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28 March 2014, Issue 693

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Eye on traffic


Mobile library fight


Sisters’ Masterchef mission


App for emergencies


Rebuilding Tacloban


When the Gourmet Night Market returns to Mount Maunganui this weekend it will do so with a difference. The popular summer event is part of Tauranga’s annual Earth Hour celebrations and will run without electricity on Saturday, from 5pm - 9.30pm. Pictured: Musician AliceSea is one of many local performers entertaining crowds at the event. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Tauranga’s After Hours Doctors


Full medical services available including xrays. formerly known as the Accident & HealthCare Centre

19 Second Avenue - Tauranga

Opening Hours 8AM - 9PM Every Day • accident & medical • skin cancer clinic • chiropractor • physiotherapy

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FREE ACC consultations for under 10 year olds before six pm week days. overnight medical advice Phone Healthline : 0800 611116

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Oddities of evolution and other celebrities This week’s column is short, and a bit of a rush job. I was told the world was ending so I didn’t see the need to write one.

luxury airport


odd large rodent north of here, and we have a gnawing worry that giant politician rodents, the size of Dotcom, could soon roam the annals of power. I’ve seen a few shearers in action and I’d love to see them throwing a giant rat onto its back and taking a few long blows along the belly. There are some logistic problems. How is a giant rat going to crawl up our drain pipes, under the corrugated iron and chew out the wiring to the sky dish? More likely, the fat rodent is going to stay happily on the ground and graze the lawn, bleating every five minutes and then, if conforming to sheep-like behaviour, running around the yard following all the other ratsheep – jumping over fences that aren’t really there. Jeez, the dogs we’re going to need to herd the ratsheep will be humungous. The average border collie or huntaway isn’t going to cut it. We’re going to need some heavy weight stock controllers to keep these suckers in line.

Next thing you know, we are all still here and civilisation is still fairly civilised, except maybe for some parts of Hamilton and the odd pocket in Ohauiti. And the civilised world demands a Rabbits. Fortunately, we’ve been swamped with suggestions from you for a new flag. Yes, despite the imminent collapse of civilisation as we know it, some of you are still finnicking about designing alternative flags for New Zealand. So on the off chance that we remain civilised long enough to run a new flag up the pole, keep those designs coming in. Thanks to all those who took the trouble to sharpen your coloured pencils and get out the felt tip pens to come up with ideas so far. We will print some of them in the next issue.

Build a career

How can the country have people unemployed, when the building industry, among others, is crying out for apprentices? Just this week the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation put out a call for 5000 more, saying despite a 55 per cent increase in sign-ups last year, the construction industry is still woefully short of building apprentices. Suggestion to parents of teenagers without career ideas: look up the BCITO and check out the prospects of a job in construction.

Biology with balls As if giant rats aren’t scary enough, a presentation by a scientist this week featured on some very real creatures that make Dotcom look almost loveable. Waikato University’s Dr Alison Campbell gave a talk about some biological curiosities, including the ‘Gonad footed shrimp’. Unfortunately I was out of town and missed the session on evolutional oddities, but it sure sounds fascinating. It could explain how we ended up with Patrick Gower. And iff your career as a builder doesn’t work out, maybe get into science. I’m sure we don’t have enough people studying the Gonad Footed Shrimp. Heaven

Giant rat scaremongering

Now I know it’s getting close to April 1, but this is a bit wild and weird, even for Fool’s day. A pest control company warns that rats could get as big as sheep. Talk about Panic Merchants. They reckon that as larger mammals become extinct, rats could prosper and grow…really big. We’ve seen some big rats lately. Most of them in Wellington, although there’s the

forbid if it went the same way as the giant rat. The last thing we need are enormous shrimps rampaging the planet with their appendages on their feet.

Nit pics

Meanwhile, the selfie photo has become the new trendy thing. Everyone is taking selfies all over the place, for all sorts of reasons. An interesting spin-off, reports one American lice treatment specialist, is a sudden upsurge in head lice infestations. Macy McQuillan reports her clinics in California, called Nitless Noggins, have experienced a dramatic increase in lice infestations due to all that “head bumping” young people have been doing, to get themselves in the frame for selfies with their mates. She says teenagers are sticking their heads together every day for cellphone photos. Head to head contact is one of the major causes of lice spreading.

Parting shot

The Bad Taste Award of the Week goes to Air New Zealand, which has been pushing this slogan in the same news bulletins as reports of the missing flight MH370 airplane: Disappearing Deals. Way to go, Air NZ. You really know how to show some compassion. Forget your half-baked attempts at Disappearing Deals, Malaysian airlines do a much better job.

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IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. The Malagasy giant rat (Hypogeomys antimena), also known as the votsota or votsovotsa, is a nesomyid rodent found only in the Menabe region of Madagascar, according to Wikipedia. It is an endangered species due to habitat loss, slow reproduction, and limited range. They grow to the size of rabbits. Mc co rd Av e

Oak Ln

The Weekend Sun


Treading carefully The motive behind a new rule allowing Tauranga parking wardens to instantly fine motorists $150 for bald tyres is being questioned by a Tauranga City Councillor.

Councillor Catherine Stewart checks for bald tyres. Photo by Tracy Hardy. employment of an extra warden to be checked as part of wardens’ From April 1, wardens will be normal business. coincide with the new campaign. checking cars parked throughout Wardens have received training “Our CEO did tell me they the city and issuing a $150 fine from a national expert and will have employed another parking per tyre as part of the TWIRL not be using a tyre tread depth warden. That does concern me, campaign. gauge to determine whether a tyre and it’s another wage.” An initial release from TCC is legal or not. Catherine says the hiring “flies stated wardens would be checking TCC will receive 50 per cent of in the wind” of the council’s new vehicles’ windscreens, wipers and revenue collected through fines. mirrors, indicators, rust and lights city vision. The remaining half will go to Yet to be released publicly – – prompting Catherine to send central government. the vision is designed to make an email to council CEO Garry Martin says the $150 fine is set Tauranga City more user-friendly, Poole asking if it was an early by “cutting the red tape”, says by central government. April Fool’s joke. “We will initially only be issuing Catherine. “When I saw the first email I one $150 fine no matter how “We’re not meant to be heading just thought why would anyone many defective tyres are found on want to come into the CBD, or go out with the main purpose of geta single vehicle.” ting fines, so you have to wonder anywhere with the potential to be The TWIRL campaign will also hit upon by over-officious parking what the purpose behind it is.” see police checking vehicles for TCC transportation manager wardens. rust, defected windscreen wipers, “In the meantime I’ve had clarity Martin Parkes says parking wardens will be working alongside the or cracked lights and mirrors. from staff it’s only the tyres they’ll New Zealand Transport Agency be looking at. I have no problem As The Weekend Sun went to print, Mayor Stuart and New Zealand Police to raise with that, but if they’re going out Crosby and TCC councillors were looking to oppose driver awareness of their responto look for the others I would not the fines at a meeting on April 15 and introduce a week-long grace period. sibly to ensure their vehicles are have supported it.” roadworthy. Martin says tyres will What concerns Catherine is the By Corrie Taylor


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4 A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

The Weekend Sun

Conducting traffic by camera Nobody likes being stuck in traffic – but for Haydn Wardley every day is one commuter snarl waiting to happen after another.

The only local daily news source you need, constantly updated, seven days a week News tips ph


Toddler bitten by dog

A three-year-old boy is recovering after being bitten by a dog at a Matapihi property on Thursday morning. The toddler was rushed to Tauranga Hospital after police say the pitbull dog bit the boy’s face about 8.30am. Animal control officers were called in to assist police and have since impounded the dog. When The Weekend Sun went to print the boy was in a comfortable condition at Tauranga Hospital.

Haydn is the eyes of the Tauranga traffic control centre, constantly monitoring a wall of 30 screens for any developing problems on the roads. His eyes scan over the screens in front of him in the Tauranga City Council offices that capture live action at key intersections from Bethlehem to Papamoa. When something draws his attention he zooms in, assesses the situation then adjusts traffic signals if needed to help smooth the flow. This is just what he did on Monday, when an oil spill on Tauranga’s harbour bridge slowed traffic to a snail’s pace along Hewletts Rd. “But it wasn’t just the oil,” says Haydn. “A lot of the problem was caused by human behaviour – drivers changing lanes and slowing down the flow.” After years in the role he knows it’s much easier to make small adjustments to ease traffic issues before they build-up. TCC transport manager Martin Parkes has seen the cameras become a more critical part of the system than he ever expected when the council started with four traffic cameras six years ago. Now it’s the nerve centre for the whole network. With a few more cameras coming

By Hamish Carter

Proposed patch fine A Tauranga City Councillor is proposing a new bylaw which will see people wearing gang patches in Tauranga City fined up to $2000. Clayton Mitchell believes gang patches are more of a problem in the suburbs, “particularly in Greerton”. “I think this bylaw would be a direction for the city to state to the public we are a positive and vibrant place to live and be – and we won’t tolerate anyone feeling intimidated by gangs in our city.” A law passed in 2012 prohibits gang insignia being worn in any government buildings to stop people from feeling intimated. “We as a council need to take all steps possible to make all of our law-abiding citizens feel safe and secure in and around our city. “The police – if this bylaw is implemented – would need to enforce it. They will have the power to arrest any gang member wearing their insignia, confiscate and destroy the insignia and charge the wearer up to $2000.” For a bylaw to be introduced, Clayton says council will first need to get submissions from police, community groups and residents before a full assessment of the issue can be realised. “At the end of that we would have an agenda meeting and take a vote on the possible outcome, and that wouldn’t be likely to happen until September.” Clayton sees this is another positive step in right direction for “our vibrant city vision”.

Highway closes after truck crash

A section of State Highway 29 in the Lower Kaimais closed this week when a logging truck crashed spilling part of its load. The truck crashed into the bank of the Hamilton-bound lane of SH29 near the Ruahihi Power Station about 1pm Monday. The driver, a man in his mid-50s, was initially trapped in the cab before being freed by firefighters and transported to Tauranga Hospital by St John Ambulance with a suspected broken arm.

Traffic delays near Te Puke

Roadworks either side of Te Puke and a crash at Poplar Lane caused major congestion for motorists this week. Motorists report traffic hold-ups during morning and evening peak hour have caused tailbacks as far as Te Maunga. NZTA is currently undertaking bridge strengthening at the Kaituna Bridge and road rehabilitation works on a section of SH2 from Atuaroa Bridge to Te Puke Quarry Road. Works on the 600 metre stretch at the north end of Te Puke are expected to continue until April 7.

By Letitia Atkinson

Annual plan open days

Man escapes burning shed

A sleeping man woken by a blaze received burns to his hands and feet as flames engulfed a sleepout in Maketu this week. Two fire crews from Maketu, along with the Te Puke Fire Brigade and a water tanker from Te Puke spent an hour battling the blaze, which broke out at 4.15am on Monday. Maketu Volunteer Fire Brigade chief fire officer Shane Beech says the 48-year-old man was asleep in his sleepout when the fire started. Shane says the man rang the fire brigade from inside the sleepout, but was outside when firefighters arrived on scene. “He received burns to his hands and feet and was taken to hospital. I’m not sure if he is the owner, but he was definitely the only occupant inside.”

Tauranga Council transportation manager Martin Parkes and traffic systems engineer Hayden Wardley in front of the security and traffic cameras. Photo by Tracy Hardy. the expanded camera network in the last online, there will be 40 operating by the three-four years, it’s helped reduce traffic end of the year. “Back when I began here accidents and made the network safer,” eight years ago if there was a problem you says Martin. had to go out and find out what was going The control centre is focussed on improvon.” But the system does not always need ing traffic flow efficiency so more cars can Haydn and fellow staff to make constant adjustments to traffic signals. Road technol- safely use existing roads with vehicle movements increasing every year. ogy tells the signals what traffic is in each Hewletts Rd has the city’s highest number lane, which sees signal phases continually of traffic movements, with 33,000 daily, change for optimal efficiency. followed by Cameron Rd with 30,000. “We can definitely say since we’ve had

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Tauranga City Council’s 2014/2015 draft annual plan is approved and open for public comment, with three open days next month for residents to discuss concerns with elected members. The draft Annual Plan has a 6.7 per cent general rates increase per property. This includes a proposed 4.7 per cent stormwater levy and a two per cent rate increase in line with inflation. The draft plan reduces debt and TCC’s debt-to-revenue ratio, while maintaining its A+ credit rating, which provides favourable lending terms. Open days around the city alloew residents to meet with elected members to discuss the draft plan. The remaining open days are 11am-2pm on Saturday, April 5, at Bayfair Shopping Centre; then 9am-midday on Sunday, April 6, at Bethlehem Lions Market; and 11am-2pm on Thursday, April 17, at the Tauranga Waterfront. Submissions to the draft plan close April 22.


The Weekend Sun

Blood brothers

Tauranga Blood Donor team leader Annemarie Pidwell, Mount Maunganui Sports premier players Sam Gavigan, David Smart (donating blood), Mount Maunganui Sports chairman David Wellington and donor recruiter Lesley Sinclair. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Blood may prove the necessary bond for Mount Maunganui Sports as they prepare to literally give their blood, sweat and tears during the opening ‘battle of the bridges’ clash with Tauranga Sports.

sometimes accumulate during a season with breaks, bumps and bruises. “Rugby players do consume certain amounts of the DHB’s resources, so this is a chance for clubs to get involved. “The interest from within the club has been pretty good. I was talking to somebody the other day and Round two of the Bayfair Baywide Premier Comthey said ‘I have never given blood, but I will be petition pits the fierce rivals against each other in a now’,” he says. re-match of last season’s final, which saw Tauranga Blood Donor recruiter and apheresis coorTauranga win 21-16. dinator Lesley Sinclair fully supports the initiative But in an added twist the Mounties are lending stating a real push is needed to highlight the benefits a helping arm and raising awareness for donating of becoming a donor. blood. “Only four per cent of the eligible population Mount Maunganui Sports club chairman David donate. And we are the only country in the world to Wellington is hoping Blake Park can be transformed be self-sufficient for our blood, but to continue that into a red hot cauldron for the home side as part of way we need more donors through the door,” their ‘Red Club Day’ – all for blood donors. says Lesley. Bruce Ben Matthews Heathplayer or a little “I’m trying to ask the Tauranga City Council to “Whether it’s a six foot four rugby 580 021 701 237 paint the in goal areas red, but I don’t think they will. 021 580 lady, nobody really likes needles and the fact is it only We will still be wearing green [Mounties’ traditional takes five minutes and you’re saving three lives.” colours], but we will be wearing red arm bands and The match between Mount Maunganui Sports and the club will be red,” says David. Tauranga Sports kicks off at 2.45pm on Saturday, Having spent countless years as a sideline medic April 5. To support the Tauranga Blood Service, and chiropractor, David knows first-hand the vital phone 07 578 2194 to book an appointment. medical resources rugby players and athletes can By Luke Balvert

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Library battle fires up

Annual plan submissions Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s 2014/2015 draft Annual Plan is approved and open for public consultation. The draft plan sets out the money council needs to carry out work in the July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 financial year. Council expects to receive income of $54.78 million from rates for the financial year – compared to $51.06m in the 2013/2014 year. Council is proposing an average rate increase of 4.68 per cent (including growth and inflation). This is lower than the six per cent

forecast in the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan and 0.49 per cent less than last year’s average rate increase. The proposed average rate increase is 1.98 per cent above growth (0.5 per cent) and inflation (2.2 per cent). Total costs in the 2014/2015 year are expected to be $96.1m, of which $61.3m will be spent on maintaining existing council assets and delivering required services. Public consultation closes April 28. To view the draft plan, visit

Tauranga Library Friends campaign manager Kate Clarke, with mobile library supporters Gwenda Russell and Alexis Attrill and Kelly Hope with daughters Hannah, 2, and Rachel, 1. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Less than one year since saving Tauranga’s mobile library service, the Friends of the Libraries group is calling on the public to help keep it once more. FOTL campaign organiser Kate Clarke says plans to close the book bus in Tauranga City Council’s 2014/2015 draft annual plan – to pay for increased staffing at the expanded Greerton Library – is unacceptable and she predicts a major fight ahead. Yesterday, at the first of four weekly TCC open day sessions, where elected members can talk to residents about the annual plan, group supporters unfurled banners at Greerton Village Square to oppose the mobile library shutdown. “It was only last June that we had the mobile library guar-

anteed under the level of service policy. That was hard fought for and we don’t want to go below that again,” says Kate. The council’s policy commits to providing a library service with a collection of 2.6 books per head and a mobile service. In January councillors voted to include the $3.5 million replacement library in the annual plan on the basis the expansion does not add to ratepayer debt, with plans to fund building work from asset sales. But it’s the council’s decision to fund the operations from the existing libraries budget that’s prompting the Friends group to call for a top-up in funding Kate estimates will only cost $2 extra in rates per property. “That’s what we would like to see,” says Kate, who believes plans to replace the mobile library with a revived service for the homebound will mean many people

still lose access to books. Under the draft plan the mobile library service will stop from July, with the $126,000 in annual funding going to cover $40,000 to revive the housebound service and $60,000 for increased staff at the expanded Greerton Library. “For the amount of money they are saving against the value it is offering, it just makes no sense. For $100,000 it becomes a nonsensical argument, why would you build a library if you can’t operate it properly?” Kate says she’s already had strong public support for her suggested $2 rates rise, with people asking her how they can pay their $2. “Hopefully, there will be a big enough outcry that they’ll have to listen.” The group will continue the campaign at the council’s next open day at Bayfair Shopping Centre on Saturday, April 5, from 11am-2pm. By Hamish Carter


