 020 7590 6699

King’s Quay Chelsea Harbour London

A truly superb duplex penthouse apartment with spectacular views of both The River and Marina at Chelsea Harbour. The property is newly built with a 10-year building warranty and finished to the very highest standard. 2 reception rooms • Kitchen • 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms • Cloakroom • Terrace Direct lift • Porter • Underground parking EPC rating C

Guide price £9,950,000

Knightsbridge & Chelsea +44 (0)207 584 7020

Lansdowne crescent Notting Hill London

A large Grade II Victorian house on the terraced outer side of this elegant crescent. With its own private terrace leading directly onto communal gardens, this house has superb entertaining space, is beautifully presented and wonderfully bright being south-facing. 3 reception rooms • 7 bedrooms 4 bathrooms • Patio • Terrace Communal gardens

Guide price £7,500,000

Holland Park & Notting Hill +44 (0)207 371 1111

JSA Knight Frank

+44 (0)207 229 0229

Wiltshire Figheldean – Pewsey 10 miles – Salisbury 11 miles – Marlborough 17 miles

A substantial Grade II listed period house with classically proportioned accommodation set in mature gardens with river frontage and fishing rights, in all approximately 2.89 acres (1.17 hectares). 2 reception rooms • 8 bedrooms 3 bathrooms • Kitchen/breakfast room Dining room • Study • 2 cloakrooms Pantry • Garage • Tennis court • Mature gardens • Tree covered riverside grounds

Price on application


+44 (0)1672 514916

London Country Department +44 (0)207 493 0676

Cumbria Lake Windermere – Windermere 7 miles – Kendal 17½ miles – London Euston 2 hours 46 minutes

An historic Lakeland country house and estate on the eastern shores of Lake Windermere believed to date back to the 1400s. 2 reception rooms • 9 bedrooms 2 bathrooms • Kitchen • Extensive attic Cellars • Traditional barns and outbuildings 2 coach houses • Boat house • Gardens, grounds and parkland • Game and course fishing • In all approximately 109.2 acres (44.19 hectares)

Price on application


+44 (0)1539 722592

AMBIENCE opens their new showroom

in Marbella.


fter a couple months of intense renovation, Ambience has finally opened their second showroom in Marbella on the Golden Mile.

Ambience is known for their broad range of services that include interior architecture, refurbishment, interior design and décor, as well as project management. Ambience´s vast knowledge, trustworthy team and years of experience in the market have been key to their success as

one of Marbella’s leading interior design companies and with numerous projects around Europe and the Middle East. They skillfully tackle challenging spaces, providing their clients with fully functional and aesthetic solutions that evoke their client’s personal style. In their new showroom you will find a beautiful selection of luxurious candles, stunning furniture and unique artwork, well worth the visit.

For more information please visit: Ambience Home Design S.L. +34 616 488 181 S H O W R O O M M A R B E L L A Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, 29602, Marbella, Málaga, Spain +34 952 858 699 DESIGN STUDIO Ctra. Ronda La Cancela de la Quinta, Edificio 3 Local 3.2B 29670 San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga, Spain +34 952 788 691



One of the most successful innovations to come out of the Black Forest. And a cuckoo clock.

The difference is Gaggenau In the Black Forest, some things never change. Others have been evolving since 1683. Ever since our company was founded as a hammer and nail factory, innovation has become a tradition for us. Such as the new 400 series ovens, shown here with oven, combi-steam oven and warming drawer – uniting cutting-edge technology with timeless design. With 330 years of history our products are just getting p better and better.

For more information about Gaggenau and a list of our partners and showrooms please visit: PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Nebula Alpha is a progression of the well-known Silestone® Nebula series, which is inspired by the appearance of natural stone. Consisting of four colours, Calypso, Orion White, Phoenix and Ariel, they contain random, irregular veining combined with shades of colour inspired by the earth. This has resulted in attractive combinations full of depth, luminosity, warmth and elegance. As Nebula Alpha is part of Silestone® by Cosentino, it boasts all the same extraordinary characteristics such as hardness, resistance to impact and scratching, low absorption and a unique bacteriostatic property making it extremely hygienic.

The worldwide leader in quartz surfaces, Silestone® by Cosentino, presents Nebula Alpha; a new collection consisting of four colours representing an expansion of the well-known Silestone® Nebula series, inspired by natural stone. Calypso, Orion White, Phoenix and Ariel are the names of the four colours in this new collection, whose inspiration was evoked by the earth and the beauty of nature. Subtlety, subduedness and harmony are three words that define Nebula Alpha to perfection, in which random and irregular veining combine with colours full of depth, luminosity, warmth and elegance. Nebula Alpha is the perfect material for interior designers and architects when

creating spaces and design projects of highly aesthetic and functional value. Nebula Alpha also offers every project and every customer a unique result thanks to the random, unrepeatable and original pattern of each thread of colour. As it is part of a collection made by Silestone® by Cosentino, in addition to its unique beauty, Nebula Alpha has outstanding mechanical properties such as hardness, resistance to impact and scratching, low absorption and a unique bacteriostatic property making it extremely hygienic.


Orion White

Silestone速 presents Nebula Alpha

A new collection of colours inspired by natural stone.

Fresh Kitchen Design Trends for 2015 and Beyond




ant to freshen up the look of your kitchen? Maybe you’re building a brand new home from the ground up, or you’re interested in doing a complete kitchen remodel. Or perhaps your budget only allows you to change out a few key details in your existing kitchen décor. If you’re updating your kitchen in any form, before you spend any money, it pays to get informed about the current kitchen design trends for 2015.

When decorating a home, it’s important to strike a balance between the trendy and the classic — since kitchen projects are costly. With that in mind, we take a look at trends that we predict will have staying power that goes well beyond the year 2015.


Wood Kitchen Cabinets Wood colour stories are all over the place, and a variety of different types of wood grains and wood stains are of interest. - Oak is shaping up to be a clear-cut winner with oak kitchen cabinets seeing a dramatic upward surge in demand. - Mixed wood colour stories are also directional for 2015. - Some trend-setting designers are now favouring driftwood-inspired tones that read “grey� overall. Many designers are now incorporating pale woods and warm honey-toned woods into their kitchen cabinet design | | www.archiexpo.xom

- Another up-to-the-minute look is an interesting combination of complementary woods and wood stains.


Minimalist White Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances

Forget Stainless Steel Fixtures - think OilRubbed Bronze and other up-to-date finishes |


White is one of the freshest new “neutrals,” and it’s a colour that makes perfect sense in the kitchen. Think simple, clean, uncluttered and un-fussy kitchen cabinetry — with appliances that blend into the cabinets as if they were an extension of them.

Stainless steel has its place, and it hasn’t gone away by any means. It’s still an important fabrication at the decorator’s disposal. However, one easy way to get a fresh, new look is to ditch the stainless steel, and instead use fabrications that look more current. Oil-rubbed bronze is shaping up to be an important surface for kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as faucets, handles and knobs. Pictured at right, you’ll also see a coordinating bronze towel ring for holding kitchen dish towels. If oil-rubbed bronze is too dark or dramatic for your kitchen space, check out other currant finishes such as brushed nickel or chrome. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE



Metallic or Grey Kitchen Cabinets Grey isn’t the freshest, newest interior design trend going — which could actually be a good thing for those of you who don’t want to be first to dive into anything. In the past few years, grey has already been shaping up as a go-to colour, and it is still a relatively safe choice as 2015 progresses. Along with white, grey is a strong contender for the hottest neutral colour in trendy designers’ palettes for 2015. Grey is also a much fresher choice than the beiges, khakis and camels that were so prevalent during the last several decades. For those of you, who want to go up-to-theminute-trendy, consider adding luster to your grey colour stories. Metallic surfaces are a hot design trend for 2015, and they are easily accomplished; try freshening up tired spaces with some of the newest metallic paint colours that are hitting the marketplace now. This is particularly timely advice for those of you who can’t do an entire remodel; a fresh coat of paint could do wonders to transform tired-looking kitchen cabinets.




Warm Metal Kitchen Fixtures and Accents

Warm, inviting kitchens hold universal appeal. If you find your kitchen in need of some warm accents and details, warm-coloured metals are one possible way give the room an inviting glow. Another creative idea that adds plenty of visual interest: incorporate both warm and cool reflective metals into the same space — perhaps combining accents of brass or copper plus chrome.


White or Colourful Sinks

There’s a dilemma faced by those embracing the trends for warm metals such as copper and bronze: how do you make it look good with a standard stainless steel sink? |

The solution: You don’t have to. Instead, you go with a plain white sink, or perhaps a sink in a warm colour that harmonizes. Of course, that isn’t to say that bronze-coloured fixtures would never look good with stainless steel sinks. There are some designers who have successfully pulled off such combinations. However, for many of us, bronze + white is a safer choice.


Open Floor Plan Designs for the Kitchen and the Home Over the past several decades, we’ve witnessed an evolution from closed to open floor plans, and this does not appear to be abating. Open floor plans continue to be on-trend for 2015 and beyond. What does that mean for the decorator at work in an open kitchen space? | |

Let’s say the people hanging out in your family room can see everything going on in the kitchen — and the people in the kitchen have full view of the family room as well. In that case, the décor should be consistent between the kitchen and the family room. While it doesn’t all have to be matchymatchy, it’s important that your kitchen décor harmonizes well with the pieces in your family room. When freshening up the kitchen, you might want to choose a few of your accent colours from the choices you’ve already made in the family room. You also may wish to incorporate key elements that tie the two rooms together — perhaps coordinating area rugs, several well-placed pieces of artwork by the same artist, or harmonizing colour palettes throughout.



Brummel Cucine New kitchen DOLCE VITA

In the Dolce Vita kitchen the pleasure of Italian style finds an exceptional exponent in a sinuous, functional and elegant environment.

The pleasure of Italian Style

The high quality of the oak finish which is brushed, varnished and glazed with silver powder, the design of the steel handles and the Amira lamps offer the ideal setting for an exceptional protagonist like the Diamond Fall island with granite counter-top. The effect is stunning: the colors of the countertop enhance the value of the material thanks to the contrast of light and shade created by the combination of metal, stone and earth fossilized for thousands of years. The style is projected towards the island where the two lateral cylinders, again enhanced by the Diamond Fall granite counter-top, hide and display multi-functional compartments and a well-stocked cellar. Design: VM Design by Vincenzo Antonuccio & Marilena Calbi

Alexanders´Collection Spain Luxury Home

Stockists of Brummel DOLCE VITA kitchens Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | |



POWERFUL Rotate clockwise open the lid Charge

Huge capacity is not our prime goal!

We want users to experience the pleasure that sharing brings sufficient power charging 3 devices for at leat twice


Tap the lamp It’ll be beautifully illuminating Ultra Power gives you coziness everywhere



PureLine and ContourLine offer the ultimate in form and function Miele is one of the leaders in innovation and their products are built to last. That’s their motto “Immer Besser” means. “Better And Better”. At Miele, design is never an end in itself—it always exists in harmony with the utmost functionality. This is especially true with the introduction of the new Generation 6000 series which features two distinct design styles—PureLine and ContourLine. Under the principle “Design for Life,” each design collection offers an array of ovens, warming drawers and built-in coffee systems that flawlessly complement one another in form, function, and materials. Combined with exclusive new technology and user interfaces, the design of the Generation 6000 series elevates the culinary experience with unprecedented convenience, performance, and elegance.

Kitchen Coffee Station by Miele the perfect cup of coffee every time

West Sussex, Woodmancote



Guide price Guide Price £7,950,000

An exceptional and historic country estate in a glorious lakeside setting. Henfield 1 mile | Gatwick airport 22 miles | Central London 48 miles

149 acres (60.2 ha) Hall | Kitchen/breakfast room | 3 reception rooms | 9 bedrooms | 8 bathrooms | 2 cottages | Excellent outbuildings | Stable yard and manège | Swimming pool | Tennis court | Stunning formal gardens and grounds

James Mackenzie Country Department

Tim Page-Ratcliff Lewes Office

020 7629 7282

01273 475 411



Celebrity House Hunting Homes of the Rich and Famous... Available on the market



Celebrity fashion designer Donna Karan sells a part of her vast estate in Parrot Cay...


ocated on Parrot Cay, one of the most secluded and exclusive resort islands in the Caribbean, this sevenacre compound is an extension of The Sanctuary, the private island retreat of fashion designer Donna Karan. This property, which has its own private beach, covers more than 10 hectares and she bought it in 2002. Much of this property, about seven acres, is now up for sale - including several African-Balinese villas, each of them having about 400 square feet of space with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Sanctuary, as this property is called, also has a yoga pavilion, dining pavilion with enough room for 20 people with pool close to the beach, which has an enviable size. Decorative carvings Donna Karan bought during her world travels are also part of the estate that is for sale. As for the part that the fashion designer plans to keep, it consists of a villa, a spa and two swimming pools. Although she visits the island very regularly, she claims that she does not need more space than that planned to retain. The price at which she sells its property is $ 39 million. Listed with: Christie Real Estate

Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Don Vito Corleone’s Godfather’s mansion goes on sale


he Staten Island, English Tudor style villa, made famous by the Corleone family in “The Godfather”, has been placed on the market at a sale price of 2.89 million dollars. Built in 1930, this villa has an area of approximately 800m2 and is located on an estate which occupies 2,400 m2. There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The estate was owned by the family Norton for half a century, until it was sold in 2012 at a cost of 1.7 million dollars. Before the Norton family, this home was owned by the president Joseph Palma. The current owners have renovated the entire estate and added a particularly

interesting study which is decorated so it looks the same as the office from the film The Godfather. Within the villa there is a formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, living room, two offices, and a playroom for children, home gym, games room, laundry room, garage for four cars and a swimming pool with salt water. Its long list of luxurious elements includes custom borders, decorated ceilings, two fireplaces, premium sound system, security system and NAT gas generator. Listed with: Estate agent Connie Profaci Realty

Famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has put on sale his vast estate in Telluride...


estled deep within the rarest assemblage of rolling meadows and mature forest just 12 minutes from the historic resort town of Telluride, Colorado, this property offers the ultimate retreat for those seeking privacy, scenic beauty and serenity. Carefully planned over the course of several years, the home offers exceptional design and meticulous craftsmanship throughout.

The main house on the property was completed in 1994 and designed as an authentic wooden lodge, made of stone and cedar. Within its framework are also modern amenities like gym, recreation room and library. This house with an area of approximately 1,000m2 consists of four bedrooms and six bathrooms. In addition to the main

house is also slightly smaller guest house with three bedrooms and six bathrooms. The actor is supposedly selling his private property because it was not visited during the past several years, and the price for the estate that he is seeking is 59 million dollars. Listed with: Telluride Sothebys Realty



Just Imagine John Lennon’s Surrey house for sale


ohn Lennon wrote some of his greatest hits at Kenwood, his country mansion in Surrey, bought for a song in 1964. Now it is on the market at £13.5m. The property boasts six bedrooms, six reception rooms, six bathrooms and is set on 1.5 acres of land. The 1,110.4 square metre home, called Kenwood, is situated at the heart of the exclusive St George’s Hill Estate. Listed with: Knight Frank 142


Mel Gibson’s Costa Rican coastal retreat


upremely situated amid 500 acres of privately owned jungle in a remote area of Costa Rica’s lush Nicoya Peninsula, the villas on Playa Barrigona are tropical retreats unlike any other. Owned by celebrated actor Mel Gibson, each of the three homes is nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A secluded white-sand beach is just a short walk away, and the sights and sounds of the jungle envelop the grounds. Custom-fitted with native Costa Rican woods and Spanish and Italian tiles, each

villa claims a generous layout, including a living room with vaulted ceilings, a full kitchen, and multiple verandahs looking out over stunning jungle and ocean vistas. A private pool, full air conditioning, and barbecue areas complete the amenities at each residence. The largest of the villas, Casa Guanacaste, encompasses seven bedrooms and eight baths. Each of the two smaller villas features two bedrooms and are enhanced with additional living spaces (a poolside cottage in Casa Barrigona and a loft in Casa Dorada).

