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From carving through high seas and rolling waves, visiting teams at the Rugby World Cup will be hoping the spirit of the traditionally carved hoe – waka paddles – helps them endure their Rugby World Cup journey. Mount Maunganui carver Hipara August is completing the five hoe to present to teams staying in the Bay of Plenty during the cup campaign, with the first to be given to Fiji next Tuesday. Read more on Page 9. Pictured: Traditional carver Hipara August at his workbench with the handmade hoe (waka paddles). Photo by Tracy Hardy.



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Happy Feet destined to be a Happy Meal We’re all delighted, in our typically hapless, misguided way, to see celebrity penguin Happy Feet hitching a ride on a ship going south.

All our do-gooder instincts give us a warm fuzzy feeling thinking we’ve done something helpful for nature, when in reality, we are messing with things we understand little about. After all, Happy Feet is about to become a Happy Meal. He’s been cooped up in captivity for months, weak, out of condition, disorientated and perfect fodder for the first pod of sly orca cruising past. Call me callous, but the chances of this penguin ever adjusting safely back into the wild is about as good as Goff ’s chances of winning an election anytime soon – one is southbound to the pole, the other is southbound in the poll. Both destined to be eaten alive. If you were thinking that at least it may have been an educational opportunity for children, think again. A series of youngsters blabbing on television revealed a complete lack of understanding. One even said she wanted to be friends with Happy Feet “and show him all my toys.” Which just goes to prove that for one child at least, she hasn’t learnt a lot and their concept of this penguin as a wild animal is about as far from reality as a Bluebird potato chip commercial. A couple of people this week have likened the penguin to Moko the wayward dolphin. Entertaining from a human perspective, but a weirdo outcast amongst his own species and possibly quite sick. Worse, thousands of dollars have been spent rehabilitating and fussing over the wayward penguin, while taxpaying New Zealanders go without.

Sun Media owner/editor Brian Rogers

Add to that the spending on other fruitless causes – such as the millions on the aftermath of the Kahui twins tragedy and many other wasteful cases – and it seems criminal that a woman with cancer has to go to the US for her treatment because apparently our health system can’t afford it. Yet as a country, we pour thousands out of our wallets to provide a bunch of orca in the Southern Ocean with an easy lunch. Another sad case of misguided spending priorities surfaced this week, as we recognised those who served selflessly in the Merchant Navy. I’m told the sailors pay was stopped the day their ship was torpedoed and the survivors never saw a penny for the years subsequently spent in POW camps.

Moon madness

If you thought The Fellowship of the Ring was a crazy piece of fantasy, wait till you see The Forecast of Ken Ring.The latest piece of tripe from this self-appointed expert is claiming his moon studies reveal when more earthquakes will ravage Christchurch. As if his half-cocked weather forecasts aren’t enough, Mr Ring has branched out into seismic science. Considering there’s been 7000 aftershocks during recent months,

Tauranga council flew the red ensign in remembrance this week; too little too late for men who put their lives on the line for their country and received no thanks. Shame those climbing on the penguin bandwagon couldn’t re-focus on issues that really matter. Makes you really wonder about this society’s priorities.


The craze of planking was over before it started; however, the latest cheerful idea is horsemanning; where people fake photos suggesting they’ve been beheaded. It seems to have started with a photo from the 1920s found in a garage sale (pictured left). Then it was all on. Now Horsemanning photos are popping up all over the place. We can’t see it catching in Iraq, where genuine beheading is still popular. I mean, why would you fake it when Mohammed can easily supply you with any number of genuine infidel beheading photos? So horsemanning and planking might be a stupid pastime, but at least it doesn’t unnecessarily upset anyone else. For that, have a crack at earthquake forecasting by the moon.

it’s hardly surprising that there will be more shakes. No doubt he’ll claim one or two of these to justify the whacko predictions. We gave Mr Ring the benefit of the doubt a few years ago and bought his almanac. The actual weather that year bore very little resemblance to his forecasts, in fact, we concluded it was downright dangerous. We found a coin flip was more accurate. Further, he pronounced it would be a year of

large scale marine mammal strandings. DOC officials told me it was actually one of the quietest years in many. If his latest outbursts weren’t upsetting people, it would be a great joke. But his previous faulty predictions caused widespread panic in Christchurch and contributed to thousands fleeing the city. There’s an old term for those who worship the moon – they were called lunatics. That’s still a pretty accurate term.

IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission of the publishers. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers. The Weekend Sun takes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all published information however will not be liable in any way for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. HORSEMANNING ( often misspelt as horsemaning) gets its name and theme from The Headless Horsemen, the evil character from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. The object of “Horsemanning” is to make it appear that your head is laying next to you, detached from your body like the headless horseman. Horsemanning requires two individuals, one laying with their head back and hidden while the other individual hides everything except for their head. The effect of horsemanning creates an illusion much funnier than simply planking. Also, while planking is a solo game, Horsemanning encourages social interaction by requiring a partner.


The Weekend Sun

Rural schools target for thieves REASONS to build with ultimate homes NZ

Te Puna Kindergarten teacher Kerry Neas with Matt Roger and Maia Wirihana at the Minden Road centre, which has been the target of theft twice. Photo by Phillipa Yalden.

Rural schools are top of the list for thieves to target and one kindergarten is calling for the community’s help. Te Puna Community Kindergarten is asking residents to be aware of suspicious behaviour following a second break-in at their Minden Road centre. Teachers, students and parents are feeling disheartened this week having lost electrical, musical and IT equipment in a burglary. “It is heartbreaking and I really do feel for the children, they are the ones getting ripped off,” says teacher Kerry Neas. Tauranga Police Community Constable Aaron Fraser says schools and education providers, especially in rural isolated areas, are always a target for thieves. “Schools are a big target as there

are rarely any occupants there after hours. “Rural schools are isolated and have less neighbours or natural guardians to keep an eye on things.” Concerned parent and kindergarten treasurer Theresa Cave feels there needs to be more community awareness. “We just want everyone to keep an eye out and take notice of what is happening around the community. “The kindergarten is on a main road, so if anyone in a car is going past they can keep a look out.” Aaron says police have spent time looking at ways to reduce the chances of becoming a victim by using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – creating an environment to reduce break-ins by using alarms, lighting and locks, having low or see-through fencing and trimming bushes and trees so the passing public and neighbours

can see into the site. “We have been advising schools to lock up their electronic items into a safe storage area after hours. “If items cannot be seen there is less chance people will break into get them.” Aaron recommends schools allow groups to use the premises after hours to create natural guardians and show the buildings are occupied. The centre receives limited government funding, so the stolen items – computer screens, stereo, iPod and a projector – were purchased through fundraising efforts. Kerry says the centre will struggle to replace the items. “We were burgled in December, in which a lot of outside equipment and toys were taken. It took six months for the insurance to come through.”

By Phillipa Yalden


The Weekend Sun

Pidgin pair – volunteering in Bougainville Looking for foreign travel adventures for her 24-year-old daughter, Beryl Riley came across a voluntary assignment in Bougainville she could not resist. On Wednesday, the Tauranga psychologist flies out to the island off Papua New Guinea for a role to help address domestic violence. She says she is “very excited” about helping out on the Volunteer Service Abroad assignment, but accepts she is not going to change the world. “Domestic violence is a huge issue over there – it is a major problem, so it will be good to be able to help.” Beryl currently works with perpetrators in her role at the Corrections Department, helping men work through their violence and sexual offending. Before this, her career focused on helping families and children – starting as a Women’s Refuge volunteer, then working with social services. She describes herself as strong on social justice issues and was drawn to helping the women and families of Bougainville in the two-year project to help establish a Family Support Centre at Buka Hospital. The centre – which local women have lobbied for at all hospitals – will coordinate services for domestic violence victims. As centre coordinator, Beryl will train hospital staff, volunteers and community workers on how they can help and set up procedures for linking with police and agencies. Local staff will be trained-up to run the centre after her assignment finishes. To prepare for her adventure, she has been learning Pidgin English and about Bougainville

“Mi laik baim sampela banana. Hamas?” – I want to buy some banana. How Much? Beryl Riley, right, practises Pidgin English with Kimberley Cleland. Photo by Bruce Barnard. from Kimberley Cleland – who also went to the island two years ago for a Volunteer Service Abroad project. “I absolutely loved it and thoroughly recommend VSA to anyone interested,” says Kimberley. Beryl is particularly looking forward to

getting to know the local people, enjoying the slower pace of life, relaxing in the lagoon and eating tropical fruit and coconuts. “The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the heat and mozzies.” By Hamish Carter

Busy weekend for Tauranga Old Boys The third Tauranga Boys’ College Old Boys’ Association annual dinner on September 17 marks the end of a busy day for the school. Earlier in the day, the Sports and Family Day will see school teams taking on Old Boys at rugby, football, hockey, basketball and volleyball. Old Boy Jamie Fitzgerald is a guest speaker at the dinner. Jamie, along with Kevin Biggar, broke the world record for the 5000km Trans Atlantic Rowing Race in 2003 and again with Kevin in 2007, becoming the first Kiwis to reach the South Pole unsupported on foot. Jamie is presently working for Rugby World Cup, designing and delivering the training for more than 7000 volunteers and paid staff who will “make”


the tournament for the hundreds of thousands of people attending matches around the country. Jamie is today a highly regarded motivational speaker. The Old Boy of the Year this year is Sir Ian Mune. Ian attended Tauranga Boys’ College in its infancy and since that time has gone on to become one of New Zealand’s best known actors. He has written (Goodbye Pork Pie); directed (Came a Hot Friday); produced (End of the Golden Weather); and acted (Lord of the Rings) in some of New Zealand’s most famous movies. He has also acted in many television shows ranging from Pukemanu in 1971 to Shortland Street earlier this year. Ian’s immense contribution to the New Zealand entertainment industry will be recognised at the dinner. Another more recent Old Boy, Shane Cortese will be there to join the celebrations. To get seats at the dinner phone Scott 07 578 4029 (extn 878) or email


The Weekend Sun

Strong symbol for child abuse Tauranga NARK memorial service organiser Suzy Brown. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Comparing fallen soldiers to children who have suffered child abuse is a strong message, but one Nation of Advocates for the Right of Kids founder Cherie Kurarangi-Sweeney hopes gets the issues across. NARK is holding its first ‘Stop Death by Abuse’ memorial service on September 3 at 12pm for children who have died as a result of child abuse. Cherie says the act of placing one soft toy at war memorials

around the country will act as a powerful symbol that New Zealanders stand against child abuse and in memory of the “fallen heroes – the many children lost to child abuse”. “Since our great soldiers passed, there has been none other like them, except for these babies. I want a nation to accept awareness because for these children that’s the very least we can be. Aware.” NARK was developed after Cherie was branded a ‘nark’ for speaking to police about the death of Ngaruawahia baby Serenity Scott-Dinnington in April this year. Cherie turned this label around to form the organisation campaigning against child abuse. Tauranga NARK memorial

service organiser Suzy Brown says child abuse is a subject she is passionate about after acting as a foster parent for Child Youth and Family – fostering many children who had suffered from abuse. “The children I was fostering were mostly pre-school aged as that is the area I specialise in. I saw the call out for a NARK organiser in Tauranga and signed up straight away.” She says she hopes lots of people will support the cause, in addition to the Tauranga City councillor and CYFs staff who are on board. Cherie hopes the event is successful and becomes an annual memorial service. For more information visit


The Weekend Sun

Singing for All Blacks Tauranga songwriter Todd Kinsella hopes his music is the soundtrack behind the All Blacks during the Rugby World Cup. The veteran musician has entered three of his original songs in the REAL New Zealand Festival song contest to find a special song Kiwis can throw

luxury airport


their support behind during the cup campaign. The most popular original songs are being played at selected fan zones throughout the country – including on Tauranga’s waterfront – during the closing weeks of the tournament. Todd – who combines teaching music and song-writing with performing – says success will be a big boost to his song-writing ambitions. “Song writing is my big passion – I absolutely love it.” He originally entered ballad-style piece ‘I Found Paradise’ and children’s song ‘Pass me the ball – I’m a Kiwi’, before composing his high-energy anthem ‘The Power of Black’ which he believes is an ideal musical accompaniment to watching a physical rugby game. “But ‘I Found Paradise’ is probably my pick (for what people will vote for) because it resonates with everyone, it seems to be really hitting the heartstrings. “My dad is in England at the moment and he said it made him really homesick when he saw it on YouTube.” Todd wrote ‘I Found Paradise’ last year to run as the introductory song on a video of scenic New Zealand footage. REAL New Zealand Festival director

Tauranga songwriter Todd Kinsella hopes his music is the soundtrack behind New Zealand at the Rugby World Cup. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Briony Ellis says the contest had hit a chord with the public and songwriters. “We’ve received dozens of original songs from people about ‘real’ New Zealand and their passion for our country, our team, the Tournament, our people, our spirit.” All eligible songs are displayed on the

REAL New Zealand Song Contest YouTube Channel, where the public can vote by ‘liking’ their favourite songs. To vote visit To hear Todd’s songs go to and search for ‘song’. By Hamish Carter

Top places for Mandarin speakers Tauranga Girls’ College has come out of nowhere to take top places in the Interschool Chinese language speech competition held in Rotorua. Shannon Couper is the overall winner, taking the top challenge May Kingsford Trophy. She also won the Year 10 section.Year 9 student Aine Blackman took third place in her year. “It’s a big deal,” says tutor Viviene Ting. “This is the first time Tauranga Girls’ has entered

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the competition. This is the first year we are studying Mandarin at college level. “Rotorua has been competing for 10 years.” Shannon has a slight advantage, having lived in China for 10 years – where she attended the international school at Kunming. “We didn’t speak Mandarin where I lived, Mandarin was like the tourist language,” says Shannon. “I just started it at school.” Aine has been learning Mandarin for three years, starting at Tauranga Intermediate. They are among 16 Tauranga Girls’ students learning Mandarin this year. Because of time constraints, however, some are doing a lot of their

Mandarin speech winners Shannon Couper and Aine Blackman. Photo by Andrew Campbell.

learning outside normal hours. Aine has been braving the winter cold to do 8am starts through winter says Viviene. Shannon just has one hour during the week.


The Weekend Sun

Red ensign remembers seamen Pin Up Pet of the Week My name is ‘CK’ and I am a 10 week old male Staffy cross. I am a super friendly little boy who came to the SPCA after being found very young and wandering all alone on the beach. I have been at a wonderful foster home while I grew a little bigger and stronger and now I am fit and ready to find myself a forever loving home. I am used to children and love cuddles and attention so please come into the SPCA to meet me or phone 578 0245 for more information. Ref no. 15293 Master Mariner Tony Watson with the red ensign.


Photo by Tracy Hardy.

This Saturday, September 3 remembers the more than 30,000 merchant seamen who were killed in the Second World War.

It is only the second time Merchant Navy Day has been commemorated in New Zealand, having been adopted in 2010. The first merchant seamen died in the Second World War at 7.30pm on September 3, 1939 – only hours after the English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war at 11.30am that day. They were among the 112 passengers and crew lost when the passenger ship Athenia was torpedoed. By the end of the war 32,000

It marks the date the first merchant seamen were killed during the war. Tauranga’s master mariners, seafarers and families will gather at the merchant navy memorial at Sulphur Point for the 11am ceremony.


commonwealth merchant sailors had been killed, 130 from New Zealand. There were 4633 commonwealth sailors made prisoners of war and 5000 posted as missing. The hostilities saw 2479 merchant ships sunk in action and 670 fishing boats. The Red Ensign – the merchant flag – has been the official flag of the British merchant marine since 1824, though it first came into use as the civil English flag 200 years earlier.



Souljah on the charge



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       


 

  

 





 




  


 





                  




 



  

 


 

 

 



  

 






 




 




 




  


 


 

 




 

 

          

 


 



  

 



 

  



     

 

   


 



 

  

 


 

 


 





 


 


  

 

 



















 


 

 


 


 

 



 






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Coming out fighting The final Muay Thai Mayhem showdown has had some setbacks, but is looking to finish strongly for the year.

