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Maison de Object 2014 Designer of the Year Tom Dixon Fabulous Spring Fabrics for style throughout the home

Distributed internationally throughout Spain, UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Dubai. Also contracted at airport lounges and top hotels

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H AV E C O M M I S S I O N E D H E R H O M E I N T O D AY ’ S C O N T E M P O R A R Y W O R L D . . .

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DÉCOR is where style lives. It is the ultimate guide to decorating and design and the indispensable go-to source for everyone who wants to create a more beautiful life. Whether your taste is classic or contemporary - or an eclectic mix of bot - you’ll find ideas and inspiration, the latest information and products, and tools to help you decorate, renovate, and entertain stylishly. By working with leading designers Décor Magazine delivers decorating inspiration, new trend ideas, stylish interior design, home furnishings and much much more! Décor Magazine is the destination for luxe living

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CONTENTS 08 TECHNOLOGY TODAY News from Bang & Olufsen Marbella 16 DÉCOR MAGAZINE


18 LIGHT IT UP! Lighting ideas from Dresslight 24 BENTLEY HOME COLLECTION Furniture and homeware design from Club House Italia

82 MAISON & OBJET PARIS The show that sets design standards worldwide 86 DESIGN PROFILE Minotti, one of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers 92 KITCHEN MANIA By Officine Gullo

32 NEW EDITION Gunni & Trentino extends its range

on trend 104 DÉCOR MAGAZINE brand news!

44 THE MIDAS TOUCH Gold is one of the hottest trends in the home

122 SUSTAINABLE DÉCOR Exclusive living naturally by Cape Reed


126 FEATURE PROPERTIES Luxury Andalucian properties from Sunsearch Homes

68 THE QUEEN OF TAUPE An insight into the designer Kelly Hoppen


74 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Maison & Objet Designer of the Year 2014, Tom Dixon


149 RUSSIAN INSPIRATION Lavish Russian inspired interiors from Italian designers DÉCOR Magazine


Come and visit us at Bang & Olufsen Marbella, Puerto Banús, Main Entrance. +34 952 817 250 8 DÉCOR Magazine

A complete team at your service since 1988

TECHNOLOGY TODAY The Emotion in music captured through immaculate wireless sound BeoLab Wireless speakers

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Alf Erik Christensen, Director of Sales and Filip de Ruyck, Sales and Marketing Manager reveal how the company, still remains the leader, within the industry

As Bang & Olufsen Marbella celebrate their 25th Anniversary we discuss how they have remain market leaders and innovators within a constantly changing and improving technological world.

I have always been blown away by the Bang & Olufsen systems when I visit friends in Marbella who are fortunate to have ones installed. They really are outstanding. So I was thrilled when I was asked to interview the two men at the helm, Alf Eric Christensen and Filip de Ruyck. Bang and Olufsen, over the last 25 years, have been innovators within the Home Integration industry: n In 1990 they were the first to private cinema rooms based on highend Bang & Olufsen products interfacing with third party systems and complementary products n They were also the first brand to an integrated Dolby Surround System called AV 9000

Bang & Olufsen Marbella Puerto BanĂşs, Main Entrance +34 952 817 250

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n And during the boom years of 1995 they convinced developers within the luxury property market to pre-install the apartments with tailor-made distributions for audio, video and satellite, something that had not been considered before but would avoid buyers of the properties the hassle of having to get this done themselves. With other meaningful innovations like Acoustic Lenses, Adaptive Bass Lineations and the first speakers with Ice Power and today the new standard of wireless speaker platforms that take wireless audio performance to a whole new Level with unprecedented, robust sound and quality the first question I had to ask was...... You still remain at the top of the market. How have you achieved this? “We started installing and incorporating the B&O products into properties and realized that people wished to have more products like security cameras, door phone systems, and automation in general, but they also wanted to manage them with Bang & Olufsen remote control, and this has been our great success over the past few years”, said Eric who has been with the company since it opened in1989 “No matter what product you added, everything is still controlled with a single handy and powerful remote control and this is what make Bang & Olufsen different because it doesn’t matter what country your home is based in if you choose Bang & Olufsen you can always manage your system in the same way with the same remote control.

These innovations ensures we remain the leaders within the industry, because we realize that our most important aspect is providing a full service with one company, to meet all the wishes of the client; from creating the design, security, audio video and home cinemas to helping with all types of installations like curtains, light control, electric lights, and interior decoration. We also help with building work. Basically we give the client a complete package by adding magic to family entertainment”. As the company Bang & Olufsen Marbella has evolved they have integrated new “complimentary products” into their collection. This has indeed created new divisions within the company and led to the creation of Invisible Technology, a company that offers ground breaking audio, visual and smart home technologies – technologies that Bang & Olufsen currently do not offer, but by bringing these technologies together the end result offers life enhancing benefits, superior visual and audio solutions for the most discerning of clients. Please can you tell me about the new company Invisible Technology and the fantastic new products that you are will be bringing to the market? “The concept is as simple as it is effective. People expect their homes to be beautiful but they also want to add life and soul, which usually revolves around sound, vision and lighting and today the fashionable thing in technology is invisibility –

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imagine the possibility of invisible speakers built into the wall surroundings or in the ceiling, or behind a mirror or appearing from the ground as if by magic only to disappear again. We also have television that can be placed behind panels and cinema screens that some out of the ceiling or the floor - today we can adapt anything to any client’s needs this is the reality what Invisible Technology brings. In addition although Invisible Technology provides the end user with the very best visual and audio equipment the technology is an important tool for architects and interior designers, today it can be very had to maintain the creative integrity of a project while still providing all the technological needs, Invisible Technology solves this issue as it presents clean lines, no wires and is easy to maintain.

Now that you Bang & Oulfsen Marbella has just celebrated your 25th Anniversary, please tell me your plans for the future? “First and foremost to meet every one of our client’s requirements and needs - to us the client is king! Secondly we have a lot of new products coming out this year. - Televisions with 4K, the new ultra HD, and new wireless speakers. These are probably one of the biggest things that Bang & Olufsen, Marbella will present to date and we are proud of the fact that we are the only one in the world using them at the moment. We will also be making some changes to the shop, such as creating new demonstrations in the shop, which is important for us and our clients. These will be done in the near future.”

“Service has always been our most important focus point”

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Finally, you are renowned for the salubrious events your hold. Have you any planned for this coming year? “We participate sometimes in golf tournaments and other events presenting new products, such as televisions, speakers, and new domotic products. For example we will be participating for the fourth year, throughout the next Marbella Luxury Weekend at the beginning of June.” Said Filip, who has worked for Bang & Olufsen for the past eight years,

Eric continued, “We hosted one of our events, at La Cabane Beach Club, Los Monteros Hotel. We presented a new speaker from Bang & Olufsen together with special auto speakers. When we do an event we try to do something special. This time, we had a piano there with an automation system built into it, so it played by itself. We hold, on average, three to four events a year, promoting our new products.

Bang and Olufsen, within their magnificent showroom in the heart of Puerto Banus, are certainly not only making tidal waves in the Costa del Sol with their latest stateof-the-art technology, but globally with their home installation systems DÉCOR Magazine



SHAPES YOUR DAY Technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives at an incredible rate and much of that transformation occurs within a place we cherish most - our homes. From the moment we wake-up to the time we go to sleep technology encompasses everything we do from switching our lights on and off to automatically lowering and raising curtains when there is too much sunlight streaming in... BeoTime - alarm clock

agath TV - Invisible TV set bathroom

Beo4 - B&O Remote control

Bang & Olufsen Marbella guide us through their day from dawn ‘til dusk with home integration… n Everyone has to get up in the morning, but with BeoTime, Bang & Olufsen makes sure that even your basic morning ritual becomes an extraordinary experience. This humble alarm clock is beautifully crafted and offers some surprisingly practical features. BeoTime is sure to make every morning a pleasant one! n Whether your preparing to go to work or relaxing after a hard day in the office the Agath ultra-high performance television set, the newest generation of television sets enables you to enjoy the experience of watching TV while relaxing in the bath and when your finished transforms into a functioning classic mirror discreet, functioning and beautifully crafted .

Car Audio B&O

Car Audio B&O

14 DÉCOR Magazine

Siedle Access Control

B&O BVi12 Lounge Home Integration

n Manage everything at the touch of button with the Beo4 remote control Using just one Beo4, you can control the television, radio, internet radio, music systems, files on your computers, dimming the lights and lowering the curtains – the world is at your fingertips! n Listen to your favourite radio station or piece of music in perfect clarity with the B&O car audio system, now an ordinary drive is a symphony for the senses. n Be safe in the knowledge that when your away from home either at work or play Sidle access control systems will protect your valuables. By using your finger as a front door key Siedle Fingerprint provides the convenience and security of biometric identification to every front door. n Unwind and relax with friends and family with breathtaking visual elegance and exceptional audio sound with the B&O Smart TV & entertainment system

B&O BeoPlay A8

n Feed up with waiting in line? For those lucky few you can enjoy the full visual & audio cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home with B&O Home Cinema.

Cinema Room

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The fan-shaped Ginkgo Acoustic Panel (named after the popular ancient Japanese Ginkgo tree) is a modern and fun soundabsorbing system.

Presented recently at Stockholm Furniture Fair by the producing company, Stone Designs, Gingko reduces the ambient noise, creating the perfect environment for watching movies and listening to your favourite music out loud, without making the life of your neighbours miserable. Evoking the natural landscape, the modular system can be mounted with ease on the wall. The ingenious creators call Gingko a sound design solution due to its properties. The aesthetic though is undeniable. One can arrange the modular panels created from hot-pressed 25% polyester felt as she/ he likes. It’s versatile and fun to play with. It comes in standard colours: white, grey anthracite but the surface can laminated also in other colours. Visit:

Just like Cleopatra felt she was the reincarnation of Isis, the Goddess of Love, so too, can all women feel like a goddess when bathing within the shell formation that is the Cleopatra Bathtub. Designed to create a sense of privacy and security, the bath embraces the bather, allowing her (or him) to unwind and relax. It is a place where the bather has control over their environment, choosing to relax in complete privacy - or not, after all the Cleopatra Bathtub is big enough for two. What woman wouldn’t feel like Cleopatra within the volume of this oasis? Cleopatra represents glamour and beauty, pomp and luxury, but she also represents grand gestures and dramatic moments - all of which describe the luxurious bathing experience to be had within the Cleopatra Bathtub. Even the lighting is spectacular with its row upon row of oval lit discs as though the lights are the crown for the Goddess of Love. For more information visit:

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Decorate your walls with Wine - Modern. Minimalist & Modular Modern residences need contemporary displays to showcase wine as to create the perfect background for these moments of pleasure. The fabulous STACT Wine Wall promises a versatile alternative to usual wine racks. Its aircraft-grade anodized aluminium elements lined on stylish premium wood veneer panels create a highly modern atmosphere. This crowdsourcing project on Kickstarter turned into an elegant showpiece for modern residences. Presenting a modular design that can be expanded to suit any type of space and any number of bottles, this modern wine rack was imagined by designer Eric Pfeiffer. Different types of wood and colours can be combined to shape a truly magnificent wall bling. Simplicity and style are the main features of this elegant wine rack that encourages you to expand your existing wine collection. Visit:

Boca do Lobo’s innate desire to create exclusive emotional furniture, as art, is perfectly illustrated in their Limited Edition collection Large Emotion. LIMITED EDITION / LARGE EMOTION was begun to bring status and singularity to each design while adding value to the Boca do Lobo brand. The resulting sensational collection of furniture jewellery is composed of pieces with distinct personalities which pass on uniqueness and exclusivity. They never cease to surprise, and surely never go unnoticed. Each fusion of art and design is presented in a limited series of 20 and is handcrafted from the finest materials by a single artisan using production methods developed to preserve traditional techniques and deliver the highest quality. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, and take you to emotional places you have never been before. After their recent outstanding moment of inspiration - the creation of Newton dining table - they conceived a console inspired by this exclusive piece of furniture. Once again, they defy the laws of physics and redesigned this monumental console made from aluminium and lacquered in black, with a high gloss varnish. The spheres and semi spheres that complete this futuristic console are gold plated. This intriguing console is ideal for any modern living rooms, bedrooms and hotel lobbies characterized by luxury interior design furnishings. For more information visit:

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Crisรกlida A delicate and innovative creation by DRESSLIGHT Barcelona in collaboration with Antonio Mirรณ. On a simple polyethylene base covered with exquisite natural silk it acquires excellence in terms of the way it is made. A luminaire with fluid and harmonious shapes that synthesises beauty and comfort in surprising ways.

