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73 FAINA COLLECTION - LIVE DESIGN Ukranian architect and designer Victoria Yakusha presented her live design collection for the first time at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 80 KEY WALL & FLOOR DESIGN THEMSES FOR 2018


111 DÉCOR MAGAZINE Decor Magazine was given the exclusive opportunity to speakwith interior design director Adam Tibbatts and designer Kendall Field of Tibbatts Abel

118 PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2018 in Pixers inspirations 124 BONALDO SOFAS Where Comfort meets Elegance 132 DESIGN SHANGHAI Asia’s leading international design events celebrates its 5th anniversary 146 DÉCOR MAGAZINE

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150 THE INTERIOR DESIGN EVENT OF THE YEAR Maison & Objet 2018 and elected Designer of the Year - Cecilie Manz 166 NEW MIRROR-FINISH KITCHEN Design from Abimis 177 2018 BATHROOM TRENDS Timelessly beautiful bathrooms from Villeroy & Boch 194 ULTRAVIOLET IN THE GARDEN Inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year Bridgman have curated a collection of sumptuous ultraviolet garden furniture and accessories

BLAKE SHELF 1,16 M | 45,67 in W: 64,5 | 25,39 in H: 2,35 m | 92,52 in BARDOT ARMCHAIR L: 75,2 cm | 29,61 in W: 73 cm | 28,74 in H: 79,2 cm | 31,18 in CRAIG CENTRE TABLE L: 1,12 m | 44,09 in W: 1,12m | 44,09 in H: 38 cm | 14,96 in DANDY SIDEBOARD L: 1,90 m | 74,8 in W: 50 cm | 19,69 in H: 80 cm | 31,5 in WILDE MIRROR L: 1,68 m | 66,14 in W: 30 cm | 11,81 in | H: 1,01 cm | 39,76 in KUBRICK RUG W: 2,00 m | 78,74 in L: 3,00 m | 118,11 in MIRANDA PINEAPPLE L: 1,90 m | 74,8 in W: 50cm | 19,69 in H: 80 cm | 31,5 in | BILLY BY DELIGHTFULL

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MusT-HAvE FurNiTurE DEsigNs

According to Pantone’s 2018 Spring Colour Trends Spring 2018 Trends features a strong colour palette with a wide range of energetic colours. It still features the season’s favorite orange, yellows, reds and greens but also pastel and pale colours making the shades a little less vibrant; they will play an important role in these season. The colour palette is also neutralized by shades of gray and a couple other darker colours. According to this prediction, and with inspirations of the global authority on colour, Pantone, Décor Magazine is proud to announce some exquisite and opulent furniture pieces, inspired by these trends, which are already predicted to be a success! Article provided courtesy of Covet House.

Diamond Chocolate

By BOcA DO LOBO | PANTONE 18-1028 Emperador “The rich chocolate infused brown Emperador adds strength and substance to the spring 2018 palette.” With the style of a precious jewel, the new Diamond sideboard, coloured in chocolate brown, makes the perfect combination with Pantone’s colour. It will make a splash in interior design. Boca do Lobo’s sideboard is made from wood finished with a luxurious shade of translucent chocolate brown with high gloss varnish.

10 DÉCOR Magazine

Stanley Suspension By DELigHTFuLL PANTONE 13-0646 Meadowlark PANTONE 16-5533 Arcadia PANTONE 16-4132 Little Boy Blue

Combining 3 distinct colours Stanley suspension fixture has a unique sculptural shape. It’s a versatile piece which gives a sophisticated and classy ambiance to any setting. A style icon of the fifties and sixties. This vintage lamp’s structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum with the possibility of having 1 to 5 moveable arms. A rainbow of energizing colours to turn your Spring a true party!

DÉCOR Magazine


Dalyan Armchair

By BrABBu | PANTONE 17-1563 cherry Tomato

Besame Chair

By kOkET | PANTONE 15-1520 Blooming Dahlia With its seemingly suggestive scent, the subtly alluring Blooming Dahlia beckons us with its understated appeal. This expression perfectly matches this Koket’s chair. Besame’s soft, plump curves will have you lusting for a moment of passion. Be embraced by this fully upholstered chair that sits puckered atop a textured brass ring base.

12 DÉCOR Magazine

Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and energy. The same we can the same can be said of this surrounding armchair that breathes elegance. Upholstered in synthetic leather and legs in matte lacquered, it is the perfect seating solution for an impressive living room set.

Gable Sofa

By EssENTiAL HOM PANTONE 11-0608 coconut Milk

Bronze Rust Surface

By MAisON vALENTiNA PANTONE 15-1214 Warm sand

Coconut Milk represents the classic mainstay of a white. So, please take a seat and feel the classics with Gable, an extremely comfortable mid-century modern sofa, with a contemporary finish that allows decor mĂŠlange. It has an oval base produced in polished brass, along a cotton velvet upholstery. The seat cushions have a dual track stitch, complementary to the seam accents on its curvy and sculptural back.

Warm Sand is a comforting neutral shade that effortlessly connects the seasons. If you want a warm and cozy bathroom the Bronze Rust art panel is the right choice. With the lightness of aluminum and the looks of true stone, this art panel makes a bathroom look completely different, a comfortable bathroom that only Maison Valentina can create.

DÉCOR Magazine


Saboteur Armchair

By Luxxu | PANTONE 14-4202 Harbor Mist

A mid-tone dove gray, Harbor Mist solidifies the spring 2018 palette. Solid and smooth, at the same time, Luxxu presents Algerone Dining Table. The carrara marble circular top is supported by a sleek base adorned with black leather and polished brass detailing. A design that will redefine the way you perceive dining tables.

Rosary Savage Rug

By rug’sOciETy | PANTONE 14-3207 Pink Lavender Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence. Attending to this colour trend, Rug’Society shows a flawless rug. A 100% hand tufted product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your home.

14 DÉCOR Magazine

Magical Mirror

By circu| PANTONE 17-3020 spring crocus

Witty and expressive, Spring Crocus is a flamboyant and tantalizing fuchsia shade. Doing justice to this colour, Circu brings the Magical Mirror, the perfect wall mirror to give your little majesty’s room a charming decor. This unique item appears as a normal mirror but, with magic it turns into a movie screen, due to the 22’’ TV inside.






1. Taisho Lotus wallcovering 2. Conway, Antique Bronze wallcovering 3. Darcy, Vine Black wallcovering 4. Evelyn, Antique Gold/ Olivine Wallcovering 5. Wallcovering: Taisho Lotus, Fabric: Brik, Drapes & Pillows: Zoffany Hepworth Blue Malachite Fabric


The new Muse Collection by Zoffany combines modernist style with fine craftsmanship and rich materials. Building on previous signature Zoffany collections with a sumptuous palette based on the brand’s ‘Alchemy of Colour’, both the fabric and wallpaper collection channel a cosmopolitan hotel luxe and symbolises elegance and prestige. The striking designs are opulent in both colour and texture, are bold and captivating. The Muse Wallcoverings are complemented by The Muse, Brooks and Conway Velvets fabric ranges. With a sumptuous palette of rich and diverse tones from the Alchemy of Colour, The Muse channels cosmopolitan hotel luxe and symbolises elegance and prestige. The Muse Fabrics are complemented by The Muse and Oblique Wallcoverings as well as the Brooks and Conway Velvets fabric ranges. With a sumptuous palette of rich and diverse tones from the Alchemy of Colour, The Muse encapsulates a sense of adventure and decadence which runs through its designs.

16 DÉCOR Magazine





3. British craftsmen in paint and paper, Farrow & Ball, has collaborated with The Rug Company on its Complementary Colour Collection. Founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball, it is renowned for its fine range of eco-friendly paints and responsibly-sourced papers inspired by historic colour palettes. The new Rug Company Complementary Colour Collection offers 12 rugs of one accent and one muted colourway from each of the six Farrow & Ball neutral groups. Crafted in a traditional weaving house in Nepal, each rug is infused with a shared commitment to expert craftsmanship, finest quality materials and durability, available in three textures; plain wool, cut and loop stripe and wool with a silk border. Pick from the Traditional, Yellow Based, Red Based, Contemporary, Easy and Architectural Neutrals to achieve a timeless and cohesive scheme in your own home. 4.


1. Rug: Melrose Yellow, Walls: Farrow & Ball Off-Black 2. Rug: Holland Stone, Walls: Farrow & Ball Railings 3. Rug: Kent Green, Walls: Farrow & Ball Dimity and Joa’s White 4. Rug: Wooster, Walls: Pavilion Grey 5. Rug: Portland Pink, Walls: Farrow & Ball All White The Complementary Colour Collection is available from www.therugcompany.com and www.farrow-ball.com DÉCOR Magazine


18 DÉCOR Magazine



HIGH STREET BRAND OASIS TO LAUNCH DEBUT HOMEWARE COLLECTION Lifestyle fashion brand Oasis has teamed up with fabric and wallcovering specialist Clarke & Clarke to produce a beautiful bedding, curtain wallpaper and accessories collection for the home. Remaining true to their signature floral, fun and fresh style the new bedding collection will showcase an array of blousy florals used within the fashion line. Aiming to make the television the focal point of a room, Bodo Sperlein creative director for Loewe Technology has devised a sculptural design which draws inspiration from art deco and Bauhaus styles.

The new collection is available online at Next with a rollout online to Oasis and in other retailers from spring 2018.

Described as having a “radical new aesthetic”, the Bild 9 television features a large steel frame which supports the screen and allows it to be thinner than most smartphones at just 7mm. This thick frame comes in either amber gold or graphic grey and even houses all the necessary cabling, resulting in a clean aesthetic perfect for those keen on neat cable management. The accompanying wireless speakers match the design of the television itself and pair up with the subtly built-in soundbar, producing sound that will rival anything else on the market. It even comes with a 1TB built-in hard drive that will allow you to record as much television as you could possibly need. The Loewe Bild 9 comes in both 55-inch and 65-inch options and costs £6,990 and £8,990, respectively and can be adjusted into three placement options: The Tabletop, The Sculptural and The Sophisticated. Available from summer 2018.

or more information visit: www.loewe.tv

For further information visit: www.next.co.uk DÉCOR Magazine 19

INSANE® is an international luxury brand that works in the interior design and product design segments in the hotel and contract areas, aiming the final and the professional publics. INSANE® products are designed and handcrafted with soul and passion focused in a very special and selective audience.

REDEFINING DESIGN BOUNDARIES A brand-new design concept was born. A concept that pushes design boundaries into another world by redefining them. A world where insanity and wonder run wild. A world fired by passion and where beauty is created daily. Where designers and craftsmen, sculptors and experts collaborate with a single goal: to achieve extraordinary perfection! Partners in creating the impossible, they build dreams with an unparalleled attention to detail.

Unusual pieces, reinvented by heritage of memories and traditions, places and people… They are expressive forms of art that combine comfort, elegance, and a certain eccentricity. They are objects that offer a unique sensorial experience. Insane Luxury Design brings together a set of furniture pieces with exclusive design, combining tradition and innovation, function and passion, classic and contemporary. With an unquestionable creativity, which requires boldness and a great deal of madness both by design team as the person who acquires it, Insane Luxury Design has chosen a differentiated language which has a unique objective: a balance between a DNA full of personality and the way it is perceived by the outsider world. Projecting means wandering the path of imagination and making dreams come true. The design of an object, of an area or a complete structure must obey rigorous work plans that are born from a creative energy, a catalyst force that strives to meet the wishes of those we are designing for.

Available from: www. insaneluxury.com

20 DÉCOR Magazine

Let’s step into a new concept where the dazzle of the future is driven by design. Welcome to the world of Insane Luxury Design!

FLUME CABINET A modern volume that defines the personality of the space where it is placed. This is Flume. A delicate cabinet that has as its main features the enigmatic aesthetics and the perfect organization.

LANDSLIDE CABINET Unexpected. Intense. Relentless. Nature inspires Landslide, a cabinet that presents the illusion of a revolted soil, overlapping layers. The combination of different textures and Landslides’s intriguing shades create particular optical effect, merging art and design.

PEBBLE COFFEE TABLE An order and disorder. Pebble is a coffee table made of layers and gradients that balance in a harmonious way. The glass surface displays the structure that seems to float.

AMETHYST COFFEE TABLE Amethyst is a coffee table that pays tribute to the uniqueness of the mineral that gives it its name. As an artwork, Amethyst’s characteristics are highlighted by the creative singularity that reveals the interior of the object.

DÉCOR Magazine 21






TA B L E a n d C H A I R V E N D Ô M E , d e s i g n L O R E N Z O B E L L I N I


London New York Miami San Francisco Chicago Los Angeles Boston Dubai Abu Dhabi Moscow St. Petersburg Warsaw Singapore Bucharest Almaty Berlin Düsseldorf Munich Vienna Den Haag Zurich Geneva Belgrade Shanghai Suzhou Tallinn Helsinki Rome Milan Seoul

22 DÉCOR Magazine

FALL IN LOVE WITH INDUSTRIAL CHIC‌ again! With distinguishable features such as exposed brick, distressed finishes and polished concrete, the industrial design trend looks set to remain as popular as ever this year. A focal feature at Maison et Object, Industrial Chic is a quirky style that blends a mixture of vintage, rustic, and industrial elements embracing wide open, modern loft-like spaces with rough textures. Think large expansive windows with panes of glass separated by dark weathered steel, exposed rough wooden beams, reclaimed wood walls, lots of brick and in some cases exposed concrete. Over the years this style has been called many names but the look has remained true to its origins a fusion of modern and aged materials, with minimal and clean, or shall we say raw industrial materials with the latest trend focusing on using reclaimed materials that are eco-friendly and green.

DÉCOR Magazine


Refresh your interiors using industrial chic

24 DÉCOR Magazine

Industrial interiors first came to be used as a design style during the early 70s when old factories, warehouses and mills were closed down and turned into living spaces, to save on redevelopment and interior costs the old industrial mechanisms and exposed brickwork were incorporated into these new homes and thus the industrial interior trend was born. To incorporate industrial chic into your interiors the must have feature is an accent wall, usually, in the form of exposed brick or concrete. This accent wall will set the tone for the rest of the scheme and will help to dictate the colour scheme throughout. For example: An exposed red brick wall adds an element of nature to your interiors so works perfectly with greens and browns. Think bringing the outside in.

DÉCOR Magazine


Linear, clean crisp look

At the other end of the spectrum concrete walls add a linear, clean crisp look so work well with a muted palate of black, white and softer shades of grey A good neutral colour palette is essential parts of this look so steer clear of bright, bold colours instead use a rustic colour scheme featuring a lot of brown and beiges and neutral tones of grey. Keep in mind that your sofa, chairs, and tables will most likely be constructed of leather and raw wood, so you will naturally have plenty of shades of brown to work. So take this into consideration when painting your walls and choosing flooring solutions

Wood and Metal Interplay Furnishings for Industrial Chic interiors should be minimal and nononsense, with strong, clean lines and without a hint of excess. During the industrial revolution, steel and iron manufacturing was at its peak which meant that nearly all furniture was made using this heavy industrial material, paired with wood it made for a durable, reliable piece of furniture. So whether it’s the coffee table, dining table, or end table, at least one wooden item is a must-have to achieve genuine industrial decor. To incorporate this into your design mix new pieces with reclaimed ones. Upcycling is central to this style: wooden crates turned into tables, old trucks used as storage solutions with workman’s ladders turned into shelving. Sofa seating solutions should most definitely have a leather finish a prerequisite of industrial seating is of course steel stools (think bar stools) and metal chairs.

personalIze Accessories, accessorize, accessorize! Quirky pieces are what bind the industrial look together, large oversized clocks, free standing floor lamps even motorcycles are a wonderful accent. Pieces that expose mechanisms such as cogs, engines and struts are a pivotal part of the industrial appeal When it comes to picking your soft furnishings such as pillows, throws and poufs, pick something that features leather or woven texture in warm muted shades.

28 DÉCOR Magazine

Keep the FloorIng BasIc The rise of industrial interiors may be the single biggest reason why concrete floors entered the mainstream. A practical and economical option, its coarseness, imperfections and patches fit perfectly within the industrial theme. Those who wish to bring some added contrast and warmth into an industrial interior design should look to use wood preferably showing its age, epoxy or stone floors. Rugs and carpets should be kept to a minimum as these will contrast against the minimalistic effect.

