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REDISCOVER EUROPE From the colourful & vibrant city of Amsterdam to the old-world charms of Prague

STARK CONTRASTS Travel East to Asia a land as old as time juxtaposed against a new and modern world

BEYOND BLUE Discover what hidden treasures the Indian Ocean has to offer 1

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CONTENTS Travel Trends for the Year Ahead ................................8

SAFARI BREAKS .............................. 117

CITY BREAKS .......................................... 15

A Room with a View ................................................118

Amsterdam ...............................................................16 Introducing the New European Capitals of Culture...24 The Pride of Paris ......................................................28 Prague - A City of Spires............................................34

Travel News - Luxury Camps & Safaris ..................124 Where To Go as a Solo Traveller..............................129 Livingstone, Zambia................................................132

Bucket List - 3 Great Cities .......................................40

ASIA BREAKS ..................................... 139

Burk Al Arab .............................................................42

Bangkok’s Best Kept Secret .....................................140

Paris - The City of Lights...........................................48

Asia’s Enchanting Temples ......................................144

Barcelona at a Glance ................................................55

Komodo, Indonesia ..................................................152

ABoard the Orient Express ........................................56

Bulgari Resort Bali - Luxury Included.....................156

BEACH BREAKS .................................... 61 The Indian Ocean ......................................................62 To Be Beside, Above & Below the Sea........................70 Mauritius - The star of the Indian Ocean ..................76 Stay Beach Beautiful..................................................81 Travel News - New Hotel / Resort Openings .............83

CRUISE BREAKS ............................. 163 Silversea Couture Collection ....................................164 Travel News - Cruise News ......................................171 The World - Luxury Residences at Sea ...................172

Sandals Resorts - Adults Only ...................................90

FAMILY BREAKS .............................. 177

Colourful Cuba ........................................................106

Family Fun Hotels ...................................................178

Know Your Limit .....................................................111

Family Safari Adventure .........................................186

Turks & Caicos - A Timeless Destination.................112

Forte Village - The Best Family Resort ....................190 7

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TRAVEL TRENDS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD The rise in online travel companies such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Orbitz has changed the face of travel, now all one requires is an internet connection and at the click of a button we can search the internet for that perfect holiday or city break, research it, book it and pay for it all in a matter of seconds and from the comfort of our living rooms. But has removing the travel agent really made our holiday experiences better?


ome would say no, and this is why today vacation planning is changing and travel advisers are once again in high demand. Sick of reading about other people’s experiences and hang up’s travellers today want trusted and reliable resources to curate extraordinary vacations, plus in most cases travel advisers are privy to the hottest new properties, up-and-coming destinations around the globe and the latest travel trends. In short travel adviser is not a thing of the past, but rather a facilitator to unique and rewarding travel experiences. With this in mind, we highlight the hottest new travel trends to watch out for in 2018, according to some of the world’s leading luxury travel experts.

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Multigenerational Vacations Traveling around the world with parents, siblings, kids, grandkids, and assorted family members is a way of enriching a shared travel experience and reconnecting with one another. “Skip-gen� another industry term being buffeted around is also set to be a holiday trend for the coming years it involves grandparents, the baby boomers taking grandchildren on epic holidays often to mark milestones in life whilst leaving parents behind.

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Millennial cruises Years ago taking a cruise was what people of retirement age anyone under the age of 60 wouldn’t have been seen dead on a cruise ship, but today the millennial pound is strong and cruise companies are falling over themselves to attract this young group of people – after all from a financial point of view this makes complete sense hook um whilst their young and benefit from years of repeat business! U by Uniworld ( has announced it will be launching the “first all-millennial cruise line”with amenities and services geared strictly toward 21- to 45-year-olds. Focused on experiential travel, Uniworld has modernised two l20- passenger ships aptly named A and B and described as boutique hotels on water, with craft coffees, rooftop lounges, yoga studios, nightclubs, and of course free wifi is set to cruise some of Europe’s most hip waterways with destination trips through Paris, Germany the Danube and Amsterdam.


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transforMational traVel An upgrade to the travel trend of “experiential travel” transformational travel is billed as pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones and fundamentally changing our perception of ourselves, our place in the world and those who inhibit it in a nutshell it is a travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life but seeking out and understanding other cultures and transferring them into their present way of life. Leading this new trend is the newly formed Transformational Travel Collaborative or TTC, ( an organization that encourages both travellers billed as Hero’s and travel outfitters, Heralds, with tools to encourage personal and professional growth. From 2018 adventures to far flung destinations such as Patagonia or Machu Picchu or adventures discovering the worlds Dolomites will be unveiled. Other travel companies leading the way in this new travel trend are Natural Habitat Adventures (, Pure Life Experiences ( ) and Butterfield & Robinson ( sustainable tourisM Sustainability has been a buzzword across all industries for a few years now. When people think about sustainability in travel they often only think about the green footprint aspect, but actually it goes much deeper than that it is exploration supporting the protection of cultural and natural heritage, along with natural wonders of the world Endangered destinations are also seeing a surge. The polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic are facing climate change threats as are Australia’s Great Barrier Reef - yet their fragile shift means more people want to visit before it is too late - highlighting the catch-22 of this particular tourism trend. 12 millionaire escapes

breakup breaks Celebrations such as honeymoons, weddings and anniversaries have traditionally been times that people have marked with travel. Now, more travel agencies and resorts are seeing people planning trips, especially wellness breaks, during times of grief, after a divorce, or when children leave home. “At least a third of our guests visit when they are going through a difficult situation,” says Alejandro Bataller Pineda, vice president of SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante ( “It might be due to a breakup or a situation that creates stress or anxiety.” More, it seems, are tapping into the transformative power of travel to help them through difficult times.

extreMe trips Bored with lying on a beach soaking up the sun’s rays, todays travellers is seeking adventure and adrenaline fuelled experiences ones that preferably will also look good on the pages of Instagram! Think Scad diving into a cooling water tower in Soweto, South Africa, Bungee jumping into an active volcano in Chile or kayaking on the White Nile.

many unique and affordable trips with over 1200 itineraries to all seven continents. Geographic Expedition ( offers a portfolio of adventurous overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world’s most astonishing places and Intrepid Travel ( who focus on taking small groups of travellers off the beaten track to more than 90 destinations around the globe.

One of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry today, extreme tourism analyst forecast the global adventure tourism market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.99% until 2020. There are several travel companies leading the way in this industry G Adventures one of the top adventure travel companies for more than 25 years ( offers 13

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CITY BREAKS Be it a vibrant, lively metropolis, or an awe-inspiring city full of cultural heritage, Millionaire Escapes city breaks are a great way to explore new exciting destinations.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

AMSTERDAM Colourful, quirky and charming. Amsterdam has it all!


msterdam is one of the world’s most appealing and offbeat metropolises in the world. Built on a latticework of canals that cover over 60 miles Amsterdam is lovingly known as the City of Canals.

With building dating back as far as18th century or earlier, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s best preserved cities— the centre has barely changed since Rembrandt’s time. Yet it’s no mere museum piece, alongside the historic monuments and Old Masters, the city is a modern capital with all the trappings a traveller could want and while many young people visit Amsterdam for the marijuana scene - and perhaps to peek at the legal prostitutes in the Red Light District, the city has so much more to offer including a wide range of hotels, innovative restaurants, and stylish shopping. There’s no bad time to visit the Dutch capital, but in general, May through October is the main travel season, when temperatures are warmest. Crowds peak in July and August. The other top time for a trip to Amsterdam is tulip season: The city bursts into bloom as early as March, and the plumage can extend into May. Admiring Art & AttrActions You can’t walk a kilometre without bumping into a masterpiece in the city. The Van Gogh Museum hangs the world’s largest collection by tortured native son Vincent. A few blocks away, Vermeers, Rembrandts and other Golden Age treasures fill the glorious Rijksmuseum. The Museum het Rembrandthuis offers more of Rembrandt via his etching-packed studio, while the Stedelijk Museum counts Matisses and Mondrians among its modern stock. And for blockbuster displays, the Hermitage Amsterdam delivers: the outpost of Russia’s State Hermitage Museum sifts through its three-million-piece home trove to mount mega exhibitions. 16 millionaire escapes



Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom

John Green


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

Any visit to Amsterdam would not be incomplete without booking a tour at the Anne Frank House. The story of this tragic Jewish teen diary-keeper who hid with her family in a secret annexe for years, only to be murdered in the hellish camps, became a symbol of the Holocaust, and the tour is a powerful experience. getting Around Two-wheeling is a way of life here. It’s how Amsterdammers commute to work, go to the shop, and meet a date for dinner. Abundant bike-rental shops make it easy to gear up and take a spin. If locals aren’t on a bike, they may well be on the water. With its canals and massive harbour, this city reclaimed from the sea offers countless opportunities to drift. Hop aboard a canal boat (preferably an open-air one) or one of the free ferries behind Centraal Station, or rent your own for a wind-in-your-hair ride. red Light district Beyond its salacious reputation and red-lit brothels, Amsterdam’s Red Light District (De Wallen) has some of the

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city’s prettiest canals, excellent bars, welcoming restaurants, and plenty of shopping. Its winding cobblestone streets and narrow alleys tell fascinating stories of the city’s character, both richly historic and somewhat seedy.

the old spirit of the city. The Red Light District Amsterdam has beautiful 17th-century architecture, narrows canals and old bridges that give it an enchanting character.

While this controversial neighbourhood - one of amsterdam’s oldest - might not be for everyone, the Red Light district does give an insight into the world’s oldest profession. The Red Light district was originally the place that sailors would visit in between their long journeys across the oceans. Back then it was a disreputable and crime-ridden neighbourhood, but nowadays it is a safe and iconic landmark that captures

Of course famous for its window displays where the working girls try to appeal to passersby. The Red Light district is also home to red Light Secrets, one of the only museums of prostitution in the world, here travellers can learn more about the history of the oldest profession in the world, have a chance to sit behind one of the windows to take pictures and experience a day in the life of a working girl.

In addition to sexual side the Red Light District is also famous for its coffeeshops, which are Dutch cannabis shops were weed, hash and marijuana are sold and consumed. While smoking pot is illegal in the Netherlands, it is widely tolerated, and you may purchase or possess up to five grams. You may be surprised that this carnivalesque neighbourhood is also where families, young couples, and senior citizens reside and socialize. cLogs, tuLips & WindmiLLs When people think of Amsterdam Cheese, clogs, windmills, and, of course, tulips are among the recognisable icons. Every March the fields just outside Amsterdam turn from sandy patches into carpets of lime green sprouts as the first signs of spring emerge. By the time the season is in full swing, the area is swathed in red, pink, purple, orange and yellow blooms, a wonderus sight and smell. The famous Keukenhof Gardens arguably one of the world’s most spectacular planned gardens, in Lisse, South Holland, showcases seven million blooming bulbs on its grounds and countless other floral displays in many indoor pavilions. Open for only two months a year, the gardens are a huge tourist draw for Amsterdam and the Netherlands. For those looking to discover a bit of nostalgia the Clara Maria’s cheese farm and clog factory, and Museum De Cruquius located in the Dutch countryside of Beemster is an historic 160-year-old barn has been charmingly transformed into this wooden-shoe factory and the cheese-making room. Just outside the city, there’s the Zaanse Schansmuseum, detailing the history and symbolism of the clog, and other traditional crafts, and you can find flavourful cheeses at the smart Reypenaer tasting room.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

FACT FILE AmsterdAm is Best for... COuPLES: Cycle along the canal and enjoy a cosy evening in a traditional brown café. HISTORY LOVERS: Learn more about Amsterdam’s rich past at the Rijksmuseum. BARGAIN HuNTERS: Pick up trinkets and vintage clothing at one of Amsterdam’s canal-side markets. eVents: HIGH FASHION: Young and upcoming designers showcase their work every January at Amsterdam International Fashion Week. You can expect fashion-themed museum exhibits, art exhibitions and lots of parties. CELEBRATION TIME: the Netherlands gets into party mode on Konigsdag, the day after King Willem Alexander’s birthday in April. It’s particularly popular in Amsterdam, when an estimated 750,000 people travel to the city for a big open-air celebration.

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MuSICAL SPECTACuLAR: August’s Grachtenfestival features 10 days of jazz, blues and classical music. Enjoy a grand performance at a concert hall, or alternatively, a cosy blues jam in a local resident’s garden. VAN GOGH IN BLOOM: See a spectacular annual display of millions of tulips and other pretty flowers at Keukenhof, the largest flower garden in the world. Open from March to May, the colourful 32-hectare gardens will share the inspiration of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and works, 125 years after his death. WeAther And cLimAte: Temperature: 5-21 °C With the weather hovering in the mid-teens (°C) between March and May, spring is a great time to explore Amsterdam’s cosy cafés. Summer is always a popular time to visit the city, thanks to warm highs of 21, and up to 11 hours of sunshine a day. Book your holiday for autumn or winter to take advantage of fewer crowds, or to enjoy the city’s legendary Christmas markets.

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AMSTERDAM HOTEL DEALS With sun-dappled canals and a lively bar and club scene, it’s one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Amsterdam caters to all and offers a wide-ranging selection of luxury & boutique hotels Here ME presents a selection and to discover more visit: Kimpton de Witt wwwww Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam 5-star hotel. They provide excellent service, a great value, and have awesome reviews from guests. They might pay a little more to be in this program. Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam is located 219 yards from Beurs van Berlage and 547 yards from Dam Square.

BooKing informAtion puLLitZer AmsterdAm wwwww Pulitzer Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam, 300 m from Anne Frank House and 0.6 km from Dam Square. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Every room is fitted with a flat-screen TV. All rooms include a private bathroom. For your comfort, you will find bathrobes, slippers and free toiletries.

BooKing informAtion conserVAtorium hoteL wwwww Located in the Museum Square district, the true heart of the city, the Conservatorium is an architectural masterpiece that combines a landmark heritage building with graceful, contemporary design. Guests enjoy a selection of restaurants, a bar, lounge and the 1,000 sq m Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre

BooKing informAtion AndAZ AmsterdAm prinsengrAcht wwwww In the heart of the canal belt, the lifestyle hotel Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht has elegant designer rooms with free Wi-Fi. The Jordaan area and Negen Straatjes area are a 15-minute walk from the property. All rooms at Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht are individually decorated and designed by Marcel Wanders.

BooKing informAtion sofiteL Legend the grAnd AmsterdAm wwwww This 5-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam offers luxurious rooms and facilities just 5 minutes from Dam Square. It features a top-level restaurant, and a spa with an indoor pool area. The Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam has well-kept rooms and suites with modern bathrooms and a rain shower.

BooKing informAtion the dyLAn AmsterdAm wwwww The Dylan Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam, just 600 m from Anne Frank House. The hotel has a terrace and views of the garden, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. A flat-screen TVwith cable channels, as well as an iPod docking station are provided. Some accommodations feature a sitting area.

BooKing informAtion 21

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co-branding & affiliate partners of Hilton Hotels & Resorts 23

millionaire escapes - City Breaks

IntroducIng the new european capItals of culture 2018 saw two new cities crowned European Capitals of Culture Leeuwarden in the northern Netherlands and Malta’s capital Valletta, so we’ve asked international travellers what they love most about these two extremely differing capitals.


The capital city of Malta which celebrated its 450th anniversary last year was once described as “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”. While Valletta retains much of the grandiose atmosphere and architecture from its early days, today the city is enjoyed by all sorts of travellers.

BookiNg iNForMatioN 24 millionaire escapes

The city of lights calendar of eVents MarCH 30 – 01

April Easter

aPril 13

George Cross Commemoration

13 & 14

Malta International Ground Fireworks

15 – 01 May Malta International Music Festival How to get tHere

21, 27 & 30

Malta is served by regular airlines, with a few low-cost carriers including Ryanair, Wizz Air and Vueling connecting to this former British enclave. Malta’s only airport is near the town of Luqa, around 6km from Valletta, which is easy to get to by bus. Valletta has good bus and boat connections to the seaside resort of Sliema, which is very popular with tourists.


City walks The peninsula Valletta is built on is only a few kilometres long, making the city easy and rewarding to explore on foot. Travellers looking for a well-appointed place to stay adore the Palazzo Consiglia, which is just a short, scenic walk from the city harbours. History Valletta played a vital part in the Allied defences during World War Two and remnants of this time are scattered throughout the city. The War HQ Tunnel is an underground path that was built in 1940 but was astonishingly kept secret until 2016. Visitors interested in travelling further back in time can book a hotel overlooking St John’s Co-Cathedral, the Knights’ Church. As the capital of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem and of Rhodes, Saint John’s co-cathedral is where the highestranking Knights of the Order are buried.


Malta International Fireworks Valletta Green Festival

JUNe Isle of MTV 01 – 16

Malta Arts Festival

08 – 17

Valletta Film Festival

28 – 01 July

Music Week

29 – 14 July

Malta International Arts Festival

JUly 13 – 22

Pope Joan

20 – 22

Malta International Jazz Festival


Joseph Calleja Concert

aUgUst 02 – 05

Wine Festival

13 – 15

Santa Marija

23 – 25

Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival

sePteMBer 08

Great Siege


Independence Day & Guard of Honour

23 & 24

Malta International Air Show


Science in the city

Every inch of the cathedrals interior is covered in dazzling baroque gold, paint and coloured marble. The unique floor is covered in no fewer than 374 marble tombstones.

oCtoBer 06

Notte Bianca


Rolex Middle Sea Race

Don’t miss Caravaggio’s Beheading of St John the Baptist in the oratory. Visit as a tourist then return for Mass or a concert to see it in candlelit glory.

07 – 10

Malta Classic

13 & 14

Malta Military Tatoo


16 – 25

Maltese food is a mouth-watering mix of Mediterranean cuisines and they love their seafood. The Marsaxlokk fish market is where chefs from all over Valletta go to select the freshest catch of the day for their menus.




Ziguzajg Closing of Valletta 18


millionaire escapes - City Breaks


Leeuwarden is the capital city of the States of Friesland and birthplace of Mata Hari, the dancer who became an infamous wartime spy. It may not be as well-known as Valletta, but it still packs a cultural punch. We asked international travellers what they love about this new European Capital of Culture. sHoPPiNg Kleine Kerkstraat was recently voted the best shopping street in The Netherlands, thanks to its combination of big name stores and artisan boutiques. As Leeuwarden is only 90 minutes from Amsterdam it’s a popular day trip among North Hollanders, especially those on the lookout for local crafts. MUseUMs Leeuwarden is also a great place to buy ceramics, with pottery studios clustered throughout the town and in the impressive Dutch Ceramic Museum. Housed in a 17th-century palace, the museum has examples of pottery dating back over two centuries. Stay nearby at the stylish De Rozenboom. 26 millionaire escapes

CaFés The restaurants and cafés of Leeuwarden tend to favour seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, which makes autumn an especially good time to visit. September and October see the city’s terraced squares fill with residents, hoping to soak up the last of the summer sun. The Stenden Hotel is highly endorsed by travellers for its culinary options and also offers amazing views of the city.