Sun-drenched and pristine, the Nicoya Peninsula lies along Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast. The region is known for its dazzling white-sand beaches and untouched tropical splendor. Rarely marked on maps, Playa Barrigona is such a haven of solitude and serenity that olive ridley sea turtles travel thousands of miles across the Pacific each year to lay their eggs on this beach. Listed with: Rick Moeser, Christie´s International Real Estate





8 Sunsearch Homes International is a unique company that offers tailor-made services - from properties to rent locally and internationally, to wonderful exclusive apartments, penthouse, villas and fincas for sale.

951 127 200


Our property sales portfolio features some of the most prestigious properties available on the market today, so if you are looking to invest in property, purchase a villa, penthouse, apartment, townhouse or finca along the Costa del Sol, please take a few moments to view just a small selection of properties available in this magazine or to browse through our website to view our whole database of continuously updated properties.





A beautiful south facing villa with spectacular mountain and sea views. 3 guest suites in the main house and a guest apartment situated in the garden also with bedroom en suite, a living area and kitchen. Mature garden, large heated swimming pool with a lot of privacy. Situated within the Marbella Club Golf, with 24hrs security. 10 minutes from all amenities.

Luxurious newly built villa situated within a forested area of pine trees and cork oaks. The three-storey villa and separate 2 bed guest house sit in spectacular landscaped grounds. All bedrooms have individual terraces with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

This beautiful villa is nestled in Benahavís. The property comprises a spacious living room with fireplace and access to a terrace, a fully fitted kitchen, pantry and utility room, a guest bedroom ensuite with access to terrace and garden. The first floor offers a wonderful ensuite master bedroom with French doors which lead to its private terrace with sea views. Further 2 rooms ensuite complete this level.

V267 | 2,950,000 euros

V267 | 2,950,000 euros

V323 | 1,69,000 euros




A contemporary and technological Hi-Tech, fully renovated frontline villa on the golf course of Las Brisas in Nueva Andalucia, within the magnificent Real Club de Golf Las Brisas, in Nueva Andalucia, one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella just a few minutes from Puerto Banus. The house incorporates colonial elements into a clean, crisp modern style resulting in a contemporary home with lots of character. V345 | 3,100,000 euros

La Zagaleta is renowned for its beauty, opulence and stunning vistas of the mountains, golf courses and Mediterranean Sea. This incredible villa is situated on a magnificent plot with a superb south-west orientation it offers 5 bedrooms ensuite, staff apartment and an indoor pool with spa facilities. La Zagaleta is a gated community that offers two private golf courses, a riding club, tennis and luxurious facilities. V201 | 6,200,000 euros

This immaculate beautifully presented 7-bedroom villa is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac, ideally situated within walking distance of the famous Puerto Banus and within a 10 min drive of both Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara. This amazing south-east facing property was built in 1982 but completely refurbished a few years ago. It comprises of a main residence and guest house.




Fantastic location with a well-structured house and potential for more. Nestled in Benahavis, this beautiful 4 bedroom villa offers nature at its best, with its wonderful views and strong connection to its surrounding landscape. All bedrooms have en-suites and plenty of light as they open to terraces which are built 180 degrees around the property.

A very modern/contemporary villa, completely refurbished to a high standard in 2012 and situated on walking distance to Los Naranjos Golf club, close to all local amenities and a short drive to Marbella and Puerto Banus. The property has black marble throughout, a private driveway for two cars, carport and storage, BBQ facility and automatic irrigation throughout the garden.

A truly spectacular villa located in La Quinta, situated in the sought after Calle Hernán Cortés, just a few hundred meters from the 5* Melia Hotel at La Quinta offers fantastic views over Nueva Andalucia golf courses and the Mediterranean. This beautiful villa is built to an exceptional high standards, providing a pleasant home feeling, in a bright, sunlit ambient with high ceilings.

V254 | 1,250,000 euros

V308 | 949,000 euros

V346 | 3,700,000 euros

V268 | 5,950,000 euros





Inspiring and innovative designs in both commercial and residential projects, always striving to achieve a perfect balance of space, colour and texture whilst constantly developing new ideas and materials. Our motivation is to exceed the expectations of our clients through our creativity and attention to detail.





With a team of Designers, Architects, 3D Graphic Artists, specialist paint finishers, upholsterers and cabinet makers, we design and produce high quality bespoke furniture in any size, colour or material, from mirror finish high gloss lacquers to specially selected natural woods.





THE ESSENTIAL COSTA DEL SOL WEBSITE - Phone: +34 952 794 117 | E-mail: Poligono Industrial San Pedro | c/Países Bajos 6 | 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara | Málaga | Spain PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


An oasis of tranquillity near Puerto Banus | T +34 952 908 415 |

Discover a truly dedicated team that work for you whether you’re buying or selling that special property

Listings: Begoña Gonzalez +34 605 305 742

Sales: Claire Reidy +34 646 136 790

Sales: Maria Gomez +34 605 891 443

Where can you find an oasis of tranquillity and only 5 minutes from the world renown Puerto Banus? Here in this character filled villa! Situated frontline to Las Brisas golf course within a gated development and 24 hour security this property offers plenty of privacy within its spacious tropical garden and laguna styled pool. This is a unique property that needs to be viewed to appreciate it. Plot:






Bathrooms: 5 + 1 Extra features: Gazebo with gym area, cinema room, games room, independent guest house.

PRICE: 3,850,000€

Ref. 298VPV | T +34 952 908 415 |

Location & Style in Marbella | T +34 952 908 415 |

Are you looking for a fabulous family home located in one of the prime areas of Marbella and within walking distance of restaurants, bars and shops? In addition to all of this, this property has been stylishly reformed offering modern open plan living, cinema room, etc. Outside you can enjoyed either of its beautiful spacious terraces, complete with fireplace that allow all year round alfresco dining and relaxation. The west facing award winning garden also offers a Thai styled gazebo where you can relax and escape from the summer sun. Plot:






Bathrooms: 5 Extra features: Gazebo with gym area, cinema room, games room, independent guest house.

PRICE: 1,950,000â‚Ź

Ref. 894VPV | T +34 952 908 415 |


High quality villa for under 1 million in a prime location of Marbella!!


South orientation Top build qualities Underfloor heating throughout Large spacious lounge with vaulted ceiling Gated development with security Less than 10 minutes to Puerto Banus

PRICE: 995,000€

• • • • •

Plot: Built: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Garage:

800m2 373m2 4 3 2 cars

Ref. 822VPV | T +34 952 908 415 |

Great alternative to a villa and only 540,000€!


South orientation Frontline to Aloha Golf Gated development Swimming pool and tennis court Solarium with complete kitchenette Less than 10 minutes to Puerto Banus

Price: 540,000€

• • • •

Built: Bedrooms: Bathrooms: Garage:

385m2 3 3 2 cars

Ref. 599VPTH | T +34 952 908 415 |




An interior design company with over 40 years experience, Dairin Decoracion pride themselves on their professionalism, attention to detail and customer care. Our services range from comprehensive decorating projects, turnkey design, interior design and renovations. Our store has a wide range of fabrics, indoor and outdoor furniture, beds & mattresses and we have our own factory producing curtains and upholstery. We detail everything before commencing a project presenting you with detailed budgets and timings. Ctra. de Ronda PolĂ­gono La Quinta, NÂş 11A | T: 952 78 12 88 / 952 78 18 27 F: 952 78 48 67 (for the shop and upholstery) | E:

Contact us now to discuss how advertising in one of our wide-range of magazine titles can help your business grow. DÉCOR



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Issue 1 | January - March 2015


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& W i l low



South Kensington, SW5 Located on one of the finest streets locally, this magnificent flat predominately overlooks and has direct access to beautiful award winning communal gardens and boasts a wealth of natural light. One of the key features of this property is the magnificent 29’6 x 18’10 drawing room, which overlooks the gardens. With impressive ceiling height, large bay window and original features, this classic room is very hard to beat. This unique apartment also offers a 31’8 kitchen/breakfast room, a 16 x 11 bedroom both overlooking the communal gardens, as well as a family bathroom and additional cloakroom. As a huge extra benefit to this apartment, there is the private parking space located at the front of the building. EPC:E Hamptons Chelsea 020 7205 5435

Beyond your expectations

£2,700,000 Share of Freehold • • • • • •

One bedroom raised ground floor flat High ceilings and period features Direct access to award winning gardens Private parking space 1,169 sq.ft. Share of Freehold

Hyde Park Estate, W2 ÂŁ2,495,000 Leasehold The subject of a meticulous refurbishment by the present owners, this is a stunning three bedroom top floor apartment with leafy roof top views. EPC: D Hamptons Hyde Park and Bayswater 020 7205 5445

Kensington Church Walk, W8 ÂŁ4,850,000 Freehold An outstanding three bedroom period townhouse with roof terrace. EPC: C Hamptons Kensington 020 7205 5442


Beyond your expectations

Keston, Kent £4,950,000 Freehold In one of the South East’s most prestigious private estates, a superbly appointed residence of quality designed and built to impress. EPC: C Hamptons Sevenoaks 01732 667208

Near Sandbanks, Poole £6,250,000 Occupying a desirable and prestigious coastal location, Vantage is a brand new waterfront superhome enjoying breathtaking panoramic views across Poole Harbour. EPC: C Hamptons Canford Cliffs 01202 021941

Beyond your expectations

Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire A captivating and historic listed manor house with magical gardens which has been in the current owner’s family for nearly sixty years. Set privately in one of the Chiltern Hills most appealing villages, this charming gentleman’s estate is a rare find. Country House Department 020 7470 9359

£3,750,000 Freehold • • • • • • •

Beyond your expectations

9 bedrooms 4 reception rooms 2 bathrooms 2 cottages Paddock Tennis court In all about 8.75 acres

Ewhurst, Surrey OIEO ÂŁ3,000,000 Freehold A Grade II Listed property with four reception rooms, seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, landscaped gardens, all in about 4 acres. Country House Department 020 7470 9359

Thursley, Surrey OIEO ÂŁ3,250,000 Freehold A delightful 17th Century six bedroom farmhouse with later additions, in an idyllic countryside setting with a separate detached self contained guest cottage. EPC: E Country House Department 020 7470 9359

Waterfront Living

Some cities around the world are intrinsically tied to their harbours, coastlines and bays, their geographic location shaping the way they develop and how their residents interact with the urban landscape and with each other.

Taken from “world’s best” lists in publications such as Travel + Leisure and International Property & Travel, these cities combine fantastic waterfronts with generously-sized parks, top-notch restaurants and cultural musts, making them truly wonderful places to live, work and visit.



San Francisco


he City on the Bay sits on a peninsula with the Pacific Ocean on one side and San Francisco Bay on the other.

The Golden Gate Bridge soars across the mouth of the bay, connecting the city to Marin County, while the Bay Bridge connects to Oakland in the east. From the sea lions sunning themselves on the pilings at Fisherman’s Wharf to swimmers and strollers taking advantages of the many parks and promenades, life in this city is centred on the water. The many hills have astonishing views of the blue bay, skyline, and on some days, the fog rolling in. “Home buyers in San Francisco are willing to pay top dollar to have a glimpse of stunning vistas in neighbourhoods perched high atop the city,” said Betty Taisch, the San Francisco Association of Realtors president elect. The Marina District, close to the Presidio and Fisherman’s Wharf, 170

has access to waterfront activities such as swimming and sailing and the Aquatic Park Historic District, as do nearby Russian Hill and Presidio Heights. Many properties in these neighbourhoods have classic Victorian architecture, with views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The average price for a single-family home in the Marina is $4.15 million, while the price for a condo is around $1.16 million. In Russian Hill prices range from $1.75 $2.5 million. To the east, the new and up-and-coming neighbourhoods of Mission Bay and South Beach are vibrant and walkable. A condo in Mission Bay starts around $1.5 million. In the west of the city, the prices become slightly more affordable with the average price in Outer Sunset and Outer Richmond starting from $856,000.


Sydney, Australia


ydney is synonymous with its harbour, home to such iconic structures as the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge as well as Bondi and Manly Beaches.

In fact, it is the proximity to beaches that draws so many people from around Australia and the world, who move to the city for its easy going lifestyle, sophisticated culture, world-class restaurants, and of course, stunning views. “Certainly anything on the harbour front with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or Opera House is seen, not only locally, but globally as being extremely desirable,” said Shayne Harris, head of residential at Savills Australia. “It is the reason why such high prices can be achieved for these properties when they do become available.” Blessed with riverfront, harbour-front or oceanfront settings, some of the city’s most popular areas include Vaucluse, north of Bondi Beach; leafy, upscale Double Bay and exclusive Point Piper, two adjacent areas on the south side of the harbour; and Hunters Hill, one of the city’s oldest residential areas, west of the harbour. These homes tend to be some of the most expensive in Sydney. There are no houses directly on the harbour but there are many apartment buildings with stellar views and equally stellar prices. The average house price in Vaucluse is $3.9 million, while in Hunters Hill it is around $1.1 million. In Point Piper, where there are huge estates and the average price of $19.8 million per estate reflects this.

Nice, France


ice is a key player in the allure of the Cote d’Azur; the French Riviera jewel has been the playground of the rich and the privileged for more than a century.

Along the seafront, the long curve of the Promenade des Anglais follows the beach, connecting the airport and the harbour, and is the perfect spot for people watching with views of the Mediterranean and the Old Town’s Belle Époque structures.

In the summer, the super yachts moor nearby, adding to the glamour. “Be it a middle manager from Dusseldorf or a Russian oligarch, they all basically crave the sun in a safe environment, where you can access glitzy Cannes and Monaco or the olive groves and inland villages,” said Alex Balkin, a broker at Savills French Riviera. “Today, the high end of the market is dominated mainly by buyers from Eastern Europe.” Nice’s most popular areas to live are the Promenade des Anglais, the Quai des Etats-Unis (the boulevard fronting the Old Town), and the Boulevard Franck Pilatte to the east, due to their Mediterranean views and 19th-century architecture. Housing styles range from Belle Époque apartments to modern residences with swimming pools and downtown seafront houses. A mint-condition two-bedroom apartment in these sought-after locations costs between €400,000 and €800,000 euros.