Available from: Perfect Homes - Interiors by Stefanie Billey Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local Nยบ1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Marbella 952 77 81 31 or 675 074 818 Available from

18 Dร‰COR Magazine

Light it up!

DÉCOR Magazine


Cube Simplicity, ecology, efficiency, ergonomics and comfort in three dimensions. A luminaire with style, created to combine functionality and design. Cube is a lighting solution that provides environmental intimacy and makes reading easier. The combination of the texture of the bullion velvet with the straight lines of the exterior frame creates a balanced contrast of textures.

Éter Craftsmanship opens the door to modernity as the age-old tradition of glassblowing comes to the forefront. Innovation in glass, chromed steel and halogen lights bring a touch of light to any space.

20 DÉCOR Magazine

Glop A projector wall lamp with a strong presence and particular elegance that can successfully fit in with any decorative style. Transparencies, chrome and red fiber combined in one single piece to provide a touch of distinction to any kind of room.

DÉCOR Magazine


Kubrick BRIEF: Kubrick’s challenge was to create a luminaire that had never been seen before first, because of its size and secondly, because of its technical and artistic characteristics. We were looking for a sumptuous lamp that was different, without prejudice or limitation, and that would reign over any space. A hanging luminaire with imposing presence capable of asserting itself over any space. • Blowed glass within a metallic structure coated with natural patterned silk on the outside and smooth black silk on the inside, from Great Britain and Italy respectively. • RGB LED technology adjusted using remote-control, enabling gradual changes in colour. • The lighting source consists of a chromed metal body unit with 12 protruding rotary arms fi nished with a tulip of blown glass.

22 DÉCOR Magazine

Padaung Padaung is beauty and elegance, like the Kayan women who wear brass neck coils. Padaung women surround their necks with rings until they are hermetically covered, as a sign of beauty. A ceiling lamp formed of concentric metal rings and Swarovski square-cut crystals positioned in a circular structure. It has an attractive design thanks to the strong presence conferred by its structure, shape and materials. Swarovski crystals add the perfect finish to this creation. Inspired by the Padaung ‘giraffe’ women who use glass beads to lengthen their necks, the lamp adopts their name as it is made of concentric metal rings to configure a circular structure. Swarovski Crystal Fabric strips have been applied inside, which not only makes it more beautiful but boosts the diffusion of the light, as the bulbs have been positioned at the same height.

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Bentley furniture and homeware design inspired by the time-honoured craftsmanship and material selection that characterise Bentley Car interiors

BENTLEY HOME COLLECTION Following the successful launch of the capsule collection which took place last year, the new Bentley Home Collection combines the traditional élan of the British driver’s spirit with a new modern English twist. An elegant, prestigious and recognisable style in the creation of a range of furniture that combines the highest attention to detail with the finest aesthetic sensibility. Enhanced with new features, the whole elegant range has been vigilantly developed by the architect Carlo Colombo with Daniele Ceccomori, Bentley’s Head of Product Design. Inspired by the notorious craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterize the interiors of all Bentley models, the collection comprises of luxuriously designed sofas, arm chairs, beds, side boards and more. Sporting a neutral colour theme featuring mocha, cognac, taupe, quartz, grey and ice, the collection also gets a bold and bright touch with purple-red, burgundy, brick red or blue hues. Clad with tactile leather, sensuous textiles, sophisticated velvets and the lightest of cashmeres, the range also screams Bentley with its signature quilted diamond pattern on leather upholstery.

For more information visit:

24 DÉCOR Magazine

The suite of furniture and accessories, designed for home and office, captures the style of the Bentley driver through items that mirror the impeccable quality and attention to detail of the Crewe-based marque.

The Bentley Home Collection includes the following finely crafted pieces: RICHMOND An elegant and sophisticated line of seating which includes sofas, chaise lounges and armchairs. The enveloping external structure can have a veneer finish or leather cover. In contrast, the inner structure is covered in leather or linen or in fine cashmere velvet. The profile is embellished by a leather braid.

DÉCOR Magazine


MADELEY & KENDAL A large oval or round meeting table with refined Kendal chairs embellished with leather and the Bentley logo which can be embroidered on the back, on request. A trapezoidal structured table made of curved wood panels with edges embellished in hand-made leather coating. The feet are made of steel with a gunmetal finish.

26 DÉCOR Magazine

SHERBOURNE & KINGSBRIDGE Tall and short leather-coated cabinets with veneered fronts; these are also available in smooth or quilted leather. Tone-on-tone lacquered interiors with external coatings and shelves of crystal represent the luxury and quality of both Bentley and Club House Italia, part of the Luxury Living Group. The handles and feet are also made from steel with a complimenting gun-metal grey finish.

DÉCOR Magazine


HARLOW A modern coffee tables with metal steel structure and a complimentary gun-metal grey finish. The surface is made from onyx or leather coated.

28 DÉCOR Magazine

CANTERBURY The bed is characterised by an imposing headboard, embracing coated structure available in leather of fabric. The shapes are soft and convoluted, working in harmony with the contemporary and informal line. An innovative duvet cover, Fibra di LegnoÂŽ, is a high-quality fabric made from wood pulp that gives the yarn softness and smoothness, adding to the luxurious feel of this piece.

DÉCOR Magazine


For more information visit:

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Surely there was at least one time in your life when you faced a blank wall in your home, wondering what could make it interesting. Canadian design and manufacturing studio Arbutus+Denman have come up with the solution. They have devised a simple and effective way of decorating your modern home: Wall Buttons. These large wooden decorations easily adapt to contemporary spaces, adding texture and a geometric pattern to boring walls. Imagine crossing a hallway adorned with these oversized buttons and admiring their imposing geometry or sparking up a conversation with your friends while looking at the buttons on your living room wall. Transforming the atmosphere around them to give off a threedimensional feel, the rounded decorations are finished to perfection, being able to add warmth and sophistication to the space they share. Made from FSC certified birch and available in various sizes, the Wall Buttons are handmade in Canada.



[&] onedifferentlife


NEW EDITION Gunni & Trentino remains committed to extending its range to incorporate luxurious brands within its portfolio

Gunni & Trentino Bulevar Alfonso Hohenloe, 4 2, 29602 MARBELLA +34 951 968 771

32 32 DÉCOR DÉCORMagazine Magazine

Ten years from its launch, the Armani/Casa division of the Giorgio Armani Group has established itself as a global leader in the luxury interiors market. Synonymous with an elegant and contemporary lifestyle, Armani/Casa is the expression of Giorgio Armani’s own vision of the home as an intimate but sophisticated setting with an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

DÉCOR DÉCORMagazine Magazine 33 33

Gunni & Trentino are therefore pleased to announce a new working collaboration. “Our catalogue includes more than 500 elite brands, which enables the expert professional, or customer freedom and flexibility to choose from a huge range of possibilities to achieve their design goal. By adding to this catalogue the products of a prestige brand like Armani Casa is a huge success not only for us but for our customers.” Mónica Fernández de Béjar, head of marketing and communications. We are very pleased to work with Armani Casa because it fits perfectly with our project and we know that our present and future customers will choose this brand often for its quality and originality,” he says Chema Moreno, Partner and Commercial Director GUNNI & Trentino. The exquisite taste that characterizes the brand reaches heights of great refinement in his collection of furniture, textiles and accessories.

34 34 DÉCOR DÉCORMagazine Magazine

The Giorgio Armani collection can now be found at GUNNI & Trentiono for more information visit:

DÉCOR DÉCORMagazine Magazine 35 35

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This season, the living room design trend is all about bringing a colourful style with a serene splendour. Refined wallpapers, gold and brass tones reflecting against the light, contrasting beautifully with soft materials

Available from: Gunni & Trentino Bulevar Alfonso Hohenloe, 4 2, 29602 Marbella +34 951 968 771

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DÉCOR Magazine


Burning fires and statement accessories complete the look to create a divine atmosphere of warmth and comfort

38 DÉCOR Magazine

The living room is the room in which you and your family spend the most time. Living rooms should be appealing, relaxing and allow you to interact with each other. Here are some tips for creating a living room you’ll never want to leave. Décor Trend - Lamps Lamps have become a décor trend in that they can be used as fashionable accessories. They’re especially great for bringing some trendiness and light to a living room, creating a lovely ambiance. For a bit of quirkiness, add more than one lamp and don’t make them the same. Lamps of different height colour and texture can add an interesting aspect to the room. Give it some intimacy An ideal living room gives people sitting in it the feeling that they’re sharing a special moment together. Organize your chairs or couches in an arrangement that enables easier interaction, for instance by placing the chairs so that they face each other. Use soft muted colours to promote calmness and serenity. Use natural materials Natural materials in the living room are considered a décor trend for 2014. Such materials create an earthy look. Wood is always a classic and stylish option. Plus, it works wonderfully in the living room because it can be used to create elegance or relaxation (or both!), depending on whether you want a formal or casual space.

Keep it minimalistic We all love our knick-knacks but having them placed everywhere can be very overbearing, and will make the room feel stuffy and messy instead invest in a statement piece of furniture like a dresser or floor to ceiling cabinet. You’ll be amazed the difference this will make to the room. Create layers of light Light layers should be placed to bounce illumination throughout a room and eliminate shadows from corners. Use chandeliers, scones and firelight.

