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One of a Kind The stunning Enignum range from designer Joseph Walsh The World Marbella A new development that will redefine modern Marbella living

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DÉCOR Décor Magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings. Designed for interior designers or home enthusiasts, Décor Magazine is the go-to-guide for those who want to discover what is happening within the world of interiors. What sets Décor Magazine apart from all other interior design magazines, is its mix of content that will appeal to not only the design fraternity but the homemaker as well, with trade information, product reviews and style trends. In this edition we feature some very exciting designers from around the world - Ed Cruikshank in New Zealand to Joseph Walsh in Ireland - and a few more in between. Enjoy!

Alexanders’ Collection Luxury Home

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CONTENTS 08 A MOVING EXPERIENCE News from Bang & Olufsen Marbella 12



20 PURE IMAGINATION Karim Rashid’s brilliant imagination turns an image of trumpets into stylish lighting 32 TUNNEL VISION Going Underground with textiles from Kirkby Designs 62 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

on trend

68 WHAT’S NEW? From urban Danish design group BoConcept 74

TIMELESS TREASURES NZ based designer Ed Cruikshank creates furniture enjoyed and treasured by generations

88 RUGGED YET REFINED New York based DLV create luxury furniture to live in 94 LUXURY OFFICE Boca do Lobo believes that every luxury home should have a luxury office

102 ONE OF A KIND Joseph Walsh showcases his stunning Enignum range 108 COASTAL DRIFT A new collection of premium handcrafted furniture from Timothy Oulton 122 SPELLING IT OUT TABISSO develops innovative furniture solutions for contract and hospitality


140 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Martyn Lawrence Bullard - interior designer to the stars 166 STRAIGHT ON UP Give your room a makover with customised map wallpaper 172 IMMERSE YOURSELF IN LUXURY In one of the Cast Iron Bath Company’s beautiful tubs 180 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

brand news

190 OUTDOOR LIVING From Robertu, Cape Reed and Vondom 196 SUNSEARCH HOMES PRESENTS The World Marbella - a new development that will redefine modern Marbella living

A MO ING E ERIENCE ang and Olufsen Marbella within their magnificent showroom in the heart of uerto anus present the most innovative and captivating television ever seen.

BeoVision Avant - exquisite imagery and iconic sound, united through beauty and movement With the innovative BeoVision Avant, Bang & Olufsen redefines the television’s place in the home. Sublime Ultra High Definition (4K) video performance and jaw-dropping acoustic authenticity are built in. But BeoVision Avant also amazes with magical convenience based on a strong understanding of how we want to live with the television – and how high-end multimedia entertainment can go hand in hand with uncompromising design.

At Bang & Olufsen, innovation begins with understanding user needs before merging technology and craftsmanship to deliver design with lasting value. Case in point: BeoVision Avant, the company’s latest television. Based on Bang & Olufsen research and innovation, this flagship entertainment centre has the muscle and finesse to deliver breath-taking performance when family and friends gather around it. But it also has the good manners to blend in to the living room – and with the family’s lifestyle – when people Bang & Olufsen Marbella Puerto Banús, Main Entrance +34 952 817 250

8 DÉCOR Magazine

choose to do something else. And because it was conceived to last in a changing digital world, it is ready and able to work seamlessly with all the devices and content sources anyone in the family might want to use – with none of the complexity. The name Avant is a nod to Bang & Olufsen’s most successful TV to date, the Avant launched in 1995. Just as the first Avant was a game changer in an analogue era, the new BeoVision Avant sets the standard for what should be expected from a television today and in the future.

DÉCOR Magazine


Magical mechanics and convenience In the Bang & Olufsen tradition of taming technology in the service of simplicity, BeoVision Avant introduces a number of innovations that build new bridges between electronics and magical movement. To make such amazing sound possible from a flat screen television, the designers have created a discrete but powerful sound panel that unfolds when the television is on, then retreats inside when you turn it off. The sound panel’s movements are coordinated with those of the new stands so the television is ready for viewing and listening in one choreographed flow. BeoVision Avant’s innovative stand program includes wall, floor and table options which make integrating even a very large television into the home décor easier and more flexible than ever before. The concept vision was to create a TV which stays in the background of the living room when turned off and wakes up to action and takes centre stage when turned on. Rather than arranging your room around the television, the new stands turn the television toward you when you want to use it – then back in place when you have finished viewing.

10 DÉCOR Magazine

Spectacularly authentic sound As you would expect from Bang & Olufsen, BeoVision Avant sounds extraordinary right out of the box. But be prepared to discover just how good a television can sound with no fewer than eight driver units and eight dedicated amplifiers built in.

Avant 55"+ fixed Wall Bracket:


Avant 55”+ Floor Stand, Table Stand or Wall Bracket all Motorised:


The sound panel that magically glides from the television when it is turned on performs brilliantly on its own. If you want to connect external speakers to create a true surround sound experience – either wirelessly or wired – it could not be simpler with the integrated 7.1 surround sound module.

Exquisite video performance A new Chromatic Room Adaptation feature analyses ambient light from two sensors, and adjusts the screen to compensate for the room’s colour tones. High-grade anti-reflection coatings on both sides of the screen dampen reflections by 98%.

The distinctive beauty in the movement of BeoVision Avant is the culmination of fearless design and innovation DÉCOR Magazine





PERFECTLY DESIGNED MILK DESK Here’s something that will not only look great in your study, but might also be quite helpful in your work. Introducing the Milk Desk, a beautiful, minimalist desk created by Danish designer Soren Rose. This intriguing piece of equipment keeps your workspace clutter free and is ergonomic and responsive, as you can electronically adjust the height at the mere touch of a button and switch from working sitting down to standing up when you feel you might be putting a bit too much strain on your back. The Milk Desk is also customizable, allowing you to change its layout as you please. It comes with four square modular spaces and you can choose from several options whatever fits your type of work, with a paper basket, pencil holders, tool box, smartphone, and tablet drawer with in-desk cable routing all available. There’s even the option of adding an aquarium, if the sight of fish peacefully swimming around relaxes you. For more information visit: www.milk.dk

BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING EFFECTS by Cariitti Oy Cariitti Oy is a Finish lighting manufacturer with a 40 year long history behind. Today they focus in their product development on clear, functional and high quality concepts. Their range consists of ready-made sets as well as special custom-made lighting systems. The company specializes, among other, in high-end LED and fibre optic lights. Sade Royal is one of these, a genuine ceiling jewel. This pendant light consists of three chains of different lengths made of Swarowski Swing crystals, with a stainless steel base. The light source is a cold LED. This combination of cold light and crystals results in the reflection on the ceiling of a multitude of icy lights. The crystals hang like stalactites from the ceiling, creating a refined show of lights. The coldness of the atmosphere is counterbalanced by its magical effects. Sade Royal is sold as one piece or as a kit of 18, allowing for amazing ceiling installations.

12 DÉCOR Magazine

Illusia is a surprising pendant LED lamp. The shade, in powder coated aluminium, comes in three colours: anthracite, grey or white. There is an inner globe in shockproof acryl that lines the shade. The secret is hidden inside this inner globe, and it is a mouth-blown glass ball. It is the patterned surface of the glass ball that creates the beautiful floral reflection on the table. And as these balls are unique thanks to their manufacturing technique, every reflection is unique as well. For more information visit: www.cariitti.fi

DEMI COUTURE - TRESOR LIGHTING Ya Interiors is a new boutique design practice in Mayfair, led by Yasmin Ahmad and renowned fashion designer Aseef Vase.. Together, they have created a demi couture collection called Tresor lighting Presenting a blend of classic and modern elements, Tresor chandelier represents 16 hanging lamps with glass discs, which were made in a small art shop in Murano. The glass discs can be whatever colour you want. Festive silk lamp shades that are part of the chandeliers are made at a local studio in nearby Padova. Radiating flawless skills of designers, this impeccably designed steel frame with beautiful proportions makes an elegant chandelier base and it is galvanized, with final details in shades of rose gold, gold or platinum. After that, seven layers of lacquer are applied, and in this section you can choose any colour. Each design can be adapted to the customer, by Italian experts. Approximately 120 hours are required to produce any of the pieces, while only construction and assembling of the chandeliers requires the cooperation of five people.

Designers Ahmed and vases are perfectly combined their artistic synergy to design this sophisticated pieces, and they got inspiration from their starting points when doing designs for various fashion houses. Creation of sophisticated objects that will satisfy all tastes is what they had in mind. For more information visit: www.yainteriors.com

THE DINNER TABLE THAT LETS YOU RACK ‘EM The Fusion Table allows you more than one way to entertain dinner guests, because after a meal you can turn the dinner table into a pool table.

The Fusion Table simply transforms into a pool table by sliding the table top back to reveal the pool table. The balls, racks, and cues are contained in a compartment under the table, so they do not get in the way when it’s dinner time. The Fusion Table also can be height-adjusted so you can play pool or eat comfortably. When you hear dinner/pool table combo, you imagine the design would be bulky and look childish, but the Fusion Table has a sleek, modern design available with black, white, and stainless finishes. If none of those colours match your space, you can order a custom colour. The Fusion Table is a limited edition, with only 99 units made.

For more information visit: www.fusiontables.com DÉCOR Magazine


A VISION - by Josè Levì & UP Group José Levy has designed a bathroom collection called Jungle Wash for the Italian marble specialist company Up Group, incorporating shelving, a sink, a tap, a mirror, a foldaway stool and even a toothbrush: a wild and offbeat shower; an oasis of freshness in the Amazon jungle. The designer has devised a suite from rough blocks of emerald green Guatemalan marble; only the functional parts are highly polished. A mineral stack smoothed by water from a waterfall and overrun by dense vegetation alluding to an improvised bath “a bit like washing in nature after tropical rainfall, when the water is held in stone blocks…” summed up the French designer blending luxury and luxuriance with this paradoxical line where man’s intervention is reduced to its simplest, but also to its most direct expression. A gem of a camp: literally and figuratively.

The Collection: Brush, Comb, Shelves, Cylindrical vase, cylindrical box, Toothbrush, Cabinet with mirror, Foldin Stoo. For more information visit: www.upgroup.it

CONCRETE TILES WITH FLOWERY MOTIFS Looking for a new way to innovate your house? Why not try the soft organic forms with flowery motifs that embellish the walls of your home, a simple concept developed by KAZA and a series of selected design artists from all over the world? A concrete tile reinforced with concrete fibre called Smart Concrete becomes a durable material that can be adapted to various creative design concepts. What’s really interesting is the way each artist brings his/her personal contribution to it, transforming a tile into an object of art. Believe it or not, it’s the latest trend in terms of interiors and it can successfully replace the dull wallpapers or the paint. The visual effect produced by the contemporary artistic wall you end up creating is impressive. As the light penetrates the interior, the angles of the shadows change within the textural concrete tile. That gives birth to a constantly changing living environment, dynamic and nevertheless, inspiring. Suggesting a new versatile design solution for your house, KAZA challenges you to dwell into a different type of experience distilled with a touch of emotion. The natural rhythm imposed by the flowery motifs and distinctive patterns adds a sense of life and harmony to any home. Tiles come in different shapes and sizes and they work for both, interiors and exteriors. For more information visit: www.kazaconcrete.com

14 DÉCOR Magazine

ALBERO by Poltrona Frau Design designed by Gianfranco Frattini Self-supporting, rotating and adjustable to suit all tastes.

Describing this piece of furniture as a mere bookcase is somewhat reductive. Rather, it is a sculpture a piece of art or a spectacular installation for the centre of any room. Conceived in the late 1950s as a floor-to-ceiling free-standing bookcase, “Albero” was designed for use in interior settings rather than for serial production. Designed by Frattini, the structure stands out both for its complex cabinet work and for its sculpted nature, acting as the centrepiece of a room. The supporting frame is in solid Canaletto walnut veneer with special rack and pinion joints and shelves in MDF with Canaletto veneer.. A metal “cup” is attached to the ceiling inside which is inserted a steel anchor bolt with adjustable metal ferrules. On the ground it is held in place by an anti-slip rubber foot. The system has a 360° swivel mechanism. Any number of shelves from 8 to 12 can be fitted thanks to the holes in the uprights. For more information visit: www.poltronafrau.com

DÉCOR Magazine


WE ALL NEED A HUG SOMETIMES! The “HUG CHAIR” is an exclusive furniture design which combines the original spiral shape and the values of a hug.

A unique uni-body circular structure connects both seats together allowing two people to sit face-to-face and thus creating an immediate intimate interaction. Through this physical connection, you feel socially and emotionally connected with the person sitting on the opposite side. The upper “half-pipe” which bends above the heads creates a highway of thoughts and a chain of emotions. The exceptional shape and the amazing acoustics of the Hug Chair creates, even in large and crowded rooms or halls, an immediate, safe and intimate ambience for those who desire space for a private moment. For more information visit: www.hugchair.com

16 DÉCOR Magazine

Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Fine Carpets | Luxurious Fabrics Handmade Embroidery | Mosaics | Lighting Exquisite High Quality Furniture | Glassware Accessories and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | ac.spain@yahoo.es



PURE IMAGINATION “I wanted to create a functional product that was part sculpture, that was truly beautiful even with the lights off, that would allow beguiling combinations capable of creating a fantastic panorama of lights and shapes” Karim Rashid This collection that recalls a row of trumpets lined like bunting stems from Karim Rashid’s brilliant imagination. Organic shapes that create a fantastic panorama of lights and shapes. Nafir touches upon the sculptural theme: available stand-alone or in groups of threes (a textured and flowing osmosis of 3 lampshades) and illuminated by LED technology, it is just as enchanting with the lights off.

For more information visit: www.axolight.it

20 DÉCOR Magazine

The designer sketched them while thinking of light as a complement to music, imagining a fluid surface pulled upwards in several places: the three-dimensional handling of the surface, little by little, took shape and began its transformation into an object that resembles a trumpet. Nafir’s fluid and dynamic shape is intended to be the expression of light itself, as if the casing wanted to become/appear an integral part of what it contains, while also expressing the idea that light, like music, is pure emotion. Its name is also a tribute to music: Indeed, the term Nafir is used to indicate a small North African

trumpet, without pistons, used to obtain especially acute sounds. Nafir is designed to allow the creation and customisation of an endless number of compositions suitable both for residential and contract use. A triumph of vitality and an unmistakable sign for a fabulous collection of lamps that remains the crux of the purest refinement. Nafir is made of white injection moulded plastic and is available in three different colours: chrome exterior/white interior, white exterior/gold interior and white exterior/white interior. The canopies are made of the same material as the lamp and with the same colours and finishes. Dimensions: single version Ø20 cm x H. trumpet 30 cm / total suspension height 180 cm – triple version - overall dimension of approximately 50 cm in Ø x H. trumpets 30 cm / total suspension height 180 cm. The light source is GU10 LED which guarantees excellent performance levels in terms of energy savings and is readily available in shops.

Fluid, liquid, emphatic, glamorous

DÉCOR Magazine


LAYERS, A PERFORMANCE OF LIGHT Designed by Vanessa Vivian

Layers is a collection of ceiling lamps and suspensions with a metal frame covered with handapplied super-smooth fire retardant pongĂŠ fabric, a radiant explosion of colours, shapes and sizes.

Voluptuous, multifarious, irresistibly magnetic.

Whether fitted individually or in clusters, these lamps are highly choreographic and especially appealing owing to their painstaking care for detail and the extreme lightness that they convey despite their dimensions. 9 different lampshade sizes (from Ă˜ 93 cm to 151 cm and heights of up to 300 cm), 10 colours in the catalogue, 8 basic shapes and 100 variants. The concept behind the collection is based on 8 basic shapes which can be attached to one another according to taste and requirements. The shapes which can thus be achieved are numerous, as are the colour combinations which, in addition to 10 single colours, also include two multi-colour variants: one is bright and sunny (red, burgundy red, orange, golden yellow) and the other neutral and cold (dark grey, light grey and white).

Limitless lamp customisation The Layers collection raises the extent to which customisation is possible, offering a further possibility of choice between colours, shapes and sizes, in addition to those listed in the catalogue. Every product can therefore be developed by the engineering department according to specific requirements.