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The Weekend Sun

A magic homecoming Despite consolidating their top-of-the-table position with a 49-44 win against Melbourne Vixens in Australia on Sunday, Waikato/Bay of Plenty Kia Magic aren’t ready to be too confident just yet. The 13-strong squad is heading into the next four games on home turf, with the first of their challenges against West Coast Fever this Sunday at ASB Baypark Arena. Captain Casey Kopua says the newlook squad has started the season off really well, but she doesn’t want to be complacent with their top-of-the-table success too soon. “But you’ve got to celebrate the small successes that you have along the way. I think it goes to show we can win away

from home in Australia, but we also need to win on our home soil as well. “Something that Julie [coach Julie Fitzgerald] has tried to say to us is that ‘It doesn’t matter where we play and we want to show people that we can put our best performance out there wherever we are’.” The Magic team has undergone a significant transformation since last year’s ANZ Championship after losing instrumental Silver Fern mid-courter Laura Langman and shooter Irene van Dyk. The Magic make-over also included the loss of former coach Noeline Taurua following an 11-year stint together. But Casey says the Magic culture is still going strong. “We are like a big family, like 13 sisters; and Julie really cares for each individual and makes sure you’re a

happy player off the court, which really makes a difference. “We have always had a massive culture at Magic, so it’s just trying to continue that and get that engraved into the younger ones.” While Magic remains the only team to make championship finals each year since the competition began in 2008, some negativity has arisen around the squad’s new line-up with people questioning the team’s capability. “We want to prove to them, but also to ourselves, we have goals and we have expectations and at the moment we are achieving them – but we don’t want to be confident.” says Casey. “Obviously, we want to make top four but at the moment we’re just a bunch of girls who want to work hard and stick together right to the end.” By Zoe Hunter

Magic’s Casey Kopua and Steel’s Jhaniele Fowler-Reid in action during the ANZ Champs match between Waikato BOP Magic and Southern Steel at Claudelands Arena in Hamilton. Photo by: Michael Bradley. Michael Bradley Photography 2014

Rare display opens to public A collection of Maori and European artefacts collected by Katikati pioneer Samuel Middlebrook is on display for the first time at Katikati Heritage Museum this Sunday. The collection features more than 200 Maori artefacts acquired by Sam in the late 1800s, mostly as payment for translating documents before the Maori Land Court. Museum manager Paula Gaelic is honoured to display the collection. “Sam’s collection is – I’ve been told – one of the most significant and important in the Bay of Plenty.” Gifted to the museum by Sam’s family, the collection boasts items made of stone, wood, flax, whalebone and moa bone, tools, jewellery, fishing gear and kete. Rare ‘historic gems’ include an Irish adze which Sam’s father brought from Ireland, a greenstone pendant and fragile native toetoe whitebait net, estimated to be more than 100 years old. “It is one of my favourite pieces, it’s very fragile and looks like something made by machine, but it’s actually been hand-made,” says Paula. A young Sam came to Katikati when the Survey Office assigned him to the town’s Ulster Irish founder, George Vesey Stewart, in 1874 to acquire land. “This collection, I believe, is on par with what is displayed in Auckland War Memorial Museum,” says Paula. “It’s a must-see not only for Katikati residents, but for all in the Bay of Plenty, with Sam having links across the region.” The exhibition opens 11am this Sunday, with a Katikati College kapahaka performance. By Merle Visit: Foster

Storage tank contract A $1.1 million contract has been awarded by Tauranga City Council for installation of three fibreglass wastewater storage tanks at the Ila Place pump station. The tanks – with a total of 500 cubic metres – will provide the nine hours’ storage needed for emergency repair situations downstream of the pump station.

Oceanside Family Chiropractic

Papamoa dog signs Dog owners are now being advised of a dog exclusion zone at the Papamoa Domain with new signs installed to educate the public. There are now four signs in various locations around the domain informing the community of the Dog Bylaw.


The Weekend Sun

Problem solvers face $33k road block Mount Maunganui Intermediate’s future problem solving team is facing its biggest problem yet: how to raise $33,000 in time for international competition in June?

Jonathon Tomlinson, Louis Donovan, teacher Jane Howard, Hayley Thomas and Anna Petersen, with their second place trophy won at the Future Problem Solving Nationals in 2013. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

The young team of 12-year-olds placed second in the Future Problem Solving Nationals last year – qualifying them to represent New Zealand at the International FPS Conference in America. Coach Jane Howard says raising the money is a tough ask for the team, which will receive no national funding for the trip. “The money’s not easy to come by. It seems to be that sports teams manage to get support and funding, but with academics it’s different. “It’s a real shame because these are our bright ones; they’re our future leaders and scientists and doctors, but we find it really hard to get support.” Jane says the families considered not going because of the cost – but the opportunity is too valuable to pass up. “This might be their one and only chance to

represent New Zealand and wave the NZ flag on their behalf. They’re so excited – that stirs them on.” Jonathon Tomlinson, Louis Donovan, Hayley Thomas and Anna Petersen are working tirelessly to come up with fundraising initiatives, and have organised multiple movie nights, quiz nights and car washes. “These are small-scale events,” says Jane. “We get $500-$800 each time. I think we have about $3000 raised so far. “It would be cool to see the Mount community get behind us.” The team is committed to going, having already paid the airfares. But they must pay a US$3600 entry free by mid-May. The children’s families will pay what the team cannot fundraise. The International FPS Conference involves four days of activities. “Internationally it’s huge. Hundreds of schools are involved and it’s a real honour to be selected.” See the ‘Mount Maunganui Intermediate School Future Problem Solving Team’ Facebook page for By Corrie Taylor upcoming fundraisers.

Siblings heating up the competition Maketu sisters Karena and Kasey Bird are still getting used to the notoriety they’ve gained since appearing on New Zealand television show ‘MasterChef ’. “Things are going great. We are still getting used to people recognising us on the street, but everyone who approaches us has been nothing but lovely,” they say. “It's very overwhelming how supportive everyone is. We are also doing work experience at Elizabeth Cafe and Larder a couple of days a week, which has just been awesome.” Masterchef Maketu sisters Karena and Kasey Bird.

Karena and Kasey applied to be on the show and were interviewed by the show’s producer, to become one of 15 duos. “We got chosen to audition for the judges in Auckland. Once we knew we had made it through to audition, we just started practising our behinds off.” Kasey says she’s always loved food and even wanted to be a chef when she was in primary school. “I have always had an underlying love of food. Most of my spare time and money was spent on food, but fast forward 16 years and I am studying to be an accountant. So when I went online and saw that it was duos this year, I thought why not give it a go.” Karen feels the same about food as her sister does, saying she fell in love with eating out while she lived in Wellington. “I then realised I loved cooking it as much as liked eating it. I moved back to Maketu with the intention of saving up to go to culinary school in Sydney, but then got recruited into a job as a quality coordinator. “So when Kasey asked me to do ‘Masterchef ’ with her I thought it would be a great opportunity to get myself into doing something I love.” Filming for the show is now over, with the series airing on Sunday and Monday nights from 7.30pm on TV One. If the sisters win at the end of the series, they’ll get the MasterChef New Zealand title and more than $100,000 worth of prizes, including two Skoda Rapid Spaceback cars, $15,000 worth of designer kitchen appliances from Fisher and Paykel, $5000 in kitchenware courtesy of Stevens, $15,000 worth of groceries from Countdown and an exclusive ‘MasterChef ’ cookbook deal. By Letitia Atkinson

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First NZEF death on Western Front The first Member of the NZ Expeditionary Force to die on the Western Front was not a victim of shellfire or an enemy bullet.

Michael Tobin of Tauranga was sadly a victim of pneumonia. Sapper Tobin was a miner from the Public Works Department in Tauranga who, along with several others, responded in 1915 to a call for men with mining experience to enlist in a specialist NZEF tunnelling company. Military records of the NZ Engineers Tunnelling Company describe him as five feet and nine inches tall, weighing 11 stone and eight pounds, of fair complexion with fair hair and blue eyes.

He possibly lied about his age. Although his attestation records state ‘Apparent age 30 years’, church records indicate he was born 28 July 1880 – making him 35 on enlistment. In April 1916, a month after the NZEF landed in France, the tunnelling company was in Arras and entries in the unit diary record on April 7 enemy miners blew a camouflet (counter mine) which while unsuccessful in doing major damage, filled part of the NZ workings with gas. It was reported “the ground at the surface above was slightly disturbed”. On April 10 a section was re-opened and it was found the German camouflet had caused more damage to the New Zealand central galley than initially believed; however the right and left branches were not affected.

Colds caught

Mining continued at all faces despite “a number of men off on account of bad colds and a few with measles”, says the unit diary. On April 14, 1916, Tobin was admitted to hospital. A day later, on April 15, he died of bronchial pneumonia. His is the only New Zealand burial at

Beauval Communal Cemetery, Somme, France. A year later, at Easter 1917, the NZ tunnelling company would see the results of their underground labours, as the huge mine they laid was exploded during the launch of the Battle of Arras.

An added note

The first NZ fatalities of WW1 were suffered at Gallipoli in 1915. There could have been New Zealanders fighting on the Western Front as members of the British Expeditionary Force prior to 1916. The NZ Expeditionary Force did not reach the Western Front from the Middle East until early 1916. Tunnelling was an extremely hazardous occupation. Miners on both sides worked as silently as possible digging under no man’s land to place huge explosive charges beneath enemy positions – never knowing when and where the other side was doing likewise.

The Weekend Sun, in conjunction with the Tauranga WW100 committee, is running a monthly series of WW1 related stories in the lead-up to the war’s centenary next year. This article uses research by Tobin descendants Sue Baker Wilson and Anne McLellan.

Bill no good for Tauranga The Development Contribution Amendment known as the affordable housing bill may work in larger regions, such as Auckland, but is not good for Tauranga. Tauranga is a developing and evolving city struggling to keep pace with growth and the provision of essential facilities. The stated intention of this bill is to make housing cheaper by changing and

limiting what councils can charge for, and how councils spend development impact fees. These are fees councils currently charge developers for council-provided amenities. Commercial and industrial developers under the change will no longer be required to contribute to the provision of community assets, such as parks, reserves and aquatic centres – facilities for residents and workers.



Planning for when I’m 65 One of the responsibilities of local government is to plan infrastructure and services for future populations. This is the reason for spatial planning exercises like SmartGrowth here in the Western Bay of Plenty. A lot of work is being done currently to predict what our population may look like in the future – both in size and demographic

Sapper Michael Tobin, of Tauranga.

By Dave Blanshard

make-up. The population of the Bay of Plenty Region has grown steadily during the last 26 years, from 194,622 in 1986 to about 277,300 – an increase of 43 per cent. To understand the impact of not planning adequately for growth, you only have to look at Tauranga City. The city’s population increased by 93.4 per cent from 1986-2012.

Planning in a vacuum I love the quote which popped out in the council chambers this week: “Planning in a vacuum”. It refers to communities developing a strategy to address an issue it’s concerned about, but it fails to get actioned because it’s unfair to other communities or it’s at odds with council’s financial strategy. The worst situation is when the community has developed a bunch of strategies, but then the strategies’ visions, direction, funding and timeframes all compete with each other. The whole point of having a city vision is we’re all working towards the same direction.

April Fool’s Day It must be an April Fool’s Day joke...surely? Media reported parking wardens will be checking cars’ windscreen wiper blades and depth of tyres from April 1, 2014. I don’t recall any discussion on this matter. I was surprised to learn from the CEO that we now have an additional parking warden on the streets. The new vision – yet to be released to the community – is by all accounts a ‘cut the red tape, user-friendly council’.

A busy, but good week It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Bridges’ household with the arrival of wee Harry. Although I’m not sure exactly how helpful he is, but Emlyn is always keen to get involved and take care of his new brother. Last Saturday I took part in @ Heart’s 2014 Heart Stopper Challenge as part of ‘Team Baby Daddies’ with More FM’s Brendon Weatherley to raise money and awareness for the 12 babies born every week with heart defects. @Heart provides children and their families with the support and services to these children and their families.

The Weekend Sun



The Weekend Sun

Next generation’s tri stars The Western Bay could soon be one of the top centres for youth triathlete talent development. That’s tri coach Chris Willett’s plan – and after two months he’s already making big strides. Chris, who has been passionate about coaching tri for 10 years, saw the gap for

a youth training programme when he recently settled in the Bay. “It’s the perfect environment here for the sport. Just look at the talent we’ve got, but there’s a huge hole with the youth,” says Chris, who set up the Tauranga Triathlon Youth Development Squad two months ago. As its reputation has grown, so have

numbers getting involved. Starting with four youth, there are now 15 aspiring young triathletes taking part in training three times a week. Chris hopes his group will be part of a Bay of Plenty Regional Youth Academy, to be announced soon, to foster young triathlon talent. Regional youth academies aim to offer talented triathletes a chance to train with peers as a stepping stone towards further top training programmes. Yesterday, Chris’ athletes took part in the two-day New Zealand Secondary Schools Triathlon Championships in Gisborne, in what he hopes to be an inspiring experience. Modest about his expectations, Chris says it’ll be a chance for the young athletes to benchmark themselves against others from regions including Auckland, Taupo and Gisborne, where development programmes have run for at least five years. “It’s a long-term project. You need to have a long focus and ideally want to be getting students involved from about Year 9 – that’s when we can have the most impact.” The seasoned triathlete still competes in some events but now gets as much satisfaction out of helping others achieve their goals. “There’s nothing better than helping someone who is really determined to achieve their goals,” says Chris,

Kaylee Mudgway and Emily Kneale warm up with Chris Willett. Photo by Bruce Barnard. who after seven years coaching full-time in Canada knows focus and commitment are the difference between a good athlete and a top one. Among those who’ve been getting a lot from the training group are Tauranga Girls’ College students and regional age-group champions Kalylee Mudgeway and Emily Kneale, who are both aiming for top 10 finishes By Hamish Carter this week.

School holidays and Fiji for families The July school holidays are a fabulous opportunity for families to get away to some winter sunshine and spend time together – to reconnect. We have some wonderful family packages to Fiji which include return flights, airport /launch transfers and seven nights’ accommodation for two adults and two children aged 12 years or under. We have packages also available for two adults and three children, and a range of varying resorts in the Mamanuca Islands and on the Coral Coast, which means plenty of choice. The $4885 total price includes stay at Plantation Island Resort in a Hotel Room set on 553 acres of the island of Malolo Lailai. Plantation lies along a pristine stretch of beachfront. The Coconuts Kids Club is a haven for children, with a full range of activities for all ages. It’s great to keep the kids entertained and meeting other children of similar ages while mum and dad can relax with a book, or try some water activities such as wind surfing or hobby cat sailing. You can upgrade this package to a two bedroom Garden Bure at Planta-

tion Resort for an additional $1420. Another beautiful island resort in the Mamanuca group is Mana Island Resort and Spa, from $5300 in an Island Bure for two adults and two children. The room is perfectly positioned for swimming and snorkelling right off the beach. TuVonu Kids Club is a fun way to learn about Fijian culture while on holiday. The bonus on both these packages is two children aged 12 years and under eat free from buffet meals when dining with a least one full-paying parent. Great value. Check out packages at The Sofitel at Denarau and the Outrigger on the Lagoon, located down the Coral Coast by calling United Travel at Bethlehem right now on 07 579 3431.

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P 07 575 5008 | F 07 575 4367 | E

A 282 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui


The Weekend Sun

Driving commitment Sisters Adrianne Coad and Margaret Mabey, and the shelter they donated in memory of their mother. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

For Adrianne Coad, the sound of a golf ball sweetly coming off the club remains one of the most satisfying sounds of dedicating more than 50 years’ service to the Tauranga Golf Club. And this is no mean feat, with the long-time golfer’s involvement cumulating in more than half of the club’s proud history leading up to its November’s centenary celebrations. The 66-year-old admits to being proud of recently notching up 51 years’ service, since becoming a junior member in 1963. “I was a junior from 1963 to 1973; because you are a junior until you are 25. Then I was a full member from 1973 onwards. “I feel very proud [to have

reached 50 years of service] and I just love the golf club. In fact my husband Maurice was secretary manager for four years in the 1980s, so the two of us have had quite an association with the club,” says Adrianne. After playing and trundling around the course while serving on countless committees – including the women’s committee from 1976 to 1990 and now president of the women’s veterans for the last five years – Adrianne says her passion and drive for the club is unwavering. “I’m very passionate about the club. I’ve been on various committees in 1976 to 1990. I was on the women’s committee and Saturday supervisor and then 36-plus convenor for the new members. “In the last five years I’ve been involved with the women vets and

I’m currently president of the lady vets.” Following her mother Barbara Carlyle – who died from cancer in 1979 at age 52 – around the golf course while a school girl ignited Adrianne’s excitement for the game. The family’s strong connection to the club was strengthened in 2006 when a gazebo and plague was donated in memory Adrianne and sister Margaret Mabey’s mother on the fifth hole – something they’re very proud of. “It was because she used to play and I would go out with her, because we lived very handy at the beginning of Pyes Pa Rd. We used to go out when I was just a school child and I’ve just continued playing,” says Adrianne. “I have been down to an 18 [handicap] but I now play more socially than competitively.” By Luke Balvert

APRIL is Adventure Month

























































Briana Hair, 18 practising parkour. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Admit it. I’m sure at some time we’ve all fancied the idea of being able to walk or run up walls unaided like Spiderman. Every now and then it would come in handy as a swift getaway, or just to impress friends. Well, good news – next week could be your chance to learn the basics, with the Rock House running an introductory session on free running at the Manic Room. Free running, also known as parkour, is a combination of jogging and gymnastics – with participants attempting everything from scaling walls to vaulting, leaping and climbing everyday urban objects such as stairs, letterboxes and park benches. Rock House owner Sue Hair says the activity has become increasingly popular, especially with young people, and she encourages anyone interested to come along to the introductory

a $100 voucher by filling in the Play in the Bay online survey. Share your thoughts and help us better the Play in the Bay programme.


