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28 September 2012, Issue 617

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Age is just a number

For most people, an ace in a professional golf tournament would justifiably qualify as one of the most memorable moments of a lifetime. Sir Bob Charles though, is not most people. The first New Zealander and left-hander to win a major championship returned to the Tauranga Golf Club for the first time in 31 years on Wednesday for the Carrus Tauranga Open proam, where he admitted to being miffed about the hole-in-one he struck on the course’s fifth hole on his way to finishing second at the 1981 NZPGA Championship. “I suppose we’ve got to believe it. I’d like to see the scorecard,” says Charles, who for years has been telling people none of the 10 aces he can remember striking happened in New Zealand. Read more on page 9. Photo by Tracy Hardy

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Interesting train of thought: Ride the elephant The Waterfront weekend was a huge success, with many local yokels turning out to enjoy the refreshed cityscape on our harbour edge. Nice work by those working to a budget, under intense criticism from so many who always know so much better. Shame about the elephant in the room: The railway line that rips through the middle. This column has banged on at length about the absurdity of the arrangement and the continued failure of successive city leaders to address it, despite at least two apparent opportunities to whack a rail crossing over the ditch with one or other of the harbour bridge projects.

So I’m probably wasting my breath and your eyeballs by rabbiting on further. However, we have an excellent letter (pages 44-47) from David Dalton, calling for passenger train services between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga. This would seem to be a great idea, and we’ll be investigating further on David’s suggestion. If we have to have a railway track through the middle of the downtown area, plus the wider urban extremities of the city, why on earth can we not catch a ride? Even commuter trains would make sense, since the tracks pass through all the harbour side suburbs and the satellite townships including Katikati and Te Puke What about special trains for the major events? Rugby in Auckland and Hamilton, The Strand boat expo on the waterfront in Tauranga in November. The home and leisure show last weekend, at Baypark (next to the railway line!) If it can be done for the jazz festival, why not other events? And why not for every-day travel. Surely that would rejuvenate a flagging CBD. After all, the region between those three major cities is considered “the golden triangle” so why is there not a slick passenger rail connection? Read David’s letter, and drop us a line with your thoughts. We’ll get in the ear of a politician or two and see if we can get a head of steam up on this one. If we have to put up with an elephant in the room, we may as well ride it.

Burning questions Ph: 07 578 3212

This ACC outfit needs a kick in the pants. Yet another ridiculous case has come to light this week. An illegal immigrant who poured petrol

A meal for four, or four meals in one.

on himself and set himself alight has been paid $15,000 in error, then allowed to keep it. Santokh Singh (should that be pronounced ‘singe’?) was in NZ illegally in 1997 and had an argument with his wife. So he got sloshed, set himself on fire and suffered serious burns to head, chest, thighs, back and arms. An ACC claim was lodged that year, but denied because the injuries were self-inflicted. He did not appeal the decision, but in 2008 applied for an independent allowance. An ACC claims officer, unaware of his previous application, advised him he was eligible and granted him a weekly $30.40 allowance plus about $14,000 backdated to April 1997. ACC is reported to have continued to pay Singh until April 2010, when it reviewed his case and advised him that the decision had been a mistake. His lawyer appealed, claiming Singh had a mental illness. Judge Martin Beattie dismissed the argument, saying there was no evidence that the decision had been made in error. He found ACC had been correct to revoke its decision to pay Singh because it had been made in ignorance of his past history. Singh claims his injuries meant he was unable to work, relying on a sickness benefit and the help of his friends. He complains that his skin is stretched and has scar marks all over his body. People look at him funny in public. Here at RR we reckon this loser should have thought about that before turning him-

self into a walking bonfire. There are numerous cases of ACC claimants being turned down – hardworking, tax paying legal residents. Many who are injured through no fault of their own. More namby pamby decision making, rewarding bad decision making and penalising decent folk. All Singh should be entitled to is another can of petrol, a box of matches and told to do the job right this time.

More burning questions:

Why can those supposedly clever psychics from Sensing Murder not tell who killed Scott Guy? Why have they NEVER SOLVED a case? Why does the official website ask US to tell THEM more information on the cases featured? How do you spell charlatan? Why is the Aussie Cricket team not called the Wombats? Do naturists catch the Naked Bus?

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The Weekend Sun

Big food processor looking at Tauranga

Tauranga City Council is in negotiations with a major food processor looking at building a central North Island plant that could employ 80-120 people.

Most of the details remain confidential. The public were excluded from the city council meeting this week while they heard from a representative of the mystery developer. Speaking afterwards mayor Stuart Crosby says the company is in the early stages of looking at several central North Island sites. The issue is that the food processing plant is a huge water user. The expected daily use is between 500,000 and 700,000 litres per day or 500-700 tonnes per day with the prospect of that doubling in the longer term. Five hundred tonnes of water is equivalent to the daily demand from 1000 houses. The standard charges for a 10,000m2 building are based on assumed average

demand of 16 tonnes of water per day and nearly 15 tonnes of wastewater per day. Strategic planner Andrew Mead says establishing the facility under the current development contributions policy means the mystery water user will pay $2.59 million in development contributions – based on a 5ha site at $500,000 per hectare, plus a citywide development contribution assessed by multiplying 10,000m2 of gross floor area by $35 per square metre. The city’s current charging regime is capped at twice the standard charge, $2.85 million which doesn’t come near the $7.53 million that would be payable if the pricing was based on the infrastructure capacity that will be used up by the big consumer. Council staff sought political guidance on whether to pursue a water supply and waste water charge reflecting the exceptionally high demand, or whether to lower the amount payable to attract the mystery developer because of employment opportunities that may be provided. The council decided to negotiate with the food processor.


The Weekend Sun

Homeless man beaten in Greerton Safety orders Paul Sneddon, bruised and broke.

Paul Sneddon, 44, required hospital treatment last Friday night after two unknown assailants beat him unconscious outside Greerton Community Hall around dusk. The attack happened while Paul was on his way to apply for a flat. He says the sun was going down so it must have been around 6.30pm. “I haven’t had a place to live since I’ve been in Greerton,” says Paul. He has been living rough behind Greerton Primary School and in local parks. After a desperate night of near-hypothermia, he was determined to find a home. Paul was walking towards Greerton on Cameron Road. He stopped for a break outside the hall. “I took a breather. I don’t know what they used. I got a bloody sore rib cage anyway.” He has been living in the open since September 1, after moving here from Hawke’s

Bay to find work. “I’ve really gone the distance looking for work. I’ve listed with every agency. I’ve got heavy truck licences and all sorts of other qualifications. “I started at the Te Puna Motor Camp. Just for a couple of nights. Then I slept in Memorial Park. I woke up and it was raining. And I was absolutely drenched. I was shaking so hard I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t function. Then I got discovered by the police and taken to hospital. People give the cops a hard time but they are good people. “I was going to see a lady about a place to live. I explained my situation and she’s since let me move in so I’ll be okay now,” says Paul. Witnesses provided police with a description of the assailants however Paul has no recall of the beating. Anyone with information about the attack can phone 0800 Crimestoppers. By Paul Kendon

doing their job Police Safety Orders in the Western Bay of Plenty are proving to be a helpful tool for police in dealing with domestic violence issues in the region. According to recent statistics, the Bay of Plenty has the highest death rate as a result of family violence. A total of 16 people died as a result of family violence in the Bay of Plenty between 2004-2011 – 11 of those were adults and five were children. The Bay of Plenty had the highest number of all 12 regions above the Central region with 11, Auckland 10 and Wellington with nine. Police say safety orders are still a valuable tool and give people a cooling off period of 24 hours before more serious matters are taken. In June, Western Bay of Plenty police issued 35 safety orders, compared with the 23 issued in January. The number of orders issued spiked in February with 48 being handed out. A total of 35 were issued in March, 25 in April and 35 in May. Western Bay of Plenty area commander inspector Clifford Paxton says police have been able to issue PSOs since July 2010. “The orders are an option for police attending family violence incidents where there is insufficient evidence of an offence but action is necessary to ensure the safety of the people at the address. “Police are able to order a person out of the premises, effective immediately, for a period of up to five days.” While the number of orders issued may seem high, the number of breaches is much smaller, with one breach in January and March, two in April and May and three in June. Five of the 48 orders issued in February were breached the same month. “The orders are a tool available to police to help ensure the safety of family violence victims through removal of the other party where there is insufficient evidence of an offence being committed,” says Clifford. “Removal of the other party ensures a cooling off period and enables victims time to make future decisions and gain further assistance where necessary.” By Letitia Atkinson

New courts trialled in New Zealand

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A pilot programme focussing on drugs and alcohol is expected to be a game-changer in the criminal justice system and if successful could be trialled in other parts of the country, including the Bay of Plenty. Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court targets addictions in a bid to reduce recidivism offending. The Bay of Plenty is the worst region for drug driving offences, with more than 100 drivers caught driving under the influence since the introduction of the anti-drug driving law in November 2009. A total of 139 compulsory impairment tests have been carried out in the BOP since the introduction of the law. Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says no other district has more than 100. “So we are well ahead the rest of the country, nationally, which isn’t a good thing. “Bay of Plenty is by far the district with the most number of drug driving related incidents and those who choose to drive after taking drugs are targeted by staff in the Western Bay of Plenty.” In the Bay of Plenty, 139 drivers have been charged with drug driving between November 1, 2009 and July 31, 2012. Of the 139 a total of 88 registered THC; opiates, four; stimulants, 29; and sedatives, three. Ian says there is a high number of people using cannabis and driving, with stimulants the second highest with 29 recorded. One of two specialised drug courts has been set up in Auckland. The courts differ from the drug court based at Christchurch Youth Court.


The Weekend Sun

Craig’s Investment Partners Aaron Moores and Hobec Partner John Mackay.

Lord of the ring

A unique test of courage will take place at the TECT Arena at Baypark this year when boxers fight it out for the title of Lord of the Ring.

The Tauranga Charity Boxing Challenge will take centre stage on the Western Bay of Plenty sporting scene this December when a number of professionals go toe to toe in three two minute rounds in the ring. Sanctioned by the New Zealand Professional Boxing Association, the evening is a black tie event and is expected to attract a sell-out crowd. In recent years boxing in New Zealand has undergone a massive revival with a large part of the renaissance coming from the introduction into the country of corporate boxing. Corporate boxing is where two evenly matched novices train for a number

of weeks to meet in one on one boxing combat. “Tauranga has been screaming out for a corporate night of entertainment, which we are going to deliver in spades on the December 8,” says co-promoter Andy Martin. “The night will also raise funds by way of a charity auction for the Waipuna Hospice.” At stake for the best boxer on the night is the Carrus Lord of the Ring championship belt. The first two confirmed participants are Hobec Partner John Mackay and Craig’s Investment Partners Aaron Moores. When quizzed about why he entered the Lord of the Ring, John says it was a great opportunity to challenge himself mentally and physically. “I enjoy boxing workouts at TGA Box and relish the intensity of the training.” Aaron says when he first put his

name forward, he didn’t realise it was going to be such a high profile night. “My motivation is firstly to raise funds for a great charity and secondly to use the event preparation to improve my health and fitness. I love the total body workout which improves both strength and overall fitness and I have added a couple of extra gym sessions or runs to my normal workouts in preparation for the bout with John.” All the Lord of the Ring participants will kick off their training at TGA Box Health and Fitness at Waihi Rd on October 16 in order to get the necessary fitness and boxing training to box the three two minute rounds. TGA Box principal and co-promoter Chris Walker says most of his members are business people looking to engage in a fitness programme coupled with elements of competition. By Barry Leabourn

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The Weekend Sun


New CEO search on Tauranga City Council has selected a New Zealand based recruitment company to manage the process for selection of a new permanent chief executive. EQI Global is the firm that has been selected, and it is proposing a national and international campaign searching for the highest quality candidates available for the position currently held on an interim basis by Leigh Auton. Graham Ewing, principal of EQI, has been in the business of advising clients on executive recruitment for more than 25 years – the latest similar process being that for the chief executive of Dunedin City Council. The council hopes to have selected a candidate by the end of the year with a view to having them start in April or May next year.

Council goes on the record All inbound and outgoing calls through Tauranga City Council’s call centre will be automatically recorded from early next month. Tauranga City Council spokesperson Elizabeth Hughes says recording calls is common in call centres around the world and that call records will be treated like any other council record. Recordings will include transfer discussion between staff and call centre operators, but will stop once the call is transferred. Elizabeth says the new system will ensure council has accurate records of staff calls and customer complaints, improve staff training and performance in the handling of calls and to keep a record of staff communications with customers on business matters. Restrictions will be placed on who can access call records and a register of accessed records will be logged. By Ben Guild

Fee savings at TCAL Former Tauranga City Aquatics director Mike King was paid more in travel and accommodation allowances than he received in directors fees in his last year as a director of the CCO. Figures contained in the city council’s annual report show the Australian-based director received $20,847 in allowances in 2011, compared with directors fees of $16,410. Former chairman Warren Banks received $22,700 in directors fees in 2011. Both Mike and Warren resigned when their project, the Mount Hot Pools redevelopment, was dropped by council. Shirley Baker who is still a director, received $20,600 in fees in 2011, and $17,500 in 2012. James Rolleston who resigned in May 2012, received $12,709 in directors fees in 2012. Current directors councillors David Stewart, Wayne Moultrie and Larry Baldock, are unpaid.

The gallery and the bus stop The city council decision to place an ill-lit bus stop outside the city’s art gallery is being criticised by gallery director Penny Jackson. At Monday’s council committee meeting she said the bus stop and the ‘general grubbiness that comes with it’ is interfering with art gallery business, and discouraging customers. Gallery staff have taken to letting people out the back door because they were too scared to go out the front. It’s putting off visitors to the gallery’s evening talks because they feel very vulnerable, says Penny. She was told council staff are aware of, and are looking into, the problem. Councillor Bill Faulkner suggested shifting the bus stop up to Durham Street.

Route K losing less money Tauranga City council’s toll road Route K is losing less money than expected, the annual report adopted this week shows. The operational loss is $2.221 million, compared with an expected loss of $3.129million. Raising the tolls at the beginning of the calendar year is paying off.

Toll revenue was $600,000 more than expected, based on an increase in heavy trucks using the road. Total tolls received are $2.615 million, compared with the expected $1.962 million. Last financial year the tolls revenue was just over $2 million. The albatross around Route K’s neck is the $3.7 million in interest charges

on the $59.2 million cost of the road. The shortfall is funded by internal loans until there is adequate revenue to cover the gap The interest rate on internal loans is 6.50 per cent. From that point of view the gap is shrinking. The 2011 deficit was $2.5 million, this year it was $2.2 million.

Knock-back over amatuer radio operator aerials A plea for council support in a fight against an amateur radio operator’s aerial has failed. VedaGlen Inc, an association of residents from Pyes Pa, has lost the battle to prevent a resident in a nearby subdivision from putting up a ham radio aerial. Tauranga City Council removed the right of ham radio operators to put up radio aerials in the proposed Tauranga City Plan. The proposed plan confines ham radio aerials to

nine metres, the same height as buildings. The Tauranga Emergency Communications Group and the NZ Association of Radio Transmitters submitted against the plan,

but they were ignored. They took the council to court and won. The Environment Court upheld the ham radio operators’ right to install a 20 metre high aerial with a horizontal width of 14.9m and a boom of 13m as a permitted activity within residential and rural residential zones. Armed with a valuer’s report stating that just looking at such an aerial can lower their property values by $50,000, 56 of the residents from Veda Glen and nearby streets petitioned the council to take the legal fight to the Court of Appeal.

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Appeals must be on points of law. The petitioners say they have an opinion that section 32 of the Resource Management Act was not given due consideration. Campbell Larking says section 32 was considered in the interim decision. The appeal period expired in June, and any appeal can now only be made via the High Court, which would have to grant a waiver to file out time – particularly as the parties filed a joint memorandum to give effect to the Environment Court’s interim decision, dated September 7. The petition was received.


The Weekend Sun

SmartGrowth review slammed Former Tauranga MP Bob Clarkson believes the SmartGrowth strategy review to be a fait accompli. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Tauranga developer and former MP Bob Clarkson is calling the SmartGrowth strategy review pre-determined, but this has been rejected by SmartGrowth as sour grapes because he wants his land approved now. His accusation comes after receiving a letter he says shows the strategic planning agency has made up its mind on his plans for a mixed residential development including affordable housing in Tauriko. The letter from SmartGrowth programme manager Justine Brennan states residential development for his land is “highly unlikely” to be approved for at least 10 years. The letter comes after Bob has been asked to apply for approval after the reviewed strategy is finalised next year. Bob says the letter is says that the decision has already been

made and that he should go away. The letter states Bob’s residential development plans are unlikely because they are not in the settlement plan and there is ample residential-zoned land for at least 10 years. Justine told The Weekend Sun that Bob’s claim is misleading and is motivated by his wish to have the land rezoned immediately and incorporated in the residential settlement pattern despite a series of challenges. “There are a number of issues with this which make this aspiration problematic, particularly around transport implications on State Highway 29 and undermining the development certainty promoted by an agreed settlement pattern. “Mr Clarkson is seeking a guarantee, prior to SmartGrowth completing this analysis, that his land will be included as a growth area in the short term. That type of commitment cannot be given as there are a myriad of other factors that

will all need to be considered together through the SmartGrowth update.” Justine says Bob’s land is being assessed through the SmartGrowth update along with other possible areas for future growth once the current residential-zoned land within the established settlement pattern has been used up. She says once this is completed (early2013), the information will go to the SmartGrowth committee to decide on indicative future urban growth areas. SmartGrowth is a strategy for managing future growth in the Western Bay of Plenty which all three local authorities Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council - have signed up to. The plan aims to ensure orderly residential development is coordinated with infrastructure needs, while preserving fertile agricultural land. By Read more on Hamish Carter


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The Weekend Sun

Jack Tisch, 17, Caleb Logan, 17, Boston Stewart, 14, Jordan Cooke, 16, and Brooke Polly, 17 lined up alongside Sir Bob Charles for the Carrus Tauranga Open pro-am on Wednesday. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Lining up with a legend From front cover

Charles says his memories of the Tauranga Golf Club are ‘faint and distant’, but he recalls it was not particularly long while playing at the height of summer with hard, fast fairways. The lack of familiarity did little to stop him during Wednesday’s proam, with the 76-year-old shooting a two under score of 69 for his Port of Tauranga team. It wasn’t enough for a win though, with the teams of Stewart Browne Electrical, Carrus #2 and Renners Bar filling the top three spots. Before his round, Charles attributed his remarkable staying

power to taking life in moderation, working out on a treadmill and in the gym and cutting back on sugar and fats. He can’t recall the last time he took a pain killer and even cheekily plugged the supplement he endorses. He says the problem New Zealand now has in producing top players comes down to a number of factors. The country has the courses, but lacks the tournaments, prize money and fine weather that countries like Australia and South Africa enjoy, he says. Charles also believes coaches have too much say, before proudly professing to never having had a lesson. The game is about a pencil and a scorecard, he says - not a competi-

tion to see who has the best swing, as evidenced by the success of Americans Bubba Watson and Jim Furyk who have “the ugliest swings you ever saw”. Charles says he is proud to have his name associated with the national tour, but wished he had more time to support it by playing in the events. The first round of the four-day $40,000 event was in progress when this edition went to print, with Mark Brown, Grant Moorhead and Richard Lee among the favourites. Bay amateur Bradley Kendall looms large in a strong amateur field after winning the $1000 shoot-out including Brown, Lee and Moorhead on Tuesday.


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The Weekend Sun

Pawns in the game The minister heading the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Amendment Bill – designed to further regulate the lending habits of financial institutions – says the Government is undecided on whether interest caps will be added to the legislation. Tauranga MP Simon Bridges outlined the proposed changes to lending legislation earlier this year while calling for public submissions. They include making it illegal to lend money to someone if repayments would be likely to result in substantial hardship; requiring more timely and complete disclosure of terms; better controls against misleading, deceptive or confusing advertising; the introduction of a code for responsible lending – including bans for those who don’t comply; and tighter controls around protecting borrowers from lenders who are not registered financial service providers. They don’t, however, include any mention of putting a cap on the amount of interest lenders are allowed to charge.


The proposed Bill comes at an important time for an industry sullied by lenders who folded during the financial crisis, especially considering the raft of academic material surfacing regarding questionable lending in some of the country’s poorest suburbs. Research from the Wellington campus of Otago University shows loan sharks charging interest rates of up to 400 per cent per annum are exploiting Maori, Pacifica and low-income New Zealanders, while a Family Commission report released in February concluded that areas of high deprivation often have a high presence of alcohol shops, finance companies, fringe

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges.

lenders, mobile tuck shops, pokies and door-to-door sales. The latter of those reports states some credit agencies are targeting families who cannot afford to pay the rates, which include compounding interest of more than 100 per cent. Statistics from the Federation of Family Budget Services paint the same picture – showing that in 2010 the average budget advisory service user had more than $30,000 of debt – a 26 per cent increase from 2009. Simon says he heard horror stories involving stand-over tactics and compounding interest rates far in excess of 100 per cent being charged by lenders operating out of car boots and garages while consulting with Pacifica communities in South Auckland, while other cautionary tales came out of Wellington and Christchurch. “The financial sector wasn’t necessarily working as well as it could and there were also vulnerable people who in extreme cases were being badly taken advantage of.” In spite of this, Simon says interest caps, which weren’t proposed in National’s draft recommendations, didn’t come through as a strong theme during a ‘pretty strong consultation period’.


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The Weekend Sun

The rigours of regulation “I explicitly asked at all the meetings I went to on people’s views on fixed interest caps, and the level of interest was pretty low.” Simon denied that National’s decision not to include interest caps in the original document meant the party didn’t want to regulate that part of the industry. “We didn’t put it in, but we’ve retained an open mind throughout the process of the consultation. I don’t really want to answer your question to be honest, because we haven’t had a cabinet decision about whether we put it in or not, so I don’t really want to be indicat-

ing strong views on the interest rate cap at this time.” Simon says there are strong arguments both for and against an interest cap, but declined to outline what they are. He did, however, call responsible lending, in which lenders have a duty to ensure their loans can be serviced, a ‘radical concept after arms-length transactions’. “Vibrant, successful and innovative credit markets cannot be created when lenders are able to prey on desperate and vulnerable consumers, leaving them and their families trapped in a spiral of debt. “Nor should those lenders be

allowed to sully the reputations or have an unfair advantage over companies who are committed to responsible lending practices. “I am confident the Bill will strike the right balance between ensuring a high level of consumer protection and providing an innovative and competitive credit market. I expect the Bill will pass into law during 2013.” Simon says regulation doesn’t go against National’s long-held support of free market economics, with a willing lender and borrower ensuring a ‘very free, active market place will still be operating’. By Ben Guild

Roller derby triple threat wheels war D




Greerton Village


There will be prizes for best dressed and best signs supporting crowd members’ favourite team. The theme for the evening is military style. Pre-sale tickets cost $13 for adults and $5 for children aged 5-14 years. A family pass for two adults and two children costs $25. Door sales are also available at $15 for adults and $30 for a family pass. Tickets from or derby By Zoe Hunter members.



Mount Militia is Bay City Rollers, who want to steal back their place in the rankings. Tania says roller derby is much Americanised and the teams encourage audiences to get involved. “It’s an action-packed night. It’s women on skates and they are trying to hurt each other, in a nice way.” She says only shoulders, knees and full body contact is used to push their way to the goal line.


Roller derby is making history with a first-time three-team bout to win the War of the Wheels title at Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre on Saturday September 29. Mount Militia will fight for higher honours in a home game against rival team Bay City Rollers following the Roller Derby Nationals in Palmerston North last week where they earned a placing above the Hawke’s Bay team. Wellington’s Richter City Convicts are the third team competing on Saturday. Each team will have two games to decide who takes the title. Quantum Education Group course advisor Tania McCluskey says the biggest competition for

The Weekend Sun has two double passes to Roller Derby – War of the Wheels to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us the name of the Mount Maunganui roller derby team. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received before 4pm, Friday September 28. First in wins.

• Local bus service



Havenbrook Village

Simple Pleasures SB12089-B



The Weekend Sun

Return to sender - address unknown Oh what a mission to consider this week. Staff officially advised elected members that the rates surplus from last financial year is $3.7 million. A rare bit of good news for ratepayers, but what to do with it? We have received a variety of options all of which make good economic sense. Council policy is that the first $500,000 of any rates surplus be applied to debt retirement. Okay. But the rest of it is your money, paid by you last year. In my opinion any surplus should come off your next rates bill. Anything else that is done, economically sensible though it may be, does not guarantee benefit to those who paid in the first place. In fact already there will be a few ratepayers who paid up who are no longer ratepayers. But there’s nothing that can be done under the rating rules to reimburse them. I’ll let you know the final outcome when the decision is made. At Projects and Monitoring the Art Gallery presented their annual report. They reported a busy year. Included in attendances were 9,500 school students. With a twinkle in her eye gallery director Penny Jackson said they couldn’t take many more students unless the Gallery was expanded, a comment for my benefit I suspect, and I joined in

the accompanying mirth. Financially the Gallery ended the year with a $60,437 surplus from a total revenue of $1,189,779. Ratepayers contributed $847,400 of this and Western Bay District Council made a grant of $33,000. The Bay of Plenty Regional Council don’t contribute even though it could easily be argued that the Art Gallery is a regional activity. Administration donations were $12,735 down 50% on an expected budget of $25,000 and down on last year’s take of $20,917. Next year City ratepayers will contribute over $900,000. Creative Tauranga gave their six monthly monitoring report. Contrary to urban myth ratepayers are not paying for the $800,000 Hairy Mclary project. Creative Tauranga told us that they had $300,000 in the bank towards Hairy Mclary and work on the sculpture is well under way. Unaudited accounts showed a surplus of $11,311 on revenue of $618,644. City ratepayers contribute $277,258 and Western Bay contributes $46,602. On Council finances the Council Treasury officer reported the average

interest rate on Council borrowings at 6.05% and this is slowing a short term tendency upwards. Rates revenue funded loans were $217.9 million of a net external debt of $371.1 million. Development contributions overview showed an increase in new dwelling permits – 64 in August compared to 48 last year. In the open forum section of the meeting we were told again of on-going problems at the Mount Hot Pools. Fluctuating temperatures meant that the pools weren’t hot enough. Apparently it’s to do with the heat exchanger as the hot water coming up from the bore that heats the salt water is too hot to discharge into the harbour. The resource consent for this is being reviewed we were told. Just how too hot a temperature results in the pools being cooler is a little hard for mere mortals to understand. This Hot Pools saga just won’t go away despite all sorts of efforts.

Dredging up old issues

On other matters it’s great to hear that the Port has finally got High Court permission to go ahead with dredging the channel so that much larger container ships can enter our harbour. The Resource Management (RMA) consent application has been a long drawn out process and no doubt hugely expensive. In the end we all pay for this. Yes, we need to carefully consider consequences of dredging but a lot of the carry on was not necessary – in my opinion – particularly the final appeal which added delay and expense in the order of four years and two and a half million dollars. Our city and regional economy desperately needs the port activity as the effects of PSA in kiwifruit and the economic downturn bite. During a workshop elected members heard the latest technospeak buzzword that emanates from the Auckland Super City formation. It’s called “harmonisation”. That’s the feel good reference to levelling of rates where some suburbs heavily subsidise others. Great news if you are getting the subsidy but a horror story for others doing the paying. Yet another highlight of how unfair the general rating system is. Bigger is not necessarily better and things aren’t as rosy up there as Mayor Len Brown would have people believe.

On the local front we are in discussion with Western Bay District Council and others on rationalisation of services. Obvious things like planning rules, roading, dogs are amongst the possibilities for savings through economy of scale. Other things to be considered are how these services might be provided. No doubt water will come up! Government seems hell bent on removing water from ratepayer control. Like Metrowater in Auckland, a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO). This introduces the prospect of profit/surplus, taxation, director’s fees etc – just like the legalised theft of electricity from taxpayers – in my opinion. Water, a basic right, should be kept under direct ratepayer control and supplied at cost. Just like now. It’s not broken and doesn’t need fixing. By the way, water is free. You only pay for its collection, processing and delivery.

Well done on waterfront

A great turnout on Sunday for the opening of the Waterfront downtown in the CBD. It’s been over 20 years since the first moves to give people a priority over car parking even though the reclamations were done in the 1960’s for parking. A simple plan, much reduced from former grandiose plans showed that people are what are important – not structures. Well done to all involved. The prospect of a new development industry coming to town was brought to elected members for consideration of a special assessment for Development Contributions. It’s confidential what and who it is but will bring new employment opportunities if it comes here. Council is to negotiate to try and attract new business whilst being fair to ratepayers. A lengthy discussion on a petition from ratepayers asking Council to appeal an Environment Court decision allowing amateur radio enthusiasts aerials. Council didn’t approve these in the City Plan and radio operators appealed and won. Staff said, and those elected members involved agree, this was a “poor court decision” but futile to appeal. Even if you win the same judge is sent back to review his own decision we were told. It’s the nonsense that you come to expect from the RMA – and some Environment Court decisions. This week’s mindbender from anonymous – Since light travels faster than sound some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Weight loss presentations near Coaching the Attitude consultant Mary Parker has created space for men and women to express their thoughts about weight loss and share their experiences with each other at the Hotel on Devonport Tauranga Club. On October 4, Mary and Trust consultant Gail Seddon will

advertise their second two hour presentation coaching the mind towards weight loss - Creating Space. Guest speaker Carole Meredith will share her personal journey to weight loss success. “After standing on the sidelines and watching life pass me by I decided I wanted to grab hold

of all the opportunities coming my way and am now able to fully participate in my life,” says Gail. The presentation begins at 5.15pm. Tickets cost $25 payable by Monday, October 1. Ticket price includes a donation to Tauranga charity - 4good. Drinks and nibbles provided.