For more information visit: www.axolight.it DÉCOR Magazine


Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Fine Carpets | Luxurious Fabrics | Handmade Embroidery Exquisite High Quality Furniture | Mosaics | Lighting Glassware | Accessories and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | ac.spain@yahoo.es | www.ac-spain.es

ZEFIRO The Zefiro model is a composition of two separate crystal pieces: the shade, made with Venetian glass, and the base made with Pyrex crystal. Handblowing is the technique used in this model. This item has a defined classical style, but its two piece shape endows it with a creative and original touch.

MISTRAL The Mistral model is a piece of workmanship made of Venetian pyrex crystal. The wavy effect of this type of crystal together with its hand-made waviness creates a piece unique in its shape. Its dimensions make this portable lamp a suitable item for any space.

26 DÉCOR Magazine

By Dresslight

EOLO The Eolo model lends originality to any large room; its design features a zigzag structure made with transparent pyrex crystal combined with a shade in opal. The unique design and the craftsmanship of the Garuti blown crystal make the Eolo model a small work of art.

For more information visit: www.dresslight.com

DÉCOR Magazine


WAKUFU Beautiful & harmonious from all angles Wakufu is inspired by traditional Japanese culture, fashion and art. This family of light fixtures – designed by Estudi Ribaudí for DRESSLight – in all its shapes, recalls the refinement of kimono and projects a soft and uniform light, inviting to meditation. Its lampshade made of fabric, which is one of the most innovative features, offers a high level of visual comfort, providing homogeneous light and no shades. This Spain 100% hand-made lampshade, which gives a unique value to the piece, is customizable by choosing original and Asian motif stamps. Besides being delicate, Wakufu is highly efficient due to LED technology, which allows optimal lighting with less energy consumption. This series consists of a floor lamp, a table and overlay, with or without a reading arm. Wakufu collection outstands due to its adaptability and versatility, which makes it very suitable for contract spaces.

Designed to grab your attention It is its designers’ opinion that Wakufu has a 360° design “because it is highly aesthetical from any angle you look at it”. Regardless of its position, all glances will converge on it: “when designing it, we deepened into fashion and took inspiration from oriental couture designers. From there, we drew free and expressive shapes to transmit conceptual values we had in mind. Without imposing any technical restraint, we obtained the final shape of Wakufu”, Jordi Ribaudí said. It features tranquillity: “all its components fit together, forming an iconographic concept”. Headed by Jordi Ribaudí, Estudi Ribaudí is a regular collaborator of DRESSLight and Faro Barcelona, which is made up of a team of designers and interior decorators, who works combining creativity, materials and technology.

For more information visit: www.dresslight.com

28 DÉCOR Magazine

By Dresslight

DÉCOR Magazine



Diaphanous, light, metamorphic


p.c. studio - photo tommaso sartori


TUNNEL VISION Kirkby Design have revealed an exclusive new velvet upholstery collection, “Underground”, an exciting collaboration with Transport for London (TfL) in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Underground.

Based in Nottinghamshire, Kirkby Design produces a contemporary range of high performance, upholstery fabrics. Kirkby Design is part of the The Romo Group and is available worldwide through an extensive network of selected interior designers and retail outlets.

Available from: www.romo.com

32 DÉCOR Magazine

Kirkby Design have recreated five iconic moquette fabric designs taken from the London Transport Museum’s archive to be reworked into a collection of contemporary woven velvets. Originally used for seating fabric across the Underground and wider TfL network, the designs selected have been stripped back and re-coloured in Kirkby Design’s signature colours, encapsulating the original source designs, whilst adding a contemporary twist to suit modern tastes for both the domestic and hospitality sector. The designs that feature come from a range of modes of transport including iconic 1930s London buses, 1950s Green Line coaches and Tube seating from the 1970s and 1990s. Each design with its own individual history... District Designed by the prolific Architect and Designer Misha Black, this brightly coloured block design was first introduced on the London Underground’s District line (D78 stock) in the late 1970s to complement the brighter finishes within the carriage interiors. The fabric was also used on most new buses entering service in London, notably the large fleets of Metrobus and Titan types. In 1983, the design was introduced on new Underground trains on the Jubilee Line and fast became a subconscious icon of the city.

Marylebone This design was developed in the late 1930s to be used on the new batch of RT-type London buses delivered between 1939 and 1942. This model was the forerunner of nearly 7,000 buses of its type which dominated the streets of London in the 1950s and 1960s. Piccadilly The 1973 Tube stock which serves this line underwent a huge refurbishment in 1997. This intricate, geometric design was introduced as part of this refurbishment to co-ordinate with the new carriage interiors.

Southbank After World War II, London Transport’s bus and coach fleet was out-dated and rather careworn after nearly 6 years of continuous conflict and the rigors of wartime service. A new fleet of coaches were ordered for London Transport’s Green Line coach service and thus a new and elegant moquette was commissioned. This design was also used on a small fleet of Private Hire coaches which were ordered to run tours to and from the iconic Festival of Britain at London’s South Bank in 1951. It remained in use for several years.

Bakerloo Designed in the 1960s, this geometric moquette design consists of staggered rectangular shapes. It was used extensively to refurbish trains from the late 1930s serving the Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly, East London and Central Underground lines. It worked particularly well with interiors featuring polished wood panelling and cerulean blue paintwork.

DÉCOR Magazine



MARCH 2014

3 contemporary new collections that have an air of heritage charm.

Edition have launched second year with the launch of 3 elegant new collections, featuringBlack designs and textures inspired 3 elegant new collections, featuring designs and textures inspired by a diverse mix of sources from across the globe. Elegant rces from across the globe. Elegant silks, luxurious velvets, innovative weaves, shimmering silks, luxurious velvets, innovative weaves, shimmering metallics and painterly prints burst with colour in rich, jewel-like shades. The new collections willburst be showcased during prints with colour in rich, jewel-like shades. Sunday 9 – Friday 14 March 2014 and are available through selected retailers and interior

Staying true to the ethos of the brand, to offer exclusively designed collections infused with rich contemporary elegance, the Astratto fabrics & wallcoverings and Lorentz collections beautifully combine cutting-edge printing and dying os of the brand, to offer exclusively designed collections infused with rich contemporary elegance, techniques, sumptuous textures and exquisite colour combinations.

wallcoverings and Lorentz collections beautifully combine cutting-edge printing and dying Fluid natural forms, antiqued paisleys and elegant English florals are seen textures and exquisite colour combinations.

alongside spectacular damasks including one woven with a heavy-weight kilim-effect. Artistic digital prints with flashes of vibrant colour and dramatic tiqued paisleys and elegant English florals are seen alongside spectacular damaskssitincluding onewith intensely coloured silks giving a glamorous modern spray-dyes perfectly ght kilim-effect. Artistic digital prints with flashes of vibrant colour and dramatic spray-dyes richly sit varied collections. dimension to Astratto’s

coloured silks giving a glamorous modern dimension to Astratto’s richly varied collections.

Lorentz features an extensive range of upholstery weaves featuring an abundance of modern textures and small-scale designs. Metallic shades glimmer ensive range of upholstery weaves featuring an abundance of modern texturesrich and tones small-scale beneath of Jasper, Ochre and Quartz and glisten between colourful, es glimmer beneath rich tones of Jasper, Ochre and Quartz and glisten between colourful, smart geometrics tosmart give a subtle radiance to this versatile new collection.

btle radiance to this versatile new collection. - End -


Astratto Wallcoverings

Lorentz 2

gland, Romo was founded in 1902 by Robert Mould and remains a family run business today. The Romo Group currently Black Edition, Mark Alexander, Zinc Textile, Kirkby Design and Villa Nova.

ample requests, images and press loans please contact: James Eden at our UK press office Tel: +44 (0)207 352 7801 Fax: james.eden@romo.com. Also please register on the press area of our website to view recent press releases and browse our


Available from: www.romo.com

36 DÉCOR Magazine


1. Amristar Pomegranate 2. Astratto Pelican 3. Kassite Wallcovering Indium


2 1 2

1. Fauve Autumn 2. Elasona Multi



1. Lieytti Silver 2. Viridis Storm A dynamic new collection that takes inspiration from a diverse range of sources from across the globe. Opulent damasks and antiqued paisleys beautifully coloured with rich jewel-like tones and shimmering metallics feature alongside a spectacular kilim-effect damask. Artistic digital prints with flashes of vibrant colour and dramatic spray-dyes sit perfectly with intensely coloured silks giving a glamorous modern dimension to this richly varied collection.


2 1 3

1. Patola Steeple Grey 2. Lietti Wallcovering Ochre


1. Astratto Wallcovering Steele 2. Loma Gunmetal 3. Kazan Tungsten 4. Flavius Eucalyptus DÉCOR Magazine


1. Erin Mulberry 2. Nevoa Ochre 3. Nevoa Cayenne 4. Kasli Anthracite 5. Surat Nightshade 6. Surat Mango

1. Surat French Blue 2. Artis Liquorice 3. Kumu Cassis 4. Mari Umber 5. Chihro Charcoal 6. Inza Pelican 7. Viridis Wallcovering Silver










4 1



An extensive range of upholstery weaves featuring an abundance of modern textures and small-scale designs. Metallic shades glimmer beneath rich tones of Jasper, Ochre and Quartz and glisten between colourful, smart geometrics to give a subtle radiance to this versatile new collection. The collection is shown in two books: Lorentz One and Lorentz Two.



2 1

1. Zelva Charcoal 2. Nevoa Cayenne

38 DÉCOR Magazine

1. Luiza Wallcovering Dove 2. Veii Feather Grey 3. Kazzi Anthracite 4. Mezzeh Ochre 5. Veta Nougat







1. 2. 3. 4. 5, 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Swirl Nimbus Atoll Chalk Atoll Rattan Serene Paper Cayo Onyx Cordgrass Paper Argo Mushroom Serene Paper Padina Pumice Padina Pumice Cordgrass Paper Atoll Harbour Cayo Harbour Atoll Chalk Ghent Nimbus




An elegant collection of cool, calm, restrained textured weaves and hazy translucent sheers. Serene is presented in light natural tones and stylish accent colours with metallic hints.

Available from: www.romo.com

40 DÉCOR Magazine






10 6


12 13



DÉCOR Magazine


Cirrus Collection Elegant linen mix sheers that softly diffuse light creating stylish decorative effects.


VIBRANT Color creates happiness! This theme is the absolute proof of this motto. The interior of this season will be more colorful than ever.


The different shades of grey will make room for all colors bright such as orange, yellows and reds. The blue tones are added to put a bit of romance into it. This color scheme has been present in our collection for quite a while now, but always presented with a new balance between the traditional and the innovative values. We are drawn to nostalgic and authentic materials such as leather, velvet and wood. They are presented in all kinds of forms with only elegance, glamour and grace in mind. We embrace generosity and we are curious for the future.


For more information visit: www.domedeco.com

44 DÉCOR Magazine


1. S/3 Iron Panels- D1-S1/Mix Bronze Mix - Iron - 20 x 20 cm


2. Belladonna Sofa With Paretti Fabric- F3-T7/BR Brown - 48% Cotton, 52% Polyester - L225 X W100 x H70 cm 3. Woolen Carpet Anil- AN200300/CHO Chocolate (Anthracite) - 80% Wool, 20% Viscose - 200 x 300 cm 4. Oval Coffee Table With Glass - F11-G2/TRA Transparent - Stainless Steel, Glass - L160 x W60 x H40 cm

DÉCOR Magazine




3 5


1. S/4 Iron Mirrors - F7-S13/DBRO - Dark Bronze - Iron - D10 x H14 cm, D16 x H11 cm, D19,5 x H9 cm, D23 x H7,5 cm 2. Harlem Console Table- AM3-1879/GRI - French Grey (Ebony) - Mindy Wood, Black Metal Frame - L140 x W40 x H70 cm 3. Plaid Big Polkadots - POL140180/OC - Ocre (Black, Grey) - 100% Acrylic - 140 x 180 cm 4. Cowhide Carpet Lasered- DE125170/COP - Copper - Leather - 125 x 170 cm 5. Stool Square With Vintage Velvet - Fabric F4-T16/TU - Turquoise (Orange) Vintage Velvet Fabric - L45 x W45 x H44 cm

46 DÉCOR Magazine









2 3

p 1.

Tablelamp Round, Black Aluminium- L3-A1/BR Brown - Aluminium Foot, Imitation Leather Shade D45 x H65 cm

2. Vase Glass Bubbels Low- V2-G96/BL Blue - Glass - D21 x H18 cm


3. Tealight Waves, Glass - T2-G33/BR Brown (Blue, Red, Purple) - Glass - D8,5 x H9 cm 4. Tealight Vase Aluminium S - T2-A8/COP Copper - Aluminium - D10 x H31 cm 5. Tealight Vase Aluminium L - T2-A10/COP Copper - Aluminium - D10 x H47 cm 6. Vase Glass Bubbels - V2-G97/BL Blue - Glass - D13 x H23,5 cm 7.

Vase Glass Bubbels - V2-G95/BR Brown (Green) - Glass - D15,5 x H29,5 cm

8. Tealight Vase Aluminium M - T2-A9/COP Copper - Aluminium - D10 x H60 cm 9. Picture Frame: Tanuki Blue Haze- EF261 Mix Colors - 70 x 85 cm


10. Vase Glass Bubbels - V2-G95/



t 1. Vase Glass - V2-G101/BR


Brown - Glass - D18,5 x H28 cm 2. Vase Glass Bubbels Low- V2-G96/BL Blue - Glass - D21 x H18 cm 6

3. Cushion Cow Split - SPL4040/OR Orange (Black, Brown, Beige, Dark Blue, Purple, Red, Turquoise) Leather - 40 x 40 cm 4. Tealight Ceramics M - T2-C35/BRO Bronze (Silver, Gold) - Ceramics - D9,5 x H11 cm 5. Tealight Ceramics S - T2-C34/BRO Bronze (Silver, Gold) - Ceramics - D8 x H9,5 cm 6. Tealight Ceramics L - T2-C36/BRO Bronze (Silver, Gold) - Ceramics - D11 x H14 cm

DÉCOR Magazine


SOLID The use of artistic and dynamic objects combined with different styles of furniture assure boldness and creativity within this theme. The daring and surprising color combinations create different elements of freshness in the setting. The search for optimism and positivity is obvious by the use of colors. The color palette consisting of intense red, blue and orange is softened by the presence of earth tones. The luxury can be brought back in the use of rich textures such as satin, glass and copper. Next to comfort, luxury is of great importance to us.




