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Bring nature and a pop of colour into your home using the humble houseplant


to your home with this season’s design trend of Moroccan Influence

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CONTENTS 10 TREND ALERT Moroccan-inspired Interiors 18 DÉCOR MAGAZINE


26 THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT Brighten your home with well-grown houseplants

112 CHAIRS FOR EVERY SETTING Bonaldo offers a wide range of chairs suitable for every setting 130 HEAVY DUTY HOMEWARE Tap into your industrial side

30 MIX OF TRADITION AND MODERNITY Mullan Lighting has helped transform a quaint French restaurant with great lighting design

135 THAT EMPTY NESTERS FEELING Reclaim your kid’s space and make it into your own little haven

43 ALL THAT JAZZ 5 Jazz artists that have inspired Delightfull’s midcentury lamps


48 EDDY: THE CHAMPION’S REST A new chair from Bonaldo, inspired by the world of cycling 58 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

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64 MCZ GROUP - ALL SOULS OF FIRE Stoves and fireplaces for every room of the house


101 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Sunny Todds and wife Emma discuss their showstopping colour combinations and unique shapes

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160 FILTRATION HAS A NEW SHAPE Circle.Tech matches perfection, harmony, advanced technologies and a modern captivating design 174 QUADRO BY ARAN CUCINE A unique mixture of ideas, colours and geometric shapes 180 TONO BATHROOM COLLECTION The latest bathroom collection from Porcelanosa 212 EGO’S HIVE COLLECTION Inspired by bees - please “beehive” yourself!



MALAY | ARMCHAIR W 76 cm | 29,92" D 76 cm 29,92” H 80 cm | 31,50”  AMIK | TABLE LAMP D 45 cm | 17,71” H 96 cm | 37,79”  KOI | SIDE TABLE W 34 cm | 13,39” D 34 cm 13,39” H 48 cm | 18,11”  PEARL | SOFA CUSTOM SIDE LALLAN | CENTER TABLE W 120 cm | 47,2” D 90 cm | 35,4” H 40 cm | 15,7”  VELUM | FLOOR LAMP W 25,5 cm | 9,85” D 21.5 cm | 8,46” H 170 cm | 66,9” YOHO | STOOL W 32 cm |12,6” D 28 cm | 11” H 42 cm | 16,5”  KALINA | RUG W 300 cm | 118,1” H 200cm | 78,7”

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Trend Alert MOROCCANINSPIRED INTERIORS Moroccan home décor style continues to dominate as one of the most popular interior design trends this season. In the past designers have latched onto the bohemian styles and spicy colour schemes used within Moroccan interiors however this season Moroccan style is about detail, texture, and intricate patterns. If you like this kind of aesthetics, it’s worth mentioning that you can easily transform your own interior in a Moroccan-inspired way, even if you’re on a budget.

10 DÉCOR Magazine

1. LIVING ROOM The main characteristic of a Moroccan home focuses on texture and geometry and involves the use of bright colours, such as red, blue, orange, and green mixed with gold. Mosaics and carved furniture pieces also play a major role in creating the look. However, into days mahogany and beige colour scheme this is not everyone’s cup of tea so to create the Modern Moroccan look try using iridescent effect wallpaper or tile-inspired wallpaper in subtle pastels colours. Lattice coffee tables and screens in sun-bleached white with silver or gold candle holders and vases will complete the look.

Arabic exotic mother or pearl chest

Lattice Brass Candle Holder

Lattice inspired Occasional table

Iron Perforated Lanterns DÉCOR Magazine


2. BEDROOM You may think that incorporating Moroccan style into the bedroom would feel overpowering – well think again! Calming colours such as sea blues, sky greys and subtle indigos create a sense of the exotic but with a cool crisp yet modern twist. Neutral woods for floors and wardrobes will only enhance the look, add drama by framing your bed in drapes. Complete the look by adding an authentic patterned rug and jewelled textured cushions.

Handmade intricate wire bowls

12 DÉCOR Magazine

Sea Grey Splatter Pillow

Silver tray

DÉCOR Magazine


3. Dining A large part of Moroccan culture is the delicious food and vibrant spicy colours. The kitchen area should pay homage to this. Colour is key so to add a touch of Moroccan style into the dining room, look for jewelled tones that can be coordinated across table linen, glassware and any table decorations. Adding candlelight to the setting helps create a great ambience try to inject reflective metallic tones such as silver or golden hues.

Moroccan Style Bowls

Large Traditional Tagine

Moroccan Tea Glasses

4. BATHROOM Moroccan style decor and that hamam style is easily achievable at home with just a few simple bathroom updates and is probably the only room in the house where you can have some colour fun! Turquoise blues and whites are a fantstacic vibrant colour combination however for the less adventurous ornate metallic finishes and plants will add a splash of colour paired with natural elements, such as wood and stone will help to bring a touch of the exotic to your bathroom. For the perfect finishing touch add super soft towels and robes, ideal for the real hamam at home feel.

Crochet Washbasin

Delicate ocean decorative & glazed tiles

5. OUTDOORS Socialising is an essential part of Moroccan culture but why limit your dĂŠcor style to just the indoors. To create a Moroccan inspired terrace or deck lighting should be the focal accessory. Lanterns are synonymous with Moroccan inspired interiors and outdoors they are a stand out feature, wooden or metallic carved lanterns freestanding or hanging in differing sizes are simply stunning. Rattan furniture, Poufs, rugs and cushions carelessly thrown without a care in the world also add to create the look. Gold table accessories

Outdoor ottoman Pouf





Oki Sato from Japanese design studio Nendo loves to surprise and break the boundaries. So his new collaboration with luxury bathroom brand Hangrophe completely baffles us but is actually rather genius. Inspired by a floor lamp, his dream was to combine totally different living areas together the result the AxorLamp Shower which is “Neither a lamp nor a shower, it is a hybrid,” says the 35-year-old Sato The Axor Lamp Shower, combines water and light together in perfect harmony and whist at first glance this looks like just a lamp, on looking closer you find that it offers a oneof-a-kind showering experience thanks to the wide-rimmed shower crest that circles the light fitting. This integration makes for an ambient lighting and feel-good atmosphere throughout the entire bathroom. The LampShower can be either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted version. In addition to the standard chrome finish, the products can be individualized with the application of a range of special finishesto suit personal taste.

For more information visit:

18 DÉCOR Magazine

THE GRAND RE-INTRODUCTION OF ARNE JACOBSEN’S GRAND PRIX™ TABLE 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s famous Grand Prix™ Chair – a design that earned its name after winning the prestigious Grand Prix prize at the Triennale in Milan in 1957. Arne Jacobsen designed the Grand Prix Table alongside the chair, but the table only got to meet its audience for a short while due to challenges in production. Now, as a celebration of the Grand Prix Chair, Republic of Fritz Hansen™ is relaunching the Grand Prix Table. Similar to the Grand Prix Chair, Arne Jacobsen originally designed the Grand Prix™ Table with solid beech legs and a lacquered veneer tabletop. However, the construction lacked stability and the table went out of production. The Fritz Hansen design team recently undertook the task of changing the construction of the table without changing the design. The resulting 2017 version has slightly wider, solid wood legs and features a steel rail under the lacquered veneer tabletop for optimised stability. The simple, modern table now comes in oak in three sizes, and features smooth, rounded edges that contribute to its soft expression. The table will be available at Republic of Fritz Hansen Concept Stores as well as selected stores worldwide from September 2017. DÉCOR Magazine





British paint and wallpaper makers Farrow & Ball, have unveiled their new wallpaper collection Atacama, Hegemone and Helleborus. Inspired by the latest trends in texture each pattern has a bold botanical design but with a modern twist Taking its name from the Greek goddess of fruit and flowers, Hegemone is wonderfully optimistic and looks almost as if it has been cut from paper. Less rigid and defined than a classic floral pattern, each colourful petal blooms freely in all directions. Inspired by a brightly coloured fabric found nestled in an old mill, Atacama has a playful tropical print. Named after the flowering South American desert, the intricate botanical design combines rich textures and delicate patterns. For its new collection, Farrow & Ball has experimented with a range of scales exploring the expressive trend of maximalism, creating its largest motif design yet, Helleborus. First drawn with a pipette for a sense of unrestrained fluidity, each petal feels as though it is unfurling on the wall. Latin for the hellebore flower, the organic pattern creates a sense of growth and rejuvenation, transforming the home into a warm and wonderful retreat.


Throughout the collection, there is a tactile almost three dimensional finish to the wallpapers which is achieved by printing paint on paper, with each design available in seven colourways from soft neutrals and muted pastels, to striking colour combinations with metallic accents. The beautiful florals jump out of each print and help create the ultimate escape within our homes, transforming rooms into a wonderful retreat where we can feel safe, calm and inspired. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine 21

BIN THERE Many of us never give a thought to the humble waste disposable bin but interior design brand Brabantia further perfects its iconic Touch Bin with a collection of rainbow shades In choosing the perfect bin colour does too! That is why Brabantia now dresses its Touch Bin in brand new colours from top to toe – with new colours of Almond, Clay Pink, Passion Red, Daisy, Moss Green, Mint and Platinum.

For more information visit:

VISUAL EFFECTS Overlays and visual effects merge effortlessly together as a geometric puzzle in the latest GAN kilim collection, created by the Swedish design team Front. Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist have expertly combined the patterns and geometries of traditional flooring with new shapes and colours, creating rugs that feature a threedimensional matrix, accentuated by their irregular shapes embracing GAN’s philosophy of integrating traditional and new elements with Scandinavian simplicity.



Using simple geometric figures with four to eight sides as building blocks, the renowned Swedish designers have created three models of reversible kilims: Tetragon, Rhomb and Hexagon. The three designs are made completely from pure new wool in manual looms, operated by the skilled craftsmen and women of India. Their shapes move away from the classic rectangle, and the designs and colors manage to visually enlarge the space in which they are located, and open it to new dimensions, with daring and freshness. 1. Tetragon is the most colourful rug in this collection, with a balanced mix of grey, blue, yellow, pink and dark green. 2. Hexagon declines in reds and oranges, captured in cubic motifs divided into vertical lines that play to create overlays and stratifications. Each of the three models is available in two different sizes.

22 DÉCOR Magazine

3. 3. Rhomb takes a more organic shape, with less angular contours and a soberer chromatic range expressed in yellows, greys and whites.

A FUSION OF TALENT Roche Bobois launches new collections in collaboration with two renowned Paris-based designers: Kenzo Takada and Bruno Moinard.

palette, together demonstrate the diversity, creativity and strong sense of French ‘art de vivre’ that lies at the heart of Roche Bobois.

Kenzo Takada “the most Parisian of Japanese couturiers”, known to most as a perfumery and fashion designer has over the years shifted his attention towards the interior design industry and recently debuted a unique collection of fabrics and ceramics for French furniture makers Roche Bobois.

Throughout the collection Takada uses three “dawn to dusk” colour schemes: Asa (morning), composed of gentle pastel tones; Hiru (midday), dominated by deeper rich reds; and Yoru (evening), a symphony of blues these three colourways enable customers to mix and match there pieces within each eclectic colourway.

The signature piece of the collection is the re-imagined Mah Jong modular sofa, an iconic Roche Bobois piece of furniture which was designed by Hans Hopfer in 1971. Takada took inspiration from ancient kimonos used in the Noh Theatre, re-interpreting their patterns and colours to create fine and sophisticated harmonies and Bruno Moinard’s range of 20 refined pieces based on a neutral

The French-Japanese designer, is the latest fashion designer to create a range of fabrics for the Mah Jong. This collection will be available in Roche Bobois showrooms from September 2017, as part of the Autumn Winter 2017 collection. For more information visit:

DÉCOR Magazine 23

THE GREEN HOUSE EFFECT There is nothing better for brightening up in an indoor environment that a well-grown houseplant. Plants are a stylish home accessory that never goes out of fashion and come in a variety of shapes and sizes suitable for the smallest of windowsills to large spacious hallways and conservatories.

24 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


Plants offer lush foliage, beautiful blooms and interesting forms adding a touch of character and depth to the spaces they occupy. Plants are actually a perfect accessory to the home as there is a plant that will sit perfectly in any room. Some will thrive in bathrooms, some in shaded corners while others will require a sunny spot so your ability to place the correct plant in the right place is key to creating a calming oasis or bohemian jungle. To create a refreshing and relaxing mood and purify the air follow these simple tips…

SIZE MATTERS First rule of thumbs is size matters! The larger the room you are working with, the bigger and more numerous the plants can be and visa versa. Let’s face it a single small green plant would look lost in a large empty space whereby a small room would be completely swamped by a large imposing plant or overload of planters.

26 DÉCOR Magazine



Tree-like plants have great importance in the sense of decorating and are a great focal point of attention. Large-leafed species like dracaena, philodendron or the banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis) can really fill up a sparsely furnished room or entrance hall and leave their mark

A tall snake plant is the perfect plant for those tricky empty corner spaces that juts sit looking dark and gloomy! Plus, it requires little attention, so it’s perfect for anyone with a less-thangreen thumb.

Positioned in a nook, in-between seats or framing a window this looks works beautifully in neutral coloured themes and can be the perfect addition to a cosy living room. In a small room, large plants can be oppressive and take up way too much space. To get the best effect, choose mid-size or small plants with large delicate leaves. Put the plants where they are going to be visible, but don’t put too many plants in a small space or it will get too crowded and your individual plants won’t make their full impact on the room.

CONSIDER COLOURS AND SHADOWS Plants always look best against simple backgrounds. If they have large foliage, they should be placed in front of plain walls or wallpaper with a small pattern. Large patterned wallpaper calls out for filigreed leaves or ferns. Make sure your decorative scheme takes into account the way light enters your room. If you put the plants in front of a bright, sunny wall, their shadows can create interesting and unusual patterns on the wall, ceiling or even plain carpeting. Make sure the colours of leaves and flowers you choose don’t clash with your decor. You don’t want to take expensive furnishings and wall coverings and reduce them by the wrong coloured flowers in your pots. HANGING GARDENS Not a style that suits everyone, this look creates an element of poetry and a somewhat bohemian feel. Plants are really like organic modern mobiles that fill dead air space with fantastic shapes and colours. MATCH THE PLANT TO YOUR STYLE Different furnishing styles are suited to different plants, so it’s important that you use the right plants. Yucca, Schefflera and rubber trees (Ficus) fit in well with wooden furniture. Flowering plants look great with a country style decor. If you like the straight or gently curved forms of steel, glass, marble and varnished wood, things like the snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), Swiss cheese plant (Monstera deliciosa), Dracaena and Guzmania work wonderfully. Plants with simple gently curving lines work in art nouveau and art deco settings. Furniture made of bamboo and rattan and oriental style shapes are perfect for exotic hanging plants like string of pearls (Senecio royleyanus) or wax plant (Hoya). Traditional English or French styles go well with bushy, vigorously flowering plants like cyclamen, camellias, gloxinias (Sinningia hybrids) or begonias. DÉCOR Magazine


BLAKE SHELF 1,16 M | 45,67 in W: 64,5 | 25,39 in H: 2,35 m | 92,52 in BARDOT ARMCHAIR L: 75,2 cm | 29,61 in W: 73 cm | 28,74 in H: 79,2 cm | 31,18 in CRAIG CENTRE TABLE L: 1,12 m | 44,09 in W: 1,12m | 44,09 in H: 38 cm | 14,96 in DANDY SIDEBOARD L: 1,90 m | 74,8 in W: 50 cm | 19,69 in H: 80 cm | 31,5 in WILDE MIRROR L: 1,68 m | 66,14 in W: 30 cm | 11,81 in | H: 1,01 cm | 39,76 in KUBRICK RUG W: 2,00 m | 78,74 in L: 3,00 m | 118,11 in MIRANDA PINEAPPLE L: 1,90 m | 74,8 in W: 50cm | 19,69 in H: 80 cm | 31,5 in | BILLY BY DELIGHTFULL

WWW.ESSENTIALHOME.EU | INFO@ESSENTIALHOME.EU | PT +351 915 509 359 | UK OFFICE +44(0) 203 592 6789

Mullan Lighting design and manufacture bespoke lighting for the commercial, hospitality, retail and residential sectors. Based in Ireland, Mullan Lighting employs over 40 people that help the lighting company sell to and service over 40 countries worldwide. Mullan Lighting’s focus is creating well-designed lighting fixtures that are durable and affordable. They specialise in industrial lighting design as well as more contemporary light fixtures.

French resTauranT MIxes TradITIon & ModernITy Mullan Lighting has helped transform a quaint, French restaurant on the outskirts of Strasbourg where the traditions of the region and the restaurant décor are respected and complemented by good lighting design. Situated on the Route de Brumath in Vendenheim just north of Strasbourg, Maison Rouge forms an integral part of the architectural heritage of the French town and its surroundings. Local architects Les Agenceurs endeavoured to respect and preserve this culture when tasked with designing the refurbishment of this charming restaurant.

For more information visit

30 DÉCOR Magazine

Maison Rouge strives to always promote fresh, seasonal produce sourced from local producers. The menu respects the traditional recipes of the Alsace region of France while also incorporating some original cuisine creations. This idea of mixing tradition with originality and modernity is evident in the revitalised interior of the restaurant where traditional materials like wood and brick are complemented by shiny, modern brass fittings found in the interior’s curtain poles, coat hooks and, of course, light fixtures from Mullan Lighting.

DÉCOR Magazine 31

Strasbourg-based architects Les Agenceurs transformed the restaurant with navy blue walls, lots of comfortable brown and tan leather seating, red brick, dark wood and brass. Mullan Lighting worked closely with Les Agenceurs to provide suitable lighting for this French restaurant. Les Agenceurs had a strong vision for the look and feel that they wanted to achieve. Mike Treanor, Design Director at Mullan Lighting, stated; “It’s great to work with experienced interior architects like Les Agenceurs that can successfully integrate our lighting designs in intelligent ways. They didn’t shy away from the architectural sensitivities that the project presented. Instead, they juxtaposed our modern brass lights with traditional materials and colours in the restaurant interior in a way that works really well.” Three light fixtures from Mullan Lighting were used in the Maison Rouge project. The Cairo modern wall light and Cairo pendant light are used extensively throughout the restaurant. Both light fixtures are finished in brass and black to suit the décor described. Also used in the project are carefully placed Kigoma ceiling lights fixed in a row directly above the restaurant’s bar. The exposed bulb and simple brass shade of the Kigoma fixture from Mullan Lighting helps direct light downwards, making it both highly functional and decorative.

