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It’s all about the detail Hermès and the home Designer Geoffery Bradfield Refined, luxurious, exquisitely curated, fearless, bespoke and completely of the moment

DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings

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DÉCOR Décor Magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings. Designed for interior designers or home enthusiasts, Décor Magazine is the go-to-guide for those who want to discover what is happening within the world of interiors. What sets Décor Magazine apart from all other interior design magazines, is its mix of content that will appeal to not only the design fraternity but the homemaker as well, with trade information, product reviews and style trends. In this edition we feature two very exciting designers from across the pond - Greg Klassen and John Houshmand and some fantastic ideas for the home from Hermès. Enjoy!

Alexanders’ Collection Luxury Home

Official partners Bang & Olufsen Marbella

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RE ---VIVE LOVE DOING NOTHING. Life is a blur. A rush. Try doing nothing. It’s time well spent. Introducing Re-vive, the world’s first performance recliner. A chair that is almost human, mimicking your every movment. Flexing as you change position, supporting your body and mind in a fluid, dynamic form. Recline, Relax. Love Doing Nothing. WWW.NATUZZIREVIVE.COM

Di s co v e r t he ne a r es t R e -vive gal ler y a t www. na tu z zi re vi ve . com.




22 SHINING STAR Alrisha - lighting conceived by Danish architect Brian Rasmussen 38 HOW TASTES CHANGE An insight into changing tastes from Andrea Bock of Ambience Home Design 50 INDUSTRIOUS LIVING Leeds based homewares brand by young designer, Anthony Hughes 68 IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DETAIL Hermès in the home 90 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

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108 BEAUTIFUL NAPS AND SOFT NIGHTS Norm.Architects present their new MENU bed linen 139 DEVILISHLY DOWNTON Style inspired by the top TV period drama

148 CREATING WONDERFUL SPACES Sally Blackshaw showcases two current projects underway in Spain 156 PRIMEVAL FORESTS & SECRET GARDENS Bleu Nature’s raw and natural inspired furniture 182 MAJESTIC MANSION Featured property for sale in La Quinta on the Costa Del Sol in southern Spain 184 THE RIVER RUNS DEEP Greg Klassen “creates” furniture - he doesn’t just produce it!


194 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Geoffery Bradfield - sought after by Fortune 500 clients 204 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

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212 A CAPITAL IDEA Devon & Devon stylish bathrooms and accessories 231 LUXURY OUTDOORS Sutherland outdoor furniture - elegant proportions, unparalleled comfort and supreme craftmanship










It’s more than a new collection It’s a concept See our new collection in store now

We want you to make the most out of your space. That's why the new 2015 collection can be customised to fit your needs. That’s why you can pick materials and colours to suit your style. And that's why our professional Concepters provide interior decoration service to make your dream home come true. Visit our stores and let our Concepters make the most out of your space.

BoConcept MĂĄlaga Ctra. de Mijas km 3,5 29650 Mijas +34 951 242 092

Creation is associated with Bang & Olufsen Marbella – where we have been working with end-users for more than 30 years. Our success is generated from listening to our customer’s feedback and applying it to the development of the world-class products you see today.


Hand-stitched leather finishing and world-class design The Creation TV Chair is hand-crafted using the finest materials available with a choice of the softest Italian leather to provide the most luxurious seating experience you will ever have. This, combined with the quietest motors, hand-stitched leather finishing and world-class design, underlines our commitment to your comfort. Ergonomically designed to ensure optimal comfort and support, every Creation TV Chair has been developed to provide maximum comfort. Using the latest in rechargeable battery technology, the motors operate for long periods enabling the chair to be placed anywhere in the room. The Creation Joystick can be installed into the armrest to provide control of the chair motors and also manage the Creation On Screen Menu, if this is a feature of your system.

For further information visit or call: +34 952 81 79 26

10 DÉCOR Magazine

The Ultimate Big Screen Experience - the Creation Cinema Chair At Creation we think the world’s best home cinemas deserve the world’s best cinema seating. That’s why we designed the Creation Cinema Chair from the ground up to give you the ultimate Big Screen experience. The built in ultra-quiet motor system means that you can position the chair exactly where you need it, adjusting the headrest and footrest at the same time. A choice of over 100 of the finest Italian leathers and Alcantara finishes lets

you design the home cinema you’ve always dreamed of. The Creation Cinema Chair can adapt to any desired layout, be it grouped in curved or straight rows, or any other arrangement to suit the room. The Creation Joystick can be installed into the armrest to provide direct control of the chair motor and also manage the Creation On Screen Menu, if this is a feature of your system. DÉCOR Magazine


A SPLASH OF FASHION BeoPlay H6 offers a truly natural and authentic sound performance with focus on a clear midrange with a balanced bass and treble performance

BeoPlay H6 offers a truly natural and authentic sound performance with focus on a clear midrange with a balanced bass and treble performance. H6 BLUE STONE - INSPIRED BY THE LONDON UNDERGROUND It’s London baby! And that’s not just an expression – it’s an attitude and a way of living. London is the breeding ground for raw, unspoiled creativity. It’s the birthplace of both punk and classic sartorialism – and a place where the emphasis has always been on looking original. And, if that means sporting classic hand-tailored suits together with avant-garde accessories – or dying your hair blue – then that’s just the way it is, because anything goes in London! H6 GRAPHITE BLUSH - INSPIRED BY THE PARISIAN RUNWAY They call it the city of love. But it’s also the home of elegance – and the highest level of fashion, haute couture. That’s obviously up for debate – but to the locals Paris is the epicentre of all things fashion. The French capital is all about the classic posing vogue, sophisticated beauty – and naturally lots of romance and red lips too. This city is just as much about the past as it is about the future. You can mix vintage cool with modern edginess – shuffle things around to create your own style. As long as it’s ”tres chic” it’ll work in Paris. H6 BRONZED HAZEL - INSPIRED BY NEW YORK NIGHTLIFE A city that never sleeps is obviously a city that is always awake. New York is a pulsating hub of all different kinds of cultures, loads of passion and spades of creativity – all fuelled by the infectious energy that surrounds the Big Apple. The fashion coming out of New York is straightforward, down to earth – and made to be used. Comfort and ease are key elements, as long the clothes are matched by an attitude – because you’ve gotta bring some attitude.If you don’t – it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. As the saying goes on Manhattan: Go big – or go home! For further information visit

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ILLUMINATING ATTRACTION Table lamps and chandeliers are combined in a collection that speaks of the beauty of that metal and wires can make your interior...

As a refined arrangement, these pieces will immediately attract the attention of your guests. Fil de fer collection Forestier Paris brand represents graceful light in contemporary spaces. There are three versions of table lamps and chandeliers Imperatrice, Opium and Tibet. Elegance that is presented through the curved metal wire fits perfectly with a variety of interior design and ambience, creating a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere. If you want, you can introduce a single lamp, and there is also the option of presenting election lamps to create an interesting decorative effect. Modern homes are the perfect location for the presentation of these elegant lighting objects - either hanging above your dining table or standing on the club tables in your living room, these lamps will make your evening beautiful.

For more information visit:

GLASS PING PONG TABLE Here is a very interesting piece of furniture that would certainly beautify any game room: Glass Top Ping Pong table by TravisMatthew... This piece of furniture is created using a solid piece of perfectly polished glass and is ideal for fast, fun and continuous play. In order to keep the play area completely flawless, its service lines are located on the bottom. Although this table looks very elegant and gentle, it is actually very robust and durable, thanks to wall structural steel and welded joints. Each of these tables is very well painted and with it are two custom rackets, wine cooling bucket and TM 100 ping pong balls. It is made in California, but can be delivered to customers anywhere in the world. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


FUTURISTIC ECO KITCHEN DESIGN Check out Ekokook, futuristic kitchen designed and envisioned by company Faltazi. This modern kitchen with futuristic design includes a complete system of waste management and water supply, which brings an innovative twist to the storage and processing of waste and fluid in your kitchen. Throughout the complex, eco - friendly system converts each of these kitchen wastes into a new resource and every drop of water in the return fluid. Ekokook has three micro - plant systems that help reduce environmental impact: mikroplant 1 is used for solid waste, mikroplant 2 is used for liquid waste and mikroplant 3 is used for organic waste. Kitchen has machines that use a small steel ball to break glass to reduce waste, as well as the screw to break the cans and water bottles. Built-in double sink with water tank and two pitchers collect kitchen water and help you recycle clean water that you can use for your flowers and plants. The filter also comes with a kitchen, allowing you to remove the impure particles. Water Conditioner can save up to 15 liters per day.

Finally, there is a drum that is part microplant 3 system, which uses earthworms to break down organic waste, fruits, vegetables and scales of food. Futuristic Ekokook system will really bring a healthy and attractive change in your kitchen, as well as the whole community and the world. For more information

45.000 DOLLARS REMMUS LOUNGER Remmus presents you the Rolls Royce of comfortable, luxurious loungers The sun lounger, which was created Remmus Ltd. brand, rotates with the sun, so you can choose your favorite conditions for casually relaxing and enjoying. This lounge also has an electronic adjustable backrest, built-in waterproof speaker BOSE, Bluetooth, wireless charger for smart phones, as well as integrated water sprays if you want to cool off. Also, there is a LED lighting that can be adjusted automatically and manually. Its size and upholstering are available in various materials, and its price can reach $45,000. This lounge was officially presented by the Remmus design house from Finland at the Hotel Show in Dubai, on September 28th.

18 DÉCOR Magazine

For more information visit:

D E S I G N P O R T R A I T.

Charles, sistema de asientos diseñado por Antonio Citterio. Delegacion de Espana y Portugal Joaquìn Selma T. 902125555 -

Perfect Home SCHARLES NEW.indd 1

03/10/14 10.12


22 DÉCOR Magazine

Alrisha is another name for the Alpha Piscium star in the constellation of Pisces. The Arabic name means “the rope”: indeed, it is the point of convergence of two ribbons of stars that tie the tails of the fish in the constellation. Now Alrisha is also a lamp, which was conceived and designed by the Danish architect Brian Rasmussen, a lighting expert working on his first project for Axo Light. The encounter between the Venice-based Scandinavian designer and the Venetian manufacturer of international renown has given rise to the explosive exuberance of Alrisha.

Alrisha consists of a central spherical element which guards the light source, from which many twisted ribbons - a generous 132 in total - branch out to accompany the emitted light. The impression it gives you is of a bright star that shines its light in every direction. The collection comprises a suspension and a wall lamp, which are both made of aluminium, painted in white. The wall lamps - especially when placed side-by-side - can create some fantastic lighting effects on the surfaces onto which they are applied: they consist of a twisted aluminium ribbon held in place in close proximity to the wall by two elements fitted at the extremities, which contain one 2x1,5 W LED each. They are available with a wall plaque, designed for fixing to a single power supply point, or without the plaque with two power supply points.

For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


PLUMAGE Lush feathers

AURA, WHIFFS OF LIGHT Seduction of form, malleable image that plays on fluidity; aesthetic, visual and tactile characteristics that touch on the emotional perception of the object. DÉCOR Magazine


Waves of light, bands of color, crystal plays: silky hair, choppy seas, glittering objects inspired by the hydrodynamic shapes of marine animals. Aura is not only a tool but a language that expresses dreams, desires and sensations.

The Aura collection is light that involves you both on the cognitive and the passional level; the observer instinctively stretches out his hand to touch the crystals, to go beyond the visual perception. Sinuous and reflecting surfaces that create both suggestive as well as spontaneous special effects where the color blends with matter creating an intense Aura that defines and interprets the light itself: refined in shades of white, passionate when it is red, mysterious when dressed in black. A harmony of colors and atmospheres that cunningly conceals profound construction knowledge and attention to detail.

For more information visit:

26 DÉCOR Magazine

In the Aura collection, glass is produced and finished off completely by hand, using the traditional techniques of the Murano masters. Each twisted glass piece is unique, glass mixed in the molten stage through three subsequent gathers, stretched and twisted by a master glass craftsman and, still burning hot, left to cool very slowly. The collection, consisting of numbered items, comprises suspension, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and trims in white, red, black, orange, yellow tea and ribbed crystal. DÉCOR Magazine


Masiero Lighting available from

Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Exclusive Furniture | Chandeliers | Kitchens | Fine Arts Interior Accessories | Mosaics | Fabrics | Unique Wallpapers Glassware and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | | 28 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


ETNA A blend of noble & rustic ETNA comes about from the blend of noble, rustic materials like solid wood and exclusive materials such as handmade Pyrex glass. This original and modern ceiling lamp with a strong personality is available in 3 sizes and 2 finishes that adapt to the needs of each room.

For more information visit:

30 DÉCOR Magazine

By Dresslight DÉCOR Magazine



MAKING HOMES BEAUTIFUL Ever since its creation in 1981 Arte has been known for its passion for beautiful wallcoverings. Arte wallcoverings vary in style from the most sumptuous classic interiors to the minimalist and avant-garde.


Arte wallcoverings create comfort and elegance. They reflect the good taste and refinement of the owner. This is why their products adorn the walls of both residential interiors and project interiors all over the world. The innovative and trendsetting wallcoverings are created in-house by a team of experienced designers. When creating a new product they place as much importance on design and colour as on the practical usibility. This is why some new collections and take more than a year to complete. Paper or non- woven wallcoverings naturally spring to mind when you think of wallcoverings. However with the unique Intrigue collection Arte has once more taken the concept to a completely different level. And even if you have perhaps seen a wall covered with a textile, well, this is just a little more refined.

Available from:

The Intrigue collection is the result of a new process that we call thermoforming. As the word might suggest, heat is used to press a design into the fabric. By heating the fabric it acquires a luxurious satin sheen that reflects the light. It is fascinating to see and irresistible to touch. You also obtain a beguiling interplay of smooth and relief, light and dark, sheen and matte areas. DÉCOR Magazine



THREE-DIMENSIONAL This new collection features three different designs. The first print, Rosace, is a more graphic design with regular triangles, three-dimensional of course. This produces ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ that showcases the subtle sheen effect. The second design, Caisson, was inspired by a wonderful, old, sculpted panel door, such as those you frequently encounter in the smallest streets of Paris. Design number three, Feuillage, is a tile pattern of leaf designs.


The colour palette is equally pronounced and irrefutably demands your undivided attention. The colours in this collection boast captivating names such as Avorio, Prussia, Fondant, Perla and Felce, which make your imagination run wild. So do you dare to decorate a wall in black, bright blue of poisonous green? As a personal statement? Or do you prefer to play it safe with a more restrained tone? SOUNDSUPPRESSING Intrigue offers another advantage. As a result of the combination of materials used, this wallcovering will influence in a positive way the acoustics in areas where the wallcovering has been installed. It means that voices are immediately muffled in large rooms. Because the Intrigue collection is produced from supple material, it is also a valuable product for adding a touch of style to less attractive walls. Intrigue is actually highly flexible and very intriguing. The Intrigue collection is available cut to size and in various widths depending on the chosen design.

Rosace is 1,26 m wide; Caisson and Feuillage are both 1,23 m wide.

Wallcoverings for the ultimate in refinement 34 DÉCOR Magazine

Plus ®

A Touch of Scandinavia Kartell Louis Ghost Chair

BoConceptFusion OttawaChair Chair BoConcept

Iconic chairs BoConcept Imola Chair Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone Chair

Fritz Hansen Egg Chair


Ctra. de Mijas km 3,5 29650 Mijas, Málaga Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00 Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

+34 951 242 092

La36Cancela de la Quinta 3.3.2B, San Pedro de Alcรกntara, 29670 Mรกlaga, Spain T. 952 788 691 Dร‰COR Magazine

M. 616 488 181 DÉCOR Magazine 37

HOW TASTES CHANGE When designing a property, with my clients we take all these into consideration and get inspiration from the surroundings as well. I cannot say that every client I’ve worked with from a specific country has had the same style. Each individual has his/her own acquired taste. Some have liked a more traditional style whilst others a more modern approach.

More and more we see the harmony of styles combined in interior design, probably due to the fact that nowadays we travel more, which I like to call the modernday inspiration and fusion in design.

In Northern European countries, wooden floors and stark yet functional furniture using set the mood to create a more minimalist design. This is great to create a serene interior.