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Crashed pilot suffered ‘cardiac event’

Taxi driver robbed

The pilot killed when his microlight plane crashed at Tauranga Airport in 2010 died due to a ‘cardiac event’ according to a Coroner’s report. Rural agriculture

Two men have been arrested and charged with the aggravated robbery of a taxi driver in Matapihi Rd. Police were called to Matapihi at about 9.30pm on Wednesday after a Tauranga taxi driver was robbed and beaten by two men. Police say the alleged robbers, a 17-year-old and a 21-year-old, fled on foot and were tracked by a police dog team across the Matapihi Bridge along the Tauranga waterfront before being arrested near Tauranga Bridge Marina.

Police arrest 18 in drug busts

Thousands drop, cover and hold

A total of 18 people are facing drugs charges after police carried out a series of raids on properties in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Te Puke, arresting 10 men and eight women this week. The majority of the methamphetamine was located at a Tauranga address and a 50-year-old man now faces charges of both possession and supply. Others face possession and supply charges for methamphetamine, LSD, cannabis, cannabis plants and stolen property.

Bay of Plenty residents were among the 1.3million people that participated in the nationwide earthquake drill at 9.26am on Wednesday. It was the first New Zealand-wide drill where people were asked to drop, cover and hold.

Job cuts likely at Waihi mine

Gas leak in Te Puke

About 20 staff and contractors at the Newmont Waihi gold mine are expected to lose their jobs as the industry’s rising costs take their toll. Newmont Waihi Gold has started consulting with staff and contractors, but the exact number of redundancies will not be known until the consultation process finishes on October 2.

Residents were evacuated from houses in the Oxford St area of Te Puke when a digger cut a gas main causing a leak in the vicinity on Tuesday. Te Puke and Greerton firefighters were called to the gas leak near 50 Oxford Rd at about 9.30am.

Waterfront opening a booming success Hundreds of people poured into Tauranga’s Waterfront at the weekend for the celebratory party marking the completion of the first stage of the Waterfront Project.

Firefighters rescue tree climbing dog

Grange Road armed robber jailed

Bay of Plenty firefighters were called to rescue a dog that got stuck up a tree after chasing a possum at a Rangiuru property. The dog, believed to be a pit-bull cross, got stuck up the tree at about 8pm on Sunday. The dog was finally rescued from the tree at about 10pm.

The Tauranga teenager who admitted to robbing the Grange Road Dairy at gunpoint has been sentenced to two years and eight months jail. James Cooper, 18, appeared in Tauranga District Court where he was jailed for the robbery of the Otumoetai dairy on July 2.

Former Fonterra CEO’s $8.2m pay-out Former Fonterra CEO Andrew Ferrier received an $8.2million pay-out when he left the dairy cooperative in 2011 after eight years of service.

Search for city hotel developer resumes Tauranga City Council has resumed its search for a developer to build a new city hotel complex on an inner-city site opposite Baycourt. Council is making a public call for further expressions

of interest after two developers approached the council when news came out that the previous candidate had pulled out of the contract as it was unable to secure the funds.

Portman case: kidnapping charge Police have arrested and charged a 32-year-old Hamilton man with the kidnapping of missing woman Rae Portman who was sighted in

Tauranga and Waihi before being reported missing on July 2. Police began a homicide investigation into the 33-year-old woman’s

disappearance on September 18 and arrested a Hamilton man this week. He is charged with kidnapping and police say more charges are likely.

contractor Jeffery Arthur Bryant, 56, was completing a ’touch and go’ landing on September 27, 2010, when his plane crashed. Coroner Tim Scott’s report says the

pilot died due to a cardiac event which rendered him incapable of controlling the aircraft.


The Weekend Sun

Consultation on vehicle licensing reform begins Last week, as Associate Minister of Transport, I launched a discussion document on options to make New Zealand’s vehicle licensing systems simpler and more efficient. The public has six weeks to make a submission and if you’ve got a view I urge you to have your say. The Vehicle Licensing Reform project is looking at ways to improve the warrant/certificate of fitness, registration, and transport services licensing systems.



In between work in Wellington I’ve really enjoyed my weekends at home in Tauranga recently. Spring seems to be here and I have enjoyed getting out and about. Among the events I have attended have been some Bowling Club Season openings and the Women’s Expo at TECT Arena. Last weekend it was great to pop along to the Home and Leisure Show and to officially open the Tauranga Kennels Association’s Show at Waipuna Park, Welcome Bay. This event attracted people (and dogs) from all over NZ. It is a privilege to be the association’s patron. One final event is well worth mentioning: Tauranga Musical Theatre’s show ‘The Producers’ at Baycourt. Whenever Tauranga Musical Theatre puts something on it’s a tremendous night out. This was no exception.

changes to existing systems will have to achieve this. The options in the discussion document are not preferred options; there may be others. The views and knowledge of vehicle owners and drivers and the transport sector will be an important part of any final recommendations to help the Government make fair and considered choices. I encourage you to head to the Ministry of

Garage sale big help for Guide award Girl Guide Megan Jenkins’ fundraiser has gone well, with more than $1000 being raised to help her complete her Queen’s Guide Award. The initiative took the form of a garage sale organised by freemasons from the Mount Maunganui Lodge, and was well supported. Megan will put the $1030 raised towards funding



Out and about

New Zealand’s WoF system – which began in the 1930s – has a higher frequency of inspections than similar systems in most other OECD countries. It is also possible that there is too high a reliance on a WoF check as a substitute for on-going vehicle maintenance. In Australia, the frequency of inspections is less in every state than New Zealand’s system. In a number of states, for instance, a safety inspection is only required at change of ownership. Across the board, Australia has better road safety outcomes than New Zealand. While they inspect less they do other things which obviously make the difference. Safety, of course, remains a key issue for this Government. An on-going goal for road safety is to put effort where risk is high-


Transport website, www.transport., and let us know what you support, and whether there’s anything we’ve missed.

est. One of the objectives of the project is to reduce regulatory burdens while achieving similar or improved safety outcomes, so any

and the time spent getting a warrant of fitness (WoF) is estimated as worth $100 million.

The current systems have been in place for decades and affect every vehicle owner and driver. More than 14 million transactions are generated every year by these systems. The Government is keen to make sure the rationale behind the systems is still clear and justified. Reform in this area has the potential to save millions of dollars in unnecessary costs and time for households and businesses, which supports National’s plan to build a more competitive and productive economy. About $245 million is paid in inspection fees each year

the last part of a four year process culminating in her organising an educational trip during a period of four days for herself, three Guide companions and one leader, to depart on September 28. Keith Wilmouth of the Mount Maunganui Lodge says the freemasons got great pleasure from helping a young girl achieve a goal she had been working on for years.








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Growing community with Mount garden The old croquet greens in Mount Maunganui will soon be transformed into a community garden after Tauranga City Council approved the plan from the Mount Maunganui Lions Club.

and Rita streets) will be transformed into up to 40 garden beds. The hidden reserve is tucked behind houses and accessed by lanes from both streets. Brian says the focus will now turn to finalising the occupancy agreement and raising money or material donations to develop the site. He was unsure what it would cost to develop the garden, but is keen to hear from anyone who can help with the major costs of timber for the raised beds, a shed, and topsoil. A public meeting will be held on site to discuss plans at 3pm on Sunday, September 30. The park’s future has been uncertain over recent

years with the council considering selling the land, but most councillors at this week’s council meeting agreed it was good use for the site for now. Councillor Murray Guy says while May Street is a very valuable piece of land and there could be better opportunities in the future, in the meantime, it is an appropriate place for the garden. Brian says club members were very impressed with the Otumoetai garden’s success in fostering a sense of community, and want to do the same in Mount Maunganui. For details or donations contact Brian at deylight@ or 5758661 or 021 1672 669.

Club secretary Brian Dey would like to see work begin before Christmas, but says it’ll depend how long it takes to get a licence to occupy agreement from council. “We’ve got good support from the community – we put out 2000 brochures to letterboxes in the area, and all 64 responses we got were positive and 29 were interested in taking a plot, but we think there will be more Mount Maunganui Lions Club members interest once work gets started.” Under the council approval just prepare for the May St community garden (from left): David Peart, Brian under half the former croquet greens on the May St Reserve (between May Dey, Jim Burch and Leigh Pettigrew.

Fishing competition season opens The Western Bay of Plenty 2012 -13 fishing competition season opened last weekend with three fishing contests. Main results: Tauranga Sport Fishing Club Albacore/Puka Tournament September 22-23 51 anglers, 32 fish weighed in – 26 albacore, 6 wreckfish (bass, bluenose, hapuku). Albacore: 1, Greg Percy (Escapade) 23.8kg; 2. Bill Sutcliffe (Escapade) 21.9kg; Wreckfish: 1, Tom Gollop (Free Flo) 55.5kg bass ; 2, Jill Gray (Free Flo) 33.1kg bass. Tauranga Fish & Dive Club Sime Gurnard Contest, September 23. 37 anglers. 6 gurnard weighed in. Heaviest: Russell Anderson, 0.6kg; Average weight: R. Pillay 0.515kg; Western Bay Surfcasting Club, Club Fish, 10am September 22 - 10am September 23. 23 snapper weighed in. Heaviest: Grant Dodunski, 4.72kg. Outside the competitions: Russ Hawkins (Fat Boy) Saturday in the Middle Ground a.m. very slow, but

p.m. improvement. The three anglers landed 42 tarakihi, 5 snapper, and 2 porae. Garth Le Lievre (Deepstar) Middle Ground Saturday and Sunday fishing much tougher. The anglers landed mainly tarakihi and snapper, and all got a good feed . Brett Keller (Manutere) Saturday en route to Mayor they landed a few snapper and tarakihi. Sunday Mayor was hard. After four tries a spot east of Mayor was good for both snapper and tarakihi. Russell Anderson (Bugger) last Wednesday off the Matakana coast fishing was slow, but the two anglers eventually landed in total 9 kahawai, 6 gurnard, and 5 snapper. Beach fishing, our veteran Papamoa kontiki fisher Wednesday last week brought in 7 gurnard and a kahawai; Brian Fitzgibbon got 7 snapper, and 4 gurnard. Sunday Brian Dolle excelled getting 6 snapper in one set. At Pukehina our contact kontiki fisher last Friday night got 4 snapper, 3 gurnard, and a kahawai.

Biting back IN THE BAY

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Bay hut bookings go online Visitors to one of the Kaimai’s most significant historic places will enjoy a more reliable trip this summer, as advanced bookings become available for the popular Waitawheta Hut.

“It’s the status quo in the meantime. We expect the pressure on the facilities and environment at the hut and mill site to be reduced

forests and historic attractions in the Waitawheta Valley, which is located near Waihi, and this number is expected to grow. The overnight trip to the hut takes walkers along the 100-year-old kauri logging tramway to the site of one of New Zealand’s iconic kauri logging mills. From November 1, 2012 Pete says DOC is develthe hut, popular with oping Waitawheta into trampers in the region, a unique overnight will become a ‘booked backcountry expehut’ – allowing tramprience for families ers to plan ahead and and groups, guarantee themselves based around a bunk, while casual the nationvisitors will still ally significant be able to camp kauri sawmill outside the hut in and tramway. exchange for one Work includes DOC backcountry the installahut ticket. tion of two more Tauranga DOC bridges over the ranger Pete Huggins says Waitawheta River, The Waitawheta Hut in the Kaimais will become it’s important to create extension of the track a ‘booked hut’ in November so trampers can secure westwards to link to a reliable overnight stay for their place at the popular hut. Mount Te Aroha, and the people at the popular location. reconstruction of parts of the “You can check the availability original sawmill. of bunks before going on your trip, and book the right number of spaces for your The hut costs $15 per adult per night and group.” $7.50 for those aged 5-17. Backcountry once the hut is limited to 26 people. Pete says the booking system itself will be hut passes are not valid at Waitawheta Hut “This will create a much better atmosfrom November 1. live on the DOC website from Monday, phere and experience for visitors, especially For more information visit www.doc.govt. October 1, but the change to becoming a those that are new to the backcountry.” nz/kaimaiheritage or phone 07 578 7677. booked hut is not until November. About 6000 people a year visit the scenic

Collect Fly Buys Please ask in store

BethleheM Bethlehe

katikati Main Rd

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town CentRe


te Puke


The Weekend Sun

Weekend on the Water

Harbour ferry launches A harbour ferry service between Tauranga and the Mount is being launched on Wednesday, 10 years after the previous ferry service stopped. The ferry, run by Omokoroa-Matakana barge operators Tauranga Water Transport, will initially operate a five-day per week Wednesday toSunday service, before being expanded to a daily service for summer. Owner Glen Proctor is optimistic about the viability of the service, which he hopes will eventually run year-round between Salisbury Wharf and the Tauranga waterfront. Glen has had strong support from Tourism BOP for the service and expects strong demand in cruise ship season. “We will get a good feel for the demand in October-November and expect to be beginning the full daily summer service in December.” The ferry boat is a 30 foot Naiad that is

licenced to carry 23 people and was previously used as a Picton water taxi. It will be skippered by Glen’s son Michael – in what is a growing family water transport business, which will soon also include a 36 foot catamaran offering various tourism services. The catamaran, which is being built by Kim and Colin Bertelsen’s Mount Maunganui family boat-builder Alloy Cats NZ Ltd, will be ready for service by the end of October. The cat will offer golf tours to Omokoroa, take visitors to Matakana Island for tours, as well as other charter tours out to Mayor Island and around the harbour. Glen is installing a video camera under the catamaran to watch stingrays to offer “some interesting entertainment”. The service will run hourly over the day from 9am-4pm, with services leaving Tauranga at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm, while it will embark from Salisbury Wharf at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. By Hamish Carter

Sea kayaking going from strength to strength The Bay Association of Sea Kayakers AGM earlier this year drew a good turnout of members -the free pizza had nothing to do with it of course! We were fortunate to have as a guest speaker, local paddler Tim Taylor, who in 2010/2011 attempted to circumnavigate New Zealand by kayak but had to stop his circumnavigation at Ninety Mile Beach due to heavy, persistent onshore breaks. He returned to Ninety Mile Beach in 2012 and finished the circumnavigation, arriving back in Tauranga in February 2012. To most of us at the meeting it was a fascinating look at the extreme side of kayaking – not at all like a gentle paddle in our sheltered harbour. With over 70 members, BASK is in a healthy financial position which means that we are able

to leave annual fees at $25 for a single and $40 for couples. The make-up of the club is fairly evenly split between male and female members - with most of us in the ‘mature’ age group. The reasons for the success of the club are many fold. If it’s exercise you want, it’s easier on the body than running and certainly safer than biking, and because you’re using arm and back muscles instead of the big leg muscles, once you are paddle-fit you can paddle for many hours. Paddling’s main attraction though, is that both men and women can paddle together at the same speed, even when boats are loaded with food and camping gear. The sea kayaks we paddle are 4.8m to 6m in length and can carry a lot of gear - certainly more than you can carry in a back pack - and although costing over $2000 new, they can be

purchased second hand for half that. Many in the club are also into fishing and have set up their kayaks with red holders, anchor points, catch bags etc. Our programme over the coming months has trips most weekends (check the ‘What’s On’ pages here in The Weekend Sun). The trips can be in the Tauranga or Bowentown Harbours, Rotorua Lakes, Waikato River Lakes, or Coromandel – this year there is even a week-long trip around Waiheke, Motutapu, and Ponui Islands in the Hauraki Gulf, and a five day trip down the Whanganui River - the carrying capacity of the kayaks comes in handy then! So if you’re having a mid-life crisis or the children have finally left the nest and you want something a bit different -you won’t be asked to paddle around New Zealand -get in touch with Bevan Grant 07 576 8885 or Evan Pugh 07 883 6898.

Tauranga Water Transport ferry skipper Michael Proctor prepares for his first passengers. Photo by Bruce Barnard.


The Weekend Sun

Free 20 hours’ ECE - Is it really free? “It takes a Village to raise a child”

GENUINE 20 HOURS FREE ECE for 3 to 5 year olds

NEW ‘Cool for School’ Programme Run by an experienced new entrant teacher, to prepare children for a successful transition to school. 171B Moffat Road, Bethlehem (Next door to Décor Garden Centre)

Phone (07) 576-0183

Twenty free hours’ early childhood education is a great government initiative to provide young children with free access to early childhood education.

per week at no charge. The Ministry of Education states that ECE services can’t charge fees for the hours of 20 Hours ECE, but they can charge for your child’s other enrolled By with Claire Topping from hours. ECE services The Village Childcare can set fees on an Everyone seems to be hourly, daily, sessional or weekly offering 20 FREE ECE, but read basis, and they may require that the fine print at some services and parents enroll children for more you may find there are additional than the 20 free hours. charges and enrolment conditions ECE services may also request placed on attendance under the 20 Optional Charges for additional ECE hours. Enrolling for 20 ECE should be a services, or items you could provide for your own children, such as straightforward process. Children sunblock. You can choose whether age three through five are eligible or not to pay Optional Charges. for up to six hours a day, 20 hours

Village VOICE

ECE services cannot refuse your child 20 Hours ECE if you don’t agree to pay them. If you do agree to pay the optional charge, the ECE service can enforce payment, however they must provide you the opportunity to review you decision. With the latest announcement requiring parents on benefits to ensure their children attend early childhood education for 15 hours from the age of three, it is important for parents on a tight budget to look closely at what is being offered and what charges apply, because this service should be FREE. For more information on 20 Hours ECE, check out the Ministry of Education Website at Parents/EarlyYears/HowECEWorks

Small numbers, big potential A new early childhood education centre with a difference is opening in Gate Pa next month.

As well as an educational programme, activities, such as growing and cooking fruits and vegetables, and a massive outdoor play area with a giant sandpit, will provide plenty of physical challenges and fun. “The outdoor environment is quite different; it’s not flat so it’s certainly going to allow for risk and resilience to develop, I liken it to an old fashioned kiwi backyard with extras!” says Caroline.

After working in the early education sector for more than 30 years, owner Caroline Hjorth is thrilled to open Gate Pa Preschool and Childcare Centre. Caroline says it has been a lifetime goal to start her own preschool. “It has been a lifetime passion of mine to open a centre, where teachers can focus on providing a quality education and caring environment for children.” Caroline is restricting the centre to 25 children, significantly smaller than many early childhood centres opening today, to achieve a family-orientated environAdministrator Lannie Freed, teachers Michelle Ruby and Jess ment. Watkins and owner Caroline Hjorth. Photo by Tracy Hardy. Strong relationships develop in smaller group environments this is a ‘quality indicator’ and being promoted Children will also have the luxury of quiet contemas healthier for children to learn in. “Relationships are plative areas and no matter what the weather; a large tender interactions that nurture a child’s journey.” under-cover area will allow active outdoor learning. The centre will operate with greater than recomA separate baby area will give infants peaceful learnmended adult/child ratios to develop the children’s ing opportunities in their own space; Caroline has a inner love of learning, through focused attention on keen interest in babies and their care environments. their individual needs. Teachers have been chosen for Enrolments begin October 6, contact Caroline for their specific skills to complement the centre’s philosomore information phy of respect. By Corrie Taylor

You have won this week’s Prize Pack from Nappies for Less & Sassi Photography


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All feathers and fun these holidays The Katikati Bird Gardens has for many years been a popular weekend or school holiday day outing for adults and children. It is very popular with local grandparents when they have grandchildren to stay over the school holidays. The children love being able to hand-feed the birds while the parents and grandparents enjoy the beautiful gardens and natural environment. The gardens consist of around 10acres of

formal and informal gardens, including natural wetlands complete with a ‘moa’ and now with a tree hut, lily ponds, rose gardens, flowers, trees and shrubs. The garden is also home to around 50 varieties of birds, including natives such as keas. There is a pleasant café serving a good selection of freshly-made food and great coffee. A small playground and a well-used basket of

The Katikati Bird Gardens prove popular during school holidays.

Help Otumoetai talent An Otumoetai College musical act is calling for the Western Bay of Plenty public to vote it through to the wildcard section of New Zealand’s Got Talent. The school’s head of drama, Mandy Rowe, says LO MADAS (Lovers of musicals, acting, dance and song) is united by their talent and passion. “We are a normal co-ed school, aged 13-18. They have huge talent, big hearts and commitment. Many of them do not have a privileged life, just a normal one, with hard-working parents trying to do the best they can to support their kids. “Many cannot afford singing or dancing lessons, but they are all keen to learn.” The group, comprising Korean, Indian, Maori, Pakeha and Maori, rehearse twice weekly in their own time. Mandy says the underdogs need a chance and would love to perform on national television, especially since several members of the group narrowly missed out on qualifying on their own during the Tauranga auditions. Once a person is registered to vote, they can vote once every day until the competition closes, says Mandy. To vote, text NZ683 and your name to 5337 or visit the Wild Card section on the New Zealand’s Got Talent website. By Ben Guild

Win a free pass The Weekend Sun has a special one month pass to Dialled Indoor Skatepark valued at $200 to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us where the skatepark is located. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received before October 3.

toys are available for the youngest of visitors. Katikati Bird Gardens is situated at the end of Walker Road East. Sign posted off State Highway 2, about 7kms south of Katikati on the way to Tauranga.


The Weekend Sun

Beach volleyball for everyone The Weekend Sun has tickets for one child and one adult to Coppelia to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us what day the ballet will take place. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received before October 3.

If a game with mates and a few drinks after work sounds like you, get signed up for this year’s Social Beach Volleyball competition at Main Beach Mount Maunganui next month.

The four-a-side beach volleyball competition runs for eight weeks starting October 16 and again on February 5. Running since 1997, the popular contest sometimes attracts as many as 800 people to the beach. “We’ve had up to 120 teams some years,” says Bay of Plenty Volleyball manager Maria Woods. Maria says the contest is open to anyone, from teenage groups of mates to work teams, and skill level is not an issue. Grades are labelled from extremely social and social to competitively social and competitive, so teams can feel comfortable playing at their chosen level. Players don’t even need to know the Social volleyball team Hit That training members Iain Hay, Richard Preest, rules as referees are provided, says Maria. Ben Havaki-Beckett, Darren Leggatt, Andrea Deuchrass. Photo by Tracy Hardy. “You play where you want to, where Mac’s drink and sausage at the Surf Maunganui Surf Club is also open you think you’re going to fit. Club. At $190 per team for eight “There’s something for everyone.” providing food and drink after the weeks of volleyball and tonnes of games. Maria says the competition Games run during the evening fun – this year’s Social Beach Volis always loads of fun and players and each team play once a week leyball is a steal! See the ad on this don’t need to be really fit. – with many people showing up page for details on how to register. The final night includes a free to watch the games. The Mount

Classic Coppelia at Baycourt The Yvonne Edwards School of Dance will present its annual production of the well-known three act ballet ‘Coppelia’ at Baycourt this October. The traditional ballet is a charming favourite among both young and old ballet lovers, telling the story of how Swanilda and her friends trick the old doll maker, Dr Coppelius into thinking his beloved creation has come to life.

Yvonne Edwards School of Dance proudly presents



ctober 6th of O Saturday s only e c n a 2 Perform 7pm 2pm and


Book at BAYCOURTTicket Ticket Direct Book at BAYCOURT Direct

Set in an old European village to music by Leo Delibes there are many beautiful classical and character dances including a traditional Mazurka and Czardas. Like all good tales there is a happy ending with the Harvest Festival and wedding celebrations ensuring glorious, colourful dancing throughout. The production, involving children of all age groups and as young as four-years-old, is sure to have wide appeal. The show is at Baycourt on Saturday, October 6 at 2pm and 7pm – timed perfectly for school holiday entertainment. Tickets available at Baycourt Ticket Direct.

Open daily 8am-late Fairy Springs Rd Phone 0800 724 626

Millie Godfery as “Swanilda”.

By Corrie Taylor


The Weekend Sun

Western Bay of Plenty Event


Booking Required

Tuesday 2nd

9.30 – 11.00am

PORSE Snow Day Free community fun day in the snow. Suitable for 1-5yrs.

The Village, 11th Avenue


Hilary 021 409 231

Tuesday 2nd


Guns & Roses Historic Walk Visit early Pa and Redoubt, cannons, war stories, armed constabulary, rose gardens and Cameron Road war memorial.

Police Station, Cliff Road


Ned Nicely 07 577 7205

5.30 – 6.30pm

Have a Go BMX Have a go and practice riding BMX on the new track, gate starts, general bike and gear checks. Opportunity to race later in the month.

Tauranga BMX track, Cambridge Road Park


12.00 – 4.00pm

Archery Come and try to hit gold! 45 minute sessions suitable for over 7yrs.

Graham Park, off Takitimu Drive




Tuesday 2nd

Wednesday 3rd





Gold coin donation

Terry 07 544 1616 (between 6.30 – 8.30pm)


Water, hat, sense of curiosity.

Fulton Hogan Corporate Challenge Corporate invitation event. Come and watch the teams battle it out in a range of quirky challenges.

Masonic Park, The Strand

Not for spectators

Tracy 07 577 7000 ext 7659

Visitor Centre, TECT All Terrain Park


Julie Webb 07 579 6732



Saturday 6th

9.00am – 12.00pm

BOP Dragon Boat Club ‘Open Day’ Have a go at paddling in a Dragon Boat with experienced paddlers. Learn about paddling with the possibility of joining the club.

Sulphur Point


Matthew Cuthbert 027 542 4887



Saturday 6th


Touch @ Baypark - Adult Tournament Mixed teams, must have three females on at all times.

Baypark Field 2


0800 BAYPARK (229 727) ext 6000

$150 per team


Saturday 6th

10.00am – 1.00pm

Bayparks 1st ARENAversary Participate in activities at baypark for free, inside and outside activities. Under 5’s, under 13’s, youth, adult & golden oldies zones.

Baypark, Mount Maunganui


0800 BAYPARK (229 727)



1.00 – 4.00pm

Little River Critters & Wild Goose Chase Park Rangers will help participants catch and identify small freshwater fish and insects using small nets. Wild Goose Chase orienteering activity including bird identification and spot prizes. Suitable for 6-14yrs.

Gordon Carmichael Reserve Outdoor Classroom. Carmichaels Rd

Yes (numbers limited)




Tracy 07 577 7000 ext 7659 tracy. wakefield@ tauranga.

Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th

9.00am – 3.00pm

Have a Go at Outdoor Bowls – Matua Have a go at this great game suitable for the family 14yrs and up.

Matua Bowling Club, Levers Road


Phil Green 07 576 3516

Sunday 7th


City Trails Explore the city tracks and trails in a mostly off-road ride.

Historic Village 17th Ave


Bruce Galloway 07 577 5243, 027 297 1213


Sunday 7th

9.30 – 10.30am

Nordic Walking First Steps Learn the technique of Nordic Walking, receive walking with poles coaching. Suitable for beginners, four week series every Sunday.

Memorial Park


Ineke Riley-Stol 021 128 4362

$10pp per session

2.00pm onwards

Have a Go at Outdoor Bowls - Mount Maunganui This is a great opportunity for novices to have a go at outdoor bowls.

Club Mount Maunganu, Kawaka St


5.30 – 6.30pm

Have a Go BMX Have a go and practice riding BMX on the new track, gate starts, general bike and gear checks. Opportunity to race later in the month.

Tauranga BMX track, Cambridge Road Park


Friday 12th


Glow Worm Walk – Te Reranga Tunnel Join a guided one hour walk through pines and bush to the tunnel to check out the glow worms.

Visitor Centre, TECT All Terrain Park


Saturday 13th

10.00am – 1.00pm

Tree Climbing Tree climbing for children, fun and free. Suitable for 3-14yrs.

Yatton Park


BOP Skate Comp and Vert Demo Start with a street style skate comp at the skate rink. Vert – ramp demo with opportunity for learners to workshop with the pros.

Memorial Park Skate Rink


The Lakes Hole in One Challenge Hit the target with a golf club and ball. All day qualifying, 8 qualifiers try to win a brand new car, suitable for 12yrs up. Plus, free Snag Golf activities for 2yrs up.

The Lakes, Tauriko


Register from 10.30am kick-off 12.00pm Sunday 14th

10.00am – 5.00pm

Hat, drink bottle, covered shoes.


Glow Worm Walk – Te Reranga Tunnel Join a guided one hour walk through pines and bush to the tunnel to check out the glow worms.

Sunday 7th

Bike, helmet, gloves, shoes long pants and long sleeve top.


2.45 – 4.00pm

Tuesday 9th

What to bring Warm clothes, boots, small spade.