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As a rising figure of the modernist movement, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was selected to design the Weimar Republic’s Pavilion for the Barcelona Industrial Exposition of 1929. Through masterful proportioning and planning, Mies created a rhythmic and entirely unprecedented space, which elevated industrial-age materials to a level of grace never before achieved. Inside, Mies included chairs and stools conceived as a resting place for the King and Queen of Spain. Determined


For more information visit:

40 DÉCOR Magazine

to create a chair worthy of royalty, Mies is thought to have based the designs, with their signature crisscross frames, on the campaign chairs of Ancient Rome. Mies: “I feel that it must be possible to harmonize the old and new in our civilization.” Although the Barcelona Pavilion only stood for seven months, it is recognized as a defining achievement of modern architecture, as are the accompanying Barcelona Chairs (although the King and Queen reportedly never sat in them). Mies, a close friend and mentor to Florence Knoll during her time at the Illinois Institute of Technology, formally granted Knoll the production rights to the Barcelona Chair and Stool in 1953. The designs immediately became a signature of the Knoll brand and have been built to Mies van der Rohe’s exacting standards ever since.

Design Philosophy

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Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global authority, have announced PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the colour of the year for 2014. “While the 2013 colour of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the colour wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.” “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.” Spruce up interior spaces by incorporating this eye-catching hue in paint, accent pieces and accessories. As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows. Likewise, the vibrant colour is sure to liven up neutrals including grey, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid reenergizes almost any colour palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.

42 DÉCOR Magazine


DÉCOR Magazine


The Midas Touch There is nothing like a touch of gold to add subtle luxury and a fresh look to a classic design. Gold is one of the hottest trends in home dĂŠcor for 2014 and many designers are creating modern colour palettes and mixing classic gold with nickel and stainless steel. When paired correctly, gold adds luxury and style in an interesting way. A well-planned design is the key to making this trend work. When creating a design that mixes multiple elements you need to start with a strong foundation. There are many ways to add small touches of gold in your home. However, a little goes a long way.

44 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


46 DÉCOR Magazine

If you’d like to incorporate this trend you but aren’t quite ready to change your faucets or light fixtures, here are a few other ways you can add a touch of gold: Throw pillows and draperies in fabrics with gold detailing. Add gold island stools.




Update your windows with gold curtain rods. Display gold patterned dishware in open cabinets. Showcase potted plants in antique gold pots. Add gold hardware to cabinets, dressers, desks, or doors. Create a focal wall with wallpaper featuring a gold pattern. As you visit stores in the coming months, you will notice a growing selection of gold accessories and fabrics, making it easier to recreate this latest trend. DÉCOR Magazine


Goldwyn A versatile book of upholstery weaves coloured with a medley of grey and warm neutral tones with accents of metallic and hints of vibrant colour. A variety of techniques including waffle, jacquard velvets and foil printing give these predominately plain fabrics their wonderful and distinctive character.

Available from: Perfect Homes - Interiors by Stefanie Billey Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local NÂş1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Marbella 952 77 81 31 or 675 074 818 Available from

48 DÉCOR Magazine

Mizar Steeple Grey (chair fabric) A herringbone foil printed on soft viscose velvet.


Black Edition Exclusively designed fabrics and wall coverings that blend sophisticated textures, innovative weaving techniques and artisan effects with a visionary colour palette.

Polka Moroccan Blue (cushions) Velvet spot design on a metallic Jacquard ground.

Zibo Carbon ( Sofa Fabric) Semi-plain Chenille - A space-dyed yarn creates a multi-coloured effect DÉCOR Magazine


Mirella Begonia A painterly abstract floral design digitally printed on fine linen sheer. Mirella Begonia A painterly abstract floral design digitally printed on fine linen sheer.

Orchis Orchis Wide Width Linens

Wide Width Linens

A collection of wide-width sheers and light-weight linens, featuring soft, painterly florals and fashion inspired abstracts, all with a beautiful drape and soft, supple handle. Tie-dyed and dip-dyed natural linens with a A collection of wide-width sheers and light-weight linens, featuring soft, relaxed creased finish are also included in the collection. Tie-dye and painterly florals and fashion inspired abstracts, all with a beautiful drape dip-dye are traditional artisan methods resulting in unique designs and and soft, supple handle. Tie-dyed and dip-dyed natural linens with a stunningly deep contemporary shades. relaxed creased finish are also included in the collection. Tie-dye and dip-dye are traditional artisan methods resulting in unique designs and stunningly deep contemporary shades. Available from

50 DÉCOR Magazine

Zephyr Crocus Beautiful natural linen dip-dyed in stunning contemporary colours. Zephyr Crocus Beautiful natural linen dip-dyed in stunning contemporary colours.

Shibori Ink Beautiful natural linen tie- dyed in stunning contemporary colours. DÉCOR Magazine


Leonate Silk Stripe A multi-coloured silk stripe featuring a velvet detail.

Xanthia Prints, XanthiaWeaves Prints, and Embroidery Weaves and Embroidery

An eclectic mix of designs makes up the two volumes of this spectacular new Stunning floral digital prints An eclectic mix of designs makes up thecollection. two volumes of this spectacular neware accompanied by intricate embroideries, damask and floral jacquards, sumptuous spray-dyed velvets and wonderfully collection. Stunning floral digital prints are accompanied by intricate embroideries, tactile multi-coloured stripes. Versatile semi-plain weaves are included to damask and floral jacquards, sumptuous spray-dyed velvets and wonderfully accompany the statement designs. tactile multi-coloured stripes. Versatile semi-plain weaves are included to Available from accompany the statement designs.

52 DÉCOR Magazine

Leonate S A multi-co a velvet de

Eden Amarantha A bold image of a wild rose digitally printed onto a linen ground.

Eden Chartreuse A bold image of a wild rose digitally printed onto a linen ground.

Boheme Jacquard Weave A medium scale damask. DÉCOR Magazine



featuring René Gruau Decorative Prints and Weaves

René Gruau was perhaps the most revered fashion illustrator of all time. Even once the camera took over, no photograph ever captured the moment as did Gruau’s brush. His career spanned seven decades beginning in the 1940s, and although the privileged world his work romanced had largely evaporated by his latter years, his style became only more appealing. Regarded by some as the father of modern advertising, his witty imagery conveyed whole worlds with seemingly simple brush strokes, blocks of colour, and the daring use of negative space. Little wonder that he was the illustrator of choice for the fashion greats - Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Hermes, Givenchy, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar... the list is endless.

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Le Defile Panel LE DÉFILÉ A panel of four René Gruau illustrations showing his alluring, couture wrapped sirens on printed Cotton

Le Defile Panel LE DÉFILÉ A panel of four René Gruau illustrations showing his alluring, couture wrapped sirens on printed Cotton Le Defile Panel LE DÉFILÉ A panel of four René Gruau illustrations showing his alluring, couture wrapped sirens on printed Cotton

Arminta Cantaloupe A fluid swirl design, printed on a smooth textured velvet. Arminta Cantaloupe A fluid swirl design, printed on a smooth textured velvet. DÉCOR Magazine


The World is mine – Printed Sheer A 6m x 3m sheer panel inspired by imagery showing the earths light pollution as captured by a satellite in space. The Panel is supplied un-hemmed.

The World is mine – Printed Sheer A 6m x 3m sheer panel inspired by imagery showing the earths light pollution as captured by a satellite in space. The Panel is supplied un-hemmed.

Zinc Textile Zinc Textile

The stunning panorama of Shadow Mountain provides the dramatic backdrop to Zinc’s über ski chalet, showcasing this diverse collection of fabrics with their subtle patterns, natural textures and degradé qualities. Mountain rock printed on both linen and silk grounds, stonewashed The stunning panorama of faded Shadow Mountain provides the chenille patchwork and gently sheers, all evoke the weather dramatic backdrop Zinc’slandscape. über ski Inviting chalet, layers showcasing this beaten terrain of this to rugged of undyed diverse collection fabrics their subtle patterns, linen and Navajo of wools are with balanced with glam foilednatural silks, textures and degradé qualities. embroidered velvets and the softest printed nubuck. Combine all this with the haute luxe Shadow Mountain Furs and you’ll be Mountain rock printed on both linen and silk grounds, stonewashed wishing winter lasted forever… chenille patchwork and gently faded sheers, all evoke the weather beaten terrain of this rugged landscape. Inviting layers of undyed linen and Navajo wools are balanced with glam foiled silks, embroidered velvets and the softest printed nubuck. Combine all this with the haute luxe Shadow Mountain Furs and you’ll be wishing Availablewinter from lasted forever…

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Avalanche Denim Textured weave. A semi plain chenille co-ordinate of Log Cabin.

Avalanche Denim Textured weave. A semi plain chenille co-ordinate of Log Cabin.

Grey Wolf Shadow Mountain Furs

Grey Wolf Shadow Mountain Furs

Pocono Nubuck Leather Jet Cross hatch design with sketched, hand-drawn effect.

Pocono Nubuck Leather Jet Cross hatch design with sketched, hand-drawn effect. DÉCOR Magazine


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Cirrus Collection Elegant linen mix sheers that softly diffuse light creating stylish decorative effects. DÉCOR Magazine


Villa Nova design and produce fabrics for upholstery, drapes and soft furnishings as well as wallcoverings and trimmings Villa Nova’s eclectic collections offer a broad range of coordinating printed fabrics, jacquards, decorative weaves, sheers and wallpapers. This is complemented by a spectrum of plain and semi-plain fabrics. Their practical and versatile collections create stunning, affordable interiors. Colour is an essential part of each collection and their signature colour palette includes an extensive range of classic and contemporary shades that are creative, usable and easy to live with.

Available from: Perfect Homes Interiors by Stephanie Billey 952 77 81 31 or 675 074 818 Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local Nº1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Available Marbella from

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Curtains: Lonicera Blueberry | Chair: Pinto Blueberry Patterned Cushion: Tara Blueberry/Acacia | Plain Cushion: Pinto Orchid

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Folium Carmine

Delve into a bit a world of colour with the delightful new Villa Nova range Lonicera Carmine Folium Stripe Carmine Honeycomb Carmine

Honeycomb Carmine

The new Folium collection is a dramatic and intensely patterned collection it includes statement cut-velvets, vivid prints, a flamboyant stripe and geometric sheer, all available in extrovert and exuberant colour combinations.

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Three light-weight fabrics with stylish textures and sleek finishes. A versatile collection that is widewidth and washable

5 4 3




1. Como Heron | 2. Lugano Washable Wide Width Chalk 3. Ghent Washable Chrome | 4. Ghent Washable Chrome 5. Orta Washable Wide Width Porcini | 6. Lugano Washable Wide Width Carmine 7. Orta Washable Wide Width Starfruit

1. Como Heron | 2. Lugano Washable Wide Width Chalk | 3. Orta Washable Wide Width Starfruit | 4. Como Heron





Available from: Perfect Homes Interiors by Stephanie Billey 952 77 81 31 or 675 074 818 Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local Nยบ1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Available Marbella from

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3 2


5 1

1. Lugano Washable Wide Width Chalk 2. Ghent Washable Chrome 3. Lugano Washable Wide Width Carmine 4. Orta Washable Wide Width Starfruit 5. Como Granite DÉCOR Magazine



At a time when themaster bath serves as a personal sanctuary, Villeroy & Boch’s Memento collection delivers calm and rejuvenation by focusing on the essentials Sleek with rectilinear forms, these pieces are unabashedly contemporary and available in a range of colours and finishes allowing for individual expression to unfold. An extensive collection, Memento is comprised of wall and surface-mounted washbasins, vanities, cabinets, mirrors, toilets and a bidet. With the recent arrival of new light wood furniture, the timeless style of Memento is further highlighted. Made of real oak veneer, its rich texture creates visual contrasts in the bath. Villeroy & Boch’s Memento demonstrates the art of minimalism, yet is still sleek and functional.