Climbing walls and jumping obstacles sessions on Thursdays, April 3 and 10, from 4pm-5pm, which are held as part of Sport Bay of Plenty’s Play in the Bay Adventure Month. For more details, call 07 572 4920, cost is $10. The sessions are among a programme of events offering anyone interested a chance to try a range of exciting adventure-focused sports, from a water sports taster, to airsoft’s simulated military combat, tree-climbing sessions and an introduction to tumbling. Meanwhile, tramping enthusiasts can take part in the last Walk Month activities this weekend, including a tramp along part of the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park’s North South Track Walk on Saturday with the Shoestrings Tramping Group. The group is leaving from Bethlehem Hall at 9am. For details, call Lyn on 07 576 5149. For a copy of the Play in the Bay programme, go to playinthebay By Hamish Carter


The Weekend Sun

On the rebound Up-and-coming squash player Ben McCurran with Tauranga Squash Club life member Yvonne Downs on the newly-completed courts. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

From being introduced to the excitement of squash at his father’s side as a toddler, 10-year-old rising star Ben McCurran is making his own mark on the sport.

Golf Fusion PGA coach Rob Ilott takes a swing at Tauranga Golf Club. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Expansive golf aim

Two is better than one in terms of coaching resources for Golf Fusion, as they eye a carefully thought out expansion of golf throughout the Bay of Plenty. Based at Tauranga Golf Club, the golfing business – launched by Jay Carter in 2005 – now welcomes highly regarded PGA coach Rob Ilott to their books to provide quality coaching and passion for the game. “We are just going to try and push coaching in the area and grow the game, especially with juniors, which is quite a heavy programme at the moment, as well as clinics for ladies and men and coaching programmes,” says Rob. Priding itself on three key elements of retail coaching, Golf Fusion sees Jay and Rob provide a combination of the trio by incorporating the latest in golf technology and equipment, apparel and coaching development. And Rob comes with a glittering golfing background, having spent the last five years playing and sharing his knowledge at the illustrious Millbrook Resort course in Queenstown and being named PGA Academy trainee of the year with Sean Riordan in 2013. “Working for Jay and Golf Fusion was the attraction, along with the potential to expand golf in the area. “Two is better than one, so we will be sharing the coaching responsibilities as well as expanding the coaching area and covering a lot more people getting into the game. We coach from four years to 80 years; it’s a bit broad but we cover everyone.” For optimum results across the board, Rob suggests golfers enrol in a Golf Fusion programme including a basic golf screening – chipping, putting and bunkers – as well as fitness testing from three to five sessions right through to six months. “You can do half an hour or one hour and you might get a quick fix, but we push the programme so you can see the results that way.”

Ben, who first picked up a racquet while waiting for father Ross McCurran, has only been playing squash competitively for two years and is already ranked fifth nationally for his age. He’s currently training hard for the quadrangular regional age-group competition in Whangarei, where he’ll compete against top players from Waikato, Auckland and Northland. “He’s done well, but he saw that the top players [at the nationals] were well ahead of him just through more training, so he knows it’s up to him,” says Ross. Tauranga Squash Club manager Karl Brown is excited about the future of the sport in the region, with Ben being part of a resurgence in talent following the club’s shift to its state-of-the art Dame Susan Devoy Squash and Fitness Centre in Devonport Rd two years ago. “He’s one of a growing number of upand-coming players,” says Karl, who is

rapt with how the centre is reinvigorating the game. Among a growing number of talented players emerging is the Tauranga Boys’ College’s representative team, which has gone from struggling to be seeded at the national school champs to winning it the last two years running. Earlier this month, the final two courts in the six-court complex were formally opened in the second stage of the site’s development. Resurgence in interest in the game has seen club membership almost double to reach capacity 12 months ago, with about 500 members for four courts. But with the new courts open, membership has now reopened. When the $2 million-plus centre was proposed more than 10 years ago, longtime club secretary Yvonne Down was one of many who thought it was “pie in the sky”. But she’s pleased to be proven wrong, and cut the ribbon to officially open the courts. “I always supported the idea, I just didn’t know where we’d get the money,” says the 80-year-old, who still enjoys a weekly game. Fortunately TECT, Bay Trust and other charitable organisations came to the rescue. By Hamish Carter


The Weekend Sun

Gavin still needing home Gavin is a gorgeous big and smoochy threeyear-old black cat that was taken into ARRC in a trap, as he’d been terrorising the neighbourhood cats and everyone was scared of him. The ARRC team found he hadn’t been neutered, which was driving his territorial behaviour. Once handled, he was very friendly and cuddly. He’s been vet-checked and is ready to be adopted.

If you are interested in providing a loving home for Gavin, or another friendly feline, please ring ARRC’s foster carer Maureen on 07 578 8335 or have a look at or Facebook.

Moving forward, fast With a highly anticipated change in venue and an excellent committee of old and new – Papamoa Progressive Association is beginning to live up to its name. Our next meeting on Monday, April 14, at 7.30pm is at Gordon Spratt Reserve at the Papamoa Sports and Recreation Centre. Guest Speaker Mark Witworth from Port of Tauranga is explaining the exciting upcoming developments at the port, and beyond.

All residents and ratepayers are warmly invited to our monthly ‘town hall’ styled meetings. Remember, at each meeting we’ll have our ward councillors in attendance for you to ask, and have answered, your questions directed towards Tauranga City Council. This is especially important with the draft annual plan now out for comment. Come along – listen – have your say. It’s free of charge.

We’ll announce the list of speakers confirmed for upcoming meetings, including Bay of Plenty MP Tony Ryall, BOP regional councillor Awanui Black and Papamoa College principal Steve Lindsey. There are some exciting initiatives coming up to promote Papamoa to locals and visitors alike. Let’s ensure we are all aware of upcoming plans and happenings within our area. See you all there, David.

Computer scammers on the rise

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As mentioned in the news lately, cold call computer scammers have stepped up their intensity and ferocity. This con involves a phone call, often late at night, from a person claiming to be from Microsoft, informing you of ‘a problem with your computer’. They will guide you to installing a program that will give them access to your computer. They will then proceed to show you alleged viruses and problems with your computer, which they can ‘fix’ for you. Needless to say, once they have access to your computer, they ask for money. In the worst cases they then go on to ransack your hard drive, deleting important files, stealing private information or installing key loggers. Basic guidelines: Microsoft will not call you unless you have called them,

and requested a call back. Do not give control of your computer to anyone unless you can confirm they are from a legitimate computer support team, of which you are already a customer. And never give you credit card details or private information to someone claiming to be from Microsoft. If ‘Microsoft’ does phone you, just hang up. If you like, you can report the call to the police-endorsed cyber crime website: If you feel you have already been a victim of a scam, then scan your computer for viruses and malware, change your computer and email passwords; and change any passwords associated to financial accounts. You may also like to contact your local computer specialists and ask for their recommendations, and enquire about the importance of a full computer health check.

Dressing on trend Nestled in the heart of Papamoa is Fashion Island – an island boasting the best value shopping in the Bay. With a fabulous selection of outlet and unique fashion stores, Fashion Island is the bargain hunter’s ultimate shopping experience. Among the stores is women’s fashion and clothing store, Merric. The Weekend Sun has a $30 Merric voucher to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us how much the voucher is for. Enter online at under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, April 2.


The Weekend Sun

Professional Women

76a Grey Street, Tauranga


The Weekend Sun

Diving deep for international marine partnerships Tauranga may soon be an international marine research hotbed as hopes to build partnerships between Waikato University’s Coastal Marine Group and Asian universities ride on Tauranga City Council’s sister city trip next month.

Professor Chris Battershill. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Be in to

Chair of Coastal Science professor Chris Battershill says while too early to say how potential partnerships with marine institutes in Yantai, China, or Ansan, Korea, will work – he wants to see a strong focus on student exchanges and learning from each other. “It’s very early days, but there’ll definitely be a focus on enhancing educational opportunities with students able to engage in research here and in Yantai or Ansan.” Chris believes research and students will benefit, as they have in the InterCoast partnership with the University of Bremen. “The aim is to build it up as a partnership where we

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Sizing up accounting A new Tauranga accounting firm is providing an easy solution to bookkeeping, taxation and financial reporting for small businesses. SBA – Small Business Accounting – simplifies the accounting process and provides business owners with the most reliable and affordable way to get their accounting work done, says owner Megan Tomalin. “New clients have told us that chartered accountants often charge too much, or charge for services they don’t need. Alternatively, some business owners choose ‘DIY’ software that requires them to know about accounting; and they end up spending way too much time on the books and not enough time on the

‘real’ work.” Megan opened SBA Tauranga this month, following a desire to be closer to family. “The services offered by SBA, and the support network gained from being a member of a large franchise, provided a natural fit for me to open an SBA in Tauranga.” Megan has a Scotvec Higher National Diploma in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business, majoring in accounting. Her qualifications are combined with more than 20 years of accounting and business experience, gained within both large and small organisations, and her own accounting services contracting business. SBA Tauranga is above Subway, on the corner of 12th Ave and Cameron Rd. It’s the 44th SBA franchise to open in New Zealand.



HomeZone Centre, 2 Owens Place, Ph 07 572 1581

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Megan Tomalin moved to Tauranga to open Small Business Accounting and to be closer to her family.

Lifestyle zone decision

A decision is being made on whether to proceed with, or make changes to, the Katikati Lifestyle Zone Structure Plan Project Brief. If the brief is approved at Western Bay of plenty District Council’s Policy and Planning Committee, it begins a process to allow determination of an appropriate location for the zone; and it will permit preparation of a plan change to allow subdivision and development to occur within it. Other options are to make changes to the brief or not proceed with it.

Cafe extension hearing


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can learn from each other’s strengths. We are aiming for win-win collaborations.” Chris says the Coastal Marine Group, which undertakes research from Sulphur Point’s Coastal Field Station, could benefit, for example, by learning from extensive Chinese experience with aquaculture, including algal aquaculture. Conducting research to support a burgeoning aquaculture sector, the centre aims to generate $1 billion in sales by 2025 to rival the wine industry. “There’s a big focus on facilitating this opportunity, looking at ecology and areas for innovations. This region we’re in is one of the under-developed areas that offers strong potential for aquaculture.” Chris says a combination of high sunlight hours, good nutrient levels, suitable natural environment and iwi support will see the Bay become a major aquaculture player. Shared interests in marine bio-discovery and biotechnology offer strong common ground to build a partnership on, says Chris, who’ll accompany the delegation to Yantai. With marine environment having the planet’s highest biodiversity it offers many opportunities to discover “chemical pathways” that can be copied for other applications, says Chris. “It’s about developing leads for further research that can be applied to pharmaceutical By Hamish Carter and agrichemical products.”

Western Bay of Plenty District Council is holding a hearing on April 1 for an application from a Waihi Beach cafe to expand its existing restaurant and cafe premises within a Primary Risk Coastal Protection Area. The council will decide whether or not to approve the cafe’s Land Use Consent application, which has conditions for the activity and building works.


The Weekend Sun

Getting sorted for Easter sale By Corrie Taylor

Drop off zones include: Books of all shapes, sizes, topics and ages are stacking up as Tauranga Rotary’s biggest Caltex Welcome Bay, Caltex Bayfair, Mobil Brookfield, BP Te Puna, Philips fundraiser of the year draws near.

Tauranga Rotary member Wendy Barthow unpacking books for the sale. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

The 27th annual Tauranga Rotary Easter Book Sale is on April 19-21 and organisers are appealing for more book donations to make full use of the space available. Moving to a new location at 6 Triton Ave in Mount Maunganui, the sale will offer hundreds of books, as well as CDs, DVDs, records, magazines and puzzles for low prices. Tauranga Rotary publicity officer Ross Prestidge says in the last three or four years, the sale has raised about $100,000. All funds raised go to Tauranga Rotary, which distributes the money to various charities and organisations throughout the region. Ross says members are now busy sorting out donated items, but they’re still appealing for more donations and encourage residents to drop off books at any of the drop-off zones. Ross is also keen to hear from anyone who is interested in leftover stock following the event. The Tauranga Rotary Easter Book Sale will run 9am-4.30pm daily. Phone Ross on 07 544 0817.

Come down to our Sustainable Coastlines Workshop! Lots of creative fun for kids to enjoy by turning trash into treasure.

Hilda Ball, Karen Walker, Lorraine Finlay and Jan Coley, with the knitting pieces they donated to Plunket Bay of Plenty. Photo by Chris Callinan.

Woolly efforts see babies warmer The wool-bound efforts of five Tauranga women are seeing Bay of Plenty babies in need face the winter in warmth. Tauranga BNZ associate Jan Coley handed over more than 200 pieces of hand-knitted baby clothing to Plunket Tauranga this month, and is already busy knitting the next round of clothing. Jan, sisters Karen Walker and Lorraine Finlay, and friends Cherie Folster and Hilda Ball, have been knitting baby booties, vests and hats since last September. “We decided we would like to help those children less fortunate than our own children and grandchildren, and commenced knitting,” says Jan. “One of the ladies involved is the mother-in-law of one of our members, who had all this wool sitting around and was rapt to see it used up. Her daughter didn’t want to inherit it.” Jan says they choose Plunket Tauranga because of the organisation’s community work supporting young families and offering parenting advice. The organisation is also the major sponsorship

Garage Fraser St, United Video Cherrywood, Z Energy Bethlehem, and Katikati Heritage Museum.

Trash to Treasure Workshop, Ocean Puzzle and Chocolate Fishing: Saturday March 29th, 10am-3pm

recipient for BNZ. The women are appealing for donations of wool to help their project. Anyone with surplus double knitting or four ply wool/acrylic wool can drop it into BNZ stores in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Katikati or Te Puke.


By Corrie Taylor




Country Lanes of Ireland, Scotland & England 2014 – including Edinburgh Tattoo


30 days $12,999 – Departs 3 August 2014

Join our escort from Auckland with a maximum of 22 passengers. Travel with award-winning Singapore Airlines to Singapore (2 nights), including sights, dinner and Orchid Gardens. Travel on to Dublin (3 nights), hop on hop off bus, Killarney (2 nights) – Jaunting Car, Ring of Kerry. Donegal, Derry, visit Giant’s Causeway, Belfast, including Titanic Quarter, Edinburgh (3 nights), hop on hop off bus, tickets to spectacular Tattoo!, Royal Yacht Britannia, York (3 nights), Whitby, magnificent Castle Howard, free day. Visit Chester and on to Cotswolds (3 nights), Stratford-on-Avon, Blenheim Palace and the Roman city of Bath. Via Cheddar Gorge to Devon (3 nights Tavistock), visit incredible Eden Project, Cornish villages, Devonshire Tea on the Moors. Via Salisbury to London (3 nights). Return with overnight in Singapore. Includes all breakfasts, most dinners, sightseeing, airfares (upgrades to Business class available), quality accommodation with private bathrooms, executive coaches throughout. Free home pick up and return in greater Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch areas.

Cruise Auckland back to Auckland

Toowoomba Flower Carnival

Dawn Princess. 13 nights

8 days September 16 from $3485 per person share twin

24 Oct, 19 Nov, 20 Dec 2014 // 2 Jan, 15 Feb 2015 Inside cabins from $2049 Oceanview from $2850 Balcony from $3199 Tauranga, Napier, Wellington, Akaroa, Dunedin, Fiordland National Park and Melbourne.

18-night cruises include Tasmania Inside from $2999 Outside from $3999 Balcony from $4760 (Please note prices based on Oct/Nov departures & are per person subject to availability of category when booking)

Brisbane (2 nights), Toowoomba 5 nights. Visits to prize-winning gardens, undercover seating for fabulous carnival parade, historic churches floral arts, heritage tour, spring bluff railway, twilight garden with champagne, all breakfasts, most lunches & dinners! Free home pick-up and return in greater Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch areas.

BONUS: $100 discount if booked by 31 March

Sunshine Coast Winter Relaxer Feat. Garden Expo

Brisbane & the Gold Coast

8 July 2014 – 8 Days $2995

8 days $2899 16 June 2014

This escorted tour spends 7 nights in Caloundra at the lovely Oaks. Including tickets to the fabulous Caloundra Garden Expo with over 300 stalls and garden displays. We include a cruise on Moreton Bay, Eumundi Markets, Ginger Factory, delightful Montville and Maleney with Devonshire tea while overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains and visits to private gardens. Includes all breakfasts and dinners, airfares & sightseeing. Free home pick-up and return in greater Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch areas.

A short flight with your escort to Sunny Queensland. Two nights in Brisbane at our central hotel with time to enjoy shops or Southbank. Via Sanctuary Cove to enjoy seafood lunch, then to Gold Coast (5 nights) in one-bedroomed apartments 2 minutes from the beach. Cruise the waterways to check out The canalside homes, Day trip to Mt Tamborine Village. Including all breakfasts & dinners. Free home pick-up and return in greater Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch areas.

Wellington Wearable arts

25 September, 09 October 4 days $1599 Bookings now open!!! Don’t delay 3 nights Wellington at Novotel, all breakfasts & dinners, return flights from Auckland, Christchurch or Tauranga, (option to return to AKL by train), premium seats to spectacular Wearable Arts with programme, day trip to Wairarapa With lunch included, visiting quaint Greytown.

Check out our Cruise prices! – We can beat most offers. Phone our office for details. Kibbutz

– Israel


54 Wellesley St, Auckland City

Freephone: 0800 809 300 • Phone: 09 309 9822 • Email: • TAANZ bonded for your protection and Member of Iata


The Weekend Sun

How to handle a compulsive spender Q: Mum keeps buying from catalogues things she doesn’t need. It gives her something to do and something to get excited about, but how do we stop this? A: This is more common than what you might imagine. First, how much is your mother spending? If it’s not large amounts, does it matter if it is giving her some pleasure? If it is large amounts, perhaps some systems need to be put in place. Why is your mother doing this? If it is giving her day purpose I would recommend redirecting the need to a new purpose. She could become a St John caring caller, or

deliver Meals on Wheels. There are many groups she could join to give her day more purpose. We all need a reason to get out of bed. Your mother may need some assistance in finding one again. If the amounts she’s spending are large, a serious conversation may need to be had. Perhaps stop circulations being delivered to remove temptation, and remove easy access to credit cards. Though I loath to recommend such things, as such actions are disempowering and can damage relationships. Talk to her first, and find out what the drivers are. Try to understand why.