Dean Worrall 07 574 0023


Hat, sunscreen.


Water bottle, sturdy footwear, warm clothes, torch. Water shoes, towel, change of clothes, warm wind breaker. Comfortable clothing, sunscreen. Comfortable clothing, footwear. Pen, sunhat, sunscreen.

Flat soled shoes, a smile.


Mountain bike, helmet, drink.


Walking shoes, comfortable clothes, rain jacket.


Flat soled shoes. LOW

BNZ is proud to support Play in the Bay. taurangabmx@

Julie Webb 07 579 6732

Richard 021 846 068

Gold coin donation




Water bottle, sturdy footwear, warm clothes, torch.


Bike helmet (compulsory), warm cloths, picnic.


Skate gear, helmet, pads, sunscreen, picnic.


Cale 021 0266 3067

$5 for comp

Chris McAlpine 027 4955 817

$5 to hit target (3 balls)

Bike, helmet, gloves, shoes long pants and long sleeve top.

Children must be supervised by adults.

BNZ is proud to support Play in the Bay.


Walk for Hope 5km fundraising walk/run for A Girl Called Hope a non-profit organisation providing a programme for young women who suffer from life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, self harm, depression, abuse and unplanned pregnancy.

Fergusson Park, Matua

Sunday 14th

2.00pm onwards

Have a Go at Outdoor Bowls - Mount Maunganui This is a great opportunity for novices to have a go at outdoor bowls.

Club Mount Maunganu, Kawaka St

Monday 15th

10.00 – 11.00am

ALFS Outdoors & Indoor Exercise to Music Social active exercise class building cardio, strength, flexibility and balance.

Arataki Community Centre

literacy of New Zealanders, and making No Lynda Hitchfield Free Comfortable shoes, for your personal banking needs, or through 578 9272more accessible. for first banking 07 services As our clothes, hat, drink LOW centres timers bottle. in one of our Partners Business

Monday 15th


Learn to Windsurf Starting Mondays a 20 hour entry level course for kids and parents to get into this fun, fast, cool sport, with a qualified instructor and first class equipment.

Kulim Park


Friday 19th


Learn to Sail Starting Fridays yachting NZ Level one and two course with qualified instructor and first class equipment.

Sulphur Point

Tauranga Moana Tauranga Tangata Festival Showcasing Tauranga Máori talent, ability and achievement bringing our marae, hapá and iwi together to celebrate as Tangata Whenua. An opportunity for the whole community within the Western Bay of Plenty to celebrate with us.

Village on 17th Ave & QEII Centre

Nicki 07 578 0016

Oceanblue Beach Walk - supporting Breast Cancer Join this beach walk to raise money for Breast Cancer support services.

Papamoa Surf Club

No 0800 275 Lea269 027 571 3346

Gold coin donation

Slog it Out for Foodbank Obstacle Relay Teams of 4 slog it out to finish first in the army style relay. Prizes for best dressed and winners. Cost: 12 cans per team for the Tauranga Foodbank.

Tauranga Domain


See event info


Tear or cut along here

Meet at 2a Second Avenue

Waka Ama Have a Go Come and try out waka ama and get ready for summer. All equipment provided.


Kat Macmillan 021 023 92608





13/07/12 1:59 PM

Money, camera. 13/07/12 1:59 PM

Fitness Water, warm clothes, wetbring What to weather gear, snacks, Level

sturdy footwear, torch. Lunch, drink, personal Continued over first aid, warm clothing, parka, walking shoes. Mountain bike, helmet, drink and lunch.

Rebecca Ryder 027 439 9936





Water, warm clothes, wet weather gear, snacks, sturdy footwear, torch.


Comfortable clothing, sunscreen.

1. Papamoa Hills Park How many wooden stairs are there from the bottom to the ‘Fire Danger’ Durin sign?________________________ Morg 2. Mount Maunganui Base Track What is the Maori name for Mount Maunganui? _______________________ Coun 3. Waikareao Estuary, Tauranga involv What is the name of the plants that grow in the shallows and have air roots?

Junior Surf & Nippers Registration & Have a Go Day Junior surf & nippers is a perfect introduction to safety in the surf. Activities on the beach & in the water.

Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesaving Club


Glenn Bradley 07 575 5595

Glow Worm Walk A guided 1.5hr glow worm walk though bush setting, over streams. Dress warmly and for rain.

McLaren Falls Park Visitors Centre


Steph Brackstone 027 472 9967

Touch @ Baypark - Adult League 8 week league with mixed teams, must have three females on at all times.

Baypark Field 2


0800 BAYPARK (229 727) ext 6000

$260 per team

Adrenalin Forest Multi-level aerial ropes obstacle course. With 6 different courses and 3 hours of entertainment, fun, challenge and of course Adrenalin. This is a great way to build your confidence while having a good time with your friends, family or work mates. 10% Discount if you show your Outdoor Month Calendar on arrival during October.

TECT All Terrain Park off SH 36.


For more infor/rules/ regulations check out www. adrenalin-forest.

See event info


 Hand in your passport to your local Sport Bay of Plenty office by November 5th to be in the draw.


7.45pm 6.00pm

Drink bottle, spare clothes, towel.

Club Building, Cross Rd, Sulphur Point


10.00am – 12.00pm

10.00am – 2.30pm (last start time)

Comfortable pink clothing.

Bruce Galloway 07 577 5243, 027 297 1213

Sunday 28th

Monday 29th



Sunday 28th

Everyday all month


Comfortable clothing. Road worthy bike, helmet, drink.

Yes (limited to 10 people)

7. Otaniwainuku Rimu Loop Walk, Oropi

Shorts, t-shirt, warm layer, sand shoes. Togs, towel, sunscreen.

Suitable clothing and footwear, snacks and drink.



Prou Bay been Taur

11. Rotorua > Redwood Forest – Quarry Lookout Track (Green) Name 2 different coloured walking tracks you could do in the Redwood Forest?

_______________________ ________________________ 11. Matata > Dotterel Beach Walk (BIRDSaPLENTY) October 13th at 10.30am (Assemble at Matata Tennis Club Car Park) Passport to be signed by Walking Guide (Sue Greenwood)



email: ..............................................................................

Would you like to receive Play in the Bay updates? Yes

13/07/12 1:59 PM

BNZ is delighted ___________________________________________________ to support Sport Bay of Plenty’s fanta 4. and Matuawe’re Saltmarsh Play in the Bay, determined to help Finish this sentence ‘The drain is ____________________, It all flowsand into f make our communities stronger. We listen to the ______________ ’ Bay o what’s needed, and contribute in a number 5. Gordon Carmichael Reserve, Bethlehem of ways such as What sponsorships, native, blue, birdemployee lives in this area? How many can you see? volunteering, helping improve the financial ____________________________________ ________ 6. Zealanders, The Lakes, Tauriko literacy of New and making is the name of the bird symbolised throughout the tracks at The Lakes? banking servicesWhat more accessible. As our ________________________ communities get stronger, everyone benefits.

Steph Contact Required Brackstone 027 472 9967 No Mike Burrett 07 548 0122



Gold coin donation

Booking No


ORinT PAetSe 8SwalP ks and go

prize! Compl to win a Plenty rt Bay of the draw r local Spo

PASSPORT Complete 8 walks and go in BNZ the isdraw proud to win a prize! to support Play in the Bay.

Hauraki Rail Trail Ride the new Hauraki Rail Trail between Waikini to Te Aroha. Transport provided from Tauranga and return from Te Aroha. Distance of ride is 38km. Suitable 12yrs up.

Whatthe colourtime are theto markers on the trees showing you where to go? Our local staff take understand ___________________ your personal and business goals, so they can 8. Kaiete Falls, Welcome Bay provide tailored advice and solutions that suit How many main falls are there above the bridge? ______________________ your needs. Get in touch with us by visiting 9. Te Puna Quarry one of our ten stores the Baytwoofbird Plenty What areacross the colours of the sculptures on the rhododendron walk? for your personal_____________________________ banking needs, or through ____________________________ one of our Partners 10. HaikuBusiness Park, Katikaticentres in When do fishermen fritter away day? Look to the boulders for the Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane forthe your answer. _________________________________________ business requirements.

Tauranga RDA, No Ngapeke Rd, 2-0 2017 Welcome BayPartners DL ad.indd McLaren LocationFalls Park Visitors Centre

0800 275 269 Name: ............................................................................. Phone: ............................................................................

Tauranga RDA Gala & Ribbon Day An opportunity for public to try their hand at traditional village fair style games.

$184/ team for 8 weeks


2-0 2017 Partners DL ad.indd 107 578 0016

Glow EventWorm Walk A guided 1.5hr glow worm walk though bush setting, over streams. Dress warmly and for rain. Tramping with the Tauranga Tramping Club Tramp Tuahu Track from Hot Springs Road to summit and return, includes stream crossings. Suitable for 14yrs up.

10.00am – 12.00pm


Volleyball BOP 0800 275 269 07 578 0016 ext 823

10.00am – 2.00pm

Sunday 28th






Complete 8 walks and go in the draw to win a prize!

Mount Main Beach

Meet at Fergusson Park entrance.

Meet at 11th Ave Car park to carpool

 Hand in your passport to your local Sport Bay of Plenty office by November 5th to be in the draw.

Social Beach Volleyball League Four a-side beach volleyball 8 week league starts. Grades for all abilities.

7.45pm Time 8.30am

Christine Rotorua at the $185 Togs,for towel, water Tauranga, and Whakatane your

Our localYacht staffClub take the time to understand bottle, wetsuit if you MOD business requirements. 07 578 5512 your personal and business goals, so they have can one. provide tailored advice and solutions that suit Yes Christine at the Contact your needs. Get in touch with us by visitingTogs, towel, water Yacht Club for more bottle, warm clothes. MOD one of our stores across 07 ten 578 5512 info the Bay of Plenty for your personal banking needs, or through No Tiana Bennett Comfortable clothing. one of our Partners Business centres in tianab@ Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane for your LOW FREE business requirements.

Saturday 27th

Sunday 28th 8.30am Tear or cut along here


communities get stronger, everyone benefits.

Pedal Matua Join this cycle group for a ride around the Fergusson Park and Matua area.



LOW volunteering, helping improve the financial one of our ten stores across the Bay of Plenty

Saturday Date 27th Sunday 28th




Thursday 25th




provide tailored advice and solutions that suit

what’s needed, and contribute in a numberFlat soled shoes. No Dean Worrall yoursuch Get inFREE touch with us by visiting of ways sponsorships, employee 07needs. 574as 0023 5.

Wednesday 24th


5.30 – 8.30pm 9.00am

Play in the Bay, and we’re determined to help your personal and business goals, so they can make our communities stronger. We listen to


Tuesday 23rd

Wednesday 24th


on the agirlcalledhope. shoes. day staff BNZOur is delighted to support Sporttime Bay ofto Plenty’s LOW local take the understand

Papamoa Hills Park How many green ‘SUMMIT’ signs are there on the track to the summit? ________________________ Mount Maunganui Base Track What was the name of the locally owned launch that was wrecked off the coast on her maiden voyage? ___________________________________ Waikareao Estuary, Tauranga What has been erected to commemorate the completion of the Motuopae project? ___________________________________________________ Matua Saltmarsh After what battles in 1864 was the Otumoetai land confiscated? __________________________________________________________ Gordon Carmichael Reserve, Bethlehem What two things break down contaminants in the storm water ponds? _____________________________ ____________________________ The Lakes, Tauriko What is the name of the bird symbolised throughout the tracks at The Lakes? ________________________ Otaniwainuku Rimu Loop Walk, Oropi What is the approx age of the Rimu fallen down across the track? _________ Kaiete Falls, Welcome Bay How many different tracks are there at the falls? ______________________ Te Puna Quarry What are the two iconic land marks you can see looking to sea from the pagoda sponsored by Tauranga Bridge Rotary Club? _____________________________ ____________________________ Haiku Park, Katikati Finish this sentence ‘Over smooth grey stones ______________________’


2-0 2017 Partners DL ad.indd 1


Various times



Sunday 14th


Mills Reef Winery


Tauranga Running and Cycling Festival 67km fun ride and 7km fun run/walk. After your hard work enjoy wine tasting, olive oil tasting, live music and festival activities.



11. Rotorua > Redwood Forest – Quarry Lookout Track (Green) What does the sign say at the Quarry Lookout? ________________________

Sunday 14th

12. Matata > Dotterel Beach Walk (BIRDSaPLENTY) October 13th at 10.30am (Assemble at Matata Tennis Club Car Park) Passport to be signed by Walking Guide (Sue Greenwood)

Carpark next to Papamoa library

Name: .............................................................................

Frocktober Bicycle Tour Explore Papamoa’s reserves and parks on your bicycle. 12km road and off-road cycling. Join Frocks on Bikes for lunch at a local cafe after the ride. Suitable for adults.

Phone: ............................................................................

10.00am – 12.00pm

Friday 19th – Sunday 21st


BNZ is delighted to supportLOW Sport Bay of Plenty’s Play in the Bay, and we’re determined to help Yes make Holly Hillcommunities stronger. Road bicycle, our Weworthy listen to 021 026 37615 helmet, water bottle, MOD FREE lunch money. what’s needed, and contribute in a number of ways such as sponsorships, employee improve the financial Yes volunteering, www.eventpro-helping From $35 Comfortable clothing, MOD literacy of New Zealanders, and run/walking making shoes. HIGH banking services more accessible. As our Yes orcommunities www. Comfortable clothing, get$10 stronger, everyone benefits.

Sunday 14th

email: ..............................................................................

By Hamish Carter

Fitness Level

Friday 5th

Saturday 13th

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Sport BOP is making it easier by promoting a range of outdoor-themed activities for its Play in the Bay recreation programme in October – kicking off with have a go BMX and archery sessions, a historic ‘Guns and Roses’ walk in Cliff Rd, and a pre-schooler’s free snow day. Recreation advisor Nicki Scott says the October calendar, which is supported by Cooney Lees Morgan, is full of interesting and enjoyable activities to help people get active outdoors. The month kicks off with the PORSE Snow Day at the Historic Village (17th Ave) on Tuesday (9.3011am), where pre-schoolers can have fun in snow and have a chance to win prizes by finding buried keys. Organiser Ali Keillor of PORSE Mount Maunganui expects at least 120 will take part in the free event, but advises warm clothing. A historic walk around Cliff Rd leaves the police station site at 1pm on Tuesday, while anyone interested in BMX can have a go at the Cambridge Rd BMX track 5.30-6.30pm (gold coin donation). On Wednesday you can try your hand at archery at Graham Park (Takitimu Drive), in 45 minute sessions from 12 - 4pm ($5 fee and booking required). Also running in October is a walking passport challenge with everyone who completes eight of the 12 featured walks having a chance to win some great prizes. Pick up a copy of the Outdoors Month calendar and walking passport details at your local library or download from For more details on this months calendar events contact Nicki Scott at Sport Bay of Plenty on 07 578 0016 ext 829 or


Friday 5th

Saturday 6th

With daylight saving kicking in this weekend there is no better time to get active in the great outdoors.



Outdoors beckon in October

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Papamoa tsunami siren test Air raid style tsunami sirens are going to get a second airing with Wellington company Tactical Tooling arranging to demonstrate its ‘air raid’ style Carter sirens next month. The test demonstration of the longrange, high-power sirens will be held on October 19, says Papamoa Progressive Association president Steve Morris.

The test has been brought about by public demand, says Steve. The sirens will be tested at Papamoa at 9am and again at Mount Maunganui at 10.30am. Steve’s negotiating with the council over access to reserves for the tests because the sirens are so loud. “The reason we are going down this track is it is not just the PPA, we have been speaking to people in the community as well,” says Steve. “The feedback from the community is clear,

they want something loud that everybody can hear, and is cost effective from a maintenance point of view.” Complaints about the electronic sirens tests are that the people can’t hear them. The city council is looking at a network of 60 electronic sirens, but Steve says a half a dozen of the Carter type sirens will be louder and cheaper to install and maintain. The city council has already let the contract for designing the system and obtaining resource consent to electronic siren manufacturer Meerkat, but that doesn’t

deter the Papamoa Progressive Association. “The second stage has not been agreed to yet,” says Steve. “Council have a meeting in November where they are going to approve the second stage, letting the contract to build it.” “We have been in touch with the staff at the council and we are inviting them to be a part of the test in any way they wish. We want them to be involved.” Gary Lewis from Tactical Tooling says there is no comparison between the two siren types. “The electronic hooters produce

waves that are continuous tones, whereas the boosted Carter siren produces individual shock waves at a rate of up to 550 shocks per second,” says Gary. “Each shock is a sonic boom caused by instantaneous air reversal exceeding the velocity of sound. Electronic hooters are incapable of producing that kind of wave shape.” They are so loud they are ‘blip’ started, which makes them emit a loud grunting sound to warn nearby people to cover their ears and move away when they are about to start up.


The Weekend Sun

Hot coffee at your doorstep Coffee Crew owner Mason King is loving his new found passion of bringing top quality, piping hot coffee to customers’ doorsteps.

Get the sweet and sensuous smell of freshlybrewed coffee and the hissing sound of steaming milk coming to your Papamoa business every day. Once a barber, then a builder, Mason King has now found his passion in bringing quality, piping hot coffees to businesses and events across the Bay. Now a trained barista, Mason, along with partner Chantelle Boyd, started the Coffee Crew a year ago. Being a qualified builder, he constructed his own mobile coffee shop and spends his days travelling to businesses and local hot spots, bringing coffee to those who are too busy to leave the office. “I take the orders, whip them up and take it into them, or they come out and grab it. It’s pretty cool.” Mason has loved getting to know his various clients. “The people I see, we’re really good friends now, we

get on really well.” Having attended numerous weddings, parties and occasions in the past year, Mason is looking for more event work throughout the summer. “I just did the Tauranga City Council’s Waterfront opening last weekend. That was awesome, it was really good.” Mason says it is a clean and easy catering option as he is able to roll up, make delicious coffees and roll out – with no cleaning up required by event holders. Recently, Mason has been working with a local catering company so he can offer a range of savoury and sweet treats and fresh salads. “It’s going off, everyone’s loving it.” Chantelle says Mason is amazing at what he does. “We are both passionate coffee lovers. “He also makes the best hot chocolates in the Bay.” By Corrie Taylor

Papamoa beach walk Despite Rena we can still enjoy this beautiful beach at Papamoa. A beach walk seems to melt away your troubles and take you into positive dreamland. I took this photo with a 24-70mm zoom set at F20.

Carefully selecting the right viewpoint gave me reflections of the people and a nice wave line.

Learn about composition at Andy’s next Photo Workshop on 13 October. See

School dance group claims national title A Papamoa College dance group has taken first place at the New Zealand Made Interschool’s Dance Competition for year seven to 10 students in Palmerston North. The school’s Year 7 and 8 team received $500 for the overall regional award last weekend. The Year 9 and 10 team were finished runners-up in its division. Papamoa

College manager Cindy Smith is extremely proud of the school’s achievements. “We just wanted to give these kids an opportunity to enjoy dance and to travel and represent their school and the region.” Cindy says students trained for six months without taking time off school. “It’s been a really good lesson for them.”


The Weekend Sun

Building a dream home brick by brick Everybody wants their own dream home and next week children around Tauranga can build their dream house with Habitat for Humanity’s Lego competition.

Holly Lander, 10, and Brodie Lander, 8, with their ‘Girls only house’ built for Habitat for Humanity’s Lego competition next week.

The event, which is being held as part of the charity’s awareness week, aims to have children create a model of their “ideal, safe and decent home” out of Lego, offers the children a chance to win Lego.

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Raising awareness

Habitat Build Challenge coordinator Andrea Broatch says the event is to raise awareness about the plights of millions around the world who do not have access to safe and decent housing.

“This isn’t just in developing countries, New Zealand also has families in need of safe and decent housing – we’ve helped house 518 New Zealand families, including 50 in Tauranga.”

Having fun

Andrea says the competition, which is open to children aged three years and over, offers a fun way to keep the kids busy over the holidays. To register for the competition photos can be uploaded to or children can make them at the Lego build event on Tuesday, October 2, 9am-3pm at Otumoetai Assembly of God, 252 Otumoetai Road. To attend, register online or phone Andrea on 0210 230 0268. By Hamish Carter

Make a difference to any room Many people don’t realise the incredible range of designer blind fabrics and materials now available.

With blinds utilizing all these possibilities, you can make a stunning difference to any room in your home. As well as a wide range of colours, textures and designs, also available are ecofriendly “Greenguard” fabrics, New Zealand made fabrics, and childAt A-One Blinds they’re trained to find the perfect blinds solution. safe options. the extra mile for their customers, customers have A-One Blinds is a local manufacturer of premium quality blinds, and proud members of Team Local. The actually said to Owner/Manager David Farrar and his helpful friendly team, that ‘you are the most helpful Mount Maunganui based business has been committed to finding a perfect solution for customers for more and reliable service we have ever come across’. A-One Blinds sell, manufacture, install and service than 12 years and has established a reputation for going a complete range including; Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Romans, Cellular and Pleated Blinds, Panel Glides, Outdoor, Motorised options, and blinds for Skylights – often completing projects that no-one else will do, including oversize roller blinds. “We source the best fabrics, materials and components, and locally manufacture in Mount Maunganui to supply blind resellers throughout the North Island. We also sell direct to the public so without a middleman, you literally pay a factory direct price.” A-One Blinds pride themselves on being able to provide the best solution for customers needs – including colour consulting. Call now to make an appointment for an in home consultation with our experienced consultant.

   


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Creating home with soul

“It really is so different from any other show home around,” says director Peter Buck. “The concept behind the brand was to create an affordable home but still have great design features. The team is passionate about design, and l think that has really come through right to the smallest details. We often hear that the show home has ‘soul’, which is very pleasing as this was a design objective we sought to achieve form the outset. “A limited budget should not be prohibitive to good design, our motto is ‘good design is not about spending

money it is about spending time’ – we have the time to achieve the home that you desire. In the show home, for instance, we have used wood panelling that flows from the exterior through to the interior, a cost effective feature that means to create a point of difference. “People often can’t believe the price. We can achieve excellent value for money due to being one of Tauranga’s largest family owned build companies. This provides buying power which we pass directly on to our clients – enabling Urban Homes to deliver stylish, yet obtainable homes, all for a fixed price.”

The covered outdoor entertaining area makes for great entertaining.

Urban Homes is a brand the Thorne Group launched late last year.

The response from the public has been outstanding, and the design was recently acknowledged at the ADNZ (Architectural

Design Awards of New Zealand) when it won best new home under 250sqm within the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region.

Homemade sauna heats up Finnish tradition A Tauranga man has built himself and his wife a piece of Finnish tradition that can be wheeled with them on their travels. Paul Aschenberger decided to build a mobile sauna in dedication to his Finnish wife Sanni so she could keep a little piece of home. “It was supposed to be a surprise for her to give her the home feel. It’s a big part of their culture.” Paul says the sauna is an important part of Finnish tradition and every house and hotel in Finland has one. “It’s like your daily shower. “The idea is that on a cold day when everyone else is in their wetsuits on the beach - we can heat up properly and then go for a bit of a swim.”

Paul Aschenberger’s homemade mobile sauna.

your space

our creativity

New Homes


The sauna, complete with a wood burning stove oven inside with rocks scattered on the top, can heat up to 90 degrees when water is poured over the rocks filling the room with steam. Paul spent about three months building the sauna with help from a pair of Finnish backpackers and his father-in-law. The sauna is positioned on top of a double axel trailer so Paul and Sanni could travel to the beach, or warm up in cold weather conditions. Just big enough to squeeze the pair into to keep warm, the sauna is one and a half metres wide, two metres long and 1.8 metres high. By Zoe Hunter


Because it’s the little things that matter...

designed for your life



PHONE 0800 716 129 WWW.THORNEGROUP.CO.NZ VISIT THE SHOWHOME: OPEN Wednesday to Sunday 12PM - 3PM 299 Carmichael Road, Bethlehem or view our plans online


Double glaze your existing windows for a 26 warmer winter and save with Insulglaze The Weekend Sun ®

glaze for your stingDouble windows a existing windows for a warmer winter and save with Insulglaze ENERGY SAVING CENTRE ave with Insulglaze existing windows for a

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We noticed a huge difference once Insulglaze was in place. We have had no condensation. Would highly recommend this product.

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Lower heating needs, less condensation and reduced noise are the ® main benefits Karina Berry has noticed since having double glazing ENERGY SAVING CENTRE installed by the Energy Saving Centre a fortnight ago.

Energy Saving Centre offers

owners of existing homes a no Installers Jack Drummond ® h ainstall s s l e , the affordable and and Jade Nathan extremely effective way to $4500 double glazing.

From a reduction in energy to single a drier, warmer, you know that Energy‘Double Saving Centre Glaze’. offers Since frames. 1996 Didconsumption Photo by Bruce Barnard healthier home, forInsulglaze is a glazed windows can account up owners of existing homes a no we’ve installed Insulglaze in fantastic, affordable option for your to 48% of heat loss in a home? h a s s lover e , a6000 fford a b lhomes. e and kiwi home and right now with our From a reduction in energy extremely effective way to volume discounts it’s even more consumption to a drier, warmer, Insulglaze the perfect ‘Double Glaze’. is Since 1996 option a f f o r d a b l e . To a r r a n g e a healthier home, Insulglaze is a for existing homes we’ve installed Insulglaze in fantastic, affordable option fortoyour representative come to your over 6000 kiwi homes. right for nowa free with measure, our Insulglaze offers an easyhome and andhome quote it’s even more affordable way tooption double volume glaze discounts Insulglaze is the perfect and a chat about the benefits of a f f o r d a b lInsulglaze e . To a r call rang e today! a for existing homes existing window frames, including us ® representative to come to your wooden, aluminium steel window Insulglaze offers an easyorand

Karina and husband Phil have just had $4500 of Insulglaze brand double ENERGY SAVING CENTRE ® glazing installed in their Mount Maunganui home, after winning the prize at the Tauranga Home Show in May. offers frames. Did you know that single Energy Saving Centre ® “Weowners just think it was meant to be.a no We hadglazed just bought this house, which is a windows can account for up of existing homes to 48% ofsays heatKarina. loss in a home? real doer-upper h a s s l e , when a f f owe r dwon a b lthe e double-glazing,” and frames. Did reduction you know thatinsingle Energyeffective Saving offers From energy “It’sextremely great because it fits inCentre with the older style of athe house, whereas new aluway to glazed windows to canaaccount up owners of existing homes a no consumption drier,forwarmer, minium joinery out.” ‘Double Since to 48% of heat loss in a home? h a s Glaze’. swould l e , ahave ffo r dstood a b l e1996 and ®



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brings Insulglaze to Rotorua







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Check out our ourgreat great How Insulglaze Works Check out Simplicity of installation (fitted to existing windows) How Insulglaze Works Comparing Volume Discounts Volume Discounts to existing resale windows) SaveSimplicity money of installation (fitted Increase value



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When buildingofatemperature new home,Existing compare Existing Frame Secondly, check the quality of the materials and Very low conductor Frame specification. Cheaper components may look good,

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“What may look like a really cheap price could be seriously under-estimating the true cost to build your home. “This is usually done by missing out vital components, or showing under-stated allowances (P sums) for things like kitchens, flooring, or drainage to name a few. P Sums are estimates only – and if not enough is allowed – can show a difference of $20,000 - $30,000 in competitor estimates.

G.J. Gardner Homes use only tried and true New Zealand household names and licensed contractors – backed by watertight guarantees, says Kirsty. Thirdly, be careful not to be talked into paying a deposit on an estimated construction price. “This can lead to a nasty surprise later, when the home is properly quoted. “We hear of people who end up paying thousands more, locked in by their deposit. “At G.J. Gardner Homes, you pay your deposit based on a fixed priced quote, which includes everything in your contract.” No nasty surprises.

Kirsty McConnell says to always compare apples with apples.




Email: Visit our website:

CALL TODAY! FREE MEASURE & QUOTE 0800 37 36 37 Email: Visit our website:

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This checklist has been compiled in the


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to ensure nothing is overlooked (or PC

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RE & QUOTE 0800 37 36 37

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The Weekend Sun

Public celebration of private study Pools pouring cold water Five years on, since holding Tauranga’s first apprentice graduation ceremony, the organisers still love seeing families celebrate the achievement.

The operating revenue for Tauranga city pools was $1.4million below budget because of increased competition from other gyms, it is claimed in the notes to Tauranga City Aquatics Ltd’s financial results. Budget clubfit membership is down $700,000 because of increased competition, a lack of a manager for four months and staffing changes ‘impacting the continuity of the sales team’. The hot pools lost $304,000 because of the closure from July to September for emergency maintenance works. Bayswim targets were down $220,000, again because of competition. Cafe revenue was down $77,000. In spite of this, TCAL spent $286,000 on new gym equipment during the year.

Tauranga Rotary club member Vanessa Dodunski , who has helped organise the event since it was first held five years ago, ‘absolutely loves’ to see families making a big deal of the achievement.