BookiNg iNForMatioN

CUltUral eVeNts Not to Be Missed Escher’s Journey – from 28 April in the Museum of Friesland Reproductions of his work can be found gracing the walls of teenage bedrooms, hair salons and apartments around the world. Escher’s work is particularly iconic and part of the collective memory of the world’s population. Who isn’t familiar with the birds and the salamanders, the stairs and the cubes? If you’re the most popular artist of the 20th century, you deserve an extensive exhibition. Eleven Fountains – from 18 May in 11 cities in Friesland Eleven Frisian cities and their residents welcome eleven internationally renowned artists to create a fountain in or around their centre. Each artist designed a fountain that relates to their particular city and history. These are not just fountains; they are contemporary works of art that express the history and culture of the Frisian cities in a unique way. The Giants of Royal de Luxe 17-19 August After staging productions in Buenos Aires, Montreal, Liverpool and Barcelona, the Royal de Luxe street theatre

company is bringing their iconic, gigantic marionettes to Leeuwarden. The parade of giants – some as tall as office buildings and apartment blocks – will march through the streets of Leeuwarden telling the story of the city’s history and folklore. The giants move with the help hundreds of volunteers who animate them as the show progresses. An awe-inspiring spectacle! Mata Hari – from 14 October 2017 to 2 April 2018 in the Museum of Friesland Mata Hari is the Frisian courtesan who led a mysterious double life. A century after her death, the Museum of Friesland is hosting the largest exhibition ever to be devoted to the life of Mata Hari. Personal belongings, photographs, scrapbooks, letters and military records will introduce you to Margaretha Zelle, the girl behind the iconic Mata Hari. Travel with her from her hometown of Leeuwarden to the Dutch East Indies, where fate dealt her a different hand. Experience her glorious rise in Parisian dance theatres and discover the web of intrigue that ensnared her during the First World War, leading to her arrest on charges of espionage.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks


The ideal romantic getaway

28 millionaire escapes

It established a reputation for understated opulence and exemplary service, and today these are still the qualities that enable the George V to consistently head any list of world class destination hotels, and continue to be the home-away from-home for many of the world’s most famous people.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks


ocated just steps away from the champs-elysees, the George V hotel in Paris is steeped in history, since its inauguration in the 1920s, it has become a true icon of the city of Light. designed by Richard Martinet the George V hotel was named in tribute to the reigning king of england and can only be described as the epitome of luxury.

after four decades of service in october 1997, the George V hotel closed its doors as part of an exhaustive renovation and rebranding project under the watchful eyes of its new owners Prince alwaleed Bin talal Bin abdulaziz al Saud of Saudi arabia, who reportedly spent $167 million to acquire the property from the London-based Granada Group, and $125 million more on rebuilding and design. the project was steered by the construction giant Bouygues, the same firm that 30 millionaire escapes

refurbished the Louvre and more than 1,100 artisans and workmen were involved in the renovation, in december of 1999 the rebranded Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris was opened. this incredible eight-story landmark building sparkles with period architectural details, lavish interior and exterior spaces and offers some of the city’s finest dining. the art deco gates and medallions over the glass entrance doors of the George V have been replaced and now look as they did in 1928, when the historic hotel opened. the long, narrow gallery once again has a 500-square-foot Savonnerie carpet, three Murano crystal chandeliers and a 17th-century Flemish tapestry. Its tall windows look out onto the interior courtyard, with its restored iron-grille balconies and replicated royal-blue awnings. even the 16 planted magnolia trees were nurtured through the twoyear renovation period. the renovation

not only restored the original art deco design and facade, but it provided state-of-the-art infrastructure and contemporary amenities. Guests will find the spirit of the old George V in the well-dressed guests who meet for afternoon tea and drinks in La Galerie, toting Ferragamo and Fendi shopping bags from the neighbourhood fashion houses. they can also see the new Four Seasons appeal in energetic young couples in casual dress working out in the health club, business travellers plugging in their laptops and families with well-behaved youngsters. Part of the reason for the hotel’s tremendous appeal is its location. Situated within the triangle d’or Paris’ Golden triangle the Four seasons George V hotel is a stone’s throw from the most exclusive areas of Paris, like the avenue Montaigne and the Rue Saint-Honoré and some of the city’s most famous architectural treasures.

Accommodation the hotel’s original 300 rooms were reduced to 245 rooms and suites, during the refurbishment with the 184 rooms divided into three classes: Superior, deluxe and Premier. the 61 suites and apartments; 30 with private terraces, are in nine categories: executive Suite, one- Bedroom Superior and deluxe Suites, duplex apartment, two-Bedroom Superior and deluxe Suites, Specialty Suites, and Presidential and Royal Suites. Rooms are a generous 450 to 600 square feet, and suites range from 750 to 1,660 square feet. each room or suite is coordinated around one of three colour schemes; buttercup yellow, celadon green or lavender blue, which is echoed in the walls, carpets, damask bedspread, fabrics, and even in

the classically French-style Louis XVI or empire painted wooden cabinets and consoles that hold the tV, VcR, cd and video game station. Rooms also feature a desk with three telephone lines, including a data port for modems, a separate fax line and voice mail. every room has a computer keyboard that, with the television monitor, provides high-speed Internet access. Spacious bathrooms are fashioned in Four Seasons’ signature beige marble, with sink top and design details that echo each room’s dominant colour. Large separate showers, deep bathtubs, separate toilet stalls, thick terry robes and oversize towels, hair dryers and Bulgari toiletries all serve to provide the bathroom luxury to which veteran Four Seasons guests are accustomed.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks


the Four Seasons’ world-renowned restaurant Le cinq is among the city’s most elegant dining rooms and has been awarded a coveted two Michelin stars. Boasting beautiful views of the hotel’s courtyard, with its crystal chandelier, marble columns and palm trees, it is an elegant setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. the executive chef, Philippe Legendre, came from the Michelin three-star rated taillevent. the La Galerie Lounge is the heart and soul of the Hotel, La Galerie showcases beautiful Flemish tapestries, 19th-century paintings and furniture, as well as many exquisite objets d’art. the atmosphere is of elegance and genuine peace, highlighted by the pianist. this is the best spot for people-watching, intimate conversation and light fair. 32 millionaire escapes


The Spa For the ultimate in pampering and luxury, an elaborate health club includes a 30 x 17-foot blue mosaictile swimming pool, whirlpool, saunas and steam rooms, with fitness instructors and the latest training equipment. The full-service spa offers various massage therapies, facials, body treatments and double massage rooms for honeymooners, and was voted ‘Best Hotel Spa in europe’ in 2010 by travel and Leisure for the fourth consecutive year.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

PRAGUE The Czech Republic capital’s mix of thrilling history and glorious architecture make this a great choice for a quick getaway or city break.


rimming with architectural delights spanning over a thousand years have garnished this magical city with nicknames such as “stone dream” or the “golden city”. With its intriguing museums, gothic monasteries and renaissance gardens, Prague has often been quoted as one of the most beautiful historic cities in the world equal to that of Paris. The historical core of the Czech republic capital city, which is spread out on both banks of the Vltava river in a valley overlooked by Hradcany hill, is composed of four former independent towns: Old Town, a medieval market centre which includes the Old Town square and the Jewish quarter; new Town, founded by the emperor Charles iV; Hradcany, which includes Prague Castle with its magnificent gothic St Vitus Cathedral; and the Lesser Quarter, a picturesque borough with baroque palaces and narrow streets, with the aforementioned St Vitus Cathedral towering over them. Whether you’re settling into a coffee shop in the heart of the old town - also known as Staré mesto - or strolling alongside the gorgeous riverside, you’ll find beauty in every angle of this city. A great place to start is the Castle District and Prague Castle, the seat of Czech rulers. St. Vitus Cathedral, the most important church in the nation, was built in the 14th centur and will not fail to impress upon visitors that its creators were as devoted to artistic expression as they were to religion. The Castle District gives way to mala Strana’s structures, which cluster around the base of Castle Hill. They were built by the wealthy, whose proximity to the king reflected their own level of influence. Cross Charles Bridge to enter the Old Town Square where legends, based on fact, wait to be told at every junction and where fervent tourists seek out these stories. Here you’ll find a beautiful square with a great marketplace and the iconic clock tower; stroll through the market stalls and pick up some hand crafted souvenirs and soak up the best of Prague’s city life. 34 millionaire escapes

A city of a hundred spires


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

A different sort of bustle drives the crowds in new Town, where shopping and dining take precedent over everything else. Prague’s maze of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards is a paradise for the aimless wanderer, always beckoning you to explore a little further. Just a few blocks away from the Old Town Square you can stumble across ancient chapels, unexpected gardens, cute cafes and old-fashioned bars with hardly a tourist in sight. One of the great joys of the city is its potential for exploration neighbourhoods like Vinohrady and Bubenec can reward the urban adventurer with countless memorable cameos, from the setting sun glinting off church domes to the strains of Dvorák being played on an out-of-tune piano wafting from an open window. Head along národní trída, a bustling street that’s brimming with great shops, 36 millionaire escapes

beautiful buildings and the modern national Theatre where you’ll always find an exhibition to visit. While you’re there keep an eye out for the famous Dancing House. One of the most unique sights is the vivid and constantly changing painted John Lennon Wall on Velkoprevorské námestí, dedicated to the late Beatle and with the theme of love. if you want to avoid the crowds and venture further into Prague’s history you should check out some of Prague’s lesser known attractions. These include: • Museum of Communism: This museum gives an insight into communism in the Czech republic. • Museum of Torture: This unique museum houses some horrific torturing instruments. • Kampa Island: Just below the west side of Charles Bridge is Kampa island which is a tranquil area, perfect for when you want to get away from the crowds.

FACT FILE PRAGUE IS BEST FOR... ArTiSTS: Visit the mucha museum for art nouveau masterworks from the Czech republic’s most renowned painter, Alphonse mucha. FAmiLieS: See swimming polar bears and walk through spacious animal habitats at the newly renovated Prague Zoo. COuPLeS: Take a romantic sunset stroll across Charles Bridge and along the cobbled lanes of Lesser Town. EVENTS: PrAgue SPring inTernATiOnAL

muSiC FeSTiVAL: For three weeks in may, the capital hosts classical music events showcasing world-famous symphony, orchestra and chamber ensembles – with particular focus on young performers. SignAL LigHT FeSTiVAL: See the Prague skyline as never before in October, when artists from across the world illuminate the city with innovative light installations and videos projected on prominent city buildings. PrAgue CHrIsTMAs MArKeT: Starting on St nicholas eve (5 Dec.), the Old

Town Square transforms into a festive Christmas market offering mulled wine, food, ornaments and gifts. WEATHER AND CLIMATE: Temperature: Average highs of 22 (°C) in summer, 2 (°C) in winter. Best time to visit: April-May and September-October. if you can bear the cold, Prague can be a winter wonderland at Christmas time. July and August have the hottest weather, but spring and autumn are best for milder temperatures and fewer crowds. 37

millionaire escapes

PRAGUE HOTEL DEALS Enjoy one of Europe’s most picturesque cities as you venture through Prague’s magical Old Town, take in the extensive views from the Charles Bridge, and sample the best Czech beers from across Bohemia. Here ME offers a small selection of luxury hotels to discover more visit: RADISSON BLU ALCRON HOTEL wwwww restored by the famous designer Maria Vafiadis, the radisson Blu Alcron Hotel in Prague brings its 1932 Art Deco style into the modern age. The hotel evokes a different time, captivating you with marble floors, soaring ceilings and antique lighting. The central location puts you close to Prague’s most compelling sites.

BOOKING INFORMATION GRAND HOTEL BOHEMIA wwwww grand Hotel Bohemia is located in the Prague 01 neighborhood in Prague, just 300 m from estates Theater. guests can enjoy the on-site bar. A flat-screen TVwith satellite channels, as well as a computer are provided. A terrace or balcony are featured in certain rooms. each room has a private bathroom.

BOOKING INFORMATION ART DECO IMPERIAL HOTEL wwwww Featuring free WiFi and a sauna, Art Deco Imperial Hotel offers accommodations in Prague. The hotel has a fitness center and hammam, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Private parking is available on site. each room at this hotel is air conditioned and is fitted with a flatscreen TV.

BOOKING INFORMATION COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL PRAGUE wwwww Cosmopolitan Hotel Prague is located in the Prague 01 neighborhood in Prague, just half a kilometer from estates Theater. guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free WiFi is featured throughout the property and private parking is available on site. The rooms come with a flat-screen TV.

BOOKING INFORMATION THREE STORKS HOTEL wwwww This luxurious 5 star boutique hotel is located in the quiet environment of the mala Strana under the magnificent Prague Castle. Nearby are the most sought out monuments and restaurants in Prague. The design respects the history of the House and creates a perfect harmony of the preserved renaissance interior.

BOOKING INFORMATION THE GRAND MARK PRAGUE wwwww Located in the Prague 01 neighborhood in Prague, 600 m from estates Theater, The grand mark Prague features a terrace and fitness center. guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Czech national Theater is 1.4 km and Prague Congress Center is 2.7 km from the property. Vaclav Havel Prague Airport is 11.3 km away.

BOOKING INFORMATION 38 millionaire escapes

Explore cities from around the world with

MILLIONAIRE ESCAPES and find your favourite destination


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BUCKET LIST 3 Great Cities you should visit once in your lifetime

40 millionaire escapes


HE world is full of some wonderful places but some places have a specific magic that can change your outlook on the world. Packed full of history, charm and culture these awe inspiring cities offer unique experience that will last a lifetime.

Singapore Often overlooked as a stop-over destination Singapore offers an abundance of cultural, recreational and gourmet delights. An absolute paragon when it comes to eco-attractions it is home to the Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the bay, jungles of Pulau Ubin and of course Singapore’s Zoo. Anyone who is a flora and fauna enthusiast will be pretty hyped to visit all of these amazing places. In other words, if you truly want to go green, go to Singapore. Singapore is also an ideal place for food lovers with so many different cuisines all in one place from sumptuous Italian buffet to spicy Indian food, the city has something for every traveller.

Booking inForMaTion

new York There’s nothing quite like the big apple! Neon lights light up the skyline and skyscrapers hoover as if touching the clouds. It is a city constantly on the move, jam-packed with tourists this chaotic city never sleeps and can never be deemed as boring. The city also offers some fascinating historic sight-seeing opportunities, whether that be the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, or the Empire State Building. Yet for those looking for an oasis of calm the leafy Central Park is a hidden haven so it is little wonder that New York is often voted as the world’s greatest city.

Booking inForMaTion

London London is a city unlike any other in the world- packed full of history and famous sights, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the list goes on and on. There’s nothing quite like the experience of hopping on a red double-decker bus and seeing some of the most recognisable sights in the world from its top deck or venturing deep into the London Dungeons to view the cities gruesome past . There are also some of the world most famous department stores such as Harrods in Knightsbridge, Liberty’s and Selfridges plus of course the numerous boutique and traditional markets.

Booking inForMaTion 41

millionaire escapes - City Breaks

BURJ AL ARAB The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab is more than just a stunning landmark: it’s a symbol of modern Dubai.


his magnificent seven-star hotel took five years to construct, with it striking gigantic white sail standing proud off the shore of Dubai it reflect the vision of the young team of designers who refused to compromise on any part of the hotel’s design to ensure that the project pushed the boundaries of design. The Burj Al-Arab was envisaged by Dubai’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as a means of diversifying the country’s economy away from oil into tourism. The Sheikh dreamt of a luxury hotel that would put Dubai on the world map, and surprised many by choosing a relatively inexperienced British firm to supply the design. The Sheikh employed the architect Tom Wright of Atkins and Canadian engineer Rick Gregory also of WS Atkins who were tasked to create an iconic or symbolic statement for Dubai; similar to that of Sydney with its Opera House, London with Big Ben, or Paris with the Eiffel 42 millionaire escapes

Tower. The building needed to be a building that would become synonymous with the name of the Dubai. Construction of the 321m (1,053 ft) building began in 1994 the design team wanted the structure to rise into the sky on an island, giving it the illusion of being at sea. Their refusal to compromise on this element of the design led to the construction of a low-rise, artificial island from concrete cubes on an island of reclaimed land known locally as Chicago Beach this was connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship. The building’s layout is organized around two blocks forming a V shape enclosing a main courtyard. Two steel arches, separated from the main structure, give the Burj Al Arab its characteristic form. The facade is covered with two layers of canvas, separated 60 cm from each other, in order to isolate the excessive heat and sunlight.


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

With the construction coming together and the hotel scheduled to open before the Millennium Tom Wright’s extraordinary designs was to go one step further– crowning the hotel is an enormous “floating” restaurant The Al Muntaha (“The Highest”)which is suspended 200 meters above the sea, projecting itself 30 meters on each side of the central column. The idea of the design is to give diners the feeling that they are dining in the air, with an uninterrupted view of the surroundings. While the exterior design is remarkable for its sculptural form and its elegant and iconic form, its interior design is opulent, palatial, eclectic and baroque. Its interior design was carried out by Chinese designer Khuan Chew, famous decorator of great hotels in the world. The concept was based on the four elements of the ancient world: water, fire, wind and earth. Water is present in aquariums and fountains at various points in the hotel. Earth is represented by 24,000 m2 of marble and precious stones used. The air is represented in the steam that rises from the fountains, and the fire in another fountain at the entrance of the hotel where water is about ignited. The golden colour throughout is not gold painting. “Here, all that glitters is gold”. Throughout the hotel 2,000 m2 of gold foil was used. 44 millionaire escapes


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

FACT FILE • This is the tallest operating hotel building in the world (not counting mixed-use buildings like Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai or the unfinished Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea). • All of the hotel’s 202 rooms are two-storey suites, ranging in size from 170 square metres (1,830 square feet) to 780 square metres (8,396 square feet). • The atrium is 180 metres high, one of the tallest in the world. • The Al Muntaha restaurant is located 200 metres above the Persian Gulf, offering great views of Dubai. It is accessed by a panoramic elevator. • The hotel features a total of eight restaurants and bars. • The building’s design is influenced by the profile of an Arabian sailing ship. • The building’s external lighting schemes, from white light to a multicolored one, change from one to another every 30 minutes expressing the evening’s progress.

Yet for all the wonder this stunning architecture it’s the service within that really makes the Burj Al Arab so extraordinary. Repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, this magnificent destination offers you the finest service and facilities throughout – right down to an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Burj Al Arab suite-only accommodation offers discreet check-in within your rooms, a private reception on every floor and a host of personal butlers, each a warm messenger of our unparalleled hospitality. The nine signature restaurants and bars, dining is about far more than food and specialise in bringing together every element to ensure your experience is exceptional from authentic Arabic cuisine to Far East Asian and Modern European dishes, we’ve sourced ingredients from around the globe to create a dining experience fit for the world’s most luxurious hotel.

• Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest structure with a membrane facade. • A 24 meter (79 feet) wide helipad projects from the building 210 meters above the ground. • “Burj” is Arabic for “Tower”. • The “Assawan Spa” is situated on the 18th flooor.

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PARIS Paris is named the City of Lights due to the fame it acquired as a centre of education and philosophy during the Age of Enlightenment.


et, the sparkle of this most romantic and beautiful capital goes far beyond education and literature, Paris is multi facetted; it is an important centre of science, industry, fashion, luxury and furthermore, art in all its diverse expression. Paris offers a shimmering nightlife, luxurious boutiques as well as the most sumptuous hotels and amazing fine dining restaurants. Strolling through the streets of Paris, one will, necessarily every few steps come across one of the cities 3,800 monuments. the most famous and frequently visited is of course the Eiffel Tower, which since its construction as a temporary entrance to the World exhibition in 1889 has become the foremost landmark of Paris. Named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, the tower is the tallest structure in Paris and the most-visited paid monument in the world with over 7 million people visitors in 2011. the tower stands 320 metres (1,050 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building. the tower has three levels for visitors. Visitors can ascend, by stairs or lift (elevator), to the first and second levels. The walk from ground level to the first level is over 300 steps, as is the walk from the first to the second level. The third and highest level is accessible only by lift - the third level observatory’s upper platform is at 279.11m the highest accessible to public in the european Union and the highest in europe. The Eiffel Tower has been replicated in smaller forms in different parts of the world: Las Vegas, U.S.A, Chinese and Gaunchzhou Shenzhen, Romanian Slobozia, Copenhagen (Denmark), Varna (Bulgaria), Aktau (Kazakhstan) and other cities. When standing atop the Eiffel Tower you can overlook the entire city and it offers a view of the Champ-de-Mars and the Gothic masterpiece the Notre Dame cathedral. 48 millionaire escapes

The city of lights


millionaire escapes - City Breaks

Notre Dame is the spiritual heart of the French capital as it contains the “cathedra” which is the official chair for the Archbishop of Paris. It is also a shrine that preserves the Crown of thorns, said to have been forced upon the head of Jesus Christ before his crucifixion, a fragment of the True Cross and one of the Holy Nails – all instruments of the Passion of Christ and a last remaining important Catholic relics in the world. This magnificent building is one of the first Gothic cathedrals to have been constructed in Paris. the construction of this unique cathedral spanned over 180 years thus the many differing styles of sculptures and artwork. the construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris began in 1163 after the Archbishop of Paris claimed that he had a vision of a mighty new cathedral in Paris. 50 millionaire escapes

It was under the rule of Louis VII that the construction of the cathedral was initiated. Since the construction of the building spanned over a long period of time, a number of architects worked on the site. this resulted in a unique amalgamation of different styles incorporated within the same church building. Notre Dame de Paris is often reputed to be one of the most prominent examples of Gothic architecture in both France and in europe as a whole, and the naturalism of its sculptures and stained glass are in contrast with earlier Romanesque architecture. every year, approximately 13 million worshippers and tourists visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, or Our Lady of Paris. As a destination, the cathedral attracts more visitors than the Eiffel Tower.

take your time Paris is a lively, cosmopolitan, but undeniable French city and it is absolutely worth taking time to discover the city of lights. For nostalgic art and literature lovers the Louvre Museum is unquestionably one of the finest art galleries in the world. Home to thousands of classic and modern masterpieces, the Louvre is the jewel in the crown of French culture, offering a towering testament to european civilisation and history. The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace (Palais du Louvre) which began as a fortress built in the late 12th century under Philip II. In 1682, Louis XIV chose to move residence to the Palace of Versailles, leaving the Louvre primarily as a place to display the royal collection. It was during the French Revolution in 1791, that the National Assembly

decreed that the Louvre should be used as a museum, to display the nation’s masterpieces quoting that the Louvre would be “a place for bringing together monuments of all the sciences and arts”. The museum opened on 10 August 1793 with an exhibition of 537 paintings, the majority of the works being royal and confiscated church property. Its quality and importance is highlighted through its popularity as the Louvre is the globes mostvisited museum. To walk through the Louvre Museum is to walk through the history of France and into the minds of kings and revolutionaries. The Louvre Museum contains over 35,000 pieces of artwork across numerous departments including Near Eastern Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities, Islamic Art, Sculptures, Decorative Arts, Paintings, Prints and Drawings. Masterpieces by great artists such as Da Vinci and Delacroix are part of the permanent collection of this prestigious gallery. 51

millionaire escapes - City Breaks

FACT FILE PariS iS BeSt For... COUPLES: Wander hand-in-hand down the tree-lined Champs-Élysées, stopping off for a candlelit dinner. FOODIES: Enjoy beautifully-prepared food and a glass of wine at a cosy neighbourhood bistro. SHOPAHOLICS: Explore the city’s luxury fashion offerings on Avenue Montaigne.

WeatHer aND CLimate: Temperature: Average highs of 20 (°C) in summer and lows of 5 (°C) in winter. Best time to visit: During the spring, when temperatures are mild and flowers in the city gardens start to bloom. Paris experiences a typical Western european oceanic climate, with warm summers and cold winters. the rainfall is steady and moderate year-round.

Off the beaten track Paris has countless hidden gems to offer that one only tends to discover when leaving the frenetic monument hunting and sightseeing tours behind, to indulge in the true Parisian style one should dine out at one of the many fancy places Paris has to offer. Paris is one if the culinary centres of europe and many of the great names, such as Joël Robuchon, Alain Ducasse (who has a restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower), Pierrer Gagnaire or Hélèn Darroze, and many others of equal fame have their signature restaurants in the city. In Paris, the restaurant trade started over 500 years ago and continues to thrive; many young chefs come to Paris to learn their trade with the bustle of the fresh food markets, the street restaurants and demanding patrons Paris provides a culinary delight to any young aspiring chef.

eVeNtS: SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANzA: Bargain hunters won’t want to miss the January sales when over a thousand shops and boutiques offer discounts as high as 70%. Be at the front doors when they open, usually 10am, to catch the best deals. PARIS CARNIVAL: In March, join locals and musicians as they parade through the streets of Paris for the annual carnival. the parade leaves Place Gambetta at 3pm and arrives at the town hall at 7pm. PARIS MARATHON: Register online to take part in the Schneider electric Marathon in April. This 26-mile race is an excellent way to take in the city’s most famous landmarks. Kids, 5-10 years old, can also join in the fun on the one mile breakfast run.

There are only two places in the world where we can live happy: at home and in Paris ERNEST HEMMINGWAY

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PARIS HOTEL DEALS Whether your planing a romantic getaway or a cultural retreat with best friends, a city break in Paris caters to one and all. Here ME offers a small selection of luxury hotels to discover more visit: HoteL PariSter wwwww the Parister hotel was born from a wish. Nicolas Nonon’s wish to create a hybrid, dynamic and unique place in the center of Paris, for guests who enjoy taking care of themselves without any hassle. It is designed for active people, who enjoy daydreaming and having fun... basically everyone who enjoys life’s true pleasures.

BookiNg iNFormatioN Le BriStoL PariS wwwww Located in Paris, 501 m from Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Le Bristol Paris features a sun terrace and spa center. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Opéra Garnier is 1.1 km from Le Bristol Paris, and Tuileries Garden is 1.4 km away. The nearest airport is Orly Airport, 16.1 km from Le Bristol Paris.

BookiNg iNFormatioN HôteL regiNa LouVre wwwww Located opposite the Louvre Museum and overlooking the Tuileries Garden, Hotel Regina Louvre is close to major Parisian landmarks; the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Garnier, the Grand Palais, the Trocadero, the Invalides, the Musée d’Orsay. It is located in the heart of Paris, in the fashion district, shopping and museums.

BookiNg iNFormatioN graND HôteL Du PaLaiS royaL wwwww Situated between the Louvre and Opéra, the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal is an essential Parisian address, a refined haven in the heart of Paris.Pierre-Yves Rochon’s decor, spa, restaurant, staff trained in the tradition of luxury French hotels, and the unique location in Paris make the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal the new address for Parisian chic.

BookiNg iNFormatioN HôteL D’auBuSSoN wwwww The Hotel d’Aubusson reflects the special atmosphere that reigns over Saint-Germain-des-Prés. High place of intellectual and cultural life in Paris, the district enjoys an international reputation due to its authentic and intimate character. true mansion whose origins date back to 17 th century, our hotel has retained its original style.

BookiNg iNFormatioN reLaiS CHriStiNe wwwww The hotel enjoys one of the best locations in Paris, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés a 2-minute walk from numerous restaurants, bistros and cafes, the famous art galleries of Mazarine and Dauphine, as well as the prestigious shops of Saint-Germain boulevard. Notre-Dame and the Louvre Museumare within a few minutes walk.

BookiNg iNFormatioN 53


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At a glance


Known for its art and architecture, the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona has something for everyone, any time of year. Experience the cities architectural and cultural wonders without the crowds during the winter, take in the sights and sounds of the city’s lively festivals during the spring, relax on the beach with friends during the summer, or lose yourself in one of the biggest street parties in Spain during the fall. With each season offering a new perspective on the city, there’s never a bad time to visit Barcelona.


There’s something for every traveller – and wallet – in Barcelona, and for a true traveller you need to immerse yourself into the culture and crowd. Here we take a look at some alternative accommodations to the main hotel chains. The WiTTmore (AdulTs only) For old World glAmour

CATAloniA mAgdAlenes For perFeCT pAmpering

Hidden away down a narrow alley in the heart of the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), The Wittmore has a secluded, speakeasy vibe. That’s partly down to the fact it’s also a members’ club – think wood panelling, library shelves, plush, button-back club chairs and moody lighting. It’s not what you’d necessarily expect from Barcelona, until you get to the walled courtyard garden and fabulous roof terrace, complete with stripy loungers and a plunge pool to cool off in – just the place for a sangria or two at sundown.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Catalonia Magdalenes hotel is tucked between the Portal de l’Angel and Via Laietana shopping streets in the city’s Gothic Quarter and steps from Las Ramblas, Plaza Catalunya and the Cathedral. A quiet oasis, where guests can choose to relax in the hotel spa with hammam and massages or enjoy the view over the centre of Barcelona on the magnificent rooftop terrace with a glassenclosed pool, sun deck and snack bar in summer.

room mATe gerArd – For modern luxury It would be hard not to feel like a movie star checking into Room Mate Gerard – this dark and handsome hotel is as slick as they come. It’s only a stone’s throw away from the traditional Gothic Quarter, not that you’d guess from the interior: moody greys, glistening metallic’s and expensive lighting are found at every turn.



lA CAsA de AnTonio BouTique – For lAid-BACk grAndeur Housed in a renovated turn-of-the-century townhouse, La Casa de Antonio Boutique ticks all the boxes for interiors obsessives and serial Instagrammers alike: patterned tiled floors, copper lighting, statement headboards, the list goes on… Located near the city’s university, it’s an ideal spot for those looking to avoid the tourist hotspots and live like a local – if only for a few days.


CliCk hoTel TiTles For Booking inFormATion


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All aboard the world’s greatest journey

THE ORIENT EXPRESS There’s an old Chinese proverb that says ‘the journey is the reward’ which is not always easy to appreciate in these poor speedy boarding, no frills airline days, but if you let the train take the strain you’ll rediscover the art of luxury travel.

56 millionaire escapes


ynonymous with luxury rail travel is of course the orient Express - the very name carries an aura of glamour and mystery. Van Helsing rode it to his battle with Dracula, James Bond romanced a beautiful Russian aboard it and Agatha Christie set one of the bestknown murders in literary history aboard it. Founded by Georges nagelmackers in 1876, the original orient Express was a byword for luxurious, romantic and mysterious long-distance international train travel qualities it still retains today. The service ran between Paris and Istanbul providing luxury sleeping and dining car services something unheard of at that time, soap was placed by the washbasins and exquisite wines and cuisine were available, it was these luxuries that attracted it as a favoured method of travel for kings, celebrities and criminals alike. The onset of World War I in 1914 saw the orient Express services temporarily suspended until the end of hostilities in 1918, when in 1919 the opening of the simplon Tunnel allowed the introduction of a more southerly route via milan, Venice and Trieste. With more twists and turns that an Agatha Christie novel, the orient-Express service continued to run, but on the 12th December 2009, Euronight train number 469 ‘orient Express’ left Strasbourg for its final overnight run to Vienna, and on 13th December the celebrated name ‘orient Express’ disappeared forever from the official European timetables after 126 years of service.

But how can that be you wonder there is still an orient Express train service? Well today the orient Express is in fact the privately run ‘Venice simplon orient Express’ (VsoE), who also operate the equally luxurious Eastern & oriental Express from singapore to Bangkok, the Royal scotsman cruise train and the PeruRail trains to machu Picchu. For a train steeped in history, classic routes on the Venice simplon-orient-Express take in such fabled European cities as London, Paris, Venice, Berlin, Prague and Vienna roughly once a week between march & november, but it also runs occasional trips to Rome, Krakow, Budapest and even Istanbul (once a year, in August).

The classic journey from London to Venice ( or vice versa) takes 24 hours and costs around £1,920 per person based on two sharing a double cabin and includes all table d’hote meals one way. A classic one night journey from London to Venice, in a Grand suite is priced at £5,500 per person. The sleeping cars have 1 and 2 bedroom compartments that convert into a private sitting room for daytime use. The carriages are adorned with authentic period features like Lailique Crystals and Chinese art and there is also a bar, complete with a grand piano to add that touch of nostalgia The Venice simplon orient Express is actually two trains, a historic chocolate-and-cream British Pullman train which departs from London to Folkestone and a Continental royalblue train with brass insignia of classic 1920s sleeping cars, from Calais to Paris & Venice. Although it is a ‘resumption’ of the orient Express more in spirit than in terms of historical accuracy (for example, there were no bar cars with pianos in the 1930s!), the VsoE has superblyrestored pre-war carriages, top-class food and service, and it has now become an institution in its own right epitomising the opulence and elegance of the Golden Age of travel. 57

millionaire escapes

“Trains are wonderful… to travel by train is to see nature and human beings, towns… and rivers, in fact, to see life’ – AGATHA CHRIsTIE 2018 VENICE SIMPLON ORIENT EXPRESS SPECIAL OFFER 5 night / 6 day Venice simplon orient Express holiday includes First Class rail from London to Venice with an overnight stay with bed and breakfast in a deluxe lake view room at the Grand Hotel suisse majestic (4 star superior) in montreux and 3 nights’ bed and breakfast in a twin/double room at the Hotel Ai mori d’oriente (4 star) in Venice and a journey on the legendary Venice simplon orient Express from Venice to London. Costs from £2,650 per person based on 2 people travelling together. Availability: (2018) 31st march, 10th April, 14th April & 21st April Booking Information: orient-Express uK reservations |

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Discover some of the world’s most exciting cities on one of these breath-taking train journey

IconIc TraIn Journeys The Blue Train, SouTh africa

The DanuBe expreSS

caTheDralS expreSS

The TranS-SiBerian expreSS

linking africa’s vast south to north from the cape to cairo, travel in unparalleled luxury past awe-inspiring mountain ranges, desert landscapes and untamed savannah grasslands teeming with wildlife.

Discover the treasures of eastern europe aboard an intimate oldfashioned luxurious private hotel train. The list of destinations in the three itineraries is a Baedeker in itself, redolent of european history – including prague, Vienna, Berlin, Belgrade, Sarajevo & Trieste.

evoke memories of a bygone age of steam travel. Take in some of england’s greatest cities and cathedrals from canterbury, York, Salisbury, chester, Winchester and many others while savouring the sites of the great British countryside.

The ultimate for lovers of epic train journeys, this hotel on wheels weaves it way across russia through Mongolia and china, crossing eight time zones and capturing the sights of the great steppe, the Gobi Desert or the Great Wall of china. 59


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BEACH BREAKS From secluded shoreline resorts to coastal retreats here at Millionaire Escapes we offer a stunning selection of some the most stylish and finest luxury beach resorts to be found.


millionaire escapes - Beach Breaks

THE INDIAN OCEAN IT HAS IT ALL... Whether a couple seeking romance and relaxation or a family needing excitement and entertainment, whatever your ‘musthave’, we’d wager that the Indian Ocean has it, and a whole lot more.


hen you think of the Indian Ocean thoughts immediately turn to white sand, turquoise lagoons and exotic cuisine that combines tropical fruits with freshly caught fish. The clichés are a wonderful reality, but there is in fact much, much more to the Indian Ocean’s appeal. From the Maldives to Mauritius, the Seychelles to Sri Lanka or Mozambique to Madagascar, the Indian Ocean has an underwater paradise, wildlife cruises, exotic flora and fauna and bare foot luxury in abundance. 62 millionaire escapes

Maldives Regarded as the perfect honeymoon destination the Maldives an archipelago of nearly 1200 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls is a tropical paradise of pristine beaches lying south-southwest of India is the jewel in the Indian Oceans crown. Renowned for its incredible diving opportunities the underwater world of the idyllic blue waters that surround the Maldives is home to a dazzling array of tropical fish, manta rays, dolphins, coral reef and turtles. When to travel: It is hard to beat a Christmas present of the Maldives in your stocking, because December to March are the best times to visit to avoid monsoons. For divers you will see marine marvels such as whale sharks between January and April. If you want to head here later in the year, April until november will be showery, with the worst of the south-westerly monsoons hitting in July and August.

BooKInG InForMatIon


millionaire escapes - Beach Breaks

Mauritius Mauritius is a paradisiacal playground, home to some of the world’s finest hotels, as well as championship golfing courses, a host of water sports such as big game fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling and kite surfing to name a few as well as trekking throughout the islands lush forest, it is little wonder that Mark Twain deemed this the prototype on which paradise was fashioned. Away from the fun & games, Mauritius offers some stunning natural attractions, the Tamarin Falls also known as the 7 cascades is a stunning a cascading waterfall and the Black RiverGorges the largest protected forest in Mauritius home to over 300 species of native and endemic flowering plants and 9 species of birds, which are found only in Mauritius. When to travel: The best time to go to Mauritius is from May until October during this islands winter months during the months of november - April the weather is basking, baking and sweaty.

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Seychelles Made up of 115 glittering islands the Seychelles is an island on most honeymooners’ lists. Home to some of most beautiful beaches in the world with talcum-powder beaches and iridescent blue waters has plenty to offer for those looking for an indulgent travel experience. When to travel: It is hard to imagine that there could be a bad time to visit the Seychelles, but you might struggle to see shells in the Seychelles between May and October, due to the seaweed factor on the south coasts of Mahé and Praslin Island. December to March is the rainy season, but the rest of the year is pretty much ‘a died and gone to heaven’ beach bliss experience.