St James, Barbados


ith its white beaches and azure seas, the West Coast of Barbados has always been the most expensive and fashionable part of the island for vacation homes. Exclusive villas and the grand mansions of the superrich hug the narrow palm-shaded beaches here, with sale prices reaching as high as $50 million. But as rarefied as this 12-mile, or 19 kilometre, stretch of coastline is, prices are now relatively low. Known for its relaxed lifestyle, tropical beauty and good infrastructure, Barbados underwent a building boom in the early 2000s, especially on the West Coast. But the 2008 global downturn hit the Caribbean hard, though Barbados fared better than most other islands. Still, prices dipped as much as 30 percent on Barbados over the following five years, though exact figures are difficult to find. Beachfront apartments that once sold for $1,000 per square foot, or ₏7,950 per square meter, now are closer to $700 per square foot, and $3 million apartments can be picked up for $2.25 million, said Richard Young of West Coast Villas, an affiliate of Sotheby’s International Realty. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Vancouver, Canada


eyond Vancouver’s snow-capped mountains, coastal forests and scenic waters lies a metropolis that has taken its place on the world stage. Vancouver has been chosen world’s “Most Liveable City” eight times by the Economist Intelligence Unit, and was host city of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. It’s one of Canada’s largest economic centres, North America’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, and its real estate is among the most desirable in the world. Located on the southwest corner of the mainland of British Columbia, Vancouver is bounded by the sparkling waters of 174

Burrard Inlet to its north, the Fraser River to its south, and the Pacific Ocean’s Strait of Georgia along its western coastline. Many of the cities affluent residents live with in the Shaughnessy Heights area located west of Granville Street where the average house price is $3.09million, Kerrisdale another favourite area offering a mix of condominiums and townhouses averages $2.5 million. Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby North, Burnaby South, North Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Richmond average approx. $1 million with Re/Max, one of Canada’s largest realtors, predicting home prices in these area to rise by three per cent in 2015.


Hamburg, Germany


n addition to its large working port, this city on the Elbe River has more canals than Venice or Amsterdam and the most bridges of any city around the globe, more than 2,000 of them.

Water is all around, as are green spaces and parks in fact, Hamburg was named European Green Capital in 2011. Areas near the water are very popular with home buyers, including the riverside districts of Blankenese and Othmarschen, located west of the city centre in the borough of Altona. Parallel to the river is Elbchaussee, the grand boulevard that runs west from the neighbourhood of Altona-Atlstadt out to Blankenese and is very desirable for its beautiful architecture and views.

Around Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and Aussenalster (Outer Alster) – the two urban lakes – the area of Harvestehude is popular, as are Winterhude and Uhlenhorst for their central location. Many families look to live in peaceful Alsterdorf in the northeast because of its green spaces and good transport links to the city centre. One of the largest urban developments in Europe, HafenCity, was built right on the harbour, similar to London’s Docklands, and is popular for its location and modern infrastructure. According to the Engel & Völkers 2013 market report, a desirable waterfront house in these areas can cost as much as €15 million, while a 90sqm flat sells from €4,500 per square metre

Options for Affordable Waterfront Living How to find a bargain in pricey communities without drowning in debt Even with recent dips in real estate prices, the cost of living on the water can make you gasp. But there are ways to own a place in waterfront communities without spending your kids’ inheritance.

These simply tips are guaranteed to put you in flip-flops and a bathing suit for less. | Check out neighbourhoods you might have once considered too pricey. One example can be found in Cape Coral- Florida, according to Denise Monahan of Seacoast Cottage Company Inc. Monahan says the area features “hundreds of manmade canals, many with direct, unobstructed access to the Gulf of Mexico.” Prices there surged in 2004, but they have recently come back down. Tip: Talk to area residents for leads on homes coming onto the market. | Buy a street or two away from the water’s edge.

South Carolina Realtor and broker Sharon Simmons says, “Buy a property that has a great view; the cost difference can often be in the hundreds of thousands. Second-row beach and lake homes drop dramatically in price, yet usually are only a few extra steps to the water, and there’s a plus to buying a little farther back: They may fare better when a big storm hits in terms of erosion”. Tip: Make sure when you buy that you have guaranteed water access.

| Go Urban. Urbanisations / condo’s or developments are traditionally good buys because developers can put more of them on a smaller amount of property, giving their investment a bigger payoff and passing some of the savings along to you the buyers. Tip: Don’t fail to factor in usual maintenance and homeowners association fees, when you calculate your payments.

| Don’t pass on older places or handyman specials. True, that 1970’s-style kitchen with the harvest gold and avocado bath sets may give you nightmares, but you can use that as a negotiating point with the owners. Tip: Consult an interior designer of local handyman to see how much the work would cost to remodel before you sign on the dotted line.

If you crave living near water, there’s something for almost every budget you just have to research. Once you’ve found Duplexes are particularly popular at that special place kick back and watch the the beach and are a great way to land sun slip beneath the lake, river or ocean a freestanding home at a lower price. outside your door. Tip: If you have the bucks, buy both sides and rent out the other one for extra income. | Consider a duplex.

| Take your time and really look around. Once you have discovered the area you want to purchase in, scout around, there are always hidden pathways, tracks that once ventured down often lead to housing developments. Tip: Be patient and don’t forget to look for houses up for sale as part of an estate.

The Abama Residences Defining the luxury market in Tenerife


verlooking the Atlantic and La Gomera Island on the west coast of Tenerife, this remarkable residential development features amenities of the highest calibre and an unrivalled lifestyle. Stylishly appointed Abama Terraces apartments, turn-key luxury residences and Abama Custom Villa Plots are available for purchase within the 160 hectare estate designed by Chilean/Bolivian architect Melvin Villaroel. Following the first Phase release of 30 apartments, all properties have now sold and Phase 2 of The Abama Terraces is now available with a marketing suite recently

unveiled. Recently released is the Abama Bellevue, a collection of eight turn-key detached villas overlooking the fairways of the golf course and the waters of the Atlantic. Of the international demand for their properties, Director of Marketing Elodie Casola comments ‘We have sold to a variety of nationalities including British, Belgian, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Swiss and Austrian. All have been impressed by the beauty of the location, the extremely high service levels and the quality of the amenities. We have been encouraged by the fast sell out of Phase 1 and consistent levels of demand for our residences including the

Abama Terraces apartments, the Abama Custom Villa Plots and Bellevue Villas. From the moment they arrive, residents at the Abama Resort are surrounded by an assortment of carefully curated amenities and services. Two Michelin starred restaurants with a total of three stars between them serve highly regarded Japanese and Mediterranean dishes alongside 8 other restaurants whilst the indulgent spa is designed by the team behind the Sanctuary spa in London and Chiva Son in Thailand featuring a range of personalised treatments to nurture the body and soul’.


Avid sportsmen and women will be put through their paces on the sea fronting Dave Thomas designed golf course which features 300 species of subtropical plant life and 22 lakes. They can also enjoy seven professional tennis courts and all the facilities provided by the Ritz Carlton, Abama which is within easy access of all residences. Rare to the region is the resort’s exclusive golden sand beach which is the perfect place for a sundowner to remember after a trip to the resort’s boutiques featuring brands including Burberry, Miu Miu, D&G, Gucci, Piaget, Omega and Porsche accessories. At the Abama Resort, architecture takes inspiration from North African tradition and ancient Chinese Feng Shui principles. Two and three bedroom Abama Terraces apartments range from 130sqm to 220sqm and boast balconies overlooking the ocean and tropical gardens. The Abama Custom Villa Plots occupy front line positions on the golf course and allow owners to custom design their dream home. There is also the possibility to develop private gardens and a pool and access to the resort’s architects can be facilitated on request.

The Abama Bellevue Villas meanwhile feature internal surface areas of 260 sqm on plots of approximately 500 sqm. Each comes with private parking, a private pool and a mini-pool on the first floor and make for the perfect family home. All properties offer private access and 24 hour security. With an annual average temperature of 18-24°C, Tenerife boasts one of the longest European seasons and is a popular escape for British travellers throughout the year. Nestled on the desirable west coast, the Abama Resort is easily accessible with regular direct flights from London.


Originally conceptualised as a destination to entertain good friends and family, The Abama Resort has grown into one of Tenerife’s most luxurious residential destinations offering coveted properties and an unparalleled lifestyle.

PRICES: Abama Terraces apartments start from €500,000 Bellevue Villas start from €1,650,000 Abama Custom Villa Plots Phase 1 from €750,000 and Phase 2 from €540,000 T. +34 922 126 011 For more information call or vist:



Exclusive design & breathtaking sea views Situated in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus, OPERA by ASKANIS offers luxury properties for sale that can be found in a unique surrounding and a relaxed atmosphere on the prestigious frontage of the Mediterranean Sea in Limassol. The luxury residences of OPERA consist of four luxury villas on the beach, four slightly smaller villas on either side of the project opposite the communal swimming pool and two multi storey blocks of luxury apartments and penthouses at the far end of the project all offering breath-taking sea views. These blocks are named Aida and Carmen (A & B respectively). The ground and first floor of Aida and Carmen are dedicated to four luxurious maisonettes, while a total of twenty apartments, ranging from one to three bedrooms, are planned on the second, third and fourth floors. We are also proud to announce that 19 of the 20 apartments were snapped up in next to no time and only one 1 bedroom apartment is currently available for sale. On the fifth and sixth floors come the penthouses with their own private roof gardens. Because of their height and intricate design wizardry, you get the impression from inside that the penthouses are on the beach. ** Properties are selling fast all the 1 bed, 2 beds and 3 beds are completely sold out. Remaining properties available are; Penthouses, 3 bed maisonettes & 4 bed villas. Prices start from: â‚Ź2,900,000 / ÂŁ 2,274,185 / $ 3,556,596 For more information visit:

Must be seen to be believed This is an address that must be seen to be believed - and once you have experienced it, you’ll never want to leave. Surrounded by lush, landscaped gardens, Al Barari’s private villa homes represent the finest in luxury Dubai living. From the moment you arrive you’ll be captivated by the luxurious, oasis-like setting of flowering gardens and botanic hideaways. The magnificent private homes are set in their own landscaped paradise with infinity pools, water features, entertaining areas and roof-top terraces catering to the discerning taste of those who come home to Al Barari. Situated on the edge of Dubailand, in the attractive Nad Al Sheba district, The Reserve Al Barari is a highly exclusive area offering something just a little bit different. Consisting of 28 high end villas surrounded by landscaped gardens, tranquil lakes and waterfalls, the properties are built across four levels offering six or more bedrooms. Plot sizes available range from 1,208 – 6,900 sqm Prices: Upon request For more information visit:



Redefining contemporary city living Luxury urban living French for “green mountains” The Vermont is an oasis of lush landscaping in one Singapore’s most coveted city‘s address. A masterpiece of contemporary urban living, the 20 storey towers soar dramatically above the existing shopping district of Orchard Road, known around the world for its trendy cafes and luxury boutiques. A private paradise of two or three bedroom apartments includes a stunning swimming pool, a spa and sauna, a gym, and tennis courts. Prices: Upon request For more information visit:

Rich in maritime history, the London Docks was once the commercial hub of London, importing a wealth of products and luxury goods from around the world. St George, part of the Berkeley Group who designed landmarks such as One Blackfriars and Sovereign Court has commissioned renowned architect, Patel Taylor, to create a dynamic new future for London Dock. The vision retains the architectural heritage of this historic dockside location, in design and detail, combining new with old. Situated just moments from Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, St Katharine Docks and the City, this exciting new destination offers a stunning range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, penthouses, beautifully landscaped open spaces, water gardens, central squares and promenades lined with shops, bars and restaurants are at the heart of this vibrant new destination. Prices start from: £829,950 - £3,499,950 / $1,295,338 - $5,462,240 For more information visit:

Modern defined – classical redefined A modern reflection of historic Tribeca, The Sterling Mason offers thirty-three distinctive residences in a private enclave within New York City’s Downtown most discreet landmark district. Noted architect Morris Adjmi has transformed a quintessential 1905 masonry loft warehouse by adding to it a stunning identical twin, clad in contemporary metallic façade, creating a perfect copy of the iconic original. The generously scaled and appointed homes by interior design firm Gachot Inc. merge the flexibility of open-plan loft living with the sophistication of classic pre-war residences. Three penthouses offer dramatic expansive terraces, fireplaces, and grand spaces for entertaining. An innovative collaboration of architecture, design, and craft, with its welcoming fireplace, wood-panelled ceiling, limestone floor, and luminous view into a stunning courtyard, The Sterling Mason lobby imparts the intimate warmth of home. Prices start from: £6,368,874 - £15,681,635 €8,112,661 - €19,976,783 / $9,950,000 - $24,500,000 For more information visit: PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE



t’s BluePort Altea, a project of extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable villas located in the best available spot in Altea Hills - a unique place form which the views of the bay of Altea are simply unsurpassable and where the peace and quiet, privacy and natural surroundings envelope each and every home. BluePort stands for elegance and exclusivity specially for highly refined residents who invest on a luxurious level, and who seek to develop their stylish life in a setting of privacy, family comfort and first-class refinement. The grounds where BluePort is located are truly mind blowing! The Slope faces south and are displayed in such a way that each residence is ensured total privacy whilst enjoying 270 degrees of unobstructed views over the bay. That view is yours forever. Within such an exceptional environment, Blueport stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. Our understanding of luxury goes beyond the material level. It allows you to step into a world of all-inclusive quality in life. All BluePort residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters. Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area, including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service-quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens. Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. The master bedroom, privately situated, offers a wealth of pleasure, comfort and relaxation, and it is favoured with a spacious dressing room ensuite bathroom, jacuzzi, private garden and large windows affording superb views. Large floor-to-ceiling windows take full advantage of the outside scenario, making sure that wherever you are, the beauty of the sky and the bay is your companion. Because of the position of the villa, you can see all without being seen. Blueport Altea is surrounded by the amazing blue of the Mediterranen Sea. The blue, the sky, the sea...produce a sense of well being, a spiritual contentment

that is difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else in other parts of Europe. To create a living space that enhances such qualities has been our biggest challenge. Our houses are not just beautiful dwellings, but they stand for expentional quality and will be appreciated by those who enjoy life. We are very thrilled to work with a unique team of experts that Altea Hills Estate has put together a team of world-renowned

experts in every aspect of the development of BluePort. It is Truly inspiring! Home to BluePort, is the heart of Altea Hills (5 star-urbanisation) that merges beauty, comfort, safety and well-heeled, tasteful residents who are environmentally aware and appreciate what life has to offer. There is Truth in the proverb ”My home is my castle” being more than just luxurious surroundings, BluePort Altea offers an absolute sense of security as a result of the enclosed perimeter of Altea Hills.




ALTEA On the foot of Altea Hills, is the town of Altea. Altea has more than six kilometers of the most beautiful and varied coastlines, combining impressive cliffs and turquoise coves with white sandy beaches that proudly display a blue flag all year around. Embraced by the majestic Sierra Bernia, a chain of mountains that curves into the sea, Altea is guaranteed a perfect climate almost all year round, mild and sunny. Its low humidity levels and the protection of the hills that surround it, create a unique micro climate that the world health organisation has rated as one of the healthiest on the planet. The “Old Town” built around 1244 is a maze of narrow steep streets, whitewashed houses, hanging balconies, carved wooden doors, jasmines and bougainvilleas that today,

contains private homes as well as numerous galleries, exclusive boutiques, excellent selection of fine restaurants from Michelin star restaurants to French or Swiss Bistro, gourmet Spanish grills and a wide range of Oriental and European tendencies; the rainbow of choices is yours.

Sun and Sea bathing are also a wholesome pleasure at the beaches and in the coves of Altea, even well into the autumn days Mascarat, La Olla, Cap Negret or La Roda are beaches of unspoiled beauty, these beaches invite you for a complete relaxation.

Culture and arts are also top priority in Altea. Officially granted the title of “Cultural Capital of the Valencia Region”.

The Nine-hole golf course Club Don Cayo is just minutes away from BluePort, Club Don Cayo is one of the five golf courses around the area of Altea.

Altea has several private and public harbours of great quality, including two first-class Marinas El Puerto Deportivo Luis Campomanes (also known as The Greenwich Marina because of its location exactly on the Greenwich meridian) and EL Club Nautico de Altea, distinguished for organising well-known international nautical competitions.