Further information: www.facebook.comVilleroyandBoch DÉCOR Magazine



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Kelly’s style fuses the Eastern principles of simplicity with the Western taste for sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes against a beautiful paint palette of natural tones. These signature colour tones have become the staple of Kelly’s designs earning her the title “Queen of Taupe” and instead of taking this title as a dig Kelly is very proud to be linked with this colour palette, “because I take my inspiration from organic shapes, texture and the interplay between materials, it is subtlety and ease that are the hallmarks of my style rather than brash, ‘in your face’ elements” she quoted.

Kelly Hoppen MBE is the darling of British Interior design and is acknowledged as one of Britain’s most influential style gurus. Her simple but opulent style has permeated interior design at every level, and has resulted in her work being featured in various newspapers and magazines across the globe.

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Kelly’s rise to interior goddess was not through a conventional method, she didn’t attend a highbrow interior school, and with her stunning model looks and cascading toffee curls she looks like she should be gracing the cover of a magazine instead of designing the people’s homes featured within it… but then this is what Kelly Hoppen is all about! Her career began 37 years ago when as an independent 16-year-old with a relentless passion for design Kelly was given the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen. This modest commission not only created a teenage entrepreneur, it kick-started one of the most celebrated and extraordinary careers in the design industry, from there she worked for a race car driver, partner of one of her girlfriends, she designed a bachelor pad for the actor Martin Shaw, star of 1970s cop show The Professionals, and through this whirl of excitement and contacts Kelly says the business “just happened” but not before some failed attempts at working for others “I did some Saturday jobs. I got thrown out of Harrods, didn’t last more than a day. And I got thrown out of Tile Mart. Every job I went to, I lasted a day. I hated working for someone else, I’m too bull-headed,” she says.

In 1975 her business, Kelly Hoppen Interiors was formed and since this formation she has gone on to design for the rich and famous such as Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Elton John and it is even rumoured she worked with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge. Not limited to just celebrity homes she has also undertaken many projects around the world for a variety of different spaces including houses, hotels, yachts, ski chalets, private jets as well as the interiors for British Airways first class cabins. Kelly has also been successful in a variety of business areas establishing herself as designer, retailer, author, educator and innovator. In 2007 she famously stated that “she’d never work for less than £300,000”, good work if you can get, and Kelly Hoppen certainly can as her ever expanding waiting list shows.

70 DECOR DÉCOR Magazine


n Create balance on mantelpieces and other surfaces by juxtaposing one over scaled object with two or three miniature ones

n Beware colour as classic Kelly is a yin-yang scheme of dark and pale, using a palette of neutral colours and contrasting textures

n Mix old and new antique and vintage, against the clean lines of stark contemporary pieces

n Introduce texture as without it, a neutral scheme will look flat and dead

n Start with linen as your first choice of fabric: without it, a scheme will never feel quite right Although her career has now spanned nearly four decades, Kelly Hoppen shows no sign of slowing down. Amongst other projects, Kelly has found the time to re-open her highly successful ‘Kelly Hoppen Design School’ which she originally launched in 2003, her ninth book was released in September, she has a new creative partnership with bathroom specialists Crosswater, and has re-entered the world of TV having recently completed filming the new season of Dragons’ Den.

n Unblock energy within the home using crystals, colour, candles, music, and chainmail curtains made of small metal balls

n Create symmetry if a fireplace is off-centre in a room make sure you line the sofa up with it

Kelly has also been expanding her business, supporting various charities, acting as a trade ambassador for Britain as part of the Government’s GREAT campaign, and working with UK Trade & Investment mentoring SMEs. Kelly Hoppen is fearless and as one of Britain’s most sophisticated career women she lives by her slogan that “nothing is too big, and nothing’s ever big enough”! ,,,, www.jetsettimes.,,

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The ‘S’ Chair

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THE INSIDE STORY Tom Dixon has the career that every designer, whether a starry-eyed school grad or a mid-level creative director with clients from hell and a bulging portfolio, would kill for. He has his own shop in London. He runs his own product- and interior design firm. His tentacles reach into everything from slick restaurants and bars in London to hotels and boutiques in mainland Europe, Russia, and Asia and more recently he has been awarded “Designer of the Year 2014) by Maison and Object Paris not bad for a school drop-out who fell into design by accident when he found himself with “time on his hands” while recovering from a motorcycle accident. Born in Tunisa, Tom Dixon moved to England in 1963. He dropped out of Chelsea School of Art to play bass in the band “Funkapolitan” before teaching himself welding while repairing his bike after the aforementioned accident – This incident inspired Tom and soon he began to produce furniture Tom rose to prominence in the mid1980s as “the talented untrained designer with a line in welded salvage furniture”. He set up ‘Space’ as a creative think-tank and shop front for himself and other young designers. By the late 1980s, he was working for the Italian giant Cappellini for whom he designed the Iconic ‘S’ chair. In the 1990s, he became a household name with ‘Jack’, his polypropolene “sitting, stacking, lighting thing” designed for his own company ‘Eurolounge’ which became a symbol of that age.


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Mirror Ball

Wingback Chair

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Tom was then appointed head of design by Habitat and later became Creative Director until 2008. He was the public face of a collective team responsible for rejuvenating the Habitat brand maintaining Terence Conran’s dream of enriching everyday life through simple, modern design and creating shopping experiences that were bother theatrical and intimate. In 2000, Tom’s work was recognised and he was awarded an OBE by Her Majesty The Queen, he set up up his own eponymous design company under the name ‘Tom Dixon’ - the brand instantly gave Tom a platform to produce iconic designs such as Mirror Ball, Copper Shade, Wingback Chair and Beat Light. The company now sells in 63 countries with permanent set ups in England, America and Hong Kong.


Bash Vases

DÉCOR Magazine


Beat Collection

78 DÉCOR Magazine

Barbecoa Restaurant

The Tom Dixon brand also includes an Interior Design arm, Design Research Studio an interior and architectural design studio which has designed high profile projects which include Restaurant at The Royal Academy in London, Jamie Oliver’s London restaurant, Barbecoa as well as Shoreditch House. Most recently Design Research Studio announced their first ever hotel project, redesigning the iconic Thames-side Sea Containers House in collaboration with US hotel giant Morgans Hotel Group due for completion summer 2014. LATEST NEWS: Now announced as MAISON & OBJECT’S “Designer of the Year 2014”, Tom Dixon has propelled himself to the forefront of the Parisian design scene.

Shoreditch House. Restaurant

This year he will deliver his first French interior design project: Eclectic, a new restaurant from Fabienne and Phillip Amzalak and Jean-Louis Costes. This 170 seat, contemporary brasserie opens on the ground floor of the Centre Beaugrenelle shopping mall overlooking the Seine, with the interior design taking inspiration from the 1970’s.9 DÉCOR Magazine


We all deserve the finer things in life... A symbol of beauty and crystallized perfection, Baccarat has been transforming the magic of crystal into timeless masterpieces for the last 250 years. This year, the luxury French manufacturer of fine crystal glassware is celebrating sestercentennial of being timeless legend, by unveiling a limited edition crystal chess.

Brilliant Iraqi-British Architect Zaha Hadid has worked with Lalique, the high-end French crystal maker to produce two beautiful vases. The two vase collections feature Manifesto and Viso.

Baccarat has commissioned Oki Sato, founder of Japanese design studio Nendo, to the design a dazzling edition of one of the world’s most popular games. To mark the brand’s 250th anniversary, only 50 of this luxurious chess will be made available. It takes 200 hours to chisel out the 32 chessmen from midnight blue and clear crystal.

a $27,300 tag, the Baccarat Nendo Chess will be on every collector’s wish list. It is not exclusively designed to just make a few moves to beat your opponent. This limited edition chess will make a deeper statement about your love for the game as well as the depth of your pockets.

The chess pieces of this commemorative edition of game truly resemble Baccarat’s iconic Harcourt glasses. Expected to sport

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Only 20 years ago, the possibility to use a wireless telephone was a sensation. Today it’s a sensation to have a decorative open fire without the need for flue or hard connection.

ethanol based fires. Planika Fires are not only elements of interior decoration but most of all they are real fireplaces enhanced by design creating an exceptional atmosphere that influence our everyday life.

Planika Fires combine modern yet elegant international design with the advanced technology of environmentally friendly, smokeless

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The Manifesto is a curved and ribbed vase with texture and the Viso a lean water tower. Both vases feature her distinct futuristic and curve forms that highlights uneven geometry. They have been made in both clear and black crystal and feature fluid lines and a polished finish. Hadid is well-known for her de-constructive approach to architecture that incorporates natural forms for her designs. Awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004, some of her recent work includes London Aquatics Centre for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the Guangzhou Opera House. The vases are available as signed and numbered special editions and expected to go on sale in April at Lalique stores. Prices start at €12,000 ($16,400).

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luxurY living london Harrods Paris 18 avenue george v Milano via durini 11 e 25 new York 153 Madison avenue MiaMi 90 ne 39tH street los angeles 308 n robertson blvd Fendi Casa +39 0543 791911 Fendi.CoM

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THE SHOW THAT SETS DESIGN STANDARDS WORLDWIDE The January 2014 edition of Maison&Objet Paris, the twice-annual design fair at the Parc des Expositions at Paris Nord Villepinte, welcomed a total of 83,282 visitors while representing an extensive assortment of international home furnishing manufacturers and designers from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

This year the global theme extended to British designer Tom Dixon who won the coveted “designer of the year” award - the American and Italian duo Dilmorestudio and the Frenchman Philippe Nigro, who were Créateurs in 2014.

This year the global theme extended to British designer Tom Dixon who won the coveted “designer of the year” award - the American and Italian duo Dilmorestudio and the Frenchman Philippe Nigro, who were Créateurs in 2014.

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The show’s theme, “Elsewhere,” was represented by three trend exhibitions including “Helliotropic,” a psychedelic audio-visual product presentation installed with beach chairs to lounge in while viewing. Highlights included sunny climes, yellow hues, and sunbursts as well as flame motifs represented by the Arboro collection by interior designer Sarah Lavoine. Crafty products from exotic locales signified the globetrotting Gypsetters, a crossbreed of gypsies and bohemians. The “Landscape” colour palette ranged from sunset pink to neutral greys, as well as cool stones like marble and alabaster and was showcased in products like Toni Grilo’s marble Marie Lamp. “Beyond” emphasized space travel, cosmic imagery, aquatic sport as well as life above and below sea level as witnessed by the Benben suspension lights by Dutch designer Jaco Maris. Later this spring, Maison & Objet will be spreading its international wings with the launch of a new fair in Singapore from March 10-13, 2014. And a Miami Beach edition is in the works for May 2015 focused on American Design.,,

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Lenny LENNY Kravitz KRAVITZ Design by Philippe Lenny Kravitz.