Proud achievement

“Last year there was one guy who was very hesitant to go up, his mother almost had to drag him up on stage – but you should have seen him later. He was so proud. Just by chance he also won the raffle and walked around afterwards with a huge smile having had a fantastic time.” Another year she remembers a mother getting up to proclaim this was the first graduation certificate anyone in the family had earned, and would be the first of many more to come. “It almost brings tears to my eyes remembering it. It really is a huge achievement and deserves this graduation event to celebrate it.” Tauranga Rotary club members have been involved in organising the graduation since Rotarian Joanne Buxton came up with the idea to have a public celebration of

Page Macrae Engineering apprenticeship coordinator Grant Holland (left), overseeing apprentice Glen Dovaston, believes the ITO graduation celebrates the achievement of apprentices’ training goals. the work most apprentices toiled away at on their own. “These are the future small business people of Tauranga; they will be the backbone of the economy.”


Page Macrae Engineering’s apprenticeship coordinator Grant Holland (Pixie), another organiser, says the graduation was a good way to recognise the apprentices who had achieved their goal. This

year Page Macrae will have three apprentices taking part. The event, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tauranga, Job Finders, Page Macrae and BCITO, will be held at Baycourt, on November 20. Organisers are looking for more sponsors and are urging graduates, their families and employers to diary the date. For more information visit www. By Hamish Carter

The Smartgrowth Effect


Lower dollar needed now Exports have always been our economic lifeblood but the flow is being interrupted by the high value of the New Zealand dollar.









One of the heart’s pumping chambers is the Port of Tauranga, which ships out more than seven million tonnes worth $16 billion annually. It is commonly accepted by serious world financial authorities that our dollar is overvalued by about 20 per cent, which means the real value of these exports should be closer to $20 billion. This simple equation illustrates New Zealand’s economic problem. We spend more than we earn because

The Weekend Sun

Work conditions stressed

A study released by the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces has found the main causes of stress for professionals in New Zealand are their jobs and finances. The global study of more than 16,000 professionals looked at stress levels in people’s lives, the main reasons for stress and possible solutions. Regus, which supplies companies such as Google and Nokia with dynamic work space solutions, found 39 per cent of New Zealand respondents believe their stress levels have been higher in the past year. our currency hurts exporters but helps importers by Of the New Zealand respondents, keeping overseas goods cheap. So, the cycle of spending more than we earn continues our downward spiral. The 54 per cent cited customers as a evidence is more jobs lost and the future looks bleaker. cause of their stress, 51 per cent pointed at personal finances and Just look at Kawerau – once a boom paper processing 39 per cent said their job town and now a busy WINZ office. was the source. New Zealand First has tried to ease this problem by putting forward amendments to the Reserve Bank’s Factors relating rules to take more account of exports and jobs. Many to home life people are not aware that our high dollar is the result of rated money trading. Most of the daily transactions relate to much international currency speculation and our economy is hurt by this. We simply want to make our economy work for everyone – not just the speculators! In light of the global financial crisis, other countries have adopted policies that effectively devalue their currencies. This makes our situation even more precarious yet the government is blindly following an economic path that does not work for us. The down side of a lower Kiwi dollar is a rise in the price of imports like petrol but at least there will be more jobs and more money to pay for the petrol. And, if imports cost more, our industries that make substitute (and higher quality) products will thrive and create even more jobs. A lower dollar will bring a win-win situation. It’s a pity the government can’t see it.

lower, with 21 per cent of respondents saying their partner or spouse creates stress for them, with 18 per cent also pointing the finger at their children. Regus spokesperson Filipino Sarti says heavy tolls of stress falls not only on workers and their families, but also on businesses as staff ’s performance suffers. He believes organisations should tackle stress through managers, who should focus on creating stress-free environments and enable their teams to be productive. A total of 77 per cent of New Zealand respondents said one way to cut stress is through flexible working, with the same percentage saying that would also increase productivity. By Ben Guild


WANT TO ENHANCE YOUR MANAGEMENT CAREER? LEARN MORE ABOUT NEW ZEALAND’S LEADING BUSINESS SCHOOL. Come to one of our information sessions and find out about the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, offered locally, right here in Tauranga. INFORMATION SESSIONS: » Saturday 6 October 2012, 1.00pm » Monday 8 October 2012, 5.30pm » Tuesday 9 October 2012, 5.30pm BOP Polytechnic, Bongard Centre, 200 Cameron Road, Tauranga, DT106.

GET A TASTE FOR IT! Experience being an executive participant » Saturday 3 November 2012, 4.30-6.30pm BOP Polytechnic, Bongard Centre, 200 Cameron Road, Tauranga, DT106.


0800 800 891

Corporate and Executive Education, Waikato Management School. RSVP to or 0800 800 891.


The Weekend Sun

Starting up – boosting boatie safety A keen boatie himself, graphic designer Ian Wills knows how easy it is to get into trouble.

tunities to add value to the concept and link in with a series of emergency services, but is focusing initially on the Coastguard. He says the $11,000 prize package – which included business advice and coaching – will help them make major progress. He has already had a brief talk with the Tauranga Coastguard about the system, and team members were meeting with Coastguard management next week to go into more detailed discussions.

He also knows how easy it is to overlook informing people of your boating plans in case you do get in trouble. “It can waste a lot of volunteer time and resources for the Coastguard,” says Ian, who was motivated to make it easier to inform the coastal protectors of boating plans with a web-based system that won the inaugural Tauranga StartUp Weekend competition.

Other concepts

The team to win second place was Model It for a service for architects to create models of their plans using 3D printing. Other startup concepts included mobile apps that: suggest what people can do when they have spare time; help you find people with similar interests in your area; help members of Gen Y get financial advice; link people with produce growers in the area; or allow people to swap clothes.

Simple beginnings

Ian is excited with the success his team had with his ‘simple’ concept, but says the team still has a lot of work to do to offer the full website and mobile app which will make it easy for boaties to check in with the coastguard before they leave and when they return. Ian says he almost left the competition venue early on when it looked like his idea did not have enough support. “I’d had a busy week and was about to go home, but then they shortlisted it and we got a great team together and it just went from there. “It’s still early days. We’ve got a lot more to do yet – we’re still getting our feet back on the ground after the whirlwind weekend and are working out what to do next.” Ian says the team believes there are many oppor-

By Hamish Carter

LEFT: StartUp Weekend winning team leader Ian Wills aims to make it safer to go boating with his Standby app.

New technology store open Micro Computers and Electronics is Tauranga’s one stop shop for everything from computers and cameras to car stereos and mobile phones. At the brand new store, customers can find phones priced from $35, laptops ex-leased from $250 as well as a range of televisions, MP3 players, digital cameras, handy cams, webcams, car alarms, sim cards and more. Micro Computers and Electronics opened a fortnight ago and locals have welcomed it as a much needed addition to the retail centre of Tauranga. The store also stocks a great range of laptops and desktop computers, both new and ex-lease, plus a full range of accessories including blank DVDs and CD-Roms. When a computer needs servicing or repair, customers can take it to Micro Computers – they repair and service both desktops and laptops at competitive rates, and if people can’t get to the shop, they provide an on-site service. For the car and musicminded, a good range of stereos for the car and home can be found at Micro Computers,

and extra speakers can time warranty on instalbe purchased separately lations done by them. ? ? ? ? ?If customers ? here. need The team at Micro finance for their purComputers professionchase, Micro Computers ally install car stereos, can arrange it for them subs and amplifiers as and they also do laybys. well as providing life You’ll find Micro

Computers and Electronics at 586D Cameron Rd, Tauranga. ? ? ?days ? ?from Open seven 9.30am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 4pm Saturdays and Sundays.



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Computer technician Gobinder Singh. Photo by Tracy Hardy.





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X-Leased Laptops

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Fusion 15” Powerplant 1500 Watt

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Fusion CP-FR6930 6x9” 3 Way Full Range Speakers 350 Watts

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PHONE REPAIR & UNLOCK * Broken Screen * Keypad Problem * iPhone Repair * Charging Problems etc.

INSTALL & REPAIR * CD Players from $30 * Speakers * Amplifiers & Subwoofer


Unlocking of phone from $30


586D Cameron Road, Tauranga, Ph: 07-577 9743 Unit 22/16 Lambie Drive, Manukau, Auckland, Ph: 09 263 4250

Unit 9, 214 Great South Road, Manurewa Ph: 09-266 4536


The Weekend Sun



The Weekend Sun

Driving on Celebrating American classics Tauranga American car-lover Greig Covell, pictured with his 1939 Ford Deluxe, is keen to hear from anyone wanting to display their car in the Tauranga Street Machines and Customs’ 35th anniversary show and shine on Saturday. Photos by Tracy Hardy

Car lovers will have a chance to get up close and personal with classic American and Australian cars on Saturday for Tauranga Street Machines and Customs’ 35th ‘anniversary bash’. The event taking place at Mount Maunganui’s Soper Reserve, is expected to attract up to 120 classic and custom cars for the annual ‘show and shine’ display. Club secretary Greig Covell – who joined only a month after the club formed 35

years ago – says the day will offer something for all classic car lovers. “There should be some great cars on display – with something for everyone, we are just hoping the weather will hold.” Grieg – who owns three early American Fords (a Model T, a Model A and a 1939 Deluxe) along with a souped-up Mark II Escort – is big fan of powerful American cars. He also loves putting powerful V8 engines into his cars. After a motorcycle accident in 1970, which claimed an arm and stops him from riding, he has directed his love for power to his cars.

“My motto is if it’s got wheels I like to put to put a V8 in it.” Greig, who is still deciding whether he will exhibit his Escort or the Deluxe, encourages anyone else with a classic American or Australian car or a custom wanting to exhibit their car to come along. After 35 years involvement in the club Greig says it is still a great group to be involved with, where you can share tips and stories on your common interest. The Anniversary Bash runs at the Newton St park beside Brewers Bar from 10am-3pm on Saturday, with an auction at 1pm folBy Hamish Carter lowed by prize-giving.


The Weekend Sun

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7/10/11 5:55 PM

Neon Signs 1nh.indd 3

Neon Signs 1nh.indd 7

7/10/11 5:55 PM

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7/10/11 5:55 PM

Neon Signs 1nh.indd 10

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Neon Signs 1nh.indd 8 Neon Signs 1nh.indd 9

Neon Signs 1nh.indd 1

7/10/11 5:55 PM

7/10/11 5:55 PM

Neon Signs 1nh.indd 4

7/10/11 5:55 PM

7/10/11 5:55 PM

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The Weekend Sun

Arataki Community Centre turns one Arataki Community Centre is turning one in style on Sunday, with a free community day organised at Arataki Park, Grenada St from 11am-2pm.

Centre manager Matthew Strange says the centre, which opened on September 29 last year, has exceeded expectations to be the heart of Arataki as well as a venue for various user groups. “The centre is so well utilised and has a great diversity of programmes on offer from support groups to Zumba, weddings, conferences, art and exercise groups to name only a few. People often comment that they didn’t know all these groups existed in our community before the centre opened.” Sunday’s event, called ‘Proud to be Arataki’, is not restricted to people from that community. Matthew says the free event will be a great family

day of entertainment and activities with community displays, the Mount Kids Market, skate park demos, workshops, food stalls and performances, including ‘Arataki’s Got Talent’, complete with prizes from Bayfair Shopping Centre. “There will be something for everyone from genealogy and public speaking presentations to bouncy castles and rippa rugby.” Baywave will also offer event-goers a swim, slide and sauna package for $5 between 2-4pm. Visit or phone 07 575 2048 to register for the talent show or to check out a schedule. By Ben Guild

Making sure that each day counts Everyone is the age of their heart. GUATEMALAN PROVERB It’s important to always be aware of the attitude you apply to your life … and how you choose to live each day, no matter where you are on your timeline. Each of us lives one day at a time and it is how we live that day in all its wondrous or mundane min-

utes that will determine the age of our hearts. When we live from the knowledge that this day is important to us, we can live and know that we have extracted all we could from it and that we can live our lives in healthy ways. It’s about being consciously aware of

what we do with our day, how we have used it and whether we are proud, indifferent or disappointed with what we had done with each precious minute. How old are you in your heart this day and what choices are you making to keep it healthy?

Preventing elderly from falling a complex affair Q: Recently my father had quite a serious fall. He is at home again, having been in hospital, I am really concerned that he might fall again. Do you have any suggestions how we might be able to prevent this from happening? Falls are one of the most common A: accidents seen by ACC. And in particular they are even more prevalent with those over 65. There are a number things you can do to help ‘prevent’ but there is no guarantee that your father will not fall again. Keeping active and getting a good daily dose of Vitamin D all help in preventing falls and broken bones. So a stroll in the sun, some gardening outside are both great ways to reduce the likelihood of a fall. Getting up and down from a sitting position very slowly and repeatedly is the best form of strengthening ones legs and preventing a fall. Tai Chi, if your father is open to it, is a great why to increase balance and prevent falls as well. In addition I have attached a “Fall Prevention Checklist” for you to work through and see if you

need to address any of these areas in your father’s home. Often it is one of the below areas that triggers a fall. Are pathways and footpaths outside the home even and free from cracks? Are the walkways free from clutter? Are rugs and carpets secured with non-skid tape? Are non-skid mats placed in the bath tub? Are there hand rails or grab bars installed beside the stairs or in the bathroom next to the toilet and bath? Is the kitchen floor free from liquid, grease or any other slippery substance? Have wheels been removed from all items of furniture? Do you use a nightlight to keep the bedroom lit at night time? Do you have light switches placed at each end of the stairway? Are steps visible? Hopefully there is something here that helps to reduce your worry and that can help you to be proactive in also reducing the chance of a fall. If you have any further concerns or would like to talk through more please do not hesitate to contact our office on 07 571 4228 or visit the website


The Weekend Sun

Don Corrie, Archie Crawford, Brian Yardley, John Hardy (back), Lawrie Bickers, Tony Heath and Graham Umbers. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Bowling ahead The president of the Mount Maunganui Bowling Club is hailing the erection of an impressive series of wind sheltering structures as proof that seniors should never be discounted. Don Corry, a design engineer who also serves as vice-president of the Mount Maunganui Club which hosts the bowlers, proudly explained the difference the

purpose-built screens, complete with love seats, have made to those who regularly bowl at the Totara St facility. No longer are they left to fend for themselves, unable to sit, while bitter easterlies whip in straight from the water, says Don. The refit, completed entirely through six weeks of volunteer labour – comprising four ‘hardcore’ helpers and six others, cost about $28,000, but Don says it likely would normally have cost in excess of $65,000. He hopes much of the

money spent on the project will be recouped through sponsorship. The oldest person involved in the work was 83 years old, says Don. Don hopes the new, improved facility will help the club’s members come closer together, and refashioned a quote from American president John F. Kennedy’s inauguration to illustrate that point. “People should ask: ‘what can I do for my club, not what can my club do for me?’ “That’s quite a change for By Ben Guild some people.”

Chatham Islands out of this world The view to Mangere Island, the home of the black robin.

How would you like to greet the sun before the rest of the world does?

If eating seafood is a high priority, you will have crayfish, blue cod, hapuka and paua on the menu at dinner. However, if you don’t like fish there are plenty You can on the Chatham Islands as they are 45 min- of other choices on the menu. utes ahead of New Zealand time and therefore closer Have I told you enough to whet your appetite? I to the date-line than any other inhabited land. hope so, for we’d love you to join our tour flying Harvey World Travel Tauranga’s eight day tour is a direct from Tauranga and see all this for yourself. fabulous package. You are met at the airport by your You’ll arrive home saying “Wow” that was some hosts who look after you superbly. All your meals and holiday!! sightseeing are included. This is Harvey World Travel Tauranga’s third There is even a half day fishing trip – you will never year organising a direct trip from Tauranga to the have caught so many fish in a half day as you will on Chatham Islands. By Raewyn Mosley the Chathams. You will see Moriori Tree Carvings, the incredible Basalt Columns – found at only two LEISURE TIME TOURS sites in the world – Giants Causeway in Ireland and Chatham Islands, Tommy Solomon’s Statue (the last ‘Quality Coach Holidays’ full blooded Moriori), and much more. ‘DOOR TO DOOR’ COLLECTION AVAILABLE Each day is full of interesting things to see and do Napier Tour and you will never have a dull moment during your 10 –13 October 2012 stay in this remote paradise. Don’t miss the optional Taranaki Garden Festival Tour day trip to the very remote Pitt Island – a highlight 26 – 29 October 2012 for most people. Because this day trip is weather Wanganui Historic Homes Tour dependent and not everyone may get the chance to 1 – 4 November 2012 experience Pitt Island, the earlier you book on our Great Barrier Island Tour tour, the higher you will be on the list. 9 – 11 November 2012 Pacific Coast Highway Tour 24 – 27 November 2012 The Alpine Triangle Christmas Tour 24 – 30 December 2012 Nelson New Year Tour 27 December 2012 – 3 January 2013 Wings Over Wairarapa 18 – 21 January 2013 Australian Highlights 2 – 27 February 2013 Contact your local agent or Call Toll Free 0800 534 787 “Providing you with over 25 years of experience”

Email scam warnings TradeMe users are advised to safeguard their accounts after an email attachment allegedly from TradeMe has asked for personal details. The email says there have been three unauthorised attempts to gain access to your account, warning if the attached form is not completed and returned within 24 hours your account will be suspended. The email attachment

requires credit card details, including Credit Card Verification Value numbers, and driver’s licence details. TradeMe communications advisor Jeff Hunkin says a similar email was sent to TradeMe users last week asking for credit card details. Jeff says TradeMe was quick to identify the problem and a site announcement was sent out to TradeMe users immediately. By Zoe Hunter


The Weekend Sun

Society doesn’t always value elderly

Sea & harbour views Quiet location Sky television Close to bowling & golf clubs Only 100m to beach Motel units from $85 double

We are all growing older every day. What we have experienced and learned also grows, yet we live in a society that doesn’t always value older people. Age Concern’s Awareness Week is 27th September to 7th October.

Our theme is Dignity

We want to change attitudes and behaviours that devalue older people. Stereotypes about ageing are powerful. They can easily dictate the way we think and respond. How often do we hear older people referred to as a burden rather than a resource. How often do we find ourselves growing impatient with an older person? Where kindness and patience are needed we don’t always measure up.

Show your support for a more inclusive New Zealand. Phone Age Concern 07-578 2631 and tell us about a local person, business or service that you feel shows respect and dignity to older people. We will send them a Dignity Champion Certificate to acknowledge their support. We want to hear about courteous and helpful staff. Services that suit your needs. A business where older people are valued and given opportunities but not patronised.

Angela Scott. Age Concern Tauranga.

It’s about respect

The way people talk to you, the way you are treated. Speak up when you hear people speaking negatively about growing old. Age Concern’s Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention service upholds your rights to dignity and respect, care and independence, Our Accredited Visiting Service supports those who are becoming socially isolated.

As part of Age Concern’s Awareness Week, on Monday, October 1 - International Day of Older Persons – Age Concern is taking tea and scones to the Hospital Health in Ageing Department as an acknowledgement of respect. Members are also invited to tea and scones at Age Concern in Tauranga to discuss what dignity and respect means for them and the community. The event starts at 10am on Wednesday, October 3.

Suzuki students gather in Tauranga Tauranga will be beset by the sounds of violin, cello and piano students practicing their instruments these school holidays. The Bay of Plenty branch of the New Zealand Suzuki institute will host a three-day workshop for 60 Suzuki students from all over New Zealand to learn from national and international tutors The Suzuki method is based on the concept that through listening and imitation children as young as three can learn to speak languages and play music without being able to read them. Originally conceived for the violin, the

method of teaching has been expanded to include other instruments. Violin students – some as young as four – will walk from the top of Devonport Rd to Red Square from 2-3pm on Friday, October 5 during the ‘Twinkle Parade’. The group will perform a concert at the Graham Young Theatre at Tauranga Boys’ College from 6.30pm on October 5. Tickets cost $5 for adults, $2 for children. By Ben Guild


The Weekend Sun

Dual mobility scooter up for grabs The Weekend Sun is asking you to nominate a deserving someone or an organisation and tell us why they are in need of a mobility scooter. Entries can be as creative as you like. Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received before October 15. A photograph of winner and nominator will be taken at The Weekend Sun.


Chris Bell from Kiwi Mobility Scooters has a double seater mobility scooter to give away to a deserving couple, family or charity. Chris says along with the scooter give-away, he would like to give a little bit of freedom back to anyone who is deserving of a mobility scooter. “They can get where they want when they want, and just start enjoying life again. “I do a lot of business with people in the area and I just wanted

to give back a little bit of something as a gesture.” Kiwi Mobility Scooters is devoted to helping people who are looking for a scooter, and offer scooters at an affordable price. Scooters can be leased for an unlimited time for $29. Chris says all maintenance and repairs are taken care of before and after purchase. “Anything that needs doing we do it and that is inclusive of the $29.” To lease a mobility scooter from Kiwi Mobility Scooters or to request a test drive phone 0800 614 121

Keeping Kiwis Independant

The best living is beachside living. Discover Mount Maunganui’s finest retirement lifestyle. Metlifecare Bayswater has it all. A prime location literally a stones throw from the beach. A relaxed atmosphere that is more resort than retirement village. A caring community where everyone is made to feel welcome and thoughtful staff who are on hand to help 24 hours a day. To experience this lifestyle for yourself, simply call us to arrange a personal tour of the village.

Why choose the Bayswater lifestyle? A stroll to local shops.

Care staff available when needed.

A full range of facilities.

Café and restaurant open 7 days.

Surprisingly affordable.

Shopping bus runs 5 days a week.



Metlifecare Bayswater 60 Maranui Street, Mt. Maunganui Call Elizabeth on 07 547 4175 Metlifecare Bayswater 60 Maranui Street Mt Maunganui 3116 Telephone: 07 575 5040


The Weekend Sun

The day I met my dad What a week it has been. Flo and I have been attending all sorts of functions, even some without food, those being the ones Flo was not interested in attending. On Sunday the boss and I went along to a gun dog show, and I got to meet my dad. He is one fine specimen of a dog and with a name like Drum, what else could he be, but one cool darkie, rippling muscles, and a slave to love, as his many progeny will attest too.

Hi, I’m Jade from your local Vodafone store

It will be all ties and tails at a black tie event planned to raise money for the completion of the Tauranga SPCA’s Greerton upgrade.

BestMates for home phone ®

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and is cool to be around. Being tied up by Flo’s lead possibly was not on my agenda but the photo shoot was done and all were rescued from calamity. We hope all of you at the new centre for homeless animals get plenty of support and if Flo and I can help any further let us know, we will be there. We have another few things to attend later in the week, and being the systematic German, I will be taking control of the social calendar, as if my bestest mate is in charge, we will only be attending the functions that have the initials B.B.Q on the invitations. Bring on daylight saving and the longer walks in the evenings! – Ady. SPCA Tauranga operations manager Margaret Rawiri with Ady and Flo.

A night of ties and tails

Visit our Tauranga store today, and my team can give you some great advice on which plans and solutions are best for you.

® e phone, choose To get BestMates for hom

The only problem was I do not think he could get it through his head, that I was his daughter, and I guess the phrase, “you are a dirty dog” was coined with him in mind! Not a problem though I kept him at bay, but it is no wonder he does not lack for opportunities to spread his wild oats, as he pranced around in the show ring, and generally strutted his stuff. It was great to catch up with Michelle, the first twolegger I came in contact with, before I hooked up with the old bloke I have now. Tuesday Flo was the centre of attention at the RSCPA’s black collar launch. This is a great cause put together by Marie who laughs a lot

month, the Mega Pack is


normally $105 per month

Jade Ward - Tauranga Store Manager

Talk to us in-store or shop online at Tauranga - 306 Cameron Road, Tauranga. Ph: 0800 434 448 Offer valid until 30 September 2012. Best Mates® for home phone includes calls to 5 nominated numbers of up to 2 hours. Calls over 2 hours will be charged for the time spent over the 2 hour threshold. Eligible numbers are NZ mobile and NZ landline numbers excluding special and premium numbers. Only available on Choice/Mega Packs (included with packs) and Easy/Basic packs (as chargeable monthly Add-On). See for full terms and conditions. Discount terms and conditions: A $10 discount applies for the first 12 months. After 12 months your monthly charge will revert back to the normal per month charge. Discount is only applicable to Choice and Mega Packs. **You just pay the standard monthly SKY Digital subscription plus other charges for channels, content and features you may subscribe to. For all SKY offers please see for terms and conditions.

Organiser Maree Brookes says 2012 has been a fantastic year for the Tauranga SPCA. Thanks to a $1million donation from the late Betty Napier, the SPCA’s upgrade, to make better facilities and more space for homeless animals, is nearly finished, says Maree. “It looks amazing and our cats, quarantine, kittens and queens, plus the adoption area are all rejuvenated – and our staff all now have a desk to call home, and heating for the winter.” The final stage to be completed in the dog area – with further funds needed for a roof on the kennel area and stall upgrades.

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

To raise required money, Tauranga SPCA is holding a masked gala/black tie event at Mills Reef Winery & Restaurant on Friday, October 26 at 6.30pm. Ties and Tails is “the perfect opportunity to put on a fancy frock or a suave suit and treat you to an awesome night out”. Guests will enjoy champagne on arrival, a three course meal and live entertainment from MORE FM’s Vinnie Aston and Kirt Richards and band Deelizious. An auction will also take place. Local businesses are donating goods and services to help make the event as glamorous as possible. “We are really grateful to everyone who is helping out so far,” says Maree. To book tickets visit or call 07 578 0245. By Corrie Taylor

Tauranga IHC forum set An IHC forum has been scheduled in Tauranga for the families and supporters of young people and children with disabilities. IHC director of advocacy Trish Grant says the forum will provide free information and resources for disabled children and young people whose care

is limited and poorly coordinated by health, education and social development ministries. The Tauranga Heartland forum is the sixteenth of 20 to be held in New Zealand this year, and will help affected families get the help they need, know what’s available and what they are entitled to. “The Heartland forums are not a talk-fest by experts. They are an

opportunity for people to contribute, to listen, to be informed and to be part of a community discussion,” says Trish. “Each community is unique and we want our workshops to reflect that.” The forum will be held at Baycourt Community and Arts Centre on Monday, October 2, from 10am-2pm. Email or phone 0800 442 442 to register.


The Weekend Sun

Catch of the day Summer is approaching and daylight saving starts this weekend, which means many keen fishermen are heading towards their favourite spots to provide fish for the family table.

With varying degrees of success there is sometimes a visit to the fishmongers and a white lie, and other times an abundance (within regulation - of course). The best fish is always the one that gets caught and cooked on the same day, and the best methods are the simplest - like barbequed in foil, pan-fried or oven baked. When there is a surplus, and your catch (or your neigh-

bours) ends up in the freezer, the trick is knowing how to use it up. The following easy recipe is a tasty party snack, or light meal and a great way to make use of the left over catch. In different parts of the world, particularly Asia, fish balls can be found in a variety of dishes like laksa and curries. There are many flavour variations such as the inclusion of shredded Kaffir lime leaves, shrimp paste, flours, coconut etc. The following recipe uses ingredients commonly found in the Kiwi kitchen, and to suit our fish varieties. The recipe is gluten free, and if the mixture is too wet, then maize cornflour can be added. The secret is to have ingredients very cold and having the fish semifrozen aids the emulsification of the proteins.

Thai fish cakes serves 4 Ingredients 500 grams fish (semi-thawed) 1-2 egg whites (depending on egg size) 1/4 cup sweet chilli sauce juice of 3 limes zest of one lime 1/4 cup chopped coriander 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic 1/2 teaspoon minced ginger 1/2 cup cream Salt and pepper maize cornflour to thicken if required

Method In a food processor, place all ingredients except the cream, making sure the fish is only partially thawed. Partially blend, then pour in cream and process until well combined. (To taste-test mixture, cook a small spoonful in either the microwave, or simmering water, then adjust flavouring to suit) Form mixture into teaspoon-sized balls with dampened hands to prevent sticking.

My preference is pan-fried in rice-bran oil, but this recipe works equally well in the oven (approximately 5-8 minutes at 180C) Serve with sweet chilli sauce.

Waiheke women turns passion into profit Waiheke Herbs founder Wendy Kendall has developed her childhood interest, in herbs, gardening, and ‘making potions’, into a thriving business. In the 1980’s Wendy completed courses in herbalism, nutrition and bodycare with the Australasian College of Herbal Studies, including studying wild herbs, planetary herbology, and how to make natural cosmetics. On moving to Waiheke Island

in 1993 to raise a family and develop her own garden, she began experimenting with wild herbs to create a delicious and healthy spread for her young children. Friends were soon placing orders for the spread as they felt ‘energised’ by it and encouraged Wendy to produce the herb spread on a larger scale. In 2003 the herb spread was introduced at the local Saturday market. Enthusiastic responses from customers convinced Wendy there was demand for her product and Waiheke Island Herb Spread

was born. Waiheke Herb Spread is a unique blend of fresh herbs, carefully selected for their culinary and traditional healing qualities. This product is a delicious addition to a wide variety of everyday meals and contains many essential vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre. “I love it tossed through new potatoes or pasta. Spread over fresh bread and topped with a favourite cheese. Its great on savoury muffins or scones for morning tea; or baste on your chicken before roasting or baking in the oven .” say Wendy. There are so many ways to enjoy this delicious spread and found in the deli section at The Good Food Trading Company- 35 MacDonald Street Mount Maunganui.