The two international airports of Valencia and Alicante and the wellmaintained network of national and European roads and fast trains, keep Altea just a blink away from the rest of the World.

ERIC KUSTER The Shelter of the mountains and the endless sea provides the perfect symbiosis between the privacy of your home and overwhelming nature. The contrasted character of BluePort Altea inspired by world-famous interior designer Eric Kuster to create a dedicated design line; Blue by Eric Kuster. It is the perfect match born from a passion for luxury and beauty, balancing classic and modern, light and dark, hot and cold, luxury and natural materials. Blue by Eric Kuster is Metropolitan Luxury in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Starting Price: 5.800.000 euros Apply for a full brochure: l Global Luxurious Properties Phone: 0031-(0)15-2630195 Email: Website:



AQUARIUMS A new focal point


nhance the beauty of your home, living room, bedroom, foyer, gallery or dinner area with beautiful and amazing home aquarium designs.

Add instant charm, difference and beauty to your interiors of home design by just placing a home aquarium to the respective place. A wall aquarium or home aquarium with different kind of fish is a stylish and impressive home decoration that can dramatically change your room decors effect.



Before planning to install a home aquarium you need to confirm a few designing and technical points which may directly or indirectly affect your home dĂŠcor:

The aquarium style and size: Do you want a freestanding aquarium, a wall-mounted aquarium of a furniture piece. Design style of your interiors: Is it contemporary, eclectic, traditional or any other types. Room size and shape: Is it a normal room or a room with any kind of attic wall. Room with circular shapes requires cylindrical shaped home aquariums to match up well with over all decors and room pattern. Purpose of the room: Is it a study, bedroom, living area or dining area. Overall furniture furniture size.



Once installed the home aquarium will become the focal point of your room design, so finding the right placement is extremely important. Your aim is to create an attractive and balanced room design working in harmony with your current decors. Done correctly the effect will look elegant and charming. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Living Colour Aquariums bring exceptional skill to the art of custom aquariums


nder the deep blue sea, humans have long been captivated by the remoteness of surreal, aquatic world. This is why Mat Roy, the president and TV star of Nat Geo WILD hit series “Fish Tank Kings” a reality show based upon Living Colour’s customs aquariums is such a lucky man. “Living Color Aquariums is where engineering meets art” says Mat the company is renowned for creating iconic, award-winning custom aquariums and themed exhibits. Recognized for creating aquariums that are stunningly elaborate works of art, Living Color Aquariums designs and builds custom aquarium exhibits for high-profile clients like Disney, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins Ballpark, Loews Hotels, Rainforest Café, Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom, as well as many distinguished celebrities and professional sports athletes. Making sure that such a complex system works flawlessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week is no mean feat but with over 25 years of experience, no other aquarium manufacturing facility in the world has the turnkey capabilities to execute complex, customized projects like that of Living Color Aquariums. For more information or to request a brochure: call (800) 878-9511 or visit:

n Sotogrande

€4,250,000 | Ref: WW206

This quintessential family villa offers an incredible opportunity to invest in a stunning home that has the most beautiful panoramic views in Sotogrande. Located only 5 minutes from Sotogrande International School in an exclusive gated community with 24 hour security. This villa has a total of 6 bedroom suites (one within a separate apartment) and an entertainment floor with cinema room, dance floor, bar and games room. This light and spacious villa has been designed so that the rooms in the main house all have a southerly aspect over the garden and the impressive views.

n Sotogrande

€4,500,000 | Ref: WW119

A magnificent home situated in a unique position offering total privacy and tranquility, this villa enjoys uninterrupted views towards the Mediterranean Sea and the coast of Africa. Built to the highest specification the property consists of 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, large drawing room and a separate large dining room. The high specification kitchen flows together and connects to one of the many outside dining areas and barbecue area. A large utility room is located to the left of the kitchen. The villa is connected to ´The Folly´ a beautiful additional house that hosts a library, games room with Bang and Olufsen surround sound and drop down cinema screen and an office that would rival many Gentlemen´s clubs, along with a wine cellar that would be the envy of many top class restaurants.

SPAIN | +34 952 880 941 | | UK : +0208 299 2722 | Offices in London, The Country and Overseas


n Sotogrande

â‚Ź3,280,000 | Ref: WW156

n Sotogrande

â‚Ź2,750,000 | Ref: WW121

A magnificent luxury villa located in Sotogrande close to the Almenara Hotel and La Reserva Golf Course with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and wonderful views towards Valderrama Golf Course and the Mediterranean Sea. This luxury villa has been built to the highest specification and only the finest quality materials have been used. The villa has a large external pool with overflow feature set within the landscaped gardens and an internal spa with gymnasium, sauna and Jacuzzi. Conveniently located within walking distance of the Sotogrande International School, this wonderful villa represents idyllic family living in a prestigious and highly sought after location.

A beautiful and charming villa situated in the prestigious Kings and Queens area of Sotogrande Costa near the Real Sotogrande club de Golf and beach club. A villa that reflects the timeless elegance of Sotogrande living and its discerning residents. This immaculate private 7 bedroom villa designed by the well-known architect Joaquin Mier has been built and finished to the highest standards for modern living. The villa offers large living spaces with fireplaces, formal dining area, study, TV room, breakfast room and a fully fitted kitchen. The impeccable south facing gardens boast a wonderful outdoor pool, BBQ area and covered terraces, an inner courtyard and most importantly total privacy.

See Things Differently

n Sotogrande €1,750,000 | Ref: WW101

n Sotogrande

€1,350,000 | Ref: WW120

A substantial 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom villa built to a high specification in the desirable area of Sotogrande Costa. This family home is ideally located close to Sotogrande International School and local amenities. Accommodation includes a spacious entrance hall, large sitting room with open fireplace, a stylish dining area with direct access to the outside terraces, alfresco dining, a fully fitted kitchen with breakfast area. The library area leads to a second sitting room/TV room with a built in wood burning fireplace. There is also an outdoor pool, spa with Jacuzzi and sauna, a games area with bar and a self-contained apartment.

A superbly refurbished 5 bedroom villa set in Sotogrande Alto overlooking the pine forests adjacent to the San Roque golf Club. This light and airy property built over three floors includes a sitting/ dining room with open fireplace, a modern, stylish kitchen plus wonderful outside dining and relaxing areas. All bedrooms offer fabulous views over the garden and forest area and the impressive master bedroom suite has a balcony overlooking the pool and garden. This exceptional villa offers privacy and stylish living in Sotogrande close to the International School and all amenities.

SPAIN | +34 952 880 941 | | UK : +0208 299 2722 | Offices in London, The Country and Overseas 200



n Estepona

â‚Ź2,245,000 | Ref: WW141

n Benahavis

Marbella â‚Ź2,200,000 | Ref: WW212

A luxurious cortijo style villa situated close to Estepona, offered in immaculate condition and facing southwest with spectacular views to the Mediterranean, Africa and Gibraltar. Accommodation comprises of 6 spacious bedrooms all with en suite bathrooms. The basement has a self-contained apartment, a snooker/games/party room, wine cellar and bar, cinema room, gymnasium, indoor pool and sauna. In addition, there is a centrally connected alarm system, a 2000 litre water tank and electrically operated entrance and garage doors. A wonderful family villa with excellent rental potential.

A magnificent blend of Morroccan style architecture and modern interiors allowing the breathtaking panoramic views to be experienced at every possible opportunity. The property has a spacious sitting room/dining area with light well, fully fitted kitchen, office and magnificent features such as an interior mini oasis style garden. All bedrooms have stylish en suite bathrooms and walk in wardrobes. The manicured gardens have shaded terraces and an infinity pool to enjoy the amazing views.

See Things Differently 201


n Estepona

â‚Ź1,850,000 | Ref: WW122

n Jimena de la Frontera

â‚Ź1,250,000 | Ref: WW195

Set in an established area of Estepona, just 5 minutes from Marbella, this beautiful 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom villa has outstanding panoramic mountain and sea views. The ground floor has a stylish sitting room/dining area with fireplace. Fully fitted kitchen with central island feature and two spacious guest bedroom suites. The first floor has two bedrooms and the grandiose master bedroom has a walk in wardrobe, en suite bathroom and large terrace. The mature gardens with private swimming pool includes a games area, a variety of fruit trees as well as offering sea views.

A wonderful opportunity to purchase a superb Polo/Equestrian Finca of approximately 4.5 hectares in immaculate condition. This finca is located just 10 minutes from Jimena de la Frontera and only 20 minutes from the main polo community of Sotogrande. The property comprises of two fully contained two bedroom houses, a swimming pool set within mature gardens and a four car garage. Equestrian facilities include 22 loose boxes, a tack room, grooms accommodation and a stick and ball field. There is a Dutch barn style stable block of 10 boxes and the land of approximately 4.5 hectares is divided into grazing areas by post and rail fencing and is fully irrigated with water from two wells.

SPAIN | +34 952 880 941 | | UK : +0208 299 2722 | Offices in London, The Country and Overseas 202



n Sotogrande €960,000 | Ref: WW174

n Estepona

€795,000 | Ref: WW196

An exceptional 3 bedroom penthouse apartment located in the heart of Sotogrande Marina. Every aspect of the penthouse exudes luxury and quality. The large sitting room and dining room open onto the large terraces with wonderful sea views. Both bathrooms and cloakroom are tiled in marble and fitted to the highest standard. The kitchen is fully fitted and well designed with Bosch appliances. The apartment has air conditioning, electric heating and two open fireplaces. A covered garage space is also included.

This elegant interior designed property has a large open plan sitting room with a magnificent central, ornate fireplace feature and bar area. A south facing terrace with private gardens and a north facing terrace lead to a tranquil bar and bbq area with outside dining by the idyllic waterfall and lily pond. There are two bedrooms on the ground floor sharing a bathroom, a study, spacious fully fitted modern kitchen complete with breakfast area and laundry room. The first floor has a spacious Master bedroom with en suite facilities. This 4 bedroom villa is walking distance to all amenities and just a short distance from numerous golf courses and a 5 minute drive to the luxury yachting marina of Puerto Banus.

See Things Differently 203


n Estepona

€795,000 | Ref: WW211

n Los Barrios (Close to Gibratar) €770,000 | Ref: WW161

This immaculate and very spacious family sized villa is set in a quiet area within a 2 minute walk to the beach and a 5 minute drive to the luxury yachting marina of Puerto Banús. The sitting room is spacious with an open fireplace and an independent dining area. From here there is access to a shaded terrace, private swimming pool and mature gardens with fruit trees. Further accommodation includes a modern, fully fitted kitchen and three double bedrooms each with very stylish bathrooms. The house has 24hr security and private parking for two cars. This villa is a wonderful holiday home conveniently located for local amenities and very close to the beach.

This delightful country house is part of the historic Larios family estate of Monte de la Torre, set back from the Bay of Gibraltar and on the edge of the national park of Alcornacales. The south facing views look out over a lake and a stunning mountainous skyline. The location is ideal for easy access to Gibraltar, the Costa del Sol and Tarifa. The house itself is one of only four properties on the estate and consists of 4 bedrooms upstairs and a large terrace. Downstairs there is a large kitchen, living room, utility room and study, with a guest suite of 2 bedrooms, bathroom and large hallway. Further features include a wine cellar, swimming pool and wonderful landscaped gardens of 3,694 sq. meters with fruit trees.

SPAIN | +34 952 880 941 | | UK : +0208 299 2722 | Offices in London, The Country and Overseas 204



n Estepona

â‚Ź399,000 | Ref: WW191

n Estepona

â‚Ź360,000 | Ref: WW207

This represents a wonderful opportunity to purchase a detached villa just 300 metres from the beaches of Estepona and only five minutes drive to the luxury yachting marina of Puerto Banus. The gated property has private parking for five cars with a spacious and established southwest garden. There is a very large sitting room with a fireplace, a pretty bay window with direct access to a sunny terrace. A large, fully fitted kitchen leads to a separate, bright and light dining room. The first floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom and master bedroom which has an en suite and a private terrace leading to the solarium. From here you can enjoy both mountain and sea views. The roof terrace is reached via an external spiral staircase.

This beautiful Duplex penthouse is set in a quiet gated community just five minutes from the luxury yachting marina of Puerto Banus. The property has a spacious sitting room with open fireplace and a dining area. Double sliding doors lead to a terrace overlooking the communal gardens and swimming pools. The kitchen is modern and fully fitted. Additional accommodation on this floor includes two double bedrooms with sliding doors to either a balcony or terrace and a bathroom. The second floor has a spacious Master bedroom with an en suite bathroom with corner bath and shower. The property also includes a private parking space. A beautiful duplex penthouse with very good finishes offered at a competitive price.

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Get into the




Swings and hammock chairs are great for outdoor entrainment and indoor fun.

The beauty of the hammock is that it will mold to your body as if it was built just for you.

Modern and interior design with swing and hammock chairs are one of the latest trends in decorating homes and offices. These playful seats bring with them energy, vibrancy and joy to the design project and decoration look. Swing and hammock chairs are fantastic for creating a unique, pleasant interior design turning a room into a fun retreat by adding a touch of outdoor entertainment into the home.

Create a definite ‘WOW’ factor in any home.

In the past these pieces of furniture have been overlooked as furnishing for the home but with the “bringing the outdoor in” trend they should really be considered as a modern interior element. There are so many styles available in swing and hammock chairs, from classic wood swings to European wrought iron, wicker hammock chairs & four poster designs. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE




Everyone enjoys the benefits of a relaxing swing or hammock chair, picture having your coffee or tea in the morning while swinging gently, enjoying the morning views and sounds of nature on your patio, or in your sun room. Additionally a swing or hammock chair can add a romantic feel to an interior design when used in the bedroom or swimming pool area, or can create fun in a childs playroom or bedroom.

Article Source:

An element of relaxation

Worldwide real estate agent Chestertons are delighted to announce we have joined forces with Marbella’s finest, Affinity Property Group to bring you exceptional Spanish homes on the Costa del Sol. We offer unparalleled expertise and outstanding customer service when buying a home on one of the most desirable coastlines in the world

If you are looking to purchase a property for investment or pleasure we would be delighted to assist you. Established in 1805, we’ve got it covered, Globally.

77 offices - 13 countries - 5 continents Tel: 0034 952 812 897 | | 212


PRICE FROM €290,000

PRICE FROM €199,000

PRICE FROM €1,280,000

A brand new luxury home concept located within a sought after development in Benahavis. These 2 and 3 bedroom apartments/penthouse’s have a fantastic modern design, all properties are south east to south facing with some stunning panoramic views. 1.1km from the golf clubhouse and great rental potential. By far one of the most sought after locations on the southern coast right now.

A beautiful brand new development of apartments and townhouses located just minutes from Marbella and Puerto Banús Marina. The resort has been built in a traditional Andalucían style, with a stylish contemporary twist that incorporates modern style living. All properties are well designed, with spacious and naturally bright rooms throughout. Tremendous rental investment.

There has never been a development in Marbella like this. Truly iconic architecture totalling 112 unique residences, set within beautiful tropical gardens all enjoying breathtaking views from the huge terraces across the Mediterranean towards Gibraltar and Africa. Undaerfloor heating throughout and the very latest in state-of-the-art technology. A stunning and completely unique development.



LA QUINTA A truly magnificent modern style villa located within one of La Quinta’s most exclusive gated and intimate villa developments. This ultra modern property receives masses of sunshine, with a south west to west orientation enjoying some stunning La Quinta golf, Mountain and partial sea views from almost every inch of the property. An amazing property built to the highest of standards.