Although a nationality or region and cultural background of course play a big part in a person’s taste, many times the property or location itself calls for a different take on an interior, especially with holiday homes. I believe a lot has to do with location, the light, the architecture of the building, and much more. Although known for their ostentatious and lavish designs, the trend often seen with Italian designers is to combine modern lines with 60’s design to create a more timeless look. For more information visit:

38 DÉCOR Magazine

To achieve the very typical feel of a terrace in the South of Spain, the Moorish influence is widely known and creates the element of summer often seen on terra cotta terraces, with Moroccan lanterns and colourful cushions and poufs.

For the French touch, try creating an elegant palate and eclectic mix combining new and old, especially with artworks, or paraphernalia, to create energy and a more lived in look. DÉCOR Magazine


Depending on how you use it, the Chesterfield look can work very well in a more classic style, and it can also create contrast against a modern setting.

From Africa and the far east, raw wood stumps and sculptures or artwork bring the ethnic element and blend well in a contemporary interior, making it lively and unique.

To know more about Ambience and their services please visit: | | +34 952 788 691 | +34 616 488 181 Office: Ctra. Ronda, La Cancela de la Quinta | Ed. 3 Local 3.2 B - 29670 | San Pedro de Alcantara, Marbella | Spain

40 DÉCOR Magazine




ADD A CERTAIN ‘JE NE SAIS QUOI’ Grand Illusions Vintage Paint re-launches, inspired by a Nordic-French palette that introduces twenty-six new colours (plus matt black for mixing). Nick Ronald and David Roberts launched their company, Grand Illusions, in 1987 and soon became known as the ‘pioneers of French Style in the UK.’ The cornerstone of their business was the paint, beautiful chalky flat paint. It changed their lives and they are delighted to bring their passion for paint to the fore once again.

Grand Illusions was created by Nick Ronald and David Roberts in December 1987, with just one small store in St Margaret’s, Twickenham. The mission was to promote gifts, cards and accessories of good design and taste at an affordable price - still very much the core business ethic to this day. Shortly afterwards, they discovered and developed a paint range that was to transform their lives. In those days, painted furniture was something of a rarity, and a twenty two drawer chest painted in one of the new paints caught the eye of ‘Homes & Gardens’ magazine - the small feature resulted in over a thousand telephone calls and the seeds of the highly acclaimed furniture collection were sown.

Available from:

42 DÉCOR Magazine

The Vintage Paint range is Made in England and it doesn’t just emulate the historical colours of the past, with names such as Shutter, Calico, Charleston and Gustavian, but actually replicates the Buttermilk Paint of the 18th and 19th centuries. The water-based paint is made with Earth Pigments, Chalk, Clay and a very small amount of Acrylic Medium to bind it together. The result? A chalky, matt and breathable finish that’s perfect for walls, floors and furniture. These are paints that are eco-friendly, user-friendly and enable the decorator to paint like a professional. In fact it is as easy as A,B,C. To ensure the right coverage from the start the range includes Varnish, Waxes, Woodstain, Craqueleur and Paint Brushes. Available exclusively from Grand Illusions stockists around the UK, this is specialist paint that adds a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to all interiors.

DÉCOR Magazine



THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD Marston & Langinger paints are not only beautiful, but also technically advanced. They are self-priming, extraordinarily durable with impeccable environmental credentials.

Exterior Eggshell | Chalky Interior Matt | Interior Eggshell Sample pots available +44 (0) 20 7881 5700 @MLanginger Also available from Brewers


Mylands, Britain’s oldest family-owned and run paint and polishes manufacturer, has launched a new Floor Paint available in a comprehensive range of colours, from Spring 2015. Expertly created for use on interior floors using decades of paint and colour expertise, Mylands Floor Paint combines exquisite looks with outstanding performance for a lowmaintenance, flawless result.

Specially developed for use indoors on wooden floors, Mylands Floor Paint is easy to apply, low in odour and hardwearing. Extremely durable, it resists soaps, detergents, grease and oil, making it an attractive and practical choice with easy after care and longstanding beautiful results. Available in all 120 Colours of London® palette, Mylands new Floor Paint transforms old, tired or bare floors into a stylish addition to your interior space. Its classic satin finish has an elegant mid-sheen (40%) which smoothes and hides small imperfections whilst providing a tough, scrub-resistant. Available from:

46 DÉCOR Magazine

Belgravia No. 6 Floor Paint and Museum No.151 Eggshell (Panelling)

Belgravia No. 6 Floor Paint and Stone Lime No. 14 Eggshell (Panelling)

Our products offer the ultimate combination of function and form Maritime No. 236 Floor Paint Marble Matt Emulsion (Walls) and Eggshell (Skirting)

DÉCOR Magazine



Family-run for over four generations, Zimmer+Rohde is one of the leading textile manufacturers in Europe. Since its foundation in 1899, tradition and experience have marked every step taken by the company, which stands for exclusive furnishing, innovative design and expert advice. Their own design department is always on the lookout for the best materials and the ideal implementation of your ideas, constantly collaborating with weaving mills and printers worldwide.

Available from:

48 DÉCOR Magazine

The new REFLECTION wallpaper collection from Zimmer + Rohde, inspired by skilled Asian and western craftwork, creates a sensual world filled with class. REFLECTION plays with exceptional techniques and relieflike surfaces: Matt gloss light variations, structures reminiscent of gold leaves, broken surfaces and classy, metallic effects give the collection its extravagant character.




DÉCOR Magazine



At Anthony Hughes they are passionate about well made, good quality products and as a British design brand, it’s important for their homewares to be British made. They care about supporting the local manufacturing industry and so all the products are printed and made in the UK, working with the best materials and people.

Anthony Hughes is an independent surface design studio offering British made interior textile products and accessories. Founded in mid-2013, Anthony Hughes is a Leeds based homewares brand presenting its debut collection of digitally printed wallpapers, luxury cotton cushions and drum shade lighting; Industrious Living. The collection draws on Anthony’s influential love of Northern industrial landscapes and the structures and shapes found within. Inspired by a short walk down the canal in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, the collection draws on elements from the vast engineering magnificence of the gasholder and the geometric shapes it creates to the rippled reflections of gas pipelines across the canal.

Available from:

50 DÉCOR Magazine

Cushions £60.00 | Wallpaper £140.00 | Light Shades £60.00

DÉCOR Magazine








gerard lewis designs fine furniture makers

Gerard Lewis are a family run British company, who design bespoke furniture for London and the Home Counties; the factory is located in the East of England. They tailor the pieces to your specification. The modern and stylish cabinets and tables are made by skilled craftsmen.

A TASTE OF gerard lewis designs

THE ORIENT fine furniture makers

Made from hard wood and veneers, stained to a dark wenge or black finish. Inset silver mirror with applied astragal beading. Doors and drawers are touch release. Cabinets have internal adjustable shelves. Tables have inset glass or wood tops

1. COFFEE TABLE: 1200 x 600 x 450mmH RRP: £1020.00 2. SIDEBOARD: 4 Door - 2200 x 450 x 900mmH RRP: £3220.00 (2 and 3 door versions available) 3. LAMP TABLE 600 x 600 x 450mmH RRP: £785.00

Recommended retail price £5680 inc vat excluding delivery

For more information visit:

Also available in three and two door design ARMOIR: 1013 x 450 x 1800mmH RRP: £1680.00






TA B L E a n d C H A I R V E N D Ă” M E , d e s i g n L O R E N Z O B E L L I N I

London New York Miami San Francisco Chicago Los Angeles Boston Dubai Abu Dhabi Moscow St. Petersburg Warsaw Singapore Bucharest Almaty Berlin DĂźsseldorf Munich Vienna Den Haag Zurich Geneva Belgrade Shanghai Suzhou Tallinn Helsinki Rome Milan Seoul

Felt. For over two and a half thousand years, the nomadic peoples of the remote and beautiful Tien Shan mountains in Central Asia have made sumptuous wool felt rugs (shyrdaks) to line their tents. Felt is the first company to source shyrdaks direct from nomadic makers across Kyrgyzstan and import them for sale in the UK. The collection includes a broad range of patterns and colour combinations from dazzling and bright, to elegant and subtle.

Available from:

56 DÉCOR Magazine

KEEP COSY WITH FELT Shyrdaks are as practical as they are decorative and their story has both romance and a touch of danger. Made outdoors by the tribal women, each rug takes a master cutter and her team of makers between 10 and 20 days to complete. The base of each rug is made from raw wool which has been flattened with boiling water, rolled up in a reed mat and then ‘felted’ by being dragged across mountain pastures behind a galloping horse. The surface felts are coloured, usually with natural dyes made from roots and nuts, and then used to create geometric patterns which are bound to the base with strong stitching. The applied shapes are vocabulary from the ancient language which still forms part of the everyday life of the rug makers. Each of Felt’s Shyrdaks tells a unique story and comes with an explanation of the symbols to decode their meaning. Felt’s customers can also commission bespoke rugs in their chosen colours, patterns and sizes, and even to convey a particular message… a suitably decorated rug would make a really special wedding, christening or housewarming present... Shyrdak colours range from the dazzlingly bright to subtly muted tones, offering a wide range of decorative possibilities for both contemporary and traditional interiors. The rugs are perfect for both floors and walls and sizes range from small (0.8m x 1m) to room sized (2m x 3.5m). Prices start from £280.

Felt’s neutral Shyrdak rugs are brought to life with a vibrant braid in a contrasting bright. Rugs in cool grey and cream are given added zing with a vivid turquoise thread, whilst subtle fawns are warmed up with red. Suitable for walls or floors, these hardwearing rugs are one off works of art and can be made to special commission. There is a wide range of patterns and sizes available, from runners to room size rugs, to suit any space.

Working with their makers in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan Felt have created a range of beautiful cushions. Soft, warm and equally at home in contemporary or traditional interiors. Made from the same superior-quality hand-made 100% wool felt as Felt’s rugs, the cushions and super-generous floor cushions are soft, beautiful and hard-wearing. The striking geometric patterns are cut through two pieces of different coloured felt to create a ‘positive and negative’. Each cushion is therefore part of a mirror image pair (but can be bought separately). The felt shapes, which symbolize the birds, animals, mountains and rivers that are part of the nomads’ lives, are stitched together with hand-spun twine and embellished with a hand-woven braid made from the same indigenous wool.

Felt’s cushions and floor cushions are available in the latest colours including hot brights and subtle neutrals or can be commissioned to order. Naturally, the cushions look great teamed with Felt rugs! Each cushion contains an ultra comfortable extra-stuffed duck feather cushion pad. Hand finished in the UK and backed with either linen or felt. Cushions: 50cm x 50cm Price: £120 each / £200 a pair. Floor cushions: 90cm x 90cm Price: £330 each / £580 pair You can contact Felt to request images of cushions currently in stock or to discuss a commission. DÉCOR Magazine


NEW HANDMADE RUG COLLECTION ‘CHARACTERS’ Featuring collaborations with some of the world’s leading designers, JAB’s new rug collection Characters showcases an array of different textures and motifs, from three dimensional patterns to abstract design in over 130 colours. Made from 100% pure New Zealand wool and the nest silk available, these luxurious rugs are all hand-tUfted.

For more information about Characters visit

or see the collection at JAB’s showroom at Imperial Wharf, or the And So To Bed Shpwrooms in Kings Road London and Harrogate.

JAB International Furnishings Ltd. | 17 The Boulevard | Imperial Wharf | London SW6 2UB Tel: 020 7348 6620 | Email: | |

CUTTING EDGE CREATIONS Bazaar Velvet create fresh & innovative designs that offer a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetics for both contemporary & classic interiors. Bazaar Velvet retains its commitment to the principles of quality and the ancient art form and craftsmanship and characteristics of a handknotted rug. They offer an extensive range of quality rugs made in this time honoured tradition with a contemporary style.

Available from:

60 DÉCOR Magazine

Select from the large inventory or choose any of their designs to customise to your own specification including re-sizing, re-colouring. Alternatively Bazaar Velvet can assist you in creating your own exclusive design, their computer design system lets you experiment with different colour options and textures.

“A room without a rug is like a wall without a picture”

DÉCOR Magazine


Bazaar Velvet launched a brand new range of rugs at Decorex 2014. It is named Street Art. The imagery found within these rug designs has been inspired by the reality of life in the city of London, an antidote to its commonly used tourist clichĂŠ. Icons have been created in black, reminiscent of the stencil work of street artists. This provides a striking contrast with the soft and bold colours found in the complex paint texture backgrounds. Finally, the addition of graffiti style text really pulls the whole artwork together.

These designs have been brought to life in Nepal by the skill of weavers who practice the ancient technique of hand-knotting. Only the best natural materials have been used; Himalayan wool, with highlights of Chinese silk. This combination adds an extra dimension to the texture and appearance of the piece. The overall result of this process is a fabulous collection of rugs which are full of contradictions. They are ancient yet modern, edgy yet sophisticated, gritty yet luxurious. If you want to add a flash of excitement to a room, these are definitely the rugs for you.

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C O L O U R S O F L O N D O N® From the most luscious and vibrant, to the most discreet and subtle, our Colours of London® collection draws on the rich elegance and style of the capital’s heritage. Available in our unique Marble Matt Emulsion®, with a secret blend of crushed marble, china clay and high quality pigments, our paint is unrivalled in colour, coverage and durability. For interiors, exteriors, and all wood and metal finishes.

Tel: +44 (0)20 8670 9161

E-mail: Also available from Brewers and independent stockists DÉCOR Magazine


BASICALLY BEAUTIFUL ‘Basics’ Range of Natural Wood Flooring proves a popular choice with budget conscious homeowners Ecora specialises in the supply of New and Reclaimed Wood Flooring and Zero VOC Environmental and Organic Paints. The reclaimed, wideplank and parquet flooring include Oak, Walnut, Maple and Larch as well as exotic species like Morada, Ipe, East Indian Walnut, Black Nut, Reclaimed Teak, Reclaimed Panga Panga, and more...

London based natural flooring specialists Ecora has seen a noticeable increase in orders for its ‘basics’ range. The basics range is popular with customers as it offers both quality and style at a sensible price point. Wood flooring is often specified by interior designers, property developers and architects as it offers a neutral and hard-wearing backdrop to both contemporary and classic living environments. Jeandre du Toit, Sales Director at Ecora explains the idea behind the basics range… “By nature wood flooring comes at a price and our clients expect the very best quality. We offer a ‘middle ground option’ where we supply good quality flooring at a sensible and competitive price. After much research we have sourced timber from responsible suppliers in Europe and developed a range of rustic hand finished boards in a variety of colourways.”

Available from:

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The basics range includes oiled finishes in White, Black Natural, Smoky Grey and Chestnut and due to the success of the basics range has now been expanded to include fumed products such as Oak Tate, Oak Soho and Oak Piccadilly which means that Ecora can provide natural flooring to suit any project whether large or small, classic or contemporary.

Good quality flooring at a sensible and competitive price DÉCOR Magazine


Shades of Grey Natural wood floors in neutral grey tones provide the perfect backdrop for classic and contemporary homes. One of the most important choices you need to make when planning a room is deciding the type of flooring you intend to use. Tying all elements of the room together successfully can be tricky and choosing a ‘neutral’ toned floor as a base will give you more options in terms of both decoration and interior style. Designers, Developers and Architects often opt for grey toned floors as they work beautifully in both contemporary and period properties and bring a sense of light and space to a room. Grey finishes are also very forgiving and offer a ‘timeless’ quality that will never look dated or old fashioned. In opting for a high quality natural wood floor in a grey finish you will also instantly add value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers. There are a number of options to consider such as which type of wood to choose, Oak being the most popular choice. Solid boards do require more of an investment but will last for generations, whilst engineered boards provide a more affordable option. Why not opt for a hand-finished timber which will have its own unique character and an aged look. There are a number of interesting finishes available including brushed, scorched, fumed and oiled and by combining several techniques you can achieve a ‘bespoke’ finish. When selecting the colour or tone consider a mid-grey which will work universally particularly in older properties, a lighter, whiter finish will give a more modern clean look, whilst a darker grey can provide a more opulent dramatic effect that work well in larger open plan spaces such as lofts and warehouse apartments. Whatever your preference or style of home, a natural wood floor will give your property a hardwearing, long-lasting and beautiful backdrop that combines the very best of function and form.

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London ExCeL 17–19 May 2015 Be part of it now

Trade only. No children

Curated for business, the May Design Series is the most commercially focused interiors trade show in the UK calendar. Brand new British and international suppliers meet the smartest buyers across five show sectors: Furniture | Kitchen + Bathroom | Lighting | Decor | DX

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Hermès and the home go back a long way. From the 1920s, objects for the office and for leisure were designed. Links were forged with furniture designers, among them the decorator Jean-Michel Frank. A few decades later, tableware and textiles joined this universe. Furniture, furnishing fabrics and wallpapers followed.