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Madagascar The island of lemurs’ Madagascar showcases the very best of our wild, weird but oh so wonderful world. Nickname “the eighth continent” Madagascar is home to thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. Located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean Madagascar is an island of incredible diversity. When to travel: It’s a big island, and so the climate varies greatly, but for those seeking the Indian Ocean way of life it is usually the north coast beaches that appeal. On the north coast, you are generally talking hot and humid. It can get pretty wet in January, February and March, with cyclones hitting in February. Dry, sunny gorgeousness kicks in for sure around April and May.summer months of July, August and September are perfect here. If you are heading to the south west beaches, stay clear of SW monsoon May to July with sunbathing at its best December to April.

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Sri Lanka It may be small but Sri Lanka packs a punch! With exquisite temples, fragrant spice gardens, rolling tea plantations, rich wildlife, colourful markets and great beaches it is little wonder that a holiday in Sri Lanka is a cultural and historic experience like no other. From the ruins of Polonnaruwa an ancient and culturally opulent city to Sigiriya one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic sites to the elaborate shrines of Kandy a Buddhist relic in the Sacred Temple of the Tooth, Sri Lanka is full of irresistible treasures. When to travel: There are lots of reasons to go to Sri Lanka apart from the ocean, but for beach lovers there is a north south divide, with two separate monsoons. The stunning beaches of the northeast have their monsoon October to January meaning that the european summer months of July, August and September are perfect here. If you are heading to the south west beaches, stay clear of SW monsoon May to July with sunbathing at its best December to April.

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Life is not about what you see, it’s about what you feel...

For reservations, contact: + 91 124 4511000 Maldives | Thailand

Inspiring a lifetime of rare experiences 69

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To be beside, above & below The sea...

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Barefoot luxury meets unpretentious style at the six-star Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Awarded ‘The Best Water Villas in the World’, ‘The Best Suites in the World’ and ‘Best Spa Resort in the Maldives’, this spectacular resort is an oasis of luxury, where you enjoy not merely 1, but 2 palm-fringed tropical islands.


pread over two stunning islands Rangalifinolhu and Rangali, which is inked by a 500m footbridge, the sensational five-star resort of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and lays beautifully positioned in the South Ari Atoll an area filled with stunning coral reefs. The resort boasts several different villa types all lavish and offering beautiful views of the Maldivian lagoon and Indian Ocean.

The villas Beach Villa - offers an impressive 150sqm of accommodation space and is located on the ocean front, offering superb views of the Indian Ocean lagoons. All Beach Villas feature a private terrace and a refreshing outdoor garden-bathroom. Water Villa - offers 74sqm of accommodation space and is built on stilts over the beautiful Maldivian lagoon, ensuring intimate views across the Indian Ocean.

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Deluxe Beach Villa - offers 300sqm of airy accommodation space that is enhanced by the floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides. The Deluxe Beach Villa features a private garden, an open-air bathroom and a plunge pool in a location that is just steps away from the ivory sand beach. Junior Beach Suite - offers a spacious living room, plus a private plunge pool and a private garden area.

you with its sumptuous interior and fine features, including a bathtub with views across the Indian Ocean. premier Water Suite - is a lavishly appointed haven for larger groups with its two bedrooms, set in a location about the sparkling Indian Ocean. premier Water Villa - offers 119sqm of accommodation space, with floor-toceiling windows designed to enhance the

airy atmosphere. The Premier Water Villa includes a separate living room, a dining area and a work area, plus a Jacuzzi and a dedicated Villa host. SunSet Water Villa - offers 360sqm of accommodation space and includes a private sundeck, infinity pool, Jacuzzi and butler service to enhance the luxurious atmosphere. All Sunset Water Villas are positioned to enjoy a breath-taking sunset each evening.

Beach Suite - combines two Beach Villas, with their tropical gardens and outdoor bathrooms, for an extended living space Superior Water Villa - offers 74sqm of accommodation space and is positioned on stilts over the Maldivian lagoon. Upgraded amenities include a DVD/CD Player and coffee and tea making facilities. Deluxe Water Villa - offers 115sqm of accommodation space and impressive amenities, including airconditioning, a full-size fridge and highspeed internet access retreat Water Villa - offers 150sqm of accommodation space and has been designed to relax and refresh


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sea views If the breath-taking scenery and the lavishly appointed villas do not take your breath away than the Ithaa Restaurant certainly will. Located 16ft (4.9m) below the surface with a 180 degree view of the reef and marine life this glass-encased restaurant is the world’s first underwater restaurant which has just celebrated its 5th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion it transformed itself into a hotel suite for honeymoon guests. With a fantastic selection of wines from the underwater cellar, a myriad of water-sports to take part in or simply relaxing in a hammock on the white, sandy beaches, the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is one of the most unique resorts that Abode Paradise Maldives recommends.

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MAURITIUS A mountain interior draped in lush foliage, a melting pot of enticing cultures, a sacred lake in the crater of an extinct volcano and pristine white sands adorned with palm trees Mauritius has it all.


AST adrift in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a wonderful mix of African, Indian, European and Oriental influences. Known as the star of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a gorgeous island paradise with pristine white sand beaches, dazzling blue seas and miles of unbroken coral reef, however this lush island is more than just white sands – although there’s no denying that these are some of the most stunning beaches in the world – as sugar cane fields give way to lush verdant mountains rising up from the crystal clear waters. Island guIde Hotels are widespread around the coastline, many fronting exceptional beaches and all merely just steps from a stretch of sand. Offshore, the stunning island of Ile aux Cerfs to the east makes for a popular day trip. There’s also a wonderful 18-hole Bernhard Langer golf course and a couple of openair restaurants. In the south east, the tiny coral island of Ile aux Aigrettes is owned by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, providing habitat for rare and endemic flora and fauna including the giant tortoise, the Mauritius kestrel and the pink pigeon. Away from its beaches, Mauritius bursts with historic sights, cultural diversity and ever-changing scenery. Take a dip beneath cascading waters at Tamarin Falls – a beautiful natural collection of waterfalls in southwest Mauritius, which, though awkward to get to, are well worth a visit. Black River Gorges is Mauritius’ sole national park – a wild area of thick indigenous forest in the central highlands that is home to over 300 plant species and rare bird life. Visit Pamplemousses Royal Botanical Gardens and stroll through lush vegetation including the unique collection of palms and the ‘Victoria Regia water lily’ which has leaves that grow to over two feet wide.

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Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius




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And the cities are a delight, too. The capital of Port Louis has an international atmosphere, with its bustling streets and intoxicating smell of spices and fresh tea leaves. Central Market is best for an exciting market experience, with hawkers representing all of the island’s ethnic groups selling leather goods, meat, sweet foods, herbal teas, and an exotic array of fruit and vegetables. Mahebourg is one of the main fishing villages on the island. Built on the magnificent Grand Port Bay, it was founded in 1804 by the French Governor Charles DecaÍn. The Monday markets are among the biggest on the island and are held right next to the main bus station. Grand Baie in the north is far more cosmopolitan and a popular option for eating, drinking and shopping. The island is surrounded by a huge reef sheltering the shallow lagoons, whose waters meet a shoreline of sugar white beaches. These lead to sugar cane plains, waterfall

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pools and forests of ebony and eucalyptus, before reaching the peaks of bare and broken rocks that make a moonscape of the mountains. eat lIke a kIng Mauritian food is influenced by the melting pot of the cultures and the people who have settled here over the years. Of course, much of the local diet is centred on the freshly caught seafood, which is best grilled at a beach barbecue whilst watching the sunset. You can also sample a fantastic range of street food with Indian, Asian and French Creole influences available over the island. Look out for Dhal Puri, a delicious flatbread with a filling of cooked yellow lentils, which is the staple street food across Mauritius. You fill the puris with a variety of curries and chutneys, and eat it standing on the street watching the world go by.

FACT FILE MauRItIus Is Best FOR.. COUPLES: Mauritius makes for a romantic, exotic honeymoon or wedding destination, with idyllic resorts in breath-taking beachfront locations and the option to simply let the hotel plan your big day followed by an immediate honeymoon sounds like the perfect start to marriage life. a BOtanIcal attRactIOn As well as having beautiful beaches, Mauritius’ natural landscape, rich in an incredible variety of plant and wildlife makes it a great choice for a 5 star holiday. The best place to see some of the indigenous plants is at the Pampelmousses Botanic Garden, where the centrepiece is a pond filled with the giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies. These striking plants unfold within a few hours from their prickly furry centre to form a leaf that can measure up to 2m in diameter. Their attractive flowers are also well-worth seeing, as they are coloured white one day when they are open and red the next when they are closed. They are also strong enough to carry a 40kg weight and are said to be the largest lilies in the world!

FOODIES: Mauritian food is influenced by the melting pot of the cultures and the people who have settled here over the years. Of course, much of the local diet is centred on the freshly caught seafood, which is best grilled at a beach barbecue whilst watching the sunset. You can also sample a fantastic range of street food with Indian, Asian and French Creole influences available over the island. Look out for Dhal Puri, a delicious flatbread with a filling of cooked yellow lentils, which is the staple street food across Mauritius. You fill the puris with a variety of curries and chutneys, and eat it standing on the street watching the world go by.

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FACT FILE eVents: HOLI FESTIVAL (end of February or March): Celebrating the beginning of spring, it’s also known as the Festival of Colours due to the brightly coloured powder and water that is thrown around the streets, covering everyone in its path. GAnESH CHATURTHI FESTIVAL (August or September): This Hindu festival honouring the elephant-headed god Ganesh is a public holiday in Mauritius. Colourful Ganesh statues are publicly and at home before being immersed in a body of water. DIwALI (October/november): with its significant Indian/ Hindu population, Mauritius sees enthusiastic Diwali

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celebrations, with twinkling candles and lamps lit across the island to mark the Festival of Lights. WeatheR & clIMate Mauritius has a year-round, consistently warm and sunny climate. Temperatures can reach 35 degrees during the summer months between November and April, but even during the Mauritian winter, which runs April to October, temperatures are still around a balmy 22 degrees. The best time to see the famous Victoria amazonica water lilies is in the summer months, they are particularly beautiful in January, so it’s well-worth planning your Mauritius holiday to co-incide with this.

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STAY BEACH BEAUTIFUL A beach holiday is great for those looking to relax and unwind however the sun, sea and sand can play havoc with your beauty regime, so it is important to ensure you have packed the essentials to protect not only your skin but your hair too. 1

1. SOOTHING HYDRATION We all know it’s important to care for your skin before hitting the beach with a high SPF, but no matter how much attention you pay to reapplying your lotion the sun’s UV rays can still damage the skin. MOROCCANOIL AFTER SUN MILK helps to restore any lost hydration. Infused with coconut and passion fruit oils, After-Sun Milk by Moroccanoil Sun is lightweight, fastabsorbing and soothing, it hydrates and nourishes the skin with natural cooling aloe, antioxidant-rich argan oil and Vitamin E. and better still is delicately fragranced with a Monoï scent. 2. MINeRAl PROTecTION Stay radiant all day every day without damaging your skin. Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50 (formerly Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Powder Brush SPF 50) provides sheer coverage to even out your complexion and protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Red seaweed extract, full of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, keep the skin healthy and radiant. The easy-to-use dispensing brush makes reapplication easy and keeps powder secure to prevent messes inside your purse or makeup bag. 3. HAIR PROTecTION



Protect your locks against harmful rays and lock in a beautiful, shimmering shine with the Kerastase Soleil Huile celeste. this glittering oil enhances luminosity so hair glows with natural health and vitality. Kerastase Soleil Huile celeste is enriched with macadamia oil, so hair will be left feeling smooth and gorgeous plus, this ultra-caring leave in oil also contains protection against UVA and UVB, making it the must-have summer accessory! 4. IllUMINATING BRONZING MOUSSe


Everyone dreads hitting the beach looking white and pale, instead have a sun kissed glow without the damage of sun exposure with a St Trope self-tan. This classic lightweight mousse delivers an instant bronze glow that dries in 60 seconds developing into a long-lasting tan within 4-6 hrs. A perfectly natural looking, streak-free tan that fades evenly.


Discover your paradise with


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TRAVEL NEWS - Beach & Spa

Beach & Spa If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime island holiday or simply want to indulge in pure relaxation here we unveil some the newest resorts & spa’s to open within some of the world’s most unspoilt locations. Kudadoo Maldives, Private Island, Indian Ocean – OPENS MARCH - Boasting just 43 Over-Water and 25 Beachfront villas the stylish Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort redefines luxury. Situated in the pristine waters of Gaafu Alifu Atoll, and just a short local flight from Male, the resort is built using local materials, and has been designed to reflect the Maldivian culture and the spirit of travel. The beach villas are located along the white sandy beach surrounding the tropical landscape u and feature an outdoor bathtub and shower. The overwater villas provide uninterrupted views stylish and contemporary design, free WiFi, USB charging ports, device docking stations and universal power sockets, with a limited number of 20 villas provided with their own private pools.

After a day of diving with the Suvadiva Divers Maldives PADI 5-star certified dive and water sports centre why not head to the Suvadiva Spa marine themed spa offering a range of treatments and therapies

for guests including ;kikmassages, scrubs, wraps and facials or dine at the Alita Restaurant a pan-Asian restaurant, with indoor and al fresco seating overlooking the swimming pool and lagoon.

Zuri ZanZibar, Tanzania – OPENING MAY - Situated in the Kendwa Beach district of Kendwa on the northern coast of Unguja, the boutique hotel Zuri Zanzibar offers just 55 bungalow, suites and beach villas offering stunning views over the Indian Ocean. Designed by design studio Jestico & Whiles the new resort blends effortlessly into its environment with particular attention made with regards to interiors which incorporates traditional African touches to create a Zanzibari village feeling. With three restaurants and four bars Zuri Zanzibar offers a fusion of European, African, Arabic and Indian cuisine, creating a rainbow of sensational flavours and bringing the very best of the Indian Ocean cuisine. 83

TRAVEL NEWS - Beach & Spa

CoMo uMa Canggu, Bali -

Newly opening in February this year, Como Uma Canggu, Bali, is the newest addition to COMO Hotels & Resorts. Situated on Bali’s south coast, the beach front destination offers panoramic views of the soft volcanic sand and rolling waves. This luxury resort in Canggu - an area liked for its laid-back beach scene and rippable surf peaks - offers exceptional cuisine, meaningful wellness and the same impeccable service COMO is known for across the globe. The resort’s COMO Shambhala Retreat which specialises in hands-on healing and holistic treatments inspired by modern science and ancient Eastern wisdom, nurtures wellness through daily fitness classes, hands-on healing and holistic therapies. Experts provide daily wellbeing classes including yoga and Pilates. A variety of massages, facials and beauty treatments are also available, utilising carefully selected products and COMO Shambhala’s signature blends of essential oils. This will be complemented by a peaceful night’s sleep within the resort’s contemporary accommodation, featuring stylish rooms, suites and spectacular three-bedroom Penthouses with private rooftop pools. Cuisine at COMO Uma Canggu focuses on local, carefullysourced produce from across the archipelago, with nourishing and energising cuisine at both the COMO Beach Club, a distinctly modern take on the traditional surf shack, or the Shambhala Cuisine where dishes have been designed to maximise energy and wellbeing by using raw and cooked ingredients with specific nutritional values. 84 millionaire escapes

st. regis lhasa resort - If you’re looking for a glamourous spa experience than the St. Regis Lhasa Resort is one of the world’s most decadent retreats. Situated in the eastern part of Lhasa, The St. Regis Lhasa Resort is billed as being in the highest cities in the world sitting some 3,680 meters above sea level. As one would expect the150 guest room and 12 villa resort is stunning with 20-foot lobby ceilings, huge exposed beams, locally woven carpets, and paintings of Tibetan nomads adorning the walls. But the piece de resistance is the Gold Energy Pool, a bejeweled 200- square meter pool with a constant water temperature of 28-32°, and views of the lake and the Himalaya Palace is the ideal indulgent treat for anyone with a thing for bling.


TRAVEL NEWS - Beach & Spa

Four seasons resort seyChelles at Desroches Island - On the outer edge of the Indian Ocean’s archipelago, Desroches Island is located among the Amirantes Islands, a 35 minute flight (240 kilometres/150 miles) southwest of Mahé, the capital and largest island in the Seychelles. Boasting 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) of pristine white-sand beaches, lush coconut groves, crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs, the island is a remote and tranquil oasis just five degrees south of the equator. Featuring 40 exclusive beach suites and 11 private residence villas, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island is one of Four Seasons Resort most intimate properties. With direct access to unspoiled beaches and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the Resort’s suites also feature private plunge pools, tropical gardens and luxurious outdoor living spaces. Featuring two restaurants and a lounge bar the Resort also provides an array of exciting food and beverage offerings in a casual, beachfront setting for guests looking to relax and rejuvenate in the island’s untouched tranquillity. The glass-like waters of the Indian Ocean and surrounding reefs also make for world-class diving, fishing, snorkelling and water sports,

while the inland forests and coconut trees provide picturesque paths for cycling and hiking. For guests looking to explore the many natural wonders of the Indian Ocean, the island will also include a Marine Conservation Discovery Centre and Giant Tortoise Sanctuary.

anantara Marau bahia resort, Brazil - OPENING JULY - Offering an exciting new gateway to South America, Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas will soon debut its authentic luxury in Brazil with the opening of Anantara Maraú Bahia Resort in mid-2018. Poised to be a flagship hideaway, Anantara Maraú Bahia Resort will boast a breath-taking beach setting next to the Bay of Camamu on the Maraú Peninsula in Bahia, along a stunning stretch of Atlantic coastline. Bringing five-star luxury with a sense of adventure to this extraordinary destination, guests of Anantara Maraú will be able to arrive in style, jetting in by airplane to the resort’s private landing strip. Lush forest surrounds create a natural haven of tranquillity. Luxurious accommodation in harmony with nature will envelop guests in Anantara’s luxurious comforts and signature amenities, initially with a choice of 30 guest rooms, suites and bungalows, which will be followed by the resort’s expansion bringing additional new suites and bungalows in exceptional beachfront and garden settings, some featuring a private pool. World-class resort facilities will tantalise and inspire. Guests 86 millionaire escapes

can refresh with cool dips in the expansive swimming pool and relax on elegant loungers set out on the central pool island. Those with energy to burn can work out in the gym, play tennis and team up for beach volleyball. Indulgent Anantara Spa journeys will offer pampering pathways to beauty and radiant wellness. Unique culinary experiences will showcase indigenous flavours, with contemporary gastronomy fusing touches of Bahian cuisine and vibrant local ingredients.


n U.S. waters. Not offered for charter or sale to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters. U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.



