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TURQUOISE The Quintessential colour for Summer

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Let there be light! We unveil the 5 key lighting trends for the year ahead DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings


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20 HOW TO CREATE AN ORIENTAL-INSPIRED INTERIOR Asian and Oriental style is making a huge impact on interiors 28 5 LIGHTING TRENDS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD Manipulate your home’s atmosphere 44 DOUBLE BAY An exclusive suburb on Sydney’s vast natural harbour 52 IT’S ALL ABOUT THE VOICE Furniture that is pared down in form, yet elegant and timeless 64 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

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70 LA MID-CENTURY SPIRIT MEETS MODERN MALLORCA The 60’s era in Los Angeles is the soul of this fantastic project in Mallorca 91 MIRROR, MIRROR Hang mirrors to make your home the fairest of them all

100 ESSENTIAL HOME UNVEILS THE ULTIMATE COLOUR TRENDS From bright and vivid to earthy and soft 107 CRAFTMANSHIP THAT TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY... Christopher Guy’s designs are sophisticated, highly-stylized, luxurious, have timeless charm and elegance 116 TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE Exciting new Tropical Collection from Jane Constantine 138 GLEBE PLACE RESIDENCE A mixture of novel styles, modern design and traditional Portuguese pieces 146 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

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152 MARBLE TO CREATE A UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT Marble finishes from Margref offer the perfect balance of functionality, technology and design 167 BASINS FULL OF EASTERN PROMISE Basins inspired by a love of Bali 176 JUST HANGING ABOUT Beautiful hanging garden chairs




The QuinTessenTial summer shade

10 DÉCOR Magazine

Few colours are as playful as turquoise or as dramatic. It evokes the colour of the sea and the sky and depending on how you use it; it can be bold, whimsical, dreamy, or lively. It can be used in traditional and classic rooms or contemporary, modern spaces. Often considered an exotic colour, turquoise is, in fact, one of the easiest shades to use in interior design. From aquamarine to teal, there are plenty of colours that broadly fall under its wing. It can be soothing as well as bold and vibrant and it can adapt to a variety of styles, ambiances and influences. DÉCOR Magazine


SUBTLE TOUCHES Turquoise is a colour that looks good on almost anything, making it easy to decorate with but if adding such a vibrant colour worries you, start small, by adding just a subtle turquoise accent to your interior dĂŠcor can make a huge impact to your space. Look for small decor items with dramatic geometry, full-bodied texture, and any other elements that stand out such as an ornate mirror painted in bright turquoise or bold rug.

12 DÉCOR Magazine

MIX & MATCH COLOURS A colour doesn’t need to be dark or bold to stand out. Even if you use a very pale shade of turquoise, it can be a stunning accent for your living room as long as the other colours in the room come to its aid. Considering it is such a vibrant colour turquoise seems to works well with most colours within the spectrum, and is amazingly versatile this is because it is part blue and part yellow. Often used as an accent colour turquoise looks great with citrus tones especially lime, and blends effortlessly with differing shades of blue. Most people pair turquoise with dove grey, white or sandy beige however for the more adventurous try adding shades of red to make your interiors positively pop or gold to project a touch of elegance

DÉCOR Magazine


BALANCE THE COLOUR THROUGHOUT If you’d like your interiors to look cohesive and well put together, then the colour you use on the walls, in this case a shade of turquoise, should also be included elsewhere, in the form of accessories such as an ottoman, a lampshade, rug or trinkets.

THINK CLASSIC TIFFANY’S For a turquoise space that is pure sophistication, keep to lighter shades of turquoise and pair with lots of black and white accents, for example black and white or sepia photos, artwork and frames. This is a great look if you want to spruce up a corridor or otherwise black and white space. For a feminine look, glam it up with crystals and embellished furniture and decor. Add elegant and classic elements through vintage or vintage-inspired accents

14 DÉCOR Magazine

GO COASTAL There is no other colour that reflects nature like turquoise, think clear skies and sparkling azure seas. To recreate a coastal haven keep to lighter shades of turquoise and pair with lots of white accents, and rustic accessories. Fresh simple fabrics such as white linen, natural fibre rugs and classic rattan will all help to accentuate the seaside vibe

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INtRODuCING RIVIERA thE NEw LELIèVRE COLLECtION The 1. latest Lelièvre Riviera Fabric range in 2018 is about ‘The South’ and its timeless aura. Paying homage to the region and encapsulating its unique mystic the collections is a reflection of; glowing light that at once sculpts the landscape and enhances everything it touches, lazy afternoons, strolling through the country side picking laurels, basking in the golden warmth of the late afternoon, of the Mediterranean Sea, its mirages, its mystery, the magic of its crystal clear reflections, and its glinting golden treasures.

Found 2. within the range are metallic fabrics that use golden thread and craftsmanship to create unique curtain and upholstery fabrics. The collection includes natural and sophisticated upholstery fabrics, horizons and textures, to be used for both luxury curtains to modern accessories. The collection also includes an iconic tapestry, a medium of artistic expression favoured by Studio Lelièvre in recent seasons.

MAQUIS: Maquis expresses itself in an amazing weaving. This fabric, presents a wild and precious herbarium. This botanical garden with bright colours gives life and brightness to this floral creation. Designed for many uses, it will bring freshness and cheerfulness to your home.

ESTEREL: A printed cotton velvet, whose colours are an ode to the wild nature of the famous coastal mountain range. Dryness, freshness and the passage of time are all evoked through the nuances of this material. It represents a day of contemplation in the hills and red rocks of the Esterel that plunge down into the turquoise sea below. Offered in three colour ranges: Terracotta / Mediterranee / Crepuscule

16 DÉCOR Magazine

REGATE: A fresh wind blows on this elegant cotton blend jacquard, dotted with a small geometric pattern symbolizing the joyful and dynamic life of the seaside. The eye walks on the surface of this soft and luminous material revealing some accents of loop bringing relief

OLEA: The Olea fabric, displays a pattern evoking fine sand. Leaf debris, of different shapes, sizes and colors, is strewn about it. This cotton satin, smooth to the touch, can be resistant to intensive use. You can use it to hug your seats, make your curtains, or dress your walls.

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SuMMER IN BLOOM Portuguese fabric brand Aldeco, recently launched Bloom collection, inspired by the biodiversity of nature, birds and the rainforest. Focused on the richness, beauty and rhythms of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the range features a blend of florals, geometric designs and tropical touches. Comprising of 30 new designs the collection also arises in the same year Aldeco celebrates its 25th anniversary.

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wELCOMING NAtuRE INtO yOuR hOME Inspired by the natural landscapes that surround its studio in the Swedish countryside, Sandberg Wallpaper has launched a new collection, entitled Arboretum. “We visited leafy arboretums, botanical gardens and flowering meadows, collecting, studying and being inspired by the trees and plants that form our landscape,” says designer Karolina Kroon. “This collection aims to bring the gentle feeling of calmness that envelops us here into the interior.” The collection made up of 31 beautiful colour palettes, including rich, deep hues, soft neutral tones, crisp greens and sun-bleached shades. Designs include the Arboretet, which features drawings of 11 Swedish trees, the airy Hassel pattern of Hazel branches and hazelnuts, and the colourful Kvitten wallpaper, covered in fruit, flowers and leaves.

Caesarstone has launched seven sophisticated new colourways, ideal for use in both kitchens and bathrooms. The new colourways feature; Excava 4046 an unpolished canvas in deep auburns, chestnut and coopers. Top Concrete 4023 a rich buttermilk and cream toned base creating a multi-layered effect. Airy Concrete 4044, a calm grey base enriched by lively clouds of white and dark swirls symbolizing the link between air and water. Flannel Grey 4643, a heather grey base with dark grey swirls, is a versatile neutral that works well in both bold and calm spaces. Cloudbust concrete 4011 is a creamy surface with sophisticated pure white veils. Frozen Terra 4601, a classic neutral white base embellished with glimmers of black basalt and translucent grey quartz and finally intense white 6011, a bright white base embellished with petite crystallines. The simple, yet elegant colourways combine the beauty and outstanding performance of quartz surfaces. For more information, visit

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How to create an orientalinspired interior Asian style or oriental style interiors, is making a huge impact, evoking an image of serenity and calm. With most of us engrossed in a fastpaced urban lifestyle, it helps immensely when we can return home to a peaceful abode that allows us to escape and simply unwind a concept accomplished by the yin and yang of harmony and balance of Asian inspired interiors. But creating an Asian-inspired room isn’t as easy as one would think, it takes care, precision and a clear thought process. At its core, Asian inspired interiors are a fusion of several different styles from Japanese and Chinese to the exotic colours of Indian. To incorporate these elements into your own home design you must follow these simple..

20 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine 21

SETTING THE TONE Asian inspired interiors mostly transmit a sense of tranquillity and peace and this is most often accomplished by the colours of nature, and scenic landscapes which is why your backdrop should be as neutral as possible, use tones such as white or beige or understated light blues and elegant greys.

22 DÉCOR Magazine

COLOUR IN MODERATION One popular misconception is that Asian styles are both cold and aesthetic in colour of overbearingly bright and vivid when in fact the ideal colour scheme should be a combination of both with a calm neutral setting juxtaposed with vibrant accent hues that stand out. Lovely pinks of cherry blossoms, ravishing reds and luxurious purples are all an integral part of the Oriental style. For those looking to add a touch of mystic to their interiors carefully placed black hues and exquisite golden tones add a hint of drama.

DÉCOR Magazine


GETTING THE BALANCE RIGHT When adopting Asian-inspired interiors the word ‘balance’ is something that you will come across time and time again. Balance is often the key defining aspect of an Asian theme think light and dark, hot and cold nature and artificial. Think contrasting elements in a balance way, for example, a combination between aged wood & lacquered finished; the tact of the silk with the force of the wicker; the stone with the rice wallpaper.

24 DÉCOR Magazine

A FUSION OF MANY STYLES Asian interior trends are as mentioned previously a fusion of several different styles. It is important to know each style and its distinct elements before you make a choice regarding which one suits your home and your character the best. The Japanese design style is innately simple, minimalist, and one that is closest to nature and its many hues. If you are a looking to add the essence of Zen to your residence, this is the theme for you. Traditional Chinese decor is far more opulent, expansive and grand with regal reds, lavish gold, captivating jade and plush purple tones. And a typical Indian style is a colourful, unabashed showcasing traditional Indian motifs and cultural icons. If you were looking to adopt all three elements into your home it is best to stick to Japanese interior influences in the public spaces such as your living and dining areas for the bedroom the indulgent designs and colours of Chinese work best in the bedroom and to add a to incorporate an Indian influences use art pieces and rich textiles. MODERN MINIMALISM Clean and well-defined straight lines, minimalist decorations and sleek symmetry are all a natural part of Asian inspired interiors. This golden rule allows you to effortlessly incorporate the theme into a contemporary setting with just a few simple furniture and colour changes. Remember to keep soft furnishings to a minimal but ensure you have one or two key pieces and be sure to include potted plants and shrubs into your theme to incorporate nature and harmony

Borrowing from Feng Shui valuest hat have been tried and tested for centuries now, clutter is an absolute no-no, and Asian themes encourage you to surround yourself with only the things that you absolutely love!

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Interior lighting is a central aspect of your home’s design. You can manipulate your home’s atmosphere just by how you position the lighting and the kind of fixtures you use. Lighting design also changes from room to room. What works in the living room will not necessarily work in the kitchen or the bedroom. The lighting has to reflect the functions and feel of each space. Like any other part of interior décor, lighting design keeps changing. Technology is one reason for these changes. As manufacturers come up with advanced fixtures and bulbs, homeowners incorporate them into their homes. Tastes and preferences also change with generations. That is why we have vintage lighting, Art Deco, Mid-century Modern and so on. While 2018 will not bring any radical changes in lighting design, there are several notable trends every homeowner should take note of.



Lately, there has been a spike in the popularity of soft colours. Homeowners have fallen in love with colours such as grey and greige (grey plus beige). Soft gold falls right within this spectrum of soft colours and work well with contemporary decors. Falling somewhere in the middle between brushed silver and brushed gold, soft gold borrows its soft matte finish of these two hues while bringing out the warmth and mellowness of gold. This also means that it can blend in with almost any kind of décor from modern urban to farmhouse. HOW TO USE IT: Soft gold lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and designs. For overhead lighting, look for fixtures that accentuate the gold. You can also check for fixtures that complement the soft gold with other soft colours like grey or matte silver. Use soft gold lighting to attract attention to specific corners or areas of your living room. A great idea is a soft gold reading lamp illuminating the reading chair and shelf at the corner.

Tom Dixon Fade Pendant

30 DÉCOR Magazine



Industrial has always been about rustic finishes, neutral colours and an emphasis on metal and today we are seeing retro making a comeback but in a different way. If you look at modern industrial lighting, there are some stark differences to what you know as traditional industrial. The word we would use is ‘’upgraded industrial’’ or just modern retro. Unlike the warehouse-like styles that are common with industrial style, we are seeing sleeker metals–richer and more varied tones and alternative designs. Shop around and you will find retro fixtures with finer details that look more like a form of art. If you were hesitant about introducing some industrial aspects to your home, the new modern look should help. HOW TO USE IT: Use modern retro lighting to create a unique twist to an area. These lighting designs are popular for places like the kitchen work area, above the dining area or as wall lighting. You can even use the fixture itself as a piece of art on the wall or the centrepiece of your home. Do not be afraid of industrial. It is no longer the brutal, “unfinished” style that belongs to a niche of retro punk fans. With its updated look, it fits perfectly in any 21st century décor.

Cage Pendant Lights by Home Depot



For years, Art Deco and Mid-century Modern styles have been go-to favorites for interior design. But for some reason, lighting has not followed the same trends. It has been hard to come across fixtures set in these nostalgic early century styles. But that is changing with more and more Mid-century and Art Deco designs filling the market. The popular sputnik chandelier comes to mind when talking about Mid-century modern with its clean lines and pared down form. Art Deco and Mid-century Modern form a continuous line from the 1920s to 1970s. They both emphasize clean lines, unique designs and a balance of form and art. Art Deco lighting focuses on sharp lines and attractive geometric designs. With Mid-century modern lighting, you will notice a love for natural shapes that combine functional form and aesthetics.