HERMÈS EN LUMIÈRE A draftsman’s instrument, the pantograph, has given its name to a family of lights. Like the architect’s tool that serves to reduce or enlarge a drawing, this collection owes its originality to the articulated branches and arms that form the body of its three lamps.

Lampe de Travail

Today Hermès is exploring new territory, that of lighting. With table lamps, floor lamps and a lantern designed to echo and to bring to the fore the furniture collections. It is a natural complement to Hermès’ commitment to the universe of the home. An approach that is both essential and poetic, where objects, colours and luminosity cohabit. Coexist. Create a space for living and well-being. A harmonious eclecticism, given rhythm by refinement and functionality.

Available from:

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Agile lamps, which follow the hand the better to illuminate the gesture. Dressed in leather and metal, the luminous parts recall the riding crop and the equestrian universe. The finishing touches are carefully thought out, honed and refined. A base that is also a trinket tray, hidden wires, and cables sheathed in leather. Subtle work that is all about the detail.

Liseuse de Parquet

Lampadaire Arche

The name of this family of lights owes nothing to chance. Like the straps of the harness that connect the horse to its rider, those of the lamps in this collection link a base and a shade. A marriage of saddle-stitched leather and opaline fixed by three saddle tacks. The wires and cables, all fully leather-sheathed, are the invisible proof of the extremely fine finish. The finesse of savoir-faire.

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This nomadic lantern charged with energy is an invitation on a geo-poetic journey, an incitation to escape. It lights the way, demarcates the path with four light sources, independent but united in a single case.

The Lanterne d’Hermès consists of four individual light sources, assembled on a single base in a leather case. Each source, with its own rechargeable battery, can be used independently and wirelessly, either inside or outside. Integrated LED technology offers two types of light, diffuse and directional. Aluminium, leather and glass are the three essential materials: aluminium for the rigidity and lightness of the structure. Water-resistant calfskin to cover, protect and enhance. And glass for its optical qualities.

70 DÉCOR Magazine

RE-EDITIONS BY HERMÈS He left his mark on the style of the years 1920 to 1940. Decorator, inventor, designer, Jean-Michel Frank approached the house of Hermès for the first time in 1924. He wanted to cover his pieces of furniture in leather… Hermès decided to cover these pieces, and to adapt its savoir-faire to decoration by signing these pieces with its famous saddle stitch. Since 2010, Hermès has re-edited a selection of Jean-Michel Frank’s emblematic pieces. A technical and artistic challenge. This year, limited editions of a bench, an armchair and a console in wrought iron and bridle leather join the collection.

Console in wrought iron and leather In bridle leather and wrought iron, this console is a work of craftsmanship, entirely hand-made. Re-edition of 100 numbered units.

Bench in wrought iron and leather This bench in bridle leather, entirely worked, polished, patinated, and constructed by hand, is re-edited in 50 numbered units. The structure and the legs are in wrought iron.

Armchair in wrought iron and leather A re-edition, in 100 numbered units, of this armchair in bridle leather, entirely worked, fashioned and patinated by hand. Like the bench, the structure and the legs are in wrought iron.

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THE CURIOSITÉS D’HERMÈS They are called Curiosités. Like the cabinets of old, where objects accumulated in organised chaos. The unexpected with the unique. The connoisseur had his points of reference. The collector used it as a hideout. The Curiosités d’Hermès have resurrected this spirit. Unexpected, surprising, the Club Bar, the Coffre à chaussures and the Dressoir à thés tell a story, testify to a savoir-faire, reflect an art of living, the pleasure of inviting, sharing, exchanging. Dedicated to specific moments, these Curiosités are conceived, designed and fitted out to simplify the gesture. To embellish the everyday. To personalise an interior. While always responding to a need. This furniture thus becomes an ally.

Dressoir à thés This Dressoir à thés allows one to prepare, serve and savour Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Pu-erh or any other blend, with the greatest respect for tradition. Teapots, tea services, accessories, and containers for teas and biscuits each have their place and their space. Compartments, drawers and shelves make up the two sections of this piece for which greyed oak, Clémence bullcalf in rope, Semis de H fabric in écru and sage, and lacquer in celadon have been chosen.

Coffre à chaussures This chest can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots. Small compartments and leather pockets have been designed for brushes, cloths, waxes and polishes. A leather-covered shelf provides a place to brush, wax and polish shoes. And to put your shoes on, simply fold out the integrated bench, place your foot on a metal bar and admire the result in the mirror at the base of the piece. Rosewood, Essentiel bullcalf in gold and Toile à bagage in raw grey cover this Coffre à chaussures. Night and day, this piece is illuminated via the use of wiring cleverly hidden in the hinges.

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FURNISHING FABRICS AND WALLPAPERS Telling stories. Fables. Dreams… Hermès furnishing fabrics and wallpapers invent a universe, and invite you to discover a thousand and one narratives. Where artists and artisans become allies. Where savoir-faire of excellence rubs shoulders with exceptional materials. Where screen-printing meets lampa jacquard. Where weaving on the printed warp creates a dialogue with the silk. Where the eye accompanies the hand. Sight guides the gesture. To create collections, illustrations, colourways and prints that respond to each other. That complement each other. That change each other. That come together and unite with the pieces of furniture.



1. Cotte De Maillons. Designed by Henri d’Origny 2. H’Bloc. Designed by Anamorphée 3. Jardin d’osier imprimé. Designed by Pierre Marie 4. Vannerie. Designed by Henri d’Origny 3

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The prestigious Altea Hills Estate Group launches the most luxurious exclusive residential villa complex on the Costa Blanca.

Apply for a full brochure: | Contact Agent: Global Luxurious Properties | Team of Professional Real Estate Consultants Phone: 0031-(0)15-2630195 Email: | Website:


PHILIPPE STARCK Whenever we discover an object or a place designed by Philippe Starck, we enter a world of wall-to-wall imagination, surprises and fabulous fantasy. For more than four decades, this unique and multifarious creator, designer and architect has been a part of our daily lives by creating unconventional objects, whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful; iconic destinations, that take the people out of themselves and, most importantly, steer them towards something better.

“I have this mental sickness called creativity” DÉCOR Magazine


“My father was an aeronautical engineer. For me it was a duty to invent”


Philippe Starck was born on the 18th January 1949 in Paris. His father, an inventor and aeronautic engineer, gave the young Philippe Starck the desire to create and the capacity to dream. Much of his childhood was spent hanging around the drawing tables of his father and he retains his father’s primary lesson: everything should be organised elegantly and rigorously, in human relationships as much as in the concluding vision that presides over every creative gesture. Starck first became interested in living spaces while studying at Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris. In 1969 he designed an inflatable house based on an “idea of materiality” this brought him to the attention of Pierre Cardin who offered him the job of artistic director at his publishing house. Starck then founded his first industrial design company STARCK PRODUCTS, which he later renamed Ubik, here he designed furniture for leading Italian and

international firms, and in 1982, Starck was commissioned to work for President François Mitterrand to re-decorate the private residence at the Elysée Palace. Philippe Starck then turned his creative genius to hotel. Starck, designs his hotels and restaurants in the same way a director makes a film. He develops scenarios that will lift people out of the everyday and into an imaginative and creative mental world. His hotels have become timeless icons in 1988 Starck was commissioned by famed nightclub impresario Ian Schrager, former co-owner of Studio 54, to refit the Royalton Hotel on New York’s West 44th Street. It was a design moment that has since changed the hotel industry by creating the boutique hotel concept. The Starck-Schrager hotel partnerships continued in New York at the Paramount hotel, and then spread to Miami with the opening of the Delano Hotel in South Beach in 1995, to Los Angeles with the Mondrian Hotel in December 1996, to London with both the St. Martins Lane hotel in 1999 and the Sanderson hotel in 2000 to San Francisco and the Clift hotel, and finally back to New York with the Hudson hotel.

76 DÉCOR Magazine

There are few areas of design he hasn’t explored: from furniture to mail-order homes, motorbikes, to mega yachts which have been sold at prices of over $300 million, to everyday consumer products including toothbrushes and toothpaste sanitizers, fruit juicers, watches, wireless speakers for iPod and iPhone even artistic direction for space-travel projects, he was commissioned to design the Virgin Galactic “spaceport” in New Mexico. His most recognised design is the Ghost Chair used within the Ugly Betty Series.

urgency of the economy and protection of our world but also creativity and elegance”. Starck also plans to follow this with solar-powered boats and hydrogen cars. For the future Philippe Starck implores, “Let’s offer our children another history, another romanticism” Philippe Starck is a tireless and rebellious citizen of the world who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer world. He stays tuned in to our dreams, desires and needs - sometimes before we get there ourselves - by making his work a political and civic act which he accomplishes with love, poetry and humour.

Philippe Starck believed in the concept of eco living long before ecology became fashionable, out of respect for the planet’s survival. Early on in his career, he created the Good Goods catalogue of nonproducts for non-consumers in tomorrow’s moral market, and set up his own organic food company. More recently he has developed the revolutionary concept of “democratic ecology” by creating affordable wind turbines for the home, “Ecology is not just an DÉCOR Magazine


The thousands of projects - complete or forthcoming - his global fame and tireless protean inventiveness should never distract from Philippe Starck’s fundamental vision: Creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible. Starck vehemently believes this poetic and political duty, rebellious and benevolent, pragmatic and subversive, should be shared by everyone and he sums it up with the humour that has set him apart from the very beginning: “No one has to be a genius, but everyone has to participate.” Inventor, creator, architect, designer, artistic director, Philippe Starck is certainly all of the above, but more than anything else he is an honest man directly descended from the Renaissance artists.


78 DÉCOR Magazine

There is only one Philippe Starck - Renowned for his innovative approach to design, Philippe Starck’s projects ranging from his futuristic Juicy Salif lemon squeezer through a whole chronology of chairs to bathroom fittings, huge plastic sofas, watches and weather stations – Here we reveal his most iconic designs:

Holly All a new Sculptural t SeatPlanter for Serralunga A huge sculpture with integral Seat & Planter. Suitable for use outside as well as indoors in reception areas, atriums, public areas, shops etc. Holly All is a real statement piece that is visually stunning & useful too - it attracts attention & people love to engage with the piece by sitting on it. Lemon Squeezer 1989

t The Future Gold plated lamp Starck is not the first and will not be the last, to express himself through strong controversial symbols. Weapons are a recurring icon and are used to see how far the boundaries of design can be pushed, in pursuit of a healthy disgust.

t Louis Ghost Chair Armchair If Louis XV were alive - he would want a chair like this... The Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell. The relationship between Kartell and Philippe Starck sometimes becomes a real desire for transgression and challenge, of aesthetic and cultural provocation.

In only 10 years the Alessi Juicy Salif lemon squeezer has earned its place in the olympus of design. It now stands among the devine. Once the focus of heated debate and criticism for its supposedly impractical design, it now ranks with the historical greats at the MOMA in New York. Who cares if it works, who else could think of transforming an everyday object into a sculpture to be displayed as a work of art in the kitchen - the one and only Philippe Starck of course!

The Louis Ghost is the most daring example in the world of polycarbonate injection in a single mould.

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Salone del Mobile Milano

14 / 19.04 2015 Save the date!

Salone Internazionale del Mobile Euroluce, International Lighting Exhibition Workplace3.0 SaloneUfficio, International Workspace Exhibition International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition SaloneSatellite Milan Fairgrounds, Rho





MODERN TIMES Located beneath the dramatic backdrop of the Cornish moors and a few miles from the coast is the studio and workshop of British clock designer Charlie Turner. When we think of long-case or grandfather clocks most of us conjure up images of large and imposing pieces of furniture made from dark woods, the sort of things found in many grand country houses or old school libraries. However, designer, sculpture, artist and horologist Charlie Turner is breaking the mould when it comes to clock design.

Charlie Turner is one of the UK’s most innovative and inspiring furniture designers, creating unique pieces of beautiful yet functional art. Charlie’s handmade contemporary clocks encompass the very best of classic craftsmanship and his distinctive contemporary style.


Available from:

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City tower blocks, urban skylines, tall dramatic silhouettes, hints of seeing things through the wooden slats, never getting the complete picture. The star burst of light on the ceiling and on surrounding walls, brings the clock alive the gentle swinging of the pendulum is very soporific. This is a bit of furniture that happens to tell the time.

Each of his unique and eye-catching clocks are designed and made by hand in Cornwall. Taking a very fresh and inspiring approach to furniture design has led Charlie Turner to the launch of his own collection of contemporary grandfather clocks. Made from natural timbers and designed to reflect minimal and contemporary lifestyles his designs are thoroughly modern, a million miles away from the look of traditional clocks. Charlie’s sculptural clocks may well be simplistic in style but the quality of the technology integrated within the designs is every bit as complex and precise as classic timepieces. Charlie Turner explains “I get inspiration from all around me, the sea, the coast, the Cornish landscape. I am always on the lookout for materials, colours and shapes that would never be associated with clocks, from the rocks, driftwood and the amazing range of colours in the sea”.

RED CLASSIC When seeking inspiration the reality is always closer to home than we realise. The dramatic change to a traditional clock but painting it a different colour was a huge surprise. We used a mirror as a dial to get further away from the traditional image. The looks and comments we got from the “Car Body Shop” when we asked them to spray the clock still makes me smile.

The process of creating a new contemporary clock design is a long and meticulous process and Charlie has spent several years perfecting his collection prior to its launch. “I have many ideas for clocks in my head but getting to the manufacturing stage takes some serious work. First I draw the design, re-work and refine its structure. Then I make them up in miniature, alter the proportions, do some road testing with a prototype to gauge the public’s reaction etc. This September Charlie Turner will be unveiling his collection of contemporary clocks with the launch of his own brand ‘Charlie Turner Design’.

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RIVOLI Clocks had always been top heavy and making it rectangular was a dramatic change. Adding the glass to the sides meant it didn’t appear heavy and intrusive. Seeing the movement of the pendulum from the sides and front and seeing the three weights drop over the week, emphasise the simple mechanical nature of the piece.

84 DÉCOR Magazine

Charlie Turner has always held a passion for working with wood and from early childhood he enjoyed designing and making furniture. Initially, however, Charlie worked in the film business making TV Commercials and spent several years in the States and London. Having made the decision to leave the city he then embarked on renovating and refurbishing period properties. Having successfully completed several complex house renovations Charlie received commissions for cabinetmaking work and his creative skills became increasingly in demand. Projects undertaken included kitchen and furniture designs and bespoke interiors. Whilst the cabinetmaking business was thriving Charlie made the difficult decision to change the direction of his work following a serious back injury and subsequent surgery. Having found a small clockmaking business for sale in Cornwall, Charlie and his family moved to the West Country and took over “Richard Broad Clocks” now Broad and Turner, in 2000. The clock’s produced were mostly traditional in design and Charlie wanted to inject some fresh inspiration into the business.

ROCKET Clocks had always been top heavy and making it rectangular was a dramatic change. Adding the glass to the sides meant it didn’t appear heavy and intrusive. Seeing the movement of the pendulum from the sides and front and seeing the three weights drop over the week, emphasise the simple mechanical nature of the piece.

Dedicating his time to studying the technology of horology and working on innovative contemporary clock designs the Charlie Turner collection was officially launched in the summer of 2011. Charlie’s contemporary clock designs reflect the environment in which he lives, the changing moods of the sea, the abundance of natural light and the natural beauty of the wood. DÉCOR Magazine


Plus ÂŽ

A Touch of Scandinavia Muubs Osaka table

BoConcept Mezzo sofa and Barcelona coffee table

Inviting interiors BoConcept Lugano bed

Cane-line Traveler chairs

Hay About a Chair


Ctra. de Mijas km 3,5 29650 Mijas, MĂĄlaga Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00 Saturday 10:00 - 14:00

+34 951 242 092

A FUSION OF FUNCTION AND FORM Providing inspiration and innovation to the A & D industries around the world, British Clay Plaster manufacturers Clayworks has developed an award winning collection of natural plaster wall finishings.