PRICE â‚Ź2,450,000 n Beds n Baths n Built n Terrace n Plot

4 4.5 342m2 163m2 1555m2

Vasari comercial 3 | Urb La Alzambra | Puerto Banus | 29660 Marbella 214



PRICE €2,850,000

Simply stunning duplex penthouse located within one of the coasts’ most exclusive locations. This south facing front line beach residence has fabulous uninterrupted views. Set within perfectly manicured gardens, with private Gazebo’s, onsite restaurant, heated swimming pool, and direct access to a private beach. This intimate community of just 68 properties also has access to an onsite Spa Hotel and has 24 hour guarded and monitored security.

n Beds n Baths n Built n Terrace

3 3.5 270m2 190m2






T r e e t o p


L o d g e


Set amidst the treetops of an age-old indigenous forest Tsala is a lavish celebration of the spirit of Africa.


ike the monumental ruins of an ancient central African civilisation, Tsala’s impressive stone-masonry entrance flanked by water features leads to a magnificent foyer supported by Blackwood columns. The elaborate afro-baroque décor’s earthy colours, rich textures and handcrafted fittings are inspired by the diverse cultures of Africa, with the sophistication of the Western World.

The views are breathtaking, whether from the exotic dining room, intimate glassed-in lounge, or large open decks high above the forest floor. Tsala is a magical place, encircled by lush forests extending across rolling valleys, towards the distant hills. The high-design glass-and-stone Treetop Lodge with 10 private tree house suites. Each accommodation offers a log fireplace, private deck, floor-to-ceiling windows and an infinity-edge pool that looks out over the treetops. If you need something a bit bigger, consider a luxury Treetop Villa with outdoor and indoor showers, private deck, infinity-edge pool and the haute amenities that you expect from a five-star accommodation.

Whether from the exotically appointed dining room, the intimate glassed-in lounge, or the large open decks high above the forest floor, the views are all breathtakingly beautiful, encompassing lush forests extending across rolling valleys towards distant hills. This exclusive lodge blends Eastern and European flavours with the culture of Africa, reflecting its tastes, rhythms, and colours. Elevated wooden walkways meander through the trees to ten exclusive and very private suites where guests can unwind in ultimate luxury. When it comes to dining, it’s an experience crafted for the senses, with superb cuisine and impeccable service. The main restaurant building, along the end of the walkway, leads to the voluminous reception area, an inspirational viewpoint on arrival at the lodge, with the forest as the backdrop. The lounge area has become a firm favourite among the guests while enjoying a pre-cocktail drink, relaxing with a book from the library or while checking e mails through the WiFi facility located in this area. An outside deck invitingly lures the guests to peek at the cavorting Knysna Loeries, known to be very elusive. Whether it’s lazing on the golden beaches, or something a little more adventurous, activities in and around the lodge are abound.



Creating ambiance and comfort for entertainment in winter. If asked to list the benefits of building a shading structure, like a pergola or gazebo, in your garden, most people would probably come up with the same answer. A cool place to sit under on a sunny day and also an attractive focal point in the garden. Whilst this is definitely a fact, many don’t realise that the opposite is also true. A warm and cosy ambience in which to spend a chilly winter’s day or night.

How you might ask? By utilising the terrific insulation properties of the natural materials we use in our construction process. With thatch being a natural insulating material, it is able to insulate your home without the need for additional insulating materials in the loft space. Temperatures within a thatched roof structure tend to be much cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Due to the incredibly low heat transfer value of Cape Reed structures, heat is reflected from the structure in summer and trapped beneath the roof during winter, causing a difference in temperature of up to 10°C. A properly constructed thatch roof will significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home and thus lead to a decrease in your overall electricity bill.



With winter being just around the corner, increasing the heat underneath your thatch roof structure can be as simple as adding a fireplace to the construction. This results in an eco-friendly structure that can be enjoyed year round, adding the distinct ambience of nature to any home and garden.

So what about health and safety risks? Due to the active fire risk to constructions made from natural materials, Cape Reed has developed a fire retardant thatching method for improved safety. During construction, a fire retardant blanket (capable of resisting temperatures of up to 500°C) is incorporated within the thatch. Further fire protection may be added by applying a specially developed eco-friendly chemical spray (manufactured by Dutch company, Magma), Cape Reed FireShield. The fully constructed product has been independently tested and subsequently earned the European Union’s approval for its fire retardant qualities. In essence, by sensibly combining nature and technology, we are able to create an unique and versatile, yet sustainable structure in which you may relax and entertain all year round. Visit our website to learn more about the company and our product







Varaschin | Obi Collection O BI | Easy chair | design by Toa n Ngu yen

Obi - Collection with aluminium frame and hand woven man-made fibre. rmchair with powder coated aluminium frame and belt grey colour. Aluminium feet with supports in black polyethylene. Polyurethane draining foam in different densities. Cushion covers made of polyester and mixed paineira.


WINDOW Captivating curtains and singular shades make a perfect finishing touch Stand in any beautifully decorated room and notice how your eye is drawn to the windows, they’re inevitably the focal point that sets the tone and the “bones” of any successful decorating plan, and how you accessorize your windows affects not only the mood inside your home but also the appearance from outside. Interior design trends tend to cycle approximately once every 10 years with the current trends in window treatments moving toward easier applications with clean lines and understated elegance.

Here we take a look at the 6 key trends.



Going Green Green window treatments simply mean using fabrics and wood that are not a threatened resource. For example, bamboo blinds are a popular choice because of the plants quick growing ability that is easy to replenish without destroying it’s natural habitat. Rice, bamboo, hemp and cork continue to grow in popularity as people around the world become more aware of the earth’s condition. These used to come predominantly in a blind type of design. Today we finding more fabrics of a competitive nature in home decoration departments. Look for these green fabrics on bolts of assorted prints and textures as well as the more traditional blind system.


Colours are moving away from the bold and complex paisleys and busy floral printed patterns. Simple lines displayed in cool; light blues, aqua, deep blue based greens and neutrals, are moving to the front of the line. Reds and related warm tones are taking a second position. Neutrals and earth variations, such as brown, tan, taupe are still a favoured classic since they fit well in any decor or room style. | | | |

Creat ive Opt ions

Out of the box ideas are also becoming popular. Instead of using traditionally designed swags and valances home owners, with the encouragement of interior decorators are pulling in other sources of window treatment fabrics and hardware. Boat paddles and hockey sticks become curtain rods. Table runners and blankets become creative and unique valances, swags and cornices.

Rich Fabrics

Though the trend in window treatments is going to minimal hardware with the less bulky, heavier window framing of layered sheers, drapes and valances, choose the higher end materials to accent those windows. Don’t skimp, use fabric blends of satin, velvet even furs and tassels are incorporated into swags and valances. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Simplicit y Valances, swags, blinds and shades are the defining window treatments today. With the popularity of the spacious “great room� architectural feature in new home con-struction, the idea of space and unlimited light is the choice of home buyers today. Heavy layered window treatments have been traded for simple finishes, clean lines and limited hardware. Adjustable blinds redirect heat and light while providing selective privacy. 232


Bold Print s

If you choose to use a printed fabric, choose the larger, free flowing bolder prints over small, repetitive patterns. Stripes over solids are also a popular choice of today’s designers. Fashion trends are not the only design determinant when it comes to your window treatments. Form and function must also be considered. For example, though rolling blinds and shades seem to be in vogue today, if you are creating a room with a sophisticated look, drapes are always the best way to go.

Or if a bedroom needs more room dark-ening, it may be better to look at installing shutters or or room darkening curtains. The main rule to remember is that your home is all about you and your expression of design. It’s about creating comfort for you and your loved ones with or without the latest decorating tide.


TOUCHES HAMMERED SILVER METAL DISC CURTAIN TIE BACKS This pair tie backs will perfectly compliment curtains or provide a decorative accent to a room. The curtain tie back’s heavy rope ties will neatly fit around curtains and the luxurious skirt of the tie-back is elegant and sophisticated.

FLEUR DE LIS DECORATIVE CURTAIN HOLDBACK PAIR The handcrafted Fleur-de-Lis Decorative Curtain Holdback adds a timeless elegance to your window treatment. Hand-cast from resin, this pair of curtain holdbacks is hand-finished and features a traditional fleur-de-lis design.

ANTLER CURTAIN TIE BACK NATURAL RUSTIC DECOR Each set of these curtain tie backs is as unique as the deer that once wore it. The antlers are from the Whitetail Buck of Wisconsin. They will give a natural but elegant look to your decor whatever your taste from cottage and modern to retro. Each set of antlers may vary in color from light to dark--it all depends what kind of tree or bush the deer used to rub it’s antlers on. Each tieback is sold in a set of two with 4 available finishes. Mounting hardware included. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Trend Alert






While the majority of us dream of a white crisp bathroom today we’re seeing an influx in bath fixtures and accessories in deep, glamorous black.

When incorporated thoughtfully, black has the power to transform an understated bathroom into a real feature space. Black can convert your bathroom from beige and boring to chic and classy. The success of black in a bathroom comes down to having one thing – having the right design tool kit to ensure you don’t over, or under do it. Black is never going to work for you if you apply it across every surface. When working with black you must use it as a focal point or accessory NEVER both. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when using black in your bathroom décor… |

Fashionable as black is, and always has been, it seems to be much easier to work into your wardrobe than your home. Generally people shy away from black. WHY? Because it has a reputation for being a dark and gloomy colour that will make a space look small and intimidating. Today it’s time to put these assumptions and fears aside because one of the biggest bathroom trends at the moment is black!


When working with black (especially if it’s for the first time) please remember to keep it simple! Even the most experienced interior designers will struggle with an overcrowded colour palette. Try to stick with a monochromatic colour scheme to ensure you bathroom remains spacious and organised. Apply too many colours in addition to your black feature and your bathroom will look small, and downright unattractive. With black as your feature, your monochromatic palette lends itself to a huge array of charcoals, ash tones, silvers and whites.

If you feel that a monochromatic colour scheme is a little dull for your liking, remember that you can use pattern, especially in your tile work, to create contrast and movement through visual texture.

Another handy tip, if monochrome is not your thing, is to use timber or timber veneer as a surface finish. The natural look and tonal quality of timber, especially if you select one of the darker woods, won’t clutter your palette. Timber is always a handy option in any room if you are looking to enhance visual interest without breaking a colour scheme.


If you’re thinking of working black into a bathroom space with tiles, select a textured wall tile. Textured tiles will subtly create visual interest and stop black from looking flat or depressed by adding a sense of movement through reflection of light.



Bathrooms are spaces that attract high lustre fittings. Use tap ware, shower screens and shower heads to create a harmony. The shine from metallic fixtures brings lighter tones and reflections of light into your bathroom. This will balance out any application of black. Lustre balance is a subtle, chic way of making black work for you.




4. MIX CLASSIC WITH CONTEMPORARY Worried that your black bathroom will look like futuristic or plain wrong! Then look to the past, check pattern flooring dates back to the 15th century where it was widely used in Europe, today it’s sure to give your bathroom a classic feel. Another way to use black in a classic fashion, is to purchase a modified iconic bathroom piece such as a black enamel claw foot tub. The shape of the bath will allow your bathroom to remain feminine and somewhat ‘old worldly’, but the colour will give it a cheeky modern edge.

5. ACCESORIZING Black bathrooms are stark and powerful. They are also great to accessorize, and you can create a new theme with different colours relatively easily. | | |

Chrome is a very popular accessory to black bathrooms as is mirrored furniture which creates a glamourous, feminine ultra-modern look.

That’s right, KOKET’s stunning collection of dramatic case goods, luscious upholstery and exquisite lighting will be starring alongside Mr. Grey and Anastasia in the scandalous, highly-anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey, out this Valentine’s Day. As most people know, Fifty Shades of Grey, written by E L James, chronicles the whirlwind sexual affair of the shy and virginal Anastasia, and the dominant and successful Christian Grey. As their tumultuous relationship unfolds, Creative Director and Founder, Janet Morais’ exclusive KOKET pieces from the Guilty Pleasures collection transform the sets into lustful scenes.

KOKET featured in Fifty Shades of Grey

“My passion and mission with KOKET is to create highly desirable, empowering statement pieces. The essence of my pieces dreamily complements the film’s aura of desire, passion and power. Although I never thought my collection would be powerful enough to grace the set of Fifty Shades of Grey, our inclusion has revealed the influence of exceptional design”, admits Janet Morais.

Incanto Bench

Burlesque Console

Hypnotic Chandelier

Mademoiselle Amoire

Guilt Mirror

Desire Sofa

Exotica Dressing Table

It’s a match made in heaven, a real love affair paired with KOKET, a love affair with luxury design.

Turner Lamp

DelightFULL invites you to watch the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.
Selected to suit the Christian Grey’s extravagant lifestyle and millionaire taste, our brand was commissioned to design and make pieces for the film’s set. Inspiring future interior decorations, each piece was carefully selected for its scene, in a bid to bring passion and personality for its setting. PERFECT HOMES INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


The Leaf Inspired by Nature


ulimaat High End Kitchen designers don’t always look for innovative ways to apply a material, sometimes the material itself is an innovation. The Leaf kitchen designed as an organic shape, created using HI-MACS- a material with infinite possibilities which consists of 75% natural minerals and pigments that are bound together with a clear acrylic. The designers used this acrylic stone to form a clean, durable and heat-resistant

platform for cooking without any traditional geometric lines. In fact, compared to traditional cooking platforms Leaf comes in an appealing open structure with rounded ends, providing extra space for easy movement. It features induction hobs, stainless steel sink and storage space for oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc., when not in use all these can be hidden from the view within the acrylic closet. The induction hobs and drawers are fully electronic and

can be opened or closed easily without much effort. Moreover, it also has a small ranging hood, which is more like a lighting fixture but works perfectly and thus ensures clean air. Reflecting the beauty of balance and proportion that we usually only see in nature, this futuristic kitchen design will be presented at Maison & Objet in Paris, in September this year.

amc projects craft design technology

Our aim is not to be the biggest company, but to have the happiest customers possible!


mcprojects apart from offering a complete and personalised lighting design service is now moving into the audio video and systems integration field. Over the years we have normally kept ‘domotica’ at arm’s length, in the early days it seemed to cause more problems than solve as it would often leave the customer with an unsatisfied feeling. We have just contracted an expert in this field who has spent the last four years working with one of the leading audio video integration companies in London, that’s a lot of experience when you add it to the eight years already spent in the industry before he went. We agree one several things… the client is the most important and to keep the system as simple as possible to use.

Image courtesy of TOBAL ARCHITECTS

Sometimes an end-user can get confused with a touch panel with just too many features.


One of our favourite projects of recent times has to be the cafĂŠ Dezentral by the casino, Puerto Banus. The owners Carsten and Susana were really great to work with, it was a refreshing and exciting project to be involved in. We also got to know the woodfactory that made a lot of the furniture. Good fun.

International lighting and audio video integration specialists


First Class Immobilien is a french company established in 1979 on the Cote d’Azur and offers a highly personalised search service for high value villas and apartments for sale. Our real estate agencies specialize in properties focusing on MANDELIEU LA NAPOULE, THEOULE-SUR-MER, CANNES and also have access to the best new and off plan investment property. You are looking for a luxurious Villa, a luminous Penthouse, a waterfront property, a stone Bastide, land for sale ... If you wish to sell your property ... You plan to rent for holidays, congresses, seminars a spacious villa overlooking

the sea from the Bay of Cannes, Lerins Islands, to the Cap d’Antibes ...

landscapes who Riviera legend.