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U A E:

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Edmiston – World leaders in yachting CHARTER



w w w. e d m i s t o n c o m p a n y. c o m




+ 44 20 74 9 5 5 15 1

MONTE CARLO: +37 7 93 30 54 44 NEW Y OR K:



* I

2.2 metre headroom. Huge, open entertaining spaces Full-height, full-length windows in all saloons Owner’s suite occupies the entire upper deck, inside and out 270º wall of windows in the master bedroom Duplex sun deck with Jacuzzi sunbathing top deck and dining terrace below Master, two VIP doubles, two twins and one triple Redman Whiteley Dixon casual contemporary interior Peerless, world cruising yacht with effortless power One of the finest Feadships of the last decade The most competitive deal in world yachting Chris Cecil-Wright: +377 93 30 54 44


Royal Denship 2003

78.60 metres



q52.51m * Royal Denship 2003

78.60 metres



2009 65.00 metres2004 €97.50m Feadship

71.60 metres


70.50 metres


65.00 metres


2006 €60.00m

65.00 metres





71.60 metres




70.50 metres





Feadship Benetti Amels Feadship Feadship Feadship Benetti

2006 2007 Amels


65.00 metres


64.50 metres

€77.58m* 1999


62.33 metres



60.10 metres


2005 62.00 metres2009 €75.00m Feadship

Benetti 2008

59.00 metres

* Illustrates USD to EUR conversion on asking price.




64.50 metres





62.33 metres





62.00 metres





60.10 metres





59.00 metres


llustrates USD to EUR conversion on asking price.


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BAREFOOT LUXURY Long considered the ultimate adults-only all-inclusive vacations in the Caribbean, there’s no end to the posh amenities at Sandals Resorts. Romance naturally comes to mind as guests discover quiet hidden nooks and nature filled trails within each of the sixteen unique resorts where premium cocktails, world-class cuisine, and more land and sea activities than you can dream of await‌. 90 millionaire escapes


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Barbados Barbados has long been the coveted destination for the international jet set here on this most British of Caribbean isles are two Sandals resorts designed exclusively for couples only. Sandals Barbados the newly refurbished 5-star luxury included retreat offering inventive accommodations spanning across three unique villages. Beachfront luxury takes on new meaning with rooms and suites nestled along the pristine white sands of Dover Beach. There are 280 stylish and spacious suites with fantastic beach and garden views at Sandals Barbados, including the exotic Crystal Lagoon Swim-up Suites set along the largest river pool in the Caribbean. The second resort, Sandals Royal Barbados is a 222 all-suite resort will also feature Sandals signature accommodations including the magnificent Skypool Suites, Swimup Suites, and Millionaire Suites. Both are situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan St Lawrence Gap a destination synonymous for fine dining, lively nightlife and fabulous shopping.


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Bahamas The Bahamas is a vast paradise spread across the Atlantic, with mild yearround temperatures and a wealth of diversions. 700 exotic islands dot some of the clearest waters in the world. Here just 50miles of the coast of Florida are two glamorous resorts; Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort, a sanctuary so beguiling that it was once the personal retreat of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Today, this exclusive hotel offers a lavish Red Lane® Spa, where classic European treatments complement the resort’s naturally Caribbean flair. There are ten restaurants providing fine dining and casual cuisines along with spacious rooms and suites in regally named buildings such as Balmoral, Windsor and Royal Village that overlook the ocean, garden or pools. Sandals Emerald Bay Golf, Tennis & Spa Resort, Great Exuma, Set within 500 acres of tropical grounds which are fringed by a mile-long powder-white beach is a resort of unparalleled beauty and luxury. Renowned for the swimming pigs of Exuma which has evolved from a little-known secret to one of the world’s most sought-after experiences, the resort features 249 sumptuous rooms and suites and 11 exceptional restaurants.

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St Lucia France and England fought to reign over the island for nearly 200 years. While British customs and traditions prevail, there is a decidedly French influence that permeates this paradise-in the local accent and refined cuisine. But it’s the love of romance that is most remarkable. It’s found in the fiery passions of its ancient volcano, the serene abundance of its rainforest and the rhapsodic charm of Marigot Bay. Even the twin peaks of Les Pitons, the island’s iconic landmark, pair off as beautifully as two people in love. Here on this island of lovers Sandals presents three exclusive resorts; Grande St Lucia, set within its own stunning peninsula which features two breath-taking beaches —one for snorkelling and sunbathing, the other for high-energy water sports in Gris Islet a blossoming destination, at once remote and exciting on the northern tip of St. Lucia. The elegant colonial-style resort features 12 restaurants and offers a combination of European elegance and island romance. The Regency La Toc, Saint Lucia’s most glamorous resort, a magnificent 210-acre estate set on a half-mile, crescent-shaped beach, cradling exotic coral bluffs, lush hillsides and rolling fairways & Halycon Beach, a haven amidst tropical gardens sitting along a 1,000-foot Caribbean white sand beach. Both resorts sit less than 3 miles from the bustling port city of Castries.

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Grenada Home to both black sand and white sand beaches with water so blue and clear that coral formations can be spotted from the air, Grenada’s volcanic origin has created a landscape of great beauty and variety, with rainforests, a 13-acre crater lake, cascading cliffs, and hot springs. Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Sandals LaSource Grenada Resort & Spa is located along the beautiful Pink Gin Beach just minutes from St. George’s lively expanse, on the southernmost tip of Grenada. Only five minutes from Grenada’s International Airport, the all–new Sandals LaSource Grenada features all the comforts and luxury Sandals Resorts is known for, from the delectable cookery inspired by the best recipes of Europe, the Far East, and the West Indies, to the luxurious Red Lane® Spa and signature Caribbean hospitality. The rooms and suites are set throughout four villages: Pink Gin, South Seas, Lover’s Island and Italian with butler service and state-of-the-art fitness centre at your disposal. There is also plenty of water sports to tempt you, with unlimited diving for certified scuba divers and PADI lessons for those just starting to venture beneath the ocean.


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Jamaica Wherever you go in this enchanted paradise, you will find natural beauty so stunning, it will take your breath away. And people so genuinely friendly and hospitable, it will warm your heart because of this the island of Jamaica is home to nine exclusive Sandals resorts. Set within Negril known for its miles of sandy beaches is Sandals Negril, the epitome of casually elegant, laid-back living. Epitomizing the free-spirited personality that has long made Negril the exotic playground of choice for funloving pleasure seekers, every room at Sandals Negril is just steps from Negril’s famous 7-Mile Beach and perfect for sun worshippers looking to simply chill out. Along the coast in Ochos Rios where Columbus supposedly first came on land, is Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, the largest in the Sandals chain with 525 rooms and suites is a resort split into two different sections; The Caribbean Riviera with its crisp white and blue appointments overlooking the pristine beach and ocean & Butlers Village and Great House which offers a more relaxed collection of luxury villas with shared pools tucked into the hillside surrounded by bright flowers. Also located in Negril is Sandals Royal Plantation an understated elegant and exquisitely private resort. This intimate all-butler resort offers just 74 ocean view suites tucked into a magnificent coral bluff. This historic resort has long been a favourite hideaway for the international jet set and literary elite, with the likes of Ian Fleming and Noel Coward seeking its casual island elegance and authentic Jamaican vibe back in their day. Located on Jamaica’s famous Montego Bay is Sandals Royal Caribbean, a lovely resort that exudes British colonial charm via the majestic Georgian-style Great 100 millionaire escapes

House, surrounded by manicured gardens and roaming peacocks - all complemented with well-heeled traditions like afternoon tea and a rousing game of croquet. Also situated in Montego Bay is the Sandals Inn & Sandals Montego Bay, Sandals flagship resort and a true original. Choose one of the Beachfront Hideaway Butler Villas, set on a quiet stretch and enjoy

extensive views of the beach and the magnificent turquoise/green sea. Last but least is Sandals South Coast, (formerly Sandals Whitehouse). An all beachfront oasis with over-the-water bungalows, this resort is set amidst a 500 acre nature reserve and set upon a 2-mile stretch of Jamaica’s south coast’s most pristine whitesand beach.


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Antigua Antigua is historically one of the Caribbean’s premier destinations. Today, Antigua remains a sailor’s dream hosting one of the world’s foremost regattas during the annual Sailing Week. It is also nirvana for sun worshipers, honeymooners, and anyone seeking powdery white-sand beaches caressed by clear aquamarine waters, balmy breezes, and coral reefs ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. Voted the “World’s Most Romantic Resort” year after year, Sandals Grande Antigua is located on Antigua’s best and most famous beach, Dickenson Bay. Explore the Caribbean Grove, a charming seaside garden oasis graced by meandering pathways, majestic palms and cooling Trade winds. Then step into a realm of chic sophistication where European grandeur unfolds from the hillside to villas-by-the-sea at the Six-Star, all-suite Mediterranean Village. With a superb choice of 11 restaurants, Antigua Resort & Spa offers two holidays in one from the charming Caribbean Grove hidden in lush gardens or the all-suite Mediterranean Village which offers great ocean views

Whether you’re planning a wedding, group getaway, or a romantic respite, book your trip to a luxurious Sandals resort today www.millionaireescapes/


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COLOURFUL CUBA Stepping back in time


hite sand beaches, classic American cars, and cities as colourful as the country’s history, Cuba is the ideal destination for travellers looking for a truly authentic experience. While travel to this island country for touristic purposes has been limited in the past, recent changes have made their borders easier to cross. With these changes, interest in Cuba as a destination has been renewed for travellers worldwide. Cuba may be a small island, but there is no shortage of things to do. From delicious street foods and an enthralling baseball culture, to hiking mountains and exploring coral reef in remote corners of the country, Cuba has something for everyone.

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the largest and most popular island in the Caribbean, Cuba’s 1959 socialist revolution, led by Fidel Castro which subsequently resulted in a US trade embargo has frozen this island in time. Classic cars from the 1940’s and 1950’s are evident everywhere and if you’re a classic car buff Cuba is just the greatest place on the earth to visit. the decaying facades and crumbling buildings showcase Cuba’s Colonial spirit grandiose squares, cobbled streets and of course the brightly coloured houses showcase a historical heritage that is evident only in Cuba MORE THAN JUST BEACHES With more than 20km (12.4 miles) of picturesque white sand beaches, it’s no surprise that tourists have flocked to Cuba, Christopher Columbus described the sandy coast as “the most beautiful land i have ever seen.” Varadero located on the hicacos Peninsula, Varadero is Cuba’s most popular tourist 108 millionaire escapes

destination for visitors looking to relax on the beach offering a number of easily accessible cays, which are small sandy islands on the surface of a coral reef. these isolated beaches make great pit stops while snorkelling or scuba diving through the pristine turquoise waters. Stepping beyond the beaches the Cuban landscape which is actually quite mountainous is ideal for adventurous travellers looking to see the country from a new perspective, hiking Pico turquino is a must. the highest mountain in Cuba, Pico turquino is nestled in the Sierra Maestra mountain range located in the southeast part the country. Aside from the numerous hiking trails, the Sierra Maestra mountain range has an interesting history, being the stronghold of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s rebel army during the Cuban Revolution.


FACT FILE WHEN TO TRAVEL TO CUBA With their sub-tropical climate, Cuba has a toasty year-round temperature of approximately 26 degrees (78 degrees). the country’s temperature may be stable, but it’s weather, on the other hand, is not. Cuba has two distinct seasons: A dry season that lasts from December to May and a wet season that takes place from June to November. For travellers who want endless sun and blue skies as they lounge by the beach or explore the country’s iconic cities, December to May is

the best time to travel to Cuba. however, as Cuba’s popularity as a travel destination continues to rise, some visitors are willing to risk the wet season’s unpredictable weather and make the trip between June and November. Music lovers, in particular, may be more inclined to risk the weather in order to attend the annual havana international Jazz festival that takes place mid-December. Jazz is heavily ingrained in Cuban culture and history, with its roots going back as far as the 1800s. After slavery was

abolished in Cuba in 1886, a large number of freed Cubans made the decision to immigrate to New Orleans. As Cuban and American musicians travelled between the two countries, they were able to incorporate the rhythms and styles of the different countries into a brand new form of jazz, which eventually came known as “latin jazz”. the great thing about this festival is that the majority of performances take place in indoor venues across the city. this means that rain or shine, great music will be playing!


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KNOW YOUR LIMIT There’s only one thing that can ruin the start of a fabulous holiday and that being told at the flight check in that your luggage is over the flight allowance.


aggage allowances can be complicated, varying according to routes and class of seat and taking into account the number, weight and dimensions of bags, free allowances, and ever-changing aviation rules mean for the average traveller it’s a minefield. So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top airlines along with their quotas. AmericAn Airlines american airlines passengers are permitted one carry-on bag and two pieces of hold baggage, maximum 23kg or 32kg depending on route, all free of charge. British airways British airways passengers are permitted one standard-sized bag and one laptop-sized bag, handbag or briefcase as free hand luggage. There is a free hold baggage allowance on every BA flight of 23kg. eAsyJet


easyJet passengers are allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage plus an additional accessory such as a laptop or handbag for free. Every item of standard checked hold baggage incurs a fee, payable at the time of booking or at the airport for a higher charge. Total hold baggage allowance is 20kg per person.

Lufthansa’s hold baggage allowances range from 20kg to 40kg or number of bags depending on destination and class of travel, and are free of charge.

emirAtes Emirates offers a baggage allowance calculator online as allowances vary depending on route, class of travel and Skywards membership tier.

QAntAs Qantas has a very complex baggage allowance system based upon class of travel and route. For those travelling in economy on a domestic or international flight there is now a maximum free hold baggage allowance of up to 23kg (50lb). ryAnAir

FlyBe passengers has a combined free allowance of 10kg. The suitcase dimensions is restricted to measurements of no more than 55 x 35 x 20cm including wheels and handles. It also allows for one small personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag/briefcase that can fit under the seat in front of you.

every passenger is permitted to check in up to three bags with a maximum combined weight of 15kg, subject to the payment of the applicable checked baggage fees. Ryanair offers a discounted checked baggage fee for those travellers paying online in advance. Passengers who wish to check-in baggage do not qualify for online check-in and must check in at the airport and pay the appropriate airport check-in fee.



Passengers flying with Jet2 are permitted one small piece of hand baggage of not more than 10kg with size restrictions. This is free when checking in online, however there will be a charge of £2 if travelling with hand baggage only and checking in at the airport. Hold baggage allowance is 22kg per person with a fee payable and a limit of five bags per person.

Various free hold baggage allowances are in place, ranging from 23kg to 32kg per person with size restrictions and limits on the number of bags, depending on class of ticket and route. Virgin’s free hand baggage allowances depend on ticket class, with the upper class allowance double that of economy and premium economy.



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The relaxed sophistication of this oceanfront accommodation in the Turks & Caicos hotel infuses the all-suite resort with an authentic, Caribbean flavour. Set over an expansive 11-acre property, guests can experience a luxurious sense of space and indulge in extensive spa treatments while enjoying barefoot beach luxury. THE ESTATE Originally opened in 1993 as a 21-room boutique property, the Grace Bay Club now encompasses seven buildings: the Hotel for guests 12-years and over; the Villas, which has family-friendly suites; and the Estate, a resort-within-a-resort with home-size spreads. THE HoTEl – ADUlT oNlY The renowned Caribbean, Turks and Caicos hotel building is situated on award winning Grace Bay beach, Providenciales. Weaving timeless elegance with the authentic spirit of Turks and Caicos, the adults-only Hotel building caters to guests aged 16 years and older with a range of accommodations, from Junior Suites to our Two Bedroom Suites that offer up to 2,200 square feet of luxurious accommodation. Each suite has an oceanfront private balcony or patio, along with a kitchenette and twice-daily maid service. THE VIllAS SUITES The Villas Suites bring a family-friendly atmosphere to the resort living. Each of the 38 suites in the family friendly section has an ocean view and offers from 600 – 6,340 square feet of living arrangements. All suites in The Villa Suites are located in four exclusive five-storey buildings and provide privacy and tranquillity. Situated on stunning Grace Bay, the complex in configured with accommodations ranging from cosy juniors suites to spectacular penthouse suites.

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The Private Villa Collection is a compilation of some of the Turks & Caicos Islands’ finest freestanding private beachfront villas, paired with the exceptional service and world class resort amenities offered by Grace Bay Club to deliver an unsurpassed Island experience. This is luxury without compromise, as The Private Villa Collection offers all the comforts of a personal, multi-million dollar Oceanside residence with the superlative amenities of our uber-luxe resort.

The Estate at Grace Bay Club offers guests enhanced exclusivity, luxury, amenities and privacy. This Caribbean Estate is a collection of 22 customdesigned, exceptionally elegant residences. Each of these family-friendly oceanview homes, located on the renowned Grace Bay, blends contemporary design with the distinct charm of our beachfront location. From Junior Residences to our luxury-defining Penthouse Residence, coming home to The Estate is like coming home to one’s own Turks and Caicos beach house. The Estate includes exclusive facilities such as a poolside bar, poolside cabanas and lounges, a 25-meter lap pool, beach beds, a Jacuzzi, a kids’ splash pool and a welcome lounge, making it a true resort within a resort.

Each villa is a showcase of stunning residential architecture and exquisite amenities. The villas are situated directly upon the beach with private pools and up to 6,700 square feet of indoor/ outdoor living space. At the same time, each maintains a distinct, luxurious personality and individual style through custom configuration and design.

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ANANI SPA A renowned Turks and Caicos resort and spa, Anani an ancient Lucayan name meaning water-flower offers guests exceptional treatments in spaces designed to provide a relaxing experience. The spacious facility includes six treatment rooms, including a couple’s room, a manicure/ pedicure room and an area for facials, massages or body treatments. Spa packages ranging from three – four hours combining special treatments and pampering are also available for those wishing to indulge in a complete pampering experience, for those who wishing to simply unwind there is a spa tent available for beachfront massages.

DINING Whether you’re with us for a romantic retreat or a familyfilled holiday, Grace Bay Club Turks offer delicious options for every palate, at Infiniti Restaurant & Raw Bar (formerly known as Anacaona), enjoy intimate, open-air dining at the premier gourmet, oceanfront restaurant in Providenciales. EuropeanCaribbean fusion cuisine focuses on the freshest ingredients, modern presentations and global influences.


35 Years of


Since 1983, our Purpose has remained the same. We are proud to be Africa’s leading authentic and sustainable ecotourism company, creating life-changing journeys and inspiring positive action. Our story is one of conservation and hope, celebrating culture and communities and extraordinary wildlife encounters.

Our journeys change lives 116 millionaire escapes

Our story is about Africa. Our story is about Purpose.

SAFARI BREAKS There can be nothing more thrilling than an encounter with large game on the open plains of Africa. Millionaire Escapes helps you discover the ultimate African adventure.


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A ROOM WITH A VIEW In a forest rich with flora that has thrived for millions of years, within the lush green expanse of a working tea plantation, one&only nyungwe house in rwanda is a serene haven of indulgence where you can disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in life’s passions and fascinations.


ake a walk in the thick of the wilderness, as majestic mahoganies, giant ferns and delicate orchids magically surround you. encounter the rare Mangabey monkey, lively in its own playground, and cheer as you capture a rare butterfly in flight. From the dazzling heights of a canopy walk, to the thrilling trails of a mountain bike adventure, immerse yourself in nature from every angle and soak up the knowledge of those who know it best. Then retreat to a place where enchanting experiences are curated just for you, from evening drinks by the bonfire and grand feasts below mountain vistas, to soothing african inspired spa therapies, and atmospheric movie nights under the stars.