Natural clay plaster wall finishes that are environmentally friendly, high performance and seamless that offer a healthy and hardwearing solution

Offering 27 standard pigmented colours and numerous textured options, Clayworks also offers a sought after bespoke service to customers. Unique colours and detailed decorative finishes are developed to incorporate artistic designs, brand symbols, in-house styles and patterns. Specialising in producing natural clay plasters for the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries, Clayworks have built an impressive portfolio of projects which showcase the flexibility of their clay plaster wall finishes. Recent projects include numerous designs for restaurants, hotels, office and high street stores. Regular clients include Nandos, Wahaca and Paul Smith where Clayworks have created unique and inspiring finishes for locations worldwide. Adam Weismann, one of Clayworks founders explains: “Our clay plasters have been developed to offer the ultimate combination of function and form. We provide a versatile and flexible natural material that offers a healthy alternative to conventional wall coatings. All of our clay plasters are UV resistant and non-toxic. Over the last 12 months our relationships with interior designers and architects have gone from strength to strength with a majority of our projects now being in the retail, hospitality and restaurant industries”. The Clayworks team have received many awards for their innovative clay plaster wall finishes and are proud of their ‘eco’ credentials, clay plasters are all: • Manufactured from sustainable raw materials • Recyclable, Reusable, Compostable, 100% biodegradable • Low energy, Breathable, Humidity and Temperature Regulating

Available from:

Our products offer the ultimate combination of function and form



on trend

Marsala - Hot & Spicy Marsala is the Pantone colour for the year 2015. It is an earthy wine red, making it perfect for creating warmth and subtle seductive interiors. Add elegance to any room by incorporating this rich and welcoming hue in accent pieces, accessories and paint. Marsala’s plush characteristics are enhanced when the color is applied to textured surfaces, making it an ideal choice for rugs and upholstered living room furniture.

Cortesi Home Izzo Burgundy Cube Ottoman $89.99

Otomi Pillow, Ruby by Thomas Paul $87.04

12-Cup Mill & Brew Coffeemaker Linea Red Cast Aluminium Casserole Dish $99.99 £40.00

Miguel Glass Table Lamp £123.52

Uttermost Kina Armless Chair $723.80

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Chic felines or crazy cats!! A women best friend (think catwomen!) makes an unexpected trend and style statement this season, cats can be found everywhere and on everything - from cushion covers, to wall coverings, clocks and kitchenalia. Just don’t cross paths with a black moggy!!

Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl £47.50

Chubby Cat Mug $8.00

Omega Cats wallpaper from Sanderson £43.00 per roll

Infinity Instruments Cat Chasing the Gold Fish Novelty Wall Clock $49.99

Kisa Cat Candle by Thorunn Arnadottir $34.00

Cat Tea Cosy by Ulster Weavers €21.22

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Take a walk on the wild side. The allure of animal print has never felt so luxurious or easy to incorporate into your home décor. Africa Chic, represented by animal prints and ethnic patterns, will be one of the biggest trends in interior design over the following season. This trend is characterized by zebra, leopard and tiger fabrics combined with all the modern ethnic patterns like ikat. Earthy tones and natural materials such as wood or rattan and leather complete the look

World Imports Animal-Print Accent Chair with Round Back $345.47

Leopard Kenya Earth Pillow $42.00

Zebra Animal Print Chaise Lounge $899.00

Giraffe Lamp with Animal Print Shade $69.99 Ziggy - Zebra Piggy Bank £20.00

92 DÉCOR Magazine

Och aye the noo Think warm and homely colours perfect for rustic homes and country cottages alike. Tartan works fantastically in a variety of ways; upholstered chairs, curtains and even warm fleecy throws for the sofa add a touch or warmth during the chilly winter - spring nights.

Dog Door Banger Stewart Tartan NZD $29.90

The Colchester Wing Chair / High Back £523

Faiburn range in Plum £82.00

Handcrafted Serving Bowl £82.00

Lana Button – Red Tartan £395.00

Camel Stewart Tartan Cushion by Annabel James £49.95

DÉCOR Magazine


Going dotty Polka dots are one of those classic patterns that can seem timeless yet trendy at the same time, so it’s no surprise that they are experiencing a significant comeback for Spring 2015. Fresh and eye-catching, polka dots appeared in bright colors, ranging from tiny dots to large spots. Depending on how polka dots are designed, they can appear young and fresh or sleek and sophisticated.

Muriva Just Like It Circles Polka Dot Spots Brown White Textured Designer Wallpaper £14.99

Indoor Cube Hot Green Large Polka Dot $79.99

Red Polka Dot Accent Lamp $49.99

Polka Dot Large Hen On Nest £49.95

16 piece Cutlery Set with colourful polka dot handles £24.95

94 DÉCOR Magazine

atmosphere ClassiC

Introducing Atmosphere Globemakers, among the world’s newest globe manufacturers. Based in Denmark, Atmosphere Globemakers are backed by decades of experience in the globe making industry. Their mission is to make aesthetically pleasing globe designs that can also be used as an accurate geographical reference.

STANDING OUT BRIGHTLY Atmosphere Globemakers uses state-of-the-art technologies to develop their outstanding designs. They behold the passion that globes should continue to be built on the tradition of being beautiful objects of art--that can also serve a purpose as a useful reference tool. They feel that their creative approach adds a personal feel to the products they produce. Their focus is on improving quality to every step of the manufacturing process, to deliver a product that you can see and feel is of a higher quality.

The new light & colour collection of stylish and contemporary globes represents one of the most innovative designs by Atmosphere. Created for the ultimate viewing experience. The maps are designed individually and the globes are manufactured to perfection.

Available from:

96 DÉCOR Magazine

A globe should be part of every home - for decoration and more importantly, for education. Because it is the only true representation of our world - the only way to understand the distance between continents, the diversity of countries and the vastness of the ocean.

Our picture of the world is never static

DÉCOR Magazine


98 DÉCOR Magazine

Inspiring and innovative designs in both commercial and residential projects, always striving to achieve a perfect balance of space, colour and texture whilst constantly developing new ideas and materials. Our motivation is to exceed the expectations of our clients through our creativity and attention to detail.

DÉCOR Magazine



100 DÉCOR Magazine

With a team of Designers, Architects, 3D Graphic Artists, specialist paint finishers, upholsterers and cabinet makers, we design and produce high quality bespoke furniture in any size, colour or material, from mirror finish high gloss lacquers to specially selected natural woods.


DÉCOR Magazine



102 DÉCOR Magazine

GN DPS 3 Phone: +34 952 794 117 | E-mail: Poligono Industrial San Pedro | c/Países Bajos 6 | 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara | Málaga | Spain DÉCOR Magazine


Chair Phoebe piped in Rosebery and woodwork painted in Warm White


QUALITY, ELEGANCE & HERITAGE The Woodville collection of breathtakingly beautiful florals celebrates the craftsmanship of the artist. The collection showcases the painterly talent of the Zoffany design studio alongside two contemporary artists who have been invited to share their work. In its conception, the collection follows classic traditions, but by utilising modern print techniques and engaging artists to create the designs, it has been given a contemporary edge. Woodville evokes a sophisticated and romantic mood, perfect for Country Houses and is equally at home wherever a touch of elegance is sought to create a timeless beauty. The collection comprises five prints on a mixture of cloths ranging from linen to silk, one warp print, an embroidered silk and nine wallpapers.

Cushions clockwise from top left Romey’s Garden, Magnolia Bough and Phoebe

Zoffany is one of the world’s leading names in luxury fabric and wallpaper design. From its exclusive beginnings supplying historic wallcoverings for private commissions to its current status as an internationally renowned fabric and wallpaper house, Zoffany has established a reputation for high quality and innovative design, providing a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic in both contemporary and period interiors.

Available from: Distributor in Spain: Gaston Y Daniela S.A, C/ Teatinos 42 28823 Coslada, Madrid T: 00 34 91 485 2590 DÉCOR Magazine






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Munro Weaves is a collection of two beautiful qualities, woven in cotton, linen and chenille with an antique texture and distressed finish for a relaxed and aged look. Each fabric is available in the same comprehensive palette of fourteen colours, from soft neutral tones, through mid-tones of grape and smoke, and onto the deeper hues of cobalt, magenta and richer, jewel tones.


1 Wallpaper Nostell Priory - Bench pad Rosebery - Cushions front to back Romey’s Garden self piped, Phoebe self piped, Romey’s Garden self piped - Skirting board Warm White | 2 Wallpaper Chintz 3 fabric Panels Phoebe - Chair Magnolia Bough | 4 Sofa Munro piped in Corbett - Cushions on Sofa left to right Corbet, Corbett, Munro backed in Corbett, Munro backed in Corbett - Chair Corbett piped in Corbett - Cushion on Chair Munro backed in Corbett - Footstool Munro piped in Corbett Throw Corbett backed in Corbett - Paint Fennel Skirting board Warm White | 5 Wallpaper Woodville plain - Chair on left Corbett self piped and buttoned - Cushion on chair Munro - Chair on right Munro piped and buttoned in Corbett - Skirting board Quarter Paris Grey

DÉCOR Magazine


Norm.Architects was founded in 2008. Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Norm works with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphics and art direction. The name Norm indicates the importance of drawing inspiration from traditions and norms that have been refined for many centuries within the field of architecture and aesthetics. Norm makes it a virtue to focus on quality, durability and timelessness. They want their designs to not only be of good materials and good craftsmanship, but to embody beauty, history and, most importantly, outlive fleeting trends.

Available from:

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FOR BEAUTIFUL NAPS AND SOFT NIGHTS The design process of Norm.Architects is based on not just asking the question “how?” but to ask the question “why?”. Why should we create this? Why does the need for this product exist? Why should people buy it? Why should they want to keep it? When you ask the question “why?” you open up for deeper design dimensions and you embark on the road to create truly durable products. In spirit with the tradition for scandinavian simplicity Norm strives to cut to the bone in their designs. To find the simplest shape for a given task without forgetting the beauty of the shape and the details, in order to reach a point where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away that can make the product better. Like true scandinavians they pride themselves in their culture and history, and hope and aspire to create new norms for nordic design.

Norm.Architects are to show you the very first production of MENU bed linen, the beautiful GoodNorm designed by NORM Architects. GoodNorm is a lovely 2-sided bed linen in washed cotton sateen. One side of the bed linen is plain-coloured while the other has fine small graphic patterns and details. From afar both sides appear to be plain-coloured but when you get at closer look all the fine details and shapes are revealed. GoodNorm comes in six different douched Scandinavian colours: Kit, Concrete, Anthracite, Nude, Moss and Thunder. The special wash provides the douched nuances and makes the bed covers even softer. All GoodNorm products are wrapped with out any use of plastic to protect the environment, and tested for all harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex® standard to protect you.

Sleep tight

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JAB International Furnishings Ltd. | 17 The Boulevard | Imperial Wharf | London SW6 2UB Tel: 020 7348 6620 | Email: | |


( SOfar


INSPIRING METALLIC DESIGNS London based luxury interiors specialists SoFarSoNear is delighted to showcase its Cuprum copper fabrics.

SoFarSoNear is a young and innovative interiors company working within the high-end residential and hospitality interiors industry. Driven by a constant search for new and exciting materials, SoFarSoNear offers a wide range of exclusive and industry accredited fabrics for all interiors.

Available from:

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Cuprum is a contemporary and inspiring collection of textiles especially suited for the luxury and hospitality industries. Cuprum has been created as a result of our constant search for unique and unusual materials. An eye-catching copper fabric it combines the sheen of metal leaf with the softness of an exquisite woven textile. The uniqueness of the Cuprum collection is the result of innovative production methods and weaving techniques developed by SoFarSoNear. Fabric colour palettes options include gold, copper, titanium, black, rose and salmon. Cuprum is flame retardant and highly resistant, thus making it an ideal fabric for use in commercial or hospitality environments. SoFarSoNear is also expanding its copper collection in collaboration with leading Italian architects and designers. One exceptional design is ‘Marilyn’ which was created by Marco Piva and combines precious elements alongside the copper yarn. Diamonds, rubies & pearls motifs are integrated within the copper yarns giving a glamorous and decorative appeal to the fabric. Another designer collaboration successfully utilises Silver, Gold and Platinum within the palette known as ‘Etruschi’. Designed by Yacht Designer Luca Dini Etruschi is a unique collection of weaved metal fabrics that combines the excellence of Italian design with 21st century textile innovation. Copper yarns are woven with linen and wool into precious fabrics for prestigious interiors.

Finally, this season, SoFarSoNear ‘s latest textile design is ‘Spartito’ another glamorous and exclusive addition to the Cuprum range. The distinctive pattern in copper thread, is based on music scores written by Daniele Lombardi and designed by R+S Architects.

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Wallpaper Peacock Garden

JAIPUR 114 DÉCOR Magazine

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS Cushion Jayshree piped In Ketti - Footstool Orissa Velvet

Luxury lifestyle, from the buzz of city living, to pastoral idyll, Zoffany embraces the best of both worlds

This autumn sees Zoffany playing to two of its strengths. The recent success of collections as diverse as Arden and Quartz show that the Zoffany customer enjoys the best of both worlds: the vibrancy of the city and the bliss of country living. Launching this season are two groups of collections with very different identities: the Prism and Quartz set, launched recently have an urban contemporary feel. This second group of collections, Jaipur, plays on and updates a strong tradition of using Indian and Persian designs in the decoration of English Country House interiors. Inspired by Indian Mughal paintings, the Jaipur collection takes its name from one of the regions where this school of art is still practised. A sophisticated mix of pattern and texture gives scope for the interior designer to create highly individual and elegantly welcoming living spaces.

Sofa Peacock Garden

DÉCOR Magazine


The collection introduces new techniques to create fabulous textural effects and contemporary interpretations of documents. Mural artist, Melissa White, was invited to paint the scenic ‘Peacock Garden’ as a striking backdrop to the collection. Rich and bold colours can be offset with subtle pastels to create luxurious interiors. Across the three collections there are six prints, one embroidery, nine wallpapers and four sublime weaves. All prints and wallpapers are manufactured in the UK.


1 Wallpaper Antique Flamestitch - Sofa Kashgar Velvet - Jacket Exterior Pulu Interior Chirala trimmed in 1/2” Picot Braid | 2 Curtain Palme - Orissa Velvet, Banyan, Pulu, Jaipur, Orissa Velvet, Cochin, Jaipur - Seat Cushions Chirala | 3 Wallpaper Kalamkari - Sofa Chirala - Cushions from left to right Pulu backed in Curzon, Orissa Velvet, Chirala - Footstool Orissa Velvet 4 Wallpaper Jaipur Plain - Chair Kashgar Velvet - Lampshade Ketti | 5 Wallpaper Jaipur - Sofa Orissa Velvet - Cushions from left to right Orissa Velvet, Chirala, Orissa Velvet, Chirala, Jaipur, Orissa Velvet, Kashmir

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CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION This year Casasola Muebles celebrates a milestone of 30 years of business within the Marbella region

Since its inauguration in Marbella in 1985, Casasola Muebles has secured itself as providing the highest quality of furnishings and accessories for the home and as such has achieved a name that stands for: Exclusivity, Exquisite design and Refined Service. Always one step ahead the collections presented by Casasola Muebles are at the cutting edge of contemporary design all are beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant this alone underlines Casasola Muebles position as one of the Costa del Sol’s main luxury furniture provider.

30 YEA




mar 5 be


Available from:

With specialist shops located in Marbella, Rabat and a furniture outlet in Campillos, customers are able to select from their extensive range of furnishings to include; classic, rural, modern or colonial furniture design plus the Casasola Factory Shop offers you all the latest furniture at considerably lower prices.

relax and enjoy their surroundings.” With this care and attention it is little wonder that Casasola Muebles receives a very high percentage of repeat custom or recommendations from satisfied customers friends and family.

Having navigated the good and bad times here in Marbella the key to the success and continued longevity of Casasola Muebles is without doubt the excellent customer service it offers which Cati (the principle of Casasola Muebles) explains is vital “people entrust us to manage their “Turnkey” projects and installations and we want them be assured that when they walk into their new home it feels like a home away from home – We take all he stress, worry and hassle away from them so when they arrive they can simply

118 DÉCOR Magazine

Decor issue 4.indd 118

13/02/2015 12:28

Decor issue 4.indd 119

13/02/2015 12:28

RAB RABAT Avda. Ahmed RIFAI, 82 Soussi, Rabat Tel. +212 537756522

CAMPILLOS CASASOLA FACTORY Carretera Arcos-Antequera km106, 29320 Campillos Tel. 952 72 21 00

MARBELLA Carretera Cรกdiz-Mรกlaga km184,5 29604 Marbella Tel. 952 77 27 58

ALPINE COUNTRYHOUSE LOOK An idyllic chalet on a lake in the mountains would be the perfect surroundings for this FOUR SEASONS collection featuring the alpine country-house look. Continuing the journey through the different country-house styles of the world, the lovely rustic look of the Alps follows on from the French, English, Scandinavian and South-American styles.