Clark Lighting by Delightfull Unique Lamps

HOW TO USE THEM: Art Deco is an artful lighting style. Overhead Art Deco fixtures are especially good at adding strong geometric designs to a space. The 2018 Mid-century lighting trend falls more towards fun and laid back. Use it to add an informal slightly artful feel to a space. Unlike years ago, it is not as hard to find Art Deco and Mid-century modern fixtures today. Check your local store or online shops for a variety of the best piece. DÉCOR Magazine 31



Modern dĂŠcor is based mostly on clean forms. Whether it is a modern couch, a modern kitchen or modern lighting, excessive ornamentation is losing favour. Older lighting fixtures often feature ornate metalwork. But in a modern home, the complex designs may not blend so well in a clean styled space. So today, homeowners are opting for simpler and cleaner lighting designs that fit in perfectly among modern decors. The minimalism trend will become even more popular in 2018 as more low-profile fixtures enter the market. These fixtures focus on simple geometric designs, neutral soft colours and a prominence of form over extravagant aesthetics. HOW TO USE IT: You can work modern clean lighting into any space in your home whether it is the living area, kitchen or bedroom. It works best as a statement piece, especially when used overhead, creating a simple yet bold look. Let the lighting fixture stand on its own without being crowded by other fixtures. It really pops when used as a reading lamp, overhead light or accent piece. The Beacon Lighting Sculpt drop pendant

32 DÉCOR Magazine



For certain areas of the house, homeowners are falling in love with bigger fixtures. The aim is to create a “Wow” factor and attract instant attention. More than lighting, these fixtures act as centrepieces. Some come with ornate designs that focus all the attention in a space on the fixture. Large pendant lighting fixtures can be used over the kitchen island, over the dining table, at the foyer and along exterior footpaths among other areas. HOW TO USE LARgER FIXTURES: Using larger fixtures requires a lot of care. For best results, use it in a central area where it can create the maximum effect. You can balance it with smaller fixtures around the room to create a nice overall look.

Bold oversized pendant lamps by Fabrice Berrux DÉCOR Magazine



Mullan Lighting design and manufacture bespoke lighting for the commercial, hospitality, retail and residential sectors. Based in Ireland, Mullan Lighting employs over 60 people that help the lighting company sell to and service over 55 countries worldwide. Mullan Lighting’s focus is creating well-designed lighting fixtures that are durable and affordable. They specialise in industrial lighting design as well as more contemporary light fixtures.

Available from:

36 DÉCOR Magazine


diffusing light. The light source within the chandelier consists of colourchanging RGBW LED strip lights and standard E27 lamp holders. Mike Treanor, Director of Design and Operations, at Mullan Lighting stated, “The sheer size of the Foyle Golf Centre chandelier made it a challenge to manufacture. We designed the larger tier of the chandelier is such a way that it could be pieced together seamlessly on-site. The colour changing LED strip lighting adds an interesting dimension to the bespoke chandelier. It’s something that we’ll likely incorporate into more of our custom light fixtures in the future.” The Foyle Golf Centre is a fabulous place to play golf on Ireland’s Causeway Coast. Famously, Amelia Earhart landed on what is now the 6th green in 1932 on a 15-hour solo flight from Newfoundland in Canada. The stop was unplanned due to poor weather conditions and technical issues. Some rooms within the Foyle Golf Centre are named after the pioneering female pilot to celebrate her legacy and short, unexpected visit.

Mullan Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of light fixtures, has completed the manufacture and on-site assembly of an impressive double ring chandelier in the newly refurbished Foyle Golf Centre, Derry. The twotier chandelier measures three metres in diameter and contains RGBW LED strip lights, allowing the chandelier’s light colour to be altered, reflecting and changing the ambience of the venue below. Design and production of the chandelier began in December 2017 and was completed in January 2018. The larger ring of the chandelier – measuring three metres in diameter – was delivered in sections due to its size and assembled on-site by two engineers from Mullan Lighting. The second smaller tier measures 2.3 metres in diameter. The main materials used in the manufacture of this bespoke chandelier for the Foyle Golf Centre are steel and ribbed Perspex – which is very effective at

Mullan Lighting worked closely with Clanrye Lighting who was the lighting supplier on the project. Clanrye Lighting specified the manufacture of the impressive chandelier to their requirements. Quite a few of Mullan Lighting’s standard light fixtures were also specified in other areas of the golf club’s entertainment venue – officially known as Pitchers Restaurant & Events Pavilion. Mullan Lighting’s standard light fixtures used in the Foyle Golf Centre include their Essence prismatic pendants and Moroni dome ceiling lights, and their Amias, Dublin, Hale, Kairi and Yaounde wall lights. DÉCOR Magazine



Magical drops of light A sparkling and romantic fairy dust of light enriches the Fairy collection by Axo, comprises of charming indoor lamps, “magical” objects that look as if they have been taken straight out of a fairy tale. DÉCOR Magazine


The diffuser in glass is distinguished by a multitude of facets which create enchanting games of light, even when the lamp is turned off and it multiplies in creative linear or circular suspensions, featuring different heights and widths, and several lights. The result is a charming waterfall of crystalline reflections, just like a kaleidoscope of colours that creates

Fairy offers, in addition to the finish in chromed metal and only for the suspensions, also the version with the frame painted in anthracite grey and opaque bronze. The diffuser in glass is available in various finishes: transparent, amber and smoke grey.

The collection is LED powered and it comprises the suspension version (single or multiple, linear or circular, the latter with an optional kit comprising 2 rings that extend the range of the diffusers to create a broad

and airy composition), the ceiling lamp (also in the recessed version) and a recessed spotlight. The wall lamp has a degree of protection of 44 so the model can even be fitted in a bathroom in optimal conditions.

For more information visit:

40 DÉCOR Magazine

dreamy atmospheres with a strong personality, perfect for any room.

PLUMAGE Lush feathers

DÉCOR Magazine


A DELIGHT TO THE EYE Catallani&Smith S.r.l. was founded 1989 in Bergamo, Italy. The design of these lights is unique. Hand-work is combined with the latest technical trends and result in marvelous lights. Behind this exceptional company with all its wonderful and future-orientated ideas, stands Enzo Catallani. He early dealt with the possibility of using LED and is able to exploit the opportunities of LED like nobody else. Also, he is able to bring a filigreed design in line with the highest technical standards. All his creations from the Fil de Fer via the PostKrisi collection through to the Stchu Moon series and the Sistema Macchina della Luce, are unique art objects of which one is fascinated again and again.

Available from:

42 DÉCOR Magazine

Macchina della Luce, undoubtedly one of the most spectacular creations by Catellani & Smith, has been developed after studying and reflecting on the colour of light, particularly on the warm light of the sun and fire, which have been expressed through the preciousness of gold, a delight to the eye. It is an example of how a lamp can become a work of art, like a sculpture, and how a structure seems almost to “imprison” light, by shaping its shadow and create enchanting and evocative atmospheres. Macchina della luce is made of several aluminum discs of different sizes, to be positioned in order of descending size, entirely covered with a goldcolored leaf, hand-applied. It is a timeless icon, also available in silver and copper finishes, which has been up-graded with a new LED module, that has been designed specifically by Catellani & Smith to ensure a highest lighting performance and to obtain a much richer perception than the classic halogen bulb. Thanks to its extraordinary scenographic performance, Macchina della Luce has been selected for important contract projects, such as the lighting project of Casa Batllò, an authentic wonder of the Spanish Modernism, or the Teatro Sociale di Camogli, that reopened last year after 40 years of inactivity.

Photos: Leo Torri DÉCOR Magazine 43

DOUBLE BAY Situated on the water’s edge in Double Bay, an exclusive suburb located along Sydney’s vast natural harbour is this two storey family home designed by South African architects SAOTA. This family home efficiently creates private, sheltered spaces for family living, whilst maximising wide outlooks towards the water and beyond.

44 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine 45

Adhering to the client’s brief, the home perfectly balances family living and social entertaining with the architectural layout and décor allowing for small family gatherings and big functions in equal measure. Set in a north-facing cove in Sydney’s vast natural harbour, the site borders a recreational park and a public pier which juts out into the bay. Ensuring its layout and decor blend with its surroundings the layout of the property is rather traditional with ground floor housing the kitchen and the main living and entertainment areas, while the upper level comprises five bedrooms and an additional intimate lounge for the family. Entry to the property is at 90 degrees to the Bay, off the park, a ramp, edged by water, slopes gently up to the front door, the little rise adding to the sense of arrival. Here the “U” shaped plan of the house becomes clear; the entrance is a link between two wings, separated by an internal garden which, like an internal harbour, allows views through the spaces to the bay beyond. Seen from the courtyard a massive blank wall of the upper storey seems to weigh on the glazed levity of the ground floor, amplifying the bay view beneath it. An architectural metal mesh screen that is illuminated at night, wraps the entrance to the home – a feature designed as aesthetic element but also to functionally provide the client with additional privacy when lights are on inside the house. The metal and timber panelling on the outside create interesting textures and, in small parts, influenced the décor chosen for the interior. When entering the home, a double volume lobby reveals touches of the sophisticated décor that ARRCC so passionately curated. An OKHA Hits and Misses server grounds the expansive two storey wall, with the metal detailed base adding warmth to the colour palette. Custom beaten brass discs, imagined by ARRCC and executed by local Sydney craftsman Andrew Earp, are spaced across the full expanse of the double volume wall concealing the private lift core. The vision was that the changing light and shadows cast by this installation would mimic the play of the reflections across the bay.

46 DÉCOR Magazine

Contrasting the openness of the house, shaped wooden slats frame the staircase. It is visible from the street outside and reveals itself further when you enter the home, softening the architectural lines and adding interest from the minute you set foot inside the house. Visually, it forms a private core that circles up to the private area of the home that houses the bedrooms. Architects, SAOTA, displayed their South African signature in this design with its sharp lines, light forms and the lush integration of nature which all combine to make the design feel at home in this special site. A playful character, the calculated blurring of boundaries and the fresh, layered composition bring into balance the domestic needs of a young family and the wow factor that this phenomenal site deserves. SAOTA’s sister company, the interior studio ARRCC, developed a refined décor palette to suit the home and complement the client’s artworks.

DÉCOR DÉCORMagazine Magazine 47

The lobby the central point of the home, opens up to an internal courtyard that was included as additional entertainment space, a mirrored sculpture by Arik Levy serves as focal point and leads the eye to the open courtyard when entering the home. A vast exterior white wall on the upper level out the courtyard doubles as screen for lazy outdoor movie nights. A kids’ informal lounge also opens up to this courtyard garden. To keep the flow of the house open, fresh and in keeping with its surroundings the ground floor living level is transparent with full height glass elevations allowing the living and entertainment spaces to flow into each other and to enjoy the magnificent views. Conceptualised and furnished in close collaboration with the clients – the result being a bespoke collection of international brands and South African designed custom made pieces. A Polygonal Ring pendant light by the Italian studio Henge hangs above the formal dining table - the specific design chosen to not obstruct any views and for its playful, abstract shapes. Bespoke hand tufted rugs with wool and bamboo silk include various tones of blue as extension of the colour palette chosen. The open design of the ground floor means that the views over the bay are visible from most areas, providing a beautiful backdrop for any social occasion. The client’s favourite colour, blue, was added to the mostly neutral palette to provide little bursts of colour to capture and reflect the hues of the waterfront. A variety of finishes were chosen for the formal lounge to add interest to the interior. An OKHA marble coffee table is combined with a custom designed brass coffee table (also executed by Andrew Earp) repeating the brass texture found in the entrance hall. An eclectic mix of side tables are positioned next to the Minotti sofas, including Galata & Taksim black marble tables and the mirror clad Cube side tables. The oversized artwork by Pae White includes images of foil, woven together in cotton and polyester, adding interesting textures and echoing the colour palette of the entertainment space. The artwork was sourced on behalf of the client after she noticed it in a store on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles and immediately fell in love with the piece.

48 DÉCOR Magazine

Located on a raised level, the informal lounge features pops of colour in the armchairs by Saintluc S.R.L, disrupting the neutral and blue palette seen throughout the ground floor. The client’s existing artwork was incorporated into the room including a Yioryios sculpture. In keeping with the concept of “bringing the outside in” the outdoor entertainment areas integrate seamlessly with the interior spaces. The furniture selection continues the interior colour palette with a blue/grey Paola Lenti outdoor sofa and rug and feature rough marble coffee table by Henry Timi. Various ceramic stools in blue and silver by Gervasoni, accentuating the deep colours of the pool, are coupled with custom wooden stools to create layers of textures outside. DÉCOR Magazine


The upper limits of the house framed by the staircase cocoons the Chamber feature pendant lights - the glass and marble fittings of the light contrasting with the installation of brass discs. In the master bedroom a custom bed, dressed in Quagliotti Italian Linen supplied by The Hall Collection, with leather panelled headboard is the focal points. The black table lamps by Oluce add a striking modernist contrast to the room. The burnished bronze side table adds warmth to the cool tones of the bedroom. Black and white marble side tables by India-Mahdavi accentuates the underlying luxury that is ingrained in the house. The guest powder room continues the sophisticated theme of the interiors. Phillip Jeffries Enchanted Woods Moon Glow wallpaper in cork and silver wraps the walls, picking up on the brass finishes and the angular mirror imported from France.

Project name: Double Bay • Project Location: Sydney; Australia Interior Design: ARRCC • Project Team: Mark Rielly; Sarika Jacobs Architects: SAOTA and Tanner Kibble Denton Architects (TKD) Project Photographer: Adam Letch

50 DÉCOR Magazine


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE At Stockholm Design Week 2018, the Swedish design brand Voice, known for its smart storage solutions, launched a brand-new range of functional and attractive furniture designed by Nina Jobs, the design duo Cate & Nelson, and Mattias Stenberg. The inspiration for this year’s collection was drawn from the fashion industry’s concept of “essentials”, described as basic items, or in Voice’s case, furniture that is pared down in form, yet elegant and timeless, with plenty of focus on materials and craftsmanship. In his role as the new Creative Director of Voice, Mattias Stenberg led development of the relaunch, where he defined and coordinated the visual image of the new Voice, from products to the brand’s graphic profile.

About Mattias stenberg

About Cate & nelson

About nina Jobs

Mattias Stenberg, born 1975, is a Swedish designer educated at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) in Stockholm. 2010 he founded Studio Vision A&D which focus on contemporary architecture and design. Stenberg works out of three value concepts; clarity in concept, form and material. His work with architecture affects how he works with furniture and lighting, he describes furniture like mini architecture.

Design studio Cate & Nelson was founded in Sweden in 2006 by the internationally awarded industry and furniture designers, and also couple Cate Högdahl and Nelson Ruiz-Acal. Cate and Nelson met in Madrid, where they studied industrial design at the University IED. The design studio creates everything from furniture, lighting, furnishings and art. Throughout Cate & Nelson’s production, they are working with top quality materials and have a sustainable manufacturing process. Today, Cate & Nelson is based in London with offices in Sweden and Spain.

Nina Jobs took her master’s degree in product design from the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 1998. She has worked with companies like IKEA, Uniqlo, MoMA, Askul Japan, Gärsnäs, Abstracta and Ericsson. Nina has also worked for the Swedish government by curating Swedish design and architecture exhibitions in both Asia and the United States. Her work has been awarded several times and has been published all over the world.