DÉCOR Magazine


HANG WITH IT Lighting has a dramatic effect on the way your interiors looks, too little lighting and the area can look dull and drab, too bright and the area can be transformed to look clinical and sterile. The right amount of lightening can sharpen the appearance of your furniture and highlight areas so often neglected so getting the balance right is essential. To help you understand lighting here we discuss three lighting types: 32 DÉCOR Magazine

CHANDELIERS Chandelier light fixtures have long been a symbol of elegance and class. A chandelier is like a piece of jewellery you can illuminate and elevate any space and can uplift the style and dynamics of any room. They’re not just for formal sitting rooms anymore. Think foyers, over stairways, in the kitchen, put a mini chandelier in a kid’s bedroom or make an bold statement in the bathroom. These days, there is a lot of varying styles so personal preference plays a huge part. Gone are the days when a traditional chandelier could only match a period interior, today you can mix up a modern chandelier within period properties or visa versa or alternatively go with a rustic chandelier to create a natural aesthetic DESIGN TIP: To create added drama to a chandelier add a large ornate plaster ceiling rose. Luxxu | www.luxxu.net

COOLICANS The Coolican Shade began life in 1933 and was the lighting choice for factories, workshops, mills & farm building. Distinctive in shape the enamelled, pressed steel Coolicans have become an on-trend item thanks to the revival of industrial interior design with modern versions offered in brushed nickel, brass and pastels. DESIGN TIP: This lighting fixture is the perfect vintage inspired feature for a modern, minimalist kitchen, loft or open living area. If possible hang these lights in a room with a high ceiling so there is a good length to the lighting cord. ARTIFACT LIGHTING www.artifact-lighting.com

DÉCOR Magazine 33

PENDANTS This is a very popular and stylish type of ceiling lighting it does it all, providing overall light, which is used for all-purpose illumination; task lighting, which focuses light on a specific work area; and accent lighting, which highlights specific areas. The lighting fixture should be hung quite low, and always looks great adding a touch of refinement and elegance to any room. There are many different designs of pendant lights on the market, and the process of choosing should be based not only on visual attractiveness, but on the functionality and effectiveness as well. Pendants can be used in singular form or as a multi-track and depending on your particular goals and objectives you may need to look for the light fixtures with adjustable reflectors. DESIGN TIP: Modern pendants made of glass and chrome exude sleekness. Shaded chandeliers can be either traditional or transitional. Glass orbs and shades have a retro look. Translucent-glass shades help reduce distracting glare. DENMark ScaNDINavIaN PENDaNT LIGhT www.zaffero.com.au

34 DÉCOR Magazine

PLUMAGE Lush feathers


DÉCOR Magazine 35



Grok evokes a way of understanding and relating through intuition and empathy. It is our essence and it is our values. And this is how we act and relate to our customers and collaborators. When in 1998 we created Grok, we bet on a contemporary product line that, through its attractive design and the interaction of its light with ambient light, will decorate and build spaces. Because there is a light and an appropriate luminaire for each room, for each activity, for each person. Grok is part of the LEDS-C4 group that, for more than 40 years, designs and produces lighting pieces for interior and exterior projects. More than four decades innovating to offer the best service and the best quality of light in all projects. We create spaces and sensations through light.

Available from: www.groklighting.com

38 DÉCOR Magazine


With its unique design, the geometric play of the TUBS pyramidal lines captures the light inside to mark and illuminate the spaces.

DÉCOR Magazine


well-lit was established in early 2013 by Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra. We wanted to disrupt the status quo – big companies selling poor quality LED lighting and giving consumers a rotten deal. Our new company would be transparent, responsible, fair to customers and suppliers – and rewarding, interesting and fun for us! Transparent – Bye, bye faceless companies and patchy product info. With well-lit you’re never in any doubt who you are buying from and where the products come from. Responsible – It means a lot to us that our supply chains are sustainable and the factories we work with are not exploiting their work force. We absolutely insist on fair wages and a safe and professional environment. Rewarding – We love getting feedback from delighted customers. It puts a smile on all our faces. Interesting and fun – We love the industry that we work in, and with a huge variety of customers, projects and challenges every day, working at welllit never gets dull. Available from: www. well-lit.co.uk

40 DÉCOR Magazine

A MODERN MASTERpIECE IN DESIgN Take a look at this ground-breaking new bulb and the first question you’ll ask is – where’s the rest of it?

Ethical lighting? It’s time to get in the loop Because although these stunning lamps clearly pay homage to the traditional bulbs we all grew up with, the design has been pared down to little more than a loop of clear polycarbonate and a flexible LED filament. In bringing these stunning new lamps to the UK market, LED specialist well-lit has completely redefined the classic ‘Edison’ incandescent bulb – known in the trade as the General Lighting Service lamp, or GLS. In conventional incandescent terms the new shatterproof lamps can replace up to a ‘50w bulb’, so they’re bright, and fully up to the challenge of everyday use. And like all well-lit flexible filament bulbs, they offer perfect flickerfree dimming. The next big surprise is that the bulbs are hand-made. This seems at odds with everything we’ve come to expect from high-tech solutions to global energy concerns, but for Chris Stimson and business partner Bujar Shkodra it makes perfect sense. Achieving the finest quality requires the correct orientation and precise alignment of the components – something that’s extremely difficult to achieve with machines alone. Plenty of companies claim to have started out on someone’s kitchen table, but with well-lit, that’s literally true. The company has gone from strength to strength increasing turnover by 220% in 2017, but never lost its commitment to ethnical and sustainable production. It’s a hands-on approach that many competitors claim to emulate, but few can match. Well-lit co-founder Chris Stimson explains how ethical concerns inform every decision the company makes: “When we looked at the low-energy lighting industry, it was clear to us that the ‘green’ credentials of buying and using the bulbs weren’t matched by the way they were produced. That side of the industry wasn’t ‘clean’ at all. “So right from the start, we challenged that by being as ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We believed that if we got that right, commercial success would follow. Our competitors have focused on marketing with ethical considerations as an afterthought, and now they are struggling to keep up.” The advantages don’t stop with the environment. LED bulbs use much less energy than incandescent bulbs and halogens, but can make colours look washed out and flat. well-lit bulbs have an impressive A+ rating, but the quality of light is preserved by high CRI (colour rendering index) values. These are bulbs you’ll covet for your home, not bulbs you put up with to save money. Is the new lamp the greenest light bulb ever? well-lit has a mission to bring better LED products to the UK market, and the team believes the new bulbs are the most ethical and sustainable LED lamps ever devised. Available in 2200k (440 lumens) or 2600k (560 lumens) at 8w, they are already available for pre-order on the company’s website.

The quality and design of well-lit bulbs has won the company a number of high profile awards, and a loyal following among design-conscious consumers, as well as architects, interior designers, and business owners. Welllit was the first company to introduce flexible filament bulbs to the UK market, and has sold 70,000 units without a single product failure. Like all well-lit products the new bulbs can be sold on their own or as an additional purchase with fittings. They offer excellent retailer margins, and planned deliveries so that retailers never run out of stock. DÉCOR Magazine


the interior lighting sector. A key player both in Italy and abroad, the company stands apart for its ability to effectively and skilfully combine tradition and creativity for more than 40 years, adapting its diverse products to different tastes. The company has a powerful history and views as its key to success the pursuit of stylish, appealing products, as well as a desire to reinvent the meaning of lighting, striving for continuous innovation. The company is therefore able to offer exceptional and increasingly tailormade solutions designed to simultaneously light and furnish any setting. Its expertise has also evolved through collaborations with famous architects and designers. The brand is therefore oriented towards a skilful interpretation by players in the design world, including lighting designers, architects, designers, and customers, whose vision is a main source of inspiration.

PULSA A SHINING STAR The Pulsa suspension light by Danilo De Rossi for Italamp offers an artistic representation of the magnetic field of a Pulsar star, which gives the product its name. Rotational energy is expressed through vortexes of blown glass, illuminated by LED light sources.

Like a star, Pulsa emits light directly towards the ground, but also indirectly towards the ceiling. The light source is not directly visible, creating uniform, diffuse lighting. The fluid, spiral movement, with sinuous, orderly lines, elevates Pulsa from a mere furniture complement to a true design object.

Available from: www.italamp.com

42 DÉCOR Magazine

Aside from the small LED bars deliberately placed on the inside of the dovegrey or white glass arms, almost as a reminder of the light’s more “traditional” role and attesting to how Italamp can perfectly combine tradition and innovation, it expresses a classic style reinvented through timeless products that are never commonplace.

DÉCOR Magazine 43

STAR APPEAL We gaze at their homes in awe when featured in celebrity magazines and wish our homes could look like theirs, well now thanks to more and more celebrities releasing home décor lines, you may have the chance to add your favourite celebrity style to your living room. Here we take a look at a few of Hollywood’s leading celebrities latest ranges and collaborations.

Catherine Zeta Jones

44 DÉCOR Magazine

Not just an award winning actress, ZetaJones also has an eye for design and her sewing background. Recently launching her home decor line Casa Zeta-Jones on home shopping channel QVC.

The look The new collection includes bedding, décor, bath accessories, throw blankets and more. Elegant, with jacquard and lace-like patterns, florals and sumptuous textiles including faux fur, it’s all very accessible and designed for everyday life.

DÉCOR Magazine 45

Lenny Kravitz Lenny Kravitz doesn’t just win Grammys and sing soulfully. The rock star opened a design firm, Kravitz Design, in 2003 and has been steadily racking up accolades since.

The look Having partnered with brands such as Kartell, Flavour Paper and CB2, Kravitz style is funky and groovy with 70s undertones and a rockers edge.

46 DÉCOR Magazine

Actress, producer, cookbook author and now homewear designer. Eva first launched her collection back in 2015 Eva Longoria Home Collection exclusively at with JCPenney and has since gone on to include bath prpducts

The look The line includes window treatments, decorative pillows, bedding and bath accessories. Inspired by Moroccan lattice, Spanish lavender fields, and Turkish-Moorish tiles the collections have an exotic feel. Colourways of paisley, soft teal and mauve hues created a calming effect.

Eva Longoria

Reese Witherspoon

The Big Little Lies actress’s Southerninspired brand, Draper James, includes clothing, accessories and a generous offering of adorable home accents like tableware, pillows, throw blankets, candles and more.

The look Preppy, colourful and kitsch designed for entertaining the patterned kitchen are blazed with quirky captions. The brand brings a timeless Southern style to your home. Inspired by Witherspoons native Nashville roots.

Ellen Degeneres Ellen DeGeneres is an admitted home decor junkie so it made sense for her to venture into home dĂŠcor. Releasing her own lifestyle and fashion brand, ED Ellen DeGeneres, offering bedding, barware and home accessories two years ago she has gone on to launch new collections of furniture, rugs and tableware.

The look Having partnered with Royal Doulton for her tableware collection her style leans towards classic blue, her new furniture collection crafted by Thomasville has a mid-century modern appeal, minimalistic and Scandinavia in style.

Brad Pitt After the actor commissioned a desk from furniture maker Frank Pollaro in 2008, the two discovered a mutual love for design and together launched a sleek collection of furnishings Pitt-Pollaro.

The look The line features sleek, art-deco style pieces. Each item is a limited edition and comes signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. The current collection includes unique tables, armchairs, and a hand-polished wooden bed.



LET’S TALK ABOUT ELEGANCE An artist’s house where imagination and reality fuse together in a new dimension that transcends time and space. An eclectic location interpreted with aesthetic sensitivity and Giuseppe Bavuso’s exclusive design research. Stylistic influences and inspiration from days gone by are the protagonists of this timeless place.

Available from: www.alivar.com

54 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine 55

THE OTHER SIDE OF COFFEE TABLES Next to the sofa, the Cyclos side tables become an integral part of the living room. Of various heights and sizes, the solid wooden frame encloses a marble or smoked glass top. Individually or in pairs, they always impress people with their refinement.

56 DÉCOR Magazine

ORIENTAL/UP SIDEBOARD FOR A NEW LIGHTNESS Elements of oriental inspiration in a piece suspended between the natural aspect of the materials and the elegance of decoration. The engraved wooden surfaces are a precious detail, the absence of feet streamlines the volume and the unusual metal fastening guards the soul of the furniture. Minimalist current lines combined with precious materials create luxurious and classy effects that adapt to a contemporary home. Art, design and interior design converge in the Oriental sideboard. The outer beauty is a prelude to the interior refinement, looked after with its lacquered finish and colours.

DÉCOR Magazine


ORIENTAL BAR THE NEW MODERN Materialize the idea of light through the furniture of times gone by, which comes back to enchant in a contemporary version, including mirrored reflections and suggestions of new materials. The bar is a stylish accessory that reflects the dandy elegance of retro lounges for exclusive, inviting moments of meeting and sharing. In precious rosewood or with a special “Terra di Galestro” glazed ceramic finish, the bar always get itself noticed and remains the centre of attention. The solid oak base with metal tips is not simply a detail, but a way of expressing the value of design in even the smallest specifics. The refinement is projected inside the bar where the and the intrinsic brightness of the mirrors make the well-equipped space elegant.

58 DÉCOR Magazine


The imagination immediately jumps to the time in which travellers and adventurers were transported to and inspired by new environments. Fusions of materials, shapes and ideas have become beautifully elegant objects and pieces of furniture. Like the Margot lounge chair, which expresses a colonial style and discreet luxury for a contemporary lifestyle. Neither a chair nor an armchair, but rather a synthesis of style. The solid wooden frame envelops the seat which remains slightly suspended, the result of a highly-evolved design. The upholstered armrests are an haute couture detail.

DÉCOR Magazine


GLOBE TABLE & AMANDA COMFORT LIFE IN HARMONY Sophisticated moments to share accompanied by calm and measured movement. The Globe wooden table with a revolving marble top evokes an oriental concept of sharing. The marriage of ancient gestures and modern interpretations of space and elements. Here combined with Amanda chairs.

60 DÉCOR Magazine

AMANDA CHAIR NATURAL INSTINCT FOR STYLE Return to the place you came from to find the warmth of your own home and the security of your own things. The bed welcomes the travelling artist in between its enveloping lines, with the padded headboard and the precious finishing touches. The elegance of the greys and the textures of the wood make the night-time setting an oasis of peace and relax, somewhere to get together with your mind and heart to retrace the steps of your journey and envisage a new one. The place for dreaming becomes a dream in itself. It is the leather headboard in particular that prescribes the style of the Bali bed, embellished with unusual quilting work and framed by beautiful wood. The small table with a smoked glass top reinterprets the bedside table, expressing a new elegance. DÉCOR Magazine


BALI BED FOR REAL DREAMERS Return to the place you came from to find the warmth of your own home and the security of your own things. The bed welcomes the travelling artist in between its enveloping lines, with the padded headboard and the precious finishing touches. The elegance of the greys and the textures of the wood make the nighttime setting an oasis of peace and relax, somewhere to get together with your mind and heart to retrace the steps of your journey and envisage a new one. The place for dreaming becomes a dream in itself. It is the leather headboard in particular that prescribes the style of the Bali bed, embellished with unusual quilting work and framed by beautiful wood. The small table with a smoked glass top reinterprets the bedside table, expressing a new elegance.

62 DÉCOR Magazine

BOMBAY TRUNK WORLD OF LUXURY A furniture accessory from the past which has come back to shine. An elegant treasure with hide clad, handles with the same finish, tailored stitching and the functional yet decorative clip fasteners. For a journey into the world of style. Open and discover your own world, made of objects to look after and memories to treasure. Everything is in perfect order, safe inside the drawers, lined up in the doors to the side or carefully placed in the appropriate spaces. It has all been perfectly designed to the smallest specifications, inside and out. The rediscovery of an evocative piece of furniture, with strong stage presence and a typically exotic flavour. Bombay is a piece of furniture with a wealth of splendour as well as interesting practical solutions. It has everything you could need, from a mirror for make-up to a pull-out shelf, which if necessary becomes an elegant writing desk for notes and travel tales.

64 DÉCOR Magazine





on trend

A new year means a new start, so why not spruce up your home? From tone on tone walls and interiors to woven textures and a return to marble, these are the trending updates you should consider for your abode this New Year.

Circular Patterns Geometrics are going to be huge this season with circles being the stand out shape this season. Thanks to their versatility and fun, circles can be used in any type of interior design and have been used as accessories for centuries think of wall plates and circular rugs. Circular patterns can look gorgeous in any type of setting and create cheerful and playful designs blending attractive patterns and fun with modern colours. Used on their own or incorporated into a pattern rings, dots and circles can be used to create soothing experiences.

Maharam cushion, geometri black/white by Vitra www.skandium.com

Puck Wall Art designed by Jordi Vilardell www.vibia.com

But be warned, whilst circle can enhance home interiors they can also work against you. To avoid an overwhelming result, use circles for a single item such as a rug, mirror or featured wall to create an impressive focal point or use as a motif on throws pillows, lamps. Dusk Wallpaper in Gold on Charcoal design by Juju www.burkedecor.com

Framed suspension lamp circle by Jacco Maris www.jaccomaris.com

66 DÉCOR Magazine

Tone on Tone This is one of the most stunning trends this season. A Tone-on-tone palette simply features one main hue and then other graded tones within that scheme are added to match the colour composition. You can work with different paint on your walls and complement with furniture, textiles and accessories. The trick is to stay just within one hue and make it a story with less contrast possible.

Brabbu Earth 2 seater Sofa www.brabbu.com

Jotun LADY 4744 Sophisticated Blue www.jotun.com

Mid Azure Green, Little Greene Company www.littlegreene.co.uk

Perfect for Duluxs colour trend for Denim Drift www.dulux.co.uk

DÉCOR Magazine


Retro Revival As Millennials are creating their own spaces, they have a distinct desire to separate themselves’ from the traditional and are taking inspiration from their formative years evoking trends of the 80s and early 90s Memphis design.

Alberto Bellamoli Collecta Collection albertobellamoli.com

Recycling furniture, art, textiles, and décor from this era had clashing colour combinations and grotesque shapes in furniture and art, but the modern Retro Revival is slightly softer and not so offensive. Materials like terrazzo, marble and retro coloured glass are also making a comeback .

Liquify for Glas Italia by Patricia Urquiola www.patriciaurquiola.com

Kelly Behun furniture at Sight Unseen www.kellybehun.com

Retro Wallpaper www.muralswallpaper.com/collections/memphis

68 DÉCOR Magazine

Marble March Marble has made a comeback over the past few years and will continue to grow as a key interior feature. Marble represents luxury and glamour and pairing marble with gold, rose gold, or bronze makes any piece look cutting edge and classic both at the same time. The irregular grain patterns of marble also follow the ‘Wabi-sabi’ or the art of imperfection trend goring within the interior design community.