Ranging from classically elegant to romantic and playful to uncompromisingly modern - the stylish collections from JAB ANSTOETZ Furnishing Fabrics are presented twice a year, introducing new and fascinating worlds of living for every furnishing style. The versatile product range focuses on carefully coordinated decoration fabrics, panels and upholstery fabrics in almost 20,000 colourways.

Available from:

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Versatile stripe designs, endearing printed fabrics and all-purpose decoration fabrics make this harmonious Trevira CS collection complete which brings alpine country-house flair to your home.

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HERITAGE & “ Tranquilitie ELEGANCE “

Textiles have been part of the Walker family heritage for almost 200 years when the original James Walker (1797-1865) founded the company in a weaver’s cottage with just two handlooms. With origins in Yorkshire and Oxfordshire, “Tranquilitie” was founded in the 1930s to supply boutique hotels and retail stores with quality blankets and continues to stand for high quality British design led textiles with genuine heritage and excellence.

“Tranquilitie” luxury wool blankets bring style and elegance into any home. Suitable for both interior and outdoor use, they dress any city or country home handsomely. Designed and made in England they are generous in size, sumptuous in weight and exceptionally hard wearing. Each blanket comes packaged in a practical yet striking panama bag. Perfect for draping over the beds, making a nest as the evening cools or throwing on the ground for a picnic, the “Tranquilitie” colour palettes, inspired by the pure elegance of nature will complement and provide comfort in any setting. Each blanket will provide years of memories which can be passed down through generations.

Van Dusen


Virginia Walker grew up with “Tranquilitie” blankets as a child; the same blankets remain with her today, a symbol of their quality and timeless appeal. It was this that inspired Virginia to re-invigorate the “Tranquilitie” brand.

Available from:

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A former Central Saint Martins student with a background in luxuiry markets, a keen eye for colour and sensitivity for understated elegance, Virginia has joined the business having spent time in designing in London, Milan and New York. With experience in both interiors and fashion, Virginia has the desire to breathe fresh life and new designs into her family’s business whilst developing new markets.



Attention to detail is implicit; Virginia works tirelessly with her production team to ensure every element of the blanket is perfect. “Tranquilitie” (the blankets) take inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty and, to reflect the range’s international appeal, the blankets are named after the world’s oldest and most beautiful botanical gardens; Versailles, Majorelle, Empress, Chelsea, Exbury, Van Dusen, Kew and Eden

Van Dusen

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Exclusively Available Through Duralee

to Architects and Interior Designers (800) 275-3872



Dôme Deco challenges the conventional boundaries of interior design with a unique and refined vision. The collections straddle contrasting extremes in both form and content, sparking an engaged dialogue with any interior - harsh, raw elements, for example, are combined with a refined sense of elegance…


Soft features are lent a rough, hardened edge… Warm, natural materials are contrasted with sleek, clean lines… This passion for engaging extremes lends our collections an obstinate personality while reinforcing a broader international and crossborder vision. a vision that encapsulates the diversity of a globalized and everchanging world. A vision that we have distilled into the 3 c’s:

cosmopolitan, conceptual, contemporary...

For more information visit:

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Within this theme, DômeDeco return to their roots by taking a break of the fast moving society surrounding us. Their desire towards crafted objects grows because of the need for physical connections in this increasingly virtual world. The untouched and raw nature is the inspiration for this theme of complete purity. In tune with the sense for imperfection and authenticity, DômeDeco carefully chose a combination of different colors, textures and forms of the natural world which result in a sense of spirituality and robustness. Deep earth tones together with pops of color and floral textures tell a lush but at the same time a serene story.




1. Cooper Drawer Chest - F13-W9/Cho. Chocolate - Mdf, Mahogany Veneer & Solid Wood, Metal Copper Plated L178 x W51 x H78 cm 2. Mirror Round- M2-S2/Bro. Bronze - Iron - D82 x H10 cm 3. Crista Coffee Table With Glass - F11-G3/Br. Brown - Stainless Brass, Brown Glass - L130 x W60 x H45 cm 4. Vase Aluminium- V2-A33/Go. Gold - Aluminium - D13,5 x H35,5 cm 5. Baron Lounge Chair - Blue Cushion- Ad3-1629/Bl. Blue (Beige, White, Black, Red, Mix Colors) - 100% Velvet, Mindy Wood L66 x H73,5 x H74 cm

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1. Cowhide with Rectangular Block- Cow160240/Be Beige (Black) - Cowhide, Leather - 160 x 240 cm 2. Feel Armchair with Dolcina Fabric- F2-T15/Gri Grey - 100% Polyester - L60 x W64 x H85,5 cm 3. Plaid Super Silky- Ss140180/Bl Blue (Beige) - 100% Polyester - 140 x 180 cm 4. Tablelamp Glass - L3-G7/Cog Cognac - Glass Foot, Cotton Shade - D26 x H44 cm 5. Slim Desk - F5-W2/Es. Espresso - Walnut Veneer, Solid Wood - L140 x W60 x H76 cm 6. Vase Glass Oval- V2-G117/Tra Transparant - Glass - L40 x W16 x H33,5 cm


7. Picture Frame: Tanruki Trace- Ef259 Mix Colors - 70 x 85 Cm



5 2




130 DÉCOR Magazine


4 1 5 6


p 1.

Vase Blue Bottom L- V2-G112/Tra Transparant - Glass - D14 x H36 cm


2. Vase Aluminium L - V2-A31/Cop Copper (Gold, Silver) - Aluminium - L33 x W12 x H56 cm 3. Tealight Aluminium- T2-A11/Go Gold (Silver, Copper) Aluminium - D5,5 x H3 cm 5

4. Vase Aluminium S - V2-A30/Cop. Copper (Gold, Silver) - Aluminium - L27 x W10 x H45 cm 5. Vase Blue Bottom S- V2-G111/Tra. Transparant - Glass - D14 x H30 cm


6. Tablelamp Ceramic Bowl Matt - L3-C11/Br. Brown Ceramics, Fabric Shade - D40 x H70 cm 2

1. Macabre Bookchest with Brown Glass F8-G2/Bro - Bronze - Stainless Brass, Brown Glass L80 x W35 x H180 cm




2. Tealight Ceramics L T2-C38/Bl - Blue - Ceramics D11 x H15 cm 3. Tealight Ceramics S T2-C37/Bl - Blue - Ceramics D10,5 x H9 cm 4. Vase Ceramics M V2-C121/Bl - Blue - Ceramics D18,5 x H40 cm


5. Vase Ceramics L V2-C118/Bl - Blue - Ceramics D18 x H47 cm 6. Vase Ceramics S V2-C119/Bl - Blue - Ceramics D18,5 x H20 cm 7. Vase Ceramics L V2-C122/Bl- Blue - Ceramics D18,5 c H50 cm

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4 1

132 DÉCOR Magazine


Cooper Nightstand- F10-W14/Cho Chocolate - Mdf, Mahogany Veneer & Solid Wood, Metal Copper Plated L51 x W46 x H55 cm

2. Mirror Rectangular- M4-S2/Cop. Copper - Iron - L20 x W17 x H9 cm. Mirror Rectangular- M4-S2/Gri. Grey Iron - L20 x W17 x H9 cm 3. Cushion Esta Embroidered- Esta4545a/Mix. Mix Colors - 100% Cotton - 45 x 45 cm 4. Classy Bedcover, Dacron Filled & Carlucci FabricCla230250/Br. Brown - 50% Polyester, 45% Cotton, 5% Elastan - 230 x 250 cm 5. Fur Plaid Fut - Ff140180/Br. Brown (Beige) - Front: 80% Acrylic, 20% Polyster Back: 100% Polyester 140 x 180 cm 6. Stool On Wooden Platform with Velvet Fabric- F4-T18/ Bl. Blue - 100% Velvet - L140 x W55 x H45 cm 7.

Ella Carpet - Silk - Ella200300/Go. Gold (Blue, Red, Black, Dark Brown) - Art Silk - 200 x 300 cm




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75 years of pure English luxury Holmes 3 seater sofa 134 DÉCOR Magazine

Duresta has been making high quality furniture for over 75 years and its furniture may be found in the finest homes, top hotels and embassies throughout the world. The company offers a vast collection of fabrics, sourced internationally, to ensure the widest choice.

Lansdowne Grand Sofa

Their factory is located in Long Eaton, a Nottinghamshire town renowned for the skill of its people in all aspects of furniture making, from the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all aspects of fabric cutting and sewing expertise and, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery. Frames are made from selected hardwoods, each dowelled, glued and screwed for trouble free long life. Their furniture making combines these skills with the best materials available to produce long-lasting and sumptuously comfortable furniture

Opera and Amadeus Chairs

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


Duresta always bear in mind that sofas and chairs are not merely functional objects for seating. They also play an important part in establishing the character of the room they are set in. Although their designs naturally respond to changing tastes, at the heart of each lies Classic English Style, which throughout the world is generally considered to have a flavour of understatement, subtlety and fine proportion.

They offer a very large range of fabrics which they source internationally to ensure the widest choice of styles and colours. These are individually hand cut and expertly sewn with separate valances applied by hand slipstitching. All undergo rigorous quality testing to reduce the incidence of premature wear and tear and to guide you as to suitability. For many years Duresta has held a unique licence which enables them to study closely the myriad design details and original pieces of furniture found in the collections of The National Trust. They have recently introduced a small collection of fabrics, this time inspired by the beautiful parks and woodlands in the care of The National Trust.

136 DÉCOR Magazine

Quality, Creativity and Craftsmanship Since 1938

Decor issue 4.indd 137

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13/02/2015 12:28



French Bedroom C O M P A N Y

Downton Abbey is back with great gusto and this devilishly delightful drama not only captivates with its storylines, but also with its interior creations! To create a sense of Downton within the home, take a look at some of the stunning pieces available from Georgia and the team from The French Bedroom Company.

ROLLED ROPE BENCH TABLE Large enough to be used as a stool or as a tray table for afternoon tea. Made from carved mahogany, upholstered in linen with self-piped edging. Perfect with informal linen sofas, or in a grand living room.. £495

LARGE OAK LEAF GOLD GILT MIRROR This stunning French mirror features natural leaf embellished designs in antique gold, bringing a little inspiration from nature’s beauty into your home. The geometric edging evokes an antique detail. Drenched in a heavy dose of must-have opulence, this gold mirror would make a statement in almost any room of the house, great in a bedroom, living room or even bathroom. £360

Welcome to The French Bedroom Company, the home of award winning French style furniture and progressive design. Their ethos is simple: to offer French furniture that exudes elegance and injects overstated beauty into your home. Theye have hand picked the best shabby chic and French furniture designs around to help you to transform the mundane into the magnificent. Browse their online boutique and have beautifully crafted French style furniture delivered direct to your door.

DELPHINE ARMOIRE This strikingly elegant French armoire has been intricately hand-carved from mahogany, with beautifully intricate and feminine door fronts, ornate keyhole with a working key and prettily designed hinges. The cabriole legs have been elaborately carved, there is exquisite detailing on the armoire sides and there’s even a cherub nestled in the top carving. This free-standing wardrobe has a removable hanging rail with three adjustable shelves inside. The piece is finished in a painstaking hand-worked 7-stage process which involves sanding, sealing, painting, varnishing, distressing, more painting and then a final coat of varnish. £1610

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


PALACE BALLROOM LIGHT A single bulb, reflected and refracted through hundreds of octagonal and rectangular crystal drops and small glass beads. Suspended from a metal adjustable chain. A stunning centrepiece for an entrance hall. Small £260 Large £295

VERSAILLES UPHOLSTERED GOLD LUXURY BED A strikingly decadent French-style bed for the discerning eye! The bedt has button back upholstered in beige-grey raw slub-silk, with a double-piped trim and framed in antique gilt mahogany with end corner detailing. Featuring floral carvings and signature cabriole style legs. An amazing upholstered bed that has to be seen! Fits standard UK size mattresses. Double £1670 | King £1830 | Superking £2040 | Emperor £2795

PALAIS BEDSIDE TABLE The Palais Collection is our most prestigious collection of French PALAIS furniture. Hand made and handcarved and adorned with elegant bas relief in a gold leaf patina. The mildly distressed gold accents over the antiqued crackle-patina ivory is pure Louis XVI style. Evoking the grandeur of a Downton Abbey film set, this two drawer bedside table embraces all that is honoured and adored about French furniture. £270

140 DÉCOR Magazine


“Instinctive passion for and love for culture, strength and creativity, rigor and balance. On these reasons I founded my life and my work. I am living the present, preserving and sharing them so that this art can live overtime�

C&B PubblicitĂĄ




NEW LAUNCHES Eye-catching sculptural shapes, luxurious materials and strikingly contemporary design combined with practical utility – here’s the Go Modern pick of some of the season’s newest products from dining tables to quirky TV units and the ultimate in luxurious armchairs.

Available from:

142 DÉCOR Magazine

The Go Modern Edit

BONALDO OCTA EXTENDING DINING TABLE First launched in 2013, Bonaldo’s award-winning Octa table by Bartoli design has now been released as an extending dining table. The name Octa derives from the table’s eight steel legs, positioned centrally under the table top. Featured here with an acid treated extra-light white glass top with glass extensions, and steel legs in white matt lacquer.

DÉCOR Magazine


BONALDO BANDY SOFA BED Bandy is the ultimate in stylish sofa beds combining simple, functional design, to create a sofa bed that doesn’t feel or, importantly, look like a traditional sofa bed. Pushing down the back of the sofa, smoothly moves the seat forward to provide a comfortable bed of 130cm x 200cm. With a wide choice of fabrics, leathers, and bases.

144 DÉCOR Magazine

VIBIEFFE OPERA CHAIR & FOOTSTOOL From one of Italy’s most respected manufacturers, Vibieffe make their luxurious furniture in the Lombardi area north of Milan. The elegant high back (93cm) Opera chair and stool is a brand new winter addition to Vibieffe’s Opera range, and is seen here in black leather with silky-soft citrine yellow velvet cushions. The frame and legs are in Canaletto walnut.

BAKKARAT GLASS DINING TABLE Italian glass specialist Tonelli’s Bakkarat table gives a contemporary nod to the style of the Art Deco period with a base formed of two sculptured crystal elements. The glass dining table is hand-bonded and features tempered extra-clear glass and mirrored bases.

NANI MARQUINA ‘FLYNG CARPET’ RUG Rugs are a new addition to the Go Modern line-up and we’re delighted to be working with the internationally celebrated Spanish rug expert Nani Marquina. The company’s innovative ‘Flying Carpet’ creates a threedimensional space for relaxing at floor level with a design that allows any of its corners to be raised (total height 20cm) using grey, felt-covered wedges. Available in red or green and two sizes, made from 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool.

DÉCOR Magazine


CREATING SPACES IN WONDERFUL PLACES Blackshaw Interior Design is a luxury interior designer and building contractor based in Marbella on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. The company was launched in 2008 by Sally Blackshaw, a UK born, highly qualified and experienced interior/retail designer, and has since successfully completed both residential and retail projects for many prestigious clients in Spain and the UK.

Sally has a wealth of experience in creating and delivering expressive and stylish spaces. Having graduated in 1999 from the London Institute, she excelled in her field working for numerous major design companies both in the UK and Spain. Since Sally took the bold step in setting up her own company, Blackshaw Interior Design has gone from strength to strength. She puts this down to a simple ethos – understanding the clients’ needs and then executing their project with perfection and attention to detail.

“All clients are different, that’s why we take time to really understand our client’s briefs and objectives. We offer our expertise and vision, we excite and inspire, then we work together to deliver the project to the highest standards on time and to budget.” Sally’s technical background also means that she has the knowledge, expertise and contacts to undertake renovation and major construction projects in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Available from:

148 DÉCOR Magazine

So whether your property needs a complete renovation, an exterior face-lift, or simply a make-over to make it more homely or prepare it for sale or rent, Blackshaw Interior Design is at your service.