INTERIOR ARCHITECT: Les Agenceurs, Strasbourg | PHOTOS: Frédéric Godard.

32 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine 33



Founded in 1975 in Cadoneghe (PD), Italamp is now a leader in the interior lighting sector. A key player both in Italy and abroad, the company stands apart for its ability to effectively and skilfully combine tradition and creativity for more than 40 years, adapting its diverse products to different tastes. The company has a powerful history and views as its key to success the pursuit of stylish, appealing products, as well as a desire to reinvent the meaning of lighting, striving for continuous innovation. The company is therefore able to offer exceptional and increasingly tailormade solutions designed to simultaneously light and furnish any setting. Its expertise has also evolved through collaborations with famous architects and designers. The brand is therefore oriented towards a skilful interpretation by players in the design world, including lighting designers, architects, designers, and customers, whose vision is a main source of inspiration.


VaLenTIna: hanging lamp with red glass diffuser, metal frame in brushed bronze finish, LeD light.

Inspired by Venice, the new collection of lightings by ITALAMP was born in collaboration with THDP and Simone Bretti. This new lighting line by Italamp is inspired by the magical Venetian atmosphere – unique in the whole world. The feeling of abandon and indulgence, which has always belonged to this city, are interpreted in the collection by the product designer Simone Bretti. The Love, in its more romantic and passionate form, like the one of Giacomo Casanova, famous Venetian lover, is the file rouge of the collection, in fact the lightings take their names from Casanova mistresses, Caterina and Valentina. Through the use of innovative technics and materials, THDP and Bretti have been able to entirely express the essence of Italamp, which stands out in the market thanks to its original approach that wisely combines the traditional craftsmanship with contemporary forms.

For more information visit

36 DÉCOR Magazine

Italamp presents a completely new collection of lightings offering extremely versatile, convenient solutions that fulfil the requirements of the most luxurious commercial spaces and hospitality areas, as well as residential spaces, confirming the leading role that the brand has in the Made in Italy luxury lighting.

Caterina: wall lamp with double glass diffuser, metal frame in brushed bronze finish, LeD light.

DÉCOR Magazine


ADRIA Designed for ITALAMP by NAVA+NAVA Design Studio

38 DÉCOR Magazine

The contemporary alternative to a chandelier, reinvented with a fresh, dynamic approach, which is the distinguishing feature of naVa+naVa designers. This is the idea behind adria, a thread that connects the past to the future, as the name itself implies. adria is the origin of the name of the adriatic Sea, a body of water that has played a key role in human evolution and fosters the exchange of cultures and goods. While the most characteristic elements of chandeliers – the central stem and bobeches – have been maintained, they have been redesigned in a play of balances to create a bold effect. adria is a “destructured” suspension light that stunningly combines transparent glass shades with slender, minimalistic and unobtrusive supports.

It features luminous drops suspended in midair, an entwining of delicate yet bold “strings”, disconnected elements that take shape in a skilfully ordered combination of innovation and classic atmospheres. The light emitted from the glass does not lose that exquisite, romantic allure that distinguishes this material, worked with undisputed mastery by Italamp. adria seeks to continue the company’s great tradition in the world of chandeliers, while also opening new avenues where tradition meets innovation, thanks to both design and technology. a versatile product, it can meet the diverse needs of architects, designers and final users, offering design ideas and special details that are well-suited to settings ranging from residential to contract.

Paolo emanuele nava and Luca Maria arosio of naVa+naVa Design Studio explained,

“In this way, the concept of the classic chandelier was turned over and simplified – the central stem is counterbalanced with bobeches supported not from below with arms, but suspended from above with supports inspired by modern architecture in a play of harmonious contrasts of modern and classic elements”. DÉCOR Magazine


ALYSOID, AIR & LIGHT A feminine accessory turns into an illuminated sculpture.

40 DÉCOR Magazine

Founded 1996 near Venice, a crossroads between central European and Mediterranean influences, from the very start Axolight encapsulated the tradition of artisanship and the energy of trends from all over Europe. Its vocation and international spirit cross borders in gathering ideas and offering up its concepts. Thanks to this eclecticism it manages to face all kinds of projects, created totally in synergy with worldwide known designers.

For Alysoid, presented for the first time at Euroluce 2017, the Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada chose as a distinctive element precious chains made of small spherical elements such as those frequently used in the production of fashion and jewelry accessories, that create a unique atmosphere when light touches them, highlighting the diffuser’s incredibly attractive natural curves. Available in black nickel or in natural brass, the chains define the lamp diffuser forming a natural arch thanks to their own weight, enlightened by high performance LED lights in the centre. The final result is real and tangible and, at the same time, it is made just of air and light. The volume of the lamp fills the room without blocking the view, allowing you to see through the object: the lamp therefore becomes an important tool for any designer who wishes to define a room.

They couldn’t have been realised without a 20 years’ knowledge of various materials: glass, crystal, fabric, ceramics, metal, aluminium and ABS. And it is also thanks to this eclecticism that Axolight’s products are perfect in several areas, such as residential, hospitality, and business. The new brand identity introduced in 2017 is the tangible proof of the company’s evolution that will allow Axolight to face the challenges of the future’s consumers, ever more demanding and prepared.

For more information visit:

RUCHÉ one-arm sofa with table. Design: Inga Sempé. Catalogue:

42 DÉCOR Magazine

5 Jazz artists that have inspired delightFUll’s Mid-CentUry laMps! Most of DelightFULL’s mid-century lamps were inspired by iconic artists of the 20th century. Different and legendary people like Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin and even Neil Armstrong himself are only a few of the names that have inspired the creation of these outstanding lighting designs. One thing that most of them have in common is Jazz music, here we showcase 5 jazz artists that have inspired there pieces. DUKE ELLINGTON

Duke Ellington has been an inspiration around the world to many artists and musicians like Dave Brubeck and Miles Davis. Therefore, DelightFULL’s designers decided to pay a tribute to this iconic jazz musician and create Duke floor lamp and Duke chandelier. Much like the musician’s creations, Duke chandelier and floor lamp are graceful and bring a sophisticated touch to any interior design. Its sleek lines create a refined ambiance, making justice to the noble name Duke. DÉCOR Magazine 43


Amy Winehouse is one of the greatest British singers and songwriters of all times. This jazz singer has inspired the design of Amy table lamp, Amy floor lamp, and Amy chandelier. The glossy black lamp shades of all the lamps resemble her iconic hair and a small brass detail that reminds us of her golden earring, suiting the most demanding mid-century modern setting. 100% handmade in Portugal, with gold-plated finishes and glossy black coats applied to their bodies, these lamps embody the soul of the British artist and the 50’s interior design style.

44 DÉCOR Magazine


DelightFULL’s lighting designs represent the sophistication and refinement of Etta James. Being a memorial to this powerful women, these pieces aim to give a romantic touch to every single living interior, reminding you of her energy and determination. Etta James is a source of inspiration and illumination for everyone. Just like Etta, DelightFULL’s lights intend to inspire everyone, with no conscious effort of its queenly and luxurious design.


Inspired by the great Ray Charles and his electrifying music, DelightFULL has created Charles vanity light and Charles chandelier. Charles lighting designs are handmade in brass and aluminum by some of the finest artisans in Portugal. Charles mid-century wall sconce and suspension chandelier creates a stunning visual effect, having the possibility of being used with one or two diffusers. The perfect wall lamp shade for a Scandinavian style bedroom, or a contemporary bathroom and the chandelier is a simple lighting design with a lot of character. DÉCOR Magazine 45


Like Nina Simone’s genius capacity to mesmerize us with her music, DelightFULL took a design classic and reinterpreted it into three fresh lighting fixtures with a strong attention to detail Much like Mz. Simone, DelightFULL’s designs are strong statement pieces, that cannot go unnoticed wherever they’re placed. The Simone design family aims to pass on her powerful personality, as well as her bold and warrior features.

46 DÉCOR Magazine



Eddy: thE champion’s rEst

The Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France are two of the most eagerly awaited events in the world of cycling and of sports in general. Hard physical efforts have created celebrities whose fame goes beyond cycling enthusiasts, turning two sporting events into tradition and culture. Adrenalin and excitement accompany each leg of the race but, once the last kilometre is reached, it’s necessary to think about the essential comfort and relaxation. Bonaldo has interpreted these needs in its new Eddy armchair, designed by Alain Gilles and presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017 of Milan. For this design, the Belgian designer drew his inspiration directly from the world of cycling: for the name he was inspired by the famous cyclist, his fellow countryman and undisputed champion in this field while the shape recalls the styling and characteristics of the fixie bike, a vintage fixedgear bicycle that is lightweight and minimal. Alain Gilles studied accurately every accessory and detail of these bicycles - from the frame to the release mechanism and side bags - to interpret them in the realization of each element of the armchair.

Available from:

48 DÉCOR Magazine

“If you think about it, many of the first prototypes in the history of design were made in cycling workshops”, explains Alain Gilles, “because that’s where the masters of tubular metal manufacturing were

and they had the expertise required to make those objects with such essential style”. The Eddy armchair is built using the same logic as bicycle construction, around a tubular metal frame, while the seat is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic. The way in which the various parts of the frame are connected - using “quick release” fittings - is an obvious reference to the cycling world. The use of separate elements to make up the frame of the armchair makes it possible to play with the graphics and thus create multiple combinations and possibilities of customization. The armrests can be embellished with side pockets which are useful to store books and magazines or to keep remote controls within easy reach. Eddy is available with or without headrest. Frame in metal, painted in a variety of colours. Upholstery in leather or eco-leather.

DÉCOR Magazine 49



A DESIGN FOR EVERY STAR SIGN Which style best suits you? You may believe in them or not, but hands up anyone who doesn’t enjoy reading about the characteristics of star signs, comparing them to the traits of people that we know. We had fun linking the 12 star signs to different interior design styles. Do you see yourself in your star sign?


p ARIES Enthusiastic, brave and ready to throw themselves into new adventures, ambitious and with an iron will. Aries are stubborn oh, and don’t make them angry whatever you do: they’re impatient, act on instinct and are known for their outbursts.


52 DÉCOR Magazine





Kind, friendly and affectionate. They prefer concreteness over fantasy, certainty over uncertainty. Belongings and material possessions are particularly important to them. Sacred places for Taureans include the sofa, where they’d happily sit for hours, and the kitchen, the realm where they can best express their talents. 1



Likeable, inquiring and chatty: Geminis stand out for their intellectual liveliness. They have an inborn talent for transforming themselves: Geminis conceal a thousand different personalities, each one ready to play its part when the time is right.



DÉCOR Magazine




Sensitive, sentimental, attractive and reserved. They may appear moody but their defences protect a gentle character with an irresistible emotional nature. What makes them happy? A warm, cosy home, a poetry book and being surrounded by the affection of loved ones.





t LEO Where are you most likely to find a Leo? On stage in front of an audience of at least one person. This is the most self-centred of all the signs but, thanks to their positive and cheerful nature, Leos attract others and are always in the limelight.


54 DÉCOR Magazine




Intelligent, analytical, perfectionists and well-organised, Virgos always manage to find the solution to any practical problem. 1





Wherever there’s beauty, you’ll find a Libra, whether it be a museum, a theatre or a stylish boutique. Vain, sophisticated, sensitive and with a strong sense of what’s right. Libras are famous for their charisma and their ability to get on well with others. They swing from one emotion to another, often finding themselves facing hundreds of different crossroads. 1

DÉCOR Magazine 55




Love them or hate them, Scorpios do not go unnoticed. Intuitive, sensitive, determined and ready to face anything that life throws at them. Although they may appear cold and reserved, they are actually driven by great passions which may suddenly take over.




Sagittarians are real adventurers and love exploring the world. Optimistic, sociable, sincere and generous, Sagittarians dream of a perfect place where they can enjoy life’s pleasures, without any complications. They always have something to discover, to do, to embark on: it doesn’t matter how it turns out, it’s the passion, moving forward and enthusiasm that count.



56 DÉCOR Magazine


r CAPRICORN Finally, someone who gets straight to the point! A Capricorn is certainly not one to waste time on frivolities. They get down to work, plough on through and reach whatever goal it is they’ve set their sights on, all within the set time frames. Capricorns are headstrong, wise and as solitary as Buddhist monks, only opening up to very few people, but when they do it’s always with plenty of generosity and affection.


o AQUARIUS Bursting with imagination, unconventional and a little eccentric, Aquarians are friendly and kind: anything new, futuristic and ingenious belongs to this star sign.






Emotional and romantic, sweet and wistful, incredibly creative and unpredictable. What do they like best? To kick back and relax, watching a film with a cat on their lap and their life partner by their side. 1

ARIES: 1. LithosDesign Muri Di Pietra Traccia 2. Axolight U Light 3. Bonaldo Origami. TAURUS: 1. Bonaldo Skid 2. J. Corradi Country. GEMINI: Tubes Origami 2. Bonaldo Pier 3. Axolight Melting Pot. CANCER: 1. MCZ Plasma 2. VenetiaStudium Cesendello Photo Courtesy of The Imperial New Delhi 3. MCZ Vivo90. LEO: 1. Lithos Design Luxury 2. Axolight Muse 3. Bonaldo Lovy 4. Pallucco Fortuny Rubelli. VIRGO: 1. Bonaldo Summer 2. Bonaldo Rain. LIBRA: 1. & 2. Bonaldo Coseno 3. Lithos Design Pietre Incise Palladio. SCORPIO: 1. & 3. Axolight Alysoid 2. Bonaldo Mass Table. SAGITTARIUS: 1. ALL+ XZone 2. Fast Ushuaia 3. Fast Aikana 4. Fast White Sand. CAPRICORN: 1. MCZ Linea 2. Comprex Linea AQUARIUS: 1. Lithos Design Opus Piano Memphis 2. Pallucco Graffiti. PISCES: 1. Bonaldo Lock 2. MCZ Scenario Vivo. DÉCOR Magazine 57



on trend

Fabulous Florals Florals are back in full bloom this season with bold prints, full blooms and vintage designs all making an impression.

Manuel Canovas : The Tara fabric Collection takes its inspiration from the heart of the Mediterranean, with beautiful colourful printed or embroidered fabrics.

Don’t disregard floral motifs as confined to the interiors of large country homes, they work just as well with a minimalist contemporary interior and add a touch of character – instantly adding warmth to a room and lifting the mood. When it comes to flowers, more is definitely more, building on the trend over the past year of bringing nature indoors this can be applied to walls, cushions, fabric coverings for sofas and chairs and artwork. If you want an instant update for your home just gather together the biggest bunch of assorted big blooms you can find, cut them down to spill over a huge clear vase with a splash of water, and Bob’s your uncle: exuberant, casual, fresh and floral.

Gucci Homeware: Gucci recently unveiled a homeware line, under the name of Gucci Décor and it is splattered with bold patterns and floral and animal motifs. The decorative pieces of the collection are made of porcelain produced by Richard Ginori, the renowned Florentine company founded in 1735. Herbosum, Herbarium butterfly candle holder shown

58 DÉCOR Magazine

Content by Terence Conran : An updated version of the Aspen Armchair, a tightly proportioned elegant one seater it is available in various colours schemes and fabrics as well as this bold floral print.

Geometric Shaping White tiles have been a staple for years and years in the tile industry and whilst they are still very practical and economical, this season geometrics and more intricate designs are here! Squares and rectangles are a thing of the past, hex shaped, vintage and mosaics are back and they come in an array of shapes, colours and sizes. The great thing about using geometric pattern tiles in the home is that there’s so many ways to use them, it’s a really versatile design choice! It’s an opportunity to be really creative and express your individuality. For the adventurous multi-use tiles matching floor and wall is a great option, alternatively pairing a bold design with statement white also makes for a striking feature.

Electra | Marine Bone, Cement Hexagon Tile | 8” Hexagon

Geometric shapes can be traditional, stretched or warped to create new, edgy designs. Additionally, geometric tiles can be used on both floors and walls to create a distinctive look. Shown Ceranosa, Chess Series, Black & White.

Revive a dull floor space with these powerful geometric Tatli Decor 2 Tiles. They consist of a striking Moroccan pattern that catches the eye as you walk into the room.

Art deco inspires series Manacor tile from Spanish company Dune Ceramica. Shows subdivided pieces in four modules in earth and blue hues.

DÉCOR Magazine


A Lighter Shade Of Pink As the nights get darker we don’t always want out homes to reflect this, so if dark tones aren’t your thing, then opt for this super pretty millennial pink. It’s mood-enhancing, goes with everything, and will work in any room. Team it with pastel tones of sky blue and smoky grey, clear glass vases and a pop of vibrant cerise to give the look a zing of brightness. Add in some fresh blooms and you’ll create a soothing space that will combat any dark thoughts about the cold and sometimes dreary autumn and winter!

For those living in a small apartment staying on top of the latest trends can sometimes be difficult. With limited space this Ta-bl oak folding side table ‘NUDE’ is ideal and smack on trend.

Pairing two seasonal trends the CLERK Wingback Chair, is a striking upholstered chair in cotton velvet with legs in high glossy lacquered.

Pink & Natural adds a feminine slant; bold cerise and pastel pinks perfectly offset against camel and cream neutrals. Available in the popular new Melbourne check, Rome block-check and Berlin mini-block, all in 100% Pure New Wool. £49.95

For those with a quirky sense of fun this stunning flamingo print which allows the pink to really stand out from the charcoal background, an ideal choice for a feature wall. Colours Flamingo Mica Wallpaper available via B&Q stockists

60 DÉCOR Magazine

Au Natural Paying homages to the Scandinavian interior trend that has dominated of recent years think beautiful organic ceramics, rattan, jute rugs, woven lampshades and linen tablecloths and you’ll be spot on with this look. This trend is all about natural elements being used together and is perfect for autumnal and winter evenings. The colour palette ranges from off whites, soft creams and a spectrum of greys that leads up from the palest tone to dark slate.

Natural embroidery loop pillow embroidered in natural tones add a soft sophistication.