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A different perspective Daniel Flynn and Megan Miller have joined forces to offer a unique day of revitalization for mind and body, incorporating all levels of well-being; including weight management, fitness and lifestyle balance. Attracting clients from around the world, Megan has discovered and put together a breakthrough combination of cutting-edge systems – including five leading principles teaching people how to lose weight without deprivation. Daniel, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, specialises in fun outdoor group training catering for a variety of fitness levels. His ability to motivate a wide variety of people, from elderly to one-on-one specialised training for injury rehabilitation, makes this day a wellness retreat open to everyone regardless of age, shape, size, or fitness level. On October 6, beginning with

with 30-40 minutes of interval fitweight management, participants ness training, before the final event will discover a breakthrough of the day: sweet dishes. approach to weight loss and eating This teaches participants how to and say goodbye to no-no’s and take positive action to transform dieting rules. They will then enjoy a 45 minute their life, followed by stress release visualisation – sit back, relax and fun and energizing group fitness completely de-stress. regime designed to tone, firm and Megan and Daniel have designed motivate. the day so people can leave feeling After an invigorating morning, de-stressed, motivated and revitalthey will then get the chance to ized. Spaces are limited so get apply the strategies they learn in quick! throughout the morning to a delicious and nutritious lunch at Grange Road Café, before moving onto a lifestyle appraisal. Here they will conduct a total lifestyle make-over by assessing the six aspects of wellbeing and how to live a more balanced life. Megan Miller and Daniel Flynn have joined Cardio fitness is forces to offer a unique day of revitalization for next on the list, mind and body.

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Tiredness is part of life. Ask any mother with a baby, or parent with teens, or just any parent! Stress is also normal. Long hours, lack of sleep, deadlines, financial and other problems all cause stress and stress can make you tired. At one end of the scale this can be a feeling that you are always running on empty. At the other end are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the serious fatigue probwith John Arts lems caused by various illnesses. For women, make sure you get your iron levels tested as low iron is a common cause of tiredness in women. Another common cause of fatigue is adrenal gland exhaustion and this is often combined with low levels of vitamin D. There are many studies linking depression, fatigue and other malaise type problems with low levels of this essential vitamin. If you are abnormally tired go and see your GP for a check up. If the fatigue has no medical cause the first step is to review your diet and exercise. Any good diet is based on high plant food intake, good protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Exercise is essential for good health. A good multi-style supplement can help ensure your body has optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for healthy cell function. While energy comes from carbohydrates, fats and proteins, to make this energy we need an army of helpers. When selecting a supplement be prepared to pay a bit more for a good one. While most vitamins are not expensive, well absorbed minerals and the potent botanical antioxidant extracts are expensive ingredients. Make sure your daily multi has all the minerals including all the major minerals and all the trace and the ultra-trace minerals. With antioxidants, look for the really important one such as the grape seed OPC’s, bilberry, green tea, bioflavonoids and eye-protecting lutein. To conclude, if you are tired you need to firstly eliminate any medical cause. Get a check up from your GP. Secondly, review your diet and exercise as these will contribute to fatigue. Thirdly, get some good advice on supplements as these can make all the difference in helping you restore your energy levels. Give me a call if you need help. To join my weekly newsletter go to www. and visit



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John Arts is the founder of Abundant Health. To contact John phone (local) 5789051 or 0800 423 559. To read more go to


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Early detection is key micrographic surgery) for certain facial skin cancers, standard surgical excision, cryotherapy (freezing treatment) and topical treatment (with creams). Specialist dermatologists use adjunctive tools such as magnification, dermoscopy (microsopy of the skin) and biopsies to diagnose skin cancers at the earliest possible stage and distinguish them from the often significant number of harmless growths and blemishes on our skin. When it comes to skin cancer, the earlier the better. If you have any concerns about your skin or would like a skin examination (skin check) make an appointment to see a Specialist dermatologist. For further information please see By Dr Neil Mortimer

New Zealand has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world with skin cancer the most common cancer affecting New Zealander’s, accounting for about 80% of all new cancers diagnosed each year. Most people know of someone who has been affected, or sadly died, from skin cancer. Whilst skin cancer is the most common cancer, it is also the most curable. The earlier the malignancy is diagnosed the simpler the treatment and the better the prognosis. Early identification and intervention saves lives with malignant melanoma and to a certain extent with squamous cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma rarely spreads but needs recognition and appropriate

treatment to avoid potentially disfiguring complications. Early identification and treatment of skin cancer is dependent upon people presenting early to a doctor if they have any concerns about their skin, with speciallytrained doctors specialists at recognising the often subtle early signs. Most skin cancers are not painful and will grow insidiously if they are not detected early, creating a higher potential for complications. Specialist dermatologists are medical doctors who have undergone extensive training to equip them with expertise in the identification and management of all skin disorders. This training provides the skill and experience necessary to diagnose all types of skin cancer and recommend the most appropriate treatment for the best chance of a cure. Treatments may include microscopically controlled excision of skin cancer (Mohs

‘I’m a very lucky person indeed’ This month’s contribution to the Love Your Heart column is the very real story of one Mount Maunganui resident and his family. Thanks for sharing with us Brad. My story starts on February 12 this year at 3am when my wife woke to hear me gagging for breath. In the time that she took to dial 111, I was dead on the bed in front of her. She immediately started CPR with the guidance of the 111 operator, calling out every compression – 100 compressions per minute and no breaths. Statistically, every minute you are not breathing gives you a 10 per cent less chance of surviving. The first ambulance applied an electric shock which had no effect. As I was being delivered the second shock, my heart started and I was rushed to Tauranga Hospital. I was placed on life support and put into an induced coma in an attempt to calm the trauma that my brain, heart and body had undergone.

So I’m a survivor of a community cardiac arrest. What caused me to die that night and why did it happen? I was 39 years old, married with three kids, fit and healthy. I went to see Dr Anna Rolleston to get a comprehensive cardiac check-up. Anna asked me “what physical exercise have you being doing lately” and I said ‘I was feeling good and had resumed walking up the Mount’. She showed me, through a treadmill test, what this early and intense amount of exercise was doing to my blood pressure. Anna put me straight – providing me a specialised program from The Cardiac Clinic to exercise. How do you manage your health? Honestly?

Be proactive about your health, what have you got to lose? Make a 3 month investment into the rest of your life by joining the 12 week comprehensive lifestyle change programme at The Cardiac Clinic.

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Brad survived a community cardiac arrest and shares his story proudly. Photo supplied.

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Alzheimers New Zealand Tauranga

ms. Bay of Plenty


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Explaining Maori connection Council’s deep black hole

How smart is Smartgrowth? contoured land will far outweigh any production losses. I just can’t agree that the Western Bay (for instance) should be encouraging development on the steep (and potentially eroding) Minden Hill area, in preference to some of our better contoured land. A huge issue going forward will be the cost of infrastructure. The provision of both drinking and waste water for the expanding Western Bay population is posing a huge financial burden on already strained balance sheets for both Western Bay of Plenty District and Tauranga City Council. The old adage that “growth pays for growth” just won’t cut it going for-

Part two

debt is unsustainable. Second, creating our food and other needs using a non-renewable resource must ultimately fail. Third, peak oil and climate change are current – they are not issues to be dealt with by future generations. Heinberg offers a solution that requires a global consensus: shift the world to a steady-state economy. Most of our politicians think that is too hard. But our children need those hard decisions. Hear By Ian McLean, Richard Heinberg at the Baycourt Exhibition spokesperson for the Green Party Hall, 1 October, 7:15 pm.

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Understanding our debt-fuelled carbon economy Currently, the world economy is subsidised by a massive energy credit, laid down millions of years ago when the planet was a very different place. That credit will eventually run out, and reconfiguring it into atmospheric carbon has consequences for planetary ecology. A guru of the carbon economy, Richard Heinberg, is coming to town to speak on these issues. He has some simple messages. First, driving economic growth using

some new ideas but all we have to show at the moment is CDPs for Te Puke, Omokoroa and Waihi Beach. Omokoroa we had better keep quiet about. Waihi Beach we are now told is to be part of Katikati, so its CDP is totally out of date. Katikati doesn’t have a plan at all. It does have a Town Plan that appears to be totally unworkable. This week, the Regional Council has released over $30m dollars for Tauranga and Western Bay’s long term projects. Tauranga’s list includes the university, which Western Bay also agreed to support but kept the rest of their money for just one project, the Katikati Town Centre Plan that nobody wants. This decision never went to the councillors to discuss.

ward, and our territorial authorities need to show a lot more innovation if we are to accommodate growth. In the eight years since Smartgrowth was instigated technology changes have halved the cost for many waste water systems, so what was appropriate then is not necessarily so today. This highlights the issue of 20 to 50 year planning - it is great (and essential) for the ‘big picture’ stuff, but Smartgrowth needs to retain flexibility to take advantage of technological change. Smartgrowth’s biggest success has been its collaborative approach, but it is a non-statutory document and is really constrained by the fact that our Tauranga City and Western Bay District Council both must comply with the Regional Council’s Regional Policy Statement.


Reading the feedback as a result of the community consultation for the Smartgrowth Strategic Review, I worry that staff will place too much weight on emotive issues, rather than following good science. The file note of the Priority One Board consultation meeting (for example) contended that a key priority is the protection of productive land. This is an example of a highly emotive consideration, whereas the science will tell you that New Zealand urban development accounts for less than two per cent of our productive land, and that in fact the trade-off of developing our better

There is a hole somewhere in the council structure, a black hole which seems to accept ideas, innovation, dreams, consultation, reports, planning submissions, our rates and heaps of money. Council business continues as usual and seems unchanged by this vast input. It is not a just lack of communication; it feels like the council and the public are communicating. It’s just that we seem to be in two different one-sided conversations. Where in the council’s world does this great disconnect occur? Looking at council’s development planning. The Smart Growth review is under way and could come up with


Ben and his wife Ellen looked after a number of us from St Stephen’s School when I was younger – when as students we were lucky enough to “escape the prison” on leave. He was a great musician and over the years he took up the role as pakeke (elder) for a number of schools in Auckland. He was a respected mentor to a large number of people. Ben would have lived a fair chunk of his life up in Auckland with his children and grandchildren. Because of this, for some people the thought of Ben returning to be buried on Rangiwaea at the end of

his life would seem strange. What is it that makes a person decide to be returned to a place which clearly would have touched his heart yet he was separated from for decades? It happens in my tribe as well where people have been away for years – they aren’t seen at all– yet they and their families decide they will head home to finally rest. As far as I can make out, it is the pull of tūrangawaewae, of ūkaipō that stays in our hearts. It can be so very hard to explain. That is probably why our people feel so strongly connected to waterways and water itself – or mountains for that matter. We reinforce these feelings and the connections we feel in ourselves each time we stand on our marae. I always translate Maori speeches for Ministers when I travel with them out to marae and even to news media.


As I write this article, I am returning to the rigours of Parliament having spent a little time at the funeral of Ben Tawhiti on Rangiwaea Island.


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No way to treat our visitors Spring is in the air and almost all our facilities are receiving a spring makeover. Our refurbishment of the Mount Hot Pools is almost complete, with the final roofing and spa pool upgrade remaining as works in progress. Greerton is now closed until 12 October while we undertake a refurbishment of the aquatic area of the facility. We will celebrate the re-opening

A recent visitor to The Mount called at the Willow Street I-Site to pick up a map which clearly showed the location of the Mount I-Site in Salisbury Avenue. Following the I direction sign at the Salisbury Ave/Maunganui Road roundabout he easily found the The Mount I-Site building, but it was shut. A curt note on the door told him to go back several kilometres to Willow Street for information and bus ticket purchases. Understandably he left The Mount in disgust angry about the time and petrol he had wasted.. This is no way to treat our visitors because such extreme discourtesy will be the unpleasant image which travellers will spread far and wide about Tauranga. The incompetent person or persons responsible for such a stupid decision as the closure needs to relinquish any positions held in the field of promoting Tauranga’s image.

If Tourism BOP cannot manage to maintain both of our I-Sites on $290,000 it may be time to review staffing levels or let the bus companies employ their own staff to sell bus tickets. A former I-Site staff member said that the return on the ticket sales agency is hardly worth having when the salaries of extra staff employed for this duty are taken into account. Samuel Smith, Otumoetai.

of the Greerton facility with a big party in November (with the date to be

Denigrating the icons of yesterday

confirmed), and this will coincide with Sport Bay of Plenty’s “Play in the Bay”

What is it with small men denigrating the icons of yesterday? As we suffer the effects of falsifying history with ever increasing fraudulent Treaty claims, Peter Blakeway is another feeding this scourge with his ridiculing of Cpt. James Cook as a failure. Cook navigated British forces up the St. Lawrence River in an attack thought impossible that led to the end of French rule in Canada. His time there produced charts still in use into the 20th Century. He sailed a humble coastal collier halfway around the globe to chart NZ and led several other voyages that significantly improved knowledge

water month. For those who use Baywave regularly, you will have noticed that our Clubfit gym has been closed for the past few days while we install new equipment. This equipment comes from the same suppliers to the Olympic Games, so we are excited by what’s available. Most of the gear is key-enabled meaning the machines can track your progress as you work out, providing graphs and reports on how you’re doing! You are welcome to come and check out the new gear at any time – the team at Clubfit Baywave would love to see you and show you what’s possible. As we enter into the school holidays, please give some thought to swimming lessons in Term 4. This is the last opportunity for term swimming for the year, and with summer just around the corner, now is the time to take responsibility for your children’s water safety (and your own). Call us on 575 0276 if you need more info or a class schedule. Next on the horizon for TCAL is the opening of Memorial Pools at Labour Weekend. Once this is ticked off, you know that summer is nearly here. Meantime, stay safe around water and enjoy the longer daylight hours with a relaxing swim or soak after school or work! See you soon, Tania Delahunty, CEO & all the TCAL team at Baywave, Otumoetai, Mount Hot Pools, Greerton and Memorial. 07 575 0276

about the Pacific and advanced science. He pioneered advances in dealing with problems such as scurvy. He had a level of humanity not often found in that day and age. Like all of us I am sure he had his faults, but in an era fraught with danger and uncertainty he stood above most of his fellows. In comparison Peter Blakeway’s 15 minutes of fame is based on throwing some ingredients into a pot and calling himself a cook. Get a life Peter. Who’s the next target, Sir Edmund Hilary? Mike Kuipers von Lande Mount Maunganui.

Different viewpoints on Maori rights I have just read two persons ideas concerning ‘Maori Rights’ on water and wind ways. I have a very different view point . Firstly, who has anyone, of any nationality, of any background, the right to criticise the concerns of an ethnic race? Europeans whose forbears came to invade, conquer and dwell in the actual homeland of this people must consider their non rights. The European have much to be regretful of the world over. Look at India. The arrogance of the English. Look at Africa. The despicable acts of the Dutch. Look at Germany and their devastating defiling of Jewish people. The time has come to put behind

the disgustful privileges generations of ‘white New Zealanders’ have allocated them selves. To stop complaining of the rights of the true inhabitants and to accept they are the intruders who are still allowed to live in this beautiful country and call it their homeland. How clever the Fijians were: They remain the ‘Landlords and owners of their land’ all other inhabitants, Indians and Europeans simply lease commercial land. Therefore the Fijian people own the land, the waterways and the wind. Come on New Zealanders, you are too much of a now combined intermarried group. Twenty years hence we all will be Maori? European? Maybe ‘Maeropean’ Good name eh? Alys Ingrid Wicksteed. MORE LETTERS over the page

City needs passenger rail service between Hamilton, Auckland Why is it that Tauranga doesn’t have a passenger train service with Hamilton and Auckland? Tauranga is now New Zealand’s fifth largest city, and despite growing traffic problems, there isn’t a passenger service to the Bay of Plenty on the railway we all own. Taxpayer-funded KiwiRail should serve the country by providing services that people can use, rather than closing and running down much of the network. With fuel prices reaching record highs, the Government has an obligation and duty to provide a sustainable transport system that doesn’t rely on diminishing oil resources. Rail can be electrified and powered by our many renewable energy sources. The Government must provide KiwiRail with funding for a fleet of fast, new, modern railcars to run services from Whangarei to Invercargill, Auckland to Mt Maunganui, Wellington to Gisborne. David Dalton, Tauranga.

KiwiRail rethink needed KiwiRail rethink needed. With all the problems KiwiRail is experiencing and the admission from the Government that the company is not likely to meet the targets of it’s Turnaround Plan, the Government needs to implement a complete restructure of rail industry in New Zealand. The current system is not working and is not realistic. The proposals to close and rundown lines all over the country, and stop running services such as the Capital Connection are not in the best interest of the country. The KiwiRail freight business needs to be separated from the infrastructure and passenger divisions, and run as a commercial rail operator. The infrastructure such as the tracks, train control systems and the land assets need to be kept with the NZ Railways Corporation, who should also take on the rail licencing functions of the NZ Transport Agency, to become the rail equivalent of the NZTA. A separate passenger rail company, similar to Amtrak in the US, needs to be established to run long distance and suburban passenger trains, as well as the Interisland ferries, which are an essential service to the country. Rail operating companies would pay a fee to the NZRC for using the tracks, in much the same way as road users pay for using the roads. This arrangement would put both road and rail on an equal playing field for funding and competition. Kathryn Arnold, Auckland.

Waterfront triumph The Council got this one right. Congratulations. The Sunday launch of the new waterfront was a triumph. All the naysayers were proved wrong. And for those who are fussed over the loss of their carparking, it should be noted that those who attended included large number of families with children in pushchairs, elderly with sticks and in wheelchairs. They found parks within walking distance. And it was obviously close enough from home for people with mobility scooters to attend. Frances Denz, Tauranga.

What a joke What a joke the punishment handed to Phillip Kahotea for neglecting his poor dog. This neglect went on for two yrs, the dog being chained up and almost starved to death. Chances are Kahotea also neglects his family; mistreating animals and other humans quite often go hand in hand. This cruel, uncaring individual should have at least been barred from ever owning a dog again and the paltry fine of $750 should be mulitplied by at least 10. Pete Kelly, Te Puna.


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NZ race relations ‘at tipping point’ The absurd Treaty of Waitangi claims being made by iwi leaders for the ownership of pubic good resources that are the foundation of life itself are driving New Zealand towards a race relations tipping point. The current claims laid by Maori are not only outrageous but appear to be in breach of the 2006 law change that prohibits any new historic Treaty of Waitangi claim from being lodged with the Waitangi Tribunal after the 1st of September 2008. Subsection (1) of Section 6AA of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 states: “after 1 September 2008 no Maori may submit a claim to the Tribunal that is, or includes, a historical Treaty claim”. For the sake of the future of this country, it is time to put this fixation with race behind us. New Zealand should become a nation where equality before the law is a defining feature. The government has given the Maori Party $4 million to spend on convincing New Zealanders that a Treaty based constitution is in the best interests of the country. Plans are now well advanced for the replacement of New Zealand’s present constitution with a new version that

Tail wagging the dog Dear RR, Have you considered going into politics and standing for prime minister? You have expressed many of the feelings of the majority of New Zealanders who are totally fed up with the Treaty gravy train. Talk about the tail shaking the dog! Their claims are becoming more bizarre by the day. Why would they think that they are the owners of the God given gifts of wind,water and air? I`m sure that should you decide to stand you’d be voted in unanimously by those who believe that this whole thing has gone too far and its time to say “No more!” We are being driven more into an apartheid system far worse than South Africa ever experienced and I notice those protesters who were so verbal about SA are in a cuddly position with Hone! Pamela Harris, Judea.

enshrines the Treaty of Waitangi and the Maori seats. The strategy being used by the government is similar to that successfully employed over the foreshore and seabed: they have set up a review process using a rigged panel. They plan to consult extensively with Maori through a series of Hui. Other ‘arranged’ meetings will take place over the next twelve months. But high profile open public meetings, that could generate controversial publicity of the sort the government does not want, will NOT be held, as they plan to keep this review under the radar of public opinion as well. If the Maori Party is successful in orchestrating a new written Treaty-based constitution, unelected activist judges are likely to be in control. That means that if the National Party rolls over - as it did over the foreshore and seabed - to let the Maori Party hijack our constitution, New Zealand will be condemned to a future of racial division that will forever confer superior rights and status on those who claim Maori heritage, while non-Maori New Zealanders will become second class citizens in their own country. Rob Colmore, Hairini.

The letter from K.Wyatt

This gentleman has a very valid point. The way things are going the Maori tribes will be in a very good position to pay for all natural [i.e.Maori] disasters. Come to think of it, surely earthquakes are caused by Taniwhas? Accepting responsibility for Christchurch would be a good place to start. Also in future insurance reports, on floods and hurricanes etc ,are we to see the phrase “an act of Maori”? Ken Mitchell, Katikati.

Failing memory banks

If John Banks’ memory retention is so poor that he cannot recall details of donations made to him by a man as big as Mr Kim Dotcom, and in a luxury mansion of that size, I fail to see how he can contribute anything as a member of parliament! Barry H Walker, Mt Maunganui.

MORE LETTERS over the page

Water and ripoffs Hugh Mackay (August 31) must be living in a dream world if he believes that Maori’s attempt to privatise water is for the benefit of all new Zealanders. Why then are they demanding “shares plus” (free shares, plus boardroom seats, and veto rights over management decisions); royalities and rentals etc. all based on ethnicity? The recent settling of Waikato River Settlement, according to Office of Treaty Settlements figures, has cost taxpayers $400.80 million. That settlement does not exclude claims for water usage. And that is for only one river! As for Hugh McKay”s comments about “white skin Parnell cowboys and their failed finance companies”, does he reminding maoris are equally adept at business failure. Remember Mark Bryers, of Blue Chip fame, who, with his whanau, ripped off predominantly elderly people of hundred of millions of dollars. The time has come for John Key to show that is a statesman, stop prevaricating, and say no Maori attempts to privatise water, wind and anything else. Appeasement never works, it just results in more claims and the further transfer of assets owned by all New Zealanders to a small ethic minority. Richard Prince, Welcome Bay.

Winston and treaty Winston Peters knew quite some time back about the “Littlewood Treaty’ and NZ First policies have forever been “We are now all one people.” I do not concur with the oft heard slur “Winston is racist” and I believe also the Seabed and Seashore settlement ironed out by Winston and Helen Clark (and stupidly rescinded by John Key and National) was the way to go. The “Littewood Treaty” found in a drawer in 1989 puts to rest the false claim that Governor Hobson signed a document that did not include “We are all one people.” Moreover the document signed by Hobson made no mention of Maori getting “forests and fisheries.” It is total nonsense for Maori to claim the treaty was a partnership between them and the Crown. Britain was the number one superpower of the world - what the Treaty granted Maori was the rights of British subjects. Don Brash flagrantly used parts of the NZ First constitution to gain the National Party leadership and now Colin Craig is doing the same. Both have other agendas which do not include a fair go for all New Zealanders. David Lange and Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s “Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975” is a huge racially divisive mistake. Hylton Rhodes, Tauranga.

Simon, get the PM here! Simon, get the Prime Minister here in Tauranga. We want to talk to him, now! I raise this issue as the Government of New Zealand is being threatened over ownership of water, energy, wind power and the electronic spectrum. Simon Bridges, this is an open letter. I believe I speak for a hundred thousand Tauranga citizens when I say, we have had enough of being ignored. As our servant we order you to arrange a public meeting, in a large venue, and get John Key PM here to explain what is going on. Do it immediately. Ken Evans, Avenues.


The Weekend Sun

Under the radar Outrageous treatment That’s my line! Tauranga Council has signed off the City Plan and obtained a 2011 RMA Consent on the Waterfront within the past 12 months yet Variation 6 (Rule 17) dealt with at a Commissioners Hearing last week sought changes which in effect seeks to accommodate commercial buildings up to 2 levels in height with huge 450m2 and 300m2 footprints on the Strand Waterfront strip of land only 30m wide by about 800m in length, plus increase permitted temporary activities from 21 days. Passive green open space was how Council sold the Redevelopment to the Tauranga public and yet this commercial mindset driven by Priority One, Chamber of Commerce and all the usual suspects now takes precedence over the environment promised to Tauranga residents. This under the radar approach is a complete breach of faith by Council which is now clearly supporting commercial interests against what is best for the Waterfront marine environment, flying in the face of the Foreshore and Seabed Legislation and the NZ Coastal Policy Statement thereby ‘sacrificing the environment’. The Opening Day party for what looks like only a 6 metre wide concrete concourse, held last weekend should have been a ‘wake’ not a celebration. There is nothing exciting about the prospect of a commercialised concrete jungle on the Tauranga Waterfront. Mark my words, within the next 3-5 years, the development on the Strand Reclamation will be a disaster and in my view, anyone who thinks otherwise is daydreaming. R.Paterson, Matapihi.

No respect for others Many years ago they blew up the Rainbow Warrior, at its moorings and killed an innocent man, with no proper reason. They then killed Princess Diana and two others with her, again with no valid reason. Now they are hounding the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William’s wife. I have no respect whatsoever for such people, who themselves have no respect for others. Barry H Walker, Mount Maunganui.

I find it outrageous that serving defence staff are going to have to pay market rent for the military-owned houses they occupy.

To simply say they have to pay market rates so as not to have an advantage over people renting in the private sector is an outlook by some idiot that misinterprets reality. How many people were killed in action occupying a private rental house compared to a soldier paying a lower rate? Er none. How many servicemen and women have been killed in action? Well I can’t answer that but it is too many and many

more than civilians that have been killed by Taliban. No wonder NZ is not a progressive country when we have people running the country that have such a mercenary outlook on the value of our defence force. Such and outlook is not inconsistent with the activities of the ACC and work and incomes attitude to the sick and the infirm, using hatchet men to get people off the benefits they are entitled to, many of which lack the ability to take them on and put up a fight.. It seems to me that members of Parliament think they are the only ones entitled to perks and benefits. Alastair Bourne, Bethlehem.

Thanks for successful daffodil appeal On behalf of the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Division of the Cancer Society I wish to thank the people in the Bay of Plenty for their immense support of Daffodil Day 2012. We are pleased to announce another successful result with over $630,000 being raised for the region, a wonderful result due to the generosity and support of people in this community. I would also like to extend a huge thank you to the volunteers who gave their time to support our appeal; we simply could not have done it without you. As the Cancer Society receives no direct government funding, we are heavily reliant on donations and fundraising activities, such as Daffodil Day, to continue our community work. Donations from daffodil day are used for supportive care for cancer patients, their carers, whanau and friends, fund cancer research and provide the public with information on the ways to reduce

the risk of cancer through a smoke free, sun smart, healthy lifestyle. Once again a big thank you to everyone who supported Daffodil Day 2012 and if you would like more information on the many cancer support services that the Cancer Society provides then please visit or phone 0800 CANCER (0800 226 237) Judy Gould, CEO Cancer Society Waikato/Bay of Plenty Division.

I see that TCC (16/9/12) is considering painting blue lines across roads around Tauranga to indicate to residents the distance from the coast tsunamis may reach, an idea used in Wellington. On 14 April 2011 I sent the following email to the Tauranga Mayor and four councillors. “Whilst in Wellington last week my wife and I spent a good part of our stay in and around Island Bay. I noticed whilst driving around, blue and white lines painted across a number of roads leading away from the coast. These lines are approximately 10 centimetres wide. On enquiring I was told that the lines indicate to residents the maximum distance a tsunami is predicted to travel inland. This is an idea that could well be copied in Tauranga. It would be a good indicator to residents in low lying areas the distance from the coast that a powerful tsunami is predicted to reach. This should not be taken as a guarantee that a tsunami would not travel further but a base indicator only. I know there is a published map showing the predicted distance inland tsunamis may travel, but indicators such as these would be a permanent visible reminder and warning. I considered this idea well worth passing on with the current turmoil and worry over tsunami warning systems in Tauranga”. As predicted the replies I received were varied. They ranged from “An excellent idea” to “This is not necessary in Tauranga and anyway would be ineffective”! Seventeen months after I put the idea forward someone from the great unwashed in or on TCC comes up with the same idea. Bloody incredible. No wonder this city is in such a mess. Roger Bailey, Papamoa.

Letters in the Sun

Priority is given to short letters, less than 200 words. All must include full name and suburb/district and also have address and phone number (not for publication). Fax 07 571 1116 PO Box 240, Tauranga 3140


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Wurlitzer rare treasure What an amazing 40th anniversary ‘Wurlitzer Weekend’ - 600 school students attending a Friday session, special afternoon tea on Saturday for those connected with the theatre organ - both past and present, and culminating with a great concert to a packed house on Sunday afternoon. The whole weekend was carried along by the exuberance and expertise of theatre organist Scott Harrison from Melbourne who has been associated with Tauranga’s Wurlizter for 20 years and obviously has a tremendous affection for it, and is always able to extract the very best from it. The Sunday concert, in which Scott shared the second half with the Bay Dixie band, was just magic. One highlight was film of the late Bob Addison singing to the accompaniment of the Wurlitzer, quite an emotional experience for many of

us. Congratulations to the Tauranga Theatre Organ Society whose yearlong planning for this special weekend gave us the very best. Let’s hope that the hundreds who attended will continue to support future Wurli concerts, and that some of those many students who came will be inspired to learn to play it and increase the popularity of this rare treasure that belongs to our city. Maureen Guy, Otumoetai.