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Nyungwe Forest - the most important site for biodiversity conservation in Rwanda

“ 119

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ACCOMMODATION Every breath-taking room and suite has been architecturally designed to blend seamlessly with the unique landscape, to respect the environment, and perfectly frame the best aspects of Nyungwe Forest’s natural beauty. As the flurry of nature unfolds around you, you remain continually connected to the surroundings with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. Spacious furnished balconies open up to the lush flora, with mesmerising forest views and aspects over the fascinating working tea plantation. AN UNRIVALLED LOCATION Imagine a place immersed in a natural beauty. Remote; oneof-a-kind; where the world’s best kept secrets become yours to behold. Where once-in-a-lifetime moments are curated especially for you, inspired by the land, the wildlife and the people, and where every creature-comfort is at your fingertips. This is a journey few will ever take – This is ONE&ONLY NYUNGWE HOUSE Set on the edge of the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda’s mountainous southwest, a haven for primates in Africa’s largest mountain rainforest, the One&Only Nyungwe House nestles in a paradise for primates. This mountain lodge has been designed to blend in harmoniously with its natural environment. Situated in Gisakura bordering the Nyungwe National Park, which is a working tea plantation yet its offerings are distinctly modern with every comfort you could ever need or desire, the Nyungwe Forest represents the largest mountain rainforest in Africa and is home to over 13 different species of primates. 120 millionaire escapes

• 22 luxury rooms and suites and situated in six stunning wooden villas. • All designed to frame nature, with exceptional views of the Nyungwe Forest. • Open fireplaces in each and every room and suite. • Private decks offer all guests extraordinary private spaces to watch the wildlife. • Interiors and artwork is inspired by the natural beauty and traditions of Rwanda.

DINING WITH ALL FIVE SENSES Restaurants offer an array of local and international cuisine – as well as a variety of special dining venues, including: • From stunning sunrise breakfasts that prepare you for a day of discovery, to leisurely all day à la carte brunches served in bed or out amongst the wilderness, nutritious and indulgent options are always on the menu. • Lunches are often served ‘on-the-go’, but our picnics are truly something to behold. With beautifully-set tables and fresh local ingredients expertly prepared and creatively presented, they’re just another reason to say ‘wow’. • From tempting nibbles around the bonfire and sociable grand feasts amongst the flora, to private dinners in a treehouse or secluded oasis, you’ll never have the same experience twice, here or anywhere else on the planet.


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The activities on offer during a stay at this mountain rain forest retreat all revolve around being outdoors and trekking in the National Park. These informative walks are tailored to individual requirements; the guided walks last between 1 to 7 hours. Amongst the most favourite trekking tours is chimpanzee trekking, grey-cheeked mangabey trekking and white and black colobus monkey trekking.

Being at one with nature sits hand in hand with an ethos of personal wellness. Whether you wish to enhance your healthy lifestyle, or delve into a new world of spiritual and physical development, there’s no better place to practice wellness than at the ONE&ONLY NYUNGWE HOUSE

Furthermore, a visit to the Kamiranzovu Swamps as well as the Waterfall walks is highly recommended as well. Cultural walks and bird watching tours are also available.

• Unwind with al fresco yoga, before inspiring vistas.

From the lodge, guests can enjoy a beautiful 5.3km walk to the Izumo waterfall which lies about 2 hours away. Travellers have the opportunity to visit the tea factory and learn about the process of withering, cutting, tearing and curling, fermentation, drying as well as sorting, storing and packing.

• Indulge in holistic therapies, such as Rwandan-inspired spa treatments, offered in the warm open air.

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• Savour mouth-watering, organic, garden-to-plate menus designed with exceptional nutritional value. • Work up a sweat in a gym carved from nature’s own landscape.


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Safari This year several new brand new luxury camps and safaris have been announced from Tanzania to Botswana and Namibia here we present a selection for your enjoyment. JABALI RIDGE, Tanzania -

Set high on a rocky kopje overlooking a landscape dotted with spiky palms and bulbous baobabs, is Jabali Ridge a sophisticated base from which to explore Ruaha National Park, close to the Mwagusi Sand River, the prime area for game viewing. There are eight spacious suites to choose from complimented with an outdoor deck to allow for some private time taking in the stunning views and landscape. The main area of the camp boasts a tranquil relaxation area, an infinity-style swimming pool and a spa and communal dining area. Jabali Ridge offers game drives, night drives and guided walks into this diverse national park teeming with life where guests will have the opportunity to see African elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and antelopes all within their natural habitat. 124 millionaire escapes

SERRA CAFEMA, Namibia - REOPENS JUNE - Undoubtedly one of the most remote camps in southern Africa, Serra Cafema is located in the extreme north-west of Namibia on the banks of the Kunene River in the Hartmann’s Valley. Serra Cafema is an intimate, peaceful camp inspired by the area’s Himba people, with a unique mix of rustic and luxury elements, and nestled amongst shady albida trees. Accommodation consists of eight wood, canvas and thatched villas on spacious, elevated decks blended smoothly into the picturesque surroundings. Each tent has an en-suite bathroom, ceiling fan and mosquito nets. One of these rooms is an intimate, luxurious honeymoon villa with exceptional views, while another accommodates a family. The Ozonganda, or main area, comprises indoor and outdoor dining areas, sunken lounge, library, curio shop and swimming pool, all with their own spectacular views.


TRAVEL NEWS - Beach & Spa


A radical new concept for a luxury camp experience in Cambodia, Shinta Mani Wild will combine world class design, hospitality and conservation. Designed by world renowned resort designer Bill Bensley, Shinta Mani Wild is set within a wildlife corridor connecting the Bokor National Park with Kirirom National Park. Sixteen100sqm, custom designed tents are perched over the swift moving waters and waterfalls, providing a view and experience unlike any other resort in Asia. A luxury adventure driven by creative experiences, guests will have more

126 millionaire escapes

activity options than time to do them. To the southeast of this private sanctuary, guests will be able to spend a day exploring the untrammelled waterways of South East Asia’s last wild estuarine ecosystem aboard one of Shinta Mani Wild’s private, Bensley-designed, fullyequipped luxury expedition boats. To the north, guests will be able to accompany rangers and researchers as they check camera traps and study the wild forests and their inhabitants - a unique opportunity to explore these untamed lands with the people that know them best. When not adventuring

and exploring this incredibly diverse region guests will enjoy their wellappointed tents and the camp’s facilities. Perched on the edge of the sanctuary’s biggest waterfall is the “Landing Zone Bar” and “Waterfall Restaurant” where guests will be able to sample locally inspired food with ingredients sourced through the Shinta Mani Foundation, foraged from the surrounding forests and on occasion flown in from all corners of the globe. The “Boulders Spa” meanwhile is a full service Khmer Spa featuring natural, chemical-free products by Khmer Tonics.

QOROKWE CAMP, Botswana - With its grand opening in December, Qorokwe Camp has already sparked a lot of interest. Launched under the immaculate banner of Wilderness Safaris’ Botswana portfolio, the camp provides outstanding game viewing in the high-density area of the Okavango Delta. Bordering the renowned Moremi Game Reserve, Qorokwe Camp has eight elegant tented suites plus one very spacious family unit with its own splash pool. Each tented suite is elevated about two metres off the ground and benefits from en-suite facilities with freestanding bathtubs and an indoor/outdoor shower. The camp’s magnificent main area comprises of an open-plan dining space, lounge, and bar all built on raised wooden platforms. The exclusive Qorokwe Concession encompasses over 26 180 hectares (64 692 acres) and guests can look forward to seeing a wide range of wildlife – lion, leopard, wild dog, hyena, and high concentrations of herbivores such as buffalo, giraffe, zebra, and antelopes. The birdlife is equally impressive, with more than 400 species recorded.


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Where to go as a


Travelling solo can be a very different experience to going with a group. And certain places suit solo travellers an awful lot more than others. Whether that’s because it’s an easy place to socialise, is solitary in nature, or appeals to intrepid adventurers. So if you’re a solo traveller but are wondering where to go next, check out the following destinations. Sedona, USa

Phong nha, Vietnam

A dusty desert town with magnetic appeal, Sedona is a top-notch choice for the solo traveller. Many of those who flock there come for the positive energy emitted from the spiritual ‘vortexes’ supposedly found in abundance outside the small town. But whether you’re into New Age spiritual renewal or not, the landscape alone merits a visit. Those steep rust-red rock formations that soar against the crisp blue sky, and layered ridges and cliffs of pink, orange, and yellow stone make a hike totally worthwhile – notable spots are Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Bear Mountain.

Phong Nha is one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. Within the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, you’ll find the oldest karst mountains in Asia, ancient caves, and rare wildlife. Yet it remains relatively unknown on a global scale. Hidden beneath its luminous green forest and gleaming, tropical waters is an intricate network of caves. One of these, Hang Sơn Đoòng, was discovered by a local in 1991 and contains the largest known cave passage in the world, as well as a fast-flowing subterranean river. It is, however, difficult and expensive to enter as a tourist, but there are hundreds more to explore.

Sedona, USa

WIndeRMeRe, UK

PHonG Ka, VIeTnaM

Windermere, UK This small Cumbrian town sits aside Windermere, the largest natural lake in England. It is the jewel in the crown of the Lake District’s, a region of rugged, romantic beauty. Reconnect with nature and enjoy some alone time by taking a boat trip around the lake and its 18 islands or going for walks over the windswept hills.

KalamPaKa, greece Kalampaka is the entry point to The Metéora, a formation of monolithic pillars whose name translates literally to ‘suspended in the air’. At the foot of these mammoth columns are caves which used to be home to hermits. Atop the columns is where you’ll find the real attractions though – ancient monasteries built right up to cliff edges in gravity-defying positions.

KaLaMPaKa, GReeCe

caloUndra, aUStralia A pretty beach town on the Sunshine Coast, Caloundra is prime surfing ground. It’s just as great for pros hoping to ride the swell as it is for those learning to stand up on a board. Not far from Brisbane, it’s shed its suburban image lately, carving itself a creative niche. Enjoy its high-quality coffee shops and galleries before watching the sun set over the Glass House Mountains of the hinterland.



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Destination Inspiration

Livingstone, Zambia Named after the Victorian explorer Dr David Livingstone, Livingstone’s culture and history is intriguing.


nce a major european settlement, thanks to its close proximity to the Zambezi River, Livingstone was during the early 1900’s the capital of northern Rhodesia. As the capital, it enjoyed excellent facilities far superior to anything elsewhere in the country, as can be seen from the surviving edwardian buildings that line the city’s main road. When the capital was moved to Lusaka in 1935 this bustling city become a much quieter and smaller town, but still managed to retain a special charm becoming a base for travellers from all over the world wanting to explore the wonder of Africa.

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Why go? Livingstone’s thunderous waterfalls are a humbling sight. The Zambezi River plunges over a 108-metre high gorge, creates the largest sheet of falling water in the world. called Mosi-oaTunya, or The Smoke That Thunders by the Tonga people, it’s also been known as Victoria Falls since european explorer David Livingstone first spotted it in 1855. At this gigantic waterfall, the raw force of nature is laid bare as the thundering Zambezi gushes over a cliff-face in an exquisite blast of haze. Twice the size of the niagara Falls, it’s a sight that’s inspired awe since time immemorial. But here’s the thing – waterfall watching isn’t even half the story in Victoria Falls. The sheer range of activities on offer is so overwhelming that it’s no wonder it’s known as Africa’s adventure capital. The long list of Victoria Falls experiences starts with a helicopter flight over the Zambezi. From the sky, you can really appreciate the enormity of the gaping chasms gouged into the basalt plain by millennia of rushing water. Then come the adrenaline-fests – white-water rafting, zip-lining and some of the most amazing bungee spots you’ll find anywhere on earth. Animal lovers can sign up to a ‘Walk with Lions’ tour to come face-to-face with the king of the beasts, or hunker down in the Siduli Hide to watch elephants and baboons congregate at the waterhole and for those looking to take in the sheer beauty of the area the Royal Livingstone Express, a restored train that offers a scenic dinner tour past the Falls.

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WheRe To sTAy? RoyAl lIVINgsToNe hoTel By ANANTARA

AhA The DAVID lIVINgsToNe sAFARI loDge & spA

Set in Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, this luxurious resort is home to zebras, giraffes and impalas. It sits right on the Zambezi River, giving you free, unlimited access to the Victoria Falls via a private entrance. Whichever room you choose, you’ll get sumptuous beds and a private terrace looking out to the river or the gardens.

Located on the banks of the Zambezi River, this Safari Lodge and Spa offers luxurious rooms only 10 minutes’ drive from Victoria Falls. It has a spa and wellness centre and a private river-cruise boat.


each of the rooms is luxuriously decorated with four-poster beds draped in mosquito nets. All rooms have a private bathroom and the suites contain a hot tub and lounge area. Guests can enjoy a sundowner on their private balcony. The expansive gardens contain an outdoor pool surrounded by the Gwembe Terrace serving fine cuisine in a relaxed setting.


pRoTeA hoTel By MARRIoTT lIVINgsToNe


The staff are a standout at Protea Hotel, with guests praising their friendliness and helpfulness. The food here is also a hit – breakfast is known for being high quality and abundant. You’re just a short drive from most of Livingstone’s top sights, with Victoria Falls around 10 km away.

The locations of this resort is unbeatable – just a 10-minute walk from Victoria Falls. Monkeys and zebras roam the grounds, where you’ll find a sprawling pool area with a cocktail bar. The rooms are decorated in reds and oranges, featuring Zambian designs and private patios.



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SAFARI HOTEL DEALS Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus convallis posuere mauris, eget laoreet massa facilisis nec. Proin ipsum tortor, aliquam ut tellus id, semper viverra erat. Phasellus erat velit. Here ME presents a selection and to discover more visit: Four SeaSonS SaFari Lodge Serengeti Nestled within the Serengeti National Park boasting panoramic landscape views and a variety of wildlife, lies the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti. It offers a spa, and the outdoor Maji Bar overlooks the infinity swimming pool and savannah. The elegant and air-conditioned rooms feature African dĂŠcor. All rooms have an en suite bathroom with a bath and shower.

BooKing inFormation one nature nyaruSwiga Serengeti wwwww Located at the heart of the Serengeti, One Nature Nyaruswiga Serengeti is a luxury camp surrounded by breathtaking views of the endless plains and offers a sun terrace with a plunge pool and a hot tub. With views over the savanna, the elegantly decorated tents include a seating area with a firestove, a bathtub, an indoor and outdoor shower.

BooKing inFormation LemaLa Kuria HiLLS Lodge wwwww Situated in Banagi, Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge offers accommodation with free WiFi and a garden. A terrace with garden views is offered in every unit. A Full English/Irish breakfast is available each morning at the property. Guests can dine in the in-house restaurant, which serves a variety of African and European dishes.

BooKing inFormation inzoLo excLuSive game Lodge Inzolo Exclusive Game Lodge offers accommodation 43 km from Addo Elephant National Park. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Some rooms feature a seating area where you can relax. You will find a coffee machine in the room. Extras include bathrobes, free toiletries and a hairdryer.

BooKing inFormation Kwa maritane Lodge wwww Located on the slopes of a volcano in the heart of Pilanesberg National Park, Kwa Maritane Lodge offers free WiFi and the reserve boasts two tennis courts and two swimming pools of which one features a water slide. The bright, spacious guest rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows which lead onto balconies. Each room has white linens and a living area.

BooKing inFormation mogotLHo SaFari Lodge Mogotlho Safari Lodge is located in Shaleshanto. Guests at the lodge can enjoy a continental breakfast. Mogotlho Safari Lodge offers a sun terrace. Guests can also relax in the shared lounge area. Khwai river picnic spot is 2.5 km from the accommodation, while Waterhole is 3.8 km from the property. We speak your language!

BooKing inFormation 136 millionaire escapes

Experience a landscape of wonder with




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ASIA BREAKS Eastern Asia is a land of ancient myth & traditions. Enjoy a voyage of discovery to the exotic Orient with Millionaire Escapes and discover the true ambiance of Asia.


millionaire escapes - Asia Breaks


best kept secret Set in the heart of fashionable sukhumvit thonglor, 137 pillars suites & residences is one of the best luxury 5 star hotels and serviced apartments in Bangkok. Perched discreetly at the top of a serviced residence building, this stylish, new boutique retreat features an exclusive private club, private rooftop infinity pool and stunning views of Bangkok all around. 137 Pillars Suites & Residences is the second property in a new boutique hotel group and is designed to offer a residential, bespoke-feel hotel experience – a place celebrities or captains of industry might come to be looked after, quietly away from the world’s gaze. EXQUISITELY APPOINTED SUITES Situated above 22 floors of private residences, the 34 luxurious suites named after the great royal periods in Thai history; Rattankosin, Thonburi, Ayutthaya & Sukhothai are exquisitely appointed, all with private dining tables, butler service, maxi bars with private wine cellars, user friendly mood lighting, high ceilings, large walk-in wardrobes, beautiful en-suite bathrooms and chic circular 137 Pillars baths complete with built in TV. Luxurious 400 thread count bed linen and ultra-comfortable beds are of the highest standard. Spacious balconies provide the ultimate chill zone with traditional 137 Pillars House signature rocking chairs and an expansive daybed for two, with superb views of the Bangkok skyline LUXURIOUSLY DESIGNED SERVICED APARTMENTS A sleek city sanctuary, the residential charm of the 176 serviced residences’ combines world class facilities with spacious and well-designed studios, one and two bedroom residences. Whether its business or pleasure that brings you to the culture capital, the hotel’s impeccably furnished residences are well-equipped for the modern traveller who desires a home-away-from-home. 140 millionaire escapes

FASHIONABLE FACILITIES The hotel has two stunning infinity swimming pools. The pool on the 27th floor sits adjacent to the excellent gym and there is also a huge Jacuzzi pool. The rooftop infinity pool is reserved for suite guests only and offers 360 degree views of the Bangkok skyline as well as a rooftop bar and cabanas. There is also an elegant day spa situated on level 28, fitness centre and indoor golf simulator and for guests arriving early in the morning before their suite is available or with a late-evening flight, the hotel offers handy sleeping pods and separate shower facilities.


millionaire escapes - Asia Breaks

ART OF GOURMET CUISINE 137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok features the Leonowens Club, the Jack Bain’s Bar and Cigar Divan, and the exquisite Nimitr specialty restaurant featuring cutting edge oriental gastronomy created by Chef Nanang Prasetya Aditama. The Marble Bar a chill out zone located on level 27, next to the infinity edged pool is an upscale oasis blessed with a stunning view of the city’s skyline. Bangkok Trading Post Restaurant on Soi Sukhumvit 39 is an all-day dining bistro and deli appealing to local residents and guests where both Western and Asian favourites are served, as well as freshly baked breads, connoisseur coffee and specialty beverages, to go or dine-in.