The Diamond Rattan Chair, by Deark Eaton with its open weave design and modern shape was created with laid back, resort-style living in mind. The natural texture of the rattan beautifully juxtaposes with its sleek and incredibly durable iron base.

Keep warm in this wonderful GIANT XXL Genuine Natural Sheepskin Rug available in two colour shades of creamy white and soft brown or Latte mix

DÉCOR Magazine


Kitsch Kitchenalia With the return of the Great British Bake-off to our screens everybody has become cake mad! Tired of the techo gadgets available kitsch kitchenalia is making a grand re-emergence.

Traditional designed Mason Cash Bake My Day 5kg Mechanical Kitchen will add a nostalgic look to any kitchen surface

Ivory Cream Accents Traditional Kettle. £54.99

Cakes fit for a queen!

Long before juicers, coffee machines and ice machines invaded the kitchen the humble blender was the go to tool. SMEG’s new 50s Retro Style range available in cream, red, black, pastel blue or silver

62 DÉCOR Magazine


MCZ offers an extensive range of pellet-fuelled or wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, featuring a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. We can also meet many different heating requirements, for example you can choose simple heating for a single room or other heating solutions for an open space or even for an entire house or flat. Furthermore, MCZ believes it is important to offer the end customer an excellent service. MCZ retailers are actually consultants, who are available to assist the customer throughout all project stages: starting from a preliminary study of your requirements and a technical inspection, through to preparing a quote for the project and, finally, installation and the first start-up.

STOVES AND FIREPLACES FOR EVERY ROOM OF THE HOUSE With minimal or decorative lines, different shapes and the latest technology, stoves and fireplaces can be the focal point in any room of the house. The living room and the kitchen, but also unusual or small places such as the bedroom, bathroom or corridor – any space is a suitable for an area with a fire. Here are a few examples among the latest new products from the wood and pellet collections by MCZ.

The corridor

Available from:

64 DÉCOR Magazine

MCZ offers a full range of pellet stoves featuring a more compact depth and therefore suitable for small spaces such as corridors. One of the latest models of the collection is Linea, which is only 29 cm deep. Like all new MCZ products, Linea is sealed, and since it draws oxygen from outdoors rather than inside the room, it can be safely installed in compact spaces.

The LiViNG AreA MCZ stoves are the result of advanced aesthetic and technological research. This is why they are also suitable for more visible settings, like living areas. MCZ offers both minimal lines and more decorative models, to the point that you can find a stove suitable for the most diverse styles. The Deco stove in the picture, which is entirely made of cast iron and available in both natural and white enamel, conveys an elegantly retro British style combined with the latest pellet technology.

DÉCOR Magazine 65

The diNiNG room A dining room heated with the warmth of a fireplace is everyone’s dream. The MCZ collection offers various fireplace models, both wood and pellet ones, and their essential lines easily blended with any furnishing style. The Plasma 75 model in the photo is a compact wood fireplace with front loading and a sealed firebox. It is also suitable in passive homes and high-energy performance ones.

66 DÉCOR Magazine

The kiTcheN The kitchen is the heart of the house. This is where once the stove would normally be – the most welcoming and cosy place where most time was spent. Every stove can heat different rooms at the same time via the ducting system. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install them directly in the room to heat. However, the kitchen is still the classic setting and is a good choice even when combined with modern designs and architecture, as shown in the photo here to the side (the photo shows the Halo pellet stove).

DÉCOR Magazine 67

The bedroom The flame has a relaxing effect. What better than falling asleep while looking at the crackling fire of a stove? All new MCZ stoves are sealed and draw oxygen from outdoors rather than from the room where they are installed. This is why they can also be used safely in the bedroom or in a one-room flat. The photo shows the Stub Overnight wood stove.

The sTudy A room in the house where to peacefully work or read and study is a luxury many cannot do without. In such important rooms, light and a crackling flame help you focus, but it is important to choose the right product. The Ego pellet stove in the photo is particularly quiet since the fan can be switched off completely without the risk of overheating.

68 DÉCOR Magazine

The bAThroom In contemporary homes, the bathroom is the core of domestic well-being. It has acquired a key place with regard to the space occupied and the care and attention dedicated to designing it. Inside these new, spectacular bathrooms, MCZ offers stoves that adorn the room, whatever the style. The photo shows a minimalist modern bathroom heated with a Swing pellet stove, which can also generate hot water.

The bedroom The flame has a relaxing effect. What better than falling asleep while looking at the crackling fire of a stove? All new MCZ stoves are sealed and draw oxygen from outdoors rather than from the room where they are installed. This is why they can also be used safely in the bedroom or in a one-room flat. The photo shows the Stub Overnight wood stove.

DÉCOR Magazine 69

The weLLNess AreA At a time when seeking wellness and tranquillity is given the utmost priority, the option of recreating a small private spa is everybody’s wish. The natural flame of a stove, like Tilda in the photo, gives this kind of room a completely new light where you can find energy and harmony.

The ATTic Restoring an attic is a very common option to increase space in the home, but sometimes warming up this space appropriately may not be easy. The home boiler may not be enough for the new space. Sometimes even the woodburning fireplace is an impracticable option for the attic because ceilings are usually too low (the fireplace requires a large size chimney for a perfect force draught). For this kind of space the most popular solutions are pellet stoves, easy to install and practical in operation. In the photo, the Club pellet stove is available in several versions: Air to warm up the attic, Comfort Air to warm up also downstairs through wall-mounted tubing if needed, Hydro to supply the radiators if present.

70 DÉCOR Magazine

Soraya Decorative Upholstery Weaves

DÉCOR Magazine


The story of Novoceram begins in 1863 in Saint Vailler sur Rhône and its development has been studded by several important milestones. In 2000, for example, the company became part of the Concorde Group, one of the leading realities in the ceramics sector, confirming its prestigious position on the French market. Today Novoceram represents high technology combined with refinement and French style, within a suite of full-scale projects, filled with the unique evocative Novoceram “charme céramique”.

Available from:

72 DÉCOR Magazine


Ironic, irreverent, provocative Indigo reproduces the colors and the matericity of traditional Azulejo tiles, completely altering their iconography, to propose a mix of 63 subjects, each and every single one seemingly inspired by a world with no apparent connection to another in terms of style, and spanning a total of ten centuries of our history. Made in glazed porcelain stoneware, Indigo can also be used as a floor tile. As well as the decorated tiles, Indigo is also proposed as a base tile, with a plain backdrop and without décor, in the 20x20 Ret and 20x60 Ret sizes.

PLEASE NOTE! Indigo is meant to be a random mix of the 63 subjects that compose the series. Each individual tile is checked throughout the production process and is guaranteed to be free from defects, although absolutely no control is possible in the way the single subjects are selected to be packaged into boxes: it is not possible to guarantee the presence of certain subjects in boxes purchased, or that one or more images of the same subject will not be inside a box or inside different boxes irrespective of the number of boxes purchased. The presence of any such double subject does not ordinarily invalidate the total aesthetic impact of the installation, as long as the pieces are spaced sufficiently apart over the area to be tiled. DÉCOR Magazine



Young and dynamic, WallPepper® specializes in the creation of expressive wallpaper, to recall the oldest human need of communication through signs on a wall. The wall has always been used as a surface to tell a story and preserve memories, a surface to adorn with pictures and recollections. The brand was developed to encompas trends in interior design, with graphics and illustrations inspired by the natural world, urban living and abstract textures. Wallpepper® impresses a world in a thin roll of paper: two-dimensional or three-dimensional, natural or artificial, imaginary or timeless. But, first of all, the WallPepper® world is sustainable, each product is made only with eco-friendly certificated materials, an essential characteristic for our future. For more information visit:

74 DÉCOR Magazine

In the XVII century, the aristocrats used to travel around Europe to improve and develop their knowledge. This kind of experience was called Grand Tour. Nowadays WallPepper®, with its collection and thanks to the collaboration with Scala Archives, commemorates this charming path and brings, both in private and public spaces, the great beauty of the golden ages. Luxury dance halls, marble staircases and colonnades, details of the regal buildings and bright arches, between frescos, fancy flooring, monumental vaults, statues and several echoes to art and architecture: Grand Tour has the aim to cause astonishment and emotion.


DÉCOR Magazine


If you are dreaming of Versailles or Palazzo Ducale, or again of the unlimited shades of the Renaissance and the Classicism, with their timeless elegance, WallPepper® always creates unique worlds where you can be yourself… or, why not, sometimes where to be someone else.


The WallPepper® components are water based with a support made of cellulose and textile fibers. It’s ecofriendly, PVC free and certified in Class Bfl - s1, d0 for the fire resistance; it’s odorless, breathable, hypoallergenic and waterproof, usable also in public, healthcare and instruction spaces. It’s dry removable, doesn’t ruin the plaster and it is easy removable. Grand Tour’s subjects and their roots: • Armonia: Gallery Hall of Luigi Vanvitelli, Reggia di Caserta (Caserta). • Attesa: The Marche region National Gallery, Palazzo Ducale (Urbino). • Il Carro del Sole: Dance room, Villa Arconati (Castellazzo di Bollate). Fresco of Galliari brothers, painters and scenographers in several European theatres during ‘700s • Maiestatis: Sala delle miniature, Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence). • Perspectiva: view of Scala Simonetti, Galleria dei Candelabri (Vaticano). • Rinascimento: Saloncino d’Ercole, Palazzo Pitti (Florence). • Scala Reale: Regal staircase, Palazzo Reale di Caserta (Caserta). • Secret Passage: detail of a fresco, Palazzo degli Estensi (Sassuolo). • Simmetria: view of Scala Simonetti – Vaticano.


76 DÉCOR Magazine

seCret PassaGe


DÉCOR Magazine 77

Lithos Design was established in 2007 thanks to the entrepreneurial flair of two brothers, Alberto and Claudio Bevilacqua, company CEO, who were able to develop the company’s business in the stone floors and cladding industry, focusing on design, research and cutting-edge technological investments. Lithos Design was among the first companies to introduce the concept of industrial stone design and it is known across the world for its innovative topquality products all entirely Made in Italy.

Available from:

78 DÉCOR Magazine

MID-wAy BEtwEEn Art AnD ArChItECturE: Iride by Lithos Design Primes in Mexico City

DÉCOR Magazine


The multi award-winning studio grupoarquitectura, established in 1980 by Daniel Ă lvarez in Mexico City, has picked the Lithos Design Primes line for a luxury project in his home city, a private residence in the Santa Fe district. Departamento Basalto spans a surface area of 38m2 distributed over two storeys; multiple materials - Nogal wood for the walls, Basaltic Stone in the communal areas, Calacatta marble in the bathrooms and Bardiglio Nuvolato marble for the partition in the entrance hall - blend together to create a uniform and continuous space that is only interrupted to allow the breathtaking city views to seep in through the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

80 DÉCOR Magazine

Iride from the Diaframmi collection was installed in the entrance hall to welcome guests upon arrival, acting as both a work of art and a partition. Placed right behind the dining table, Iride in fact defines the room and sets the entrance hall aside into a cosy space, creating an iconic backdrop for diners: the stone wall does not go unnoticed and is concurrently lightweight thanks to its silhouettes and perforations. Through research and technology, Lithos Design revolutionises the decorative use of stone, which turns into a sculptural item of interior dĂŠcor with multiple functions: from a decorative element that embellishes its surroundings like a work of art, to a partition capable of defining the architectural space.

Departamento Basalto, private home Architectural project: grupoarquitectura Photos: AgustĂ­n Garza

DÉCOR Magazine


It’s not just a wall. It’s an opportunity. To make pulses race, heads turn and accent pillows sing.

valspar paint

the beauty goes on

82 DÉCOR Magazine

FrOm memPHiS TO milAnO The Iconic 1980s Style is Back in the Game

At Pixers, we have supernatural powers. We work magic that changes surroundings and warps time. We can move mountains and make you wake up in the clouds. Yet, we put most the faith in the power of stories. They allow us to express who we are and inspire others at the same time. The best tales are those you create yourself – we will help you to give them form. We are citizens of the world. Our ambitions reach the stars and we follow our dreams. We think and act globally, for we know that good stories can transcend all barriers. We personalize all types of interiors all over the world. We will assist you in this in thousands of unimaginable ways. See what we have to offer to provide your stories with an exceptional setting: An infinite number of photographs and a possibility to upload your own pictures; 365 day return policy; 12 languages that we communicate in; Global reach of our projects and deliveries; Only eco-friendly materials. Hard to believe? Check us out and live anywhere! Available from: DÉCOR Magazine DÉCOR Magazine 83

84 DÉCOR Magazine

The 1980s was a time filled with neon colors, geometric patterns and crazy experiments both in the field of fashion and design. Luckily, the nature of all trends is cyclical - and now all these tendencies from before almost four decades are coming back in a number of diverse incarnations. The collection is a combination of motives inspired by Keith Haring painting style with furniture from the era of Italian postmodernism, the Ettore Sottsass’s designs, among others. It is a tribute to the 80s style, which Pixers refreshes and modernizes. Into the Groove is a collection of Pixers products that features geometric patterns, bold colors and strong contrasts. It’s a proposition for people who live dynamically, love the fast rhythm of the city life and aren’t afraid of original compilations. This collection has been inspired by the revival of the 80s style both in fashion and design. Its motto is “Dance for Inspiration!”, the first words from Madonna’s song from 1986 – says Magdalena Zięba, Pixers’ stylist. “The collection is vibrant, bold and energetic, in line with the contemporary lifestyle and constantly changing world of trends”, says Magdalena Zięba. All the patterns from the collection freely combine seemingly unmatched prints, following the Jeremy Scott’s maniere. Swirling geometries taken from the early Madonna’s music videos energize and intrigue – a little kitschy, sometimes sophisticated, and invariably crazy. Such prints look good in hotels’ foyers, modern restaurants, and bars, but they will also match simple Scandinavian furniture and cozy wooden finishes of contemporary private apartments. For more products from the collection visit Pixers and read more about the trend on Pixers Stories.

DÉCOR Magazine DÉCOR Magazine DÉCOR Magazine 85



ESSENTIALS WOOD MOOD ARIANA, a historic company of the Sassolese area, since 1967 represents the originality and elegance of ceramic products. From a continuous confrontation with the trends dictated by the interior design and thanks to the contribution of exclusive technologies, ARIANA offers unique and special furnishing surfaces. The ARIANA floors and linings, combining a strong personality with cutting-edge technical performance, become solutions to the newest and most amazing projects.

With the new ESSENTIAL collection, Ariana rediscovers all the natural appeal of wood. The series is inspired by the natural materials used in furnishing and architecture and in particular by untreated wood, which is ideal for creating warm, welcoming atmospheres. ESSENTIAL comes in a palette of four colours. Almond is the palest tone, designed to enhance the luminosity of interiors. The colour Beige stands out for its understated elegance that blends in perfectly with the most varied styles of furnishing. Oak is the warmest and most intense colour in the range, while Grey is the ideal version for spaces with a contemporary design. The elegant colours of the ESSENTIAL collection are the perfect addition to the Ariana catalogue and are ideal for experimenting with different combinations of materials and colours, an operation that is facilitated by the range of rectified modular sizes present in the various collections. The new decorative solutions such as the Rombo 30 format and the mesh-mounted Mosaico Rombo allow users to explore new and visually-striking layouts. ESSENTIAL is also the result of Ariana’s most advanced ceramic technologies, WIDE and Auto-leveling. The two ESSENTIAL 20x120 cm and 26x200 cm plank sizes, obtained from WIDE ceramic panels, are produced using CONTINUA+ technology, a revolutionary pressing system that uses dry compaction of raw materials to create surfaces with extraordinary technical qualities. Due to their size, their 7 mm thickness and the natural plasticity of the ceramic bodies, the porcelain planks have a high degree of flexibility. Thanks to this elasticity, ESSENTIAL adheres perfectly to the screed and selflevels after laying, guaranteeing excellent flatness and a perfect installation every time.

Technical DeTails PRODUCT TYPE: Dry pressed porcelain panels 7 mm sizes and finishes: Natural 26x200 cm, 20x120 cm, rhombus with 30 cm side length, all rectified. APPLICATIONS: Floors and walls, residential and commercial building. COLOURS:

Available from:

88 DÉCOR Magazine





ALMOND Pale surfaces emphasise space, creating a sensation of light and airiness.

DÉCOR Magazine


OAK Warm, elegant woods rub shoulders with noble materials such as velvet and brass, creating spaces with plenty of charm.

90 DÉCOR Magazine

BEIGE The warm materials and natural colours create a homely feel with a touch of elegance.

DÉCOR Magazine 91

GREY Discreet, elegant shades of grey enhance the vibrant colour accents.

92 DÉCOR Magazine

Perthshire ‘Wood’ Panelling for walls & floors

Perthshire Panelling is part of an exciting new collection of porcelain tiles from luxury stone specialist Lapicida. In warm wooden tones designed to replicate real rustic wood, the textured ‘planks’ offer an architectural look for walls and floors. Expertly curated, Lapicida’s extensive porcelain collection comes in a wide range of sizes and a variety of

authentic finishes. Chosen to work alongside their premium marble and stone they can be used together in the same projects, often as a solution to weight or thickness issues. Many of Lapicida’s porcelains are also frost proof, designed to be used for exterior decorative finishes.

be used in different ways to achieve numerous decorative effects.

Perthshire porcelain comes in large panels (905 x 200 x 10mm) which can

Available from:

£46.80 per square metre inc VAT

DÉCOR Magazine




Connect with DÉCOR MAGAZINE wherever you like and discover “a new world of interiors” with all the latest interior design news and stylish decorating ideas.