1. Preston Couch, 1-Seater- Pres90/R9460 - Purple - 100% Velvet - L98 x W90 x H75 cm 2. Plaid Design Singh, - Design G - Sin130170g/Mix - Mix Colors - 60% Wool, 40% Silk - 130 x 170 cm 3. Cushion Singh, Design G - Sin4545g/Mix - Mix Colors - 60% Wool, 40% Silk - 45 x 45 cm 4. Tablelamp Purple Glass - With Purple Shade- L3-G6/Pu - Purple - Glass, Fabric Shade - L35 x W30 x H64 cm 5. Vase Glass Tube S - V2-G118/Tra - Transparent - Glass - D7,5 x H25 cm 6. Vase Glass Tube L - V2-G119/Tra - Transparent - Glass - D9 x H30 cm 7. Tealight Waves, Glass - T2-G33/Bl - Blue (Red, Purple, Brown) - Glass - D8,5 x H9 cm

48 DÉCOR Magazine





DÉCOR Magazine


1. Plaid Mich - MICH140180/Mix u Mix Colors (Orange, Beige) 42% Mohair/Wool, 41% Acrylic, 17% Nylon - 140 x 180 cm


2. Plaid Talia With Fringes TAL130175/PU Purple (Orange, Mix Colors) 100% Acrylic - 130 x 175 cm


3. Plaid Mich - MICH140180/OR Orange (Beige, Mix Colors) 42% Mohair/Wool, 41% Acrylic, 17% Nylon - 140 x 180 cm


4. Plaid Fabion- FC140180B/PU Purple - 80% Wool, 20% Acrylic - 140 x 180 cm


Stool With Knots And Carlucci Belong Fabric- F4-T19/CA1169 Red - 52% Pes, 48% Cotton - L45 x W45 x H49 cm

50 DÉCOR Magazine

1. Pot Ceramics Jar With Cover S D6-C64/RE - Red - Ceramics D15,5 x H16 cm


Pot Ceramics Jar With Cover L D6-C65/RE - Red - Ceramics D19,5 x H21 cm 2. Vase Shiny Aluminium- V2-A28/Si Silver - Aluminium L32 x W17 x H35 cm


3. Picture Frame Cow Split - Spl913/PU - Purple (Dark Blue, Red, Turquoise) Leather - 9 x 13 cm


4. Picture Frame Cow Split - SPL1015/ PU - Purple (Beige, Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Red, Turquoise) - Leather 10 x 15 cm

3 1

5. Tealight Ceramics S - T2-C34/SI Silver (Bronze, Gold) - Ceramics D8 x H9,5 cm


6. Tealight Ceramics M - T2-C35/SI Silver (Bronze, Gold) - Ceramics D9,5 x H11 cm


Tealight Ceramics L - T2-C36/



4 5




t 1. Tealight Waves- T2-G33/RE - Red (Blue, Purple, Brown) - Glass D8,5 x H9 cm

2. Tealight Waves- T2-G33/BL - Blue (Red, Purple, Brown) - Glass D8,5 x H9cm 3. Pictureframe Cow Split - SPL913/DBL - Dark Blue (Ocre, Turquoise, Red, Purple) - 9 x 13 cm 4. Notebook Cowsplit Leather- D4-L5/ PU - Purple (Red) - Leather, Cotton Embroidery - L16 x W12 cm 5. Notebook Cowsplit Leather- D4-L5/ RE - Red (Purple) - Leather, Cotton Embroidery - L16 x W12 cm


6. Plaid Talia With Fringes - TAL130175/ OR - Orange (Purple, Mix Colors) 100% Acrylic - 130 x 175 cm 9

7. Vase Cutting - V2-G122/BL - Blue (Yellow, Green, Red) - Glass L11 x W12 x H18 cm 8. Tealight Glass Frozen- T2-G42/BL Blue (Green, Red, Yellow) - Glass L13 x H10 cm 9. Vase Red Flamed, Light Blue Outside - V2-G92/RE - Mix Colors - Glass D16 x H20 cm

DÉCOR Magazine






1. Cushion Griet Design F - GRI4545F/MIX - Mix Colors - 100% Cotton - 45 x 45 cm 2. Plaid Talia With Fringes - TAL130175/PU - Purple, Orange, Mix Colors - 100% Acrylic - 130 x 175 cm 3. Corleo End Table- F10-G3/BLA - Black - Black Metal Frame, Black Glass - L60 x W60 x H45 cm 4. Tablelamp Silver Aluminium With Purple Shade- L3-A4/PU - Purple - Aluminium Foot, Fabric Shade - D50 x H72 cm

52 DÉCOR Magazine


DÉCOR Magazine



LOCHS & LAGOONS Inspired by memories of waterside holidays, from crisp morning autumnal walks around highland lochs ending the day by an open fire, to the glorious summer sunshine walks around Mediterranean lagoons where flamingos stand; Arthouse have been inspired by the breath-taking natural beauty of the highlands and picturesque views of sun-soaked lagoons to bring a new capsule collection that will definitely ruffle some feathers.

For over a decade, Arthouse have been designing trend led product for the interiors market. The in house design studio has created collections inspired directly from the most current trends. The way we style our home today has become so important to Arthouse. Whether it is a stage on which to entertain, a sanctuary at the end of the day, or a more practical place to work, there will be a collection or product that will bring that little injection of colour and design into your home without breaking the bank!

Available from: www.arthouse.com

54 DÉCOR Magazine

Fairburn Wallcovering Neutral

The new ‘Lochs & Lagoons’ collection interprets the trend for conversational design and puts a twist on the traditional. The result is an eclectic vibe that can be co-ordinated or personalised to bring a mix of subtle or humorous design statements to the home. Be as understated or as dramatic as you like! The Wallcoverings within the collection have been developed to co-ordinate throughout the home – even in the bathroom! The fabric feel of the papers evokes warmth and softness whilst the co-ordinating accessories entice you to feather your nest, with comfortable cushions (£24.99), screens (£75.00), storage boxes (£35.00) and quirky art pieces £9.99 - £125.00). Tartan becomes the main co-ordinate and confidently links with feathers and animals. Used on its own as a feature wall, or to compliment the lead design within the collection ‘Lagoon’ tartan (£16.99) is here to stay. The feathered ‘Plume’ (£16.99) can be as subtle or as show stopping as you like dependant on the colour palette, whilst all of these designs are complimented by a series of warming plains creating texture and depth.

Fairburn range in Plum

DÉCOR Magazine


Fairburn set of 3 Storage Boxes

Plume wallcovering in Blue & Cream

Black Lagoon

56 DÉCOR Magazine

Above: Grey Lagoon and Holed Mirror in Gunmetal Below: Geese Embroidered Cushion

The long lagoons lie white and still Beneath the great round Austral moon: The sudden dawn will waken soon With many a delicious thrill: Between this death and life the cries Of black swans ring through silent skies And the long wash of the slow stream Moves as in sleep some bodeful dream. Author - William Sharp

DÉCOR Magazine


Classic yet original, traditional yet innovative, Art Hide redefines and revolutionises hide. Designed in Australia and made with precision from the very best leathers available, Art Hide’s readymade and bespoke wall coverings, rugs, decor and fashion accessories combine exquisite, high quality materials with cutting edge ideas and techniques. For customers, buying an Art Hide piece should be a fabulous journey. From curiosity to satisfaction; an education and a joy. And at the end, a beautiful, eye catching possession that will be enjoyed and admired for a lifetime. Maintaining an ethical, sustainable supply chain is important to Art Hide. All hides are non exotic and are sourced as a natural by-product. Processing methods involved in tanning and dyeing are sustainable, and the company always aims to minimise its impact on the environment.

Available from: www.arthide.com.au

58 DÉCOR Magazine


This modern designer rug is a simple yet stunning chevron and herringbone cowhide design. This salt and pepper grey rug has a rich gradient of natural colours across the individual pieces of hide within the design.

DÉCOR Magazine



+34 952 788 691 Marbella, Spain

Residential | Commercial | Retail Interior Design | Architecture | Building | Project Management | 3D Renders



on trend

Retro in Red Whether it’s used to put a room on high alert with a bright shade of scarlet or to envelop visitors with a cozy, warm glow, retro red is the favourite colour choice of designers looking to make a statement. Full of drama and passion, it’s not a colour for the faint of heart, but when thoughtfully used—whether on a wall or in a handful of accessories—it can make a room come alive.

Retro Alarm Clock by I Love Retro www.notonthehighstreet,com €18.03

Wheeler™ Esso Wall Sconce www.barnlightelectric.com $219.00

Retro 1960’s Red Telephone by I Love Retro www.notonthehighstreet.com €85.13

Zatchels Red Leather Satchel Bag www.zatchels.com €70.44

62 DÉCOR Magazine

LexMod Arne Jacobson Style Egg Chair by LexMod www.amazon.com $899.00

Keep on Track Dreaming about tropical island escape, a safari through Africa or reminiscing about the month you backpacked across Europe? Bring your love of travel into your home with one of this summer’s hottest trends – maps! From wall hangings to soft furnishings, maps are leading the way in home décor.

Travel Quote Map Print by Maps International www.mapsinternational.co.uk £9.75 Map Canvas Text Art World Map www.lovemapson.com £45 Also in poster form - £22

400 Piece Personalised Jigsaw centered on your postcode www.cassinimaps.co.uk £29.99

Arctic map cushion www.shop.rmg.co.uk £49.95

Personalised Map Mug www.thepresentfinder.co.uk £12.50

Personalised Map Clock www.thepresentfinder.co.uk £39.99

DÉCOR Magazine


Hot Tropics It started last year with the flamingos. Around the same time, pineapples made a stylish appearance. This season parrots, tropical foliage are fruit-themed finds are on everything from glassware to tea towels. Get ready for a refreshing, breezy selection of tropical decor… Perfect for summer and evoking warm thoughts year-round:

Palm Tree Cushion by LuxDeco www.LuxDeco.com £85.00

Watermelon Serving Bowls www.pier1.ca $12 to $46

Lola Tropical Duvet Set by Idea Home Co www.notonthehighstreet.com €93.11

Rio Parrot Print Cushion www.marksandspencer.com £25

Palmeral Tennis Deck Chair www.houseofhackney.com £215.00

Barbecue Bucket in Neon Pink www.outthereinteriors.com £55.00

64 DÉCOR Magazine

Alphabetty No dictionary is required to appreciate this alphabet-inspired trend. Graphic patterns of letters and numbers are popping up on everything from mugs to plates to stylish sofas.

Oliver Bonas Alphabet Mug www.oliverbonas.com 11,74€

Alphabet Cushions www.harveymoon.co.uk £45.00

Alfie Chest Of Drawers www.livingitup.co.uk £529.00

Typographia by Tabisso www.tabisso.com

DÉCOR Magazine


Watch the Birdies Back in the 60’s and 70’s it was the flying duck wall ornaments that were in vogue. Now it appears that wallpaper, fabrics and home accessories featuring our winged friends (birds) are making a splash all over again. The variety of wall coverings featuring our winged friends means they are no longer just for traditional homes or little girls rooms; there is a style out there for everyone.

Hand Painted Bird Storage Tins www.mollieandfred.co.uk £14.99

Wagtail Glass Tumbler www.hunkydoryhome.co.uk £7.50

Set of 4 Blackberry Bird Placemats www.in-spaces.com £34

Katia Cushion www.etoile-home.com £40

Hoopla Pretty Birds www.ilovewallpaper.co.uk 11.20 €

66 DÉCOR Magazine

Metamorphosis Fine Bone China Tea/Dinner Plate – Cockatiel www.whitemint.co.uk £17


DÉCOR Magazine


WHAT’S NEW? It’s more than a new chair Give your straight dining table a strong personal touch with the new Adelaide chair from BoConcept. The Adelaide chair has a cool, distinct design expression with its curvy lines that takes its inspiration from the acorn where two curved parts are beautifully combined.

BoConcept offers a range of contemporary and modern furniture. We offer customized, coordinated and affordable design furniture and accessories. Customized because our products can be fitted to your needs and dreams. Coordinated because we take a holistic approach in the development and design of our product range. Design because we are a design company with our own designers & Affordable because we want to spoil our customers by giving them great value. Here we present some pieces from our NEW 2015 Collection.

Available from: www.boconcept.com

68 DÉCOR Magazine

Specialist in designing iconic chairs for BoConcept, Henrik Pedersen has not only created a chair that is comfortable and beautiful to look at, but a chair that can be completely customisable. The Adelaide chair comes in so many different seat and leg options that you design your own chair. You can have the seat with our without armrests, in plastic, or partly or fully upholstered in more than 100 different fabrics and leathers, and with legs in different materials. So go ahead and play with all the options in creating your own chair. You can even make a chair suitable for outdoor use when choosing the plastic seat combined with steel tube legs. This version is also conveniently stackable.

New Lugano bed with storage The new Lugano bed concept is being launched by BoConcept this season. It is designed by the Danish designer Morten Georgsen who specialises in functional, affordable design without compromising the aesthetic look. And with the new Lugano bed, he has really succeeded in every little detail. Beautiful mitre joints makes for an elegant and exclusive look and you can choose, between different legs and headboards according to your taste and needs. Here the bed is shown with a headboard in Lux Felt and with the intelligent storage option, so you can easily store away clothes and linen. The height of the bed makes it easy and comfortable to get in and out of bed. The new Lugano bed is available in matte white lacquer, walnut and espresso oak veneer and comes with a choice of many different headboards and legs. DÉCOR Magazine


Captivating copper The rich, warm colours of espresso oak veneer and dark leather get the glam treatment with new metallic-coloured details and accessories from BoConcept. The trick is not to overdo it, but just to give it a bit of sparkle with exquisite details in copper and silver. The new Monza extendable dining table features a beautiful copper frame underneath the dark tabletops. The Lugano sideboard comes with a choice of copper legs for a dazzling look, and there are lots of lamps, rugs, cushions, vases and sculptures in copper, silver and brass to give contemporary living a bit of shine.

70 DÉCOR Magazine










Imola chair from €1.669,- Adelaide chair from €329,- Monza table from €1.995,- Plaza Rug from €1.295,- Ceramic Vases from €49,-

It’s more than a new collection It’s a concept

We want you to make the most out of your space. That’s why the new 2015 collection can be customised to fit your needs. That’s why you can pick materials and colours to suit your style. And that’s why our professional Concepters provide interior decoration service to make your dream home come true. Visit our stores and let our Concepters make the most out of your space.

BoConcept Málaga Ctra. de Mijas km 3,5 29650 Mijas +34 951 242 092 malaga@boconcept.es www.boconcept.es

See our new collection in store now


gerard lewis designs fine furniture makers

Gerard Lewis Designs is a contemporary furniture manufacturer, known for its high quality products, superior workmanship and friendly service.

BESPOKE gerard lewis designs HANDMADE fine furniture makers FURNITURE The latest furniture designed by Nick Harvey of Gerard Lewis Designs was recently exhibited at Grand Designs Live in London. This stylish art decor inspired sideboard made in beech stained to dark wenge and finished with a smoked eucalyptus top would make a statement in any home The antique mirror glass doors with geometrical astragal beading and polished satin lacquer finish complete the look.

Established in 2001 the directors Nick and Sandra Harvey are highly regarded throughout the industry for their attention to detail and quality finish. All the furniture is designed in-house and manufactured to contract quality. The choice is limitless for furniture designed using the bespoke service and the standard collections.

Recommended retail price ÂŁ5680 inc vat excluding delivery

For more information visit: www.gerardlewisdesigns.com

72 DÉCOR Magazine

Also available in three and two door design


TIMELESS TREASURES Ed Cruikshank trained in fine cabinet-making in England and later became a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design. He worked alongside Viscount Linley at the Linley Company in London from 1993 to 2001. After moving to Queenstown, New Zealand in 2002 he founded Cruikshank. His bespoke creations range from simple functional items to conceptual objects that blur the boundary between furniture and art. His work is collected by a growing global audience.

Ed Cruikshank creates furniture of exceptional quality and lasting appeal to be enjoyed and treasured by generations.

“The best objects endure. Those that combine the highest calibre of creativity, design, materials and craftsmanship become timeless. Like stories they link and enrich the lives they touch.” Ed Cruikshank

Timeless looks and superb build quality enable the hand-made pieces to last. They will gather their own unique character and patina with use and the passage of time.

Complementing his custom work, Cruikshank offers a collection of timeless designs built to the same exacting standards. They sit comfortably with a broad range of architectural and interior styles. Every item is designed and developed in his Arrowtown studio and built in New Zealand and England by skilled artisans including cabinet-makers, precision engineers, boat builders, gunsmiths, upholsterers and wood carvers. Available from: www.cruikshank.co.nz

74 DÉCOR Magazine

Past projects include residential and commercial interiors, architectural collaborations and art installations.

1821 TABLE 108 Black Walnut segments converge on a Braille-pierced centre plate that quotes from Martin Luther King Jnr: “I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear”. The top revolves on a precisionengineered, gun-blued column supported by a cruciform base. The word love sits stationary at its centre. Materials used in the manufacture of firearms combine instead in an object that carries a message of peace, communication and tolerance. The table was created for the fine art exhibition ‘roundabout’. After opening at Wellington’s City Gallery in 2010 it travelled to Israel the following year, drawing record crowds at The Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Height 740mm, Diameter 1821mm

DÉCOR Magazine


KORU CHAIR Inspired by the joy of a little girl wrapped in a possum fur blanket, the Koru envelopes the sitter in its nestlike form. The result of seven years of development, it melds the skills of designer, frame-maker, master upholsterer and traditional furrier to create its complex organic shape. Only pelts of wild possum - which have become a serious pest in New Zealand are used in the sumptuous fur elements of the Koru. The Koru is available in leather and possum fur (as shown here), leather, fabric or faux fur. Also as a left or righthanded configuration. Height 1150mm, Width 1850mm, Depth 950mm

76 DÉCOR Magazine

CLUB ROCKER The Club Rocker’s striking looks and superb comfort are the result of hundreds of hours of aesthetic, ergonomic and structural development, underpinned by the highest levels of traditional knowhow and craftsmanship. Hand-made to order, the strikingly comfortable Club Rocker’s considered ergonomics give excellent lumbar and neck support. With a sprung interior and immaculate stitch detailing, it is also available in a large size and options of a swivelling base or fixed timber feet. Shown here in New Zealand ‘Tapa’ leather. Height 930mm, Width 780m, Depth 850mm

DÉCOR Magazine






H AV E C O M M I S S I O N E D H E R H O M E I N T O D AY ’ S C O N T E M P O R A R Y W O R L D . . .