Red Dragon Thai Boxing coach and organiser Brent Maharey says his male fighter, Tommy Wright, has had to pull out of his full Thai rules fight due to spider bite which has become infected. “We think it is a white tail bite that he just left too long – so he has gone to hospital for surgery on it. “He had to pull out of the fight last minute. The other guy is gutted.” Despite hiccups along the way, Brent says his fighters are rearing to go – especially his two fighters competing in the main title fights. In the final Mayhem for 2011, the women’s title fight is between Red Dragon fighter Wendy Talbot and Angela Bennett from Palmerston North. Wendy is defending her Thai Boxing Association New Zealand Lightweight title for the first time – which she won unanimously against Natasha Bevan in March this year. Brent says it will be an interesting match, with Wendy having a technical advantage over her opponent. The second title fight is for the TBA New Zealand Super Heavyweight title, with Warren Joseph from Palmerston North taking on Tauranga’s Greg Stewart. “Greg was actually our MC at the last Muay Thai Mayhem. He hasn’t had a fight in two and a half years, so this is his big comeback fight. “Weighing 130kg, he may be a bit rusty, but should have an advantage over his opponent who weighs in at 100kg.” There are 12 fights scheduled for the night, including the two main title events. Brent says the next event is not until March 2012, but is looking for ways to expand and diversify the events to bring more fight sports to Tauranga. Muay Thai Mayhem 6 is at Mount Action Sports Centre Blake Park on Saturday, September 3.

Red Dragon Thai fighter Wendy Talbot. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

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The Weekend Sun Traditional carver Hipara August working on one of the hoe or waka paddles he is making as gifts for the Bay of Plenty’s visiting rugby teams. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Gift carved from ocean spirit From front cover

Maori craftsman Hipara August is carving the Bay of Plenty’s spirit of the ocean into five rugby-destined waka paddles. The 23-year-old Mount Maunganui wood carver has been given the job of preparing a gift for the five teams staying in the Bay of Plenty during the Rugby World Cup. World cup Western Bay of Plenty iwi liason representative Jack Thatcher asked Hipara to carve hoe – waka paddles – as a gift from the Bay of Plenty RWC host organisers because of the regional importance of the ocean spirit. Hipara has been learning the traditional Maori art form for the last six years. A keen rugby fan himself, he says it is an honour to be chosen to make the gift and he hopes it leads to more work. “I’m always trying to take steps to build up my career. If you don’t do something like this, how are you going to get your name out there?” The carved 121cm paddles have been stylised with general maritime themes because he was unable to explore the whakapapa of

each team – which is normally the basis of any carving. “I’ve had a small timeframe so I’ve been working really hard to get them done,” says Hipara, who combines carving with a carpentry course at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. He has always wanted to be a carver and is driven to “ultimately represent

my tribe – Ngaiterangi.” Along with regular small carving jobs such as 21st keys, Hipara has been carving some major projects including panels and a gateway at Waikari Marae at Matapihi. The first hoe will be given to the Fijian team in Tuesday’s welcoming ceremony. By Hamish Carter

Putting design into practice Bay of Plenty Polytechnic graphic design students got an insight into where their qualifications could take them, with a series of workshops designed to demonstrate the many facets of graphic design. The workshops – organised by graphic design programme coordinator Pene Montgomery – featured guest artists, including mount-based photographers Kjell Nilsson, Quinn O’Connell and well-known portrait artist Deirdre Copeland. Pene says the guest’s demonstrated many aspects of graphic design work; “inspiring our students for their future careers”. Deirdre – a former art teacher at Tauranga Girls’ College is a successful artist known for her unique portrait work, painting prominent New Zealand figures including Michael Hill and Tim Shadbolt. She has recently illustrated a children’s book title ‘Mooncow’ and spoke to the students about her evolving work as an artist. In her workshop she discussed how she has moved beyond her art work and how graphic designers have been important in the development of the children’s book. “Working on the book was very different to my work as an artist,” says Deirdre. “It was really intense. It took me two months to do

38 Cliff Rd, Tauranga

Artist Deidre Copeland shows her latest project – illustrating a children’s book ‘Mooncow’ – to the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic graphic design students. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

the book and I was working 12 hour days, into the night, seven days a week.” Her advice to the students was to follow their own heart and own direction. “Have enough courage to back yourself. Just keep working at it. “This is a hard industry to survive in and in this environment it is doubly hard, but don’t follow the market – let the market follow you.” By Laura Weaser

579 7754


The Weekend Sun

What do the local Greens do anyway? R. Shaw of Welcome Bay writes in The Weekend Sun (August 26) “...The Greens...had they actually been doing anything newsworthy (which is a rarity around here).”

It is true, R. Shaw, that the actions of political groups are rarely newsworthy. The extraordinary free advertising accorded to the recent Boobs on Bikes event is evidence that stunts are needed to attract the attention of our media and responsible political groups

are rarely involved in stunts. But absence of evidence is not evidence of absence; so I take this opportunity to review for you some of the actions of your local branch of the Green Party during 2011. For this election, the Greens

are campaigning on three broad fronts; a sustainable economy, bringing children out of poverty and clean rivers. Please keep an eye on this column, because I will write about the Green Party position on each of these issues during the next few weeks.

To drill or not to drill? The government’s decision to grant more drilling licences has rightly raised debate. The licences are for drilling oil and gas and this has sparked immediate and rigorous debate between those that support the economic benefit case for this and those that say we should be focusing on developing our renewable energy resources as they will have

economic benefits as well as less environmental downside. Putting aside the merits of both camps; the key matter – that is good news – is that there is strong and sound debate. Slowly, but surely, the need to balance economic growth initiatives with environmental consequences has moved to centre stage and that will ultimately mean more resources are applied to finding ways to create reasonable balance. Given the wealth of natural and

renewable resources and the ever growing technology and thinking surrounding the best utilisation, New Zealand is poised to yet again contribute to innovative solutions for economic and environmental sustainability.

Progress on the council report Most of your responses to the questions I posed last week for a report on council have been by telephone or in conversation. Some have been polite.

be aware of what the council is actually doing. What the council has to do urgently has prompted the most colourful answers. I did ask that individuals should not be mentioned and that With Brian Anderson suggestions should concentrate on topics, projects and priorities. If we replaced the whole council and its staff the current $3400 debt per person What the council has done well has drawn very few responses. What the council could do better has drawn remains and the new council would still need five years and rate increases to clear the books. a number of general responses, but most don’t seem to

Gauntlet thrown down to urban sprawl This was a headline from an Auckland newspaper this week. The new Auckland Council has released its plan; its wish list to “transform “Auckland into a world class city. The argument is based on the previous regional growth strategy designed to stop urban sprawl into the surrounding highly produc-

tive farmlands. Those opposing, including some central government politicians, argue along these lines: If you restrict growth around to be within an artificial urban line, then you force up land and housing costs and that is a serious impediment to providing affordable housing and the real dream of owning your own home. We are no different here in Tauranga; Here we have our Smart Growth

Strategy – which is just about to be reviewed – which is our local response to try to plan development in a responsible manner.

Read these columns in full and make comments on the Bay of Plenty’s leading news website Join free for daily news updates in the BOP.


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Keeping pre-election promises Supporting ECE: Top Kids Waihi Road manager Kelly Patchett, Margaret Rawiri from SPCA, Simon and Vinnie and Kirt from More FM show off their SPCA cupcakes which they made with the kids.

The last fortnight has been busy for me in Tauranga as Parliament has been in recess. Among the events I have enjoyed, some of the highlights have been; the Bay of Plenty House of the Year Awards, where Tauranga builders did exceptionally well; watching the Steamers beat Canterbury at Baypark; having Minister Steven Joyce in town to start the roll-out of $75 million of ultra-fast broadband fibre; and to check on progress on the $455 million Tauranga Eastern Link road of national significance. I also attended the opening of the TECT Arena at Baypark. Since its opening, I’ve been back twice already to open the National Wrestling Championships and to attend the terrific start to the AIMS Games. I have no doubt the Arena is a venue all of Tauranga will benefit from for decades to come. Another special thing I did last Friday was check out playcentres at the Mount and Tauriko. I have taken a personal interest in early childhood education since I have been an MP – given the littlies that attend are literally our future. I’ve now got a much better understanding of the sector, having been to a number of kindergartens, Kohangas, private centres and now playcentres – where mums and dads stay and play with their children in a very stimulating environment. One of a number of conclusions I have come to is the importance of having choice in this sector so that parents can mix and match to best suit their needs.

Giving kids best start in life

Going to a kindergarten, kohanga reo or playcentre is crucial to helping children learn, adapt and develop. National knows ECE helps give our children the best possible start in life.

We’re serious about getting children into ECE because we believe in the benefits it provides. Our first priority is – and always has been – to increase participation. In some places, up to 40 per cent of five-year-olds start school without any ECE. We’re targeting Maori, Pasifika and children from low-income backgrounds. At the moment, children from these backgrounds don’t attend ECE as much as other children. We’re investing $91.8 million in five community-led projects around the country to help 3500 extra children access ECE.

Qualified teachers

Our second priority is lifting the number of qualified ECE teachers to 80 per cent. At the moment, only 67 per cent of early childhood teachers are qualified. We believe that having four out of five staff as qualified teachers will ensure good results for children. We are funding centres to provide up to our target of 80 per cent qualified teachers. Parents are free to choose centres with a higher proportion of qualified teachers if they wish. We established the independent ECE Taskforce to review and make recommendations on the effectiveness of ECE spending. We are considering their recommendations, but we will not make changes that would increase costs for parents. We have also guaranteed fee controls will continue. We’ve increased spending on ECE to $1.4 billion this year – almost 40 per cent more than Labour did in 2008. In fact, we now spend almost as much on early childhood education as we do on the police force. We know the value of ECE, both to children and to parents – and we are committed to it. National kept our pre-election promise to extend the 20 hours ECE policy include playcentres, kohanga reo and five-year-olds and have ruled out any changes to the policy during the next three years. This year, the Kohanga Reo Trust will receive $76 million in taxpayer funding, while more than $14 million will go to playcentres.

t o g e v ' “They eapest h the c Veges & Fruit town!" in

! urvey S! 010 S test 2 E DETAIL la e h R t n by R MO Prove TORE FO S IN E SE


The Weekend Sun

‘Exquisite detailing’ wins top award The Registered Master Builders Bay of Plenty House of the Year and Commercial Project Awards in association with PlaceMakers has once again been a great success. Regional coordinator Lani Christensen says the annual competition drew an extremely high standard of entries and congratulates all the winners. The PlaceMakers Supreme Award and Bay of Plenty Registered Master Builders 2011 House of the Year

went to Shaw Builders – for a large executive home in Matua, which judge Clive Barrington described as a “very sharp and modern house with exquisite detailing”. Shaw Builders also won the $600,000 to $1 million new home category for a large Mount Maunganui property that combines spacious living area, three bedrooms and bathrooms and a large deck area. The PlaceMakers Supreme Award and Bay of Plenty RMB 2011 Commercial Project of the Year winner is Hawkins Construction for its Papamoa College project – which judge Paul Williams says takes school facilities to a “new level” as a forward-thinking development. The Gerrand Floorings Interior Style and Design Award was won by Edinbridge Resources for a Mount Maunganui property that also won the over $2 million new home category. A Landmarks Home property in the Avenues was highly commended in the interior awards for the “timeless classic” feel created by a subtle colour pallet and careful placement of collectable art and furniture. By Hamish Carter

The PlaceMakers Supreme Award and Bay of Plenty Registered Master Builders 2011 House of the Year: Shaw Builders for executive Matua Home. For a full list of winners visit and search for ‘House of the year’.

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We are not alone Observers attending a council workshop last Friday could have been excused for thinking we are not alone. The workshop was with NZTA (formerly Transit, now The Agency!) to learn first-hand what was going on up at the Hairini/Maungatapu/Welcome Bay roundabouts and interchange. It’s been a long time since such mumbo-jumbo alien-speak like that has been heard at city hall. I don’t think I heard the mention of ‘tunnel’ rather it was all veiled references in alien-speak to ‘option this’ or ‘option that’. Quite a few interested members of the public had turned up to listen, but after sitting through lengthy gobbledegook I noticed some left the meeting. Worse was council’s consultant who had been employed to peer review The Agency’s proposals at a cost of $15,000 plus dispersements. It was difficult for members to follow his presentation in detail with all the complicated techno-speak he used. This was not good enough for a public meeting in my view. Techno-speak, no doubt has its place at officer level, but once it gets into public domain it has no relevance.

it won’t be taken over by business as has happened elsewhere. This decision will come at a price, in that commercial use pays much higher hireage charges. Budget is for 20 per cent income from user fees and 80 per cent ratepayer subsidy. In this first half year ratepayers will pay a subsidy of $509,000 for operating costs with loan costs $2.3 million and depreciation $900,000 or $60 per ratepayer approx after user fees. Our community can expect to get ongoing use of the facility – not just sports – and the flow on effects to Tauranga’s business are expected to be considerable.

Public private plight

A brief history of the Maungatapu/Welcome Bay interchange shows that The Agency is struggling with government’s public and private dilemma. Three years ago, just before the election, National promised a $100 million upgrade including a tunnel, four-laning and a four-lane bridge. As with so many election promises it has come back to bite them on the bum. The need, on a priority basis, is down the scale. The lights work quite well. There’s no point in piecemeal development like just building the tunnel. That would just speed up the traffic to the next pressure point. Millions have been spent investigating options since the ‘70s when the ramps were built with the intention and provision of approaches to a tunnel.

A political bind

The then Ministry of Works were due to start construction and were called off at the last minute. So the government is in a political bind, for the best reasons, but they made the promise and now the expectation, quite reasonably, is that the promise be made good. Three years is long enough dallying. And funding should not be coming out of existing allocated funding. That just means something else, probably more important, misses out. The Agency should not be placed in the position of weaselling out of political promises. It’s surprising that these experienced politicians made such a promise, but they did and now it’s time for action.

For the community

TECT Arena at Baypark opened last week with a low key ceremony. The first event got underway shortly after. This addition to our city’s amenities is overdue. It has been designed to provide an amenity for the widest possible community use. Paramount is a decision that community use will prevail over commercial use. So

Originally set down for 2015 it was pushed out to 2017 in the last Ten Year Plan and could go out to 2020 in the latest Ten Year Plan.

Measuring the meter

Back in the late ‘90s water meters were introduced with the intent of reducing water wastage and finding leaks. This was a big political football with the daily media leading the charge. In the face of a vociferous and sometimes acrimonious public campaign against water meters, the council of the day (which I was not on) took the bold and proper step to introduce metering. All the information on the benefits of metering have now been proven. No summer water restrictions, enough water for everyone, huge leakages stopped and most importantly a long delay in the need for this new $100 million plant, reservoirs and reticulation project.

Moment to reflect The weekend just gone saw the TECT Arena full with the AIMS Games as an example. If you haven’t seen this facility yet it is worth making the effort. It is situated beside Baypark Stadium. New caterers will provide service to the arena and the stadium and their opening effort was first class.

Water plant postponing

The proposed new water supply plant at the Waiari, just south of Te Puke, had its three monthly advisory group meeting. Council is monitoring the stream for flora, fauna and water quality to build up a valid database for when the plant is built. It is likely that with the downturn in the economy that we will be able to delay construction (and consequent cost) by another three years.

The New Zealand Red Ensign will be flying from city hall this Saturday, September 3. This is Merchant Navy Day, as this was the day the Second World War commenced with the sinking of the Athena that day with the loss of 112 passengers and crew. By the end of the war, 2479 merchant ships and 670 fishing boats had been lost. About 32,000 Commonwealth Merchant Navy personnel had been lost. There were 4633 made POW and 5000 posted as missing. In the words of Sir Edward Hamley: “It is not so much the flag itself that stirs our souls, as the deeds that were done beneath it.” This week’s mindbender – from Bertrand Russell. The degree of one’s emotion varies inversely with one’s knowledge of the facts – the less you know the hotter you get.