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to your home with this season’s design trend of Moroccan Influence

REFRESh & UPDATE yOU hOME with these 5 simply tricks DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings For sale across the USA|Canada|Australia|China|Taiwan|Dubai|London|Spain|France|Germany|Switzerland|Scandinavia


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Bring nature and a pop of colour

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Tablelamp Metal With Camelot Shade - L3-S18c/Bro - Bronze - Metal Foot, Fabric Shade - L40 xX W16,50 x H63 cm

2. Entable With Mirror Top, S/2 - F1-S1/Bla - Black - Glass Mirror, Iron - H56 x D45/H65 x D62 cm 3. Cushion Keswick - Kes4545/Bor - Bordeaux (Brown) - 100% Polyethrilene - 45 x 45 cm 4. Baron Loungechair Ebony-Octavia Fabric - F15-T16eb/O15-Gri -Grey - 61% Acrylic, 39% Polyester - L66 x W73,50 x H74 cm

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1. Euro Stool With Dolcina Fabrics & Black Nickel - F4-T39/Bl Blue + Anthracite - Dolcina Fabric, Iron - H45 x D40 cm 2. Paris Couch With Warlock Fabric - Par290/W23 Turquoise - Warlock Fabric, Metal - L245 x W100 x H95 cm 3. Cushion Herman Reference Ac - Her4545a/Br Brown - 20% Linen, 80% Cotton - 45 x 45 cm 4. Cushion Sn Embroidered With Gold, Design B - Sn3050b/Bl Blue - Cotton, Velvet - 30 x 50 cm 5. Cushion Landale - Lan4545/Tu Turquoise (Brown, Yellow) - 100% Polyethrilene - 45 x 45 cm 6. Cushion Rick - Rick4040/Br Brown (Gold, Taupe) - 100% Polyester - 40 x 40 cm 7. Hurricane Smoked Glass, Wood&Patina - T3-A20/Bla Black - Glass, Wood, Metal - H42 x D22 cm 8. Vase Rainbow - V2-A79/Mix Mix Colors - 100% Aluminium - H29 x D27 cm 9. Tealight Glass Marble Look - T2-G93/Gr Green - Glass - H10 x D8 cm 10. Tealight Ceramics - Handmade - T2-C72/Pu Purple - Ceramic - H7,50 x D8,50 cm 11. Plate Aluminium M - D4-A14/Bro Bronze - Aluminium - H5 x D50 cm 12. Harlem Coffee Table - F11-W1/Eb Ebony (French Grey) - Wood, Metal - L200 x W60 x H45 cm 13. Cristo Carpet - Cri200300/Bor Bordeaux - 60% Wool, 40% Art Silk - L200 x W300 cm

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1. Box Polyresin S - D6-P1/Gr Green - 100% Polyresin L14,50 x W14,50 x H8,50 cm

2. Box Polyresin M - D6-P2/Gr Green - 100% Polyresin L24,50 x W13 x H10 cm 3. Tealight Glass Marble Look - T2-G93/Gr Green - Glass H10 x D8 cm



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Tealight Ceramics - Handmade - T2-C72/Pu - Purple - Ceramic - H7,50 x D8,50 cm

2. Room Divider - F8-W7/Br - Chocolate Brown (Walnut) - Wood, Iron - L80 x W42 x H220 cm / L100 x W42 x H220 cm 3. Vase Glass M - V2-G341/Gr - Green - Glass H34 x D18 cm 4. Knot Loungechair With Rover Fabric F15-T23/R1 - Grey - Rover Fabric, Metal L75 x W67 x H83 cm 5. Cushion New Zealand Lambskin - Nzl4545/ Bl - Blue (Green, Orange) - 45 x 45 cm 6. Plaid Herman Reference B - Her130170b/ Rs - Rose - 60% Acrylic, 30% Cotton, 10% Linen - 130 x 170 cm

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Mirror Round Steel - M2-S10/Si - Silver - Steel, Glass - H4,50 x D30 cm

2. Mirror Round Steel - M2-S9/Gr- Green - Steel, Glass - H4,50 x3. Vase Glass - V2-G351/Mix - Mix Colors - Glass H20 X D12 cm


4. Tealight Glass - T2-G96/Mix - Mix Colors - Glass - H9 x D10 cm 5. Vase Glass - V2-G344/Mix - Mix Colors - Glass - H29,40 x D14 cm 6. Triangle Buffet Cabinet - 4 Doors With Gold Frame - F13-W17/Br - Brown Wood, Iron - L180 x W45 x H58 cm 7.


Tablelamp Concrete With Black Shade - L3-C25/Rs - Rose - Ceramic - H60 x D39 cm 7



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1. Torso Round Stool With Octavia Fabric - F4-T42/O2 - Turquoise Octavia Fabric - H45 x D45 cm


2. Coco Stool With Dolcina Fabric & Black Nickel - F4-T38/Dbl -Dark Blue - Dolcina Fabric, Iron - H45 x D40 cm 3. Euro Stool With Dolcina Fabric & Black Nickel - F4-T39/Bl - Blue Dolcina Fabric, Iron - H45 x D40 cm 4. Square Pouf With Octavia Fabric - F4-T43/O2 - Turquoise - Octavia Fabric - L45 x W45x H45 cm


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Map of the World - Ef371 - Mix Colors - Wood, Glass - L85 x W110 x H3 cm Tablelamp Iron - L3-S21/Cop - Copper - Iron - H38 x D23 cm Tealight Sprayed Glass - T2-G95/Gr - Green - Glass - H8,50 x D10 cm Box Polyresin M - D6-P2/Gr - Green - 100% Polyresin - L24,50 x W13 Xx H10 cm Box Polyresin S - D6-P1/Gr - Green - 100% Polyresin - L14,50 x W14,50x H8,50 cm Vase Glass M - V2-G356/Br - Brown - Glass - H35,50 x H12 cm Vase Glass S - V2-G355/Br - Brown - Glass - H27 x H12 cm Desk With Layer - F5-W5/Br - Brown - Wood, Metal - L145 x W70 x H81 cm Shell Armchair - F2-T31br/L2484 - - Wood, Iron - L145 x W70 x H77 cm Rajat Uni Carpet - Ra140200/Br - Brown - 100% Viscose - L140 Xx W200 cm


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With a bright, vibrant name it’s no surprise that Sunny Todd would become a creative inspiration. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Sunny was commissioned by Topman to design wallpaper and fabrics for their stores. Realising that his bold and unique style of prints was best suited to interiors he went on to create Sunny Todd Prints along with his wife Emma in 2013. Working from their studio in Ledbury, Hertfordshire this creative pair produce striking pieces for the home, beautiful interiors and have become best known for their show stopping colour combinations and unique, hand cut shapes arranged into dynamic patterns. Computers are not used during the design process. After being named as Elle Decoration’s ‘Name to watch’, they are already enjoying success with international stockists for their fabric and products. Décor Magazine chats with Sunny to what it’s like to work with your wife and what’s next for this bold brand… Who were your earliest influences? I grew up in a very artistic householdmy parents were chefs and ran restaurants around the country in places including London, Bristol, Cornwall and Herefordshire. My parents always took a keen interest in art and design; the house was full of music, good food, art, fashion and interior books and magazines, beautiful furniture and a lot of bright prints from artists such as Hockney, Matisse, Hodgkin, Frost and Heron. My mum was particularly passionate; she would often tear articles from magazines that she thought I might like and would often take us to Heal’s and the Conran shop. She always encouraged my brother Leo and I to be creative, and although we were initially more interested in Football, we have both ended up working in creative industries. How did you come to work with your wife Emma? Emma and I have always worked really well together, we love discussing ideas, drawing and printing together but having a young family and demanding teaching jobs meant that we had little time to pursue freelance work. We knew that the work we

were making was unique and was getting stronger and stronger so we decided to take the plunge and set up Sunny Todd Prints in 2013. Initially we wanted to concentrate on furnishing fabric but very quickly started to develop a small range of products. The birth of our second child in 2014 gave us a real push as Emma was able to use some of her maternity leave to concentrate on setting up our studio, building relationships with local suppliers and makers, and establishing links with some companies on our dream collaboration list which has led to some very exciting projects such as our recent collaboration with Flock. If you could describe your brand how would you? Sunny Todd Prints produces beautiful, irresistible patterns for interiors, fashion and products. My training was in textile design and I specialized in silk screen printing but we create patterns in many traditional ways but always by hand, never with computers! Most of our designs start as stencils, once we have an idea we will cut out the shapes from black paper and lay them out over white paper on the dining room table at home. Over the following days we will

move them around and even chop into them to explore composition and scale until we are completely happy with the pattern, the relationship between and the movement of the shapes. The selection of colours is as important, we mix pigment inks by eye and create a range of colour swatches to explore how the tones work together. We’ll then experiment with the colour combinations for each pattern before deciding how these fit together as a collection. In a nutshell our patterns are characterised by bold, clean, graphic shapes that are fun and dynamic. Our signature ‘offset’ gives our patterns extra energy and makes the shapes take on a 3D appearance. Who & what inspires you? Everything! We love the Paul Smith quote-„You can find inspiration in everything, and if you can‘t, look again“ We love design in all its forms and read about, see shows and explore new ideas as much as we can. We re endlessly inspired by our children- they are so in the moment and they create things with sheer joy, freely and without reserve- they are great fun! DÉCOR Magazine


What doesn’t inspire you ? Muted colours such as beige and very rigid design, we think that design should be fun and without rules! What projects have you been recently working on? Putting together our first fabric book was a real labour of love and hugely significant for us, we hand cut and arranged all of the designs then painstakingly mixed the colours by eye then experimented endlessly until we were happy with the collection. Seeing the finished fabrics and then putting the book together was such a proud moment, the fact that our book is now held in some of the most prestigious places in the UK and Internationally has been such a thrill! What do you think the future holds for design & art? We are continually excited and

inspired by all forms of Art and Design, we hope the current movement towards supporting independent designers and sustainable practices will continue! The quality and sustainability of our fabric and products is paramount, we always use the highest quality materials that are sourced as locally as possible, we print using environmentally friendly, water based inks, and our products are handmade by local seamstresses. Who do you think are the most influential artists & designers in recent years? Phillipe Stark, Issey Miyake, Thomas Hetherwick, Hussain Chalayan, Nathalie Du Pasquier What artists and designers have inspired you in your lifetime? Eley Kishimoto, Henri Matisse, Howard Hodgkin, Keith Haring, Marimekko,

What is your favourite colour & why? We love all bright and bold colours but I always come back to red, especially when combined with other clashing shades our hot pink and red fabrics are a real favourite, as The World of Interiors said- our work radiates optimism, we think everyone should add more colour into their lives! What’s next for Sunny Todd Prints and where do you see yourself in five years’ time? We’re really keen to see our patterns on wallpaper and to make the cross over from interiors to fashion. In five years’ time we hope to have established ourselves as a highly respected design company, working in both the interior and fashion industries and to have stockists all over the world, perhaps even a store of our own.

“Unashamedly bold and playful, radiating optimism and carefree energy” The World of Interiors

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The full range of Sunny Todd Prints is accessories now available at ZigZag Zurich or direct from Sunny Todd themselves. |

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5 ways to refresh your home for AW 2017 As the weather starts to cool down, the warm cozy blankets that had been relegated to the closet during the warm summer months make their way out, there’s no better time than the beginning of autumn to refresh your home for the chilly seasons ahead. You don’t need a full re-design of your home to get it winter ready – just a few touches can make all the difference in “winter-izing” your space. The design duo behind the acclaimed luxury interior design firm, Krause Sawyer ( - Tracey Sawyer and Kajsa Krause, who have become the go-to designers of choice for creating chic, functional and comfortable interiors for some of the biggest hotel brands in the world including the W, Westin, Marriott, Andaz, and more, know just what it takes to transform a space with just a few simple touches. Below, you can find their top 5 pro tips for transforming your home from a cozy winter abode to a stylish summer dwelling.



Update your pillows, throws and slipcovers

Replace the lighweight summer pillows on sofas and chairs for warm natural wool throws and crisp linen autumnal toned shades. Compliment this switch up by splurging on a linen or cotton slipcover for your sofa or chair. This small update will add an warm yet airy feel to any space in your home, giving it an instant cozy feeling and a warming autumnal palette. Krause Sawyer Pick: 1. Libeco Porto-Vecchio Pillo, from $99.00 ( 2. Codex Lumbar Pillow, from $169.00 ( 3. Cultiver Linen Cushions, from $70.00 (


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up your bed linens 2 Switch and towels


Toss your old bedlinens, duvets, coverlets and bathroom linens into the storage closet, and invest in bright, crisp blankets and throws. This simple change will be a practical choice for the season and bring a fresh look to any room. Krause Sawyer Picks: 1. Libeco – Table Linen Collections, from $24 ( 2. Hale Mercantile Co. - Kristine Linen Guest Towel, from $35 ( 3. Area Home, Shop Log Linen Towels & Linen, from $80 per piece (



last season’s 3 Replace fragrance Add fresh candles and fragrances throughout your home that have lighter, crisper notes in playful jars. Krause Sawyer Top Picks: 1. Jo Malone – Citrus Scents, like the Pomegranate Home Candle, from $65 ( 2. Christian Tortu - Forets Candle, from $65 ( 3. Coqui Coqui – Coco Coco Candle, from $65 (

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a feature 4 Add of floral Embrace floral arrangements and plants to liven up the interiors in your home. Opt for fresh-cut flowers of the season, to ensure the best quality. Krause Sawyer Top Picks: Tulips, Lavender and Peonies - these flowers always make a summer-fresh arrangement, from $10 If you are located in New York, we advise an early morning walk through The Flower District and a trip to the Union Square Market for the best fresh floral finds.

in the perfect 5 Invest lightweight robe With early mornings and late evenings feeling slightly cooler than the summer month invest in a lightweight cotton robe or silk caftan to keep the chills at bay before the emergence of that cozy winter robe for winter. Krause Sawyer Top Picks: Striped Linen Kaftan, from $250.00 ( Two Plaid Gauze Caftan, from $425 ( SU Banyan Striped Cotton Kaftan, from $480 (

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krausesawyer Krause Sawyer is a boutique design studio that creates thoughtful, inspired interiors for hospitality and travel. We bring a unique problem solving approach and inherent sense of style to hospitality projects ranging from global brand prototypes to independent luxury hotels. The firm works with clients to develop and execute a guest experience that will set them apart from their competition and stand the test of time. The Soho, New York-based hospitality design firm was founded in 2010 by Tracey Sawyer and Kajsa Krause, both already internationally accomplished designers at the time. The two met at a dinner party in New York and quickly found a natural fit as partners. Growing up a world apart, they share a fundamental appreciation for the perfect imperfection of nature, a considerate approach to business, and a passion for travel. Krause Sawyer is WBE Certified in New York City, New York State, Port Authority of NY and NJ, and nationally.

Tracey Sawyer, Principal Raised in Canada and graduating with honors from the Faculty of Architecture and Design from the University of Manitoba, Tracey has a 18 year professional career designing for some of the most recognizable and admired names in hospitality and entertainment around the world. A partial list of clients includes Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Shangri-la Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Canyon Ranch, Peninsula Hotels and City Center Las Vegas. Prior to founding her own company, Tracey worked with Toronto’s entertainment design company Forrec Ltd. followed by hospitality specialist BBGM in New York. Tracey has been published in the New York Times, Elle Eastern Europe, Hotel Design, Interior Design, Contract, Hospitality Design, Inside Out Miami, and Boutique Design. She was been named by BoutiqueDesign as one of the Top Designers of the Next Generation has been both judge and panelist for design awards and conferences.

hospitality and residential interiors. Her extensive portfolio of work includes Starwood Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Hilton Hotels as well as independent flags such as Klaus K and Secrets The Vine. She was part of the architecture and interiors division of the well-known advertising and design agency Stylt of Sweden, founded DNA New York, served as Senior Designer at Rockwell group, and created her own line of luxury leather goods, sold in various high end boutique stores across the country.

Kajsa Krause, Principal

Kajsa has been a guest speaker at several HD conferences, acted as judge for numerous design competitions and her work has been published in Harper’s Bazaar, HD Magazine, Boutique Design, Elle Décor, Sleeper and Travel+Leisure.

Swedish born, Kajsa Krause received a Masters Degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Throughout the course of her 18 year career, Kajsa has focused on both luxury and sustainability in the design of

For more information on Krause Sawyer, please visit DÉCOR Magazine 107


JAB International Furnishings Ltd. | 17 The Boulevard | Imperial Wharf | London SW6 2UB Tel: 020 7348 6620 | Email: | |

BLURRED LINES - NO WAY! Fine black outlines and elegant geometric frames coupled with luxe materials are this season’s striking and undeniably cool stand out trend. Choose from marble coffee tables that look like they float, curved floor lamps in chrome and angular shelving units that become the main feature of any room.

Designed by Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrma, The Wire Collection finds inspiration in traditional saddle making and metal work, and challenges the synergy and contrast in the use of materials. The steel frame is hand welded by an experienced blacksmith and the leather upholstery is sewn and worked by a well skilled leather worker.

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Part of the Pattern Collection, The Pattern floor lamp is handcrafted with a metal base and an aquarelle paper shade.

Good at multi-tasking, the Wire Pouf Stool / Side Table can safely balance a glass or tray and function well as a stool without commanding much space. Inspired by the traditional Bedouin lifestyle, Tucker Robbins collaborated with the metal workers of Honduras through Aid to Artisans to create this fun and relaxed piece of furniture.

The Aspen armchair is styled with soft curves that elegantly transition straight wires from vertical to horizontal, wrapping the user in a friendly embrace. Menu stands for classic, functional Scandinavian design that makes the world a little better and a little simpler. Designs made to last and stand the test of time. Shown Wire Bin decorative series

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BONALDO Bonaldo was established in 1936 and it specialises in the production of interior design items: tables, chairs, accessories, sofas and beds. Passion, research, quality: these are the guidelines that have always represented Bonaldo’s character. The production takes place entirely in Italy, with an all-Italian taste, and every component is certified for its authenticity and great quality, yet the company has an international spirit which is interpreted by more than twenty-five different Italian and foreign designers. Partnerships with major designers and the ever-new manufacturing technologies implemented allowed Bonaldo to receive prestigious accolades and prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award, the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum and the iF Design Award.

ChAIRs FoR eveRy seTTInG

Bonaldo, Italian company specialized in the production of interior design items, among its collections offers a wide range of chairs suitable for every setting, both contract and private, indoor and outdoor. Here is a selection of chairs ranging from those with leather or fabric upholstery to those entirely realized with plastic material, from the most recent ones to Bonaldo’s timeless best sellers.