Mixed blood heritage How refreshing to read someone commenting on his mixed heritage of Maori and Scot, and how a visit to a museum in Scotland had shown him the past injustices suffered by the Scots at the hands of the English. (Rogers Rabbits, Sept 21.) There was no mention of settlements he said, and “the Scots just get on with it. They don’t forget the past, but there are not limited by it.” In this climate of sadly widening racist divisions, it never ceases to amaze me how others with half, three quarters or more of mixed blood, can entirely ignore the largest part of their heritage. For a people who are fixated on ‘whakapapa’ how can anyone ignore the largest part of their bloodline? My grandmother came from crofting Scots who suffered greatly in the ‘clearances’ but later went on to marry and live happily with an Englishman. There was no hanging on to, or harping on about how her family had earlier suffered at the hands of the English. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all live happily together celebrating our mixed bloodlines and enjoying our truly beautiful country as New Zealanders? Think of the billions we would save if every contentious issue didn’t have to be fought through the courts. We could spend that money on good food for children who turn up at school without breakfast or lunches. Rosalind Percy, Tauranga.

Counter intelligence thrives in good old Aotearoa Dear Sir Rapete: With all the secrecy around who can spy on who and who isn’t telling the big boss who said what, it all sounds a bit like Maxwell Smart’s Cone of Silence when it comes to counter intelligence techniques in good old Aotearoa. When I heard about the secret Cone of Silence around the mystery water deal with the council I borrowed Max’s shoe phone and coupled with a McDonalds giveaway coke glass to press up against the council’s wall I

got the inside scoop and cracked the case. I needed to know what all the water was needed for, who was paying for it, who owned it and how much was it worth. But it was riddled with danger and deception of the highest order and if I got it wrong I would face the Big Chief. Would I be water boarded myself if I found out too much and would Agent 99 come and rescue me when I needed her? Imagine my relief when I found out it

Golf Croquet Every Tues, Fri & Sun at Tauranga Croquet Club, Domain, Cameron Rd 12.45pm. Beginners welcome. Free lessons, everything supplied. Peter 571 0633 Greerton Lions 1st & 3rd Tues at Racecourse 6.15pm. Ray 577 1854 Greerton Senior Citizens Club Maitland St Extn. Indoor bowls 12.45 Mon, Thurs, Sat. Housie 1pm Fri. The ever popular guide to Over 55’s welcome. Joy 541 1725 Harmony A Plenty Barbershop Chorus Every ‘What’s On’ in the Bay Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. 542 4191 or www. Alcoholics Anonymous Mt Maunganui meet every Housie Every Weds at Gate Pa Outdoor Bowling Club Tues at St Peters Hall, 11 Victoria St 7.30pm. 0800 11am. June 543 0465 229 6757 (0800 AA Works) for other AA meetings. Ikebena (Japanese flower arranging) Every 2nd Altrusa Club of Tauranga For women interested in fellowship, community service, dinner meetings 2nd & Sat 13th Ave Methodist Centre 10am - 12pm. New members welcome. Pauline 576 5760 4th Tues of month 6pm. 570 3134 Andre Rieu Friendship Group BOP Monthly gather- Junior Martial Arts Papamoa Every Mon 5-6pm. Help develop your child’s physical, mental & social ings to enjoy beautiful music & meet new friends. skills. Trevor 0800 348 454 Pete/Jennifer 574 4238 Arthritis NZ - WBOP Service Centre, Historic Village Judo Tues & Thurs at Moreland Fox Park, Greerton 17th Ave Mon-Fri. Free Arthritis Educator clinic every 5.30pm. Classes from PeeWees to Masters. Graeme 543 0872 Thurs. For appointments ph 571 0088 Katikati Fire Brigade Quiz Night Every 2nd Weds of Ashtanga Yoga Thurs at Tauranga Yoga Centre, Elizabeth St West 6-7.30am. $10 per class or $60 for month at Katikati RSA/Citizens Club 7pm. $20 team of 12 week term. Yoga classes every day except Sunday. max 6. Scotty 0274 502 531 Katikati Herb Society 2nd Weds of month at St Paul’s Many styles taught by experienced teachers. www. Church, Mulgan St, Katikati 7pm. 552 0217 Kidz Need Dadz Coffee morning Tues (except school Assn of Administrative Professionals (AAPNZ) holidays) Kidz Need Dadz House, 538 Fraser St, Tauranga Group 2nd Weds of month at Sebel, Dive Greerton 9.30-11am. Jim 544 3424 Crescent, Tga 5.30pm. or KW Tae Kwon Do 11 Ashley Place, Papamoa Tues & Bay Network Singles Social Club Friendship group Thurs 5.30, 6.30 & 7.30pm. Fri 6-7pm. Olympic style. Karl 575 9737 for single, separated, divorced & widowed people La Leche League Pregnant women, all mothers, aged 40-70. Weekly activities. Jean 576 9988 babies & children invited to attend monthly breastfeedBayfair Petanque Club Every Tues & Thurs at ing support & info meetings. Tga - 1st Weds of month, Russley Drive Reserve 12.45-3pm approx. Weather 100 13th Ave, 10am - 2pm., Joanna 577 6892 Mt permitting. Margaret 572 3173 Maunganui - 1st Fri of month, Plunket rooms, Grenada Bolivia Tauranga Every Thurs, Bridge Club, Cherrywood 12.50pm. Tuition, cards, tea/coffee. Toby 543 St 10am - 12pm, Christine 574 8722 Ladies Club of Harbour City Lions Meet 2nd & 4th 5358 Thurs at Tauranga Lyceum Club. Visitors welcome. Brookfield Care & Craft Group Every Tues at St Margaret 578 8466 Stephens Church, Brookfield Tce 9.30-11.30am. Leisure Marching Teams In all areas of Tauranga Bridge Lessons for Beginners Mount Bridge Club & Mt Maunganui require new ladies 50+ to join for Tues 7pm. Alice 579 1175 exercise, fun & fellowship. No experience needed. Chess Club Every Mon at Mount RSA, Maunganui Rd. Open club (adults & advanced juniors) 7.30-11pm. Corren 570 0172 Lions Sunrise Car fair Every Sun, 11th Ave carpark Junior club Thurs 6-7.30pm during school term at (opp Mad Butcher) 8am - 12pm. Buy & sell cars/4WD/ Arataki Community Centre. or Utes/Motorhomes/Trailers/Boats. Ken 027 733 9686 or City Sunrise Lions Friendly, mixed club. Breakfast Lions Club Greerton Dinner meeting 1st & 3rd Tues meeting 1st & 3rd Tues of month at RSA, Greerton. at Tauranga Racecourse. Ray 577 1894 Pam 543 0708 Marlin Probus Club Mt Maunganui Second Mon Computer Courses For over the 50+ at Tauranga of month at Club Mt Maunganui 45-47 Kawaka St SeniorNet. 577 1912 9.45am. Visitors & new members welcome. Elaine Disability Information Services WBOP Inc. Free, 575 6447 confidential & impartial info on a wide range of disMelanoma Friends Meeting Bimonthly meetings at abilities & related issues. Office open Mon - Fri 9am Bay Plastic Surgery, 745 Cameron Rd, Tauranga 2pm - 3pm. 578 2929 for anyone who has been affected or is interested in Girl Guides Preparing girls aged 5-18years for makMelanoma. Ellen 027 438 5291 or email: orrsum@ ing the most of life ahead. For info on locations and times 0800 555 170 Mens Cancer Support Group 3rd Thurs of month at Glengyle Leisure Marching Team More members Cancer Society rooms cnr 14th Ave & Fraser St. Mike needed. Fun, fitness, friendship. Diane 572 0859 575 7696 Golden Kiwis Leisure Marching Meet weekly at Mount Art Group Every Thurs at St Peter’s Church Links Soccer field, Mt Maunganui for exercise, fun Hall, 11 Victoria Rd, Mount 9am - 2pm. Elise 575 & fellowship. No experience required for ladies 50+. 9851 Dorothy 579 5232

wasn’t anything to do with Banksie’s B.S. or Dotcom’s flash whare. Nah it turns out one of my mates from down the line had found some fresh deposits of a valuable mineral on a sacred sand dune that needed to be dredged out - and to do that they needed to buy a few buckets of water. No drama, no dredging, no Dotcom and no need for resource consent. Oh well, like Maxwell Smart said, “sorry about that Chief.” Agent Kapai, Te Puna.

Mount Indoor Bowling Club Weds at Mount Intermediate School, Links Ave. Names in by 7.15pm. New members welcome. Jim 572 1983 Mount Morning Badminton Every Tues at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park 9am - 12pm. Social, competitive, all ages, beginners welcome. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session. Students $2. First day free. Margaret 575 9792 Mt Maunganui Contract Bridge Club 60 Golf Rd. Bridge Mon 1-4pm, Weds 7-10pm, Thurs 11am 2.30pm, Fri 1-4pm. 575 4251 Mount Lionesses Every 1st & 3rd Weds 5.30pm. Shirley 575 2725 Mt Maunganui - Papamoa Croquet Club Assn play Mon, Wed, Sat 9.15am & 12.45pm. Coaching available. Mae 575 5838 or 574 1889 Mount Rotary Club Tues Mt Golf Club, Omanu 5.30pm. Bev 572 4127/Kevin 572 1283 Mount Senior Citizens Club 345 Maunganui Rd for age 50+. Bowls Weds & Fri 12.45pm. Cards Tues & Thurs 12.45pm. Concerts 4th Mon of month. Fun, friendship & happiness. 575 4650 Mt Maunganui Hash House Harriers Seeking younger members to the club (20-50yr plus) every Mon 6-9pm. Different location each week. Walkers 4-6km, runners 6-9km. $5pp approx. Phil 021 822 208 Multiple Sclerosis Society Facilitates the following exercise sessions for people with MS or other neurological disorders. Pilates Tues 9am at Martial Arts Hall, cnr Kaimanawa & Korowai Sts, Mount. Physio Thurs at Citizens Club, cnr Cameron Rd & 13th Ave 10.30am. Social support groups also held in a variety of places. Cheryl 571 6898 Musical Memories Village Radio on 1368 Khz 1XT, weekdays 10-4pm, weekends 9-5pm for non stop music. Playing your requests. View small radio museum. 571 3710 New Migrants (& Returning Ex Pats) Information & services clinics 1-4pm Mon/Tues 1-4pm & Weds 10am - 2pm or by appointment at Settlement Support NZ. Carol 579 6532 or Contact also available at Katikati, Waihi Beach, Papamoa, Te Puke by arrangement. Overeaters Anonymous Is eating a problem for you? There is a solution. Meet Tues at Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd 7-8pm. 544 1213 Pacific Probus Club Every 3rd Mon of month at Club Mt Maunganui, Kawaka St 9.30am. Make new friends, good speakers. New members welcome. Dianne 575 7192 Papamoa Country Music Club 4th Sun of month at Papamoa Sport & Rec Centre, Gordon Spratt Reserve, Parton Rd 1-4.30pm. 542 3200 Papamoa Genealogical Society 2nd Mon of month in the Tohora Room, Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd 9.30am-2.30pm. Modest door charge. Interesting speakers. Mark 542 0204 Papamoa Lions Club Great company & you’re helping your community. Meet 1st & 3rd Weds of month. Donna 542 3409. Papamoa Lions Markets Every 2nd & 4th Sun of month at Palm Beach Plaza grounds. 027 259 3120 Papamoa Mahjong Club Meet Mon at Papamoa Sports Centre, off Parton Rd 12.30-4pm. $2. New players & beginners welcome. Sue 542 3073 Papamoa Progressive Association 2nd Mon of month in the Tohora Room, Papamoa Library. 7.30pm

Fish dumping wasted resource On September 18 TV showed a fisheries protection program where officers checked cars and boats leaving the water, for undersized fish and over quota. One boat had exceeded their quota by one hundred legal sized snapper, which were confiscated. I totally agree with this conservation measure. However, before dumping the fish back into the sea, each fish was stabbed to mutilate the gut, spoiling it for consumption. As this is occurring throughout New Zealand it appears to be a truly shocking waste. Could they not have filleted and donated the fish to charities in the area? Sallies, soup kitchens, hospices etc. There is a lot of talk these days about schools providing lunches for hungry kids. Vern Pope, Tauranga.

Stone Age attitude to city I have recently returned to live in the Mount, and, being unable to drive, have taken to walking our streets. And I am appalled and disturbed at what I see. Many of our streets resemble the worst slums of Los Angeles, with bottles, cans, and other rubbish littering unkept front lawns and berms, with footpaths broken and not much better than a carpet of concrete bits, with fences broken, sometimes with graffiti, with houses and gardens obviously uncared for and in disrepair. The worrying thing is that this reflects an attitude in the people of this “clean and green” country. An attitude that can only be described as Stone Age”. Why have so many of us lost that self respect that would never allow our living space to become almost a rubbish dump? Even in Los Angeles the County puts large clean up machines through the streets on a regular basis, and broken down footpaths are very quickly repaired. Are our city fathers also infected with this “don’t care” virus? John Mills, Mt. Maunganui.

Papamoa Sunshine Probus Group 2nd Tues of month for lunch at Parton Rd Sports Club. James 542 3235 Rotary Club Tauranga Weds at Daniel’s Reception Lounge, 11th Ave 5.30pm. 543 2012 or www.tauranga. Scrabble Enthusiasts Tues at Bridge Club, Ngatai Rd 9am -12pm. 3 games, door charge $2. Stan 572 0866 Shakti Ethnic Women Support Group For Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Indian & Fiji Indian women. Activities for women to increase their self-esteem & confidence & integrate with the host community. First Weds of month at Tauranga Plunket, 471 Devonport Rd 11am – 12pm. Rupal 575 9848 or 021 0533 548 St Pauls Friendship Group, Papamoa Upwords (word board game), or arts & crafts every Thurs 10am. $2 donation to cover costs. Margaret 542 1633 Stroke Club Every Tues 9.30am - 12pm at Greerton Senior Citizens Hall, Maitland St. For anyone who has had a stroke. Join us for a cuppa & companionship. Supreme Dancing Supreme Dance Centre, Beginner to advanced, Tues nights, St Columba Church Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd; Weds, Tga Primary School Hall, 5th Ave; Thurs night, Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Hugh & Sonia 543 2377 or 027 322 1786 email: Table Tennis Matua Levers Rd Hall Tues 12.303.30pm, Thurs & Fri 9-11.30am. $2 per session. Kevin 576 3941 Taoist Tai Chi Club Classes every week day 15 Koromiko St, Judea. 578 9116 Tauranga Anglers Club Freshwater Anglers meet Third Mon of month, Tauranga Fish & Dive Clubrooms, 60 Cross Rd, Sulphur Pt 7pm. Visitors welcome. Mike 021 808 899 or 572 2602 a/hs. www.tga-anglers-club. Tauranga Bureta Park Probus Club 3rd Mon of month at Tauranga Citizens’ Club 13th Ave 1.30pm. New members welcome. Brian 570 0074 Tauranga Central Ladies Probus 3rd Tues of month 10am, Daniels in the Park. Anne 578 6221 Tauranga City Sunrise Lions Breakfast meeting 1st & 3rd Tues of month, RSA Tauranga, Greerton. Pam 543 0708 or Tauranga City Silver Band Practices every Weds in Brass Band Hall, 10 Yatton St, Greerton 7-9pm. New players & visitors welcome. Tauranga Farmers Market Every Sat Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd 7.45am 12pm. Trixie 552 5278 Tauranga Friendship & Social Club Weekly activities for the over 50’s. Companionship, walks, movies, dinners, daytrips, dancing & good times. Joyce 578 0226 Tauranga Harbour City Lions Ladies club, 2nd & 4th Tues of month. Patricia 543 3665 Tauranga Historical Society Open every Sun, Brain Watkins Historic House 2-4pm. $4 adult, $2 child. Guided tours. Groups by arrangement. 574 4965 Tauranga Ladies Probus Club Every 3rd Mon Citizens Club 13th Ave 10am. Speakers. Beryl 576 6719 Tauranga Methodist/Wesley Fijian Church Services 2nd & last Sun of month at Wesley Centre, 100 13th Ave, Tauranga 3.30pm - evening. Service in Fijian. Simi 578 5718 Tauranga Model Railway Club Every Thurs at Te Puna 7.30pm with running nights every 3rd Thurs. John 575 2286 or 0276 062 706

Tauranga Numismatic Society Re coin collecting. 1st Weds of month, Wesley Church Centre, 13th Ave 7.30pm. 533 1881 Tauranga Ongoing Pain Support Group 1st Thurs of month 10am. Karen 543 3661 Tauranga Pakeke Lions Club Dinner meetings 3rd Tues night of month, Bureta Park Motor Inn. Lunch, social gatherings 1st Thurs of month. Pat 579 4476 Tauranga Sequence Dance Club Mon & Weds. Couples want to have fun while keeping fit. Great dances, music & people. Tutoring given. Barbara 552 6227 Tauranga Te Papa Probus Club 1st Thurs of month at Daniel’s lounge, QE2 Centre, 11th Ave 9.30am. Fellowship, walking, cards, petanque, trips. 543 2012 Tga Senior Citizens Club 14 Norris St (behind Pak n Save). For age 55+. Indoor bowls, cards, coffee mornings & speaker. Visits to & from other clubs. 578 7534 Tauranga TaeKwonDo Club Mount Clubrooms, Kaimanawa St. Children training Mon, Weds, Thurs 5-6pm & adults 6.15-8pm. Tauriko Hall adults & children Mon & Weds 6-7.30pm. Master Kesi O’Neil 0274 785 478 or 544 7006 Te Puke Branch NZ Soc of Genealogists 4th Thurs Methodist Church Hall 1.30pm. M Lewis 573 6868 Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions 2nd & 4th Tues at Settlers Lounge 6pm. Fran 542 0840 Te Puna Bridge Club Every Tues Marmamatanga Park, Te Puna 7.15pm. Howard 552 5320 The Elms Mission House & Library Mission Street, Tga. Open Weds, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 2-4pm. 577 9772 Welcome Bay Community Playgroup Educational playgroup with vacancies Tues, Weds & Thurs during school term at Welcome Bay Community Church 9.30-11.30am. Ariana 544 3404 Welcome Bay Lions Club (Mixed) 2nd Tues of month at Greenwood Park Village 6.30pm. New members welcome. Jim 544 1248 Welcome Bay TaekwonDo Club Mon, Weds, Thurs, Selwyn Ridge School 6-8pm. Children, adults & families. Garry 021 386 189 or clubs/welcomebay Western BOP Newcomers Network New to the area? Want to meet new friends? Every Weds at Forrester Hall, Historic Village on 17th Ave 10.30am - 12pm. 571 6419 Yoga Classes Papamoa at Papamoa Library/Community Centre, 15 Gravatt Rd, Papamoa, Mondays 5.30pm. Central Mount at St Peters Church, Victoria St, Mount Weds 5.30pm. Penny 574 6556 or email Yoga Papamoa Library/Community Centre, 15 Gravatt Rd, Thurs 9-10.30am & Tues 5.30-7pm. Margaret 571 6331 Yong In Taekwondo Any day Mon - Fri. Choose any 3 nights to suit your lifestyle. Unit 3, 33 Burrows St, Tga. Kids: 5-6pm, 6-7pm. Adults: 7-8.30pm. Master WS Lee 021 167 6733 (txt) or 574 2708 Youth on the Coast Christian Group Friday’s at Evans Road Community Church, Papamoa 6-7.20pm intermediate, 7.15-9pm college. $2. 0274 377 868 Zonta International Club of Tauranga Business & professional women’s club meet 2nd Mon of month 5.30pm. 544 9992 or email:

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Friday 28 September

Free Family Movie Night St Mary’s Church, Girven Rd 7pm. Free entry. $2 half time snacks. Adults must accompany children. Movie clue: Ahoy me hearties! Pecha Kucha Evening Presented by Creative Te Puke at Te Puke Hotel 7pm. 12 people show slides of their enthusiasm or talent & have 20 seconds to describe each slide. A fun & informative evening.

Saturday 29 September

5 A Side Football Tournament Ethkick

2012 presented by Tauranga Regional Multicultural Council & Blue Rovers football club. At Pemberton Park, Greerton 9am – 2pm. Come & support international teams. Free entry.

Alcoholics Anonymous Women’s Group

Every Sat at Mt Maunganui Primary School, Orkney Rd 10-11am. Children/ creche facility. Angela 021 503 940 or 0800AAworks. Bay Blokart Club At Tauranga Expo 1-3.30pm in the Baypark Blokart sailing area & may be able to provide Blokart rides weather permitting. Peter 0274 721 322 or club 0273 918 300 BOP Christian Singles Combined 50th/ Singles Party. Oct 13 4-10pm. $5 entry plus bring a plate of finger food. BYO (non-alcoholic). 575 5556 or email: Car Boot Sale And BBQ at Greerton School 7.30am – 12pm. Cost $5 per single site or $10 for double site. Weather permitting. All welcome. Shirley 577 1116 or 0274 146 040 Coastal Country Music Club Inc 1st Sunday of the month, next club 7th October Tauranga RSA Greerton. All welcome. Di or Charles 027 626 2496 or 570 1555 Come Dance Sequence and old time, Katikati Memorial hall 8-11.30pm. Live music. Russell 549 0932 Come Dancing Matamata Oldtime dance 8-12pm. Live music all welcome. Loma 07 888 7102 Coppelia Ballet Oct 6 at Baycourt 2pm & 7pm. Family entertainment. Book at Ticket Direct. Market Greerton Hall 8am – 12pm. Crafts, plants, produce, bric-abrac. Merv/Nancy Waihi 07 863 6697 Messianic Weekly Meetings The Way meet in the Kingfisher Room, Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way, Mt Maunganui 10am. All welcome. 570 1438 Papamoa Tennis Club Opening day today. Clubhouse opened by Deputy Mayor 1pm. All welcome. Roller Derby Bout At Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre. All details at http://www.

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Tauranga Farmers Market Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am - 12pm. Fresh & artisian produced food. Trixie 552 5278 or www. Tauranga Fuchsia Group Meets at the Tauranga Arts and Craft Centre, Elizabeth Street, West Tauranga 1pm. Spring workshop preparing for the show. New members welcome. Pat 579 1655 The Buddy Holly & Elvis Rock n Roll

Show With a special tribute to Englebert Humperdinck. Presented by Tony Wellington, grand finalist of Starts in their Eyes ’08 at mount RSA. Members $5, guests $10. The Opus Orchestra Graham Young Theatre, Tauranga Boy’s College 7.30pm. A rowdy Mozart overture precedes extroverted delights of Prokofiev Piano Concerto in C. Takemitsu’s stirring Requiem sets the tone for a lyrical & expressive Schubert Symphony in C Minor. Adult $35, friend/senior $30, student $15, children free. Earlybird discounts at Baycourt 08004ticket. to register as Friend. The Proudly Pink Summer Fashion

Show Supported by Breast Cancer Support Service. Two shows 2pm & 5pm. Between Smiths City & Living Quarters, Bethlehem Town Centre. Purchase tickets from Coffee Club Bar & Restaurant Bethlehem, or Breast Cancer Support Services.

Sunday 30 September

Arataki Art Group Exhibition at Arataki Community 1st birthday 11am – 2pm. Arataki Community Day Arataki Park, Grenada St 11am – 2pm. Tauranga is invited to enjoy this free event with performances, displays, demonstrations, workshops, activities & more. Something for all ages. Arataki’s Got Talent & the Mount Kids Market. For schedule of activities 575 2048 or Balmorals Marching Tea Ladies welcome to join this awesome sport for fun, fellowship & travel. First training today at Greerton Primary 11am - 1pm. Anita 571 4096 a/hs Bay Association of Sea Kayakers Te Hopai Island BBQ. This is a night paddle from Omokoroa. 14k. Bevan 576 8885 Bay Bible Fellowship Welcome Bay Primary School Hall, Welcome Bay 10am. Speaker – pastor Lincoln Forlong on Ephesians 1:9-10. All welcome. 021 938 618 Bay Blokart Club Casual sailing from 1-3pm. The club invites anyone with a Blokart to join them at the Baypark Blokart Sailing area. Peter 0274 721 322 or club 027 391 8300 Beekeeping Hobbyists Meet at Fernz Café, 1 Ohauiti Rd, Hairini, Tauranga pm. Gordon 0275 442 882

DVD MOVIES Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

Bible Seminars Sunday 1.45pm at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St. Title, “The angels in Abraham’s life” Interactive, q&a. All welcome refreshments provided. Vic 543 0504 BOP Bonsai Society Come along and see our exhibition at the Garden Centre at Bunnings, Hewletts Road Mt. 9am-4pm with a demonstration of tree shaping and wiring at 11.30am. All welcome. Sue 576 4874 BOP Linux Users Bimonthly hands on day. Bring your computer for help with Linux & Open Source software. Arts & Crafts Centre (back room), cnr Elizabeth & Glasgow Sts 9.30am – 3pm. $2 door charge. All welcome. 578 6024 Busking Festival Oct 7. Free family fun & entertainment Downtown the Mount. Over 60 performers scattered along the street, with Juniors from 11am/open section from 2pm. Vote for your favourite performer & go in the draw to win a $50 Mainstreet voucher. Grab the hopper bus. Daylight Savings Sale Downtown the Mount 10am – 3pm. Over 50 shops & eateries have got Daylight Savings sales to boot! Masses of sales, bargains & entertainment. Don’t miss out. www. Home Computer Club (Tga) Inc Computer enthusiasts meet to share knowledge & experience at Arts & Crafts Centre, Elizabeth St West, on last Sun of month 9.30am – 12.30pm approx. $3 door charge. Visitors welcome. 544 2067 Katikati Masters Swimming Club Open day swim & BBQ Sept 30 at Dave Hume Swim Pool, Katikati. 8am in pool for a lap or chat. Stay for a BBQ brunch, some food provided. All welcome. Learning Spiritual Laws Sunday’s at Director’s Room, Wholly Bagels & Pizza, 801 Cameron Rd 10-11am. Donations only. Remember & celebrate who you are! Maketu Community Market Maketu Village Reserve every 3rd & 5th Sun of month 8am – 1pm. Variety of stalls including fresh veges, baking, plants, bric-a-brac, books & more. Maureen 533 2340 May Street Community Gardens All parties who intend to acquire a plot or help manage the proposed gardens at May St Reserve are invited to a meeting at The Scout Hall, on the reserve 3pm. Brian 575 8661 Mount Kids Market Stalls run by kids – arts, crafts, produce & more. Arataki Community Centre 11am – 2pm. Come & support Tauranga’s Creative Kids. Something for all ages. 575 2048 Mount Mainstreet Farmers Market

Every Sunday in Phoenix car park 9am 1pm. Fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese,

OUT THERE GUIDE Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment. oils, plants & more. All home grown & home made. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911 Narcotics Anonymous Every Sunday at Hamner Clinic, 1235m Cameron Rd, Greerton (behind Tyremaster) 7pm. 0800 628 632 NZ China Friendship Society Sunday lunch celebrating Mid autumn festival day at 88 Restaurant, 88 Devonport Rd 12pm. Martin 07 575 8221 Petanque Every Sun, Tues & Thurs at Cliff Rd 12.45pm. Boules available, tuition given. 1st 3 visits free. Neita 572 3768 Pet Sunday St Mary’s Anglican Church, Girven Rd, Bayfair 10am. All pets & owners welcome for a blessing of the animals. Radio Controlled Model Yachts Meet Sun & Thurs 1.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race Electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419 Rifle Range Public Open Day Open to public on last Sun of the month. Range at end of Ngawaro Rd, at the TECT All Terrain Park 9am - 3pm. Some targets available to purchase, or bring your own. Must bring own ammo, shoot rests, ear muffs, etc. Firearms license must be presented at registration area. $15pp (cash only). No cellphone coverage. Singles Mix & Mingle 50+ Coffee afternoon at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St 2.30pm. Mix & mingle with other like-minded singles in a relaxed atmosphere. Gayle 027 439 3267 Tauranga Spiritual Society Senior Citizen’s Hall, 14 Norris St. Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start. Mini expo – clairvoyance, numerology, energy clearing & more. Entry $5, members $3. All welcome. The Sociables Males/Females 30’s/40’s. 022 012 0376 Transform Weeds Into a nutritional lunch. Enhance your knowledge of edible plants with Julia Sich & Jane Powell. Sept 30 11am - 1.30pm at 27 Waikite Rd, Welcome Bay. To register 571 2398 or 021 405 090. Suggested energy exchange $30. Park on road walk up driveway with flax bushes. Welcome Summer Concert Katikati Memorial Hall 2pm. A colourful dance concert presented by the pupils of Christina Productions. Tickets at door $5 or Gaye 577 1753

Monday 1 October

Argentine Tango for Beginners 6 week introduction to Salon Tango starts Oct 29 7.15pm. This social dancing is growing in NZ & worldwide. First lesson free to see. Carl 021 280 4464 or email:

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Badminton Tauranga club summer

season. Mondays only, Bethlehem College Events Centre 7.30-9.30pm. Racquets available. All players welcome. Sue 543 0035 or 021 194 4335 Bethlehem Bowls Every Monday at Bethlehem Hall 7.15pm. First 3 nights free. Wendy 578 2585 Body & Soul Fun Fitness For over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri, Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds Memorial Hall, 11th Ave. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. All welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified Instructor/Cardiac Care leader. Fire Brigade Indoor Bowling Club Club night at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd 7.30pm. Anne 579 1079 Fitness League Tone & align your body, increase flexibility & stamina. First class free. Mon at Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd & Tues at St John’s Anglican Hall, Seddon St, Waihi. Both 9.30am. Dorothy 549 3378 Free Antenatal Classes Pirirakau Hauora. Day & night classes available Sept - Dec. For dates & venues 552 4573 or email: tamarikiora@pirirakauhauora. Junior Badminton Monday’s Bethlehem College 6-7.30pm. Tues at Otumoetai Action Centre 5.15-6.45pm. All grades. Sue 543 0035 or 021 194 4335 Meditation Free classes Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm. Find peace & joy in everything you do. David 576 9764 Otumoetai Indoor Bowling Club Club night, Progressive (alternate playing positions), Matua School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. Karen 576 0443 Papamoa Patchers First & 3rd Mon of month at Arataki Community Centre, Bayfair 10am - 3pm. Bring your machine & sew all day. All welcome. Coral 574 1499 Relationships Aotearoa Mon - Parenting Through Separation, free course for separating parents, Tga 10am - 12pm. Parenting through separation, Katikati 9-11am. Positively Me 4 Women - self esteem course for women 12.30-2.30pm. Blended Families, course for parents in combined household 6.30-8.30pm. ManMade, self esteem course for men 6.30-8.30pm. Tues - Parenting Through Separation 7-9pm. Positively Me for Women 12.30-2.30pm. Hot Monogamy - for people in a committed relationship – waiting list applies. Weds - Parenting for Success, parenting your 2-12yr olds 7-9pm. Sex, Drugs & Homework, parenting your teens 6.308.30pm. Parenting through Separation, Papamoa 10am - 12pm. Thurs - Positively Me 4 women 6.30-8.30pm. Living without Pornography – waiting list applies. Weekend Course - Relationship Secrets, for couples 576 8392




The Weekend Sun Sequence Dance Class Modern sequence dance tuition & revision every Mon 1-3pm St John’s Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai. $3pp. Gordon 573 4333 St Columba Indoor Bowling Club

Progressive, St Columba Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd. Names in by 7.15pm. New bowlers welcome. Jenny 576 3584 Table Tennis Matua At Levers Rd Hall Mon 1-3.30pm Tues 12.303.30pm. Thurs & Fri 9am - 11.30am. $2 per session. Kevin 576 3941

Tauranga Library Friends Monthly Meeting Tauranga Centrel Library

7.30pm. Speaker, Leigh Auton, Tauranga City Council CEO. Topic, His life, his role as a town planner, his vision for TCC and his understanding of the place of Libraries in society going forward. All welcome, use side door supper provided $3 donation Tauranga Rock n Roll Club Every Mon at Tauranga RSA, Cameron Rd. Advanced beginners lessons. Club night 7.30-10pm. Colleen 544 4676

Tauranga UFO & Paranormal Soc

Meet in hall behind Historic house, cnr Cameron Rd & Elizabeth St 7.30pm. Discussion, news, mystery guest speaker. Door $3 incl light supper. All welcome. World Vegetarian Day Join the vegetarian society for a picnic at the Mount to celebrate. Bring your favourite veggie meal to share along with something to drink, plates & utensils. Meet 5.30pm for 6pm start at the BBQ’s opp Mount Drury. Martin 576 5692 YMCA - ALFS (Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 8.45-9.45am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-9.55am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Thurs 8.45-9.45am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.15-10.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272 Zumba with Ruth Bethlehem Hall, Waihi Rd Mon 9.30am, Thurs 9.15am. $5 for casual & $4 with concession card. First time free. Ruth 0274 156 819 or just turn up.