It is hard for me to give a complete answer. I do not know enough about your mother. Home Instead does have an education programme called 40/70 which provides examples of ways for children and parents to communicate. You can look at our website for more information. In the meantime, I wish you luck.

Service that saves health dollars New Zealand research indicates eight per cent of older New Zealanders are severely and chronically lonely.

Don’t Be Put Off by High Priced Hearing Aids

Applied Hearing has the best solution for your hearing problems with quality hearing aids costing under $500. All visits during the • AFFORDABLE rst year are free and you get an extendable hearing aids from less 2-month trial period plus once the aids are than $500 each (after rebate) nalised, a year’s supply of free batteries. • FREE initial consultation for ages 50+, As a New Zealand-owned business, Applied Hearing with wax removal if required has been providing professional hearing services for over 50 years. Our friendly team will always go that • TWO-MONTH TRIAL of any Aid extra mile to assist you. • FREE follow-up appointments & FREE If you need hearing help, we can recommend the batteries for the rst year best instruments to suit your hearing, lifestyle and budget. We can supply, repair and adjust all makes of hearing aids. All Gold Card holders get a $511 rebate per aid & if you choose two aids worth more than $2022 each, you can save even more. We can also help with applications for Government funding assistance. For a

no-obligation appointment at Applied Hearing’s Mt Maunganui/Tauranga clinic, call

Free Phone 0508 20 30 20

This equates to about 50,000 older people. Age Concern’s accredited visiting service is a proven and effective intervention aimed at improving the health and independence of the loneliest older people in our communities. Some are so isolated they count brief visits by delivery people as the most significant social interaction they have. The 2006 Aspire study shows an older person who is socially isolated or depressed is almost twice as likely to enter residential care. Loneliness affects physical and mental health in the following ways: raises

blood pressure, increases the release of powerful stress hormones, makes sleep less restorative, reduces the body’s ability to fight infection, reduces the body’s ability to respond to inflammation, contributes to cognitive decline and progression of Alzheimer’s disease, and increases the risk of depression and suicide. Tauranga Age Concern is funded through a national Ministry of Health/district health board contract to provide an accredited visiting service. Each client is matched with a trained accredited visitor, who provides regular caring contact. The visitor is also able to identify and act upon the early signs of illness or increasing frailty. Anyone wishing to become a visitor, or requires the service, should call 07 578 2541.


The Weekend Sun

Making memories into movies Tauranga director Brian Pinny says almost everyone has a box full of photographs and tapes they have collected during the years tucked away and deteriorating – and he has a way of making those memories last forever. Through his business Memories2Movies, Brian uses people’s photographs, tapes and slides along with memories to produce a unique biographical documentary of your past. About three years ago, Brian began collecting his father’s photographs from when he fought in World War 2 and used them to create a documentary shown at Bayfair Shopping Centre on ANZAC Day, 2011. His movie received excellent reviews and Brian continued with

By Zoe Hunter

Brian Pinny, Dorothy van den Hoven and Diana Grant from Memories2Movies. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

internet research to collect his family history. He produced a second film telling the story of his family genealogy from the 15th Century in England, to modern times in New Zealand. Noticing his talent, Brian’s friends asked him to produce documentaries about their families – and this is when Memories2Movies began. Biographers Dorothy van den Hoven or Diana Grant will meet with you in your home to discuss

how you want your story portrayed. With your memorabilia and their creative talent and using digital techniques, Dorothy and Diana will create a unique record to bring your story to life. “You’re painting a picture of someone’s life and it’s very important to get it right because these are memories to keep forever.” Brian says a documentary of life is a unique gift to give for birthdays weddings, funerals, family reunions or for family genealogy.

Poppy from the park My name is Poppy and I am a beautiful little 2 month old female Mastiff x. I came to the SPCA with my 4 sisters after we were dumped in a box in Memorial Park in the early hours of the morning. We were very tiny, starving, covered in fleas and full of worms when we arrived and far too young to be taken away from our Mum and it was touch and go for us for a while but with lots of love, attention and

great food from one of the SPCA’s awesome foster homes we are now old enough, strong, happy and healthy enough to start looking for fantastic, loving forever homes for ourselves. We are shy, gentle little girls who are just wanting to be loved, cuddled and have a family to call our own. See if one of us might be perfect for you, please phone 5780245 for more information. Ref no. 19831

Introducing the

Telehealth Sensors Glucometer

Activity Sensors


Pulse Oximeter Weight Blood Pressure





Appliance Bed & Chair

Remote Management

Home Automation Caller ID

Online Manager

Lighting MedTab


The ecare system displays letters, photos and skype calls from family, scrolls news and current events and provides games and cognitive prompts such as quizzes and brain teasers. Telehealth sensors record and report on wellness readings such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Door sensors and movement sensors add extra security in your home.

Peace of mind for you and the loved ones in your life.

CALL 0800 432 273 ECARE For your in-home TODAY demonstration


The Weekend Sun

Mum’s app offers peace of mind Returning to work gave motherof-two Victoria Hodge a wake-up call she hadn’t seen coming. The Tauranga mother found herself at work, picturing the worst, when her unwell mother-in-law was at home looking after Victoria’s young children. “My mother-in-law was not very well at the time. It was a little worrying to have her mind our children, but she was

our most reliable option. “It was always in the back of my mind that if something happened I don’t know what the children would have done.” Victoria’s concerns prompted her to develop and market an app for young children, designed to teach them what to do in emergency situations. She launched the Emergency Call Coach app across New Zealand and Australia, the UK and USA, and is busy trying to get as

many children ‘emergency savvy’ as possible. “I gave up my day job last year to try and get this going. It was scary, but I know it was the right thing to do.” The app replicates emergency situations in a fun and interactive way. Victoria says it’s designed for parents to sit with their children and talk them through the game. “Children choose a hero and a mission; and they’re given a real-life scenario in a comic-style.” They must call emergency services, and ask for the right service for the given scenario before they can move on. Victoria’s children, both under five, use the app – and Victoria believes it will offer many parents peace of mind. The app is available for $2.59 on the app store. Victoria is appealing to get 10,000 likes on the app’s Facebook page by March 31, and if she succeeds will offer the app free during April. See the Rainythink – Emergency Call Coach Facebook page for details. By Corrie Taylor

Victoria Hodge and daughter Ruby, 3, using the Emergency Call Coach app. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Learning language for superstar babies Our Centre Manager is an internationally trained infant care specialist. The Village Tots area offers: • Sensitive individualised care • Peaceful respectful environment • Qualified, experienced staff • Low child-teacher ratios

The Village is the provider of the SPACE programme in Bethlehem. 171B Moffat Road, Bethlehem

(Next door to Décor Garden Centre)

Phone (07) 576-0183

Calm Kids N at u ra l c h o i ce s fo r h e a l t hy k i d s

There was a wonderful article in ‘The New Zealand Listener’ a month or so ago where cognitive psychologists John Hattie and Greg Yates discussed the importance of language for young children.

When asked, what is the most important thing parents can do to help make their baby a superstar learner? Hattie replied: “Talk to them. Language. Language is the biggest thing”. Reading books to children is great, he says, because it gets parents to say more words out loud. But having “rich conversations” with pre-schoolers – reminding them of things they already know and asking them questions to slowly build on – that is even more valuable. I think this type of scaffolding begins with the youngest of children, where language-rich care times increase the child’s level of understanding and supports children to know themselves, what is happening and how to feel and react. Yates, in the same article noted it is critical parents use “words, married up with eye gaze, married up with gesture”. This is focused attention - where teachers hold the child’s attention with their voice, eyes, hands and gestures, fully participating in the experience with the child. I believe this invites participation from the child, making these co-operative experiences, bathed in language even the smallest infant can participate in, learn from and enjoy.

Village VOICE


The Weekend Sun

Firm warning of changes to Family Court New Family Law reforms will see the majority of private parenting disputes resolved outside of court when the new legislation comes into effect at the end of the month.

Tauranga’s Mackenzie Elvin associate Lisa Thorsen says the underlying intention of the reforms is for court is to become the last resort, aside from urgent cases. But as result, cases which cannot be resolved by agreement after March 31 – and end up back in court – could prove to be a costly venture for those involved, says Lisa. “Parties are being encouraged to resolve their own disputes outside of the court system through the introduction of an out-of-court mediation process, known as Family Dispute Resolution, supported by preparatory counselling and the availability of Parenting Through Separation courses.” Lisa says it’s important people realise prior to March 31, people will be entitled to have a lawyer represent them in all court processes – but after this date, that will change. “Parenting applications made before March 31, 2014, will continue to be resourced by such things as appointment of Lawyer for Child and referral to lawyer-led mediation. “Under the new system, people will have to pay $897 for FDR mediation.” “If they are eligible for legal aid, the cost will be met but not otherwise. “One of the most important changes for applications filed after March 31 will be the absence of lawyers acting for parties who require proceedings to be filed after an unsuccessful FDR attempt. People will need to appear for themselves in these situations, at least in the initial stages.” As well as this change, non-legal aid parties will be expected to contribute to Lawyer for Child costs, counselling costs and costs of report writers if an application reaches court. People considering seeking a Parenting

What to look for in a childcare centre The number of childcare centres sprung up in the last two years has given parents a wide variety of choice. Initial feelings about the childcare are important. Are the teachers warm and friendly? Are the children generally happy? Are the teachers interacting with the children, while still allowing them to express creativity and challenge themselves? Are good systems in place? The centre should have an open door policy – you should be able to pop in at any time during operating hours – although many will suggest for a first time visit to call when their programmes are running, if they have any.

Our preschool has set activities for an hour each morning: dancing, science, bush walks, workbooks or an excursion. These are scheduled for a certain day each week to enable parents to pick a day with a chosen activity, if the child is not attending full time. Quality childcare is not about having the flashiest facilities. Look for a childcare that has plenty for the children to do to, and a spacious outdoor play area. Teacher/child ratios should be better than the Government

requirement. For children under two, the ratio should be one teacher to four children. A 1:6 ratio should be for children two years and older. This allows for some leeway when teachers are on breaks or noncontact time. Staff turnover should be low. Naturally there will be teachers that come and go but there should be a solid base of good, qualified teachers who children become familiar and feel secure with.

Order are urged to make an application before March 31 to be able to continue to access the present system, and avoid the potential for financial

implications to them of the new FDR model. The reforms will take effect from Monday, March 31, 2014. By Letitia Atkinson


The Weekend Sun DESSERT

Seasonal taste sensations

Crispy Stuffed pickled mushrooms Ingredients Brine 2kg button mushrooms 1 cup brown sugar ¾ cup balsamic vinegar ¾ cup cider vinegar 3 cloves garlic, chopped Salt and pepper Filling 2 large Agria potatoes (about 400-500g) 2 cloves garlic ¼ cup lemon juice ¼ cup olive oil Salt and pepper 100-150g halloumi, finely diced Crispy coating 2 cups panko crumbs 2 beaten eggs 1 cup milk ½ cup flour

There is some wonderful seasonal produce around the moment – avocados, feijoa, nashi pears, corn – so there are plenty of reasons to eat fresh local produce.

Like our knowledge about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, mushrooms are kept in the dark and fed manure. This fungi/vegetable is available year-round. Mushrooms have been harvested in the wild for centuries. There is a percentage of the population who find eating fungus deplorable, while others are big fans. In New Zealand we concentrate only on a few species but in other parts of the world, particularly in Asian countries, there are many types used in everyday recipes. This week I want to share a recipe for my pickled stuffed button mushroom I’ve developed during the years. You can use it unfilled or filled as a cold anti pasta item, or served with a savoury filling – as is the case with this week’s dish. The mushrooms can be kept in the pickling liquid for several days refrigerated – and it’s a great way to use up those mushrooms before they get to old.


Detach the stalks from all the mushrooms, Place in a large, stainless steel pot with the brown sugar, vinegars, garlic and bring up to a gentle simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely in the brine mix. Meanwhile, boil the Agria potatoes whole. When cooked, while still warm, remove the skins and pass through a sieve or potato ricer.

Add garlic and whip with a wooden spoon, gradually adding lemon juice and olive oil to the mix a bit at a time. Lastly add halloumi, which should mostly melt when added. Remove the mushrooms from the brine and pat dry with a paper towel. Season well with salt and pepper. Place the potato mix in a piping bag, or plastic bag with a corner cut off, to fill the mushrooms one-byone before the potato mixture sets. Chill to set the mushrooms. Dust with seasoned flour and pass through a mix of the beaten egg and milk, then the panko crumbs. Chill once more or you can freeze them if you want. Shallow fry in hot oil until golden brown and serve with some fresh relish, as starter or party snack.

Getting personal with infusions These crisp, chilly mornings remind me of Finland and not surprisingly, vodka. Having a couple of frozen vodka shots certainly warms the cockles of the heart – and as it looks like we’re in for a long, chilly winter, I thought I’d introduce our readers to infused vodka. Infusing vodka means to take an ordinary vodka and add a flavoursome product. You create personalised infused vodka. Many alcohol companies have

created a broad range of infused vodkas, available at liquor stores, but what if you created your own? Friends come round for a visit and you casually mention: “How would you like a shot of frozen strawberry and white chocolate vodka? Or fig, raisin and ginger vodka? Or perhaps the salted Caramel with pomegranate? Take your favourite lolly, add a few dozen to a bottle of standard vodka and leave in the freezer for two weeks. Hey presto – a personal infused vodka. Milk bot-

tles, jaffas, Whittaker’s chocolate, gummybears, pineapple lumps – the combinations are endless. With a ‘glass half full’ attitude, why not think outside the square and create something special? So as the temperatures drop, and you snuggle up at home in front of a cosy fire with your infused vodka, life isn’t too bad in our Bay of Plenty. The Weekend Sun has a $50 voucher to The Phoenix to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us what spirit is being infused with flavours. Enter online at www.sunlive. under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, March 26.


Phoenix Car Park Downtown the Mount

The Weekend Sun


Top to toe pampering Forget about making separate appointments at different salons for a haircut, manicure or massage because Black Champagne Salon and Spa by Goldfinger has everything to pamper clients from top to toe.

Goldfinger staff Luke Penney, Theresa Radford, Rewa Cole, Jill Briscoe, Kathy Bond, Hazel Newland, and Jade McCreedy.

The call for men Bay of Plenty blokes of all ages and backgrounds are needed for a new project on wellbeing. With funding support from the Movember Foundation, the Mental Health Foundation is looking at how men access and use information to support themselves during stressful life events. Mental Health Foundation chief executive Judi Clements says the study’s aim is to discover how men seek help when distressed, and what can be done to better reach them. “Research tells us that many men do not seek information and support in a timely way, and this can obviously have a big impact,” says Judi. As part of the project, men are asked to complete a short online survey, which has questions about work, friendships and the way they use information and support services. Focus groups will also be set up during April, which will give men the opportunity to share their thoughts with their peers and the researchers. The project’s findings will be used to help the Mental Health Foundation and other organisations target their information and better support men going through a tough time. “We strongly encourage men to take the survey and/or join a focus group,” says Judi. “The survey only takes a few minutes and we will use what we learn to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of all men.” To complete the survey, visit

As well as the traditional beauty therapy treatments – including waxing, tanning and massage – the salon can also provide top quality nail care and has a full-time hairdresser available. The salon also has Dr Colin Helm and micropigmentation specialist Carol Beech, who are available by appointment once a month. Dr Colin Helm specialises in enhancement medicines, while Carol works with

paramedical procedures, including long-lasting cosmetic make-up. The spacious salon can also cater for large groups, including corporate functions, birthday celebrations and hen’s nights. The salon first opened in Piccadilly Arcade as a nail and beauty therapy salon on March 29, 2004. Five years ago, the salon moved to its current location on Grey St and introduced hairdressing services. Last October, they opened the Black Champagne Day Spa where clients can experience a range of beautiful day spa pampering. From beauty therapy, massage and relaxing day spa packages to hairdressing and nail care – Black Champagne Salon and Spa by Goldfinger has everything to pamper and relax every client. By Zoe Hunter


Taylor Burley


The Weekend Sun

Ciara Young, Fiona McAllister and Lea Lehndorf at last year’s BCSS luncheon.

Support in the small form “Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” This saying was proven last year as 62 locals joined The 200 Club and assisted Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust in supporting locals diagnosed with breast cancer during the last year. “Patients turn to us for information, practical tips and tricks, emotional support and understanding” says BCSS service manager Lea Lehndorf.

“The 200 Club is a small way companies and individuals can come together to make a big difference in the lives of the people they see walking down the street and sitting in the office chair across the room,” says Lea. Memberships for 2014 are now open. A membership to The 200 Club costs $200. You receive a certificate to recognise your contribution, an invitation to the Legacy Long Lunch (sponsored by Legacy Trust) with special guest speaker Jane Hunter of awardwinning Hunter Wines, chances to win prizes – and you’ll be kept up-to-date with how funds raised

stay locally, to make a genuine difference in the lives of fighters and survivors. “With more than 200 women diagnosed every year in the Bay of Plenty, the chances of someone in your office having been touched by breast cancer are quite high,” says Lea. “Companies could sign up for several memberships and use the Legacy Long Lunch invitations as rewards for staff. Alternatively, we could arrange for someone recently diagnosed to enjoy the Legacy Long Lunch.” For more information, or to join, visit or call Lea on 07 571 3346.