LIAS CHAIR Lias is the new chair designed by Gino Carollo. Lias, expression that derives from the word layers, is the term used in European geology to point out the early Jurassic period, when the Earth’s stratification was formed. Indeed, layers defines the design of this new chair. The border follows the entire silhouette of the seat and of the backrest, with two edges which draw its contour: a well-finished tailoring detail which emphasises the comfort granted by the generous padding.

Available from:

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The base is available in metal or wood. Legs: wood (brushed ash-wood, in natural, anthracite or walnut finish) or painted metal. Upholstery: fabric, leather or eco-leather cover. Sizes: L.47 x D.62 x H.90 cm

BAHIA CHAIR Light graphic marks define the Bahia chair designed by Mauro Lipparini.

Curved shapes and simple tubular metal elements create a balanced shape, which is ideal both in residential settings and in smart contract environments (such as offices, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies). The curved backrest extends forward in a single line, allowing the arms to rest freely while enveloping the user’s back for maximum comfort. Frame in painted metal, chrome, copper or matt brass finish. Upholstery in leather, eco-leather or fabric Sizes: L.59 x D.57 x H.78 cm

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FILLY CHAIR Filly, a family of five seats that are entirely upholstered with removable covers, is designed by Bartoli Design and is the result of formal and technical research carried out with a view to developing a versatile product in which comfort, functionality and styling are complementary attributes. Shapes and dimensions vary in order to satisfy every requirement, including the need to combine different versions in the same setting: Filly, with traditional dimensions; Filly up, with a higher back for improved comfort; Filly large, with a wider seat; Miss Filly, with armrests; Filly too, the stool. Upholstery: leather, eco-leather or fabric. Legs: upholstered or with visible metal legs mat painted in many colors.

GIUSEPPINA CHAIR In creating Giuseppina, designed by Dondoli e Pocci, Bonaldo was inspired by the current trend in which reassuring, classic shapes are reinterpreted and modernised, thanks to contemporary materials, production techniques and formal details. Giuseppina is therefore a modern, ironic reinterpretation of the traditional kitchen chair, whose shape is used in this chair. It is transformed into something new and up to date through the types of material used and the six colours in which it is offered: non-transparent white, black and red, transparent or semi-transparent smoked and violet. Its mix of tradition and modernity brings Giuseppina out of the restrictive environment of the kitchen, from which it takes its inspiration, to adapt to others, for example terraces and gardens or contract use. Frame: polycarbonate, through gas injection moulding in a single piece Sizes: L46 x D53 x H84 cm

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simply different

Back to the roots Clay Furniture by Yakusha Design

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Clay - is one of the oldest building material in human history, however you will not find many ceramic furniture objects or other decor pieces nowadays. As an artisan tool and design element clay is very plastic, timid and not easy to deal with for an artist. Still even small clay details of furniture can deliver a very warm and positive vibes for your home. Artisan furniture collection FAINA was created in 2014 by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoriya Yakusha. Central element of her minimalist ethnic collection is clay. “Pottery traditions in Ukraine are very old, they starts from Trypilian culture in ancient times, - says Victoriya. - I decided go back to our roots and create contemporary furniture using materials and techniques of our ancestors�. While working on collection she collaborated with 8 Ukrainian artisans in order to develop ceramic pieces, make them durable, textured and still looking interesting in the aesthetic sense. The seemingly fragile nature of clay actually turned out to be very reliable and stable.

118 DÉCOR Magazine

Today her essential collection FAINA contains of 10 design objects: round table, sideboard, cabinet, ceramic floor and pendant lamps, washbasin and set of vases. Each piece is handmade and absolutely unique, there is no mass production. You can model different sizes and change colour - from natural beige to black chocolate. “Looking back to the very first moment when I got the idea of this collection, the first furniture I ever designed, I can say that there was a very strong desire in my heart to make our national ethnicity understandable and recognisable in a modern world, - said Victoriya, author of clay furniture FAINA. And my main tool to achieve this goal was my favourite language of minimalism and eco-design, which I use for 15 years in my interiors and architect projects”.

“Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look with your eyes wide open”

Victoriya Yakusha is a Ukrainian architect and interior designer, the author of many residential and public interiors, owner and general manager of Yakusha Design Studio, author of artisan ethno furniture collection FAINA. Using bold and unconventional techniques she creates ecominimalist interiors and design furniture. Victoriya has shaped her style under the influence of European understanding of architecture and design while studying in France and adopting experience from such interior design trend setters as Marcel Wanders, Zaha Hadid and Kelly Hoppen.

For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine 119 119 DÉCOR Magazine


Top ITalIan Brands to participate in Salone del Mobile Milano Shanghai 2017 Following the Salone del Mobile. Milano and Moscow events, Salone del Mobile presents its 2nd edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai which will be held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center on 23-25th November, 2017 with over 109 Italian brands already confirmed to attend. With a long history of 56 years, Salone del Mobile.Milano, red as its brand color, is recognized worldwide as the source of inspiration and leading trend-setters in the furniture and interior design industry. The 56th Salone del Mobile.Milano (4-9th April, 2017) confirmed its leading role in this industry and attracted 343,602 visitors from 165 different countries. Last year Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai made its grand debut in China, with a collective of 56 top Italian furniture brands, attracting 20,750 professional visitors admiring the authentic “Made in Italy” in Shanghai. The cutting-edge design and the exquisite craftsmanship amazed the Chinese audiences, whose enthusiasm far exceeded the expectations of the organizers.

120 DÉCOR Magazine

According to their styles and product types, the participating brands for this year’s event will be classified into 3 different categories: classic (16 brands) The classic style remains its charm without being affected by the time passes by. It fully reflects the value of the traditional handicrafts as well as the art of furniture manufacturing. DesiGn (58 brands) The brands of the design category express a sense of beauty as well as functionality of the products, representing the innovation from the internal essence to the external form. xlux (35 brands) Re-explained in the contemporary era, the elegance of xLux is an artistic interpretation between the classic and modern designs. It performs very well with various vivid colors, soft materials and abundant details.

Master Classes and SaloneSatellite will also be held during the exhibition. The Master Classes, with its three-day educational program will function as a perfect interaction between the two cultures. The Italian and international renowned architects and designers Mario Bellini, Piero

Lissoni, and Giancarlo Tintori will be invited to discuss and share with prominent Chinese designers their thoughts and visions about the most cutting-edge topics in the fastdeveloping design industry in China and in the world.

Mr. Giancarlo TinTori Born in Milan in 1961, Giancarlo Tintori graduated in architecture from the Politecnico of Milan in 1987. Founded in 1991, Giancarlo Tintori Ltd architecture | design | graphic, establishing its headquarter in Milan. He designed showrooms for Dolce&Gabbana, Versus, Ferrè, and Cassina, and cooperated with Gucci and Giorgio Armani. Over the years he has also dealt with the prestigious projects private houses in Milan, Dubai, Moscow, Geneve and Shanghai. Mr. Giancarlo Tintori gave a number of lectures in China, and received the Gold Medal of the China Institute of Interior Design (CIID), which is an honorary member.

Mr. Bellini Mario Bellini is an architect and designer internationally renowned. He received the Golden Compass Award eight times and 25 of his works are in the permanent design collection of the New York MoMA. Since the 1980’s, dedicating himself almost entirely to architecture, the manifold kinds of buildings he has designed include the Tokyo Design Centre in Japan, the Natuzzi America Headquarters in the United States, the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, the Department of Islamic Art at the Louvre in Paris, and the new Milan Convention Centre, the largest in Europe. He has various projects at the design stage, among which includes the “New Eco-City” of Zhenjiang in China (2013-2018)

SaloneSatellite, the show dedicated to designers under 35 years old, celebrated last April its 20th anniversary during Salone del Mobile.Milano. It aims to encourage the creativity of the new generations for which China gave, also this year, a strong signal to the design world as the 1st, 2nd prizes and special mention were won by Chinese young designers. 53 young Chinese designers and graduates-to-be (12 more than last year) from Chinese universities and design schools – Beijing Forestry University, Beijing University of Technology, China Central Academy of Fine Arts and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design – have been selected to participate to the second edition of SaloneSatellite Shanghai.

Mr. o lissoni Piero Lissoni is an Architect, Designer and Art Director. His architecture and design work is recognized worldwide and has earned him a series of international awards, including Good Design Award, Red Dot Award, Compasso D’Oro ADI, EDIDA; he is guest lecturer and member of the Advisory Board at the Milan Politecnico, inducted into the New York I.D. Hall of Fame. His projects include a series of international showrooms for Boffi, Cassina, Living Divani, Porro and Tecno, as well as the the new flagship stores for De Padova and Fantini in Milan, for Lema in London, the Alpi showroom in Milan, the Kerakoll Design Lab in Sassuolo. And a variety of projects, including a hotel in the Jing’an district, Shanghai, are undergoing. DÉCOR Magazine 121

Contemporary design and great products are things that Danetti think everybody should be able to have. Their approach is simple but the belief behind it is much bigger. They want products to be more than just furniture. They’re about design and function but also experiences, memories, families, comfort, the everyday and the unusual.

WALNUT TREND Walnut has made a real comeback recently – it’s rich grain and deep colour has a luxurious premium feel. Generally Walnut has a straight grain with lighter and darker elements which means it is hugely versatile as you can bring out the tones in other areas of your scheme. Walnut sits as comfortably with opulent velvets and jewel colours as it does with greys and soft pastels. It can be used in traditional or contemporary schemes too; Walnut will help set a retro vintage scene with ease or can be used to accessorise an urban look or simply spruce up a more traditional scheme... whatever you need! Danetti have embraced the walnut trend!

The belief is that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy their home, whether that’s curled up in a cosy occasional armchair or sat around a dining table with all the family for dinner. The customer’s needs are always at the forefront when they begin the product development journey, with a real focus on finding modern furniture solutions for everyday homes. From exclusive ranges to in house photography and styling, Danetti pride themselves on creating furniture that combines functionality, form and style. They want you to buy with absolute confidence, not just in their products and service but that you have made the right choice.

Available from:

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SALERNO WALNUT CONSOL TABLE £249 The lovely deep colours of this console table together with the chamfered edge design give this table a slightly eastern feel – the sculptural qualities of this console give it a unique appeal that will fit into your scheme effortlessly.

HALO WALNUT COFFEE TABLE £249 This simple streamlined design is a winning combination of elegant looks and practical storage - the perfect coffee table. Combining the walnut tones with brushed stainless steel legs helps this coffee table blend into all schemes.

ASSI WALNUT SIDEBOARD ÂŁ499 The gorgeous walnut finish gives this sideboard depth and warmth with the lighter and darker tones creating interest and adding character to the contemporary design making it a versatile choice for your home.

DÉCOR Magazine


ACUTE WALNUT AND BLACK CHROME COFFEE TABLE £199 When teamed with chrome or metal, walnut takes on a retro appeal, this Acute coffee table is not only simple and stylish but it has a slightly industrial look that gives the table a midcentury feel…perfect for contemporary rooms and loft style living.

DICE WALNUT SIDE TABLES £69 These side tables are the perfect example of how a rich walnut veneer finish can add a luxe look in any setting. With their chunky modern design, the tables can be dotted around your home and will add a premium feel without breaking the bank!

Walnut is so versatile and can be integrated into any scheme – it’s a perfect blend of style, texture and colour! No home should be without it – so what are you waiting for! 124 DÉCOR Magazine


STUDIO JACKSON Studio Jackson Inc, a Los Angeles based full service interior design consultancy provides their client’s design related services from conceptualizing their custom designed projects to placing the perfect accent piece. Studio Jackson is led by principal designer Ryan Gordon Jackson, who brings to his projects a passion for the designed environment. A Los Angeles native, Ryan Gordon Jackson brings a refined approach to the design of space and interiors. Jackson designs spaces that respond to his client’s lifestyle, both in aesthetic and function.

thOmaS benCh Tight upholstered bench on metal clasp frame Finish options: Body: COM/COL Base: All metals Standard sizes: 60”L x 17”D x 17”H | 72”L x 17”D x 17”H Custom sizes available Shown as: Off white leather

ShOreditCh COnSOle A sculptural console with dramatically curved metal sides Finish Options: Body: All woods and lacquers Legs: Polished stainless steel and blackened steel Standard sizes: 72” x 18” x 29.5”H 84” x 18” x 29.5”H 96” x 18” x 29.5”H Custom sizes available Shown as: High gloss lacquer body with polished stainless steel details on sides 108” x 18” x 29.5”H

126 DÉCOR Magazine

Jackson completed courses of study in Art History and Interior Design graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the nationally renowned Design Institute of San Diego. Of his fifteen years of professional experience, Jackson worked for seven years for Architectural Digest top 100 design firm Magni Design Inc. While acting as the senior designer at Magni, Jackson’s designs of both interiors and furniture were frequently published and received international design awards. In leading Studio Jackson, Ryan brings a strong point of view to the design process and values the experience he has with each client and project.

Gunner Cube Finish options: Available in all finishes Shown as: Blackend Steel with Polished Stainless Stretcher and Light Bronze with Dark Bronze Stretcher 16”W x 25”D x 19”H

Ovate Side table Rounded marquetry inlay table Finish options: Top: All woods Base: All woods and lacquers Standard sizes: 30”L x 20”D x 17”H 48”L x 20”D x 17”H 18” DIA x 17”H Shown as: Natural walnut veneer | Black high gloss lacquer 30”L x 20”D x 17”H

Further information available from: | DÉCOR Magazine


W. 290 cm | 114,1” D. 133 cm | 52,4” H. 76 cm | 29,9”

FORTUNA dining table WWW.BOCADOLOBO.COM | INFO@BOCADOLOBO.COM | T. +351 910 010 529 | UK. +44(0) 203 592 6789

Hegron de Carle specialises in superb quality industrial furniture for your home and office. Their furniture is suitable for all kinds of different homes, including country cottages, contemporary loft style apartments, modern homes and traditional houses. The home furnishings include vases, tables, floor lamps, bowls, candles and gifts so you can create a classical feeling to your property. Hegron de Carle are passionate about selling the highest quality of furniture for your home or office, and their Marylebone showroom in Central London is the perfect place to view their unique products.

Available from:

130 DÉCOR Magazine

Heavy duTy HoMeware: Tap into your industrial side at Hegron de Carle

Created by Gavin de Carle and Jean-Pierre Hegron, a former publisher and haute-couture designer, Hegron de Carle is a new furniture boutique specialising in vintage, reclaimed and warehouse style furniture. There distinctive aesthetic includes distressed wood, heavy duty iron that showcases antique fixtures and mechanical details. Industrial furniture doesn’t just look good in industrial, former factory or warehouse homes. Although the quality industrial style pieces offered by Hegron de Carle serve to honour the heritage of these spaces, opt for one or two of the statement pieces to add intrigue to country style dwellings and mirror history in period properties. Warehouse and period properties are spacious by their very nature, and a heavy-duty industrial style sideboard or storage unit serves to break up this space by a central point of focus. Hegron de Carle’s shop situated in Marylebone is a treasure trove of quality industrial furniture sourced from all around the world. Many of the pieces are ingrained with traces of their former lives, giving them character in abundance! Storage is a large part of the Hegron de Carle remit, with stunning iron bedside tables, wardrobes, cabinets and media units on display. Smaller items, such as lamps, bowls and vases, perfectly complement industrial interiors. Each piece in the collection has been hand-chosen by the two founders for its individual qualities

Banari CaBinet Practical and beautiful. Weathered paints with distinct verdi gres colours reminiscent of aged metals. Nine drawers give ample storage, and its lightly distressed iron surface is both practical and visually stunning. FalCade Chest Small but perfectly functional. Our wheeled iron filing cabinet is here to help. It has nine sturdy drawers with label holders, and will look good in any office that doesn’t want to look like “the office.”

DÉCOR Magazine


dervio industrial iron Console A side table that deserves to be centre stage. A riveted iron panel on a ring of iron bolts make this sculptural console a real stand-out. We put white orchids on it, but it looks good just by itself.

irsina industrial and wood sideBoard Sleek and functional. This statement sideboard has a traditional design aesthetic, while its finish is nothing but modern. Six brushed steel drawers and ample shelf space make it ideal for both airy lofts or spacious Georgian homes

132 DÉCOR Magazine

erli industrial iron and wood Four drawer sideBoard Elegant and functional, this sideboard has 4 drawers and offers a good storage capacity. This industrial furniture will easily find its place in a living room or a dining room. And why not in an entrance

aCerno industrial iron CupBoard with shelves At home in a loft bedroom or sitting room. The harlequin detailing gives this handsome iron cupboard a timeless feel, while its chain lock and sturdy frame keep your items secure.

DÉCOR Magazine 133


134 DÉCOR Magazine


ThaT EmpTy NEsTErs FEEliNg At this time of year many people find that their kids fly the nest to go to university, travel on gap years, perhaps start working and living away from home? Well... now could be as good a time as any to indulge a little - reclaim their big bedroom (you can pop them into the spare bedroom now if they return) and create a lovely space for some ‘me’ time! Danetti have unveiled a selection of lovely products to help you create your little haven. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

THE HOME OFFCE No more sitting at the kitchen table in your makeshift home about creating a little work zone for yourself - a personal space where you can work and relax at the same time!

Main pic: Trestle Matt White Desk £249, small pics from top: Cavour Black Glass Desk £159,Zen Grey Gloss Desk £269, Fern White Gloss Desk £259. DÉCOR Magazine 135

THE SITTING ROOM What about indulging in your own sitting room? Imagine being able to sit back and relax in your own space - no more arguing over who sits where or what to watch on TV - this has to be the most well deserved option for all empty nesters!

Main pic: Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa £699, Small pics from left: Luxe Leather Sofa £1799, Dillon 2 seater leather sofa £1349, Sienna 2 seater leather sofa £1399

136 DÉCOR Magazine

THE DINING ROOM A dedicated dining room is a real luxury! A great chance to create a sense of occasion and the perfect place for holding celebrations and making memories! Obviously this option only works if you live in single storey homes!

