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Since the advent of the wheel, humans have built an advanced civilisation. Like civilisation development, There have been rapid progress in vehicle industry as well. They are constantly evolving to be more smart and more high-tech. In this day and age, We rely heavily on our cars. We may safely say that we can not live without cars. This may sounds very good for us. However, they are still very harmful to human. Because Vehicles emit a lot of many different harmful chemicals and carbon. And they pollute our planet. We are threatened by Global warming caused carbon emission from vehicles. For these reasons, We need to develop the vehicles in the different way by using our smart and new technologies. Human can handle this and we must research and develop more about new technologies for vehicles to be more green. This is the main key point and subject that I mainly handle in my projects. Vehicles evolved over time and it may evolve in another direction with us.

CHO-ROK: Bio air-conditioning system car : Bio Air cooling system. Since the advent of the wheel, humans have built an advanced civilization. This advancement and development has led to the environment being severely damaged by pollution and even threatens human life. This is primarily, global warming caused by carbon emissions made by humans. Because of global warming, the polar ice caps are gradually melting and this contributes to disturbed weather patterns which is why we are experiencing unusual weather.. For these reasons, many researchers and scientists are focus on studying and developing new technologies and finding new ways to solve and co existent with nature. Reduction of carbon gas used to produce energy and power transport systems has to be addressed The automobile is a key culprit and just using less fuel is the low hanging fruit. This project suggests entirely new green car, bio green car which is reducing carbon emission not just the fuel but the manufacturing the material and the systems as well. This needs to be done to be as truly green as we need to reducing harmful outputs from vehicles In this project study is about Bio-energy (Cyanobacteria fuel), Biomaterials and Bio air-cooling system (CocaCola Co. Bio cooler without electricity), and how to operate and replace in the vehicle.

History of Green car


A process of Bio air-cooling system


Vespa: new generation for woman Many riders like the racing-influenced styling of the Sports Motorcycle but then have to put up with the lack of comfort that the riding position creates on longer journeys. Touring Motorcycles offer considerably more longrange comfort but sometimes at the expense of performance and looks. Currently there is no motorcycle available that combines the dramatic looks and performance of a sports bike with the rider comfort of a tourer. This project is to design a new ‘crossover’ motorcycle that gives the best of both worlds. Road going sports cars do not have the aesthetics of racing cars and so you should question why a high performance road bike should look like a track machine. You should explore different riding positions and proportions to create a new type of sports motorcycle. This should combine the visual drama of contemporary sports bikes but in a package that makes long distance rides more enjoyable. For this project you may choose the brand of motorcycle and use benchmarking and product placement maps to show where the new bike sits in the market. You will need to consider the market opportunity for this motorcycle and the users’ lifestyles. This information will not be provided.

A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor an ant. This means that wasps are paraphyletic with respect to bees and ants, and that all three groups are descended from a common ancestor; the Apocrita form a clade.

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Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. The name means wasp in Italian. The Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A. of Pontedera, Italy to a full line of scooters and one of seven companies today owned by Piaggio. From their inception, Vespa scooters have been known for their painted, pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine (enclosing the engine mechanism and concealing dirt or grease), a flat floorboard (providing foot protection), and a prominent front fairing (providing wind protection) into a structural unit.

A chronology of Vespa


Customising and Colour matching system

Patterns and Samples

Interior -Philips: new smart material interior For this design exercise the challenge is to explore the future of automotive interior lighting. Look to the trends and technologies that are emerging and find new links and uses for the LED or OLED in relation to the automobile. How will the needs and desires of those travelling change in the future and what new role could lighting play to enhance or support them? Your ideas may include the use of other technology such as multiple sensor types or connect to other devices or systems. The lighting could be static, dynamic, coloured, white, embedded or mobile and moreover, research has shown that light can influence many factors from perception of objects and environments to internal biological processes.

Bimetal refers to an object that is composed of two separate metals joined together. Instead of being a mixture of two or more metals, like alloys, bimetallic objects consist of layers of different metals. Trimetal and tetrametal refer to objects composed of three and four separate metals respectively. A bimetal bar is usually made of brass and iron.

Scenario concept imange

Bi-metal system scenario With Bi-metal material’s property, this system controls air circulation and temperature by itself without any control system. This system operates by temperature change. when the weather is hot or temperature high from engine heat, the molecules in Bimetal are active and beacause of this, they are changed their shape by themselves.


Martin Swallow

Scenario concept plot In 20xx, The gap between the rich and poor is ever widening and There are the question of exhaustible resources as well. For these reasons, rich is getting more rich and poor is getting more poor. when human civilisation is very comfortable enough that they can live idle in the rest of life, human life were filled with endless hours of nothing to do. Because of this, human tended to find joy and orgy. For example, in ancient Rome, there was a gladiator culture.They killed each other or beasts for fun. Unfortunately, this bad culture is in the future. It is a death water racing. Rich and companies start this racing for fun and money. In this game, thers is no rules, no humanity. they kill each other during racing to win. Poor people are compelled to take part in this game to survive. Because this racing’s prize for winner is resources such as water, money and food. To poor, there are no choices to survive.

Scenario background imange

Villain Character Female. mid 20s. Pro racer in Death race. Selfish, and manipulative. Driving badly and blaming others.

Juno racing: day track racing car For some time, we have been keen to produce a trackday car offering. Our background is customer racing cars but we would like to move into the trackday market as we see it as an opportunity to increase the profile of our company as well as providing scope for the scaling up of our business. Quite recently, the race regulations for the sports prototype car that we produce have allowed the introduction of carbon fibre chassis. In order to move forward with our race car business we have had to meet the challenge of finding a way to fund the production of a carbon composite chassis – to cut a long story short, we have been successful with a Technology Strategy Board competition and have managed to gain funding that is enabling us to commence the design and manufacture of our composite tub. Whilst putting the bid together, it occurred to us that we could use the same composite chassis as the basis for our trackday car. In the past we have produced “trackday versions” of our sports prototype racing cars but they have not been entirely appropriate and so we would like to produce something that is a lot more focussed at the trackday market. We feel that it needs to look a little less like a racecar and far more stylised. In addition, our cockpit space is generally very utilitarian and sparse and perhaps it needs to be a bit more welcoming. With respect to the exterior of the car, we would like it to be more stylised. We see the competitors in this market as BAC Mono, Ariel Atom, KTM X-Bow etc. We want our product to be visually striking. The only real “fixed” detail is that we would want to use the carbon chassis that we are designing for our racecar and possibly the crashbox that we will also use on the racecar.

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Extra concept artwork for CHO-ROK.

Extra concept artwork for Philips.

Sunmyung Lee - Transport design  

Sunmyung Lee (Sunnie) Graduated 2015 Coventry University. MDes Transport design.

Sunmyung Lee - Transport design  

Sunmyung Lee (Sunnie) Graduated 2015 Coventry University. MDes Transport design.