Natural compounds for cholesterol A clinical trial into tangerine and red palm extract is for me one of the most important studies into natural support for cardiovascular health. A study ‘Citrus Flavonoids and Tocotrienols for Hypercholesterolemia’ (high cholesterol) by Rosa, Xian-Lu and Guthrie, 2007 identifies the cardiovascular benefits of a patented combination of these extracts. This was a high quality double-blind placebocontrolled trial with the objective to see if these compounds had any effect on blood cholesterol and other heart risk factors. The study involved 120 otherwise healthy people with high cholesterol. They were divided into two groups. Group one was given a tangerine extract combined

Abundant Health

with the palm fruit extract Tocomin and the other group a placebo (sugar pill). After 12 weeks the groups were given a blood test. The results show on average, those receiving the active ingredients reduced total cholesterol by 27 per cent. This was reflected in a reduction of potentially dangerous low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 25 per cent, with a small increase of beneficial highdensity lipoprotein cholesterol of four per cent. Triglycerides are the transported fat from excess calories and can lead to heart disease and these reduced by 31 per cent. Many people have been prescribed cholesterollowering medications called statins. These are very effective at reducing cholesterol, as they inhibit the liver enzyme needed to create cholesterol. However, this same enzyme is needed for critically important co enzyme Q10. By reducing CoQ10, statins can cause many side effects, such as fatigue and muscle pain. I recommend most people on statins take CoQ10 as CoQsol but please call me to see if this is right for you. There is a large group of people who cannot tolerate statins, and another group who would prefer to use non-drug solutions to improve heart health. The compounds in the above trial are now available to the public. Give me call if you would like more information. To join my weekly newsletter, go to and visit John Arts is a qualified nutritional therapist and founder of Abundant Health. Contact John on 0800 423 559. To read more go to


The Weekend Sun

Accepting others’ battles We are who we are because of the experiences we’ve had in our lives; the way we were brought up and the environment that surrounded us in those formative years. We’re all trying to make the most of this life with the tools handed to us. We often forget our view of the world may be completely different to other peoples – it’s the right view for us, but certainly may mean nothing for the guy next to you. I often have people declare ‘suchn-such’ stresses them out. But that ‘such-n-such’ doesn’t conform,

and has strange ideas or is disruptive. ‘Such-n-such’ is therefore the main cause of stress and a contributor to current health issues for that person. You can’t understand another person, because you haven’t walked in their shoes. You might have an idea of why they are like they are, but you cannot ever really know a person unless they know themselves and can tell you. You are the only person that creates stress – stress is a reaction or a perception and often a reflex one. Don’t try and change ‘such-n-

such’, simply accept you can’t understand them and feel your stress reduce. It’s certainly not an overnight stress-reliever, but nothing is; and stress is a complex beast. It’s a slowly but surely process that can be of benefit to your longterm health. People mostly don’t intend to be mean, non-conforming, disruptive or stressful – you have placed these labels on them yourself because the way they see the world is different from the way you do. Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

The many faces of melanoma

“look after your body its the only place you’ve got to live” Make a 3 month investment into the rest of your life by joining the 12 week COMPREHENSIVE LIFESTYLE CHANGE PROGRAMME

0508 CARDIAC (0508 227 342) It is not uncommon for individuals to be concerned about their moles turning into melanomas. However, research suggests many melanomas arise de novo; meaning they arise from normal skin that didn’t have a pre-existing mole. That is why paying close attention to your skin and having regular skin checks are important. It is not just one’s moles that should be looked at, but one’s skin in general. Melanoma is not just a single entity. There are many types of melanoma. The most common type of melanoma is superficial spreading melanoma. This appears as a flat patch and grows horizontally. Lentigo melanoma are also flat, and appear in the face area as an irregular freckle. Acral lentiginous melanoma appear on soles of feet, palms of hands, or under the nails (subungal melanoma). Other rarer types of melanoma tend to grow deeply and quickly. They are nodular melanoma (which start off growing vertically), mucosal melanoma (mela-

nomas on lips, inside the mouth, eyelids), ocular melanoma (melanoma within the eye), desmoplastic melanoma (fibrous tumour melanoma) and amelanotic melanoma (melanoma without pigment). Almost all melanomas are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Good sun protection and attention to your skin can save your life.

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” - COCO CHANEL The expectations you have about how an outcome should look may prevent you from seeing what could be a better option. Have you sometimes found what you achieved wasn’t what you had initially intended? Perhaps because you were focused on transforming the wall in front of you into a door? If you can’t see the door, ask yourself specific questions: “Is my current action moving me forwards or backwards? Am I going in the direction I want? “What do I want to accomplish? Is it significant? How might these questions change how you look at a situation?



The Weekend Sun

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*TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Discount is taken off the full retail price and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes clearance and Noodist Club discounts. Not all furniture items are kept in stock in store, orders can be placed for such items and delivery fees will apply to these items. Delivery times and fees may vary, ask a staff member for more details. Stock may vary from store to store. Some products may require assembly. While stocks last. Offer ends 27th April 2014.


The Weekend Sun

BUILDING, BUYING & RENOVATING Rebuilding mission from typhoon tragedy A week spent in the devastated island of Tacloban in the Philippines has one Tauranga woman determined to make a difference.

Having spent five weeks volunteering at an orphanage in Mindoro, the opportunity arose to spend a week in Tacloban; and Julie took it. “It was incredibly amazing, it’s far bigger than you realise. There are 250,000 people Julie McGowan returned home from in Tacloban; and while things have Tacloban recently, after spending a week improved a little since December, helping some of the 50,000 residents there’re still so many people hungry rendered homeless by Typhoon and without a home. Haiyan in November 2013. “But they were so appreciative, She is now fundraising for if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be money to build new homes doing this.” for the island’s homeless Julie says her experience residents. made her realise how easy life “I went out on the streets is in New Zealand. and fed people, treated “It’s made me think so wounds, visited sick people differently about here; how in hospital and gave money we can fl ush a toilet and to families with nothing. turn on a tap. There is no And I’ve come back really power or water over there, fired up to fundraise for we were living in pup tents Tacloban,” says Julie, who within the house because of has already raised $3500 mosquitos. since her return. “It rained just about the “It only costs $700 to whole time we were there. build a home there, and I Julie McGowan paints from some of the eye- From what I could see it have raised enough opening photos taken during her time in the looked like about 80 per money for five houses [to cent of the housing was Philippines. Photo by Bruce Barnard. be built] already.”

demolished, and people were grabbing anything to use as shelter.” Julie, who is also studying her masters this year in painting, is hoping to hold

Starting out in distinctive style Navigation Homes has an extensive range of plans, with designs to suit every taste and budget. As a starting point for clients’ ideas, Navigation Homes offers a range of home designs each with

its own distinctive style. “We appreciate that everyone has their own style that they wish to reflect in the homes they live in,” says director Simon Rogerson. “This is why we can alter any of our plans to suit your needs. We can also offer a complete design and build package as well.” Clients will deal directly with the

owner of the company. Simon has more than 26 years’ experience in the building industry and, as a Master Builder, has a keen eye for detail, service and delivery. Whether for a first build or if you have built before, Simon will guide you every step of the way. “Our goal is to build a home you will love to live in.”

Warm up your home with the perfect heat pump solution from Daikin

Maunganui Road Owens Place



Te Puna Road



Minden Road


BAYFAIR Matapihi Rd

“I love my Daikin heatpump. It keeps the house warm on cold training nights.”


a quiz night fundraiser; and is sharing her story to various women’s groups. To help Julie, email By Corrie Taylor


The Weekend Sun


Building project on track It’s not your standard building project – but they are not your typical building team.
























Floor Area: 208m² 2







More than three years since the Tauranga Model Marine and Engineering Club started work to expand the Palmerville rail circuit at Memorial Park, the project is nearing the home straight. A recent grant from TECT for $117,000 will cover the remainder of the project, and confirmation the club will host the biennial national model railway and hobby convention in January 2016 has its voluntary workers determined to have the 350m extension completed in plenty of time. “It’s given us a clear deadline, but we’re hoping to have it finished by the end of next summer,” says club president Peter Jones. He’ been heading a team of 30 enthusiastic members who are toiling away at regular working bees, which have focussed on building a long viaduct bridge during the last two months. “There’s a job for anyone who wants to get involved; you don’t need to have a practical

background,” says Peter, who describes the working bees which are seeing bank managers line up alongside engineers, tradesmen and accountants. The project, which is relying on 80 per cent voluntary labour, will the expanded track will stretch more than 1km. Becoming a family tradition for many by taking up to 800 passengers every Sunday – the new track will incorporate inclines for a more interesting ride and include two wooden trestle bridges. The longest bridge will stretch 105 metres in length and reach a height of 2.5m above the ground. The project has been drawn out because of the reliance on volunteer

labour and waiting for earthworks to settle on the naturally swampy area. “We are waiting for the okay from geotechnical consultants that we can take off the pre-load on the embankment. It’s making progress but we still need that okay,” says Peter. After the pre-loading is removed from the embankment – reducing its height to 2.3m – there will be about three months of work pouring concrete foundations and laying the track before the circuit is complete. The total project cost is $320,000, with $25,000 in grants from Pub Charity, the Lion Foundation and Tauranga Rotary Club, with about $150,000 from By Hamish Carter the club’s funds.

Weekend DIY job ideas Workers at a recent model railway working bee.

Make the weekend a productive one with a few easy and inexpensive ‘do it yourself ’ projects to brighten up the home. The first thing visitors see when walking into the home, is the door. So why not make a good first impression by investing in a new front door, or painting the existing one to make it look new again. Be creative by building a new headboard for the bed. Find a favourite photo and enlarge it to print on canvas, and then place it behind the bed for a funky new bedhead.

If the home is not already lit up with natural sunlight, brighten up the rooms with a colourful picture of a sunflower. Or, cover a bucket or drum with colourful fabric and use it as a lamp shade. For light shades, cover small tins with see-through bright coloured fabric and let the light spread colour around the room. If buying new cabinets is not an option, accessorise them instead. Do this by changing the knobs with vintage ones from a local craft shop. Another idea is to touch them up with a splash of paint. Finally, get creative with colour. Paint a feature wall in the bedroom, lounge, or bathroom in a bold and bright colour.


The Weekend Sun


Build in one year challenge for St John A project has been launched to fund and build a new $800,000 St John ambulance station for Katikati within 12 months.

Kate Williams, spokesperson for the fundraising committee, says the goal of the project, called St John 365 – Build in a Year – is achievable with the support of major funding bodies and the public. Applications for funding are being prepared now for the building on land St John owns next door to the Katikati Fire Station in Sheffield St – and Kate says the public appeal will be held later in the year. With Katikati St John having two ambulances and four full-time ambulance officers, supported by up to 10 volunteers, the current station in Beach Rd, which was built around 18 years ago, is too small. “One ambulance has to stay outside and facilities for staff and volunteers are no longer adequate.” The aim is to “future-proof ” the new St John station, which could also serve as a Civil Defence Emergency headquarters. It will have room for both ambulances,

An artist impression of the new $800,000 St John Ambulance station planned for Katikati. and possibly the Katikati Red Cross emergency trailer too. There will be accommodation and locker facilities for staff, a sluice room, storage for medical supplies and linen, a training room and a kitchen. “As far as possible, we intend to make the building eco-friendly and self-reliant,” says Kate. “It will have a water tank and solar panels for both hot water and to generate electricity so that if in a disaster, mains power and water was unavailable, the station could continue to function.”

The new station is vital to serve the district’s growing population. “When the original station was built, Katikati had a population of about 2500 but today that figure is 4059 and there are another 5000 people in the rural area the brigade also serves, and a further 2500 at Omokoroa which also comes into the Katikati St John area,” says Kate. While the public appeal won’t be until later in the year, anyone who wishes to make a donation can do so at Eves Reality in Katikati. By Elaine Fisher

Help for new home builders Building a new home is a big task – so The Weekend Sun has put together some tips to help get the project off to a comfortable start.

the homeowner before building begins. Once again, the builder may be able to help with adapting any designs to fit within a set budget.

Hiring a professional builder is a good place to start. A builder can help with choosing the best place to build, giving advice on architectural style and house plans, through to outlining the right tools needed for the job. The next step is to set a building schedule. But don’t forget, every home build is different and timeframes can depend on the size and level of design difficulty. And don’t forget about setting yourself a budget. The price is usually quoted to

Walkway restorations

The Darraghs Rd Walkway is closed until midApril. The closure is to allow works, including a retaining wall repair, fencing renewals and tree removal, to occur. Meanwhile, restoration work is underway along the walkway between Goods Rd and Coach Drive at Waikareao Estuary. Initial work involves clearing weed trees to make way for new native species to be planted. This work is necessary to maintain and preserve the area as a Special Ecological Area.

Brighten your dark rooms with Solatube Daylighting Systems

For a free In-Home Evaluation plus Certified Installation with a 10 year warranty, call today

0800 SOLATUBE (765 288)

*Offers end 31 November 2013. Not in conjunction with any other offer.


The Weekend Sun

Senior living: The horrible truth The NZ Herald article ‘Unwary residents caught in villages’ rules trap’ on March 16 has got to be highly commended, both for the courage and unfortunately the horrible truth in the way senior citizens are robbed by these operators of retirement villages. New Zealand has got to be ashamed of the way these villages are operated and the shameful profits they make from the generation who gave this country so much. As a senior citizen myself, both politicians and district councils continue to increase our rates and the cost of living goes up weekly. The price of meat is becoming beyond those of us on a pension and/or can no longer afford to buy the necessities of life. When we were young, times were tough following World War 2. We learned to budget within our incomes. Politicians and councillors could take a lesson from us, in

managing finances. Sometimes we’re made to feel the only use senior citizens are to society is providing shareholders of aged care facilities with an annual profit. Otherwise, I’m convinced society would find a way to terminate everyone over age 60, much like the television show ‘Logan’s Run’. Our age disqualifies us from receiving essential surgery and treatments. We’re the first to be knocked off surgical waiting lists, if we ever actually get on them in the first place. We’re also easy targets of home invasions, sexual and physical assaults and financial scams. Society used to value the elderly for their wisdom and life experiences. Now we’re unvalued, disrespected and abused. Just as undervalued are those employed to care for the elderly. Perhaps multinational organisations should consider

spending some of their profits paying staff better wages? J L Taylor, Te Puke.

Don’t change Superannuation age The National Party should be commended for standing fast on calls from opposition parties and others to raise the New Zealand Superannuation Fund eligibility age from 65 to maybe 70. While the reasons of growing cost, people living and working longer etc are true, there are better ways of handling the challenge. There are many people in their 60s who, for all sorts of reasons, need the safety net of NZ Super. Manual workers in particular, others who become ill or fall on hard times such as losing money in finance companies, to name a few. To young people I say you will all hopefully become old and receive NZ Super, maybe for 20-plus years. Don’t rely on KiwiSaver. That is likely to

be decimated by an irresponsible Government during your lifetime and/or by world conflicts. Most of you haven’t been through a period of rapid inflation. It’s dreadful. The Government should restore contributions to the Cullen Fund, which was a savings scheme by Government itself - set up some years ago to provide a “compulsory” saving scheme so NZ Superannuation can be afforded. Make the politicians do the saving and thus provide ongoing affordability. My comments come from life’s experience, resulting in being a recipient of NZ Superannuation. Bill Capamagian, Tauranga.

Blame never includes mismanagement During TV One’s ‘Q+A’ programme on March 16, doing away with rates based on property values versus an income tax-based system was discussed. It is high time such a tax-based system come in to being, to end the largesse of pontificating spendthrift councillors who cannot manage

the running of council. Yet in the arrogance of their ignorance they have the audacity to stand for election knowing full well they don’t have a fiscal/management bone in their bodies. The only ability most councillors have is self aggrandisement and a deeply held desire to waste

other people’s money and enrage ratepayers. I write that because most councils in New Zealand are strapped for cash, and of course they have many avenues of blame, apart from mismanagement. Alastair Bourne, Bethlehem.

Do you want to have say on something affecting our town, city or region? The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference is given to short letters (200 words), supplied with full name and contact details. Photos are best in high resolution, jpeg format. Email:

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)


The Weekend Sun

Let’s allow our nature to drive development Great to see the good progress on Tauranga Memorial Park miniature railway initiative, which on the face of it looks like a cost-effective winner - and for a change makes good use of TECT and community funding. Well done to all the volunteers involved in this project. The rationale for this sort of low-impact project reinforces and acknowledges the natural attractiveness of Tauranga City and its surrounds, plus its natural features and attributes usually attract people back from Aussie

and from the Auckland rat race. It has nothing to do with the concrete jungle mentality relating to stadiums, museums, art galleries and the like. The sooner local councils and their appendages wake up to this fact, the better for all of us. As a parting thought for Tauranga’s sake, ditch the ‘growth pays for growth’ and Smartgrowth philosophies once and for all. Let’s go with the natural environment as the driver of our development. R Paterson, Matapihi.

Producing oil has local perks As a regular visitor to the energy capital of New Zealand: New Plymouth, D H Blanshard’s comments (‘NZ oil products won’t benefit us’, The Weekend Sun, March 21) just cannot go unchallenged. D H Blanshard is quite correct that the bulk of New Zealand oil production is exported, but the truth is the Whangarei refinery is unable to refine NZ-produced crude as we only produce less than one month’s annual usage. The Whangarei refinery therefore has long-term contracts to import Dubai crude, which it then refines, and our better quality crude is all exported and achieves better prices as it is very low in contaminants etc. The statement there is no savings to NZ, in overseas funds, is incorrect because if we import a billion dollars of oil and export $250 million of oil, the dif-

ference is just $750 million - so there is an obvious corresponding saving. It is widely reported there are 6000-plus jobs involved in the New Zealand energy industry and I may add the bulk of them are also high-paying jobs, which means they also pay high taxes - something New Zealand very much needs. While the industry only has a small number of personnel on rigs or platforms (there are only five), there are thousands of people such as shore staff, truck drivers, and contractors etc who all benefit from the growing NZ energy industry. It has recently been reported the Taranaki region pays the highest average wage in NZ and taking into account the energy industry, the dairy industry, along with tourism, the region is booming - so I say long may it last. Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

40,000 horsepower Millions in machinery Hours of entertainment

Ditch Union Jack I’m in favour of changing the flag. We should lose the Union Jack, as we are no longer a British colony even though we recognise the British monarch Queen Elizebeth II as our head of state. The Union Jack should be replaced with a red on white silver fern, or the New Zealand coat of arms. We should keep the red on white Southern Cross with the blue surround. I’m not in favour of New Zealand becoming a republic. In the future we could cut our constitutional ties with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and elect and instal our own constitutional monarch. We should be a kingdom like the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, which have their own constitutional monarch and royal family. And we should have a written constitution. A Authier, Mount Maunganui.

