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Solving students’ mystery

Flipping for festival As 10-year-old Anna McKernon flips, twists and flies through the air, her mother Rebecca Grigson watches on in astonishment. This Saturday, Anna’s audience will grow to the thousands as crowds enjoy the Tauranga Waterfront Festival, a family event packed with activities and entertainment. See page 11 for full story. Photo by Ross Brown.

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Next minute, we’ve come second A few weeks ago this column identified society’s overdosing on traffic cones and hi-viz vests. Our research shows we’re so bombarded with fluoro, no one takes notice anymore. This week we reveal a sinister new twist – a Christchurch rapist is on the loose in a fluoro vest. It’s true, it seems we’ve become so de-sensitised to these colours, which are supposed to stand out – that we now ignore them. The Detective investigating says a suspect in a safety hi-viz vest “wasn’t noticed” by people because they thought he was a contractor. Interesting that the very reason for wearing such a vest, is to stand out and be noticed, yet there’s so much of it around that it has the opposite effect, and makes the wearers invisible. The prophecy is fulfilled.

Foiled by the superpower

How presumptuous of little old NZ. Thinking we could take on the greatest country in the world and win their cup away from them. As if a bit of ‘she’ll be right’, number eight wire technology could take down the might of the USA, the nation that won the Second World War for us, faked the moon landings, dealt with naughty Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction that were also faked, and successfully prevented Sarah Palin from wrecking the world and our small remnants of good taste. We’ve been properly put in our place. Sent home with our tail between our legs. Taken a whipping from the superpower. We’ve heard some great excuses for how we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, going from match point, to game over. Tell us your excuses for losing the America’s Cup and we’ll dish out some prizes for the

best, and publish your efforts here as some consolation for our second placing in the oldest sporting trophy event in the world. Send your excuse to

Time for a change

This weekend is the time to adjust your clocks again for daylight saving. Those astute readers with good memories may recall that at the end of last summer, some of you experienced considerable difficulties with this task and as a consequence, failed to put your clocks back and have been reading this column an hour early for the entire winter. In extreme cases, some of you were reading it before it was written. We had given you full instructions on how to adjust your clock, by moving the numbers around the dial so the hands pointed to the right ones. Since then, we’ve heard that some of you have been taking a cunning short cut to the timechanging process, by actually leaving the numbers in the same position on the clock face, and simply moving the hands to compensate. How cheeky. While we don’t agree with people taking this risky approach, we know that RR readers like to live on the edge. If you’re feeling like putting a bit of thrill and danger into your life, you could attempt this radical manoeuvre. Just make sure you end up with the right time on your clock, we do not want to hear any disaster stories and have to refer to any of you as our “late” readers. This year would you please pay a lot more attention to the clock situation.


Firstly, to turn your clocks forward for daylight saving, you need to know the difference between your big hand, the small hand, and the second hand. You’re hearing this information first hand, so don’t be distracted by any other hands, including old hands, deck hands, hand stands, or back handers. Getting back to the second hands: For those of you with new clocks, they obviously won’t be second hand. So you only have two hands to worry about. Your left and right. Unless you are part of Team New Zealand, you really don’t want to know about second. My mother-in-law bought a new clock

this week, but it doesn’t go. I’ve only heard the story third hand, but apparently it wasn’t second hand so you’d expect it would have worked with both hands. This clock is being turned back alright – to the shop. Meanwhile, back to your mission. To determine which is the big and the small hands, take your left hand in your right hand and your right hand in your left hand and compare them for size. Put your left hand in, and shake it all about. Do the hokey tokey and turn around, that’s what it’s all about. Once you have established the relative size of your hands, take your clock in your left hand, turn the big hand forward a full turn of the clock with your right hand. If you take your partner by the hand and find they are doing a full turn at the same time, you’ve accidently come to the wrong class and are in the square dancing lesson. Perform a quick dosey-doe, curtsy and leave the room immediately. Be sure to take all your hands with you. When your big hand is doing a full turn with the help of your right hand, your small hand should move simultaneously, in synchronisation and at the same time (one of those three will do) exactly one twelfth of the way around the clock. Your left hand should not move at all because it is holding the clock. By now you should have successfully moved your big hand and your small hand by only moving your right hand. Your clock is now ready to put placed back on the wall, preferably with both your left and right hands. This may require climbing on a chair or ladder. Please take care. Nearly 100 per cent of falls around the house happen in the home. (If someone falls from a ladder, check to see if they’ve rung for help). Use appropriate safety gear, put cones around the base of the ladder to prevent tripping and hang on tight to the ladder, preferably with your right hand, assuming the left hand is still holding the clock with the big hands and the small hands in the correct position. Have someone with big hands hold the base of the ladder to steady it. This person, for safety reasons, should be wearing a fluoro vest. Be careful not to ask the rapist. Climb the ladder and place the clock with both your hands, the clock with both hands, on the wall. Well done. Give yourself a big hand.

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and children a $3help donation fight cancer: CALL : 07 579 4141 TEXT: BEAD to 206 to make $3 donation IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. The hokey cokey (United Kingdom), hokey pokey (United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia), hokey tokey (New Zealand), also known as okey cokey, or cokey cokey, is a participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure. That’s what it’s all about.


The Weekend Sun

Afloat again Sarah Cook and swimming helper Kristie Purton with young swimmers Jack Childs, 9, Brock Parker, 9, and Alex Cook, 8. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

An overzealous contract misinterpretation between Tauranga City Aquatics Limited and Bay Swim School is leaving a sour taste in the mouth of one Greerton mother. Sarah Cook came to The Weekend Sun early this week appalled to find herself and other angry parents being squeezed out from giving their eight and nineyear-old sons extra after-school swimming lessons at the public pools. Sarah’s son Alex, 8, and Jack Childs and Brock Parker, both 9, are enrolled in half-hour swimming lessons on a Monday with Bay Swim School. But the solitary lesson led their parents to decide on giving them a helping-hand before swim school.

“We thought the boys weren’t progressing probably as quickly as we would like and one lesson was not beneficial,” says Sarah. “So we thought if we take them down after school on a Thursday we could put all three of them in the pool and we have a friend Kristie Purton that is good at swimming who said: ‘I will walk along and give them pointers’.” Taking up the initiative two weeks ago, the group was pulled up by pool management, who say the parents were prohibited from using the facility’s public lanes for teaching purposes before 7pm due to a contract with the swim school. Thinking they were joking, Sarah took the children back only to be stopped and advised again. But on Thursday, Tauranga City Aquatics Limited networks manager Steve Edgecombe admitted their fault in the matter, putting

it down to management misinterpreting the policy between the pools and the swim school. “He said Bronwyn [Greerton Pool manager Bronwyn Gimblett] had always felt uncomfortable implementing the policy and it was on one complaint from the swim school that it might have been a little over interpreted,” says Sarah. “The contract is for large groups of people who are using the public lanes for monetary profit and for general members of the public it should not have been implemented.” With the children now back in the water on Thursday afternoons, Sarah’s children, who have been enrolled with the swim school since 2007, are still being pulled out of the swim programme from next term – instead receiving lessons at Windermere Aquatic Centre. By Luke Balvert


The Weekend Sun

Backtrack on statue costs Tauranga City councillors are meeting today to look at ways to bring the Hairy Maclary and friends sculptures to the waterfront sooner. Mayor Stuart Crosby says he called the extra ordinary council meeting after learning from Creative Tauranga chief executive Tracey Rudduck-Gudsell the statues are complete – and the major block to their installation is a council requirement for $150,000 up front to save ratepayers from having to clean and insure them for the next 50 years. Tracey told Monday’s Projects and Monitoring Committee the bronzes will probably be put in storage until the money can be raised. She would not say how much money is already raised. Larry Baldock says the council’s $150,000 claim may have been made when the original vision was for a Hairy Maclary sculpture trail about town – and not for the one-site installation now planned for the waterfront. The completed Hairy Maclary

sculptures bound for Tauranga’s waterfront.

By Andrew Campbell

Ageing strategy short on details Continuing with an ever-increasing number of retirement homes or investing in a vibrant network of suburban communities were options discussed during submissions hearings of Tauranga City Council’s Age Friendly Strategy.

Oceanside Family Chiropractic

Linked walkways, a consistent standard of linked footpaths, walkways and cycle tracks across the city – all located retirement communities near the city centre or public transport hubs – and concentrating on developing communities where people can ‘age in place’, is what submitters say they are looking for. Gerontologist Carole Gordon says Cherrywood is an example of the sort of centres TCC should be encouraging for ‘ageing in place’. It has angle parking, and a variety of shops and service centres. “You can do just about everything in that little place, and it’s got a toilet and extra parking,” says Carole. “It just needs a little bit more social connection.” These days suburban centre developments are being suggested as an alternative to isolated ‘elderly ranches’ of the retirement homes, says Carole. In responding to this week’s submissions, TCC councillors accepted some criticisms and made minor alterations before adopting the policy. Now the strategy is a work in progress and will be subject to regular review. While submitters were congratulating the council on being the first in the country to have an agefriendly strategy, some are also saying the strategy itself offers little in the way of solid actions or policies that can be built on. “The real effort is yet to be focused at the community level where people are living longer, and increasingly want to learn, to work, and play,” says Carole. The policy needs to go further to address population ageing issues at a strategic level to ensure ‘ageing in place’ is a viable option for living a longer, independent, socially and economically connected life, says Carole. The Population Ageing Technical Advisory Group chair Graham Young says while the goals and direction of the council strategy are supported, many of its actions are too broad to be successfully implemented. The council should go back to the drawing board and redraft the age-friendly city strategy to focus on a smaller number of actions that are specific, measureable and achievable – which will make a difference in promoting an age-friendly city, says Graham. By Andrew Campbell


The Weekend Sun

Family finesse



Soccer siblings Shania and Brooklyn Heath. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Following in the footsteps of their footballmad father, two Tauranga siblings are making their mark on the national pitch. At five Shania Heath was quick to lace up her boots and follow her father’s love for the game, and younger brother Brooklyn wasn’t far behind, playing at four years old. Both parents have encouraged their game in coaching roles during the years – with father Ian currently coaching three regional teams – but mother Tina says the siblings’ achievements come down to their own hard work and commitment. “They both put in at least 10 hours training or playing every week, which is the figure they say you need to do. We are extremely proud of their work.” Brooklyn, 12, has just been named in New Zealand Football’s 23-member strong national talent centre development Under-13 squad – joining Shania, 14, who has been in her age group development

squad for the last four years. “I am so excited,” says Brooklyn, about the squad, which is focused on training for the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in four years. “I’ve been working towards this ever since my sister got in.” Brooklyn, the only squad member from outside Auckland, will be joining his team mates on a weeklong training camp these school holidays. The strong family focus on football, along with a competitive sibling rivalry, has helped motivate him. In the short-term Brooklyn is determined to stay in the national talent centre with the aim of proceeding through national age group teams before ultimately playing for the All Whites. Shania’s highlights this season include playing in the Bay of Plenty women’s team in the Northern Premier Women’s league and being selected for a trial for the Waikato BOP national women’s squad. Ultimately she wants to make a career out of football, with her eyes set on earning a football scholarship after she leaves Aquinas College. By Hamish Carter


Do you take the bus?

