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THE END OF AN ERA and dressing the world’s most glamorous feet - Stuart Weitzmam Not just the most romantic city in the world! LA BIENNALE VENICE AND THE ART ELITE As safe as houses The world’s most exclusive and expensive safes 1 Australia | Brazil | Canada | China | Dubai | Europe | Hong Kong | Malaysia | New Zealand | Scandinavia | Singapore | South Africa | Taiwan | UK | USA



Adding meaning to megayachts 2 LUXURY LIVING

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u FASHION Hawes & Curtis Stuart Weitzman - The Shoe Man Tffany & Co - Masterpieces Collection

16 24 35

u TRAVEL Venice, the city of... The World at Your Paws Soneva - an Imaginative Hideaway

56 65 76

u LIVING Venice Biennale 2017 Indulge Yourself A Journey to the Stars

85 100 104



u DINING Pearls of Wisdom Fancy a Wee Dram? Dani García

112 121 128


u POWER Sotogrande Grand Prix A Top Performing Investment Making Waves

132 138 156


u SPORT Celebrating “Britishness” with the World’s Elite 165 Innovators of Sailing 170 Marina Sotogrande 178

u HOME Inside Job The Latest in Luxury Home Trends The Wood Specialist

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The Destination for Contemporary Architecture 204 Le Palais Royal 214 Why Sotogrande Should Be Your First Option 230 9



A luxury a way of living... We often describe luxury as being lavish and ostentatious, and that’s definitely one aspect but luxury comes in all shapes and sizes. Luxury isn’t just a price point but a mindful way of indulging oneself. A way of living… Here at Luxury Living magazine we reflect on these pleasures of life and places of special interest around the globe to offer you - Inspiration. The beginning of September marks the changing of seasons from summer to autumn and fashion houses around the world are releasing their a/w 2017 collections. Quintessentially British brands L.K. Bennett and Hawes & Curtis are brands that have propelled into the spotlight over recent years thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge and Touker Suelyman from dragons den so with this in mind we take look at this season’s new looks. Venice, the city of love also feature predominately within this issue, as a destination for those looking for romance but also as a cultural destination, with this year’s 57th Art Biennal, a festival steeped in history and nostalgia taking centre stage across the city. Reflecting on history actually runs throughout this magazine with articles on classic cars, the innovators of sailing and of course Sotogrande itself, we were also extremely fortunate to be granted an exclusive interview with Mark Topiol CEO Sotogrande SA where he discussed the next chapter in the history of Sotogrande with its regeneration and modernisation plans. We also bring further updates on “The Seven” a limited number of ultra-contemporary residences & “El Mirador” six exquisite villas both within the prestigious La Reserva area.. Thanks for reading The Editor

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Life is not about how far you travel, it is about what you discover...




FASHION There are numerous brands of luxury clothing spread throughout the entire world that influence the fashion industry and it is they who dictate the trends you see sashaying along the high streets and catwalks. Luxury Living Magazine goes behind the scenes to bring you not just fashion reviews but some of the fashion world’s best kept secrets.



HAWES & CURTIS UNVEILS REBRAND IN TIME FOR AW17 CAMPAIGN LAUNCH Hawes & Curtis has launched a new brand identity, ‘Timeless Style Since 1913’ for Autumn/Winter 2017, marking the first major rebrand in its 104-year history.

Hawes & Curtis is a quintessentially British brand specialising in fine tailoring and accessories for men and women. Founded in 1913 by Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis, the brand continues to deliver the promise of exceptional quality, innovation and outstanding value. Hawes & Curtis opened its first store in the Piccadilly Arcade and has had many distinguished clients through its doors, including the Duke of Windsor, Lord Mountbatten and Fred Astaire. As a result of Hawes & Curtis’ commitment to impeccable service and product excellence, the brand has been awarded four Royal Warrants. Hawes & Curtis operates more than 20 stores in the UK and a store in Germany. The flagship store remains on London’s Jermyn Street, famous for its resident shirtmakers. The new Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign draws on the notion that style is eternal whereas fashions may change from decade to decade. Since Hawes & Curtis was founded in 1913, the Jermyn Street shirt-maker has designed timeless tailoring that transcends trends. The new collection is a fresh take on Hawes & Curtis’ iconic styles. Simple, timeless and beautifully crafted designs are combined with cool sophistication to create classic essentials for today. With a premium, atmospheric look for Autumn/Winter 2017, the new campaign kicks off with a streamlined website which has been redesigned with the customer in mind. Inspired by Hawes & Curtis’ original crest, the logo has also been sensitively updated with modern typography whilst still nodding to the brand’s heritage. Touker Suleyman Hawes & Curtis CEO said: “The relaunch celebrates the rich heritage and bright future of Hawes & Curtis. The new identity marks an exciting time for the brand.” The Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign and rebrand is available now. 16 LUXURY LIVING

u 17







Staring out from the pages of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and other leading fashion magazines is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and one would assume she is adorned in the latest looks from Prada, Gucci or other such prominent names in the fashion industry but no like so many other leading ladies of recent years, she is wearing the quintessentially British fashion brand L.K. Bennett



Founded in Wimbledon, London in 1990, by Linda Bennett as a concept shoe brand, L.K. Bennett has rapidly become the ultimate destination for feminine footwear, beloved by celebrities and stylish women alike, its nude heels are now a staple in every woman’s wardrobe but most notably it is recognized for its take on the modern kitten heel. Linda’s vision of bringing “a bit of Bond Street luxury to the High Street” paved the way for the ready-to-wear collections which were introduced in 1998 with collaborations with fashion icons Caroline Issa and Laura Bailey cementing the brand firmly within the modern woman’s mind.

But how has this affordable British brand captured the hearts of today’s millennial women?

Its honest approach, its designs can convert easily from day to nightwear making them suitable for every occasion but what L.K. Bennett manages to do so effortlessly is it makes women look and feel their best every day. The moods of the collections are modern styled to offer a flattering fit, vibrant popping with colour and prints but most importantly feminine - empowering women and inspiring confidence. Its dresses can be worn for both work and drinks and are as appropriate for a board room meeting to a first date and it is this functionality that has won the hearts and minds of so many women today. Its latest AW17 collection which hits the shelves this month called “A Modern Portrait,” was inspired by the Helmut Newton photograph of Charlotte Rampling and mirrors these sentiments exactly, the beautiful new ready to-wear collection combines original prints, signature detailing, opulent fabrics and rich colours projecting a modern and feminine twist to timeless classics. Styled with the workplace in mind, British heritage Prince of Wales check adds a contemporary aspect to workwear with perfectly fitted double breasted suits and blazers bearing chunky gold buttoning presented as one the staple pieces for this season. It is evident that Sandari Gabriel, fashion director has taken inspiration from the 70’s for this seasons collection, the style, cuts and finishes all bear a striking resemblance with dusty pinks, purples, maroons and blue animal prints adding a touch of colour to the soft light grey and beige colour scheme. The autumn collection is available now worldwide with all your favourite wardrobe essentials from dresses, suits, skirts to blouses and of course heels and bags. 22 LUXURY LIVING

From the moment the first shop opened in Wimbledon in 1990, founder Linda Bennett was hailed as ‘queen of the kitten heel’. Over the years, L.K.Bennett has remained recognizable for these elegant little heels, providing stylish designs for women looking seeking their much sought after mix of glamour and versatility.

u 23



“I designed shoes to make women happy”

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman understands that a great shoe is about more than form or function; it is about making a woman feel beautiful. For 50 years, Stuart was committed to creating this experience, making shoes that caress, adorn and adore a woman’s foot - shoes that ignite her imagination, making her feel glamorous. Following his retirement in May this year we take a look at the man behind one of the worlds most glamorous footwear brands.

u For her, he produces over 600 styles a year, inventing new silhouettes, adapting wondrous materials and engineering the most comfortable fit. His sense of whimsy gives the designs their unique playfulness. Weitzman’s native city, New York, provides the perfect backdrop for his style, and his personal connection to his audience fuels his creative instinct and inspires the overall character of the company. For more than forty years, the name Stuart Weitzman has been synonymous with designer sandals and heels. A red carpet staple, each pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes are as thoughtfully constructed as they are glamourous. Expertly manufactured at the company-controlled factory in Elda, Spain, known as the shoe-making capital of the world, Stuart Weitzman’s shoes adorn the feet of some of the world’s most famous women from celebrities, models and A-list stars. 26 LUXURY LIVING


Although, Stuart Weitzman was born into a shoe-making family his father Seymour was the founder of Seymour Shoes. Stuart Weitzman never planned on entering the family business instead after graduating high school he entered the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with the intention of becoming a Wall Street stockbroker but following his father’s death in his early 20s, Stuart along with his brother Warren took over the running of the family business before selling it to a Spanish manufacturing company in 1972. Although Stuart no longer held any owners rights, he continued to design shoes for the company until 1994 when he repurchased it. Today, the Stuart Weitzman brand is internationally recognized for its quality, impeccable craftsmanship, innovative materials and high-fashion designs his shoes are often encrusted with jewel like creations which can be removed from the shoe to offer a longevity and versatility. He is also known for his pioneering use of alternative materials and design elements, such as glass, Lucite, wallpaper and clear vinyl, he has also created unforgettable shoes from traditional and natural materials, such as leather, cork and jute.

Although Stuart Weitzman is one of the only shoe designers who still makes the unique patterns used for the manufacturing process which utilises the skills of up to 80 expertly trained craftsmen and takes approx. six to eight weeks to create at their bespoke factory in Elda, Spain, the shoes are surprisingly affordable with the prices starting from as little of €200.00 per pair. While Stuart Weitzman designs shoes for the modern women he has over the years received enormous publicity for designing one-of-a-kind sandals for selected celebrities to wear. At the 2004 Oscars, Stuart Weitzman famously made a pair of Cinderella sandals for the bluegrass singer Allison Krause that were valued at $2 million. The signature four and a half inch stiletto heels made from high-quality glass was embellished with 565 diamonds and surrounded by pure platinum. Although Allison Krause didn’t get to keep the Stuart Weitzman Cinderella sandals, she was given a replica pair made from crystal as well as a bejewelled smartphone also designed by Weitzman. It is said that Stuart Weitzman produces over 590 designs and styles every year from flats to stilettos, his shoes are legendary for their style, comfort and craftsmanship, and today, the range offers hundreds of styles for every occasion with of course a ‘Weitzman twist’. For casual wear, Weitzman has modernized the jelly sandal to create a sophisticated footwear item for the modern woman and to continue his ethos for comfort many of Stuart Weitzman’s sandals include lightly-padded footbeds made from leather or manmade materials with uppers, linings and soles, made from high quality leather.

“The first thing a woman puts on in the morning and the last thing she takes off at night; Stuart Weitzmans shoes are luxurious, comfortable and sexy”


A surprising fact about the world’s most expensive shoes is that 8 of them b long to Stuart Weitzman, the renowned designer of the high–end shoe company with the same name. He uses unique materials and pays a lot of attention to any detail, the main reason why some of his shoe models cost millions of dollars. Of course, he also sells shoes at standard prices, in over 70 countries. Most of the shoes from this list appeared in several movies and were seen on the red carpet as well, since a couple of lucky movie starts got to show them off. So without further ado, here is the list of the 5 most expensive shoes in the world.

5 4 3 2

$1,600,000 Stuart Weitzman’S “ruby SlipperS” Stuart Weitzman’s “Ruby Slippers” represent a distinct pair of shoes that has 642 Burmese rubies and about one pound of platinum. But, due to the red satin, these shoes are as elegant as they can get. They were first seen on display at the luxury store Harrods, in London, in 2003. A couple of years later they were sold to an anonymous bidder, for no more than $1.600.000.

$2,000,000 Stuart Weitzman’S “tanzanite HeelS” The name of this pair of shoes comes from the fact that they have 185 carats of blue tanzanite gemstones. Moreover, Stuart Weitzman’s “Tanzanite Heels” are adorned with 28-carat diamonds, which take the price tag of these beauties to a massive $2.000.000.

$2,000,000 Stuart Weitzman’S “Cinderella SlipperS” Stuart Weitzman’s “Cinderella Slippers” were worn in 2004 by Alison Krauss, at that year’s Academy Awards. These shoes are truly marvelous and have 565 diamonds which were provided by the Kwiat jewellry giant. Stuart Weitzman’s “Cinderella Slippers” represent an incredible piece of artwork.

$3,000,000 Stuart Weitzman’S “rita HayWortH” HeelS Rita Hayworth was one of the best actresses and singers that this world had. With such a reputation to keep, she ordered a pair of shoes to maintain the headlights over her head. Stuart Weitzman’s “Rita Hayworth” Heels are an impressive pair of shoes that were elegantly and divinely worn by Rita Hayworth.


Nonetheless, her daughter inherited her fortune and Stuart Weitzman’s “Rita Hayworth” Heels are currently being used as a decoration item in her daughter’s house.

$3,000,000 Harry WinSton’S “ruby SlipperS” These shoes were designed by Harry Winston to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Harry Winston’s “Ruby Slippers” are worth $3.000.000 and were decorated with over 4.600 gemstones. They are, along with Stuart Weitzman’s “Rita Hayworth” Heels, the most expensive shoes in the world.


under the ice time stands still introducing the cellular swiss ice crystal collection la prairie’s age-delaying fortifiers




LAUNCHES GENTLEMEN’S EYEWEAR COLLECTION ‘Equipping the gentleman since 1893’ dunhill presents the new eyewear collection. This collection, in association with De Rigo Vision celebrates the house’s on-going commitment to British excellence based on creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. Unmistakably British in style and refinement and combined with Italian know-how, dunhill presents a collection of optics and sunglasses that honours the aesthetic codes of the house marked by exquisitely refined details and materials. The origins of dunhill - rooted in the world of motoring and car accessories - are referenced via the sophisticated workmanship of house identifiers. Signature features include: the iconic double “L” of the dunhill longtail logo and the dunhill longtail logo metal plaque; aesthetic elements of the collection that customise the inside of the temple tips with distinction. dunhill’s hallmark barley pattern is engraved on the metal core, and is seen through the transparent acetate on the inside of the temples to add touches of subtle refinement. The dunhill eyewear collection is offered in four main product families: Longtail - referencing our primary logo and universal signature, ICON – in tribute to dunhill’s creation of unmistakably singular products. Heritage – in reference to dunhill’s rich automotive history and lastly, Facet – a brand signifier used on dunhill time pieces and hard products since 1936. Style, elegance and sophistication are also reflected in the colours, with gold and silver prevailing in the metal styles, and the full range of tortoise shell shades dominating the acetate styles, together with classic black and blue. Special attention is paid to the fit; all frames are made with a universal fit. The quality of the lenses is paramount, indeed, all the sunglasses come with anti-glare lenses, and half of the models are also polarised, to ensure perfect vision and optical resolution.

u The new dunhill eyewear collection will be available in-store and via in June 32 LUXURY LIVING


VDH024748 - This panthos frame is both elegant and timeless in its design. The refined, double “L” dunhill longtail logo becomes an iconic detail that accentuates the front piece and the temples.

SDH016748 - This vintage-inspired acetate style is characterised by a wide front piece. The refined, double “L” dunhill longtail logo becomes an iconic detail that accentuates the front piece and the temples.


SDH005700 - This combined acetate and metal ICON model has a square-shaped front piece combined with elegant metal temples where the barley pattern has been reproduced with refined craftsmanship.

SDH001492P - This squared metal model is classic in style, enriched by the dunhill longtail logo metal plaque. The refined double “L” dunhill longtail logo is used as an elegant joint between front and temple.


SDH011700 - This round shape acetate Heritage model features a double bridge with the dunhill hallmark barley pattern print on the top metal bar, the same iconic detail is reproduced on the end piece.


VDH024748 - This panthos frame is both elegant and timeless in its design. The refined, double “L” dunhill longtail logo becomes an iconic detail that accentuates the front piece and the temples. 33




MASTERPIECES COLLECTION The Tiffany & Co. Masterpieces Collection is where creativity is unconstrained by convention and boundaries are pushed. Design director Francesca Amfitheatrof approached the collection by creating imaginative masterworks that are expertly crafted expressions of the brand’s rich design heritage. A celebration of bold experimentation and spirited design, Amfitheatrof designed the collection under two themes, Tiffany Prism and Tiffany Ribbons.

TIFFANY PRISM Tiffany Prism is inspired by the brilliance of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the company’s first design director, whose famed plique-Ã -jour work was revered for its masterful use of light and color. Bright pops of color appear in an exuberant display of vibrant gemstones including tsavorites, spessartites and sapphires in an array of unexpected hues. A stunning 18k rose gold ring features a South Sea golden pearl, offset by two exquisite spheres of meticulously set pink sapphires and diamonds. Equally striking is a platinum pendant of pink sapphires and diamonds arranged in a gradient pattern to emphasize the circular dimension of the piece. “ I’ve taken our legacy of sourcing rare gemstones and created modern designs that are incredibly glamorous, playful and meant to be worn day and night,” says Amfitheatrof.



ORB RINGS Vibrant gemstones illuminate these magnificent and colourful rings. Ring in 18k rose gold with pink sapphires and diamonds; ring in platinum with sapphires and diamonds; ring in platinum with tsavorites and diamonds; and ring in 18k gold with yellow sapphires, spessartites and diamonds. PEARL ORB RING The radiance of a gleaming, South Sea cultured white pearl is amplified by brilliant pink sapphires in this stunning 18k rose gold design. South Sea white pearl, 16 mm. Round pink sapphires, carat total weight 3.44

RIPPLE BRACELET A vivid 45.44-carat, cushion-cut centre green tourmaline elegantly catches the light in this platinum design, surrounded by waves of vibrant sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds. Round sapphires, carat total weight 44.85; round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 15.54; Round tsavorites, carat total weight 7.98.

DIAMOND AND RUBELLITE BRACELET This stunning platinum bracelet is an unmatched feat of engineering. Hand-set rubellites shine on one side of this intricate knife-edge design while blazing diamonds illuminate the other, creating a dazzling ombré effect. Baguette diamonds, carat total weight 80.53; baguette rubellites, carat total weight 60.68; round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight .10.

WAVE BRACELET Sparkling rows of sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds dynamically twist and ripple around this dazzling platinum design. Custom-cut sapphires, carat total weight 95.44; custom-cut aquamarines, carat total weight 65.16; round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 7.50.


ORB PENDANT In this bold and bright 18k gold design, vibrant and varied pink sapphires create an ombrĂŠ effect around a 2.59-carat centre round pink sapphire. Smaller round pink sapphires, carat total weight 4.59.


LUXURY LIVING FASHION u DIAMOND NECKLACE Winding rows of diamond turning and sensually wrap the neck in this exquisite design in platinum.

TIFFANY RIBBONS Inspired by the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn™ , the Tiffany Ribbons collection is comprised of jewels that drape and cascade with a weightless quality that is at once classic and dramatic. A breathtaking example of iconic glamour is a necklace set in platinum with seven tiers of round diamonds that rest smoothly against the contours of the body. The impressive yet versatile design converts from two necklaces layered together to a four-row or three-row diamond necklace, creating three distinct looks. Master stonecutters and setters constructed a bracelet with tremendous fluidity, so that it wraps around the wrist like silk. The patterned design allows ribbons of diamonds to twist and curve with effortless grace. Round brilliant and square diamond earrings were created to frame and illuminate the face, reinforcing the reputation that Tiffany diamonds are among the most sought-after treasures in the world. “ When I work with diamonds and gemstones, I’m constantly drawing from our rich heritage while exploring new ideas that have a timeless, yet modern appeal. Tiffany Masterpieces, like all of our high jewelry collections, symbolize the height of design innovation and experimentation,” says Amfitheatrof.

DIAMOND EARRINGS The splendid diamonds of this design in platinum fall gracefully like a waterfall forming towering waves breaking on the ear.Lucida® diamonds, carat total weight. 1,67

DIAMOND BRACELET This design presents ribbons platinum diamond boldly intertwined meander around the wrist while a row of dazzling diamonds elegantly covers Lucida® hand.