Gates open


Leave Rena on reef

I read with interest the to-ing and fro-ing over the removal of the last remaining sections of the Rena wreck. Can I suggest we leave the rest there, rename it the Rena Reef, and carry on regardless. In another 12 months, whatever’s left will be covered in new sea life

and it could make a great dive spot. We may need to mark the reef in some way, and then persuade visiting ships and boats to go around it, instead over through it. But that shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Graeme Martin, Brookfield.

Have your say on plan Several recent correspondents have expressed concern about the size of Tauranga City Council’s proposed rate increase. As large rate increases, well above the rate of inflation, have characterised most of Stuart Crosby’s mayoral tenure, it is important for ratepayers to assess whether they think these large increases have been justified and to express their conclusion in the form of a submission. Democracy is served by people being consulted in good faith and by TCC being responsive to the will of the people. Making a submission can be very simple: Just send your opinion, under the heading ‘Submission to Annual Plan’, by email to: R Rimmer, Welcome Bay.

Read more letters on

Saturday 29th march

+ See Speedy

+ New Family Funzone FEaturing bouncy castles, Face Painting and Balloon Art Base up fireworks extravaganza / harry frederickson gold cup ISS Super Stock Hit to Pass / Super Saloon Bay Champs / Golden Oldies Stock Cars


Ban horse race whips There is absolutely no reason for jockeys to use those whips and canes on racing horses and trotters. They should be banned. It is shocking to see the jockeys using those whips and canes at every step that the horses are racing towards the finish-line. Why don’t the SPCA rise up and intervene by approaching the horse racing association to stop the use of canes and whips? Instead, they could just use the reins to make the odd flip. Another annoying feature is those stupid short stirrups, with the jockeys standing higher than the horses’ heads, thereby catching the air. If the stirrups were lowered, say 35-40cm, they would be more streamlined and easier on the horse. Ernest Izett, Brookfield.

The Weekend Sun

Old i-Site needs tourist-type tenant At the Tauranga City Council meeting, held March 17, the proposal to lease the building in Salisbury Ave, previously occupied by Tourism Bay of Plenty as an I-site, to Own Firm Ltd as a ‘boutique cakery’ was approved. With the new council’s aim for openness, they immediately went into committee to discuss the proposal. Hopefully the discussion covered: 1. The need for on-site parking as required by other eateries. On-road parking is at a premium in this vicinity with taxi rank and bus bay. 2. Its establishment in a predominantly residential area (apartments opposite), has potential for early morning noise

from a bakery. It will be the only commercial operation in Salisbury Ave. 3. “Provide a benefit to park users” was a criteria to be met – yeah right, what park users? Event participants? How many use the

park in winter months? 4. “Outdoor area where customers can sit watching kids play in the park,” was one councillor’s comment. Hopefully well away from the public toilets within such close proximity. Perhaps “benefit to park users” was the criteria for the Council CEO to approve the lease under the Reserves Act, on behalf of the Minister for Conservation? Surely more benefit would accrue for the Mount for a tourist-type activity, independent of Tourism BOP, that I understand was a proposal lodged. Les Cresswell, Mount Maunganui.

An inability for sustainability Cyclists should pay too Thanks, Rogers, for your brilliant ‘rabbit’ on the end of the world - at least you managed to put humour into the subject. This topic is not new for NASA. They have a great website on environmental threats, including a children’s section and games about living more economically. You could refer to the World Bank website, which has been rabbiting on for years about a probable four degree Celsius temperature rise this century with devastating effects. Then there’s the World Economic Forum, which reports: “Climate change and related impacts, such as extreme weather events, food crises and water crises, are among the most pressing global economic risks”. The UK Royal Society and the US

National Academy of Sciences have been on about this for many years. Even our government has a website on climate change. The UN has been on about environmental constraints since at least 1974, made a strategy of sustainability in 1992 (the Earth Summit), and is now developing Sustainable Development Goals, to set a globallyconsistent framework to guide us to a more sustainable pathway. Helen Clark plays a major role in this. So why are we still threatened? Because we’ve been avoiding the really hard stuff – realising how fundamentally we need to change our lifestyles. I wonder what our bright youth think about our inability to take the whole issue sufficiently seriously. G Southon, Judea.

In reply to S Turner ‘Drivers not sharing roads safely with cyclist’ (The Sun, March 21), I can see where he’s coming from. But, I want to point out there is more and more cyclists using roads these days – sometimes singularly but others three abreast – yet the now-popular transport form doesn’t pay roading costs. Complaints like S Turner’s usually result in a safety measure – such as a cycling lane – being installed. But who pays for such measures? Drivers pay more than their fair share of road costs through Road User Charges in vehicle registrations. Do cyclists pay anything for using roads and requesting cycle lanes? Not to my knowledge. Every time a posse of cyclists get a cycle lane somewhere, drivers nationwide take a deep sigh, knowing they’ll foot the bill. I have no problem with cyclists using our roads, but I think it’s high time they started paying for it. Many now ditch cars to use bicycles on roads instead, hence ditching the road user costs as well. Maybe a bicycle registration – with road user charges – should be put in place? K Morland, Katikati.


The Weekend Sun

E N T E R T A I N M E N T G U I D E MUSIC The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

Friday 28 March

Business House Squash Sponsored by

Peake Panel & paint. Runs for 5 Fridays, any adult of any ability welcome. 4 in a team, 15 mins play each. Social & fun. Te Puke Squash Club. Karen 027 245 7616 or 533 1456 Sustainable Art Challenge Awards Evening Secondary & intermediate school students from Tauranga & Western BOP showcasing their entries in the Sustainable Art Challenge. Baycourt X space 5pm. Exhibition is gold coin entry. 0800 842 538 or

Tauranga Friendship & Social Group

Weekend activities for the over 50’s. Walks, dinners & varied outings. Zeana 544 1513

Saturday 29 March

27th Easter Book Sale Rotary Club of Tauranga April 19-21 at 6 Triton Ave, Mt Maunganui (old Mount Action Centre). Deliver your unwanted books, magazines, records, CD’s, videos, DVDs & jigsaw puzzles to Caltex Welcome Bay, Bayfair, Greerton, 14th Ave. Z (Shell) Omokoroa, Bethlehem, Hewletts Rd. Ross 544 0817 or Alcoholics Anonymous Women’s meeting at Mt Maunganui Primary School, Orkney Rd 10-11am. Children welcome. Bay Association Sea Kayakers Waikato River. April 5 Mayor Island.April 12 Lake Taupo. Grant 576 8885. Being - A Self Empowerment Workshop

April 5 at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way, Mt Maunganui 11am 4pm. Meditation 11am, positive thinking 12pm, homeopathy 1pm, vegetarian cooking 2pm. Free. Register: discoverbeing@ Earth Day Katikati Kindergarten host an hour of fun at Kati KaiWay 8.309.30pm. Make a dessert & bring it down, along with a picnic rug, eating utensils & torches. Fire Poi Dancing with Kal Irwin & music to entertain. Earth Hour “Off the Grid” Gourmet night market, Coronation Park, Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui 5-9.30pm. Great music & entertainment. Market Greerton Hall 8am – 12pm. Crafts, plants, produce, bric-a-brac. Nancy/Merv Waihi 07 863 6697 Messianic Weekly Meetings The Way meet in the Kingfisher Room, Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way, Mt Maunganui 10am. 570 1438

Rally Against the Transpacific Partnership In Red Square 1pm. Live

music & speakers. Bring family & friends. See or ph/txt Martin 021 184 1018 Red Cross Forum For all members & interested people in Lifezone Church, 7 Oak Lane, Judea 10am – 3pm. Speaker: Dr Jennifer McMahon, National President of Red Cross. Tauranga Farmers Market Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am - 12pm. Fresh & artisian produced food. Meet Julie Biuso, Peter Blakeway & more for Fresh Funky

News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene. Food & the judging of the 2014 Summer Fresh Awards from 9am. Trixie 552 5278 or Tauranga Fuchsia Group AGM meeting at Tauranga Arts & Craft Centre, Elizabeth St West 1pm. New members welcome. Pat 579 1655 Tauranga Multicultural Festival April 5 (postponement date) at Historic Village on 17th Ave West, Tauranga 10am – 4.30pm. Ethnic dances, variety of music genres & try authentic ethnic food. Activities for children. Adults $6, door sales only. Tauranga Society of Artists Open day at 171a Elizabeth St West, Tauranga 10am – 4pm. Live demonstrations & discuss the many opportunities the society has to offer. Te Puke Art Gallery Open today at Constables Gallery, Commerce Lane 10am - 1pm. Exhibition of animals in pastels by local artists. The Sociables 30’s/40’ age group of males & females that meet once a week to socialise by dining out or participating in local activities & events. Email Village Radio Community radio broadcasting from Tauranga Historic Village 1368 kHz AM. Music of 1920’s - 80’s weekends 9am - 5pm, weekdays 10am - 5pm. Specialty programmes. www. or 571 3710

Sunday 30 March

Athenree Homestead High Tea Step

back in time to the 1800’s & indulge in an afternoon’s High Tea Party 3-6.30pm with re-created hosts Adela & Hugh Stewart. Dress up in Victorian attire (optional). Tickets $40 from “Flowers in Main” Katikati or Colleen 07 863 5571. Limited spaces. Bay Bible Fellowship Lord’s Day praise & worship service at Welcome Bay School Hall, 309 Welcome Bay Rd 10am. Teaching by Pastor Lincoln Rolong on 1 Jn. 2:20-29 “God’s authentic anointing.” Beekeeping Hobbyists At Barry & Alison Kneebone’s 2pm. Travelling north through Katikati, 3rd Rd on left at top of hill. Turn left into Woodland Rd. We are 242. Gordon 027 544 2882 Bible Seminars Sundays at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St, Greerton 1.45pm. Title: God’s Kingdom - what does the Bible say?” Interactive, Q&A. Refreshments provided. Vic 543 0504 Blackpool in the Bay Chris Powell brings music to the seaside. Previously resident organist at Baycourt. Ticket includes tea & scones in Baycourt’s Terrace Rooms before the show. Baycourt Theatre 1.30pm. www. or 577 7188 BOP Branch End-of-Life Choice Group meeting & movie ‘Amore’ at Wesley Hall, 13th Ave 2pm. Tess 021 202 0565 BOP Community Trails Urban Mountain Bike Rides (guided). Last Sun of month. 9am summer daylight saving, 10am winter. From 17th Ave next to Village. 1.5 - 3 hours easy rides. $5pp. 027 297 1213 or or FB BOP Community Trails.

Bay EXTRAudiology Show Manpower Australia Rhys Darby - Mr Adventure The ABBA Show Tauranga National Jazz Festival Alice in Wonderland Queen - It’s A Kinda Magic



Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment.

BOP Linux Users Bimonthly hands on

day. Bring your computer for help with Linux & Open Source software. Arts & Crafts Centre (back room) cnr Elizabeth St & Glasgow St 9.30am – 3pm. $2 door charge. 578 6024 BOP NZ Assn of Rationalists & Humanists Meet last Sun of month at Alzheimer’s NZ House, 116 13th Ave, Tauranga 1.303.30pm. Paul 543 3399 Cloth Nappy Week Coffee Group Parents Centre, Historic Village 17th Ave 11am – 1pm. Learn about cloth nappies. Lots of prizes on the day! Bring a plate of food to share. Gold coin donation. The Croquet Tauranga Domain Sun, Tues, Fri 12.45pm. Peter 571 0633 Home Computer Club (Tga) Inc Computer enthusiasts meet to share knowledge & experience at Arts & Crafts Centre, Elizabeth St West, last Sun of month 9.30am - 12.30pm approx. $3 door. 544 2067 Katikati Tramping Club McBrinns Creek, Maratoto 8.30am start. Easy/moderate 4-5hrs. Maratoto Rock an extra option. Gail 07 863 4543 Monster Garage Sale Held by Windermere Community Group. Windermere Drive & surrounding streets 8-11am. 13+houses!

Mount Mainstreet Farmers Market

Every Sun in Phoenix car park 9am 1pm. Fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese, oils, plants & more. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911 Prayer & Healing Fest Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre Gym, Memorial Park cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd 2.30-5pm. Family friendly. Craft table for children. Email: Prestige Singles 50+ Coffee afternoon 2.30pm. Mix & mingle with other likeminded individuals. Email: or 027 439 3267 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Meet Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron & similar 3ft long yachts. Graham 572 5419 Reiki Development Day April 13 at Olive Tree Cottage, Pyes Pa 10am - 4.30pm. Workshops to suit everyone. Introducing, experiencing & sharing Reiki until 2pm. From 2pm Reiki 2 Revision. Lynn 022 0918 466 or Rifle Range Public Open Day Open to public on last Sun of the month. Range at end of Ngawaro Rd, at the TECT All Terrain Park 9am - 3pm. Some targets available to purchase, or bring your own. Must bring firearms license, own ammo, shooting rests, ear muffs etc. $15pp (cash only). Samuel Middlebrook Exhibition Katikati pioneer, at Katikati Heritage Museum, Main Rd, Katikati starts 11am. 549 0651 Tauranga Rainbow Social Network For gay, bi, lesbian, trans & intersex. Meet 2nd Sun of month 3pm. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411 Tauranga Rainbow Youth For gay, bi,

Weds 9 April, 11AM Sun 13 April, 7:30PM Mon 14 April, 8PM Tues 15 April, 8PM Easter Weekend, 17 - 21 April Sat 26 & Sun 27 April, 2PM & 6:30PM Weds 30 April, 8PM

lesbian, trans & intersex 25 yrs & under. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411 Tauranga Spiritual Society Senior Citizen’s Hall, 14 Norris St. Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm. Healers mini expo. $3 members, $5 non. 022 067 0467

Tauranga Underwater Hockey Club Inc

AGM at Baywave in the Large Meeting Room under grandstand 1.30pm. Te Puke Spiritual Discussion Group 1st, 3rd & 5th Sun of month at Hair Linez Hair Salon, old railway station, Jellicoe St 10.30-11.30am. Meeting of spiritual minds, learning & growing. Entry $3. Elaine 573 5361

Tidal Treasures Nature Walk - Seaweek

At Moturiki (Leisure) Island 12noon. Low tide nature walk. Learn about zonation at low tide & different plants & animals. Free (koha appreciated) Registrations essential:

Wai/BOP Bisexual/Lesbian Women’s Group Trans & intersex welcome. Kaye

021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411

Monday 31 March

Achieve Toastmasters Feeling anxious

about that forthcoming presentation? Learn to speak with confidence. 1st, 3rd Mon at St Stephens Hall, Otumoetai 7.30pm. Fraser 544 4579 Badminton Tauranga Badminton Club every Mon & Weds at Bethlehem College Events Centre 7.30pm. Sue 021 194 4335 or Bay Salsa Beginners salsa lessons 6.45pm. New intake every 4 weeks. Improver Salsa lessons, walk in classes 7.45pm. $15 per class. Otumoetai Action Centre. Bethlehem Bowls Every Mon at 7.15pm. First 3 nights free. Wendy 578 2585 Body & Soul Fun Fitness Over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds City Church cnr Otumoetai Rd/ Sherwood St. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified Instructor/Cardiac Care leader. BOP Tree Society Inc AGM April 7 at McLarens Falls Park, Upper Hostel 1.30pm. Election of officers & general business. 543 2152 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial art which teaches self defence techniques & boost self-confidence. Classes Mon, Weds, Thurs 7-9pm & Sat 10am-12pm. Kids classes Tues & Thurs 4.30-5.20pm. At 22/3 Macdonald St, Mt Maunganui. 021 264 3211 Chess Mt Maunganui Mount RSA Chess Club every Mon at Mount RSA, 544 Maunganui Rd. Juniors 6.15-7.15pm during school term. Open club 6-11pm Noel 579 5412 Citizens Advice Bureau Free, confidential info & advice. Mon - Fri at 38 Hamilton St, Tauranga 9am - 5pm or freephone 0800 367 222 or 578 1592. JP service every Weds & Thurs 9am - 11.30am. Weds CAB service at Welcome Bay Community Centre 9.30am - 12.30pm, Fri at Mount Library 11.30am 1.30pm. No appointment necessary.

GUIDE The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where.