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Vision of peace receives award The annual Lions Club Peace Poster Competition saw some talented art works and some big prizes won by talented young artists. The Lions Club of Bethlehem and Te Puna this year sponsored Omokoroa Point, Omokoroa No.1 and Te Puna Schools in this year’s Peace Poster Competition. Lions president Stu Gray says the posters entered by 11, 12 and 13-year-olds were of a parHolly Richards presented with her ticularly high standard. certificate of achievement from He says judging the entries Bethlehem and Te Puna Lions – along with past NCEA Art president Stu Gray and Peace Poster Examiner Coral Stephens and coordinator Anne Linehan. local sculptor Kerry Rom-

bouts – was no easy job. The three winning posters were; Tayla Imogen Cole of Omokoroa Point School, Holly Chenoa Richards of Omokoroa No.1 School and Porina Puru from Te Puna School. The winners each receive $100 prize money donated by the Lions Club and a certificate of achievement. The winning posters go on to be judged at district level and then multi-district level with one final poster being selected to represent New Zealand in the American competition. The overall grand prize winner receives US$5000 and a trip to America for him/herself, a parent and the local Lions Club president to attend the prizegiving ceremony held in March 2012.

Te Puke adopts Namibia for RWC Te Puke is into the Rugby World Cup spirit, with a range of sports, arts and cultural events during the coming month of rugby fever.


Our People, Our Place, Our Region

The main thing being Te Puke adopting Namibia and supporting the team through their pool play. The town centre has been themed in Namibian colours, flags and window displays and retailers are wearing Namibia rugby jerseys. Kiwifruit and Rugby World Cup flags are flying and shops are dressed inside and out with the flags of the 20 participating nations. The Namibian team visits during September and will be given a mayoral welcome, a combined churches blessing and a massive welcoming haka form the 12 district schools. The players then engage with the children and will experience first-hand an enormous expression of goodwill from the Te Puke community. Te Puke churches will run family supporter buses to Rotorua for pool games. Mark Boyle from Focus Te Puke says “Creative Te Puke has agreed to assist Focus Te Puke dress up the CBD in a kiwifruit theme and Namibian rugby team colours for the duration of the Rugby World Cup”. “We’ve got some great initiatives planned that we hope the whole town will appreciate when the Rugby World

Gates & Fencing Showroom

September 23rd - October 21st

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm 74 Jellicoe Street Te Puke Phone 07 573 6772

One of the murals around Te Puke. Cup kicks off.” The ARCH initiative – Art, Rugby, Culture and Heritage – is another major project organised by John Beech from Creative Tauranga, with support from the Te Puke Lions and Kiwicoast Lions clubs. The event is a historical exhibition, which features memorabilia celebrating 50 years of the five main institutions in the area: Rangiuru, Eastern Districts, Te Puke Sports, Te Puke High School 1st XV and the Tai Mitchell tournament. In conjunction with this, there are six other exhibitions including the works of Te Puke artist Andrea Cooper titled ‘Touch, Pause, Engage’, the Tauranga Regional Multicultural Council’s showcase of different ethnic groups in Te Puke called ‘Travelling Suitcases’ and much more.

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Some of the Bay’s great dads The Weekend Sun has received lots of great entries for the Elim Christian Centre ‘Dad of the Year’ competition – so we thought we would share some of the great reasons why Bay of Plenty dads are champions. Alison Davies says her dad is a champion because he takes “my siblings and I out to the park. He plays games with me and he helps me fix my broken toys. He comforts me when I am sad”. Rebecca Balmer’s dad is a champion because he is “always there when I need him, to lend a hand, give advice, pick me

Aiding separated fathers Separated dads can now get information in ‘no-bull man-speak’ thanks to a new online project launching on Fathers’ Day. New Zealand-based website is releasing an online resource for separated dads on Fathers’ Day; the material includes 30 articles on topics such as legal rights, parenting during and after separation and how to get help. “We wanted to do something for separated dads because many of them can’t enjoy Fathers’ Day with their whole family and some don’t even have access to their kids,” says DIYFather director Stefan Kom. The project was originally inspired by requests from dads for practical information on separation. Stefan says during the research for this project it became clear there is a lot of confusing information available for separated dads and often the language or tone used is not helpful. The contribution of dads to their children’s wellbeing and success in life is well researched and documented. Stefan says the team at DIYFather. com feel strongly about helping dads remain highly involved in the lives of their children – especially when family circumstances change. specialises in developing resources for dads, with free online advice and articles. For Kiwi dads thinking about separation or going through separation, visit

up when I fall or hold my hand when I am scared. I always rely on him for an honest opinion or unbiased observation”. Stef Stewart says her dad has “always been inspiring, supportive, encouraging and proud. He has been there for me in the good and bad times; he will drop anything to be with his family”. The finalists and winner are being announced at a prizegiving at 10am on Fathers’ Day –Sunday, September 4 – at Elim Christian Centre; corner of 1st Avenue and Devonport Road, Tauranga. There are lots of other spot prizes and fun for the whole family, including a free barbecue lunch.


2011 Join us this Sunday

for the Dad of the Year Awards plus... lots of fun, spot prizes, bouncy slide and free BBQ ALL WELCOME

Sunday 4TH SEPt 10am @ Prize Sponsors

Cnr 1st Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga

M T .



The Weekend Sun

Making the most of spring gardening We are now officially into the first days of spring and a welcome change in temperature from the icy blast we received a couple of weeks ago. Many of my tender plants that were faring well during the winter took quite a nock back in those cold southerly winds. Let’s hope that weather is now behind us and we can prepare for spring planting and start on the many jobs that need doing at this time of year. Firstly, it is about time to put a first spray on the lawns to kill the prickle weed that has recently germinated. The idea is to kill the plants before they flower and produce the seed – as it is the seed that has the prickle on it. For good control, spray early September and then again late October – that should keep the lawn free of prickles. Another job for those with apple and pear

trees is to hang out a Coddling Moth trap. These are used to trap and monitor the population of adult moths. The trap uses a synthetic replica of the scent produced by the female to lure male moths into the sticky trap from which they cannot escape or breed, trapping the male Codling Moth will reduce breeding – and fewer eggs means fewer maggots will attach to fruit. If you catch more than 15-20 moths in a two week period, this shows a heavy infestation of the

moth and additional controls may be required such as a chemical spray with Carbaryl. It is also time to think about purchasing your seed potatoes – as most varieties are now available. Early varieties take approximately 60-80 days from planting to digging, so if you want to grow some new potatoes for your Christmas dinner they need to be planted by early October. You need to get them well chitted – sprouted – before planting as this can take up to four weeks so now is the time. Happy gardening.

Fun for the fellas and their families The annual Lifezone Dads’ Day Family Gala is on again, with a variety of classic cars and vintage motorcycles. The event features powerful vehicles such as a 1963 Ford Falcon coupe, Hummer, Cobra, Mustangs, Limousine and London Cab and vintage motorcycles as well as Triumphs and Harleys. The event is family oriented and fun. Energetic teens and dads can have a go at smashing a car with a sledge

Vintage motorcycles and classic cars are on display at the Lifezone Dads’ Day Family Gala this weekend. hammer or kids can try their hand at the Coconut Shy, Ring Tossing, Slot Car Racing and sliding down the giant bouncy slide. There is also power-pulling, with teams to be decided on the day. In addition, a skate park with assorted skate ramps will be set up for those wanting to bring their skateboards. Those who have always wanted to join the circus can try their hand at riding one of the Crazy Bicycles. For more power, jump on a Harley and enjoy a ride. Man-sized appetites are catered for with a $6 big breakfast and the traditional sausage sizzle for $1.50. The Cappuccino Cafe will be pumping out the flat whites and hot chocolates. Funds from purchases made at the Cappuccino Cafe go towards The Cappuccino Club; a charity

that sponsors the education of underprivileged students in the Philippines. The gala is a great way for fathers to spend some time with their children in a non-threatening environment. The event replaces the regular church service as a way for Lifezone to connect with the community by offering a free event, appealing to everyone, but uplifting men and their important role as fathers in particular. The event is on rain or shine at Lifezone, 19 Amber Crescent, Judea, Tauranga starting at 9.30am. For more details please contact event coordinator Carlene Murray. Thanks to the involvement of the community and church members.


The Weekend Sun

Learn a new skill before the season Surfcasters across the Western Bay of Plenty are readying their rods for the 20112012 fishing season and the Surfcasting Club is off to a positive start. The club is holding a meet and greet day on Sunday, September 4 – encouraging all new members and inexperienced members to get some tuition for the season. Club Captain Bruce Glass says the day is designed to give new members lessons on what tackle to use, baits and baiting, casting and they will be able to gain valuable tips from the more experienced members. “Take along your rod and reel, and have someone give you advice on how to set it up and perhaps even give you a few casting tips. If the weather is fine, the club will be conducting casting lessons and assist you with any problems you may be having.” Bruce says this is also a chance to meet the committee and members to hear about what the club has planned for the season. “For the more experienced fishers, you can find out about the club’s new revised competition schedule which provides a chance to pit your skills against others in the club and also other Surfcasting Clubs in the region.” He says the club has a very full programme of activi-

Matt Rongokea teaches daughter Angelique Rongokea, 10, how to surf cast. Photo by Tracy Hardy. ties planned for the next 12 months which not only involve fishing, but also tuition and fun days. “Surfcasting is a sport for every one of all ages and the club encourages families in particular to get involved, have fun, make new friends and perhaps catch a few fish along the way.” The meet and greet is held from 1pm at the Papamoa Sports and Recreation Complex, Gordon Spratt Reserve. For further information please contact

Stepping into spring with a new style The Bay of Plenty Home & Leisure Expo is at Baypark Stadium, Mount Maunganui on September 16-18, 2011. The Expo is designed to coincide with the opening of the Tauranga Indoor Sport & Exhibition Centre; TECT Arena at Baypark, the region’s state of the art $40 million new recreational facility.


In conjunction with Bay Events, The Weekend Sun has eight double passes to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us what dates the Expo is being held? Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received, September 7.









The Weekend Sun

Paper boy turned flag bearer A Weekend Sun delivery boy is representing Tauranga as a flag bearer for a Rugby World Cup game in Rotorua next month. Shayne McAlley has been chosen to wave the flag when Namibia takes on Fiji on September 10. The 15-year-old Otumoetai College student says he’s really excited and can’t wait. Shayne’s nana saw a snippet in the brief section of the paper asking for people to enter the draw to be a flagbearer at one of the 48 games being played during the RWC. “Mum got on the computer and entered me.”

His mum Leonie says Shayne had to write 50 words about why he should be chosen. “He wrote about how he was addicted to sport. How he’s been a water boy for Judea rugby and Otumoetai Eels rugby league teams and I just put ‘please pick me’ to fill in space.” Shayne used to play rugby, but suffered a serious concussion last year – ruling him out of the game. “He lost the sight in one of his eyes and was off school for three months.” He now just plays basketball and softball. He has played softball for eight years, playing in both the school and adult competitions for Ngati Kahu last year. Shayne is excited about being chosen as

flagbearer, but doesn’t know exactly how things will go until he turns up on the day. Shayne would like to say a very special thank you to his nana, who saw the ad, and to his family and friends for supporting him. By Letitia Atkinson

Shayne McAlley practices holding the flag ahead of the Namibia versus Fiji rugby game in Rotorua on September 10. Photo by Letitia Atkinson.

Exploring the country to keep it beautiful Bay of Plenty residents can show much they love New Zealand by celebrating Conservation Week; September 11 to18. Join thousands of people across the country to celebrate New Zealand native wildlife, the incredible natural areas and places that are part of New Zealand history, by taking part in conservation events and activities, watching programmes on TVNZ 7 and sharing photos with the ‘Love New Zealand’ photo group on Flickr.

The Department of Conservation has organised events in Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty as part of Conservation Week, including: • A guided walk at Puketoki Reserve, Whakamarama. Enjoy a short walk and learn some history of this local tawa forest. Sunday, September 11 from 9.30am. Please register. • Ecology Tour of Maketu Harbour. Understand this beautiful coastal habitat from a nature perspective. Saturday, September 17 from 9am. Registration essential. • Forest and Bird trip to Te Aroha. Take a hike and see the mountain followed by a hot soak in the spa. Sunday, September 18, leaving Te Puke 8.45am. • Planting day at Athenree. Join DOC and the local care

Volunteers help on planting day at Athenree. group to help restore this important saltmarsh wetland near Waihi Beach. Sunday, September 18 from 10am. To find out more visit www. or to

register for an event phone Pete Huggins at DOC in Tauranga 07 578 7677. Email your photos to newsroom@ too to share them on


The Weekend Sun

“where comfort, health and security is our priority”

Nightly natter wins big prize Animal Antics franchise owners Ross and Dianne Mitchell with Four Legged Folly winner Lana Eady-Paterson and Mazzy. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

After months of entries, selections and voting, Animal Antics, The Weekend Sun and SunLive are happy to announce the winner of the Four Legged Folly competition. The competition asked people to send in a short video of their pet ‘talking’. With more than 53 per cent of the votes, Lana EadyPaterson and her Staffy Mazzy

were the clear winners for the best talking animal video. In the video, Mazzy is seen relaxing in her favourite chair, ‘nattering’ away. Lana says Mazzy chatters every night while she is watching television. “She always hops up on the couch and talks away. She is a bit weird.” Lana and Mazzy have won a $500 gift voucher thanks to Animal Antics. Lana says she will

use the voucher to get Mazzy a new bed as she has recently destroyed hers. It is also Mazzy’s eighth birthday today, Friday, September 2 – and the new bed will be a great birthday present. Congratulations again to Lana and Mazzy and thanks to Animal Antics for sponsoring this competition. Check out Mazzy’s video on search ‘Four Legged Folly’.

Change in the game,time for rugby season Life has been very quiet lately with the hunting and fishing season now ended. I have a lot of spare time on my paws, so what to do? A dilemma I am yet to have an answer to, as besides the odd rumble on The Strand, there is not a lot happening. Oops I forgot; there is a rugby thing going on soon, a switch from hunting game to just watching the game. So I guess the boss and I will be parked in front of the television getting our fix of sporting mania. We do have tickets to go see my team – well the one I think is going to win anyway – I even got the boss man to slip a lazy tenner on my Georgian mates. At odds of about a 1000 to one, if they come up trumps I will be living in the lap of luxury for years to come. But I am not holding my breath. As the boss says, they have as much chance of winning as Tauranga has of getting a vibrant CBD.

Read Ady’s capers in full on


The Weekend Sun

Chasing the tail Problem: My dog wakes up in the middle of the night and hears cats. So he runs outside to investigate, he uses the dog flap to go out. Of course; he wakes me up. How can I stop him from doing this? Answer: The quick answer here is to close the dog flap at night. Does your dog stay clean over night? It really does matters where your dog sleeps at night. If he’s on your bed or in your bedroom, his exit is going to


wake you. If he’s in another part of the house like the laundry or kitchen where his exit might be, you can shut other doors to mute the sound. Although it is best you know what your dog is up to. Is he chasing and catching cats in the night and doing bodily harm? How would you know? Your dog should be secure in the night, crated or in an area that is suitable – perhaps where he cannot do any damage. Dogs prefer routine and the security of a designated bedtime and area.


o orban Sc of baby C se’. to o h p a ha ck, his cat ‘C tte Peaco From Cole r month old) with (fou

Hannah Davies, 2, with Shepherd Ace.

Got a great shot of you with your pet? Email your pet photos to and you could end up on our monthly pets page!


The Weekend Sun

Cats can play when owner away Cats go home so relaxed and healthy after a holiday at the Te Puna Cat Resort that their owners want to know the secret. Owner and resort manager Karen Marra says it is common to get calls from cat owners after they return home wanting to find out what they have been doing to get the cat in such good condition. Looking after her client’s cats is a privilege and responsibility Karen absolutely loves and takes seriously. “I know that the cats are like a member of the family for my clients – they love them like their babies and that is exactly the way we treat them. “We love looking after them and making them feel like they’re at home.” This commitment and approach is obviously working – as her many repeat customers always give her great feedback that they “absolutely love” the care at Te Puna Cat Resort. The cat resort is all about offering a high quality cattery service as a “home away from home”. The purpose-built facility oozes luxury and homely comforts, from the spacious sun-warmed lounge area with its comfy couches and cushions where the cats love to snooze, through to the large outdoor play area and homely cat apartments. The relaxed nature of the

Left, Te Puna Cat Resort owner Karen Marra with some of her guests. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

cats leaves no doubt they are happy to stay. Karen says her and husband Neill’s affinity with animals from their farming background is a great help in the role. “I think if you’ve spent time with animals it becomes natural. “If you are calm and relaxed they respond well. Cats are just the same.” Karen is encouraging people to book their cats in for the Christmas holidays now to ensure they get an apartment during the busy holiday period. By Hamish Carter

Animals and poisons do not mix Spring is coming; the lambs are frolicking in the fields and the daffodils are flowering. It’s a lovely time of year and time to get outside again. If you are a keen gardener, please be careful when laying slug and snail bait. This can be very toxic to dogs, so sprinkle it sparsely – preferably in an area that dogs cannot access –and ensure you put the box safely away afterwards. When you come home after a great day fishing, please make sure you clean all your sinkers and hooks and put them safely away. We see cats, dogs and birds that think they have found a tasty fishy treat and they end up needing surgery to remove a fish hook. Dogs should not be fed cooked bones, they can splinter and cause major damage inside. So when you get the barbecue up and running again, don’t share chicken or chop bones with your best mate – barbequed carrots go down a treat with our dogs! If you decide it’s time to get fit, take it easy on your exercise buddy too; gradually build their fitness levels up to prevent muscle injuries and ligament strains.