Our investments

Do you go to the park?

The NZ Transport Agency has changed its funding focus which is now focused on funding peak commuter hours. So the majority of NZTA’s funding will go to where congestion is greatest – ie: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. This means there will be more pressure on government funding.

The Port of Tauranga is New Zealand’s most efficient export port with 54.9% owned by the regional council through Quayside Holdings Ltd.

The Papamoa Park is a fantastic regional park – 135 hectares providing walks through pure native bush and grassland. Green space is precious. Our environment is our competitive advantage.

I am committed to ensuring we have a safe, reliable, effective public transport system for Tauranga.

Do you drink our water? The government’s new rules for managing fresh water in NZ will mean changes to how we manage allocation and quality. I support investment in good evaluation of water quality and quantity so decisions around how we manage water in the future can be evidence based and fair.

Are you a ratepayer? The regional council is focused on an internal cost efficiency programme with a total target of saving $750,000 in business operation costs by 2014. I also believe in the shared services model. I endorse the “doing business better” programme and believe we need to exercise efficiency measures wherever they can be identified.

Phone: 027 2222 419

This model of public asset ownership is a very good one and whilst the regional council receives the dividend for the benefit of the region, it remains at arm’s length from the day to day management of the shareholding. I support the current model of the cornerstone shareholding of the Port of Tauranga Ltd.

Why should we plan?

I want to work with a range of parties to look at ways we can achieve more green space and protect our biodiversity.

Do you think we need good investment in infrastructure?

The regional council is helping develop a BOP spatial plan which will provide a clear development vision and investment blueprint for the BOP.

The council has established a regional infrastructure fund and set aside $38 million for external infrastructure projects in its 10-year plan.

I fully endorse the need to develop a BOP spatial and investment plan.

I fully support the Council’s position but would like to see more progress on best use of “public wealth” as part of the regional investment strategy.

Do we need economic development? The BOP has high rates of unemployment and an aging population. We must find sustainable economic growth solutions that provide job opportunities. I support initiatives that promote sustainable employment opportunities whilst leveraging our fantastic lifestyle.


Should we protect our harbour? The Tauranga Harbour is what defines us. It is a place of peaceful reflection or active recreation. It is our sanctuary and our playground. It is magnificent ecology and it must have our absolute protection and enhancement. In 201314 the regional council is committing over $4 million to work in the Tauranga Harbour. I am committed to seeing the whole of Harbour plan in place that secures our magnificent Harbour against further damage. I want to see investment in research and science that provides the best long term solutions for the whole catchment.

Are you a volunteer?

I believe the Tauranga and Western BOP sub-region can create an amazing network of parks, green spaces, walkways and cycleways.

There are over 2000 volunteers involved in regional council related activities and the council wants to provide more support to these “nuggets of gold” groups like CoastCare, LandCare, EstuaryCare, Harbour Wardens and Enviroschools. Volunteers are the heart of our communities. They need to be respected, valued, supported and enabled.

I support working with a range of organisations to create a unique network of walkways and cycleways.

I want to work to see volunteers and their amazing work and commitment honoured and enabled.

Do you use our walkways and cycleways?

Environment Great Service Practical Infrastructure Better Business Good Governance

I am committed to protecting our magnificent environment, providing great service, practical infrastructure, better business and good governance. We have beautiful harbours, wetlands lakes and beaches and I want to see them protected and looked after whilst being very careful to balance environmental protection and enhancement with the need to grow and enjoy our place. I have served on the regional council for three years and remain committed to working for this region as hard as I can. • Current Councillor • Chair Finance Committee • Director Quayside Holdings • Trustee Enviro Hub • Former CEO Tauranga Council • Former Board member BOP DHB and Polytechnic • Former Chair Bay Trust and Sport BOP. AuTHOrIsEd By PAuLA THOmPsOn, 69 THE drIvE, TAurAngA.


A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

Showered in pink Greerton’s Cherry Blossoms are in bloom – and that can only mean one thing.

Man’s body found on Pilot Bay

A man’s body was found at Pilot Bay in Mount Maunganui on Thursday. The 81-year-old Tauranga man’s body was discovered in shallow water near Grace Ave about 10.40am. Police are not treating the death as suspicious and it has been reported to the coroner. His identity will not be revealed until next of kin have been informed.

Stormy tree crash injures woman

A woman was taken to Tauranga Hospital after the car she was travelling in was caught in a crash caused by the storm on Tuesday night. A tree fell across State Highway 2 near Te Puna’s Clark Rd about 9.40pm, blocking one of the lanes. Moments later Tauranga Police say a car ran over the tree’s branches, a second vehicle braked and avoided the tree, and a third vehicle crashed into the rear of the second vehicle. Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager, Senior Sergeant Ian Campion, says a woman in the third car sustained injuries. Tauranga St John Ambulance reports the 54-year-old suffered moderate injuries and was taken to Tauranga Hospital.

Female police officer attacked

A Tauranga man accused of strangling a female police officer in the back of a patrol car is back in police custody. The 21-year-old appeared in Tauranga District Court on Wednesday for breaching his bail conditions and was remanded in custody pending a psychiatric report. The man was released on bail on Monday after being arrested and charged with injuring with intent to injure in relation to the attack on a female police officer on Sunday. Police say the lone officer was transporting the man back to the police station on Monmouth St to take a statement after he had been beaten up. While in the patrol car police say the man attacked the female officer. A second unit was travelling behind the female officer’s car and managed to overpower the alleged attacker.

Boatie’s death preventable

A Katikati father, who drowned after his boat capsized in Tauranga Harbour, could have survived had he been wearing a lifejacket, a Coroner has found. Coroner Peter Ryan released findings into the death of 52-year-old Tim Mair whose body was found at Whiritoa 10 days after his 20ft boat was swamped and tipped by a wave near Bowentown Heads on January 28 this year.

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The annual Spring Cherry Blossom Festival returns this weekend, with plenty of fun planned for the whole family. Greerton Mainstreet manager Victoria Thomas says the festival, in its third year, is fast-becoming a much-loved event for the surrounding community. This year a host of activities and entertainment are planned for children and adults alike, says Victoria. “We’ve got lots of live music. Mauao Performing Arts Centre is providing that, and hopefully the steel pan group will come down.”

There is also fire truck rides, amusements rides, balloon art, face painting, performance artists, and Envirohub’s smoothie machine. “A good number of our stores are doing some big crazy specials, so that’ll be for the parents, and the live music is pretty awesome too.” And with perfect timing, the allimportant blossoms are blooming. “You should definitely come and check them out, they’re beautiful. We reckon by week’s end they’ll be stunning.” Parking in Greerton is free, and Victoria says there is plenty of parking in and around the side streets. The festival is on Saturday 10.30am-3pm. By Corrie Taylor

Pictured: Victoria Thomas with Greerton’s Cherry Blossoms – blooming in time for this weekend’s festival. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Treasurer settles TCC debt questions Tauranga City Council’s debt figure has been confirmed this week at $353.4 million – not the half a billion being claimed by council critics on the hustings. Campaigning TCC councillors asked city treasurer Mohand De Mel for the

definitive figure this week when he presented the treasurer’s report to the Projects and Monitoring Committee. Replying to questions, Mohand says the only way the half billion could be found is by adding the total gross external debt of $412.7million to the

corporate treasury’s $78million deficit for August. The $78million recorded as a deficit is like if you have a mortgage for $300,000 and have a deposit of $50,000, says Mohand. In reply to councillor’s questions Mohand prefers the debt figure at the end of July of $388million, which is council debt before the rates came in. The $353.4million debt for August includes most of the rates. “That money’s got to last the next six months, so $388million is probably the right number, as I see it,” says Mohan. “I think in the past there’s been some confusion on what is interest bearing debt. I know some commentators have been including all the derivative valuations in that figure, which is a moving thing and none of that is a cash flow item. And also that doesn’t go into setting rates.” By Andrew Campbell

The Weekend Sun


A fighting spirit Faith Van Duin trains with Muay Thai instructor Regy Yamat at Mount Maunganui’s Gym 101. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

When stepping into the cage of one of the world’s most ferocious sports, maternal pride and passion is all the inspiration Faith Van Duin needs. In a whirlwind 18 months of hard work, the Papamoa mother-of-two is riding high in the sport of mixed martial arts as the current WKBF Junior Welterweight MMA Champion and newly crowned Storm Damage Featherweight Champion. MMA is a full contact, combat sport allowing the use of both striking and grappling techniques both standing and on the ground from a variety of other combat sports. For Faith the shiny accolades represent a remarkable transformation from someone looking for an outlet to the daily grind of motherhood and work, to a serious global MMA contender. “I got pregnant at 14 and never did any sports beforehand. I decided I needed to get fit and show my daughters anything is possible. “They are all my inspiration [her seven and 11-year-

old daughters] and it is just to show them with hard work and goals you can achieve anything.” Three weeks ago she won the Storm Damage Cage Fighting Gran Prix held in Canberra, bumping her up to an impressive ranking of fifth in the world and first in New Zealand and Australia in the sport. “It is a very tactical sport and all depends on who you are fighting. Some are all-round fighters while others are better either standing up or on the ground. In Canberra I beat a world champion boxer and a brown belt in jujitsu so I got to face both forms.” Along with her parental commitments, the solo mother holds down a jam-packed lifestyle juggling a duo of two hour training sessions six days a week plus managing the Beach Grove Holiday Park in Papamoa. “My goal is to be number one in the world. Getting to number five was fast and a surprise but I have worked hard to get here. “You have got to have the skills, the drive and definitely the conditioning. That’s the part being fit in the ring. When you get tired your skills fail you sometimes.” By Luke Balvert


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The Weekend Sun

Chasing the jack In a twist on the common saying, when Tauranga woman Patsy Jorgensen broke her Achilles’ heel, it led her to find her strength. The injury had forced her to give up badminton, but a friend suggested she join her playing twilight bowls. Now, 21 years later, she has just been inducted into the Bowls New Zealand Hall of Fame. “I was absolutely thrilled of course and very surprised,” says Patsy, who along with mentor and fellow former Omanu Bowling Club member and icon Millie Khan, was among 36 bowls legends named in the inaugural hall of fame this month. “I'm overawed to be awarded this privilege and to be associated with this calibre of bowlers,” says Patsy. A sporting career which began with as few social games soon developed into club and regional centre titles for Patsy, who went on to represent New Zealand. “They invited me to join the New Zealand academy in 1996 and my first tournament was against Australia in the trans-Tasman and we won the silver trophy for the first time in five years, which was quite a thrill.” From 1997 to 2002 Patsy was in the New Zealand elite squad, when she won four gold, four silver and two bronze medals. Looking back she singles out the highlight during that time as the two golds she won at the Women's World Bowls Champs at Moama (New South Wales) in 2000 where she earned the medals in the fours and triples. “The world bowls was absolutely amazing. To get one [gold medal] was great but to get two at the same time was amazing.” These days Patsy is as competitive as ever on her club green – where she likes to practice with husband Hugh almost every day – but has stepped back from regional

competition making herself unavailable for the last three years. “I feel I have had my opportunities there and I like to see the younger ones coming through.” By Hamish Carter

Hugh and Patsy Jorgensen polish their bowls. Photo by Tracy Hardy.