Made in Italy by Kartell. “Haute couture meets rock and roll.” American rock icon Lenny Kravitz, with his Kravitz Design team, has teamed up with über designer Philippe Starck to re-imagine Kartell’s exclusive Mademoiselle Chair in exotic combinations of fabrics and varying textures, including python print, faux fur and leather. Mirroring the spirit of the American superstar, the Mademoiselle Kravitz Chair combines the elegance of the armchair’s haute couture with the wild rock mood of the fabrics selected: grey faux fur with a grey and black python-printed fabric or black interwoven leather with a black faux fur front.

Available from: KRAVITZ DESIGN Inc. 13 Crosby Street, 5th Floor NYC, New York + 212 625 1644

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DESIGN PROFILE Minotti is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of design furniture. Founded after World War II by Alberto Minotti it was at first little more than a small craft shop. Today Minotti is one of the largest international enterprises marketing its products in Europe, Asia and America.

Minotti is today one of the world’s leading manufacturers of design furniture. Founded after World War II by Alberto Minotti it was at first little more than a small craft shop. Today Minotti is one of the largest international enterprises marketing its products in Europe, Asia and America.

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86 DECOR DÉCOR Magazine

Despite its spectacular success and growth, Minotti remains a family business run by the brothers Renato and Roberto Minotti, who ensure that the company remains true to its strong identity and its high standards of production.

The formal elegance, innovative details and refined use of materials are the special contributions of Rodolfo Dordoni, the pioneering design director of Minotti, who has also been instrumental in crafting the influential image of the Minotti brand. He is today recognised as one of the world’s foremost furniture and interior designers as well as an outstanding architect. Minotti furniture excels by its elegance, sophisticated design, original details, precious materials and a unique blend of handcrafted elements with technical innovation.

It has become an iconic brand that projects the best of Italian design to the world

DÉCOR Magazine



THE COLLECTION The 2013 collection by Minotti offers a wide range of sophisticated furniture designs that enhance any space, including the Denny Armchair, Raymond and Andre coffee tables, Neto dining tables and many more.


The star of the collection is the new white seating system a composite of perfectly balanced shapes and sizes. The seating is suspended from the ground by slender feet, in pewter coloured die-cast aluminium. Horizontal lines overlap to form a highly distinctive aesthetic pattern that is emphasised by multi-purpose materials. Thus, the base of the sofa can be upholstered in fabric, leather or saddle-hide.


To explore the full collection visit:

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DECOR Magazine by Perfect Homes Interiors 89 20 DÉCOR Magazine


Than just dared

90 DÉCOR Magazine

To simply sophisticated

Retro Collection DÉCOR Magazine


Kitchen Mania OFFICINE GULLO Handmade custom solutions, result of a seductive fusion of retro style and contemporary spirit that confirm Officine Gullo as a leader in the luxury kitchen industry.

92 DÉCOR Magazine

Officine Gullo presents a complete kitchen in solid stainless steel, “Bianco Perla” color (lenght 4.30 mt) with finishings in chromed brass. The cooking area is composed by a cooking unit (l.100 cm) with double oven (electric 60 cm and microwaves 40 cm); 6 high power burners and a ceramic hob. Above, a metal satin-finish engraved backsplash with ladles holder, roll holder and shelf in chromed brass. The “dome” metal hood (l. 348 cm.) is equipped with a professional air exhauster. The washing area is characterized by a solid satinfinish and anti-stratch stainless steel top with sliding plate-rack on the sink and professional dishwasher. The wide storage compartments for pots and pans are equipped with “soft close” system on slides.

DÉCOR Magazine


Officine Gullo, founded and based in Florence, Italy, specializes in the production of exceptional master crafted cooking ranges, cooktops, appliances & accessories. Drawing on the knowledge and experience of over three generations of fine Italian craftsmanship, Officine Gullo ranges, cooktops & appliances embody the finest materials & an unparalleled attention to detail characteristic of the Tuscan tradition. We call these exceptional products “cooking machines”. Officine Gullo master craftsmen focus special attention on a range’s “engine”, the series of premium quality burners capable of producing up to 34200 BTUs (10 kW). These exquisite ranges are individually configurable, and the options for accessories are beyond compare. You can select from powerful barbecues with lava rocks, polished griddles, pasta cookers, deep fryers

94 DÉCOR Magazine


& many with the to detail.

other products crafted Officine Gullo attention

Nothing can match the history and the commitment to quality that generations of fine Italian craftsmen bring to the entire Officine Gullo line. From form to finish, from function to food, Officine Gullo makes dreams of Tuscan cooking a reality. Every Officine Gullo product is handmade. Officine Gullo constructs each of its custom ranges with materials that exceed any normal industrial production. Burnished Brass, Nickeled Brass, or Chromed Brass details embody the care and precision given throughout the manufacturing process. The result is a kitchen that exceeds expectations, made individually for those who enjoy the pleasures a fine kitchen can create. Officine Gullo offers a wide range of the finest cooking and kitchen devices.

Details for Kitchen on left page:

Officine Gullo presents a custom made professional cooking unit P70. It consists of a professional multifunction ventilated maxi-oven in stainless steel, compatible with the standard of professional Gastronorm 1 /1 trays. The compartments (l. 40 cm) equipped with “soft close” system and one is equipped with food warmer with supports for trays Gastronorm 1 /1. The hob is equipped with high capacity burners (up to 7.5 kW) in chromed cast iron and solid brass; polished fry-top; coup de feu in cast iron and lavastone grill with a special anti-smoking system. The ovens and the cooking elements of the collection Officine Gullo can be supplied both in gas and in single- or threephase electric version. The working surface is in scratchresistant brushed steel, while the backsplash panel is in brushed metal, decorated with engravings, with central Lily in burnished brass. The “pyramid “ hood is equipped with a professional air exhauster. The structure is made of solid stainless steel. As all the Officine Gullo creations, the unit can be realized with personalized dimensions, colors and finishings.

Customized professional kitchen islands P70 expressly realized to satisfy the needs of the Chef Aram Mnatsakanov, owner of the wellknown restaurant chain “Probka” for the Moscow restaurant, winner of the “Resto Rate Award 2012” for “Best restaurant of the Year in Moscow”. The island is equipped with professional maxi-ovens Gastronorm GN2/1 that can hold up to 8 trays and top with electric plates. The hob is equipped with professional pasta cooker/steamer, lava-stone grill with special anti-smoke system and a brushed stainless steel antiscratch worktop. The island is also equipped with drawers and door compartments with telescopic slides and hinges for a soft closing system. The structure is made of solid stainless steel varnished “Chianti Red” and with chromed finishings.

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Pol. la Quinta 4 y 5 | Ctra. de Ronda | San Pedro Alcantara | 29670 Malaga | Spain 96 DÉCOR Magazine

Phone: +34 952 794 117 | Email: | Website: DÉCOR Magazine




on trend

The Ochre Effect The rich warming colour of ochre instantly reminds of us the sun in all its brilliance. Used within the home it instantly adds an element of cheer and vitality. Easily paired with others colours the versatility of this means it is a key colour trend for 2014. Ritchie 2 Seater Sofa in ochre yellow. - £499

Seedheads cushion cover - - £34.00 Niki Jones scatter cushion - - £95.00 Ochre Stripe cushion cover - - £135.00

Leaf Pattern Linen Tea Towel by Gail Kelly Designs - €12.82

Timorous Beasties Devine Moth Wallpaper £78.00

Hackney Empire Ochre Stripe £148.00

98 DÉCOR Magazine

Nathan Monty Chair in MissPrint Dandelion upholstery £595.00

Painterly Patterns The runny, drippy colours of watercolour paintings have moved off the walls and onto our furniture! Painterly fabrics bring the best of fine art to design and the best of design to fine art. A number of retailers are embracing the messy imperfection and pale colours of watercolour paintings.

Flamingo Cushion by Amy Sia Price: £70.00

Meadow Upholstery Accent Chair $149.99

Hand painted shades are unique and commissioned by customers

Luxe Lucite Let’s clear something up! Lucite a subtly, stylish decorating element has taken the interior design world by storm. This transparent materials reflective surface adds an element of splendour to just about any home. It especially works best in small spaces and is great at enhancing a design without over-crowding it.

Andrew Martin Saturn Acrylic Chair £2,395.00 Bond Desk $2,950.00

Bond Accent Table Lamp - $195.00

Fascinating Custom L Shaped Glass Lucite Dining Table by Karl Springer

DÉCOR Magazine


Soft Corduroy Cushion £4.99

Wolseley 3 Seater Sofa Mushroom Brown Corduroy - £849

Corduroy Upholstery

Original FUF Chair 4 ft. Large Wide-Wale Corduroy Bean Bag Lounger - $132.98

This is perhaps something you’d be more used to seeing a supply teacher wearing on the elbows of his blazer, or maybe you’d expect to see your granddad in a pair of corduroy pants? Well, either it way it doesn’t matter. What does matter though is that this year, corduroy is a great material for making couches and various other items of upholstery.

Magpie Pondlife Dinner Plates Set of 2: Grebe & Dragonfly in Gift Box - £26 for 2

Flights of fancy Fluttering into our homes this season are flocks of winged inspired interior accents and fashion frills. Think butterflies, dragonflies, peacocks and pheasant ‘Pheasies!’ Mug - £9.50

French Three Drawer Bombe Bedside with Butterfly Design £375 Hand Embroidered Scarab Beetle Cushion - £60.00

100 DÉCOR Magazine

Sputnick Statement In recent years, there has been a resurgence of all things midcentury modern. One of the most interesting revivals is the Sputnik light fixture. With its starburst shape and arms of irregular length this chandelier is a seriously one of a kind light fixture adding an instant energy and sculptural element to any room.

Urchin Sputnik Style Chandelier $975.00

Maxim Sputnik Ceiling Pendant - $458.00

Jonathan Adler Sputnik Flush Mount Wall Sconce - $895.00

Retro Sputnik Table Lamp - $298.91

C. Jere Sputnik Sculpture - $995.00

DÉCOR Magazine


Seasonal Micro Trend Take a cue from this seasons catwalk with our pick of the hottest shades of teal, turquoise and aqua. Taking its name from the Eurasian Teal Duck, which sports the colour around its eyes, Teal looks set to be the colour of spring. Mix it with greens such as mint, duck egg or emerald for a fresh, natural effect. If you’re looking for a more dynamic look team it with indigo, denim or navy for an nautical feel.

Want to add colour to your world? Take inspiration from the cubit modular shelving company. Cubit shelving is highly customisable and can be configured using an online tool. This configurator allows you to design a modular shelf made up of different units that come in a wide array of sizes. Previously the shelves were only available in plain white, then black was added, and now there are a total of 15 vivid colours to choose from as well as a premium walnut finish.