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Marbella - Mijas - Mรกlaga




“PETITE HEURE MINUTE” Jaquet Droz pays tribute to the craftsmanship of its artisans, who excel in the art of miniature painting, paillonnée enameling, and engraved ornamentation.. Enhanced by the contrast between black Grand Feu enamel and vibrant miniature painting, a lion, flamingo and koi carp conceived in the Jaquet Droz Ateliers d’Art awakens a desire to travel to exotic destinations with a new interpretation. 40 LUXURY LIVING



flamingo, and the koi carp – are Jaquet Droz’s guests of honour adorning three timepieces that bring together the very best of its artisans’ mastery. These all-new versions of the Petite Heure Minute were brought to life in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the brand, and combine miniature painting and black Grand Feu enamel to awaken the desire to travel to new horizons. Born during the Age of Enlightenment, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was a keen traveller. These three watches resonate with his avant-garde spirit and curiosity, embodying modernity and creativity – the unique equation that has characterized the soul of Jaquet Droz for almost three hundred years.

The majestic, spectacular and symbolic creatures from Africa, the Caribbean and Asia; the lion, the The brand’s artisans, be they painters, engravers or enamellers, have always mastered the art of playing with contrasts. So much so that it can be considered unique to the Ateliers d’Art. In preserving historical techniques while inventing new aesthetics, this department fuses the legend of the past with the beauty of today, thanks to the skilled hands of those who work there. So as to better reveal the eternal splendor of these miniature paintings, here the Grand Feu enamel has been worked to create a deep, uniform black version. The only background capable of enhancing the painter’s precise and infinitely thin brushstrokes, the dense and magnetic enamel gives each ornamental motif its impression of depth. Since time immemorial, the king of the beasts has fascinated powerful figures, as well as poets and artists. A symbol of strength, nobility and power, the lion is encircled with a mane in rich shades of brown, black and russet. Viewed from the side, the unmoving big cat emanates an aura of wisdom and vigour – precious values that are bathed in the light of the red gold case, which measures a generous 43 mm in diameter. With its bold plumage and impressive beak, the surprising Caribbean flamingo immediately catches the eye. 248 brilliant-cut diamonds are set along the 39 mm diameter red gold case, adding their brilliance to this eminently elegant spectacle of the bird as it seemingly prepares to unfurl its long, majestic neck. The koi carp swim inside a 39 mm diameter case amid reeds and lotus flowers, a symbol of longevity, the fish, with their multi-coloured scales, dance an aquatic ballet that has always been cherished in Asia for its grace and serenity. The koi carp on this model also evoke the West’s fascination for the Far East in the 18th century, during the lifetime of Pierre Jaquet-Droz. It’s no surprise therefore that his watch creations were the first to penetrate the walls of the Forbidden City. 42 LUXURY LIVING

Extraordinarily vivid and captured with almost photographic precision, the animals appear as if they could move at any moment. These lifelike portraits are available as just 28 pieces for each version and come with a certificate of authenticity from the Ateliers d’Art, signed by the artisan whose time was devoted to its creation. Fitted with a self-winding mechanical movement and featuring a 68-hour power reserve, these three Petite Heure Minute watches serve as a reminder that the natural world is never as beautiful as when seen through the prism of exclusivity.

“Some watches tell time, some tell a story� 43




Chris Hemsworth works hard and chooses his roles carefully. He handles pressure by taming it, and turning it to his advantage. #DontCrackUnderPressure was coined with him in mind. 45



TRAVEL One of the greatest pleasures of life is being able to travel the world and wonder in awe at its beauty. From faraway exotic lands to exclusive destinations, resorts, spas, villas for your family vacation or romantic getaway Luxuary Living Magazine features some of the world’s finest luxury hotels and travel destinations.



The World


GLOBETROTTING FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Many people dream of travelling around the world, some people actually do it but only a select few have the privilege of circumnavigating the globe on what is probably the most exclusive and refined way to travel - on board the world’s only privately owned residential ship The World.



Imagine waking up to new scenery outside your private veranda every few days well that is what life is like aboard The World, the largest private residential ship on the planet a ship that offers the ultimate lifestyle combining a private yacht and a luxury vacation home all in one, a home that takes you around the globe. The World a strikingly beautiful 644-foot Ship, features 165 homes owned by 142 families embodies a distinctive one -of-a-kind lifestyle of exclusive luxury and travel. A lifestyle aboard The World allows Residents the opportunity to explore the planet’s most breath-taking destinations with likeminded adventure seekers from the comfort of their own private Residence – people who will never again need to pack or unpack again! This exclusive community offers the ultimate combination of luxury travel with world-class dining, custom tours, and enriching cultural events like renowned guest speakers, local dancers or art exhibitions. A myriad of exceptional on-board amenities include a gourmet deli, The World Spa, library, cinema, and a sports centre offering real and virtual golf excursions to the world’s top-ranked courses. The on-board lifestyle fosters a warm, welcoming atmosphere and encourages the formation of lasting friendships. The World’s Captains and Residents collectively determine the Ship’s yearly itinerary based on the best sea routes and Residents’ personal interests and this year it has been determined that The World will take in 120 ports across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Mexico, Central America, Hawaii, Alaska and the east and west coasts of the U.S. Residents will sail approximately 44,000 nautical miles, plus undertake expeditions to two of the most remote regions on earth – the Ross Sea & Antarctica and Melanesia - all from the comfort of their own home on this unique and elegant private ship owned by 142 families around the globe. Aboard the The World there are 165 Residences ranging from studios to expansive three-bedroom units and a palatial six-bedroom penthouse suite, which boasts accommodations for up to 12 people. The spacious Residences include 106 two- and three-bedroom apartments, 19 one- and twobedroom studio apartments, and 40 studios. Interiors of the two- and three-bedroom apartments are customized based on Residents’ tastes and feature everything from contemporary to transitional to traditional decor. All of the Residences aboard the vessel have been sold and as the homes are sold to private individuals the community of residents who collectively own the entire ship comprises of 142 families from 19 different countries – North Africa (49%), Europe (36%), Asia, Australia, South America & South Africa (15%). The average occupancy at any one time of 150-200 Residents & Guests which assures an intimate atmosphere





THE SHIP The Ship is effectively a floating city, equipped with high-end facilities and luxurious amenities that create an intimate, refined atmosphere for Resident owners. In addition to two swimming pools, the world spa (award winning retreat), a tennis court, golfing facilities with driving range, putting green and golf simulator, jogging centre, fitness centre with personal trainers, saunas, medical centre, night club, theatre, cinema and library. This strikingly beautiful Ship promises gracious and personal service in a warm, inviting ambience much like that of a private yacht, well-staffed private home or exclusive country club. With a length of almost 200m and a width of 30m The World is a state of the art ship being the first Ship of its size to run on clean marine diesel rather than burning heavy bunker fuel, making it a much more environmentally friendly Ship thus allowing The World to call in areas where ships burning heavy fuel are banned. The World is also the first Ship to feature the unique Scanship wastewater cleaning system in which wastes are filtered by means of a flotation system and as then reused for technical water.

RESTAURANTS & DINING OPTIONS For those who call The World home, dining on board The World is easy and effortless with a variety of food styles, atmospheres and presentations available across the four main restaurants which include East (for eclectic Asian delights), Marina (serving prime steaks and seafood), Portraits (featuring haute cuisine), and Tides (Mediterranean cuisine with Northern Italian flair). Other dining choices are The Pool Grill and Fredy’s Deli (a casual café and gourmet market that gets stocked with local produce in every port). A team of qualifies sommeliers offer a selection of approx. 800 different wines from across 18 countries which are held in the vast 12’000 cellar.

The World, is like no other residence in the world providing the ultimate combination of extraordinary travel coupled with world class restaurants and facilities.

In summary The World is simply enough!

For more information on ownership opportunities please visit 52 LUXURY LIVING

53 Eventos Almenara PerioĚ dico Gib.indd 2



INTRODUCING SILVER MUSE With less than 300 suites, Silver Muse is the epitome of Silversea excellence. A small, intimate ship with uncompromised levels of service, comfort, design and accommodation, offering tailor-made experiences to last a lifetime. From tranquil niches and observation areas to an unprecedented spacious pool deck, outdoor lounges and three open-air restaurants, our tailor-made outdoor spaces have been conceived so that time spent aboard is most definitely, time well spent .

Intimate Ship • Ocean-view Suites • Butler Service • Complimentary Beverages • Menu by Relais & Châteaux • Included Gratuities

For more information or to book, please see your Travel Professional, Call Silversea on 0800 701 427 or visit 54 LUXURY LIVING

Bvlgari © Bath Amenities • Pratesi © Fine Bed Linens • Spacious Walk-In Wardrobes • Pillow Menu • Complimentary WiFi




VENICE the city of‌


New York is the city of dreams and Paris is the city of love then Venice would be the city of romance. For years Venice has dominated the title of the most romantic city in the World, Love affairs and famous lovers, in fact the entire history of Venice has all in one way or another been intimately linked to Cupid and his romantic arrow.



Venice is one of the few cities in the world that can be truly described as ‘unique’, named in honour of the goddess Venus, the ancient Roman Goddess of Love, the city is “undoubtedly the most beautiful city ever built by man” as described by Luigi Barzini in The New York Times. Venice was founded in the 5th century and is built completely on water it is spread over 188 small islands which are tied together by some 400 bridges and is surrounded by some of the most breath-taking scenery in all of Italy. Venice comprise of an enchanting series of canals and splendid palazzi that rise up from the shimmering waters of the Venetian Lagoon as if from nowhere. Each corner of the town exhibits individual architectural magnificence; beautiful churches adorn the banks of the Grand Canal as she snakes her way through the city, lovers wander through the streets enjoying the company of their partner and art lovers take pleasure in the momentous museums and galleries. Venice truly is a fairy tale city where you are encouraged to indulge your senses and selfishly savour every moment of it. 58 LUXURY LIVING

PLACES TO VISIT: A visit to Venice would not be complete without a graceful and romantic glide down the Grand Canal on a gondola. The Gondola is one of the most well-known and romantic images portraying Venice and is also considered the most elegant means of transport. Gondolas are believed to date as far back as the 7th century and were once the chief form of transportation through the canals of Venice. Today gondolas are so loved all and are used by tourists, lovers, and Venetians for regattas, or wedding ceremonies. The beauty of a modern day gondola is they penetrate into the city allowing you to see the most hidden parts of the city that would be otherwise out of bounds. Piazza San Marco, often known as St Mark’s Square, is the heart of Venice. Founded in the 9th century, Piazza San Marco is the place where lots of Venice’s festivals are held, here you can see a number of beautiful and historical monuments. Piazza San Marco is extremely popular with tourists, photographers, and pigeons. Some of the major attraction of the place includes the Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Basilica, St Mark’s Clocktower, the Procuratie Vecchie, the Napoleonic Wing of the Procuraties, the Procuratie Nuove, St Mark’s Campanile and Logetta and the Biblioteca Marciana.



The Doge’s Palace is one of the main landmarks of the city and dates back to the Renaissance period when it was used as a residence of the rulers of Venice. The structure is made up of three large blocks, incorporating previous constructions. The wing towards the St. Mark’s Basin is the oldest, part of the palace built around 1340. The wing towards St. Mark’s Square was built in its present form in 1424. The canal-side wing, housing the Doge’s apartments and many government offices, dates from the Renaissance and was built between 1483. This really is a sight to behold, with its pink and white marble and beautiful arches. At it’s time The Doge’s Palace was the heart of the political life and public administration of the Venetian Republic therefore, when the Republic fell in 1797, its role inevitably changed. Venice was firstly subjected to French rule, then to Austrian, and ultimately, in 1866, it became part of a united Italy. Over this period, the Palazzo Ducale was occupied by various administrative offices and housed important cultural institutions. Today, it contains a collection of the world’s greatest artworks by Bellini and many other famous artists. The Basilica di san Marco is a major tourist attraction in Venice. This lovely church was built in 829 to hold the remains of Saint Mark, the city’s patron saint and was devoted in 1024. It has been reconstructed and decorated numerous times over the centuries and the Basilica is definitely the most sensational church in the city. Its main facade is very unique. The church has five arched doorways, and a long terrace. The work of this church is in Byzantine style. The interior of the church is just as extravagant as the outside. It has a marble floor that has a striking geometric pattern and there are brilliant mosaics on the walls that tell stories from the New Testament. It also features Venice’s symbol, the golden winged lion.


Commissioned by Doge Agostino Barbarigo in 1493, the glorious Torre dell’Orologio, also known as St. Mark’s Clock Tower, or “the Moor’s Clocktower,” facing into Piazza San Marco is a marvel of 15th century engineering. It was designed by Maurizio Codussi and built in 1496. The clock displays the time, the phase of the moon, and the dominant sign of Zodiac. Venetian legend holds that when the clock was revealed on February 1, 1499, it was so beautiful that the doge had the clockmaker blinded, so that he could not create another to rival it. Over the years the clock and the tower buildings have been modified and restored, including the addition of one of the world’s first digital displays in 1858, and in 2006, after eight years of being hidden behind scaffolding the fully restored clock was finally unveiled.

ThE CLOCk The tower is an elaborate affair, with complicated systems for displaying the time, the sun, the moon and the signs of the zodiac. Above the blue clock face, a statue of the Madonna stands between two large displays showing the time to the nearest five minutes in numerals. Twice a year these numerals disappear and are replaced by doorways through which moving statues of the Magi plus an angel appear to worship Mary and Christ. This happens during Ascension Week and at Epiphany. The rest of the year the wooden statues are stored inside the tower. The clock tower is topped by a large bell, which is struck every hour by two large bronze figures, known as Moors (Mori), and the bell that rings today is still the original cast from 1497. 61



Santa Maria Della Salute is the ornamental and unique church that lies between the Grand Canal and the Bacino di San Marco. Here, you can visit the art gallery attached to the church to see some outstanding works by Tintoretto and Titian. Venice is also the home to the world’s oldest Jewish Ghetto. It was constituted by the Venice’ Ruling Council in 1516. Connecting the districts of San Polo and San Marco across the Grand Canal in the heart of the city, is the Ponte di Rialto also known as the Rialto Bridge. The bridge has become one of Venice’s most recognizable icons and has a history that spans over 800 years. This bridge has always been a busy crossing in Venice, for nearly three hundred years, it was the only way to cross the Grand Canal on foot but instead of being crowded with merchants like during Venice’s heyday, the bridge is now swamped by tourists. Ponte di Rialto, is probably one of the most romantic locations with its elegant arches, steps and shops, and mass of water traffic passing underneath you instantly feel transported back in time to the days of the merchants.


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The expression usually goes “Have the world at your feet”. Luxury Pet Travel would rather say “Have the world at your paws”. Meet the world’s first online travel agency, fully dedicated to people travelling with their dogs – or dogs travelling with their people in a cosmopolitan manner.

Luxury Pet Travel’s adventure started just a year ago. Travelling the world with her dog, Emanuela Nardini, founder of Luxury Pet Travel, realized how little guidance there is. Although they themselves were experienced “dog-travellers”, it remained difficult to gather much needed information about hotel policies, what kind of pet necessities are available and what accommodations and services the hotel provides to make the trip and the stay highly enjoyable, or even possible. And if there was little information, there was even less knowledge regarding what the cities had to offer for those travelling with their dogs. That is how the idea and business was born. Luxury Pet Travel aim to provide information, inspiration, intermediation, guidance and booking services to the cosmopolitan and dog-loving hotel guest and traveller. Our idea and business is new and groundbreaking. We are unique, the interest is great and the market potential is huge, says Siobhan Kelly, co-founder of Luxury Pet Travel. The idea is primarily to create a network and a guide of recommended luxury hotels, but the ambition is also to make a difference by inviting and encouraging the hotels to become more aware, interested and accommodating. 65


We can also collaborate and guide hotels in this process. For the hotels, it’s a great opportunity to reach and attract beneficial guests with a new selling point and service, warmly recommended to exclusive guests. This is just the beginning of a new and very interesting market with vast potentials, says Siobhan Kelly. Just as the owners and founders of Luxury Pet Travel loves exclusive hotels, they have a great passion for high-end fashion. The followers and visitors of the website, the blog and LPT’s social media can expect tips and inspiration about the latest, the best and the most when it comes to luxuriant travel accessories, brands and fashion suitable for human and dog, everything you need to travel together in great style. Luxury Pet Travel´s blog has just been launched. At writing moment, the founders have their hands and paws full with researching which hotels would – or could – be suitable for a collaboration and a recommendation, establishments well worth “a paw of approval”. The President of Luxury Pet Travel has nothing to add, except a tail wagging expectantly. After all, his name is Chocolate and he is a French bulldog.




Could you be one of the


Taking care of one’s mind, body and soul are all the rage at the moment and Chōsen experiences offer a 21st century remix of the luxury spa package holiday and extreme sports boot camp. Packaged as a luxurious healthy holiday, adventure getaway, fitness program and wellness vacations Chōsen experiences have been perfectly edited into a healthy but sporty seven-day package.


Founded by Robin Connelley and John Stanton in 2013, the idea was born out of a desire to offer busy city dwellers well-being, fitness orientated retreats in stunning locations as varied as Bali, Guatemala, Iceland and New Zealand. Derived from the Japanese word sho-zen: to challenge, Chōsen experiences combine physical, social, intellectual and emotional elements to form perfectly curated experiences. Every detail is designed to challenge, change and rejuvenate by pushing each and every participant beyond their comfort zone. These week-long experiences are built around a schedule of activities that are formulated to challenge and nurture mind and body in equal measure. Each luxurious destination offers a timetable of varied experiences with no week being the same. Cliff-jumping, canyoning, yoga, parkour, surfing, swimming, weights, interval training, mindfulness coaching, cooking lessons, massages and holistic healing to name but a few are all part of the program offered with award-winning coaches, Olympic athletes, motivational life coaches, celebrated yogis, mindfulness gurus and nutritional therapists all on hand to offer their expertise and guidance . As with most wellness resorts healthy eating plays a fundamental role. Working with an holistic nutrition consultant, Josh Davies, global executive chef and operations manager has devised a series of menus that are locally sourced for each Chōsen destination and has tailor-made meals to provide participants with the correct level of nutrients and calories to be able to undertake the physically and mentally demanding tasks set within their experience. Chōsen experiences are not designed to be your average pampering retreat, they are not about getting a quick body wrap to help shift those stubborn pounds or aggressive detoxifying sessions but about actually helping participants feel and get, stronger, healthier and happier both physically and mentally so they are able to handle all of life’s tasks once back in the real world

u 69

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House of Fine Yachting 27 > 30 SEPTEMBER 2017


Travel News New TourisT TraiN A new luxury tourist train has been launched in Japan. The Royal Express – Japan’s latest addition to its ever-growing number of luxury sightseeing trains – has been designed by Eiji Mitooka and offers visitors the chance to ride in style from Yokohama (near Tokyo) to the Izu Peninsula – a popular hot springs resort area with picturesque coastlines. The eight-car train seating up to 100 passengers will offer passengers the chance to enjoy an elegant experience on their way between Yokohama and Izu, featuring opportunities for dining and live musical performances while on board. Children under the age of thirteen –years are not permitted. Various passenger packages are offered from either one-way tickets with a meal included or a selection of three different “cruise plans”, each including a return train journey, meals, overnight accommodation and sightseeing activities in Izu.


Once in Izu, one-way passengers will be able to get a bullet train ride back to Tokyo, or enjoy the local natural and historical sites, such as coastal hiking trails and lighthouse on the rugged Jogasaki Coast, extinct volcano Mt. Omuro and its accompanying cactus park, and Tokaikan, a beautifully preserved former ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Ito City, and Ryugu Cave, Toji Beach and Shirahama Shrine, Izu’s oldest shrine, in Shimoda City. Aside from being famous for its beautiful natural scenery and relaxing hot springs, the Izu Peninsula is also known as the setting for one of the most important events in modern Japanese history, when Japan was opened up to the outside world after a 200-year long period of isolation by the arrival of Commodore Perry’s Black Ships from America in 1854. Visitors can see many Perry-related sights around Shimoda town, such as Perry Road and Ryosenji Temple, where the Shimoda Treaty was concluded, and take a short sightseeing cruise on a replica of one of Perry’s Black Ships. A one-way three-hour journey will cost between 25,000 yen (£172) and 35,000 yen (£241) per person, while the “cruise plans” start from 135,000 (£930) per person based on 2-4 people sharing a room.