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Sibling support A weekend of sport, fun and friends is any 10-year-old’s dream. But for Isaac Cowley, there is a deeper importance.

Isaac is pumped to participate in a free weekend-long camp this November at Lakes Ranch in Rotorua, and is already excited for archery and other sporting challenges.





Barkes Corner Tauranga Ph 07 543 0021

But this is no ordinary camp – SibCamp Bay of Plenty is for eight to 18-year-old siblings who have a brother or sister with a disability or health impairment. The weekend offers a fun retreat for the siblings but also focuses on working through feelings and struggles they may be going through. This will be Isaac’s second SibCamp and mother Tracy Highnam says he can’t wait. Isaac is the oldest of four siblings. His younger brother Jacob has cerebral palsy and struggles with communication and movement. He also has two younger twin sisters. “Isaac is challenging in his own right because he’s struggling for attention,” says Tracy. “So this camp’s really good for that. “It’s the one place where they’re all from the same sort of background.” Tracy says outside of the fun, the camps are incredibly helpful for addressing hidden feelings and emotions the children are going through. “He loved it, but came home feeling quite sad because he realised how he is feeling, which is a good thing because it made him aware that it isn’t easy. It is really good.” The camps, organised by Parent 2 Parent, have been held since 1995. Spokesman Te Reo Hughes says

Wharf upgrade Salisbury Wharf is due for an upgrade. The wharf will be closed for about two weeks from Monday, September 30, weather permitting. The closure will not affect Salisbury Wharf ’s carpark.

Isaac Cowley, 10, plays with his younger brother Jacob, 9. Photo by Tracy Hardy,

the weekend is entirely focused on the siblings, which is gratifying for all the children involved. “Quite often the siblings feel sad, burdened, left out, or stressed from having a sibling with a disability or health impairment. “The activities give the kids a

chance for some free time where they can create their own support networks by meeting new people and building new friendships.” The camp is on November 15-17. Visit: By Corrie Taylor

Pilot Bay work

Second for Burgess

Stormwater improvement work and installation of new pedestrian crossings is continuing along The Mall. There will be varying amounts of disruption and diversions during the next few months.

Tauranga’s Reece Burgess has lost his battle for over-300cc four-stroke glory in the New Zealand Enduro Championships. In the final round of the series, held near Tokoroa on Saturday, Reece came in second behind 18-yearold Chris Birch.



The Weekend Sun

Waterfront wonder Cover story

Acrobatics, fire performers, buskers, spectacular shopping and delicious food – this weekend’s Tauranga Waterfront Festival has it all. Organised by Tauranga City Council and Downtown Tauranga, the family event is planned following the successful official waterfront opening last year, which attracted more than 5000 people. TCC communications advisor Meagan Holmes says it is going to be a great afternoon. “The Tauranga

Waterfront Festival is about local pride – pride in our place and our people. “The waterfront will continue to shape up as an outstanding destination over the next 10 years.” Meagan says the acts and events lined up show an amazing variety of talent people of all ages can enjoy. “We think this is the reason the event was such a success last year and will continue to be a success in the future.” The event will include live music and entertainment, including acrobats (including Anna

McKernon, pictured), fire performers, live bands, puppet and theatre shows, an action zone, face painting, buskers and Hairy Maclary activities. There will also be The Little Big Markets and a fireworks display. The entertainment will start at noon and finish at about 7pm with a fireworks display over the water, says Meagan. The festival runs 12pm-7pm on Saturday. In case of severe bad weather, a postponement date is planned for the following day: Sunday, September 29. Meagan says the best place to park on the day will be in either the Spring St or Elizabeth St parking buildings, which are open and free on Saturdays. By Corrie Taylor

Acrobat Anna McKernon, 10, with mother Rebecca Grigson. Photo by Ross Brown.

Alluring eyes I would tend to agree with people of my senior years, who frown upon any kind of graffiti. However, I believe young people have extraordinary talent and I simply could not walk past this colourful Tauranga Graph Art without recording it on my iPhone. As a visual person, I find myself irresistibly drawn in by the girl’s alluring eyes and the stunning colour scheme. Learn about photography at Andy’s next photo workshop on Saturday, October 12. Email:





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History tuned for airwaves The story of Katikati’s Ulster immigrants and the town’s founder George Vesey Stewart will reach an audience on the opposite side of the world thanks to a visiting Irish journalist.

Visiting Irish couple Kathleen Carragher of BBC Northern Ireland and journalist husband John Deering interview Debbie McCauley, a descendant of Katikati Ulster immigrants.

Briefly from the Western Bay… A selection of decisions discussed at Thursday’s Operational Services Committee.

Funding for projects

Belfast freelance journalist John Deering and wife Kathleen Carragher, who is head of news for BBC Northern Ireland, recently contacted Tauranga woman Debbie McCauley asking to produce a halfhour radio documentary while holidaying in New Zealand. Debbie’s great great grandparents John and Rachel Hamilton were immigrants in the only planned Ulster settlement in the world – led by George – so she set about taking them on a five-day tour of Katikati landmarks, including Athenree Homestead where the documentary is being recorded. “John told me he’d like to record a half-hour radio programme on Katikati, founder George Vesey Stewart, and the story of my great great grandmother as well,” says Debbie. John learned of Katikati and its founder from friends in New Zealand and Ireland. “I think it’s

Three new projects could gain funding through WBOPDC’s 2013/2014 budget via Rural Community Roading, and District Walking and Cycling and Urban Footpath Development funds. The committee was deciding on granting funds to Te Puna Rd’s footpath upgrade, worth $116,000, Te Puna School’s safety project ($170,000) and National Cycleway Projects’ ($100,000), investigating Waihi Beach to Waihi, and commencing of Omokoroa Rd to Tauranga.

District-wide 50 tonne permits

fascinating and I’ve been surprised how little is known about it in Ireland. “I am always interested in stories of people who emigrate to settle in another part of the world,” says John. “It’s a great story for radio, filled with adventure, strong characters, and drama.” Debbie says John is also interested in Athenree Homestead – built by Hugh (George’s brother) Adela Stewart – the

site of many of the settlement’s social gatherings. She thinks John’s interest in her family history – and that of Katikati – is “fantastic”. “George was an important figure – over 4000 people came to NZ because of him to be part of the only planned Ulster settlement in the world – and I think he is an interesting character.” By Merle Foster

A decision was made on entering a Memorandum of Understanding with the New Zealand Transport Agency for the issuing of 50MAX High Productivity Motor Vehicles permits on local roads on a district-wide basis. The 50MAX HPMVs are heavy vehicle truck and trailer units – slightly longer than standard 44 tonne vehicles – with an additional (ninth) axle to operate up to 50 tonnes gross weight.

Unformed road policy review

The committee had a chance to suggest a review of it council’s 2002 Unformed Road Development Policy. It was deciding whether it would recommend the Strategy and Policy Committee review the policy, taking into account: consistency with policy on maintenance of Maori roadways; application where a road is formed but not on the maintenance schedule; guidelines for variations to the policy.

Maori roadways addition

A decision was being made on whether adding a Maori roadway off Opureora Rd (length 620m) be added to the schedule of Maori Roadways maintained by the council. If approved, the work is subject to agreement by the adjacent land owners.

Road repair decision

Want to enhance your management career? The Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies develops management skills, covers functional business areas, and applies learning to existing workplace situations. This Postgraduate Diploma is offered right here in Tauranga and starts 8 March 2014. Register now for our information session. INFORMATION SESSIONS


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» Monday 14 October 2013, 5.30pm At the Bongard Centre, 200 Cameron Road, Tauranga.

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Approving staff to evaluate costs and explore the possibility of basic repair work being conducted on a 500 metre gravel section of Te Rereatukahia Rd was being decided. Thursday’s meeting was to approve this move – or choose to leave Katikati Community Board’s resolution relating to maintenance of the unformed, unmaintained roadway be noted and lie on the table until the Unformed Road Development Policy is reviewed.

Drainage verdict

Drainage and piping work which needs to be undertaken as soon as possible to mitigate any risk or danger in relation to the open drain in Spencer Avenue South was being decided. Committee members could give it the go ahead or note the request from the Maketu Community Board, advise the board the property owner is satisfied with the current level of service, and say no further action will be taken.

Email or to enrol online go to


0800 800 891

At the University of Waikato, the possibilities are endless.



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Mystery spectacle

Where’s Bill?

Feeling like something’s missing in the Sun? You’re probably missing our weekly yarns from Bill Faulkner. Due to the current election campaigning, to remain balanced and fair, we are holding off publishing Bill’s column. The column will resume if Bill is re-elected next month. For more information on electoral candidates, see pages 30-34.

Tauranga Girls’ College students Hannah Park, 14, Kaitlin Hedges, 14, and Emma Blennerhassett, 15. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

A group of young entrepreneurs are seeking the community’s help to identify what two “very old” pairs of metal spectacles were used for. Four Year 10 Tauranga Girls’ College students have been collecting ancient medical artefacts to display in two hand-made cabinets at the Bay of Plenty District Health Board’s Clinical School. This is because they are taking part in a nationwide project – the BP Community Enterprise Project. The programme, aimed at Year 7-10, encourages students to work with local charities and non-profit organisations to identify an issue. Students then work in teams across 20 hours of curriculum time to create a plan to solve the problem. So far, the girls have collected about 13 medical artefacts – already donated to Tauranga Hospital – they thought it would be most educational to be displayed

in the cabinets. Group member Hannah Park, 14, says they have collected tonsil guillotines and syringes – items students at the clinical school “have never seen before”. “It’s been a very good and new learning experience for us.” While searching for interesting items to display in their cabinet, Hannah’s group found two metal spectacles, which specialists say could be from before the 1960s or pre-war time. Optometrist Tim Langford says although they’re unsure exactly what the metal spectacles were used for, one pair was used to give oxygen to patients. “Those tubes were put up the patient’s nose… and they put on the specs as a form of an oxygen holder.” The other pair he thinks is x-ray spectacles.

“Those lenses don’t have any prescription in them…but they are actually really heavy and the lenses are very thick. Spectacles designed for x-ray uses have these very thick, heavy glass lenses. I would say they were designed for protection from x-rays.” The girls are still interested in finding out exactly what the spectacles were used for and are turning to the community for help. The group has entered their idea into the national competition, which means they could win a share of $1000 or $5000 towards their project. If they don’t win, the girls will continue to collect and display the artefacts but will need to fundraise to continue with their project. If you know what the spectacles were used for, email the girls at: By Zoe Hunter

Time to mess with your clocks Get ready to lose an hour as clocks are wound forward for daylight saving this weekend. Six months with an extra hour of sunlight begins when 2am becomes 3am on Sunday, September 29, so don’t forget to wind your clocks forward before bed on Saturday night. The Cancer Society is reminding residents that now is the perfect time to begin protecting their skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation rays. “From September to April, especially 10am-4pm, everyone should ‘slip, slop, slap and wrap’ – slip on a shirt

or into the shade, slop on plenty of broad-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap on a pair of sunglasses,” says Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society spokesperson Rachael Mounsey. “Most people know sunburn is linked to skin cancer, but not everyone realises it’s not the sun’s heat that burns but the UV.”