52 DÉCOR Magazine

bowie A modern stool designed by Mattias Stenberg, Bowie is crafted with a structural ease that gives it a strong character and comes with three different frame options: black lacquer, smooth sand lacquer or blasted stainless steel. Choose between upholstery in textile, leather or nubuck. Bowie is a versatile piece of seating that can be used in the hall, as a footstool by the sofa or moved around to where it is needed. Thanks to its strong character it works well alone or with other furniture, says Mattias Stenberg, designer and Creative Director of Voice.

tre Tre is a stand-alone, open shelf unit designed by Nina Jobs. Designed in American natural ash or pigmented black-blue ash, with shelves in varnished metal, Tre creates a sense of stability while giving an impression of ease. Tre is launched in four heights, and can be used individually or combined together with help of connecting fittings. Tre is designed to look good from all directions, one can choose to place it against a wall or in the middle of the room to create separate spaces, says designer Nina Jobs. DÉCOR Magazine 53

aino Aino, designed by Mattias Stenberg, is a versatile, easy-to-move storage basket crafted in ash, a type of wood often used in classic Scandinavian design – not least by designers like Alvar Aalto and Bruno Mathsson. Aino’s metal elements are lacquered in sand or black, with matching silicone feet placed under the basket, making the baskets easy to stack and combine.

Modern homes are often in need of attractive, versatile storage for blankets, books, toys and other objects in everyday use. Aino’s handy size allows it to be placed anywhere, and moved around or stacked on top of each other if needed, says Mattias Stenberg, Designer and Creative Director of Voice.

ChaMfer sideboard Chamfer Sideboard, designed by Mattias Stenberg, is an open, versatile storage unit, perfect as a standalone object or stacked together, creating a modern shelf or room divider. Chamfer Sideboard is presented in two lengths and materials, American ash and lacquered MDF. Chamfer Sideboard is ideal as a coffee table or storage unit. When I worked on the design, I wanted to create a synergy between something that can be used as a table top, with storage at the bottom. Take for example a bowl or book that you use a lot but may not want to have it out on top. Now you can place it one level down and still have it close at hand, says Mattias Stenberg, designer and Creative Director of Voice.

ChaMfer Cabinet Designed by Mattias Stenberg, Chamfer Cabinet is a functional, stylish cabinet, with bevelled edges around the doors and furniture legs. Chamfer Cabinet, offered in 15 different sizes, is available in natural or pigmented American ash veneer or lacquered MDF in white or sand. Models in the collection with doors have a push-to-open function, while the largest cabinets come with sliding doors. The lower height cabinets are also available in wall mounted options or can be fitted with bracket legs. Chamfer Cabinet is inspired by Scandinavian design from the 1960s. When creating the Chamfer cabinet, I chose to work with veneering and its special qualities, says Mattias Stenberg, designer and Creative Director of Voice.

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norM A timeless piece of furniture, with roots in design history, Norm is also future-forward and highly relevant today. That was the aim with Norm – a well-dimensioned piece of furniture that can be used as a daybed or a sofa, with a base of American ash and lacquered metal legs. When needed, the loose backrests make it easy to transform Norm from daybed to sofa. Choose between cushions and upholstery in textile, leather or nubuck. Norm is designed by Mattias Stenberg. - When I started working on Norm, I asked myself the question: “How would a modern daybed or small sofa for a slightly smaller room look today?” I found many references in Scandinavian design history, which I later modernized to make relevant and functional for today’s needs, says Mattias Stenberg, designer and Creative Director of Voice.

levier Levier is an innovative, elegant, wall-mounted shelving system in American ash designed by the design duo Cate & Nelson. With hidden consoles, Levier creates the feeling that it is floating freely against the wall. Levier is available in three widths and heights. Choose one of six standard configurations or customize you own design. Shelves are one of the most personal pieces of furniture in a home – not by themselves alone but because of items we choose to place on them – which reflect our personalities. We drew inspiration from this and chose to design a simple yet elegant shelving unit; one that makes one’s favourite objects stand out, says Cate & Nelson, design duo.

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KOKET PushEs ThE BOundariEs Of dEsign wiTh nEw sExy furniTurE Seductive and daring luxury home decor brand KOKET continues to push through design boundaries with new sexy furniture introductions for 2018. When it comes to furniture there are endless companies producing run-of-the-mill designs, the same old English roll arm sofas, fourlegged coffee tables, turnedpedestal dining tables, etc.

A new 2018 release, the Tabu Cocktail Table exudes sex appeal and playfulness with its sensual gold chromium legs stretched out beneath a sophisticated bronze glass top. The perfect conversation starter for your next cocktail party!

So when KOKET’s seductive and innovative designs appeared on the market in 2010 the luxury home decor brand began to turn heads! At industry trade shows in Paris and Milan in the first quarter of 2018 the brand released some of its sexiest pieces yet. Unafraid of taking risks and constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional, and even contemporary design, KOKET has never adhered to the status quo, and design lovers around the world continue to fawn over its original and alluring creations. With eighteen new releases thus far in 2018 KOKET has become a go-to source for interior designers and consumers looking to create unique, glamorous, and seductive interiors. Bordering on whimsical but with an innate sense of refinement and sophisticated exoticism here are some of KOKET’s sexiest designs!

For more information visit:

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Looking to add some primal energy to your interior? The Serpentine Sconce and Mirror, both2018 introductions, are sure ways to add a sense of primitive exoticism to any space.

Several cultures including Celtic, Indian and Ancient Greeks believed that the snake embodied sexuality, this sense of symbolism along with its fierce persona has made it a favorite motif for KOKET. The menacing and mesmerizing handcarved serpents on the Mistress Confidante embody an exotic, untouchable, yet sensual aura giving the piece the power to capture and seduce in every way.

Curvaceous legs are a signature design element for KOKET and the Chandra Chair is its queen! With its bold and daring shape, this dining chair is all about sexy vintage glamour.

When it comes to seduction, voluptuous curves are sure to entice, with its mysterious and uninterrupted lines the Vamp Sofa’s sumptuous contours and luscious upholstery arouses all who find themselves in its presence.

If you are looking for sexy decor that is all about originality, artistry, and luxurious craftsmanship, KOKET has endless options. And ever evolving and conceiving, the brand’s team of talented designers are busy fantasizing about new and enticing designs everyday so stay tuned for many more seductive and daring creations! DÉCOR Magazine


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Designed for the sea - Oscar3 Mylius 65’, designed by Alberto Simeone in collaboration with the P+F studio, is the result of a perfect synthesis of form and function. Made entirely of carbon, it is the natural evolution of the preceding 60’- 65’ hulls. A nautical jewel in which the main theme is the seafaring life, with strong references to classic boats that have been reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective. The interiors are interwoven with colour themes of smoked eucalyptus and white, and varied puttytoned hues become the protagonist in all the leather elements, such as the dining area sofa, and the main living area of the boat, envisaged as a large, open, very bright space. Great care has been paid to the features and ergonomic design of the smallest spaces, without sacrificing the outcome of understated and contemporary luxury. The spacious worktop in the kitchen and the two aft twin guest cabins, each with a dedicated bathroom and shower, are clear examples of this.

Available from:

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Also in the prestigious boating field, CEA products represent the best choice to guarantee functionality, reliability and aesthetic as far as design taps are concerned. MILO360 perfectly fits small places: moreover, it is made of inox steel AISI 316, a high hygienic material, adapt to be used in kitchens. Moreover, its pull-out hand shower helps washing the dishes and the basin.

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on trend

Last year we filled our homes with tropical jungle prints, flamboyant flamingos and just about anything and everything metallic. So what does the year ahead hold in store for us? Here we take a look at the key interior trends for summer 2018.

Maximalism Forget clean lines and muted colour palettes. Refined minimalism has had its day and exuberant maximalism is about to take the design world by force. Think artfully arranged clutter, vibrant colours and wallpaper so patterned it’ll make your eyes go funny! Maximalism is all about great textures, mismatched furniture and knowing that there’s always space in any design for that little bit extra.

Lush Designs DLR Shade Pink Orange Lush Designs Fishbone Coffee Table Chaplins Furniture

Gaddi made from UpCycled Ikat Rayon Saris Assorted Ian Snow Ltd

Harper Armchair In Gail Bryson Trill - Yolk

64 DÉCOR Magazine

Hathi Elephant Wall Mount Sweetpea & Willow

Bohemia Moroccan Wool Storage Pots Bohemia Design Limited

Eastern Inspiration Asian inspired interiors have influenced western home designers for centuries. Highly ornamental with carved surfaces and bold colour, or with very simple lines, free from any ornamentation with soothing natural tones the looks of the orient can look fabulous in any home. To get the look introduce ornaments, motifs and dark or lacquered furniture to evoke the look.

Jay folding screen by Boca do Lobo available in black, white or tea Vibrant decorated cabinet by The Nine Schools in black or turquoise £359.00

Japanese French Designer Kenzo created this Kimono style Mah Jong seating arrangement for Roche Bobois utilising the graphics, textures and colours of the orient – POA

DÉCOR Magazine


Black is Back Unveil your dark and sinister side with inspiration from this year’s noir trend. Black is used as a stable colour in every interior trend however used as a primary colour it can create a very intense and overbearing aesthetic. To incorporate this trend into your interiors use black as a focal for either your interiors, lighting of a dramatic fire-surround or is you’re feeling bold as the primary colour for your kitchen.

Faro HAN LED Black wall lamp and coat rack

Part of its “ Guilty Pleasures” collection thus Caprichosa Sofa by Koket Love Happens - POA - oozes an elegant quality

Black gloss free-standing fire by Glowmaster also available in white £416.00

Contemporary Black glass Murano Chandelier with black lampshades- POA

Forest Muses black wallpaper by Graham & Brown and Kelly Hoppen £80.00 per roll

66 DÉCOR Magazine

Delft Revival Add a touch of spring to your interiors by introducing the Dutch blue and white effect into your home but with a modern twist.

Hidreth’s blue and white drapery and wallcovering also blends another current décor trend with its oriental Asian pattern

Crystal Rose Rug by Marcel Wanders for Moooi €1,799.00

131 ZH One by Zaha Hadid

As part of the exclusive range by Boca do Lobo is this fantastic Limited Edition Heritage Cabinet - POA

DÉCOR Magazine


Self Reflection Bronze and tarnished gold have dominated the interior scene of late however for those looking for a clean, crisp look than chrome is definitely the metal of choice whilst it can look aesthetic paired at times pair it with accent colours of pastel pinks and blues to create a soothing modern setting.

A limited- edition Verner Panton chrome chair by Vitra $1,673.84

Disco ball ceiling lights fixtures by Tom Dixon

Paolo Piva style coffee table by Consort $350.00 Searchlight 1610 Reflections Mirror

L.A Mid-Century Spirit MeetS Modern MALLorCA The 60’s era in Los Angeles is the soul of this fantastic project in Mallorca, Spain.

70 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine 71

It is impossible to remain indifferent to a project as indicative of MidCentury spirit as this one created by the incredible Interior Designer Christine Leja. More than a lifestyle this house is a magic portal to the “sunshine state” of California. According to the Designer words:“Planning, designing and building living spaces is one of the most beautiful professions, since, with every and each new client and project, there is a new challenge. I try to find out the needs, the wishes, the dreams and the living concept of the future resident to than create a corresponding new home for them. But what happens, if you suddenly do it for your own. Am I the same brave and firm as I am, when I create it for my client. Do I know what I need, want or desire? Should I also write a list of my habits and my preferences in order to create a unique space? Does this work, when the visionary is at the same time the future resident? Yes, it worked out! Maybe it took a little longer and my decisions became modified and overthought - but at least I had no need to explain or justify my choices, because it was me, whom will live and enjoy that space later on. I played with the ideas - I handled it in a loosely and unconventional way - without any rules and styling concepts.

72 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine 73

The only vision and concept I had, was a mid-century bungalow with this typical L.A. spirit. I think it was this old and huge Yucca tree in the garden, which reminded me from the first moment to West Hollywood. This inspiration carried me through the entire project.” “I had to respect the existing shell of the building from the 60`. No way to change the form of the building also not the roof. It was clear from the beginning, that I had to open the house as much as I can and that I have to clean out the inside, to convert it into a modern open living concept. After taking down more than the half of the facade in order to get openings of more than 5m and breaking down nearly all interior walls, bringing the openness, light and over all the spectacular sea view into the last corner of the house. Instead of 6 bed rooms there are now 3 and 3 bathrooms. Instead of a low & closed living room, there is a completely open big living space with 5m high ceiling. The entire house got transparent and feels like a clear space. To make it into one piece, I used all over the same cement floor, without having any joints - no where any other material on the floor - even not in the showers. The underfloor heating makes it even more comfortable to enjoy this smooth floor barefoot on cold days.”

“Different colours of handmade tiles in the bath rooms, 6 different wall papers in the house, copper taps in the bathrooms, a tailor-made turquoise kitchen, all those details made this house into an inspiring and unique living space. The mosaic tiles were custom made in South of Spain, the wallpapers from all over the world, the marble came from Italy, the shutters designed and done in Poland, the lamps came from Portugal etc. and the final result - lets call it a “potpourri” is a result of an exciting selection from all my travels and my researches to make the vision come true. Collector items like the egg chair or the antique waterski collection were the consequence of making the vision perfect. every and each furniture was searched and selected in order to equip the house with the needs and the corresponding style. Perfect for me and my own way of life.”

“What is done in love is done well (Vincent van Gogh) and to complete it - What is done in love & freedom is unique” CHRISTINe LejA

Bconnected Living concepts bconnected is a creative lifestyle company born out of a love for a place and a passion for design. When Christine Leja and Andree Mienkus started bconnected in Santa Catalina in 1997, the neighbourhood was still a sleepy fisherman’s village, but Christine and Andree felt an immediate connection to the area which would become the centre of their dynamic business. If Andree has a sharp eye for real estate and strong market sensibility, Christine is the passionate visionary with an intuitive approach to business, ready to take action and put the projects into place. Together their vision is one that encourages creativity, positive living, and inspiration.

“I do what I love and I love what I do” Photo Credits: Roman Kuhn Interior Design Company: bconnected living concepts

Pixerspride themselves on their supernatueal powers. They work magic that changes surroundings and warps time. They can move mountains and make you wake up in the clouds. Yet, Pixers put most the faith in the power of stories. They allow us to express who we are and inspire others at the same time. The best tales are those you create yourself – they will help you to give them form. They say they are citizens of the world. Their ambitions reach the stars and they follow their dreams. They think and act globally, for they know that good stories can transcend all barriers. They personalize all types of interiors all over the world and will assist you in this in thousands of unimaginable ways.

The 5 mosT beauTiful TourisT sPoTs ThaT You can have in Your home! Some of us will spend our vacations in an exotic paradise, others in the mountains or in the quiet countryside, some will stay at home. The possibilities are endless, and the choice depends mainly on the wealth of our wallet and the amount of our free time. No matter how and where you rest and what kind of travels you dream of, you can relax in your dream place whenever you want! Summer is just around the corner! It can be seen through the weather and on the street, where sandals, shorts and sundresses are more and more often found. This is a sign that summer vacation will start in a just few weeks. There are so many beautiful places, but we can’t visit all of them - either they are too far away, travelling is very expensive, or we simply lack the time. How can we reconcile our dreams with our possibilities? Pixers has prepared a short guide to the most beautiful places that are worth visiting or taking home if traveling is not an option.