By Vet Care vet Kathleen Linpus

Enrol your new puppy in Puppy Preschool, to help them become well mannered, enjoyable family members. We also have Canine College, an excellent course for 6-18-month-old dogs. Don’t forget, fleas will be back with a vengeance as the weather warms. It is best to get the flea treatment on your pets early, to prevent the flea population exploding at your place. Kathleen joined VCT in 2005. She completed her Veterinary Degree in 2003 and has a special interest in Ophthalmology – eyes – and Oncology – cancer. She is proud mum to dogs Romey and Manny and Woof the cat.



2.0L Automatic, Air Conditioning, Full Body Kit, 66,000kms, Dual Airbags $12,995

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

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BETHE THEFIRST FIRSTTO TOSEE SEETHE THEEXCITING EXCITINGNEW NEWASX ASXAT ATFIELDAYS FIELDAYS BE Pricesare arefalling fallingright rightacross acrossthe theTriton Tritonrange. range.Drop Dropinto intoyour yourMitsubishi Mitsubishi Prices dealernow, now,see orcall call0800 080054 5453 5352 52for formore moreinformation. information. dealer *Offersavailable availableatatparticipating participatingMitsubishi Mitsubishidealers dealersfrom from11June Juneuntil until31 31July July2010 2010ororwhile whilestocks stockslast. last.Colour Colourchoice choicesubject subjecttotoavailability. availability.Offer Offerexcludes excludesOn OnRoad Road *Offers Costsofofup uptoto$850 $850which whichconsists consistsofofvehicle vehicleregistration, registration,WOF, WOF,5,000km 5,000kmRoad RoadUser UserCharges Charges(where (whereapplicable) applicable)and andaafull fulltank tankofoffuel. fuel.Savings Savingsquoted quotedare areoff offRRP RRP Costs (whichexclude excludeORC’s). ORC’s).Offers Offersnot notavailable availabletotomajor majorflfleet, eet,lease, lease,rental rentalororGovernment Governmentpurchasers. purchasers.Contact Contactyour yourlocal localMitsubishi Mitsubishidealer dealerfor fordetails. details. (which

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The king of them all, this truck's got the lot. It'll handle whatever you   6 airbags  throw at it with all the style and dependability you'd expect from a top of   Active Stability Control  the line work truck.   Active Traction Control  140Cameron CameronRoad, Road,TAURANGA TAURANGA   140  2.5L Common Rail Intercooled  With a new powerful Turbo‐Diesel engine, you'll be going places others  07578 5780039 0039 07 Turbo Diesel  can't. The 3,000kg braked towing capacity and 14% larger tray means you   5 Speed Manual can pull out mates who couldn't keep up, with enough room to store their   Super Select 4WD  envy in the tray. Once you've been there and done that, it's four‐star      ABS with EBD  ANCAP safety rating plus Active Stability Control (ASC) and Active Traction Control (ATC)   17" Alloys  Winner of the NZ 4WD 2010 Ute Of The Ye will ensure you'll finish right back where you started.   Cruise Control  The king of them all, this truck's got the lot. It'll handle wh    Rear Power Window  throw at it with all the style and dependability you'd expec Available with 17‐inch alloy wheels, cruise control, privacy glass and leather steering  the line work truck.   Climate Control  wheel with audio controls, it has got all the style and comforts of a car with awesome    4WD ability.    Trip Computer 

Bay City City Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Bay

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Contact the team at Bay City Mitsubishi for more    

 CD player, MP3 Player & audio 

jack  3000kg braked towing capacity 

Contact the team at Bay City Mitsubishi for more     information on this Mitsubishi Triton Fieldays Special  Ph: 07 578 0039       140 Cameron Rd, Tauranga           Open 7 days 


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Feeding community spirit Seeing families struggle to put fresh fruit and vegetables on the table prompted Mark McCafferty and his family to help out.

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KICK OFF IN DOWNTOWN TAURANGA! Find out what’s happening this month Downtown Tauranga. With the kick off of the Rugby World Cup this month make sure you don’t miss the many festivals and events celebrating and showcasing Downtown Tauranga. The Real Festival on the waterfront, Oranges at Half Time and games screened live just to name a few. Check out our website for up to date details on What’s On.

WE’RE DOING BUSINESS Downtown Tauranga is all about locals meeting locals. It has the most tempting mix of art, culture and entertainment on offer. Visit our website and read about some of our locals.

FREE PARKING ON WEEKENDS! Park for free in the Parking Buildings on Saturdays or on the streets Downtown Tauranga Saturday & Sunday. *Remember to check how long you can park for free as time restrictions still apply to on-street parks. Simply visit our new Facebook page and click P 07 577 9946

For the last month, the McCafferty’s have been giving away a truckload of fresh produce at the Greerton shops every Friday. Some produce comes straight off their lower Kaimai property, other fruit and vegetables are donated or discounted from generous packing sheds and wholesalers, including Aongatete Coolstores. “We’ve been doing it for about a month. As a family we realised just how hard it had become for some to have fresh fruit and vegetables, so we wanted to do something to help,” says Mark. “We had the surplus fruit and contacts in the industry, so that’s how it started.” It is a full McCafferty family affair – involving the children packing produce into bags after school on Thursdays, then Mark, wife Michelle and helpers giving it away by the Greerton shops from 10.45am2pm every Friday. Mark says the response has been humbling. “All the retailers and Greerton Mainstreet have been great. They know that if we are giving out $20 of produce it means these families have an extra $20 to spend elsewhere.” Every week they have been giving out more than 1500 kgs of fruit and vegetables to about 300 families. To get the programme up and running, the McCafferty’s have been contributing personally to cover the produce’s cost. “We just want to put something back in the community. Community organisations and volunteers are the backbone to our city and we would like to encourage others to consider what they can do to help struggling families. “When we were young, our parents were involved in Lions and always involved in community projects –

but that spirit seems to have gone.” Mark is already thinking beyond Greerton, with hopes to establish similar distribution points in Merivale and Te Puke. They want support to cover the cost of an expanded programme. To help email By Hamish Carter

Mark McCafferty gives fruit to Rob McGown and his daughter Ellamae at the McCafferty’s weekly Greerton free fruit stall. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Trust plan to save Katikati heritage A plan to save Katikati’s museum is before the Western Bay District Council and could have the heritage centre under community ownership within months. The future of the privately-owned museum came under threat in March, with plans by its owners to sell artefacts – prompting a community campaign to save the collection. Katikati Heritage Museum Society has put together a plan for a community trust to buy the museum and its collections, but needs council’s support to guarantee a $550,000 loan. The museum’s owners have been trying to sell it for two years, but have the sale on hold for a few months awaiting a council decision. Society committee chairman Alistair Boot says the council support is needed to get a loan at a lower interest rate, which will help make the proposal viable – no rates money is required. “We haven’t once suggested that rates could be used for the museum. It can stand on its own feet as a viable operation.”

A public meeting in June urged the community board to just buy the essential items from the collection. When this suggestion was rejected, Western Bay Mayor Ross Paterson urged those involved to form a society and begin planning for a community trust for the museum. Alistair says the museum only needs a few minor changes under the trust’s ownership; like extending opening hours and improving car park visibility. He says the community risks losing its heritage items if the council does not help. If the council guarantees the loan, the lower interest rate – 6.5 per cent instead of 9.5 per cent – will cut the trusts’ annual loan repayments by $17,000 to $43,000. “Quite frankly, it would be much harder to make it work at the higher rate.” Once the trust had bought the museum it will begin fundraising to help pay off the loan. Alistair says there is very little risk to the council in guaranteeing the loan because the museum’s assets are more than $1 million. It is not known how long a council decision will take. By Hamish Carter


The Weekend Sun

Spicing up the competition Bay of Plenty chilli lovers can really test their the world called Bhut Jolokia or ‘Ghost Chilli’ from taste buds this weekend at the first national Bangladesh.” Clint says the Ghost Chilli is one million scovilles – a chilli eating competition of this size. measurement which indicates a chilli’s ‘hotness’ and The New Zealand Championship is underway, with round five held at The Good Food Trading Company on Saturday, September 3 from 2pm. The competition requires participants to ‘chow-down’ on bowls of chilli con carne in a three minute period, each bowl hotter than the last. The winner – who goes on to the national final – is the person who doesn’t go for a drink and can eat all the chilli.

denotes the amount of water required to not detect a chilli sensation in your mouth. A chilli that is one million scovilles requires one million parts of water – and makes jalapenos “taste like candy”, according to Clint. Aside from a “burning sensation the next morning”, Clint says there are no health repercussions. No one with heart conditions, bowel or intestinal problems, however, can enter and entrants are required to sign a disclaimer. The Good Food Trading Co owner Jamie Blennerhassett says they have had a few entrants into the competition – including Tauranga MP Simon Bridges. Entry costs $20 and participants can come along prior to the event to sign up.

By Laura Weaser

Good Food Trading Co owners Jamie and Jo Blennerhassett with a ‘mild’ chilli in comparison to the ones Fire Dragon Chillies will be bringing this weekend .

PLAN YOUR TOMORROW’S MEALS TODAY. they’re nutritious, wholesome, ready made and delivered to your door by your local yMCA. MCA. MEALs stArt froM st M on onLy $4.80. FOR A FREE MENU CALL 0800 4MEALZ or 571 0505

Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Fire Dragon Chillies Ltd owner and competition developer Clint Meyer says the event has seen lots of competitors “sweating, crying, throwing up and running for the toilet” – but has been a success so far. “We had a great turn out at other events, with a real mix of ages. We had a 12 year old tasting our hottest sauce and asking if we had anything hotter. “It is amazing that somehow they can handle it, while most of the older generation just run.” Clint’s company, which is supplying all the ingredients, prides themselves on having New Zealand’s hottest chilli products, made from imported seeds and grown in Clint’s tunnel house in Hokianga, Northland. “We have been mixing out chilli products with different foods for the event, such as chicken wings or on pizzas. We are using the second hottest chilli in

Note to self: try New Zealand’s finest organic ice cream. Find us in leading supermarkets and speciality stores, visit us or call us at 0800 BERRIES


NZ Farms


The Weekend Sun

Beyond cheese on toast Caramel Almond Baked Brie Ingredients 150-200g wedge of brie 200g flaked almonds 2 egg whites, whipped until thick Cornflour for dusting 250ml plain yoghurt 100ml orange juice 2tbsp liquid honey Zest of an orange and lemon Assorted fresh fruit 30g butter 80-100g brown sugar 60-80mls fresh cream

Buy our Pane di Casa Loaf and get a FREE Traditional Loaf It’s the bread you’d make if you had time to make bread

Traditional refers to white, wholemeal, country grain or Lekkerbrot. Limit of one per person, per day. Offer valid until 21/9/2011. Must present this voucher. Subject to availability.

— —

Join the scrummage

Samoan dance hopefuls Samoan rugby fans could be in for a treat next Saturday with hopes Manu Samoa players will attend the Pacific Island Community Trust annual dine and dance. Trust pacific advocate Danny Tolovae says he is waiting to hear back from team officials, but was hopeful some players would attend. “It would be tremendous if they could come – and the Manu Samoa supporters committee are also talking about some players going to schools in the Bay.” Danny says the annual dine and dance is an important chance for members of different island communities to connect. The trust provides health and support services. Hamish Carter

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Using cheese as a main ingredient can make a rewarding light meal, starter or even a dessert. Often we treat brie as a cheese that goes with crackers and some fruit, but it can take on a whole new dimension when baked. This week’s recipe is something I

came up with in the early 1990s and is still a popular choice as a starter or a dessert – and there aren’t many dishes I could say that about. Also the sauce is chilled citrus, honey yoghurt and it’s interesting how well the two dairy products compliment each other. Flaked almonds and caramel add crunch and texture and the fresh fruit contrasts both with the sauce and the cheese. As mentioned, this versatile dish has been used on menus as either a starter or as a finale – so it’s the perfect dish for those who can’t decide and sensational with a fruit-driven Sauvignon Blanc.

The variety of cheeses available these days is huge. No two chesses are the same and the texture and taste of the cheeses are often enhanced by different methods of cooking.

Method Cut brie lengthwise into three portions, place in freezer for half an hour to make as solid as possible. Chop up fresh fruit and chill. Make yoghurt sauce by melting honey in a small pot, add zest and orange juice and bring to a simmer. Allow to cool before stirring in the yoghurt. Make the caramel sauce by melting butter, then add the brown sugar, stir well, add cream and bring to the boil for three minutes. Get the semi frozen brie, dust in the cornflour, dunk into beaten egg whites then into flaked almonds. Place on a well greased oven tray or on baking paper and put in a hot oven – 260-280 degrees – for about four or five minutes. Brown almonds under the grill being careful not to burn or melt the core of the cheese. Carefully place on the plate with the fresh fruit and the yoghurt sauce, flick the caramel sauce on top of the brie and consume immediately. Makes three serves


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Good enough for TV Caprese Chocolate Torte Prep time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour Cost: $25

Ingredients 6 large free-range eggs, separated 175g almonds, peeled 175g walnuts, finely ground 350g energy chocolate, chopped 1 heaped tbsp best quality coco powder 275g soft butter 110g caster sugar 1/2 tsp salt Virginia preparing a meal on her Italian food lovers trip this year.

The Weekend Sun columnist and Italian cook Virginia Iovine-Turner has once again been asked to demonstrate her delicious cooking on Good Morning on TV1. Last year, she demonstrated a saucy braciole – beef rolled with pine nuts, parsley and raisins. This time she is demonstrating something a bit sweeter. Virginia says her cooking demonstration on the show is only allocated eight

minutes and working to a tight time frame is a lot of pressure. “It is just full on. Because you have such a limited time frame, your recipe can’t be too complex and you are working in a confined space under hot lights. “But the producers are really nice and it is a great experience.” She says the producers kept in contact after her appearance last year and offered her this spot. She says other TV work might be in the pipeline as she embarks on her Italian food lovers trip next August.

Method Use a 25cm or 10 inch tin with baking paper or butter sides of tin and dust with flour. Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees. In a food processor, chop nuts until fine. Add chocolate and coco and mix for a further 45 seconds. Place in a dish and set aside. Add butter to processor, mix with sugar until light and fluffy, add egg yolks one at one time. Fold this mixture into the nut mixture. In a separate bowl, mix egg whites with salt until light and fluffy. Fold into the nut mixture and pour into the tin. Bake for one hour. Serve with creme fraiche or berry reduction.

Smooth bacon pate goes down a treat The Weekend Sun has three pottles of L’authentique bacon pate to give away to lucky readers who can tell us what ingredients are in

Try this exquisite smooth bacon pate, I was completely hooked and will be back for more. The L’authentique French Cuisine bacon pate is topped with a merlot and cranberry jelly. It went down a treat with crackers, a bottle of Merlot and a Sunday afternoon movie. It is made from bacon, free range chicken liver, onion, garlic, viognier and seasonings. A little goes a long way. Available from The Good Food Trading Co at the Mount.

If you have a product that you would like me to feature and review please email The Weekend Sun is now making it even easier to take away our wonderful columnists’ recipes! Simply cut out the recipe panel and keep in a handy scrapbook to create your own gourmet cookbook.

the bacon pate? Enter online at www.sunlive. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 7.