“As one of Marbella’s top design firms, Sally’s design style is inviting, yet elegant and luxurious”

Sally is proud to announce the completion of their latest interior and exterior renovation project. This kind of work is exactly what they are used to, taking the property apart and putting it back together again. This particular project took approximately 4 months from start to finish. The villa was in need of complete modernization for an English family’s second home in the heart of the Golf Valley Nueva Andalucía. The client was after a home from home feel - updated, contemporary and welcoming. The swimming pool was redesigned and enlarged and the use of white tiles and coloured water make a striking view when you approach down the stairs, through the double doors and into the lounge. First impressions are all important and the curb appeal was dramatically improved by removing the curved wall and overgrown shrubs replacing them with straight, clean lines giving the impression that the house is taken care of, strong and secure, with huge wooden and chrome sliding gates replacing the old iron ones. Up and down contemporary lights finish off the streamlined look. DÉCOR Magazine


The whole interior ground floor living space was created into one open plan area, but cleverly Sally has given each section its own identity. The log burning 3 sided fire can be enjoyed from all angles and ties the space together. There really isn’t one area of the house that hasn’t been replaced or updated. Brand new electrics, plumbing, under floor heating and air-conditioning throughout have been installed utilising all the latest technology. Porcelain wood effect flooring was chosen, which is homely and easy to maintain. Secure PVC windows were installed, made from sustainable materials with the best insulation systems. Ceiling design always plays a really important role in all their projects. It enables the use of hidden A/C ducting great lighting effects can be created, with drop ceilings for LED spotlights, and recessed LED lighting effects all on dimmers In the bathrooms and kitchen ambient lighting effects were created with LED behind mirrors and under units, counters - a really cost effective way of making a difference.

150 DÉCOR Magazine

Visit Blackshaw’s 230m2 showroom in Nueva Andalucia, where they have an eclectic mix of the latest designs in furniture, art, accessories and textiles as well as custom pieces and unique items from around the world. Blackshaw also work with some of the best brands across the globe with access to a large range of furniture and accessories to suit any project be it residential or commercial.

The furnishings were all coordinated to fit in with the style of the new house, with lots of communication between ourselves and the clients. Accent colours, luxury silks and velvets, against cool lacquers and dark black or grey oak wood.

Blackshaw Interior Design (+34) 952 818 038 (+34) 657 051 298 Nave 7, Polígono Nuevo, La Campana, Nueva Andalucía, 29660, Marbella, Spain.

Blackshaw Interior Design buy furniture from all over the world, but if a certain item can’t found, they manufatcure it themselves. With years of experience working with brands and manufacturers they know who to rely on for quality, cost and deadlines. All of the soft furnishings are made on site, so quality can be closely controlled and last minute changes can be accommodated. The company offer a complete service - from full construction to the final furnishing service. They really do offer everything from each end of the spectrum. The client has to deal with one company and one company alone. Blackshaw Interior Design takes on all of the responsibility so the client can rest easy. Sally and the team understands the need for quality and service as their clients are inevitably busy business people and often do not live fulltime in the country. Adding immediate value to both the property either for investment or living, and also to the client’s lifestyle. If you have a renovation or furnishing project you would like Sally to take a look at - whether is be residential, commercial or any other - she would be really interested to meet you and discuss exactly what you need. DÉCOR Magazine



“Allow yourself to step into a world of all-inclusive quality in life”

Cap Blanc Ibiza represents a luxurious residential private complex with on-site 24 hours security, with only 9 modern design villas all with exceptional sea-views and located in Ibiza – Talamanca, Cap Martinet, one of Ibiza’s outstanding and sought after locations. The villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza will be built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch. Each villa has been exclusively designed with unique shapes and proportions, allowing it to fit in naturally within its surroundings. Construction period of each villa is approx. 12 months. Each villa will be tailored to your own wishes.

The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza have been carefully selected. Therefore, it not only ensures its aesthetic value, but also your investment. Cap Blanc Ibiza is currently the most luxurious real estate development on Ibiza. Each villa is ensured of total privacy whilst enjoying unobstructed views on the sea. Within such an extraordinary space, Cap Blanc Ibiza stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. The luxurious modern design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are very open, luminous and airy. One of the main features of Cap Blanc Ibiza is the way it communicates with its environment, each residence has a private garden, lounge areas, large outside swimming pool within her own exclusive private world. Starting price: € 3.700.000

For further information contact: Global Luxurious Properties T: +31 (0)-15-2630195 Minerva Development T: +31 (0)20 471 57 83 |

Effortless shopping for beautiful interiors

Bleu Nature came of Frank Lefebvre’s unique vision of the raw and natural material that is driftwood. The forgotten material from the waters moulded by time and current has been bewitching him since 1995.


His passion is to breathe new life into driftwood and bring nature to modern interiors. Bleu Nature is now the unrivalled leader in driftwood product and furniture design.

Outdoor living is this season’s watchword for Bleu Nature.

Available from:

156 DÉCOR Magazine

Wood, tree trunks, nests and cocoons are the inspiration behind its brilliantly theatrical collections of lights, tables and outdoor seating. A natural choice for a natural lifestyle.

DÉCOR Magazine


Stonebark Collection Where marble becomes wood

158 DÉCOR Magazine

Puddle Collection The glass-topped coffee tables in the Puddle collection subtly mimic nature. When reflections and transparency intertwine, when earth and sky blend into one, the effect is amazing.

Nature Protects Sun screens, privacy screens, wind screens… with Alcove individual removable panels for indoors or outdoors, you can create whatever kind of shelter you wish.

Coccoon Collection A soft, quiet alcove

DÉCOR Magazine


Nest Collection Reinvent evenings in the garden with round, oval, simple or striking Nest lights for standing or hanging.

CrusoĂŠ Collection Smooth shapes and a perfect combination of two precious materials, acrylic glass and driftwood.

160 DÉCOR Magazine


Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 |

Dorya, regarded as one of the top furniture makers of today, has its heritage firmly rooted in the tradition of the finest wood craftsmanship. As a luxury furniture and interiors brand, Dorya creates exquisitely handcrafted furniture and interior elements, whose luxurious design and attention to detail are paramount.

Available from:

162 DÉCOR Magazine


Heritage Collection

LIVING EXCELLENCE Dorya, the exquisite interiors brand, has its heritage firmly rooted in the tradition of the finest wood craftsmanship. As a luxury furniture and interiors brand, Dorya creates exquisitely handcrafted furniture and interior elements, whose luxurious design and attention to detail are paramount. Fine craftsmanship, luxurious materials and attention to detail have been applied to all matters touched. Dorya is a company with a view where pursuit of style is a way of life. Dorya invites you to “living excellence” through design, craftsmanship, and essence of quality… DÉCOR Magazine


ESSENCE OF QUALITY Dorya was established with the aim of achieving perfection by creating the highest quality of handmade furniture. While using state of the art technology, conventional craftsmanship is still the fundamental feature in the production process. All pieces are 100% handmade and made to order offering our customers the option of customizing their pieces. Every piece of Dorya furniture is an excellent investment and a privilege to be inherited from generation to generation. Dorya has a well deserved reputation for innovation, excellence in design, and production of high quality handcrafted furniture in the world.

HANDCRAFTED TO PERFECTION Dorya’s Heritage collection is a unique line of furniture that is inspired by the classic designs of the XVIII. and XIX. Century. With its timeless appearance, mahogany is the wood of choice primarily in the heritage collection. Whether it be the wood’s dramatic veneer figure or the item’s touch of gold leaf finishing, Heritage pieces can never go out of style and will be the antiques of tomorrow. Under the Heritage collection, Dorya offers an exclusive line of products called Heritage Masterpieces. These limited edition pieces with their detailed carvings and intricate marquetry patterns are sure to make a statement.

164 DÉCOR Magazine

Handcrafted to perfection

DÉCOR Magazine


168 DÉCOR Magazine

THE 2015 COLOR TRENDS YOU NEED TO KNOW The 2015 Interior Design Trends reflect stylish fashion design and consumer trends, bringing innovations, mixing trend analysis, versatility and unexpected solutions into stylish home furnishings and modern interior design. 2015 will be the year for reinventing classy luxury. No detail or element is overlooked as we offer the best at the frontier between design and art. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, but in 2015 will take you to places you have never been before; a journey to BOCA DO LOBO world-a world of emotions devoted to design trends. Modern interior design trends 2015 include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, neutral decorating colors, exotic motifs, patterns, golden colors and artistic details and surprising blend of textures. Each BOCA DO LOBO piece reflects our dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. We believe that the elegance and refinement presented in our collection are timeless. These characteristics of our brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention detail. Modern interior trends reflect the desire to establish a vivid and memorable way of creating bold living space that have personality. Boca do Lobo shares a collection of interior design pieces that will fit in the next interior design trends. Natural materials, such as stone, wood, metal and glass, dominate modern interior design trends.

Boca do Lobo emotional pieces are handmade in Portugal by talented artisans who use their wisdom from years of experience to combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods to shape the finest materials into furniture which gives rise to timeless luxurious cosmopolitan environments.

BARON JEWELLERY SAFE Designed in a Victorian futuristic style and inspired by traditional Swiss watch making techniques, Baron home safe is an exceptional piece of haute craftsmanship perfect for those with an appetite for extreme luxury. At Boca do Lobo designers are always one step ahead when it comes to trends. Steampunk has been identified by IBM as a hot trend for 2014

For more information or to view their latest collection of luxurious products visit: DÉCOR Magazine


Natural material, neutral colors, gold materials & handcrafted design pieces

LAPAZ TABLE Lapiaz inspired this unique coffee table. The french word is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates. This is how Lapiaz luxury coffee table emerged.

170 DÉCOR Magazine

PICCADILLY SIDEBOARD You can feel the architectural contrast between the present and the city’s heritage in the streets of London - Piccadilly sideboard perfectly reflects this effect in its pixelated expression.

NEWTON LAMP We take great pride in providing clients with the highest quality modern luxury design pieces, and Newton Suspension lamp is a handcrafted piece that has something unique about it. Newton Lamp is a monumental piece which authenticates Boca do Lobo designers and artisans’ work.

DÉCOR Magazine




Lara Bohinc’s collaboration with stone experts Lapicida was initiated by Wallpaper* magazine for their Handmade exhibition for Salone del Mobile, Milan 2014. The result is the Solaris Table which bears all the hallmarks of luxury and precision which Lara brings to her jewellery, and Lapicida brings to its work in stone. Solaris, a concept inspired by the planets and their orbital movements, is a theme running through much of Lara Bohinc’s work. Four stacked rings of marble move smoothly on a rotation spindle like a range of orbits. Highly polished circular brass dishes are inset into the marble plates and appear like planets rotating around a sun. The table is ever changing, as the plates can be easily moved around its axis. From a totally closed circle it can be spread open to almost double its size. Blurring the distinction between jewellery and furniture, Lara’s Solaris table is designed and made like an exquisite piece of jewellery, marrying stones and metals in a piece demanding both innovative technologies and traditional crafts.

Lara Bohinc was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she studied industrial design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, before coming to London to take an MA in Jewellery and Metalwork at the RCA. Winning a New Generation Design Award in 1997, she launched her own company in the same year. She was awarded an MBE in 2013. Lara worked closely with Lapicida to find the four different gold-veined stones to make a unified progression from light to dark, from the top tier to the base. The four marbles used are, from the top down; Calacatta Oro, Fior di Bosco, Nero Oro and Nero Marquina. The brass elements have a brushed finish. The Solaris Table as shown measures 100cm diameter closed and opens out to 175cm with all four tiers spread out. Available in an edition of 10. Prices start f rom £24,000

+44 (0) 20 3012 1000 DÉCOR Magazine


BENTLEY HOME COLLECTION The collection is inspired by the renowned craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterise the interiors of all Bentley models. For your nearest stockist visit: / www. Also available from Alexanders’ Collection Spain -

Napoleon Sofa and Minster Armchairs

The story of Timothy Oulton started back in 1976 with a small antiques shop, owned by Tim’s dad. Profoundly influenced by his love of antiques, his father’s military background, and an inherent affection for British heritage, Tim created an authentic, visionary brand with the deepest integrity and a passion to deliver the extraordinary. Handcrafted with only the best traditional techniques and fabrications, each Timothy Oulton piece is inspired by the past, but reconceived from a modern perspective, producing uniquely authentic collections which push the boundaries of furniture design.

For more information visit:

176 DÉCOR Magazine


Celebrate the nostalgia of an age of elegance and optimism with the new Age of Elegance collection

Old style glamour is gloriously mixed with a spirit of frivolity and freedom reminiscent of the Roaring 1920’s. The excitement of the Jazz Age is captured; a time of extravagant style parties and anticipation for a future full of promise. Eclectic design influences include the rustic curves of French country, the geometric shapes of Art Deco, and the refined romance of English gentry. DÉCOR Magazine


Vintage pieces are reworked with new, thoughtful details to harness unapologetic opulence with thoroughly modern values. For idealists with a deep love of art and literature, who share an adoration of glamour with a playful spirit. A range of sofas are available in a brand new Scuffed Linen finish, made from twice washed and treated hemp to reveal a soft and gentle texture. The Elegant Maple and Elegant sofas are rooted in classic design with quality, durability and modern comfort. The glamorous Rex lighting adds drama and style. The Crystaline Arris collection, shown here on the desk, is named after the arris – an architectural term for a sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces. Defined by everlasting quality, the Crystaline Arris range uses exceptional UV resistant acrylic, impervious to light and clearer than glass. The striking A-Frame shape is topped with a sheet of glass acrylic and black smoked glass for an added dose of glamour. The Zig Zag lighting collection features delicate spheres of optical grade glass around an intricate metal skeleton. The carefully

178 DÉCOR Magazine

constructed design forms exquisite, almost kaleidoscope-like patterns when looking through the light. Originating during the French Regency period of Louis XV, the classic Bombee has been given a rugged new life in the Timothy Oulton Bombee chest, gilded either in Scarecrow leather with a honed marble top or aluminium Spitfire for a daring contemporary look. The big, bold and beautiful lines of the Bombee are offset by the delicate cabriole legs. German engineered drawer gliders give world class functioning.


The Jet Collection is inspired by an original people’s hero and debonair dare-devil; the great Sir Donald Campbell.

Continuing his father Malcolm’s legacy, Donald became the only man in history to hold both land and water speed records in the same year. With their legendary Bluebird cars and boats, the Campbells combined those thoroughly British values of adventure and guts with a consuming passion and commitment. A homage to Donald’s jet-propelled Bluebird, this collection breaks boundaries with a unique mix of products, demonstrating strong, audacious designs. Emphatically influenced by the world of speed racing, the underlying principles behind Jet are concentrated precision and meticulous handcraftsmanship, delivered with a high dose of deliberateness.

SIGNATURE PIECES The Bendum sofa’s bold rounded lines invite you to get playful and cosy, shown above in Full Rebel leather. The Atom lighting collection, inspired by the structure of an atom around its nucleus, gives a sense of power and energy. The Calcula themed room features Calcula seating, influenced by the famous Bauhaus Design movement. A modern masculine style is paired with curved, polished steel lines for a slick minimalist design. Revisit groovier times with the Elevon range of cabinetry. Featuring burled walnut panelling trimmed with shiny steel banding and precision screw details. The circular Elevon dining table sets the tone for some serious entertaining. DÉCOR Magazine


Marburg Wallcoverings available from

Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Exclusive Furniture | Chandeliers | Kitchens | Fine Arts Interior Accessories | Mosaics | Fabrics | Unique Wallpapers Glassware and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | | 180 DÉCOR Magazine

CHAIRS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Kelly Swallow designs beautiful, bespoke chairs allowing her clients to be involved at every stage of the process of creating their own unique piece. Each client has their own story: Peggy’s chair is a beautiful vintage wing back which was designed for a special lady who loved scrabble, flowers and birds – so all these elements are subtly woven into the design. At a first glance, it’s a beautiful chair, but look more closely and gradually the chair tells the story, told by a daughter in memory of her mum. Kelly Swallow’s website showcases her vast catalogue of past works, illustrating her signature style of combining beautiful, vintage chairs with stunning and unexpected fabrics in a unique way – always with a sense of fun. Kelly Swallow works on commissioned pieces – at affordable prices and is happy to work on client’s own treasured chairs. Kelly also has a range of ‘ready to go’ pieces for sale at www.