W W W. C H R I S T O P H E R G U Y. C O M

STYLE IS EVERYTHING Home to a unique collection of stunning designer furniture, furnishings and accessories, Casasola Muebles sets the standard in luxury furniture. Designed for customers who want their homes to make a style statement, this is luxury furniture store that definitely offers the wow factor.

As fashions evolve so too does home design, and keeping on trend can be very daunting however Casasola Muebles stunning collection of designer furniture, furnishings and accessories makes the task an extremely pleasurable experience. Casasola Muebles has been meeting the demand of the most discerning customers for nearly 50years and as such has achieved a name that stands for: Exclusivity, Exquisite design and Refined Service. What stand’s Casasola Muebles apart from many other furniture outlets is there desire to source the latest and most exclusive designer pieces from brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Swarovski, Christian Lacroix, Osbourne & Little & Alhambra International to name but a few. In addition Casasola Muebles sets the standard in luxury furniture all their pieces are beautifully crafted, distinctively designed and endlessly elegant. Not limited to just one style type Casasola Muebles offers contemporary interiors at the cutting edge of design with lacquered furniture and stainless steel designs, traditional colonial pieces, natural woods with carvings and marquetry, timeless Art Deco pieces and much much more. With specialist shops located in Marbella, Rabat and a furniture outlet in Málaga, customers are able to select from their extensive range and with delivery anywhere in the world Casasola Muebles is the ideal furniture store to bring your home interiors dreams to life.

For more information contact your nearest Casasola branch: MARBELLA: Carretera Cádiz-Málaga, Km. 184,5, 29604 Marbella | Tel. 952 77 27 58 CAMPILLOS CASASOLA FACTORY: Carretera Arcos-Antequera Km. 106, 29320 Campillos | Tel. 952 72 21 00 RABAT: Avda. Ahmed RIFAI, 82, Soussi, Rabat | Tel. +212 537756522 www.mueblescasasola.com

80 DÉCOR Magazine

The walls are the soul of your home and are an important decorative element that adds to create a new atmosphere The NEW Roberto Cavalli Home collection for Autumn/Winter 2014 comprises of a glitzy and golden wallpapers collection. Featuring new animalistic prints and strong colours the collection is sexy, hot and stunningly beautiful. In addition the collection also includes luxurious fabrics in a palette of silks, velvets and fur.

The Art of Colour Fabrics offer an ultimate versatility and blend effortlessly with every colour scheme.

Alhambra Collections present their latest home collection with Jacquards, embroideries, printed fabrics, voiles and coordinating plains, using a timeless tradition of innovative colour palettes, elegant and high quality materials Alhambra Collections presents three very different collections: Spicy a fantastic modern collection full of vitality, Breeze offers luminosity, serenity and a dreaminess that complements any decoration and Rhapsody a classical blend of sophisticated and luxurious fabrics in rich, warm colours Each collection will fit perfectly within a range of interiors and styles, from classical to contemporary. DÉCOR Magazine




MARBELLA Carretera Cรกdiz-Mรกlaga Km. 184,5 29604 Marbella Tel. 952 77 27 58 CAMPILLOS CASASOLA FACTORY Carretera Arcos-Antequera Km. 106 29320 Campillos Tel. 952 72 21 00 RABAT Avda. Ahmed RIFAI, 82 Soussi, Rabat Tel. +212 537756522

AN ECLECTIC BUNCH OF CHARACTERS First and foremost, Duresta are enthusiasts, making sofas and chairs in the best English tradition and like the English, the range is an eclectic bunch of characters. Here among others, you will find the joyful Rococo opulence of the ‘Wolfgang’, the imperial throne like ‘Kubla Khan’ and the eccentric 9th century ‘Beowulf’. With an eye to the beautiful architecture of the 20th centery, Duresta took the principles of the cantilever and asymmetry to inspire the ‘Mondrian’, a highly flexible range which may be configured in many ways to suit your interior.

Duresta has been making sofas and chairs in the ‘Country House’ style from their workshops in Nottingham, England since 1938.

Duresta’s construction methods and quality controls are second to none, with each piece bearing a unique passport allowing it to be fully identified should you wish to order further prices at a later date.

The ‘International Collection’ is comprised of a small range of pieces which step a little beyond their normal understated approach.

Available from: www.duresta.com

84 DÉCOR Magazine

Nero Chairs

Wolfgang Chair

Kublah Khan Chair Alongside the reassurance of a strong technical specification, a major part of the joy of owning high quality hand made furniture resides in the knowledge that the people who made the pieces have brought years of experience, good judgement and, most importantly, great care to their work. These subtle but enchanting ingredients are only found in true craftsmanship and give the furniture that special ‘Something’. It is a curious capability of the truly interested eye, that this characteristic continues to be recognised and appreciated today, when hand craftsmanship is so rarely encountered.

Emperor Corner Sofa

DÉCOR Magazine


Colonial Corner Sofa

Every luxury hand crafted sofa and chair produced in the Long Eaton factory combines the skills of craftsmen, from the traditional joinery of frame makers through to all kinds of fabric cutting and sewing expertise and, of course, an unrivalled understanding of upholstery.

Mondrian Corner Sofa

Duresta furniture making combines these skills with the best materials available to produce long lasting sumptuously comfortable upholstery.

Mondrian Grand Sofas

It’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference 86 DÉCOR Magazine


The HUG CHAIR is an exclusive furniture design which combines the original spiral shape and the values of a hug. A unique uni-body circular structure connects both seats together allowing two people to sit face-to-face and thus creating an immediate The HUG CHAIR is an Through exclusive this furniture designconnection, which combines intimate interaction. physical you the feel original sociallyspiral and shape and the values of a hug. A unique uni-body circular structure connects both emotionally connected with the person sitting on the opposite side. seats together allowing two people to sit face-to-face and thus creating an immediate intimate Through this you feel socially and The HUGinteraction. CHAIR is handcrafted andphysical availableconnection, in three versions: - White Fibreglass emotionally connected with the person sitting on the opposite side. (indoor or outdoor) - Black Fibreglass (indoor or outdoor) and Walnut Wood (indoor). All indoor editions are upholstered with top quality real leather and available in all The HUGThe CHAIR handcrafted and availablebase in three versions: - White Fibreglass colours. chairisstands on a stainless-steel that can fully rotate. (indoor or outdoor) - Black Fibreglass (indoor or outdoor)  and Walnut Wood (indoor). All indoor editions are upholstered with top quality real leather and available in all colours. The chair stands on a stainless-steel base that can fully rotate.

Hug Chair® www.hugchair.com Hug Chair® www.hugchair.com

DÉCOR Magazine





D creates lu ury furniture to live in. Noble materials and signature finishing techni ues allow each piece to age with grace while telling a story. Inspired by decades of glamour travel eti uette and debauchery D s timeless designs blends an international aesthetic with a bench made uality. Inspired by early modernism e otic finishes and a world traveler s aesthetic D showcases mi ed mediums to create an original and eclectic collection. Employing high uality materials superior finishes and a distinct Art Deco meets roc and roll character D is committed to creating elevated heirloom pieces.

Available from: www.dlvdesigns.com

88 DÉCOR Magazine

All goods are distinguished by a careful attention to detail and allow for customizable options, from sizing to finishing. The finishes run the gamut from hand-rubbed oils, lacquers, waxed bronze, to one of DLV’s siganture’s, a hand-cracked eggshell mosaic. Innovative techniques such as cast tortoise shell and graphic eglomise bring unique and unexpected materials to classic forms. Beyond a curated collection of standards, the line also includes hardware and bath accessories that give a nod to the glamour of century old cruise liners and worldly treasures. The Collection blurs the boundaries between refined and rugged; this juxtaposition defines lived-in-luxury.

CAMPANHA SOFA AND CLUB CHAIR Inspired by Campaign and Brazilian Mid-Century Modern design, this handsome sofa and club chair are the ultimate in comfort.

DÉCOR Magazine


90 DÉCOR Magazine

CARLO MIRROR Eglomise Glass available in Silver or Gold Leaf, horn and tassels available in black, white or jute

DÉCOR Magazine


DRUM TABLE Curved side table in faux parchment

92 DÉCOR Magazine






DÉCOR Magazine


94 DÉCOR Magazine

EVERY LUXURY HOME SHOULD HAVE A LUXURY OFFICE! You should feel good on your workspace and your home office should be dressed for success and provide you with the tools, functionality and comfort that will allow you to work at your most efficient. You spend a significant portion of your daily life at work, whether you work in an office or from home. It stands to reason that you office furniture should be as functional and practical, and mostly of all should reflect your personality, you need a space where you can be by yourself in order to be able to concentrate and feel good. Home office furniture should match the level of luxury found in the furnishings in the rest of your home so that it blends seamlessly into your décor. Get practical with a great, clear desk surface, comfy chair, adequate lighting and sufficient storage.

Boca do Lobo furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind.

The need for a space that combine design with the functionality of the piece and space management is increasingly emerging and Boca do Lobo gives you the best Luxury Solutions.

BOULEVARD WRITING DESK Boca do lobo created Boulevard writing desk, a highly desirable classical piece perfect for your exclusive office where you rather prefer to register your thoughts and your ideas. Crafted from solid wood, this writing desk features a black leather top, witch enables a smooth writing surface, and three drawers with classic cast brass handles

finished in black that allows you to store documents, and keep the top without any papers or junk on top that you don’t need. The attached drawer, file unit has ample storage and is covered in smoked mirror were you can put some books or dossiers. 7560€ / £6058 / $10091

For more information or to view their latest collection of luxurious products visit: www.bocadolobo.com DÉCOR Magazine




Diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, so this safe box is the perfect place to keep your most precious goods – an impenetrable luxurious super exclusive place where only those you want to will be allowed to enter. A hyper-luxury safe box with watch winders and humidor wine clock where your precious watches, cigars, jewels or even a bottle of your finest whisky will find their special place.

Coleccionista Bookcase enables customers to personalize itself into countless variations and features. It is possible to adjust the dimensions to suit your needs and create a one-of-a-kind bookcase or sideboard since it is completely modular. The drawers typology can be chosen according to your tastes and preferences.

33720€ / £ 27054 / $45010

You may even be inspired by all Boca do Lobo pieces to choose different types of finishes and colors, so its really perfect for re-designing your space and season re-decorating. The drawers have double sided in order you can decorate both divisions, as well as to ensure the functionality of this piece of furniture.

SKYSCRAPER FLOOR LAMP With an unmistakable presence beyond its mere functional characteristics this lamp adds a classical appeal to any setting. Delicately hand carved mahogany base with a fringe lamps shade, Skyscrapers base is brilliantly finished in a white lacquer with a gradual color transition to yellow, just perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. 3210€ / £2572 / $4278

29640€ / £ 23780 / $39500

EMPORIUM CHAIR A sense of fun and frivolity pervades this chair, but this exclusive piece also manages to be sophisticated, thought provoking and (above all) finely handcrafted. An example of utmost level of both skill and imagination combined to create an exceptionally unique object that will stand out in any room. Emporium is also available in two different versions: finished in gold plated or copper plated. 5020€ / £4024 / $ 6703

Have a Luxury Office with a “clean” style and more organized. A functional design thinking that allows you to customize your space with your own taste and keep it “trendy” 96 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


WANT TO MAKE A STATEMENT? The Headboard Workshop is a small family business in South Wales that designs and produces bespoke headboards, upholstered beds, sofabeds, ottomans and chairs.

Since time immemorial, us humans have always liked to make a statement. From fashion to food and cars to coiffures, we are always searching for a way to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. If you want to make a statement, but don’t much fancy a Mohawk, The Headboard Workshop has unveiled its magnificent Jura Bed this week; an exciting new addition to its exclusive collection of beds.

For more information visit: www.theheadboardworkshop.co.uk

98 DÉCOR Magazine

Whether you are keen on the contemporary or tend more towards the traditional, the Jura Bed is perfect for creating a dramatic centerpiece in any bedroom. The headboard stands at an impressive 59ins (150cm) tall and features shallow buttoning and neat patchwork panels.

The NEW Jura Bed’s here and it’s just the job!

Customers can choose from Antique or Chrome buttoning, a low (15.5 inches/39 cms) or high (29 inches/75 cms) footend, a Self or Contrast Piped Headboard and plain buttoning or Swarovski Crystals. According to Chief Sleep Superintendent Euan, the team was looking for that something special to add to its bed collection.

“We knew we were on to a good thing with the Jura headboard and decided that we should take it that one step further and develop a new, statement Jura bed. It’s not the kind of bed that will go unnoticed, that’s for sure!” DÉCOR Magazine




Joseph Walsh (born in 1979) founded his studio and workshop in 1999. The understanding and sympathetic use of material; the intimate relationship between the process of finding forms and creating structures; the continuity and resolve from the concept to the making process, define Joseph’s studio and work today. He seeks inspiration in nature, in the patterns of growth and evolution - this has influenced his approach to design and process allowing the pieces to evolve and reveal themselves. Joseph Walsh’s work can be found in many significant international Museum and Private Collections and is regularly exhibited at major art and design fairs.

Further information available from: www.josephwalshstudio.com

102 DÉCOR Magazine

ONE OF A KIND In creating the ‘Enignum VI Canopy Bed – Chatsworth’, Joseph Walsh has created a space, a cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure within a silk canopy, which creates a sense of enclosure. “In the Enignum series of work, I have stripped wood into thin layers, manipulating and reconstructing them

into free form compositions. I then shape through these layers to reveal not only the honesty of the structure but the sculpted form which is a unique collaboration of man and material. The title derives from the Latin words Enigma (‘mystery’) and Lignum (‘wood’), for me they sum up the series: the mystery of the composition lies in the material.” Joseph Walsh, 2011

DÉCOR Magazine


The pieces were photographed in a marble quarry in Connemara, Ireland

This Enignum Desk was commissioned for a specific space in Monaco. It was designed for a single user in a space, which is occupied by a contemporary library. The form of the desk wraps around the user while the structure can also be seen protruding through the desktop. The Enignum V Chair sees the continuation of the Enignum Chair series. This piece is created free form, is hand carved and is a unique shape.

104 DÉCOR Magazine

Photography: Andrew Bradley | Images courtesy of Joseph Walsh Studio Commissioned within a bedroom suite, each piece has been created to compliment and balance its partner, The resulting Enignum Pair co-exist in harmony.

DÉCOR Magazine




Daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish presentations and the notoriously risqué ad campaigns, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission which is to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces.

BURLESQUE | CONSOLE Revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. Its acrobatic loops & spins paired with exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

PASSION | SCONCE Inspired by Nature, this luminous wall sconce symbolizes the link between first love and a flower when it first blooms. Both begin as something shy and reserved—like a secret treasure meant to be protected. Yet both hold an internal glow that shines with the promise of grace and radiance.

For more information visit: www.bykoket.com DÉCOR Magazine


COASTAL DRIFT A free-spirited collection inspired by carefree coastal living, for lazy days and endless summers Premium handcrafted furniture brand, Timothy Oulton, introduces 4 new collections for 2014; Jet, Adventurer, Coastal Drift (featured here) and Age of Elegance. In addition, the brand’s collaboration with Oxford University continues to develop unique and innovative designs in the Oxford by Timothy Oulton collection. Each new collection has a clear and inspiring story behind it, from historical heroes Sir Donald Campbell and Biggles, to the escapism of coastal living and the glamour and elegance of Georgian England.