Fire Brigade Bowling Club Club Champi-

onship Singles at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd 7pm. Sharon 543 3929 Fitness League Safe effective, low impact fun exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, for women of all ages & abilities. First class free. Every Mon at Settlers Hall Omokoroa 9.30am & Tues St Johns Anglican Church Waihi 9.30am. Dorothy 549 3378

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus

Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. 572 3345 or Junction Mental Health Peer support & advocacy. Coffee & chat 10am – 12pm. 579 9890 Learn to Dance Te Puke Every Mon at St Pats hall, Beatty Ave, Te Puke 7pm. Sequence dancing for beginners & more. Partners are quoted for our dancers $3pp. Gordon 572 0060 Meditation Free classes Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm. Find peace, spiritual awareness & the meaning of your life. David 576 9764 Mount RSA Indoor Bowls Mon & Thurs. Names in by 6.45pm. New members welcome. Joy 574 8003 Otumoetai Indoor Bowls Box Drawn Triples, Matua Primary School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. New members welcome. Karen 576 0443 Parkinsons Society Exercise class weekly Tauranga, Te Puke & Whakatane. Red Tulip support meetings monthly Tauranga, Katikati & Whakatane. www.parkinsons. or Joelene 573 5668 Recycled Teenagers Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s Church Hall, Girven Rd. All 9 - 10.30am. Classes taken by qualified instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411 Taekwon Do The Silla Club train Mon & Thurs at Te Puna School Hall. All ages welcome. Gwyn 0274 587 871 Taoist Tai Chi Pioneer Room, Community Hall, Te Puke 9.30-11am. 573 5560 or 027 575 3272 Tauranga Bridge Club Sessions Mon, Weds, Thurs 7.30pm. Tues & Fri 1pm. Social bridge Thurs 1pm. 252 Ngatai Rd. 576 5022 Tauranga Civic Choir New members welcome to join & rehearse every Mon 7.30-9.30pm. 574 6366 Tauranga Creative Fibre Every Mon at Arts Centre, Elizabeth St from 9.30am. Spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet & more. Also on Thurs evening twice a month. Joan 577 6781 Tauranga Rock n Roll Club Monday club nights 8-9.30pm. Lessons 7-8pm. Tauranga RSA Cameron Rd. Website: Colleen 544 4676 Tauranga RSA Indoor Bowls Mon report 12.45pm for 1pm start. Weds 3.45 for 4pm start. Leanne 570 0154



The Weekend Sun

...Continued Tauranga Senior Citizens Club Cards, 500

& Bridge Mon & Thurs. Indoor Bowls Tues, Weds & Sat at 14 Norris St, behind Pak n Save 1-4pm. Register by 12.45pm. $2 includes afternoon tea. Tauranga Senior Citizens Club Indoor Bowls Every Mon at St Columba Church Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd 1-4pm. Names in by 12.45pm. $3 entry includes afternoon tea. 571 6663 Teddy Bears Picnic Tour Joint fundraiser Avon Breast Cancer crusade & Tamariki Ora. Bouncy castle, games, stories, facepainting & more. March 31 at Jubilee Park, Te Puke. April 1 at Papamoa Domain. April 2 at Diggleman Park, Katikati. April 3 at Morgan Park, Waihi. April 4 at Paeroa Domain. All 10am - 12pm. Te Puna Indoor Bowls Every Mon at Te Puna Hall 7.15pm. Norma 552 5563 The Writing Project For people working on a

piece of writing or wanting to. 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411 Toughlove Parent Support Group Every Mon at Totara House, 1428 Cameron Rd, Greerton 7-9pm. No need to register. 543 3194 YMCA - ALFS (Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 9-10am & 10.15-11.15am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-9.55am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. First class free. Thurs 9-10am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.15-10.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Also Fri at Papamoa Library 10.20am. 578 9272

Tuesday 1 April

16 Sqn Air Training Corps (ATC) Every Tues (during school

term), Tauranga Army Hall 6.309pm. Lynn 027 291 6150 or email: 2014 Face2Face Coffee Group At 36d McDonald St opp Nosh Cafe 10am - 12pm. Gold coin donation for refreshments plus cheap preloved clothing available. Pauline 575 5556 Altrusa Club of Tauranga Women’s community service group. Dinner & business meeting 2nd Tues. Social programme 4th Tues, monthly. Interested? Denise 570 3134 Badminton (Social) Every Tues at Otumoetai Baptist Hall 9.30am - 12pm. Racquets available. Lorraine 579 3229 Bayfair Petanque Club Every Tues & Thurs at Bayfair Reserve, Russley Drive 1pm. Tuition & boules available for learners & visitors. Margaret 572 3173 Bethlehem Pottery Club Tues & Thurs at 13 Bethlehem Rd 10am - 3pm. Call in for info or ph Jane 552 0046 BOP Linux Users Share & learn about free Open Source software & the Linux computer operating system. 1st Tues of month , LJ Hooker cnr Cameron Rd & 8th Ave 7-9pm. $2. 578 6024 Christian Friendship Group 40+ Meet 1st & 3rd Tues at Mount McCafe 10am. Come & meet some new friends. Depression Support Group Support for people with an experience of depression 1-2pm. Junction 579 9890. Free ESOL Christian Conversation Classes For all levels of English every Tues during school term at Holy Trinity Church cnr 4th Ave & Devonport Rd 7.30-9.15pm. Janice 576 7839 Genesis - Women’s Group 1st & 3rd Tues. 10am morning tea. St Paul’s Co-operating Church, 242 Dickson Rd, Papamoa. Guest speaker: Chrissy Jefferson from Oropi Native Bird Rescue Haven. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264 Inachord Chorus Womens 4 Part Harmony Every Tues at Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd 6.55pm. Enjoy the challenge of singing & performing varied repertoire. Cathy 579 2040 email: Mates Mens Network Every 2nd Tues at Totara House, 1428 Cameron Rd, Greerton 7-9.30pm. 0800 4 MATES Mount Maunganui Scottish Soc AGM April 8 at 57 Wairoa Rd 6pm. Following the AGM, dessert & coffee will be served. Elizabeth 544 5633 Mount Morning Badminton Every Tues at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park 9am - 12pm. Social, competitive, all ages. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session. Maxene 575 0162

Orange City Square & Round Dance Club Tues morning class

10am - 12pm. Weds advanced, Thurs club night & new dancers 7.30pm. Frontiersmen’s Hall. 543 1063 Otumoetai Toastmasters Leadership skills, speaking skills. At Lyceum Club rooms, 68 1st Ave 7.15-9.30pm. Allan 544 5989 Sequence Dancing Tauranga Social & Leisure Club. St John’s Anglican Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai 7-9pm. Second Tues of month 3-5.30pm. John 578 9716 South City Indoor Bowls Club Open 9-Bowl Triples Tournament (Plate &

raffle item). At Greerton Hall, Tauranga. Names in by 7.15pm. Mary 541 0687 Take a Break with Craft Every 2nd Tues starting today, at Monowai St Chapel. All ladies welcome. Betty 574 3042

Tauranga Acoustic Music Club

McSwiggan’s Irish Pub, 158 Cambridge Rd 7.30pm. Friendly jam sessions. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or

Tauranga Morning Badminton Club

Every Tues & Thurs at QEII Youth Centre, Memorial Park, Tauranga 9-11.30am. New players & visitors welcome. Heather 574 0976 Tauranga BMX Club Club nights every Tues. Registration 5.15-5.50pm. Racing starts 6pm at Tauranga MTB & BMX Park, 280 Cambridge Rd, Tauranga. $2 per club member. First 3 nights free to new riders. Tauranga Toastmasters Tga Lyceum Club 7.15-9.30pm. Confidence building, speaking skills, leadership skills. Alan 544 5989 Treasure Box Songs & stories for under 5’s every Tues at Changepoint, 131 Poike Rd, Ohauiti 9.30am. Morning tea provided. 544 2713

Wednesday 2 April

Age Concern Walking Group Meet

at Mitre 10 car park, Gate Pa 10am. 578 2631 Badminton Mt Maunganui Club night Weds at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd 7-9pm. All past & new members welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Baywide Community Law Service

Drop in clinic every Weds at 63 Willow St 5-6.30pm. No appointment necessary. Free legal assistance. 571 6812. Every Tues morning at Te Puke Clinic. For appointment 573 5614. Every Thurs morning at Katikati Clinic. For appointment 549 0399 Borderline Personality Disorder Support group for people who have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder 1-2pm. Junction 579 9890

Cribbage Club Tauranga RSA Greerton New members wanted for this long established club, all ages. Every Weds 1-3.30pm. Entrance $3. Robert 579 1342

Fernlands Spa Water Exercise Class

Weds 10.45-11.45am. Held rain or shine, but not during school holidays. New participants planning to attend, ph Jennifer 571 1411. Gate Pa Indoor Bowls Autocraft Ladies Singles & Garden Forest Marine Mens Singles (Ballinger Trophy) at Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Markers required. Kevin 543 4044 Global Hearts Exercise Group Weds 2-3pm & Fri 11am - 12pm. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a healthy & active lifestyle. Proudly supported by NZ Heart Foundation. Mark 0274 444 945 Healing Rooms Prayer for your healing. Come anytime between 1-3pm. Faye 579 2636

Mount Healing & Spiritual Centre

Fellowship & celebration at Omanu Bowling Club, Golf Rd, Mount. Doors open 7pm for 7.30. Guest speaker: Karina - mediumship. Door charge $3. Janet 027 264 0226 Move Night Fund-raiser April 9 hosted by Diabetes help Tauranga Youth, designed to raise funds for local children

& youth with type 1 & type 2 diabetes. Rialto Tauranga, Devonport Rd. 7.45pm nibbles, 8.15pm movie – Noah. Cost $25. Spot prizes. Debbie 571 3422 Otumoetai Care & Craft Group Every Weds during school term at St Columba Church, Cherrywood 9am - 12.30pm. Dawn 576 7783 Salvation Army Meeting For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army, cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tauranga. Guest speaker: Viv Jones - Macular Degeneration. Jennifer 578 4264 Scottish Country Dancing Weds at Senior Citizens Hall, Maunganui Rd Beginners class 6pm, regular class 7.30pm. Fri at Papamoa Primary School Hall, Dickson Rd 7.30pm. 573 5055 Table Tennis Tauranga Weds 1-3pm & 7-9pm, Fri 7-9pm at Memorial Hall, QEYC. or Bill 578 1662 Tauranga Golf Club Golf Fusion beginner clinics with Rob Ilott at 2pm and running for 4 weeks. Phone Jay or Rob on 07 578 8465 (ext 1)

Tauranga South Garden Club

Central Baptist Church Hall, 13th Ave, Tauranga 1.30pm. Decorative: Easter Baskets. Speaker: Demo - on weaving. Committee nominations/competitions/ bring & buy. Margaret 578 1017 Te Puke Toy Library 248 Jellicoe St, opp Atuaroa Ave, Te Puke Weds to Sat 9.30am - 12pm. 021 130 6476

Toastmasters - City Early Start

Improve communication, leadership & teamwork skills. Classic Flyers Avgas Cafe 6.45-8.15am. Toastmasters is the answer for building confidence & leadership skills. email: LaniDTM@kol. or 571 1545. http://cityearlystart.

Thursday 3 April

Army Cadets (WBOP Cadet Unit)

Every Thurs at Tauranga Army Hall 6-9.30pm. Ages 13-17 youth development with a military flavour. Email: Awesome Clothing Sale Good quality, all sizes & styles. Men’s, women’s, children’s shoes, sheets, duvets etc. Only $2 a bag. You pick. Rain or shine. Historic Village, 17th Ave 9.30-10.30am. Organised by Turning Point Trust. 578 6934

BOP @ Heart Committee AGM

Tauranga RSA, members lounge, 1237 Cameron Rd, Gate Pa 7.30pm. Rachael 027 447 2242 or email: Club 55 Tenpin New members welcome to join a fun seniors tenpin bowling league. Meet Thurs at 13th Ave Tenpin 10.30am. Jenny 543 0539

Community Bible Study International

At 14th Ave Gospel Centre 10am 12pm for a non denominational in depth Bible Study. Jack/Betty 544 3809 Fitness League Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities, complementary first class, Central Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd 9.30am & Weds at Katikati Memorial Hall 10am. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 170 Keynote 4 Part Harmony Women’s Chorus Meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave Tauranga 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Nora 544 2714 Mainly Music Every Thurs at St Enoch’s Church, 16th Ave 9.30am. $3 per family. New members welcome. 578 3040


as ire ylinder SERVICES


The Weekend Sun

Earth Hour event going ‘off the grid’ Cover story

The ovens and refrigerators are going off with the lights this weekend as a popular summer event returns for an ‘off the grid’ Earth Hour special.

The Gourmet Night Market at Coronation Park is returning on Saturday, March 29, as part of Tauranga’s annual Earth Hour event. The market, from 5pm-9.30pm, will coincide with Mauao Performing Arts Centre’s Summer Series concert, featur-

ing local performers including with a solar powered generator from 8.30pm-9.30pm. AliceSea, Godsown, Derek Toner, and the Gourmet Night Market It’s designed to raise awareness of Spank the Funky and K Holla. will use gas and alternatives, such environmental issues and inspire Tauranga City Council sustainas chilly bins for refrigeration.” local community action. ability advisor Michelle Elbourn Michelle expects more than “Here all the lights will go out to says this is their fifth local Earth 1500 people will take part. show our support, and the audiHour event and she’s thrilled to “We also aim to try and be ence can enjoy a fire dance and have the night market on board. waste-free, showcasing sustainable drumming performance, along “What’s different this year is with a final candlelit performance every effort possible is being made event management.” Earth Hour – an international under the stars,” says Michelle. It to minimise the impact of the event encouraging people to colis an alcohol free event, and in the event and run it ‘off the grid’. lectively turn their lights off for case of wet weather will be post“We’re using no electricity, one hour – will run poned to Sunday, March 30. instead the stage will be powered By Corrie Taylor Performer AliceSea will entertain crowds in the Mauao Performing Arts Centre’s Summer Series concert. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Get a Samsung GALAXY Fame for $0 ...Continued Mount Art Group Every Thurs at St

Peter’s Church Hall, 11 Victoria Rd, Mt Maunganui 9am - 1pm. Visitors welcome. Merilynn 575 6777 Mount Underwater Club Club night at Mount Ocean Sports Clubrooms (cnr the Mall & Salisbury Ave) Mt Maunganui 7.30pm. Prize giving & photo competition. Gail 570 1935 Mt Maunganui Creative Fibre Meet every Thurs at Arataki Community Centre 9am - 1pm. Share & learn spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting, felting & other creative crafts. Jan 574 1265 Tauranga Heart Support Group Phase 3 rehab exercise, social events & guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. Every Thurs at City Church Hall, Otumoetai Rd/ Sherwood St 9.30-10.45am. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified instructor/Cardiac Care leader. Tauranga Machine Knitters AGM at St Enoch’s Church Lounge, 16th Ave 1.30pm. Janice 576 9070

Tauranga Model Railway Club Meet every Thurs evening. Ed 543 1108

Tauranga Storytellers’ Group Meet last Thurs of month. Learn how to develop your storytelling skills. Claire 577 7220 Toastmasters - Kickstart Club Have fun while learning to speak confidently. Breakfast meeting at Alimento Cafe, 1st Ave, Tauranga 7-8.15am. Guests welcome. Helen 571 6181

Friday 4 April

Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting every

Fri at Hamner Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton (behind Tyremaster) 7.30pm. 0800 229 6757 for more meetings or assistance. Chess Tauranga Every Fri at Tauranga RSA, Greerton 6pm onwards for the whole family. Noel 579 5412 Documentary Nights Every 2nd Fri 7pm. Many interesting & though provoking subjects covered. Kim 576 9427 or 027 285 9611 Free Immigration Assessment By Licenced Immigration Adviser. Tauranga Multicultural Ethnic Council, Historic Village, 17th Ave. For appointment ph Iryna Stewart 543 9125 Free Immigration Clinic Every Fri - legal advice & information on immigration issues. For appointment, Baywide Community Law 571 6812 Friday Friends 10 Pin Bowling League Join our friendly league playing every Fri at 13th Ave 10 Pin 1pm (3 games). We play in pairs. Barry/Loris 571 5492 Scrap/Card Retreat Otumoetai April 11-12. $20. Ph Deborah 0274 303 781 or deborah@ Unbroken Spirit Exhibition at Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga. Opening ceremony 6-9pm. Exhibition April 5-17 10.30am – 3pm. Presented by Shakti Ethnic Women’s Support Group. Paintings organised by Venus IQNZ.

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. Email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.

Vodafone Power to you

on a 24 month $39 plan • 300 minutes • 500MB • Unlimited TXTs

to standard NZ numbers


Mushroom Speaker with every purchase RRP $49.90


Visit us in store at 306 Cameron Road, Tauranga Phone: 07 578 6916 Unlimited TXTs are for standard person-to-person TXTs to standard NZ numbers. Excludes overseas, premium and special numbers. As long as you’re using your fingers to TXT them, unlimited TXTs if for you! For a full list of what you can and can’t do with unlimited TXTs see For Add-On terms and conditions see Mushroom Speakers available while stocks last.

38 D V D

The Weekend Sun



With Winston Watusi

Starring: Greg Grunberg, Ray Wise, Lombardo Boyar - Dir: Mike Mendez

A few times recently I’ve bemoaned the fact that so few films can successfully find and walk the tightrope required for comedy horror. Well, hot damn, if this doesn’t just walk the tightrope but proceeds to dance gleeful six-legged pirouettes along it. This is no Sharknado, or even Sharktopus or any of those other retro-cheapies – this is a real film. You know it right from the start: the slo-mo build as our hero Alex walks through chaotic street-fighting and panic to reveal the giant spider destroying a high-rise, all set to a piano ballad version of The Pixies’ ‘Where is My Mind?’ is a killer. After that the story is told in flashback, from 12 hours earlier when a body under military care is mistakenly delivered to a Los Angeles hospital. There’s

Further pics this week

Race ‘amazing’ success

Blackfish Patrick Pawn Shop Chronicles Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful

a mutant super-spider inside which immediately bursts out and starts growing exponentially. Death and mayhem ensue, with pest exterminator Alex and Mexican sidekick Jose (and the army) in hot pursuit. It’s a good old 1970s monster movie, but not by any means a cheesy parody. These people really know and respect genre traditions but want to succeed on their own terms: witness the bloody setpiece attack in the park (slightly iffy stop-motion notwithstanding) or the fantastic finale. It’s all done deadly seriously but with a lashing of goofy charm. Blackfish was going to be my Pick of the Week. It’s the “better” film, of course, but this was more fun.

Damn fine Dubious

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

The inaugural The Amazing City Race is being labelled a great success by organiser Catherine Stewart. The event last weekend attracted 20 teams and raised enough money to fund four swimming scholarships. Carters Photographics chose this photograph, taken by the King family, at one of the destinations – The Pouwhenua and Anchor Stone – as the winning photo from the event.