Vehicle service




(Comprehensive 40 point check)

Corner 2nd Ave & Cameron Road, Tauranga. Phone 578 0851. 45 Hewletts Road, Mount Manganui. Phone 574 3368. Offer only available at Bridgestone Select Tauranga and Bridgestone Select Mount Manganui until 31 October, 2013. Offer applies to cash, EFTPOS, credit card and Q Card sales only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer may only be redeemed with presentation of this ad. Bookings are essential. Pricing based on a standard four cylinder petrol vehicle and up to 5 litres of oil. Additional charges may apply for non-standard or additional parts and additional labour. For selected vehicles this can include oil, oil filter and spark plugs. Please ask in store for details.


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Winding it up With favourable wind conditions expected for both Saturday and Sunday, competitors will take to Tauranga Harbour in what is expected to be exciting and fast-paced racing for both competitors and spectators. In its third year, the event boasts an even mix of windsurfers from across the North Island. Event organiser Peter Head says racing is scheduled for 12pm-3pm on both days with competitors facing off in a simple slalom format of across the wind drag racing in a figure-eight course. With each race lasting about 15 minutes, some windsurfers can reach speeds similar to the America’s Cup action New Zealand has been transfixed to in San Francisco Bay. “Windsurfers when they are going

good will be matching the America’s Cup speeds. Some locals have broken the 40 knot barrier like the AC-45 boats. They usually average about 25-30 knots,” says Peter. “The weekend is focused at locals, as a good way to do what we can, to get more people out windsurfing. There are a handful of guys that train and sail in Maui who are often leagues ahead of the masses, but they like passing on their knowledge and helping everyone out. “The middle runners have the most fun.” says Peter. Along with racing, information and technique sessions will also be available for those keen on dipping their toes into the sport between 10.30am and 12pm. With the sport weather dependent, Peter says a call on the exact location will be made today but with predictions of westerly winds it is more than likely to be held at Fergusson or Kulim Park. “We will make a call on Friday and post an update on our Elements Watersports Facebook page.”

Windsurfer Roger Gosbee in the 2011 competition.

By Luke Balvert




The Bay of Plenty’s windsurfing community is jumping the gun on summer as surfers dust off their sails for the annual Elements Watersports Fun Slalom Windsurf Event this weekend.

Out and about in October The sun is out, the days are lengthening – it’s the perfect time to be getting active outside. To help you exercise and have fun, Sport Bay of Plenty has coined October as Outdoors Month – part of its Play in the Bay sports promotion programme. There is sure to be something for all ages and interests offering everyone a chance to discover a new hobby or sport over the coming weeks. Sport Bay of Plenty recreation advisor Jen Riley is excited about the many have a go Bay of Plenty businesses battling sessions and fun activities being run, saying it out in 2011’s Fulton Hogan there were a few fringe recreation options Corporate Challenge. . being offered - including a Medieval reenactment session (October 13) and airsoft combat. The month’s activi“The Medieval re-enactment will be something differties begin on Saturday ent which could be a fun outing for the whole family, with Tauranga Airsoft and another highlight will be the glow-worm walk at Club running a have a go TECT All-Terrain Park (October 4, from 7.30pm, session at the Tauranga details Julie 579 6732).” Smallbore Rifle Club in Elizabeth St from 10am-3pm (details www. School pupils who have been inspired by the America’s Cup can learn the basics with 10-day introductory sailing and windsurfing courses during the school holidays (details: or call 578 5512). Other fun activities on offer this coming week include a free snow day for pre-schoolers at the Historic Village on Tuesday from 9am10.30am (details Wendy, 578 8554) and the Fulton Hogan Corporate Challenge on Friday at 3pm on the Tauranga Waterfront – where businesses teams will compete in a range of quirky challenges. By Hamish Carter

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Arts collide in Katikati Katikati will be a bulging hive of artistic activities as the fourth New Zealand Mural Contest and Arts Festival comes alive from September 30-October 6.

Mural festivities organiser Katch Katikati promotions manager Jacqui Knight hoists the heavy winner of the town’s 2011 New Zealand Mural Contest sculpture competition. Opening Monday night, the ‘Cultural Encounters’ theme festival unfurls from Tuesday, offering artinspired events for all to Sunday, when the mural

contest winner is gifted $5000 at a comedy night starring Ben Hurley, Urzila Carlson and Vaughan King. Dotted about town, six chosen artists – Graham Wine (Paeroa), Keith Burrows (Aongatete), Karen Lawson and Joyce van der Lely (Tauranga), Pat Williams and Renee Te Pairi (Katikati) – don paintbrushes from 9am Tuesday with people able to view their murals-in-progress daily to 3pm Saturday. Week-long festivities include sculpture and photography competitions, floral art, herb and embroidery displays, mural tours, art studio trails – and everyone can contribute to a paint-by-number mural. Katch Katikati’s festival organiser Jacqui Knight says loads of children’s activities will keep them busy in the first school holiday week. “They can visit murals finding questions or hunt for paintbrushes or things ‘out of place’ in shop windows.” Jacqui’s message is for everyone to “get involved” in Katikati’s biggest arts event – sporting new night-time events. Wednesday night’s Beat Walk offers triple cultural talent with three bands performing three different types of music in three locations for $10. “People can choose where they want to go, or even go to all three venues.” Thursday has pavement chalk art and Katikati Theatre Inc’s production ‘Come into the Parlour’ (also showing Saturday), while Friday gives festival goers Katikati Folk Club’s Songs for Murals challenge, Katikati Art Group’s expo, and a Tibetan Sand Mandala (also on Saturday) being made by a Tibetan monk – a festival first. A jam-packed Saturday, offers an open air art and craft market, rubber duck race, Art in the Air (kiteflying) competition, ponga carving demonstrations, Maori weaving, Ta Moko art, stand up paddle boarding, a mini cultural ‘Many Faces of Katikati’ festival, Wai Taiko Japanese drummers and Troupe Waihi. By Merle Foster


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Hoping for a dream come true By Corrie Taylor

Qualifying for a prestigious international performing arts competition in Los Angeles is a dream come true for Tana Pribram. But in order to compete, the Welcome Bay mother must find $10,000 – a luxury sum of money to Tana – that she doesn’t have. Tana is appealing for sponsorship from local businesses or people to realise her dream of competing in the 2014 World Championships Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. “I would love to go – music is a part of me.” Tana, who moved to New Zealand from Czechoslovakia in 2000, has been singing for as long as she remembers and mostly serenades her husband – who she’s nicknamed her ‘Simon [Cowell]’.

She auditioned for the competition this month, and hopes to raise the required sum in time to travel at the beginning of next July. The annual competition sees 40 countries send their best talent to the United States, where entrants compete in a heated week of events. “Unfortunately, New Zealand doesn’t support people with this event.” Tana says if she makes it, she will represent New Zealand in the competition. To help Tana, phone 021 259 7079 or email: Photo: Welcome Bay mother Tana Pribram needs to raise $10,000 to compete in an international performing arts competition.

Vote or die: Inspiring voter turnout If you think all ‘Meet the Candidate’ evenings are boring then you are probably just the person Tauranga City Council wants at its ‘Vote or Die’ event this coming Wednesday. Hosted by TV3’s Guy Williams the event on the Tauranga waterfront combines the drama of a game show – complete with a spinning wheel – to pick questions for candidates to answer. Spokeswoman Nathalie Massa says the evening, which follows on from a similar event at Baycourt hosted by Ewen Gilmour

Costly late parking

TV3’s Guy Williams.

An experiment keeping Spring St’s parking building open late is being abandoned by Tauranga City Council after it revealed the exercise cost $37,919. In July 2012, opening hours were extended to 7.30am- 11.30pm Monday to Saturday with no charge for parking after 7pm – but will now revert to 9pm closing. Despite regular promotion the building experienced little use after 7pm – which could have been limited by free street parking from 4pm.

during the 2010 election campaign that attracted 500 young people, promises to be a fun way to get to know and understand Tauranga City Council candidates. “Our aim is to mobilise and inspire young people to take an active part in the local election.” Low voter participation is a challenge in Tauranga, with only 44 per cent of residents voting at the last election – below the national average of 46 per cent. “Our goal to increase awareness, understanding; and involvement among young people is part of council’s youth engagement programme.” Nathalie says there has

Papamoa petition

Papamoa East residents delivered a petition of more than 1200 signatures this week, encouraging council to bring forward the extension of Te Okuroa and Golden Sands drives to provide an alternative access and exit from Papamoa East. Residents says they don’t want the whole road built, just half a kilometre to link with Golden Sands Drive; and they’re prepared to talk with council about a targeted rate for the estimated $2-3 million project, says petitioner Paul Melhuish.

been a great response from candidates with more than 20 confirmed and she is expecting strong public interest. Young people are being urged to submit questions on any issue they want by texting ‘Tauranga’ and your question to 463, with questions expected to cover the spectrum from events to employment and the environment. Local Body Elections voting closes midday October 12. Those who have not received their voting papers can make a special vote by contacting their council. The event on Wednesday runs 5.30pm-7pm and will be held at Baycourt if it rains.

Strategies adopted

By Hamish Carter

City council considered submissions on, deliberated, and adopted the Age Friendly Strategy and the Disability Strategy this week. Both strategies were developed by engaging with relevant communities to gather feedback on what they regard as the key issues. The council received 79 submissions on the age friendly strategy with 14 wishing to speak. The disability strategy received 12 submissions and five speakers.


The Weekend Sun

Musical message meets young ears Tauranga Girls’ College student Calista Nelmes wants to use her voice to empower teenagers who have been through tough times – just like her – to overcome their fears. The 14-year-old – hailed by judges as one of the best singers to hit TV One’s ‘New Zealand’s Got Talent’ stage last Sunday night – says her mother Sheryl Gray is the inspiration behind all of her songs. “She has been through so much in her life and she’s such a fighter. She’s kind of my idol,” says Calista, who talks of Sheryl’s experience with domestic (emotional) violence. The whole family’s journey of coming back from domestic violence is reflected in Calista’s music – which she hopes will reach the ears of young people in similar situations.

“I want to get messages out there to people because I’ve realised I’ve got this voice and I can use it,” says Calista. “I know that teenagers all get a pretty tough time. And I’ve personally been through that kind of stuff – I can show that to the world and it could help people.” On Sunday, Calista wowed judges with her audition song ‘It’s a Man’s World’ by James Brown with judge and Opshop frontman Jason Kerrison saying she is one of the best singers he’d ever seen. The Year 10 student auditioned for the show in 2012 but didn’t get in – this time Calista got encouraged to enter by Sheryl and her singing teacher. Calista, who has been singing since she could speak and taking private singing lessons for the last four years, has dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter.