Kelly Swallow’s chairs are individually sourced vintage pieces, each with its own unique charm. The personality of every piece is rediscovered by painstakingly and lovingly choosing an exciting collection of fabrics to create unique pieces with newfound splendour. The fabrics range from vintage to designer including Kenzo, Zoffany, Liberty, Andrew Martin, Designers Guild, Osborne & Little, Lorca, Mulberry - an eclectic mix with exciting and surprising contrasts.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine



A truly spectacular villa located in La Quinta, situated in the sought after Calle Hernán Cortés, just a few hundred meters from the 5* Melia Hotel at La Quinta offers fantastic views over Nueva Andalucia golf courses and the Mediterranean Sea below.

MAJESTIC MANSION Nueva Andalucía - La Quinta This beautiful villa is built to an exceptional high standards, providing a pleasant home feeling, in a bright, sunlit ambient with high ceilings. The ground floor offers a spacious lounge with fireplace, a dining room & a fully equipped kitchen which opens up onto the terrace and a large garden with heated pool. Three large suites (one with a dressing area) and all with en-suite facilities complete this level.

The first floor consists entirely of the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom a walk in wardrobe and a terrace which offers breathtaking views.


8 For information on this property (ref: V346) contact Sunsearch Homes International on +34 951 127 200

182 DÉCOR Magazine

On the lower level there is a wine cellar, an entertainment room, a sauna, two further guest bedrooms with en-suites, staff accommodation and an indoor pool. This property is truly exceptional and would make either a luxurious family home or holiday residence.

n Built: 900 m2

n Heated indoor pool

n Plot: 1.500 m2

n Heated outdoor pool

n Beds: 7

n Sauna

n Baths: 9

n Pool room

n 2 garages with space for 10 cars

n Large wine cellar n Panoramic sea views n Price: 3.700.000 Euros

DÉCOR Magazine


Greg Klassen received a degree in theology, then traded in his textbooks for a handplane. He studied furniture design and fine woodworking in such diverse locales as California’s redwood coast and an island village in Sweden, where he trained under two important furniture masters. His work has won praise from Martha Stewart, has been featured in national magazines and has won many design awards. Greg has exhibited at various juried shows, including the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show.


I am one man - I am not a company. I am a husband, a father and an artist. My wife and three little kids are a source of inspiration and happiness. I’m also inspired by the beautiful world just outside my door. I live in the Pacific Northwest and find inspiration in the trees, the rivers and the fields.

184 DÉCOR Magazine

Available from:

I create – I do not produce. I create because I love to. It’s so much fun and a pleasure to go to work. My pieces are handmade, in the truest sense of the word. I make one piece at a time and give it my full attention, starting with a tree and ending up with functional art. I love the idea of taking a discarded tree and giving in new life. I think the natural world is beautiful, and I love what I do.

Majorelle RIVER COLLECTION The collection is inspired by the exciting edges and vivid grains found in the trees sustainably taken from the banks of the nooksack river that twists below my studio.

DÉCOR Magazine



1 2 3 4 5

INSPIRATION My inspiration comes from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the trees that grow here. No two trees are the same just as no two pieces are that I make from them. DESIGN I love design! Ideas often develop in my sketchbook, but where they really take shape is in the form of models and mock-ups. CREATE Working with rough wood slabs, requires a lot of different tools to bring the material to finished form. My work is created with a nice mix of traditional hand tools and modern machines. DETAIL It’s important to me that the “fingerprints” of the craftsman are on each piece I make. I try to marry the natural beauty of the wood with the skilled craftsmanship of the maker. When the two come together, a piece can really sing! FINISH Each piece I create is finished with meticulous detail. This culminates in a finished piece with an irresistibly silky smooth finish.

LIVE EDGE COLLECTION The collection is inspired by the remarkable beauty of “live” edge wood slabs. Just like the trees they’re crafted from, no two designs are ever the same.

LINEAR COLLECTION A collection of well-made objects crafted with a clarity of purpose and a simplicity of line.

186 DÉCOR Magazine

LONGHORN COLLECTION A collection that pairs the warmth and beauty of remarkable wood slabs with the cool, modernity of steel.

MENDOCINO COLLECTION The collection is a confluence of craftsmanship with the graphic elements of modern design. DÉCOR Magazine


188 DÉCOR Magazine



DÉCOR Magazine



THE ETERNITY OF TREES JOHNHOUSHMAND was born an artist in 1954. Raised by a Dutch-American mother and an Iranian father, John has always danced between Eastern philosophy and Western principles. It was his love for nature that led him to begin crafting homes, log chalets and bridges in the Northwest. John’s inventive essence and exceptional life experiences have harmonized to produce his latest masterful creation. His current endeavor involves designing and crafting an exclusive line of functional art, ironically disguised as furniture. His unique relationship with the natural world has manifested into an 900-acre farm in upstate New York, which is where he creates his furniture today.

Available from:

190 DÉCOR Magazine

This collection of urban organic furniture is a celebration of the natural and vital,fusing together the basic elements of nature with timeless materials and esoteric design sensibility. The success of this collection revolves around the balance of precise and high-risk intervention with the art of minimal intrusion.Engaging the basic elements of wood, glass, and steel, each piece is individually handcrafted to heighten and reveal their underlying splendors.

We allow trees to do the talking. We simply listen.

Challenging the division between fine and functional arts, JOHNHOUSHMAND strives to provide an elevated view of nature:s vibrant intensity through the ironic earthly beauty of each unique piece. JOHNHOUSHMAND is a collection of furniture that embraces the singularity of nature. We allow grains to spill. We love crumbling bark. We welcome wormholes.

THE PHILOSOPHY IS SUCCINCT BUT PROFOUND: To show what wood really looks like. In our world, mankind strips all life from its underlying individuality in exchange for the uniform of mass production. Trees are truly becoming a lost species. Trees are the guardians of everything sacrosanct. They hold secrets of the past and relinquish everything necessary to sustain the future. They bare their souls providing us with the air we breathe, the shelter in which we live, and the food that nourishes our very beings. DÉCOR Magazine



Home to a unique collection of stunning designer furniture, furnishings and accessories, Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home sets the standard in luxury furniture. Designed for customers who want their homes to make a statement, this luxury furniture delivers a real wow factor. Beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant. Exclusive Furniture | Chandeliers | Kitchens Fine Arts | Interior Accessories | Mosaics Fabrics | Unique Wallpapers Glassware and much more...



Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | |


GEOFFERY BRADFIELD Refined, luxurious, exquisitely curated, fearless, bespoke and completely of the moment.

Photo: Simon Alexander

These are the essential elements of Geoffrey Bradfield’s signature style, sought after by Fortune 500 clients and others for whom the firm long ago coined the phrase “silent celebrities,” which include some of the most prominent aristocratic and royal families in the world. Among Bradfield’s many highly celebrated projects are: a major overhaul of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney’s Westbury, Long Island estate, restoration of the late King Hussein’s mansion in Maryland, the design of Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s riverside New York apartment, and a reconceptualization of the 200-room Equinox Resort in Vermont, a redesign so far-reaching and transformative that Starwood Hotels, Equinox’s parent company, elevated the property to its Luxury Collection.

Photo: H Durston Saylor

Bradfield is currently at work on monumental residences around the globe, including Tokyo, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Jakarta, Dubai and Jerusalem. He brings his unique point of view - which combines the finest art and antiques and a quintessentially contemporary sensibility with state-of-theart technology and rare, lavish materials from every hemisphere - to palatial residences, private jets and yachts, and to singular office environments from Mexico to Moscow, Canada to the Caribbean and America to Asia.

194 DÉCOR Magazine

Photos: H Durston Saylor

This impressive body of work has garnered Bradfield countless accolades. He has been named among the world’s top designers by Architectural Digest and appeared innumerable times on the AD100 list. The Robb Report recognized him as one of the Top Ten Designers in World. Architectural Digest also anointed Bradfield a “Dean of American Design.”

International publications include: Habitat - South Africa; Yue - China/New York; Home Decoration - China; Dom & Interior - Russia; InsideOut - Dubai; Al Manzal - Saudi Arabia; Home Concepts - Singapore; Casa & Jardim - Portugal; Casas & Genti - Spain; Home & Apartment Trends - Southeast Asia; Tatler Hong Kong; Tatler - Shanghai & Beijing, China; and Point de Vue - France. His television appearances include a profile on CNBC’s “High Net Worth,” CNN’s “Style with Elsa Klensch,” ICS “City Beat” and a one-hour special on his firm broadcast on HGTV. He has made frequent appearances on the latter network’s various programs, including “Top Ten Design.”

He was included in the Millennium Issue of the book America’s Elite 1000—the Ultimate List. Among the many honors bestowed upon Bradfield have been the American Cancer Society Man of Achievement Award (2012), the Hyland Award for Design Excellence (2012) and New York School of Interior Design’s Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award (2013). Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in his capacity as chairman of South Africa’s Phelophepa Healthcare Train, presented the South African-born designer an Award for Excellence in 2007 “in recognition of his sterling success globally and his contributions to his country of birth.”

Photo: Kim Sargent

Bradfield’s work has been prolifically published. In addition to the magazines mentioned above, his projects have appeared domestically in The New York Times, Elle Décor, Veranda, Interior Design, Esquire, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and many others. DÉCOR Magazine


Photo: H Durston Saylor Photo: Kim Sargent

Raised in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and with an established early career in Johannesburg, Bradfield moved to the New York in the 1970s. After working for the eminent interiors firm McMillen Inc., he became partner to the late Jay Spectre, ultimately reorganizing the company under the Bradfield name. He co-authored Point of View: Design by Jay Spectre (1991). In 1993, Bradfield published Celebration: Christmas in New York. He has gone on to produce four additional books: Defining Millennium Modern (2004), Ex Arte (2009), A 21st Century Palace: Mexico City (2012), the first of a planned five-book series and Artistic License (2013), the first American dual language English-Chinese design book. Volume II of A 21st Century Palace, which focuses on a sumptuous penthouse residence in Jerusalem, is due for release in December 2014.

196 DÉCOR Magazine

Photo: Peter Rymwid Photos: Peter Rymwid

Bradfield has designed the Signature Collection, a line of textiles, wallcoverings and rugs, for the Stark Company. His Millennium Modern Collection of classically inspired contemporary acrylic furniture was the subject of a solo exhibition at Sebastian+Barquet Gallery in New York in 2009 and continues to sell internationally.

Geoffrey Bradfield Inc. is headquartered in New York, with satellite companies in Palm Beach, the Emirates and Qatar. Bradfield and his associate, vice president Roric Tobin, have partnered to form B & T Global LLC to focus on their international projects. They continue to crisscross the world at a breathless pace, propelling the extraordinarily respected Bradfield luxury brand onto the international stage. www.geoffreybradfield DÉCOR Magazine


The difference is Gaggenau. Vario Cooling 400 series.


200 DÉCOR Magazine

This beautiful kitchen in Clapham, London is from the deVOL bespoke Classic English kitchen range. A simple functional design, with eye-catching copper pendant lights make for a light, modern and inviting kitchen.

The Classic English Kitchen is deVOL’s bespoke kitchen range of traditional Georgian kitchen furniture, handmade in the same way for nearly 25 years and inspired by traditional country kitchen designs which have stood the test of time. Everything is made to measure in our Leicestershire workshops, with kitchen designers on hand to help customers choose from an extensive selection of sink cabinets, islands, pantries, butchers blocks, dressers, servers and pot cupboards, all custom made to fit your exacting personal needs and room specifications, with carefully chosen accessories and finishes for a truly bespoke kitchen.

deVOL Kitchens have been making beautiful kitchen cupboards for 25 years. The style is simple and understated and captures the quintessentially English style. Based at Cotes Mill since 2012, after an extensive renovation project, deVOL design and manufacture all the furniture and accessories by hand at their workshops in Leicestershire.

They pride themselves on attention to detail and listening to the customers. Whether a new focal point is required, if it’s a fitted or unfitted kitchen, boot room, utility room or dining area, they will discuss all options with the customers, so they can make informed decisions. deVOL also give advice with consideration to their own design ethos or put together a completely personalised colour palette and materials for each Classic Kitchen. All this helps achieve something truly inspiring; beautiful spaces containing the finest quality furniture that will last for hundreds of years to come. The Classic English Kitchen range can be any size and any finish giving a truly bespoke space, Helen Parker, Creative Director of deVOL Kitchens, explains “It’s amazing how a well-designed space can have a really positive and meaningful impact on how you live and how you feel on a day to day to day basis. Here at deVOL we design our kitchens in a truly bespoke way considering things like the space in between the cupboards, the light at different times of the day, we think about how the room will be used and we combine all our ideals and all our customers ideals into one layout”.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


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It’s all about the detail Hermès and the home




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Designer Geoffery Bradfield Refined, luxurious, exquisitely curated, fearless, bespoke and completely of the moment



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The Collection


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Issue 3 - 2014

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GULLO Firenze

the art of kitchen FLORENCE WORKSHOP | via della Torricella 29, Antella, Firenze Ph. +39 055 6560324 / 621807 - MOSCOW SHOWROOMS | Ленинский проспект, 52, +7 499 1375530 ул. Горбунова д.2 БЦ “Гранд Сетунь Плаза”, +7 495 7789138 SAINT PETERSBURG SHOWROOM | ул. 7-я Советская, 10, +7 812 5773756



brand news

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG HAS TAKEN WRAPPING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! The New York fashion designer, who wrapped generations of stylish women in pretty, patterned dresses, has decided to unleash her vivid, colourful prints out of the closet and place them upon chairs, pillows, and curtains. The first collection for Kravet is the perfect way to bring high fashion home. Incorporating the iconic designer’s signature bold animal prints, such as Spotted Cat and Funk Zebra, the collection has a strong foundation in black and white with pops of colour. Geometric and abstract prints are also featured, for an eclectic blend designed to be mixed and matched. Colour palettes range from berry and orange jewel tones inspired by the sunsets in Rajasthan, to azure blues that recall the Caribbean sea, and desert-inspired neutrals in sand and stone. The collection also includes custom designed trimmings to accent the fabrics with an exotic edge true to von

204 DÉCOR Magazine

Furstenberg’s renowned aesthetic. These 87 crisp, graphic designs are a prelude to her collection of tableware, bedding, and bath accessories that are set to arrive in stores early next year. For more information visit:

ARMANI DESIGNED KITCHEN When it comes to sleek, contemporary Italian itchens, the choice is really endless. Designers today offer compositions that are both modular and versatile, and the creation of the modern kitchen is now easier than ever before. However, several ingenious and exceptional kitchen designs have always managed to swipe us off our feet with aesthetics and functionality.

One of the stars of this year’s London Design Festival is the kitchen Slide & Checkers, presented by Armani / Dada. The design of this exclusive kitchen will surprise you with its minimalist form, solutions that save space and sophistication. The concept is the result of the genius of the company Giorgio Armani, which is based in the area of informal elegant dining. The kitchen is transformed into a modern dining room, thanks to an exclusive patented sliding system that transforms the aura of the kitchen. Central island contains a marble piece that reveals the work area made of stainless steel. This allows you to use a stainless steel surface for food preparation with ease! The kitchen also has a horizontal lining of the Sassafras tree that slides horizontally revealing kitchen appliances. Creating a seamless visual space, this refined horizontal sliding mechanism gives the kitchen a modern, sophisticated and urban style.

NATUZZI ENTERS THE BEDROOM MARKET In a new portfolio expansion, Natuzzi, Italy’s largest furniture manufacturer and the leading name in leather upholstery, is launching an inspiring new collection of contemporary beds and bedroom furniture. Renowned for its modern furniture solutions for the living and dining rooms, Natuzzi is expanding into the bedroom with its creative new range, which has been exclusively developed by Natuzzi’s dedicated team of designers, architects, colour experts, craftsmen, engineers and furniture specialists. The innovative new bed collection from Natuzzi comprises six exclusive designs with a blend of style and functionality. Options in the range include the sensual Dolce Vita bed with a quilted Chesterfield headboard and elegant craftsmanship. Also, the Oasi bed features a

generous, curved headboard and comes with the option of a storage base to optimise available space. The ingenuity of Natuzzi’s Vela bed integrates comfort with ergonomic design. Its independent adjustable headboards assume different positions to ensure the utmost comfort whether reading in bed or sleeping. The collection also includes stylish bedroom furniture, such as bedside tables, chests of drawers and TV holder units. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


CHECKMATE British gunsmith Holland & Holland is expanding its lifestyle offerings beyond hunting apparel and accessories to appeal to a different gaming interest.