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Eastern Asia is a land of ancient myth and traditions. Enjoy a voyage of discovery to the exotic Orient with 



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ASIA’S ENCHANTING TEMPLES Ditch the guidebook and soak up the mythical nature of these awe-inspiring temples. Standing for millennia, their ethereal beauty has long attracted the gaze of admirers from all over the world. From crumbling ruins to glittering spires, no other continent on the planet contains as many temples as Asia. Here are some of our favourites from the hundreds and thousands that any traveller to this mystical continent must see.

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Yangon, MYanMar The entrance to Shwedagon Pagoda is guarded by a humongous pair of gilded leogryphs – but what waits beyond is even more thrilling. A 100-metre tall stupa towers over Yangon’s skyline, glistening in gold and encrusted with 4,531 diamonds. Shwedagon Pagoda is more than a Buddhist place of worship. Its careful design also encapsulates over 2,500 years of culture and architecture. Housed in an opulent three-story Victorian building, The Strand, takes you back in time and offers beautiful views over Yangon River.


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ranakpur TeMple (above)

SieM reap, CaMbodia (below)

Dedicated to Adinatha, the Jain Temple in Ranakpur rises majestically from the slope of a hill. The temple is supported by over 1444 marble pillars, carved in exquisite detail. The pillars are all differently carved and no two pillars are the same. The construction of the temple and quadrupled image symbolize the Tirthankara’s conquest of the four cardinal directions and hence the cosmos. The dating of this temple is controversial but it was probably built between the late 14th and mid-15th centuries.

Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat is the world’s largest religious monument and one of Southeast Asia’s most important archaeological sites. Built from an estimated 10 million sandstone blocks, it’s covered top to bottom in elaborate carvings and reliefs. Many of these illustrations depict mythical creatures like unicorns, griffins and dragons – and the overgrowing vegetation across the ancient site adds to the magic.

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kYoTo, Japan Kyoto has over 1,600 temples – one more beautiful than the next – so planning an itinerary isn’t an easy feat. Must-do’s include the golden pavilion Kinkaku-ji, the famous red torii gates of Fushimi-Inari-Taisha Shrine, and Ginkaku-ji temple with its Silver Pavilion and exquisite zen gardens. The traditional Jeugiya guesthouse is just a short walk from Yasaka Shrine and Chion-In Temple and offers visitors a truly authentic experience.

TeMple of Heaven The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is regarded as a Taoist Temple although Chinese Heaven worship pre-dates Taoism. The temple was constructed from 1406 to 1420 during the reign of the Yongle Emperor, who was also responsible for the construction of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Not only a beautiful sight, the temple is also surrounded by a vast public park popular with local residents practicing tai chi in the mornings and on weekends.


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angkor WaT Angkor Wat (”City Temple”) is a vast temple complex at Angkor an architectural masterpiece and the largest religious monument in the world. Built for king Suryavarman II in the early 12th century, Angkor Wat stands on a raised terrace above the rest of the city and comprises of three rectangular galleries rising to a central tower, each level higher than the last. An awe inspiring site this UNESCO world heritage site is and the heart and soul of Cambodia and a source of fierce national pride.

pHra nakHon Si aYuTTHaYa, THailand Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage city dating back to 1350. One of the main attractions is Wat Chaiwatthanaram – its eight eye-catching chapels are connected to secret passageways and adorned with over a hundred Buddha statues.

The 42-metre-long Reclining Buddha statue at Wat Lokaya Sutha is equally worth a visit, as is Ayutthaya Historical Park, home to over 67 temples and ruins. Nearby, the charming Phuttal Residence offers barbecue facilities, free bike hire and a lush green garden.

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borobudur Located on the Indonesian island of Java, 40 km (25 miles) northwest of Yogyakarta, the Borobudur is the largest and most famous Buddhist temple in Indonesia. The Borobudur was built over a period of some 75 years in the 8th and 9th centuries by the kingdom of Sailendra, out of an estimated 2 million blocks of stone. It was abandoned in the 14th century for reasons that still remain a mystery and for centuries lay hidden in the jungle under layers of volcanic ash.



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Destination Inspiration


A real-life Jurassic Park Komodo Island is like no other place on earth. An island of rugged hills and tropical vegetation, surrounded by transparent water and awash with bright sun – there’s no place better to marvel at one of Earth’s rarest prehistoric legacies. One of Indonesia’s 17,508 islands, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is listed as one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature and is home to over 3,000 of the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon. 152 millionaire escapes

Why go? Komodo and the nearby islands of Rinca and Padar make up Komodo National Park, One of Indonesia’s greatest natural treasures it is a beautiful panoramic of savannas, rain forests, white beaches, beautiful corals, and clean blue seas. Home to the legendary Komodo Dragon however surprisingly within this area you can also find horses, wild buffalo, deer, wild boar, snakes, monkeys, and various types of birds plus an amazing array of sea life. A rich and amazing underwater world, divers claim that Komodo waters are one of the best diving sites in the world. It has fascinating underwater scenery. You can find 385 species of beautiful corals, mangrove forests, and seaweeds as a home for thousands of fish species, 70 types of sponges, 10 types of dolphins, 6 types of whales, green turtles and various types of sharks and stingrays. More than 14 species of whales and dolphins have been spotted in the deeper waters, while glimmering shoals and dugongs ply the shallows. In many places, coral almost completely covers the sea floor in carpets of orange cup corals and frothy clouds of leather corals. A popular dive site, the

channel of Manta Point off Komodo’s northeast coast connects the Indian and South West Pacific Oceans, creating a plankton-rich habitat that attracts reef manta rays. Another amazing feature of Komodo Island is Pink Beach aptly named because of its amazing rosy hue, one of only seven pink beaches in the world this exceptional beach gets its striking colour from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produce a red pigment on the coral reefs. The best times to visit Kondo Island is during Komodo’s dry season spans April to November, with June and July being the most popular months to visit. To enjoy a bit of serenity, take a trip in September or October, when the crowds thin out but the sun shines on. 153

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WheRe To sTAy? suNseT hIll hoTel

seRAyA hoTel ANd ResoRT

Sunset Hill Hotel lives up to its name, with one of Labuan Bajo’s best sundown vistas. Rooms here are designed to maximise the views, with large glass windows and balconies facing toward the harbour. The reception offers scooter hire, which guests recommend for getting around.

Seraya Hotel and Resort is set on a private island, just off the coast of Labuan Bajo. Here, plush bungalows are built on a pristine beach, looking straight out to sea. The hotel runs a free shuttle boat straight back to the Labuan Bajo harbour – great for trips out to Komodo.



PlATARAN KoModo BeAch ResoRT

KoModo ResoRT

If you’re looking to spoil yourself, this is the place. Plataran Komodo is complete paradise. Palatial villas sprawl across the sand on a private island, totally secluded from the outside world. Guests mention the hotel’s warm and attentive staff, who are happy to arrange trips off the island for you.

Located on Sebayur Island just on the border of Komodo National Park, this resort boasts a private beach area and onsite diving and snorkelling opportunities.



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Guests can choose from 16 rooms, all of which exude an atmosphere of total peace and harmony. The hotel offers many unique recreational opportunities such as private beach, fitness center, massage, garden, water sports (nonmotorized). Superb facilities and an excellent location make the Komodo Resort & Diving Club the perfect base from which to enjoy your stay in Labuan Bajo.


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One of the most

exclusive destinations in the world

Located in one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, Bulgari Resort Bali is a veritable emblem of the tropical exoticism of the Orient, combining the breath-taking beauty of unspoiled nature of Bali with high Italian style. 156 millionaire escapes


erched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean on the island of Uluwatu, one of the least developed islands in the area. The hotel skilfully blends traditional Balinese character with contemporary, cutting edge design. Thatched roofs, exotic woods and natural tones ensure the resorts blends effortlessly into its lush surroundings. Epitomizing exclusivity the resort offers a mix of just 59 sleek and resplendent private villas and five luxury mansions. 157

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The VIllAs The villas at Bulgari Resort Bali which range in size are offered as either one or two bedrooms with vaunt extraordinary views of the ocean, some framed by the thatched roofs of other sea view villas and others spanning the entire horizon. Nestled within high perimeter walls, one enters into a tropical garden, an expansive open-air living area, a spacious vestibule and an enormous bathroom with ample tub and shower. The interiors are decorated with pieces of antique Balinese art and equipped with a Bang & Olufsen audio/video system. The private garden, for relaxing in the sun, and a plunge pool complete the idyllic picture which will give you one of the best holidays in Bali.

The MANsIONs The Mansions which range in size from 18,000 to 48,000 square feet are offered as either two, three, four or five bedrooms and feature private pool and garden with Indian Ocean View, terrace, open – air living room pavilion, Bang & Olufsen Video & Audio, Miele kitchen appliances and private elevator. Every Mansion has its own garden and swimming pool ranging from 14 to 23 metres surrounded by sun decks and a gazebo with open living areas opening into the garden. The top floors of The Mansions feature a large open space including a living room, a dining room and a bar. The common spaces continue outdoors in the garden, with the gazebo sheltering the open-air living room, and the poolside area that offers some of the finest views of the ocean. The swimming pools, inspired by rice paddies, have been lined with the green hues of Sukabumi stone. The private 158 millionaire escapes

spaces are located on the ground floor and feature spacious bedrooms with every imaginable comfort and privacy. Both the master bedroom and the guest bedrooms have a foyer, a study and walk-in closets. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with walls clad in warm-toned exotic stone.

As one would expect the grounds are exquisite with beautifully manicured gardens, bougainvillea bushes bursting in colour and the fragrance of frangipani wafting through the air. A glorious outdoor infinity pool is carved into the cliffside showcasing the stunning Indian Ocean as a backdrop.

The spA

DINING Bulgari Resort Bali features three restaurants. Sangkar which offers contemporary Indonesian, Asian, and International cuisine, Il Ristorante located under the cliff over the stretch

of white sand beach,oOffers traditional and modern creative Italian cuisine and La Spiaggia a cozy and intimate restaurant where guests can enjoy the best fresh grilled seafood in Bali.

Set in the very heart of Bulgari Resort Bali, The Spa is the embodiment of a holistic healing centre, bringing together the therapeutic traditions of Indonesian massage and the contemporary elixirs of modern spa technology. An antique ‘Joglo’ house, transported piece by piece from Central Java, creates a unique reception area. Eight treatment rooms overlook the Indian Ocean and spa gardens and suites with private changing areas, plunge pools and outdoor relaxation areas. Modern treatments are combined with ancient techniques to create a range of unique spa rituals.

Bulgari Resort Bali is the ideal destination for those looking to switch off, unwind and relax in one of the world’s most unspoilt locations. BOOKING INFORMATION


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A majestic climb that will fire up your spirit What makes Ijen Crater a world-class climb? It’s one of the only two volcanoes that shoot out blue fire. Making them a feast for those who are hungry for thrills. Witness the many historical adventures in astonishing events such as Kuwung Festival (December). Travel to Bali to experience a courteous welcome in Penglipuran Village Festival (December). Relish in numerous engaging activities in Denpasar Festival (December). Perfected with fascinating cultures, ravishing natural landscapes, exquisite dishes, and everything in between, this land is guaranteed to provide with challenging strangely beautiful discoveries. beshoot daring, What makes Ijen Crater ayou world-class climb? It’s one of the only two volcanoesSo that out take Have it those your own the land endless wonders. blue challenges, fire. Makingenjoy themlife. a feast for whoway are in hungry for of thrills. Witness the many historical adventures in astonishing events such as Kuwung Festival (December). Travel to Bali to experience a courteous welcome in Penglipuran Village Festival (December). Relish in numerous engaging activities in Denpasar Festival (December). Perfected with fascinating cultures, ravishing natural landscapes, exquisite dishes, and everything in between, this land is guaranteed to provide you with challenging strangely beautiful discoveries. So be daring, Indonesia.Travel indtravel take challenges, enjoy life. Have it your own way in the land of endless wonders.

A majestic climb that will fire up your spirit

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Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi, East Java

Mount Ijen, Banyuwangi, East Java



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CRUISE BREAKS Cruises are one of the best ways to see the world whilst enjoying luxurious comfort and worldclass facilities. Millionaire Escapes offers you opportunities to explore incredible destinations and experience luxurious cruising at its finest.


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ltra-luxury Silversea Cruises is introducing a new 2018 Couture Collection, an exclusive series of ocean and land adventures custom-designed for the world’s most discerning travelers. the inaugural 2018 Couture Collection is an inspired portfolio of nine pre- and post-cruise luxury land programs of five to 11 days, offering authentic and immersive travel experiences in the most remote and untouched regions of the Earth.

“Our guests are seasoned luxury travelers looking to discover the least accessible corners of our planet, where nature can still astound with its untouched beauty,” said Manfredi lefebvre d’Ovidio, Silversea’s Executive Chairman. “the Couture Collection reveals the most exotic places, cultures and people on carefully curated journeys that feature all the extraordinary touches of comfort and luxury for which Silversea is renowned.” Silversea’s own experience architects, drawing on the best itinerary expertise and global knowledge, have custom-crafted each element of the 2018 Couture Collection down to the smallest details. Silversea’s experts designed the inaugural collection with inspiration from Silversea guests; a survey of North american travelers, 87 percent of whom are from the United States, explored guests’ “dream destinations” and most sought-after cultural experiences. the pre- and post-cruise Couture Collection includes exclusive amenities ranging from private helicopter service in Mongolia to vintage rail in India and Gulfstream jets in and out of Antarctica. Prices average $34,000 per guest for each five- to elevenday adventure, with the 11-day South Pole itinerary leading the collection starting at $78,000 per guest. the Couture Collection programs are limited to small groups and include most meals, beverages and exclusive culinary events. Guests enjoy inclusive luxury accommodations at renowned boutique hotels, lodges and private tents specifically built for these experiences. Each bespoke adventure is fully escorted. Each program provides a perfect extension to select Silversea cruises, creating an unrivalled luxury travel experience, deeper on land. Conrad Combrink, Vice President Strategic Development Expeditions and Experiences hand crafted each of these expeditions under the watchful eye of Silversea’s Executive Chairman, Manfredi lefebvre d’Ovidio. 164 millionaire escapes

Silversea introduces inaugral 2018 ‘Couture Collection’ of bespoke global experiences


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Following is a snapshot of the all-new Couture Collection programs: RwaNda & SERENgETI: WalkING IN thE FOOtStEPS OF GIaNtS Come face-to-face with the power and beauty that is africa. Explore the lush rain forests of rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park while looking for the majestic mountain gorilla in an exclusive 2 day trekking experience. Go on a game drive seeking the Big Five from a custom 4x4 in tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World heritage Site best known for its amazing annual migration of wildebeest, gazelles and zebras. Eight days from $19,959; departures on Nov. 20 or 27; combinable with Silver Discoverer expeditions departing on Nov. 16 or 27.

whITE dESERT & SOUTh POLE: StaNDING ON thE BOttOM OF thE Earth No place on Earth can compare to the vast white desert of antarctica. Explore spectacular ice caves and tunnels. Climb a glacial island. Photograph a remarkable colony of emperor penguins at atka Bay. Follow in the footsteps of roald amundsen and robert Scott and be among the privileged few who have reached the South Pole. Enjoy the comforts and luxury of a stay at Whichaway Camp. Fly in and out of antarctica on a Gulfstream business jet. Eleven days from €10,630 per person * departure Nov 22 Silver Cloud Expedition

NamIbIa & ROvOS RaIL Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Namibia Desert at the award-winning little kulala Camp in the Kulala Wilderness Reserve. Go flightseeing over the Skeleton Coast. Marvel at Sesriem Canyon. Float above enchanting desert landscapes in a hot-air balloon. From Pretoria to Cape town, journey in luxury aboard the iconic rovos rail, known as the Most luxurious train in the World. Savor the South african scenery from a carefully restored carriage that evokes the charms of a bygone era. Six days from $11,299; departures on Mar. 14; combinable with Silver Cloud (Mar. 21).

INdIa: IN thE Path OF POWErFUl tItaNS Enjoy the luxury of private flights throughout India. Track tigers in Ranthambore wildlife reserve. Journey by vintage rail to the magnificent Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, where an elegant dinner includes stunning views of Mehrangarh, an impressive centuries-old fort. Witness the charms of the ancient city of Jaisalmer from the comfort of the Serai luxury camp. Explore majestic desert dunes on a jeep or camel safari, then sample delicacies at an elegant bush dinner. Six days from $32,799; departure on Oct. 23; combinable with Silver Muse’s Oct. 8 cruise. 167

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aUSTRaLIa: ExPlOrING thE UNFOrGIVING aND UNFOrGEttaBlE OUtBaCk Enjoy private air travel to and from Darwin to experience an authentic outback adventure at the Bullo river Station, a cattle ranch tucked in the northwest corner of australia’s Northern territory. Explore aboriginal rock art galleries. Cruise up the spectacular Bullo river Gorge. Discover the amazing landscape of the Bungle Bungle range. Swim in the jade-green natural rock pools of the Cascades. Five days from $19,919; departures on Jul. 23 or 29; combinable with Silver Discoverer expeditions departing on Jul. 19 or 29.

ICELaNd: rEVEalING thE lEGENDS OF FIrE aND ICE From thermal springs to glaciers, Iceland is a land of remarkable contrasts. Enjoy private helicopter travel to explore its most amazing wonders. Sip a champagne toast at the famous Godafoss Waterfall. During at stay at Deplar, a sheep farm turned luxury lodge, go kayaking, mountain biking, whale watching and more. Visit the bird-watching wonderland of Drangey Island. lunch atop a glacier-capped volcano. Enter a man-made ice tunnel at langjokull Glacier. Five days from $45,199; departures on aug. 2 or 8; combinable with Silver Cloud expeditions departing on Jul. 27 or aug. 8.

TIbET: StaNDING ON thE rOOFtOP OF thE WOrlD Discover some of the most amazing and isolated places on Earth. Observe morning prayers at a Buddhist nunnery. Visit Jokhang temple, considered the holiest temple in tibetan Buddhism. Witness a lively debate among monks at Sera Monastery. Unwind with a meditation class led by a monk. Picnic amid the stunning beauty of Yamdrok Yumtso lake. Stroll through Norbulingka, the splendid former summer palace of the Dalai lama. See the gigantic gilded statue of Maitreya Buddha at tashilhunpo Monastery. Five days from $12,499; departures on Oct. 7 or 14; combinable with a Silver Shadow cruise departing Sep. 28 or Oct. 14. 168 millionaire escapes

mONgOLIa: EChOES OF GENGhIS khaN Visit with one of the last remaining groups of reindeer herders, the tsaatan community of Northern Mongolia. Marvel at the beauty of lake khuvsgul. learn about the culture of the kazakh people and witness their ancient tradition of hunting with golden eagles. at the Naadam Festival (three Games of Men), observe an ancient spectacle of horse racing, archery and wrestling, valued as sports of strength, wisdom and courage. Six or seven days from $29,199; departures on May 2 or 10; combinable with a Silver Shadow cruise departing apr. 25 or May 10.


a ShOrt Walk ONtO aNOthEr UNIVErSE Stay at the bottom of ice-capped Sajama, Bolivia’s highest peak. Explore volcanoes, hot springs and 3,000-year-old plants. Visit Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, and stay in a unique luxury camp of geodesic dome tents. Discover the small village of tahua, at the foot of the tunupa Volcano, then hike to the cave of the Coquesa mummies and learn about their history. relish stunning vistas on a drive through los Flamencos nature reserve before indulging in the luxuries of the alto atacama Desert lodge and Spa. Eight or ten days from $24,499; departures on Oct. 17 or 26; combinable with Silver Cloud expeditions departing on Oct. 15 or 26.