Tuesday 2 October

Altrusa Club of Tauranga For women interested in fellowship, community service, dinner meetings. 2nd & 4th Tues of month 6pm. Denise 570 3134 Badminton (Social) Every Tues at Otumoetai Baptist Hall 9.30am - 12pm. Racquets available. All welcome. Lorraine 579 3229 Bayfair Petanque Club Every Tues & Thurs at Bayfair Reserve, Russley Drive 1pm. Tuition & boules available for visitors & learners. Margaret 572 3173 BOP Linux Users Share & learn about free Open Source software & the Linux computer operating system. 1st Tues of month at Technology Wise, 195 Devonport Rd 7-9pm. Experts & beginners welcome. Free. 578 6024. www. BOP Shirley Club Walking Group

Every Tues meet outside the Mount Surf Club 9.20am. Easy walking Cafe jaunt after. Great group. Depression Support Group Junction office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 1-2pm. 579 9890 Evening Tai Chi Gate Pa Unwind & re-energise your body & mind after work. Benefit from this effective & empowering form of exercise. Tues & Fri, St George Church, Church St, Gate Pa 6-7pm. $5 per class. Trevor 0800 34 84 54

Free Choral Concert For senior citizens. Silver Singers, Hamilton Probus Choir, Len Hockley. At St Columba Church, Cherrywood 1.30-3pm. Gate Pa Martial Arts Build confidence, fitness & focus with Kempo. Fun & safe, taught by experienced instructors. Tues & Fri at St George Church, Church St, Gate Pa 4-5pm. $5 per class. Trevor 0800 34 84 54 Genesis – Women’s Group Every Tues during school term. This week meet for coffee at Pacifica Garden Centre, Tara Rd, Papamoa 10am. New members welcome. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264 Greerton Tai Chi Based upon the Falls Prevention Programme for seniors. Protect your independence, exercise, energise & socialise. Tues & Thurs, Greerton Community Hall, Cameron Rd 11am - 12pm. $5 per class. Trevor 0800 34 84 54 Inachord Chorus Ladies 4 part harmony every Tues at Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd 6.45pm. Enjoy singing & meet new friends. Shona 0272 801 004 or Sabine 577 0455 (day). Katikati Mah Jong Every Tues at Resource Centre, Beach Rd, Katikati 1-4pm. Encourages hard hands, restricts easy hands. 549 5954 Karate in Papamoa Beginners class every Tues & Thurs 4-5pm. First 2 lessons free. Joseph, Shi Sei Kan Karate 0800 780 618 Mount Morning Badminton Every Tues at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park 9am - 12pm. Social, competitive, all ages, beginners welcome. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session, first day free. Students $2. Margaret 575 9792 Sequence Dancing Tauranga Social & Leisure Club, St John’s Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai 7-9.30pm. Visitors $4. John 578 9716 Sit & Stay Fit Every Tues at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 11-11.50am. Fun seated exercise, social events & occasional guest speakers. First class free. Wheel chair access. Dianne Body +Soul Fitness 576 5031 South City Indoor Bowls Open Fours Xmas Tournament (plate & raffle item) Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Mary 541 0687 Tauranga Acoustic Music Club Trust Bar, Bureta Rd 7.30pm. Friendly jam sessions or open concert 4th Tues & 2nd Sun. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or Tauranga Scrabble Club Tauranga Bridge Club, Ngatai Rd 9am. 3 games $2.50. New players welcome. 544 8372 Tauranga Toastmasters Tga Lyceum Club 1st Tues 7.15-8.45pm. Exterminate the butterflies, confidence building, improving public speaking & leadership skills. Alan 544 5989 Toastmasters Excel Club Learn to be a competent speaker & get your message across. Meetings held on 2nd, 4th & 5th Tues of the month at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St) Mt Maunganui 6.15pm. New members welcome. Tess 575 6610 YMCA Sit n Fit Class Tues at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd, Papamoa 11.30am - 12.30pm. Weds at Greenwood Park Village, Welcome Bay Rd 11am - 12pm. Social exercise seated to music. All welcome. 578 9272

Wednesday 3 October Baywide Community Law Service

Drop in clinic every Weds at 63 Willow St 5-6.30pm. No appointment necessary, 571 6812. Free legal assistance. Every Tues morning at Te Puke Clinic. For appointment 573 5614. Every Thurs morning at Katikati Clinic. For appointment 549 0399 Badminton Mt Maunganui Summer social club night Weds 7-9pm at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui rd. Cost $8 per night. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Baywide Community Law Service Drop in clinic every Weds at 63 Willow St 5-6.30pm. No appointment necessary, 571 6812. Free legal assistance. Every

Tues morning at Te Puke Clinic. For appointment 573 5614. Every Thurs morning at Katikati Clinic. For appointment 549 0399 Cribbage Tauranga RSA 1-3.30pm. $3.20 entrance. Funds, daily prizes. Friendly group seeks new blood. Pamela 578 2055 a/hs

Fellowship at Omanu Bowling Club Please join us at 7.30pm Golf Road, Mount Maunganui. Helen Anderson (medium). Door charge $3. We welcome all. Janet 027 264 0226

Fernlands Spa Water Exercise

Classes Wednesday 10.45-11.45am. Held rain or shine, but not during school holidays. New participants planning to attend please call Jennifer 571 1411 Gate Indoor Bowls Ladies vs Men. Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Kevin 543 4044 Global Hearts Exercise Group Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by certified Phase 3 cardiac rehabilitator. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388 New to NZ - or Know Someone Who Is? Settlement Support Tauranga/

WBOP offer a free service to migrants & refugees to assist with any issues you, or someone you know, may be experiencing relating to settling in a new community. Every 2nd Weds at Katikati Resource Centre, 45 Beach Rd, Katikati 10.30am – 12pm & at Omokoroa Library & Service Centre, McDonnell St, Omokoroa 1.30-3pm. Otumoetai Lions Club Meet at Hotel Armitage, cnr Willow & Park Sts. Social meeting. Fellowship from 5.45 with dinner at 6.30pm. Visiting Lions or potential members & partners welcome. Alan 570 2630 Otumoetai Toy Box Toy Library 94 Bureta Rd. Open Weds 6.308.30pm, Thurs & Fri 9.30-11.30. A number of membership options available. 576 9923 or 027 857 7452

Orange City Square & Round Dance

Club Wednesday advanced, Thursday Club night and new dancers. Frontiersmen’s Hall, 7.30pm. 543 1063 Scottish Country Dancing Weds at Senior Citizens Hall, Maunganui Rd. Fri at Papamoa Primary School Hall, Dickson Rd. Both 7.30pm. 544 0839 Salvation Army Meeting For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave Tauranga. This week: Video morning – the Diamond Jubilee. New members welcome. Jennifer 578 4264 Shakti Ethnic Women Support Group

Meet 1st Weds of month at Tauranga Plunket, 471 Devonport Rd 11am – 12pm. For Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Fiji Indian & South African women only. Programmes: Zumba, self defence classes, relaxation, self esteem etc. Rupal 021 0533 548 or 579 0532 Table Tennis Tauranga Memorial Hall, QEYC. Weds 12.30-3pm, 6.30-9pm. Fri 6.30-9pm. Social or competitive. All welcome. or Caroline 543 0702

Toastmasters - City Early Start

Improve communication, leadership & teamwork skills. Join the motivated & enthusiastic group every Weds at Classic Flyers Avgas Cafe 6.45-8.15am. Email: or 571 1545. Website: http://cityearlystart. Tauranga South Garden Club Central Baptist Church Hall, 13th Ave, Tauranga 1.30pm. Q&A panel. Written questions please. Decorative: ‘Mixed foliage’. 578 1017

Toastmasters Tauranga South Area Leadership skills, speaking skills.

Weds at St George’s Church Hall cnr Cameron Rd & Church St 7.15pm. All welcome. Alan 544 5989 Walking Group Age Concern walking group meet at Brookfield New World car park 10am. All welcome. 578 2631

Thursday 4 October

Bolivia Tauranga Every Thurs at Bridge

Club, Cherrywood 12.50pm. Tuition, cards, tea/coffee. Toby 543 5358 Citizens Advice Bureau Every Thurs at Arataki Community Centre 11am - 2pm. Free service for everyone. Don’t know? Ask us! No appointment necessary. Fitness League Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities, first class free, every Thurs Central Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd 9.30am & Weds at Katikati Memorial Hall 10am. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 170 Happiness & Our Mind Drop in meditation classes at Otumoetai Plunket, 59 Otumoetai Rd. Beginners welcome. Classes are selfcontained so you can start any date. Cost $14 per class. Next class Oct 18 7-8.30pm. Mount Art Group Every Thurs at St Peter’s Church Hall, Victoria Rd, Mt Maunganui 9am 1pm. New members welcome. Kath 572 2976 Mount Underwater Club Club night at Mount Ocean Sports Clubrooms, Cnr The Mall and Salisbury Ave, Mt. Thursday 7.30pm. A guest speaker will be presenting, new members welcome. Gail 570 1935 Papamoa 50’s Plus Group Meet every 2nd & 4th Thurs of month 10am – 12pm for trips, meetings with a range of speakers & friendships. Papamoa Support Centre, Hartford Ave. 574 7170 Tauranga Heart Support Group Phase 3 rehab exercise, social events & guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. Every Thurs at City Church Hall, Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St 9.30-

10.45am. All welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified instructor/Cardiac Care leader. Tauranga Te Papa Probus Club Meet first Thurs of month at Daniels in the Park, 11th Ave 9.30am. Friendly club with great activities for seniors & interesting speakers. David 543 2012 or email: david.beverley@ Wot to Wear & Not to Wear The un-pc style night & hilarious comedy presented by Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions Oct 4 at Te Puke Citizen’s Club 7.30pm. Tickets available from Gift-rapt Te Puke or Robyn 573 7702 $25.

Friday 5 October Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting

every Fri at Hamner Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton (behind Tyremaster) 7.30pm. 0800 229 6757 for more meetings or assistance. Free Immigration Clinic Every Fri - legal advice & information on immigration issues. For appointment, Baywide Community Law 571 6812 Gay/Bi Mens Support Group Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. Email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.


50 M U S I C


The Weekend Sun

By Winston Watusi

Conservative tunes Many years ago - sometime in the midnineties – there was, for two years, an event called the Bay Music Awards.

the of the future future of road technology road technology Wireless charging carisiscloser closer than think. Wireless chargingfor for your your car than youyou think. Come along howInductive InductivePower Power Transfer Come alongand andfind find out out how Transfer technology NewZealand Zealandis is changing technologydeveloped developed in in New changing the the face of of road aroundthe theworld. world. face roadtransportation transportation around Presentedby byProfessor Professor John DistFIPENZ Presented JohnBoys Boys DistFIPENZ 7.00pm 7.00pm Wednesday 33October Wednesday October Club Mount Club MountMaunganui Maunganui Tauranga Tauranga FREE FREE





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How to solve Sudoku!

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It was a great idea and one that is well deserving of being revived at some point. It did require fanatically organised organisers and I must confess I can’t now remember who did it back then. Whoever it was it took a helluva lot of work; the whole thing was of course a labour of love. A couple of things stick in my mind. One was talking to a judge on the night, Richard Thorne from New Zealand Musician, who said that he was surprised how middle-of-the-road most of the music was. I was kinda offended by that but, when I look at the albums released here in the last little while, I do see his point. Tauranga is a fairly conservative place. If you choose to make music here it is probably fairly conservative music. If this weren’t the case you would likely go and make music somewhere else because if you were pursuing the extremes of the avant-garde you’d be pretty lonely in Tauranga. Which isn’t to say that someone from Bethlehem could never make a left-field album of extreme weirdness, it’s just that such an event is more likely if you come from a place where everyone is making that sort of music. In Tauranga we, it seems, are more comfortable making fairly safe genre music (and I don’t mean that as a criticism – there is nothing avant-garde about Bob Dylan’s new album yet it still remains exciting and challenging). But look at the recent releases: Bonjour Swing – gypsy jazz; Deeds – classic rock with reggae touches;

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Club Mount Maunganui Friday 28 – Shy & Retiring.

Solution No.1646 7 Crown 6 3 &9Badger 2 1 8 5 Friday 28 – One One One 1 5 7 8 6 3 9 4 9.30pm start. 3 9 1 5 4 6 2 7 Saturday 29 – One One One 4 9.30pm 3 8 5 6 9 7 2 start. 8 3 6 4 5 7 1 2 5 2 9 7 1 4 3 8 6 1 4 2 9 8 5 3 9 4 8 6 3 2 7 1 2 8 5 1 7 9 4 6

Wednesday 3 – Country Music Night (Local country music club entertains) Latitude 37 Sunday 30 – Noel Beasley 1-4pm. Vocals and guitar. Mount RSA Friday 28 – Mark Taipari. Saturday 29 – Tony Wellington & Che Orton show. Sunday 30 – Tellstar 4.30 to 7.30pm.

Leilani – MOR rock; SheJus Greedy – soul/blues; Self-Righteous Brothers – folk/blues; Brilleaux – classic English R&B; and this week’s reviewed album from Colleen Gibson – easy listening. Which brings me to another thing I remember about those awards. One year of the two, and I’m not sure which, they announced the award for Best Songwriter and it went to... Colleen Gibson. None of us at the time had ever heard of Colleen Gibson, and that’s pretty much the same today. You don’t see her singing live and there is no information about her on-line. But, nearly 20 years later, she has released her first album. Colleen Gibson – We’ve Got It Good This is very much an easy listening album and, not being my preferred listening genre I kinda ignored it first time I played it. Let it run in the background, very pleasant I thought. It was only on about the third run through it that I actually listened and engaged and began to realise what a seriously accomplished piece of work this is. Recorded at Tim Julian’s Colourfield in Welcome Bay it shows yet another side to his talents as a producer and arranger as he subtly balances a host of instruments against Colleen’s light and slightly breathy voice while keeping the focus on her and her songs. First thought on hearing the first

song was Astride Gilberto. It doesn’t really sound like her but some of the lightness and a hint of the European reminded me. It’s carried through on the next song, the very appealing title track which slips into French and benefits from the colouring of Johan Bloem’s accordion and some tasteful Mike Kirk guitar. There are occasional moves towards a larger sound – ‘Right Before My Eyes’ goes big with full horns and all – but the more intimate moments impress most. Colleen has a very sharp ear for melody and understands the importance of rhythm in lyrics (‘Funny That’ runs on a rhythmic hook), and she can craft a song with great skill. When these things come together it is quite magical: ‘Middle of a Dream’ breaks down into a jazzy jam between Leo Zeldenrust’s keyboard and Lewis Martin’s saxophone before picking up again into a chorus with multiple vocals (Colleen does her own backing singing). Even when the extremely personal nature of ‘Buried Soul’ threatens to slip into the overly introspective, fine minimalist musical touches keep it focused. The album also looks very good, just right for its sophisticated contents. For a debut album, after all these years, it’s a very impressive piece of work. Review: Winston Watusi


The Weekend Sun D V D


With Winston Watusi

THIS MUST BE THE PLACE Dir: Paolo Sorrentino - Starring: Sean Penn, Judd Hirsch, Harry Dean Stanton It’s been a while since we saw a truly transformative performance from Sean Penn but This Must Be The Place provides that in the form of his burnt-out rock star Cheyenne-looking like The Cure’s Robert Smith, sounding like a stoned Gene Wilder, and living a reclusive Dublin life with a wonderfully down-to-earth Frances McDormand (his fire-fighter wife). Then his father dying sends him back into the world for the first time in 30 years, to America, and a strange stumbling quest of a road trip ensues. Continuing with the wide-mouthed stop-motion look of their Wallace & Gromit outings, Aardman’s new animated film is set in 1837. The Pirates! hops on Band of Misfits board the Caribbean galleon to bring us a not-so-dastardly crew led by chummy Hugh Grant. His desire to win the Pirate Of The Year award is thwarted by competition from not so rubbish pirates, and all looks hopeless until they run into Charles Darwin... It’s a sweet-natured romp, heavily laden with gags, brimming with vocal talent, and it’s hard not to be astounded by the skill (and sheer workload!) of the animation. Tim Burton is a consistently inconsistent film-maker and Dark Shadows points out both the strengths and weaknesses of his output. Based on a somewhat obscure sixties series, it centres on Johnny Depp’s 200-year-old vampire Barnabas Collins, finally released from a coffin in the 1970s and attempting to restore the family’s fortunes. As expected, the film looks wonderful, all Gothic touches and witty set design. But that covers the good stuff. The plot itself is a mess, both overcomplicated and under-thought,


This could be seen as a comedy but certainly a fairly serious one, though never sombre. Penn’s cautious inward-looking concentrated man-child, centres everything and director Sorrentino brings his very European sensibility to the pacing, but the film is still brimming with life: there’s a great live performance from David Byrne, who also wrote the film’s music; Will Oldham contributed lyrics, and the outsider’s view of America is rich with vibrant colour. There are constant small surprises and touching eccentricities – like a Jim Jarmusch film,

while the pitch-black humour seems jarring and most characters are woefully underdeveloped. The obvious comparison is with The Adams Family and this Dark Shadows loses out from every perspective. All actors have roles they might not include on their resume. Gary Oldman’s Elvis impersonator in Guns, Girls & Gambling probably fits the bill. Nonetheless, the trashy desert-set film is fast-paced and frequently very funny. In it, every eccentric man and their dogs, plus a poetry-spouting, six foot blonde, with double handguns (and she’s a big plus) fight to find a priceless Native American mask stolen during a poker game. Christian Slater is the ‘everyman caught in the middle’. It’s smart, silly, and has few redeeming social features, and with eclectic casting (Powers Boothe, Jeff Fahey) there’s really nothing not to like. Scandinavian crime fiction is on a roll. Following various versions of Stieg Larsson’s books we have Forbrydelsen and the original Swedish Wallander on TV, a second Jo Nesbo film and now Last Will from a Liza Marklund novel. Closer inspection

suggests it was made for TV and that there will be more. However, it’s a handsome production, focused on murderous shenanigans at the Nobel prize awards. Plucky crime reporter Annika Bengtzon is the heroine and becomes a key witness after a Laureate is shot. As everyone follows Islamic terrorists she delves into the surprisingly murky world of the Nobels. It’s not perfect but will satisfy fans of the genre. Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful

Damn fine Dubious

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

Fri Sept 28 to Wed Oct 3. 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. NEW THIS WEEK


Across No. 1288 6. Public holiday (8,3) 6. Town (NI) (5) 7. Present (4) 11. Retreat (8) 8. House (8) 13. Shock (6) 9. Robustness (6) 14 Latitude (6) 10. Garden pests (6) 15. Bassinet (6) 12. Saunter (6) 16. Tests (5) 15. Scrounged (6) 18. Curve (4) 17. Bay (Wellington) C C N A E A T K I C A S H (8) M A R C U S L U S H K D M S S U C E K L MM E D I T 19. Beyond (4) G I R L E I N A N E K GM 20. Radio personality E N D A D N G R X R A I D G D A Y J K T M (7,4) YB OE XL MI ON W O T O O A T O Down A C C D A G G R A V A T E U A I A G A T A I H K P A 1. Genius (8) A N C S C R A M I T R A P 2. Hairdresser (6) H O K I E I I B I I OM K 3. Programme (6) A E C D I S A L L OWE D F E T E E H E E O N T S R 4. Concept (4) Solution 1287 5. Slogan (6)

Capitol Cinema 4

Info line 573 8055



(PG) Some Scenes May Scare Very Young Children.

Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, David Spade, Andy Samberg, Cee-Lo Green. Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy finds the resort and falls for the count’s daughter. Fri 11:45am. Sat 1:30pm. Sun 11:20am. Mon 4:00. Tue 10:10, 2:30, 6:30pm. Wed 12:00.



(R16) on MEGAscreen Graphic Violence & Offensive Language. Bruce Willis,

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels. ACTION, SCI-FI, THRILLER. In 2072, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent 30 years into the past, where a hired gun awaits. Fri 1:40, 6:00, 8:30. Sat 3:30, 6:00, 8:30. Sun 3:30, 6:00, 8:30pm. Mon 3:30, 6:00, 8:30pm Tue 3:25, 6:00, 8:30pm. Wed 3:25, 6:00, 8:30pm.




Some Scenes May Scare Very Young Children.

3D animated family comedy starring Adam Sandler as the voice of Dracula, owner of the finest ‘five stake’ monster resort outside of the human world. Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg and Steve Buscemi also lend their vocal cords. Fri 4:00, 6:15pm. Sat 11:45, 4:10pm. Sun 1:45, 6:10pm. Mon 11:20, 1:45pm. Tue 12:00pm. Wed 10:10, 2:20, 6:30pm.

With Rialto


The Weekend Sun has a double pass to Bernie for a lucky reader who can tell us if the film is based on a true story or not. Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, October 3.

(M) contains violence

Jack Black reunites with School of Rock director Richard Linklater for this dark comedy about the murder of a wealthy, elderly Texan widow (Shirley MacLaine) by her middle-aged companion (Black). Matthew McConaughey plays the local DA. Based on a true story. Bernie is a portly, well-liked mortician in small-town Texas who befriends cantankerous widower Marjorie. After killing her (shooting her in the back with a rifle) for financial gain, he goes to great lengths to make it appear she is still alive. When Marjorie’s body is eventually discovered and DA Danny Buck Davidson starts pointing the finger at Bernie, the town’s residents rally to his defense.

but with added Italian freshness and heart.



(R15) - Offensive Language and Several Scenes May Offend. ID REQUIRED

FRI & TUE: 11:00, 1:20, 3:40, 6:20, 8:30. SAT: 1:00, 3:30, 6:15, 8:30. SUN: 1:00, 3:30, 6:15, 8:20. MON: 11:00, 1:20, 3:40, 6:30, 8:45. WED: 11:00, 1:20, 3:40, 6:00, 8:45.


FRI, TUE & WED: 10:45, 1:00, 5:45. SAT & SUN: 10:45, 3:45. MON: 10:45, 1:00, 6:15. LAST (M) Contains Sexual References DAYS!


(M) - violence, coarse language & sexual references

SAT: 11:15, 1:30, 6:00. NO COMPS SUN:11:15, 1:30.


YOUR SISTER’S SISTER (M) - Contains sex scenes & offensive language

FRI, MON & TUE: 4:05, 8:15. SAT & SUN: 4:05, 8:00. WED: 4:05, 8:30.

MOONRISE KINGDOM HYSTERIA (M) - Contains sexual references

FRI & TUE: 8:00. SAT: 8:15. SUN: 8:40. MON: 8:30.LAST DAYS!


FRI TO SUN: 10:30, 12:20, 2:10. MON TO WED: 10:30, 12:20, 2:10. NO COMPS

(M) - Contains sexual references

FRI & TUE: 3:20, 6:00. SAT & SUN: 6:00. LAST MON & WED: 3:20. DAYS!

BOOK YOUR TICKETS ONLINE INFO LINE (07) 577 0445 - 21 Devonport Road, TGA



NZ family comedy about a young lad who sets out to win the Nelson Trolley Derby, in memory of his late father. Stars Dai Henwood, Tandi Wright (TVNZ’s Nothing Trivial) and Vince Martin, the iconic face of Beaurepaires. Fri 4:20. Sat 12:00. Sun 11:20, 4:45. Mon 11:20, 3:00pm. Tue 10:45, 12:40. Wed 10:40, 2:30pm.





(PG) Low Level Violence.

Ben Stiller, David Schwimmer, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chris Rock. ANIMATED, FAMILY, COMEDY. Alex, Marty, Melman & Gloria endeavour to return to their zoo. Fri 12:00, 4:10pm. Sat 2:00, 6:20pm. Sun 11:30, 3:55pm. Mon 11:30, 6:10pm. Tue 10:00, 2:10. Wed 12:15, 4:25pm.


‘Wimpy Kid’ Greg Heffley pretends he has a job at a fancy country club during summer vacation. RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION Fri 11:45, 4:00. Sat 11:20, 1:25. Sun 11:20, 1:25. (R16) Horror Scenes & Violence. Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez. HIT & RUN (M) Mon 11:20, 1:25. Tue 11:00, 1:15. Wed 11, 1:15. Fri 2:00pm. Sat 8:35pm. Violence, Sexual References & Offensive Language. Sun 8:20pm. Wed 8:35pm. A former getaway driver and his girlfriend are on

3D. FINAL DAYS. Adults at Kids Prices!!

the run from his former comrades in this actioncomedy starring Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold, Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell. From the producers of Wedding Crashers. Fri 8:05pm. Sun 8:20pm. Mon 1:05pm. Tue 8:00pm. Wed 12:30pm.


(PG) Disney/Pixar’s 2003 comedy in 3D.

Wednesday 2:00pm. FINAL DAYS.




(R15) Offensive Language & Several Scenes May Offend. NZ COMEDY.

MADAGASCAR 3 (2D) (PG) Low Level Viol.

Bret McKenzie, Hamish Blake. Fri 1:45, 8:30pm. Sat 3:40, 6:10pm. Sun 3:40, 8:15pm. Mon 3:40, 8:20pm. Tue 4:15, 8:35pm. Wed 4:15, 6:30pm.