The IndIan Ocean basIn Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka are hot tourist destinations and it’s not all about the sun, which is present almost all year round. These places are known for their beautiful nature, hospitality and a wide range of entertainment at affordable prices. White sand, azure water, blue sky and spreading palm trees. It sounds like a description of pictures taken in paradise, and these are simply the beaches of the picturesque islands located in the Indian Ocean. It is true that not everyone can afford a trip to the Maldives or Seychelles - the most beautiful and exclusive resorts in this part of the world, but chin up! Before you go on the journey of your life, you can create your own paradise beach in your home. All you need is a wall and a wall mural that, apart from decorative and relaxation features, optically enlarges the space and gives character to even exceptionally simple arrangements. And most importantly, the change will take much less time than a flight to another continent. Further information available from:

78 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


The greaT greek hOlIday On sanTOrInI Greece, the country flowing with olive oil and ambrosia is one of the most tourist - visited countries. The cradle of philosophy attracts tourists with its picturesque landscape - high, steep peaks surrounded by the sea and monuments from before the era, tasty cuisine and reasonable prices. The island Santorini island belonging to the Cycladic Archipelago, which according to TripAdvisor is the second of the Greek islands that is definitely worth visiting, has become particularly popular in recent years. Picturesque streets, wonderful beaches and sunsets are not all that the Greek Atlantis has to offer. If you plan on visiting this place, you can’t miss the capital of the island - Fira, famous for its many museums hiding ancient treasures and the most beautiful beach in Perissa. Won’t you be able to taste the Greek delicacies on the island? Treat yourself to breakfast surrounded by Santorini’s typical white and blue houses carved in rock! Choose a wall mural with a beautiful landscape, prepare the wall, install it and voila! You find yourself in the very center of Santorini without the need for a reservation and a long, expensive trip.

80 DÉCOR Magazine

The cappadOcIa valley In all ITs glOry It is true that Turkey has not been included in the list of popular holiday destinations, yet Cappadocia, the largest tourist attraction in the country entered on the UNESCO list, could not be omitted. Underground cities, churches in the caves of the Goreme Open Air Museum, mushroom rocks are something that everyone should see. When visiting the Cappadocia valley, leave your fear of heights at home and risk an unforgettable balloon flight to admire views from the Star Wars or Mad Max movie set. What if you have to postpone your trip? Beautiful places have the advantage that everyone wants to capture them in pictures, including eminent photographers, so the choice of designs with views of Cappadocia is huge - from aerial shots, through portraits of majestic peaks and gorges, to images of cities carved in rock. The subdued colors prevailing in the natural landscape of the Cappadocia valleys will prove themselves in interiors designed for rest and work. The warm colors of the earth, the bright rocks and the vast spaces that can also be seen on the wall murals will have a positive effect on your focus and efficiency, motivating you to quickly carry out tasks, even on warm summer days. rOmanTIc venIce This amazing city, crisscrossed by hundreds of canals over which beautiful, quaint and stylish tenement houses dominate, is basically a tourist must-see. What’s more, we love going to Italy. According to the CNTraveler portal, 52.4 million tourists visit this country every year! The sun, the best ice cream and traditional pizza, and the variety of landscapes and tourist attractions entice tourists. Venice is a good choice for a holiday with family and friends, and above all a perfect destination for a getaway for two. Boredom is not happening here! Hiking and gondola cruises allow for an unusual exploration of narrow streets and squares scattered around the city. You can really fall in love with Venice! Wall murals presenting its typical architecture is a way to an elegant, sophisticated, even eclectic interior. Such views will work best in a representative place of your home, in the living room. Thanks to this, relaxation on the sofa will take on form, and you can reach for the phone and take a selfie straight from Venice at any time. DÉCOR Magazine 81

breakfasT aT TIffany’s New York and Los Angeles are the most visited cities in the world. The latter offers a typical holiday atmosphere and entertainment - sunbathing, surfing, relaxing on the beach. New York, in turn, is an ideal place for holidays for people who like the urban jungle and fashionable locations. It’s hard to mention all the attractions awaiting there. The huge city never sleeps, and the offers of local museums set trends for other cultural institutions and art galleries. For many people, a trip to New York often remains in the realm of their dreams. Fortunately, traveling with your finger on the map and breakfast at Tiffany’s in your own kitchen is a substitute for an American dream for every budget. A wall mural with a view of Central Park or Manhattan will put you in an excellent mood whenever you look at it. Wall murals with the most beautiful views can’t replace contact with nature or visiting beautiful cities. However, the possibility of a rapid transformation of the interior and moving to the farthest corners of the world can be a pleasant summer adventure that won’t ruin our home budget and will additionally embellish our apartment in a unique way.

82 DÉCOR Magazine

Soraya Decorative Upholstery Weaves

Mosaico+ explores all the expressive potential of mosaics, with the aid of an all-Italian production system that combines innovative techniques with an impressive mosaic culture and tradition, specialising and investing in the quality of materials and technology and researching personalised applications and solutions. Mosaico+ produces mosaics with a variety of chip sizes, in 4, 6, and 8 mm thicknesses. Innovation in form and in the choice of materials, as well as a wide variety and extension of range, characterise the products we offer. All of the collections guarantee the utmost versatility and, in many cases, are preconceived to be mixed and matched, becoming a multifaceted matrix that inspires the creation of personalised projects for residential and commercial interiors. Mosaic expresses a new creative energy given concrete form through a structured, modular compositional freedom, in line with the Mosaico+ philosophy of offering single materials, colours and forms and using its experience to guide the process for realisation of “made-to-measure” products.

For more information visit:

84 DÉCOR Magazine


Utilising modern processes, the Italian mosaic manufacturer MOSAICO+ expands the individualisation and expressive possibilities of this iconic technique, by using nature as a source of inspiration.

Since the beginning of time we have used elaborate mosaics to decorate our buildings, the Romans & Greeks pioneered this art-form producing artistic figurative scenes and abstract patterns and today Italian firm Mosaico+ has taken up the baton to champion this style, and through the use of pioneering techniques and designs has become a firm favourite with architects, interior designers and homeowners alike who are looking to inject a sense of classical drama into their spaces. Founded in 2008, Mosaico+’s catalogue of innovative mosaic designs is an excellent starting point for designers looking to explore the possibilities of contemporary mosaics. Products such as the three-dimensional Crono tiles by Giugiaro Design Project demonstrate the firm’s technical capabilities, while Francesco Lucchese’s Dialoghi collection allows customers to choose from various types of wood, stone, glass and metal tesserae when composing their designs – thereby demonstrating that mosaics need not be limited to the qualities of traditional ceramic tiles.

The latest innovation from Mosaico+ is the Ornamental collection, which goes beyond the simple geometric motifs associated with modern mosaic to offer detailed shapes and patterns inspired by nature. Images of plants and flowers are translated into intricate designs that celebrate their dynamic, organic forms. The abstracted patterns combine matte and glossy tesserae to produce surfaces with an eye-catching richness of tone and texture.


DÉCOR Magazine




86 DÉCOR Magazine


DÉCOR Magazine


If walls could talk... The face line drawing trend appears on a large, mural scale for the first time in this MuralsWallpaper collection With roots in statement jewellery and runway make-up, the minimal line drawing trend of the moment will remind you of Matisse and Picasso pieces, and is all about a new-found appreciation for the human form in art and design. The shapes that make each person’s facial features unique compose this collection of continuous line illustration murals, where the artist has drawn without taking her pen off the paper. The result? A set of spontaneous wall designs that capture peoples’ fluidity through a sculptural yet free flow of lines.

as one of the uk’s leading suppliers, Muralswallpaper is passionate about beautiful wallpaper and believe that their high quality wall murals are the best way to bring together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces. You’re just a few clicks away from ordering the perfect picture wallpaper mural. with their quick and simple order process, it has never been easier to get the photo wallpaper of your dreams. If you can’t quite find the right image, get in touch and they’ll give you a hand. It may be that the design team can source you something special.

For more information visit:

88 DÉCOR Magazine

Face the movement Everyone is bored of traditional beauty. The rise of body and face line art appearances in the design world reflects an era of body positivity and praising peoples’ uniqueness in the real world, stepping away from the notion of perfection. The line drawings trend focuses on the human form, inspired by the abstract art movement that challenged perceptions and the norm by depicting peoples’ features as distorted and misshapen, in a familiar and expressive way. The continuous line drawing moments that created these MuralsWallpaper designs let the unique features of each face flow from the pen in one sweeping movement. It can be a messy method of drawing, and the faces may not end up how you planned - but that’s where the beauty lies! UK: from £30.00 per square metre / Europe: from €31.00 per square metre

DÉCOR Magazine



RUCHÉ one-arm sofa with table. Design: Inga Sempé. Catalogue:

18/03/2016 16:48:42

MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall, make my home the fairest of them all? Mirrors have a variety of uses in the home, such as reflecting light, opening up space and generally enhancing the decor. However, there are a few guidelines that you should follow when hanging mirrors around your house.

DO... use large mirrors in tiny rooms to double your space A large mirror in a small room creates the illusion of depth, luminosity and scope so don’t be scared to go BIG, place a large mirror on the wall above a dining room table to reflect the chandelier, candles or hang opposite a piece of artwork to add a new dimension to your room. make mirrors a focal point An oversized freestanding bold mirror leaned up against the wall is ideal for a dressing room or corner, as an added bonus you can place a spotlight or freestanding light behind it to create corner glows that will reflect and bounce of the mirror creating a subtle glow – this look will change the tone of the room completely . use mirrors in narrow hallways and staircases A smaller, horizontal mirror works in a narrow hallway or staircase. This will act to widen the space, which creates a better flow from room to room. use mirrored furniture to your advantage There are several innovative ways to use mirrored furniture (such as a mirrored chest of drawers or mirrored coffee table) to enhance your home. Mirrors trick the eye into thinking the mirror doesn’t exist. If you have a big piece of furniture in the middle of the room, you can make it appear as if it’s disappearing by installing a mirror on it. But, be warned you should be wary of using mirrored furniture in a busy room. If there’s a lot going on within the room and it already has a lot of accents, mirrored furniture is not necessary.

92 DÉCOR Magazine

DON’T... place mirrors willy-nilly around your home It might be tempting to hang up a mirror to cover empty wall space, but make sure it’s reflecting something that’s worth looking at. The worst thing a decorator can do is hang mirrors so they’re reflecting random things in your home. For example, you’d never want to place a mirror in a spot where it could reflect a pile of clutter, or even an unattractive piece of furniture. You want a mirror to reflect a nice view or to bounce light. go overboard with mirrors in the bedroom If a mirror is in the bedroom it should not reflect the bed. When a bed is dressed it looks beautiful however first thing in the morning when the bed looks unkempt and you are dishevelled this is not the first thing you want to see – The best place to place a mirror in the bedroom is behind you above the headboard. There is aanother reason why you shouldn’t use mirrors in the bedroom, and it’s an ancient one: According to feng shui, it’s not good to have mirrors in the bedroom at all. Any mirror facing the bed interferes with your personal energy; it is said that it ‘invites a third party into your intimate relationship. use mirrors on ceilings This might seem obvious, but it needs to be said. “A mirror on a ceiling is very tacky,” states the expert. This is something you’d see in a cheap motel, or in some retro movie from the 1970s.



Use mirror to create a statement wall or collective piece of art by hanging multiple mirrors on the same wall. The scale of the mirrors should be proportional to each other and to the wall space — avoid using small mirrors on a large wall and visa-versa.

Biophilia inspired luxury planters With an experimental workshop set amongst six acres of ancient woodland in Cornwall, Tom Raffield designs are synonymous with nature; each product is hand-shaped using sustainable wood and created as sculptural pieces of art using a pioneering form of steam bending. Tom Raffield’s new collection, The Green Range, continues to showcase the brands signature curves yet, for the first time, marries traditional steam bending craftsmanship with the skilled art of ceramics. The result? A boldly unique collection of luxury, contemporary indoor planters that simultaneously summon nature inside and transform living space. Stand outs of the new range, available exclusively from Tom Raffield, include the Merryn Floor Standing Planters, whose twisted blades of steam bent oak stand shoulder to shoulder in a spherical formation to support a sleek edged, hand glazed, ceramic planting bowl. Other key pieces include the versatile, Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter and Morvah Wall Hanging Planter, which feature a single, solid oak steam bent strap designed to cradle a handmade earthenware bowl. THE NEW COLLECTION INCLUDES: Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planter Signature, singular, strong. A steam bent piece of solid oak loops around and embraces a hand-glazed earthenware planter bowl creating a unique, ceiling hanging feature. Morvah Wall Hanging Planter With elegance and versatility in abundance, extending this versatile design comes a wall hanging version. The Morvah planter is suspended from a gently arching wooden arm, steam bent from a solid piece of oak wood. Merryn Floor Standing Planter Tall / Merryn Floor Standing Planter Short Sixteen elliptical blades of twisting steam bent oak stand shoulder to shoulder in striking spherical conduct to support a nestled, handmade earthenware bowl. A unique and eye-catchingly dynamic planter that is guaranteed to bring any space to life.

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“A celebration of sustainable, biophilic design and traditional craftsmanship, The Green Range is born from the nature that inspires it” FOundeR, TOM RAFField.

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CONCRETE JUNGLE The traditional cuckoo clock gets a modern. Renowned German artist – Guido Zimmermann has unveiled a fresh series which present a contemporary view of urban living and compelling architecture called the Cuckoo Block. The collection mainly draws inspiration from the local brutalist housing blocks as found in Frankfurt and Berlin. Other pieces in the ensemble also ape structures such as Marcel Breuer’s Hotel Le Flaine, and Ernő Goldfinger’s Glenkerry House. As opposed to the traditional elements such as a gable roof, a chimney, and ornamentation like trees, rocks, or the rare waterfall, the new cuckoo clocks display modernistic details of painted apartments with see-through windows and even satellite dishes near balconies in some cases. The cuckoo clock series has been extended by Zimmermann with birdhouses for native songbirds. The prototype, a model of a social housing building from Catania/Sicily, was quickly inhabited by a pair of titmice. Zimmerman’s pieces however, manage to retain some of the nostalgia with a mechanical cuckoo bird and the traditional hanging strings at the bottom. Aesthetically appealing without doubt and are a beautiful ode to the architectural development over the years, the Cuckoo Block sums up modern art in a nutshell.