Tim says of the new collections: “Our 2014 collections are hallmarked with the same daring authenticity that we are synonymous with, but we’ve stretched it a little with the new collections. Age of Elegance is a little softer, and Coastal Drift a little more summery. I think people will be really excited to see a different side to us” For more information visit: www.timothyoulton.com

108 DÉCOR Magazine

The Coastal Drift collection is perfect for people who work hard and play hard, and need their home to be a cool, calm cocoon from their hectic life. The mood evoked is very much easy living, stylish yet unpretentious surroundings to kick back with friends in. Timothy Oulton applies a fresh approach to traditional coastal living design, applying unique finishes like fossilized stone and acrylic. Super soft linens, hand-crafted drift wood and willow keep that authentic beach feel while innovative pieces give a quirky, contemporary edge.

SIGNATURE PIECES The Breaker sofa collection is finished in brand new Virgin leather. Fitted raw leather is gathered at the seams, then hand pulled creating a bold yet clean finish in this compact sofa perfect to entertain. Sink in to the Cloud sofa collection, in new Nimbus Pure finish, a super soft linen. Manipulate the over-sized cushions to your own comfort. The tear drop shaped Phylum pendant lights give a simple, stylish atmosphere.

DÉCOR Magazine


The Arris range is aptly named after the arris – an architectural term for a sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces. Sleek angular shapes, clean lines and symmetrical design make these pieces bold, stylish and elegant. The Castaway range pairs beach wood with brushed aluminium. Soft rounded lines are contrasted with wrapped wood highlighting the beauty of this authentic collection. Each slat is individually nailed by hand.

110 DÉCOR Magazine

Spend casual evenings with friends, catching up around the Boston dining table, made from rustic weathered oak with a smooth Aero top. The Shaka dining chair has style in spades, with exquisite detailing including metal rivets around the chair skirt and blanket stitching on the arm rests. The Axel square mirror, created from reclaimed timber from Chinese fishing junks, has been updated in a white washed finish.

DÉCOR Magazine



entley furniture and homeware design inspired by the time honoured craftsmanship and material selection that characterise entley Car interiors

Bentley Motors introduced its complete Home Collection for the first time at Salon del Mobile 2014, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Luxury Living Group, one of Europe’s leading furniture makers. The collection is inspired by the renowned craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterise the interiors of all Bentley models.

Exclusive design Elegant, sophisticated and glamorous, the Bentley Home Collection creates an exclusive atmosphere thanks to its unmistakable style, where excellence and exquisite taste merge together perfectly. Furnishings and decorations have been created by architect Carlo Colombo in collaboration with Daniele Ceccomori, Bentley’s head of Product Design, defining a new ultra-luxury model for home and executive interiors.

For more information visit: www.luxurylivinggroup.com

112 DÉCOR Magazine

Craft and sensibility Based in Forlì, Italy, Luxury Living Group specializes in the production and distribution of luxury furniture – combining the highest quality craftsmanship with a rigorous aesthetic sensibility which links Bentley’s inherent qualities of heritage and tradition, exclusivity and style, with the most technical and architectural aspects of furniture design. The collection is an exercise in subtlety, incorporating functional performance with comfort and luxurious, sensuous quality. It captures the style of the Bentley driver through items that mirror the impeccable quality and attention to detail of the Crewe-based marque.

The colour palette is characterized by natural and pastel nuances. The mocha, cognac, taupe, quartz, grey and camel flank variations of purple-red, burgundy, brick red or blue. The combinations exalt the use of tactile leather and sensuous textiles. Hints of male attire, pinstripe or hounds-tooth, are introduced into sophisticated velvets and the lightest of cashmeres, crafted with threedimensional patterns. Utilized in the upholstery, they are also woven as novel and precious carpets – hand-knotted, made of fine wools, silk or pashmina – as well as refined blankets hemmed in mink. Finely crafted leather

upholstery - with its signature quilted diamond pattern or elegant padded texture - further enhance the collection’s pieces. The Richmond collection develops the theme of the double shell, in burr walnut briar root, used in other models of the collection, as well as for the interior of Bentley cars made at its headquarters in Crewe. Ebony Macassar essence and Calacatta marble make for a precious decorative effect, matching the steel gun-metal finishing of the base. Finely crafted leather upholstery with its signature quilted diamond pattern or elegant dimpled texture – add further aesthetic interest to the furniture collection.

DÉCOR Magazine


DL Decor

Built on tradition and led by a team of entrepreneurs with a knowledge and passion for quality that serves a purpose. DL Decor considers history in order to build a better future. Known for their bespoke service of ‘Projects on Demand’ DL Decor offers complete furnishing solutions and a highly flexible approach to client specifications by combining modern manufacturing techniques and human experience in order to deliver high quality furniture made with care and precision. Working closely with architects and interior designers - from planning, manufacturing and finishing, to assembling and shipping - offering their clients the luxury of choice. DL Decor classic range of furniture collections, designed to furnish luxury residences, royal palaces and some of the finest hotels worldwide is based on a blend between tradition and innovation, collaborating with designers that add a fresh modern touch to a timeless craft. The DL Decor philosophy is simple; Create beautiful luxury furniture with one goal in mind; make peoples surroundings fabulous, and ultimately ‘To Amaze.’

DL DECOR a company rich in family tradition, has been creating and perfecting classic luxury furniture pieces since the mid 1900s. Founded by the Dell’Occa family in 1955, the company’s mission is to never compromise quality when sourcing materials for their collections - from the precious wood species used such as; Macassar ebony and rosewood, the execution of traditional handcrafted carving work and precious inlay details of Mother-of-Pearl, to upholstered elements enhanced by eccentric hand-picked fabrics from around the world.

For more information visit: www.dldecor.it

114 DÉCOR Magazine

THE STAR OF THE SHOW Étoile Charm collection admired at Salone del Mobile 2014

DL DECOR unveiled its newest collection during Salone del Mobile 2014 - Étoile Charme Collection. Conserving the company’s classic elegance for what it is traditionally known for, Étoile brings a modern, yet sophisticated dimension to the DL classical line.

Étoile draws attention to its luminous finishes. Mother of pearl inserts, antiqued mirror effects, precious wood species such as Makassar ebony and rosewood confer luminosity to the products curvaceous lines, designed to furnish a home; lounge, dining room and bedrooms. Upholstered elements are enhanced by original and eccentric fabrics, impeccably sourced from around the world in line with the company’s ability and mission; ‘To Amaze’. During Salone del Mobile the public was not only invited to admire a first-hand experience of new proposals designed by architect Manuela Pozzi, but also introduced to DL Decor’s new catalogue of contract projects ‘Timeles Style’ which demonstrates the strong backbone of the company, well-known for its ‘Projects on Demand’ which delivers complete furnishing solutions and its highly flexible approach to customers specifications. Étoile was first presented at Maison et Objet Singapore this past March, receiving positive results and appreciation which perfectly encounters Eastern market trends.

DÉCOR Magazine


Inspiring and innovative designs in both commercial and residential projects, always striving to achieve a perfect balance of space, colour and texture whilst constantly developing new ideas and materials.

Website: www.udesign.es Phone: +34 952 794 117 E-mail: info@udesign.es Polígono Industrial San Pedro c/ Países Bajos nº 6 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara Málaga

The World, Sierra Blanca

Phone: +34 952 794 117 | E-mail: info@udesign.es | Website: www.udesign.es

Polígono Industrial San Pedro | c/ Países Bajos nº 6 | 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara | Málaga | Spain

Phone: +34 952 794 117 | E-mail: info@udesign.es | Website: www.udesign.es

Polígono Industrial San Pedro | c/ Países Bajos nº 6 | 29670 San Pedro de Alcántara | Málaga | Spain

SPELLING IT OUT Driven since 2010 from Saint Nazaire (France) by two partners, the company TABISSO finds its roots in South Africa. It was after an exciting experience teaching alphabet in a township off Johannesburg that the concept of typographic furniture came to life – the idea for the first collection Typographia was born, together with the foundation of TABISSO. The very name of the company was inspired by one of the kids called THABISO.

TABISSO, today’s furniture for Contract and hospitality. Focusing on high-end products, TABISSO develops innovative furniture solutions for the pro-fessional markets. The ambition is to develop collections which spark curiosity, stir emotions, drive creativity.

Available from: www.tabisso.com

122 DÉCOR Magazine

Beyond mere products, TABISSO aims at offering modular solutions with broad possibilities of customization, allowing to match closely to the needs of a specific location, helping trans-cend the atmosphere for unique projects. Case in point, the Typographia collection offers very diverse solutions thanks to the underlying communication concept, which then immedi-ately implies a message, a tone, a posture which all go beyond the objects. TABISSO invites users to make collection concepts their own for their unique applications. All products are manufactured in France on the west coast, where the company is based. A true regional know-how in higher-end interiors strongly supports the Made in France strate-gy – indeed, close relationships and deep partnerships guarantee quality and reactivity for all projects. Environmental aspects are central in the development and manufacturing of the collections, taking into account the full life-cycle of the objects produced – wood is certified, recyclable materials are always preferred, products are kept simple in order to help maintenance and to facilitate final disassembly and sorting.

TABISSO doesn’t forget its origin and supports education charity projects via its program called SpringofEducation©. Companies of the likes of Orange, Bosh-Siemens or NBC Studios in Los Angles were con-quered by the typo furniture concept, eager to make strong statements on their corporate identities right in their lobby. In other realms, it also convinced for hospitality and commer-cial projects, and even in the show business with American singer Cee-Lo Green and motor-sport champion Valentino Rossi. After the success of the collections Typographia and Unita, TABISSO launches Ciel!, a new line of high-end chairs designed by French star Noé Duchaufour Lawrance for the Contract and hospitality markets.

DÉCOR Magazine


The new collection Ciel! presents a range of high-end armchairs for the Contract and the hospitality market - fine smooth shapes with taut lines for a very generous and welcoming result. This collection was inspired by the project Ciel de Paris located on the top floor of the Tour Montparnasse. The restaurant, redesigned by NoĂŠ Duchaufour Lawrance in 2012, was transformed into a comfortable, timeless venue where every detail was thought for the wellbeing of the guests. These emotions were directly transcribed into the design of the bespoke furniture which was imagined especially for the occasion and produced by TABISSO. Following up on this high-flying project, the collection Ciel! offers variations of the armchair, the idea being to transpose the soothing and cozy atmosphere of the unique venue into other spheres both private and professional.

124 DÉCOR Magazine

“My point is that design is not just a response to a functional need, it also brings a poetic dimension”, explains the designer in his approach. “I wanted this range to be narrative, in the sense that its elaborate line would speak out, and its elegance would evoke reassuring thoughts.” The enveloping outer shell provides either a warm touch using different wood types (walnut or oak) or a glossy render with smooth surfaces, in black or white thermoformed recycled material. The seat is upholstered with fabrics of genuinely fresh and bright colors, selected among the Kvadrat® and Gabriel® ranges for their refinement. The variety of options for the base generously helps this collection meet the aesthetic and functional needs of the different intended uses. The five models, in either metallic and wood materials, offer various customization options such as swivel, casters, etc … With such an array of possibilities, the collection Ciel! allows to come up with the perfect match when designing interiors as diverse as offices, hotels, restaurants, institutionals, or home. Sustainability is a core element of this range. The armchair Ciel! has been eco-designed from the start, observing a holistic approach taking into account the full life cycle of the product - choice of materials, ease of components (dis-)assembly, short logistic cycles with suppliers. Notably the use of 3D wood molding, allowing to give its complex shape to the shell structure, helps reach the environmental goal. It also makes it the first furniture reference project in France to use this technology. Made-to-order in 6 to 8 weeks standard lead-time along your specifications. Prices upon request.

Designer Biography Not simply a matter of the production or rationality of the product… Noé Duchaufour Lawrance would rather that each project has its own unique scenario, sustained with-out being distinguished in any way by a use, a form, a material or an aesthetic…A place where the curve and the straight line, sensuality and rigour interact in a confrontation condu-cive to creating meaning and able to awaken all our senses. Anxious to revive the notion of alive or living in his objects as well as the designing of space, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance con-siders each project like an organic form which grows with its user. In the style of a natural element which can also defy human order and disorder. At the beginning, the designer was involved with sculpture, marked by a history and very close link with nature that he wanted to transcribe again with his own hands. Stirring up emotion through the utility of forms was a matter of course for someone who loves beauty as much as necessities and harmony as much as responsibility. Hence design… Noé Duchaufour Lawrance often compares his approach to niwa, the little garden found at the heart of a traditional Japanese house. Like an organic pulse within a discipline dedicated above all to respond to the demands of the industry, market or client. Thus, he does not limit himself in the projects that he develops, as ready to design objects for inspired lines for design manufacturers (Ceccotti Collezionni, Cinna, Zanotta...) as to compose harmonious living areas (Air France lounges, Ciel de Paris, La table Yquem at Le Meurice, La Transhumance chalet…) as well as to define the image of a product or a showcase for a famous brand (Paco Rabanne, YSL Beauté, Perrier Jouët). Inhabited by a legacy for art nouveau, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance refers not only to the universal character of nature to impose forms which make sense but in addition states that the concept of total art is henceforth fundamental to contemporary creation.

DÉCOR Magazine


Alexanders’ Collection Spain Luxury Home Fine Carpets | Luxurious Fabrics | Handmade Embroidery Exquisite High Quality Furniture | Mosaics | Lighting Glassware | Accessories and much more...

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 - 20:00 Ctra. n-340, Km 176, Edif OASIS Business Center, Local 1. 29600 Marbella (Malaga), España T. +34 952 82 34 40 | ac.spain@yahoo.es | www.ac-spain.es

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onaldo one of Italy s leading furniture manufacturers previewed their new designs for Autumn Winter 2014 at this year s Salone Internazionale del Mobile. This leading brand with over 0 years in manufacturing eeps design fresh through collaborations with some of the world s leading designers. onaldo s latest portfolio includes stylish sofas and beds through to uir y boo cases and bedside tables.

Available from: www.gomodern.co.uk

128 DÉCOR Magazine

p THE LARS HIGH-BACK SOFA Another design from the talented Giuseppe Vigano and the dashingly elegant high-back Lars sofa, with a lightweight frame and discreet, slim metal feet. There are endless options for the upholstery, with covers fully removable for cleaning. Available in three sizes. From: £2990 / €3765 / $5025

t THE CAVE SOFA – with, or without, clever storage Choose to customise Maurio Lipparini’s beautiful new sofa with a built-in emery-leather arm storage, designed for magazines/remote controls etc (seen here, left of the sofa), or simply choose from two heights of conventionally styled arm rests. Images of all three styles available. From £3270 / €4120 / $5500 DÉCOR Magazine


THE TILT BOOKCASE Designed by Giuseppe Vigano, the Tilt is a unique design with alternating pyramid shape blocks and spaces, arranged in an irregular pattern, creating the illusion that each column is supporting its neighbour in a topsyturvy balancing act. Finished in smooth white matt lacquer and shown here as two bookcases. £2490 / €3120 / $4190

Curtains: Lonicera Blueberry | Chair: Pinto Blueberry Patterned Available from: Cushion: Tara Blueberry/Acacia | Plain Cushion: Pinto Orchid www.gomodern.co.uk

130 DÉCOR Magazine

ALFIE ARMCHAIR Featuring a striking, angular painted metal base and emery-leather body, the Alfie is a restyled classic. Designed by Giueseppe Vigano for Bonaldo. The metal frame has a wide choice of colours, seen here in lacquered red, the cushions are available in fabric, leather or eco-leather. From: £1970 / €2480 / $3310

TO BE BEDSIDE CABINETS Sporting an angular metal base, seen here in mint green, with the main cabinet in a deep lacquered red, Gino Carollo’s bedside tables adds a striking addition to the new Bonaldo collection, including a bed & chests of drawers to match. Several colour combinations available. £590 / €740 / $990

DÉCOR Magazine



Out There Interiors.com was founded by partners Jenny Hurren (a former actress) and Mark Neenan in 2007. A reflection of the founders’ vastly differing tastes, the company sells an ever expanding range of diverse and desirable furniture and home ware. With particular focus on the on-trend, unique or colourful.