CONTEMPORARY BENCH DESIGN Renowned furniture designer Matthias Pliessnig has designed two modern benches for his esteemed customers...

Holland & Holland worked with Scottish whiskey maker The Dalmore to create a bespoke chess set to play off of consumers’ competitive side. On Oct. 17, the Holland & Holland and Dalmore chess set began being sold at London retailer Harrods. The chess set was inspired by The Dalmore’s Constellation collection. The Constellation collection is made up of vintages created at The Dalmore’s Highland distillery between 1964 and 1992. Each of the 21 individual releases are housed in handblown crystal decanters presented inside a bespoke lacquered presentation cabinet. The decanter is hand engraved with The Dalmore’s emblem, a solid silver stag. Created by Holland & Holland, the limited-edition chess set was designed to display a The Dalmore’s Constellation bottle of whiskey. In addition to the game board and pieces, the set comes with two lead crystal tumblers engraved with The Dalmore stag. For more information visit:

As he himself says, he collaborated on the bench design with architects from Boston. Benches that they jointly designed should be placed in Harvard University, that is, in the interior of the newest building. Benches are named Eurus and SInuo. Nabil Gholam architects were seeking three benches for their Platinum Tower in Beirut. The benches were made in Providence and sent to Lebanon in order of installation and placed in an environment that perfectly captures their beauty - the polished floor made from Nero Marguin marble. Their names are Spill II, PVD and Pinch.

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Designers of bespoke kitchens and furniture, individual to you and your home | | +34 (0)1326 211 843

ARTS & CRAFTS IN THE 21st CENTURY Christian Paul are designers of bespoke furniture and kitchens. Based in the West Country they take on projects throughout the UK including Kitchens, Studies, Bedrooms, Dressing Rooms and Libraries. All their furniture is made in Cornwall using traditional wood working skills coupled with up to date fixtures and fittings.

Bespoke kitchen and furniture designers ChristianPaul showcase their range of Arts & Crafts inspired kitchen designs. With various cabinet designs to choose from, all made in Quarter Sawn Oak and with details in copper, bronze and stainless steel, the Arts & Crafts inspired range of kitchens from ChristianPaul is being launched as ‘semi-bespoke’ with a free standing feel. Clients will be able to choose from a range of cabinets, islands, lighting and accessories which are made to fit their homes perfectly. Whilst drawing inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement it is essential to recognise that a modern kitchen needs to offer functionality and ease of use. Skilled designers will be able to interpret your ideas into a well designed space, and the cabinetry whilst in-keeping with the Arts and Crafts style can be engineered to include all the requirements of the modern kitchen such as dishwashers, steam ovens and espresso machines.

An Arts and Crafts kitchen designed for 21st century living needs to work well on many levels in terms of both functionally and beauty.

Available from:

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Average sized kitchens start at approximately £40,000 and ChristianPaul work nationwide.

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Stylish home appliances with lively tones and retro design

technology with style


The creation of products that are incomparable, and yet recognisable in the unique way they draw inspiration from the past, has always been the central theme of Devon&Devon’s production. Good looks and functionality, beauty and comfort together with attention to detail and the use of high-quality raw materials are the distinguishing traits of the brand quality and commitment to perfection.

Available from:

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A classical inspired prestigious freestanding bathtub, Capitol is characterized by it is rigorous and essential design. The external surface in aluminium is embellished with geometric decorations in relief. The internal tub is enameled cast iron, the surface is available in all of the 213 colours from the enamel collection Colors by Devon&Devon.

AURORA BIJOUX TUB Aurora Bijoux, a re-edition of the highly successful Aurora model, is a free-standing tub with double raised back, a unique tub that rests on four elegant aluminium spheres that not only provide support but are also a decorative element that accentuates its neo-romantic look. The tub is made of White Tec, an exclusive, finely-crafted mix that, using a special pigmentation process, is proposed in a white (see photo) and cream version. Polished nickel finish spheres also available in chrome, light gold and antique copper.

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CAMELOT ANTIQUE COPPER TUB Camelot antique copper is a new edition of Devon&Devon’s classic lead tub, maintaining its original shape and proportions. A tub for the centre of the room featuring an enamelled cast iron interior, hand coated in real copper with an antique finish. An exclusive piece with striking hand-made appeal, made with great craftsmanship. A tribute to the oldest traditions of bathroom art.

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BOGART WASHBASIN UNIT With the Bogart washbasin unit – a tribute to the legendary American star of the 1940s – Devon&Devon has added a new masterpiece to its unique collection of pieces inspired by the models, objects and shapes typical of the period of American Deco. The Bogart unit can be supplied with a column or washbasin cabinet with a drawer for storage. Washbasin in white ceramic, also available in black ceramic. DÉCOR Magazine


MELODY CONSOLES As light and harmonious as a melody from the 1930s, the Melody console is made in cast aluminium with parts in turned brass. With its large-scale ceramic top and extra-light transparent glass shelf, Melody preserves both the appeal of a marble console and the dependability of ceramic. Top in black or white ceramic, and console in chrome finish, also available in light gold and polished nickel.

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JUBILEE BLACK LEVER and JUBILEE BLACK CROSS TAP COLLECTION The dark fascination of black lacquer, the limpid appeal of metal, a wide choice of different finishes endow the Jubilee Black Lever and Jubilee Black Cross tap collections with a decisive aesthetic impact. Devon&Devon has re-interpreted the Jubilee collection with a touch of noir, proposing two new editions that combine DĂŠco inspired linear design with new elements that express a strong personality. The elegant levers of Jubilee Black Lever and cross style knobs of Jubilee Black Cross, both made of black lacquered metal, express a contemporary luxury that withstands the passing of time. The collection comprises: three-hole washbasin and bidet set, singlehole for bidet, wall-mounted bath-tub unit, deckmounted bath-tub tap unit (also with four holes), freestanding legs and three-hole shower mixer with plate. The Dual Control thermostatic shower mixer, with a handy dual controller for regulating water temperature and pressure, adds the finishing touch to the collection. Jubilee Black Lever and Jubilee Black Cross are made of cast brass and are available in the following finishes: light gold and polished nickel.

ANTIQUE PRECIOUS LEVER TAP COLLECTION Antique, a tribute to the most classical, historic Devon&Devon tap collection, made with dies dating back to 1922, takes front stage again with a restyling of unequalled elegance with Antique Precious Lever, featuring the same design but embellished with black crystal and brass levers. The collection comprises: three-hole washbasin and bidet set, single-hole for bidet, wall-mounted bath-tub unit, deck-mounted bath-tub tap unit (also with four holes), free-standing legs and threehole shower mixer with plate. Antique Precious Lever is available in the following finishes: chrome, light gold and polished nickel.

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COLLECTION OF ÉLITE MARBLE TILE FLOORINGS AND COATINGS For its new collection of Élite Marble Tile floorings and coatings, Devon&Devon has reclaimed the most classic of shapes; the octagon. With its retro geometry, tiles in an array of colours and luxurious marble surface, this collection will endow all areas of the home with an atmosphere of subtle elegance. Available in the following sizes: 15 x 15cm, tile 5 x 5cm, 10 x 10cm, 3.5 x 3.5cm

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COLLECTION OF WOOD MIRRORS Including Norma, Nabucco and Boheme, Devon&Devon has created a new collection of classically inspired, delicately Baroque wall mirrors with an Oriental touch, reflected in the frames decorated with floral motifs, arabesques and scrolls. Hand-crafted mahogany endows the collection with unequalled prestige and each mirror is carved, coated and decorated by hand with the gold and silver leaf technique. Dimensions: Norma: ø 100cm Nabucco: 91 x 91cm Boheme: ø 90cm

VENICE MIRROR Solid and elegant, Venice is a wall mirror made with overlapping coloured glass, mirrored glass with frame and brass, creating an interplay of reflections, light and shadows. With its strong personality, it is ideal for both modern and classical settings. Chrome finish, Venice is also available in light gold and polished nickel Dimensions: 76 x 96cm

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Casa Baobab is a contemporary and technological Hi-Tech fully renovated frontline villa on the golf course of Las Brisas in Nueva Andalucia, within the magnificent Real Club de Golf Las Brisas, in Nueva Andalucia, one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella just a few minutes from Puerto Banus.


8 For information on this property(ref: V345) contact Sunsearch Homes International on +34 951 127 200

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A PROPERTY FOR INDIVIDUALS Las Brisas The house incorporates colonial elements into a clean, crisp modern style resulting in a contemporary home with lots of character. Inside, matt grey floor tiles, white walls and chrome blend seamlessly with glass detailing to produce a sophisticated modern ambience.

The entrance hall leads past a cloak-room to a spacious open-plan living and dining room that enjoys magnificent views and connects with a modern kitchen with breakfast bar with Siemens and Bosche appliances, there is a further breakfast area, separate laundry room and an impressively lit contemporary glass wine cellar. Also on this level is a spacious bathroom and its own study room. On the lower level there is a covered patio with shower and changing rooms, a BBQ and full outdoor kitchen with relaxing and dining areas, as well as a beautiful infinity pool. Following the pool terraces towards the lawns is a lower porch that provides terracing for each of the 4 bedroom suites contained on this level, including the spacious master bedroom. From the garden is the direct access to the Las Brisas Golf Course.

n Built: 622 m2 n Plot: 1.625 m2 n Beds: 5 n Baths: 5-1/2 n Domotics n Wine cellar n Energy Efficient House n 2 car garage n Infinity Pool with preinstallation for heating n Golf and mountain views n Golf buggy garage with direct access to golf course n Price: 3.100.000 Euros

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LIGHT & DURABLE The Finn Collection, developed for Design Within Reach, is built on a passion for details, tactility in design and creating for the need.

Danish designers Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn named their company Norm to express their dedication to “working with Danish norms and standards refined over hundreds of years,” says Bjerre-Poulsen, “rather than rejecting them in the endless search for new.” The sincerity of their approach - bypassing flashy design for good design shows in the quality of their work. These are products that endure both physically and aesthetically. Finn outdoor furniture collection, designed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn of Norm Architects, is inspired by their Danish heritage. They have created a cutting edge collection that pays respect to Modernism. Comprising nine pieces - a chaise, lounge chair, ottoman, two- and three-seater sofas, coffee table, side table, dining chair and a dining table - the Finn Collection combines lightness and durability. High quality textaline webbing is wrapped around cantilevered, stainless steel rods that appear to float above their teak constructions.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


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“We wanted to create a collection that is as elegant as the classic Danish mid-century furniture but with a combination of materials that makes it robust and durable and suited for outdoor use,” explains Bjerre-Poulsen. Rønn adds, “Norm products never crave to be anything but what they are; that is the combination of utility, purity and quiet beauty.”

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If asked to list the benefits of building a shading structure, like a pergola or gazebo, in your garden, most people would probably come up with the same answer. A cool place to sit under on a sunny day and also an attractive focal point in the garden. Whilst this is definitely a fact, many don’t realise that the opposite is also true. A warm and cosy ambience in which to spend a chilly winter’s day or night. How you might ask? By utilising the terrific insulation properties of the natural materials we use in our construction process, temperatures within a thatched roof structure tend to be much cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Due to the incredibly low heat transfer value of Cape Reed structures, heat is reflected from the structure in summer trapped beneath the roof during winter, causing a difference in temperature of up to 10°C.

C R E A T IN G A W A R M & C O SY A M B IA N C E F O R E N T E R T A IN M E N T IN W IN T E R With winter being just around the corner, increasing the heat underneath your thatch roof structure can be as simple as adding a fireplace to the construction. This results in an ecofriendly structure that can be enjoyed year round, adding the distinct ambience of nature to any home and garden.

So what about health and safety risks? Due to the active fire risk to constructions made from natural materials, Cape Reed has developed a fire retardant thatching method for improved safety. During construction, a fire retardant blanket (capable of resisting temperatures of up to 500°C) is incorporated within the thatch. Further fire protection may be added by applying a specially developed eco-friendly chemical spray (manufactured by Dutch company, Magma), Cape Reed FireShield. This product has been independently tested and subsequently earned the European Union’s approval for this fire retardant thatching method. In essence, by sensibly combining nature and technology, we are able to create an unique and versatile, yet sustainable structure in which you may relax and entertain whenever you choose, whether it is summer, winter, spring or autumn. To explore the full collection visit:

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D É C O R M agaz ine 3

Young, innovative, dynamic, that is VONDOM, a leading company in design, manufacturing and commercialization of avantgarde indoor and outdoor furniture, planters, lighting and outdoor rugs.


Because design is their passion, with this passion they are able to collaborate with major worldwide designers as Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, A-cero, Ramón Esteve and others. Their design allows them to offer their customers a unique and exclusive ambient to their homes and spaces featuring pure Mediterranean style.

Sloo creates a state between liquid plastic and solid material object. Plastic loves to flow, to be amorphous. We too are amorphous so the relationship is symbiotic. The results are organic forms that softly translate into and out of flat planar surfaces. The overall feeling creates a state of endlessness, a continual ephemeral experience. Its material let using in outdoor and indoor, as the polyethylene resin is highly resistant to impacts and extreme temperatures. Its wide range of finishes and colors allows the creation of different spaces easily.

For more information visit:

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SLOO COLLECTION | by Karim Rashid

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Model Dune

quality since 1920

designed by

KAGAN Exceptional Outdoor Furnishings. Recipient of fteen International Design Excellence Awards 800 451 7467


Sutherland was born through the collaboration of David Sutherland and John Hutton with a vision to create outdoor environments as beautiful and well made as the interiors of the world’s best-designed homes. Those incredibly high standards still drive everything we create today. A passion for beauty and an obsession with details imbues our style and craftsmanship. Each collection is created with purpose and every piece is sculpted with precision. Sutherland collections are built from premium materials from sustainable sources to ensure natural beauty and durability. Each piece made from these quality materials is crafted with welcoming proportions and exquisite details. Custom finishes, cushioning and upholstery options provide for individual personal designs. Our team of experienced, highly-skilled master craftsmen and our design engineering group can also produce bespoke pieces to meet our clients’ unique specifications and surpass their expectations.

NATURALLY LUXURIOUS Sutherland crafts fine outdoor furniture from premium teak, a unique wood known for durability, beauty and sustainability. Sutherland strives to use teak from regulated, sustainable plantations in order to protect trees growing in the wild. On these plantations, new trees are planted for every tree that is harvested to make a myriad of products. As a renewable resource, teak is not an endangered species, so there is never a shortage of this sturdy, beautiful wood. The natural characteristics of teak give it several advantages in outdoor furniture. Teak is an extremely dense, grained hardwood, which helps it resist rot, warping, shrinking and swelling. It is resistant to moisture thanks to a high content of oil and silicates that also protect the wood from pests. Teak changes over time with sun and water and develops a silver patina, giving it a richness and stately appearance. This slow, natural weathering results in outdoor furniture that adds character to any outdoor room and blends effortlessly into the natural environment.

“Everything the soul needs to exist starts with design. It brings structure, it brings discipline and it brings comfort” - David Sutherland

S U T H E R L A N D®

Sutherland® furniture reflects a clear understanding of modern lifestyles and the need for quality design for outdoor furniture and indoor accessories. Elegant proportions, unparalleled comfort and craftsmanship are the brand’s defining elements. The Sutherland product line offers more than 375 pieces in 37 collections and is growing annually. Based in Dallas, Texas, Sutherland furniture is produced from sustainable sources by select manufacturing partners globally. Highlyexperienced and talented craftspeople develop finishes, upholstery and custom pieces designing by and for their discerning clientele.

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Sofa and Club Chair

Sutherland® introduces the Boardwalk collection, designed by John Hutton.™ Boardwalk is where classical meets contemporary, transforming premium teak into a series of sweeping lines and curves that evoke feelings of luxury and leisure. The collection’s elegant proportions meld with a generous scale to create seating that is equally comfortable and beautiful. Boardwalk consists of 13 different designs, including club, bar and dining chairs, sofa, sectional and, for the first time in Sutherland’s history, tête-à-tête seating.

Dining Side Chair, Dining Arm Chair and King Richard Dining Table

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Club Chair and Ottoman


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Bang & Olufsen. Puerto Banus. Main entrance. Phone: +34 952 81 72 50

Puerto Banus




// 0800 915 4000

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Decor magazine 4 issuu  

Décor magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surrounding. Designed for interior designers...

Decor magazine 4 issuu  

Décor magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surrounding. Designed for interior designers...