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)


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Older and healthier Assuming we can stay clear of trauma and chronic illness, we can generally expect to live into our late 80s and, increasingly, our 90s. We can really divide our lives into three 30-year blocks.

The first 30 when we are younger, the 30 years of middle age and our older years from age 60. My area of health interest is Nutritional Medicine where we focus on using optimum nutrient levels to prevent disease. We then use the same principles to help our body’s healing processes to restore our health when things go wrong. I have been helping a couple in their 70s with a number of problems, including joint and muscle pain and generally low energy and motivation. A targeted nutrient programme has seen them both make major improvements in just a few months. Our bodies can only be expected to heal when they have the nutrients they need to function properly. While there are an increasing number of younger people falling to chronic disease, most people who I talk to are in the second or third 30-year blocks. I see the middle 30 years as incredibly important, as these years in many ways predict your health in the latter 30. Healthy living is not some optional extra you select. These are central behaviours and choices that help

LIVING with John Arts

prevent disease from taking hold.This is especially true for those like the couple mentioned who have already developed health problems. When I give advice, I often use an analogy of an archery target. The bulls-eye are the things we absolutely must do to ensure continued health or to return to health. The next circle includes things that could be beneficial, but are not essential. The outer circles are things that may be of some assistance, but will not fundamentally change things. Unfortunately, I often see people doing these peripheral things and omitting the essentials. We always need to eat well, but well formulated micro-nutritional supplements can ensure the optimum levels of essential nutrients to help preserve our health and to enable our healing processes to function at their best. Read more from John at

Lives on film: youth breaking new ground Frustrations over seeing young people fall through the cracks prompted Delice McShane to look for a way to make a difference.

As manager of Te Hunga Manaaki Services – a Maori health service provider – she saw there was a gap in the programmes available to help young offenders when the agency completed health assessments for Ministry of Justice’s youth programme. “When we finish our assessment we need to look at a plan that will keep these kids out of trouble, but I had struggled to find programmes that were successful for these kids – the kids that are troublesome and disruptive and nobody wants.” Searching for a programme to fill the gap, Delice was struck by Canadian organisation PACT – which had helped cut youth reoffending rates from 67 per cent to less than three per cent in small British

Abundant Health

PACT film crew Ihaka Kohiti, William Falconer and Blair Falconer. Photo by Tracy Hardy. Columbia town Sparwood. “I looked at this figure and I went ‘wow’ – this is exactly what we need here.” A trip to Canada proved the programme’s worth and the first course started in December. The programme is a short film school that allows youth to share stories about their lives and the traumatic experiences they have been through. The process of producing a video also works as therapy in helping them deal with these issues. Delice smiles as she talks about the success it has already had helping young people leave their emotional baggage behind. Two girls from the first intake have since gone on to university, while the current class of three are focused on their own goals. Delice hopes to eventually help set it up in other New Zealand centres; there is already a waiting list to join the course. To increase the course participant numbers she needs more funding. For more details visit See an interview with Delice and student videos at By Hamish Carter

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Child’s play for rugby game Designing a rugby card game might be child’s play for Brian Godfery, but he’s finding the game is also appealing to adults. He designed the topical game during quiet moments in the Devonport Road toyshop and it has been on the market for about a month. It’s gone over really well at a couple of schools where he’s done market research says Brian. It is one of the few New Zealand-designed and made games on sale, which qualifies it for sale at Te Papa in Wellington. The cards are printed by Kale Print in Tauranga. Rugby Aotearoa includes 40 fun cards and a whistle. “It’s a very good maths game,” says Brian.

“Kids like the maths component of gaining points through tries. They can also lose points through penalties. The main angle was to get boys to do a bit of maths playing with dad before dinner. “Adults find it is a good social game, a good warm up before the match. You can play a tournament as well.” There are also some uniquely-rugby aspects to the game, for instance a knock on card could mean a ten second ear rub – simulates being in a scrum – or players having to do squats or press ups says Brian. The wild card is a streaker card. “There’s strategy involved, if you remember where the cards are. If you pick up two pairs of tries usually you win the game. Rugby Aotearoa is a game for two to four players says Brian.

Left: Brian’s card game Rugby Aotearoa is proving a hit with children and adults alike. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Disciplining children Rewarding good behaviour. Rather than giving your child attention only when they’re misbehaving, try to catch them being good. For example, when they ask to have a turn on the swing instead of pushing another child out of the way. Praise them lavishly when they verbalise their desires –“That’s so great that you asked to have a turn!" – and in time, they will realise how powerful words are.

Appropriate choices

Parents often ask questions when they really shouldn’t: When you have only got spaghetti and macaroni cheese in the cupboard, do not ask your child what they want for lunch. Instead, say; “For lunch today you can choose between spaghetti and macaroni cheese. Which would you like?” Only ask a child a question if you genuinely want to know the answer and/ or when they have a real choice. A complete no-no is: “So, what did you do at school today?” It is almost guaranteed to elicit an unbelievable ‘nothing’ response. That sort of question is for parents, not for children.

Limit TV time

Cartoons and other shows designed for young children can be filled with shouting, threats, even shoving and hitting.

You have won this week’s Prize Pack from Nappies for Less & Sassi Photography

Try to monitor which programs they watch, particularly if they seem prone to aggressive behaviour. When you do let your child watch TV, watch it with them and talk to them about situations that arise: “That wasn’t a very good way for him to get what he wanted, was it?” – The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of two watch no TV at all.

Provide physical outlets

You might find that unless your toddler gets a chance to burn off their abundant energy, they are a terror at home. If your child is high-spirited, give them plenty of unstructured time, preferably outdoors, to let off steam.

Don’t be afraid to get help

Sometimes a child’s aggression requires more intervention than a parent can provide. If your child seems to behave aggressively more often than not, if they seem to frighten or upset other children or if your efforts to curb their behaviour have little effect; talk to your child’s doctor, who may in turn recommend a counsellor or child psychologist. Together you can determine the source of the behaviour and help your child through it. Remember; your child is still very young. If you work with them, chances are that their pugnacious tendencies will soon be a thing of the past.


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34 ‘Little Hitler Award’ for waterfront fencing rule Your paper recently published Don Brash’s comments about the erosion of private property rights and the problem of over regulation. Soon afterwards Close Up highlighted Palmerston North City Council’s proposal to ban the residents of the small and semi-rural settlement of Ashhurst from owning more than three animals. It occurred to me that we need a sponsor for the “Don Brash Little Hitler Awards”. While PNCC’s effort would be hard to beat, I would nominate Tauranga City Council and its Planners for their recent decision that freeholders living within 15 metres of water should no longer have the right to enjoy the privacy of their own property, unlike the rest of Tauranga’s population. They have decreed that a 1.8 metre fence

or the upper 0.6 metres of it, must be “constructed entirely of visually permeable materials”. They then give the following definition of visually permeable materials: “Means a [sic] continuous vertical or horizontal gaps of at least 50mm width occupying not less than one third of its face in aggregate of the entire surface or where narrower than 50mm, occupying at least one half of the face in aggregate, as viewed directly from the coastal marine area.” Perhaps the hilarity that an annual “Don Brash Little Hitler Awards” ceremony would inevitably provoke would help restore the common sense and the sense of fair play that used to characterise New Zealand society and whose loss Don Brash and so many New Zealanders lament. Robin Rimmer, Welcome Bay.

The Weekend Sun

Criminal offending While watching an interview on TV with Justice Joe Williams an eminent High Court Judge, I pondered the waste of time and money spent in hand wringing and political posturing we are faced with on a daily basis from politicians, ministerial policy makers, the press, interviewees and interviewers on TV and Radio on the subject of youth crime, unemployment, bullying, abuse, binge drinking and drugs. Out of control youth is a direct consequence of 30 years of social engineering and a bloated welfare system. Justice Joe Williams commented that, quote “if you took Maori criminality from criminal offending you would have the lowest criminal

We invest in


Last week’s argy bargy


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offending country in the world” unquote. He then went on to give the statistical data that supported his comments. I also note that not one word has been uttered by Turiana Turia or Pita Sharples that his comments were ‘racist’, and would that be because Justice Williams is a maori who has achieved highly within our existing education system? Put Justice Joe Williams alongside another 6 to 8 high achieving and empathetic New Zealanders and this country would have the best social and employment outcomes we could ever wish for. Maureen J Anderson, Pyes Pa.

5.50 % 6 MONTHS


Interest paid quarterly. These term deposits are not Crown guaranteed. Further details below.*

Following an article that featured on Page 4 of last week’s Sun, we would like to make some corrections to some of the comments that have been taken out of context. It is not the ‘argy bargy’ or altercations that have led to the redesign on the wharf, it was largely driven by the cruise ships themselves wanting less congestion on the wharf. The ‘little bit of argy bargy’, in the form of words, was a one off unseen incident which has been exaggerated. The Tour Operators will be paying for the opportunity to be in the new ‘kiosk’, which has been a collaborative approach from a number of parties, and will be an excellent venue for all operators to sell their product on a fair, equitable and professional basis. With regards to spending, what was said at this meeting was that ‘last year it was reported that Australians spend on average $50AUD, and Americans $USD50 each day’, not $50 each at Mount retailers as was reported. There is absolutely no question that the cruise ships are of significant economic benefit to the region, and we warmly welcome every ship and every passenger with enthusiasm and appreciation, and we sincerely hope these magnificent vessels continue to bless the Bay with their presence for many more years. Leanne Brown, Mount Mainstreet.

Liquor problem systemic Systemic Problem: I listened to the proposals of the liquor law reform select committee and sensed the systemic weakness inherent in our politicians which has been prevalent now for decades. The Americanisation of our society has caused social problems that haven’t been addressed by our laws and the politicians who make them. As is the case in greater Europe, I would support an end to Sunday trading other than essential services and selected tourist destinations. Liquor off-licence outlets would be caught in the net and there would be the obvious bonus of the reintroduction of a family day – think about it! Doug Morris, Te Puna.


Where does money come from? Originated in New Zealand – 1875 *IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Heartland Building Society has a guarantee under a Crown retail deposit guarantee scheme, being a guarantee that expires on 31 December 2011. However, the advertised term deposits offered by Heartland Building Society are not covered by the guarantee given under the Crown retail deposit guarantee scheme. All deposits are issued by Heartland Building Society. Minimum term deposit investment $1,000. Interest rates subject to change. Heartland Building Society has a BBB- (Outlook Negative) credit rating from Standard & Poor’s. Standard & Poor’s credit ratings are statements of opinion, not statements of fact or recommendations to buy, hold or sell any securities. Ratings may be changed, withdrawn or suspended by Standard & Poor’s at any time. For further details about deposits or our credit rating, see Heartland Building Society’s Investment Statement, available at or by calling 0800 85 20 20.

Could someone please explain to me, and I would expect a lot of other people; where the money comes from, in simple terms, if that is possible, to enable productive countries like New Zealand, USA etc to continue borrowing more than they earn. Private, ordinary citizens cannot live their lives constantly borrowing more than they earn without a day of reckoning eventually arriving. Surely this must be true of Countries and their Governments. Is there a hidden agenda of World dominance by some entity not needing to revert to warfare? Sounds silly perhaps? Maybe not. Barry H. Walker, Mt Maunganui.


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Parking signs ‘misleading’ I went downtown Tauranga on Saturday morning and discovered that parking is now “no fee” on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays only to find on my return that someone was getting a ticket as they had parked more than an hour. The meter has a sign that showed the weekday hours and fees then below that, in brackets, “Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays- No Fee”, close brackets. Below that (not in brackets) was the words “P60”. I thought no fee meant no fee. This is deceptive and misleading.

Are Saturday afternoons, Sundays and Public Holidays, now no longer free after the allocated time on the sign? Does this mean that when I go to the movies in the evening I now have to go and put money in the meter after the allotted free time or do I have to move my car? Downtown Tauranga should be free like all the other shopping centres in our area. The retailers downtown should be in the same playing field as their competitors. What the council should do is encourage people to go downtown Tauranga, not dissuade them – we need to hold onto our town centre, not just for the profit of the retailers. Changing the signs so they make more sense and are actually grammatically correct (brackets mean that what is said inside the brackets is apart from the rest of the paragraph) is not the answer– just make weekends and public holidays free. Elaine Comyn, Te Puna.

TCC Responds

It is free to park in the city centre on Saturdays and Sunday. This includes the two parking buildings. However, the time restrictions for on street parking on Saturdays still apply and will be enforced. (The time restrictions are enforced with the support of Downtown Tauranga, the organisation that represents city centre businesses.) On each pay and display machine there is a sticker above the screen that clearly states this information. Council advises people parking in the city centre in the weekends to check the parking time limit signage on the street and on the pay and display machines when they park their cars. Parking in the parking buildings is the best option for people wanting to avoid the time restrictions - there is free all day parking on Saturdays and no time restrictions.

AIMS superb event Wow! I have just attended the opening ceremony for the NZ AIMS Games at the new TECT Arena at Baypark. Only one word to describe this - brilliant! The AIMS Games for Intermediate School students this year is hosting 4600 competitors from schools all around the country, across the full decile range, plus their coaches and supporters – and it seemed as if they were all present at this function. Well done to Vicki Semple and her team of organisers for a superbly structured event. This annual event demonstrates clearly how children benefit from being part of a sports group or team – learning and developing skills, commitment and dedication and of course the valued respect for others … all essential tools in preparing them as tomorrow’s future citizens. Oh! And also – many congratulations to the local authorities and funders for providing this latest facility, the TECT Arena …. again only one word - magic! Barry Lusher, The Avenues.

Arataki centre ‘blot on the landscape’ Arataki Community Centre: Now that this ‘architectural blot on the landscape’ which will cost ratepayers around $3 million plus is nearing completion, it looks like all the grounds including carparks are being laid out and done at TCC ratepayers cost. What is the cost of this work? Council it seems, have recently passed some sort of resolution, authorising financial assistance for unspecified knick knacks, depreciation, sound systems, music and God only knows what else! No one seems to know anything about what this assistance package is worth and actually totals and TCC ratepayers need to know what the ceiling limit is for this stuff. It is fair to ask, what are the Arataki residents/members actually contributing other than probably seeking naming rights for this edifice? No wonder this cash-strapped Tauranga City Council is in debt for $400million with this sort of easy-beat financial philosophy! R. Paterson, Mount Maunganui.




The Bay Labour team of MPs are here to help you. Come in and visit our office in Greerton or call our toll-free number to make an appointment. 0800 BAY LABOUR | 1262 Cameron Road, Greerton, Tauranga PO Box 3189, Greerton, Tauranga 3142 Authorised by Rick Barker, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Tauranga Tandem

The Best Buzz in the Bay!

Phone 07-576 7990

The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words) and supplied with full name and contact details. Photos are best in high resolution, jpeg format or supplied as colour prints. PO Box 240, Tauranga. Fax 07 571 1116



This information can be viewed online at

The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where.

News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene.

Bayliss clothing. Goodie bags with each ticket purchase. Raffles running on the night. Fiona 573 9860

Merchant Navy Day

In remembrance of the Commonwealth merchant navy personnel that died in the two world wars. At Sulphur Point Memorial Tauranga. Assemble 1030, ceremony 1100. Joe 578 5997

Friday 2 September

Messianic Meeting: Ha Derech - The Way

Whacky Hair Disco

Sharing The Truth, The Way & The Life together. All ages & backgrounds Jew & non Jew welcome. Every Sat 10am. Geoff or Pamela 570 1438

Matua Primary School Hall. Children 5-7yrs 5.30-6.30pm. Children 8-11yrs 7-8.30pm. Entry $5 per child. Soft drinks, snacks, glow stick for sale. Fundraising for Jamboree 2012.

Pahoia School Quiz Night

Omokoroa Settlers Hall 7pm - midnight. Arrange a team of 10 or come as individuals. Dress theme: Sports. Great finger food, prizes, lucky ticket, best costume & spot prizes. Eftpos. Tickets on sale now from Pahoia School office 548 0723 $20 single, $35 double. Proceeds to upgrade IT programme.

Saturday 3 September Art in the Park

Coronation Park, Mt Maunganui 7.30am – 5pm. Tauranga Society of Artists offer for sale a variety of art to suit all tastes. Sunday if wet.