Omnia Dining Table by Callagaris www.calligaris.biz/home

Turquoise and Pink Marble effect wallpaper www.muralswallpaper.com

KESS Original “Rose Gold Flake” White Pink Wall Clock, 12”: www.kessinhouse.com

Grey & Marble Storage jars set of 3 - Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters - Mason ball www.etsy.com

DÉCOR Magazine


Deepest, Farkest Jungle Tropical leaves and prints have remained a steadfast interiors trends over the past few years and, while they aren’t going anywhere just yet, things are taking a darker twist. The palette will become deeper and richer, with a greater variety of colours, such as indigo and midnight hues, making their way into dense, jungle-inspired patterns. Paysage Equatorial Jungle by GLAMORA www.glamora.it spellbound lacquered cabinet www.bykoket.com

Jungle Drive Embroidered Pillow Black Rectangle www.touchofclass.com

Naj Armchair in Indigo www.brabbu.com

Soraya Decorative Upholstery Weaves 72 DÉCOR Magazine


FAINA CollECTIoN lIvE DESIgN For the first time live design collection with ethnic motives FAINA by Ukrainian architect and designer Victoria Yakusha was presented at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in the capital of Sweden in February 2018.

Collection was born in 2014 as an artistic reflection on the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv and desire of the whole nation for self-identification and the search of a new path for Ukraine. In quest of inspiration Victoria conducted a study of household traditions of our ancestors back to 5-3 millennium BC since the time of Trypillya civilization – the shapes, materials and craft technics. “It was not just one scientific investigation of our culture roots, we were discovering connection between nature and people at those times, the spirit of each object they used, sacral meaning they put into each object ”, - the author of FAINA collection sharing. Clay, felt, linen, wool, solid wood - the key elements of the ethno-style artisan furniture collection FAINA that represents concept of “live design”. Each material has its own energy: flexible and fragile clay, the oldest building material in human history, has very warm vibes; solid wood keeps in its tracery encrypted history of centuries; soft wool brings to your home tenderness and cosiness. The FAINA collection is created in such a way that it involves several senses at once – you can see a soul of each object.

Year: 2014. I’m driving a car. Around the fields, forests, and I feel sadness on my soul for Ukraine: “What can I do for our native Ukrainian design?” At that time in the air I felt hope fora better future, but the horizon ensuing black clouds, trying to reject us as a nation into oblivion. Suddenly in my mind began to born images of the furniture collection in the Ukrainian style: “You may not copy foreign artists, but to create authentic items that will decorate any modern interior, and at the same time will have Ukrainian roots. No plagiarism, no fraud and no “sharovarschyna”. I will call it FAINA. The first chair was born: the simple form, natural materials. The next were sofa, rug, table, lamp, dresser and armchair… Ukraine is a country with warm lilac evenings, comfort Ukrainian villages, coolness Carpathian Mountains, beauty of a red tape… Everyone, who sees into these objects collection “Faina”, sees and feels this colouring. Frail clay, solid wood, red and black ornament, simple form — this is all my FAINA.

FAINA collection attracts attention of minimalism lovers and fans of modern Scandinavian “hygge interiors”. “We decided to create honest design – each element, each object are natural, ecological and sustainable, –Victoria Yakusha emphasizes. “Naturalness and environmental friendliness are the main peculiarities of our “live design” concept”. Overleaf you will find description of a few novelties that will be presented for the first time in Stockholm:

Available from: www.faina.design/en DÉCOR Magazine 73

ARMCHAIR TOpTUN Simple shape low back armchair, despite its geometricity, looks very light and playful - this mood is also played in the ironic name of the object. It was created for social busy spaces like co-workings, hostels and creative studios to provide you with comfortable place for a lonely waiting or relaxing moments with friends. Material: textile, felt, foam rubber, sintepon

COFFEE-TABlE HRYB “Hryb” means “mushroom” in Ukrainian. It is practical small round wooden side table with 3 legs for your aromatic cup of coffee. Materials: solid wood (ash)

74 DÉCOR Magazine

Sideboard SoLod artisan wooden bar cabinet SoLod with clay facade and sophisticated lighting inside. “Solod” means “cereal grains” in Ukrainian. You can keep inside dishes and glass or store your wine and liquor collection. it opens on both sides, inside has a septum. Ceramic elements give to this sideboard very warm and homely vibe. Materials: solid wood (ash) and clay/ceramics

DÉCOR Magazine 75

arMChair LoNo (“lono” in Ukrainian – a symbol of tenderness and motherhood) original and comfortable chair for those who needs time to be alone with his thoughts. The peculiarity of chair – his mobility, the base can be rotated in a circle. Material: textiles, felt, foam rubber, sintepon

76 DÉCOR Magazine

CHANDElIER STRYKHA A giant woven lamp is created with the usage of a traditional craft technology that is typically used for homemade households and artistic products in South Ukraine. Materials: vine

SET OF OVAl CERAMIC VASES BANDURA Repeats parts of Ukrainian folk musical instrument bandura. The spiritual nature of music blends with the design and initiates a dialogue with the invisible through the language of the notes. Materials: ceramic, wood

AboUT DESIgNEr Victoria Yakusha believes that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look with your eyes wide open. Having embodied herself from the sense of deep love for national roots, she decided to make the Ukrainian ethnicity understandable and recognizable all over the world: “Through the FAINA collection I wanted to display the full strength of the Ukrainian ethnos, as I feel it myself, but in a modern interpretation”. At the same time, Victoria specifies that FAINA is just the beginning of the search of a place for Ukrainian design in the modern world. Globalism, individualism, and minimalism are the trends of the present and our future, but in pursuit of fashion we must not forget our roots.

DÉCORMagazine Magazine 77 DÉCOR

Walls and Floors is the UK’s largest independent tile retailer. The company, which celebrated its 30th birthday in June 2017, delivers nationwide with Next Day Delivery as standard. With 6,000 tiles, they have the largest online tile selection in the UK, and now offer Interest Free Finance. The company’s latest campaign, ‘Unlock Your Dream Home,’ is all about introducing homeowners to the idea that tiles are no longer limited to the kitchen or bathroom. With designs that cover all the latest decor trends - including geometrics, wood effects, natural stones, stone effects, marbles, teals, coppers, and hexagons tiles can be used throughout the home and garden.



Walls and Floors, leading tile specialists, have just completed their key interior design themes for Spring/ Summer 2018. Designer Louisa Charlotte and Head Buyer Anna Forden have compiled findings from shows and talks across Europe to create four unique trends.

Louisa Charlotte says: ‘Whilst there is still an increased focus on key elements found in the natural world, the craving for harmonious transitions between our daily environments is met by a renewed love of contemporary elegance; This year is set to allow growth for personal experimentation within home styling; By identifying crucial elements from worldwide macro trends myself and Anna Forden, head of buying at Walls and Floors have developed four key themes that not only play on colour combinations but pursue different directions through shape, size and texture driving the consumer to project a unique personality and unlock there dream home during 2018.’ 1

Neo Treasures: Revel in an eclectic mix of tradition and opulence; Neo Treasures draws together rich materials and dramatic shades encapsulating a look of immaculate indulgence. Inspired by the art deco movement, shapes combined with fine details and flawless finishes’ are vital ingredients to inject bespoke design-led glamour enticing a ‘less is more’ boutique hotel feel - Celebrate your home with luxurious unique style. Key colours: Jewel tones. Black, metallic, vibrant pink, yellow, red and orange. Key prints: Geometric shapes, historical/architectural references, Jacquards and Brocades, sequins, and vintage inspired pieces. 1. Available from: www.wallsandfloors.co.uk

80 DÉCOR Magazine

Isoline Tiles – £19.95 per Sqm

2. Wall – Italian Polished Carrara Marble Tiles - £89.95 per Sqm / Floor Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles – from £44.95 per Sqm


DÉCOR Magazine



New CoraCle: A revisited journey of costal classics, New Coracle offers both tranquillity and harmony with an intimate Nordic touch. Endure a fresh approach on the Nautical cliché; organic materials are celebrated in tonal arrangements alongside an uplifting Mediterranean colour palette whilst simplified eastern references allure to a timeless setting with elegant impact - Flavour your home with the exotic. Key colours: Deep greens, ginger, magenta, navy, red, rust, white, cool neutrals, and grey. Key prints: Tropical florals, stripes, stencils and Japanese references.


3. Delabole Slate Effect Tiles – £19.95 per Sqm 4. Vintage Wood Plank Tiles £49.95 per Sqm

82 DÉCOR Magazine



CrafTsmaN’s JourNal: Animated by discovery, Craftsman’s Journal will provide an escape to a self made sanctuary. Modernised shapes are combined with crafted layering, raw edges and intricate patterns for a soulful spin, whilst burnished hues and rustic undertones implement warmth and enchantment; Take your home on a new adventure. Key colours: Brown, warm neutrals, white, pink sand, ginger, khaki, red, yellow and navy. Key prints: Stripes, dots, tribal references, Islamic geometrics, transcultural inspiration and intricate embellishments.

5. Isoline Tiles – £19.95 per Sqm 6. Altican Slate Tiles – from £16.95 per Sqm DÉCOR Magazine 83


memory laNe: Sentimental and welcoming, Memory Lane evokes a depth of hidden nostalgia. Soft, calming colour palettes favour subtle textures to gift traditional shapes with a relaxed feel. Fond memories of yesteryear are heightened whilst vintage references generate a personal touch; Let your home tell your story. Key colours: Pale pink, beige, buttercream, red, warm pastels, blue, orange, yellow, lilac and violet, black and white. Key prints: Garden blooms, florals of all shapes and sizes, bold graphics, tropical plants and patterns. 7. Country Cottage Metro Tiles - £46.95 per Sqm 8. Boutique Brick 250x50 Tiles - £36.95 per Sqm


84 DÉCOR Magazine



Connect with DÉCOR MAGAZINE wherever you like and discover “a new world of interiors” with all the latest interior design news and stylish decorating ideas.










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Furniture Design Trends for the Year Ahead

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UNVEIlING TRADITIONAl FlOORING that never goes out of fashion DÉCOR is where style lives - the essential design resource for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings

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RUCHÉ one-arm sofa with table. Design: Inga Sempé. Catalogue: www.ligne-roset.com

18/03/2016 16:48:42

The Winchester Tile Company (part of Original Style) launches its newest modern rustic range:


The Elements range consists of two separate collections of beautifully glazed English brick tiles (Panorama and Origins). The products boast gorgeous new shades - from subtle neutrals to daring, jewel-like tones of green and blue - uneven surfaces with a smooth or textured finish, as well as stunning depth and variation of colour. Irregular, unique, infinately varied - it’s all part of the beauty of these hand crafted tiles. The Origin collection elicits a sense of new beginnings; each tile has an artisanal feel and comes in five neutral tones perfect for creating a modern rustic look. With Panorama the uniqueness lies within the softness of the glaze, which allows for the feel of the bisque to come through each layer, resulting in a speckled look. The shades chosen for this collection are inspired by the striking colours of the English countryside - from the blues of the sea to the earthy greens and warm browns of British landscapes.

88 DÉCOR Magazine

For more information visit: www.originalstyle.com & www.winchestertiles.com DÉCOR Magazine


Wow is a Design Studio specialising in exclusive Ceramic project developments. Always attentive to colour trends and materic finishes in combination with the latest technologies and the Creative and Design team touch, they have created their own image and recognizable style,which nowadays is already present in 42 countries worldwide. Directly in contact with Architects and Interior Designers, we create and design the concept in our Design Studio, to develop according prototypes in our Lab. and fully produce indoors, in our 22,000 sqm facilities “Tendencias Cerámicas”, based in Spain.

The eArTh IS nOT fLAT! Specially oriented towards architecture, WOW is an architectural vision of traditional ceramic. Play with the light and shadow projected from the three Dimentional shapes and their Illumination. Where ceramic in essence, is the absolut main character together with the natural beauty of delightful glazes and a lush touch. WOW is the most complete 3D collection in the market. Trend setting, with a great variety of shapes and all the special pieces needed to give to any space the final exquisite WOW touch.


With 16 years experience and an enthusiastic young team of professionals, they are in constant evolution and proud of each one of their creations. They look after the detail through the whole process, from the concept to the moment the products are ready to serve. To achieve such a service, we have total internal control of each one of the processes and coordination between all the Departments of the great WOW family. Available from: www.wowdesigneu.com

90 DÉCOR Magazine



The Earth is not flat!


DÉCOR Magazine


DREAM OF FAR-OFF LANDS To say that we all love maps might be too much of a generalization, but there is no doubt that they are one of the most popular decorative motifs in our homes.

You might ask why they attract us so much, but the answer is not difficult. Maps open the unknown to us, they remind us that we are a part of a greater whole, that is our world. Maps also have an almost magical power of bringing back memories of the places we visited, and at the same time awakening the dreams of the ones we wish to see. Cartography has a long history, and the oldest preserved maps found by archeologists were on the walls of caves inhabited by our ancestors about 14 centuries before our era. We were probably creating them much earlier, but unfortunately they have not survived until the present day. We drew them in order to improve our orientation in space, but also to systematize the knowledge of the world and fill in more white spots.

94 DÉCOR Magazine

Thus, over the centuries, a great many maps were created. At Pixers we make every effort so that everyone can find their map, from physical maps, graphic representations of continents to reprints of old maps, and even maps... of the moon and the sky. One of the most popular designs is the old vintage maps. Their undoubted charm is that they bring to mind not only journeys into space, but also travels in time. While looking at them, we can imagine how they were created in the era of great geographic discoveries and use our imagination to step into the times when the world hid so many secrets. Enthusiasts of more a contemporary design will be delighted by the less realistic, yet more expressive maps with graphical representations of continents. Watercolour combined with vivid colours creates a composition that not only attracts the eye but also radiates optimism. Maps are also among the favorite decorative items for children’s rooms. They help to know the immensity and beauty of our world but also to learn about its diversity. A great choice for kids would be a map showing where on the planet different species of animals live, which makes learning about the world a lot of fun. For older children and teenagers, a physical map showing the geographic diversity of the world will be a good choice, but also a political map that will certainly help to learn the location of individual countries. Maps have different views, yet they all tell a story about our world, and also about ourselves. Without a doubt, everyone will find their map at Pixers, whether it is a realistic one or a map of their dreams.

Available from: www.pixers.uk

DÉCOR Magazine




THE HOTTEST FLOORING TREND RIGHT NOW Parquet flooring is versatile and beautiful, and harks back to a bygone era. Laid well it adds character and warmth to its surroundings and fits perfectly within both traditional and contemporary design. With the continual increase in demand for modern wood flooring solutions, consumers today are turning more and more to parquet flooring to match their wants and needs. This simply flooring solution is growing once again in popularity simply because Parquet flooring adds a sense of grandeur to its spaces and comes in many different patterns and wood ranges. Each pattern has its own unique quality and has the ability to excite and add sophistication to any room, particularly medium to large sized spaces however some styles are limited to which surroundings they can work within. Here we take a look at the most popular types of parquet flooring designs used today.

98 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


Herringbone Known to be one of the first parquet pattern developed in Europe, Herringbone parquet is a classic European pattern that is made from blocks and assembled on a right angle that creates the typical V shape. This timeless style is seeing a real renaissance right now and it’s easy to see why as the pattern lends itself to modernist buildings and works well with all types of wood and is a great way of making a real statement, yet not so out of the ordinary that you’ll tire of it.

DÉCOR Magazine


Chevron Chevron parquet also known as Hungarian point is a classic European pattern that is made from blocks cut at various angles. This angle difference changes the way the light reflects on the rows and gives the floor a more directional feel. Whilst this pattern looks similar to Herringbone the main difference is that the chevron planks are cut to ensure that each “zig” and “zag” are connected at a 45 degree angle. The pattern has a very Parisian Chic appeal and is often found in formal living rooms, dining rooms, and entrance halls.

DÉCOR Magazine


Versailles When Louis XIV turned his hunting lodge at Versailles into a palace, the floors needed to be as sumptuous as their surroundings, and so the Versailles parquet was designed. Available in a variety of patterns, sizes and finishes this product will give your project a luxurious Parisian style. Nowadays Versailles panels can be seen in any property with traditional or modern interior, and are often used in large grand spaces and hallways. This type of parquet flooring continues to be a synonym of a Luxury and excellence

Parquet flooring at a glance • Easier To Install: Wood parquet is the only solid hardwood flooring that installs as easily as tile. Glue-down installation means no nailing is required. Urethane-based adhesive has a 60-minute working time, which allows you ample time to perfect the placement. • Rich Look: Multi-piece construction lends a deep, 3D appearance. • The only wood floor that installs like a tile with glue-down installation and manageable tile sizes. • Wood parquet flooring enjoys one distinction that no other solid wood flooring can claim its simple to install. No hammering or nailing is required. Because wood parquet typically comes in 12” x 12” tiles, at about 30 lbs. per box, it is easy to handle. DÉCOR Magazine


STYLE HAS OPEN DOORS The space in which we move is a reflection of our personality. Outside and inside the house. Besana tradition: An unique experience learned from generations, to treat and transform, with “craft” care, fine yarns into soft carpets, durable runners and into an infinite range of rugs, as many as imagination can create. Besana creativity: The continuous dialogue with stylists and designers has stimulated aesthetic and functional research and, starting from an accurate selection of raw materials, has led us to develop production technologies that enable us to implement any creative solutions with a wide range of shapes, colours, combinations and thickness of softness. Besana passion: It is the passion of all our employees: an enthusiastic group that has embraced the company philosophy of growing with customers and working according to simple but important values: curiosity, versatility, reliability and humanity.