For more information visit:

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Upcycle furniture with the help of BRYONIE PORTER, a unique independent company that produces beautiful, high quality, bespoke, hand finished papered furniture.

For more information visit:

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brand news!

Parisian Allure Fashion brand French Connection foray into home furnishings continues with a new collection which embraces chalet chic, mixing muted earthenware with chunky blankets and patinated metal. For more information visit:

Wonder Wall Upmarket paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball has introduced nine new paint colours to their extensive range of colours. Like all Farrow and Ball products each tone carries an interesting name such as Wevet NÂş 273, which to you and me is an old Dorset term for a Spiders Web! For more information visit:

Moroccan Appeal Do you love the colour and sheer energy of wandering around a Moroccan Souk, well now you can enjoy this shopping delight without leaving the comfort of your armchair. Moroccan Bazar an established global supplier of Moroccan goods and furnishings with daily shipments around the world is able to offer over 3000 hand crafted pieces from furniture, accessories and lighting. Shopping has never been so easy. For more information visit:

104 DÉCOR Magazine

The Global Collection Acclaimed US designer Barry Dixon has just launched his second collection for Arteriors, which was inspired by his childhood travels to exotic locations such as India, Pakistan, Korea, New Caledonia and South Africa. The new collection introduces upholstered dining and occasional chairs with a mix of eclectic products. In addition he has also launched a new book titled Barry Dixon Inspirations. For more information visit:

Lelièvre launches its Jean Paul Gaultier collection Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier and fabric house Lelièvre are at it again showcasing the best in Parisian style. Jean Paul Gaultier introduces his second home collection by designing eight fabrics for renowned Parisian textile and home accessories company Lelièvre. Ranging from classic tartans to daring damasks, the collection includes cotton/linen mixes printed with Japanese tattoo motifs, jacquard weaves in both cool and vibrant shades, naturalistic landscapes that depict the four seasons and, of course, Gaultier’s signature naval stripe, this time given an eye-catching Op Art twist. To complement the textiles, Lelièvre has added to its already impressive home-accessories collection with Gaultier’s take on cushions, throws, curtain fabrics and even bean bags. The soft furnishings and accessories can be bought online or alongside the fabrics at Lelièvre’s London showroom at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


Alexandra Rug GAN

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Traditional Moroccan rugs are combined with innovative textures to, momentarily, lose their flatness as they evoke the Atlas mountain range. Reveries that conjure up images of the sea, of an all-encompassing Mediterranean lifestyle. This rug brings to mind expert hands, toiling away at traditional looms as they weave dreams of warm, faraway lands.

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ARTIST Alicia Czerniak What critics say about Alicia Czerniak’s Art: “Freedom and spirituality literally burst out of the work of Alicia Czerniak. The freedom of a vigorous and gestural brush stroke, which is very representative at the same time. Her work communicates, expressing the idea of an opening toward the cosmic with an energy that transcends the limits of the canvas. Through a pure, primary and intense chromatic range, Alicia Czerniak introduces us to her pictorial space with an audacity that almost gives us goosebumps. Her containment and the order of her first works culminate in an obvious manner in a predominance of matter and in a flow and dynamism that are free and forthright. The work of Alicia Czerniak lays bare a personal and different manner of facing the act of pictorial creation and, although we are redirected to the memory of abstract expressionism, her lyrical and poetical style introduces us to a unique and singular creative world. A great lesson that teaches us how the simplicity of forms may also be conducive to beauty and to the deepest reflection.” –By Ángeles Hinojosa Tenllado Master of Museum Studies and Master of Fine Arts, Former curator of the Reina Sofia National Museum (MNCARS) Madrid Contact: Alicia Czerniak Media T. +34 952 868 001 M.+34 650 455 734 DÉCOR Magazine


© Rafael Gómezbarros, 2013. Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

Pangaea: New Art from Africa and Latin America

House Taken 2013 Resin, Fiber Glass, Wood, Screen Cotton Rope Arenas, Cerrejón Coal Body: 50 x 20 x 50, 90 x 50 cms Legs

2 April 2014 - 31 August 2014 Rafael Gómezbarros has adapted the story of the Colombian context Cortázar and has designed and installed in Alonso GalleryGarcés 1000 ants, a dense number in mythical, religious and political meanings. The head and abdomen are shaped like human skulls are fastened by a chest made from different materials: fabrics, gauze, tape, pitas, cabuyas, wires and other materials for medical and home use. The legs are suggested by shacks. Both skulls symbolize death as shacks, drought and resignation. Taken from Esferapú Text by Jorge Peñuela

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Modern and Contemporary Art WHY COLLECT ? There are different reasons why someone feels the exigency to collect art: it can be for cultural reasons, for economical and investment reasons, or simply for esthetical ones but all have in common a deep sensibility, a great spiritual depth and a strong love for beauty. Collecting contemporary art and is one of the most exciting ways to interpret the world right now, like living in a live show, through a process that ties together the most diverse aspects of aesthetic and conceptuality linked and guided by the collector’s personality. Collecting art is a path of personal growth. We have just to remember that a collection is not a body of work, but the portrait of taste, passion and culture of the owner. As it is said by Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate Modern Museum in London: “If you can afford it, the best way to

deal with art is buy it, live it with passion and take care of it”. HoA is mainly engaged in contemporary art, but in case of advice for the establishment of private collections or simply to find a work coveted by a collector who has addressed to us, we can, through our international contacts, to assess and achieve even modern art. One of our collectors says: “I started to buy works of art several years ago, but I think I have become a collector only recently, meaning as collector one who is buying without thinking about where to place it, and sees collecting as a reflection of his own personality. When you buy works of art, the first reason is your personal taste and the pleasure of sharing and showcasing the work at your own home, then you tend to make more organic choices, to include works by artists who at the first instance do not totally reflect your

taste, but that trace a path in the art scene. Gallery Houses of Art, works to promote high quality contemporary and modern art. We represent international artists with a solid important background who feature in international collections and museums as well as emerging and mid career international artists. At the same time we support a select group of young artists by exhibiting their works from an early stage to take them to a level of international exposure, collaborating for this purpose with other international galleries. We assist collectors at all levels in the primary and secondary market and provide a detailed provenance of all works of art exhibited. Marbella Club Hotel Blv. Pr. Alfonso von Hohenlohe, 29600 Marbella T. +34 952 857 196 DÉCOR Magazine


The Greenfield by Roberti outdoor furniture collection offers a wide and versatile range of models. The various style, modern, design and contemporary, and the high quality level are conceived to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Available from: Perfect Homes Interiors by Stephanie Billey 952 77 81 31 or 675 074 818 Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local NÂş1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Available Marbella from

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Curtains: Lonicera Blueberry | Chair: Pinto Blueberry Patterned Cushion: Tara Blueberry/Acacia | Plain Cushion: Pinto Orchid

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Coral Reef marks a change in the outdoor furniture concept, adapting new ideas and combining different materials. The collection consists of pieces that may be placed both indoors and outdoors, generating an in/out tandem which is typical of the Mediterranean home. The Coral Reef lounge chair brings some modern and organic shapes to the outdoor furniture. Made in aluminium and braided polyethylene, this lounge chair is the ideal complement for any terrace.

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Hamptons is a furniture system of modular armchairs and sofas. All the elements are made of a metal frame covered with Sunweave (poliethylene fibres) in the finishing “musk”: this material allows a versatile use of the furniture both inside and outside the house. The design of all elements is based on the concept s of “ full and empty”, this idea is fully expressed by the armrest, that in the sofa is reduced to give lightness and transparency, while in the pouf it widens becoming a small table with functionality.

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ARCHITECTURAL SONIC MODULES The peculiar shape of AS™ architectural sonic modules is conceived to be acoustically efficient and capable of focusing sound to direct it into predefined areas; combining different sonic modules and their different directional properties allow to fully redesign the ACOUSTIC EXPERIENCE of any architecture, both indoor and outdoor. Bang & Olufsen Marbella Puerto Banús, Main Entrance +34 952 817 250

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The distinctive geometry of the reflecting surfaces allows certain types of modules, characterized by a DIRECTIONAL sound emission, to adapt largely to installation areas. Varying and adjusting the orientation of the module or the sound design can guide the attention and movement of people in certain directions, exploring and redesigning specific architectural features, or creating multiple and independent micro-areas inside the whole main space. Other types of modules are characterized by an OMNIDIRECTIONAL sound emission; the richness of their tones and their radial diffusion resembles the one of a natural sound source. Approaching the module in a natural environment you can sense a smooth and regular increase of sound pressure level and feel the profound wideness of the sound source, such as when approaching a waterfall or a playground; in an indoor context, their unpredictable omnidirectional reflections are even more intriguing, because they can interact with the architecture, EXCITING “the architectural game” of space discovering.

SONIC GARDEN When we talk about LANDSCAPE we often discuss it in purely visual terms, without considering that its appreciation is also influenced by the general environment of the site, a space rich of sound sources all involved in the orchestration of a specific soundscape: sounds created by wildlife, sounds of nature like water flowing, wind and leaves, human activities and also maintenance operations. The realms of sonic outdoor design have always been an important component in landscape architecture: music from splashing jets, caged birds, and chimes have always been historically an integral part of the MULTISENSORY experience provided by gardens, with powerful and beneficial effects on our minds and emotions.

In the XII century the famous Arab inventor and engineer Al-Jazari, made the most famous PERSIAN gardens play by way of his amazing inventions, like a garden flute that played a continuous note; water drove air out of vessels and into the flute’s mouthpiece to make it play, on the lines of a whistling kettle. This was the method used for the artificial birdsong fashionable in grand gardens of the time. The ITALIAN RENAISSANCE gardens, which flourished in the late XV century, were intended as a place for contemplation and for the enjoyment of the sights, sounds and smells of the garden itself. The lively play of the waters that delighted the visitors to the Villa d’Este in Tivoli was portrayed as a real wonder: the Fountain of the Owl used a series of bronze pipes like flutes to make the sound of birds and the music played by the great Organ Fountain was described as “true music, naturally created”.

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SUSTAINABLE DÉCOR This original South African company has expanded to include offices in all the major developing regions around the globe: Cape Town, South Africa; Dubai, U.A.E.; Marbella, Spain; and Miami, USA., with satellite offices in Amman, Jordan; Valletta, Malta; Doha, Qatar; and Aix-en-Provence, France.

Cape reed (Thamnochortus Insignis) grows exclusively on a small strip of land in the Southern Cape region of South Africa.

Their primary roofing material is cape reed (Thamnocortus Insignis). This remarkable plant grows exclusively on a small strip of land in the Southern Cape region of South Africa for an average of six years before harvesting. Cape reed is well known for its durability and is an excellent thatching material. Waterproof and UV-proof, cape reed thatch structures have a life expectancy of 20 to 50 years.

The Cape Reed Group of Companies is a world leader in creating a desired lifestyle. For more than 20 years they have been designing, supplying, and building awardwinning timber and thatch structures with high-quality natural and sustainable materials.