Bay Blokart Club

Tauranga Farmers Market

Open day at Baypark. Some of our members will be at Baypark Sailing Arena in conjunction with the open day for Baypark TECT Centre from 1pm. Interested parties & new members welcome. Weather dependent. Peter 0274 721 322 or club 027 391 8300. Check out sailing schedule on Baypark website

Brazilian Percussion

Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am 12pm. Trixie 552 5278 or

Tauranga Radio Sailing Club Sailing Model yacht sailing every Sat 11am 4pm & Weds 1.30-5pm at Lake Taurikura, Scoria Close, The Lakes, Tauriko.

Tauriko Playcentre Adult’s Celebration

Absolute beginners workshops every Sat 9.30-11am. No experience required. Instruments provided. Phil 021 075 4300 or

Come Dance the Night Away

Sequence & old time dancing, Greerton Hall 7.30-11pm. Great music & supper. $5 entry, all welcome. Run by Tauranga Social Dance. Bev 543 0204

Crossfit Demonstration

Training programme used by All Blacks Ben & Owen Franks. Mount operators have open day at their Owens Place premises from 10am. Visit

Gate Pa Tennis Club

Junior season starts Sept 10. Enrolment days Sept 3 10am - 12pm & Sept 8 4.30-6pm. Kathy 542 1858

Kids Expo & Fashion Parade

At Kiwi 360 4pm. Te Puke Playcentre fundraiser. Tickets $20 on sale at Don



GUIDE The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

The Weekend Sun

Enjoy an evening out with great friends, fabulous food & happy memories at Tauriko Playcentre & Tauriko Hall Sept 10 6.30-10pm. Tickets $15 – includes complimentary drink, hangi meal & dessert. Cash bar available. Registration by Sept 3. Amy 544 7482 at

Tauriko Playcentre Children’s Celebration Sept 10 at Tauriko Playcentre 9am – 12pm. Join us in a Playcentre session – the classic kiwi childhood experience. Free.

The Sociables Males/females 30’s/40’s age group. 022 0120 376

Sunday 4 September Bay Blokart Club

Kaimai Blokart challenge at Baypark Land Sailing Arena next to TECT Event Centre. Racing starts 10am wind permitting. An event between Waikato

& BOP Clubs & includes a team from Auckland. Use second entrance 400m down Truman Lane. Spectators/new members welcome. All welcome. 027 391 8300 or Peter 0274 721 322.

Bethlehem Lions Market

Incorporating arts & crafts indoors, at Bethlehem Town Centre car park. (Second entrance to town centre off Bethlehem Rd) 8am – 12pm. Stallholders $10 per site. On wet or fine. 576 0106

Bible Seminars Sunday 1.45pm at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St, Greerton. Title: “Bible teaching on Antichrist.” Interactive. Q&A. Refreshments provided. All welcome. Vic 543 0504

BOP Men’s Choir Concert at St Columba Church, 502 Otumoetai Rd 2.30pm. Come & enjoy on one of NZ’s largest male choirs. Collection taken to support the work of the Bible Society.

Coastal Country Music Club

RSA, 1237 Cameron Rd, Greerton 1pm start. All welcome. June 579 5445

Mount Maunganui Farmers Market

Every Sun 9am - 1pm in Phoenix car park, rain or shine. Home grown, home made, organic or spray free - fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese, oils, plants & more. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911

Petanque Every Sun, Tues & Thurs at Cliff Rd 12.45pm. Boules available, tuition given. 1st 3 visits free. Neita 572 3768

Radio Controlled Model Yachts Every Sun & Thurs at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419

Sunday Bible Study Starts 10am. Fellowship/ tea 10.45am. Sunday worship 11am. 1st & 3rd Sunday evening singing 6pm. Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton. 541 0388

Tango at Za Bar Argentine Tango at Za Bar/Pizzeria, upstairs 53 The Strand. Salon/social tango from 6.45pm. Visitors, spectators & interested people welcome. Free demo/intro to tango. Carl 021 280 4464

Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment.

Tauranga Spiritual Centre

Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St. Door open 7pm for 7.30pm start. Guest speaker: Carl Petersen, author “Do you hear the ringing?” Door charge members $2, non members $3. All welcome.

Te Puke Lions Market

Winter Hours 9am - 1pm. Farmlands car park (opp Countdown Supermarket). Something for everyone. Suzane 573 3389 or 027 290 1168

Monday 5 September

Otumoetai Indoor Bowls

Mens & Ladies Handicap Singles, Matua Primary School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. Fred 576 4607

Recycled Teenagers

Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga, Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues, St Mary’s Church Hall, cnr Girven Rd & Marlin St. All 9am - 10.30am. Taken by Heart Foundation phase 3 cardiac instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411

Relationship Services

Bethlehem Bowls

Bethlehem Hall every Mon 7.15pm. All ages & new players welcome. First 2 nights free. Wendy 578 2585

Body & Soul Fun Fitness

For over 50’s, social events & occasional guest speakers Mon & Fri, Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church, 13th Ave. Weds City Church Otumoetai Rd. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031

Children’s Art Exhibition

Presented by Greenpark School at School Hall Sept 5 8am - 4pm, Sept 6 5.30-7pm, Sept 7 8am - 12pm.

Fire Brigade Indoor Bowls Club Citizens Club visit us (plate please) 7.30pm at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Colin 543 0326

Friends of the Libraries Tauranga meeting at Tauranga City Library 7.30pm. Guest speaker: Ian Clarke, on his book “A Very Fishy Business” based on his experiences. $2 donation, supper provided. Use side door. All welcome.

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. 542 4191 or

Junction Coffee & Chat Group For people with an experience of mental illness. At Junction office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 10am - 12pm. 579 9890

Mon - Parenting Through Separation, free course for separating parents 10am - 12pm. Positively Me 4 Women - self esteem course for women 12.302.30pm. Blended Families, course for parents in combined household 7-9pm. ManMade, self esteem course for men 7-9pm. Tues - Parenting Through Separation 7-9pm. Weds - Sex, Drugs & Homework, course for parents of teenagers 7-9pm. Parenting for Success, course for parents of 2-12yr olds 7-9pm. Thurs - Parenting Through Separation Papamoa 10am - 12pm. Positively Me 4 women 7-9pm. 576 8392

Sequence Dance Class

Modern sequence dance tuition & revision every Mon 1-3pm St Johns Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai. $3pp. Gordon 573 4333

Sit and Be Fit Class

Seated down class. Focused on balance, stability, aerobic, flexibility & strength. Tues 11.30-12.30pm at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 11am-12pm at Greenwood Park Village, Welcome Bay. 578 9272

St Columba Indoor Bowling Club

Leads & Tows 7pm start, St Columba Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd. New bowlers welcome. Ron 570 1570

Tauranga Badminton Club

Bethlehem College every Mon & Weds from 7.30pm. All players welcome. Friendly club. Racquets available. Sue 543 0035 or 021 194 4335

Tauranga UFO & Paranormal Soc

Meditation Free classes. Find the real meaning & purpose of your life. Bring out the peace & joy that exists inside you. Mon 10am & 7.30pm. David 576 9764

All Black


In hall at rear of Historic House cnr Cameron Rd & Elizabeth St 7.30pm. Discussion plus David Wilcock DVD. Door $3 incl supper. All welcome. Ian 578 5373

Until 9 October

Kelcytaratoa:CrisisandIsolation Until 6 November

Glen Hayward: For Want of a Nail Until 6 November

LAND[E]SCAPE Final days! Must close 4 September

The Kelliher Collection: Past and Present Final days! Must close 4 September Open daily 10am - 4.30pm


The Weekend Sun YMCA - ALFS

Midweek Country & Variety Music

(Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 8.459.45am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9.15-10.15 at Salvation Army Community Hall, Eversham Rd. Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Thurs 8.45-9.45am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.1510.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272

Meet every first Tues of month at 7pm, Elizabeth St Arts Centre, Glasgow St. All proceeds to charity. Ruth/Dick 576 4527

Tuesday 6 September

Every Tues at Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton 10am. Card, quilt, bear making, knitting etc. 541 0388

Excel Toastmasters Club

Learn to be a competent communicator & get your message across. Meet 2nd, 4th & 5th Tues of month at Senior Citizen’s Hall, 345 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui 6.15pm. New members welcome. George 573 3943

Freestyle BMX Club

Club night every Tues. Meet at 17th Ave Skate Park 4.30pm. A decision then made as to what skate park to go to. Participants must be 11yrs or older to join. Helmets are compulsory. Bring money for fish & chips. Check us out on facebook - key word BMX Inc. Paul 027 742 1756

Gate Pa Indoor Bowls MacKay Shield at Papamoa. 16 players required. Kevin 543 4044

Genesis- Women’s Group Every Tues during school term. 10am morning tea at Papamoa Surf Club, Papamoa Domain. Theme: Watch this space. New members welcome. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264

Golden Kiwis Leisure Marching Team Meet weekly for exercise, fun & fellowship. No experience required for ladies 50+. Dorothy 579 5232

Inachord Ladies 4 Part Harmony Chorus Every Tues at Wesley Methodist Church, 100 13th Ave 7pm. Have fun singing & make new friends. Loes 575 8929

Junior Badminton Club Otumoetai College Gym, all grades 5.30 - 7pm. Racquets available. Sue 543 0035

Lymphoedema Group For education, exercises & support. At 56 Christopher St, Tauranga (parking at Citizens Club, 13th Ave). Host: Kath Vickers, physiotherapist & lymphoedema therapist. Gold coin donation. All welcome. Julie 571 3346 or email:

Mount Morning Badminton

Every Tues 9am - 12pm at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park. Social, competitive, all ages, beginners welcome. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session, students $2. First day free. Margaret 575 9792

South City Indoor Bowls Club Inc

Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Open Fours Tournament (plate & raffle item). Ph Mary 541 0687

Stitching Servants

Tauranga Freemasons

Meet last Tues of month. Social events, charity, companionship, fishing & more. New members welcome. Terry 574 4104 or

a healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by qualified instructor. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388

10am at Katikati Memorial Hall. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 7170

Ladies Bible Study/Tea

Drop-in Meditation Classes. Beginners welcome, classes are self-contained so you can start any date. Cost $12 per class. Otumoetai Plunket, 59 Otumoetai Rd. Monthly classes, next class Sept 29 7-8.30pm. Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Womens Chorus Meet Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Pam 578 3757

Every Weds 10am, Singing/Bible Class 7pm. Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton. 541 0388

Mount Healing & Spiritual Centre

Fellowship at Omanu Bowling Club, Golf Rd, Mount 7.30pm. Speaker: Gavin Knight - mediumship. Door charge $3. All welcome. Jules 578 0777

Orange City Square & Round Dance Club

Weds advanced, Thurs club night & new dancers. Frontiersmen’s Hall, 7.30pm. 543 1063

Salvation Army Meeting

For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army, cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tga. This week: Video Morning. New members welcome. Jennifer 578 4264

Scottish Country Dancing

Tauranga Indoor Bowling Club

Club night 7.30pm. Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St. New bowlers welcome. Ron 570 1570

Weds Senior Citizens Hall, Maunganui Rd. Fri Papamoa Primary School Hall, Dickson Rd. Both 7.30pm. 573 5055

Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions

Shakti Ethnic Women Support Group

Meet 2nd & 4th Tues at Settlers Lounge 6pm. Pat 533 4345

Wednesday 7 September AAPNZ

(Association of Administrative Professionals). Introduction to Laughter yoga at Sebel Trinity Wharf Hotel, Dive Cres 5.30pm. All welcome. Email: Janet,

Bellevue Athletics Club Registrations

Sept 7 at Otumoetai Action Centre 6-8pm. Sept 11 at Tauranga Domain 3-5pm. Donna 571 0381

Faith Bible College

Public meetings every 2nd & 4th Weds of month at 749 Welcome Bay Rd 7.15pm start. Variety of speakers. Supper to follow. All welcome. 544 2463

Fernlands Spa Water Exercise Class

At 250 Cambridge Rd 10.4511.45am. Suitable for arthritics, joint replacements, fall prevention & injury or illness rehabilitation. Held rain or shine. Jennifer 571 1411

Friends of the Gallery

ArtTEAfacts 2.30pm. Talk by Graham Crow – well known NZ artist.

Gate Pa Indoor Bowls

Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Box Drawn Pairs (Norris Shield) Kevin 543 4044

Global Hearts Exercise Group

Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live

For Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Indian & Fiji Indian women. Activities for women to increase their self-esteem & confidence & integrate with the host community. At Tauranga Plunket, 471 Devonport Rd first Weds of month 11am – 12pm. Rupal 575 9848 or 021 0533 548

Tauranga South Garden Club

Central Baptist Church Hall, 13th Ave Tauranga 1.30pm. Speaker: Friend’s of McLaren Falls. 544 5661

Walking Group

Age Concern walking group meet 10am at Briscoes, Chapel St. All welcome. 578 2631

Thursday 8 September Breast Cancer Walking Group

Meet in front of Blue Restaurant Cafe, Marine Pde 9.30am for a walk around the Mount followed by coffee. All welcome. Julie 571 3346 or

Community Bible Study International

Come join us at 14th Ave Gospel Centre 10am - 12pm for an interdenominational in-depth study of the book of Daniel. Joan 576 9065

Fitness League

Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities, first class free. Thurs 9.30am Central Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd. Weds

Happiness & Our Mind

Mount Garden Club

Birthday luncheon at Mount Club, Tawa St. Members be there by 12pm. Lois 575 5867 Support 4 Younger Women with Breast Cancer Spuntino’s Restaurant, Wharf St 7pm. A chance to meet with other women in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s who have experienced breast cancer. Katy 021 707 671 or email: if you would like to attend.

Tauranga Heart Support Group

Fun, rehab exercise, social events & occasional guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. This week: Thurs 9.15am, followed by guest speaker from consumer health services, City Church, Otumoetai Rd. Men & women welcome. Cardiac Care leader Dianne 576 5031

Wanna Dance Rock & Roll

Social rock & roll dancing to authentic music. Every Thurs at Senior Citizens Hall, end of Maitland St, Greerton 7.309.30pm. $2.50 entry. Peter 544 5556

Friday 9 September Art of Living Course

Thee day transformational workshop at Otumoetai Primary Sept 16 6.30-10pm

& Sept 17 & 18 10am - 2pm. Course benefits: breathing techniques to eliminate stress & tension. Skills for improving relationships at home & work, tools to handle you mind & negative emotions. Ann 027 728 6012

Gay/Bi Mens Support Group

Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations Alex 027358 5934 a/hs

Kids Fun Friday

Every Fri at Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton 3.30-5pm. Free Bible crafts, stories, puzzles, puppets, plays, skits, snacks & singing. 541 0388

Lyceum Club Ladies

Play Bolivia 12.50pm. At Clubrooms, 68 1st Ave. Mercedes 543 0612

The Best of New Zealand

A group exhibition with 14 participants at Harrisons Art Gallery, 106 11th Ave. Starts today - closes Oct 1. Gallery open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. Sat 10am - 2pm. 578 9322

Regular events see under the What’s On section. “What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.



The Weekend Sun


By Winston Watusi

The festival season starts here There are times when Tauranga seems a bit quiet on the cultural front – this is not one of them.

In fact, it appears that we are about to enter a couple of months of continual festival activity across several art forms. These are not festivals featuring anything created here in the Bay (despite the promises on the Real Tauranga Festival website). But they are events that bring us some unusual and exciting artists and works from around the country, and even the world. Looking at them in chronological order, first up is the New Zealand International Film Festival, which kicks off at the Rialto Cinema on Devonport Road next Thursday, September 8, and runs until September 24 – more on this in a few paragraphs. Then there’s the Real Tauranga Festival which I wrote about last week’s column, now at This takes place September 15, 17 and 18, and again October 13-16, down along The Strand. All I can do is repeat how appalled I am by the line-up. And last week, while I was still getting over the disappointment of seeing such an event wasted by presenting a Queen tribute show, an Eagles tribute show and a Joe Cocker tribute show, I failed to notice that also featuring are tributes to Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Perhaps the organisers are looking to set up a Stars In Their Eyes franchise.

Beer will be affordable at RWC games.