For more information visit: www.besanamoquette.com

106 DÉCOR Magazine

Innovative materials and avant-garde construction solutions allow us to overcome the natural limits within which the carpets are normally confined. With SpaceArt collection we offer you the experience of enjoying a Besana rug in all areas of your home, including the bathroom and the wellness area, the terrace and the outdoor area.

Tobago Drifting cradled by the sound of our thoughts, guided by the words of those we love to have around us, scents, sounds and exotic colours take shape, shaped by imagination. Because you can even travel only by scanning the horizon in the distance

maRTInICa Urban trends and distant cultures weave accomplices, creating a vortex where elements are mixed only apparently to the antipodes. Martinique is a splendid combination of energy and reflection, mysterious charm and clear elegance. The same matter that our world is made of.

Cayman & Cayman PLaIn Shades that softly envelop our imagination. Even when the roof is an endless theory of stars and the wind gently caresses the memories. Welcome to a world where design is sewn with passion around our desires. Welcome to Cayman.

DÉCOR Magazine


anTIgua Sensual rhythm that accompanies our steps, Antigua weaves soft harmonies, giving us the illusion that the fabric can be transformed, from one moment to the next, into music. A sweet magic that takes place every day, a pleasure that we would never want to end.

baHamaS Glamor becomes adventure, everyday actions are coloured with new and exciting nuances. Bahamas surprises us and together reassures us, it fascinates us by inviting us to start discovering our space, giving us new perspectives at every step.

108 DÉCOR Magazine

baRbaDoS An ocean of fabric on which to sail safely, following the routes that will faithfully bring us to the heart of the spaces we love most. Landing and departure, Barbados is the place where design allows relaxation, where fashion becomes part of our life.

www.alhambraint.com 110 DÉCOR Magazine




The quintessentially British, seaside town of Southendon-Sea welcomes the opening of its first luxury boutique hotel in January 2018, Seven Hotel. Following a £4million investment, this new four storey, 37 bedroom, luxury hotel, opens on Clifton Terrace, overlooking the seafront with its picturesque views across the Thames Estuary and famed 1.34 mile Southend Pier. The hotel’s 70 cover, Aurum Restaurant and adjoining gin-centric bar, which features over 30 types of gin, will become the focal point of Seven. Upon entering the hotel, guests are met by reception staff who will take on a more relaxed check in process, by the open fireplace in the bar area, before being shown to their room. Seven Hotel appointed a number of award winning firms to build and design Seven Hotel, including Appleby Architects who are the principal architects and GMD Ltd who were in charge of construction. Whilst renowned interior designers Tibbatts Abel, were in charge of the interior design and whose contemporary, yet timeless concept is evident throughout the hotel. ‘Décor Magazine was given the exclusive opportunity to speak with Interior Design Director Adam Tibbatts and Designer Kendall Field of Tibbatts Abel’ Firstly we like to congratulate you on The Seven Hotel it is absolutely stunning, could you give us and overview of the hotel design and inspiration behind the project? For the main public areas our goal was to design an inviting and romantic retreat with a classy contemporary edge. It was important for the design of the public areas to be welcoming but this needed to be balanced out with

mood and ambience reflective in boutique hotels. Our inspiration for the design and colour palette was taken from the sea. Iridescent metallic hues along with a highlight tone of sea green are proposed throughout. When designing the lounge bar a space where people can relax and take in their surroundings, we used a mix of high level poseur tables,

adjacent to the bar and low level lounge style seating within the window line. The result creates a multifunctional space which caters for an array of social occasions and also business meetings etc. For the restaurant we wanted to create intimate spaces along but also create a relationship between the internal and external areas which is great for the summer months. To do this a large central installation/lighting

DÉCOR Magazine


feature was placed in the centre of the space creating drama. Intimate booths have been balanced out with loose tables, these allow flexibility within the space for large groups and parties and Bi-folding doors towards the front of the building which open out onto the terrace area. In addition to the public areas a large bookable boardroom/private dining room with integrated 55inch TV, perfect for meetings and private functions alike. Throughout all these public areas contemporary light features, intricate fretwork panels, luxurious Carrara marble and elements of brass have been applied to add to this boutique luxurious feel. For the individual rooms we used our surrounding area as inspiration. Whilst gazing out of picture windows which overlook the amazing panoramic bay views, you will see it’s all about the sea and the sunsets so careful consideration has gone into the design of each of the bedrooms. The spectacular sea facing rooms make the

112 DÉCOR Magazine

most of the uninterrupted views, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. The design of the upper levels consist of serene and neutral hallways with hints of brass and marble which provides a harmonious balance to the rooms’ airy, pastel sea-green hues. Within the rooms themselves, luxurious touches abound, including; leather upholstered headboards, velvet feel tub chairs, non-mist bathroom mirrors, soft pile carpets, and brass features throughout really add to the elegant & timeless feel we have proposed. What are the most unique features? The lighting is probably the most unique feature. We’ve worked with lighting designers to create sculptural pieces that also act as artwork/installations. Additionally, the headboards in the guestrooms are also a key feature, with bespoke geometric style pattern and use of contrasting materials.

How have you adapted the design for all the differentshaped rooms? The focus for the front room layouts was to make the most of the incredible views of the estuary from the front of the site. The rest of the rooms that aren’t front facing have been designed in a way to maximize floor space. What other projects have Tibbatts Abel interior designers worked on? A few of our most notable projects; Jinjuu (Soho) – Judy Joo (Restaurant & Bar Design Awards - Winner) The Coach (Marlow) – Tom Kerridge Butchers Tap (Marlow) – Tom Kerridge Park Regis Hotel (Birmingham) Copper Blossom (Edinburgh) Buddha Bar (London) Do you have a signature look that you try to incorporate into your designs? We work for many independent clients and tailor each design to their needs therefore wouldn’t say we have a signature look as such. With this particular project we looked at inspiration by reviewing other boutique hotel designs, but our primary focus & inspiration was trying to link the design with the surrounding landscape. Adam, Kendall thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us.

Adam, Kendall thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. For more information about Tibbatts Abel visit: www.tibbattsabel.com

DÉCOR Magazine 113

A CLASSIC REVISITED 200 colours leave all options open TIZIAN is one of the oldest collections in the JAB ANSTOETZ Fabrics range – this collection has now been given a colour update and thus the ultimate status of a very special bestseller. The pure cotton decoration velvet TIZIAN has been in our programme since 1974 and the colour chart has been updated once in a while, however the new updated colour range including 200 hues is second to none and really leaves all options open. The comprehensive palette covers all segments, ranging from topical pastel shades, to the ontrend green palette, to the typical and classic deep velvet tones such as royal blue and purple.

Available from: www.jab.de


In 1980, Patrick Frey formed the concept of Natecru, a term combining two words: “naturel” and “ecru”. Natecru is a real exercise in weaving, where natural textures such as hemp, linen, wool, alpaga, cotton, silk, and cashmere are embellished by the quality of the yarns, the weave and the finish, only and limited to a few neutral colorways. The result is a contemporary collection, at once minimalist, raw, comfortable and refined. A large part of the collection is woven in northern France in our workshops bearing the prestigious “EPV” label awarded to companies committed to preserving their living heritage. This label is very selectively awarded by the French Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment to French firms with traditional know-how and to outstanding manufacturers.

Pierre Frey, founded in 1935 in Paris, France, designs, creates and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition. The company’s rich collection of no less than 7,000 items includes not only the Pierre Frey designs, but collections from the company’s three other prestigious brands: Braquenie, Fadini Borghi and Boussac. Pierre Frey is perhaps best known for its adventurous prints with such diverse inspiration such as Imperial China, 18th century France and contemporary Africa. But in addition to it’s mix of eclectic prints and woven fabrics, Pierre Frey is also adventurous in terms of exploring the use of modern fibers with the carefree qualities expected for today’s homes.

Available from: pierrefrey.com DÉCOR Magazine


Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 in Pixers insPriations Violet is a shade rarely found in nature, so obtaining such a dye in the olden days was extremely difficult. Like everything that is rare, unique and difficult to access, it was reserved for special people and for special occasions throughout history. In the coming year, however, it will be the leading colour for all of us, because the Pantone Institute has just announced ultra violet as the colour of the year for 2018.

118 DÉCOR Magazine

DÉCOR Magazine


According to Pantone specialists, the colour of 2018 “communicates the originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that shows us the future�. Violet is also a shade symbolizing the uniqueness of mysticism, associated with spirituality and contemplation. In ultraviolet we also find references to the infinite puzzles of the cosmos and the secrets that are waiting to be discovered. Therefore, next to the mystical message of this colour, it is also symbolic for futurism and technology. How should ultraviolet be used in interior design with such a broad inspiration? Each of the shades of purple is a bold choice that will add tone to the room. To facilitate the decoration with this shade, the Pantone Institute has prepared 8 colour palettes, with which the new colour of the year fits perfectly. Boho style interiors are already open to strong colour accents and contrasts, such as a combination of yellow and blue, red with pink or purple. In this case, Attitude and Desert Sunset palettes will work perfectly well, when Intrigue or Purple Haze will help you to boost the Scandinavian or minimalist interior down.

Fuchsias, asters, bellflowers, lilac, and finally lavender are just a few examples of the colour of 2018 in nature. In spite of appearances, it also blends well in the pastel Floral Fantasies palette, which is perfect for interiors in Provencal style, rustic or shabby chick. Drama Queen palette is definitely a range of shades for people who like an unusual and distinctive style, as well as the combination of old and new, which, by reference to the colours of the 60s, 70s and 80s, will work well in retro and vintage interiors. Ultraviolet may seem a very bold choice, but as the Pantone Institute specialists prove, as its symbolism is ambiguous, it can have many views. And most importantly, it is a shade that symbolically shows us the way of invention, exploration and self-development, so it is worth letting the spirit of Pantone 2018 guide us in the upcoming year, at least symbolically.

120 DÉCOR Magazine

For more inspiration, please visit Pixers.us DÉCOR Magazine 121

BONALDO This story began in 1936, when Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo started up a craft-based metal working business. During the 1950s industrial production began on bedsteads, and it was extended during the ‘60s to iron beds. An extraordinary intuition led to the production of a folding bedstead, which went on to become a market standard, and which is still extraordinary today, considering its future implications. The company subsequently specialised in the processing of tubular metal and invested in new machinery and technology, choices which allowed it to extend its range of products and to implement machining processes at the very cutting edge. Today, Bonaldo designs, produces and distributes design-oriented tables, chairs, sofas, beds and interior furnishings for the Italian and the international market.

Available from: www.bonaldo.it

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BonAlDo sofAs: where comforT meeTs eleGAnce Bonaldo introduces its Sofa Collection, a series of furnishings designed and created to bring maximum elegance and comfort to any environment. The wide range of solutions available, made possible also thanks to collaborations with numerous international designers, allow you to choose from an assortment of models, materials, colours and coverings. The lounge area becomes the focal point of all connections, relationships and gatherings where you can feel at ease. A space of comfort and well-being with a piece of furniture designed around people.


SKID The Skid sofa features lightness of form. The inclination of the armrests and the metal feet, available both straight and sliding, lift the sofa up from the ground, making the lines softer and offering an original layout. DÉCOR Magazine 125

COlOurS The Colours sofa is rigorous in its linear shapes. Its stand-out feature is the strip of fabric which runs along the perimeter of the cushions on the chair, the body and the armrests. The strip can be chosen in different colours (hence the name of the product) in contrast with the rest of the covering; different tones and designs allow you to personalise the sofa and create unique harmonies and chromatic effects.


126 DÉCOR Magazine

Peanut B

PEANuT B Enveloping softness which confers intense moments of relaxation day after day. Thanks to the many elements available, Peanut B is an extremely versatile sofa which adapts to every style or space requirement. Peanut B can also be arranged like an island and be placed at the centre of the room to create a space in which to socialise. Also available in its raised above the oor version, Peanut Air.

DÉCOR Magazine 127

STruCTurE A metal core de nes the project logic of Structure Sofa: the structure is sometimes highlighted, whilst in other cases it is partially hidden, conferring a totally informal vibe, with original aesthetic features, personalised by the choice of combinations of colours and materials.

128 DÉCOR Magazine


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PIErrOT KING Clean, de ned, elegant and highly practical lines, created according to the needs of modern furnishing. Pierrot is a dynamic and versatile transformable sofa: with a simple movement, the backrest goes down until it becomes a comfortable surface on which to sleep. In the Pierrot King version, the covering is quilted

Pierrot King 130 DÉCOR Magazine


simply different robertogiovannini.com

DESIGN SHANGHAI, Asia’s leading international design event, celebrating 5th anniversary in 2018 Having fast established itself as one of the most important design events in the world, Design Shanghai will be returning to Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 14-17 March 2018, celebrating its 5th anniversary with exciting new content. As Asia’s biggest international design event, Design Shanghai focuses on bringing together exceptional design, quality and inspiration, and introducing the world’s most established brands, exciting up-and-coming designers from China and abroad as well as renowned galleries. Constantly breaking new ground, Design Shanghai has set a precedent in Asia’s ever-growing design community, with the 2017 edition bringing 50,979 high-profile visitors from 70 countries. A unique platform for networking with Asia’s most influential architects, interior designers and property developers, the fair also drives international business collaborations by encouraging high attendance from trade professionals through its dedicated Hosted Buyer Programme. Set across five remarkable design halls, Design Shanghai 2018 is set to be the biggest and best yet, with an increase in overall space and with each hall offering a platform to an entirely new realm of design. The fair will see over 400 leading

132 DÉCOR Magazine

international and home-grown design brands and galleries from over 30 countries, presenting their exciting and innovative ideas through extensive product launches, bespoke installations and exclusive networking events. A creative hub of talents, the Contemporary Design hall assembles a selection of leading brands and emerging independent designers, while the Classic & Luxury Design hall caters for the high demand for timeless design and authentic craftsmanship that is celebrated around the world. The Kitchen & Bathroom Design and Workplace Design halls present the latest innovations in their sectors, demonstrating the combination of quality materials, equipment and solutions. The Collectible Design hall is a platform to explore limitededition design and its position at the intersection between the worlds of art and design. 2018 will see a larger area dedicated to this hall as it continues to showcase the highest level of global artistry.

Bobois, Taiping Carpet, Gallery All, premium brand Roca, Miele in Kitchen & Bathroom Design Hall, and Royal Ahrend, Shaw Contract in Workplace Design Hall. Meanwhile, Design Shanghai will continue to support local designers with leading Chinese brands such as YANG HOUSE, Domus Tiandi, Maxmarko, W+S, X+Q, Frank Chou and ziinlife exhibiting. The show also boasts the best attended and comprehensive seminar programme in Asia, which will feature 40 international design icons live on stage. Collaborating with Kohler, a global leader in the design and manufacture of kitchen and bath products, and AD China, the theme for the 2018 edition will be ‘Design Visionaries, Design Visions, Design Futures’. Previous speakers include some of the world’s most pioneering minds like Marcel Wonders, Jaime Hayon, Patricia Urquiola, Arik Levy, Rossana Hu, Lyndon Neri and Andre Fu.

The exhibition will also offer bespoke installations, features and a varied programme of both onsite and offsite events. Czech lighting brand Preciosa will showcase a series of inspiring crystal installations including Crystal Automata and Crystal Forest. YANG DESIGN will again present the insights of China Design Trends. Tord Boontje’s Luminous Reflection Chandelier and Lighting Components Collections for the relaunch of Swarovski Crystal Palace will also be on shown. Design Shanghai is much more than a traditional design show. Following the incredible success of Design Shanghai in the City during 2017, the initiative will be back in 2018 with the brand new theme ‘The New Social Era on Boundary’. Partnership with Shanghai Xintiandi, curated by Design Shanghai in collaboration with curators Song Tao, Hou Zhengguang and Cher Du, the design festival will again make the entire city buzz with a selection of interactive installations by international and Chinese designers.

Design Shanghai 2018 will boast key new exhibitors including iconic British designer Kelly Hoppen MBE, next-generation Italian brand Qeeboo founded by Stefano Giovannoni, world-famous Pininfarina Extra known for iconic its designs for Ferrari, Chinese start-up brand Zaozuo directed by Luca Nichetto, Studio Italia Design, Fermob, The Rug Company and Jacob Delafon. 2018 will also see the return of worldrenowned names such as Zaha Hadid Design, known for their architecturally inspired homeware pieces, Danish brand Carl Hansen & Son famous for its strong belief in outstanding craftsmanship, as well as Lasvit, Swarovski, Lalique, Ligne Roset, Art Design Group/Vismara, Roche Design Shanghai | 14th-17th March 2018 | Shanghai Exhibition Centre | www.designshanghai.com DÉCOR Magazine



FURNITURE MY-Furniture have long realised that luxury products, high quality and good customer service do not have to carry a high price tag. Theye try to offer them all for sensible prices, to everyone, regardless how big or small their budget.

AFFordAbLE ArT dEco sTYLE FroM MY FUrNiTUrE MY Furniture have created two stunning new collections, channelling the opulence, glamour and decadent design of the Art Deco era in their new Pino table and Bellini furniture ranges.

They travel around the world to source products and achieve the best value for their customers. They do not compromise quality for price. They also are very proud of their very own upholstery team in Long Eaton just outside Nottingham. Long Eaton has long been the epicentre of upholstery in the UK and MY-Furniture have the luxury of picking the best craftsmen to deliver what many times are works of art.