For more information visit: 72 LUXURY LIVING


BohemiaN BarceloNa Soho House Barcelona the new members only hotel set in a striking 18th century building in the historic Duc de Medinaceli square, overlooking Port Vell marina is the eighteenth House in the Soho’s group’s rapidly expanding empire, which now stretches to Chicago and Istanbul. This £45 million refurbishment of a former 19th-century apartment block offers 57 bedrooms, club spaces, a roof terrace, Cowshed spa, a gym and two pools. The interiors channel the characteristically understated Soho House vibe effortlessly blended with traditional Catalan touches such as vibrant fabrics, patterned tiles and stylish chandeliers.


Unlike other members’ clubs, which often focus on wealth and status, Soho House aim to assemble communities of members that have something in common: namely, a creative soul. The majority of our members work in traditional creative industries, with the film, fashion, advertising, music, art and media sectors, among others, heavily represented. Membership costs €1,500 ANNUALLY or €125 MONTHLY

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marvelous madagascar A fabulous and ultra-luxury Eco Lodge has opened on the private island of Nosy Ankao, part of a private five-island archipelago, Nosy Ankao lies off Madagascar’s northern shores and is home to the country’s most astonishing marine biodiversity. The exclusive beach resort features 14 spacious one, two and three bedroom villas, boasting uninterrupted views across the pristine white beaches and gorgeous clear waters. Miavana was specifically designed for nature lovers who appreciate the finer things in life, and as such the eco resort provides two private helicopters so visitors can explore neighboring islands. It also provides superb water amenities; snorkeling, diving, and even whale watching. On land visitors can wander through the forest amid the lemurs or indulge in one of the many resorts exclusive spas Rates start at $2,500 per night, all-inclusive.


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INTRODUCING SILVER GALAPAGOS Uncommon sights. Unrivaled excellence. Experience a new species of adventure travel.




An ImAgInAtIve HIdeAwAy Hidden among dense foliage within touching distance of a pristine, UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserve, Soneva Fushi inspires the imagination. The award-winning resort truly defines the essence of barefoot luxury with Robinson Crusoe simplicity and the resort’s down-to-earth personality is reflected in its nature-inspired architecture. If the experiences are magical, the philosophy is simple; no news, no shoes.




This legendary resort is

Situated in the Baa Atoll, Kunfunadhoo Island is one of the largest islands in the Maldives at just one m2 kilometre in size. Accessible by a scenic 30 minute seaplane flight direct from MalĂŠ International Airport Soneva Fushi is simply paradise.


This boutique eco-resort the brain child of Sonu Shivdasani an Indian- British hotelier and Swedish wife Eva, features 57 private villas each built with natural materials, in keeping with the castaway theme many are built to resemble tree houses but are fitted with designer furnishings. All the deluxe and modern features you’d expect of a five-star hotel are included, but most of them are concealed so that no plastic is visible. Villas are well spaced around the edges of the island, affording complete privacy with each villa benefitting from its own stretch of pristine beach.

the epitome of exclusivity





The resort’s numerous restaurants feature Mediterranean-style seafood, traditional specialties of the Maldives, and Peruvian-influenced Japanese food. One of the bars offers nightly wine tastings. The wonderful treehouse-style Fresh in the Garden restaurant, where you cross a rope bridge to get to your table above the jungle canopy), is a real highlight of the resort. This is a resort that takes its eco-credentials and social responsibility seriously. You can take a tour of the resort’s recycling area and see the ingenious ways many things are reused on the island, while across the lagoon on Baa’s capital Eydhafushi, the resort has built and continues to fund a school. It’s hard not to be impressed. Guests can while away the time exploring the island with complimentary bicycles and for those who want to delve under the waves the Soleni Dive Centre with more than 30 spectacular dive sites rich with marine life near the resort and multi-lingual PADI instructors, is the perfect way to explore the awe-inspiring wonders of the ocean. For those who want to just sit back and relax the excellent Six Senses spa, set among the trees, is a place for pure relaxation there is also an open-air cinema the “Cinema Paradiso” which has the widest screen in the Indian Ocean measuring 13.8 meters. For star-gazers the Observatory equipped with a high-powered telescope, offers guests views of the magnificent galaxies and an opportunity to count the rings of Saturn and learn more about the universe under the clear Indian Ocean skies.

AddiTionAL AmEniTiEs: The villas at the resort are designed to offer guests utmost comfort and luxury during their stay. With that in mind, every villa is equipped with an array of amenities that includes: • A living room, open air bathroom, bathtub and a separate shower • Dining room, daybeds and sun loungers • Overhead fan, air conditioning, personal safe • Television, Bose sound system and an iPod docking station Espresso machine, bicycles and WiFi

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LIVING Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to a luxurious lifestyle, we like to think that we know a thing or two. Our responsibility is to connect our readers with the world’s most prestigious companies and events, such as the Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel and of course, the Monaco Yacht Show. We are unashamedly luxurious and believe life is far too short to not enjoy the finer things in life.




INSIDE THE BIGGEST ART EXHIBITION IN THE WORLD For centuries, the city of Venice, has been a hub for cultural exchange, its geographic position and historical importance has served as a connection point across Europe throughout the ages.



Every two years for six months from May – November the city opens its doors and celebrates La Biennale an exhibition of international art commemorated to celebrate the silver anniversary of King Umberto I and Margherita of Savoy This year the 57th Art Biennale takes place in the former Venetian military dockyard - the Arsenale - and in the national pavilions of the Giardini, as always there will be many fringe events hosted throughout the city thus encouraging visitors to explore both familiar and offbeat areas of the city. Curated by Christine Macel who has preceded over this event since 2000 this year her theme for Venice has been aptly titled ‘ Viva Art Viva’ offering “a journey from the interiority to infinity” through a sequence of interconnected “Trans-pavilions”.

A TRANS-PAVILLION CONCEPT ‘Viva Arte Viva’ is a concept that looks to illicit and draw attention to the prospective energy of young artists, while at the same time rediscovering those who passed away too early or those who are unknown to the public despite the importance of their works. It unfolds over the course of nine chapters or families of artists, beginning with two introductory realms in the Central Pavilion, followed by another seven across the Arsenale through the Giardino delle Vergini. There are 120 invited artists from 51 countries; 103 of these are participating for the first time on display Furthermore, every week during the six months of the spectacle visitors can attend the Open Table (Tavola Aperta), in which an artist will have lunch with their audience and have a dialogue about the artist’s practice.

A GRAND EXHIBITION A total of 51 countries will present the very best of artistic production from their territory, and many participants are constantly being announced. Among them, are the most renowned names in contemporary art today, such as Tracey Moffatt, who will represent Australia in a Pavilion curated by Natalie King. Moffatt is the first Australian Indigenous artist to present a solo exhibition at the Venice Biennale, while Mark Bradford was tapped by the United States of America. He will create a site-specific installation for the US Pavilion in the Giardini. Among the European presentations, we have beloved sculptor Geoffrey Farmer for Canada; collage artist Kirstine Roepstorff for Denmark; Irish creative Jesse Jones and theater actress Olwen Fouéré for Ireland, who will do a performance piece exploring the idea of “national representation at Venice as an alternative site of the state”; Celebrated installation artist Phyllida Barlow will represent Great Britain for the first time as well, Erwin Wurm and Brigitte Kowanz for Austria, with separate projects under the title Licht-Pavillon; multimedia master, musician and academic Cevdet Erek for Turkey; Scotland’s Rachel Maclean with a brand new film work; The Netherlands’ Wendelien van Oldenborgh with Cinema Olanda and three video works exploring Dutch cultural identity and post-colonial legacy; for Israel, there will be Gal Weinstein, with a new site-specific work, and for Iceland, we have Egill Sæbjörnsson, known for his work in video and performance. For Poland, there is Sharon Lockhart and the Little Review photography series, accompanied by a film; Germany will go with Anne Imhof, possibly with a performance and a set of paintings; Italy will be represented by three artists: Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Roberto Cuoghi and AdelitaHusni-Bey, under the curatorship of Cecilia Alemani. Another group initiative is the Nordic pavilion, with six artists representing Norway, Sweden and Finland: Siri Aurdal, Nina Canell, Charlotte Johannesson, Jumana Manna, Pasi “Sleeping” Myllymäki, and Mika Taanila. 86 LUXURY LIVING

From Asia, there is Takahiro Iwasaki, representing Japan with a work called Upside-Down Forest; Samson Young from Hong Kong, who is yet to reveal his plans; Zai Kuning for Singapore, who will stage a project called Dapunta Hyang going into the early history of the Malay language; and Manuel Ocampo and Lani Maestro for the Philippines, in a show titled The Spectre of Comparison. Critically acclaimed artist Tehching Hsieh is set to represent Taiwan. Tuvalu, one of the world’s smallest countries, will be represented by Vincent J. F. Huang, who will bring our attention to the crisis of climate change. Africa will participate through countries like Zimbabwe, marking their fourth appearance with artists yet to be announced, and South Africa, which will stage a two-person show of Candice Breitz and Mohau Modisakeng, who make films and photography respectively.


Canadian Pavilion: Knowing that this crumbling pavilion will be replaced for the next biennale, artist Geoffrey Farmer was given free rein to rip out the ceilings and walls for his showcase “A way out of the mirror’, installing a giant water fountain as its centrepiece. 87


British Pavilion: The numerous sculptures, many of them massive and misshapen, in Phyllida Barlow’s “folly” fill the entire British pavilion and spill outside. Some of the sculptures are dark grey while others are in bold pink, red or orange, all arranged to encourage visitors to explore.

Maltese Pavilion: Returning after an absence The conceptual exhibition: Homo Melitensis: An Incomplete Inventory in 19 Chapters, featuring works by contemporary artists as well as historic artefacts, delivers an associative investigation of Maltese identity in a complex installation that brings artworks, objects, and documents together in a non-hierarchical, a-chronological setup. The 19 chapters take audiences into an elaborate journey that travels simultaneously in different directions, taking in specimens of natural history, a national genome, an ancient shipwreck, migration, cartography, ritualistic objects, transgender characters, and other artifacts that playfully combine fact and fiction, identity construction and deconstruction, with subversive objects meeting obedient objects.


Xavier Veilhan, Studio Venezia 89



La ReseRva CLub – the next ChapteR in the histoRy of this gLamoRous destination

An interview with Marc Topiol, CEO Sotogrande SA 90 LUXURY LIVING



“La Reserva Club is a lifestyle destination for a new generation,” says Marc Topiol

At the heart of celebrated Sotogrande, just 30 minutes west of Marbella, La Reserva Club is set to become one of Europe’s finest members’ clubs with a sophisticated selection of leisure activities and services as well as an exquisite portfolio of residences in view of the Mediterranean Sea. Since the early 1960s, the area of Sotogrande has been the well-known playground of the global elite. Royal families from all over the world and those in the public eye have long been visitors or residents of this 20 km2 stretch along the Andalucian coastline. They come for the world-class polo, championship golf courses, exciting watersports, tennis, horse-riding and most importantly to connect with family and friends in a setting of rare discretion on Mediterranean shores. Topiol adds, “There’s no place like Sotogrande in the world. For over six decades, families have returned again and again to bask in the local warmth and familiarity among a community of likeminded people. This is where they spend their long summer days in peace, tranquility and understated luxury. It is the perfect location for a members’ club that is dedicated to the privacy of its patrons and serving their whims and wishes with ease.” The next chapter in Sotogrande’s glamourous tale and the jewel in its crown, La Reserva Club will continue its legacy as one of the most fashionable, discrete and exclusive destinations on the continent. Set high on the escarpment overlooking a cobalt sea, La Reserva Club de Sotogrande is already a thriving golf club and a local favourite. Designed by Cabell B Robinson, the 18-hole championship course is a must-play for any golfer visiting Southern Spain. Part of the World of Leading Golf network, the golf club has recently appointed Ryder Cup champion Manuel Piñero as the resident professional to enhance and grow member services on the ground. Thought of as the most beautiful, Sotogrande’s newest course is quickly becoming the preferred destination for significant events and currently hosts an annual programme of international tournaments. 92 LUXURY LIVING

Serviced by the recently renovated clubhouse, golfers at La Reserva Club can finish play by taking their place among the lively ambience and culinary delights of the Club’s destination L’Olive bar and restaurant. The ever-changing menu combines Catalan, Basque and Spanish influences, with new summer menus designed by Jaime Perez, who trained under El Bulli’s Ferran Adria. With a local convivial style, L’Olive offers a unique experience of the finest Andalucian dining. The perfect spot to sit outside in the summertime and enjoy a relaxed meal ‘al fresco’, guests can also listen to live music on Friday and Saturday evenings and relish the sound of Spanish guitars floating away on a Mediterranean breeze. Nestled among the same sun-kissed slopes, La Reserva Club will provide clear-water lagoons for swimming and watersports, shaded beach clubs, a state-of-the art spa and wellness centre for holistic wellbeing, dining options of delectable cuisine and a plethora of fun activities just for children. The completion of the first phase has been commemorated by the opening of championship and club-size clay tennis courts at the new racquet club, and paddle courts open this summer. In progress are works on the first lagoons and beach club which will open 2018. As part of the evolution of this remarkable destination, a collection of residences has been designed to complement the Mediterranean scenery and La Reserva Club’s lifestyle of privilege and ease. Topiol continues, “We want to ensure that La Reserva Club meets the demands of today’s sophisticated visitors and residents, yet stays true to the principles of Sotogrande’s founders. La Reserva Club will be a special place of relaxed sophistication and this is the exact quality that has always been central to the local philosophy. “While Sotogrande provides its guests and residents with a sense of place among a wider community, La Reserva Club tops this with discreet elegance and even greater possibility. “What makes Sotogrande truly unique compared with other world-famous ocean-fronting destinations such as St. Tropez or Miami, is its peaceful aspect reinforced by its private character and low density which helps protect the environment.






“It is a place where you can spend time in complete peace, privacy and tranquillity, where time seems to stand still, far away from all the day-to-day hustle and bustle. It is a private community where residents and visitors come to connect with family and friends, and reconnect with themselves. It is understated luxury, where there is no pretence, just ease with oneself. Of course, if you want the bright lights of Marbella that is only 30 minutes’ drive away. At Sotogrande and La Reserva Club, Sotogrande’s latest private and gated community, we provide barefoot luxury. As well, the climate is ideal, 350 days of sun each year, beautiful in temperate winter with welcome summer breezes.” Scattered among the hills and enclaves, the villas here will be homes for living and spaces for families with comfort at their very core. Private and secure within gated areas of parkland, the properties will be contemporary masterpieces that allow the surrounding scenery to unfold around them. Landscaping therefore leads the vision for this project and Jean Mus, France’s highly decorated architecte paysagiste who created the gardens at the Ritz Paris and Palais de Monaco, has been appointed to design the natural areas, marrying the ancient landscape to his signature Provençal style. The apex of La Reserva Club’s property portfolio will be a world-first collection of seven extraordinary villas. On private one-hectare plots, each one has been specifically designed by an internationally renowned architect from Brazil to southern and northern Europe to complement the incredible scenery that surrounds it. These will be homes like no other in the world, appealing to people who dream of distinctive style and ‘one-of-a-kind’ architecture. These villas combine exceptional living and entertaining spaces, extensive leisure facilities, screening rooms and spa, swimming pools and terraces, garaging and staff quarters. Their design blends in with the natural materials of the land and responds to the passage of the sun through the course of the day. “The architects for the seven villas were specifically chosen as a result of their previous work in innovation. We needed each architect to work with Jean Mus and create a harmony between architecture and nature, weaving and blending the landscape through their designs. They had to approach the project with great flexibility and an open mind. The result will be seven uniquely crafted residences and an absolute statement in architectural virtuosity and crafted landscaping. “Our overall focus is a respect for nature and space – part of Sotogrande’s key features – and so the homes here sit comfortably within their own land, and there is room for contemplation and stillness. We have opted for the other end of the spectrum instead of creating a high density area.” In all only ten private and secure communities are being created at La Reserva Club. Another of these is El Mirador, six sophisticated and contemporary villas with awe-inspiring views from their vantage point up high in the hills. Three have already sold at prices that were unseen for this region. Designed by respected Andalucian practice, ARK, the four- to nine-bedroom villas balance modern architecture with indigenous inspirations and include such facilities as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, steam rooms, media rooms and wine cellars, extensive entertaining spaces and landscaped gardens, plus staff accommodation and garaging. Construction has already started on these. Topiol concludes, “It is an incredibly exciting time for us. Our vision for La Reserva Club is now coming to fruition and it promises to charm the most discerning of visitors with its unrivalled qualities of barefoot luxury, incredible scenery, world-class facilities and entertainment.”

u For further information about La Reserva Club, please visit: | | 95

Because good advice helps you concentrate on the important things in life. +300 offices in +90 countries 96 LUXURY LIVING

952 76 40 65


The imporTance of

Residential touRism in spain

and The need of a beTTer Tax regime In Spain, the levels of employment related to tourism are significant, with a 13% of the total employment of all industries. Something expected given the fact that tourism is one of the main industries of the country. The latest statistics show that foreigners increased their property investments in Spain by 15.5% in 2016, compared to 2015. And that, of all nationalities, 21% of investments came from UK citizens. This way, in 2016, the investments by non residents account for 11.500 million euro. Giving this data, when you think about high net worth individuals that are deciding where to establish their residency we always wonder “¿What will it make them decide to move to one country or the other?”, the answer encompasses many issues such as security, health coverage, international schools, international community, climate, transport that provides easy reach to the world, leisure and sports amenities, and so on and so forth. But there is a very important piece that they highly evaluate, the tax regime of the country where they are going because it will determine their living costs. Spain covers extensively the requirements that high net worth individuals might require to establish their residency, nevertheless our tax regime is not as friendly as in other destinies. Our firm believes that attracting these individuals to our country, and to the Costa del Sol in particular, is an important strategic measure because they generate wealth, as the statistics show. For that reason, we strongly believe that our government should make its tax regime more friendly for these individuals. Our proposal passes by revising income tax (IRPF), wealth tax (IP), and succession tax (ISD) as follows:

CuRRent ReGime

pRoposed ReGime

3 IRPF (global income)


3 IRPF (income*)


3 IP (growth wealth)


3 IP (growth wealth)


3 ISD (global succession) 36% (in case of death)

3 ISD (global succession) 0%

*Income of foreign origin not subject to tax in any other country 97




INDULGE YOURSELF u CREATING OUTDOOR EMOTIONS Enzo Catellani has designed his first collection of outdoor lights for Catellani & Smith in response to the trend that, over the years, has seen living spaces move outside into terraces and gardens, creating extensions of the house. Enzo Catellani’s main goal was to create a collection of indoor lamps suitable for outdoor installation; lighting fixtures created for the outside, but able to recreate the same warmth and atmosphere as indoor lights. Glass plays a starring role in this collection; glass which, before being completely cooled, is shaped by hand. As occurs with the processing of all Catellani & Smith lamps, aesthetics and craftsmanship are combined with the latest technology for outdoor lighting.

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EXQUISITE AUTOMOTIVE FURNISHING Italian brand Riva 1920 have presented a new collection of furniture created in cooperation with Automobili Lamborghini by Riva 1920. Designed by Karim Rashid, the internationally famous designer, who has been inspired to merge the two worlds of automotive luxury and bespoke carpentry together with both Riva 1920 and Lamborghini sharing the same values in: design, innovation, cutting edge technology, emotion, attention to detail and strong heritage. This collaboration has resulted in a range of furniture which is characterized by sinuous and stylish shapes, appealing through its fine workmanship and the quality of natural and genuine materials, such as walnut solid wood and black leather. The Klip desk, by Karim Rashid, is the stand out piece in the collection characterised by smooth flowing lines, and consists of a top made of solid wood and drawer fronts covered with leather. It is equipped with a practical chest of drawers composed of three drawers assembled with dovetail joints and lateral groove for opening.