Taking into account cape reed’s limited availability, the Cape Reed Group of Companies adheres to strict farming practices to ensure the material’s sustainability. The company’s conservation efforts extend to its lumber practice where timber gets harvested from FSC-approved sources and more than 165,000 new trees gets planted each year.

These thatch and timber structures provide natural, environmentally friendly shade and a unique luxurious place to enjoy outdoor entertainment.

Due to the active fire risk to constructions made from natural materials, Cape Reed has developed a fire retardant thatching method for improved safety. Their craftsmen incorporate a fire retardant blanket capable of resisting temperatures of up to 500 degrees Centigrade within the thatch. Cape Reed can also add further fire protection by applying a specially developed ecofriendly chemical spray: Cape Reed FireShield, which is manufactured by Dutch company, Magma. A prototype of this unique construction method including these fire retardant applications has been independently tested and the company has subsequently earned the European Union’s approval for their fire retardant thatching method.

To explore the full collection visit:

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Homeowners around the world from the Costa del Sol to the Middle East and as far away as New Delhi are able to appreciate the beauty and quality of Cape Reed in their gardens and pool areas. These thatch and timber structures provide natural, environmentally-friendly shade and a unique, luxurious place to enjoy outdoor entertainment.

The Group’s latest completed commercial project is the Sofitel Hotel & Resort, the largest five-star luxury hotel and resort on The Palm Jumeira, Dubai.

In more than 20 years of service, the Cape Reed Group of Companies has expanded their portfolio to include an array of major commercial projects from around the world. Their latest completed commercial project is the Sofitel Hotel and Resort, the largest five-star luxury hotel and resort on The Palm Jumeira, Dubai. This $4 million project features 7,000 square meters of thatch roofing and hundreds of meters of timber handrails and decking. Cape Reed also built 40 thatch beach cabanas, five lifeguard huts, and 200 square meters of timber pergolas.

Cape Reed creates an unique interior ambiance

Sea Grill restaurant at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella.

Cape Reed’s latest European landmark is the Sea Grill restaurant at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella. The Sea Grill features a white washed timber structure to give it a sleek, modern design and makes it the ideal place to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner while taking in a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea.



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Whatever inspires you is what inspires us. With a complete palette of floors and smart tools, Mohawk puts your inspiration to work and makes the room To solve your creative puzzle, log onto

Carpet  Hardwood  Ceramic Tile  Laminate  Area Rugs  Green Options

makes the room DÉCOR Magazine



Beachfront villa designed for tranquility and relaxation

Further information from: Sunsearch Homes +34 951 403 340

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OCEAN VIEWS Los Monteros Playa DÉCOR Magazine



Peruse the windows of any real estate agents in southern Spain today and you’re sure to find listings of many luxurious & opulent villas for sale. Some stand out for their architectural beauty and some because of the fabulous views they provide but you’ll be hard pushed to find one as charming or as stunning as this outstanding ocean view villa. Situated in the upmarket residential area of Los Monteros, Spain, this charming residence built in 2006 blends beautifully with its surroundings, capitalizing on the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Ocean the villas design is a harmonious blend of muted beiges and soft creams juxtaposed against dark mahogany woods and exposed beams. Distributed across 2 levels, the property boasts grande sized rooms and the current owners have maximized the use of this space by using soft flowing fabrics in neutral colours ensuring that no one area of the room dominates its appearance. The double height wooden beamed ceilings, marble open fireplace and arched windows all blend together to create a visually stunning and relaxing home.

Further information from: Sunsearch Homes +34 951 403 340

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The Master bedroom & en-suite bathroom simply take your breath away, the beamed ceilings and limestone floors balance perfectly against the cream, dark drowns and purple colour scheme yet its still manages to draw your eye to the splash of blue of the outside sky. Obviously no home would be complete without an up-to date top of the range kitchen and the open plan kitchen is welcoming and user friendly as a living area, fully fitted with Siematic, Miele and Gaggenau appliances the rooms’ decor blends harmoniously with the rest of the property with subtly placed accessories and lighting playing a key role. The pièce de résistance of this property by far is the exterior, the tropical styles garden, the use of materials from wood, ceramic tiles and stone play an integral role in the design space and feel of this property. The perfect example manifests itself in the terrace complete with a terracota tiles and a stunning azul blue pool, giving the illusion of a tropical hideaway.

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The upper level features an imposing master suite with double height wooden beamed cathedral ceilings, living room, kitchenette, his and hers dressing rooms, fireplace and a south facing terrace overlooking the sea. The master bathroom is stunning, with Jacuzzi, double wash basins and separate toilet. Additionally on this level there is an office with balcony, a fantastic Spa area with gymnasium with adjoining massage room, a Turkish bath, sauna, pressure shower, heated pool with jet stream and toilet and a fourth guest bedroom suite with a lovely balcony with sea views.

Further information from: Sunsearch Homes +34 951 403 340

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A wine cellar with bar, a billiard room and cinema room / entertainment room share a double sided fireplace on the lower ground level complete this unique property.

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Furniture manufacturer Hay have added some lovely rugs to their collection. The new collections is designed by design studio Scholten & Baijings. The use of grids, color and gradients make these products extremely exciting and will be an inspiring element in any home.

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Decorating ideas are inspired by beautiful homes and within this edition of DĂŠcor Magazine we feature a magnificent villa designed by renowned architect Cesar Leyva, located in the exclusive Marbella Club Golf Resort in Benahavis This luxurious villa has it all, wonderful design, stunning views and great ambience. By using only the best quality materials, this beautiful villa has been designed to utilize the natural light and space helping to create a thoroughly contemporary feel. Upon entering the property your eyes are immediately drawn to the wooden vaulted ceiling that dominates the impressive entrance hall and rooms throughout adding a touch of old school elegance with current minimalistic trends.

Further information from: Sunsearch Homes +34 951 403 340

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Marbella Golf Club DÉCOR Magazine



Prestigious setting with spectacular views

Further information from: Sunsearch Homes +34 951 403 340

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The property is split across two floors giving it a flexible layout to adapt to any family’s needs, with bedrooms located on the top floor and social areas on the ground level. There is a fully fitted kitchen and a substantial open plan dining/sitting room that embraces the outdoor space and offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

The main feature of this property is the high vaulted ceilings which add a depth to the rooms creating an imposing look, decorated in soft cream they contrast beautifully against the stone mosaic floor. This majestic villa symbolizes the excellence of good architecture and exclusivity of a well-established 5 star urbanization, a property that inspires home décor giving interior designers a place to allow their imagination to flow and create unique living spaces for families enjoy.

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014 Washbasin: Kalahari Taps: Barcelona Mirror: Veranda


Cerรกmica Dร‰COR Magazine



Eurofashion is the distributor of a total interior concept built around furniture, home accessories and interior textiles. This beautiful concept is distributed under the brand ‘Dôme Deco’ through decoration, furniture and lifestyle stores throughout Europe and beyond





6 1. Cowhide Headboard Cowhide F14-L2 WH | 2. Cushion Rock ROC4040a/NA 3. Velvet Cushion VULl4560/RU | 4. Boxspring Bed (no headboard) F14-T2/DBR 5. Bedcover Giu GIU240260/PI | 6. Rajat Uni Carpet RA200300/BE

DELICATE This pastel theme is perhaps the most summery and natural of all themes in Dôme Deco’s collection by combining cool versus warm shaedes. Terracotta colours and materials are used in combination with pastel colours.

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Available from: Perfect Homes Interiors by Stephanie Billey 952 77 81 31 or 675 074 818 Urb. Las Torres de Marbella Club, Local Nº1. Mille de Oro., 29601 Available Marbella from

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1. Two Tone Glass Vase S V2-G90/PU | 2. Vase V2-C65/LGR 3. Tealight Holder Bowl T2-G6/TRA | 4. Vase Long Neck L V2-C63/LGR 5. Two Tone Glass Vase L V2-G91/PU



3 8 4


6 5



1. Round Mirror in wood - M2-W1/BR | 2. Finesse Console Table F12-W1/WA | 3. Ribbed Vase Ribbed L V2-G65/LBR 4. Glass Bottle LD4-G5/PU - Purple | 5. Tealight With Frosted Top S T2-G21/TA | 6. Tealight With Frosted Top L T2-G23/TA 7. Tealight With Frosted Top M T2-G22/TA | 8. Ribbed Vase S V2-G64/LBR | 9. Bottle Glass S D4-G4/PU 10. Tablelamp Omega L3-S6/SI

DÉCOR Magazine


1. Glass Bottle S D4-G4/PU 2. Vase L V2-S14/SI 3. Ceramic Tealight with Pattern T2-C31/PU 4. Pearl Finish Picture Frame P5-N14/WH 5. Pearl Finish Picture Frame P4-N14/WH 6. Plaid Vinay VIN125150/PU 7. Flower Ceramics D4-C34/BE 8. Risha Cushions RIS4545a/MIX

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8 7

142 DÉCOR Magazine


4 9 1






1. Ceramic Tealight Ceramic with Glass M T2-C29/OR 2. Pot with Cover D6-C28/GRI 3. Tealight Ceramic with Pattern T2-C31/BR 4. Vase Ceramic with Pattern M V2-C106/BR 5. Vase Ceramic with Pattern M V2-C106/OR 6. Lantern with Leather Handle L T3-S51/SI 7. Lantern with Leather Handle S T3-S50/SI 8. Vase Ceramic with Pattern S V2-C105/BE 9. Pot With Cover D6-C30/GRI





1. Ceramic Tealight T2-C26/SI 2. Frosted Vase Frosted, Bicolor L V2-G59/MIX 3. Ceramic Pot with Cover L D6-C61/WH 4. Ceramic Vase L V2-C102/BR 5. Ceramic Vase S V2-C101/BR 6. Vase Frosted, Bicolor S V2-G58/MIX



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FUNKY Dôme Deco challenges the conventional boundaries of interior design with a unique and refined vision. Our collections straddle contrasting extremes in both form and content, sparking an engaged dialogue with any interior. 2





1. Harlem End Metal Table Metal AM3-1884/EB 2. Silver Aluminium Tablelamp with Purple Shade L3-A4/PU 3. Handwoven McLaren Carpet MC200300/MIX 4. Mattis Couch in Ava Fabric MAT240/A20 5. Harlem Coffee Table F11-W1/EB 6. Black Marble Floorlamp C006-15A 7. Iron Tablelamp Iron with Chocolate Shade L3-S8/AN

Available from

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In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Fusce tincidunt magna sit amet gravida urna in lorem auctor, sed feugiat DÉCOR Magazine







1. Plaid Awani Blocks AW125150/BL 2. Metallic Lambskin CushionMl4040/CO


3. Risha Cushions RIS4545b/MIX 4. Cow Split Cushion SPl4040/OC 5. Alice Velvet Cushion Al4545/PU 6. Plaid Vinay VIN125150/ GO 7. Alice Velvet Cushion Al4545/BL 8. Plaid Fabion FC140180b/PU