DreamWorks Animation, Family, Comedy.




Sat 11:20am. Sun 1:30. Mon 1:30. Tue 12:20, 4:35, 6:40. Wed 10:00.


Graphic Violence. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham,

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth. Fri 6:10pm. Sat 8:35pm. Mon 6:05. Tue 8:40pm. Wed 8:45pm


(PG) Drug Use & Coarse Language.

Drama. Martin Sheen. Saturday 1:45pm.

YOUR SISTER’S SISTER (M) Sex Scenes & Offensive Language.

Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass. Comedy, Drama. Fri 12:20, 6:15. Sat 4:10, 8:00pm. Sun 1:05, 6:30. Mon 4:45, 8:25pm. Tue 2:30, 6:10. Wed 4:20, 8:10pm.


(M) Sexual References. Rom, Comedy. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy. Fri 2:10pm. Sat 6:00pm. Sun 2:50. Mon 6:30pm. Tue 4:15pm. Wed 6:10pm.


(Excludes 3D Screenings & Public Holidays)

Meryl Streep. Fri 8:20. Sun 6:05. Mon 8:15pm.


The Weekend Sun

Joy of Music makes Bay debut

Using music to elevate the spirit is what Australian group Music of Joy is aiming to achieve at their free evening performance and concert in Tauranga this weekend.

performances that often transform and transcend the audience. As the name suggests, Music of Joy’s main purpose is to create and share the joy of their music with their audience. The experience is believed to result in thoughtless awareness, a relaxed meditative state which can be understood

The Joy of Music and Meditation, a free, two-hour-long performance, presented by more than 20 musicians and vocalists from different origins begins at 7pm at The Exhibition Hall on Sunday. The core members of MOJ have been performing together for more than 15 years and are well-known for their joyous

and developed through the Sahaja Yoga meditation practised regularly by these musicians. “By finding joy in this music, enjoying ourselves, it enhances our enjoyment of one another, right

across the world,” says Sahaja Yoga instructor David Sharp. “This is music that pleases the spirit; it seeks to unite all people, ethnicities and religious callings and it recognises humans as ‘all one’.” MOJ leader John Smiley says their aim is to give joy to people. “We play spiritual music that speaks to the spirit within.” Their repertoire of fast and peaceful songs is accompanied by a select mix of eastern and western instruments. The must-see band has been touring for the third consecutive year in Asia and for many years across Australia. This is their first time performing in Tauranga.

Affordable weekend yoga workshops The Tauranga Yoga Centre has scheduled a weekend of affordable and accessible yoga for early-October, catering for beginners to more advanced students and sports people.

The weekend consists of four workshops that will be suitable for different types of people, beginning with instructor Helen Paul-Smith’s two hour ashtanga class from 5.30pm on Friday evening. Here you will learn some sequences to assist your home practice. A second workshop, running from 11am-1pm on Saturday, October 6, will be led by Penny Mitropoulos.

New Zealand Garden &Artfest 2012

Penny Mitropoulos.

It is designed for yoga students and sports people across all disciplines and levels wanting to avoid injury, further their training and sports performance and develop their understanding of body maintenance. Penny, who has spent 18 years training in and teaching Iyengar yoga in New Zealand and India, will strive to deepen yoga practice with the precision and alignment fundamental to her method. Saturday afternoon’s workshop, to run from 2.304.30pm, will see instructor Curly West lead a class which will include some inverted poses, pranayama breathing and relaxation techniques. Curly is a highly regarded yoga teacher who has been studying yoga practices for 30 years in New Zealand, England and Australia. Sunday morning’s session, running from 9.30am12.30pm with instructor Tony ter Ellen, will be an ideal workshop for yoga practitioners and athletes to find the stability necessary for good form and endurance. Tony, a guest teacher who previously taught at the centre for 10 years, will also explore visualisation techniques for influencing core use and postural alignment. The premiere screening of ‘YogaWoman’ – the story of how the traditionally male-dominated domain is now being led by women – will begin at 6.30pm on October 6. Tickets, including the screening and dessert, cost $10, with proceeds going towards providing the centre with a ‘rope wall’. Ranging from the busy streets of Manhattan to the dusty slums of Kenya, the film – narrated by Annette Benning - includes 50 of the world’s leading yoga experts, including New Zealander Donna Farhi. Visit: for information on prices of single and weekend admissions.

Full programme visit www.

Book Before 30 SEP! Tauranga Katikati Mount Maunganui Te Puke

garden & artfest’12



89 Garden Trail stops Craigs Investment Partners Sculpture Symposium Urban Rooftop Garden Bay of Plenty Times Speaker and Workshop Series Tauranga Art Gallery - Gretchen Albrecht Long lunch - Mike McRoberts Music on the Rooftop with Anna Coddington..... and more!


Earlybird Tickets


GoldGrants: Sponsors


.. / 0800 4ticket



The Weekend Sun


Supporters in the pink

The Weekend Sun has 10 double passes to the Proudly Pink Fashion Show this month. Just tell us what flavour of Frank juice will be supplied to guests on arrival. Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received before October 3.

EVERY SUNDAY 9.00am to 1.00pm

Phoenix Car Park Downtown the Mount

Ms Crystal Chandalier wuill be hosting the Proudly Pink Fashion Show.

Adorn yourself in pretty pink in support of breast cancer awareness this weekend at the Bethlehem Town Centre to kick off the official launch of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Ms Crystal Chandelier, who is said to have similar traits to the great Dame Edna, will be hosting the Proudly Pink Fashion Show. A glass of Frank ruby grapefruit juice will be supplied on arrival, along with goodie bags filled with product samples and vouchers exclusive to Bethlehem Town Centre for every ticket holder. Dress up in your favourite pink frock and choose your best pink acces-

sories to be in to win a prize for the best dressed. Spot prizes include: a full Zsiska jewellery set from George Edward; a spring makeover from Rodney Wayne, a designer dress from Urban Vogue and a L’oreal makeup gift pack from Metro Pharmacy. There will be two shows viewing at 2pm and 5pm. Tickets are available from Coffee Club Bethlehem. Tickets sell out fast so be in quick!

Peak oil expert shares views A man many believe to be the world’s foremost speaker on peak oil and resource depletion will speak in Tauranga on Monday, October 1.



$25 D


Classic Market



The talk, to be chaired by Mayor Stuart Crosby, will include messages on community resilience, sustainability and a healthy future, and pose and The event, organised by answer some of the Tauranga Environment most challenging Centre in partnership questions debated by with the United States’ scientists and layman Post Carbon Institute, alike today. Transition Tauranga and Richard is the the Sustainable Business author of ten Richard Heinberg, Oil Network, is called Richard books, including his expert. Heinberg: Life After latest ‘The End of Growth. Growth’. Richard’s book ‘End of Growth’ will The event starts 7.15pm at Baycourt, form the basis of the talk, along with with a suggested donation for attendees his latest addendums published as of between $5-10. online articles. By Ben Guild


The Weekend Sun

Rodders swap meet returns Hot rodders and classic car restorers have a chance to find the car parts they have been looking for at the BOP Automotive Swap Meet on Sunday. The event, which Oceanside Street Rods is hosting in Mount Maunganui’s Cherokee Place, will build on the success of last year’s event when it was revived. Oceanside club spokesman Craig Cate says the swap meet is expected to draw auto enthusiasts from around the North Island who are in town for other events.

0800 VISIQUE |


“It is as much a social event as a serious parts-finding and trading event, where people can find advice and arrange assistance with their projects, learn about different clubs and meet fellow “car guys” and track down cars and parts which haven’t made it to the event.” The swap meet offers something for all auto enthusiasts from small parts to complete project cars and finished cars ready to drive, along with auto related goods such as T-shirts, hats, badges and models. “Items like old service station display equipment and even old petrol pumps and oil dispensers. In fact anything at all to do with automo-

Swap meet treats offered at last years’ event. biles since motoring began.” Craig says the meet will help enthusiasts save time and money on ordering parts from overseas. He says after disappointment with the quality of parts people are buying online, there has been a swing back to buying at swap meets and he encourages enthusiasts to support them. “You never know what will be there and often rare parts will show up. All this makes the swap meet an exciting and mysterious, magnetic place to those who follow the old car hobby.

Eyes the focus of Save our Sight Month Do you have great eyesight? Are you sure?

Optometrist Keith Miller with a digital retinal camera. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Book now and receive 2 comprehensive eye exams for the price of 1.* Visique covers all bases from your full eye history to in-depth specialist checks to make sure that your precious eyesight is well protected. So get in touch with a friend or family member, and see Keith Miller at your local Visique today. Visique Greerton Optometrists 157 Chadwick Road, Greerton, Tauranga | Phone 07 577 0113

*Terms and conditions apply - offer expires 30 October 2012.

The eye is one of the most complex organs in the body and relies on many intricate structures for people to see clearly – any slight changes can have a large effect on their vision and can be symptomatic of broader health issues. As Save our Sight Month comes to an end, Visique Greerton Optometrists are reminding Tauranga residents the best way to ensure healthy eyesight is to have regular eye exams, at least every two years. Early detection of vision problems is one of the key preventers of serious and irreversible damage, and any change in your vision should be checked, says Visique Greerton optometrist Keith Miller. “Too many people suffer with eye conditions without realising just how bad their eyesight has gotten or how much it is affecting other aspects of their life, such as regular headaches, behaviour and learning issues in children, body fatigue or dizziness. Keith recently treated a seven-year-old boy whose behaviour in school was found to be a classic response of a child suffering from visual distress. The child was prescribed reading glasses and within weeks his teacher noticed he was more focused and calmer in class and his reading ability significantly improved. All Visique practices in New Zealand are qualified to assess children under 15 for subsidised examinations, frames and lenses. To book in for an eye examination or speak with Keith to see if you need an eye examination, see their ad on this page.


The Weekend Sun

trades & services

Stress - The modern curse? Some stress is good; it helps you stay focused, energetic, and productive.

We call this Eustress, and it’s good for us. Distress however can sap our energy, speed up our heart rate, ruin our health, cause insomnia, some stomach disorders, racing thoughts, anxiety attacks, brain fog, interfere with our productivity at work and it feels awful. Kit Philo from the Lighthouse Clinic says people can learn to manage stress effectively. “Therapy can help you learn the secrets of how to effectively manage stress including how to

manage your own mind and effectively ‘turn it down’ so that you can get on with your life using Mindfulness based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).” For more information contact the friendly staff at the Lighthouse Clinic today.



Deck Restoration N



From this... To this... Deck cleaning, staining & oiling - fence staining & painting - garden furniture restoration 07 552 5311 Deck&FencePro specialists or 0274 108 940 Paint, Oil & Stain Restoration




LAWNS & GARDENS Let us take care of the chores, so you get on with your life & running your business. Call now for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE.


Trained, Security-Cleared & Insured Operators Value Integrity Professionalism

(07) 576 2091








The Weekend Sun

trades & services

karaoke hire

cars wanted



ü Lawn mowing ü Hedge & tree trimming + more.. ü Gardening Phone or Text Mark & Tracey

021 029 76434


$1000 CASH per week

0800 382 828


computer services

We Specialise in: • Continuous Spouting • All Metal & PVC Spouting systems • Fascia



• Repairs & Leaks

• Long-run Roofing tile & grout restoration specialists

• Spouting & Roof cleaning Your local specialists

Call/text/e-mail us for a FREE no obligation quote Ph: 07 542 1016 Mob: 021 02051038 E-mail:


Corporate Angels

Boutique Parlour Ladies and gay males required for our busiest $100 season. ½ hr


• Moss & Mold control

Phone 579 0085 or 021 606 180


The Weekend Sun wanted

funeral directors

business opportunity

for sale


Visit us.










Visit us.





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public notices

Todd McClay MP

Hon Simon Bridges

Hon Anne Tolley

Hon Tony Ryall





Ph: 07 348 5871

Ph: 07 579 9016

Ph: 07 307 1254

Ph: 07 578 0175


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health & beauty

advertising Advert placement made easy

public notices




CASH LOANS NOW! 200 - 20,000 $


211 Br Branches Nationwide

Stacey Jones

Registered Financial Services Provider FSP 20381

IF2113 6

0800 760 000


0800 34 62 63 174 Devonport Road, TAURANGA PH: (07) 578 7717

Open Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm

Linsa Finance Ltd for all your finance needs

Fast Approval Same Day Cash All loans subject to normal lending criteria


The Weekend Sun

Ph 07 928 3042 or email rentals

WANTED TO RENT Professional couple requires executive lifestyle property to rent in Tauranga. Minimum of 3 acres. 12 months (plus) term. Excellent tenants, with references. Please Ph 027 557 5310

adult entertainment

$$$$ MONEY for Spring. Corporate Angels Escort Agency. Ladies and Gay Males welcome for our extremely busy season. Apply in confidence to Allan 021 606 180

art & craft

GLASS CUTTING 2 hour workshop giving you the techniques & tricks to cutting glass safely & accurately. Includes your own glass cutter $50 all inclusive. Sat 6th October. Ph 571 3726 Clay Art Studio, Historic Village, 17th Ave

bible digest

“THE LORD is close to the broken-hearted & saves those who are crushed in spirit. A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.” Psalm 34:18 & 19

cars for sale

CAR FAIR – buy or sell any vehicle every Sunday at 11th Avenue Car park opposite Mad Butcher 8am-noon. Vehicle Finance available from Heartland Finance. Ph for more information 027 733 9686 or w w w. t a u r a n g a c a r f a i r. c o . n z


COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s tuition, or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183


FREE ON SITE DIAGNOSIS & quote. We come to you & don’t charge extra for travel. Pensioner discounts. Ph Kyle at Tech Solutions 027 828 7078 PC RUNNING SLOW? Basic PC service to improve performance for only $20 plus a free consultation on hardware/ software upgrades. Based in Tauranga. Call us today 571 2340 or 027 842 5346 VIRUS & SPYWARE removal. Upgrades, servicing and repairs Free call out and quotation New power supply $70 fitted Motherboards From $100 fitted. All work has 12 month warranty. Laptops from $300 Desktops from $125. Wanted - faulty pc & laptops. Ph Crystal Computing 07 579 5860 or 021 156 0055

dance partners

WANTED MALE ballroom dance partner, must be committed for practices and competitions. Aged between 8 & 12. No experience needed. Ph 027 411 7652

employment wanted

CLEANER HOUSE/DOMESTIC experienced with references. Requires work in Tauranga Mt Maunganui areas. Ph Sheryle 577 0673

for sale

NEXT YEARS FIREWOOD only $75 per cube, get in quick. Free delivery. Ph Scott 027 462 4769

for sale


trades & services

PAVERS factory seconds half price. 53 Hull Rd, Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 SMALL CONCRETE SLEEPERS everlasting and realistic from $9.00 each. Village Stone 53 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui Ph 575 4887

AC PETFOODS collect injured & unwanted cows & horses. Ph 0800 369 6269

LAWNS AND GARDENS regular maintenance occasional tidy-ups shrub care garden rubbish removed. Free quote All size jobs considered. Ph 578 5825

STAIRLIFTS – Make life easy with a stairlift enjoy the home you love by installing an Acorn Stairlift. Call us now TOLL FREE 0800 782 475 or

HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance decks fencing pergolas painting water blasting odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911

WE’RE SMALL we’re personal we know mobility scooters. Ph Pam or Ben Mobility Solutions BOP 575 2033

INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940


health & beauty

DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, phobias, addictions. Target the true cause Feel the results quickly or Ph Debbie 543 3670 LOSE WEIGHT feel great! Join a ‘New Look’ clinic in your area. Healthy eating with real food. Ph Bernice now 576 4848 NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products. Something for everyone. NZ Registered Natural Therapies and Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 and

house for sale

WONDERFUL whakamarama lifestyle with superb views, 4.1ha, older home, excellent condition, stables, arena. View TradeMe #CQ1196 or Ph 027 273 4765

house sitter

FREE HOUSE SITTERS 12 years experience Tauranga area. Middle aged couple. Outstanding references. Available from the 21st October to 19th December. Ph 543 3457 or 027 302 8328 PROFESSIONAL HOUSE minder available. Do you want peace of mind that your treasured home is in trustworthy hands while you are away on holiday. Excellent references. Available from October. Ph Cathie 022 162 8301

lifestyle coaching

CAREER RESTRUCTURING? Creating opportunity from Change. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548


MOBILITY SCOOTERS wheelchairs walkers & more. Visit our showroom 29 Burrows St, Tauranga Ph 578 1213. Mobility Equipment & Services

situations vacant

CATALOGUE MARKETING company vacancy. Part time, easy work, no selling or handling stock. Ph Ian 575 4481 or 027 495 4323

trades & services

ALLAN HOLMES for all your carpentry lock fitting & handyman jobs around the home. Big or Small. Free quotes. Reasonable rates. Ph 021 992 678 or after hours on 07 576 3543 BUILDER 35 YEARS experience. decks to bathrooms, sheds to additions, fences to pergolas. Free quotes. Ph Geoff 027 490 5839 or 543 4697 BUILDERS - Murray Pedersen licensed builder with his experienced team will undertake additions renovations also reclads. We can arrange plans & consents. Ph 575 7870 CARPET LAYING Affordable Rates, reliable, 20 years experience. For all your carpet needs from laying of new and 2nd hand carpet, restretching or repairs. Free measure & quote. Ph Scott 027 203 9974 or 544 6582

GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs moss removal. Experienced Certified Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 HANDYMAN BUILDING & property maintenance. Repairs, Waterblasting, house washing, roof painting. Ph Mark 543 3670

LAWN MOWING all areas ride on available. Husband & Wife team, free quote. Ph 027 205 5654 LAWN MOWING garden tidy, etc. Call me for a quote & let me keep your lawns tidy. Experienced operator. Ph Mark 021 220 3111 ODD JOBS Painting/decorating, cleaning, gardening, etc. Qualified tradesman & wife. No job too small. Pensioner discounts. Ph/txt 027 305 2357 PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, quality workmanship friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas. Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 07 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PAINTING small job specialist, guaranteed workmanship assured, semi retired tradesman. Ph Mike a/h 576 5501 or 027 473 7482 RETAINING WALL SPECIALIST Pole wall crib walls tilt slab concrete walls. Excavation and levelling. The best in the business. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 a/h 07 548 1985

ELECTRICIAN A professional and affordable registered electrician. New builds alterations repairs. Ph Steve 578 0555 or 027 848 6042

ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter and rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 027 496 5375

GORSE SPRAYING Do you have a gorse problem? Ph today for a free quote for all gorse control. Ph Scott 027 462 4769

ROOFING new roofs re-roofs spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237

Open Home

trades & services

ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline gutters & down pipes clean or replacement chimney repairs. Certified Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 ROTARY HOEING Lawn preparation & sowing. Loader & blade work. Tractor mowing. Quality work & friendly service. Mini Tractor Service. Ph Murray 543 4538 or 027 200 7480 SCAFFOLDING prompt free quotes, friendly service, DIY or full erect & dismantle services. Safe, certified, cost effective. Safeplank Scaffolding 021 680 555. STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 022 076 4245 TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990 TILER QUALIFIED TILER references available free quotes all types of work done from kitchen splashbacks to full tiled bathrooms. Contact Nelson 021 609 289 TIMBER RETAINING WALLS decks and all types of fencing. Excellent work at a competitive price. Ph Clive 021 048 2833 or 552 6510 TREES TREES TREES Felling, Pruning, Maintenance, Chipping, & Removal. Ph Scott Today on 027 462 4769 TREE SHRUB and hedges Trimming topping removal rubbish removal satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 571 5958

trailer repairs

IS YOUR trailer in need of repairs? Failed a warrant? Car & boat trailers, horse floats, transporters. I do it all, from small trailer repairs to major re-dos. Call me to come have a look, free quotes, pickups and drop offs! Ph Dave 027 325 9896 a/h 07 575 3178


DRIVING MISS DAISY need to get to an appointment or want an outing? But don’t drive? Call us for safe friendly and reliable service. Discount offered to Total Mobility card holders. Phone Jackie from Driving Miss Daisy, 552 6614

Mortgagee Auction


8a Lumsden Street, Sat 7.30am. Moving sale! Furniture, toys & loads more.

Tauranga, Gate Pa 54a Cook St Mortgagee Auction Great location handy to the Hospital, Tauranga Girls’ and Boys’ College, is this brick home demanding your attention. On a cross-lease section with road frontage, this is the ideal rental investment, first home and ideal for retirees. We suggest you don’t miss out on this great opportunity.


3B 1S 1l

Mortgagee Auction

723b Cameron Road, Sat 8am. Moving sale, everything must go! Household lot & tools etc.

12.30pm, Thursday 11th October 2012 Conference Room, Bay Palm Motel 84 Girven Road, Mt Maunganui View Sat 1.00 - 1.30 pm ID# HAM24426 Lynn Eagar AREINZ 027 458 1780 office 07 839 7060 John Pope 027 496 3111 office 07 928 5000

Contact Lynn Eagar or John Pope and for further information go to Online Realty Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)



The Weekend Sun

travel & tours

A HOLIDAY or day-out. Every week. Small Group Tours. Door to Door Hinterland Tours Ph Kae & Rick 07 575 8118 ARE YOU looking for a day out or maybe a tour? Ph us for a copy of our weekly travel calendar. Outings include shows shopping markets luncheons mystery tours, scenic drives industry tours and even overnight tours. Ph Zealandier Tours 07 575 6425

travel & tours

BAYLINE COACHES Day trips, away trips or sight seeing & tours! Call for a free quote today Ph 578 3113 CURTISY TOURS Travel Club Day Trips, Katikati $55, Te Awamutu $60, Mamauku Rail Cruising $95 (include all venues, morning tea, lunch) Away Trips, 3 Days Corromandel $495, Wanganui Christmas Away and much more Ph 543 9205

situations vacant

Start a career with New Zealand’s leading transport operator Get on Board with GoBus Te Puke / Mount Maunganui We have driver positions available for immediate starts. If you enjoy working with people, have a positive attitude, take pride in your work and love driving, and have a current class 2 and “P” endorsement then this is the opportunity for you. Go Bus Transport is New Zealand’s fastest growing passenger transport operator with over 750 vehicles and depots throughout the country. A career with Go Bus can really take you places!

School BuS DriverS – Te Puke aND MouNT MauNgaNui • Great team environment • Competitive wage rate • Part time or casual • Initial and ongoing training provided • Uniform provided Please apply by email to Raewyn, Depot Manager, at, or alternatively you can print out a Go Bus Employment Application Form on our website at and send it to: Go Bus Transport Limited, PO Box 443, Te Puke. Any phone queries regarding the vacancies can be made to: Raewyn Anderson, Depot Manager on 07 573 6949 or 021 747 611 Our recruitment process includes a Drug and Alcohol Test and Ministry of Justice Check. Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit. M20075

travel & tours

MARY POPPINS Package deals for $200 per person return or coach only $60. Seats are selling fast so call Bayline now on 07 578 3113 to secure your place!

travel & tours

wanted to buy

ANTIQUES, BANKNOTES, collectables, coins, china, military items, stamps, scrap gold & jewellery. Lic dealer. Ph 575 9928 Brian pays top prices

SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see

ANTIQUES, COINS, medals, china, glass, Kiwiana, Australiana, militaria, toys, anything old and interesting. 021 392913 or 07 549 0139

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER day tours for young and old. From $50 p.p. Driving Creek railway, Coromandel. Hamilton gardens & Zoo. Historic Opotiki / Whakatane. More information, call 549 4711 or 027 848 6472

NEEDING CASUAL WORKERS? Constant supply of hard working backpackers available for just a day’s work or weeks. Will do anything. Ph Harbour Side City Backpackers 579 4066

work wanted

Crowd blown away Plunket and Waipuna Hospice blew the crowd away with their winning blokart performance at the Home and Leisure Expo at Baypark TECT arena. In the weekend about 30 blokarts competed for first place in the Baypark Blokart Charity Open event. Spot prizes were donated by event organiser Graeme Martin and local blokart inventor Paul Beckett, who offered a new 5.5 metre sail which was awarded to John Parvard. Blokart racers from Wellington, Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland competed in 12 races throughout the day’s event. Performance 85kg and under winners were: first place, Ross

Ludwig of Bay of Plenty representing Plunket; second, Bob Harding of Bay of Plenty representing Women’s’ Refuge; third, Marg Murray of Auckland representing Rescue Helicopters. The Performance over 85kg winners were: first place - Russell Harray of Auckland, representing Waipuna Hospice; second, Andrew Sands Bay of Plenty representing Foundation for the Blind; third, Theo Vondervoort Bay of Plenty representing Plunket. The event raised $1000 to be shared among the charities.


The Weekend Sun

It’s character that counts I love the account of David being anointed by the prophet Samuel for his role as king as it is recorded in 1 Samuel 16:5-14.

And as I was thinking about that, I was trying to imagine the scene as Jesse (the father) and his sons stood around as Samuel poured the oil over the head of the shepherd boy David. They have been called in and asked to consecrate themselves and prepare for a sacrifice and told that God would choose a king today. And surprise, surprise he does not choose one of the seven older and stronger boys but chooses David, who was just a shepherd boy in his early teens fresh from the sheep paddock. He was maybe even still in his shepherd’s clothing and the revered prophet Samuel solemnly takes the horn of oil and pours it over the boy’s head.

The brothers would have been more than a bit annoyed that they had not been picked, after all they were better equipped as soldiers and yet God speaking through Samuel chooses this unlikely shepherd boy and God’s power comes on him. God’s reason for choosing David is that the strength of the man was in his character not in his physical abilities. The key for us today is that God is more interested in the integrity and character of our hearts than the physical attributes of strength and wisdom. Filling the shoes of, and correcting the errors of the previous King Saul was a task that required supernatural ability from God and a man of character and inner strength Many of the tasks that we face are bigger than our own abilities and we need that same enabling power of God and good character to meet the challenges of life today. Stephen Tyrrell, South City Baptist Church, Tauranga.

What is mankind’s greatest need? Some would say mankind’s greatest need is either love, acceptance, self-worth, peace, health, wealth or security – but the Bible makes it clear that mankind’s greatest need is forgiveness. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, every person born of a woman, with the exception of Jesus, has been born with an inherent sin nature. That sin condition inherent in every one of us causes us to live in self-seeking rebellion and leaves us

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separated from a holy God, causing us to be under the judgment of God for our sin. Consequently, every person needs to be forgiven for their sin. Hebrews 9:22 tells us that “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”. God’s answer for man’s sin is that an innocent, perfect sacrifice needed to be offered to stand in the place of the guilty. Under the Old Covenant, this was the sacrifice of an innocent, spotless animal as an atonement for the sin of the nation of Israel. Under the New Covenant, this sacrifice for mankind’s sin, this offer-

ing that made the way for mankind to be forgiven, was the shedding of the innocent blood of Jesus Christ, the sinless, perfect Lamb of God. Colossians 1:14 tells us that in Christ Jesus “we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins”. To be in Christ, we need to come through the doorway of repentance, turning our backs on a life lived outside of a living relationship with God and then surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus over every aspect of our lives. To find out more, go to See you on Sunday at Jesus First. By Peter Whitcombe, Jesus First Church

Greedy tax collector has change of heart One of the best known of Sunday school stories is the one from Luke 19:2 about a man by the name of Zacchaeus. He was a chief tax collector and was wealthy and very disliked because he worked for the Jews who were the oppressors of the Romans, and because he was not honest in all his dealings. Because he was a short man he ran ahead of the crowds and climbed a tree so that he could see Jesus. Even though he was hidden up there in the branches and leaves, Jesus knew that he is there and Jesus stops under the tree and calls Zacchaeus down and has a meal at his home. As a result of meeting Jesus, Zacchaeus has a change of heart and

makes some quality life decisions. He determines that: “Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” Now, the fact that he gave to the poor was important and good but more than that it showed a change of heart from this man who had been a cheat and a thief who then resolved to act honestly and fairly. One key in our relationship with God through Jesus is that we will have a change of heart and our relationship with God shows in our behaviours and in our ways. Meeting Jesus should bring about a change in our lives and this should be evident to others. Stephen Tyrrell South City Baptist Church Tauranga

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Tom van de Pol, Max Halford, Kahu Gates, Kayden Franz-Kwan, Cordan Holmes, Cheyenne Taylor and Conrad McIntyre.

Bethlehem Community Pre-school.

Above: Lenny Gilbert, Abby Miller, Krystal Dance, Isla Martin, Grace Cappeley and Olivia Parkes.

Steamers fans enjoyed their side’s match against Wellington, despite the side from the capital triumphing 36-26.

Pupils from Greerton Village School had a ball on Tuesday night as they welcomed the Bay of Plenty Steamers and Wellington Lions to Baypark. The children were on hand thanks to a Tauranga Safe City white ribbon initiative, including riders from the Patriots Motorcycle Club, which seeks to put an end to family abuse.

Bethlehem Community Pre-School’s book character day on Thursday, with more than 20 students and teachers dressing up in colourful costumes.

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437) The Blow the Whistle on Violence campaign is being run in conjunction with the Bully No More campaign, in which anti-bullying messages are delivered to children on cards featuring Steamers players.


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