Main pic: Cleo 6 seater oak and powder blue dining table £329, Small pics from left: Sanza white gloss & Loop 7 seater right hand corner bench set £1389, Profile and Stylo 4-6 seater glass and grey dining set £369, Cleo 4 seater matt grey pedestal table £299

Available from:

DÉCOR Magazine 137








brand news

STYLE THAT NEVER GOES OUT OF FASHION For 30 years now, Italian premium lighting manufacturer ARTEMIDE has been illuminating our homes and workspaces with the elegant and versatile Tolomeo lamp. The word classic is often overused and many objects and trends pretend to become timeless icons, but a classic product is one that still looks fresh and functions as well as it did the day it was launched. The Tolomeo lamp is one such product; elegant, timeless, functional and still appealing to todays modern buyer. Produced 30 years ago by Italian designer Michele De Lucchi the design was conceived after De Lucchi witnessed fishermen manoeuvring nets attached to a system of poles and ropes, “It seemed smart to me that you can suspend a rod with something attached to it using a small lever arm and a cable,” the designer explains. So the designer set to work and came up with the idea for an adjustable task lamp featuring a mechanism based around steel tension cables. Since its release, Tolomeo has been updated several times in response to evolving technologies, including more efficient light sources but the ethos remains the same a heavy base, polished-aluminium arm sections, and a matte-aluminium reflector housing the bulb. The mechanism a 360-degree rotating shade and exposed external cables, contribute to its engineered aesthetic and status as an icon of high-tech design making it a symbol of Made in Italy and used throughout the world, in homes, offices, hotels, architecture studios, photographic and cinemas Like all classics variations of the piece have been developed with several large and small variations, ranging from the tiny Tolomeo Micro to the giant Tolomeo XXL. A table clamp, screw fastening or wall bracket offer different mounting options, while dimmer switches or movement sensors enhance the product’s functionality. There is even a series of coloured options that gives the lamp a more eye-catching and playful presence.

For more information visit:

140 DÉCOR Magazine


Apaiser unveils second collaboration with Kelly Hoppen Apaiser the Australian bath couture specialists, has unveiled its second collaboration with globally renowned interior designer, Kelly Hoppen – Bijoux. Stunning in form and finish, this strikingly innovative range draws inspiration from faceted diamonds, immediately transporting you into the dazzling world of luxury bathing. The tree piece collection is classic Hoppen, clean lines, and sleek simplicity.

Inspired by the diamond creation process, the internationally soughtafter interior designer developed a bathtub, basin, and integrated basin for her second collection with the brand. Bijoux is crafted from “apaisermarble,” the company’s proprietary material derived from real marble, and bears Hoppen’s signature luxury touch: a contrast of rawness and refinement that wins favour in town and country residences across continents.

With Bijoux, Hoppen creates the ultimate physical expression of that look with angled exteriors and smooth interiors for each piece. She also triumphs on an aesthetic high-wire, creating a bathroom suite that knows where design ends and vanity begins.

For more information visit:

NEW MOON Hailed as world’s most luxurious sleeping system Savoir Beds, invites the moon into the bedroom with its new design in collaboration with Korean lifestyle designer and bestselling author, Teo Yang Yang brings his fresh approach to the MOON 01 bed, with his signature elegant, yet tailored design style. In East Asian folklore, the moon is thought to be a symbol of luck and wealth. Mixing modern living with folklore from the East, the new design invites people in to a world of peaceful sleep. MOON 01 represents the movement of the moon, with the full moon taking centre stage of the hand upholstered headboard. The two moons either side feature folding panels on the outer, a beautiful detail only a bespoke design can capture. Hand upholstered in Robert Allen Alchemy Linen in Copper, this glamourous glazed metallic linen creates the feel and look of a glowing moon. The warm copper tone is complemented by piping detail in Kobe Chacar 24. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


WHEN VELVET DREAMS COME TRUE One of the most iconic mid-century classics, the Series 7™ chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955, has been fashionably dressed for the collaboration between the Republic of Fritz Hansen™ and the Berlin-based fashion brand lala Berlin. In this fashion-meets-furniture alliance, bold colours and luxurious velvets meet modern-era furniture design, not only keeping the chair relevant in time but also emphasising the Series 7’s feminine shapes. The lala Berlin x Republic of Fritz Hansen collection consists of a front-upholstered Series 7 in the colour lala Barberry and a fully upholstered Series 7 and Dot™ stool in the colour lala Caspian.


This special edition will be available to all design and fashion aficionados from October 2017 to October 2018.

Luxury furniture brand Soher is experiencing a furniture revival thanks in part to its new collection Earth. Presented at both the Milan Fair and Decorex International, The Earth collection’s classic contemporary design is one of the main reasons for its triumph, thanks to its earthy tones and details inspired by the tangible beauty of nature and on trend geometric appeal the intriguing mix of linear and curvaceous form make for an eye-catching decorative solution.

For more information visit:

For further information visit:

142 DÉCOR Magazine

JEEG - MODULAR SMALL TABLE Jeeg is the first project by Bartoli Design for Mogg: a modular small table fitting both for residential and nonresidential spaces, with a multifaceted, irregularly octagonal perimeter; it’s made of two separate, complementary elongated pieces which may be used singularly or combined to get several compositions. Jeeg’s main feature is the possibility of deconstructing, reconstructing and combining one or more small tables, to create a variety of configurations, even of considerable sizes. “Our project”, Bartoli Design explains, “was inspired by the idea of fracture and rearrangement of the pieces. Stones fractures are fascinating, we’ve already developed this subject in a collection of rugs… Additionally, we studied the dimensions of outer and inner sides so that they allow different combinations, as if Jeeg were a construction play”. The tables are entirely made of ash wood, natural or anilinedyed in a range of numerous shades, so that colours and shapes become an alphabet to be assembled. For further information visit:

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR Viennese artist Rainer Weber believes in art, not war, and to illustrate the point he has turned used AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles, the world’s favourite weapon into a luxurious limited edition chair. The AK47 Chair is comprised of actual guns, or formally guns, with 4 stb AK47 featuring a fixed stock and 2 stb AK47 featuring a so-called folding stock. Rest assured, the weapons were completely dismantled and welded back together to create the incredible framework, while all dismantled parts were chrome-plated before being put pack together. The arms rests and backrests were ordered at Backhousen, in Vienna, and were hand woven in Venice at the famed Luigi Bevilacqua Company. The original pistol grips were varnished in Black, however this limited edition has been coated in 22k gold. Another highlight is the original Russian steel helmet, gold-plated, of course – and a cartridge belt with original but decommissioned AK-47 cartridges. The limited edition chair is numbered and signed but is likely to remain out of reach of all but the very wealthy with a hefty price tag of $127,000

For more information visit:


144 DÉCOR Magazine

Decorex, the UK’s leading destination for interior design, celebrated 40 years of design this year, established in 1978, Decorex is renowned for being the destination where interior design professionals discover the finest and most coveted luxury products from new, emerging and established talent and is a trusted resource for high-end interior designers, architects, specifiers, retailers and property developers. Boasting more than 400 hand-selected British and international exhibitors, exclusive installations and inspirational speakers from leading names to emerging talents, this annual four-day show attracted over 14,000 visitors from across the globe.

DÉCOR Magazine DÉCOR Magazine 145

The theme for this year’s event was a celebration of its past and current relationships and more importantly looking towards future partnerships, to mark this occasion The Decorex Champagne Bar, an annual fixture and central meeting place, drew inspiration from The Great Exhibition of 1851. Designed by award-winning interior designer Shalini Misra and built by Barr Joinery, the bar was a beautiful display of stunning oriental screens, rich velvets and geometric and figurative motifs. It wasn’t only Decorex who were celebrating a milestone anniversary, many of this year’s talented exhibitors, both established and emerging, had reason to celebrate with anniversaries ranging from a successful first year of trading to over two centuries of design practice. Here we take a look at a few stand out exhibitors also celebrating anniversaries.

146 DÉCOR Magazine

LINCRUSTA Manufactured in Britain since 1877, Lincrusta continues to make its deeply embossed wallcoverings in the UK and this year it celebrates its 140th anniversary. With heritage skills and crafts that have stood the test of time, the brand is highly desired and admired across the world to this day. From the White House to the Titanic, Lincrusta has graced the walls of some of the world’s most iconic interiors and continues to enhance the walls of the most desirable addresses the world over. To celebrate its 140th Anniversary Lincrusta unveiled a series of new designs, each design is very different from anything currently produced but offers something new to the current Lincrusta collection – bringing Lincrusta firmly into the 21st century, with focus on current trends and increasing its range of modern contemporary designs

DÉCOR Magazine 147

LUTYENS Formed in the late 1980s, Lutyens Furniture & Lighting celebrated 30 years of quality design at this year’s Decorex presenting the new Dering hall Collections. Leading the way in bespoke reproductions of the furniture and lighting designs of Sir Edwin Lutyens, they specialize in fully bespoke and made to order pieces and are increasingly adapting their range by standardising some of Edwin’s own designs, developing a broader portfolio of new designs and moving into both accessories and new materials.

Lutyens Contemporary Edwin Napoleon Chair Contemporary Traditional MidCentury / Modern Furniture - Dering Hall

148 DÉCOR Magazine

Lutyens Contemporary Cardinal Hat & Halo Pendants - Contemporary Traditional Mid-Century / Modern Lighting - Dering Hall

Lutyens Contemporary Bedside Table - Contemporary Mid-Century / Modern Nightstands & Bedside Tables - Dering Hall

Lutyens Contemporary Hexagonal Lantern - Contemporary Mid-Century / Modern Lighting - Dering Hall

Lutyens Contemporary Eye Chair - Contemporary Mid-Century / Modern Dining Chairs - Dering Hall DÉCOR Magazine


HYDE HOUSE To mark a decade of exhibiting at Decorex, Hyde House bespoke furniture launched a brand new and exclusive collection at this year’s edition . To celebrate this landmark occasion, three leading interior designers, Staffan Tollgard, Laura Hammett and Chris Dezille, were invited to create a piece of furniture in their patented and trademarked specialist resin finishing system, Resinate, which was showcased for the first time at Decorex.

150 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


SOFA & CHAIR COMPANY The Sofa and Chair Company presented their newest A/ W17 collections at Decorex to celebrate their 15th anniversary and second year exhibiting at Decorex. Known for offering a tailored service, the brand creates handmade upholstered furniture for trade and retail, alongside bespoke interior pieces. Their latest pieces including the Sophia sofa from the New Feminine line, their Ottoman with peacock feather motifs and the curvy Mouna sofa attracts attention with its rich, luscious green tones

152 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


FUTURE HERITAGE Exclusive to Decorex International is Future Heritage a showcasing of some of the best designers in British craft. Curated by renowned applied arts and design critic and curator, Corinne Julius, the acclaimed feature showcased new pieces made exclusively for the show by 15 makers, working in a variety of different materials. This year the collection featured one off pieces from 14 new participating designers including Lauren Nauman, Simon Hasan, Matt Davis and Zachary Eastwood-Bloom.

154 DÉCOR Magazine

NExT EvENT: Decorex International 2018, September 2018, Syon Park, London, United Kingdom DÉCOR Magazine


Founded in 1969, Ceramiche Atlas Concorde is the founder of the Gruppo Concorde, a leading ceramic group with 2,500 employees. Throughout its history, Atlas Concorde has actively participated in the evolution of ceramics, introducing in the market technological and aesthetic innovations that have become a model of reference for the whole sector. Atlas Concorde is a leading player in the ceramic sector and one of the most important and consolidated realities worldwide. Its mission is to offer ceramic solutions to the most demanding consumers, interior designers and architects, solutions conceived for any destination of use, guaranteeing aesthetic refinement always in tune with the needs of the market, combined with excellent technical performance. In forty years of history, the name Atlas Concorde has become synonymous with strength, ethics and reliability. A solid strength, which every year is able to convince more than 2700 customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Available from:

156 DÉCOR Magazine

Mek by ATlAs ConCorde Contemporary luminous accents

A range of decorations for floors and walls with geometric shapes and a touch of metal. An elegant decor finish for commercial and residential interiors is characterized by an extensive selection of decorations, embellished with geometries rich in hints of metal and original three-dimensional wall tiles. Decorations inspired by essential shapes with inserts having a metallic effect enrich the furnishing project.

MEK flashEs of light Mek is a project of porcelain floors and interior wall tiles characterized by linear colored shading and hints of light, inspired by metallic accents. The collection takes its inspiration from brushed metallic sheets that, layered on a stylish concrete effect, create an interior finish in which thin lines that recall light scratches become elements of pure design. The collection is designed to be a refined finish for commercial and residential interiors, distinguished by its extensive range of decorative elements featuring essential shapes rich in metallic accents and original three-dimensional reliefs for walls. Ceramic surfaces with metallic accents, hints of light, and geometric decorative elements breathe life into a trendy interior decoration to furnish living spaces, hospitality locations, and retail spaces.

lighT Chevron

golD CirCleS


roSe heXAgon


roSe Chevron

MeDiUM MoSAiC eSAgono

roSe DiAMonD


roSe WAllPAPer

DÉCOR Magazine


There are 1,000 reasons to choose this range

158 DÉCOR Magazine

And 1,648 ways to combine it

The difference is Gaggenau

The Vario cooling 400 series is so easy to combine that you can tailor it exactly to your wishes and preferences. Its impressive range of revolutionary technologies and features all set new standards. For instance, interiors made of high grade stainless steel for levels of hygiene previously only found in professional kitchens. Whether you go for Vario cooling, freezing or wine, everything is stored exactly how it should be. So no matter which combination you opt for, it will seem as if it has been made just for you. For more information and a list of partners, please visit

DÉCOR Magazine


FIltratIon has a new shape

DAMA Circle.Tech is the new filtering hoods collection by Falmec, which matches perfection, harmony, advanced technologies and a modern, captivating design. Hoods are an essential element in keeping a clean and healthy environment in the kitchen: just think of the odours, moisture and grease that get collected while cooking. Faithful to its functionality, Circle.Tech hoods merge suction and filtering in a single device, maximising performance, taking up less space and giving designers new and original possibilities. Unlike traditional hood, Circle.Tech system develops horizontally: outflowing air is processed by a filter placed around the motor and evenly distributed. The circular shape ensures the largest filtering surface , an excellent suction performance and low noise.

160 DÉCOR Magazine

Thanks to the exclusive Carbon.Zeo filter, which mixes activated charcoal and zeolite – the ideal material to absorb organic compounds and moisture – Circle. Tech hoods have a double capacity in odour removal, compared to regular filtering systems. This way, Circle.Tech products go beyond the simple hood and take the double role of design furniture and light sources with integrated LED systems. Some models were designed not only to light the worktop, but also to give a warm ambient lighting solution, giving an elegant and comfortable atmosphere in the the kitchen. The Circle.Tech collection is made of island hoods Sophie, Dama, Materia, Soffio, Vetra and Loop

Falmec has evolved from a small manufacturing company to a leading force both in the national and international market, gaining extensive experience in the design and production of cooker hoods. Cutting-edge research, flexibility in production, development of new technologies and original creativity endow the Falmec collections with a strong added value in terms of innovation, and a totally unique blend of design and cutting edge technology, reaching the highest levels of Italian excellence in the world.


Available from: DÉCOR Magazine



162 DÉCOR Magazine




DÉCOR Magazine



From decadent champagne buckets to elegant coasters and corkscrews, Georg Jensen introduces the comprehensive new bar collection, Manhattan. Craf ted in sleek, mirror polished steel, the 17-piece series was inspired by iconic, Art Deco marvels like the Empire State and the Chrysler Building in its namesake New York City. Repurposing the clean lines and geometric symmetry at the heart of the Deco aesthetic—which has always been an integral part of the Georg Jensen design legacy. Manhattan is a bold, 21st century homage to the enduring glamour of cocktail culture.

164 DÉCOR Magazine

Inspiration was also found closer to home in Copenhagen, as the collection’s in-house designer, Sanne Lund Traberg, sifted through the company archives – a treasure-trove of sketches, photographs and original objects from more than a century of Georg Jensen masterworks. Of par ticular interest to Traberg was the stepped motif used extensively in Pyramid, a collection designed by Georg Jensen legend Harald Nielsen in 1922. By adjusting the scale and propor tion of Nielsen’s classic design, while nodding to the bold silhouettes of New York ’s storied skyline, Traberg has infused classic Georg Jensen language with new flair in

an architectural collection with a decidedly contemporary edge. “It’s wonder ful when we can look backward and forward at the same time, and it’s important that today’s designs have a strong link with our history,” Traberg says of the collection. “Ar t Deco is of course very impor tant to Georg Jensen, but with Manhattan we’ve presented a more modern expression of that era.”

For more information please visit

DÉCOR Magazine


Founded in 1948, SMEG is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in the town of Guastalla, in the Region of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy. Beginning with the opening of its first subsidiary, in France, in 1988, SMEG now has 17 subsidiaries worldwide AND overseas offices in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, and an extensive sales network. For over 65 years now, SMEG appliances have come to be seen as tasteful and elegant solutions to the demands of contemporary living as a result of the company’s partnerships with worldfamous architects. Not only does SMEG have a unique profile in terms of domestic appliances, it is also renowned in professional business sectors. The SMEG Group, thanks to a corporate culture which dictates that maximum emphasis be placed on product quality, technology and design, is consequently known all over the globe as one of the key representatives of “Made in Italy” standards.

For more information visit:

166 DÉCOR Magazine


A new range of Smeg freestanding cookers has been launched; it has been inspired by the colours of the famous Italian town so that it can make the kitchen the most romantic and happy place in the house, its real heart. Portofino, surrounded by olive trees, it’s a real peace of jewellery incastonated on the edge of the Golfo del Tranquillo. The town is the main destination for whoever is looking for beauty and autenthicity at the same time. But its real beauty consist on other things: its colours, its perfumes, its beeing in compleate armony with its natural environment. Smeg’s new cooker range is inspired by this coloured stunning shows given from sky, earth and sea at the same time. The Portofino will come in eight colour-pop finishes: sunshine yellow, olive green, coral red, burnt orange and classic stainless steel, anthracite, black and white. Each design representing the bright shades of towns and villages along the Italian Riviera. The new Portofino aesthetic line was launched at Eurocucina 2016; thanks to its colours it has been created in order to enhance the personality of the room. The design match perfectly a great technology and details that remember of professional cookers. All these elements make the ambiente premium and functional at the same time.. Portofino cooker feature an innovative maxi 126 gross litre cavity, isothermic proof. Round corners and smooth walls allowe the cooker to be perfectly isolated, and so express the best energetich performance on the market (the A+ class) reducing from 50% the pre-heating period. The oven feature three powerfull engine funs that improve the cooking performance. Temperature is omogene among the whole cavity; that allows to cook on three level as in a professional cooker. A wide and intuitive LCD display support the user through the perfect cooking process. The oven is automatically featured with 20 preset programs, allowing the user to perform the best cooking process.