MY Furniture have created two stunning new collections, channelling the opulence, glamour and decadent design of the Art Deco era in their new Pino table and Bellini furniture ranges. Art Deco style is characterized by rich colours, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. Having reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s, the signature aesthetic still evokes glamour, luxury, and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes. The showstopping PINO range of tables, includes an incredible circular, glass topped coffee table and matching side table. In addition there is a breath taking, rectangular console table with rounded corners and the signature curved geometric structure with brass effect finish. The BELLINI upholstered furniture collection, priced from ÂŁ279.99, comes in a range of striking statement chairs and 2 seater sofas upholstered in rich velvet fabric. With signature Art Deco style fluted back rest and characterful antique brass upholstery tacks and ferrules, this collection is available in a range of bold, rich colours including Bottle Green, Ink Blue, Olive, Storm Grey and Black.

Available from: www.my-furniture.com

134 DÉCOR Magazine

Whether you incorporate Art Deco from floor to ceiling or just add a chair or side table into the mix, the style is sure to elevate your space.

Pino Console Table Glamorous design inspired by Mid-Century Italian architecture and interiors. Suitable for use as a console or dressing table. Steel construction with brass effect finish. Toughened glass top with bevelled edge. Co-ordinating coffee and side table available.

DÉCOR Magazine


bellini 2 seaTer sofa boTTle Green velveT A striking statement sofa which references the luxurious Art Deco era. Upholstered in rich velvet fabric. Comfortable sprung base. Compact design, ideal for use in bedrooms, conservatories, lobby areas, bars and restaurants. Skilfully upholstered fluted backrest. Characterful antique brass upholstery tacks and ferrules. Five minute assembly, simply attach the legs.

Pino Coffee Table Glamorous design inspired by Mid-Century Italian architecture and interiors. Steel construction with brass effect finish. Toughened glass top with bevelled edge. Co-ordinating console and side table available.

bellini armChair olive anD ink blue velveT A striking statement chair which references the luxurious Art Deco era. Upholstered in rich velvet fabric. Comfortable sprung base. Compact design, ideal for use in bedrooms, conservatories, lobby areas, bars and restaurants. Skilfully upholstered fluted backrest. Characterful antique brass upholstery tacks and ferrules. Five minute assembly, simply attach the legs.

136 DÉCOR Magazine




Casamania is an Italian design furniture brand which belongs to Horm group. Founded in 1984, Casamania represents a contemporary and forward aesthetic that seamlessly translates to high end residential, hospitality, or commercial design projects, with collections covering a wide range of pieces from modular systems and furniture, to lighting and accessories. Thanks to a series of collaborations with internationally renowned designers and emerging young talents, Casamania is able to offer a new vision of furnishing as an expression of lifestyle, philosophy and personality. Clients are presented with the opportunity to create environments with furnishings that are unique, modern and sustainable. Casamania is all about innovation. Available from: www.horm.it

138 DÉCOR Magazine

The fact that the design has been inspired by the legendary Panton Chair is instantly obvious to the design expert. But this is only one side of the coin (the front), which characterises Fabio Novembre’s chair creation. A look at both sides of this exclusive piece is recommended. The second source of inspiration quickly becomes evident: the chair is shaped after the natural form of a naked human body on the back – the model “her” is inspired by the female, “him” by the male body. Taste is a matter prone to controversy and this is especially true for the hermaphroditic pair of chairs by Casamania which provoked controversial discussions when it was introduced at the Milan Furniture Exhibition in 2009. It’s obvious: “don’t care” is not an option here and boredom is ruled out. Critics must admit, however, that the realisation of him&her meets the highest demands, in terms of both design and quality.

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140 DÉCOR Magazine





A craftsman even more than an artist, Simone Crestani learned to love glass at an early age, getting to know its delicate language of strength and fragility, patience and incandescence, thanks to his experience at Massimo Lunardon’s glassworks; it was here that he honed his approach to the material through the blown lampworking technique and his profound dedication to the craft.

Introspective and self taught, over time he gathered up his experience and what he had been taught, opening his own workshop after ten years of apprenticeship in order to develop his innovation and expressive research in a personal manner. This led, with great singularity of vision, to his production of artworks and high-design items consisting of table art, lighting and furnishings. Since 2010 Simone has poured all his creative efforts into Atelier Crestani, drawing inspiration from the wildest and most luxuriant aspects of nature and its imperfect balance, continuously ready to break apart and recompose into new orders of beauty. This vital energy is celebrated in works which capture the perfect moment within a transformation, a struggle between different forces, or more simply which immortalise the enchantment of a moment, the memory of an absolute point in time that, crystallised into light, transparent forms, is removed from the passage of time. Without contradictions, the artist’s poetics summarise wonder and rigour, ethereal transparency and concrete details, giving back the wonder of an encounter with beauty. An artist and designer as well as a master glass blower, Simone Crestani brings a contemporary reinterpretation to an artisan tradition and an occupation whose most important centre of production has been the area around Venice since ancient times. His lampwork in borosilicate glass uses an innovative technique, which Simone himself describes as hollow sculpting, that allows him to create large works which nevertheless incorporate the smallest details. By pushing the material to its limits and becoming one with it, the artist continues his very personal expressive search for beauty and the poetics of form, in an infinite ode to nature’s spell, its fragility and wonder.

DÉCOR Magazine 141

THE EXHIBITION Invited by Ingo Maurer, on the occasion of Munich Creative Business Week – one of the most important design events in Germany – Simone Crestani will be putting on a solo exhibition of his creations at the maestro’s showroom in Munich: the artist’s design objects and artworks will be on display at Kaiserstrasse 47 from Saturday 3 March until Tuesday 24 April 2018. In the late renaissance period, wonderful containers appeared which aimed to hold “the world around us” within them – they were Wunderkammer, the sixteenthcentury cabinets of curiosities

which brought together nature and oddities, the fantastical and the imaginative, intrigue and mystery. It is a modern reinterpretation of these Wunderkammer which forms the main theme of this exhibition, an image both refined and suggestive which is perfectly expressed by the title chosen for this solo exhibition: Kristalline Wunderkammer. Simone Crestani’s exhibition in Ingo Maurer’s showroom is, in effect, none other than a mysterious and compelling modern-day Wunderkammer, made entirely out of glass and featuring refined bonsai pieces and stupefying trees, majestic

deer and crystalline fish, headless hens and sprawling octopi: a world inspired by nature, in which wonder rules and we are captivated by the artist’s creative poetics and expressive talent. Simone Crestani’s Munich exhibition comes on the back of an authoritative award from the Centre du Luxe et de la Création in Paris. This is an organisation which each year selects and rewards international talents whose work’s excellence, innovation, invention, rarity and beauty stand out in the high-end manufacturing sector, and presented him with the Talent du Luxe 2018 award in the Talent de l’Audace category.

THE ARTWORKS ON SHOW TENSIONE ESTETICA The mysterious, subtle connection between each individual part and the whole, which the infinite harmony of nature reveals to us with its amazing wonders. A seed which is potentially a tree, loaded with natural beauty, bends before demanding observers. A very unusual assembly, in which the fragility of the glass converses with the density of the concrete and the solidity of the iron; during the slow and silent battle, the material deforms in order to survive, but the courage it uses to resist modifies the very force that wishes to shape it. GLASS BONSAI Solid trunks with branches growing upwards, seeking out light: even when Simone’s first projects were still confined to his imagination, they had already taken on the form of bonsai trees. This is the natural element which most represents the artist’s poetics and the profound dedication to glass which he has nurtured since the very beginning of his career. The bonsai is a concentration of life, strength and energy; a living, neverending work of art in which nature is continuously evolving, overcoming size barriers to express beauty in its most refined and surprising form. DELICIOUS FISH What remains when you have pulled a fish out of the water? What is left of it, in the end, is only structure: captivating organic architecture thus brings to life the skeletal minimalism of fish, to which glass lends a last, vibrant spark of vitality. An encounter with biology, both ironic and poetic, outside of museums of natural history: so that the beauty of these hidden souls can be admired close up, from a different and surprising point of view. MODERN TROPHY Plucked and inert, a hen reproduced in disquietingly crude detail is trussed up by its feet; at the confines of the surreal, a warning and reminder to man that his desire to take possession of nature is in conflict with the need to kill it and inevitably lose it.

MODERN TROPHY A fish, exposed in its skeletal minimalism, brings us back to the theme of the modern trophy, reminding us that the contradictions of the relationship between man and nature can be resolved by art: through glass, the artist indeed celebrates the beauty of nature without killing it, turning death into a celebration of creativity. TROPHY BOTTLES A collection of bottles, elegant in their minimalism, which reveal an unexpectedly ironic detail: at the top of each is a trophy cap which reproduces the horns of a wild animal – elk, antelope, deer and buffalo – in minute detail, a silent and poetic ode to the inhabitants of the most unspoiled nature. GAJNA WINE SET A headless, transparent glass hen, reproduced by the artist in vivid detail, guards the wine inside its portly belly until it is poured out through the hint of a beak into one of the pair of equally unusual claw-based glasses. A wine set in the form of a surprising and playful sculptural creation. OCTOPUS WINE SET The sinuous tentacles of an octopus, recreated in the smallest details, envelop the decanter and the stem of the wineglass with crystalline elegance; this is the artist’s delicate and poetic homage to these nocturnal and solitary sea creatures.

Atelier Crestani by Simone Crestani Via Boschi 36 / A , 36043 Camisano Vicentino (VI) Tel. +39 3932399458 | info@simonecrestani.com | www. simonecrestani.com

142 DÉCOR Magazine

HOMMAGE À ACTEON Actaeon looks at his reflection in the pond and realises he has been turned into a stag: it is the wrath of Artemis, inflicting this tragic punishment on him. Man and nature find a connection and meld within this suspended and all-encompassing moment, which the artist celebrates in a collection of trophies which are modern, transparent and ethereal, but at the same time defined in the smallest details.

DÉCOR Magazine 143








brand news

EGIZIA, LIGht crEAtEs AtmosphErE - LUX VAsE Light creates atmosphere - much more than simple lamps or vases, Egizia introduces LUX VASE, the collection of lighting vases that decorates your house creating pleasant atmospheres. Lux vase is a collection of cylindrical vases which turn into table lamps when placed on a silver or gold plated brass base equipped with cordless led lights. A provided remote controller turns the lights on or off. The vases are made of transparent glass, decorated with hand-made silk-screen printing with satin finish Silver or gold plated brass. For each led light 3 AAA batteries are necessary. MAXI LUX VASE - Cylindrical vase made of double thickness mouth blown transparent glass.

VASO LUX DOTTO ICE hand-made silk-screen printing with satin finish. Designed by Paola Navone VASO LUX ONDE Manual engraved sandblasted decoration. VASO LUX OR SAbLE’ Manual engraved sandblasted decoration. VASO LUX STATIC ARGENTO hand-made silk-screen printing with Sterling Silver (980/1000). Designed by Karim Rashid.

For more information visit: www.egizia.it

roBErto GIoVANNINI rEVIsIts thE coFFEE tABLE Roberto Giovannini presents the ‘grandiose’ French Louis 16th round coffee table. A table of French inspiration, an authentic expression of the Neoclassic style of the late 1700s, better known as ‘Regency’. The unique characteristics of the woodcarving - the spiralled legs are ornately decorated with laurel leaves and berries while the band supporting the tabletop is finely decorated with a repetition of small rosettes – and of the special Oro Antiquariato (Antique Gold) G081 finishing chosen for the personalisation of the French Louis 16th round coffee table, define its uniqueness and make it the ideal furnishing accessory for elegantly enhancing your living space, thus enabling you to enjoy moments of warm conviviality. A table of sizeable dimensions where the natural beauty of the solid wood, carved and finished in gold leaf, embraces its precious marble top, giving life to an object capable of capturing the attention and becoming the focal point of the living space. The French Louis 16th coffee table reveals the particular attention paid to the finest details and perfectly expresses the binomial of beauty and functionality: in fact, it encompasses the proportions and the aesthetic standards of classical beauty, revisiting and exalting the traditional concept of coffee tables. For more information visit www.robertogiovannini.com

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The Italian furniture specialists FORMITALIA presents the new Aston Martin Interiors collection: exclusive and luxurious products inspired by the Aston Martin “Art of Living” philosophy. The Aston Martin Interiors collection is created using the finest of Italian tradition and material selection, and combines design and luxury. NEw SOFA An arrangement of elegantly squared forms characterises the structure, made of pale gold metal, of the two-seat sofa, “Large” size, of the ever-new collection Aston Martin. A clean, essential line lightened by empty spaces and enriched by asymmetrical details such as one single armrest or a lateral table as the natural continuation of the structure. A charming item, exclusive from any perspective you look at it because the back, suggested made of briarwood, also draws your attention and emphasises that search for quality and that uniqueness innate in this brand. It is fully customizable thanks to a wide range of hides which are hand treated with aniline, to exclusive fabrics available in more than 50 colours and different shades of briarwood available in the opaque or glossy finishing.

NEw COFFEE TAbLE with strict form and of sought-after materials, the new small table Aston Martin stands out for its refined combination of different surfaces where the play of proportions merges in an elegant and essential appearance. The pale gold metal structure, which is geometrical and minimalistic, supports an important element made of Marquinia black marble enlightened by a final insert made of smoky grey glass. NEw ChAIR Aston Martin shows a new small armchair characterised by a solid wood structure customizable in various finishing and colours and enriched by metal details which give it brightness and refinement. The special inclination of its seat reveals a careful study of ergonomics and is synonymous of comfort and refined appearance. The upholstering is customizable thanks to a very wide range of hides and exclusive fabrics available in more than 50 different shades. For more information: www.formitalia.it

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Charm and luxury which are more and more minimalist and contemporary design oriented. The rich forms and the classic soul make way for a definitely modern style where what is essential is enhanced by refined materials and exceptional finishing, distinguished by a craftsmanship which is very proudly made in Italy. This path started last year, and it achieves its target by means of a new concept, designed by Dainelli Studio for Formitalia, which will make its debut during the next edition of the Milan Furniture Fair. Satin finished metals, natural stones, hides and refined fabrics peep out emerging from a context where design is characterised by extremely clean lines which are able to emphasize, now more than ever, that flawless manufacturing which has always distinguished, in Italy and worldwide, Formitalia production. The selection ranges from metals with pale gold finishing with satin finish or titanium finishing with a glossy effect to marbles such as black Marquinia and Afyon up to natural stones such as white onyx; woods with the mahogany essence with a very natural effect or black open pore ash; Nappa leather, hides manually treated with aniline and exclusive fabrics, available in more than 50 colours. For more information visit: www.formitalia.it

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VG prEsENts Well-known Italian furniture brand VG characterised by supplying custom handmade furniture, lamps and chandeliers, flower arrangements and home decor accessories characterized by a modern and contemporary design present two new contemporary lighting collections.

FLOwER POwER After the incredible success of the first edition of the FLOwER POwER chandelier, entirely dedicated to tulips, a ceiling luminaire designed for both domestic environments and contract spaces, the new and sophisticated version where the family of white Phalenopsis are the protagonists of this original and scenic light source. This special and fascinating chandelier, which is exclusively custom made, consists of a large number of artificial white Phalnopsis, or a choice of other types of flowers all created by VG, in between which Murano glass lamps with LED lighting are harmoniously placed.

MUN MUN is a collection of ceiling lamps, individually or chandeliers, entirely handmade in Italy by Master craftmen committed to excellence. Every single object is the result of a creative procedure, an harmonious alchemy between form and substance. Every single piece, forged by artisans who hand down ancient techniques, just like the classical glass blowing with cannula, has the added value of uniqueness where the precision of the forms, brilliance and the quality of the manufacturing convert the creative act into magical and charming light effects. In the MUN lamps, the steady leading light meets no obstacles by the limpid transparency of our Pure manufacturing; it is harmoniously guided by our Pleated finishing; it supports the fluctuating and baroquesinuosities of the Twist surface. Different sparkle effects, better

personalized through colours suggested with a palette of six evocative and refined tones: lead, cameo, aquamarine, rose quartz, angora and baltic.

For more information visit: www.vgnewtrend.it DÉCOR Magazine


The InTerIOr DesIgn evenT Of The Year – M&O 2018 January means one thing for those in the interior industry it’s time for the biggest show of the year – Maison et Objet, Paris. Twice a year, the design world travels to Paris to share its latest homeware creations at Maison & Objet—an impressive and comprehensive showing of everything from decorative accents to high-end furniture however the January edition of the trade show serves as the barometer of interior style for the coming months, from the best new designers to must-have collections. With over 3000 brands of which 45% are international spread over 130 000 m² of stands and 70 000 visitors, “M & O” is a colossal event here we bring you a snapshot of what’s to come.

The Event Each year a theme is picked which provides an opportunity to investigate consumer behaviour and what industry experts believe will be the next big trend this year the theme selected is “Show-room”. Vincent Grégoire, from NellyRodi, will be analysing the “SHOW-ROOM” theme in both the Inspirations Book and with a special space at the trade show itself. Like all Maison & Objet shows the event is organized into 3 parts across the 9 halls: MAISON: The MAISON section of the show is inspired by a multitude of diverse interiors. From furniture or small decoration products to lighting and home linen, all of the objects come together in complementary interplay of familiar or exotic styles all organised into different worlds. OBJECT: Objects of all shapes and sizes, from smart gadgets to kitchen tools, from perfume to fashion accessories and everything in between. Because this section is so diverse this year the OBJECT sector has been re-organised and sectioned into four manageable divisions: Cook & Share, Home & Fashion Accessories, Arts & Craft and Smart Gifts. INFLUENCES: A territory of prestige and uniqueness. Creativity, innovation, and technical solutions come together to create the unique, high-end design and lifestyle temple.

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Photo Credit - Casper Sejersen

Designer of theYear

CeCIlIe Manz With every new edition, MAISON&OBJET PARIS elects a Designer of the Year to honour one of the most outstanding names in industrial and interior design worldwide. In January 2018, MAISON&OBJET PARIS has chosen to celebrate the talent of Danish designer Cecilie Manz.