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EssEntial HomE UnvEils tHE UltimatE ColoUr trEnds Essential Home is an innovative mid-century modern furniture brand that takes important historical and cinematographic references from the 1930s and 1960s and turns them into unique furnishing pieces. What started out as ‘Essentials’ in 2015, a furniture collection by the mid-century lighting brand delightFull, quickly grew to be one of the most elegant representations of mid-century modern design, thus creating a new name, and a new brand, Essential Home. Essential Home gathers inspiration not only from the glamorous Hollywood life of the 1940s, but also from the everyday life that defined that mid-century generation. simple details such as the sleek lines of a futuristic 1960s chair, or retro ads that defined an era can be pinpointed in iconic pieces such as ‘monocles sideboard.

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For this season’s home collection, Essential Home was inspired by Pantone’s key colour trends for 2018. From bright and vivid to earthy and soft, next year’s choices are exciting and happy, just like some of the Essential Home’s fabrics and accessories. Not surprisingly, Green remains a strong colour throughout 2018, the colour of 2017green is associated with serenity, so it’s the perfect colour for those who want to escape the urban concrete city and create a perfect spring garden inside the home.

The rich and bold hue has made a strong impresion on the fashion runways, for a mid-century home decor this colour can evoke elegance, relaxation, and a lots of fun. Perfect for that harmony between masculine and feminine.

Vibrant Yellow is what summer is all about, bright and cheerful like the sunny days that lay ahead, with a warm undertone that keeps it from looking highlighter bright. This colour is perfect for upholstery pieces, like a chair or a sofa, thanks to its warm yet fresh appearance.

Blue has the ability to project an inner richness. Surf the Web Blue is a bolder and more confident colour that brings breezy and sophisticated at once. This is a stunning shade which gives a dramatic yet chic touch to rooms from true blue to sky or navy variety—is one of the most versatile decorating hues.

Tangerine Tango is an orange-red hue, perfect for brightening up darker spaces or adding a fiery pop of colour. Whether you draw inspiration from the changing leaves— or rich Spring sunsets, orange is defiantly an undeniably cozy and earthy reference for a chic Midcentury decor.

Candy Pink is often regarded as precious and girly meaning it has a hard time proving itself as a serious contender when it comes to decorating the home, but fortunately times are changing, and this softer pastel colour when used within the home brings a much needed sense of peace and sincerity.

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Zazous love to scour the globe to find quirky and dramatic products to spice up your walls, floors and furnishings. they started life selling wall stickers and the tree designs are still extremely popular - they make an amazing impact in any room. they also offer gorgeous furniture; wonderful genuine mexican acapulco chairs and a wide range of incredible value design classic replicas from designers such as eames, le Corbusier, Jacobson, Knoll, mies van der Rohe.... their best selling products are our stunning vinyl floor tiles. they have sold so many of the lovely French designs that they introduced their own brand and now can’t keep up with the demand ... but they’re doing our best! Zazous are now also offering stunning sheet vinyl flooring designs that also echo tradtional tiles but with a modern twist. the contemporary stripes and dots are an excellent addition to the collection.

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New RetRo ViNyl FlooR tiles FRom ZaZous

These self adhesive vinyl floor tiles are inspired by the traditional encaustic tiles found in the wonderful old buildings of colonial Cuba. They are designed and manufactured by online boutique, Zazous. The finish is matte and smooth and the subtle colour palette brings a very current feel to a traditional design.

DÉCOR Magazine


Sorzano is dark grey and mustard on a light grey background. Inspired by tiles found at a farmhouse in the Spanish region of Rioja. Designed and manufactured by Zazous. The tiles are self-adhesive so they couldn’t be easier to lay, they are comfortable under foot (without the chill of ceramic tiles!) and they would look great in a hallway, a kitchen or bathroom or just about anywhere! For Summer 2018 it is availble in 2 lovely new shades (below); Foliage and Sage. In these English summer tones it will tone bauritully with white, or oak kitchens. It would also make a striking statement floor in a hall, conservatory or bathroom.

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LET ThERE bE LIGhT! We unveil the 5 key lighting trends for the year ahead DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings

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CRAFTSMANSHIP THAT TAKES YOU’RE BREATH AWAY... Christopher Guy Harrison, is the founder and CEO of global luxury furnishings brand, Christopher Guy. Born in the UK but raised in France and Spain, Christopher discovered his passion for design at a very young age. Influenced by his international background, his design carries on a sophisticated, highly-stylized luxurious timeless charm and elegance.

His prestigious list of projects includes, the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, the Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, and Beverly Hills Hotel in California, to name a few. His work has garnered worldwide acclaim, and has been the recipient of numerous accolades including, Outstanding Design Award from the British Interior Design Association in 2004, and Design Icon Award by World Market Center Las Vegas in 2011. His furnishings have been featured in a host of Hollywood film productions such as “Ocean’s 13,” “The Interview,” and “Casino Royale.” Christopher Guy furnishings have elevated the art of elegant living with presence in over 42 cities including showrooms throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and has taken a forefront in the world of luxury furniture. To celebrate the brands 10th anniversary last year the brand have recently launched a collection of stunning new products.

DÉCOR Magazine


SWIRL Fashioned with an interlaced swirl of exquisite carving, this unique barrel back occasional chair is designed with comfort and exceptional style in mind.

CYRILLIIC This abstract mirror frame features continuous carving and polished edge mirror panes, with the exception of a central mirrorless void that forms a stunning contemporary wall piece. EMBLĂˆME With a deceptively simple design of cut glass panes in different sized rectangles, this mirror is available in 9-part, 7-part and 4-part versions and displays the harmony and sophistication emblematic of the CG style.

108 DÉCOR Magazine

ARC DE TRIOMPHE A stunning sectional crescent shaped sofa, complete with Christopher’s signature “Chris-Cross” legs. The complication in the creation of such a magnificent curved piece is a triumph of contemporary design and meticulous craftsmanship.

SONGBIRDS An impressive, yet understated headboard with pierced contemporary songbirds set within an upholstered frame.



Dramatic fluted circular fan mirror, so expertly carved into radiating folds that it could be taken for ruffled silk. Also available in a rectangular version.

Inspired by the chainmail mini-dresses of the Swinging Sixties, this mirror makes a stunning addition to a contemporary setting, with 16 discs creating a square shape.

Visit for more information DÉCOR Magazine 109

DeTail anD BeaUTy oF a GolDen aGe A fresh interpretation of chinoiserie with a modern twist, the new collection Dynasty by Thibaut is infused with the rich history and elegance of Asian culture. The coordinating wallpaper, print, woven and embroidered fabrics were inspired by the detail and beauty of a golden age. Patterns include blossoming cherry trees and exotic large-scale flora, an architectural bamboo trellis and intricate lattice weave, and painterly scenic toiles filled with lush trees, pagodas, and people. Founded in 1886, Thibaut is the oldest continuously operating wallpaper company in the United States. Known for its exceptional and unique designs, the company distinguishes itself from its competitors with inspiring color palettes, fresh interpretations of classic designs, and exclusive artwork created by an inhouse design team. Design styles range from historic reproductions, toile, and chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. Designers and consumers have been attracted to the fi rm’s creative designs that “push the envelope,” their exclusive print fabrics, new woven fabric lines, and their market-tested products that help inspire people to decorate. Further information available from:

112 DÉCOR Magazine

Bold, luxurious colour palettes with bright hues of navy, green, fuchsia, red, and purple emphasize the fanciful designs of this collection. Based on a 1920s document, AsiAn scenic is imagined to be a Zen garden with flowing waters, lush trees, people and pagodas. This bold design is a whimsical dream with Asian influence that is both mysterious and enchanting.


By definition, Bijou means “an ornamental piece of delicate workmanship” and this pattern is quite a jewel. The wallpaper was inspired by the matching fabric woven in India.


The detail and intricacy of lArgo WeAve will have you thinking this paper is made with natural materials. This faux grasscloth pattern looks like the real thing! This wallpaper can be used in bathrooms and hallways where sometimes grasscloth should not be.


sAkurA means “blossoming cherry tree”— a timeless Asian motif. The delicate pattern is printed on paperweave which gives it the look of a soft and aged hand painting.



cArlottA is a painterly ikat with a rhythmic repeat available in a spectrum of colours. The wallpaper is made in Italy, printed on Type I vinyl with a subtle emboss. The fabric is also printed in Italy on 100% flax.

A classic interlocking pattern of woven natural paperweave, lAttice WeAve’s small-scale basketweave design makes a big impact.


Ming trAil is a modern, balanced, geometric trellis inspired by traditional chinoiserie fretwork. The matching cut velvet fabric is uber luxurious.

DÉCOR Magazine


HonsHu Island is renowned for its Japanese gardens. Inspired by these great gardens, this pattern’s large-scale exotic flora were brought to life with vibrant colour and modern romantic drama. The original 1920’s document was altered and enlarged for a better appeal.

Ever fashionable, cHeng toile is a classic scenic toile pattern complete with pagodas and provincial people. The pattern was taken from a document and the background has a subtle textured look. Colorways include neutral taupe, light aqua, grey and gold, and fresh pairings like blue on green and navy on red.

114 DÉCOR Magazine

clAyton HerringBone’s embroidery has fine detail stitching creating the beautiful herringbone design with soft flowing lines, made in India. The wallpaper was influenced from the embroidery but with its own larger scale.

Bold in scale and color, sHoji PAnel is an oversized statement-making geometric pattern that resembles a traditional Asian lattice. The pattern was inspired by a Thibaut wallpaper from the 1960’s.

Sunburst wallpaper. Cushions in Sunburst. Bedding in Mattelasse and Pierpoint. Pagoda Headboard in Wavelet

Summer House Collection: Wallpaper and Print Fabrics tel: 020 7737 6555 DÉCOR Magazine


Jan Constantine is renowned for her signature, vibrant and patriotic textiles. Jan’s designs are embellished with her trademark heart, the word “love”, flags and her distinctive initials – all of which are intrinsic to her designs. Jan has recently started to expand into many new products such as china, scented candles, stationery, kitchen textiles, gift wrap and cards with many more exciting developements in the pipeline. Her collections have now become recognised the world over, and have also helped her to win an official licence to produce London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic merchandise.

Available from:

116 DÉCOR Magazine




Jan Constantine launched her exciting new Tropical Collection at the recent Top Drawer trade fair. This striking collection of hand embroidered cushions, throws and accessories is inspired by ‘the return of the house plant’, currently gripping interiors everywhere. Made from black or cream wool and intricately hand stitched with palms, cheese plants, wild animals and exotic birds, these decorative designs create a little piece of paradise for your sofa.

118 DÉCOR Magazine

These amazing Jan Constantine wild animal cushions are made from cream pure wool (also available in black) and appliquĂŠd with characterful wild animals surrounded by arcacia leaf and flower motifs and patches to create crazy skin effects. They are exquisitely hand embroidered with a combination of blanket stitch, satin stitch and chain stitch to create a beautiful work of art. These very attractive pieces are sure to become focal points in your sitting room and will look wonderful amidst leafy cushions from the same collection. The cushions are edged in green blanket stitch and have two mother of pearl buttons on the back.

DÉCOR Magazine


WinDoW DreSinG Captivating curtains and singular shades make a perfect finishing touch. Stand in any beautifully decorated room and notice how your eye is drawn to the windows, they’re inevitably the focal point that sets the tone and the “bones” of any successful decorating plan, and how you accessorize your windows affects not only the mood inside your home but also the appearance from outside. Interior design trends tend to cycle approximately once every 10 years with the current trends in window treatments moving toward easier applications with clean lines and understated elegance. Here we take a look at the 6 key trends.

GoinG Green Green window treatments simply mean using fabrics and wood that are not a threatened resource. For example, bamboo blinds are a popular choice because of the plants quick growing ability that is easy to replenish without destroying it’s natural habitat. Rice, bamboo, hemp and cork continue to grow in popularity as people around the world become more aware of the earth’s condition. These used to come predominantly in a blind type of design. Today we finding more fabrics of a competitive nature in home decoration departments. Look for these green fabrics on bolts of assorted prints and textures as well as the more traditional blind system.

Colour Colours are moving away from the bold and complex paisleys and busy floral printed patterns. Simple lines displayed in cool; light blues, aqua, deep blue based greens and neutrals, are moving to the front of the line. Reds and related warm tones are taking a second position. Neutrals and earth variations, such as brown, tan, taupe are still a favoured classic since they fit well in any decor or room style.

124 DÉCOR Magazine

Creative optionS Out of the box ideas are also becoming popular. Instead of using traditionally designed swags and valances home owners, with the encouragement of interior decorators are pulling in other sources of window treatment fabrics and hardware. Boat paddles and hockey sticks become curtain rods. Table runners and blankets become creative and unique valances, swags and cornices.

riCh FabriCS Though the trend in window treatments is going to minimal hardware with the less bulky, heavier window framing of layered sheers, drapes and valances, choose the higher end materials to accent those windows. Don’t skimp, use fabric blends of satin, velvet even furs and tassels are incorporated into swags and valances.

DÉCOR Magazine


SimpliCity Valances, swags, blinds and shades are the defining window treatments today. With the popularity of the spacious “great room” architectural feature in new home con-struction, the idea of space and unlimited light is the choice of home buyers today. Heavy layered window treatments have been traded for simple finishes, clean lines and limited hardware. Adjustable blinds redirect heat and light while providing selective privacy.

126 DÉCOR Magazine

bolD printS If you choose to use a printed fabric, choose the larger, free flowing bolder prints over small, repetitive patterns. Stripes over solids are also a popular choice of today’s designers. Fashion trends are not the only design determinant when it comes to your window treatments. Form and function must also be considered. For example, though rolling blinds and shades seem to be in vogue today, if you are creating a room with a sophisticated look, drapes are always the best way to go. Or if a bedroom needs more room dark-ening, it may be better to look at installing shutters or or room darkening curtains. The main rule to remember is that your home is all about you and your expression of design. It’s about creating comfort for you and your loved ones with or without the latest decorating tide.

DÉCOR Magazine


A FIERCE AND COLOURFUL NEW COLLECTION FOR HOME DECORATION Decorative Pillows are what completes every interior design, may it be in a living room, in a bedroom, in a library or simply in the most comfortable and relaxed part of any home. From the 122 pillows, BRABBU has the ones that will be the finishing touches that everyone is looking for.


128 DÉCOR Magazine

Whether a house needs a big or a small renovation, the key elements that give the finishing touches to incorporate one’s style into the interior design are decorative pillows. This new addition helps BRABBU improve its offer by providing not only furniture but also soft items that complete any home decor. As such, in January 2018, the brand will present its new segment of home decoration – BRABBU’s Soft Goods – at one of the best European furniture trade shows: Maison et Objet 2018. With this new addition, BRABBU is taking one step towards its main goal, as it further provides interior designers, architects, decorators and even final clients with a huge variety of throw pillows. For this new segment, the brand tried to combine different cultures from all over the world with the wild nature that surrounds them. Because of their distinct designs, the brand sorted the segment into five collections to better accommodate every style.