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THE SUNFLOWER SHADE The SUNFLOWER may looks like any other regular umbrella to the untrained eye, but this outdoor shade is so much more. A powerful robot, packed with features from streaming music to charging your smartphone to acting as a home surveillance device via on-board cameras, serving as a smart home connectivity hub, communicating with IoT devices and digital helpers like Siri and Alexa this umbrella does it all, while additionally rotating with the sun, as its name suggests to act as a sun shade.

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CHRISTOpHER GUy pRESENTS LIMITED EDITION pETITE MIRROR FRAME COMpILATION Global luxury lifestyle brand Christopher Guy presents as part of its tenth anniversary ‘The Petite Mirrors’ a limited edition of ten sets of ten mirror frames, each in CG’s timeless and legendary “Camilla” design - one of the designers most legendary designs, it was launched to commemorate hurricane Katrina, and the chapeau worn at the royal wedding by Camilla Parker Bowles. The new limited edition collection is made from the finest kiln-dried hardwoods, meticulously hand-carved and painted in their own individual and unique livery. Christopher Guy interiors emanate a timeless beauty, a contemporary mood with classic values. All pieces are hand carved and hand finished by Christopher Guy’s team of master craftsmen. Originally renowned for their expansive range of ornate mirrors including the Camilla, the collection has quickly evolved to include distinct upholstery, chairs, beds, tables, lighting and accessories; positioning the brand at the forefront of international design.

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A JoURneY To The STARS: High artistry homage to Johannes Kepler Limited Edition

Since the dawn of time mankind has looked at the skies above in awe, yet only a handful of individuals have successfully unlocked the mysteries of the universe, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. One of those brilliant minds was Johannes Kepler (1571- 1630), a formidable mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, who uncovered the laws of planetary motion, laying the foundations for the development of modern astronomy. Considered by some as the first astrophysicist in the history of science, this free spirit and scientific revolutionary moved beyond hypothetical observations to demonstrate the movement of the planets through mathematical and experimental research. In honour of a pioneer who inspired generations of scientists after him from Newton to Einstein, Montblanc presents the High Artistry Homage to Johannes Kepler Limited Edition. Created by the Montblanc Maison Artisan Atelier, each of these masterpieces illustrates Kepler’s extraordinary dedication in his search for the infinity of the universe taking design cues from the many groundbreaking works he penned during his lifetime.


The Homage to Johannes Kepler High Pede Serpentari Limited Edition 39 draws inspiration from an illustration from his book “De Stella Nova in Pede Serpentarii” that indicated the location of the 1604 supernova on the foot of the Ophiucus constellation. The unusual silhouette of the Au750 solid white gold Limited Edition recalls the Kepler telescope developed to observe the heavens with higher magnification than the existing Galileo telescope. The white gold of the cap top, cone and fittings contrast with the deep blue of the lacquer of the cap and barrel, elegantly set with shimmering diamonds to evoke a star-filled night sky. Using Hand Engraving Overlacquering, a special technique used for the first time by Montblanc, intricate three-dimensional hand engravings beneath the lacquer depict the Ophiuchus and Sagittarius constellations that he studied in his De Stella Nova. The drafting compass used by Kepler inspired the distinctive design of the clip, which is adorned with a princess-cut sapphire. The inspiration for the engraving on the cone of the writing instrument is the elliptical movement of Mars that Kepler described in his Astronomia Nova, while a further engraving inspired by the astronomer’s model of the solar system featured the Mysterium Cosmographicum decorates the bottom of cone. The discovery described by Kepler in De Stella Nova of the conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and the supernova is immortalised on the handcrafted rhodium-coated Au750 gold nib with a precious blue sapphire set on the nib. The inspiration for the engraving on the forepart is Kepler’s depiction of the gravitational pull of the sun on the other planets. The three rings of the cap top of this Limited Edition, one set with a delicate pavé diamonds, symbolize Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion. Crowning the writing instrument, a uniquely coloured opal in the cap top brings to mind the supernova first described in his treatise, the birth of which proved to Kepler the variability of the universe.

The limitation number of the Homage to Johannes Kepler High Artistry AstronomiaNova Limited Edition 9 marks the year 1609 when Kepler first published “Astronomia nova”, regarded as one of the greatest books on astronomy. The Ophiuchus and Sagittarius constellations from his book “De Stella Nova” have been masterfully recreated as a special dualcolour Au750 gold skeletonized overlay, contrasting with the deep blue lacquer underneath. The intricate constellation map is punctuated by sparkling white diamonds representing the bright stars in the sky and other coloured emstones shining as planets. Inspired by his model of orbits from his Mysterium Cosmographicum, a generous lapis lazuli shaped like a globe sits atop the cap encircled in a sculptural structure made of three rows of pavé diamonds. The forepart of the fountain pen is etched with a delicate drawing of “gravity” from Kepler’s Astronomia Nova. Evoking the winter solstice of 1600 while Kepler was in Prague with his another legendary astronomer Tycho Brahe, the cone features a representation of the sky they observed, set with dazzling diamonds as stars. Engraved on the nib, a drawing of Sun from the Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae is enhanced with a single diamond. A final nod to the genius of Kepler, the bottom of the cone is decorated with a representation of his third planetary law that states that the squares of their orbital periods are proportional to the cubes of the long axes of their orbits. 105


Paying tribute to the five Platonic solids that represent the universe in Kepler’s cosmological theory with a limitation of just five pieces, the Homage to Johannes Kepler High Artistry Somnium Limited Edition 5 is a masterpiece of precision stone-setting with hundreds of sapphires set together to capture the scintillating beauty of the Milky Way. Each stone has been carefully chosen by colour to create a flawless transition. The edition is also the very first writing instrument in the world equipped with an automatic watch movement inspired by Kepler’s drawings of the moon phases. Montblanc developed this special moon phase complication sitting at the summit of the writing instrument’s cap in the Maison’s manufacture in Villeret in the Swiss Jura. The dual-rotation system allows the Montblanc emblem in precious blue lacquer at the centre to rotate to indicate the functionality of the movement, while the moon phase rotates to indicate the actual moon phase. The dial is made of aventurine, while the bright sides of the four moons pieces are created out of white gold coated in palladium and the darker side are created by flaming treatment. In order to ensure the full functionality of the moon phase, the writing instrument comes with a special re-winder displayed in a precious handcrafted wooden box. Entirely developed and produced in-house, the re-winder is equipped with a 24V High Performance Synchronous Motor. The design details tell the story of Kepler’s scientific achievements and discoveries. The Au750 solid gold forepart of the writing instrument is decorated with his drawing of the “Planetary conjunction chart” from De Stella Nova, while the cap top and the cone are intricately etched with sketches of the five platonic solids and the orbits of planet from Mysterium Cosmographicum. Both the compass-shaped clip and the nib of the fountain pen have been set with precious red rubies.


Just like the exceptionality and rarity of the 1604 Supernova first recorded by Kepler, the most recent supernova in the galaxy to have been unquestionably observed by the naked eye, the Homage to Johannes Kepler High Artistry Stella Nova Limited Edition 1 is one-of-a-kind. With a price of €1.4 million, it masterfully combines the finest materials with the most expert techniques to push the limits of craftsmanship. Its full pavé set cap and barrel shimmers with a multitude of blue sapphires meticulously selected and set to emulate the fascinating night beauty of the Milky Way with its ethereal hues of blues. In total 570 diamonds and 5294 sapphires adorn the writing instrument. Like the brightest of stars, this edition is crowned by a spectacular of approximately 6,20 ct, DIF Montblanc diamond suspended inside an elaborate three-dimensional white gold structure, with three rings symbolizing Kepler’s Three Laws of Planetary Motion: the law of ellipses, the law of equal areas and the law of harmonies. Contrasting with the deep blue of the sapphires that coat the length of this masterpiece, the white gold fittings and cone are set with bright diamonds using different techniques from pavé setting to bead setting, demonstrating in one writing instrument the full breadth its gem-setting know-how. The intricacy of the stone setting mirrors the detailing created by its master-engravers with the forepart of the writing fountain pen decorated with the Ophiuchus constellation from De Stella Nova and the orbit of Mars from Astronomia Nova featured on the bottom of the cone. Adding a final touch of brilliance, a single diamond is set on both the precious AU750 nib and the compass, a reminder of Kepler’s lifelong passion for stars shining in the skies above him. To better display the Johannes Kepler High Artistry Stella Nova Limited Edition 1 and the Homage to Johannes Kepler High Artistry Somnium Limited Edition 5, Montblanc has partnered with Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg to create a pen stand entirely made by hand using original 18th century techniques. With great artistry, the off-white biscuit porcelain has been intricately shaped like the 17th century scrolled collar Kepler wore, on top of which is set an open porcelain scroll depicting a drawing of the astronomer’s planetary movement. A pair of matching Stella Nova Limited Edition 1 cufflinks has been specially created in white gold to complement this exceptional writing instrument. Shaped like his platonic model of the solar system, the cufflinks feature Montblanc diamonds of 1,71 ct and 1,72 ct, both F/ VVS1, at their centre, while the structure of the model is set with a total of 262 round diamonds, giving these rare pieces added brilliance.




Sir Winston Churchill is regarded as one of the world’s most iconic cigar aficionados and the ultimate British Statesman, and yet again Luxury cigar brand Davidoff pays homage to this great man with the launch of a new whisky cask aged cigar line - the Winston Churchill “Late Hour.”

Like other cigars in the Davidoff Winston Churchill line, they are inspired by Sir Winston Churchill - one of the most celebrated cigar lovers in history. When most were thinking of their beds, Sir Winston Churchill was thinking how best to run a country or inspire a nation with the power of his words. His strength and creativity did not wane when the natural light of day faded into night. In the evening twilight, he found his spark and source of inspiration with a glass of whisky and a cigar.


“The late hours into the early morning was the time when Churchill would gather all those resources together and commit himself to working, whether it was on his books with his research advisors or with his military people deciding the course of action. So, the late hours and the dark hours were when Churchill was his most productive in life. And he was never without a cigar.” Randolph Churchill, Sir Winston’s great-grandson

Offering cigar aficionado’s new tastes and a rewarding experience: The Late Hour cigar is ideal to be enjoyed when the end of the evening is just the start of something more; when thoughts and discussions weave interesting paths into the night. This cigar has its own unique story. It is a multi-origin blend with Nicaraguan tobacco aged in the finest Scotch single malt whisky casks, suffusing it with a unique complexity, depth and the headiest of flavours which combine to create a distinctive atmosphere, stimulating the palate and the conversation at the same time. To reflect the darkness during which Sir Winston was at his most creative, Davidoff has selected a shiny and oily “Habano” Ecuador wrapper in a beautiful dark chocolate colour. The two Nicaraguan filler tobaccos are grown in the mineral rich volcanic soils of Condega and Estelí adding spiciness and depth of character to the cigar. In particular, the Nicaraguan Condega Visus tobacco, cask aged in original Scotch single malt whisky casks, brings a mysterious sweetness and fervency of flavour. Together with the two different Dominican Visus filler tobaccos and the dark Mexican binder, the complexity of this full-bodied blend manifests itself in many beautiful, robust flavours and aromas, tantalizing the palate with varying layers of black pepper, dark coffee, sweetness, old leather, wood and spiciness. The character of Sir Winston in The Late Hour could not have been translated better into a cigar blend. Available in formats: Robusto:

Ø 2.1 | RG 52 | 12.5 cm | 5“


Ø 2.2 | RG 54 | 15.2 cm | 6“


Ø 1.9 | RG 48 | 17.8 cm | 7“ 109



DINING Exploring the culture of taste and the pleasures of conviviality. Dining reviews some of the world’s finest restaurants, chefs and wines.




PEARLS OF WISDOM When it comes to oyster’s people either love them or hate them and surprisingly Aquaculture – the farming of aquatic animals – is one of the fastest growing food production industries in the world with oyster farming leading the way.



Oysters have always been a delicacy enjoyed by the world’s elite, paired with a glass of champagne or crisp white wine there is nothing more decadent however since Forbes announced back in 2011 that “oysters were the new sushi” the demand for this slimy and expensive bivalve has grown exponentially. Today oyster bars can be found In many towns and cities and are a huge hit with the modern Millennials yet there is still a lot we don’t know about this tasty mollusc, save for the idea that you eat them raw, they claim to have aphrodisiac qualities and that they shouldn’t be eaten during months without the letter r (May – August).

HIstory of oysters

Oysters have been prized for their silky texture and taste of the sea for over 2,000 years, cultivated across Europe by the Romans who had such a passion for their taste that they imported them from all over the Mediterranean. During the 19thcentury oysters were surprisingly very cheap and very popular which eventually exhausted many of the oyster beds around the world depleting production and stock. This scarcity increased prices, converting them from their original role as working-class food to their current status as an expensive delicacy. Oysters have and will continue to be linked with love, reputed for their aphrodisiac powers and favoured for centuries by lovers. The Greek goddess of love was said to have emerged from the sea on an oyster shell, immediately after giving birth to Eros and thus the word “aphrodisiac” was born. Casanova, the renowned famous lover is alleged to have eaten 50 oysters for breakfast and dine on 12 dozen oysters before every meal, regardless of legend oysters do indeed possess aphrodisiac qualities. A team of American and Italian researchers back in 2005 found that oysters when eaten raw were extremely rich in rare amino acids that triggers increased levels of sex hormones. 



tHere’s How maNy? Once upon a time a person could simply order a dozen oysters and that was it. No more. Today trendy oyster bars present lists of over a hundred and fifty varieties of which will continue to grow because oysters can be grown and cultivated in so many locations with such varied techniques, yet they all hail from only five distinct species.

tHe PacIfIc oysters Alternate Names: Japanese Oyster, Creuse (France), Miyagi Although it is the most commonly cultivated oyster on the US Pacific Coast, they are not native to the region. Pacific oysters were brought to the US from the Asian Pacific in the early 1900’s, and introduced in France in the 1970’s and are now the world’s most cultivated oyster. Pacific’s have shells with naturally ruffled edges (if they aren’t tumbled) and are distinctly more fluted (elongated) than other oysters. Shell colors range from gray/green to vivid multi-colors of royal purple, gold and jade green. Although they have a wide spectrum of flavors, Pacific Oysters in general tend to have a sweeter, less briny taste than Atlantic Oysters. Common nuances of flavor include: varying degrees of brininess, creamy, herbaceous, melon (honeydew or watermelon rind), vegetal.

Kumamoto oysters Alternate Names: Kumi, Kumo One of the most popular oysters in the USA, the Kumamoto’s hail from Asia, Japan specifically. Not many farmers cultivate Kumamoto’s because they are a slow growing oyster and the seed is hard to come by. Kumo’s are a small oyster (only the Olympia oyster is smaller), having deep bowl-like cups with nicely sculpted and fluted shells. They have a creamy or buttery texture with a sweet, mild, almost nutty flavour and a melon-like finish. Because of their mild, unintimidating flavour and small size they are the perfect oyster for beginners, yet still enjoyed by connoisseurs as well.

euroPeaN flat oysters Alternate Names: Belon Although many European Flats are frequently called Belons, they technically can only be called Belons if they are from the Brittany region of France near the Belon River. Thus, while all Belons are European Flats, not all European Flats are Belons. European Flats have smooth, round (saucer-like), flat shells with a shallow cup and seaweed-green colour. You need to be a true oyster lover to enjoy them as they have the boldest of flavours in the oyster kingdom. They have a meaty, almost crunchy texture, with an intense mineral bite up front, a potent seaweed flavour, and a long-lasting gamey finish. Due to the potency of flavour, and the amount of over-harvesting of this species, it can be rather difficult to find.


atlaNtIc oysters Alternate Names: Eastern Oyster, Virginica Atlantic Oysters are the “great American oyster” and are naturally found along the North American Atlantic Coast from Canada southward to the Gulf of Mexico. Along with the Olympia Oyster, they are the only indigenous oyster found in North America. Atlantic oysters are distinctly different than Pacific oysters in that they tend to be larger, have a tear drop or paisley shape, smooth shells and uniform colours of brown, cream and forest green.

olymPIa oysters Alternate Names: Oly Olympias are the only oyster indigenous to the US Pacific West Coast. They were so popular during the Gold Rush era that by the end of the 1800’s they were wiped out and for many years thought to be extinct. Although they are from the same family (Ostrea) as their larger cousin the European Flat, Olympia oysters are the smallest of all the species with the average diameter being somewhere between the size of a nickel and a quarter. Despite their diminutive size, Olympia oysters are potently flavourful, yet easier to approach than a European Flat. They have a creamy texture with strong flavours of sweet celery and bright copper with a long lasting metallic finish. For years the assumption that oysters are only safe to eat in months with the letter “r’’ in their names is not true. Modern oysters may taste different during those months if they are spawning varieties; however, these days growers have the option of using non-spawning varieties.

aND fINally… One would think with all these oyster bars pooping up, the production of pearls would be going through the roof but sadly no. Not all types of oysters make pearls. Despite any hopes you may have of popping open an oyster and finding a gleaming pearl, the oysters we eat which come from the pteriidae family don’t actually make these precious gemstones these are only found in oysters found in the deep ocean and belong to the pteriidae family of which there are seven main types all creating orbs in different colours, shapes and sizes.






A WEE DRAM? In China the new powerhouse of the world economy, whisky has become something of a status symbol for the young and wealthy. These new whisky drinkers – mostly affluent, self-made men — are shelling out big money for single malts, skipping the blended Scotches altogether, which are typically a starter for new drinkers of this liquor in the West.

But what is single malt? What is a blended whisky? And what is the difference between whiskey and whisky?