Photo Credit - Cecilie Manz Studio

Photo Credit - Actus, Nissin Mokkou Japan

A ScAndinAviAn WomAn As a child, Cecilie Manz remembers she would always slip away to the studio her ceramicist parents kept in their house to sink her hands into the clay... After earning a diploma in object and furniture design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1997, Cecilie Manz moved to Finland to further her education at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. The very next year, she founded her own studio in the heart of Copenhagen. Even though she needs the vibrant feel of the city to feed her creativity, she is still happy to commute back to her suburban home and garden every evening to reconnect with the elements. Not unlike other Danish designers, the balance she maintains between civilisation and nature is vital to her creative process. Much in the same way that her lifestyle and relationships with family members contribute to fuelling her inspiration. Now in her 40s, the elegant Dane readily admits that the ceremony for the Crown Prince Couple’s Culture Award she won in 2014, presented to her by the Prince and Princess of Denmark themselves, was certainly one of the highpoints of her career. A career that spans twenty years as she patiently honed her skills to emerge today as one of the major figures of Scandinavian design.

A verSAtile deSigner Her first project, entitled The Ladder – a ladder that doubles as a chair –, was quickly picked up for production by Nils Holger Moormann, after the German designer spotted the prototype in an interior design magazine. The other project that jumpstarted her career was the Caravaggio lamp (2005, with Lightyears). Not only a bestseller but also a longseller! Heeding the call to experiment, Cecilie Manz has worked on such diverse projects as sofa throws, a minibar for a Wallpaper* show, a series of wooden armchairs, a collection of dining tables and chairs for Fritz Hansen, glass vases, and several models of portable speakers for B&O Play – the more affordable brand recently launched by fellow Danes Bang & Olufsen, she has been collaborating with since 2014.

Photo Credit - Fritz Hansen

Despite her taste for experimenting with new materials and exploring original functions, whenever she sits down at her drawing table the process is invariable. Every new design starts with countless sketches and models and a close dialogue and collaboration with the manufacturer. A visit to the production line may refine the result and match the techniques used in each particular factory. This autumn, Cecilie often flew out to Japan, firstly to collaborate with a Japanese company called Actus on a project named Moku and also to be the cocurator of the exhibition “Everyday Life - Signs Of Awareness” at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the relationship between Japan and Danemark. DÉCOR Magazine DÉCOR Magazine 151

Photo Credit - Duravit

Photo Credit - Casper Sejersen

“She is constantly experimenting in her studio and she will present the latest results of her work at MAISON&OBJET in January 2018.” An AdvocAte of WArm minimAliSme!

Photo Credit - Fritz Hansen

More than a style, the Scandinavian approach she defends, which is too often distorted in her opinion, “should reflect the actual lifestyle of these countries”. In her work, this is often achieved through subtle play on shades of grey associated with brighter colours. Colour is a fundamental element in her creative process and she always develops a specific palette in the earliest stages of each project, because it is a way to assert the product’s identity. Her Scandinavian heritage is also selfevident in her effort to strip her creations of any superfluous element, focusing on the essential, oblivious to the fact that her ceaseless pursuit of uncluttered lines presents a new challenge every time.

At mAiSon&objet…! Photo Credit - B&O Play

This autumn, Cecilie Manz will be undertaking new projects as well as coming back to old ones. She is constantly experimenting in her studio and she will present the latest results of her work at MAISON&OBJET in January 2018. The exhibition will feature existing products and new designs, displayed in a warm and homey atmosphere – the underlying theme that defines every single one of her creations.

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rIsIng TalenT aWarDs ITalY Six influential figures from the design industry nominated six Italian rising talents

MAISON&OBJET is once again turning the spotlight on the Rising Talents, one of the most anticipated events for talent scouts and trend hunters all over the world. MAISON&OBJET’s dedication to promoting design in all its diversity is best illustrated by the Rising Talent Awards: every edition young designers from a different country are invited to present their work to the international community of industry professionals. This time (from 19 to 23 January 2018), the Rising Talents will all be from Italy, a country where a new generation is finding its voice in design. A new generation of determined and committed designers are once again asserting their identity, proving their capacity to connect with local artisans and their unparalleled level of excellence, and bringing new momentum to SMEs and historic brands through innovative ideas. A small revolution that is restoring Italy’s status as a major design reference worldwide. This is best demonstrated by the fact that many young Italian designers, who choose to move abroad for their studies or first jobs, eventually find their way back to their home country. And those who haven’t yet never

missed a chance to underscore how much of an impact Italy has had on their careers. Six mentors – six influential figures from the design industry – were called upon to name one Rising Talent each. Andrea Branzi, Piero Lissoni, Luca Nichetto, Art Director Giulio Cappellini, gallerist and contemporary design icon Rossana Orlandi and acclaimed fashion designer Rosita Missoni have picked today’s most promising talents. Though personal kinships and past collaborations certainly were a factor in their decision, the Jury was truly determined to celebrate the work of anonymous young designers, who received the news with great surprise and jubilation. Federica Biasi, Antonio Facco, Marco Lavit Nicora, Kensaku Oshiro, Federico Peri and Guglielmo Poletti are the six Italian designers (though some now live abroad) who have been chosen for the Rising Talent Awards Italy. A wonderful opportunity for them to show the entire design community their immense potential and the direction Italian design is headed.

“A wonderful opportunity for them to show their immense potential”.

Guglielmo Poletti - Equilibrium Table Light DÉCOR Magazine 153

Federica Biasi nominAted by AndreA brAnzi

MAISON&OBJET: What is your relationship with Andrea Branzi, your mentor?

A 2011 graduate of the Istituto Europeo di Design, Federica Biasi (b. 1989) worked with various design firms in Milan until 2014, when she decided to move to Amsterdam to hone her style and complete her projects, largely inspired by the simple lines of Northern European design. Since her return to Italy, she has worked as Art Director for Mingardo, while collaborating as a Creative Consultant with various brands, including Fratelli Guzzini. In addition to her consulting work for specific brands, focusing mainly on colour palettes, materials and finishes, she also creates ceramic pieces, decorative items and textile products as a way to celebrate the excellence of Italian artisanshiptheme that defines every single one of her creations. “I chose Federica Biasi for her quintessential design and poetic ideas, which deliver subtle, yet very particular messages,” commented Andre Branzi, her mentor for the Rising Talent Awards Italy. For MAISON&OBJET, Federica Biasi has chosen to tell the story of her own creative background, with a selection of iconic products from the past, revisited using unexpected materials, as well as a series of exclusive objects designed specially for the occasion. Among those: a faience tableware collection, with motifs hand-painted by Christian Pegoraro (Bottega Nove) and a rug designed in collaboration with CC-TAPIS, inspired by a night she spent in the desert, which associates earthly tones with North-African fabric patterns. Her exhibition will be entirely framed by a metal structure crafted by Mingardo.


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FEDERICA BIASI: He’s the master and I’m the student. Even though we don’t actually know each other personally, I’ve studied his work, I’ve seen his exhibitions, I’ve followed classes he gave. The fact that he picked me makes me feel very proud. I have immense respect for his work. I have even noticed some similarities in the way each of us approaches a project. I remember he once referenced Oscar Wilde in an interview: “We live in a time when the only necessity we have is for the superfluous.” Or when he said: “All great human societies have developed by investing the greater part of their energy into seemingly superfluous fields such as art, music, poetry, beauty.” My approach to design is much more emotional than functional. In the world we live in, where there is never time for anything and we are growing increasingly jaded and unfeeling, I am attempting to reconnect with our human nature. I feel this is really what Andrea Branzi and I have in common. MAISON&OBJET: What are your expectations for this edition of MAISON&OBJET? FEDERICA BIASI: I am hoping I’ll discover something that will leave me completely dumbstruck, something that has never been posted to Pinterest or Instagram. I need to see fresh new concepts. But most importantly, I truly wish all the big design brands, the leaders on the market, would start supporting younger designers, the same way that the MAISON&OBJET Rising Talent Awards are giving us a chance to express ourselves. We should all feel grateful for this opportunity, which I hope heralds major shifts in the industry. MAISON&OBJET: Three words that define your work? FEDERICA BIASI: Emotion, research, elegance.

Antonio Facco nominAted by giulio cAppellini Antonio Facco (1991) always pours the same energy into whatever project he undertakes, whether in product design, furniture design, interior design, graphic design or photography. To him, the creative process is first and foremost a matter of multidisciplinary investigation. In 2013, during his final presentation of his graduation project at Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design, he caught Giulio Cappellini’s attention as he was sitting on the jury. The encounter marked the beginning of a productive collaboration (exhibitions, shops, communication campaigns), which culminated in the release of a whole collection in 2017. Luce is a series of glass tables with uncluttered geometric lines and different coloured sides, that create a surprising chromatic effect as users move around the object. But Antonio Facco not only designs products for Cappellini. He has also collaborated with other major international architects, brands and designers, such as Antonlini, Bolon, AgustaWestland and Mohm . The reason why Giulio Cappellini, Art Director of the eponymous Italian brand, picked him as his Rising Talent is plain and simple: “Despite his young age, Antonio Facco is very attentive to changes in contemporary design and to communication. His projects are largely inspired by his observations of the younger generations, of their

expectations and their behaviours. He has also developed a keen interest in materials and production methods, whether industrial or artisanal. His projects are always surprising, because they are the perfect synthesis of his thought process and sensitive nature. I believe Antonio Facco is truly one of the most promising representatives of the new design trends in Italy.” For MAISON&OBJET, his research will focus on the importance of time and our relation to it in today’s society. He will present a multidisciplinary and participative exhibition – featuring product designs, as well as interior projects –, to engage visitors in his singular metaphysical world.

MAISON&OBJET: If you had to choose one defining moment in your career, what would it be? ANTONIO FACCO: During my first year at university, I was working on my first project late one night. Everything was completely silent and still around me and I felt the same way I used to as a child, when I would spend my days sitting on the floor of my old house, playing with blocks or drawing or inventing stories. That is when I realised I had instinctively stumbled into a career I enjoy. MAISON&OBJET: What would you love to design one day? AF : I would love to design “The rulebook to contradiction” or maybe a Ferrari. Or the stage for a really great concert. M&O: Three words to define your work? ANTONIO FACCO: Cross-disciplinary, unrestrained, contemporary.

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Marco Lavit Nicora nominAted by roSitA miSSoni of Italian craftsmanship. The same year, he revealed a new version of one of his best-known pieces: the Venezia lounge chair – a metal structure clad in leather – designed specially for the Venice Design Biennial and displayed at the Centre Pompidou in Pairs during the retrospective exhibition on Le Corbusier. For Marco Lavit Nicora, a lounge chair is “the most complex piece imaginable to design: because no other type of furniture interacts with the body quite as much, almost like an article of clothing.” In 2017, he also designed a treehouse for the park of the Château de Raray, as well as several floating cabins for a hotel in Châteauneufdu- Pape.

After studying architecture at the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Marco Lavit Nicora (1986) collaborated with Riccardo Blumer, whose influence has contributed to his remarkable affinity with object design, and with Paris-based studio LAN Architecture. In 2014, he founded Atelier Lavit in Paris, where he now resides, a project that spans Italy and France, mostly focused on design and architecture. Marco Lavi Nicora’s work is entirely based on the proximity and dialogue he has with artisans, especially Italian artisans as he has always favoured the excellence

For fashion designer Rosita Missoni, “Marco Lavit Nicora is a young talent, heir to a long line of Italian designers who have placed function at the core of their practice and who have learnt to use only the best materials and artisans our country has to offer to achieve that vision. I was especially moved by how light his pieces look, despite the fact that they are deeply anchored in classical design.” At MAISON&OBJET, Marco Lavit Nicora will be presenting his Venezia collection, the Reconvexo table and Atem, a modular sofa, all produced exclusively by Milan-based Nilufar Gallery, as well as another project still in development: a chest of drawers incorporating a table and stool.

MAISON&OBJET: How did you react when you learnt that you had been selected for the Rising Talent Awards? MARCO LAVIT NICORA: I remembered the energy I poured into my earlier projects, which were all self-produced. It was an opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come and to realise that none of it has gone unnoticed. I intend to use M&O as a research tool to confront ideas, rather than a place to show finished works; a bit like the material library that was featured in the last edition. To have access to samples of the world’s most innovative materials is a dream come true for any designer, and it’s also the best way to get the non-professionals to connect with our creations. MAISON&OBJET: What would you love to design one day? MARCO LAVIT NICORA: A sailboat, simple and basic. Probably a small dinghy. But I would also love to direct a film. I even started writing a screenplay a few years ago. MAISON&OBJET: Three words to define your work? MARCO LAVIT NICORA: Rational, material-oriented, timeless.

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Antonio Facco nominAted by giulio cAppellini Originally from Okinawa, Japan, Kensaku Oshiro (1977) graduated from the Scuola Politecnica di Milano in 1999 with a Master’s degree in industrial design. He then went on to collaborate with various design studios, including Lissoni Associati in Milan (2004-2012) and Barber & Osgerby in London (2012-2015). After returning to Milan, he opened his own studio and started working with such brands as Boffi, De Padova, Gan, Glas Italia, Kristalia, Ligne Roset, Poltrona Frau, Viccarbe and Zanotta. His projects have earned him several international accolades: First place for Design Report Award at the 2016 Milan Salone Satellite, ChiavariEDIDA – Young Design Talent Japan in 2016, etc. For architect and designer Piero Lissoni, who has worked with him for eight years, Kensaku Oshiro’s work bridges “the gap between the Japanese and Western perspectives on simplicity/complexity.” For MAISON&OBJET, Kensaku Oshiro will be presenting some of his most meaningful pieces, inspired by notions he has repeatedly investigated. To him, this exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to make new contacts with people from all over the world.

MAISON&OBJET: Tell us about your career as a designer. KENSAKU OSHIRO: It is difficult to pinpoint when my career really started, because it slowly grew and developed over time. I certainly chose this career as a result of the relationship I had with one of my childhood friends’ father, who was an architect. His office was located very close to where my family lived, so I would spend whole days chatting with him. Somehow, he passed his curiosity and passion for architecture on to me. In time, of course other mentors have had a constructive influence on me, and each of them has taught me to apply myself to my work and has made me grow as a human being. MAISON&OBJET: What are your ties with France? KENSAKU OSHIRO: I have many French friends, designers that I met at the beginning of my career in Milan, with whom I found I had a lot in common. I have also worked with Ligne Roset since 2010. MAISON&OBJET: Three words to define your work? KENSAKU OSHIRO: Instinctual, essential, harmonious.

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Frederico Peri nominAted by lucA nichetto

When he returned to Milan, he worked with Vudafieri Saverino Partners until 2011, then founded his own studio, specialising in interior architecture and interior design. He has collaborated with companies like FontanaArte, and has his limited-edition pieces displayed at the Milan-based Nilufar Gallery – including Shapes, a collection of lamps nominated for a German Design Award in 2016.

He had just graduated from the Interior Design Department of Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design when Federico Peri (1983) received a grant to study in Paris. From this very intense time of his life, he remembers the passion he felt for the great masters, his encounter with designers like Matali Crasset and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, and his fascination for the conflict and synergy between historical and contemporary design styles.

MAISON&OBJET: Why made you choose this career? FEDERICO PERI: As a child, I would often play in my grandparents’ factory with metal offcuts I found everywhere. I would spend whole afternoons running around the place, completely oblivious to the passage of time. During my studies, I realised that it was a passion, that blossomed over these last few years. And now that I think of my life, facing new challenges every day, I think to myself that it was exactly what I expected from this job. MAISON&OBJET: How did you react when you learnt

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“I’ve noticed in his work a natural inclination to design products as a way to create an experience through materials or the environment produced by the objects themselves,” Italian designer Luca Nichetto commented. “It is this type of completely instinctual process that makes Federico particularly interesting on the Italian scene. But it’s also what gives him immense potential abroad. I am especially curious to see how his approach will evolve as he shifts towards more industrial processes. The result will most likely be very moving.” For MAISON&OBJET, Federico Peri will be presenting his limited-edition products, as well as series- produced pieces. All of them exemplifying his research on multifunctionality and lighting, both of particular interest for Italian designers.

that you had been selected fo the RISING TALENT AWARDS ITALY? FEDERICO PERI: I was ecstatic! MAISON&OBJET is a major industry event and I was absolutely thrilled to be nominated by a great figure like Luca Nichetto, whom I don’t know personally, but for whom I have tremendous respect and admiration. In my opinion, he is nothing short of a model for the new generations of designers, a future ‘great master’. MAISON&OBJET: Three words to define your work? FEDERICO PERI: Research, function and context.