Mandelieu-La Napoule, seaside resort is located at the centre of the French Riviera facing the bay of Cannes , the Lerins islands and the Esterel massif.

Sandy beaches accessible all year long, also for the handicapped.

Facing the islands of Lerins, Mandelieu-La Napoule is next to Cannes by the national road 98. Resort of the Mediterranean coast, Mandelieu-La Napoule is rich in beaches of fine sand and the creeks of characteristic red rocks of the Esterel Massif. The pine trees of the famous “Old Course” and the village of “La Napoule” nestled at the foot of “Mont San Peyre”, the famous Castle form these Mediterranean




The level of harbour facilities is exceptional, with more than 5000 places distributed on six harbours completely dedicated to sailing. Waterbased recreation is also numerous and accessible, diversified over a long period of the year thanks to the particularly favourable climate. Beach, water sport, sailing allied to the charms of rivers, Mandelieu-La Napoule definitely combines all the trump cards of an excellent nautical destination. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your needs.

Office : Facing the castle of La Napoule ~ On the seaside T. 33 (0)4 93 49 45 33 | 33(0)6 60 99 83 03


Residence Mimosas Bay Sea view Elite Apartements Mandelieu - La Napoule – 10 km from Cannes – French Riviera The residence consits of three blocks and each block consists of three four-level apartments of two different types (1&2) 4 apartements (Type 1) with total living area of 115 m2 with three bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 2 shower rooms Type 1- Living area, terrace, balcony, garage Total area 300 m2. 5 apartements (Type 2) with a total living area of 93 m2 2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, 1 shower rooms. Type 2 - Living area, terrace, balcony, garage Total area 250 m2.

Price : From 695 000 € Ref : A1266

Terrrace + balcony | Panoramic sea view | High quality equipement | Decorated with modern finishing materials Air conditioning and climate control | Burglar alarm | Swimming Pool | Caretaker | Security Garage : 70 m2 | Communal open swimming pool |


Charming property in perfect condition with a beautiful garden and private pool Mandelieu - La Napoule - French Riviera - 10 km from Cannes Price : 1.160.000 € Ref : V1390 Plot : 1.850 m2 | Built : 230 m2 | Terrace : 100 m2 | Garage : 2 cars Swimming Pool Garden, Wooded Area South Oriented | 4 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms 2 Shower rooms| | 1 Office | Dressing

Provencal stone built property with an amazing sea views in a residential area La Napoule - French Riviera - 10 km from Cannes Price : 1.950.000 € Ref : V631 Plot : 1.220 m2 | Built : 250 m2 | Terrace : 100 m2 | Garage | Swimming Pool Great family house | 8 Rooms | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | 2 Shower rooms |Provencal style | Basement cellar Office : Facing the castle of La Napoule ~ On the seaside T. 33 (0)4 93 49 45 33 | 33(0)6 60 99 83 03


125 sqm apartment with stunning sea views, in luxury complex with beautiful pool, close to the beach Théoule-sur-Mer - 10 km from Cannes – French Riviera Price : 1 250 000 € Ref : A1094 Built : 125 m2 | Terrace : 25 m2 | Panoramic sea view | Garage : 2 cars Parking : 2 cars | Swimming Pool, Caretaker, Security | 5 Rooms | 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathrooms | 1 Shower room | 1 Office | Dressing

Luxury 110 sqm penthouse with a breathtaking panoramic bay view of Théoule-sur-Mer – French Riviera Price : 1.090.000 € Ref : A1218 Built : 110 m2 | Terrace : 47 m2 | Panoramic sea view | Renaissance style | 1 Garage Swimming Pool, Caretaker | Security | South East Exposed | 3 Rooms | 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom | 1 Shower |

MANSION Group is a specialized Belgian developer with 20 years experience in building and promoting exceptional villas in the Costa del Sol. We work together with you listening to your expectations, analysing your lifestyle and learning about your needs, aiming to make your dream house become a reality in this spoilt region in the South of Spain. MANSION Group consists of a passionate team of professionals in constant search for excellence and with the ambition to contribute to the preservation and enrichment of the wonderful heritage that lies behind the beautiful villas of the Costa del Sol. Architect, engineer, technicians and workers at MANSION Group bring together their knowledge and expertise to serve the most discerning clientele. Our team is trilingual in French, Spanish and English and, given that each of our villas is tailor made, we develop specific solutions for each project, so that we can exceed your expectations, while being compliant with existing rules of art and regulations.

with the best selection of villas and lands available for sale on the Costa del Sol. We are committed to offer a full service to our customers. All our building contracts incorporate an after-sales service with a coverage that goes beyond official guarantees, and we may also provide a maintenance service for villas upon request (pool, gardens, installations….), for a totally stress-free experience. If you are considering purchasing a plot, we may facilitate a free of charge counselling

service provided by our in-house architect, Ivan Costenoble ( He will conduct a complete study of feasibility of the plot from the topographical, geotechnical, architectural and town planning points of view, along with a preliminary study of construction costs. Such professional study elaborated by skilled professionals will include all needed parameters to provide full confidence before purchasing your land and developing your own project.

We carry most of our work with our own staff and equipment. We also offer 3D animations for a better understanding of our projects before their implementation, which help envisioning the final outcome and avoid unnecessary additional costs. Quality, timeless construction and competitive budgets are the keywords on which our reputation is built, as our past customers give testimony of, they being our best ambassadors. You are welcome to visit our constructions and experience by yourself the perfect blend between authentic architecture and natural noble materials, new technologies, cosy and welcoming spaces. MANSION Group offers a range of services including architectural and urban projects, project management, building permits, interior design, decoration, landscaping and maintenance, along

The residential area Altos de los Monteros is a unique natural reserve in Marbella, immersed in a green landscape environment with breathtaking views over the sea and the Costa del Sol bay. Its privileged location in a clean and relaxing surrounding is at the same time at easy reach from any facilities you may require. You will find Marbella’s lovely city centre with its well-preserved pedestrian Old Town at only a few minutes drive. Even closer than that, the Costa del Sol main hospital and one of the most prestigious areas, Bahia de Marbella, lay at the bottom of the valley, where you will find beaches with natural dunes and beachfront restaurants serving traditional Spanish cuisine. The area of El Rosario is located 5 minutes away, offering two of the best bilingual international schools, a tennis club including a gym and Pilates studio, and various shops, restaurants, supermarkets and access to beautiful beaches. For a wider shopping offer, La Cañada shopping mall is located at 10 minutes drive, where to find a big international supermarket, cinemas, beauty centres, restaurants, bars, and all offer

in national and international brands for fashion, cosmetics, books, and gadgets. Whether you are a keen golfer or you are willing to learn, three of the most prestigious golf courses in the Costa del Sol surround Altos de los Monteros. Rio Real Golf -which includes its own 5-star boutique hotel-, Santa Clara Golf -with a golf academy and charming social club-, and Marbella Golf & Country Club, also featuring an elegant social club and golf academy, as well as tennis courts. 5-star accommodation facilities are also located at a few kilometres, such as Los Monteros Hotel, featuring a SPA and a fabulous beach club. Altos de los Monteros is defined as an area where to live peacefully. Surrounded by nature and within reach of all the amenities that Marbella has to offer, Altos de los Monteros is a valuable investment for the future, with existing area projects that will improve its facilities and incorporate new services. Definitely a unique opportunity to start living... the Marbella dream… (+34) 619 063 724 (+34) 951 271 130 Urb. Altos de los Monteros, C/. Jara 19-3, Marbella (Spain)

Price from: 995.000 â‚Ź 4 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, 1 guest toilet, Lounge + dining room, Kitchen, carport for 2 cars, Swimming pool, covered an uncovered terraces. Plot: 1.240 m2 __________________________ Living surface: 524 m2 __________________________ Terraces: 325 m2 __________________________ Covered terrace: 75 m2 __________________________ Pool: 50 m2 __________________________ Choose between modern or classic style

Garage: 37 m2 __________________________

Description of the plot and the area: Stunning views, south facing plot, green zone in front. Quite place, 10 min. to Marbella center, 5 min. to the best beaches of Los Monteros. Close to the Hospital Costa del Sol. Exclusive area. Golf courses: Santa Clara Golf, Rio Real Golf, and Marbella Golf Club. VAT, Notary fees and building license not included in price

Price from: 995.000 â‚Ź 4 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, 1 guest toilet, Lounge + dining room, Kitchen, carport for 2 cars, Swimming pool, covered an uncovered terraces. Plot: 1.509 m2 _____________________________ Living surface: 412 m2 _____________________________ Terraces: 272 m2 _____________________________ Covered terrace: 110 m2 _____________________________ Pool: 50 m2 _____________________________

Description of the plot and the area: Stunning views to all the coast, south-west facing plot, green zone in front. Peaceful area, 10 min. to Marbella center, 5 min. to the best beaches of Los Monteros. Close to the Hospital Costa del Sol. Exclusive area. Golf courses: Santa Clara Golf, Rio Real Golf, and Marbella Golf Club. VAT, Notary fees and building license not included in price

Eaton Square, London SW1 Exquisitely designed penthouse in prime Belgravia Two bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Family kitchen • Roof terrace • Spacious living area • Utility room • Full porterage • Private security

+44 (0) 203 126 4572

Guide Price £6,950,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Eaton Place, London SW1 A luxurious and stylish first floor lateral apartment with studio Three bedrooms • Three bathrooms • Dressing room • Two reception rooms Interior design by Karen Millen • Private roof terrace • Resident porter

+44 (0) 203 126 4572

Lower ground studio • Direct lift access

Guide Price £8,950,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Fitzjames Avenue, London W14 Breathtaking 1930’s property in a superb location Dual aspect double reception room • Master bedroom suite • Two further double bedrooms • Family bathroom • Gated development with off-street

+44 (0) 203 126 4572

parking • 24hr security/porterage • Approx. 1,636 sq. ft. • Energy rating: D

Guide Price £2,300,000 Share of Freehold

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Bishops Road, London SW6 Beautifully designed family home in the heart of Fulham Five bedrooms • Four bathrooms • Two reception rooms • Three roof terraces Kitchen • Dining room • Sauna • Wine cellar • Gym • Garage • Garden Patio

+44 (0) 203 126 4572

Guide Price £6,950,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Wineberry, Cobham KT11 A modern and striking family residence in one of Cobham’s most exclusive private estates Seven bedrooms • Six bathrooms • Indoor pool • Gym • Media/games room Secondary accomodation • Approx. 12,580 sq. ft. • 0.98 acres • Energy Rating: B

+44 (0) 1932 798 192

Guide Price £4,950,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Willow House, Cobham KT11 A beautiful family home conveniently located on the exclusive Eaton Park Estate Six bedrooms • Four reception rooms • Seven bathrooms Secluded south facing gardens • Potential to extend STPP

+44 (0) 1932 798 192

Triple garage • Approx. 6,300 sq. ft. • 0.465 acres • Energy Rating: D

Guide Price £3,300,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Apple Tree Cottage, Oxshott KT22 Stunning family home extending to 9,000 sq. ft. Five/Six bedrooms • Six reception rooms • Six bathrooms Private road • Media/games room • Triple garage • Energy Rating: C

+44 (0) 1932 798 192

Guide Price £3,750,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Oxshott Way, Cobham KT11 A well presented family home on this highly sought after private estate Five bedrooms • Three reception rooms • Four bathrooms • Garage Potential to extend STPP • Approx. 3,700 Sq. Ft. • Energy rating: D

+44 (0) 1932 798 192

Guide Price £2,100,000

Over 700 Offices in 52 Countries

Think green. Sleep bluechecked. All-natural materials? Check. Free from all allergens? Check. Handmade? Check. Checked? Check. There’s no question, blue is the new green - because there’s no other bed as environmentally-freindly as Hastens. Did we mention you can get it in almost any color? Sure you can. It’s green anyway.









Idyllic Luxury Lodges with Guaranteed Returns From The Dream Lodge Group Offering a range of luxurious lodges across seven of the UK’s most beautiful counties, The Dream Lodge Group offers second home investors the chance to own a charming property with the added benefit of an 8% guaranteed return for three years. Established over 50 years ago, The Dream Lodge Group prides itself on making the dream of owning a year round countryside escape, a tangible and hassle free reality for its customers.

A range of eleven different lodges, each with a distinct personality and style, are available at Parks in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, East Sussex, Devon and Cornwall. Choices include La Belle Maison evoking the rusticity of southern France with subtle colour palettes, a wood burning stove and rattan furniture, The High View featuring split level living with raised kitchen and dining areas and The Sunrise which has an innovative eco roof planted with sedum.Â

Each lodge is set in one of seven, five-star boutique Parks which have been created with location, tranquillity, and convenience in mind. All offer spectacular views and a range of facilities including restaurants, swimming pools and bike hire either on-site or nearby, whilst attractions comprising beaches, spas, wildlife parks, golf clubs, art galleries, theatres, shops and museums can be found on many of their doorsteps.

Built with superior quality materials Each site also has teams dedicated to operations, maintenance and housekeeping as well as a guest relations advisor to ensure that properties are maintained to a very high standard and visitor experiences are second to none. Those looking to balance their investment with rental gain can opt for one of a selection of investment packages which deliver guaranteed payments either monthly, annually or at the end of the three year investment term at a rate of 8%. With all of these options, owners can still use their lodge for between 2 and 8 weeks of every year (depending on their level of investment) or add their free weeks to the rental pool to increase the rate of return. Dream Lodge purchases incur zero stamp duty, start-up costs or solicitor fees and with entry investments from £50,000 they are a viable investment model for families, individuals and retirees alike. All lodges are delivered fully furnished and are built with superior quality materials and techniques with one, two or three bedrooms. Bespoke extras can be added on request including hot tubs, decking areas, patio heaters and BBQs alongside changes to the decoration and furnishings.

Each property is fully detached and features an average of 1200sqft of living space. For a truly customised offering, lodges can also be shipped to customers’ individual properties and erected on plots of land subject to planning permission. Flexible financing options are also available including assistance with part exchanges as well as monthly payment plans and opportunities for fractional ownership. Of the ongoing demand for their lodges, Managing Director Simon Moir explains that “The Dream Lodge Group has

positioned itself as a firm player in an already active and demanding marketplace. We have been overwhelmed with customers from all different backgrounds, from retired school teachers to charities, property investors, accountants and empty nesters who are all enjoying the benefits of luxury lodge ownership, as well as our guaranteed returns. With new parks set to be introduced to expand our rental fleet and an exclusive new lodge design that will join our range of luxury lodges, 2015 promises to be another exciting year”.




The High View:

Full ownership from £200,000

La Belle Maison:

Full ownership from £200,000

The Sunrise:

Full ownership from £249,000

The Dream Lodge Group 111 London Road, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 9JJ.

Fractional ownership for 1/4 share from £50,000

The Single Tuscany:

Full ownership from £99,000

Lodge Sales: 0845 123 6333 Holiday Sales: 0844 414 8080

Fractional ownership for / share from £100,000

The Twin Tuscany:

1 2

Full ownership from £160,000



The benefits of living in the British Countryside Britain is an urban country and about four fifths of the UK population lives in cities and towns. City life has its advantages and disadvantages and so does country life, however, there seems to be an increased interest in the country, especially among young families. If you are thinking about moving to the country as well but are not sure if it is a good idea, it may help to look at the benefits of country life. 280




It’s Cheap In most major cities nearly every real estate agents will report that there is an exodus afoot, as growing numbers of homeowner’s cash in on their sky-high urban dwellings for more often than not a larger, more substantial rural retreat. Most are trading shoebox-sized flats or tiny terraces with postage-stamp lawns for substantial family homes with bigger gardens and, hopefully, a better quality of life. Some are even managing to reduce their mortgage at the same time, too. At the end of 2014 Property Company Hamptons International issued research showing that Londoners have bought 44,000 properties worth a total of £15bn outside the capital – the highest level in terms of both volume and value since 2007.