“too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough” To start let’s keep it simple. A true whisky is any booze distilled from some sort of fermented grain mash including malted barley, corn, rye or a combination of these grains. Single malt whisky offers the greatest variation and depth of flavour of any spirits, despite being made from just barley, yeast and water. A single malt whisky must be produced at a single distillery, distilled from only malted barley and water. The mash must be processed at the distillery and converted into a fermentable substrate using only endogenous enzyme systems and fermented only with the addition of yeast. The spirit must be aged for at least three years and one day and have nothing added to it save for water and spirit caramel. Whisky must be distilled to no more than 94.8% alcohol by volume and bottled at no less than 40%. Single malts are often aged - the older they are the more developed the flavour and the higher the price of the bottle. Popular Brands: Bowmore, Talisker, Glenmorangie, Lagavulin, Jura Blended refers to whisky that is a mix of different vintages from different distilleries. It is generally the product of mixing one or more single malt whiskies made from 100% malted grain (such as barley or rye) together with other grain whiskies or neutral grain spirits. Scotland, Ireland, and Canada are the most common countries of origin for blends. Most blended whiskies do not list an age. When a blended scotch whisky does so, each individual malt and grain whisky must be at least as old as the age listed. Popular Brands: Bells, Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, Black Grouse, Teachers

Whisky or Whiskey! Well this is simply the name whisky is derived from a Gaelic word that means, “water of life” and the difference between whiskey and whisky is simple but important: whisky usually denotes Scotch whisky and Scotch-inspired liquors, and whiskey denotes the Irish and American liquors. 121



‘SPECIAL RELEASE’ Each and each year, spirits powerhouse Diageo releases ten limited edition whiskies. Selected to reflect the very best of Diageo’s scotch portfolio the collection highlighting the various styles, regions, and ages with whiskies selected from distilleries still in operations and some from those long closed and considered collector items. Diageo’s Special Releases series was founded in 2001 in response to growing demand for rare and unusual expressions. The lasts collection marked the 16th year of Diageo’s special releases, and given the rarity of some of these whiskies, they will surely appreciate in value Here we present the latest collection…


AuchrOISk 25 YEAr OlD Auchroisk is a relatively new Speyside distillery, having only been in operation since 1974. The 25 Year Old matured in American oak hogsheads and European oak butts, is quite light and fruity after a quarter century in oak, with lots of bright cherry notes along with citrus and hints of chocolate. The finish is long and gentle, heavy on mint and anise. Available: 3,954 bottles worldwide Priced £280

BrOrA 38 YEAr OlD Brora is a cult malt with a sad story to tell. Originally known as Clynelish, this distillery became a victim of its own success when a new distillery was built alongside it to increase capacity only a few years before the slump of the late Seventies and early Eighties. Not surprisingly, it’s now one of the most sought-after single malts with sought-after bottlings now changing hands for hundreds of pounds. Distilled back in 1977 the 38 Year Old is the oldest whiskey in this year’s collection Available: 2,984 bottles Price: £1,450 - £1,750.00

cAmBuS 40 YEAr OlD The first official bottling of Cambus since at least the turn of the 20th century, from the closed distillery located near Alloa. Aged in refill American oak hogsheads, the classic grain is the oldest Cambus ever released by the original distillers. Available: 1812 individually numbered bottles worldwide Price £750 - £1,100.00

ccAOl IlA 15 YEArS OlD uNpEAtED Distilled on Islay, a region known for its peated whiskies, Caol Ila 15 Years Old Unpeated limited edition bottling was distilled in 2000 and is the first of these unusual Islay malts to have been distilled this millennium, from a batch made only once a year. Available: Unlimited worldwide Price: £90.00 - € 107.00


crAGGANmOrE (NO AGE) This is Cragganmore’s sixth appearance in Diageo’s annual Special Releases. The only no age statement whisky, it was matured in American oak hogsheads (some refill and some rejuvenated casks) as well as European oak ex-Sherry butts. Available: 4,932 bottles available worldwide Price: £400.00 - £ 520.00

lAGAvulIN 12 YEAr OlD 200th ANNIvErSArY This commemorative 200th Anniversary with a 1816-2016 label is a classic, well-structured Lagavulin. Aged in refill American oak hogsheads, it’s the fourteenth of these excellent 12 year old bottlings to feature in the Special Releases. Wonderfully smoky, oily and bitter-sweet it is beautifully balanced with an inspiring sophistication. Available: Limited bottles available worldwide Price: £80.00 - £99.00

lINkwOOD 37 YEAr OlD This marks the first appearance of Linkwood in Diageo’s Special Releases, this impressive 37 year old cask strength official bottling was matured in refill American oak hogshead and refill European oak butts. Most whisky fans have probably tried Linkwood without even knowing it, since it’s an important component in Johnnie Walker blends. The Linkwood 37 Year Old is a classic Speyside malt. Available: 6,114 bottles available worldwide Price: £600.00 - £720.00

GlENkINchIE 24 YEAr OlD Distilled in 1991 at Glenkinchie distillery and matured in refill European Oak butts, this is the oldest expression from the distillery in this series. The Glenkinchie 24 Year Old is weightier than most releases from the distillery, with well-balanced fresh and dried fruit, and a background of spice. Available: 5,928 bottles available worldwide Price: £300.00 - £420.00



mANNOchmOrE 25 YEAr OlD Probably the least well known distillery of this year’s special releases, Mannochmore was founded in 1971, the built to partner Glenlossie it only began production in the 1970s making it a relative newcomer among Speyside whisky makers. A rare official bottling of Mannochmore, bottled at natural cask strength. The 25 Year Old has been matured in fresh American oak and European oak casks as well as first fill ex-bourbon American oak barrels and ex-Sherry European oak butts. Available: 3,954 bottles available worldwide Price: £250.00 - £310.00

pOrt EllEN 37 YEArS OlD This is the oldest ever bottling of Port Ellen’s sought-after single malt A natural cask strength single malt whisky matured in refill American oak hogshead and refill European oak butts. Unlike most of this year’s Special Releases, this whisky was distilled at Port Ellen on Islay, the legendary closed distillery that sadly fell silent back in 1983. Available: 2,940 bottles available worldwide Price: £2,500.00 - £3,000.00



Gourmet News The WorLd’s MosT expensive prosecco A new prosecco brand named Casanova has launched an ultra-luxury Swarovski crystal-encrusted Italian sparkling wine - DOC Prosecco. Decorated with Swarovski crystals, the Casanova’s limited-release ‘Swarovski Edition’ Prosecco DOC comes in 0.75cl and 1.5cl magnum bottles, with 3,370 individual crystals (0.75cl bottle) and 6,145 crystals on the magnum bottle. The smaller bottle is priced at £1,290.and is available for purchase only in the Novikov restaurant in London or the internet site of the brand. As well as the crystal-encrusted Swarovski Edition, Casanova  produces a range of Proseccos “to suit all occasions”, from traditional Prosecco DOC Brut and Prosecco Superiore DOCG (priced at £13.99 and £18.90, respectively) to rosés such as the Rosé Cuvée Prestige Extra Dry, priced at £16.99. Casanova also produces ‘The White Collection’ a range presented in white and pink bottles, with a matching white jacket “to further add to the elegant appearance”. For more information visit:


La MadeLeine au Truffe A chocolate truffle is not usually a mushroom, but simply a small chocolatecovered filled with cream. Makers of La Madeleine au Truffe actually use a real mushroom truffle, the rare Perigord. These truffles are named after the Perigord area of the northern part of the Aquitaine in southwestern France, where they grow, and they retail for about 3,940 Euros per kilogram. This Perigord truffle is dipped in 70% dark Valrhona chocolate, with sugar, heavy cream, Indonesian vanilla, and pure Italian white truffle oil. This is the ganache into which the perigord is rolled. Then it is dusted with extra cocoa.

Knipschildt, a Master Chocolatier in Connecticut, personally hand-makes each truffle to order, and the result is pure extravagance! For more information visit: 126 LUXURY LIVING

PLAY & DINE at LA RESERVA CLUB During 2017, 2017, we we offer offer you you the the opportunity opportunity to to “play “play & & dine” dine”at atLa LaReserva ReservaClub. Club.Starting Starting During at 13h00. 13h00. Enjoy Enjoy your your day day golfing golfing and and finish finish with with aa pleasant pleasant evening evening in in the therestaurant restaurant at L’Olive. A special set menu will be offered where you can savour seasonal specialties in L’Olive. A special set menu will be offered where you can savor seasonal specialties a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

PVP — 185 € Low Season 16th Jun — 31st-Jul; 16th Dec — 31st Dec December 31st December PVP — 195 € High Season - 15th November 1st August Mar — 15th Jun; 1st Aug — 15th Nov

Green fee, buggy, range balls, dinner included which will be served until 19h30. Drinks not included.

OPENING HOURS: From 7h30 to 20h00 (Monday — Sunday) La Reserva Club, Avenida La Reserva, s/n, 11310, Sotogrande

18 Hole Golf Course Tennis L’Olive Restaurant Concierge Clubhouse & Remarkable Family Villas RESERVATIONS: +34 956 785 252

Restaurant Private Dining Piano & Champagne Lounge Events APRIL BRUNCHES Saturday 1st April, 16th April (EASTER BRUNCH) & 29th April SUNDAY ROAST 23th April LOBSTER BISTRO From 10th — 16th April L’OLIVE THEMED NIGHTS Friday 7th April — Jazz night Thursday 13th April — Wine & Tapas night Saturday 15th April — Family Pasta night (20h00 — 00h00) RESERVATIONS: +34 956 785 252 | OPENING HOURS: From 7h30 to 20h00 (Monday — Sunday) La Reserva Club, Avenida La Reserva, s/n, 11310, Sotogrande



Dani García

Marbella’s Culinary MagiCian

Dani García has the world at his feet, his new restaurant Lobito de Mar a cool urban chiringuito “beach bar” situated on Marbella’s Golden Mile has just opened to critical acclaim and is the fourth restaurant for this two star Mitchel chef everincreasing portfolio. Locally born, the 40-year-old culinary prodigy has become synonymous for his tapas and Andalusian twist on seafood classics, a Spanish Heston Blumenthal so to speak. Garcia is a natural experimenter who like Blumenthal uses liquid nitrogen to freeze temperatures to minus 196 degrees to create extraordinary and unique dishes. His dishes are a contrast of traditionally flavours and raw materials blended with modern day techniques present the avant-garde.


Indeed, as much as he is now known an innovator, García is still primarily a chef at heart and as such can still be seen cooking up culinary delights. His rise to become one of Spain’s most prominent chefs has been swift and is an obvious display of his talents, after training at the Malaga Catering School, Garcia served his apprenticeship in the restaurant of Martín Berasategui. He then went on in 1998 to open Tragabuches, his first restaurant, in Ronda, it was here that the young chef who at the age of just 25-years first attracted media attention and secured his first Michelin star. In 2004, he teamed up with the Melia Hotel Group and set up Restaurant Calima in Marbella, his home town. This award-winning restaurant now attracts national and international attention. It was here that he developed his skills using liquid nitrogen in the kitchen, which won him the Technical Award of the Year in 2005 and the restaurants first Michel star (the second star followed 4 years later in 2011). With his innovative flair further expansion followed and in 2010, he created a line of franchise restaurants called Lamorga (from which he split from a couple of years later) and Manzanilla an entrepreneurial concept of two restaurants one in Málaga and the other in New York, which closed in February 2014. In 2014, Garcia retuned back to his roots of Marbella and opened two new restaurants in the Puento Romano Beach Resort & Spa, under the Dani Garcia Group a young, fun and innovative brand born out of enthusiasm, a love for cooking, and a taste for things well done called Bibo & the Dani García Restaurant and now the Lobito de Mar Restaurant Dani says his first culinary influences came from his parents: “I was very interested in cuisine and the world of gastronomy, probably through my parents. We went out a lot, every Saturday morning we went to the market, later cooked at home, then went out on Saturday nights, dining regularly at restaurants. With his new cosmopolitan offering Lobito de Mar Restaurant, Garcia has indeed reverted back to childhood days presenting a new era of dining, one with a base in a sound and well-established form of cooking & creativity. . 




POWER Fast and fabulous, Power exudes everything one aspires from a luxurious life. Fast cars, fast yachts and private jets, what more could one ask for!



Sotogrande launcheS inaugural

Sotogrande grand Prix

Ever since its first luxury villas began to take shape among the wilderness of the western Costa del Sol 55 years ago, Sotogrande has been sought after as a place to enjoy the good life in a setting of exquisite beauty. This is the residential resort that the international elite choose when they want to relax in refined luxury on southern Spain’s Mediterranean coast. Andalucia’s largest privately-owned residential estate is known for its world-class polo, golf and sailing. It routinely attracts the biggest international names in these sports, along with leaders in all sorts of other fields when they fancy time away from the spotlight to unwind instead on Sotogrande’s tennis courts, beaches or in its marina. So when it came to choosing the location for a new Grand Prix, there was no better fit.



The Sotogrande Grand Prix made its debut this year over five days in May and brought over 100 vintage and GT cars from across Europe. It was supported by luxury leading brands including Ruinart, BMW, Porsche, Maserati, Le Beau Courally, Mercedes, EY, and Stow VP Bank. The 900km route started in Seville, where 100 of Europe’s finest automobiles arrived at one of Andalucia’s most recognized cultural landmarks, Plaza de España. During inspection by a team of international experts the public enjoyed the impressive display of vintage and top marque cars from today to pre-1965, elegantly fanned out around the plaza. VIPs and participants shared an evening aperitif in 35-degree heat followed by a gala dinner at the Alfonso XIII.  At first light the following morning, the scene was set, as photographers and onlookers captured the dramatic departure from the Plaza and through the narrow streets of the city. As cars swept through the Andalucian countryside, taking in cork forests and nature reserves in the heat, they were rewarded at their first pitstop, a memorable lunch in the splendour in the palace gardens – Los Jardines de Moratalla.  Drivers and co-pilots celebrated their first day’s drive in Moorish style in the historic grounds of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. On day two, onlookers had one final glimpse of the cars as they departed Cordoba’s Paseo de la Victoria and made their way onwards to Sotogrande.  The final leg of the Sotogrande Grand Prix from Cordoba was perhaps the most challenging as the cars weaved their way to Ronda, where GT car participants put their motors to the test around the spectacular Ascari circuit in Ronda, Spain’s longest race track.  The procession then made its way to Sotogrande, where cars tested their mettle in a captivating flying ¼ mile speed test through Sotogrande’s historic Paseo del Parque by the Guadiaro River bridge, eventually arriving alongside the restaurants, bars and shops along the waterfront at Marina Sotogrande to tooting klaxons, resounding applause and the area’s sophisticated buzz. There against the lively backdrop visitors could admire the cars and feel the energy of the race. Marina cocktails followed by a dinner party at the Trocadero Beach Club set the scene for a memorable Sotogrande experience to follow. 133


The epitome of the Sotogrande Grand Prix was marked by the final momentous La Reserva Hill Climb and SOTOGRANDE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE® supported by Bonhams auction house. As the official timekeeper, Belgian watchmaker Lebeau-Courally produced a limited edition of 25 timepieces, worth €4,995 each, awarded to the winners.  The grand finale of the rally weekend was an exclusive black tie event at the La Reserva Golf Club, prize-giving and closing party, cementing La Reserva Club as a unique paradise to enjoy exceptional experiences. Sotogrande, the place to savour the great outdoors and healthy Mediterranean climate, presents the perfect backdrop for this exciting event for vintage car lovers to admire the Picassos and Van Goghs of motorting design. Even in its first year, the Sotogrande Grand Prix easily integrated itself into Sotogrande’s social calendar. With discerning eyes on Spain’s best-known luxury residential and sporting estate, the Grand Prix was an excellent fixture that this year has included the J80 and RC44 sailing races, various golf tournaments at La Reserva Club and tennis events at the new championship clay courts. The new padel facilities open in July, when the Grand Slam high-goal Cartier Gold Cup polo comes to town. Imagine a healthy spirit of competition and conviviality among likeminded people, combined with the warm Spanish hospitality and sunshine and here is the essence of life in Sotogrande. 134 LUXURY LIVING







A TOP PERFORMING INVESTMENT Forget stocks and shares the only commodity a truly savvy investor is interested in is either classic cars or wine. Over the last ten years these two so-called passion investments — the allocation of wealth toward high-value collectibles — have dominated the top places within Luxury Investment Indexes.


A recent report published by Knight Frank as part of its annual wealth report shows that whilst in the last 12months the demand for classic cars has dropped demand amongst high net worth individuals still remains buoyant, so why the shift? Buyers it seems have changed tact and are now focusing their attentions on a more selective market either the extremely rare models or the ‘classic cars of the future’ buy purchasing vehicles from the 2000s As one would expect Ferraris dominate the listings of most expensive cars ever sold with seven out of the top ten most expensive cars ever sold all being Ferrari’s and as if to prove this point, early last year a Ferrari 1957 335 S Spider Scaglietti Sport became the most expensive racing car to be sold at auction ever when it was sold by Artcurial in Paris for €32million (£24.7 million). According to the Historic Automobile Group, which tracks and publishes prices the soaring value of Ferraris and other classic names cannot easily be explained by any one factor. “It’s a cocktail of things: rarity, technical sophistication, racing pedigree and continuing competitive success. But what you can say is everyone who buys one of these cars is passionate about them.”



But it is not just the rarest and expensive Ferraris or Bugattis that are soaring in value it is a whole range of cars all the way down to mass-produced volume sports cars of the past such as E Type Jags, the best of which can now fetch £80,000 apiece. So what cars should we be investing in now for a big return in the future? Not all of us have a spare million or two to buy our way into the coveted ‘classic car club,’ but prudent planning and looking at the market trends now could reap its rewards in the future here we look at three entry level sections. At the lower-end of the scale is the Porsche Boxster launched in 1996, the original Boxster has become something of a modern classic in its own right. With a mid-engine layout, it’s a comfortable drive and extremely good value, with prices starting at just £5,000. For the savy investor don’t expect major appreciation – This car won’t make you rich as Porsche made hundreds of thousands of these cars – but buy a low mileage car and it certainly won’t lose you any money. For the mid sector the BMW E46 M3 CS and CSL are a perfect choice with special edition E46 BMW M3s hot property. The super-rare CSL, which comes with a carbon-roof, would have set you back just £50,000 a few years ago and today price tags range from £70,000 to £80,000. At the lower end the CS, a few years ago would have set you back around £20,000, today they’re now selling at £30,000+ Another super-cool mid-priced car to watch out for is the Mercedes SL W113 ‘Pagoda.’ A few years ago this truly beautiful car would have cost around £50,000 today you’ll need at least £70,000 to purchase one with the truly exceptional restored cars fetching as much as £110,000 and more, At the higher end of the spectrum we all know that iconic cars like the Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6 are classics however in recent years the younger Astons have gained momentum. The poster car of the 80’s the V8 Vantages are rapidly accelerating out of reach. With high demand for the powerful X Pack versions. Prices currently range from £300k to £400k, a price increase of more than 20 per cent on a year ago.






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ASTOn MARTIn’S RAPIdE British luxury and storied sportscar maker Aston Martin’s have confirmed that less than two years after its unveiling the RapidE, Aston’ Martin’s first electric car will enter production in 2019 with a limited production run of 155 cars.Produced in partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering RapidE is based upon the forthcoming Rapide AMR concept, and will deliver four-door sports car looks and dynamics of the Rapide S powered by an all-electric powertrain replacing the six-litre V12 engine. Anyone who has savoured the delights of a top-of-the-range Tesla S all electric performance in ludicrous mode won’t be surprised to hear that. The question remains, will future versions of the James Bond spy movies use traditional Aston Martins, or dare to drive electric ones? Aston Martin President and CEO Andy Palmer said the company will embrace electric power but expects traditional internal combustion engines to be the core of the product for some time. “RapidE represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin’s values of seductive style and supreme performances don’t merely co-exist alongside a new zero-emission powertrain, but are enhanced by it. The internal combustion engine has been at the heart of Aston Martin for more than a century, and will continue to be for years to come. RapidE will showcase Aston Martin’s vision, desire and capability to successfully embrace radical change, delivering a new breed of car that stays true to our ethos and delights our customers,” Palmer said.




AUdI E-TROnSUV SUV SPORTbAck Audi e-tron Sportback The conceptual conceptual e-tron e-tron SUV SUV Sportback Sportback with with looks looks based based upon upon the the A7 A7 is is set set to to go go into into full full The production in 2019. Sporting three electric motors giving it 496bhp Audi claims it will go from production in 2019. Sporting three electric motors giving it 496bhp Audi claims it will go from 0-60mph in in 4.5-seconds 4.5-seconds and and offer offer aa driving driving range range of of up up to to 310miles. 310miles. The The SUV SUV Sportback Sportback can can 0-60mph also be recharged to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes. also be recharged to 80 per cent in just 30 minutes.

u Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, which is available in all Audi vehicles except the A1 and A6 ranges, features once again, but has the addition of touchscreens in the centre console and large 23inch wheels. Small cameras replace the exterior mirrors offering a better aerodynamics and improved air flow and reduced wind noise.


VOlkSWAgEn Id cROzz The ID Crozz is Volkswagen’s all-electric SUV scheduled to go on sale from 2020. After the premieres of the I.D. in 2016 and I.D. BUZZ in 2017, the I.D. CROZZ will follow as the third member of the I.D. family – a new generation of zero emission vehicles with long driving range, charismatic electric mobility design and a new interior world. The I.D. CROZZ will be more compact than Volkswagen’s latest production SUV, the New Tiguan Allspace and yet will provide just as much space. This is because the I.D. CROZZ is based on the new, innovative, next-generation architecture for Volkswagen electric vehicles. The suspension and drivetrain modules are positioned far to the outsides of the vehicle and exhibit very compact construction. The 82kWh battery will be fully integrated into the vehicle floor offering a driving range of 310 miles and top-speed of 112mph. A 10.2-inch display will adorn the centre console and handle all the infotainment functions, while a secondary 5.8-inch display in front of the driver will show information relating to the car. Like many proposed cars of the future the ID Crozz will have an autonomous ‘I.D Pilot’ driving mode with complete retractable steering wheel, when the driver touches the VW badge on the steering wheel for three seconds –the I.D. CROZZ will transfer to autopilot mode.