The Soft Close feature close smoothly and silently the door, without any need of accompaning it. The cavity is illuminated, allowing the perfect visibility of the inside, up to the whole five levels. The multifunctional oven has two bulbs while four of the them complement the pyrolytic version. Portofino is available in vapour cleaning multifunctional version and in pyrolytic with induction or gas hobs. Gas hobs feature cast iron pan stands, designed to resist during the years. They are perfectly alligned with the hob’s cavity, making the leaning grille perfectly smooth. The linear and ergonomic design gives a professional touch to the cooker.

DÉCOR Magazine


The strong crafts tradition and the well-established design culture which are part of the Made in Italy label, are also the philosophical basis for the country style furniture and design solutions that are fully created and manufactured by Minacciolo. Every minimal detail is carried out with maximum attention to detail, and patiently refined based on “state of the art” processes. And finally, the precision in assembly means that each individual piece of furniture is robust and safe. With the on-going objective of satisfying the needs of each individual client, Minacciolo focus all of their research, both stylistic and technological, towards projects that guarantee maximum quality and functionality. The dimensions of each piece of furniture, for example, come from in-depth ergonomic studies, that have been carefully researched and checked numerous times against prototypes. Every possible problem is then pre-emptively identified and resolved, with a view to always providing the perfect experience for the Client.

Available from:

168 DÉCOR Magazine

TrAdITIon And dEsIgn made in Italy

A novel worktop that evokes the tradition of Italian master craftsmen. This is the new functional/aesthetic addition to the Minà kitchen, the popular multifunctional island from the Trevisobased company Minacciolo, which combines tradition with cutting-edge technology. Modern lines, contemporary style and sophisticated harmony are just a few of the phrases that could be used to describe this new option for the Minà kitchen. The multifunctional island offers a different concept, a design that returns texture to the kitchen, enhancing tactile feel while also providing visual appeal. A coveted new addition. Minà features a pewter-plated steel worktop combined with a breakfast bar tiled in lava stone. This exquisite artisanal product is made by laying Sicilian glazed volcanic stone tiles over a water-repellent support. The stone is quarried from the bottom of lava flows at the foot of Mt. Etna, and crafted to create tiles in custom sizes. The final step in the extraordinary production process is handdecorating the tiles using special artistic techniques. The result is a product that is highly resistant to chemical, physical and mechanical stress, as well as freezing, wear and stains, making the kitchen worktop a work of art that offers excellent technical performance. This unmistakable and original worktop is the perfect complement to the black graphite embossed steel used for the Minà island. A kitchen unparalleled in terms of design, materials and worktop options, which Minacciolo always selects from among the finest Made in Italy products.

DÉCOR Magazine


Lava Stone The first step in producing a glazed volcanic stone product involves choosing the volcanic stone support, which must come from the bottom of the lava flow rather than the surface. The stone is quarried from the bottom of the lava flow at the foot of Mt. Etna and the formless rock is then worked to produce tiles of the desired size. The compact grey stone tiles are then prepared for transfer to the artistic department. The stone tiles are covered with a layer of ceramic glaze approximately 3 mm thick, and dried for at least 12 hours. The next step in the production process is decoration using special artistic techniques. The final, equally long step is firing the tiles at a temperature of about 1000° for approximately 24 hours, which fuses the glaze and the colours of the decoration to the volcanic stone to create a single piece.

170 DÉCOR Magazine

Minà combines the highest expressions of tradition and technology in a new-concept multifunctional island. The essence and details of its form draw on the purest archetype and have strong proto-industrial connotations. But the suggestions of this bygone style, from the red knobs to the extraction hoods, are daringly modernised and the personality thus created will stand up to and dialogue with interiors of all kinds: modern, traditional and classic. A kitchen that becomes a “forge”, where fire is not just a cooking medium but a creative force. Designed to be a real “cooking machine”, Minà still strongly evokes its design archetype: the first cast-iron wood-burning cooking stoves. With island or wall-mounted layout, without limits on its size or modularity, Minà can be installed in rooms of all kinds: from the open space of a loft to the small city apartment. The decision to build Minà in steel reinforces and underlines this “machine’s” tactile strength. It is made from laser-cut steel, painted a “graphite” black colour to evoke the soot that clung to the old stoves. The special stoved enamel used gives the steel a tactile look and is particularly tough.create tiles in custom sizes.

A kitchen unparalleled in terms of design, materials and worktop options, which Minacciolo always selects from among the finest Made in Italy products. Minà features a pewter-plated steel worktop combined with a breakfast bar tiled in lava stone, made by Made a Mano. This exquisite artisanal product is made by laying Sicilian glazed volcanic stone tiles over a water-repellent support. The stone is quarried from the bottom of lava flows at the foot of Mt. Etna, and crafted to

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The kitchen is the most important place in the house, crossroads of meetings and interactions, theater of anecdotes and pleasant memories, confluence of spirit and matter. The centre of the house might be cozy, alive, functional and pleasant at sight. This is what motivates Aran Cucine to create innovative and elegant solutions matching with your needs. Their mission is to build kitchens interpretating family dreams and needs of the whole world, while protecting the environment. Talent, passion and authenticity make them ambassadors of Italian lifestyle where design and tradition are the perfect synthesis of a unique culture.

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It’s the mixture of ideas, colours and geometric shapes which makes each project unique in Quadro

The Quadro model, in mdf covered in polymeric sheet, is characterised by a 12 mm frame which gives the door an elegant and timeless style. Available in both versions, with handle or concave recess opening, for elegant and design projects, where the main character is the colour. Matt dust green composition with 146,3 cm thick columns unit and island, dark brown c-channel and plinth. Wall cabinets in jhon stop-sol glass and bookcase with black fill frame and zinc yellow shelves. 2 cm thick hi-tech laminate worktop with volcano 145 finish. Dark oak martin table and mink oak chairs.

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“For me, colors are living beings, highly developed individuals that become part of us, as of everything. Colors are the true inhabitants of space”


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The look A starting point for this Industrial Minimalist inspired look is to declutter and use sleek and subtle storage solutions. Let maximum light fill the room and keep colour to neutral natural tones. Why IT WorKs: This minimalist design contrasts monochrome against the pastel palette of the cabinets and pop of colour from the accessories. Creating an open airy environment Try IT: Go for open plan living with clean lines a muted palette and natural textures

The Key ITems 1 Infinity Instruments Metal Fusion Wall $77.99, Hayneedle 2 Calligaris Alma Armchair, £1045.00, Design Icons 3 Wooden Crate €11.00, Hobbycraft 4 Artist Studio Lamps with tripod £699.95, not on the highstreet 5 Pestle and Morter £45.00 John Lewis


Co lo u r s & F I n I s h e s CabIneTs Lulworth Blue, Farrow & Ball 2.5L €81.00 FloorIng Shadow Dust Porcelain Tiles, Original Style WorKTops Charcoal Soapstone, Silestone exposed Walls Distinctive brick wallpaper, £7.00 ilovewallpaper

PORCELANOSA Group is one of the most important ceramics manufacturers in the world, offering furniture, kitchen and bath items, with over 400 stores in 80 countries. Production diversification has played a key role in the growth of a business group that started off with the production of a single product: ceramic tiles. Today, the Group’s eight companies offer a wide product range that includes kitchen and bathroom equipment as well as state-of-the-art building solutions for contemporary architecture.

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TONO by Foster + Partners for Noken Tono is the latest bathroom collection from Porcelanosa Grupo, exclusively designed by Foster + Partners. A new way to interpret your surroundings, based on the wide range of materials offered by the company (marble, ceramics, Krion®, wood...) and the Studio’s design vision. Two companies + one philosophy = infinite possibilities. With the focus on functionality, the aesthetic design stems from the qualities of the materials used. Foster + Partners and Porcelanosa have worked tirelessly to create the collection, rigorously testing and trialling to perfect performance throughout the range. Individually designed components are comprehensively and harmoniously integrated.

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SuSTainaBiliTy The Tono collection was designed considering the functionality of each element, dispensing with purely aesthetic details and improving the efficiency of each component. The innovative technology includes features such as the possibility of regulating optimal water flow in the wash basins. MaTerialS The range, designed by Foster + Partners, offers a wide variety of options in terms of finishes and materials, suitable for any ambience. The elegant, timeless furnishings are manufactured in natural maple, oak or walnut, whilst sinks and bathtubs are available in limestone or marble, conferring an elegant touch, plus ceramics or KrionÂŽ, noted for high quality and resistance to wear. Meanwhile, metal is the mainstay of the tap collection. A material re-envisaged for up-to-the-minute interior design which, in addition to conferring an industrial ambience, accentuates the taps with shine and reflections. Tono is available in two completely compatible versions. Components, grouped according to their design, can be combined to reflect the desired ambience.

TONO eleMenTS: Flexibility and a wide range of options are the main features of TONO Elements. Components can be reconfigured by combining finishes and even products to accentuate the strengths of each in this cohesive range. Wash basins Available in recessed or inset options. The minimalist design features a trim to conceal the waste and improve functionality. Bathtubs Free-standing and manufactured in KrionÂŽ, acrylic or natural stone, with concealed wastes which enhance the innovative design.

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Taps A choice of four colours with the option of a matt or polished finish. Tono taps are designed to emphasise the material they are made from, with their bevelled design acting as a visual signal to lift the lever. Furnishings Drawer units and countertops with the same design concept as the collection incorporate a collection of illuminated mirrors for improved vision. The horizontal bench unifies the collection and optimises storage.

TONO One All the components of a bathroom, united in a single element. Handmade, Tono One introduces different pieces incorporating wash basins, benches and mirrors. As close as possible to an item of timeless home furniture. In addition, this system allows quick and easy installation requiring no alterations to the room. Available in a choice of wash basin finishes.

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W W W. M A I S O N VA L E N T I N A . N E T

PURITY HAS A NEW SHAPE Elegant, modern, designed with a unique, original touch, to reflect my lifestyle. It is made up of furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and accessories, designed and created one by one, lacquered, sized and layouts arranged according to my needs. It is the result of sartorial care but with the latest material-processing technology and production methods. It knows how to respect the world we live in: each panel is certified ecological, all the wood finishes are entirely waterbased and all manufacturing waste is recycled. It is the fruit of an Italian company encompassing all the values of a family, of the work of designers, creators, architects and artisans who infuse their own unique identity into each item, an energy that translates into shapes and proportions that make each product an instant classic. It takes the spotlight in any contemporary scene that makes elegance and originality its distinguishing features.

Clever purity of the sign, absolute precision of detail - thanks to unique Falper technology.

It is like me, and how I like to live. It is Falper. Available from: DÉCOR Magazine 185

The new PURE collection, designed by Metrica for Falper, brings essentiality to the bathroom environment: proportions and washbasins in perfect aesthetic balance, uniquely pure in their design. PURE means beauty, functionality and ease of use with no compromise: a collection that meets any need for furniture, with a standard size version and a second one entirely customizable - dedicated to interior designers. Two different types of presentation for a bathroom with clean, essential volumes in lacquered wood.

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ExcEllEnt finishEs No smell, no styrene emission: everything is water based and completely natural to the touch. In the finishing department, surfaces are so perfectly prepared to be lacquered glossy or matt, or finished with beautiful wood colours, or also treated with oil and natural wax. Over 100 standard finishes, including any colour in the RAL and NCS folders. DEsign icon Our furniture has always been the benchmark in the market, both for the originality of the design and for the vision at the base of their creation, made by both internationally renowned designers and young promising ones who draw for Falper. hanD MaDE in italy Furniture, washbasins, bathtubs and complements, designed and created one by one: lacquered, sized and layouts arranged according to any needs, to tell the care of an Italian company encompassing all the values of a family, of the work of designers, creators, architects and artisans who infuse their own unique identity. Into each item, an energy that translates into shapes and proportions that make each product an instant classic.

PURE - furniture The furniture of the collection is available in the 36 and 50 cm heights, as a suspended furniture, and in the 76 cm height as a ground floor furniture. PURE - Washbasins A precise, straightforward trait that creates timeless design washbasins: the contoured edges and the practicality of the side planes enhance the excellent technical features of Ceramilux. PURE - complements Decorative and functional wall units, in perfect fit between capacity and design: the column units of the PURE collection complement discreetly and elegantly a bathroom furnishing in the name of formal cleanliness. DÉCOR Magazine


Ceramica Cielo is an Italian brand. The company is headquartered in Fabrica di Roma and manufacturing exclusive collections of bathroom fixtures, shower trays and bathtubs. Ceramica Cielo products are sophisticated in style, customizable, made of innovative materials and contribute to the excellent reputation of products made in Italy. Every single piece is meticulously hand-decorated and displays the highest quality of production. Ceramica Cielo is proud on its numerous collaborations with some of the best known contemporaneous designers. Two prime examples are the Amedeo collection by Karim Rashid and the Le Giare collection by Claudio Silvestrin, both conferred with the Good Design Award.

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I CATInI ThE BEAuTy oF MEMoRIES Catini: the Round, the Oval and the Double. Designed by Andrea Parisio and Giuseppe Pezzano for Ceramica Cielo, I Catini collection refers to the past and reinterprets one of the icon objects of the bathroom fittings of the first years of the 20th century.

Three different interpretations of a single object, which build in steel structures, ceramic washbasins and marbel table tops, today granted with a double award: the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” prize for the version Catino Doppio, and the “Red Dot” prize at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 for the version Catino Tondo. Two new prizes added to the several awards granted during the first 10 years of activity of the brand. Ceramic is the core of the collection, becoming an innovative and original object able to tell us about the beauty of memories through a contemporary language. Made with the finest Italian materials, the I Catini collection is highly customizable and available in three versions: round, oval and double. These ceramic washbasins can come with or without faucet holes and beautifully fit with elegant steel bases in matte black or brushed bronze finishes, with comfortable ceramic tops or practical wooden drawers. Both the washbasins and the ceramic tops can be customized with the 16 colours of the unique ‘Terre di CIELO’ line, made up of colours and textures inspired by nature. The collection is completed by two spacious cabinet mirrors — round and oval — equipped with internal shelves and a black lacquered wooden frame. A number of components suchastowel racks and bathroom accessory holders are also available in a variety of finishes (dispenser holder, soap holder, single roll holder, shelf holder and a combined version with cup holder and soap holder in one).

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apaiser Founded in 2000, apaiser is an award winning Australian international bathware designer and manufacturer recognised as the world leader in the supply of luxury stone composite bathware, bathtubs, basins, vanities and shower bases.

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apaiser is excited to unveil its latest and arguably most ground-breaking collection to date – SAMPAN – developed in collaboration with leading international design firm, WOHA. The Sampan collection applies the strikingly unique tapered shapes of the traditional boats of the Singapore waterfront to a bathware collection of revolutionary design. Reflected in a series of baths and basins, as well as an innovative ‘shower bath’, these unique designs transform bathing into something more akin to a romantic journey!


Singapore is the home of WOHA, and also the Asia-Pacific base of Australian bathware company, apaiser. The WOHA studio, located in a conserved cluster of traditional ‘shophouses’ behind Boat Quay, is where the iconic sampan boats were once moored in great numbers on the Singapore river These areas, steeped in colonial history, are at the heart of the story behind the Sampan collection. Sampan - the Cantonese word meaning three boards - describes these uniquely designed but simple form of watercraft, fashioned by hand from a flat plank of wood as its base, with two angled planks making up the sides. Celebration of this vanishing heritage was the direct inspiration for this stunning new bathware collection.


Like all apaiser designs, each piece is hand crafted using the innovative material exclusive to apaiser known as apaisermarble. Sampan comes in four elegant shades – Glacier, Diamond White, Starry Night and Luxe Grey – the five designs across baths and basins sized to suit a variety of interior applications, with the unique ‘shower bath’ a particularly clever innovation which responds to more limited spatial options given its dual purpose form. Sampan became part of WOHA’s dedicated submission for MAISON OBJET PARIS, 2017, and which has ultimately seen this forward-thinking firm selected as ‘Designer of the Year – Asia’, an award that was officially announced on September 08, 2017. The Sampan collection is available via apaiser showrooms globally (or visit For further information on the Sampan collection, or apaiser generally, please contact apaiser PR representatives, Cav Con on +61 2 9360 5755 or email au alternatively you can also write to

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Entering the bathroom sector in 1984, as specialised company in plumbing and installation systems planning, CEA (Centro Energie Alternative) naturally moves to the design sector in 2007. Devoted to innovation, site-specific planning and product re-interpretation, CEA puts its passion, knowhow and vision at the service of architects. Thanks to long-standing experience, CEA offers a truly unique selection of customizable planning solutions, to enable a completely flexible approach towards design and architecture. Every aspect of planning is involved: engineering and technical innovation, installation and architecture, design and innovative materials, regarding to aesthetic value, functionality, sustainability and concern for the environment. CEA range includes bathroom taps and accessories, kitchen taps, outdoor showers and ceiling fans for air stratification, characterised by low consumption, high performance and flexibility in application.

CREATIVE TONO MIX by Foster + Partners for Noken Tono is the latest bathroom collection from Porcelanosa Grupo, exclusively designed by Foster + Partners. A new way to interpret your surroundings, based on the wide range of materials offered by the company (marble, ceramics, Krion®, wood...) and the Studio’s design vision. Two companies + one philosophy = infinite possibilities. With the focus on functionality, the aesthetic design stems from the qualities of the materials used. Foster + Partners and Porcelanosa have worked tirelessly to create the collection, rigorously testing and trialling to perfect performance throughout the range. Individually designed components are comprehensively and harmoniously integrated.

Maida Vale Mansions is a refurbishment project of the Biddulph Mansions block apartment in Maida Vale. Client’s main brief was to create a bigger living room space, as well as to incorporate a new en-suite bathroom into the master bedroom. Following the brief, Ardesia Design connected one of the bedrooms with the existing living room to create a big open space with a dining area and one of the small storage rooms became an en-suite bathroom. The new interior style is a creative mix inspired by Parisian apartments and Mediterranean houses.