Out There Interiors designs and manufactures its own exclusive ranges of mirrored, French and designer furniture in the Far East. These core collections are complemented with contemporary, industrial, retro and ethnic inspired pieces from prestigious European brands such as Seletti, Nordal and Diamantini & Domeniconi Out There Interiors’ showrooms are based on a farm in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Available from: www.outthereinteriors.com

134 DÉCOR Magazine

Rattan chair, Grey Back H80*W68*D70 cm, Seat D41*Seat H37 cm. Price: £219

Rattan couch, 2 seaters, black 76x129xh73,5cm. Price: £425

DÉCOR Magazine


Rattan couch, 3 seaters, grey 76x139xh73,5cm - Price: £535

136 DÉCOR Magazine

Rattan chair, green 65x67xh73cm. Price: £150

DÉCOR Magazine


Stool, braided, round, nature. 78x72xh69cm. Price: £175

138 DÉCOR Magazine

Stool, lounge, braided, black. 69,21x63,5xh80cm. Price: £379

Rattan chair, Grey Back H80*W68*D70 cm, Seat D41*Seat H37 cm. Price: £219


Analog ™ Table & Drop™ chair designed by Jaime Hayón & Arne Jacobsen produced by Fritz Hansen

Products available from September. Get the details at fritzhansen.com

REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen DÉCOR Magazine



MARTYN LAWRENCE BULLARD Interior Designer to the Stars Bright colours, bold patterns, and an array of global accents prevail in the alluring spaces created by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Martyn Lawrence Bullard has a decidedly global sensibility, but this London-born designer is pure Hollywood. As a boy he passed his time rearranging furniture in his sister’s dollhouse and buying and selling antique bits. But when it was time to pursue a profession, Martyn Lawrence Bullard saw himself on the silver screen and headed towards the bright lights of America. He got a few bit parts here and there, but his career took a turn in the right direction when

a producer of the film “I Woke Up Early the Day I Died” asked him to decorate the new offices at The Hollywood Film Works production company after seeing his fleamarket treasures-filled home. “I had $30,000to do the whole 5,000-square-foot offices,” Martyn Lawrence Bullard. That office job led to other industry work - Cheryl Tiegs was an early, notable client which was followed by some of the industry’s biggest

Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s Hollywood apartment

stars, including Cher, whose Malibu manse he describes as a cross between the Alhambra and the Danieli Hotel in Venice; the airy Indonesian-style Malibu home of then-newlyweds Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson; and Ellen Pompeo’s house. Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s has often said that his favourite job was finding and decorating Sir Elton John and David Furnish’s Hollywood apartment. His directive was to create a space reminiscent of Studio 54, with Halston chic, and in Hermes Kellybag green. The result is sleek: it includes a Damien Hirst colour wheel painting and Knoll Barcelona daybed covered in lime green suede. So impressed was Elton John that he introduced him to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Lawrence decorated their post-reality show home, a New England style house on which he imbued a French country with touches of English country look. Across the Atlantic, Martyn Lawrence Bullard has designed Jimmy Choo Co-Founder Tamara Mellon’s London home as well as her glam Upper East Side apartment. The apartment complete with an art deco style red

140 DÉCOR Magazine


Paint is one of the easiest ways to change up the look of a room, but fabric-covered panels, to cover the walls in Hilfiger’s office, lend a far more dramatic effect

DÉCOR Magazine


Million Dollar Decorators: Mary McDonald, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Nathan Turner, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence Bullard

leather sofa, shaggy fur pillows and rug and shiny brass touches appeared along with dozens of others in the designer’s first book, Martyn Lawrence Bullard: Live, Love & Decorate. The flamboyant designer has been named as one of the “Worlds Top 100 Interior Designers” by Architectural Digest in 2010 & 2014 and has featured in reality TV series “Hollywood Me” and the Bravo hit “Million Dollar Decorators” his extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality has won him international acclaim. His work has appeared in over 70 publications worldwide including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House & Garden, Interior Design, W, Vogue, House

Gwyneth Paltrow’s wacky screening/game room

142 DÉCOR Magazine

Beautiful, both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and numerous coffee table books. Complementing Martyn’s residential work are his worldly home collections including wallpapers, fabrics, rugs and candles. The Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s fabric & wallpaper collection with Schumacher is inspired by his passion for exotic travel, luxurious materials as well as unexpected colour and scale. The collection contains prints and wovens that are derived from antique textiles, motifs and patterns gathered during Martyn’s journeys. The Fabric collection includes a wide range of exquisite

Renowned for his broad range of styles and eclectic, sophisticated yet always comfortable interiors

Client List: Elton John Cher Gwyneth Paltrow Christina Aguilera

ikats, embroideries, tree of life prints, paisleys, hand-woven silks and silk velvets. Produced by some of the finest printers and weavers in the world known for a tradition of creating textiles using artisanal methods, many of these fabrics incorporate hand-made elements, giving them a stunning, one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The wallpaper collection evoke the timeless Ottoman motifs that Martyn witnessed in the graphic screens, painted panels and embellished tile decorating the majestic palaces of Turkey, Morocco and India. With an alluring liveliness, the vibrant wall coverings, panels and borders showcase a vivid colour palette that includes metallic gold, cerulean and fashionable black and white. Layering the collection only enhances the classical beauty of its themes and makes ancient treasures au courant.

Eva Mendes Cheryl Tieg Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Edward Norton Tommy Hilfiger Nicki Minaj Patti La Belle Mr & Mrs Vidal Sassoon Aaron Sorkin Damon Dash Felicity Huffman & William H Macy Cheryl Tiegs & Loree Rodkin to name but a few…..

Cheryl Tieg’s sitting room

For more information about the Martyn Lawrence Bullard home collection with Schumacher visit: www.fschumacher.com DÉCOR Magazine


Pozzetto Tub Chair Upholstered With Scottish Tartan Green/Blue

144 DÉCOR Magazine

T E NEW 2014



Furniture designer Roberto Giovannini presents a new fabric collection aimed to blend classic furnishing styles with the creative sophistication of the world of fashion. The fabrics are manufactured by leading names from Italy and abroad and make up an elegant and refined collection, ideal for both living areas and bedrooms. Subtle, silky and velvety tones meet with bright colours of detailed new materials which you cannot help but linger upon: it’s the perfect combination of practicality and style.

Oval Back Armchair Upholstered In Purple Silk

Carver With Seat Cushion Upholstered In Black Leather And Scottish Tartan Cushion

Roberto Giovannini s empire began in Florence Italy in 195 . This e clusive collection of hand carved furniture reproductions of anti ues span from the passionate Italian Renaissance era to the whimsical French Rocaille movement to the brave Art Deco period. Roberto Giovannini s collection is founded on his passion for beauty in form and balance creating masterful pieces of art that transcend time.

Oval Back Armchair End Upholstered With Rubelli Venier Acqua

Available from: www.arthouse.com DÉCOR Magazine


T E EAUT OF DESIGN Let’s start with Terzani.

As a designer I love to see how other artists wor within their realm of inspiration how they portray their vision and passion and put intricate effort into each detail of their product. A simple thing such as a curve on the foot of a chair or how a door handle is placed on a vitrine can ma e all the difference. ere are some pieces by a few of my cherished suppliers that I have used in the past years.

For more information visit: www.ambiencehomedesign.com

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I used the Atlantis chandelier, by designer BARLAS BAYLAR, in a barn conversion project in the UK. The entrance hall had very tall ceilings with massive A-Frame wood beams, and so we needed a big piece for impact and to create a combination of a luxurious country-side home. We didn’t want to go too classic or too modern, so we chose this lamp because of its powerful organic shape and vibrant shimmering effect. This stunning lamp is handcrafted by artisans in Italy, and comes in different sizes, using hundreds of illuminated lengths of draped, nickel chain. www.terzani.com

Baxter One of my favourites for their fine leather and designs also evocative of the 1950’s. They have a vast range of leather finishes, prints and colours. www.baxter.it

Elitis and Zinc

For wallcoverings, Elitis and Zinc have an exquisite selection of ideas for our walls. www.zinctextile.com | www.elitis.fr DÉCOR Magazine


Bocci Their handmade “14” series chandelier gives an ethereal splendour and is delicately unique. We used this chandelier in one of our projects in La Zagaleta. www.bocci.ca

Cattelan Italia SPYDER WOOD by Philip Jackson, I have on display in my showroom in San Pedro, this table with base in matt graphite varnished steel and its walnut Canaletto top, with irregular solid wood edges, will give a striking look to the dining space. www. cattelanitalia.com

Living Divani You will soon be able to see Living Divani in our new showroom in Marbella. We chose Family Lounge by Piero Lissoni, because of its contemporary and elegant design. Furthermore the quality is fantastic! www.ivingdivani.it

Julian Chichester Putting a touch glamour and flare can add drama and uniqueness to an interior. Julian Chichester brilliantly combines classic styles with contemporary accents. We used Portobello cabinet in brass clad finish for our project in Belgium: We also chose the Cortes desk as a statement piece for the office. www.julianchichester.com

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100% design

DRI ING FORCE As the driving force of creativity and commerce during London Design Festival, 100% Design returned this September, celebrating its 20th anniversary. International creator Philippe Starck opened the show on 17 September, to coincide with the unveiling of Flexible Architecture, his new ceramic tile collection for Ceramica Sant’Agostino on Capitol Designer Studio’s stand.

100 Design celebrated its 20th edition with an opening by hilippe Starc 1 20 September 2014

100% Design 2014 also secured the presence of a range of leading names in the design and creative industry – from Heal’s and Vitra, to Jaime Hayon (right), El Ultimo Grito and Nina Tolstrup. This special edition, staged over 22,000 sqm within Earls Court London, marked the show’s last appearance at this iconic venue before moving to Olympia London in 2015. As the biggest design event in the UK, 100% Design has always been known for its leading position in commissioning thought-provoking editorial content, to question, inform and invigorate the design community. Since the show was first staged in a tent off King’s Road (London) in 1995, it has gone on to become the benchmark event for promoting design excellence and creativity, both within and outside the UK. 100% Design also continues to attract a record number of UK and international visitors year-onyear, and this year it increased its overall exhibition space by 20%.

Full information available from: www.100percentdesign.co.uk

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Promising innovative content to reflect the key influences which have made London a global design capital, the 20th edition of 100% Design was set to celebrate the show’s overall contribution to the rise of British design in the last two decades, whilst reinforcing the importance, longevity and future of the show. Based upon the central curatorial theme, Serendipity, and supported by the lead creative, Design Kaleidoscope, this year’s

100% Design aimed to express the opportunities created by the show from collaborations, to projects and product launches. 100% Design 2014 comprised four key industry sections - Interiors, Kitchens &Bathrooms, Workplace and Eco, Design & Build. The everpopular Emerging Brands - with 30% increase in exhibition space this year - returned showcasing new design talent, alongside International Pavilions – featuring an array of innovative designs by creative practices from around the world. Furthermore, as a leading commissioner of creative content to encourage thoughts, discussions and interactions, 100% Design commissioned a group of outstanding design teams - led by

show designers Thomas. Matthews - to produce thought-provoking installations for the central hubs of the industry sections. The show’s long-established design excellence further extended to the dramatic entrance tunnel, central bar (sponsored by OIKOS), restaurant and VIP lounge – all of which were designed by Studio Design UK. Meanwhile, the auditorium home to Talks with 100% Design - designed by El Ultimo Grito and hosted an exciting series of live debates and seminars over the four days. The talks programme, curated by Claire Barrett, boasted a range of international speakers including Jaime Hayon, Nina Tolstrup, Maxim Velcovsky and Eric Klarenbeek.

To mark its 20th edition, 100% Design 2014 also presented a range of celebratory events - integrated timeline around the central bar designed by Studio Design UK, to a curated exhibition - entitled Design Kaleidoscope - showcasing 20 iconic design products launched at 100% Design.

continues to offer an unrivalled platform for aspirational design brands, as well as emerging young designers, to showcase their talent and creativity. Our visitors come to the show not only to see new ideas and innovative products, but to connect with others – whether they be fellow visitors or exhibitors.

William Knight, Show Director commented, “100% Design has achieved so much in the last 20 years - from starting as a boutique UK design show, to now becoming an international event with an extensive global reach.

“This year’s 100% Design celebrates its legacy but also looks ahead to see where design will take us in the next 20 years. In addition to another great line-up of exhibiting brands, the central hubs of our key industry sections will fully encapsulate the unique position of our show in the global design industry, as a leading commissioner of thought-provoking features that engage, inspire and inform.

“Despite the increase in both scale and visitor numbers over the years, 100% Design stays true to its longstanding commitment to design, innovation and quality. The show

“100% Design 2014 will be one of our best shows yet with the highest standard of design, and we look forward to celebrating this milestone with everyone who has been part of the show history this September.”

William Knight

Interiors Showing for the first time, Heal’s launched the 2014 edition of its Heal’s Discoveders collection at 100% Design. In line with its long-standing commitment to discovering and nurturing young design talent, the UK furniture retailer showcased the newwork of this year’s winners at the show. Exclusive to Heal’s, these included the Rickard stool by Phil Luscombe and Josh South (Northumbria University), Maya side table (below) by Tom Parfitt (National School of Furniture), Turn furniture and lighting collection by Ester Comunello (Bucks New University), and the sand cast stools by Sam Lloyd (Kingston University). Swiss design maverick Vitra

presented a variety of new products from its Home Collection 2014, which included fresh, contemporary designs by Edward Barber andJay Osgerby and Jasper Morrison, in addition to a selection of carefully updated classic pieces. Pad Home showcased its latest wallpaper ranges including the newly launched NLXL wallpaper series by Studio Job, as well as alighting range by Graypants.

Cornwall-based glassartist Jo Downs unveilled her new handmade Shoaling Fish collection, while established pottery maker from Stoke-on-Trent, 1882 Ltd - now led by Emily Johnson and her father Christopher - hosted a UK debut of its new ceramic range, Indigo Storm (below) by FayeToogood and its latest Homemaker series by Eyal Burstein.

While UK-based furniture craftsman Paul Kelley returned to 100% Design this year with his new collection, young designer-makers including Decode London, Barnby & Day and Young & Norgate presented their latest ranges in the Modern British area, alongside Isidore, Insidherland and Aura Interiors. 100% Design 2014 also saw a strong presence of British craft makers. DÉCOR Magazine


Left: Weplight and Ebb & Flow Lighting continued to play a key part at 100% Design, and this year’s show secured a strong line-up of lighting brands once again. While British rising star Naomi Paul – also anewcomer to the show - brought her signature hand-crocheted, spun pendants to 100% Design, Argentina-based Weplight showcased its latest lighting collection using flexible woodveneers, creating intriguing sculptural forms and unparalleled aesthetic flair. Polish handmade glass expert Baranska Design presented its new Wave glass lamp, and Danish brand Ebb &Flow launched its new Speak Up! table lamp inspired by an old-school stage microphone.


Ebb & Flow Lighting

Other key lighting companies ncluded Delightfull, Original BTC, Davey Lighting and Mullan Lighting.

Bridger & Buss

Studio Job for NLXL at Pad Home

This year’s Interiors hub highlighted the challenging yet liberating journey of a designer-maker, with an installation - entitled The Maker Carousel – by design studio Mette. Drawing on the creative process and flow of ideas, this striking feature encompassed technology, craft, materials and creativity, offering a space where anything is possible. This installation allowed visitors to participate in the process of making, whilst having access to tools, materials and insights into design and production.