The ‘real’ Tauranga show

And then there’s a real festival (as opposed to one that just calls itself that) in October. The 2011 Tauranga Arts Festival was launched last week and runs October 20-30. Once more the Crystal Palace will be returning to The Strand and a host of national and international dance, music, literature, photography and other arts will be on display. It’s a very good line-up and the programmes are kicking around town (and are certainly at Baycourt). Grab one now. The organisers have kept the ticket prices very reasonable, even for top international acts, so there should be something there to suit every taste – more on that in upcoming weeks. And, in amongst all this frantic cultural activity, there are still local groups going about their regular business and presenting fine music.

Yeah right.



The annual Jazz For Waipuna concert, raising money for the Waipuna Hospice, takes place next weekend (Sunday, September 11). This year it’s happening in Greerton at the Tauranga RSA (Formerly Fahey’s) and features an extensive line-up. On the bill are Carol Power, Bay Dixie, Carol Storey, 3’s Company, Sebastian and Camila, Kokomo, and the Woody Woodhouse Connection. It’s 4-8pm and tickets are $15 on the door.

Little bit of country

There’s also an exciting gig coming up at the Katikati Folk Club on September 16 when the club is graced by the country and bluegrass sounds of Beverly and the Clench Mountain Boys. The Beverly in question is Auckland singer Bev Young, a veritable jewel of New Zealand’s folk scene. The band (named in tribute to the famous Clinch Mountain, inspiration for the legendary Carter Family and Stanley Brothers) includes Bev’s husband Al Young, one of the original pioneers of the Kiwi blues world. Folk Club shows are at the Katikati Bowling Club (which is on the main road). This one starts at 7.30pm and tickets at the door cost $20. And back to the Film Festival… Drawn from the (literally) hundreds of films at the Auckland festival, one can only look sadly at the many titles that never made it here and be thankful that we have the Rialto to at least bring us something. My tastes may be a little less than mainstream, but here are a few things that excited me. Lars Von Trier’s new ‘provocation’ is here. It’s called Melancholia and, at Cannes, was buried under the controversial weight of the director comparing himself to Hitler. Silly boy. There’s a killer French thriller, Point Blank (no relation to the John Boorman film); the restoration of Metropolis (1927); a Norwegian mockumentary, Troll Hunter; a bit of Chekhov; psychological thriller Take Shelter; and a whole pile of documentaries (though none of the great music docos from Auckland). Programmes are now available at the cinema. Since most films only have two showings it might be worth booking early.

Club Mount Maunganui Friday 2 – Gerry Lee.

Sunday 4 – Tauranga Big Band 4.30-7.30pm.

Mount RSA Friday 2 – Upfront. Saturday 3 – Double Exposure.

The Crown and Badger Friday 2 – SparX. Saturday 3 – Second Sense.

Sunday 4 – The Blarney Band (Andy Craw & guests) 3-6pm. Thursday 8 – Chris Gunn 8pm start.


The Weekend Sun



LEBANON Starring: Itay Tiran, Oshri Cohen, Michael Moshonov. Dir: Samuel Maoz And we have yet another film set in an uncompromisingly minimalist space. This time we’re not buried or stuck on a ski lift, but aside from the lyrical opening and closing shots, are trapped inside an Israeli tank during the 1982 Lebanon war. Much like Waltz With Bashir, this is an intensely personal film for director Maoz as he A bank robber is injured and on the run. News reports suggest he has killed someone. Desperate to ditch his car and get off the street he cons his way into a house where the owner is about to hold a dinner party. That’s the set-up for The Perfect Host , the host in question being David HydePearce (of Frazier fame). And, as will surprise no-one, the host is not exactly what he seems. So begins a psychological (and physical) battle of wits, which may lag occasionally, but in general keeps the reveals coming at a fine pace. Some POV camera-work is ill-planned, but the continuation of the story to further climaxes after leaving the house surprises and the whole concoction is smartly assembled. The Living Wake is a weird little oddity that has presumably only been released now because of Jesse Eisenberg’s post-Social Network fame (it was made in 2007). And much as I’d like to like this – for its sheer eccentricity if nothing else – it is gratingly unfunny and selfindulgent. Eisenberg spends most of the film cycling around at the bidding of self-proclaimed artist and genius K Roth Binew (comedian Mike O’Connell) who is apparently dying and planning the titular event. At which he sings interminably and, thankfully, dies. It couldn’t happen soon enough for me. The cover of Erasing David would seem to promise a hard-hitting investigation of privacy and its erosion in modern society. Suspiciously self-indulgent filmmaker David Bond decides to ‘disappear’ for 30 days after being appalled by the British Government losing a pile of health records. He

throws you right into the action along with four young recruits (all Israelis must serve in the army when they turn 18). Between them they show a range of views and actions, the claustrophobic setting heightening emotions and adding tension, but basically they’re just scared young soldiers traumatised by all that is going on around them.

This is a film that clearly had a greater impact in the isolating darkness of a movie theatre, but it still remains a powerful piece of work. It may lack in character development and a wider truth, but this is not a big-picture film; it puts you in the position of its protagonists and gives some feeling for the horror they endure. And it does it very well.

Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

hires a couple of private investigators to try and find him, using only legally available information. And he interviews a whole bunch of people about privacy issues. Unfortunately the whole venture comes on like a cheap TV doco and nothing much that we didn’t already know is revealed. looks The Warrior’s Way like a martial arts flick, or possibly a western. It is, in fact, both. But what distinguishes it is not the mix of genres but the peculiar tone and direction which are both intelligent, knowing, ironic, and vastly entertaining. With a menacing Danny Huston, a drunken Geoffrey Rush and a ravishing Kate Boswell providing good support for kung fu fighting Dong-Gun Jang, and imaginative action and scenery, this is one mash-up that works extremely well. And, just a mention, there have been some fine films recently released on blu-ray. Apocalypse Now , in both Redux and original version, , The Thin Red Line Pan’s Labyrinth , all look and Betty Blue ravishing in high definition and are well worth revisiting.

Across 6. Analgesic (10) 8. Risque (4) 9. Game (4) 10. Preface (5) 11. Five (Maori) (4) 12. Town (SI) (9) 16. Native bird (9) 20. Spoken (4) 22. Extremely (5) 23. Wander (4) 24. Match (4) 25. Variable (10)

M O V I E S With Rialto

The Guard (R13) violence, offensive

Down 1. Cake (6) 2. Impose (7) 3. Swimsuit (6) 4. Drunk (6) 5. Mistake (5)

language, drug use and sexual material

Irish comedy about two policemen who must join forces to take on an international drug-smuggling gang; one, an unorthodox Irish policeman (Brendan Gleeson) and the other, a straight-laced FBI agent (Don Cheadle). Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Gleeson) is


a small-town Irish cop with a confrontational personality, a subversive sense of humor, a dying mother, a fondness for prostitutes, and absolutely no interest whatsoever in the international cocaine-smuggling ring that has brought straight-laced FBI agent Wendell Everett (Cheadle) to his door.

Friday Sept 2 - Wed Sept 7 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. PLAYING on MEGASCREEN RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES

Franco, Andy Serkis, John Lithgow. Origin story/prequel to the 1968 Planet of the Apes. Fri 1:45, 4:00, 8:20pm. Sat 11:20, 1:40, 6:00. Sun 2:00, 4:10, 8:20pm Mon 1:50, 4:00, 8:20pm. Tue 1:40, 3:50, 6:00. Wed 1:50, 4:00, 6:15.


(M) Offensive Language.


(M) Violence & Offensive Language.

Saoirse Ronan,Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana.About a 16-year-old who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin. Fri 1:45, 6:00, 8:20. Sat 1:00, 6:00, 8:20pm. Sun 3:45, 6:00. Mon 3:50, 8:10pm. Tue 1:40, 6:00, 8:25. Wed 3:50, 8:10.

Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts. Comedy, Drama, Rom. PLAYING THIS WEEK Sun 5:30pm. Mon 8:25pm. Wed 1:50pm. BILLY T: TE MOVIE (PG) Contains Drug References. BEYOND (R16) DRAMA Documentary celebrating the life of legendary NZ Contains Violence, Domestic Violence & Offensive Language. comedian, Billy T James. Featuring digitally 1970’s set Swedish drama based on the novel. re-mastered footage of Billy’s performances. Stars Noomi Rapace. Fri 3:55pm. Sat 8:30pm. Fri 4:00, 6:05. Sat 3:30, 8:00pm. Sun 3:30, 8:20. Sun 4:00. Mon 8:00pm. Tue 4:00. Wed 6:10pm. Mon 1:50, 6:10. Tue 4:00, 8:20. Wed 1:50, 6:05.


(M) Contains Violence.

Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde. A stranger, with no memory of his past, stumbles into a desert town. Sat 5:30pm. Mon 6:00pm.


(G) Jim Carrey comedy about a man who inherits penguins. Fri 1:55, 4:00pm. Sat 11:00, on MEGASCREEN. FINAL WEEK! 1:25pm. Sun 11:20, 1:25pm. BAD TEACHER (R16) COMEDY Mon 2:00, 4:00pm. Tue 4:15, Offensive Language, Drug Use & Sexual Content That May Offend. 6:20pm. Wed 4:00, 6:10pm. Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel. FINAL WEEK! Sat 3:55. Sun 6:20pm. Mon 6:15. Wed 8:30pm.














Info line 573 8055



Violence. James

No. 1233

7. Rascal (5) 13. Drink slowly (3) 14. Between the tee and the green (7) 15. Beach (NI) (5) 17. Expenditure (6) 18. Colour (6) 19. Messages (6) 21. Meal (5)

Solution 1232

Capitol Cinema 4


The Weekend Sun has two double passes to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us what rating The Guard is? Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 7.

Damn fine Dubious


HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 (3D) (M) Supernatural Themes & Violence Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson Sat 3:20pm. Sun 1:00pm. Wed 8:00pm.



(PG) Low Level Violence.

Jack Black, Angelina Jolie. Sunday 11:00am.

CARS 2 (3D)

(PG) Coarse Language.

Adventure, Comedy. Animation. Saturday 11:00am.




Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Tommy Lee Jones. Action, Adventure, Adaptation. FINAL SCREENING: Friday 8:00pm.

Contains Violence.



(PG) Coarse Language. Doco. Karen, the Music Director at a Sydney Girl’s High School, puts on a concert every 2 years at the Sydney Opera House Fri 2:00, 6:05pm. Sat 11:45, 4:10pm. Sun 11:45, 5:50pm. Mon 1:55, 6:10pm. Tue 1:55, 8:25pm. Wed 4:15pm.


(R16) Violence & Content That May Disturb.

French-Canadian drama that was nominated for BRIDESMAIDS (R16) “BRIDESMAIDS is hilarious” Best Foreign Language Film at the 2011 Oscars. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (2D) Off Language, Sexual Material & Other Content That May Offend. Fri 8:00pm. Sat 1:45, 6:05pm. Sun 1:35, 7:40pm. Mon 3:45pm. Tue 6:00pm. Wed 1:50, 8:00pm. (M) Contains Violence & Offensive Language. Sun 11:00am. Sun 7:40pm. Tue 1:45pm.


The Weekend Sun

Developing art group rolls on in Papamoa By Laura Weaser

After humble beginnings in a Papamoa garage, the Papamoa Art Group is celebrating five successful years at its current location in the Papamoa Library.

The group is having a birthday exhibition on Friday, September 2 to Sunday, September 11 at The Palms on Domain. There is also a special celebration on Fathers’ Day – September 3 – with live music, Devonshire tea and a large chess game. Coordinator Lynne Harbison says the four original members started the art group in a friend’s garage, but after numbers quickly grew to more than a dozen, she realised they needed to find a new home.

The art group moved into the Aihe room – a brand new purpose-built art room in the Papamoa Library, where the group frequently meets on Tuesdays. With 80 paintings by members up for sale, the rolling exhibit will operate by immediately replacing each painting that is purchased with another. “The idea of the club is that members don’t keep secrets to themselves, everyone shares their technique so everybody learns,” says Lynne.

There are now 40 members with about 25 meeting at any one time. “We get everyone from beginners to more experienced painters and everybody helps each other out.” The group also holds exercises and workshops to advance their members’ skills. Lynne says most painters use acrylic paints with a few using watercolours, pastels and charcoal. “A few people do oil paintings, but most do these at home as the oils can be a bit smelly.” Peter Aldridge and May Johnson. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Paintings and Sculpture by over 120 national and local artists

Opening Night: Thursday 1 Sept - 7pm Guest speaker Natalie Bridges - Light supper provided Tickets $10 available at Baycourt - Ph 577 7188 or 0800 4 Ticket or visit NO DOOR SALES *booking fee may apply

Friday 2 Sept 10am - 7pm Saturday 3 - Sunday 4 Sept 10am - 4pm

All proceeds to

Primary Playground Project

Serving and receiving “Business is a lot like a game of tennis; those who serve well usually end up winning.” -Anonymous

The idea of winning through serving is an old idea, however, it continues to be a pleasant surprise when we again discover the truth of this saying. The more we give, the more we seem to effortlessly receive. There is a desire within each of us to give in order to make things more enjoyable for those around us. So responding from this concept allows us to be more fully who we are.

How do you view the concept of serving and what particular way is rewarding for you? If you would like to find out more about coaching, phone Mary Parker for a complimentary session 07 577 1200, email info@ or visit


The Weekend Sun

Holiday in Aitutaki Having just returned from a 28 degree sunny island holiday, it certainly was a shock to come back to a four degree frost.

My first time in Aitutaki certainly will not be my last; waking early with the roosters, a leisurely tropical breakfast started our daily routine. Then on our scooters – speed limit 40km/h – to head off on our activities. The most difficult decision was what to do each day. TeKings’ snorkelling and lagoon cruise on the crystal clear lagoon was amazing; purple coral, giant clams, guided snorkel tour through coral chasms and witnessing the beautiful tropical fish. A tip – don’t forget to use sun lotion on the back of your legs when snorkelling.

Evening Island night at one of the resorts is a must. The dancers include fire dancing displays and the drummers were really entertaining – and of course you can opt to join in at the end. By Anita Syben

Collect Fly Buys Please ask in store

BethleheM Bethlehe

katikati Main Rd

325 Maunganui Rd

73 JelliCoe St

579 3431

549 1711

575 3068

573 7805

town CentRe


te Puke

42 acres of grounds. 10 minutes from town. experience a relaxed country retirement that’s so close to the city. With such wide-open spaces, it’s no wonder this village has a relaxed feel to it. But if you want to pop into the city, downtown is a short drive away. (Or even easier, have the village van drop you in). The options don’t stop there. The village also has a range of living choices to suit anyone – two and three bedroom villas, one and two bedroom apartments, and serviced apartments. To top it off the facilities and vibrant social calendar make this a truly satisfying lifestyle.

open weekend

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September, 10am to 4pm 10 Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga


For more information call Jamie on 07 544 7711.

Metlifecare Greenwood Park 10 Welcome Bay Road Welcome Bay Tauranga 3112 Telephone: 07 544 7500

The Weekend Sun

Interior Furnishings

Personal service in your home with samples to compliment your existing interior. All curtaining and upholstery requirements can be taken care of.


Phone Amber from Stratford Interiors 0800 SINTERIORS (746 837)


GroutPro tile & grout restoration specialists

trades & services


• Specialised personal service from your local technician • Authorised service for Fisher & Paykel, ELBA and Haier appliances


The Weekend Sun

trades & services


ree ech


The Tree Man • Cuts Trees, Shrubs & Hedges • Prompt Service • 20yrs Experience


FREE QUOTES Ph: 577 6433 or 027 307 3777

trades & services CURTAIN CLEAN ard



y Dudle

P R I 576226KL7E PRIC 0800



rick www.p







Time 2 Shine




health & beauty

tours & travels


The Weekend Sun horse treks

situation vacant

house for sale


computer services

deceased cars wanted cars for sale funeral directors

0800 382 828

to rent

They say goodbye is the hardest word. So to help you with your goodbyes, we’d like to say ‘hello’. Because we’ve been around for over 100 years, many Bay of Plenty families already know us. Generations have relied on us to bring family and friends together, to celebrate lives, to share treasured memories and to care for recently departed loved ones.