Lickety split

Across 1. He was a painter & author (5,8) 8. Unsuitable (5) 9. Baggage (7) 10. Weaken (6) 11. Position (6) 12. Let in (5) 14. House (5) 18. Possibility (6) 20. Witchcraft (Maori) (6) 23. Defame (7) 24. Potassium nitrate (6) 25. Maori tribe (Gisborne) (13) Down 1. Small town (NI) (6) 2. Trudge (5) 3. Lake (NI) (7) 4. Animal (4) 5. Darkness (5)

No. 1364

Brewers Field Saturday 29 – J Boog – House of Shem 5pm. Reggae. Door charge. McSwiggans Irish Pub Sunday 30 – Wireless 3-6pm. Tuesday 1 – Tauranga Acoustic Music Club jam night 7.309.30pm. Mount RSA Friday 28 – Mark Taupari 7.30pm.

6. Pined (7) 7. Number (6) 13. Expressionless (7) 15. Hippy (7) 16. Cake (6) 17. Racecourse (SI) (6) 19. Freight (5) 21. Extreemist (5) 22. Network (4) E A A A L A P A T A T A A















Fri 12:30, 3:15, 6:00, 8:45. Sat 11:15, 2:10, 5:05, 8:00. Matt Damon, George Clooney. True Story. Sun 11:15, 2:10, 5:05, 8:00. Fri 6:00pm. Sat 3:30, 6:05pm. Sun 6:00. Mon 3:15, 6:05pm. Tue 3:25, 8:10pm. Wed 6:00pm. Tue 12:30, 3:15, 6:00, 8:45. POMPEII (2D) (M) Viol. Fri 3:35. Sat 6:05. Wed 3:00, 5:45, 8:30pm. Sun 3:00pm. Tue 8:35pm. Wed 3:20pm. (M) Violence.


MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN (3D) (PG) Violence. Animated, Adventure,


The time-travelling adventures of an advanced canine and his adopted son, as they endeavor to fix a time rift they created. Fri 3:50pm. Sat 11:00am. Sun 1:30pm. Mon 4:00pm.



COMEDY (M) Adult Themes. Aaron Paul.

Based on the True Story. Sat 1:15. Sun 11:15. Tue 6:05. Wed 3:50 An ex-convict joins an illegal,


(M) Violence &

Final Days! Sat 11:00am.




Matthew McConaughey. Fri 2:20, 8:20. WADJDA (PG) DRAMA. With Subtitles. Sat 1:30. Sun 7:25. Tue 6:00. Wed 8:00. A young Saudi Arabian girl, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2D) (R16) tries to get the funds to buy Graphic Violence, Sex Scenes & Off Lang. Sat 8:35pm a bicycle. Fri 12:30, 6:30. Sat THE RAILWAY MAN (M) Viol. True Story 4:00, 8:20. Sun 11:30, 5:30. Sat 11:15am. Sun 3:15pm. Tue 3:00pm. Mon 3:30, 6:10pm. Tue 1:00, 8:20pm. Wed 3:30, 6:05pm.

Sexual References.

Info line 573 8055


Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins. A man is chosen by God to unFri 12:45. Sat 8:15pm. Sun 12:00. Mon 3:10pm. Tue 5:50pm. Wed 8:30pm. dertake a momentous mission. on MEGA!

Viol, Drug Use & Off Lang.

(M) Drug Use & Off Lang.

FINAL! Fri 4:35. Sat 6:15pm. Sun 1:20.

revenge-seeking car race. Fri 8:15pm. Sat 3:20. Sun 5:20. Mon 6. Tue 12:45. Wed 5:50.


(M) Violence.

A young slave races to save the woman he loves as a volcano threatens to erupt.

Fri 6:05pm. Sat 1:10pm. Sun 8:10pm.

Mon 6:20pm. Tue 3:35. Wed 8:35pm. FROZEN (2D) (G) Sun 3:40pm. $10!! 12 YEARS A SLAVE (R16) Graphic Violence & 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (3D) Sexual Violence. FINAL!

With Rialto

M – Contains


(M) Violence. ADVENTURE,

A two-hour free Business Development Seminar is at Katikati’s St Peters Church Hall on April 1 from 7pm-9.15pm. The entertaining seminar will give away business-building information through ActionCOACH’s senior business coach Hamish Carnie. The seminar offers advice for business vision and strategies, cashflow and profits, and marketing and sales. Phone 0800 641 641 to register.


Capitol Cinema 4

NEED FOR SPEED (2D) (M) Adult Themes NOAH

Business development seminar


Solution 1363

Friday Mar 28 to Wed Apr 2 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke.


Saturday 29 – Symphonia 7.30pm. Sunday 30 – Frankie 4.30pm. The Crown and Badger Friday 28 – Keel. Saturday 29 – Keel. Sunday 30 – Jess Ross 5-8pm. The Matua Sunday 30 – Annual Sports Day. Wednesday 2 – A Taste of Country Night 7.30-10pm.

Western Bay ice cream lovers can have their ice cream and eat it too this Saturday, as part of Mr Whippy’s 50th birthday celebrations. As part of the iconic Kiwi company’s 50th birthday celebrations, the mobile vendors are giving away free soft serve ice creams at Mount Drury and Memorial Park for a gold coin donation to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Fri 1:00. Tue 12:40.

Graphic Viol, Sex Scenes & Off Lang.


Fri 8:30pm. Sun 8:30.

Russell Crowe is Noah in this biblical epic from filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream). Having visions foretelling the end of the world, Noah warns his people to stop the mistreatment of earth. His warnings go ignored, and Noah and his family are cast out and forced to fend for themselves in the face of an apocalyptic flood. Co-stars are Emma

Watson, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins. The Weekend Sun has two double passes to ‘Noah’ for lucky readers who can tell us who plays Noah in the movie. Enter online at under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, April 2.


Dancing duo embrace concert Incredible Christchurch husband and wife dancing duo Silhouette will add an exciting new dimension to the next Waipuna Hospice concert.

vocal range Renee delivered a flawless performance in the final of ‘NZ’s Got Talent’ to take out the title – the judges and audience were on their feet even before the song had finished. Now a professional musician, Renee is an accomplished artist with a passion for musical theatre. Songbird Anna Hawkins will headline the evening. A classically trained soprano with national and international experience. Soon to share the stage with Paul Potts on his NZ Tour, Anna will perform classical, contemporary and Celtic music accompanied by a nine-piece orchestra. Tickets to the evening concert at Holy Trinity on Saturday, May 17, are $55 for adults and $40 for students, with every dollar benefitting Waipuna thanks to sponsorship from Carrus. Tickets at Waipuna Hospice; Holy Trinity; Creative Tauranga; Waipuna Hospice Shops, or online at

Runners up in the 2013 ‘NZ’s Got Talent’, Silhouette embrace the ballet style Adagio: an intense, romantic blend of graceful movements, flexibility and strength. Their routine incorporates breath-taking lifts that leave audiences totally captivated and gasping in awe. One reviewer said it was like watching Goliath cavorting with a butterfly. This will be Kate and Leiataua’s first visit to Tauranga and they can’t wait to share their special gift with our city. Another supporting artist is the winner of last year’s ‘NZ’s Got Talent’ show; Renee Maurice from Wellington. With an impressive

Husband and wife duo ‘Silhouette’.

Families to master the art of recycling Sienna Rowe, 2, and Willow Carswell, 4, making craft out of recycled goods at Bayfair.

Recycling comes to the forefront this weekend with an event dedicated to teaching children and adults how to turn trash into treasure.

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

In the last weekend of Sustainable Backyards Month, a ‘Trash to Treasure’ workshop is at Bayfair Shopping Centre on Saturday, March 29. From 10am-3pm families can learn from sustainability experts the benefits of recycling, how to recycle correctly, and the kinds of ‘treasures’ hidden among trash. Bayfair marketing manager Kylie McGregor says experts from charity Sustainable Coastlines will be running the event, which includes entertaining games for children. “They will also educate youngins on some of the practical ways they can have a positive impact on the environment.”

By Corrie Taylor

The Sustainable Coastlines activity centre will be between Muffin Break and Farmers. Bayfair Shopping Centre is committed to sustainability. In 2013, Bayfair diverted more than 279,000kg of cardboard and paper, more than 33,000kg of plastic, glass and metal waste, and 66,000kg of organic waste from landfill. By Corrie Taylor

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GREERTON 169A MALEME STREET Monster garage sale. 29th March. 8am-12.30pm. Clothes, toys, books, raffles, sausage sizzle.

TAURANGA MONSTER ST GARAGE SALE Windermere Drive + surrounding streets.15+ houses! 3rd Annual, Sunday 30 March, 8 – 11am

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arts & crafts CRAFT RETREAT, scrapbooking & card-making. Friday 11-12 April, $20, Otumoetai Bridge Club. Email for more details or 0274-303-781 EVENING CLASSES & Saturday workshops. Learn a new craft or sharpen up an existing one! We run workshops in glass cutting, stained glass, mosaics, kiln fired glass fusing, ceramic painting and art clay silver jewellery.Take some time out to get creative with Clay Art Studio and Leadlight Expressions, Historic Village, 17th Ave. Ph 571 3726

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First home buyers return to market Census statistics show our region grew in population since 2006. Couple this with the confidence in the marketplace and we’ll continue to see pressure on the limited stock of property available. And, there is a high likelihood the average price may rise as a result of this supply and demand. This, coupled with the Investors are re-entering the marketintroduction of the new place again and I expect this trend to loan-to ratio restrictions continue in the short-term, particularly impacting predominantly given the shortage of rental on first-home buyers, has property available. slowed sales in the lower market. Locally, we’ve seen a decrease in sales in property under $400,000. But the confidence building in the economy has meant we are seeing some growth in the middle to top end of the market; and there has been a noticeable increase in the volume of sales of more than $1 million. Currently, right across the country currently there is a shortage of homes for sale and there is still a high demand, so those two factors keep the market bubbling along.

With a small rise in the Official Cash Rate there will be a certain amount of caution in the market.

Property management divisions are becoming more popular as first-time investors realise the value of employing a property manager to look after their investment, thereby ensuring all inspections are carried out, rent is collected and maintenance issues are taken care of. First-home buyers are starting to find ways around the LVR and they too are coming back into the market, certainly not in large volumes yet but making some headway. By Karen Worley, Realty Services


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God’s unchanging solutions to the pains of life www. www.

We live in a world that is no stranger to suffering.

Sunday Gatherings 10:00 am Mount Sports Club 51 Miro Street Blake Park The Mount

So many struggle silently each day with the aches and pangs of a wounded heart, desperate to

find some comfort and relief. Psychology and counselling can provide some assistance, but it is little more than trying to fix a broken leg with a bandage. Where can we find a lasting solution? The truth is we live in a fallen world; a world that has been “subjected to futility” (Romans 8:21) as a result of us choosing to serve self rather than God. The consequences of this corruption reach far and wide, infecting every heart. We suffer as a result of the corruption in the world (in sickness, bereavement etc), and also as a result of the corruption within ourselves. Therefore, it can be concluded all of the problems and pains we encounter have their origin in sin – either our sin, the sin of those around us, or the consequences of sin on our world. As a wise man once said; ‘The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart’. And if the fundamental problem is spiritual (for example, sin), then so is the Sunday Services decisive solution. 9:30am & 6:00pm In 2 Peter 1:3 we Come along! read that God’s “divine power has 07 576 5387 granted to us all 252 Otumoetai Road things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him”. Whatever we need, His word supplies to us. Either through direct precept or indirect principle, the Scriptures give us God’s wisdom on every struggle we face. At the Resolute Bible Conference on April 12 we’ll be exploring the theme of ‘Healing broken hearts – God’s unchanging truths for never ending pains’. Join us as together we delve into the riches of Christ’s allsufficient grace. Visit By John Kerr, Bay Bible Fellowship


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Your neighbourhood, your community and your rates for 2014/15

g n i o g s What’ r u o y n i on t c i r t Notice s i d boa

What’s happening? Last week the Council approved its Draft 2014/15 Annual Plan. The Draft Plan sets out the money Council needs to carry out work in the 2014/15 financial year (1 July 2014 - 30 June 2015). If you’d like to have your say on what’s in the Draft you need to let Council know by Monday, 28 April.


28 MARCH 2014 ISSUE 104

Family day unites island community

Emergency services from Council and other mainland services featured at the Matakana Island Whanau Day this month.

A whanau day on Matakana Island community has raised $1,800 for the island’s first response services and was supported by Western Bay Civil Defence and Emergency Management staff and other mainland services. The event held by Te Awanui Hauora Trust to raise the community’s awareness about health and safety and health education was a day for people to come together. Proceeds from the whanau day enabled the Trust to replenish medical supplies and provide ongoing volunteer training for the unit. The event was a great success and was attended by 85 percent of the community. Through this annual community project Te Awanui Hauora achieves many health and safety promotional goals and enables island families to take part in health and wellbeing activities in which they may not otherwise have had access. Kristy Samuel from Te

Awanui Haurora Trust said the day was filled with eye-catching demonstrations including a helicopter monsoon bucket demonstration and police dog handling. Fun activities for families included colouring-in competitions and rides on the emergency vehicles.

“Whanau interaction with the mainland emergency services Police, Fire, Civil Defence, St Johns, TECT Rescue Helicopter was highlighted as a definite positive outcome for our small community,’’ said Kristy.

“Te Awanui Hauora believes that our Emergency First Response Services and the relationships we have built and sustained, give our local and wider community peace of mind for the safety, health and well-being of whanau.’’ If you’d like to find out more information on Te Awanui Hauora Trust please visit

Te Puke’s floodable areas under review Council is proposing to update the Flood Hazard Zones for Te Puke. The construction of stormwater upgrades over recent years has improved the level of service of Te Puke’s drainage system and subsequently reduced the risk of flooding in some areas. However, with climate change and higher rainfall figures the stormwater runoff will increase and put parts of the stormwater system under pressure. Through the use of new hydraulic computer modelling tools we have been able to examine the impact of these events on the system, identifying new areas that may have the potential to flood and highlight areas that need to be upgraded. This stormwater model will be used to review and update the existing floodable areas of Te Puke as shown on the District Plan maps. With the completion of this process Council will provide affected property owners with updated information about potential flooding. At this point in time it is proposed to have the revised flood areas available for consultation with affected landowners by the end of April.

A closer look at what’s being proposed in the Draft Plan Council expects to receive income of $54.78 million from rates for the financial year – compared to $51.06 million in the 2013/14 year. This takes into account the District Rate, Community Board Rates and Uniform Annual Charges. Council is proposing an average rate increase of 4.68% (including growth and inflation). This is considerably lower than the 6.0% forecast in the 2012-2022 Long Term Plan and is 0.49% less than last year’s average rate increase. The proposed average rate increase is 1.98% above growth (0.50%) and inflation (2.20%). Keeping the rate increase under five percent has been achieved through deferrals of $1 million in the roading budget, including reducing the seal

extension budget by $200,000 and seal widening by $120,000. Total costs in the 2014/15 year are expected to be $96.1 million of which $61.3 million will be spent on maintaining existing Council assets and delivering required services. To find out more Keep an eye out for your copy of the Draft Annual Plan summary. If you live in the Western Bay of Plenty District the summary should arrive in the same mail delivery as this edition of the Weekend Sun. If you live outside the District but own property in the Western Bay we’ve posted a copy to you. Once you’ve read the summary you can determine whether you want to make a submission to Council on what’s proposed. You can also visit Council’s website to find further information. Please remember submissions close on Monday, 28 April. Hearings, for those people who have made a submission and wish to speak to Council about it, will be held from Monday, 12 – Wednesday, 14 May. All submissions and hearings will be considered before the final Annual Plan is adopted by Council at the end of June.

If you’re interested in coming along to a community meeting during April to find out more about the Draft Plan please mark the following dates in your calendar. Wednesday, 2 April From 7.00pm. Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Road, Omokoroa Monday, 7 April From 6.30pm. Supper Room, Waihi Beach Community Centre, Waihi Beach Road, Waihi Beach Tuesday, 8 April From 6.30pm. Lounge, Katikati War Memorial Hall, Main Road, Katikati

Wednesday, 9 April From 6.30pm. Settlers Lounge, Te Puke War Memorial Hall, 130 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke Thursday, 10 April From 5.30pm. Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Barkes Corner, Greerton, Tauranga

Rural fire permit applications go online Applying for a fire permit has just got a whole lot easier for rural residents in the Western Bay. The Council has introduced an online permit application service. This makes applying for a permit easy and fast – no need to phone the Council or go to a Council office.

Simply: 1 2

Go to Council’s website Click on A-Z of Services, click on Rural Fire, then Online Fire Permit application


Complete the Fire Permit application


Click Submit

Council will email you an acknowledgement of the application, which will be placed in a queue with all others and processed as normal by the Rural Fire Authority. It’s as simple as that.

A restricted fire season started on 1 October 2013 and remains in force until 30 April 2014. With the exception of gas-fired barbeques, a permit to burn is required during this period. Permits are free of charge. Note: Holding a valid fire permit does not in any way diminish your responsibility to manage your fire safely and properly. If you light it, you are responsible for it and have liability for any consequences that may arise from it. For further information contact Principal Rural Fire Officer for the Western Bay Moana Rural Fire Authority, Barry Low, 07 571 8008



Making a service request

Proud to support our community partners

Please remember if you have a problem, query or complaint about anything to do with Council and its service, our customer services team are ready and waiting to deal with it.

Call: 07 571 8008



Contact your local councillors If you’d like to contact your local councillors please visit our website at:



Keeping in touch online > If you’d like to receive updates via email please send your details to:


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new world


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Loose White Washed Potatoes

Romano’s Thin n Crispy Pizza Bases



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Pams Baked Beans/ Spaghetti 425g

Limit 8kg per customer

The Weekend Sun 28 March 2014  

The Weekend Sun 28 March 2014