Kitchens & Bathrooms


Piqu (left) launched a new furniture collection, Vinculum, and Poggenpohl brought its P’7350 kitchen to the UK for the first time. Both bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture (opposite page, top right) and LG Hausys’ HI-MACS® returned to the show this year; the former presented its b2 freestanding kitchen, while the latter showcased its futuristic kitchen island, The Sky is the Limit, designed by Xavier Bonte. German bathroom manufacturer Keramag Design also returned this year with its new range of super slim shower trays and a slim-line cistern unit. Italian bathroom specialist Zucchetti.Kos exhibited at

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the show with its Agorà collection designed by architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, while Teuco (below right) previewed its new Carlo Colombo designed Academia collection. Following the launch of its international design award, Shape The Future of Black, DuPont™Corian® announced the winning designs and hosted its award ceremony at 100% Design. Norway-based Lundhs presented a selection of natural stone chosen specifically for kitchen worktops, while Polish ceramic tile manufacturer Ceramika Paradyz joined the show for the first time with its Agat collection. Other key Kitchens & Bathrooms exhibitors included Italian stone specialists Antolini Luigi, Spanish porcelain manufacturer Apavisa, Londonbased kitchen showroom Tisettanta and bathroom manufacturers Catalano (right), Kolpaand and Porcelanosa. Workplace

bulthaup by Kitchen Architecture


Specialising in ergonomically designed office chairs, Bestuhl UK launched its new J2 and Jcon range of seating exclusively at 100% Design. Meanwhile, Dutch contract furniture specialist Casala showcased an array of chairs and tables, including Monolink - the company’s first chair that allows for both linking and stacking.

aircharge Bringing high technology to 100% Design, Ergo presented its latest innovation, aircharge (top left) - providing wireless charging solutions for the office, home and public spaces. Joining the show for the first time, Nowy Styl Group explored the collaborative working environments, with the introduction of its new Hexa Media Pods and Sand units. Another newcomer to the show, Dataflex will shared stand with Mauser which presented its new element.x office storage system.


Returning to the show, Danish coffee machine expert Scanomat (bottom left) launched the Home Edition of TopBrewer, the world’s first iPhone/iPad controlled coffee machine. Also making a return to the show was Soundtect, which previewed two new acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, including Morse and Class.


At 100% Design 2014, Contour Design presented its new armrest for the desk, Arm Support RED, while office chair specialist Topstar showcased its latest ranges including W1 and W7. Other key exhibitors at Workplace included BN Office Solution, Isomi, Boss Design, BuzziSpace, Terence Williams Design, Signbox, European Furniture Group and Edge Design. The central hub of this year’s Workplace section was designed by NBBJ, an international architecture and design practice responsible for some of the most innovative projects commissioned by major global companies such as Google, Amazon and Samsung. The hub aimed to highlight the multidisciplinary nature of workplace, as well as the social importance of the modern office environment. The feature reflected the fusing of hospitality and working environments, an emerging trend that is increasingly informing workplace design. Taking inspiration from a hotel lobby, the hub offered a true networking and social space during the show, a concierge service and a gateway to serendipity. DÉCOR Magazine


Eco, Design & Build

Flexible Architecture

A range of eco specialist brands made their first appearance at 100% Design 2014. Holland based Mobilane unveiled its new electricity-free living wall, LivePanel 2.0 at the show, while Mykon – specialising in architectural panels and surface solutions in the UK - exhibited its new Blade table by Alexander Purcell Rodrigues, which has been created utilising aluminium honeycomb and newly developed fabrication techniques. International creator Philippe Starck introduced Flexible Architecture, his new ceramic tile collection for Ceramica Sant’Agostino on Capitol Designer Studio’s stand. Flexible Architecture (right) is a system of wall and floor tiles designed to create infinite 3D patterns, by playing with surface and depth in an exciting range of bold colours. Also launching new collections at the show were staircase manufacturer Zigzag Design Studio, exterior flooring supplier Alfresco Floors and Italian glass window expert Piavevetro. Meanwhile, The Colour Flooring Company returned to 100% Design this September, launching its new line of patterned flooring; both ITC Natural Luxury Flooring and Gira also returned to the show with their latest collections.

Designed by 100% Design’s overall show designers Thomas.Matthews, and based on the concept of serendipity, the key hub of this year’s Eco, Design & Build section gathered industry experts and materials to explore unexpected unions in, and across, these sectors.

The Materials Landscape installation encouraged architects and designers to engage with texture, colour, material properties and innovation from across the materials industry. Low key, hands on, show and tell interactions between innovators and visitors created a space for discovery, inspiration and relaxation.

Emerging Brands

100% Design continued to offer a global platform for young design companies from around the world to launch their products and services, and this year’s show was no exception with a carefully curated selection of new exhibiting brands. Renowned for their Re Rag Rug project in 2013 – using old clothes and 12 different textile techniques to make 12 individual rugs without using a loom, Swedish designers Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans of Studio Brieditis & Evans unveiled their first re-produced Re Ragrugs, Kasuri and Squeeze – made of waste and excess from the t-shirt industry in India – at 100%Design. Also fascinated by the use of unexpected materials combined with firstclass craftsmanship, MASAM is a new brand established in France in 2014. The founders, Said

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Njeim and Marianne Guély, presented a new collection at 100% Design, which uses folding and unfolding techniques to experiment with new materials; these range from combining translucent alabaster with Japanese paper, to mixing fine leathers with wood and brass. Meanwhile, founded in 2013 by Danish architects Lærke Rune and Henrik Ilfeldt, Korridor Design showcased a series of candle holders that are cast using pigmented cement, meaning that each one of them will have its own unique surface. The candle holders were shown alongside the company’s new Tumbling lamp. Canadian designer Löic Bard, who grew up in Tokyo, brought his new furniture collection to the UK at 100% Design, while UK-based Dar Leone launched its third textile range, Cocody, which was inspired by the West African heritage of its founder, Isatu Funna.


Coucou Manou

Re Ragrugs Korridor Design Known for its use of colour and materials, Coucou Manou - set up by Nell Beale in Bath – launched two new Black Walnut cabinets and a new choice of rich colours for its existing Circles mirrors. Meanwhile, Cornwall-based designer Lucy Turner showcased a new range of handmade, solid wood cabinets, entitled The Birds of Paradise, featuring an original marquetry design on the doors. Lighting company Stableford’s, Mexican interior design studio Jakob Gomez and Belgian furniture manufacturer format are also some of the exciting new brands exhibiting at 100% Design this year.

International Pavilions

Tamma Design (Estonia) Coalesce Design Studio (Pakistan)

100% Design returned once again with its International Pavilions, occupying 3,000 sq m of space within Earls Court 1 and brought together some of the best creative talent from around the world. Argentina, Estonia, Italy, China, Kuwait and Pakistan were among some of the design regions taking part this year and Tamma Design - founded by Estonian designer Johanna Tammsalu was represented its home country’s pavilion. This year’s International Pavilions also provided a secondary event space, The Arena. Designed by 100% Design’s in-house team, this dedicated space – open to visitors - hosted a range of talks, presentations, meetings and business networking events during the show.

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Marquise Louis XV half XVIII C.

instinctive passion for





Ceramic Stone

REMARKABLY RESISTANT Known as the Porcelanosa ceramic stone, STON-KER® is a remarkably resistant material with a surface that is unaffected by even the most extreme conditions. With STON-KER®, The Porcelanosa Group has evolved the ceramic production system to obtain a product that has a coloured design and is remarkably resistant, even exceeding the properties of porcelain tiles. It created this new material in response to the most demanding architectural requirements.

DÉCOR Magazine


STON-KER® tiles carefully emulate natural stone finishes, as well as man-made surfaces such as metal. The are suitable for internal and external applications, including walls, floors and facades. Anti-slip options are available for use on decks, pool surrounds, patios and terraces.

STON-KER® tiles are dry coloured and then decorated with a coloured body that closely resembles the surface, thus homogenising its structure. This gives each tile the decorative sophistication of porcelain with levels of resistance only before obtained with unglazed tiles. Over 40 different designs are available in various colourways.

STON-KER® tiles are 10-12mm thick. This, together with the highly compacted pressed biscuit, guarantees extremely high breakage strength. In addition to being scratch resistant, the tiles provide a low rate of water absorption and frost resistance above the minimum requirements of the ISO 13006:1998. They are also impenetrable to liquids, dirt does not adhere to them, and they are resistant to chemical attack and stains.

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Ceramic Stone

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THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD Marston & Langinger paints are not only beautiful, but also technically advanced. They are self-priming, extraordinarily durable with impeccable environmental credentials.

Exterior Eggshell | Chalky Interior Matt | Interior Eggshell Sample pots available www.marston-and-langinger.com +44 (0) 20 7881 5700 @MLanginger Also available from Brewers

Shop On Your Doorstep is a virtual department store launched on 1st July 2010. An online boutique filled with beautiful ideas. They offer gorgeous gifts, inspired interiors and terrific toys. Based at the seaside in Broadstairs, Kent, the business is run Sarah Dening. All of the items on the website are hand chosen by Sarah as items she would have in her home. Sarah likes to find unique and special gifts not usually available on the high street.

Available from: www.shoponyourdoorstep.com

162 DÉCOR Magazine

COLOUR BLOCK WALLPAPER Making a statement has never been easier Panelling wallpaper just got a wake-up call with a bold dash of colour. The wallpaper is based on Georgian architectural details with a contemporary twist. Perfect for a feature wall or a whole room. The wallpaper is currently available in 3 colourways - Grey/Marine Navy, Grey/Turquoise and Grey/ Rose Pink - and is printed onto high quality 300gsm textured fabricbacked wallpaper. Priced at ÂŁ70 per roll (500mm x 2500mm approx).

DÉCOR Magazine


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BE CREATIVE WITH FLOOR PAINT Farrow & Ball make unmatchable paints and wallpapers. Ever since they were founded by paint pioneers John Farrow and Richard Ball, their passion for producing paint using only the finest ingredients and age-old production methods has remained at the heart of Farrow & Ball, right through to today. The sumptuous paint colours are made using high levels of rich pigments to original recipes and our wallpapers are hand crafted using our own paints and traditional printing methods. The floor is increasingly seen as the ‘fifth wall’, a space to display artwork and do something different. Farrow & Ball Floor Paint can be used to transform wood or concrete floors with colour. Paint a stair runner, rug or stripes to create bespoke, eye-catching designs, or revive a space by simply painting the floor in a single colour. Floor Paint is available in all 132 unmatched paint colours in the Farrow & Ball palette, from bright Charlotte’s Locks and Arsenic, to strong Black Blue and Down Pipe, and all the neutrals too. Created using only the finest ingredients Floor Paint has an immersive depth of colour while also being robust and durable. Floor Paint is hard-wearing with a classic eggshell finish that can be used on any interior wood or concrete floor, including garages and workshops. Like all Farrow & Ball paints, Floor Paint is water based with low VOC content making it kind to the environment too.

Everything is made at the factory in Dorset, England, home to Farrow & Ball since its beginnings. Each and every batch is subjected to scrupulous testing to ensure that the Elephant’s Breath® is no Dead Salmon® and the wallpapers retain their uniquely tactile texture. Available from: www.farrow-ball.com DÉCOR Magazine


STRAIGHT ON UP Give your room a vintage map makeover with our custom wallpaper Love Maps On create beautiful, decorative and elegant wall maps, canvas maps and poster maps for home and business. Their products are designed to bring colour and flair to family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, boardrooms, offices, function rooms, hallways and foyers.

Vintage maps look great and tell us so much about the story of our best-loved landscapes. Love Maps On love vintage maps and are delighted to bring you early Ordnance Survey maps as wallpaper centred on your chosen postcode. Give a room a vintage map makeover that’s personal to you and showcases a location that you love. The Ordnance Survey, Britain’s national mapping agency, published its first paper map in 1801 and went on to produce map series that have become iconic among map lovers. The collection features the Ordnance Survey’s earliest mapping projects during the pre-Victorian and Victorian eras, a period when our towns and cities were fast-developing. As well as telling us about British history and culture, these vintage maps make wonderful decoration for a room. Their subtle shading, delicate colouring and birds-eye depiction of landmarks are simply beautiful. If you love to unfold a classic paper map then you’ll find the styling of these maps irresistible.

The maps range from World Maps, Designer Maps, Antique Maps, Art Maps, Globes and Text Art Maps to Personalised Maps from Ordnance Survey and Personalised Vintage maps. All the maps are available as wallpaper, canvas prints and poster prints. Their online map store gives you fast and easy access to a whole world of wonderful maps at affordable prices.

Available from: www.lovemapson.com

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The Old Series, published between 1805 and 1874, was the first comprehensive mapping of the country, printed at a scale of one-inch-to-one-mile. This was followed by the Revised New Series, published from 1879, the first colour maps of Britain and also printed at one-inch-to-one-mile. The images above are of the Old Series and Revised New Series maps centred on the same postcode, showing the growth of Reading over half a century.

For a more detailed map view, Love Maps on also offer the County Series which was published by the Ordnance Survey from 1840 at a scale of six-inches-to-one-mile. At this scale, you have a Victorian street map with a greater level of detail of streets, property outlines, landmark names, parish boundaries etc. This lends itself to creating wallpaper of cities and towns that were fast-growing in Victorian times such as Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham. Make one of these fascinating vintage maps a feature of a wall in your home or workplace, centred on a favourite town or countryside location that’s personal to you.

Simply choose the vintage Ordnance Survey map that you prefer, provide the postcode in England, Scotland or Wales on which to centre your map and select one of the standard wallpaper sizes. They’ll send you a proof showing the image that will be printed on your wallpaper. They can also produce made-to-measure wallpaper, contact the atwww.lovemapson.com for a quote. The wallpapers are made of a revolutionary, paste free, self-adhesive fabric which can be repositioned and reused. The wallpapers can be stuck to any non-porous surface, such as walls, doors and windows, and have a highly durable non-wrinkle finish. DÉCOR Magazine



Since 1997, Emporium has been combining ideas and designs to produce beautiful objects that surround us day in, day out. Our lighting solutions and complementary furnishings are conceived to evoke emotions and offer up an unequivocal feeling of wellbeing. Positive design is very much the language of Emporium: a philosophy, an approach, a way of making the most of your environment through creativity. Emporium champions a new concept of space – one that interprets our experience and promotes the culture of the extraordinary every day.

DESIGN, CREATIVITY & SYNERGY I think, therefore I am... the melting pot of thoughts is recomposed in witty forms, and these lively complementary pieces bring together: modern monoliths foretelling wellbeing and prosperity. Emporium arose out of the encounter between Gabriele Pierini, a master at processing plastic materials, and renowned Italian designer Roberto Giacomucci. The underlying intention of the brand was to re-interpret the geometries and shapes of the past using irony. Emporium’s pieces add a touch of originality to any home.

Crocodilia Crocodile-shaped storage unit with two sections. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red. Drawer fronts made from plywood with polished-ash veneer. Available from: www.emporium.it

168 DÉCOR Magazine

Struzzo Ostrich-shaped table with flat surface. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red.

Oomo Face-shaped storage unit with door. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red. Door made from plywood with polished-ash veneer.

Folglia Leaf-shaped shoe rack with metal shelves . Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red. Door made from plywood with polished-ash veneer

Pet the Pup Bedside storage unit. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red. Drawer front made from plywood with polishedash veneer.

DÉCOR Magazine


Sigmund Chest of drawers with two drawers. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red. Drawer fronts made from polished-ash veneer.

Burton Table with drawer unit. Powdercoated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red.

Mangione Storage unit. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red, door made from plywood with polished-ash veneer.

170 DÉCOR Magazine

Dipasque Storage unit. Powder-coated MDF unit, available in the following colours: white, black and red, door made from plywood with polished-ash veneer.



The Polperro Double Ended Slipper Cast Iron Bath


The Cast Iron Bath Company, based in Yorkshire was set up by the architectural historian Lee Hunwicks in 2008. While working with restoration and interior experts on period properties Hunwicks realised the difficulty and expense of sourcing period baths and fixtures. Recognising a niche business opportunity Hunwicks alongside highly skilled craftsmen steeped in the traditions of ironwork, vitreous enamelling and hand polishing started producing classic cast iron baths.

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN LUXURY Crafted by hand using traditional production methods, each bath is created using time-honoured techniques dating back over 120 years. With expertise in the art of ironwork, vitreous enamelling and hand polishing, The Cast Iron Bath Company’s master craftsmen add only time, love and pride to their skill, producing a genuine work of art in each and every bath.