Space and Nature

City dwellers chronically lack open spaces and children play computer games with less outdoor play. But in the country you could play with a ball, learn to ride a bicycle or simply have some fun outdoors. In the country, children have as much space as they want and do not have to share it with tens of other children, like that of most city parks and playgrounds.

Privacy and Tranquillity Cities and towns are packed with people and it is virtually impossible to step outside without being seen by or see other people. At the same time, most cities especially the large ones never sleep. And to be able to get some peace, most city dwellers drive as far from their homes as possible. In the country, people have no problems

with privacy or constant noise from the traffic. You do not have to see anyone if you do not want to and often do not hear a car driving by for the entire day.

Low Crime Rate and Community Life in the country is much safer than in the city when it comes to crime which is virtually non-existent in the countryside. People are also friendlier and you don’t feel the need to get suspicious when people are nice to you. In the country people say hello and “how are you” and generally mean it. You go to the grocery store and have a decent chance of seeing at least someone you know. Your doctor actually calls you back the same day you call with a concern. People don’t size you

up constantly based upon your job, social status or income.

Feeling Closer to Nature In the country, you are woken up by the singing of the birds rather than by the noise from the traffic. Homes in the countryside are surrounded by nature which has a soothing effect on both the mind and the body. In the country, you do not have to leave your home to feel closer to nature because here, the nature comes to you and it is quite common to see wildlife such as birds, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits and even deer from your backyard, it also offer you the ability to produce your own food.



Hello Tomorrow

Where will

Tomorrow take you?





Almagro, Madrid, Spain Prime location

Recently refurbished property in a modern building with a communal swimming pool, sauna and gym. 3 bedroom suites, under floor heating system, wood flooring, air-conditioning, home automation system, 24hr security and storage room. 2 parking spaces available for sale and an additional storage room. Approx. 254 sq m, including a 41 sq m terrace. Guide price: â‚Ź1,990,000

+34 91 431 31 31

Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

Exceptional villa with stunning views over Port d’Andratx This 7 bedroom modern property in a superb location with magnificent views offers covered terraces, a summer kitchen with a barbecue, courtyard and large swimming pool with a whirlpool. All surrounded by Mediterranean gardens, set in approximately 900 sq m. The villa consists of two guest houses, one includes a fitness room and sauna. Guide price: ₏11,900,000

+44 207 861 1097

The extensive Siemen’s portfolio offers solutions for energy, water and environment, which are manifest in its appliances ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, warming drawers, dishwashers, washers, dryers and coffee machines. Siemens’ design and production takes a global view, when considering the happiness of your home.

Welcome to a world of innovation.





RIVA LIVES RICHLY Find your amenity-rich lifestyle at Riva del Lago today. You’re one of a kind, not one of the crowd. You want to get maximum lifestyle out of every day with condo amenities that urge you to be your best, achieve more, play harder. That’s what Riva del Lago on the Humber Bay Shore’s waterfront is all about. All the amenities you are looking for - all ready from the day you move in. Because Riva is not like the rest. RIVA party room, kitchen, bar & BBQ terrace RI SILVER SCREEN big screen theatre PULSE fitness with TV’s, cardio, yoga, weights, men’s/women’s change rooms PET-TIE WASH pet wash area AQUA at LAGO full access for all Riva del Lago residents, including indoor swimming pool, hot tub and dry saunas, men’s/women’s change rooms.

Waterfront Boutique Condos from the low $300’s

hotelREADY hote


Sales Centre located at 2167 Lake Shore Blvd. W.

Every amenity. Ready when you are.


96 years

discover more





*Prices, specifications and promotions are subject to change without notice. Rendering is artists’ concept and image is for mood and impression only.

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Fine Carpets | Luxurious Fabrics | Handmade Embroidery | Exquisite High Quality Furniture Mosaics | Glassware | Accessories and much more...

of tury A Cen nce ie r e xpe TS

Y OR RTINEZ 1905, MA ed to Since dedicat kind s been ferent S.A., ha er y dif ev these cture gh all manufa ou Trh . es ing fixtur styles in ing of light ht lig tion of ing olu be ev , tant years, en cons give has be ges to fashion e chan ding th for n sig them lea er de e prop th ts its clien ment. each mo

ctor y rs of fa re mete to 00 squa le them Their 70 rs enab worke cture fa and 70 nu ht ma able the rig provide st, being reque y no an to designs answer custom facture to manu e. r the siz tte ma S.A., Y ORTS RTINEZ are way, MA homes In this llions of their that mi d th wi ou ble is pr mforta es more co ls, palac some d hote an , the articles around lighting ings all love ial build e fic th of and d with minate are illu y. world mpan ar y co centen of this

Изобразительное Ковры | Роскошные Ткани | Handmade вышивки | Изысканный высококачественной мебели Мозаика | Стекло | Аксессуары и многое другое...

Showcasing the most prestigious furniture brands in a high gloss format, Alexander’s Collection Spain are the definitive luxury brand specialist here in Marbella.

Contact us now and let us show you how your business can benefit from having your own bespoke magazine. | 951 127 200 294


Gillan, Manaccan - Helford River Area To be sold for the first time in 50 years A ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to acquire an iconic waterside detached 7 bedroom house, c.1906, commanding idyllic, picturesque vistas over boating activity to St Anthony Church and out to sea. Set on its own promontory fronting Gillan Creek on three sides, this remarkable property includes a grass spit extending into the creek, extensive waterfronting woodland, garage, car park and orchard. In all, just over 2 acres. Conservatory, dining hall, drawing room, sitting room, breakfast room, kitchen, pantry, 4 bedrooms (1 en-suite), bathroom. First Floor: 3 attic bedrooms: Outside: direct waterfrontage on three sides of the house with two sets of steps to the foreshore below, patios and well stocked gardens surrounding the house with spectacular views. Grass spit extending into the creek, extensive waterfronting woodland, garage, car park and orchard. In all, just over 2 acres. EPC F38.

Offers around £750,000


Sole Agent

Sheviock, South East Cornwall A simply gorgeous, totally private Grade II Listed south facing detached 7 bedroomed period house, sensitively restored, with coach house and outbuildings, standing centrally within its own parkland grounds of about 35 acres including a very long private driveway. An idyllic country home of immaculate presentation surrounded by unspoilt rolling countryside between the sailing waters of the Tamar Estuary and the sandy beaches of the south coast. Excellent road and rail communications within easy striking distance of Plymouth. Entrance hall, reception hall, morning room, music room, vast family kitchen, drawing room, dining room, dairy kitchen, laundry, cloakroom/wc, rear hall. First Floor: main and secondary landings, 2 staircases, principal bedroom suite with dressing room and stunning bath/shower room, 3 further bedroom suites with bath/shower rooms. Second Floor: landing, 3 further double bedrooms (7 in total), bathroom, store room. Cellars: 3 large rooms, safe room. The Coach House: kitchen, sitting room, hall, shower room. Double garage, old stables. First Floor: 2 double bedrooms, bathroom. Outside: array of outbuildings to the rear of the house, large single storey stone barn with potential. 400 yard long tree lined driveway, secondary drive, sweeping south facing front lawn, 150’ x 120’ walled garden, specimen woodland and gardens surrounding the house. Two parkland fields with pond. Further area of woodland, wooded bank and frontage to a tidal creek. In all, about 35 acres. Offers around £2,350,000


Sole Agent

Feock, South Cornwall Truro 5 miles • Falmouth 9 miles • St Mawes 3 miles by water - distances approximate. Is there a more perfect yachtsman’s retreat for sale anywhere in the United Kingdom today...? One of the Restronguet Point’s most private detached marine residences, hidden from view behind high old stone walls and created by the enlargement of an 18th Century cottage in the 1960’s to a high standard and interesting design in its day resulting in a secretive and intriguing house in a stunning waterside setting. With one of the longest direct frontages to deep water on the Point and park-like grounds sweeping down to the Fal Estuary, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the keen day sailor or yachtsman to find heaven, absolute peace, tranquillity and sunshine - the principle wing facing south and all rooms commanding extraordinarily beautiful views over the estuary to the Roseland Peninsula, Mylor Harbour, St Anthony Lighthouse and Falmouth Bay. Now requiring modernisation and general updating - or even redevelopment, this is a prime opportunity to acquire one of the largest freeholds in this exclusive location, now recognised by astute purchasers as ‘going places’ and arguably ‘first class’ Cloister, reception hall, boot room etc, drawing room, conservatory, dining room, breakfast room and Poggenpohl/Miele kitchen, laundry room etc, former housekeeper’s bedroom. First Floor: two staircases, landing, 4 bedrooms - 3 en-suite, large library/home office. Outside: double and single garages, walled court, slate terrace, beautiful prolifically stocked gardens and park-like grounds. Large dry dock, slipway. Deep waterfrontage of about 220ft. and ownership to mean high water. Moorings by application to the Harbour Master.

Offers over £3,250,000


Sole Agent

8 Truro - Falmouth, South Cornwall Early vacant possession available An outstanding Grade II listed Georgian vicarage of the very highest quality in beautiful private exotic gardens of about 1.5 acres, situated within easy reach of the renowned sailing waters of the Fal Estuary and the county’s best facilities in Truro. Elegant entrance lobby and reception hall, drawing room, dining room, kitchen with Aga and wine store, breakfast room, library, study, utility room. First Floor: master suite, 4 further bedrooms, 2 further bathrooms, including 2 bedrooms, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen situated in an integral apartment. Superb standard throughout with a wealth of period features. Gardens: tree lined gated driveway, beautiful plantsman’s gardens with extensive lawned arboretum, formal lawn and walled courtyard gardens. Exquisite swimming pool and pavilion. Probably one of the finest period houses available in this part of Cornwall. An exceptional setting of about 1½ acres. Offers around £1,295,000


Sole Agent

8 Are you looking for your perfect property?



Issue 3 - 2014

The producers of Exclusive Magazine, will help you find a new property, whether you are looking for a luxurious, purpose-built designer villa, a turnkey holiday apartment or a cosy family home on the Costa del Sol Call us now on +34 951 127 200


Inspirational Properties | Contemporary Design | Traditional Living MARBELLA

T +34 951 403 340 | | EXCLUSIVE Magazine 1

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ISSUE 12 2015 EU €4.95 UK £4.50




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LUXURY REAL ESTATE From the most desirable places in the world

Alexanders’ Collection Luxury Home

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Robgill Tower, Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway A magnificent Tower House, refurbished in recent years to an exceptional standard with extensive outbuildings and leisure facilities, in a wonderful riverside setting. Carlisle 15 miles | About 38 acres (15.3 ha) in all. 6 Reception Rooms. 6 Bedrooms. Vaulted Dining Room. Swimming pool. Indoor arena. Separate 2 Bedroom Gate Lodge. Wonderful riverside setting. Garage block. Dog kennels. Stable block. Gym. Shower Room. Tanning Studio. Sauna. EPC=F.

Guide Price ÂŁ2,250,000 David Corrie | 01556 505346 |

Balbithan House, Kintore, Inverurie A striking category A listed baronial house. Aberdeen 13 miles | About 9.76 acres (3.95 ha) in all. 4 Reception Rooms. 9 Bedrooms. Great character and charm. Tranquil private location with excellent accessibility to Dyce, Inverurie and Aberdeen. Lovely mature gardens, woodland and range of outbuildings. EPC=F.

Offers Over ÂŁ1,200,000 Jordan Mackay | 01224 860710 |

Offices across Scotland | Local knowledge | National expertise | International reach |

Essich Lodge, Inverness, Inverness-shire Stunning modern house in delightful rural setting. City centre 4 miles | About 4.6 acres (1.8 ha) in all. 5 Bedrooms. 2 Reception Rooms. Constructed and completed to a high standard. Sophisticated modern interior. Raised slate terraces with veranda. Grounds with burn and woodland. EPC=C.

Asking Price £950,000 John Bound | 01463 224343 |

Greystones, Bonnington Road, Peebles An impressive Victorian house with equestrian facilities on the periphery of Peebles town centre. Edinburgh 24 miles. Glasgow 53 miles | About 1.29 acres (0.52 ha) in all. 3 Reception Rooms. 6 Bedrooms. Dining Kitchen. Immaculate condition throughout. Coach House with Stables. Manège. Pony Paddock. Greenhouse. Beautiful Mature Gardens. Countryside pursuits to be enjoyed from the doorstep. EPC=E.

Offers Over £850,000 James Freeman | 0131 240 6960 |

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Craigiehall Temple, 66 Cammo Road, Edinburgh A unique and most private family home with an A- Listed stone tower in generous garden grounds in a semi-rural location with lovely views. Edinburgh City Centre 6 miles. Edinburgh Airport 4 miles | About 0.82 acres (0.33 ha) in all. 3 Reception Rooms. 6 Bedrooms (4 en-suite). Kitchen/Breakfast room. 5 Bath / Shower rooms. Utility room. 2 Balconies. Mature gardens. Double garage. Kennels & Workshop. 18th Century Round Tower (A-Listed). EPC=D.

Offers Over £835,000 Lorna Donaldson | 0131 240 6960 |

Barskaig, Barr, South Ayrshire A perfectly formed small estate with a handsome Georgian house at its heart. Ayr 25 miles | About 11.62 acres (4.70 ha) in all. 3 Reception Rooms. 5 Bedrooms (Master En Suite Dressing Room). Kitchen. Bathroom. Shower Room. Beautifully secluded gardens including paddocks and landscaped parkland. Wonderful equestrian facilities, a superb stone stable block, outdoor riding arena, barn, summerhouse and outhouses. Salmon fishing on the River Stinchar. EPC=E.

Offers Over £775,000 Fiona Fulton | 01292 268181 | 304 THE ESSENTIAL COSTA DEL SOL WEBSITE -

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Duncraggan, 8 Tayview Terrace, Newport-on-Tay An impressive family house with fantastic river views. Dundee 1 mile | About 0.26 acres (0.1 ha) in all. 3 Reception Rooms. Family Room. 8 Bedrooms (2 en-suite). Play room. Games room. Gym. Generous refurbished flexible accommodation over four levels. Beautifully presented with delightful period features. Wonderful far reaching views over Tay estuary. Attractive garden with driveway and terrace. Garden store. Excellent accessibility. EPC=E.

Offers Over ÂŁ745,000 George Lorimer | 01334 659980 |

Balquhandy House, Dunning, Perthshire An attractive house, with outbuildings & paddocks, situated in an elevated position & commanding outstanding panoramic views over Strathearn. Perth 14 miles. Edinburgh 40 miles | About 8.06 acres (3.26 ha) in all. 3 Reception Rooms. 5 Bedrooms (2 En-suite). Kitchen with Aga. Family Bathroom. Office. Utility Room. Cloakroom. Traditional outbuildings with stables, byres, games room & store. Dutch barn. Log store & dog kennel. Paddocks with woodland. EPC=D.