1. CLASSIC Pillow Collection – inspired by the untouchable cultural and natural elements that the humankind transports since the beginning of time. Like in History, a pillow from this collection will never be outdated. 4


2. The ESSENTIAL Pillow Collection was designed for those who value comfort. It is a musthave in any home décor due to its simple yet charismatic elements and its calm atmosphere when placed in a living room. 3. GEOMETRIC Pillow Collection attracts everyone that loves forms, draws and other geometrical elements. It is a fun and irreverent collection where you can find different paths to fit different interior design rooms. 4. The ECLECTIC Pillow Collection it is made for those who look for bold elements and statement pieces that stand out in their interiors. Each pillow is unique and adds an intimate sensation to any interior where it is placed. 5. MODERN Pillow Collection connects not only the inspiration of nature but also of urban vibes. Our designers travelled around the world transporting sensations and memories into these products.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine



simply different 130 DÉCOR Magazine

ALIVAR was born in Florence, in the Italian region of Tuscany, in 1984. A dynamic company that pays constant attention to technological developments and research in the field of design and architecture, with collections for each area of interior design. The Alivar environment is characterized by a well-defined taste, it is a continuous work evolution, which is not linked to a single product, but to the global proposal. They have worked with different materials, trying to value their intrinsic characteristics and we have taken care of every detail with maximum precision. The pieces, although they are contemporary, are never linked to fashions, but rather to an interpretation of the well defined environment. For years, Alivar has offered its own global vision and it is precisely for this reason that both the client, the reseller and the designer approach the company attracted by the homogeneous style that it proposes, the Italian Contemporary Living, and not simply to buy a only piece.

Available from:


Built in 1850, this historic Georgian-style property is located on a hilltop in the peaceful country setting of Surrey, an English county located in the South-East with a beautiful view overlooking the hilly landscape. The property was recently superbly refurbished as part of a prestigious residential project that, in addition to the historic building, features six new apartments. The manor house, which is surrounded by an enchanting garden, has two floors: on the ground floor, there is a kitchen, living area, dining room and bathroom; on the first floor there are three bedrooms, each fitted with an en-suite bathroom, a walk-in closet, a utility room and storage space. Alivar’s furnishing solutions were chosen for this important project in which practicality and functionality come together in the purest of forms, devoid of excessive decorative elements, to create a contemporary style. DÉCOR Magazine


In the spacious living area, the great Portofino sofas and footstools take centre stage. With their slender, sinuous shapes and neutral beige and dove-grey tones, they catch the eye thanks to their sophisticated minimalism. ‘Accompanying’ the padded Portofino furniture is Poggio, the small rectangular table with its slender structure which frames the light, elegant marble top. In the dining room, guests are invited to sit on the soft, comfortable Diva chairs which align around the large Board table which features a striking, symmetrical design and marble surface. The dining area also features Side Up, two sideboards which conceal an exclusive bar unit fitted with drawers and shelves. In line with the hyper-modern style of the kitchen are the Kiron stools with seats in polycarbonate. Thanks to the gas mechanism of its chromed steel frame, this stool is adjustable and can rotate 360°.

132 DÉCOR Magazine

On the 1st floor of the property, which houses the sleeping area, you find the master bedroom which features the Arca bed with a headboard that has a stitching pattern that recreates a pleasant capitonnĂŠ effect, and the Meridien bedside table with its small flush handles. Completing the space is the relaxing Fortuna armchair, available even in its cow-hide version on the veranda adjacent to the garden. And finally, Maya was chosen for one of the bedrooms: a bed with a large headboard which is slightly rounded and smoothed around the edges, almost wanting to hug the frame, and the Kube bedside table with surface top and handles padded in leather. The style and design choices of each item, the accurate selection of the most prestigious materials and the 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship are only some of the many reasons behind the excellence which reaches its peak at Alivar, and is showcased within the context of important, prestigious, luxury residential projects such as this one.

DÉCOR Magazine


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“This is a desirable place, exclusive and available only to those who take design to the next level. This is a fantastic addition to international designers’ community. Only by invitation.” CEO and Founder of Covet Lounge | Private Club. DÉCOR Magazine


Discreetly tucked at the edge of Porto City, Covet Lounge Private Club is a premier private venue specially conceived for Design lovers. Born in the beginning of 2018, this is a concept idealized by a renowned American Design Company. A playful and chic place where special guests spend a pleasant time surrounded by spectacular highend design creations while relishing a good appetizer and tasting the renowned Portuguese wine. The upscale lounge meets modern inspiring interiors in the private club where black low ceilings, inviting glow and velvet curtains set the deluxe tone. Alluring corners fuse different design pieces with different styles in a unique elegant atmosphere, the perfect intimate gathering place for sophisticated premium members who look forward to boost creativity accompanied by a specialized team. The bohemian club welcomes in shades of warm red, green, and the ex-libris gold accents. Small and discreet work spaces are also informally set, pairing exquisite tables and comfortable chairs, along with a bar corner and a snooker table which broads the lively atmosphere. Covet Lounge Private Club houses freethinking design discussions and appreciation, boosts inspiration of artists, designers, architects and all creative minds, offering jazzy music, a grand selection of cocktails along and a famous array of Portuguese food. It caters exquisite opulent affairs, corporate fêtes and informal meetings and, of course, design celebrations supported by a personalized service and the finest amenities. Holding partnerships with the most notorious design cities around the world, such has

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Paris, Shangai and New York, the Club is a playful and chic place where special guests spend a pleasant time surrounded by spectacular high-end design creations. Portuguese design scene has been fast-paced as young designers are injecting a new contemporary verve into statement furniture and lighting, especially in Porto, the house of the most prominent handmade brands. The Club will certainly be under the spotlight of the major international design stars and a must-go destination in the arts scenario. A PLACE IN THE HEART OF OPORTO CONTEMPLATING DOURO RIVER The selected World’s Best Travel Destination city is known for its whimsical scenarios and unexplored places. Covet Lounge Private Club promises to be one of the best hidden secrets strategically located by the mystic Douro River. The remarkable building, with notable architectural details that holds the glory from a noble past, opens doors to the Old Hollywood dark glamour of ancient times. The CEO and Founder says that “Covet Lounge Club is meant to be a luxury experience.” “One that can nourish all members’ five senses. The Club is prepared to receive guests, and a yacht is docked nearby to take visitors on a tour down the river”, he adds. Oporto is one of the most ancient European cities, stemming from the northern bank of the river during the Middle Ages. One of the most significant aspects of

Oporto and its historical center is its surrounding landscape, the steep river banks providing a dramatic setting for the old town. Both the streets next to the river and the surrounding countryside have been classified as a World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Covet Lounge Private Club boosts the creative spirit of Interior Designers, Architects and decorators through a wide range of tools specifically created to answer all the professionals’ needs, who have to deliver unique and exclusive ideas to their most demanding clients. This is a unique concept in the industry that aims to bring the Interior Design community together in order to celebrate design to the highest level.

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Glebe Place Residence by Rafael de Cárdenas bOca dO lObO furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. We strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do; experiences which pass on the feeling of exclusivity. Our designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. Our artisan’s wisdom, accumulated from years of experience, is instilled with love and dedication in the art that they perform. no detail or element is overlooked as we offer the best at the frontier between design and art. each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, and take you to places you have never been before; a journey to bOca dO lObO world – a world of emotions.

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Located in the city of Design, London, Rafael De Cárdenas elevated the design to the next level with Glebe Place Residence, by mixing novel styles, gathering together such dissimilar traditional Portuguese pieces and modern design. Still, the distinguished designer guarantees the most harmonious environments with this ambitious project.

The New Yorker Designer recreated several different rooms, each one with its own classic touch. One of the three dining room has a special Portuguese reference completing the whole ambiance with the perfect piece of art, D. Manuel I cabinet from Boca do Lobo’s Limited Edition Collection. The astonishing six-bedroom residence was renovated to evoke timeless luxury, balancing contemporary classics with the home’s historic character. A restrained palette of Portland limestone, hardwood, and natural materials is punctuated by vibrant accents of turquoise, fuchsia, brass, and deep purple furnishings from modern European and American designers.

The Dining Room is filled with a gigantic cream marble dining table and large upholstery chairs which gives the possibility to the room, to be more than a dining space. It can perfectly be a place to have an

informal meeting with closest professionals or business partners. The blossom rose wallpaper gives life to the walls and color to the room delighted with classic hue and textures like beige, old greys, and dark woods.

Right beside the entrance door, D. Manuel was chosen strategically to expand the space and cut the contemporary design of the rest of the pieces. The cabinet surface has a copper leaf finish, with a sophisticated black lacquer gradient applied on the outside. Its legs are made from solid mahogany and are crafted to a traditional and handmade form, finished in high gloss black lacquer. Manueline Style is the sumptuous, composite Portuguese style of architectural ornamentation, incorporating maritime elements and representations of the discoveries brought from the voyages of Vasco da Gama and Pedro Ă lvares Cabral, two of the most renamed discoverers in Portugal history.

Glebe Place Residence it is way more than a platform of design, it has its own personality keeping most of the original details intact.

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d. ManUel cabineT King Manuel I of Portugal is best known for his support of Portuguese maritime exploration. During his reign, Dom Manuel saw his fleet discover India, Brasil, and reach distant lands such as Greenland and Newfound Land, and solidified trading routs and agreements between Persia, China, Morocco and Portugal. This noble cabinet draws inspirations from his legacy, the Manueline aesthetic and style, and pays a tribute to Portugal’s most influential epochs.

THe TecHniQUes OF bOca dO lObO FILIGREE ‘When crafting a piece like this, the end result is always different, each piece is unique. It is hand-crafted work, a work of love’ The art of filigree was born during Roman period and it was passed down through the generations of skilled medieval jewelers, often emulating the work of the Byzantine goldsmiths of Constantinople, embellished crosses, reliquaries and the covers of bibles. Later, the filigree became very popular in the French fashion world from the 60’s until today. And actually, countries such as India, Italy, and of course, Portugal, have been treasuring it. Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless brilliant examples of this remarkable technique. JOINERY ‘Fine furniture calls for beautiful forms and one-ofkind silhouettes. One of the oldest arts of humankind reborn from the perfect marriage of ancient skills with mechanical methods.’ Joinery is one of the most elementary concepts in woodworking that connects different pieces of wood. A basic yet precious foundation that built the pieces’ skeleton, therefore we have always put this efficient technique in the spotlight of our designs. Even the look of a joint, how strong it is, how long it will last thru time, and other characteristics are determined by the joining materials and which kind of technique is used in the process. A knowledge that valuable woodworkers have

been putting into Boca do Lobo’s designs to make sure to enlighten one-of-kind silhouettes. AZULEJO The renowned hand painted tiles reflect a Portuguese tradition with hundreds of years. There is no surprise that Boca do Lobo honors this treasurable fine art in the Heritage iconic series. Portugal, the country of whimsical beaches, Porto wine, seafood, and also azulejos. Even people who aren’t familiar with the term, they visually recall the ceramic tiles painted in blue artistic patterns, repeated in many historical buildings or as rich accent elements such as house numbers. Profoundly linked to architectural use, it is usually applied as wall covering decoration, layering large surface areas on both the inside and outside of buildings. And we are proud of them. METALWORKING To form, to cut, and to joining processes can be a praiseworthy playground. An artful creative assortment of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry. Nowadays the metalworking can be truly artful to conceive a wide range of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry. It requires discipline, vision and strength. Since early, Boca do Lobo has no restrain to use different processes and tools to shape new designs, by giving to our pieces rough yet powerful expression. To form, to cut, and to joining processes have been a praiseworthy playground.

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RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT... Its a great habit, to follow the rabbit ...... and thats exactly what we’ve been doing here a Smithers. However, these rabbits aren’t born out of a Beatrix Potter story, or Warner Bros cartoon these beautiful bunnies have been brought to life thanks to the wonderful imagination of Italian Designer Stefano Giovannoni. The Rabbit Chair is the last design to come out of Stefano’s magic hat, but thankfully it packs a whimsical punch that guarantees a longstanding iconic status. The idea came to Stefano thanks to the silhouette of the animal being similar to that of a chair - where the rabbit’s tall ears would become the backrest. Genius. We are overjoyed to be showcasing these imaginative chairs at Smithers of Stamford. We’ve been breeding like....well....rabbits and are proud as punch to be able to offer a wide variety of Rabbit Chairs, ensuring everybody is catered for. The chairs provide the perfect pop of colour your interior style needs, but theres no better spot for your bunny than nestled in a quiet spot in the garden. Your alfresco space will be brought to life like never before, and if you really want to push the boat out, then our Outdoor Light Up Rabbit Chairs are just the thing. Who knew an illuminated bunny silhouette in your garden could bring so much joy?! Mr Giovannoni it would appear. With Rabbit Chairs available in adult and child sizes, there really is no better gift to give to your little one on their special day. Happy Bunny status is definitely guaranteed. Whoever the recipient of the Rabbit, rest assured it will be greatly received. Remember, a bunny isn’t just for Easter, Smithers Rabbit Chairs are for life.

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Available at ALEXANDERS HOME COLLECTION Spain DÉCOR Magazine 145



brand news

FENDI CASA PRESENTS ITS NEW CAPSULE COLLECTION BY THIERRY LEMAIRE Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its home line, Fendi Casa, the New Capsule Collection fuses Italian style with French decorative art. Replete with elements of minimalism and uncommon design, the collection brilliantly combines leather with velvet and fur, and metals with wood with the rarest of marbles. The stand out piece from the new capsule collection - Constantin Sofa - has modern geometric elements. Sharp lines outline an angled architecture, accentuated by the asymmetry of the modules and the profile of the backrest progressively slimmed at the ends. It is defined by a series of overlapping elements which create an effect of volumes, measured and rich at the same time.

A large BEAUNE table with its white stone surface is dotted with thin metal intersections, and finally, the BEAUNE console reveals a perfect balance between minimalist rigor and warmth of the materials.