“I have been singing for as long as I can remember but I didn’t think that I could sing very well.” That was until she was nine years old, when Calista made her primary school teacher cry with her audition song into the school choir. “It was pretty insane. But that’s when I thought okay I can do something with this.” By Zoe Hunter

Tauranga Girls’ College student Calista Nelmes is being hailed one of the best singers on ‘New Zealand’s Got Talent’. Photo by Zoe Hunter.

Young muso talent

Tauranga’s young aspiring musos are prepping to perform in the region’s Rockshop Bandquest event later this year. The event, the junior of Smokefree Rockquest, sees primary and intermediate schools’ student bands compete regionally in the hopes of making it to the national finals. Entries closed yesterday, with director Glenn Common seeing “heaps of enthusiasm” from young bands. Tauranga heats are on November 14 at Baycourt.

Historic classroom homed

Otumoetai Primary School’s historic classroom could be relocated to the Historic Village or Parkvale Street following a decision to remove it from school grounds. The vote to remove the 115-year-old building has saddened former pupils and teachers who want the classroom to remain a historic reminder of what early education was like. Historic Places Trust lower northern area manager Fiona Low confirms there have been discussions about relocating to one of the above options.

Come and cook

Families are invited to take part in online cooking programme next week. Tauranga mother-daughter duo Claire and Glenda Gourley are running their free, interactive online cooking programme again from October 2-4. To register, visit www.itsmyturntocooktonight. com. The programme starts 10am on October 2 and finishes on October 4.

The lifestyle you want is steps from everything you need. The superb Somervale lifestyle comes with a Fixed Village Fee. There is something really nice about living in a small, intimate retirement village like Somervale. The residents here are a tight knit bunch and in many cases neighbours turn into great friends. Like the good old-fashioned Kiwi communities of years past, residents also look out for each other and more importantly they have lots of fun together. Along with the vibrant community comes a super convenient location that is a short, flat stroll to the many shops and services at Bayfair Shopping Centre. To see this exceptional lifestyle for yourself, simply call us to arrange a relaxed tour of the village. We look forward to seeing you.

Mount Maunganui Primary School students Tommy Cook and Lucia Smith.

Mount students talk big

Mount Maunganui Primary School students Lucia Smith and Tommy Cook have come up trumps in the Year 5-6 Waikato Bay of Plenty Speech Competition. Lucia is the winner of the Year 5 section and Tommy placed third in the Year 6 section of the competition at Greenpark School on Tuesday. Tommy presented his speech on manners, while Lucia spoke about advertising.


TO VIEW Call Elizabeth on 07 547 4175 33 Gloucester Road Mt Maunganui


Your weekly village fee will never increase while you live at Somervale, providing you with price certainty for good.



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Lending the plaza a hand It will be high fives all round next week as Palm Beach Plaza gets underway with a revamp of the shopping centre.

Pacific Coast Law Barristers & Solicitors

Starting on Monday, centre manager David Hill is inviting children and families to place their hand print on a tile as part of the plaza’s ‘Lend-aHand’ promotion during the school holiday period.

Get involved

David says the first stage of construction at the plaza is well underway, with final plans to be finished by the end of November. The Lend-a-Hand promotion is a great opportunity to be involved in the plaza’s redevelopments and also see the changes that have already taken place. “It’s just a fun, free school

Junior Explorers Wiremu Mitai-Marks, 3, Ruby Greetham, 4, Emilyrose Prosser, 4, Brodie Winter, 3, and Ruben Bester, 3. holiday programme just while we’re under construction.” Once the children have placed their handprint on a tile – they are invited to take home their personalised tile as a ‘memento’ so show they were there at the start of the plaza’s exciting reconstruction.

For every tile made, participants go into the draw to win an iPod mini.

A lasting impression

Tiles that are left behind will be featured somewhere around the plaza once each stage is complete. David says plaza

retailers have also made hand printed tiles. Hand printing of tiles will take place next to Robert Harris during the first week of the school holidays from September 30 – October 4, from 10am2pm each day. By Zoe Hunter

Special camp opportunity for Bay’s youth Greetings from Papamoa Lions Club! The camp will commence on December The Lions International Youth Camp 27 and conclude January 6, 2014. Things will begin at 5.30pm with will be held at the end of the year dinner and a full camp briefing. at the Okataina Outdoor EducaExciting activities will tion & Recreation Centre about include hiking, swimming, 30kms east of Rotorua, in a water sports and camping delightful rural setting. out. All meals will be proParticipants must be no vided – and laundry facilities younger than 17 or no older are available. than 21, as of December 27, Papamoa Lions news As this is an international 2013, and applications close on with Lion Adam event, a country of origin concert the October 31. will be held on the final night of the camp. Participants from each country will have the opportunity



to make a presentation on their country’s culture, customs or music. They will gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand and its people and will learn about other parts of the world and people’s cultures and develop life-long friendships. If you know of someone in the Papamoa area, who fits the age criteria, and who would be interested in this special opportunity, contact Papamoa Lions Club president John Schofield, and John will ensure that you get an entry form, and answer any questions you may have. Contact John on 572 4464. ‘Till next month, Cheers, Lion Adam

Funky fashion for new season Garden Centre 

  42 Gravatt Road, Papmoa

The spring and summer collections at Merric Apparel offer the company’s unique and signature style, with a whole lot of colour and vibrancy. These new season pieces and amazing deals from Merric Apparel can be found at Fashion Island in Papamoa. Fashion Island is the bustling fashionable treasure chest in Papamoa, with many outlet stores. There is also a delicious selection of food and coffee stores. The Weekend Sun has a $20 voucher to Merric Apparel to give away to a lucky reader who can tell us where Fashion Island is. Enter online at: www. under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, October 2.


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Come and see the start of our renovations in the first week of the school holidays Monday 30 September – Friday 4 October, 10am-2pm

Loads o Giveaw f ays! Anyon e ca

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The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Getting it right Some of the day-to-day work you do on a farm can have an effect on the environment, and your neighbours, so it’s a good idea to do it right. For instance, if you clear vegetation or move soil it could cause erosion, send sediment into water, or dust into your neighbour’s property. Some work can be done without a consent, but it depends on where the work is being done. For instance, if it’s near a pond or

stream, on steep slopes, or on sand dunes you’ll need to talk to us about your plans. Some things might also be restricted by our Regional Water and Land Plan, which looks after the quality of our resources in our region. We can help you work out if you need a consent; and help you look at different ways of planning and doing your work so you might not need one. Keep stock out of rivers and streams, and you might need to install a stock crossing near special places such as Tauranga and Ohiwa harbours. Spreading

dairy effluent on paddocks needs a consent; and you have to operate well effluent irrigators in the Bay of Plenty. Disposing of rubbish is always a problem on farms. Remember there are quite a few restrictions as to what can be burned legally. Burning tyres, plastic silage wrap, treated timber, painted material, pesticide waste, animal carcasses and waste oil are all prohibited under our Regional Air Plan. Check out the guide on our website: to see what can be safely burned on your farm.

Taking the baking part two Thanks to alert readers of the newshound column, a suspect in the cookie case has been fingered. Or in this case, pawed. A tip off from Elwyn Pirie alleges the wide-eyed culprit appearing in last week’s column is the notorious Dougal, from the Diana and John Hatwell clan. However this is strenuously denied by the Dougal Inc. organisation. Their public relations department issued the following statement to Newshounds: I understand that there have been a number of people that have pawpawtedly been trying to finger me as the cookie thief. I can CATegorically refute this, as I was only there as the guard for these morsels. I also find this to be a classic case of stereotyping just because I am a black pug. Remember we are not

all like that. Also, I have just been laid off as the food taster from KFC because of a disability that I have due to an illness - one that means I am unable to find similar work because of the liver shunt that I have been diagnosed with. Therefore I am being doubly penalised, all because of my colour and inability to pawform a full day’s work. For this picture to appear in your paper it has severely impacted on my credibility as an officer in the food security industry and therefore I will be expecting the Sun Media group to fund my lifestyle now that I have been banished from this responsible job. Yours with lots of licks and tailwagging, Dougal (the black pug).

Peter Pan with hip hop twist A group of Tauranga dancers are performing a childhood classic fairytale with a hip hop twist to raise money for at-risk youths. On Saturday, more than 80 hip hop dancers from Tauranga’s Urban Dance Youth Trust will take to the Baycourt stage with their modern adaptation of ‘Peter Pan’. Creative direction for the show is credited to Urban Dance director Sarah Martin, Eru Mikaere

and Carl Flavell. A special mention goes to Gabriel Dargaville, Tanasia Newdick, Henderson Biares and other parents, friends and family, who have been busy making the set, props and costumes. The dancers will perform tomorrow (Saturday, September 28) at Baycourt Theatre beginning with a 2pm matinee and night show at 5.30pm. Tickets cost $10 children, $18 adults and $50 for a family. Tickets are available from Baycourt Theatre or Ticketek. By Zoe Hunter


The Weekend Sun

Milking yummy new programme More than 700 children at Greenpark Primary School are drinking milk five days a week since the school registered for Fonterra’s Milk for Schools programme last month.

Our Centre Manager is an internationally trained infant care specialist. The Village Tots area offers: • Sensitive individualised care • Peaceful respectful environment • Qualified, experienced staff • Low child-teacher ratios

The Village is the provider of the SPACE programme in Bethlehem. 171B Moffat Road, Bethlehem

(Next door to Décor Garden Centre)

Phone (07) 576-0183

The programme aims to see children in Bay of Plenty primary schools receiving a free serving of Anchor Lite UHT milk every school day by the end of term one next year. More than 120 Bay schools have now signed up for the programme. Greenpark Primary School students were treated to their first school milk packs about four weeks ago and teacher Warren Young says 727 students are drinking their free milk at school every day. “It either gets delivered before school, at morning tea or at the end of lunch time so the

Students have trouble keeping still while enjoying their milk at school. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

kids are drinking it primarily in class and not before a major meal recess, so they don’t get put off their own food that mum and dad send them.” Wayne’s students in room one drink their milk straight after their morning fitness run giving the children “good energy” and concentration ready to start the learning day. Oropi School principal Andrew King says the school came on board on August 19. Classroom monitors collect the milk packs from the school’s kitchen and distribute them to classrooms after lunch four days a week. Andrew says as many as 70 children from three out of four classrooms are benefitting from the programme currently. “It’s just promoting a healthy lifestyle. It’s promoting something nutritious to drink rather than sugary soft drinks and it gives them energy for running around at lunch.”

By Zoe Hunter

The numbers game: what ratio’s best? Ratio is a topic often discussed in early childhood settings. Ratio in this setting is the number of adults present, to the number of children. A quality programme needs enough adults present to develop meaningful interactions with the children.