PORScHEMission MISSIOn E E Porsche Porsche Porsche unveiled unveiled the the Mission Mission E E at at the the Frankfurt Frankfurt Motor Motor Show Show two two years years ago. ago. The The Mission Mission E E is is aa four-seater sports car aimed again to rival that of Tesla’s Model S. four-seater sports car aimed again to rival that of Tesla’s Model S. The The Mission Mission E E has has aa system system power power output output of of over over 600 600 hp hp (440 (440 kW) kW) and and will will thus thus achieve achieve both both acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and a range of more than 500 kilometres. acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and a range of more than 500 kilometres. One One of of the the Mission Mission E’s E’s biggest biggest selling selling point point is is its its recharge recharge time. time. When When it it goes goes on on sale sale in in 2020, 2020, the Mission E will use a 800-volt charger unit specially developed for the car, which is the Mission E will use a 800-volt charger unit specially developed for the car, which is twice twice as as powerful powerful as as today’s today’s quick-charge quick-charge systems, systems, the the lithium-ion lithium-ion batteries batteries integrated integrated within within the the vehicle floor have enough power again for 80 percent of the range after just 15 minutes. The vehicle floor have enough power again for 80 percent of the range after just 15 minutes. The vehicle vehicle can can optionally optionally be be ‘refuelled’ ‘refuelled’ wirelessly wirelessly by by induction induction via via aa coil coil set set into into the the garage garage floor. floor.

u Another feature that is typical of a Porsche sports car is a lightweight concept with optimal weight distribution and a low centre of gravity. The battery mounted in the car’s underbody, which is based on the latest lithium-ion technology, runs the whole length between the front and rear axles. This distributes its weight to the two drive axles uniformly, resulting in exceptionally good balance. In addition, it makes the sports car’s centre of gravity extremely low. Both of these factors significantly boost performance and a sports car feeling.





Supersonic travel returns to the skies





Air travel has over the years stagnated, whilst the technology world has moved forward in leaps and bounds it seems that air travel has taken a step backwards … that is of course until now. After 13 years of developing a high-speed business jet Aerion AS2 looks to be a step closer to making supersonic passenger travel a reality once again, not seen since the days of Concorde. The company funded by Texas billionaire Robert Bass and European aerospace giant Airbus — claims that AS2 could be in the air in just five years, with its first commercial deliveries beginning in 2022.

THE DAY TRIP, REDEFINED The AS2 will accommodate 8 to 12 passengers in a 30-foot-long cabin and is expected to get passengers to their destination at remarkable speeds of up to Mach 1.5 (990 mph) — which is 67% faster than the top cruise speeds of current or anticipated long-range subsonic jets. With a range of up to 5,466 miles, the AS2 cuts transatlantic journey time by 3 hours and condenses trans-Pacific routes by 6 hours or more meaning that travellers could comfortably make an overseas round trip in a single day. A trip from New York to London would take just under 3 hours one way and unlike Concorde whose demise was in part to its ear-splitting sonic booms which resulted in limited use of airspace across America and Europe the AS2 would cruise efficiently at speeds just below the sound barrier while over land as well as at roughly one-and-a-half times the speed of sound—over the ocean (at sea level sound travels about 750 miles per hour).

BEHOLD THE BEAUTY With the help of those at NASA the AS2 is beautifully proportioned and ingeniously designed to create something that is not only functional and comfortable, but incredibly sleek and sexy too. As is common in this type of plane the wings sit near the rear of the jet and the fuselage extends forward, tapering at the front to a point. The AS2 will be built mainly from carbon fibre, with titanium alloy along the leading edge of each wing which offer a wingspan of 61ft (18.6 meters) and a length of 170ft (51.8meters)

TANTALIZING INTERIORS The interior will be manufactured using the best materials and maintaining the existing comfort levels of private jets, with similar seat dimensions and the same features. Materials that reduce sound levels will also be used so the cabin is as peaceful as that of a subsonic aircraft.


A private apartment in First Class. That’s Flying Reimagined.

In the First Apartment on our A380 you can relax in a large leather armchair before retiring to the comfort of a separate bed, dressed with all-natural be linen. Enjoy a seven-course tasting menu prepared by our Inflight Chef. Take a refreshing shower in the First Class bathroom before landing.

#Reimagined I I 154 LUXURY LIVING

Flying Reimagined



Making Waves ASTON MARTIN AM37 POWERBOAT The 37-foot Aston Martin AM37 powerboat made its world debut at the Monaco Yacht Show last year, and has firmly marked the luxury British brand’s entry into the nautical world. Developed by Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts the new day-cruiser is offered in two versions with the AM37S expected to reach speeds of 50 knots. The result of two years of research and development, which challenges the status quo of the nautical world and combines the best in innovative technology and bespoke craftsmanship.




The AM37 is a day cruiser that can be transformed into an overnight berth by transforming the table into a comfortable bed. The cabin is well appointed with mood lighting and air-conditioning. With a refrigerator, microwave oven and coffee machine – and a lavatory on board, absolute comfort is guaranteed. Crafted from the finest leathers, elegantly laid out rear seating is available for up to eight people. “The AM37 is a pure translation of the Aston Martin DNA into an entirely new maritime concept. The powerboat reflects our values in terms of power, beauty and soul. The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the design language and proportion. It was important to us when considering this project to make sure that the boat design was as beautiful and timeless as our cars.” Aston Martin’s EVP & Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman The exterior of AM37 features dynamic proportions in a design that is simple, yet immaculately executed. The boat is set apart by the attention to detail in every element of its design. The wraparound windscreen has been created from a single piece of sculpted glass fluidly draped over the AM37’s foredeck. With extreme double curvature it sets a new industry standard. Sliding deck technology allows owners to cover the cockpit of the boat completely at the touch of a button. The three lightweight carbon panels, operated by the AM37 key, fold under the aft deck when the cockpit is uncovered. An electro-hydraulic carbon fibre bimini top is stowed under the engine hatch when not in use and, extending from the aft deck, a swim platform allows for easy access to the water. At the helm, the AM37’s carbon fibre dashboard echoes styling elements from Aston Martin’s most advanced sports cars. It includes fine leather with functional features, such as the steering wheel, throttle handles and joystick in polished metals. The boat’s navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems are all integrated, with advanced multimedia functions. The 37-foot model is available in two versions – the AM37 with an estimated top speed of 45 knots and a choice of two 370 hp Mercury diesel or two 430 hp Mercury petrol engines.  And the AM37S version with an estimated 50 knots derived from its twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines.






SPORT Sport is a pastime that not everyone has the luxury to enjoy. Some sporting activities such at motorracing, polo and yachting can be extremely expensive pastimes but watching them can be just a fun. Here we review the most luxurious sporting events coming up.



Santa María Polo Club

Sotogrande, located in the San Roque municipal area, (Cádiz-Andalucía) can be considered the pinnacle of polo in Europe thanks to the excellent facilities and competitions taking place at Santa María Polo Club. Sotogrande is one of the most prestigious and luxury residential areas in Europe. Since 1965, when the first polo field -The Beach- was built, Santa María Polo Club has successfully conducted hundreds of tournaments. The Club has been gaining ground since then to become today, with seven fields, one of the best clubs in the world, a club that also features excellent facilities dedicated to hospitality and events of any kind (company meetings, weddings, corporate events, etc.). International brands like Maserati, have a firm commitment to the club events. The seven fields of Santa María Polo Club are located in two different places: Los Pinos and Puente de Hierro. The Club has also the infrastructure and the resources necessary to provide an integral service that is adaptable to all needs in a unique location for the organization of private and corporative events and celebrations.


The InTernaTIonal Polo TournamenT The Club hosts more than 25 competitions over the year and two tournaments of the World Polo Tour: the Gold Cup at the International Polo Tournament in August, and the Silver Cup, also belonging to the summer season. The two main polo seasons are the spring season, which is consolidated year after year in the annual calendar of the club, and the summer Season, for sure the most exclusive sporting event in Spain and one of the most exclusive worldwide. Every summer the best national and international polo players compete at the fields in the International Tournament, always free admission. This year, from July 25th to August 27th, the Club hosted the 46th edition of the International Polo Tournament, and like every summer the Club will be the hub of social life in Sotogrande and part of Costa del Sol, providing areas to enjoy like Shopping Village, restaurants for casual and formal dinners, bars, parties in the Grey Goose After Polo Night Lounge, attracting a large and cosmopolitan audience. In addition to the famous terraces for brands and teams, the club offers a hospitality service with private areas by day and a full catering service. There is also a perfect place for companies that want to invite their clients to enjoy a special day: The Corporate Lounge, where the guests can watch the matches boasts a great atmosphere and excellent cocktails.

The begInnIng of The Summer Polo SeaSon With July´s arrival the summer polo season begins in Santa Maria Polo Club, with tournaments scheduled every weekend. These tournaments are a great pre-start for the 46th edition of the International Polo Tournament, which will be held from the July 25th till the end of August. The polo fields and leisure areas of the Santa María Polo Club are already prepared to receive the summer, with Los Pinos fields as the main venue of all the activities. As in spring, entry is free for all attendees and in addition to polo matches, the Club has arranged throughout the month a large area next to the Main Pavilion with comfortable terraces to have drinks and food while you enjoy the polo games.




+34 610 LIVING 012 164 956 LUXURY




CeLebRating ‘‘bRitiSHneSS’ witH tHe woRLd’S eLite British Polo Days are a celebration of craft and heritage in a polo events network that spans the World. British Polo Days have become an unparalleled platform for the elite.



Over 50 events in 15 countries have been held since 2009, with the British Polo Day Global Series now encapsulating 10 annual events, spanning Abu Dhabi, Australia, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, Singapore, Sumba Island (Indonesia), Thailand and the US to name a few. With events planned for South Africa, Brazil and South Korea in the near future. The story of British Polo Day stems from a love of the history and traditions of the ancient sport of polo and a recognition that the ‘international language of the horse’ can bridge cultures, and bring people together on a global scale. Co-founded by university pals Ed Olver a former Household Cavalry officer and Bank trader and Tom Hudson both ex-British Army officers the aim of a British Polo Day is to build a network with host countries around the world continuing the tradition of playing high quality polo, whilst also acting as a platform for businesses providing access to a global community of UHNW’s and promoting ‘Brand Britain’. An invitation only event with between 500 - 5,000 guests, each British Polo Day is partnered by some of the worlds most distinguished brands such as RJI Capital, Harrods, Bentley and Royal Salute to name but a few who all share a combined love of the sport . This shared appreciation also helps opens doors for British businesses and build a level of mutual trust via the shared experience of polo. Supporters of these events include key figures in government, the aristocracy, diplomats, military, fashion, art and popular culture. In addition, British Polo Days have hosted members of 12 royal families, 100 independent billionaires and leaders in world innovation including Sir Richard Branson and Elon Musk among others thus becoming a trusted event for the international elites to mingle with international business entrepreneurs and magnates. No expense is sparred for those invited to a British Polo Day event, with only the best hotels, experience and parties provided. Although the ancient sport of polo began in Persia and China many centuries ago, the British reinvented the modern game in the nineteenth century and spread it globally. Sir Winston Churchill, one of the greatest proponents of the game, once famously said “a polo handicap is a passport to the world” and polo is still thriving everywhere it is played. Each British Polo Day event features British polo players from some of Britain’s leading institutions such as Eton, Harrow, Oxford, Cambridge and The British Army who compete head to head with the very best teams of the host countries. Over 100 top British and international players have played at British Polo Days. This year the series kicked off for its seventh inaugural visit to Abu Dhabi at the Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club, the private royal polo ground of HH Sheikh Falah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan closing out in Jodhpur, Indian in December a fitting finale as it is where Lord Mountbatten fell in love with the game and declared it as “the best sport in the world.” 166 LUXURY LIVING






Bremont has been appointed the Official Timing Partner of the 35th America’s Cup and of the defending champions, ORACLE TEAM USA. To celebrate, we’ve created a collection of limited edition timepieces. The Regatta Series, specially designed to be used by sailors, incorporates a unique countdown chronograph movement. So the question is, which of these fine watches should you choose? Sorry, you’re on your own.




INNOVATORS OF SAILING The way we sail now is vastly different to the way we used to 50 - years ago, and this is all thanks to the innovating shipyards and nautical architects. From classic beauties built with traditional craftsmanship and timeless values to the modern breed of tech racers, here we take a peek at some of the world’s top sailing yards.



Then Founded in Jan Vitters in 1990, the shipyard started primarily as a builder of megayacht hulls but that all changed when the yard delivered its first luxury sailing yachts, the 28-meter Aphrodite, in 1993, this was followed by the 48.5-meter Thalia in 1994. Vitters also expanded through its acquisition of Green Marine, a builder of carbon fibre custom racing and high performance superyacht hulls in 2010.

Vitters shipyard

Vitters Yacht LADY B participating in the St. Barths

u now Winner of the 2017 Best Naval Architecture in the Sailing Yacht award, then new 82m sailing yacht designed by Bill Trippa – AquiJo has two of the tallest masts in the world standing as 91-meter This spectacular 85 meter Fast Cruising Ketch, is the world’s largest high-performance ketch and marks Vitters Shipyard’s and Oceanco’s first cooperative effort.

Aquijo is the world’s largest high-performance ketch

AQuiJo jacuzzi on board 172 LUXURY LIVING

Then JFA was founded in 1993 by Frédéric Jaouen and Frédéric Breuilly to build the 22-metre aluminium sloop Kermor. Located in the port of Concarneau in Brittany on France’s Atlantic coast the yard quickly established itself as a new yacht builder. JFA’s exceptional know-how is exercised in carpentry, cabinet-making, boiler making and mechanics. Catamarans are its speciality however the shipyard has renovated many well-known luxury yachts, including the 38-metre superyacht Jaguar, the 33-metre Amadeus, the 30-metre maxi cat Mashua Bluu, and the 36-metre, two-masted schooner Magistral.

JFA carpenter at work

u now The shipyard has 4 projects currently under construction; The Long Island 85, designed by Marc Lombard this 26.2m catamaran WindQuest offers a different interior veneer and a hard top on the flybridge that can be closed for cold regions, MY 135 Global Explorer by Naval architect Jan Overing and Michael Kirshstein offers 5 guest cabins on the lower deck (3 double cabins, 2 twin cabins). The owner’s suite is situated on the main deck occupying the entire beam of the boat. 15 wide windows offer exceptional natural light to this 80 square meter space, FC270 a 22.2m Fast Crusier by Finot Conq and P. Forgia combines an aluminium hull with a glass epoxy deck and finally Long Island 100º the second boat in the Long Island Range designed by Marc Lombard

Long Island 100 Yacht

Long Island 85 Yacht – Front Deck 173


Then Founded in 1884 by Jan Jans Huisman this family-owned shipyard has evolved from a modest builder of wooden workboats to multiple award-winning creator of some of the finest superyachts in the world. Pioneers of aluminium yacht construction the shipyard has a reputation for creating one-of-a –kind boats. Among the many celebrated superyachts launched by Royal Huisman are the reconstructed J-Class Sailing Yacht Endeavour in 1989. The 47.42-metre Sailing Yacht Hyperion, delivered in 1996 which featured a record-setting 59-metre carbon-fibre mast and advanced computer system and the 58.04-metre Sailing Yacht Ethereal, launched in 2009, which set the standard for environmentally conscious superyacht construction.

J-Class Sailing Yacht Endeavour

90m Royal Huisman schooner Athena

u now Continuing to break boundaries, Royal Husiman has announced the construction of the World’s largest aluminium yacht. The construction of the 81m / 266ft contemporary three-masted schooner has commenced at the shipyard’s facilities in Vollenhove. This new build, Project 800 is by Dykstra Naval Architects, designer Mark Whiteley and Bart Kimman

Project 800 174 LUXURY LIVING

Then Founded in 1983 by Italian paper manufacturer and inventor Fabio Perini’s who unable to find a large sailing yacht that he could operate single-handed, decided to create a company to design and build one. At first, Perini Navi primarily was a studio for designing and engineering large luxury sailing yachts, but by 1988, the company began building its own designs. Notable launches include the 88-metre sailing yacht Maltese Falcon designed by naval architecture by Gerald Dijkstra and Partners in 2006, this majestic sailing yacht has three masts with curvilinear spars and the Seahawk, the first yacht in the Perini Navi 60-metre Series, launched in 2013.

Maltese Falcon

u now The stunning state of the art 70m S/Y Sybaris a standout winner at the 2017 Superyacht Design Awards, is the largest sailing yacht to have been built in Italy. SYBARIS’ sleek sculpted lines had input from Philippe Briand, who worked on the naval architecture and sail plan. Across the interior and exterior SYBARIS enjoys exceptional use of lighting, creating a perfect ambience. As one of the most technically sound yachts ever built. Also in build are two 60m yachts Perseus and Seahawk with expected delivery in 2018

The ultimate in luxury – Sybaris interiors 175


new Kid on The BlocK Established in Suffolk in 1993, Spirit Yachts create wooden sail and power yachts. Operating from its waterside premises in Ipswich, this British boat-yard has managed to amass a stunning portfolio of yachts during its short history with over 60 classics produced so far. The Spirit 54’, also known as Soufrière which starred alongside Daniel Craig and Eva Green in Casino Royale, is perhaps Spirit’s most iconic yacht to date. Spirit’s flagship, and largest yacht built to date, is the 100-foot Gaia. Built for racing as well as relaxed family sailing, Gaia remains a ground-breaking example of modern classic, wooden yacht technology. Currently in build is the new Spirit Classic 52’ tailored specifically for racing, with no compromise on performance. With a completely stripped out interior, flush decks, and carbon rigging, spars and rudder, the yacht is being built for an experienced and competitive racing sailor. Bound for the south coast classic regattas next summer, this Spirit 52’ will be complemented by an extensive sail wardrobe for all weather conditions and the Spirit P70 the largest Spirit motor boat to date. Spirit’s clean hull lines and the impressive power to weight ratio offered by wood/epoxy construction, will allow the P70 to cruise comfortably for up to 1,000 miles at 18knots. The P70 will be able to sleep up to eight guests across three en-suite cabins and a luxurious owner’s cabin aft; a fourth cabin provides accommodation for crew. 176 LUXURY LIVING



CRUISING GROUND: SPAIN, GIBRALTAR, CEUTA & MOROCCO Powerboat Level 1 & 2 ICC, Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore

(+34) 680 681 233 Yachting Sotogrande Charters SL, Puerto Sotogrande, Cadiz

w w w.y a c h t i n g s o t o g r a n d e . c o m


Welcome to

MARINA SotogRANde Known as the first harbour of the Mediterranean, our distinctive personality comes from the myriad of cultures which have left their mark in this southern region of Europe, the entrance to the Straits of Gibraltar, somewhat suited and synonym to the Andalusian hospitality.



A LittLe bit of History The Administrative Concession for the construction of the harbour and inner marina was approved by the Cabinet council on 23rd July 1982, for a period of 75 years, which will take us to 2057. The harbour was official inaugurated on 21st June 1987. Compared to the present day total of 1380 berths, at that time a mere 535 berths were available in the main harbour area. An outside dinner party and firework display started Puerto Sotogrande off with a bang. Until this development, the sporting inclinations of Sotogrande had been only golf and polo, centred on the Sotogrande course and Cucurucho area. With this maritime project, Sotogrande opened out into the Mediterranean and beyond. A big development and expansion of focus, but the core values of Sotogrande had not changed : Family, Sport and Relaxation to the highest levels The harbour today is in many ways the social centre of the urbanization. A meeting place for a cup of coffee, a business reunion, a family event or celebration, product promotion, a quiet corner to catch up on that unread newspaper or book, a meal with friends, administrative chores, a perusal of the shops and other commercial premises. All these options and much more are accommodated in the harbour today. Our installations have been home to name just a few events; the Hobie Cat-16 World Championship, J 80 World and National Champions, the dynamic RC 44 challenge, Atlantic Gate Rally, GC-32 Racing Tour, Triathlon San Roque Yet the intimate squares and gardens, offer peace and quiet just a stones throw away. The ability to hold that perfect balance is the Sotogrande secret.