Offers Over ÂŁ650,000 Emma Chalmers | 01738 451111 |



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The Bahamas

700 Islands The Bahamas

Foreign demand is coming back, as investor confidence rise


he Bahamas extends 760 miles from the coast of Florida on the northwest almost to Haiti on the southeast, it consists of 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited. The Bahamas became an independent Commonwealth realm in 1973, retaining Queen Elizabeth’s II as its monarch, although predominating an American nation. In terms of gross domestic product per capital, the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas (following the United States and Canada), with its economy based on tourism and finance. 308


The Bahamas The Caribbean luxury property market and in particular the Bahamian market was undeniably affected by the economic downturn. However, now that prices have bottomed out, we are seeing a marked upsurge in interest, with clients taking advantage of being able to pick up five star properties at reduced prices, in anticipation of prices increasing once more in the months and years ahead,” said Philip Button of Brookes & Co. a London-based investment company. House prices are estimated by local agents to have dropped by 30% to 40% during the period of 2007 to 2010, mainly due to the adverse impact of the global financial and economic meltdown, according to Savills Prime Residential Retreats 2014 report (there are no official house price figures). In 2012 the property market started to recover, thanks mainly to improved tourism and a better economic outlook. The residential property market saw prices rise by about 10% to 15% in the islands’ more established high-end residential developments such as Old Fort Bay and Lyford Cay plus with several multimillion dollar investments coming into the Bahamas and with the new $3.5 billion resort in Nassau set to open in March 2015, the Bahamas is on its way back according to Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Ocean Club Estates encompasses the eastern point of Paradise Island and is one of the most exclusive oceanfront and golf-course communities in The Bahamas. All of the home sites are either on the beach, harbour, canal, or golf-course…only a privileged few will have the opportunity to call Ocean Club Estates their home! Ocean Club Estates residents enjoy all of the amenities offered by Atlantis and the One & Only Ocean Club resorts including tennis courts, pools and water slides, beaches, restaurants, shops, restaurants, spas, fitness centres, a casino, and a concierge service. Ocean Club Estates is Paradise Island’s crown jewel… residents enjoy true commitment to world class service and sophistication!



Tax benefits Not only is the Bahamas a tax haven and offshore banking centre, there is no taxes on income, no VAT, no inheritance tax and there is no capital gains tax on real estate. There is no property tax on resort properties as long as personal use isn’t over 90 days and there’s only a 1% annual property tax applicable over the value of £250,000 properties. Foreigners who own properties in the Bahamas are eligible for a homeowner’s residence card (renewable annually) and those who purchase properties valued at least US$500,000 are given priority in permanent residence applications. 310

According to Crystal Investment and Real Estate, sales volumes are picking up as a result of “The Bahamas’ tax situation” as it is very attractive to foreigners, many of whom choose to become residents,” they say.

Investment opportunities: Currently, ocean front units in the Royal Ocean Club, situated on Grand Bahama, are priced at US$156,070. In the Bahamas Rum Cay, the price of one


and two-bedroom beach cottages start at US$128,095. In the Lyford Cay, a private gated community on the New Providence, a six bedroom colonial-style home, in Cuckoo’s Nest, is priced at US$6.5 million.

Investors are also attracted to the stability of the economy.

For more information about purchasing a property in The Bahamas visit:



Agent: Perry Estate Agents, Malta - - +356 21 31 0800 â‚Ź2,500,000 Set in rural countryside away from it all yet with easy access we have on offer this recently restored FARMHOUSE set on 1,900 square meters of total privacy, tranquillity and enjoying panoramic open views. This thoroughly lovely property is surrounded by landscaped gardens, large swimming pool and a stable with paddock.

Entering through the welcoming entrance hall, one discovers bright and comfortable accommodation consisting of a large sitting room, dining room, study, fully fitted kitchen / breakfast and cloakroom. Upstairs one finds the sleeping quarters comprising 3 bedrooms (master with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite) and a

sunny terrace. Further complimenting this property are the guest quarters having a bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a car port plus ample parking facilities. Definitely worth viewing if one is looking for a truly exceptional residence.

The Bahamas Nassau

Agent: Savills International Property, London - +44 (0) 20 7016 3754 Panoramic Ocean Views 1.75 acre parcel of land 4 en-suite bedrooms Great neighbourhood Large pool and patio area for entertaining This 8,000 sq.ft. home sits on large hilltop lot on Nassau’s east end.

The lower level features a dining room and formal living room with French doors opening to a pool area, guest suite with sitting area, breakfast room, kitchen, butler’s pantry, laundry & maid’s quarters & powder room. The original mahogany staircase leads to the upper floor with a large master suite,


2 additional guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a wrap around balcony with unobstructed ocean views. The estate is located on the eastern end of the island approximately 15 miles from the Nassau International Airport. Daily flights to London and numerous US cities.



Own a Home on Eden Island

and explore the Seychelles forever...


eychelles offers some of the richest fishing and diving destinations in the world. Whether it is casting your fly lines on the magnificent shallow flats, deep sea fishing in the archipelago for an abundance of wahoo, sailfish, marlin or tuna, island hopping in safe, cyclone-free waters, or simply snorkelling amongst the coral this is a paradise that few get to experience. The 115 islands are scattered across millions of square kilometres of water, offering sailor, divers, fishermen or simply paradise seekers a wide variety of seemingly uncharted locations to explore.

In the heart of this paradise lies Eden Island, a private marina just off the coast of MahÊ. The island comprises a wide range of luxury apartments, Maisons and Villas, each home with its own private mooring. Eden island hosts an international marina and Eden Plaza with its variety of shops and restaurants to suit everyone’s needs. Owners and their families are entitled to apply for residency of Seychelles. Ownership is secured on freehold title.

Eden island can be the start to the adventure you’ve always dreamed of, so take this opportunity to make your home shores one of the most exotic locations on earth. An island Marina of Paradise....




EXCLUSIVELY MARKETED by PAM GOLDING INTERNATIONAL T. + 0027 217 101700 United Kingdom: Brian Gradner: + 44 (0)77 3864 0220 Seychelles: Christopher Nel: + 248 252 7575 Sandra Colas: + 248 252 7715 For more information on Eden Island’s representation worldwide visit:

USA Hawaii

Agent: Abercrombie & Kent International Estates - +44 0 1242 547700 $2,700,000 24hr security Concierge Kid’s group Outdoor pool Spa & wellness facilities Watersports Private garden Covered parking


Hale Pu’uhonua has a built area of approximately 372m2 (4,000 sq ft) over one level with 4 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. A beautifully equipped epicurean kitchen, a private heated infinity-edge pool, two outdoor showers, an outdoor grill and dining area and a fully equipped theatre


room. Upscale island decor, including thatched ceilings and mahogany trim throughout, sets the mood for relaxing and enjoyable stays in one of the Big Island’s sunniest and most beautiful areas.


New York City

Agent : The Bouklis Group, NY - - +1 (212) 402 7855 $2,000,000 Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a corner unit Penthouse with two private terraces steps from Bloomingdales! This one-of-a-kind home offers nearly 1400sqft of interior living space plus a 50sqft deeded storage unit directly outside the apartment. In addition, this home boasts approximately 500sqft of private outdoor space - a true rarity anywhere in

Manhattan! Both spacious terraces, one which wraps around the living room and the other which is accessible from the master bedroom, have been meticulously maintained and feature brand new flooring throughout. In addition, this remarkable 21st floor residence features a brand new Bosch stainless steel kitchen, new hardwood floors, and two full bathrooms

- one which includes a jacuzzi tub and the other which offers sauna capabilities. Additionally, this top floor penthouse experiences impeccable light with eastern, western and southern exposure. Views of the Queensboro Bridge, the Chrysler Building, the Bloomberg Building and open unchanging views of Manhattan in three directions are sure to impress!

Barbados St. James

Agent: Poole Bay Estates

+44 (0) 1202 709090 $1,295,000

This luxury villa has been exquisitely furnished and is immaculate. Royal Westmoreland is a World class gated Golf Community with its own golf club, restaurants and bars, beach club, swimming pools and an amazing gym and even its own little barbados rum bar!

an adjacent 1 bedroom self-contained cottage pvillerfect for friends and family wishing to holiday together who require their own privacy and space. The self contained cottage is elegantly finished and even includes a small fridge and tea/coffee facilities.

The property consists of 3 bedrooms with 2 bedrooms in the main villa and

As you enter the property you are surrounded by a beautifully landscaped

courtyard with your own private spa plunge pool and al fresco seating perfect for an aperitif or a star lit soak after a hard day on the golf course. The main villa includes 2 en suite bedrooms with large en suites bathrooms and the bedrooms have been extended for extra space. They are located on the lower level of the villa.

Greece Crete

Agent: Savills International Property, London - - +44 020 7578 9000 The villa is built on a plot of 4.300 sqm that has a building license for a second detached two (2) storey villa with a separate swimming pool and total living space area of 130 sqm. The ground floor comprises an open plan living room with a full equipped kitchen, a sitting area with a fireplace, a dining area and a guest’s toilet.



The top floor features a master bedroom with en suite bathroom, two (2) double bedrooms and a bathroom.

and the right size contribute even further to the good insulation and make the interior airy and sunny.

The rooms open to balconies that share lovely sea views. The villa is designed with the environment, comfort and safety in mind. Top quality materials, fixtures and fittings have been used thoroughly; windows and doors with double glazing

The exterior of the house is landscaped with large terraces with plants and small trees, lawns, a lovely flower garden, the swimming pool (35 sqm) with a sun terrace, a covered with pergola dining area, a stone built BBQ and oven.


Andorra La Massana

Agent: Immobiliaria Roc Propietats - - +376 835 346 â‚Ź1,390,000 Character Garage Garden Heating Spacious Uninterrupted beautiful views overlooking the valley of La Massana. This chalet built over four floors levels with a total 4 double

bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms, with extra wide windows giving the maximun of natural light with large terrace and garden with garage space for 3/4 cars. Constructed area: 472m2.







A Caribbean Classic on St. Lucia St. Lucia offers idyllic saling and diving with the gorgeous coral sandy beaches of the Grenadines just a sail away. This property is perched high on the top of the exclusive Cap Estate with fantastic golf and beautiful ocean views.

We highlight the wonderful free flowing terraces and lofty interiors. 60 foot infinity pool 8000 sqft classic luxury 2.7 Acres 360ยบ views

We make it easier for you to find the right property and there are no booking fees for our service. A truly good solution is always our goal. We are aiming for a great reputation and for our guests, clients and friends to truly have the best experiences possible in these beautiful islands.

Email: Tel: 0 8 0 0 0 4 8 4 8 1 4





ST. LUCIA 6/7 bedroom luxury villa $3,995,000 USD







ARCHITECTS CAPE REED EUROPE T. +34 951 775 495 COSTENOBLE ARCHITECTS Urb. Altos de Los Monteros C/Jara 19 -3 Marbella T. +34 951 271 130 CALUDIO MODOLA MANSION BUILDING Urb. Altos de Los Monteros C/Jara 19 -3 Marbella T. +34 951 271 130



BANG & OLUFSEN MARBELLA Puerta Banus (Main Entrance) T. +34 952 817 250

MARBELLA CLUB HOTEL Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe Golden Mile, Marbella T. +34 952 822 211

AMC PROJECTS El Gamonal, Cancela de la Quinta, Edificio “0”, Oficina 4 San Pedro de Alcántara, T. +34 951 913 407

HOTEL CORTESIN Ctra. de Casares Km. 2 Casares T. +34 952 937 800


CASINO MARBELLA Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza s/n Marbella T. +34 952 814 000 LINEA DIRECTA T. + 34 902 123 161 324

ALEXANDER’S COLLECTION Ctra. N. 340 Km. 176 Edif Oasis Bussiness Center Local 1, Marbella T. +34 952 823 440 GUNNI & TRENTINO Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe 0, Marbella T. +34 951 968 744


CASASOLA Ctra. Cádiz- Málaga Km 184.5, Marbella T. +34 952 772 758, 952 772 762 DAIRIN DECORACION Ctra. de Ronda, Pologono La Quinta Nº 11A, San Pedro de Alcántara T. +34 952 781 827 ROCHE BOBOIS Ctra. Cádiz 185, Marbella T.+34 952 777 858 UDESIGN Pol. Ind. La Quinta Ctra. de Ronda, km 168.5 San Pedro de Alcántara T. +34 952 794 117 AXO LIGHT SRL T. +39 041 5845193 DURESTA FURNITURE

BLACKSHAW INTERIOR DESIGN Nave 7 Pol. Nuevo, La Campana, T. +34 952 818 038 FERNANDO MORENO Ctra. de Ronda, km. 47, Urb. Las Medranas, s/n 29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Malrbella T. + 34 952 780 006 CHRISTOPHER GUY AMBIENCE HOME DESIGN Showroom Marbella Blvd. Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe C.C. La Poveda, Local 6, Marbella T. +34 952 858 699 Design Studio Ctra. Ronda La Cancela de la Quinta, Edificio 3 Local 3.2B San Pedro de Alcantara T. +34 952 788 691 DELIGHTFUL LAMPS


REAL ESTATE CHRISTIE’S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE—AMERICAS 20 Rockefeller Plaza New York, New York 10020 USA T. +1 212 468 7182

EDEN ISLAND T. + 44 (0)77 3864 0220

DRUMELIA REAL ESTATE Rio Verde Shopping Center 6-7 Km. 175.3 Ctra Cadiz, Marbella T. +34 952 766 950

VANTAGE PROPERTY Urb. Fuente Aloha Lcal 5 Avda. del Prado, Marbella T. +34 952 908 415

BOCA DO LOBO KOKET CLIVE CHRISTIAN Marbella Club Hotel, Blvd Principe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, Marbella, T. +34 952 765 248

LIVING COLOR AQUARIUMS T. +001 (800) 878 9511

KITCHENS & BATH SAFER SIEMATIC Urb. Marbella Mar Local Nº 5, Marbella T. +34 952 826 818-95 282 73 20

ENGEL & VOLKERS MANSION GROUP Urb. Altos de Los Monteros C/Jara 19 -3 Marbella T. +34 951 271 130 GLOBAL LUXURIOUS PROPERTIES Altea Hills Estate, Calle Suecia L23 03599 Altea Hills, Alicante T. +31-(0)15-2630195 HAMPTONS INTERNATIONAL T. +44 020 7265 6595 SAVILLS INTERNATIONAL T. +44 020 7016 3744 LILLICRAP CHILCOTT T. + 44 01872 273473 SUNSEARCH HOMES Edif Altair, #209 Urb. El Saladillo 150, A7 Km. 166, Estepona T. +34 951 127 200 STRUTT & PARKER www.struttand

THE GRENADINES COLLECTION Tel: +0800 0484814 CHESTERTONS AFFINITY Vasari Commercial , 3 Urb. Alzambra Puerto Banus T. +34 952 812 897 LUSCOMBE MAYE MARCHAND PETIT THE DREAM LODGE GROUP 111 London Road Hertfordshire, CM21 9J T. +44 (0) 844 4148080 AZUR IMMOBILIER 372, Avenue Henry Clews Mandelieu la Napoule T. +33 (0) 493 49 45 33

POOLS & GARDENS AQUA POOL & SPAS Pol. Ind. San Pedro, Marbella T. +34 952 927 811



THE ABAMA RESIDENCES T. +34 922 126 011

INTERNATIONAL MARBELLA C/ Califa 354, Local 1, Nueva Andalucia T. +34 951 319 914

B&B ITALIA Spain and Portugal T. +34 902 125 555

BOCONCEPT MÁLAGA Ctra. de Mijas, km 3,5, 29650 Mijas T. +34 951 242 092


KNIGHT FRANK T. +44 207 861 1097




LOTUS PROPERTIES MARBELLA Blvd. Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, C.C. La Poveda, Local 1 Marbella T.+34 951 91 42 00



WINKWORTH SPAIN T. +34 952 880 941

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