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NEW MARIONI HOME COLLECTION Marioni’s new interesting proposals - Notorious and La Récréation collections where recently unveiled at Salone del Mobile 2018 A new line composed by tables and consoles plays on the different composition of modular elements in lacquered wood, precious ceramic tiles and interlocking brass legs to create elegant structures of various heights and dimensions. The extra clear glass tops emphasize the shaped geometries. A new floor and table sculpture lamps collection use an OLED lighting system of the Korean company LG. These ultra sophisticated and Hi Tech light sources illuminate the ceramic elements, creating a scenographic game of reflections on both sides. The architect Piero Angelo Orecchioni also designed a series of mirrors and wall lamps that recall the Gallura (Sardinia) exceptional natural scenarios. For more information visit

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ETHIMO PRESENTS GRAND LIFE COLLECTION, DESIGNED DIAMONDS BYARE CHRISTOPHE A GIRLS PILLET BEST FRIEND! Grand Life is the new ‘story’ designed by Ethimo, a lounge collection conceived by Christophe Pillet to enhance the most elegant of outdoor spaces. The Grand Life collection offers sofas and over-sized lounge chairs of decisive, pure, and essential architecture and with meticulous and delicate details; furniture that reveals a sartorial spirit and that represents a new philosophy for al fresco living. The warmth and elegance of teak and lightweight fibre combine to create extraordinarily ergonomic and comfortable furniture, the expression of a more relaxed lifestyle and a more sophisticated daily routine. For more information visit:

ZIGZAGZURICH UNvEILS ITS NEW ARTIST COLLECTION The new ZigZagZurich 2018 Cotton Towels and Blankets Collection adds an exciting new roster of artists from around the globe. From the dynamic work of NYC based artists Liz Collins, Harry Allen, Sarah Parke and Mark Barrow to the Swiss dream team of Moiré. The new Collection is inspired by art and graphics – from Pop Art to Bauhaus movement, spray paint effects, clear & bold stripes and geometric overlapping. The shapes and the colours of the collection express the power of creativity with no limits, translated into textiles. ZigZagZurich creates art, for home and around, to live. For more information visit: DÉCOR Magazine


INTRODUCING MISSONI HOME 2018 COLLECTION The Missoni Home 2018 Collection unveiled at M&O Paris is a hotly anticipated interior design collection which this year contains four distinctive designs, each with their own additional stories to create a fully encompassing look for any space in the home, from the bedroom to the garden. The key themes for this year are the brand’s classic florals with a new leading flower on the scene and animals, with butterflies featuring prominently throughout.

POPPIES Made up of the Poppies Day, Poppies Night and Poppies FR stories, the Poppies design is a new take on Missoni Home’s classic floral patterns and this much-loved flower has been reimagined in bold multicolours. A contrast of multi-coloured poppies and butterflies on a background of monochrome swaying stems across cushions and modular furniture.

HOROSCOPE The Horoscope range is the most unique of the Missoni Home 2018 Collection designs and has been inspired by a set of boards purchased by Ottavio Missoni in the ‘80s featuring the Chinese horoscope designs, with the unmistakeable touch of the artist Piero Zuffi. The anamorphic designs are depicted as mythological masks framed as paintings on fabric. The abstract characters of the ox, dog, horse, goat, dragon, rooster, rabbit, pig, monkey, snake, tiger and rat are shown amongst delicate ideograms made with geometric precision in bas-relief.

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VANESSA The Vanessa collection brings the butterfly motif to the forefront with Vanessa Winter, Vanessa Summer and Vanessa Outdoor designs. Vanessa Summer includes allover butterfly prints in summery multicolours on warm ivory, with complementing zigzag patterns in matching hues. Vanessa Winter offers a seasonal update for the home with a subtler colour palette and highly textured, soft fabrics. Named after a species of butterfly, Vanessa is a beautifully fluid design depicting the butterflies in flight and Vanessa Outdoors is the brightest in the range with even more vibrantly coloured butterflies on a background of pale sky blue.

FLAME Flame is reminiscent of classic Missoni Home patterns with the signature irregular stripes seen throughout. Split into summer and winter shades it combines classic monochrome with pops of blue and orange, whilst Flame Winter exhibits a warming palette of brown, blue and white.

The new Missoni Home 2018 Collection is available via Amara: and direct from Missoni Home DÉCOR Magazine


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Margraf ’s story started in chiampo in 1906. Since its start, the company devoted to accurate research work and development of new technologies, working in tight collaboration with famous international architects. today Margraf is a leading, world stakeholder in this field. among many other pluses, Margraf owes its worldwide established reputation to its skilful extraction of marble and the ability to transform it into finished, polished slabs or tiny tiles and to provide a huge array of precious materials and excellent products for building construction and architecture.

Marble to create a unique environMent The kitchen is one of the rooms of a home where people spend the most time: it’s a place where people meet and share, a household ‘workshop’ for the creation of culinary specialities, a perfect balance of functionality, technology and design that can be further enhanced by the choice of increasingly exclusive materials like Margraf marble.

on top of all this, Margraf ensures extensive environmental compliance investing any efforts to minimize any possible kind of environmental impact. this includes the use of cutting-edge technologies, the implementation of landscape recovery and energy saving practices, as well as the exploitation of renewable resources. Margraf is a perfect merging of past and present forming a firstclass enterprise eagerly turned to the future. For more information visit:

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Brushed Picasso Brown CoUntertoP; brushed Crema nuova kitchen sink; polished, inlaid Botticino Semiclassico, Monaco Light and Giallo d’oriente floor. A unique material that becomes more valuable over time. It is particularly hygienic and easy to clean; it also allows multiple applications, from the countertop to the sink, from the shelves to the floor. For all these characteristics, marble is being increasingly used by architects around the world in developing luxury residential complexes and designing villas and private homes in Italy and abroad.

With their unique veins and shades of colour, Margraf marbles are extremely distinctive; their extraordinary beauty can enhance any ambience, creating unique settings for demanding and refined clients who are increasingly seeking excellence and genuine Italian style.


The company offers a broad range of marbles for almost unlimited customisation options for a contemporary or classic kitchen depending on needs. For instance, polished Nero Belgio or polished Giada White can give that special touch to a minimal and urban kitchen, while polished Bianco Statuario or Emperador Dark are the perfect choice for a more classic or country-style design. Then, there is hand-chiselled Giallo d’Istria to create a truly unique ambience. Through technology that provides cutting-edge machinery and extraction and processing systems, Margraf marbles come in a wide variety of types, colours, thicknesses and finishes.

1. Polished nero Belgio CoUntertoP 2. Brushed Bianco Perlino CoUntertoP and floor 3. Polished Giada White CoUntertoP


Cortina Solid Fior di Pesco Carnico sink with drainer

Canazei Solid Botticino Fiorito sink


Corvara Solid Botticino Semiclassico sink DÉCOR Magazine


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Kitchen living Since 90 years now, leicht has been causing a stir with premium kitchens. the expert interaction of all components and the brilliant combination of material, colour, architecture and light make kitchens come to life. We have always created fitted kitchens with design- and function-oriented product innovations in our very own interior-Design-Studio.

LEICHT offers new planning ideas for open, homely kitchens – a central component is the rear panel which is variable in material and dimensions.

We develop exclusive kitchens oriented to the market and to our customers’ desires. Kitchen lovers can surpass themselves with leicht kitchens as there are no limits to individual kitchen planning. Whatever design elements customers ultimately end up choosing, a leicht kitchen is always the focus of domestic life, a place where family members converge and guests feel comfortable. With our innovative planning components and flexible modules, kitchens can be developed to suit your own personal vision.

For LEICHT – and the kitchen studios planning with the Swabian manufacturer – individual interior design is becoming ever more important. As are imaginative material and colour concepts to seamlessly integrate the kitchen into the living area. Holistic kitchen planning – even in a compact space This year‘s Küchenmeile A 30 fair provides a comprehensive overview of LEICHT‘s kitchen innovations and, among other things, presents solutions that can be implemented in a compact space. Rear panel elements, which can be coordinated entirely to suit the environment in terms of material and dimensions and which ensure a harmonious transition from the kitchen to the living area, are a central component of LEICHT‘s planning approach. Materials with a natural and warm look - A range of different new materials is also considerably extending the individual planning spectrum.

For more information visit:

LEICHT is presenting new surfaces with a warm and natural look for front design: from an attractive replication of finely structured eucalyptus wood through lacquer with a metallic shimmer to a high-grade concrete reproduction. DÉCOR Magazine


High-grade interior design systems are an elementary part of LEICHT kitchens. The interior frame system used by LEICHT with its glass side panels allows you to see exactly what‘s inside and harmonises with the fronts. Photo: LEICHT

Close-up of the new front in concrete reproduction with an ergonomic recessed handle. The special character of concrete is reflected in the high-grade reproduction. The high finishing quality of LEICHT is revealed close up. Photo: LEICHT

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Tailor-made interior design and functional detailed solutions for the open kitchen – two terms inextricably linked with the new planningideas from LEICHT. A key component for the homely design of the kitchen is the genuine wood veneer of the wall panel. It can be madeto the exact size required and in the desired material. Here the rear panel is made of dark walnut with a large-scale veneer, excitingly contrasted with the new front in a high-grade concrete reproduction. Photo: LEICHT

“We plan the space from the ceiling to the floor holistically – so it is irrelevant whether we are developing a kitchen for smaller or larger ground plans. What is important is to harmoniously integrate the kitchen space in different ways into the particular living environment,” Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO and Chairman of the Board of LEICHT

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la tavola Brothers Sergio and Giulio Sambonet, having been behind the success of other prominent industry players (the Sambonet Company, Sant’Andrea and Table Top Engineering & Design), now bring a lifetime of industry specific experience to La Tavola. Today, Sergio’s son Matteo represents the seventh generation of the Sambonet family still filled with passion for creating beautiful and innovative table top products. La Tavola’s team includes skilled engineers, architects and artisans. They strive to achieve three objectives: to be at the forefront of innovation, the most stylish and the most thorough in service. La Tavola never lose sight of quality control with technical staff on hand at all times to monitor the production process. This is particularly important when they outsource manufacturing, ensuring their own high standards are always met.

Available from:

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TABLE-TOP PERFECTION For more than 20 years La Tavola has remained abreast of trends with tabletop solutions for the most sophisticated of clients.

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At EuroCucina 2018, La Tavola presented a new concept of modern hospitality, an expression of the evolution in tastes and society. According to the company, the table of the future will increasingly become the center of conviviality par excellence. Designed around the concept of enjoying the company of one’s dining companions, “cooking for and with friends”, it offers a unique shared culinary experience. Design, technology and functionality are blended to express elegance, refinedness and modernity. A new frontier of hospitality, a mise en place that abandons the idea of a traditional and formal welcome. The age of linen tablecloths, silverware, crystal glasses and stiff, formal service has come to an end in favor of a warm, welcoming atmosphere, at the same time modern and technology-driven. This is the objective of the Dining Table: minimal, modern design with a technological core that incorporates specific functions according to the desires of the client, for warm & cold-holding of dishes (from -3°C to 120°C with the simple click of a button). An innovative solution that allows one to manage each dish whilst remaining comfortably seated, enjoying the conversation. No worries, no distractions. Every diner can serve themselves, at their leisure, directly from the table. As Sergio Sambonet, the president of the company and the brains behind this project declares: “The Dining Table is the response to the most demanding of clients who, in the comfort of their own homes, want to offer their guests an exclusive experience. A highly professional and distinctive solution to give life to a new concept of informal and unique hospitality, where everyone becomes a protagonist at the table”. The Dining Tables are mobile, on wheels, characterized by a stainless steel structure (matte or satin finish) and tops in HPL (High Pressure Laminate) tiles available in in various finishes that can be changed rapidly, like a tablecloth, allowing a perfect match with the surrounding environment. Two warmholding tiles and/or an extra-large tile for ice are positioned in the center of the table. To activate them, simply connect the table’s electric cord to a standard power outlet.

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The Kitchen & Party Carts are revolutionary carts that enrich kitchens with technology and functions typical of Michelinstarred restaurants. In this way, homeowners become real-life Executive Chefs for their guests. Every dish will be the result of a shared and engaging experience. As Sergio Sambonet, the president of the company and the brains behind this project declares: “The Kitchen & Party Carts are the highly professional solution brought to a domestic environment to give life to a new concept of hospitality which is informal but unmistakably unique. Where every diner is a pleasing protagonist”.

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THE WORLD’S COLOURS At the Salone del Mobile 2018, Ritmonio focused on the concept “The world’s colors” and on the Black&White finishes: two novelties for the customised planning and design of the bathroom.

Ritmonio is a company with two sides: the Factory Division, which for more than 70 years has manufactured safety valves and brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel components, and the Bath & Shower Division, which produces designer taps and fittings for bathrooms. By combining fine craftsmanship, design and production skills, Ritmonio creates exclusive and authentic Made in Italy products that are functional yet stylish and eco-friendly.

By understanding the need for uniqueness and the constant desire for change that characterize today’s consumer, Ritmonio expands its offer, making it diversified and versatile, with product ranges that manage to meet different tastes and various market demands. Essential lines, clean geometries, minimal aesthetics: these are the elements that characterize the offer of Ritmonio, in particular:

Available from:

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The “The World’s colours” concept, a flexible project, that presents the handle in concrete of the Haptic series for the first time in 8 new colours, inspired by natural sceneries. Tramonto, Canyon, Oceano, Vulcano, Artide, Tundra, Amazzonia, Sahara: soft but firm colours, sober but daring, capable of creating strong emotions and changing the imagination of the people that still perceive concrete as a single-colour element connected to industrial environments.

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Simple & classy black & white

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The study of two new finishes for the iconic Haptic and Diametro 35 series, now available in the timeless and elegant combination of Black&White. Simple and classy, the Black&White version, combines a contemporary design with the tradition of excellence “Made in Italy�: the matt texture makes the products elegant and exclusive. A combination of industrial research and Italian design, the Haptic series becomes an exclusive product thanks to its versatility. These two projects join together, offering over 130 possible combinations, to create very high customization options. It is an opportunity to think of different configurations and tailor made solutions, with multiple compositions that fit perfectly with the architectural mood of the rest of the environment. The innovative use of materials and the study of the shapes confirm the will of Ritmonio to focus on the world of architecture and interior design, without overlooking the end user. A complete offer, the result of a steady research aimed at proposing attractive and innovative products both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, that find their perfect place in various environments, from residential to contract. Thanks to its production Made in Italy, as an indispensable quality measure and a fundamental component of stylistic research, of the materials and product innovation, Ritmonio is once again able to consolidate its presence in the international scenario of design faucets.

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W W W. M A I S O N VA L E N T I N A . N E T

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BASINS FULL OF EASTERN PROMISE The London Basin Company was founded by mother and daughter, Anna and Nathalie. They share a passion for interior design and love being surrounded by beautiful things. They want to create basins that transform bland bathrooms into stunning spaces. Their ever-growing collection has been inspired by some their favourite places in the world.

Interior designer Anna Callis, founder of the company, draws inspiration from her travels, creating her own modern interpretations of traditional Oriental and Middle Eastern patterns. Inspired by a love of Bali, the delicate white scalloped pattern against the glossy black of the porcelain creates depth and texture, achieving a rich, masculine tone. London Basin Company’s porcelain basins make perfect accent pieces for bathrooms and cloakrooms.

All the basins are produced from the finest porcelain and hand finished using a variety of techniques. There are two main ways of applying the pattern, ‘under the glaze’ and ‘over the glaze’. In the ‘under the glaze’ technique the pattern is applied to the clay, then the basins are glazed and fired. In the ‘over the glaze’ technique, clay washbasins are glazed and fired, then the pattern is applied and the basins are fired twice again to ensure paint durability.