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Cruise News NorwegiaN Cruise LiNe has announced it will expand its offerings in Cuba with new sailings aboard Norwegian Sun This autumn, cruisers can board Norwegian Sun in Miami for one of six weeklong cruises (every Sunday from September 9 through October 14, 2018) with calls in Great Stirrup Cay, Costa Maya, Harvest Caye (Norwegian’s privately developed port in Belize) and of course, Havana. Norwegian’s nine-night Cuba and Caribbean itinerary also includes calls in Roatan and Cozumel. An extended 13-night sailing departs Miami on October 30 and heads through the Panama Canal to Havana, Harvest Caye, Roatan, Puerto Limon, Colon, Cartagena, Santa Marta and Aruba. Those short on time can see Cuba in five days with a September 3 sailing from Port Canaveral in Orlando that will call on Key West before heading to Havana for an overnight stay, and finishing out the cruise with a stop at the line’s private island in the Bahamas, Great Stirrup Cay. While in port, passengers on a Norwegian cruise to Cuba have a selection of 13 half- and full-day shore excursions that are compliant with government regulations. These include a farm-to-table dining experience or a tour of modern-day Cuba in a class American car. Norwegian already offers four-night Cuba cruises on-board Norwegian Sky from Miami and Port Canaveral. For more information visit:

More PoPuLar thaN ever, cruising’s biggest fans now include millennials Having earnt the title of the fastest growing part of the vacation industry, Cruising is now one of the hottest vacations for millennials, who represent a primary and often elusive target for marketers across industries.

In the 2018 Cruise Travel Report prepared for Cruise Lines International Association, based on a survey by JD Power, stated that cruising was the top vacation choice in every age range – and millennials are the group most likely to say they either “definitely will” or “probably will” book a cruise for their next vacation. Overall, an impressive 94 percent of millennials say they are likely to book a cruise for their next vacation. Considering that millennials are the first generation to have gone on cruises with their parents, perhaps it should be no surprise that now, as young adults, sometimes on limited budgets, they are one of the reasons why cruising is rising in popularity among people of all ages. In addition to contemporary brands such as Carnival Cruise Line and Costa Cruises, the younger set also is showing an interest in premium products such as Princess Cruises and Holland America Line. A growing number of millennials are even splurging on ultra-luxury cruises such as on the small ships of Seabourn, as they are discovering plenty of choices in terms of cruise products and travel experiences.

New ship ordered for P&o Cruises Carnival Corporation has announced it has signed a shipbuilding contract for a second next-generation cruise ship for its P&O Cruises brand with leading German shipbuilder Meyer Werft GmbH that is scheduled to be delivered in 2022. This new vessel will be the largest cruise ship to be built specifically for the British market. It will be 180,000 gross tons and will accommodate approximately 5,200 guests (lower berths). Both new ships will be registered in the UK. The new ship is part of Carnival Corporation’s ongoing fleet enhancement strategy with 19 new ships scheduled for delivery between 2018 and 2022 – creating excitement in the vacation market and continuing to exceed guest expectations while accelerating demand for cruising, the fastest growing segment in the vacation industry.


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Globetrotting from the comfort of your own home 172 millionaire escapes


any people dream of travelling around the world, some people actually do it but only a select few have the privilege of circumnavigating the globe on what is probably the most exclusive and refined way to travel - on board the world’s only privately owned residential ship The World. Imagine waking up to new scenery outside your private veranda every few days well that is what life is like aboard The World, the largest private residential ship on the planet a ship that offers the ultimate lifestyle combining a private yacht and a luxury vacation home all in one, a home that takes you around the globe. The World a strikingly beautiful 644-foot Ship, features 165 homes owned by 142 families embodies a distinctive one -of-a-kind lifestyle of exclusive luxury and travel. A lifestyle aboard The World allows Residents the opportunity to explore the planet’s most breath-taking destinations with like-minded adventure seekers from the comfort of their own private Residence – people who will never again need to pack or unpack again! This exclusive community offers

the ultimate combination of luxury travel with world-class dining, custom tours, and enriching cultural events like renowned guest speakers, local dancers or art exhibitions. A myriad of exceptional on-board amenities include a gourmet deli, The World Spa, library, cinema, and a sports centre offering real and virtual golf excursions to the world’s top-ranked courses. The on-board lifestyle fosters a warm, welcoming atmosphere and encourages the formation of lasting friendships. The World’s Captains and Residents collectively determine the Ship’s yearly itinerary based on the best sea routes and Residents’ personal interests and this year it has been determined that The World will take in 120 ports across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Mexico, Central america, Hawaii, alaska and the east and west coasts of the U.S. Residents will sail approximately 44,000 nautical miles, plus undertake expeditions to two of the most remote regions on earth – the Ross Sea & Antarctica and Melanesia - all from the comfort of their own home on this unique and elegant private ship owned by 142 families around the globe. 173

millionaire escapes - Cruise Breaks

Aboard the The World there are 165 Residences ranging from studios to expansive three-bedroom units and a palatial six-bedroom penthouse suite, which boasts accommodations for up to 12 people. The spacious Residences include 106 two- and three-bedroom apartments, 19 one- and two-bedroom studio apartments, and 40 studios. Interiors of the two- and three-bedroom apartments are customized based on Residents’ tastes and feature everything from contemporary to transitional to traditional decor. All of the Residences aboard the vessel have been sold and as the homes are sold to private individuals the community of residents who collectively own the entire ship comprises of 142 families from 19 different countries – North Africa (49%), Europe (36%), Asia, Australia, South America & South Africa (15%). The average occupancy at any one time of 150-200 Residents & Guests which assures an intimate atmosphere.

174 millionaire escapes

THE SHIP The Ship is effectively a floating city, equipped with high-end facilities and luxurious amenities that create an intimate, refined atmosphere for Resident owners. In addition to two swimming pools, the world spa (award winning retreat), a tennis court, golfing facilities with driving range, putting green and golf simulator, jogging centre, fitness centre with personal trainers, saunas, medical centre, night club, theatre, cinema and library. This strikingly beautiful Ship promises gracious and personal service in a warm, inviting ambience much like that of a private yacht, well-staffed private home or exclusive country club. With a length of almost 200m and a width of 30m The World is a state of the art ship being the first Ship of its size to run on clean marine diesel rather than burning heavy bunker fuel, making it a much more environmentally friendly Ship thus allowing The World to call in areas where ships burning heavy fuel are banned. The World is also the first Ship to feature the unique Scanship wastewater cleaning system in which wastes are filtered by means of a flotation system and as then reused for technical water.

RESTAURANTS & DINING OPTIONS For those who call The World home, dining on board The World is easy and effortless with a variety of food styles, atmospheres and presentations available across the four main restaurants which include East (for eclectic Asian delights), Marina (serving prime steaks and seafood), Portraits (featuring haute cuisine), and Tides (Mediterranean cuisine with Northern Italian flair). Other dining choices are The Pool Grill and Fredy’s Deli (a casual café and gourmet market that gets stocked with local produce in every port). A team of qualifies sommeliers offer a selection of approx. 800 different wines from across 18 countries which are held in the vast 12’000 cellar. The World, is like no other residence in the world providing the ultimate combination of extraordinary travel coupled with world class restaurants and facilities.

In summary The World is simply enough! For more information on ownership opportunities please visit


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FAMILY BREAKS Family holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones and reconnecting. Millionaire Escapes offers some fabulous holidays that cater to all your family needs either as a relaxing beach holiday, fun-filled adventure or a fun packed resort.


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Family FUN hotels kids will absolUtely love It’s that one time of the year when the whole family can get together and relax, whilst spending some quality time together just having some fun. From themed resorts to thrilling water parks, we’ve put together a list of the most child-friendly hotels around, to make sure you and your kids have the best time possible.

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millionaire escapes - Family Breaks

WheRe TO sTAy? hOWARd JOhNsON ANAheIM hOTel ANd WATeR PlAyGROuNd – ANAheIM, usA For a magical vacation, stay at our Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel & Water Playground near Disneyland, just a short 8-minute walk from the theme park, even closer than two of Disney’s own hotels. It features Castaway Cove, a pirate-themed onsite water park complete with slides, water cannons, and a pirate ship and a giant ‘drench bucket’. For smaller children, the Speedy’s Sprayground, with Speedy the Turtle, splash fountains, and a toddler pool and a secluded pool where parents can relax. Guest rooms are light and bright and are accessed from interior corridors – a rarity near the Disney gates! Refrigerator, tea/coffee maker, laptop safe, and free Wi-Fi access are standard in all rooms. And at the end of your day, visit the hotel’s sixth floor to watch Disney’s fantastic fireworks light up the sky over Sleeping Beauty’s castle – you won’t find better seats anywhere else.


COCONuT BAy BeACh ResORT & sPA – sT luCIA Situated on 85 acres, Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa offers two worlds in one along Saint Lucia’s exotic south coast. Located only five minutes from the international airport, this award-winning resort provides an idyllic retreat for adults and couples, with a separate area dedicated to family fun, boasting a Kidz Klub and the island’s largest waterpark. For family fun the ‘Splash’ area a designated area for families with children can enjoy their own tropical playground. Waterpark offers a world of aqua fun for youngsters, with a large activity pool, lazy river and exhilarating water slides. An extensive array of games, crafts and other supervised activities ensure that little ones will never be bored at CocoLand. Designed to please all ages, this casually Caribbean, incredibly resort is St. Lucia’s offers 250 airconditioned rooms, 9 restaurants, 7 bars, 5 pools, complete fitness centre, tennis and basketball courts, full service salon and oceanfront spa, the island’s largest waterpark and more! 180 millionaire escapes


leGOlANd® FlORIdA ResORT – WINTeR hAveN, usA What better place for a family holiday than a hotel that’s based around one of the world’s most popular toys? Featuring over 2,000 LEGO®-built models and 152 themed rooms suited to little pirates, ninjas and treasure hunters, a stay at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is bound to be entertaining. True to the famous toy’s philosophy, the hotel is specifically designed to let kids take control, allowing their creativity to flourish.


ZAFIRO PAlACe AlCudIA – PORT d’AlCudIA, sPAIN If you’d like some quiet relaxation time on your holiday, you’ll need to make sure the kids are entertained. Overlooking the breezy Port d’Alcúdia, Zafiro Palace Alcudia guarantees just that. Its Kids Club offers sports, craft workshops and competitions daily. There’s also a splash pool that features a pirate ship with water slides – plus several quieter pools, where you can catch those well-earned rays.


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dIsNeylANd® hOTel – Chessy, FRANCe This Victorian-inspired hotel is just a 1-minute walk from the entrance of Disneyland Paris. Here, kids are entertained by fairytale-themed rooms that feature flat-screen TVs showing all the Disney channels. There’s even the chance to meet Mickey, Minnie and the gang when they drop in to say hello at breakfast. After a day’s adventures at Disneylad Paris, you can unwind in the Fantasia-inspired cocktail bar.


vIvA CAlA MesquIdA ResORT & sPA – CAlA MesquIdA, sPAIN Bouncy castles and a pirate-themed play zone to Turkish baths and heated pools, Viva Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa was designed to cater for the whole family. An entertainment schedule packed with games, music and dancing will keep kids busy in the afternoon, while bike hire and scuba diving classes can be arranged for teens. Meanwhile, parents can kick back on a private terrace and enjoy the sweeping view over the Mediterranean.

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All RITMO – CANCuN, MexICO The resort with its new, fantastic water park and a mini golf course, blends exciting activities for children and adults alike, so that there is something for everyone to have a fun-packed, yet relaxing experience. As Cancun’s most welcoming, beachfront resort, All Ritmo will let you feel true, Mexican hospitality as soon as you enter the grand lobby. Decorated in a contemporary style with a traditional, Mexican flare, it features spacious and bright rooms. Complimentary cocktails and beverages can be enjoyed at the bars while the resort’s themed restaurants will serve you sumptuous meals. Staying at ALL RITMO by Lifestyle means getting an automatic pass to the fun that our water park is all about. Choose from a junior, one-bedroom or twobedroom suite, where you will find a relaxing space to rest after a gratifying day of exciting activities. Every room is spacious and bright, decorated in a contemporary style with a traditional Mexican flair. All of them provide a balcony or terrace from which you can admire either the lovely ocean or the hotel’s garden. Junior suites have an additional area with a sunken living room.

Kids are central to the philosophy at Martinhal Lisbon Cascais, with a Kids Clubhouse and playground that are specially designed with young guests in mind. This huge play area has been created to stimulate different age groups, from babies of six months to young teenagers.


AquA Blu shARM el sheIKh If you’re looking for non-stop water-based thrills and spills, the Aqua Blu Sharm in Um el Sid is the perfect place for you. It’s part of the lively Aqua Park City, where you’ll be in holiday heaven amongst the huge waterpark and 450m promenade of shops, restaurants and bars. And if the slides, splash pads and water playgrounds in the waterpark aren’t your thing, you can snorkel or dive at the colourful reef off the beach or simply relax by one of the hotel’s many pools.


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Discover AfricA with your chilDren on A fAmily sAfAri ADventure Many lodges and camps around Africa are family-friendly but our favourite destination for a walk on the wild side with little ones in tow has to be Kambaku in Namibia.

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ambaku Safari Lodge is situated on the 7600 hectare Okariuputa game farm, only 25 km north of the Waterberg Nature Reserve an area covered with big thorn bushes and Omborumbonga trees.

In the middle of this paradise this small lodge, with its gentle shapes made of natural materials, blends in with nature. The tempting garden and large terrace invite you to sunbathe, with the pool promising cool refreshment before tackling new activities. Enter the main house to absorb the “Out of africa” atmosphere of the small library, bar and fireplace. FAMILY-FRIENDLY SAFARI LODGE The cosy lodge is supremely child-friendly and spacious, with just ten rooms of differing sizes and décor the lodge is an intimate yet extremely family orientated safari experience. all the rooms have a view over the garden and savannah and kiddie beds and cots, car seats, high chairs and baby monitors are on hand as well as a team of trained nannies who may be booked per day. at kambaku child-friendly activities go without saying. There is the shady sand pit with swings and jungle gym, a cupboard full of puzzles and board games as well toys such as Lego, Duplo, Playmobil and more. In addition, children may participate in archery, table tennis or volleyball with or without their parents, go out on the mountain bikes or hiking trails over the 60km of marked paths or enjoy some fun in the sun at the pool. The wildlife programme, a special kids programmes to give parents the chance to relax or experience some adventures of their own, offers unique adventures to children of all ages: Child-friendly game wardens take children game viewing in safari jeeps, on bush walks or play hide-in-the-hide. also, outrides and riding classes on delightful ponies and horses are all part of the week programme for 4 to 12 year olds.


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A mix of luxury and relaxation plus loads of activities for kids to enjoy. Forte Village selected by Forbes as the Best Family Resorts


estled among 47 hectares of beautiful gardens along a white sand beach on the sunny south coast of Sardinia, Forte Village resort offers you a choice of 5 five star hotels and 3 four star hotels plus 9 luxury villas. You have a choice of gourmet and buffet restaurants, up to 21 in high season; numerous swimming pools and a charming piazza with fashion boutiques and evening entertainment under the stars. Infants, children and teenagers all have so much to do and there is an unparalleled range of sports facilities and academies. Best of all, there is always space to relax and, if you feel in the mood, take time to enjoy the unique treatments and pure luxury of our world class Acquaforte Thalasso Spa. 190 millionaire escapes


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Bougainvillea Hotel the newest hotel of the Forte Village and set in sweeping lush green grounds, Bouganville is surrounded by typical Mediterranean flowers and plants. the perfect place for a family holiday in sardinia, this luxury hotel lies at the heart of Forte Village Resort, just steps away from the swimming pools, restaurants and the exclusive boutiques around the piazza, home to evening entertainments. Guests can choose from a huge range of spacious luxury bungalows, all with every comfort imaginable. Some of the bungalows are brand-new, others have been completely refurbished. each light and airy bungalow has its own elegant patio. Some of the bungalows can be interconnected to adjacent bungalows. All have a bathroom with shower (some also have a bathtub), air conditioning, telephone, LCD TV, minibar and safe. Special Barbie™, Thomas the Tank Engine™ packages for children are available on request (a supplement applies). Breakfast is served on the Oasis Terrace, or, at an extra charge, at the Bellavista and Cavalieri Restaurants. Half-board for guests at Hotel Bouganville includes dinner (without reservations) at La Pineta and Forte Grill. Other typical restaurants are also available to book at no extra charge. Some of the gourmet and à la carte restaurants require reservations (a supplement applies). For more information visit Restaurants.

Wonderland the resort is home to an enchanted garden for children, just a stone’s throw from the sea (and mom and dad) called Wonderland. Thomas the Tank Engine, with his big blue smile, will accompany the children from the entrance through this oasis of happiness. 192 millionaire escapes

Discover the charming Mario’s Village. Imagine a small town square with a fountain, overlooked by nine magnificent miniature houses of 10sqm each. Each house dedicated to a theme: from the fire station (with lots of uniforms) to the restaurant, from the library to the town hall, the cinema, grocery store, the gas station and the beauty salon. Just imagine the children inventing new games every day, and through the fun of role play, learn to develop their personality and social skills. Imagine the happiness of every little guest who experiences the thrill of his birthday here and those who celebrate with a private party in this very beautiful and exclusive setting. And for the smallest of the small? the most beautiful nursery in the world with an array of games from Fisher Price and for the little ladies the beautiful Barbie ™ Activity Centre. For older children Forte Village offers a wide range of sporting activities and academies from: Chelsea Football Academy, tennis star academy, dance academy

boxing academy and magic academy headed by Marvin Berglas, a huge celebrity in the international world of magic. The Sports Academy offers the professional training, enthusiasm and experience of great international champions, and by taking part kids will benefit from personalised training sessions, and useful advice on how to improve your team and individual skills.

dining The Forte Village offers a choice of 21 restaurants where you can enjoy fine Italian and world cuisine prepared by Resort Chefs: try the sublime cookery of Gordon Ramsay, winner of 7 Michelin stars, for example, or our Belvedere restaurant, the Forte Village jewel in the crown, which serves some of the most exclusive dishes from traditional Italian and regional cuisine. The pleasures of fine dining await you, with recipes from local and international culinary traditions. Afterwards, when you have satisfied your palate, the evening continues with shows and entertainment at our lounge bars, exclusive cafĂŠs and trend-setting nightclubs.

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