We don’t just fiLL bertHs And repAir boAts! Puerto Sotogrande, S.A. has over 25 years experience of marina management. Our management beginnings are rooted in the strategy of quality and excellence. Over the years we have evolved and developed not only our installations, but our staff receive permanent training and instruction. Our personnel are the main key to our value and help set us apart from the “crowd”. Our organization is made up of a managed team whose aim is to obtain satisfied users of Puerto Sotogrande. Our quality services and installations are fully certified and maintained with the ADEC -Blue Flag, ISO14001-2004,ISO- 9001. We were the first pleasure harbour in Spain to draw up and obtain official approved of a contingency plan. Our commitment with the environment is on going to contribute to a sustainable touristic plan.


MArinA sotogrAnde in figures u u u u u u u

The whole project covers an area of more than 60 hectares 1380 berths between 6 and 50mts LOA A total water surface of 206.158m2 Boat yard surface area 8.000m2 Interior esplanard 3.500m2 Workshops surface area 400m2 Travelift for vessel crane movements with a capacity of 250tns Fuel station with 2 storage tanks with approved capacity of 20.000lts each, to inshore supply of diesel and petrol

Puerto Sotogrande S.A torre de control s.n 11310 Sotogrande tlf: 956 790 000 Fax: 956 790 109 181





HOME Offering an insight into the world of luxury interiors Luxury Living Magazine helps you create the perfect home. Whether your taste is classic or contemporary- or an eclectic mix of both - you’ll find ideas and inspiration, the latest information and tools to help you decorate, renovate, and entertain stylishly.




INSIDE JOB When people speak of luxury, they usually think of things such as fine jewellery, haute horology and priceless gems. Few think of what is actually protecting and caring for these luxurious items, but surely if you’re going to spend top dollar for the things you love in life than you should invest in something safe & secure? But times have changed and today the modern safe is now an entirely different breed!



Who can put a price on what you deem valuable? Yes jewels, watches, documents, passports and money are all valuable but what about your child’s first drawing, that rare cigar or vintage claret, safes have for many years been the protector of such items but today’s modern safes offer a completely different package. Amid market turmoil, sales of security safes have gone through the roof and within the luxury market safes have evolved from the stuffy grey steel boxes of yesteryear hidden behind a painting or within a cabinet to modern pieces of art which command attention. Technically refined and upgraded they now offer bulletproof doors, watch -winders, cigar humidors and fingerprint biometrics – Today the modern safes is in many cases more valuable than the contents it protects.

So where does one stash the cash? Döttling FOrtrEss The name says it all. Built by German engineers and billed as the “safest luxury safe in the world,” the Fortress is available in a number of bespoke configuration and carries the highest security rating (VdS/EN 3 to VdS/EN 5) so its contents can be certified and insured to hold up to $1 million. Standing a little over four feet high, this limited edition three-door vault is waterproof and fireproof up to nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and has 2.75-inch steel walls protecting everything inside. Within it has eight individually controlled watch winders housed within the maximum security section of the safe, a humidor made from Spanish cedar, with an electronic humidifying system, a hygrometer and a barometer, plus a Colosimo two-door safe (Yes, a safe within a safe) which includes space for an additional six watches on precision rotators). All wrapped within the finest calfskin which can be tailor-made to any specification and colour. 188 LUXURY LIVING

BuBEn & ZOrwEg tHE trEasury Ideal for watch collectors, the Treasury safe is a collectors dream, not only does it safely store up to 142 watches but is also displays the watches in all their glory neatly behind its shatter-proof glass in 9 display modules which can be used to display not just watches but vintage wine or cigars.

Hidden within there is an additional mini safe that securely stores more watches out of sight. The Treasury comes with a stunning state-of-the-art LED lighting technology with fading function and a superb jewelled timepiece at the centre of the machine, featuring a flying tourbillon. In addition, it also features a high-end Media Centre which can stream music wirelessly.


stOckingEr PHOEnix Imposing in every way, the Stockinger Phoenix looks like it belongs in a Swiss bank vault. Built with German engineering the Phoenix doesn’t just look the part, it offers the “complete package” built using a multi-wall construction, if someone attempts to break into it by force then an emergency bolt mechanism will firmly and permanently lock the safe and send a silent alarm distress signal to the emergency services, meaning burglars don’t stand a chance! It can hold up to 70 watches each with individually controlled watch winders which can be customised to exact specifications, with optional drawers and various colours available. 189

Brown Safe – DamaScuS eDition chronoS Safe Featuring military grade electromechanical locks this safe pays homage to the legendary Damascus steel used by knights or the olde realm, but the military connection doesn’t stop there. Fully loaded with; titanium bolt work, anti-drive, triple redundant re-lockers, biometric fingerprint entry, GPS anti-theft systems, home automation integration, automatic watch winder panels and military grade X-09 kinetically driven and EMP hardened dial lock the Damascus Edition Chronos Safe is modern technology at its best. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing this luxury watch safe means business. Designers Brown Safe will only produce a limited series of just 10 of these safes which include 16 Winder Watch Panel with Orbita Programmable Winders 3 Self Closing Drawers and Open Space with One Adjustable Shelf settings.



DÖTTLING NARCISSUS Probably the most expensive safe in the world priced at whopping €250,000 the Döttling Narcissus is another best piece by Döttling German engineering. Limited to only 30 pieces worldwide – this Karl Lagerfeld designed fortress is remotely opened when it identifies its user. Sheathed in High gloss chrome-plated aluminium the Narcissus comprises of two handcrafted interior cabinets containing watch winders and jewellery drawers. Weighing in at over 800 Kgs this monolith of home security breaks through previous aesthetic and technical limits, as it has a depth of just 30cm. This highly innovative safe is also a very personal statement by a public figure who has made, and continues to make, history in the worlds of fashion and photography.


BOca DO lOBO’s BarOn saFE Industrial style continues to reinvent itself and this steampunk-inspired luxury private safe by Boca do Lobo Design Studio is not only strong, but also a treat to the eyes. Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watch making techniques, the Baron safe-box has a wooden structure which is lined with polished brass. The brass and stainless steel gears and the rest of the mechanisms are visible from the outside and the opening system operates with an automatic engine that works with a remote. Baron’s interiors feature cigar humidors, 8 watchwinders, 4 drawers and 2 upholstered exhibition stages in black velvet but really who is cares what’s inside, this safe truly a piece of art 191

LUXURY BEYOND COMPARISON 360° views of the prestigious Downtown district. 27 residences, each encompassing an entire floor. Three duplex penthouses. Two bespoke signature residential Themes – Classic Contemporary. One address to revere an elevated lifestyle. +971 600 545 451

Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty is part of the Sotheby’s International Realty® global network. With more than 880 affiliate offices with over 20,000 agents in more than 70 countries and territories, Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty has an unparalleled edge in locating the best properties and investors worldwide. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Gulf Sotheby’s International Realty encompasses


markets across the GCC, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

The 118 (1632) / Developer: Signature D T Real Estate Development (1061) / Escrow Account Number: 012000857406 / Expected Completion: March 2017 / t +971 600 545 451



LUXURY HOME TRENDS We explore the newest must-have amenities for kitchens, closets, game spaces, privacy and security in today’s luxury residences. In the luxury real estate marketplace, homebuyers’ lifestyles, hobbies, and collecting habits are defining their home life and shaping the features and amenities they demand within. As part of its annual Luxury Defined Report Christies Real Estate polled real estate executives and agents in the field of luxury residential properties and asked them which amenities and home features stood out in the current luxury real estate landscape. Here are some of their insights...

KITcHENS AS THEATrE ANd à VoTrE SANTé Anyone watching a master chef in action soon realizes that cooking is a dance and a kitchen is the stage. Counter space, considered prime real estate even more so than stoves or appliances, is expanding exponentially and also allowing a household’s multiple cooks to create in tandem. Precision, efficiency of movement, command of space defines a chef— which so many of us now aspire to be. When entertaining, guests want to watch their hosts in action. As a result, they tend to congregate in the kitchen, which then grows in stature with “spectator” seating and elegant design.  193


Closets: Go BiG… No, Go BiGGer Just as your art and your home are the image you project to the world, so too are the clothes you wear. That is certainly the reason that closets continue to grow in size and opulence. Across our 101 surveyed markets, numerous brokers across the globe reported that large closets continue to be a highly desirable amenity for luxury home buyers. Closets are no longer confined spaces. The closet is really another room, not a storage center, and has become almost recreational.


rAISINg your gAmE Gone are the days when a tennis court, indoor cinema or billiards room were considered the height of luxury. Today luxury real estate specialist’s report that the passion for recreation at home is only becoming more expansive and extravagant. Home gyms have been around for years but this, has now evolved to the at home beauty salon and this year we have also seen a rise in the number of sports facilities added to the home such as; ice-hockey rinks, a BMX pump course, bowling alleys and an irrigated regulation soccer field

PrIVAcy ANd SEcurITy Beginning with the castle moat, security has been a salient feature of important homes for centuries. What started as basic in-home security systems like ADT have evolved radically for today’s most sophisticated residences. Often designed by former military masterminds: fingerprint recognition, outdoor surveillance cameras with night vision to protect a home’s perimeters; safe rooms with oxygen scrubbers, back-up generators and Kevlar®-reinforced doors; blast films on windows to make them virtually impenetrable; and ceiling devices that when tripped, fire pepper spray or a fog laced with ingredients to temporarily debilitate unwanted intruders are just a few of the systems luxury home owners are installing.




The Wood SpecialiST The curving and flamboyant one off creations of Kinsale-based designer Joseph Walsh continues to make waves in the furniture and international design scene and his latest creation ‘A piece of Time’ Collection showcased at an exhibition in New York is a watch aficionado’s dream come true.






The incredible cabinet sculpted from fumed oak and shaped like a bulging seed pod is composed of 108 drawer segments carved from pear wood and detailed in suede. Accessed by an original intricate locking mechanism - made from over 700 parts – which reference the spirit of the complex mechanisms of the watches within, this bespoke cabinet stands over two meters tall and holds as many as 108 watches within the separate pockets spread out over 11 levels while each of the drawers fans out from the main body of the cabinet to reveal the individual compartments and gives a short glimpse of the marvellous internal bronze mechanical locking apparatus. Accompanying the cabinet is a seat from Walsh’s Enignum collection, made from ebonised ash wood with black leather upholstery. The seat snakes around the cabinet, curving around the structure so one can sit and appreciate their collection. “My idea was to create a vessel form that would contain the watches, a sculpture, with a seat connected to it, so that one could spend time enjoying the watches,” designer Joseph Walsh said. “The form of the seat wraps around the user but also the vessel, and the compartments within pivot open with a fluid movement that follows the spirit of the piece’s form”. The commission took three years overall, with the collaboration of several makers working on it. The lead Master Maker was Remi Behr. Other members of the team included Russell Jacob, Timothy Harte, Benjamine LeBouc, Hortense de La Jonquiere, Jose Lopez, Declan Ryan, Shogo Watari, Rob McKenna, Jorg Berchtold and Jurgen Kranz and many others.


At just 35years- of age, Joseph Walsh is a visionary, born into a family of nine children Walsh grew up on a farm in Kinsale and clearly inherited flair from his artistic family. His mother Miriam made crafts and clothes and his younger sister, Carmel, is a stylist with the Italian fashion magazine Luisa via Roma. Remarkably, Walsh is self-taught, his specialty is building bent-wood pieces: standalone furniture, wall pieces and free-form sculpture which are created in his converted barn studio in Riverstick. His pieces are conceptual and dynamic and at times it takes a while to visually understand the piece, for example, Lilium I, which resembles a giant bulb with sprawling roots, each strip of wood worked to a paper-thin fineness is only after studying the form does it become apparent that it’s a table. He achieves this organic, natural flow by using bent lamination, where thin layers of mostly ash, oak, walnut and elm, are glued together in a meticulous regime along a course that he dictates. Joseph Walsh’s work can be found in many significant international Museum and Private Collections and are regularly exhibited at major art and design fairs.




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The desTinaTion for conTemporary archiTecTure The Seven aT La ReSeRva CLUB aT SOTOGRanDe

Grand architectural ensembles have shaped the history of modern design. Yet to find a site where a select coterie of globally acclaimed studios can express themselves fully is still exceptionally rare. La Reserva Club is one such find. Set high above the rolling Sierra Almenara hills, La Reserva Club is the most exclusive residential destination in Sotogrande, the jewel of Spain’s beautiful southern coastline. For generations, families and individuals have come to Sotogrande to experience the landscape, the privacy, the views and the lifestyle. Many beautiful houses have been built in this spacious and secluded region which over five decades has charted the nuances of architectural progression.

Now Sotogrande can also lay claim to one of the most remarkable ensembles of 21st century residential architecture yet assembled. Sited on La Reserva’s highest peak, with direct views over La Reserva Club’s manicured fairways to the Mediterranean beyond, is a 12-hectare park that is a perfect place for architectural innovation. Here the grounds themselves have been shaped by Jean Mus, the legendary French landscape designer, renowned for his skill at translating the scale, topography, planting and colour of the Provencal and Mediterranean regions into grand private gardens. The naturalistic landscape shaped by Mus will be complemented by seven very special houses, each representing a particular demonstration of global architectural talent. Each design is woven into the landscape, utilising Mus’s paths, planting and vistas to heighten the sense of privacy and rural seclusion. 204 LUXURY LIVING

Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan makes use of the expansive site of his design for Villa 1. ‘The veranda is the heart of our home,’ he says, ‘it offers an expansive lookout with views across the Mediterranean to Gibraltar and North Africa, and is a perfect meeting point for family and friends.’ Kogan’s studio MK27 was founded in 1980s Sao Paulo and has subsequently received global acclaim for the quality of its residential design. At Sotogrande, Kogan has shaped a house that culminates in a light, airy pavilion, surrounded by a terrace and with opening walls to bring the outside in. This pavilion sits above generous six-bedroom accommodation, with pools both indoor and out, a spa area, gym and media room. Stone walls, traditional wooden verandas and terraces that seep into the scented landscape create a hilltop retreat of rare subtlety and grace.



Villa 2 has been designed by the London-based practice of Gumuchdjian Architects. Founded by Philip Gumuchdjian in 1998, the studio has won many awards and worked on cultural projects all around the world, including the Centre Pompidou-Metz in collaboration with the Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. At Sotogrande, Gumuchdjian and his team have created a house that fans out from the heart of the site, offering up a spread of linked pavilions for different functions. The lower level houses guest suites, a pool and gym complex, media room and staff accommodation, while the upper level is formed of four distinct structures, a dining room, living room, family room and master bedroom suite, all linked by terraces, walkways and pools that step down through the sloping site. The dwelling’s scale is therefore cleverly concealed by the landscape, creating a series of intimate but striking architectural forms. ‘It’s a platform for a perfect indoor and outdoor lifestyle,’ the architect says.




Andreas Martin-Löf began his practice in 2008. The young Swedish designer has worked extensively in Stockholm and London and brings a warm Scandinavian ambience to his interiors. Villa 3 is arranged as a cubic volume, set in an undulating meadow, with terraces and walkways and a secret garden and pools. The main house features a grand central atrium rising up from the lower level, with its indoor pool, spa, gym and media room. The ground level consists of interconnecting reception areas, with three main bedroom suites on the upper level. A separate Guest House adjoins the linear pool. The landscaping is kept as natural as possible, in stark contrast to Martin-Löf›s precisely rendered walls, deep window openings and covered terraces. This combination of bucolic splendour and architectural rigour creates a secluded family retreat, described by the architect as ‘minimal in its appearance but rich in its spatially complex interior.’ Professor Ben van Berkel›s acclaimed Amsterdam-based practice, UNStudio, has been at the forefront of avant-garde architectural design since he founded it with Caroline Bos in 1988. Villa 4 is a spectacular demonstration of UNStudio’s bold approach, with a flowing arrangement of spaces that wraps around the site. Their trademark fluidity results in roofs that swoop and intersect, and stone and concrete buttresses that appear to grow organically out of the landscape. “How you move through the house follows the path of the sun throughout the day,” Van Berkel explains. Geometry and technology are fused in a spectacular piece of sculptural modernism. The Office of Architecture in Barcelona, OAB, is a collective studio created by the Spanish architect Carlos Ferrater in 2005. Ferrater has a distinguished portfolio of residential and hospitality architecture, creating hotels for Mandarin Oriental amongst others. OAB’s circular house is arranged around an internal courtyard with a walkway that unites the living spaces with Jean Mus’s evocative landscaping. The courtyard acts as a focal point around which the various functions and accommodations are arranged, with both internal and external views and a floorplan with generous amounts of indoor and outdoor circulation space. As with all the houses on La Reserva, the size of the plot, the contours of the land and, above all, the skilled manipulation of architectural space results in a house that is a truly private world, safe, secure and embedded within nature. The intention behind the seven houses at La Reserva has been to preserve and enhance the landscape wherever possible, and all the architects have made the relationship between the site and the space the driving force behind their designs. Villa 6, designed by the Spanish studio of Fran Silvestre, is another demonstration of the powerful relationship between form and nature, between natural and artificial and the organic and the geometric. Silvestre’s house is a ribbon of concrete that appears to be laid across the site, folding back and forth in a rhythmic arrangement of form. Ferrater›s design is truly inside/out living, with sinuous ribbons 208 LUXURY LIVING

stunning southern Mediterranean coastline, taking advantage of the beautiful climate and almost perpetual opportunity to live an outdoor life. Fishing, hunting and riding join other sports like golf, tennis, polo and water sports, while the full marina also offers sailing lessons.

containing bedrooms and reception areas separated by great expanses of landscape, framed and shaped by the curves and cantilevers of the building itself. As the sun moves across the sky, the views and experiences of dining or reclining on one of the many terraces constantly changes with the shifting nature of light and shadow. Every one of The Seven in La Reserva Club is generous without being ostentatious, using careful planning and massing to reduce their visual impact. As a result, their generous specifications – all with indoor and outdoor pools, spas and gymnasiums and a plethora of terraces – are integrated into the design and the landscape. Discretion and privacy are seamlessly integrated into the design. Even services, staff quarters, parking and preparation kitchens are included, but the primary public areas, be they reception rooms, master suites or generous guest houses, are arranged so as not to infringe upon Jean Mus’s landscape strategy and the sense of being embedded within an untouched landscape. Yet La Reserva Club is also part of the wider Sotogrande community, with all the facilities and amenities it provides, from golf to health clubs, award-winning restaurants and contemporary boutiques, bars and galleries. The entire Sotogrande complex is a rare oasis of privacy on Spain›s

The final house, Villa 7, has been designed by the award-winning Oslo firm of Jensen and Skodvin, best known for their series of exquisite residential and hotel projects set amongst the spectacular landscapes of their native Norway. In Sotogrande, the rich materiality of their work in Northern Europe is echoed by the use of warm wood and stone and high-tech glass, with a cluster of pitched roofs forming a dramatic silhouette against the skyline. Inside, the main living areas are set beneath these roofs on the upper level, with high ceilings and extensive glazed walls to melt the separation between terrace and reception space. On the level below, an expansive and organic, cave-like sauna complex is reached directly from the generous master suite, with an array of guest suites fanning out across the plan for separation and privacy. Villa 7 offers a delightful environment for any family, with grounds that include climbing walls, trails and campsites. La Reserva’s seven architects have come together to shape a residential opportunity unlike any other before it. Seven contemporary masterpieces, set together amongst a rich, rolling landscape, represent one of the greatest concentrations of innovative domestic design and architectural talent ever assembled. These are generous family homes but also important design statements, fully integrated with their spectacular environments to provide a luxurious oasis for contemporary living.