Snow Day! Tuesday 1 October 9am - 10.30am

0800 023 456

PORSE In-Home Childcare . Training . Work

The Village on 17th Avenue Tauranga Come along and join us while we hunt for treasure in the snow! Bring your gumboots and a spade and enjoy a sausage sizzle after your big dig. RAIN DATE 8 OCTOBER


Call today to discuss your childcare options

Children flourish in an environment where adults are able to give them individual attention. This is particularly important for infants and toddlers, because they rely more on adults to care and interact with them. The Ministry of Education Licensing Criteria states the minimum ratio for infants (0-2 years) is one adult to five children. We prefer to adhere to the Education Review Office Criteria: stating a ratio of

one adult to three children is necessary to promote high quality infant care. As children get older and more independent, the ratio requirement reduces. From the age of two to five years old the Ministry’s minimum ratio is one to 10. However, our experience has shown children this age require more individualised attention than can be provided with this minimum requirement. When looking for care, ratio is a definite consideration. In quality early childhood centres, the presence of enough adults is vital for the centre to run in an unhurried and peaceful way that promotes the best possible learning and growing experiences.

Village VOICE

Boston enjoys some special time with his teacher.


The Weekend Sun

Riding ahead of the pack

Handsome black cat Photo by Matt Leamy.

A kindly couple noticed this handsome black cat hanging around their property. He seemed to be seeking company and despite the couple’s best efforts they couldn’t find an owner. Being a male, he was causing stress to their own cat, which is a common scenario.

Concerned for his welfare they took him into ARRC where he has been vet checked, de-sexed and named ‘Rasta’. If you are interested in providing a loving home for a friendly feline, please ring ARRC 07 579 9115 or have a look at: www. or the ARCC Facebook page.

Tauranga BMX Club members.

Four years after his son Trey started riding a BMX he knows what a difference it makes for him to get active, so Duane has started running free weekly introductory lessons for children to learn the basics. Increased interest in the sport from schoolmates, after Trey narrowly missed making the finals at the recent BMX world championships in Auckland, prompted Duane to start the Tuesday night lessons a month ago. “I am trying my best to get our kids off PlayStation and computers and onto bikes, and we’ve had a lot of interest. With 20 children turning up every week to learn the ropes, he is struggling to cope with demand and is considering another programme on Saturday mornings to prepare children for the competitive BMX

Kitten ‘onslaught’ Tauranga SPCA is gearing up for “the onslaught of unwanted kittens in their masses” as the weather warms up and cats start breeding. Animal welfare inspector Jason Blair says with a milder winter and early warm weather what they call the ‘kitten season’ will hit earlier than usual. “We have had the first cats come into the shelter that are pregnant and it is only a matter of time before we have the first arrivals at the shelter. “With our new cat facilities now complete we are in a good position to be able to care for the animals we take in with quarantine and hospital areas to keep the sick animals separate from the general population.” Despite this, Jason believes it’s inevitable they will reach capacity in both their shelter as well as their foster families. “If there are people willing to foster cats with their kittens, and have a secure place such as a laundry where a cat can’t escape, then come and pick up a foster application form.” Jason can’t place enough emphasis on de-sexing. By Letitia Atkinson

season, beginning at start of daylight saving in October. Duane says the introductory course helps get new BMX riders off to a good start when the BMX season begins, because they’ve mastered racing technique basics and know how to handle the starting gate at the start of races. “I feel this is the best sport you can do with your whole family, as there is no age limit you can turn up to racing and find mum, dad, son and daughter all riding and being involved – it’s fun and you keep fit at the same time.” The club, which will host the BMX nationals next Easter, is holding a have a go day at the Cambridge Park track on October 6 (at 2pm). Tauranga BMX Club members making it to the finals at the recent world champs include Elliot Kale (sixth place in 8-year-old girls), Shania Rawson (sixth in 14-year-old girls) and Maree McGarva (fourth in 30-plus women). To find out about the courses, contact Duane on 021 054 6668.

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Thermal Readymade Curtains Now from only $67.48 a pair

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Every parent will agree – one of the biggest challenges is unplugging them from screens. But Mount Maunganui father Duane Royal has an answer.


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Combat enthusiasts on patrol for growing air action Kory says while it does have a “boys feel to it” the club has a handful of women members, who are also competitive players. The club is holding an open day at the Tauranga Smallbore Rifle Club in Elizabeth St on Saturday from 10am,

Everybody likes to think they can match it with the best of them – but a group of Tauranga combat enthusiasts are putting their words into action taking on their foes in the growing activity of airsoft.

where anyone interested can check out the gear, talk to members, and fire guns at targets. Those wanting to take it further can join in a game day on Sunday. Club membership is open to anyone aged By Hamish Carter 14 or over.

Take cover – Tauranga Airsoft Club members are on patrol, Tony Price, Kory Coster, Matthew ‘Buzz’ Harrison and Glencora Price. Photo by Tracy Hardy. Paengaroa for the last five years, the group Similar to paintball, the miliis applying to have use of its own deditary-simulation combat hobby cated gaming area at TECT All Terrain challenges players to use their Park. strategic cunning, shooting Ultimately, they want to build a basic and general combat skills on replica village – with fairly simple struca large playing area to take tures which could be used in a playing on other teams. field. But Kory says the club is planning “It’s great fun and its approval and fundraising for the costs growing in popularity,” says before anything can happen. passionate player and Tauranga Called airsoft for the soft pellets fired Airsoft Club treasurer Kory from replica military-style airguns, Kory Coster. says players do not finish a game covered After running regular competiin welts like you can with paintball. tions on a member’s farm in

Feeding children for free in school holidays is keen to make a trip to his picturesque garden cafe an affordable family treat. “The children can explore the native gardens or adventure playground while their parents or grandparents relax before they browse in the Village @ 7 gallery and shops.” Parking is free, the cafe is fully licensed and is open 8am to 4pm seven days a week.

Popular Cafe Paradiso in Te Puna is offering free children’s meals for families these school holidays.

It’s expensive taking the whole family out to eat and yet sharing a family meal together is without doubt one of life’s great pleasures, says owner Duncan Place. The father of two, has been offering free children’s meals every Saturday for the last 12 months to encourage families to dine out together more frequently. The success of the promotion and positive feedback has spurred him to extend his offer of free children’s meals for under 14 year olds to every single day of the October school holiday fortnight. “Everyone is tightening their belts with rates bills to pay, increased fuel costs, etc and for many there will be no holiday away this October,” says Duncan, who





School Holiday Performing Arts Workshop Students aged 5-15 years The October workshop is:

MAR Y P OP P I N S TAURANGA 30 Sept- 4 Oct at Bethlehem College

During the School Holidays children under 14 enjoy one KIDS MEAL FREE with EVERY adult meal* (28th Sept - 13th Oct) *Adult meal from breakfast & lunch menus.

Village@7, Cnr SH2 & Clarke Road, Te Puna. T: 07 5526686 Not available with any other offer. Subject to availability.

Enrol online NOW at Phone: 0800 ONSHOW (667469)




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Freshen up your home with a repaint for summer Whether you are preparing a property for listing or simply wanting to refresh your home, there is nothing that lifts a property like a repaint.

As all painters will tell you – a repaint will not only improve a property’s looks, it will also protect it from the elements. Along with good preparation one

of the keys to a successful paint job is consistently warm weather so every coat dries quickly and attractively. That’s why now is the perfect time to think about repainting. While for a lot of people painting is as simple as slapping your brush into a pail and letting loose on the walls, everyone who has actually done just that knows there is more to a good painting job than meets the eye. By calling the professionals in you are

EU RO PE NO RT H AM ER ICA AS IA & M OR E Exclusive event-only discounts on flights, Contiki tours, insurance and more + Lonely Planet prizes. Expert advice from STA Travel, the world’s largest student/youth travel company with 35 years experience. Find out about trips for 18-35’s from Contiki. Learn about overseas working holiday opportunities through IEP, providing visa assistance, tax/bank account set up and more. RSVP now at



guaranteed a great job without the worry and time of doing it yourself. Every surface will be finished perfectly with clean cutting in along edges. In contrast if you do the job yourself you might save yourself some money, but will you be as happy with the finish? Whatever approach you choose, the first step is choosing your paint. There is a choice of water or solvent-based paints – each with their own advantages. Water-based paints are easy to apply, quick to dry and easy to clean up – but generally are not as tough and hard-wearing as solvent-based enamel paints. Enamel paints do take a little more time to apply but are well-worth the trouble in high wear areas, such as doors and window frames.

To calculate the amount of paint needed work off the rule that a litre covers about 14 square metres (allow 20 per cent more for rough or porous surfaces). Before starting review the area to be painted for any faults that should be fixed before beginning, then scrape off all peeling paint before priming. Remember to fill any cracks and holes, then sand the filler level with the surface. After the entire area has been sanded use a sugar soap to remove all grease, dirt and dust. Start by buying the best painting tools you can, with good brushes and rollers speeding up the job and giving the best results. By Hamish Carter

TAURANGA MONDAY 7 OCTOBER Harbourview Room Hotel Armitage 9 Willow Street Tauranga DOORS OPEN 6.00PM, EVENT STARTS 6.15PM

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Renovating or building Company’s whole world of blinds

Not long ago your choice of window coverings was almost non-existent – lace curtains anyone? Now? Well, the world’s your oyster. Verticals, roller blinds, venetians, sunscreens, holland blinds, cedar – or varieties all available to suit the many styles of windows in your home or office. But this can be confusing, unless you hire an interior designer and ask: What colour will best suit my


home or office? The solution – a simple call to Bay Blinds and they’ll organise a visit by their sales consultant Michelle Prosser, who will advise you on the best combination of blind styles and colours from the immense variety of locally-produced blinds from Bay Blinds. “I love working with colours and fabrics and I am confident in recommending the correct blinds to suit your situation, and the image you are wanting to create,” says Michelle.

“For instance, we have sunscreens to block out the sun, cedar for that natural look, or roller blinds for that modern feel,” says Michelle. “All of our blinds are manufactured by experienced machinists and assemblers in our purposebuilt Tauranga factory, so you can be sure of top quality products, prompt after-sales service, and easily accessible parts.” Michelle is on the road and ready to call in and see you from Waihi Beach to Rotorua and Pukehina, as well as everywhere in between.


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Bringing back inspiring designs Greenslades furniture owners Kerry and Andy Greenslade are back after treating themselves to a four year break. And they have given their store a much needed makeover. The two-level store offers an inspiring selection of lounge, dining, bedroom and outdoor furnishings. Each section is complete with beautiful accessories – which the couple say create colour, interest and warmth in any home. After owning the business for about 20 years – Kerry and Andy decided to take a break spending time to raise their children and travel the world. Always having an eye for interior

design, Kerry was inspired by the beautiful styles of furniture showcased in the different countries she and her husband visited. What caught her eye the most was the ‘Artwood’ style –American East Coast-inspired designs suitable for a home in the city, a rural home, or a house by the sea. Artwood has now become available in New Zealand and is an exclusive brand to Greenslades Furniture. The couple are inviting those who haven’t been into the store since

Greenslades Furniture owners Andy and Kerry Greenslade enjoying the Artwood furniture and accessories exclusive to the Tauranga store. Photo by Zoe Hunter.

their return to come in and see the store’s new look. To match the fresh new look the website has been revamped too.