Caring. Locally. Since 1909. Chris Andrews & David McMahon Registered Funeral Directors

578 4009


The Weekend Sun

public notices

karaoke hire

adult entertainment

Corporate Angels Ladies and gay males required for our busiest $100 season. ½ hr


Boutique Parlour

Phone 579 0085 or 021 606 180

Simon Bridges M P F O R TAU R A N G A Simon Bridges MP will meet with constituents every Friday at 184 Devonport Rd, Tauranga. Appointments necessary. C O N TAC T:

PO Box 581, Tauranga 3140 P: 07 579 9016 | F: 07 579 9669 E:



The Weekend Sun

Churches Active In Our Community

Have you done Alpha yet? Perhaps you think: “I know all this stuff and have done things like this before.” But you are wrong – Alpha is different. I am amazed at the number of people we get on courses who have been church-goers all their life, but have never really understood what it means to be a Christian. Some people come along with definite ideas on how Christians

should behave and live, but this is not what Christianity is about. Others might think: “I live in a Christian country and that is my religion”. But we are not talking religion; we are challenging you to make sense of life. On Alpha, you learn that perhaps Christianity is not what you thought it was or what you thought it should be.

Some people think that following Christ is a culture and, rightly, they are wary about that. Others believe it is a narrow way of thinking. Maybe you do not really know and think it is safer to be atheist or even agnostic – not really wanting to face reality. One thing we can guarantee is that Alpha will challenge your thinking and give you a different perspective to every part of

your life. If you are really serious about who you are and where you are heading, come along to Alpha. You don’t know what you are missing. For more information or to register for the course phone Holy Trinity Tauranga 07 578 7718 or email By Eileen Garratt

Glory of the Father’s House Beautiful red apples on a tree or dark purple The tree and vine look fruitful and abundant, however, when the hargrapes on a vine all reflect the beauty vest has been picked and the tree and and glory of God. vine pruned, they appear lifeless and

dormant. So it is with us sometimes in our life. All we had hoped to produce or succeed in is just looking like a dormant barrenness. The heavenly Father, however, doesn’t leave us in a place of despair. He reaches down and kisses us with a sloppy wet kiss and places a desire in our hearts to rebuild and move into all He has predestined. Haggai was a prophet sent of God to call the people to rebuild God’s temple. In the Living Bible, Haggai the prophet said in chapter 1v13: I am with you; I will bless you. And the Lord gave them the desire to rebuild his temple; so they gathered together in early September and volunteered their help. The Father’s heart abounded with grace and mercy towards them. Chapter 2v1: In early October of the


  







 



 




 



 




 




 





 

 




 

 





 


 


     

 

 

 



           









             


 


 


 


 

 



 




same year, the Lord through Haggai asked, “who among you can remember the temple as it was before? How glorious it was! In comparison it is nothing now, is it?” He encouraged them that there was something even better and greater ahead. V7: For the Lord Almighty says, “In just a little while I will shake the heavens and earth – the oceans too and the dry land – I will shake all nations and the Desire of All Nations shall come to this temple and I will fill this place with my glory,” says the Lord Almighty. The future splendor of this temple will be greater than the splendor of the first one. We all have dreams yet to be fulfilled. Hopes of abundant fruit yet to be produced. So let us embrace the fullness of intimacy and abandon ourselves for the Father to speak His love letter over our hearts. The love of the Father shall so fill our hearts that His glory will cover the earth through us and promises will be fulfilled. By Janet Johansen


The Weekend Sun

art & craft

GLASS FUSING 24th September 1pm - 3.30pm. An introduction to the art of fusing glass. Make your own jewellery pieces or a coaster. These items are ďŹ red overnight. We even take the notes for you, so you can concentrate on the design and making. $46. per person + materials. Warning: This is addictive! Leadlight Expressions, Historic Village, 17th Ave Ph 571 3726 MOSAIC WAREHOUSE want to decorate your home & garden, make gifts for family & friends. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, all your mosaic supplies in one shop. Huge selection available. Making mosaics is easy & so much fun. Give it a go, you’ll love it. Unit 29, 23 Tukorako Drive, Mount (off Hull Rd) Tues to Sat 10am2pm eftpos Ph 572 3866 FELTMAKING AND TEXTILE Art Workshops see www.thefeltmaker. for information or call in to the shop see samples and discuss your wish list/project with Rosemary. We are at the Historic Village 17th Ave Ph. 07 985 6232 email

bible digest

“FOR MY THOUGHTS are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,� delcares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.� Iasiah 55:8 and 9.

car pooling

CAR POOLING Coming from Waihi Road area to work in Ngongotaha (Rotorua) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 8am to 4:30pm. Willing to share costs. Ph 021 122 4489

caravans for sale

1977 17ft VAGABOND reasonable condition. Suitable for a sleepout. $4500. Ph 07 544 1283


COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s, tuition or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183 COMPUTERS IN PLAIN ENGLISH Training, Repairs & Sales. We come to you! Gold card discounts. Paul From Keeping Ezi-PC. 07 543 1000. QualiďŹ ed / Experienced. VIRUS & SPYWARE REMOVAL Upgrades, servicing and repairs Free call out and quotation New power supply $70 ďŹ tted Motherboards From $100 ďŹ tted. All work has 12 month warranty. LAPTOPS from $300 DESKTOPS from $125 WANTED faulty pc & laptops Call Crystal Computing Tel: 07 579 5860 / 021 156 0055 COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Free call outs and delivery. Software and hardware issues. We also install TV’s and home theatres. Ph Kyle 027 828 7078 at TechSolutions


PECHAKUCHA EVENT TE PUKE Vol.3. Special Rugby Theme. Friday 2nd September 6.30 – 9.30pm at Kiwi 360. Guest Speakers include:- Dame Susan Devoy on “Winning�, Andrea Cooper, Ash Peat, Emily Bristow and many more! Entry $10 at the door or Tickets available at Paper Plus Te Puke & Gift-rapt Te Puke for a night to remember! More info at:

for sale

AMAZING SELECTION OF salt lamps at brilliant prices. Each with dimmer. Helps improve breathing. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 BORDER COLLIE PUPPY 7 month old Male. Beautiful markings. $300, reluctant sale to approved homes only. Phone 0274 705 530 CONCRETE SLEEPERS everlasting and realistic, from $9.00 each. Village Stone, 53 Hull Rd. Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 FRESH FRUIT AND VEGE NZ Oranges $1.99kg Red Grapes $5.99kg Courgettes $4.99kg While stocks last.CITY MARKETS, Cnr Willow and Hamilton Streets, Downtown Tauranga. Ph 07 577 0270 FRESH FRUIT AND VEGE Carrots 99cents kg Swedes 99cents kg While stocks last. CITY MARKETS,

for sale

Cnr Willow and Hamilton Streets, Downtown Tauranga. Ph 577 0270 HEALTH AND FASHION performance in sports. Meridian stress management. The incredible Shuzi. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 PAVERS Factory seconds, half price. 53 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 PORCELAIN DOLLS and others including soft toys. Deceased collection. All for sale at Bethlehem Markets - Sunday 4th September. 8am til noon. QUALITY OFFICE TABLE with chair. Only $180. Cardio-glide exercise $80. Ph 578 5271 or 022 0933 549 WINDOWS & ENTRANCE doors seconds & recycled all sizes and colours. View at Ryan Windows and Doors, 97 Hull Rd, Mt Maunganui


CONSCIENTIOUS GARDENER QualiďŹ ed with knowledge & experience. Maintenance, tidy ups and revamps. Ph Tita 027 65 8781 a/h 542 0120 GARDENER AVAILABLE Pruning, spraying, weeding, rubbish removal. Ph Tracey on 578 9779 for a free quote GARDENER with chainsaw, weed eater & hedge trimmer. All Tools. Seeks work. Phone 57 00 539 GENERAL GARDEN maintenence landscapes and rubbish removal. Ph 579 4984 or 027 5155 746

health & beauty

100% NATURAL UNIQUELY New Zealand, Living Nature Body Lotion. Pamper yourself. Free body wash with each purchase. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT health-promoting supplements. Flax Seed Oil from NZ Botanicals. Long list of healthy beneďŹ ts. Save $5 on every 500ml purchase. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 FREE 2 HOUR health & wellness seminars. Learn how balanced nutrition can help you. for details. KEEP YOUR JOINTS HEALTHY with Microgenics Glucosomine 1500 complex. Proven clinical results with 1500 strength. Save $10 off every 180 tabs. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 LOSE WEIGHT FEEL GREAT! Join a ‘New Look’ clinic in your area. Healthy eating with real food. Ph Bernice NOW 576 4848 MULTI VITAMIN SOLGAR VM 2000 high potency multi nutrient system with chelated minerals and herbs. Tops in absorption. Buy 90 tabs and save $5. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL and antiviral ďŹ ghter Comvita Olive Leaf extract in natural or peppermint avours. Get free Olive Leaf liquid oral spray with each purchase. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333. NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products. Something for everyone. NZ Chartered Natural Therapies and Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 and PREPARE YOURSELF FOR summer. Spend $50 on Celebrity Slim and receive one chocolate fudge and one berry fudge avoured meal bar free! Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT and body fat? New green coffee bean extract Svetol from Good Health. Proven clinical results. Gradual weight loss is best. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333

House sitting

FREE EXPERT House sitters available from 31 October 2011. Active retired couple would love to protect your home, life style block, farm, stock (cattle, sheep, horses, chooks, alpacas, etc) and all types of pets. We have been housesitting for 2yrs and have ref and police clearance. Contact on  or ph 021-047-5807

lifestyle coaching

BALANCED SUCCESS Moving beyond average. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548 mobility MOBILITY SCOOTERS & MORE. Visit our showroom, 29 Burrows St, Tauranga, ph 578 1213. Mobility Equipment & Services. ‘Supporting your independence’


A PSYCHIC READING clairvoyant counselling, vibrational healing. Ph Denise 574 2261 GET THE MALENESS ROARING! Natural libido stimulants Pro-Erex and Testo 19. GREAT results reported. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333


FREE REMOVAL unwanted steel, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, fridge/freezers, car batteries, etc.Phone Breno 021 608 129 Or 544 6560

situations vacant

PAINTER WANTED if you are an experienced painter with great references, quality workmanship and a positive attitude. Call Paul 027 689 6252

to let

CARAVANS heated, special winter rates from $30pw. Free local delivery. BOP Caravan Rentals Ltd, 184 Waikite Rd, Welcome Bay. Phone 544 1509 or 027 533 9301

trades & services

travel & tours

BOOK FOR A SPRINGTIME tour now. 1, Wanganui & District Tour with special highlights, 2 seats available. 2, Another Taranaki Rhododendron Tour as the ďŹ rst one is full. Tours fully escorted and door to door. 3, Transport to Rugby World

travel & tours

travel & tours

RFC, Mark Basham on Rangiuru RFC, Richard Weld on Eastern Districts RFC, Mike Montgomery on Rally Driving. Entry $10 at the door or Tickets from Gift-rapt & Paper Plus Te Puke Powered by PechaKucha 20x20 More info at:

Cup matches, Rotorua & Hamilton. Phone John’s Trips & Tours 576 9305 CURTISY TOURS TRAVEL club Upcoming day and away trips:Raglan, Kawerau Wood Fest, Tairua/ Whangamat, Catlins/Lower South 10 days. Wairarapa 5 days, Christmas Northland and many more phone 07 543 9205 SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS, fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see SMALL GROUP TOURS. Door to door service/pick up. Day trips away or enjoyable short holidays. Ph Kae & Rick 575 8118 WANT A GREAT NIGHT OUT? Friday 2 September 6.30 – 9.30pm at Kiwi 360. Get primed for RWC with 12 x fascinating 6min 40sec presentations! Speakers include:Dame Susan Devoy on “Winning�, Ash Peat on Te Puke Sports


GERMAN LESSONS Interested in learning German? Study with Alexandra, a qualiďŹ ed German teacher. Try a free lesson with Alex: PIANO TUITION modern styles, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Rock. Experienced teacher, Mr Smith. Ph (07) 218 8001 or 021 267 6033


WE BUY FURNITURE House lots, deceased estates, shed/ workshop clearouts. Large or small. Ph 577 99 20


trades & services

ALTERATIONS & NEW HOMES qualiďŹ ed builders & joiners with references available. Proform Construction, 130 Newton Street, Mount. Ph 07 574 9135 BUILDER 30 YEARS experience in BOP. Fences, decks & maintenance work. For a reliable service and a free quote, Ph Keith today on 578 6869 or 021 377 387 BUILDER AVAILABLE NOW New homes, renovations, bricklaying, quality rates, quality work. No job too big or small. Call me now for a quote. DK Builders - Dieter 021 474 299 or 574 2139 a/h BUILDER EXPERIENCED New homes, repairs & alterations. Bathrooms, decks, fences. Trade qualiďŹ ed. Ph Warren 543 2040 or 021 021 98 196 BUILDER / PAINTER qualiďŹ ed carpenter. Labour only $30p/h. Ref available. Ph Mark 544 4177 or CHIMNEY CLEANING For prompt service. B.O.P Chimney Sweep 07 543 2669 evenings. 0275 449 505 anytime ELECTRICIAN Able to do all jobs. Alarms, New Houses and renovations. Registered. Quality service at great price. Phone Tomas, Check Electrical 07 544 6448 or 027 566 7872 ELECTRICIAN affordable and prompt electrical solutions. Guaranteed friendly and professional service. Ph Steve today on 027 848 6042 or 578 0555 ELECTRICIAN available for all services. Mitsubishi air conditioner supplied and installed for very competitive rates. Ph 027 5473 831 or a/h on 543 0062 FENCING WORK, DECKS, pergolas, timber retaining etc. More than 16 years exp. Quality work, immediate start and competitive rates. Phone Daneby 574 4259 or 027 615 0432 GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs, moss removal. Experienced CertiďŹ ed Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 GORSE SPRAYING do you have a gorse problem? Ph today for a FREE quote for all gorse control. Scott 0274 624 769 HANDYMAN..............Jack Handy Cuts........Installs.......Repairs Paints....................Anything No Delay..................021 55 66 83 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 PAINTER AVAILABLE free quotes. Experienced. Reasonable rates. Ph Warren 07 543 2040 or 021 021 98 196 PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, quality workmanship, friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PLUMBING WORKS no job too big or small, blocked drains, plumbing, spouting & roof repairs. Ph 571 5558

trades & services

ROTARY HOEING Lawn preparation & sowing. Loader & blade work. Tractor mowing. Quality work & friendly service. Mini Tractor Service. Ph Murray 543 4538 or 027 200 7480 S.P.A BEAD BLASTERS Metal Restorers Aluminium, brass, stainless steel. Specialising in motorcycle and car parts. Ph Steve 571 0511 or 021 025 36513 STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 0220 764 245

RESPOUT NOW! Call Ageless Continuous Spouting. Made to measure costs less than you think. For a prompt quote. Ph 574 0496 RETAINING WALL SPECIALIST Pole walls, crib walls, tilt slab concrete walls. Excavation and levelling. The best in the business. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 a/h 576 0941 ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter and rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 0274 965 375 proďŹ ROOFING New roofs, re-roofs, spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237 ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline, gutters & down pipes, clean or replacement, chimney repairs. CertiďŹ ed Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 0274 367 740




Featured Plan:         









198.0 m2





Kitset price from $104,000


Superior ZogÂŽ steel

GoldsealÂŽ 10 year

frame technology

completion &

with 50 year guarantee

defects warranty

Echo Minimalist Designer Tapware by Methven Superior impact resistant Gib Ultraline interior lining decorated with SpaceCote by Resene Bradnams double glazed windows with custom liners R 3.6 ceiling insulation and R 2.6 to walls including ESIÂŽ Modern island styled kitchens fitted with Fisher & Paykel oven, hobb, waste disposal and dishwasher ÂŽ

Fixed price contract for peace of mind SENSITIVE CHOICE SUPP OR T IN G A S T H M A CA RE

Call 0800 22 22 56 o r 0 7 5 77 9 9 3 4 1021176

adult entertainment

$$$$ MONEY for Spring. Corporate Angels Escort Agency. Ladies and Gay Males welcome for our extremely busy season. Apply in conďŹ dence to Allan 021 606 180




The Weekend Sun







The Weekend Sun - 2 Sept 2011  

The Weekend Sun, 2 September 2011

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