Available from: www.castironbath.co.uk

172 DÉCOR Magazine

The Salcombe Cast Iron Bath

DÉCOR Magazine


Bath Limited Edition Petite Millbrook Painted in Mylands Rose Blush 1884

The Cast Iron Bath Company produces the largest range of quality iron, brass and copper baths in Europe. Cast Iron Baths, alongside being known for luxurious appearances, are renowned for their durability and long lasting design. The construction of a Cast Iron Roll Top Bath allows them to retain heat for longer, meaning you enjoy longer hotter soaks in luxury. Copper Baths have become a desired finish of choice to create a truly periodic appearance in any room that they are in. A copper bathtub is an investment, as it adds a touch of elegance and style to the room it is in and makes bath time a truly luxurious investment. Bateau Baths take their name from the French word for boat, due to their curved shape similar to that of a boat. Cast Iron Bateau Baths add a contemporary edge to a traditional style of bath; with sleek polished exteriors coupled with traditional enamelled interiors. From classic to contemporary, there is a style to suit your interior whether grand or bijou, period or modern, town or country. Cast Iron Slipper Baths, take their name from the shape of being slightly raised at one end. Slipper baths can also be raised at both ends with a dip in the middle. The shape of a slipper bath allows you to have some additional support meaning that you can bathe and relax in comfort. With attractive claw feet, one of the range of cast iron slipper baths will really stand out.

174 DÉCOR Magazine

The Marseille Cyprium Copper Bateau Bath

The Dawlish Single Ended Slipper Roll Top

Imagine leaving it all behind. Sauna + Hammam Logica Twin, a whole world of pleasure in your own home

living Spa

Two cultures embrace in Logica Twin The Northern forests meet the Mediterranean The sauna and the Turkish bath come together in one unique space, ancient traditions in perfect harmony with tomorrow’s technology, for your wellbeing www.effegibi.it Logica Twin by Talocci Design

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the art of kitchen OFFICINE

GULLO Firenze

the art of kitchen

Technology, aesthetics and artisanal professionalism

MODERN MEETS TRADITIONAL Officine Gullo is the synthesis of a special bond between traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation. From this meeting come seductive atmospheres and a unique fusion of retro style and contemporary spirit.

When the craftsmanship meets the most modern technology and more sophisticated cooking elements, the result is a tailor-made product, thought to satisfy the particular needs of the owner and therefore unique.

Every kitchen is fully customizable in terms of composition, size, colours and finishes. Exclusive items of furniture are created thanks to the professionalism of the technical department of the company which is the interpreter of the wishes and culinary habits of the future owner. Every detail, even the height of the tops and cabinetries, are calibrated according to the measures of those who will daily live the kitchen. Shown is the Signoria Palaca Collection in Oyster enamel with edges finished in chrome-plated brass. On the right it is shown in beige grey bespoke with brass edges, a warm and amazing combination.

Available from: www.officinegullo.com

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These are the Officine Gullo kitchens, where details are the added value. From the choice of the most noble materials, such as high tick stainless steel to burnished copper, cast iron and forged metal, to get to the most cutting edge technology that characterizes the wide range of professional cooking accessories for the built-in hobs and the cooking suites: lava stone grill, smooth and grooved griddles, pastacooker/steamer, deep fryer, cast iron coup de feu and induction cooktops. The collection is completed by high power burners in solid brass with power up to 10 kW and multifunction and ventilated built-in ovens in stainless steel.

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Cooking at home with the techniques and tools of the greatest chefs: Officine Gullo makes cooking seem easy!

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Exceptional Ferrari Kitchen Renewed car designer Pininfarina and Italian kitchen master Snaidero, have joined to create a truthfully exceptional OLA 25 Ferrari Kitchen. As the name hints at, the kitchen is a celebration of the two Italian company’s quarter of a century of productive collaboration. Of course, it wouldn’t be Ferrari if it wasn’t bright red, so this kitchen comes in a rather unusual (for interior design, at least) metallic red 458 lacquer. The use of advanced materials like carbon fibre, a staple of high-end auto manufacturing, is also impressive, same as the sleek, sensual design. The unique 84-component kitchen, inspired by the Pininfarina Sergio concept car, is highly customizable. Also, as a further sign of elegance, it even comes in black and white.

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Versace Home Debuts New Via Gesu Collection Versace presented a selection of innovative and luxurious new styles at Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milan. The rich new Via Gesù range, with pieces for salon, dining room and bedroom, takes inspiration from the Palazzo bag, the supple new It-Bag of the Maison. At the heart of the range is the Via Gesù sofa, defined by the V of Versace from the sloping angle of its arms to the quilting of its back in velvet-like Nubuck leather. The arms, which both contain secret drawers, are each highlighted by the Medusa head at the base.

The dining table, with hand-carved wooden legs reminiscent of the architecture of Via Gesù palace, and the new print in the textile collection, featuring neoclassical images alongside a view of the Palazzo Versace courtyard. For more information visit: www.versacehome.it

“Artistic, luxury, craftsmanship, fearless strengths: the new pieces for Versace Home are everything that I love from the heart of Via Gesù” Donatella Versace

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“The Drop chair for the Royal Hotel represents a masterful intersection of art and industry.”

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The Milan 2014 show saw Danish furniture brand Republic of Fritz Hansen revive the 1958 Drop chair designed by Modernist architect Arne Jacobsen. The Drop chair was originally produced alongside the archetypal Swan and Egg chairs for the interior of the Radisson Scandinavian Airlines System Hotel in Copenhagen, designed by Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen in the 1950s. The tear-shaped chairs were produced exclusively in a limited edition for the hotel’s bar and lobby.Confronted with a synthetic material that lacked any structure or suggested any form, Jacobsen took his inspiration from the human form and the contours of the body,”

said architect, author and Arne Jacobsen expert Michael Sheridan. “In this way, he humanised technology and the Drop chair for the Royal Hotel represents a masterful intersection of art and industry.” This version of the Drop chair has been updated using new production methods and materials. The chair comes in plastic in black, white, blue, grey, red and yellow. The plastic versions are available with either chrome or powdercoated legs in matching colours. The seat is available with textile or leather upholstery. For more information visit: www.fritzhansen.com

Aston Martin Interiors Line The Aston Martin Interiors collection is intended to inspire the audience of designconscious attendees; the furniture firmly aligns itself with the key brand values of Aston Martin, one of the world’s most revered luxury automotive brands. The sleek and contemporary collection offers an integrated solution for home, office and corporate environments, completing the stylish range of hard and soft furnishings with a range of dynamic lighting. Bespoke frames incorporating wood, steel and carbon fibre are combined with fine leathers and wools to create unique and timeless pieces in line with the brand’s unique aesthetic, but which also offer the ultimate in ergonomic design and luxuriant comfort to the owner.

Every piece in the Aston Martin Interiors collection is “Made in Italy”, and is produced and distributed exclusively worldwide by the Italian furniture company Formitalia Luxury Group SpA. Years of experience in the luxury furnishings arena and the vast knowledge accrued through various partnerships with luxury brands have furnished Formitalia with the expertise to communicate Aston Martin’s unique brand values into a home wares offering which communicates the pillars of the brand: Power, Beauty and Soul. For more information: www.formitalia.it

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Artistic Design - Martini Mobile The total living project “Immagina�, presented at the Salone del Mobile 2014 by Martini Mobili, is enhanced by a new, elegant and exclusive setting, the Billiard Room, which strongly illustrates the excellent design skills, the high quality and the refinement in every detail which characterize the entire production by Martini. All the wall furniture, the columns, the coffered ceiling and the Billiard Room decorations are made of oak, the finish is polished with a white border or in gold leaf. The impressive squared coffered ceiling features a border decorated with carved capitals, all embellished with gold leaf detail. The finish is presented in two shades of colour, polished oak and earth. The wood panelling that runs along the walls and the staircase area features two different decorations and the entire billiard room is surrounded by elegant shaped columns, featuring a finely carved capital softly decorated by touches of gold. The billiard table itself is a work of art, made especially for Martini, and fits into the space with harmonious grandeur. In the back, there is a bar and relaxation area, where carved radiator covers are highlighted, backlit by LEDs. On the left, the staircase with softly shaped columns leads the way upstairs, with earth-coloured balustrade and handrail, featuring carved and gilded details. The two large chandeliers and seats were also created to complete a furnishing project of great quality and refinement, a trademark of products Made in Italy, to which Martini has always been faithful. For more information: visit www.martinimobili.it

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SMALL BUT COOL Smeg launches small fridge with a whole lot of cool Smeg, the Italian appliances brand known for its iconic 50s style refrigeration, launches the FAB5 mini fridge in four colours including black, orange, cream and red. The compact fridge is packed with features including an adjustable thermostat, 2 shelves with 5 height options, a bottle holder, snack compartment, ice tray, silent noise level and internal LED lighting. “The retro curves, vibrant colours and unmistakable vintage design of our refrigeration has a strong, cult-like following in the world,” states Sonja Dettori, Operations Manager for Smeg USA, Inc. “While the styling and colour selection make it the ‘coolest’ mini fridge on the market, the FAB5’s compact design, silent noise level, stand-alone mobility and weight make it ideal for commercial settings as well as residential bars, dorm rooms or other entertaining centres.”

Smeg is the Italian domestic appliances brand, producing beautiful products that combine technology and style for consumers who follow design and its evolution. Smeg expresses the “Made in Italy” style by flawlessly combining design, performance and attention to detail. Their distinctive appliances are born from collaboration with leading architects around the world. Every new product is, for Smeg, a handmade special, born from a design studio where form, ergonomics and function have been carefully studied.

For more information visit: www.smegusa.com DÉCOR Magazine


Stylish home appliances with lively tones and retro design

technology with style


The Greenfield by Roberti outdoor furniture collection offers a wide and versatile range of models. The various style, modern, design and contemporary, and the high quality level are conceived to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Available from: www.robertirattan.com

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“Les Iles” takes inspiration by the islands, as if many atolls they could join each other and host us in the various moments of the outdoor living. The different modules allow an extreme flexibility as they can be approached and enriched with pouffs and accessories that complete the comfort. There is the possibility to enjoy “Les Iles” with or without back, making these elements unique and able to match perfectly to the surroundings.

New-concept, organic shapes for unconventional outdoor furnishing.



Young, innovative, dynamic, that is VONDOM, a leading company in design, manufacturing and commercialization of avantgarde indoor and outdoor furniture, planters, lighting and outdoor rugs.


Because design is their passion, with this passion they are able to collaborate with major worldwide designers as Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, A-cero, Ramón Esteve and others.

KES COLLECTION | by Gabriele + Oscar Buratti

Their design allows them to offer their customers a unique and exclusive ambient to their homes and spaces featuring pure Mediterranean style.

For more information visit: www.vondom.com

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KES is a modular system seating for furnishing outdoor spaces. The main objective is to create endless and articulated compositions; sofas, chaise and lineal and angular poufs. Armchairs formed by individual elements or large islands as a results of the union of several parts. The most characteristic of this collection is the visible cut in the basic volume, as a kind binary and include additional elements such as backups, armrest and table. The cut becomes architectural, decorative and functional symbol characterized as distintive and functional, simple but also complex, valuable for the product.

Buratti + Battiston Architects base their work on looking for a new interpretation of the relationship between simplicity and complexity, finding the balance, giving it an original value. Flexibility in the composition an the mobility of elements make it easy the optimum confort position.

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There has never been a development in Marbella like The World. Five iconic buildings will house 112 unique residences set in beautiful tropical gardens.

THE WORLD Sierra Blanca

From its elevated position just off Marbella’s emblematic Golden Mile The World Marbella enjoys breathtaking views from its huge terraces across the Mediterranean towards Gibraltar and Africa. The World Marbella will redefine modern Marbella living with its ground breaking architecture and interiors that set new standards in state-of-the art luxury.

Courtesy of SUNSEARCH HOMES For information on this property contact Sunsearch Homes on +34 951 403 340 or +34 951 127 200 enquiries@sunsearchhomes.com www.sunsearchhomes.com

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To complete the experience, The World Marbella offers a full range of lifestyle amenities including 24-hour security and dedicated concierge, as well as luxury spa and peerless gym and fitness facilities. Discover The World Marbella. A development as exciting and unique as its array of varied international residents.

Marbella’s Iconic New Development DÉCOR Magazine


SUNSEARCH HOMES FEATURED PROPERTY FEATURED PROPERTY RESIDENCES Located in five stunning buildings designed by leading international architect Teodoro Cabrilla, the Residences make up the ground floor to fifth floor levels of The World Marbella. All Residences are comprised of three or four bedrooms, with the ground floor Residences being duplexes with direct access to the tropical gardens and pools. All have large terraces that have been specifically designed to be an extension of the interior living space. The World Marbella’s unique signature curved design allows the terraces, which are covered, to enjoy stunning views of the mountains and the coast. The interiors of the Residences feature high ceilings as well as making the very best use of the natural Mediterranean light. With a contemporary cutting edge design, the interiors will be finished to the very highest standard offering the very best in qualities and finish.

PENTHOUSES The Penthouses in The World Marbella offer the ultimate in contemporary living. All 16 are duplexes and boast huge curved terraces offering unparalleled views. Each individual Penthouse features a private sky terrace that offers you the scope to design your own bespoke space, tailored exactly to your needs. All have a huge range of impressive features, including massive master bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, underfloor heating throughout and the very latest in state-of-the-art technology. A statement of 21st Century living, the Penthouses offer a top of The World experience.

SERVICES & AMENITIES Residents of The World Marbella will have access to a full range of lifestyle amenities: • 24hr Security & Dedicated Concierge Service • Luxury Spa for the Exclusive Use of Residents • Next Generation Fitness Center • 3 Swimming Pools including a Beach Type Pool with Salt Water and an Indoor Pool • 1 Tennis Court and 2 Padel Courts • Golf Putting Green • 500m Running, Walking and Cycling Track • Children’s Playground • Residents Club House with Events and Reception Room • Private Storage units in the Basement • Fully Secure and Covered Parking Garage

Courtesy of SUNSEARCH HOMES For information on this property contact Sunsearch Homes on +34 951 403 340 or +34 951 127 200 enquiries@sunsearchhomes.com www.sunsearchhomes.com

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Bearing walls SISMO of seismic reinforced concrete. Two-way forged slabs lightened with co ered “poriespan”.


SISMO modules, made of galvanized steel grating of 2mm and double “Neopor” panels, outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation and re resistance.


Ventilated facades of high resistance aluminium, with maximum durability and zero maintenance.


Waterproofed terraces with “Poliurea” and nished with natural stone floors.

Exterior Carpentry

Made of “Schüco” aluminium with double glazing and tempered glass.

Interior Carpentry

Designed interior doors implementing artistic technology in the selection of quality wood.

Entrance Door

Exclusive door of contemporary design, of armoured massive wood with safety closure.


Top of the line natural stone flooring.


Floor to ceiling wardrobes, lined with wood and accessories.


Finishings of natural stone and stucco. Toilets and hydromassage tubs from “Villeroy & Boch”.

Air Conditioning

Air/water fancoils and “Daikin” or “Carrier” heat pump with “Altherma” system.


Under floor heating by water, connected to the heat pump.

Home Automation

Smart home efficient, comfortable and secure system.Control via remote from any point.


Exclusive and creative with the incorporation of LED lights in the contemporary ceiling coves.


Air renovation compliant with the CTE ( the technical code for construction) with air in ow through aerators incorporated in carpentry and extraction reaching the roof terrace of common areas.


TV and telephone jacks in kitchen, living-room and bedrooms. Parabolic dish. Fiber optics.


Fully equipped kitchen with a leading brand. Cutting edge design by “Snaidero / Siematic”.

Special Installations Include

· Video intercom with receptors in entrance hall. · Centralized vacuum cleaning system. · Automatic watering and lighting in gardens and pools controlled by timer. · Remote controlled opening at entrances. · Hydraulic lift by “ThyssenKrupp”, world leader in the production, installation, maintenance and upgrading of elevators. · Garbage storage space in kitchen and container store in outdoor enclosure for the recycling of waste. · In penthouses replace with exclusive design. · Internal telephone network connected with community services. · Plug for electrical cars in garages.

Optional Installations Include · Sound system. · Sound and air-conditioning controlled by the Home Automation System. · Installation of alarm system.

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Bang & Olufsen. Puerto Banus. Main entrance. Phone:+34 952 81 72 50 puertobanus.marbella@beostores.com

Puerto Banus




// 0800 915 4000

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Décor magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surrounding. Designed for interior designers...

Decor 3i Limited Edition  

Décor magazine is the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surrounding. Designed for interior designers...