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Spring fever in the garden Haul out the wheelbarrow, load up the tools and get out into the spring sunshine – it’s time to get your summer vegetable garden into full swing. Check bean frames and tomato supports and prepare your soil with plenty of compost and sheep pellets and stock up on Tui vegetable mix. Plant potatoes now, it’s great fun to compete with family and friends and see how many you can grow by Christmas. It’s also warm enough now to plant tamarillo and passionfruit, just watch out for late frost, and cover if needed. Feed established plants with Tui citrus fertiliser for bumper crops and lush growth. Summer annuals and perennials are now filling up the garden centre, so come into Palmers and let us help you choose some great colour for your pots, baskets and gardens. Look out for new petunia Crazytunia with a compact habit in colours of lime, lemon, pink and blue, due in store October along with the favourite petunias: raspberry blast, bumblebee and black velvet. Check out the new flower carpet rose Pink Splash, you don’t have to be a great gardener to grow these. Feed with Novatec fertiliser, water well once a week and trim with hedge shears now and then to encour-

age a fresh flush of growth and blooms, so easy. Fuchsias are coming into flower and will provide months of pretty hanging blooms. Water them well and plant in morning sun. Liquid feed often with Bounty or Nitrosol feed. Solenia begonias are also sun loving and will handle heat. Our decor and gift shop is chocker block full with new stock arriving every week and Cafe Botannix is open from 8.30am for delicious coffees, tasty treats and great atmosphere.

Call for consent changes Tauranga builders are calling for swift change and accountability from Tauranga City Council as the number of building consents rises in the city. Jarrah Construction owner Justin Hesp says more accountability is needed from council as consent prices balloon and council’s consent processing time lengthens. “I built my house 10 years ago and the consent was $3500. Ten years on and it’s between $14,000 and $16,000 and the timeframes have increased. So from my point of view we are not getting value for money,” says Justin. City Council Papamoa/Mount Maunganui candidate Clayton Mitchell is backing Justin saying council’s current attempts to process building consents is falling well below the mark.

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Home is where the heart is Woodhill – front photos from Grange Road.

The Weekend Sun is profiling some of Tauranga’s historic places dotted around the city. This week reporter Zoe Hunter looks at one of the last surviving homes in the city built for large families. Woodhill – eastern side in its original state looking

Originally at it from what is now Grange Road. serving as a Legacy Funeral house for large Homes direcfamilies to live tor Mike Savage in – Woodhill says Woodhill is now a place has served the of rememOtumoetai and brance. greater Tauranga According to community for the Historic 105 years as a Places Trust, house for families Woodhill was to grow up and built in 1885 live in. for Henry Since Gregory Stainforth BraBrownless purbant. Henry chased the house arrived in New in 1989, Mike Zealand from says the now funeral home London in and chapel has October, 1863. become a place of He married The Brabant Family are the original owners of Woodhill. remembrance and Margaret Mary somewhere to celebrate a loved one’s life. Josephine Graham in Raglan in 1867, and together “We at Legacy Funerals consider it an honour and they had 11 children. privilege to have this wonderful historic building as one In 1885 the family’s first home on Grange Road was of our funeral homes and chapel.” built by the Mayor at the time, David Lundon. It was Next week The Weekend Sun profiles the former named ‘Woodhill’ – the name of Henry’s grandfather’s House and Adjoining Shop – now the Tauranga Boys’ house in London. By Zoe Hunter College museum. When his large family grew out of the first house, a second house was built. The second house took the ‘Woodhill’ name, with the former house becoming ‘Maungawhare’ – meaning house on the hill.

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The Weekend Sun

Your Local Body Electi o ns Making the right choice Everybody wants the best for their community but it is only every three years that you can help select the candidates who will shape your area’s future. To help you make the most informed and educated decision on the best people to run your city, district or region The Weekend Sun is working with candidates who want to let you know more about themselves.

If you are still scratching your head over who deserves your vote in the council elections next month, The Sun’s dedicated local body elections pages should help you weigh up your options with information on the Tauranga City Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and District Health Board elections. These short profiles, supplied by the

candidates, give you a background on the candidates, what they stand for and why they believe they deserve your vote. Time is running out to decide who to support, with voting closing at midday on October 12. Those who have not received their voting papers can made a special vote by contacting their council.

Robust, respectful and risky debate Jeanette Arnold - Tauranga City Council, Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward

Give your voice more Clout in Council •

Actively seek businesses to relocate to Tauranga • Tackle TCC's debt mountain • Promote affordable housing initiatives • Reduce bureaucracy and red tape so we can all prosper • Encourage the arts, sports & culture

authorised by Kelvin Clout, 7 Alexander Street, Tauranga

Seeking election to Tauranga City Council (Te Papa/Welcome Bay), and the District Health Board, I will be asking: “Is this affordable and healthy?” in decisions affecting our communities. Well informed decisions, firm budgeting, robust and respectful debate, strategic planning, risk management – these are the keys to Tauranga’s positive future. Supporting: Growth in education, arts, tourism, business, clean industry, efficient management of public places. Developing parks, maintaining essential infrastructure and ensuring today’s investments are affordable tomorrow. Leadership must value people, the natural environment and sound economic decisions. Aged 51, I was recently a district supervisor for Census 2013; I’ve worked in business, community health organisations and local government, so can hit the ground running with council and district health board processes. I’m post-graduate qualified; experienced in health promotion, district, community and environmental planning; I can commit time to these roles and work to understand ratepayers, business operators, renters, our diverse cultures and communities.


The Weekend Sun

Have your say – it is your city I always embrace democracy, listen, value, respect and stand strong for the community, no matter how big or small the issues are. The stress, strain and cost of living are high and every dollar is important to us all. My drive is to make this city affordable and enjoyable. Debt to be reduced, no unnecessary projects. Less operating expenditure. Better fiscal management. Improve processes and procedures. Be prudent with long term planning. Maintain our basic infrastructure. Support the needs of our elderly, as that is increasing. Support investors and developers allowing more flexibility, less barriers to assist and revitalise our CBD. NZTA has approved the underpass to Welcome Bay 2014/2015 and I will keep the pressure on to complete the four lanes to Cameron Rd. I am there to represent you and endeavour to do the best for your city. Bill Grainger - Tauranga City Council, Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward

Check out the candidates on SUNLIVE today...

Environment first Ian McLean - BOP Regional Council, Tauranga General Constituency Human wellbeing and a healthy economy begin with a healthy environment. I will therefore promote all of the following: locally-based economic initiatives that add resilience and use resources wisely; compact urban design; protection of environmental services; effective biosecurity protection; reduced use of environmental toxins; a nga tumanako i nga tangata whenua. I want safe and efficient transportation systems that connect community and business. I will work to reduce income inequalities and deliver a living wage. There should be no mining or oil exploration in the Bay unless it is demonstrated that environmental risks are low and social benefits high. I recognise that the cost of local government is significant for our community and needs to be managed carefully. Born in Tauranga, trained as an environmental scientist and with extensive policy experience (including with local government), my aim is to ensure that our children inherit a fantastic place to live.

To help you make the most informed and educated decision in voting in the local body elections, SunLive is providing in-depth, fair and balanced coverage of election issues and candidates. As part of this commitment, SunLive is providing a free-to-view online resource featuring all of the candidates standing for Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and BOP Regional Council. There is also a strong selection of news stories surrounding the election, information about election meetings scheduled across the city, and exclusive video interviews with the Western Mayoral candidates. See it all at


The Weekend Sun

You can count on us to deliver fiscally responsible growth for our city Terry



No. 1 supporter Greerton Library Supporting our city’s growth

Strong support for the University and Marine Precinct, helping to secure $20m

Working with our regional partners On over 20 to reduce costs to committees and working parties for our ratepayers your city

• • • • •

Revitalisation of Tauranga’s CBD The CBD University Campus Tauranga’s First Disability Strategy The New Marine Precinct Greerton’s New Library

For A Tauranga We Can Be Proud Of RE-ELECT

TONY CHRISTIANSEN Authorised by Tony Christiansen, 7 De Havilland Way, Mount Maunganui.


For another 3 years of hard work on your behalf!


Authorised by Larry Baldock, 40 Hampstead Court, Tauranga



The Weekend Sun

Motivated by change for the better I have learned so much as a first-term councillor participating in eight subcommittees and taskforces. I am now in an even better position to represent Tauranga’s community again. Unlike my colleagues, I have a successful career hence I am not motivated by council’s salary. I simply have an unwavering goal to challenge a council that is driven by more important things than personal agendas, money and politics.

It has not been easy but I don’t give up. I have kept my promise to affect a council that focuses back on core services. Going forward, I aim to keep this priority on track without neglecting the need to have a dream for our city’s future. I will continue to inspire our leadership towards a vision for a Tauranga we can be proud of. I hope ratepayers will re-elect me to continue doing the job that I started in council.

Tony Christiansen - Tauranga City Council, At Large

Seeking positive and productive change During the last 10 years, those in charge of our city have made many necessary decisions regarding the planning and preparation of our growing region for the next 30-50 years, leading to high debt. Without my voice on council, and SmartGrowth, during the last three years, we would not have made the many positive changes we needed to promote the productive things that will help our city grow and prosper again to overcome the economic challenges the

city faces. I am not interested in criticising everything, as some do, without having real constructive solutions to the challenges we face. I have been the lone voice on the Alcohol Policy debate against extending licensed bar closing to 3am across the region. I will continue to work hard, managing our debt and budgets carefully while investing in making our city the place we are all proud to call home.

Larry Baldock - Tauranga City Council, At Large

Coastal lifestyle passion aplenty Deputy Mayor and local Mount/Papamoa councillor David Stewart loves life on the coast and has been a resident and ratepayer here for the last 27 years. “I’m totally passionate about our coastal lifestyle and I’m committed to ensuring we don’t lose it,” says David. “We live in the fastest growing part of the city and we need to ensure there is an appropriate balance between urban development and our coastal lifestyle. My focus is to keep

our council focussed on the things we need. “Things like resolving our flooding issues and finalising a sensible emergency warning system with practical evacuation routes.” David says there is only so much money to go around. “We need to make sure that we get our fair share of it. That’s where experienced leadership and proven performance really counts. It’s vital that we have strong and effective representation for our MountPapamoa area.”

David Stewart - Tauranga City Council, Mount Maunganui-Papamoa Ward

Passionate about growing this city I have lived in and around Tauranga all my life. I chaired the Greerton redevelopment for eight years – don’t the cherries look great. I chair the Greerton Library taskforce and played a major part in putting us in a position where we can build the new library with little ratepayer input. I strongly support, with others, the university in Durham St and the marine precinct. As a result we have attracted a

$20 million grant from Environment Bay of Plenty. I am on the taskforce for the new hotel and conference centre and we will nail that soon. Regarding our investment/debit, try funding a population increase the size of a new city without debit. It’s not possible, ask any developer. Our debit, though not desirable, is calculated and manageable and the next few years will see results. Love Tauranga.