Find out more about The Seven at For other residential opportunities within La Reserva’ privae and secure ten communities including El Mirador designed by Andalucian firm, ARK, and custom home sites throughout the lands of La Reserva Club, please contact the dedicated sales team tel: +34 856 560 922 209




n Contemporary villa by ARK Architects

n Villa contemporánea diseñada por ARK Architects

n Family villa located in Kings and Queens

n Villa ubicada en zona Baja de Sotogrande

n 5 bedrooms/5bath/ large open plan living/dining/kitchen

n 5 dormitorios / 5 baños/ gran plano abierto de estar / comedor / cocina

n Plot size: 2,676 m2 n Total built area including basement: 1,007 m2


n Parcela: 2.676 m2 n Superficie edificada total incluyendo sótano: 1.007 m2

Noll & Partners with Stephanie Noll and Charles Gubbins, professionals who care! Finest properties for sale in Sotogrande - solid experience and knowledge of the real estate market

€3, Price: 900 ,0


An Ark Architects house is for both sides of the brain. For those “left-brained” this villa is built with the best quality materials, latest technology, on budget and on time. For those “right-brained” you will simply feel and sense the quality as you enter the front door. +34 607 911 661 +34 607 465 383

Una casa de Ark Architects es para ambos lados del hemisferio cerebral. Para los dominados por el lado “izquierdo” esta villa se construye con materiales de la mas alta calidad, última tecnologías, en presupuesto y tiempo. Para aquellos dominados por el lado “derecho” usted simplemente sentirá la calidad al entrar por la puerta principal.




Le PaLais RoyaL

Designed for Royalty and the upmost refined individuals One of America’s most expensive palatial estates has returned to market. Initially listed back in 2014 for $139 million Le Palais Royal, a 60,500 square feet Versailles – inspired compound is now back with even more land, two additional guest houses and an even bigger price tag: $159 million Modelled after the Palace of Versailles in France, Le Palais Royal is located in what is referred to as Millionaire’s Mile, a mile long strip where the “superrich”, enjoy a life well-lived, hidden from plain view.



The French inspired, masterpiece was engineered by in-house architect Denio Madera, who found inspiration in art history and was designed by Joseph Leone, a fashion dynast whose involvement in high-end couture for high-end Parisian brands, abetted in capturing the essence of Baroque beauty. Upon entering the premises prepare to be transported into a world of privilege. Infused by elements of those found in Europe’s greatest Palaces, this crown-jewel-on-the-mile is concealed by the only 13-foot wrought-iron gate, embellished with 22-karat gold-leafing on the strip. Lavish landscaping, adorned with Versailles-esque waterfalls and a three tier 26-foot fountain along the drive up to the porte cochère greet you. Through its grand entrance with seamless double, “day and night” custom designed doors, one of bronze encased glass and the other of solid mahogany with 22-karat gold leafing, you are welcomed by the grand staircase made of marble and steel-iron railing, which took craftsmen more than two years to realize and cost over of $2 Million. The grand entrance and grand hall open up to the capacious living room which offers endless panoramic views of the Atlantic Blue. The imposing fireplace, ornamented with a mirrored inlay reflects the ocean splendour, coupled with four Corinthian-marbled columns, personifies greatness; The ornate hand-moulded plaster and ceiling appliques combined with five chandeliers, lighting and complimenting sconces all help to create an atmosphere that is both elegant and inviting.




Sophisticated, custom-design detailing is customary in every room of this the 11-bedrooms, and 17 bathrooms oceanfront palace which also boasts the first-ever IMAX Theatre contracted for private use with a vast 27H X 50W screen, seating 18 along with a complete bar and IMAX lounge giving guests a unique experience. The kitchen boasts a French Le Cornue Grand Palais custom range, as well as custom cabinetry made of solid Mahogany, accentuated with 22-karat gold leafing for a true continuous European flair. The family room is complemented by a 1,300-gallon Living Colour aquarium enclosed within, its custom Mahogany cabinetry with a selected area to install a high definition, 3-D television. The exterior is joined by uniquely laid-out spaces, and well-appointed by a 4,500sq. ft. infinity edge swimming pool with a 12-ft cascading waterfall, a double-loop, LED-lit waterslide which plunges into the pool. A cosy fire pit is uniquely situated alongside the pool which is equipped with a swim-up bar for outside pleasure, provoking a warm invitation to stay at first visit. As one would expect the swimming pool is completely outfitted with an automated, temperature gauge sensor, triple sanitation system, utilizing saline, chlorine and ultraviolet light for unified maintenance. An outdoor Jacuzzi is positioned above the waterfall allowing complete panoramic sea views, creating a relaxed ambiance as you gaze into the horizon or view your yacht moored at your own 492-foot private dock.






This splendid villa is situated in a prime location with an elevated southerly aspect. It is set amongst wonderful gardens with great views to the sea and San Roque Golf Courses. The villa has been built to the highest standard with great attention to detail. The fabulous kitchen and the two reception rooms all lead directly to lovely covered and open terraces each taking full advantage of the views. There are 7 wonderful bedroom suites in the main house, 3 on the first floor and 4 on the ground floor, one of which is being used as a TV/family room and is located just off the kitchen. Fully acclimatised wine cellar, underfloor heating in the bathrooms.


Ref: HSN2-927

Main Features

Holmes Property Sales, S.L.

8 bed / 8 bath

Tel : +34 956 79 53 40

7.774m2 plot 1.214m2 built 190m2 terrace





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Established 1897

A two-bedroom lower ground apartment in an attractive period building Holland Park, London W11


£1,100,000 LEASEHOLD

Approximately 95 years Epc rAtInG


• Two en suite bedrooms • Open plan reception and kitchen • Study area


• Private patio • Moments’ walk from Holland Park • 983sq m / 91sq m



KENSINGTON OFFICE +44 (0)20 3650 4600

Established 1897

A beautifully refurbished & meticulously designed fivebedroom Georgian townhouse Wilton Place, Belgravia SW11


£14,00,000 TENUrE

Freehold Epc raTING


• First floor drawing room • Charming west-facing terrace • Superb open-plan kitchen/family room

• Four en suite bedrooms • Air-conditioning and underfloor heating • Sought-after Belgravia location



KNIGHTSBRIDGE OFFICE +44 (0)20 7225 8044


Established 1897

A three/four-bedroom apartment in a prestigious building with concierge Upper Grosvenor Street, Mayfair W1


£7,500,000 LEASEHOLD

Approximately 108 years Epc rAtInG


• Bright and spacious • South facing penthouse • Rooftop views over Mayfair


• Large reception/dining area • Moments from Grosvenor Square • 24-hour security and lift



MAYFAIR OFFICE +44 (0)20 7409 9205

Established 1897

An immaculately designed sixbedroom detached family house in Wimbledon Village Lambourne Avenue, Wimbledon Village SW19


£7,250,000 FrEEHOLD

Epc ratInG


• Over 6,000sq ft • 49’ garden to the rear • Cinema room

• Gym, jacuzzi and sauna room • Staff accommodation • Large car port and integrated garage



CHELSEA OFFICE +44 (0)20 7225 6700







If you’re considering relocating to Spain Sotogrande should be your first option? Sotogrande is one of Europe’s most sought after addresses, situated on the Iberian Peninsula this beautiful private residential resort encompasses a 20 square kilometre stretch from the Mediterranean coastline where its famous yachting marina lies to dramatic hills and protected parkland. Its reputation as Andalucía’s largest private enclave of luxury and sporting pursuits has long since drawn discerning families, visitors and second homers from Europe and beyond.



Created in 1962 by the visionary Colonel Joseph McMicking, Sotogrande is a residential hideaway interwoven amongst golf courses and other green spaces, with La Reserva, Almenara Golf Club and Valderrama Golf Club, officially rated the number one golf course in Europe and host to the 1997 Ryder Cup to name but a few. If golf is not your thing the resort is also home to the Santa María Polo Club one of the most important and prestigious polo clubs in the world. Currently, the club has nine polo fields, and a number of exercise tracks, boxes, etc... And due to its location and climate, it is without a doubt an incomparable spot to play polo. The Summer Polo Tournament is undoubtedly the most elite sport event in Spain, and one of the most exclusive in the world. With an enviable coastline, sailing is another favourite activity and most recently the resort hosted the RC44 Championship Tour and J80 World Championships it also offers a range of alternative water sports from kayaking, snorkelling, paddle-boarding to wakeboarding and kitesurfing or private or group boat tours to experience the Mediterranean’s magical marine life with the Orca, sperm and pilot whale and playful bottlenose dolphin all swimming within these cobalt waters. The Sotogrande marina is the heart of Sotogrande – this exclusive 550-berth leisure port is situated 16 km north east of Gibraltar, and is the first destination yachts see as they enter the Mediterranean from the Atlantic. The development of the marina began in the 1960s and today it is one of Europe’s most exclusive cosmopolitan communities with the nearby shore tastefully lined with exclusive condominiums, trendy boutiques, boating shops, elegant bars and chic restaurants. With over 12km of sandy beaches it’s not surprising that the luxury housing market in Sotogrande is extremely buoyant with demand continuing to increase with well-priced properties selling quickly, particularly those with a sea view. The properties on offer across the resort range in architectural styles varying from the traditional Andalucian and Moorish all the way through to modern and contemporary design with respected real estate’s agencies such as Nolls & Partners, Holmes Sotogrande and James Savills all on hand to provide the latest offerings in rental, resale or new builds. 231


At present several new developments are under construction across Sotogrande; the new La Finca development set within Sotogrande Alto is an affordable collection of luxury homes comprising of 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms contemporary style homes each offering fantastic sea views. Sotogrande DOC offered exclusively by Nolls & Partners real estate is another exciting new development set within Sotogrande alto. The development consists of 12 very stylish and modern villas which encapsulate the very essence of Sotogrande in the 21st century. El Mirador, a new private collection of villas set within the exclusive area of La Reserva Club and part of Sotogrande SA´s major resort expansion is the first chapter of new beginnings for Sotogrande. This private gated community of six sophisticated and contemporary villas has been designed to help the evolution of the resort while setting a benchmark for resort communities in Europe. And finally The Seven, another Sotogrande SA development which encompasses a truly exclusive collection of outstanding villas designed by some of the world’s most renowned architects. As detailed upon pages…….. these exceptional villas are not just luxurious and exclusive but also created within a concept of sustainable development in mind in which cutting edge styling merges harmoniously with the natural environment surrounding it. Surprisingly, with all these new developments under construction there are still quite a few lots of land still available so if you simply can’t find that house of your dreams then local architects with insight in the area can assist. With endless sporting pursuits and gastronomic delights Sotogrande has it all but for those with an appetite for culture and breath-taking scenery its neighbouring cities of Jerez, Granada, Seville and Cadiz, rooted in the folkloric tradition of flamenco, gastronomy and the torero, offer a glimpse into Spain’s Moorish past only add to Sotogrande’ s year round appeal and for those willing to drive the Sierra Nevada mountain range which is only a two-hour scenic drive offers skiing pursuits and fun during the winter months.

Sotogrande... where the living is luxurious u



James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

Sotogrande – Kings & Queens Villa 6 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • 879m2 built • 2518m2 PLOT • e3,850,000 An extremely attractive villa in immaculate condition within the best area of Sotogrande Costa. Entrance is via a lovely courtyard with water feature into a double height entrance hall. This flows into the living room with fireplace and the long covered terrace which runs the length of the ground floor. There is a large family kitchen with utility area, dining room and bedroom wing with 2 en-suite bedrooms

and a further 2 bedroom suite with lounge and bathroom. All the downstairs rooms have french door access to the garden. Upstairs there is the spacious master suite with study/library and private terrace. With independent access is the staff quarters with living room, bedroom and bathroom. The sunny garden is south facing with a pool side BBQ and shower room.

Sotogrande Centro – Villa 8 bedrooms • 9 bathrooms • 1516m2 built • 7308m2 PLOT • e6,250,000 Magnificent villa built to the highest standards and surrounded by ample porches and terraces. Upon entering through the entrance hall, the ground floor consists of a living room, dining room, study, lovely family fitted kitchen with den area and fireplace and laundry area/pantry, all with access to the porch and mature garden. An en-suite bedroom and a further en-suite bedroom with sitting room for the staff. On the


upper floor there are six en-suite bedrooms, including the master and guest bedroom, both with dressing area. Large basement with cinema room, games room, gymnasium, cellar, bathroom, laundry room, sauna, etc. The large garden features a large swimming pool with BBQ area/pool house with a tennis court. The villa has an “provençal” feel with lots of light, fruit trees and water features and a lovely homely feel.

James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

Sotogrande Alto – Villa 5 berooms • 5 bathrooms • 518m2 built • 3028m2 plot • e2,400,000 A beautiful refurbished villa in the central area of Sotogrande. The villa consists on the ground floor of an entrance hall, formal living room with offset study area, a beautiful kitchen with concertina glass windows opening out onto the covered terrace, family lounge, guest cloakroom and 3 large bedrooms. Upstairs there is a large master suite with terrace and further double en-suite bedroom. Accessed

via the terrace is a tower room which could be an office. The outdoor area is fabulous with large flat garden surrounded by mature trees, 50m2 pool and various entertaining and relaxing areas within the large covered terrace area. This is an excellent villa for both a holiday home or year round home.

Gaucin – Country House 7 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms • 552m2 built • 5 hectares of land • e1.750,000 A superb 7 bedroom Andalucian cortijo perched on a hilltop with a breathtaking view over the Jimena valley and kilometres beyond. You come to the house through the prettiest garden patio and walk into a courtyard with the main house on one side and 3 en-suite bedrooms and an office on the other. the main house is a sitting room, dining room, rustic kitchen with walkin freezer and 4 bedrooms including a magnificent master bedroom upstairs which has the best view of all. There is a basement with wine cellar and “play” room. the lovely

garden has a 13m x 4m salt water swimming pool and pool house and is over looked from 2 attractive and comfortable terraces. The whole property is in immaculate condition and beautifully kept. The house is central heated, has partial air conditioning and has WiFi, piped stereo systema and satellite TV in addition to CCTV and alarm system. This is simply everybodies dream Andalucian cortijo set in the most peaceful countryside only 40 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.


James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

Real Sotogrande Golf - Sotogrande Costa - Villa 8 bedrooms • 8 bathrooms • built: TBA • plot: TBA • e5,500,000 Through a grand door in an exterior wall, you enter the property with, first, a staff bedroom to the left and then 2 patios - a garden patio to the right and another for sitting out, with a fireplace, to the left. The garden patio leads to a 3 bedroom/bathroom suites with a small sitting room, with all bedrooms having access to the garden. Ahead of the patios, through the front door and into the hall, the

main area of the house comprises of a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, TV room and 2 bedroom and bathrooms (including the master bedroom) on the ground floor and 2 bedroom/bathrooms upstairs. An attractive beamed ceiling terrace overlooks the swimming pool and beautiful garden which gradually slopes down to the golf course.

Sotogrande Costa - Villa 5 bedrooms • 5 bathrooms • 1008m2 built • 2676 PLOT • POA A sensational single storey house presently under construction in prestigious Sotogrande Costa which is destined to become one of Sotogrande´s finest properties. The house has 5 en-suite bedrooms. Of which 4 access a beautifully crafted central garden/patio with the master bedroom looking along the length of the swimming pool. On the other side of this L shaped patio the main area of the


house is open plan with different areas set aside for the entrance hall, sitting room, dining area and kitchen. The house is being built to the very highest specifications by ARK the well-known Andalucian arquitects, designers and builders. ARK´s standards are unmatched in Sotogrande and this property will achieve a supreme level of excellence.

James Stewart in association with Savills C/ Sierra Bermeja, s/n, Ed. Ayala 1, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, 11311 - Sotogrande, Cádiz T +34 956 795 300 M +34 628 574 953

VALGRANDE - Sotogrande ALTO - DUPLEX PENTHOUSE 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • 321m2 built • 155m2 TERRACE • e950 Excellent duplex penthouse in the popular Valgrande gated community in Sotogrande Alto. This apartment consists of a large living/dining room, kitchen with utility area, 4 en-suite bedrooms (2 on each floor), guest cloakroom and storeroom. The highlight is the wonderful sunny terraces on both floors with automated wind sensative awnings and plenty of space for entertaining. There is

a piped music system installed. Access is via an elevator straight into the main floor from the underground car park or pedestrian level. Included in the price are 2 parking spaces and a large lockup store in the communal area. Valgrande has 24h security, external swimming pools, gym, Spa with interior lap pool, lovely communal gardens and putting green.

SOTOGRANDE COSTA - VILLA 6 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms • 1179m2 built • 3003m2 PLOt • e2,750,000 Superbly finished modern style villa on a quiet cul-de-sac in Sotogrande Costa. Entrance is via an impressive double height entrance hall leading through to a spacious lounge with vaulted ceiling. A semi-open plan hallway separates the dining room and TV snug which leads you to a very large family kitchen. The villa offers 7 en-suite bedrooms spread across its three floors all with French windows. It also comprises of a large loft room with cloakroom,

study, child’s playroom, teenager lounge, a great cinema room, gym area, laundry room, interior lap pool with Jacuzzi and double garage. All floors are connected via private elevator. Externally the villa presents excellent outdoor entertaining areas include a lovely covered terrace with retracting glass curtains, a garden casita with full kitchen and dining area and Mediterranean garden with waterfall created from the infinity edge of the pool above.


Construction & Reforms




Established since 2005 we specialize in Modern and Contemporary architecture

Urban Planning


Project Management


Interior Design


La ReseRva CLub White PaRty Sundowners were sipped and suntans were on display as La Reserva Club painted the town white at their Summer Party, embracing the Spanish way of life; fine food, wine and dance. Supported by Rolls-Royce, Marbella Casino, Gigi Beach, Tourbillon and Bodegas Collado, guests were spotted enjoying canapés, indulging at various tasting stations and a fresh oyster bar, and dancing to live music, alongside magic shows and DJs encouraging a bustling dance floor. The beautiful setting of La Reserva Club was a-glow with all white frills and flares and provided the perfect backdrop to the memorable midsummer evening.

Noémi Júlia Németh


Carla Hijma. Tourbillon Marbella Boutique Manager and the hostess


Patricia Darch

Rami Badr from Orion Marc Topiol y Arturo Rueda


sotogRande gRand PRix The inaugural Sotogrande Grand Prix took place this year from 24th - 28th May. Europe’s most prestigious cars made their way from Seville’s iconic Plaza de España, through cultural Cordoba and culminating with a Flying ¼ Mile into Sotogrande. Focusing on flawless mechanics, exceptional workmanship and exemplary car models, the Sotogrande Grand Prix demonstrated engineering brilliance from a bygone age through to the near future. Bonhams international auction house, BMW, Porsche, Maserati, EY and Stow VP Bank were among the brands that supported the event. The remarkable Sotogrande Concours D’Elegance showcased some of the world’s finest cars, with award-winners judged according to the scrupulous guidelines of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group.

Porsche 356 A Speedster

Austin Healey 3000 MK 1


Shelby Cobra 2089

Mercedes AMG SLS Black Series

Chevrolet Corvette


Porsche 356 A Speedster

Osca MT4

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I Mulliner DHC, Porsche Speedster 550 A and Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII

Ferrari California T

BMW i8 and Mercedes GTC Roadster



Mercedes 300 SL and Porsche 356 A

Aston Martin DB2 DHC and Jaguar E-Type 1964

Mercedes 190 SL





DAW N A striking, seductive encounter The new Dawn has arrived - a Rolls-Royce like no other. A striking true four-seater, it captures the exhilaration of open-top driving with an inteior crafted in anticipation of unforgettable moments between friends. Anything is possible. Contact us to start your journey.

Official fuel economy figures for the Rolls-Royce Dawn: Urban 13.2mpg (21.41/100km). Extra Urban 28.5mpg (9.9l/100km). Combined 20.0mpg (14.1l/100km). CO2 emissions 330g/km. Figures may vary depending on driving style and conditions. Š Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2017. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.


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Luxury Living Magazine  

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