146 DÉCOR Magazine



3 6 7 1



5 2

1. Glass Bottle S D4-G4/OC 2. Cowsplit Leather Notebook D4-L5/PU 3. Diamond Glass Vase L V2-G88/BL 4. Two Tone Glass Vase L V2-G91/PU 5. Diamond Glass Bowl Vase V2-G89/BL 6. Glass Bottle L D4-G5/OC 7. Two Tone Glass Vase S V2-G90/PU 8. Diamond Glass Vase S V2-G87/BL







1. Pendle Aluminium L5-A4/SI 2. Argo Dining Table F9-W8/CHO 3. Glass Candleholder T3-G12/PU 4. Glass Bottle D4-G3/PU 5. Bowl With Leather Handles D6-S36/SI 6. Kota Dining Chair F2-T12/BE

DÉCOR Magazine





6 9 8




1. Iron Bowl with Enamel D6-S37/SI 2. Wood Tealight with Velvet M T2-W4/COP 3. Wood Tealight with Velvet S T2-W3/PU 4. Ceramic Pot with Cover S D6-C62/PU 5. Cow Split Cushion SPL 4040/OC 6. Plaid Awani Circle AW125150/RE 7. Waves Glass Tealight T2-G33/PU 8. Cow Split Picture Frame SPL913/PU 9. Cow Split Picture Frame SPL1015/TU5

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Much of Russian interior design is inspired by Rome, Italy, said to be a favourite tourist destination for Russian tourism. Why? Well the main link of course is oil and gas, but now the second-biggest link is furniture. Italian furniture is classic, expensive and intricately made and most of all it looks exquisite in an expensive Russian home. The main focus to Russian interiors is opulence, glamour & luxury. Here we take a look at some of today’s leading designers.


DÉCOR Magazine


Gotha Home Decor


Gotha turns living spaces into an emotional experience, through the distinctive personality of furniture adorned with gold, silver, and Swarovski crystals Gotha draws its inspiration from the Macchi Mobili company’s half century of experience in the design and production of quality home furnishings. A natural extension of its parent company, Gotha has inherited Macchi Mobili’s traditional expertise and craftsmanship, its innate passion for beauty, and its desire to develop a refined esthetic balance of form and style. Wherever harmony of line is of the utmost importance, whenever there is a demand for home furnishings whose personality is both sophisticated and decisive, Gotha responds with sumptuous environments imbued with luxury and elegance. Sumptuous, exclusive, with a look inspired by the watchwords of class and elegance: Gotha style is built around a philosophy that turns furnishings into a sheer aesthetic pleasure, underscoring the sense of luxury with eye-catching details and innovative materials that until now belonged only to the realm of high fashion. Gotha turns living spaces into an emotional experience, through the distinctive personality of furniture adorned with gold, silver, and Swarovski crystals. This approach to interior decoration is aimed at creating a total look that suffuses

The Glamour Collection Will be previewed at the 2014 Milan International Furniture Exhibition, features a classic, rich style whose shapes have been reinterpreted in the light of a more contemporary taste. The Collection living room and bedroom furniture sets thus stand out for their refined, eclectic style. THE BED This wooden bed features an eco-leather Capitone headboard, enriched with wrought iron details finished in antique silver and gleaming Swarovski crystals. The eco-leather bed frame is also decorated with Swarovski crystals. The wooden bed legs are finished in antique silver.

150 DÉCOR Magazine

every element of the surroundings: a full environment built as a stage for daily life, from flooring all the way to lighting. Furnishings that are this exclusive demand enormous creative skill in the design phase and superior craftsmanship in their production. Their master carpenters, first and foremost, are people who share the same passion for wood and have turned their daily job into an art, carefully overseeing the development of each piece in the collection as if it were an exceptional event, in every stage of their work. Traditional expertise is wedded to new techniques for shaping and transforming the material, to create striking effects of light and shadow, powerful forms, and arabesques of fabric, studded with crystal gems.



The structure is made of solid wood: “Jelluton” beechwood and multi-layer plywood. This line is characterized by handcrafted finishing “black silk” and specific decorations on silver foil.

Made of solid beech wood. It is finished in “spatolato pisano” with golden details, and a delicate floral decoration on the top. The unusual shape of its legs makes this table a one-off piece. The solid beech wood matching chairs, also finished in “spatolato pisano”, feature velvet-upholstered seats and backrests. The finishing touch is the tiny velvet rose on the back, enriched with a Swarovski crystal.

Gold & Diamonds Collection A harmony of classically-inspired forms combined with innovative, high fashion materials creates a cutting-edge spectacle that enhances the aesthetic purity of everyday spaces. Sophisticated night time scenarios ignite the emotions, designing inviting alcoves and elegant niches.



Elegant furniture finished in gold and silver foil.

The sofa is characterized by precious velvet, elegant Swarovski finishing and gold foil. The structure is made of wood: “Elliottis” pine and spruce

THE BEDROOM COLLECTION is dressed in light draperies that cascade from the canopy structure to match the fabrics on the bedspreads, pillows, and quilts, creating a visual harmony that relaxes the senses.

For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine



ÉTOILE COLLECTION SIDEBOARD in solid wood characterized by two doors and four drawers with real silver leaf pattern

Étoile is the Cantiero collection inspired by Art Deco, the style phenomenon of the second and third decade of the last century, which encompassed decorative and visual arts, architecture and fashion, and led to the emergence of a special French distinction which was manifested in various product sectors, including furnishing and cabinetmaking. This French

influence also inspired the name of the collection. In fact, in France, the name Étoile is used to identify an actor in a stage play as well as the “prima ballerina” in a ballet troupe. Étoile is a furnishing collection designed for both the night and day areas of the home, realized using only prime American solid walnut. Every part of the collection contains

decorative elements with real silver leaf finishes. The recurrent pattern found on the various accessories recalls a futurist painting from the early 1900s. The choice of the materials, the uniqueness of the design and the mixture of finishes make this a highly original and distinctive collection. Cantiero considers Étoile to be the highest expression of the manufacturing expertise that it has built up in sixty years of passion and research. Solid wood bed lacquered white with head decorated in real silver leaf. Coordinated chest of drawers and night tables.

HOME OFFICE Solid wood desk characterized by decoration in real silver leaf.

152 DÉCOR Magazine

Gherardini Home

NEW COLLECTION 2014 Gherardini Home comes from collaboration with Formitalia Luxury Group, a leading Tuscan enterprise that has been licensed to manufacture Gherardini customized furniture and that will pour the distinct traits of the brand into items designed to decorate our homes. Over one hundred years have passed since its establishment, yet Gherardini continues to stand as a synonym to top-level craftsmanship, elegance and Italian style. The license agreement with Formitalia represents an important chapter of a new way that will consolidate Gherardini as one of the famous brand of the name fashion houses of luxury Italian artisan, also in the home decor sector. HEADBOARD in fabric with Gherardini logo. Frame and night tables in leather with brass buttons. Base in brass. BOOKCASE NICCOLÒ Sectional bookcase in veneer with brass bookends. SOFA DUCCIO - Sectional sofa in leather. Backrest in leather with printed logo. The upholstery basement allows the arms to be inverted, so that each element can be right & left looking. Base in brass and veneer.

Samuele Mazza

TIMELESS INTERIOR This collection, the first that has the name of is creator, comes from the vast experience gained with previous achievements in the luxury sector. First fashion, then publishing and design, but especially a precise idea of a young and ethical sustainable luxury. An unmistakable aesthetic code to immediately brings to all the creations. He is always different but always recognizable. The Samule mazza Timeless Interiors collection has marked the beginning of another new era is inspired by the 30’s from architecture to the lifestyle of that era. It is almost a tribute to american Scott Fitzgerald, but also to the period of the Italian Empire, that had galvanized the architects and the bourgeoisie in that time. That was the last period when the architects thought about monumentalism like a vision of a classical world. Particular attention was dedicated to big and visionaire architect Piero Portaluppi.

DÉCOR Magazine


Roberto Giovannini’s

HOME Roberto Giovannini’s empire began in Florence, Italy in 1958. This exclusive collection of hand carved furniture reproductions of antiques span from the passionate Italian Renaissance era, to the whimsical French Rocaille movement, to the brave Art Deco period. Roberto Giovannini’s collection is founded on his passion for beauty in form and balance, creating masterful pieces of art that transcend time. THE DINING SET This elegant dining room where different styles are harmoniously matching together thanks to the soft finishes used for the Louis XV chairs combined with 18thC., Italian style, dining table inspired by Roman capitels and finely finished in Greige. The cabinet in solid wood, typical of 18th C. Tuscan style, is softened by the Blanc finish and matches the “twin” consoles in early 19th C. Tuscan style. The Blanc candelabra on the table gives a romantic aspect to the room. These are the places that accompany us day after day. In the picture on the top: Table top in wood Art. 3203 Decoro Tinto Noce e Base of the table begin XVIII Sec. Neoclassic. Art.

BEDROOM A neoclassical Headboard finished in a sophisticated Oro Leggero introduces us to Roberto Giovannini’s luxury bedroom furniture, where Ebonized chest of drawers and night tables in 18th c. Venetian style are matched with gilded Venetian mirror frame, completed by antiqued glass, and the gilded flambeau lamps. The English George II Style bench is finished in Oro Pitti and enriched by buttoned old cuoium leather. Constantly searching for new inspirations, Roberto Giovannini company offers unique creations like this new bedroom in the timeless style typical of the traditional Florentine carving. In the picture on the top: Bed Art. 1305 Finish Oro Leggero. Theadboard Fine XVIII Sec. Neoclassicol.

154 DÉCOR Magazine


Elegant, innovative but always timeless classic

Roberto Giovannini interprets the Atmosphere of a luxury contemporary ambience. The white Blanc finish used on the wing chairs and sofa in Louis XV style are enriched by precious vivid Blue Velvet, harmoniously mixed with gilded English over mantle mirror and the Greige consoles. A carved coffee table in Argento Pitti attracts the attention and reflects its perfection on the mirror inside the fire place. The pale grey and Stuccoes used for the walls provide the atmosphere of a true peace, like a nest where to give space to our emotions.

NEOCLASSICAL SOFA Two Seater Neoclassical sofa (art. 1314s) end XVIII C. Rovere Sbiancato finish and linen fabrics in white.

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Furniture inspired to the past withstands the fashions, because transmit strong and protective signales: in fact classic furniture is known throughout the world as a symbol of elegance and good taste. In new living culture, the style, the taste for the quality distinguish complete lines of furnishing that live beyond time to awake the emotion of living. That’s why rampoldi collections are thought to furnish complete houses, but, every single element can easily make up an elegant and harmonic whole with furniture of other styles. Days and nights colletions are born from the accurate work of highly skilled workers: cabinet-makers masters, inlayers, carvers and decorators to give to every single element elegance, beauty and stilistic refinement. And all these elements are the guarantee of rampoldi’s reliability in the quality of production, that is unequalle in variety, completeness and stylist consistency even at the highest level of classical furniture.

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iQ800 Master Class washing machine and dryer.

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Performance and style at its best.

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