Available from: DÉCOR Magazine


The new ‘Aubrey’ has a basket-weave textured finish inspired by the pretty woven rattan and seagrass baskets found across Asia. Naturally decorative, it’s perfect for bathrooms and cloakrooms.





inbani was created in 2004. today, thanks to the investment in technology and their conviction to create products that contribute to the user’s wellbeing, the project started then has become a reality, in a consolidated brand. if it is not made by hand, it is not inbani. With this premise they approach the personalized manufacture of bathroom pieces, attending to different craft processes until achieving an unbeatable result. each piece is sophisticated to the last detail, because they love what they do. inbani have a fully qualified technical department to support any questions from clients in the shortest possible time inbani are specialists in personalizing their products, being able to carry out any idea proposed by the client. they offer an infinite number of possibilities, which makes them the best option for your needs. throughout their career they have been recognized with a variety of international awards such as reddot, iconic, Delta, german Design and Design Plus. Available from:

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the origin, the roots It refers to the principle of craftsmanship and industry through different manufactures applied to wood, metal or glass... fitting together with each other until precisely achieving each element. The silhouette of the basins in Ceramilux recalls the potter who molded his vessels, as well as in marble the sculptor who carved his works. All this envelops us in a traditional atmosphere and culture. All the elements are made with a lot of dedication, precision and art. The details of the spokes, the moldings or forms involve the craftsman directly with the result obtained from each piece. Origin has a great bond with the oriental culture, which is reflected in its use, its proportions and its designer: Seung-Yong Song... its origin...

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Origins forms strong bonds with Eastern culture

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JUST HANGING ABOUT Skyline Design manufactures and designs luxury outdoor furniture. All of the Skyline collections are created using only the finest weaving materials such as Viro™, Raucord by Rehau, Ecolene & Polystrand to produce high quality, lightweight and weather resistant styles. These synthetic fibers are boldly revolutionizing design providing chemical and UV resistant, all-weather proof, high-tensile strength furniture that is safe for the environment and 100% recyclable. Skyline Design incorporates innovative design, lasting quality and customer service as the cornerstone of its international brand. Skyline Design supplies its dealers worldwide through a network of sales representatives, trade showrooms & international exhibitions, providing specialty retailers, interior designers, and hospitality buyers with exterior casual furnishings for their residential, hospitality and specialty clients. More information available from:

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If you don’t what to choose between a swinging garden seat and a hammock, choose a hanging garden chair! Now your dream of having a hanging chair isn’t tied to that tree branch big enough to support weight and movement. Hanging chairs now come with freestanding structures that let you install them wherever you want, indoors included. Designed as mini-architectures by designers worldwide, hanging chairs are the ideal place for your relax, meditation and outdoor conversations. Secluding, enveloping, comfortable hanging chairs are made of rattan, natural or synthetic wicker, assembled with resistant aluminum structures.





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FIREPITS FOR ALL SEASONS Firepits are a great way to create a focal point, a gathering place for family and friends and help to create ambiance in your back garden or on your decking. Why do we limit ourselves to enjoying our outdoor environment to the daytime? Now firepits offer us the benefit of being able to use our gardens even when the sun goes down!

Hemi 36� Fire Bowl - Solus Decor -

Contemporary haven This patio with low level lighting, water reflections and strategically placed trees adds a touch of cozy relaxation with a contained fire burning in a custom firepit this is the ideal place to sit, relax and converse on warm summer evenings.


alfresCo entertaining The large expanse of this terrace provides ample opportunity for alfresco dining. This built-in firepit creates a natural gathering place plus adds warmth and provides a focal point. a modern touCh This simple firepit adds a spark of character to this opulent outdoor setting, Set against a backdrop of a cascading waterfall and crystal clear water this firepit is focal point to an already stunning outdoor area CirCular sitting area For before-dinner drinks or afterdinner, this outdoor space offers a comfortable, relaxing sitting areas. Built of paving stones the soft builtin curved benches are a practical yet aesthetically pleasing area – which would add any character to a garden. 1. Feuerkorb CUBE - 2. Foscot Fire Pit Medium & Large Sizes - The Luxe Company - 3. Surrey Garden - Houzz -



Eva Solo Fire Globe fire Pit - Lagoon -

Founded in 1963 in Palazzolo sull’Oglio, Pedrali is today a company that produces contemporary design elements for public spaces, offices and homes. The collection is the result of a rigorous and careful research that is realized in the creation of industrial design products made of plastic, metal, wood and upholstered materials.

EN PLEIN AIR Chairs with soft twines, coffee tables, wireless lamps and comfortable sofas to furnish outdoor areas and city terraces... these are all part of the new collections presented by luxury Italian brand Pedrali. The outdoor products of Pedrali are made of materials and technologies that guarantee resistance to weather and wear, without sacrificing attention to detail, making them perfect for hotels, restaurants, bar and private homes.

Attention to the quality of the production process, selection of certified raw materials, research and absolute passion for the most advanced machinery are the main aspects that identify Pedrali as an excellent interpreter of contemporary industrial design. These are joined by a fruitful collaboration with numerous designers that has allowed us to obtain, over the years, important awards such as the Compasso d’Oro ADI for the Frida chair. Following the cornerstones of a 100% made in Italy production philosophy, the company’s activity, since the end of the ‘70s, is confronted with the international market through a distribution network that reaches over 100 countries.

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REMIND Mind and heart have been both essential to create Remind: the heart in its creation and the mind in its production. While evoking the soft sinuous curves of wooden chairs from the late nineteenth century, Remind’s organic silhouette recalls “something never seen before”, a universal shape able to fit into any space and style of decor. The result is an innovative polypropylene armchair, in which each element is conceived to ensure total comfort and cosiness. The breathable texture makes it airy and even lighter. Made from injection-moulded polypropylene, the armchair is functional and versatile, perfect for both outdoor and indoor spaces.


TRIBECA Tribeca takes us back in time with a modern reinterpretation of classic Sixties patio chairs made from steel and woven material. Tribeca is an outdoor seating collection that draws inspiration from childhood memories of summer: a sunlit Mediterranean square where children play, while a woven chair throws shadows of its cords onto the cobblestones. A true icon, revisited with new materials: a steel frame, combined with the elasticity of a profile in vertically-woven plastic material that is remarkably durable, easy to clean and colourful. Tribeca is available in several colours: white, pink, red, terracotta, brown, blue, sage green.

ELLIOT With its elegant silhouette and minimal design, Elliot table has a strong identity that combines soft lines with sinuous natural forms. The shape of the column, which transforms into an airy base, expresses continuity and attention to detail, while the table’s sophisticated architectural design conveys a striking sense of harmony and solidity, making it light and functional. The threelobed column in extruded aluminium narrows down and splits open to form three feet in die-cast aluminium, which elegantly sit on the floor. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, and available in three different heights, the Elliott table is also offered with a folding top so that it can be stored away with very little space.


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GIRAVOLTA Inspired by lanterns of times past, it is a wireless lighting distinguished by a contemporary design and suitable for outdoor environments. The name reflects its essence: the swiveling diffuser and the rechargeable feature recalls the great inventor Alessandro Volta and his main discovery, the battery. The main elements of the lighting are two discs in plastic material, the base and the LED diffuser which rotates 360 degrees and direct the light. An arc made in extruded aluminium painted in matching colours surrounds the two discs to create a practical handle The luminaire incorporates the LED board, the lithium battery, the micro USB device for recharge and the power button.

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SUNSET Sunset is a collection of lounge modular seating, made up of armchair and two- seat sofa, studied for the outdoor and perfect to enjoy sunny atmospheres. A squared volume in polyethylene, with fine roundness downward, embraces the wide seat evoking a sense of relax, thanks to clear space under the seat which allows free movement of the legs. The flat upper side becomes a restful armrest. The horizontal lines along the outer profile create a rhythmic play which enlarge the cosy look of the seating. The cushions in polyurethane foam with removable covering increase the comfort and guarantee a high level of customization through different

combinations, with cushion only on the seat, or even on the backrest. A practical top is available for the support of small objects, at the same time has the function to link the modules.

REVA, Design Patrick Jouin An elegant three-seat sofa, a lounge armchair and a sun lounger convertible into a sofa: Reva is an outdoor collection with smooth lines and generous sizes that calls to mind relaxing and dreamy atmospheres. Its clean design is underlined by the four tapered legs that support a thin extruded aluminium frame. The sun lounger has a reclinable backrest that can be lifted up to find the most comfortable position. Two upholstered armrests and a backrest convert the sun lounger into a sofa, once inserted. The soft cushions provided make the comfort greater. The collection is complemented by a lounge armchair for two people with the same formal language and a Sun lounger. DÉCOR Magazine


COLOURFUL CHARACTER & ELEGANCE GANDIABLASCO has dominated the interior design scene for over eight decades is acclaimed across the world for being a pioneering, cutting-edge company that has taken outdoor furniture design to a new level and come up with novel textile solutions with its second brand: GAN. At Diabla Taking a fresh look at everything, standing out from the rest with a style that’s more free and easy, casual, bold and cosmopolitan the collections have been developed with the support of resources and knowledge accumulated by GANDIABLASCO on design, production and business development culture.

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DIABLA is a new, fun & energetic GANDIABLASCO brand offering pieces that add a powerful injection of colour for any outdoor relaxation area combing a casual, carefree character with elegance. The new Valentina Outdoor pieces is the debut collection for this new style of ambient furnishings with a carefree, casual, colourful, daring and cosmopolitan feel.

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Designed to allow you enjoy outdoor spaces in an informal way, with sofas and sunbeds at floor-level that make multiple combinations and improvised uses possible.

ValenTina As a starting point, Alejandra Gandía-Blasco, the designer of the Valentina Outdoor collection, set herself the challenge of designing a seat using only two cushions. The purpose was to ensure that they were held together using as few elements as possible and in such a way that one of them would remain upright. Thus, the idea of using only two cushions and a light and nearly imperceptible structure of steel rods, not only gave rise to a seat, but also a double sofa and a sunbed, with their distinctive informal and casual style. They go with a low side table.

The PorTable Plisy lamP Plisy, made of an unusual folding material, polyethylene, with its bracelet bag style cord, is the perfect lighting accessory to give a chic and fun touch to an evening outdoors. A portable lamp that transfers the aesthetics of elegant indoor folding screens to a piece specially designed for outdoor use. Plisy is a kind of stylish and technological reinvention of the garden lantern, which incorporates LED lighting and is charged by induction. Also designed by Alejandra GandíaBlasco, Plisy is a lamp that takes its inspiration not only from lamp screens of classical lighting but also from fashion, hence its nautical fabric cord that allows it to be carried as if it were a wristlet bag. This combination of references in Plisy’s design is not a coincidence: Alejandra Gandía-Blasco fuses all those common inspirations in her creative processes, in which a wide variety of personal concerns are involved, from the most technological artistic expressions to fashion and craftsmanship. A tribute to folded fabrics and their applications in multiple contexts.

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The DonuT sTool Donut is an outdoor stool with a fun and playful design that also happens to be ingenious, just a glance will bring a smile to your face.

S U T H E R L A N D®

With a somewhat obvious inspiration little more needs to be said to describe what it looks like at first sight. In fact its Japanese designer, Mikiya Kobayashi was inspired by the shape of doughnuts to create this delightful stool.


The seat is made from a soft foam filling while the gathers that appear within the material that cover it underline the similarities with the doughnut reference. It’s a fabric that is made specifically for use in the outdoors, so that it’s very resistant to the weather and can be removed for washing.

With its feel of a stuffed seat it’s almost as if this exterior stool was upholstered, Donut is in fact a design that equally fits inside, easily. So that it can be used indoors or outdoors without any distinction; keeping it outside and sometimes using it inside, when needed or the other way around. Because one of the best things about Donut, specifically, is its soft seating, a lot more comfortable over time than other stools made from more rigid materials.

Donut is also available in many colours, some highly vivid ones like red, pink or mustard. It can be used as a feature piece to bring a dash of colour to highlight a bar or eating area, with an informal air that seems spontaneous but has a certain style and practicality about it. DÉCOR Magazine


Touffu PeT houses Touffu is an original pet house that hides a very special design behind its typical pitched roof format: Our pets also have the right to live in a stylish environment! What makes it different is not so obvious, thus you have to look at the piece in detail and with your gaze fixed on how it is assembled. Its structure is designed in such a way that the panels that make it up fit together in the assembly process by means of a system of slots, which allow them to be assembled while they support each other without any need for screws. They fit together by applying pressure so that the house is completely stable. This type of pressure coupling, without the need for additional assembly elements, is an art in traditional Japanese woodwork, particularly used in the construction of architectural structures. The designers of this ingenious outdoor house for pets are two architects: Manel Jiménez Ibáñez and Violeta Alcaide Weishaupt. Touffu is probably the smallest scale house that can be designed by an architect, and with an added difficulty: it had to fit into a flat package to optimise its delivery. The panels are made of phenolic board, a material that can withstand outdoor conditions very well. However, thanks to its aesthetics, Touffu can also be placed indoors, as it does not have the distinctive appearance of an outdoor pet house. Inside, it has a cushion lined with a removable fabric, so that it can be easily washed. It is available in two sizes, one for larger animals and one for smaller pets. It can be used for dogs, cats and domestic rodents.

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LOUNGING FOR SUN LOVERS Tandem by Ego Paris is an exclusive sunbed collection designed for couples, a luxurious double lounger with generous dimensions perfect to use in the garden or in an area dedicated to relaxation, such as a private swimming pool, spa, patio, or in a public area of resorts.

Since its creation in 2004, EGO Paris is directed by 3 brothers, whose common will is to live an adventure as much human as industrial, in the heart of Beaujolais. At startup, it was a small family full of ambition. The circle has grown rapidly, to today gather 20 people around the project EGO Paris, all motivated by the desire to offer exceptional and meaningful products. Because, like Coco Chanel, we are convinced that “to be irreplaceable, you have to be different”, the EGO Paris team is formed of identities, paths, sometimes atypical, often complementary but always interesting...

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Designed by Thomas Sauvage, the pieces of the Tandem collection can be combined in any number of ways to create a stylish outdoor seating arrangement. The sun bed is available in Glacier White Corian or beautiful teak and has a frame in aluminium lacquered in 20 colors. The combination of aluminium and wood conveys a feeling of lightness to the furnishings collection and at the same time offers maximal durability for all-weather use. With a diverse range of pieces including custom made dining tables and a sun lounger in a variety of finishes it offers a truly stunning solution for luxury outdoor living. So if you are looking for the much needed stress buster, then lying under the sun on a sun lounger can be the best option, and what better way to relax then staying not only close to your loved person, but face to face. This is the option that differentiates Tandem from the other outdoor loungers.

A luxury sunbed with curves in all the right places, perfect whether you’re looking to take a nap, relax or read a book. A ultra-modern look contoured in a traditional shape that makes it easy to sit back and take a break.

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“We blend design and function to create spaces of perfect harmony. Spaces conceived to make us feel good and surround us with beauty. Puglia is what inspires us and always has: our land, our muse� Pasquale Natuzzi





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