LOCATION: MAIDA VALE MANSIONS London, UK PROJECT: Ardesia Design Studio PHOTOS BY: Richard Chivess Available from:

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Imagine leaving it all behind. Sauna + Hammam Logica Twin, a whole world of pleasure in your own home

living Spa

Two cultures embrace in Logica Twin The Northern forests meet the Mediterranean The sauna and the Turkish bath come together in one unique space, ancient traditions in perfect harmony with tomorrow’s technology, for your wellbeing Logica Twin by Talocci Design


A tranquil sandstone effect in modular colours and formats V&B Fliesen GmbH manufactures Villeroy & Boch brand-name tiles and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ceramics. The company now operates in more than 80 countries. More than 700 people are employed at the company headquarters in Merzig and at its site in La FertÊ-Gaucher. Highquality materials are used in the manufacture of sophisticated premium ranges for the bathroom, living areas and architecture. Villeroy & Boch’s new HUDSON floor range takes its inspiration from the expressive charm of natural sand paintings and landscapes. This select design captures the delicate grain of sand surfaces, which are then authentically reinterpreted in ceramic. The result is convincing: with its warm, gentle colours, subtle shading and homogeneous yet convincing sandstone structure, worked in a delicate relief, HUDSON has a natural, timeless appearance. The unglazed vilbostone porcelain stoneware range is perfect for tranquil, understated surface designs in modern architecture. The HUDSON colour scheme includes four natural shades: the warm white sand and sand tones and the cooler colours with warm background nuances, clay and volcano, bring a homely, minimalist atmosphere to any room. With nine different formats, including one OUTDOOR TILE format with a thickness of 2 cm, the range

is a comprehensive architectural concept, comprising everything from slim tiles to square and rectangular large-format tiles and offering planners the perfect solution for any design or combination. HUDSON comes in different surface finishes and non-slip class R9 to R11/C for the broadest possible range of applications. The tiles with a rough-polished surface and R9 non-slip rating are available in 30 x 60 cm and 60 x 60 cm formats. All formats come with matt finishes that offer non-slip class R10/A ideal for swimming pools, saunas or wellness facilities. In addition, the HUDSON range includes a 7.5 x 7.5 cm mosaic on 30 x 30 cm mesh, a 2.5 x 15 cm decorative strip mosaic, large-format 30 x 120 cm stair tiles with milled grooves along the front edge for use in public and semi-public projects, and 7.5 x 60 cm strip skirting.

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The HUDSON portfolio is completed by OUTDOOR TILES with a thickness of 2 cm in white sand, sand and volcano in 60 x 60 cm format. The design of these hardwearing outdoor tiles coordinates with the vilbostone interior porcelain stoneware, creating harmony across all floors and an elegant continuity between indoor and outdoor styles. The OUTDOOR TILES are colour-fast, light-fast and weatherresistant, and thanks to their vilbostone plus surface finish, are also resilient to dirt and easy to clean. As an added advantage, the tile edges are precisely cut to allow particularly aesthetic tiling and narrow joints. OUTDOOR TILES can also be laid in the conventional manner in a mortar bed, loosely in a gravel bed, on pile foundations or mortar bags, making them a practical, elegant solution for almost any situation. Furthermore, the tiles come with an R11/B slip rating and are therefore perfect for all wet area applications, especially swimming pools and pathways through wellness facilities or sauna gardens.

With its minimalist yet natural sandstone design, the HUDSON range makes a striking feature in areas requiring a timeless aesthetic, rendered in hard-wearing, easy-toclean materials, such as prestigiously-decorated public and semi-public areas like hotel foyers, hallways and office buildings, showrooms, shops, guest rooms and sanitary facilities in the hotel and hospitality industry. Its high slip resistance also makes the HUDSON range perfect for swimming pools and wellness facilities. In addition, HUDSON makes an attractive yet functional floor covering for outdoor areas or transitions between indoor and outdoor areas, such as entrances and stairwells.

They say it’s the lifestyle that makes Ibiza the place of unparalleled beauty

Cap Blanc Ibiza represents a luxurious residential private complex with on-site 24 hours security, with only 9 modern design villas all with exceptional seaviews and located in Ibiza – Talamanca, Cap Martinet, one of Ibiza’s outstanding and sought after locations.

The grounds of Cap Blanc Ibiza have been carefully selected. Therefore, it not only ensures its aesthetic value, but also your investment. Cap Blanc Ibiza is currently the most luxurious real estate development on Ibiza.

The villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza will be built using the most innovative construction methods. They are decorated with attractive architectural details and are fitted with the latest smart home automation systems to give them the ultimate finishing touch.

Each villa is ensured of total privacy whilst enjoying unobstructed views on the sea. Within such an extraordinary space, Cap Blanc Ibiza stands as an exclusive private world of comfort and security. The luxurious modern design villas of Cap Blanc Ibiza are very open, luminous and airy.

Each villa has been exclusively designed with unique shapes and proportions, allowing it to fit in naturally within its surroundings. Construction period of each villa is approx. 12 months. Each villa will be tailored to your own wishes.

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One of the main features of Cap Blanc Ibiza is the way it communicates with its environment, each residence has a private garden, lounge areas, large outside swimming pool within her own exclusive private world.

For further information contact: Global Luxurious Properties T: +31 (0)-15-2630195 | | Minerva Development T: +31 (0)20 471 57 83 | |

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THELMA & LOUISE Déco is a modern and dynamic company, focusing and specializing on the decking industry. With its distinct product know-how and the great passion of its founders, today Déco is a precious Italian reality. A careful selection of proven, quality products, as well as a large stock and bespoke solutions for specific projects. Experience and flexibility, together with a deep knowledge of the market. Far from being just a simple supplier, the goal of Déco is to be a real partner for its dealers, by offering tools and services to build a powerful and long-lasting professional relationship with the customers - your satisfaction is our mission.

The line between indoor and outdoor is becoming more subtle, open spaces are gaining greater value and Déco, the Italian company specialized in the decking sector, is following this trend and presents Thelma & Louise of the MOOD line, dedicated to the outdoor furniture. A strategic choice this of Déco, that since its founding in 2010 has experienced steady growth (the last year + 65%), becoming a landmark in the decking market. The new furnishings, that complete the company’s offer for the outdoor, are minimal, clean and elegant, differing in materials, structure and design. The Thelma & Louise collections, are elegant and refined for a pleasant relax. Thelma A wide collection of aged teak outdoor furnitures with soft waterproof pillows wich includes sofa, armchair, tables, chair and coffee tables. Available from:

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louise Is a family of confortable seats made of metallic frame and interlaced ropes which includes sofa, armchair and two different chairs.

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GLOBEWEST Growing up in the Western Cape of South Africa, in a town called Napier, GlobeWest co-founders, Alan and Stephen Mendel were quite literally surrounded by a shared family passion that would plant the seed for an idea in the future. Looking back on the journey of these two brothers, it comes as no surprise that such a formative childhood would lead them to one day working together. They spent their young lives observing with interest their parents’ passion for collecting and restoring antique furniture for the family home. The boys’ Uncle Jack was a furniture craftsman, whilst their father owned and ran a successful furniture shop. Ten thousand kilometres from South Africa, and half a lifetime later following parallel careers, the brothers decided to build something together in their new home of Australia. In 2004, combining their complimentary skills under a shared passion for interiors, GlobeWest was born.

Available from:

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GO WEST, GO GLOBAL GlobeWest reveals Outdoor Collections 2018, inviting Australians to holiday at home. A diverse outdoor living, dining, lounging and entertainment furniture offering to fit a multitude of alfresco, patio, deck, garden and poolside spaces. Outdoor sofa’s, occasional chairs, dining tables & chairs, sun lounges, bench seating, coffee and side tables, plus planters merging style with durability for the Australian climate. The collection includes 7 new premium quality furniture collections celebrating Australian open plan, indoor-outdoor dining and living: Embrace the outdoors with Livorno, a modern, sculptural collection featuring rounded silhouettes and concrete fibrestone in black, grey and white. Soak up the sun on comfortable, knitted woven pieces featuring sun-proof properties and quick dry, mould resistant foam. The versatile indoor-outdoor round dining table is a stand-out. Strong curved khaki framing make Hermosa a striking and confident addition to contemporary outdoor living spaces. The sandblasted glass coffee table complements soft grey outdoor upholstery. Embodying resort living, the Maldives range features low seating and hanging chairs, perfect for larger spaces and relaxed living. Thick woven designs in black, charcoal or white channel an eclectic, coastal vibe. Tahiti’s angular teak framing and dark grey upholstery promises to age beautifully and works well in lush garden settings and beyond.

Simple in form, and clever in function, CApE TOWn’S modular 2- Seater Sofa and Chaise Sofa feature interchangeable arms, making it customizable to any space. White powdercoated framing and knitted weave inlay detail give it an elegant edge.

ATLAnTiC features thick, unique ribboning detail and warm teak, balanced against a dark grey, light moss and ash colour palette. Fabrics are sun-proof, breathable, UV protected, fade and water-resistant. Highlights include the contemporary, lowseated Loft Sofa Chair and Loft 2 Seater Sofa.

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Delivering a comfortable feel and a minimal aesthetic, the MArinA collection mixes a sophisticated colour palette of grey and moss with warm, aged teak. The Cube Sofa Chair and 3 Seater Sofa are classic pieces, while the Square Woven Dining and Occasional Chairs offer a contemporary look.

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Immerse yourself in nature and sit cradled amongst the foliage in the leaf inspired Verde Chair


BLUEPORT ALTEA Timeless villas tailored to your wishes

THE PRESTIGIOUS ALTEA HILLS ESTATE GROUP LAUNCHES THE MOST LUXURIOUS EXCLUSIVE RESIDENTIAL VILLA COMPLEX ON THE COSTA BLANCA. It’s BluePort Altea, a project of extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable villas located in the best available spot in Altea Hills - a unique place form which the views of the bay of Altea are simply unsurpassable and where the peace and quiet, privacy and natural surroundings envelope each and every home. BluePort stands for elegance and exclusivity specially for highly refined residents who invest on a luxurious level, and who seek to develop their stylish life in a setting of privacy, family comfort and first-class refinement. The grounds where BluePort is located are truly mind blowing! All BluePort residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters. Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area,

including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service-quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens. Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. There is Truth in the proverb ”My home is my castle” being more than just luxurious surroundings, BluePort Altea offers an absolute sense of security as a result of the enclosed perimeter of Altea Hills. The Shelter of the mountains and the endless sea provides the perfect symbiosis between the privacy of your home and overwhelming nature. The contrasted character of BluePort Altea inspired by world-famous interior designer Eric Kuster to create a dedicated design line; Blue by Eric Kuster.

It is the perfect match born from a passion for luxury and beauty, balancing classic and modern, light and dark, hot and cold, luxury and natural materials. Blue by Eric Kuster is Metropolitan Luxury in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Apply for a full brochure: Contact Agent: Global Luxurious Properties Team of Professional Real Estate Consultants T 0031-(0)15-2630195 E:

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InsPIrEd by bEEs!

Ego Paris is a French family brand, led by three brothers, who specialise in the creation and distribution of an extended range of open-air fittings including balcony, garden, terrace and outdoor fittings. Their contemporary outdoor furniture is characterized by its elegance and modern design. Its unique and innovative pieces are characterized by a concept of modularity, personalization and functionality. Their professional designers have issued three exclusive collections of open-air equipment’s: the Tandem, Première and Kama collections. Their products mix modernity to originality and will provide your exterior areas with a touch of audacity and imagination. Available from:

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Please “behive” youself! The Hive collection, a modular seating design has been designed to enable people to gather, share and chat – inspired by the honeycomb effect of hexagonal cells found in beehives. The interconnecting seat ‘cells’ allows for highly sociable configurations from the three frame sizes; Hive One, Hive Loveseat & Hive Triple Seat. Designed by Fabrice Berrux, this exciting collection is an experimentation of colours and designs. No more boring rectangular tables and soft hued colours, but instead a variety of hexagon shapes that mix and match in the form of tables and chairs, poufs and cushions.

A modular collection, HIVE ensures each piece of furniture from armchair to sofa, stool, loveseat, table and half table, are made in the shape of a cell allowing for various compositions. The “Confident”, the “Conversation”, or the “Indiscrete” are some of the possible ambiance combinations from this range all of which facilitate conversation and contact between people. Designed with comfort in mind not purely to be desired and shown off but to be used and enjoyed. The elegant and refined aluminium structures, the signature of EGO Paris, allows for large and comfortable cushions. EGO Paris knows how to give shape to Batyline® canvas by Serge Ferrari which provides backs that are like “a protective screen, yet still open to the surrounding environment,” says Fabrice Berrux.

The cushions not only add a touch of style but are also a source of comfort making the Hive collection even more lively and adaptable. To make each furniture piece unique, the Hive collection benefits from EGO Paris’s large range of finishes, plus a selection of the famous Missoni Home® fabrics. The Hive collection truly is a hive where people can gather, share and chat all together. Smart, with a real graphic design, the Hive collection is an invitation for conviviality outdoors.

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GARDEN LAYERS... GARDEN LAYERS, GAN’s first Outdoor Space, is an innovative proposal conceived by designer Patricia Urquiola that brings style and comfort to terraces, pools, beaches and other outdoor spaces. Patricia Urquiola travelled to India where she was captivated by the delicacy and harmony of the Mongol architecture she found there. Gardens, terraces and miniatures found their way into her restless imagination inspiring a new collection which from the very first spark of creativity she wanted to be for the outdoors. The end result is an incredible integration of tones, textures and patterns, traditionally found in indoor products, designed to be used out in the open.

Gandia Blasco, the Valencian family-run design company now widely recognised for its mainly white, outdoor furniture, began over sixty years ago as a textile manufacturer. In recent years, the Spanish company returned to its woven roots with a diverse collection of rugs for the home. Produced under the brand moniker, GAN, the rugs come in hand tufted and hand knotted varieties, standard and custom sizes, with designs influenced by a multitude of cultures including Persian, Arabic and Mediterranean. With an aggressive championing of talented and leading designers, each rug is meticulously created by hand in India in carefully and responsibly managed ateliers and has a unique, playful character without compromising quality or expectation. Available from:

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On sand, or lawns, carpeting over a deck or just bringing an element of comfort to low benches, GARDEN LAYERS adds an extra touch of well-being and refinement to life outdoors, inspired by the long eastern tradition of lounging in open air spaces.

...brings the style and comfort of indoor spaces to the outdoors

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The collection can be used for relaxation or sun bathing beside a pool, at the beach or on any surface near water. Also perfect to use under a shade, GARDEN LAYERS is a space of relaxation, of conversation in porches or under pergolas, given its adaptability to warm environments as well as other more moderate climates. It is made with particularly resistant high-tech fabrics and a quick-dry foam filling, so it doesn’t require any additional maintenance.

The influence of the Orient in GARDEN LAYERS is evident in terms of the way it invites reclined relaxation on rugs and mats, supported on roll pillows and stuffed cushions. It can also be perceived in the fringes, the finishes and the geometry of its motifs.

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GARDEN LAYERS is based on a modular system that allows users to create infinite compositions according to the needs and the layout of their spaces. The mattresses, roll pillows and cushions can be combined and contrasted according to the different textures and patterns or used on their own as individual pieces.


The collection is available in three colour groups: terracotta, grey ad blue. Its inspired design is combined with high-tech materials and fillings: weather resistant yarns and foams that dry rapidly (dryfast) in order to provide the perfect outdoor behaviour.

KE has been designing and manufacturing arm, cassette and drop awnings, canopies, and pergolas since 1987. The Company is specialised in the design and production of shading solutions that enhance outdoor experience, up to restyling street furniture. Owing to the wide range of products and to the rich selection of configurations, KE is able to respond to the needs of the most demanding designers, architects, doors and windows installers, upholsterers and outdoor furnishing professionals. KE is constantly investing in providing cutting edge products and updated knowhow. Such commitment makes KE a highly proactive company as far as customised solutions are concerned, enabling them the flexibility to meet the most complex requests,

Available from:

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An ITAlIAnhEArTEd vIllA In ThE FrEnCh rIvIErA


Private villa in the French Riviera

Location: Cap d’Antibes Project:

Gennius France

Products: 3 products were installed 2 Kolibrie shading systems, cm 320x320, Woven Dacron nautical, electropolished stainless steel frame 1 Qubica Flat cassette awning, cm 700 x 410, Somfy IO motor, RAL 9010 matte, white Dickson woven 1 Kedry Plus bioclimatic pergola, cm 800 x 2.9 RAL 9010 matte with vertical rollers Vertika GPZ with Maestria IO motor and Wind Block System

DÉCOR Magazine 223

KE shading systems are widely appreciated for luxury installations worldwide. Specifically, KE boasts a longstanding experience in an exclusive area such as the French Riviera, and this is the case for this magnificent private villa in Cap d’Antibes, a few kilometres from Nice and Cannes. The estate owner, who asked to create a more enjoyable outdoor space, combining practicality and design, was initially impressed by the essential design of Qubica Flat cassette awning, in the matt white version. Qubica sun awning, born from an intuition of Italian architect Robby Cantarutti, perfectly fits to the villa minimal architecture it adjusts to the facade, with a minimal impact, looking compact and elegant even when closed. Flat Qubica has been installed in the living area to provide maximum coverage in warmer hours and protect the outdoor relax area, decorated in white and pearl grey tones. In this area two Kolibrie shading systems in Dacron fabric were added as well: the elegance and nautical finishes of this sail, which is a real object of design with a great eye impact, immediately responded to the client needs. The two shading sails were placed in the poolside area. The third product chosen is Kedry Plus, the bioclimatic pergola, ideal for creating an area dedicated to the open kitchen, which had to be separated from the pool area and protected to create a functional cooking zone. Vertika rollers with Soltis 92 woven provide additional protection for kitchen equipment during winter months. During sunset hours, Vertika rollers filter the sunrays to ensure total protection for those who are cooking, blocking out any annoying reflections. Once again, KE stands out as a complete and integrated sun shading solutions supplier: a wide range of products that can adapt to more diverse situations, to satisfy every need and to add prestige to unique residential environments, enhancing any outdoor space.

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