Guglielmo Poletti nominAted by roSSAnA orlAndi

After finishing his studies in Milan, Guglielmo Poletti (1987) did a Master in Contextual Design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, where he currently lives. “Like many other designers who graduated from this school, his work is strongly influenced by an experimental approach, ” explained uber-famous contemporary design icon Rossana Orlandi. “But what moved me most in his work is the extreme simplicity he has developed, to a point where the simplicity itself becomes an integral part, a fundamental quality in everything he does.” But that is not all. “I’m also happy to have chosen Guglielmo because I see in him a proactive and dynamic mind, someone who thrives in fluid situations, who is constantly living in anticipation of the next projects to come. And I believe these qualities are crucial to find a path that allows you to keep growing with a very personal vision.” Since the very beginning, Poletti has developed a clear, yet truly personal language, deeply rooted in his research on materials and their limitations (especially considerations relating to balance and fragility). His simple structures and elementary constructions stand as metaphors of defeated complexity, especially through the use of unconventional details. His approach is based on a ‘thinking by doing’ philosophy, which he combines with a good deal of intuition, to produce extremely coherent MAISON&OBJET: When did you first tell yourself “I’m a designer”? GUGLIELMO POLETTI: In the summer of 2013, during a festival in France, I met Israeli designer Ron Gilad. This chance encounter was somehow a new beginning for me, it allowed me to consider design from a new, freer and less dogmatic perspective. He made me realise that it was really up to me to choose my own path as a designer and our conversation led me to make choices that, it turns out, have been defining. MAISON&OBJET: What is your relation with Rossana Orlandi?

results. The Design Museum Gent has recently acquired a prototype for his Equilibrium stool as part of their permanent collection. For MAISON&OBJET, he will be showing different pieces from his Equilibrium series, which was originally his graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. It was in fact during his graduation show that Guglielmo Poletti and Rossana Orlandi met. Several new elements, including a chair and a lamp, have been added to the original series, which consisted of a console table, a bench, a coffee table and a stool. GUGLIELMO POLETTI: I’ve always considered her a big reference in conceptual and experimental design. It is her intuition that has allowed her to reach the immensely influential status she enjoys today. She believed in me right away and her support really meant a lot to me, because it came when I was at a turning point in my career. Not to mention the fact that we are both natives of Milan and we even share the same special relationship with Eindhoven and the Netherlands. MAISON&OBJET: Three words to define your work? GUGLIELMO POLETTI: Simplicity, complexity, essence.

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There are 1,000 reasons to choose this range

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And 1,648 ways to combine it

The difference is Gaggenau

The Vario cooling 400 series is so easy to combine that you can tailor it exactly to your wishes and preferences. Its impressive range of revolutionary technologies and features all set new standards. For instance, interiors made of high grade stainless steel for levels of hygiene previously only found in professional kitchens. Whether you go for Vario cooling, freezing or wine, everything is stored exactly how it should be. So no matter which combination you opt for, it will seem as if it has been made just for you. For more information and a list of partners, please visit www.gannenau.com

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SOFT GREY & NICHELED BRASS PROJECT In accordance with the market strategies and trends, Officine Gullo presents the new project Soft Grey & Nicheled Brass which considers a top-level kitchen space both in terms of design and of performances which are absolutely comparable with those of a professional kitchen for haute cuisine. Once again, the unmistakable style of Officine Gullo arises for its capability to associate its classical nature, imposed by forms which recall the cookers of the past, and definitely contemporary materials and finishing as well as a handcrafting, taken care of down to the finest details, which convey to the place that elegance and that uniqueness having reference, as usual, with this historical brand which is appreciated all over the world. The Soft Grey & Nicheled Brass project is characterised by a central island with important dimensions, the cornerstone and soul of the kitchen itself, and by a clever and functional wall unit. The island, which is characterized by a top made of peacock eye marble and by an edge made of nickel-plated bronze, contains a cooker with one single oven equipped with 4 burners, coup de feu, barbeque and fry top; above it, there is a professional island hood. Moreover, the top is equipped with a nickel-plated sink with a zip tap mixer, a socket power tower and a built-in waste sorting unit. The island is equipped with a hook made of baked enamelled metal and equipped with a highly performant professional intake engine with extractable philtres. The frame of the island is made of high pressure stainless steel, painted in an Agate Grey Matt colour (RAL 7038). The wall unit includes two professional fridge and freezer towers with a door made of metal, an extractor door made of lacquered wood with chrome plated baskets, a cupboard with two hinged doors made of lacquered wood and lower drawers. The upper part of the wall unit is equipped with compartments with wooden doors and with a bottom hung opening. All the wooden details are painted in the same colour as the metal frame of the island.

Available from: www.officinegullo.com

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Like all the items by Officine Gullo, it is possible to customize the whole composition of cookers, from the dimensions to the composition of the hob, up to the cut of the knobs or to the colours which can be selected from the whole RAL range.

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Planium presents a coating system with unique characteristics MG02 Magnetic Wall allows you to cover walls easily, quickly and without the hassle of the traditional application. Thanks to the magnetized substrate, it is possible to anchor the plates to any ferrous surface and to install smooth, embossed, natural or textured metal finishes. Stainless steel, Calamine, bronze, copper or the new exclusive finishes: discover the metropolitan atmosphere, that our catalog offers. Spaces will acquire a new light and, at the same time, a charm you have never seen before.

+39 02.9831902 | planium@planium.it | www.planium.it 164 DÉCOR Magazine

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The soul of Abimis is Prisma, a company that for over thirty years has brought the Made in Italy quality into the world of professional kitchens. Kitchens designed, designed, manufactured and installed with worldrecognized capabilities, and made Prisma the privileged partner of large corporations and international design studios, not just in the terrestrial but also naval sector. With Abimis, Prisma brings the high quality of professional kitchens even in home areas. Abimis proposes the kitchen in its essence, starting from the act of cooking, by its function and not by its aesthetic form. The idea comes from the collaboration of the company with a designer, a chef and an engineer. Everyone has brought to Abimis their expertise and expertise: the chef has defined the ideal spaces for those who have to cook, the designer has treated them aesthetically, the engineer has optimized her ergonomics, the company has managed to produce an exclusive and unique kitchen.

Available from: www abimis.com

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NEW MIrrorfINIsh dEsIgN

Being on many foodies’ wish-list dreaming of enjoying at home an experience as in a restaurant, professional kitchens require less rigorous styling when fitted in domestic environments. Their cold functionality must apply for more elegant shapes and indeed, it is with the idea of merging practicality of use and attention to detail that Abimis has developed its Ego custom-made kitchen model in partnership with the architect Alberto Torsello.

The composition of Ego is entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel but its squared silhouettes, which are typical of large professional restaurant kitchens, have been “softened” by the bevelled doors fully integrated into the structure, the by hand orbitally polished finish and the rounded handles. Indeed, these elements make Ego the ideal solution for residential settings and starting from the Milan Design Week 2017, feature new and sophisticated variants, offering even more versatile combinations. The AISI 304 stainless steel finish is now also available in the polished version: the blocks making up the kitchen, which are designed and built specifically according to each individual design, can be distinguished by a “mirror”-like effect, whose varying shades are capable of lending the kitchen the appearance of a precious monolith. The new finish demonstrates once again the focus placed by Abimis on craftsmanship: as a matter of fact, it is achieved entirely by hand, by means of treatments broken down into several steps. From the latest finishes introduced, which are available from Milan Design Week, to the size of the blocks, which is never standard, through the handle detail, Ego is thus a design, whose components can be picked out according to individual requirements, resulting in bespoke, ergonomic and also fascinating furnishings: the perfect way to experience the thrills of a professional kitchen in your own home.

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THE ZEN KITCHEN Based in a unique 4,000 sq ft space in Southwark’s emerging design district, DesignSpace London is one of London’s iconic design destinations. Using dynamic Italian brands such as Modulnova and Lema, they push the boundaries of modular design and create today’s multi-purpose spaces, from sleek architectural kitchens and bathrooms to custom-fitted wardrobes and storage solutions. Two London showrooms in Southwark and Wigmore Street.

Available from: www.designspacelondon.com

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After living in the same London house for 15 years, the owners of this kitchen decided to renovate rather than move. The project quickly expanded to include digging out the basement and putting a rear extension to the house to create a large new multi-purpose living space overlooking the mature garden. The heart of that living space is the bespoke Modulnova kitchen designed by Tom Karavla at DesignSpace London. The clients worked with a Japanese interior designer to achieve a Zen-like peace and order throughout the house, in line with which Tom’s brief was to create “a calm kitchen”. Oriented to make the very best of the garden views and natural light which floods the new space, the kitchen uses the Modulnova ‘Fly’ range. Gloss lacquer (in Grigio Steel) on flush floor-to-ceiling wall cabinetry reflects light back into the room, whilst satin lacquer (in Soko Piombo) on the working island gives a more muted finish in that zone. Overall, the palette is deliberately kept natural and neutral, allowing the architectural lines of the kitchen to speak for themselves within the space. For the same reason, much of the functionality of the kitchen is hidden away behind pocket doors when not in use, from the twin Miele dishwashers to the giant Gaggenau fridge and freezer. Even the extractor is discreet, fitted flush to the ceiling above the island.

It all looks effortless – but behind the calm exterior this is a kitchen designed not just for family life but also for entertaining on a large scale. Every cupboard and drawer interior has been painstakingly designed down to the last detail including storage not just for everyday necessities but also for party china, glass and crockery.

The space served by the kitchen is also carefully planned, with the main dining area within the open plan space, a comfortable snug adjoining the kitchen and the new basement providing yet another entertaining zone, perfect for teenagers to have their own space.

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SIrIo, a STarry Sky For your kITchen

Founded in 1981 in Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), Falmec is the leader brand in production of cooker hoods characterized by innovation in technology, contemporary design, excellent performances, prized materials, energy efficiency and 100% Italian craftmanship. Through a multi-step process, which takes place entirely in the Vittorio Veneto plant, each single product is crafted up to the finest detail, with extreme precision and the utmost care in quality checking. The strong point of the brand is the ability to join the finest design and new technologies oriented to the highest performances, from low noise emission to air sanitization, essential factors in keeping the environment at home pleasantly healthy.

Available from: www.falmec.com

Cooker hoods are always chosen accordingly with living needs. Along with those who search for a highly impressive solution (both for dimensions and for design), there are those who prefer a more discreet approach. Falmec, which always invests in finding new solutions to enhance your life quality in the kitchen, presents the new ceiling hood Sirio, a built-in model that takes up a minimal amount of space. Sirio is the perfect match with minimalistic and geometrical spaces thanks to its perimeter suction system and to the sober elegance of white tempered glass. Sirio is easily cleanable because of its plane surface and up to date with the latest trends: it has a dimmable LED lighting which creates different light atmospheres in your kitchen. Sirio is a product of the Design collection, an incubator of ideas constantly working in progress with the aim of reaching stylistic perfection through the use of precious materials and innovative technologies.

The NexT ColleCTioN: The exceptional versatility of bathroom furniture In recent years, bathrooms have become one of the most important spaces in the house at a functional and aesthetic level. This must be in accordance with the space it takes up at home, thus the possibility of customising bathroom furniture that is adapted to each need, makes it increasingly necessary. For this objective, PORCELANOSA together with its firm, Gamadecor, develops the Next series from the Highline collection. Fully configurable bathroom furniture that allows for customisation, in depth and height, making it adaptable to any dimension and atmosphere. In addition, it has a great range of units with doors, drawers, mirrors, open shelves, handles and even different basins; thus, becoming an ideal option for achieving a functional bathroom with meticulous aesthetic. 1

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Custom-made bathrooms The adaptability of this furniture is enhanced by the possibility of combining or manufacturing the open units and shelving units with the same materials: laminate, gloss lacquer, matt lacquer, natural wooden sheets, smooth or carved; countertops made of natural stone such as marble and granite; the KrionÂŽ Solid Surface compact mineral and the X-Tone through-body porcelain tile. Also, 3 examples of the compositions carried out with the Next series are shown.

1. NeXt roble Pardo: for recreating a sober and sophisticated atmosphere with a touch of modernity. 2. NeXt alabastro brillo: Roble Negro: with neat and defined lines, it combines perfectly with a stone wall tile in grey tones. 3. NeXt Grafito brillo: a piece of simple and minimalist lines, combinable with smooth walls that give a clean and pure look which achieve a bathroom with a cuttingedge style. Next becomes a suitable piece of furniture for any type of home, whether it is in a small or large bathroom, since it can be selected from a simpler set made up of basic models, to a more complex piece of furniture, with a large storage capacity and custom-made shelves.

Available from: www.porcelanosa.com DÉCORMagazine Magazine 175 DÉCOR





W W W. M A I S O N VA L E N T I N A . N E T

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2018 Bathroom Trends timelessly beautiful bathrooms from Villeroy & boch

A new year means new resolutions and new trends: and the bathroom is a particular focus for the latest international interior design trends. From a purely functional space, the bathroom has long been transformed into a personal haven of well-being, with design themes used to create different atmospheres. Villeroy & Boch presents timelessly beautiful bathrooms that will stand the test of time and passing trends. DÉCOR Magazine 177

Smart solutions for enhanced comfort Relax in comfort in the bath and listen to your favourite music, while your smart phone charges on the shelf. As well as top quality and stylish design, Villeroy & Boch also places great importance on state-of-the-art technology. The premium Finion bathroom collection introduces intelligent smart home features to provide greater comfort and freedom in the bathroom. Inductive charging stations in furniture make the days of tangled cables and short circuit risks in the bathroom a thing of the past. Integrated Bluetooth speakers in the mirrors and baths also create a relaxed atmosphere, which can be ideally complemented by appropriate lighting effects. All Finion furniture comes with a continuously dimmable Emotion light feature that can be conveniently operated using a remote control.

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Sparkling bathroom in an elegant metallic look A shimmering haze of elegant metallic colours - a striking and classic look that is perfect for the bathroom. With the three metallic options of Chrome, Champagne and Gold for the bathtub, Villeroy & Boch’s premium Finion bathroom collection opens up extensive scope to create an individual and unique look in your home. The shimmering design ring on the side of the bathtub is available with an optional Emotion light function to set the perfect atmosphere to showcase the bath. The lighting arrangement on the bottom outside surface of the bath, which can be continuously dimmed via remote control and comes with a choice of light colours, makes it appear to float on a pedestal of light.

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Demand for personalisation. Create your own look! From minimalist to playful or classic - Villeroy & Boch’s bathroom collections allow you to design your own personal bathroom to reflect your style and mood. With its balanced combination of linear ceramic and striking furniture, the Legato collection opens up a wide range of design options, including vanity units that can be combined with many other washbasins from the current Villeroy & Boch range. The successful Subway 2.0 collection also features a comprehensive product portfolio that provides the ideal foundations for individual bathroom design. With an extremely wide selection of washbasins and furniture, there is nothing to stop you turning very own dream bathroom into reality.

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Filigree shapes for lightness and elegance in the bathroom Designed by Christian Haas, Villeroy & Boch’s premium Antheus collection proves that naturalness and elegance are by no means a contradiction. With elegant materials, balanced proportions and geometric contours, the bathroom radiates amazing elegance. The striking TitanCeram ceramic allows the creation of precise edges and radii combined with extremely slim walls. The two Antheus baths also impress with their very filigree look and their strength, an effect achieved thanks to the patented Quaryl® material. The exceptional blend of marble panels, polished stainless steel and an exquisite real wood veneer creates an elegant, on-trend look with intricate shapes that infuse the bathroom with a feeling of lightness and class.

Available from: www.villeroy-boch.es

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Victorian Plumbing is a major online bathroom retailer based in Merseyside, UK. Founded in early 1999, they’ve established themselves as one of the largest retailers of branded and in-house designed bathrooms & accessories. Victorian Plumbing are passionate about what they do. Giving you the best possible shopping experience throughout each stage; from browsing and ordering, to receiving your goods, is their key aime. Their ever-expanding customer service team is dedicated to helping you make the right choice. They’ll get your order processed as quickly as possible so your stunning new bathroom will be with you in no time! While the majority of products are kept in an impressive 109,000 square foot warehouse in Skelmersdale, Merseyside thery also have a showroom and a clearance centre based at our thir offices in Formby, just north of Liverpool. This allows customers to browse a selection and to get a feel for something before making a purchase. Available from: www.victorianplumbing.co.uk

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ALISON CORK COLLABORATES WITH VICTORIAN PLUMBING Read by millions every week, and frequently on TV and Radio, home guru Alison Cork has built up a formidable reputation as a trusted homes and interiors expert, with an unfailing eye for quality and value. Her latest venture with Victorian Plumbing, the largest online bathroom retailer in the UK, explores the premise of delivering unique style curated around three key styles. Catering to everyone’s design tastes from sinks, bathtubs, taps, tiles, mirrors, radiators, rugs, basins and valves.

Scandi Retro Bathroom Suite The Scandi-Retro range encompasses both the natural and simple influence of European decor with that everlasting retro look. It creates a very simple, easy to achieve look which relies on artisan-style finishes and interesting details. Across the Scandi range, wood, leather and ceramics are used to provide a natural and minimal look.

Boutique Chic Bathroom Suite

Alison comments ‘I’m a huge fan of retro and the pared back style of the Scandinavians. Somehow it manages to combine the best of the past with a crisp modern edge to it - simple but interesting, with a focus on natural materials such as wood, leather and ceramics.’

The gorgeous Boutique Chic range draws inspiration from the worlds chic hotel bathrooms. Influenced by Alison’s travels, it combines fine style with the comfort of luxury spas and hotels; allowing you to create the luxurious feel in your own home.

Heritage Elegance Bathroom Suite

‘As a frequent traveller, I have come to appreciate a well-designed and luxurious hotel bathroom. Nothing can make you feel more instantly comfortable and ‘at home’ than an invigorating shower or a big cosseting bubble bath, in a clean, sleek room.’ Alison adds. ‘My Boutique bathroom is designed to bring all of that chic decadence into your own home, a room of beautiful simple shapes, calming neutral colours, tactile natural materials and a touch of Zen. All you have to do is wrap yourself in a huge, soft, cotton bathrobe… and relax into your very own home spa.’ The Heritage Elegance range is for those who admire timeless, traditional design. Everyone has ‘their style’ and for Alison, it’s the elegance of classical styling. At the heart of Heritage Elegance is a magnificent freestanding bath which oozes comfort, opulence and style. Alison explains ‘Heritage Elegance is about period drama and a dash of glamour, about taking time to pamper yourself in the glory of days gone by. After all, an Englishman’s home is always his castle and your bathroom should be your ultimate haven.’ DÉCOR Magazine


THE LUXURY BATHROOM COLLECTION The “Bathroom Collection” by Brummel creates a different, very personal bathroom style, characterized by rare lightness, natural elegance and simplicity. Brummel bathroom can be perfectly adaptable to every interior solution, classic or contemporary, with essential elegance and refined luxury at its core. Each model combines the traditional Brummel’s rigorous rules concerning the quality with “timeless” seductions, often enriched by Art Deco style details. These stylistic and qualitative choices provide an excellent flexibility and solutions for the bathroom.


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Bathroom space where elegance and functionality are melting and creates pleasant emotions. CALLA line by Ego collection is characterized by particular shape of big descendant element, frontally and laterally and explicitly recalls the identification feature of collection.


Wood structure available in many wood essences and finishes. Equipped with large storage compartments, CALLA line is proposed with various types of valorous marble top, above which is provided a very elegant washbasin in white ceramics.

Important bathroom space, with linear design elegantly enhanced by columns with harmonious capitel with stylized and old gold lacquered emblematical bas-relief leaf – the symbol of entire EGO collection. The doors cornice underline two definitely pleasant curves which allows every possible combination of different materials and finishes Wood structure available in many wood essences and finishes. Equipped with elegant marble top, LICIA provides 2 support washbasins white inside with external high glossy gold or platinum finish realised in precious mirror glaze.

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OLA line by EGO collection reflects top fashion and elegance and propose linear solution enriched with particular identifiers such us stylised lacquered leaf positioned on both sides of top with splashback. The lateral softly returned lines on bases creates a pleasant game of lines and volume.


EGO COLLECTION “LOTO” Unusual shape, dynamical and with plenty of fashion – LOTO line from EGO collection is designed to furnish unique and suggestive bath space. Curved sides elements give lightness to the structure enriched with shiny brass or steel insert and creates an optical, almost geometrical effect with great visual impact. Wood structure available in many wood essences and finishes. Equipped with large storage compartments with doors, offers also open elements with glass shelves. The collection provide recessed washbasins with internal and external gold or platinum finish.

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Wood structure available in many wood essences and finishes. Equipped with large storage compartments presents precious finishes such as marble top, handles with engraved EGO leaf and provide two support washbasins produced in white ceramics.




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Essence of Strength draws on the combined talents of Kristian Arens, a highly experience industrial and superyacht designer with expertise in advanced composite materials together with Clive Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in delivering highly bespoke advanced composite products for ultra-high-net-worth individuals including the world’s two largest carbon composite sailing rigs. This hugely experienced partnership has the passion and ambition to design bespoke and truly iconic contemporary furniture using a mix of ultramodern carbon composites married with exquisite wood and leather bespoke artisan finishes. The pieces are all designed in Great Britain and are manufactured using high-tech composite skills combined with artisan craftsmen for the bespoke finishes.

Available from: www.essenceofstrength.co.uk

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Inspired by simplistic structural forms and made possible by the use of ultra-high-tech carbon composite materials, Essence of Strength has launched a range of mesmerising furniture.

The contemporary, gravity defying furniture uses natural curves to deliver inherent strength while the advanced composite materials enable cantilevered forms to push design parameters to support varying human postures. The designs are a true engineering accomplishment, delivering simplistic, luxurious elegance. Created by the British industrial designer, Kristian Arens, the collection comprises a Chaise Longue, Cobra High Stool and a range of super lightweight carbon Aero Benches. The products contrast novel carbon fibre technologies with hand crafted leather and wood veneers. Taking structural inspiration from natural organic forms, these highly engineered designs use a complex and intricate alignment of carbon threads to create fluidity of shape whilst ensuring incredible strength, super-thin profiles, and feather-like weight. Whilst a number of furniture designers and manufacturers use carbon predominately as an aesthetic and decorative feature, the highly experienced duo behind Essence of Strength has, for the first time, produced a range of furniture that embraces and celebrates the extraordinary structural properties of carbon fibre, which would not be practical, if at all possible, using more traditional materials.

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Immerse yourself in nature and sit cradled amongst the foliage in the leaf inspired Verde Chair



BLUEPORT ALTEA Timeless villas tailored to your wishes

THE PRESTIGIOUS ALTEA HILLS ESTATE GROUP LAUNCHES THE MOST LUXURIOUS EXCLUSIVE RESIDENTIAL VILLA COMPLEX ON THE COSTA BLANCA. It’s BluePort Altea, a project of extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable villas located in the best available spot in Altea Hills - a unique place form which the views of the bay of Altea are simply unsurpassable and where the peace and quiet, privacy and natural surroundings envelope each and every home. BluePort stands for elegance and exclusivity specially for highly refined residents who invest on a luxurious level, and who seek to develop their stylish life in a setting of privacy, family comfort and first-class refinement. The grounds where BluePort is located are truly mind blowing! All BluePort residences are situated on private parcels of around 1,000 square meters. Each villa has approximately 500 square meters of living area,

including 5 bedrooms, a grand living room with an open kitchen, a dining room, spacious bathrooms, a fitness centre, and an optional cinema room; they also contain independent service-quarters, an elevator, a garage for 3 cars, ample storage spaces and pleasant inner patios and gardens. Moreover, we encourage you to give it your own personal touch and uniqueness. There is Truth in the proverb ”My home is my castle” being more than just luxurious surroundings, BluePort Altea offers an absolute sense of security as a result of the enclosed perimeter of Altea Hills. The Shelter of the mountains and the endless sea provides the perfect symbiosis between the privacy of your home and overwhelming nature. The contrasted character of BluePort Altea inspired by world-famous interior designer Eric Kuster to create a dedicated design line; Blue by Eric Kuster.

It is the perfect match born from a passion for luxury and beauty, balancing classic and modern, light and dark, hot and cold, luxury and natural materials. Blue by Eric Kuster is Metropolitan Luxury in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Apply for a full brochure: www.globalluxuriousproperties.com www.blueportaltea.com Contact Agent: Global Luxurious Properties Team of Professional Real Estate Consultants T 0031-(0)15-2630195 E: info@globalluxuriousproperties.com www.globalluxuriousproperties.com

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Now with 5 showrooms and a curated selection of retailers, Bridgman continue to innovate and shape the UK’s home & garden furniture industry. 2017 marked their 40th birthday and they are still as passionate today about quality furniture as they were back in 1977.


For Bridgeman design goes far beyond aesthetics, a well-crafted piece of furniture can transform your space and allow you to maximise the time spent relaxing or entertaining in your homes & gardens. This year they have launched their latest 2 collections ‘Evesham’ and ‘Lodge’ as well as a signature piece to celebrate their 40th – The Jewel – a standalone day bed with a limited edition run of 40. evesham

Available from: www.bridgman.uk

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the Jewel Bridgman have designed and handcrafted a unique and iconic piece, The Jewel. Made with high quality rattan and fully waterproof cushions, this daybed is maintenance free! Match your Jewel with Lavender waterproof scatter cushions to add a touch of style to your garden!

evesham ColleCtion

Inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year 2018, Bridgman have curated a collection of sumptuous ultra violet garden furniture and superb accessories that will be perfect for your outdoor space. Be bold and make a statement with ultra violet, the colour that’s associated with royal elegance! the Jewel verona

The gorgeous Evesham collection will transform any garden with its high quality synthetic rattan and sturdy aluminium frames. Using these incredible materials makes each piece in this collection durable and weatherproof! The furniture in the Evesham collection comes with wonderful two tone platinum and purple waterproof seat cushions. These durable weatherproof cushions have incredible subtle purple hues when seen in the light. Complement your stunning Evesham Furniture with long-lasting purple waterproof scatter cushions which look fabulous with the two tone fabric.

verona ColleCtion The Verona Collection is inspired by the new 2018 trends. Designed with the finest materials, this remarkable grey toned Verona collection boasts premium longevity whilst being stylish. With sophisticated rattan dining chairs, scratch resistant high pressure laminate (HPL) table tops, relaxing sofas and lounge chairs, the Verona Collection is guaranteed to impress. Better still, the collection has Aqua Grey waterproof cushions which are comfortable and keeps your furniture protected even on rainy days. Match this cool toned furniture with ultra violet accessories and purple waterproof scatter cushions to give it a first class appearance in your garden! DÉCOR Magazine


Luxury Ultra Violet Accessories: Add character and flair to your furniture with ultra violet Bridgman accents. From delicate hand blown vases to statement cushions to embellished throws and a selection of hand tied faux flower bouquets, you’ll find an exquisite selection of purple accessories which will look fantastic in your garden.

Windsor Lounge Armchair and Footstool with Lavender Waterproof Scatter Cushions, Bridgman Voyage Maison Peony Pink cushion & throw and Bridgman Villeroy & Boch Rose Cottage Teacup and Saucer Set

Verona Lounge Armchair with Footstool and Side Table with Bridgman Voyage Maison Samarinda Throw and Helios Midnight Cushion

Paris Square Dining Table with Bridgman Voyage Elemental Melusina Round Tourmaline Vase

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Evesham Double Sun Lounger with Lavender Waterproof Scatter Cushions and Bridgman Voyage Maison Spring Flight Cushion, Galatea Heather Cushion & Hydrangea Throw

Evesham Lounge Armchair with Bridgman Voyage Maison Expressive Thistle Cushion

214cm Sorrento Rectangular Dining Table with 6 Stacking Armchairs

Kingston Three Seater Sofa with Two Lounge Armchairs and 180cm Rectangular Coffee Table with Lavender and Plum Scatter Cushions

Left: Bridgman Voyage Elemental Melusina Oval Tourmaline Vase Centre: Verona Lounge Armchair and Footstool with Lavender Waterproof Scatter Cushions Right: Bridgman Voyage Elemental Lucius Tall Amethyst Vase DÉCOR Magazine


Garden essentials for summer 2018! When the sky is grey and temperatures are biting, sometimes you can’t help but look forward to the bright sun and warmth of the summer. At NOXU Home we’re looking ahead, bringing you a selection of designer product essentials to ensure that when Summer arrives you have a garden you can really enjoy!

The Nirvana Outdoor Rug is a fantastic area rug from Green Decore On long Summer evenings, there’s no better place to be than gathering with friends and family around a crackling fire as the sun goes down. Eva Solo’s fantastic new Fire Globe helps you enjoy the glowing embers in style; a stylish sculptural tripod fire-pit that enhances the aesthetic pleasure of the fire while protecting it from winds! When the sun does finally set the night doesn’t need to be over; the Sunlight Garden Pendant Light is the perfect way to illuminate your garden. After 8 hours of sunlight, these pendant lights will shine brightly for up to 20 hours! Hang an array of Sunlight Garden Pendants from trees, balconies or patio covers for a truly magical feel. For a more romantic, rustic, vibe to your summer evenings, look no further than the stunning Mohani Lanterns from British designers Nkuku. A beautiful geometric lantern of antique brass and glass, this timeless lantern looks beautiful with everything from large pillar candles to a handful of simple tea-lights. Nkuku doesn’t just make lanterns; they also make the perfect accessories for your outdoor space whatever the time of day; their incredible Manduri Hanging Planters. These floating terrariums are the perfect accessory for your garden, outhouse or porch. Show off your plants, cacti or any decorative accessories while keeping them protected! Bring a splash of cheerful colour to your garden with the outdoor rugs and poufs from the brilliantly creative designers at Green Decore. Quirky yet functional, Green Decore’s designs will be loved by all your friends and family; their rugs make a perfect playmat or picnic mat, while their snazzy poufs are effortlessly moveable seats for all weather. Easy to clean while being damp and mould resistance, Green Decore have created garden essentials for 2018!

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Practical and eco-friendly, the Sunlight Pendant Lamp features integrated solarcells that capture the sunlight to produce energy-efficient lighting eliminating the need for power sockets or batteries.

The Psychedelia Outdoor Pouf brings a fantastic geometric design to your garden

The innovative Fire Globe Fireplace from Eva Solo provides a safe and easy way to light a genuine log fire for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your garden

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The Manduri Hanging Planter set is a pair of eye-catching hanging plant terrariums, the perfect place to display your plants in style.

Mohani Lanterns from British designers Nkuku

Available from: www.noxuhome.com

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Kristalia was established in 1994 by young entrepreneurs from Friuli who share two great passions: design and jazz. Kristalia has given special attention to innovative design projects through experimentation and searching for new technical solutions, using materials borrowed from the fields of fashion and sport. Production immediately met the needs of a public oriented towards contemporary furnishings while maintaining details and reassuring traditional styles. Kristalia began to pursue a different path and attract consumers who were particularly attentive to the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics linked to innovation in Italian and international design. In April 2008, Kristalia offered the first catalog of contract furniture, a careful selection of products for all the needs of architects and interior decorators.

Available from: www.kristalia.it

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KrIstAlIA OutdOOr The outdoor collection extends the horizons of Kristalia’s furniture with products designed to be used without limits both indoors and outdoors. Kristalia has always excelled for the outstanding strength and durability of its products, from extendable tables to chairs, thanks to the tested technical materials it uses such as aluminium, HPL laminate and polypropylene. Kristalia has transferred its experience and research to the outdoor world, bringing the most refined design into contact with nature.

Brioni poufs, armchairs and daybeds

Brioni is a collection of poufs, lounge armchairs and daybeds named after a famous archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. They resemble small islands rising out of the sea. Their design features a dark band on the lower part that prevents direct contact between the ground and the upholstery. The upholstery is made of SunbrellaÂŽ fabric: stainresistant, breathable, resistant to UV rays and water-repellent. They are soft and comfortable thanks to flexible polyester padding and plastic slats, enclosed in waterresistant housing. Light and easy to move, they can be used to create countless compositions outdoors, experimenting with different shapes, colours and sizes.

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Maki Slatted Table A complete collection of tables, benches and small tables for outdoor use, including a bar table or bar counter, in a simple versatile design, with crosspieces made of anodised aluminium. It has zinc-coated steel or powdercoated steel legs, also available in customised heights. The top, with 20 cm wide and 2 cm thick slats, is made of Teak wood from FSC certified plantations that respect the environment. It can be left to acquire a silvery colour over time, or treated with oil to maintain its natural shade.

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Tuile Sofa Designed by Patrick Norguet, Tuile upholstered items take their name from the shape of the backrest and armrests reminiscent of the French biscuit of the same name. The collection includes: a 2-seater sofa, a 3-seater sofa and an armchair. The style recalls homely atmospheres but they are made of materials speci cally designed for outdoor use. The frame is made of sturdy metal with anti-corrosion treatment and powder coating. Comfort is guaranteed with soft polyurethane foam padding, with a metal insert and straps, enclosed in a waterproof covering. The upholstery is made of Sunbrella® fabric: stain-resistant, breathable, resistant to UV rays and water-repellent.

www.sutherlandfurniture.com DÉCOR Magazine



Ed Brooks Furniture specialises in the design and construction of bespoke outdoor and indoor furniture, traditionally produced using sustainably sourced English hardwood’s such as Oak and Chestnut. All furniture is uniquely designed to encompass the organic nature of the timber, its surroundings and your requirements. Ed Brooks furniture is a family business designing and producing outdoor, garden and indoor furniture. Founded in 1999, when chartered landscape architect Ed and his father David were working on a garden design project for a 15th century country cottage. They could not find a suitable gate or bench to fit the irregular walls and organic shapes of the rural setting so David suggested using wind fallen timber in its natural form. They hand split pieces of oak and chestnut following the natural forms and curves. The end result was a huge success and inspired Ed to start sketching. More commissions came in as word spread both locally and all over the UK .

Available from: www.edbrooks.com

208 DÉCOR Magazine

IT’S A FAMILY AFFAIR Hand crafted and bespoke dorset garden furniture made from windfallen hardwoods ED BROOKS heads up design and often finds inspiration in unusual places. Dividing his time between London and Dorset or wherever the next project takes him. As well as working on furniture design Ed is also an award winning landscape architect working on a variety of projects from country house estates to more urban design projects including Fleet Street, Bow Church Yard and the forthcoming redevelopment of Leicester Square. ALEX Ed’s brother and a furniture maker who trained in London and joined the business in 2004 to run the workshop. Alex manages the often challenging process of turning a concept into a durable, working piece. Alex’s background in furniture making is indispensible although Alex would say that working with the irregular shapes characteristic of Ed Brooks furniture is more challenging than the right angles used in conventional woodwork. MARION, Ed and Alex’s mother takes care of administration and is often the first point of contact for new business enquiries. Marion runs a tight ship when it comes to paperwork and with her background in accounts is always on hand to offer advice on the financial aspects of the business. DAVID still continues to lend his expertise on large constructions such as tree houses and bridges. David’s background is in construction, house building, carpentry and forestry. He also manages the woodland which supplies much of the windfallen and copiced timber for the projects.

WHAT WE DO The sense of place and story behind each piece is key to everything that is made – as is the provenance and natural character of timber. For that reason in 2007 we bought our own 13-acre wood, just a few miles from the workshop so now most of the timber is from there. Hinges and metal work are custom made by the village blacksmith and where possible other materials such as stone, copper, steel and glass are recycled from previous use.

As well as commissions the range has also expanded to include products such as pictures frames, mirrors, stools and timber blocks. The inspiration for these pieces started in the same way – with the natural beauty of the timber. Alex discovered a wind fallen beech tree had spalted to create an exquisite marbled pattern in the timber. This rare timber has been used to create multi-functional beech blocks that make characterful stools or side tables. The roughly textured oak used for the picture frames and mirrors is over 100 years old.

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