Terry Molloy - Tauranga City Council, Te Papa-Welcome Bay Ward


Your Local Body Elections

The Weekend Sun

Improving our place in the sun Tauranga and the Bay’s prosperity will be better served by one overarching economic development strategy. Seven economic development plans are presently doing the rounds, and this is very confusing to potential investors in the Bay. We need to go to the market with one strong voice and increase our competitiveness. We have incredible natural resources, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. These advantages need to be rounded up to drive regional cohesion, economic growth and employment, and not be stuck in parochialism. The present plans are Western Bay’s SmartGrowth and SmartEconomy, Te Puke Economic Development Group, regional council’s Bay of Connections, Grow Rotorua, and Toi EDA in Eastern Bay of Plenty. Just recently, ‘Invest Bay of Plenty - Our Place in the World’ was launched to complicate matters. Targeted growth sectors include: Food and beverage processing, ICT, tourism, highvalue manufacturing, renewable energy, transport/ logistics, and (international) education based on a downtown Tauranga tertiary campus.

Graham Skellern : Standing for Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Tauranga Constituency.

Check out the candidates on SUNLIVE today...

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The Weekend Sun PORK

Party Pork Koftas Gluten free Makes 12-16 skewers

500g minced pork 1 red onion, diced 1 red capsicum, diced 1 Tbsp marjoram 1 tsp sage 1 tsp thyme 2 Tbsp olive oil 150g toasted cashew nut 100g halloumi cheese, diced ½ cup chopped parsley ½ cup chopped coriander 2 Tbsp sea salt 2 Tbsp freshly cracked pepper

Party pork a perfect creation for a big crowd

There has been a few birthdays lately. September seems to be a popular month for them – including my own, my son’s – and just 30 minutes ago one of my hens surprisingly hatched a smoky grey chick.

A parting gift from the last Method Drain pork well, roast off the diced rooster, to retire out at Wairoa Bridge, is the red onion and capsicum in the olive tiny chick, oil in a medium oven at 170 degrees which to me Celsius for 20 minutes. Cool, then brings the add to the rest of the ingredients promise of and squeeze onto soaked bamboo spring and skewers. Place onto baking tray lined hope for all with baking paper. Rest in the fridge mankind. to set for an hour or until required. Well maybe Bake for 12-15 minutes at 180 not…but it degrees Celsius. Serve with yoghurt sure brought a or pesto.

Pork mince is ideal for this, as it has unique binding abilities and takes on the flavour of seasonings readily. But for this mixture I have avoided garlic in

smile to my day. In the meantime, I am going to celebrate life and delve into my party recipes for a pork side dish that I can make ahead of time and cook at the last minute. Koftas are a Middle Eastern meat ball, usually made with minced beef cooked on a skewer over hot embers. They are usually not served on the skewer, only cooked on them, but by making one long finger of minced meat and baking it onto the skewer they make ideal party food.

The delicacies of the aptly named ‘Galliano’ Well spring is definitely in the air with bright yellow daffodils raising their faces to the sun and warmer weather starting to hit our shores. Fitting really, that this week, I wish to share with you the delicacies of the bright yellow liqueur we all know well, aptly named ‘Galliano’ – after Giuseppe Galliano, an officer in the Italian army. You remember the yellow skinny bottle that tends to sit on the back shelf of the most popular restaurants and bars around the globe. Well readers, let’s bring it out into the sun and create fantastic beverages I’m sure you will love. Created and distilled in Italy in 1896, with its beautiful golden yellow colour influenced by the gold rushes of the 1890s, boasts aromatic flavours of vanilla, star anise, ginger and citrus, which allow you to combine it with alcoholic or non-alcoholic ingredients while still delivering that creamy, fresh taste. Galliano helped inspire many of the true classic cocktails like ‘The Harvey Wallbanger’ built with vodka and orange juice, and ‘The Golden Cadillac’ shaken with White Creme de Cacao and cream; or how about my personal favourite ‘The Phoenix’ Galliano with


Phoenix Car Park Downtown the Mount

Frangelico, Kahlua and Cointreau. One of my regulars has it clean and simple with coke and ice, while I’ve managed to get a few people hooked on my version of ‘The Skittle’ by substituting the Cointreau with Galliano and a little splash of Absinthe to mix with your Red Bull. ‘A Glass Half Full’, The Phoenix and Galliano Vanilla welcomes in spring with eagerness and vitality.

Win with sun:

For your chance to win a $50 Phoenix voucher this week, simply tell me about your favourite cocktail, and why? Winner will be announced in my next column on October 11. Enter online at: under the competitions section. Entries must be received by October 2. Congratulations to Jeanette Arnold, you’re this week’s winner.

favour of a combination of herbs, capsicum, cashew and halloumi. By using a chunky mince and coarse dice of ingredients the koftas have a rustic appeal.


Advice comes naturally Providing strategic accounting advice to business owners comes naturally to Janine Hellyer, a director at BDO Tauranga.

dation, transportation and property,” said Janine. In her role as a business advisor, Janine specialises in tax planning and business consulting. Her work day can see her consulting on business growth, asset protection, succession planning or reviewing legal “I have been actively working with clients in documents, many relating to commercial property. Tauranga for the past 20 years covering a range of “I enjoy working closely with my clients to ensure industries including retail, manufacturing, accommothat they have sound strategies looking forward rather than backwards. On “I enjoy working the property side I am often advising on build-for-lease closely with my developments. I am also clients to ensure that experienced in dealing with subdivisions and advising they have sound clients on the risks associated strategies looking with property purchases and forward rather than sales.” Janine places value in working backwards.” alongside a team of local professionals who are supported by a national network. “Being part of a full-service local accounting firm which now numbers over 40 people is very fulfilling, and there's a genuine eagerness to share complementary skills as part of a team culture. “Essentially, we’re local people, with local knowledge and focus, and we’re locally owned.” Outside of work, Janine is a valuable contributor to the region. She has business interests in the private training and education fields, is actively involved Janine Hellyer. in the Variety Club children’s charity and she has a young family enjoying all that the region has to offer. Business Advisory

Corporate Finance





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Running for a good cause Western Bay of Plenty businesses and residents are being asked to give a little – as people prepare to run up The Mount to raise money for the Dream Chaser Foundation. Chace ’em up the Mount is being held tomorrow (September 28) with the aim of raising money for the foundation, which was established following the death of Whakatane toddler Chace Topperwien. Chace, 3, passed away on June 15, 2012, after a 15-month battle with leukaemia.

80% loan restrictions are biting It’s a few months now since the Reserve Bank announced it was enforcing tighter loan restrictions on registered banks. This ruling comes into play on October 1.

more aggressive in focusing their attention to borrowers with more equity and lower loan ratios. Expect to see discounted interest rates, cash incentives, televisions, tablets etc as people move to switch loans from one lender to another. Banks are losing money and margins are being cut, as most lenders have more than 30 Unfortunately, we are starting to see per cent of their mortgage book in these restrictions already being this part of the market. applied, or put in place, by This may be good news most lenders. Most lenders for some, but for a large have already exceeded their percentage of the populaquota of lending money tion trying to get onto over this ratio and risk the property ladder, it’ll being exposed to further mean an even longer restrictions by the wait, if ever, to secure Reserve Bank. that first home. So, it is proving almost Next Planwise Financial impossible to get fundLiteracy Programme: By Peter Griffin from ing if you are looking to Planwise Financial Services Wednesday, November 6 borrow funds with a low – Tauranga (registrations close deposit. Friday, November 1). I personally believe these restricCost is $10 per head (for 15-24 year tions will have no effect on property olds). values, especially in Auckland and Each additional student/youth per Christchurch. family costs $5. (Parents and caregivers But what does this mean in the long - no charge). term? How long will the Reserve Bank All workbooks and materials look to apply these restrictions? These included. Email: maxine@planwise. questions may not be answered in the next few months but what will or phone Maxine Huggett on be apparent is the banks will become 07 547 4266.


WHAT MATTERS TO YOU MATTERS TO US. Janine is happy to meet clients on-site as a means to better understand their business and deliver strategic accounting advice.

Janine Hellyer BDO Director

The Hub Cameron Road

10th Avenue

11th Avenue

St John Road

Janine is supported by a team of over 40 experienced and passionate professionals at the local BDO Tauranga office, plus she has a network of national experts to call on.

You're welcome at our offices, or we can come to you.

Tauranga Office Level 1, The Hub 525 Cameron Road Tauranga Chartered Accountants & Insolvency Specialists

P 07 571 6280 E W

Chace was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia on March 14, 2011, and at the beginning of 2012 was given only months to live. He underwent treatment for the disease, including travelling to the United Kingdo.There was also hope of a second bone marrow transplant, but unsuccessful drug treatment meant it was no longer an option. Organisers are asking teams of four to enter tomorrow’s fast-paced running race up the Mount. There are only eight team spaces available – $15 per person – with three trophies up for grabs. Visit

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Celebrating new branch on Cameron Road ASB has opened a new branch in the ASB Bay of Plenty Regional Centre at 518 Cameron Rd. Branch manager Hayley Maddern says the decision to open a new branch, as part of the new ASB Bay of Plenty Regional Centre, confirms ASB’s commitment to offer the very best service to all its customers in the region. The ASB Cameron Road team open the new branch.

Bay man’s top award Bay of Plenty man Brett Hewlett has been named ‘KPMG Outstanding International Business Leader’ at the New Zealand International Business Awards last night. Judges admired Brett’s commitment to Comvita’s founding values and to giving back to other businesses. The Awards, run by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise celebrate the passion, vision and new approaches that New Zealand businesses are taking to achieve international success. NZTE chief executive Peter Chrisp said this year’s winners, including Brett, showcase the prized can-do attitude that enables the internationalisation of business, and ultimately, the growth of New Zealand’s economy.

Free home buyer help With the Reserve Bank’s restrictions on mortgage lending coming into force next month, three Tauranga businesses are helping home buyers understand the changes and their effects with free seminars.

“The Bay of Plenty Regional Centre is a flagship building representing ASB’s significant investment in the region. I’ve been working in local ASB branches for 14 years and we are very excited to be in this purpose-built branch with fantastic new facilities to provide the best possible ASB service to all our customers,” she says. “We are celebrating with a term deposit special being offered exclusively at our new branch over the next three weeks, so pop down to the branch and take a look around.”

The new Cameron Rd branch will offer the latest in banking technology, including a secure 24-hour lobby containing a Fast Deposit box, Change Machine and a Deposit ATM. There will also be a drive-through banking facility operating 24 hours a day, with a concierge service available on weekdays. Inside the branch there will be FastNet banking in branch for ASB customers to use and a video conference phone for customers to access a wide range of ASB specialists face to face.


A special opening rate.


Per Annum

Term deposit for 6 months. Interest at maturity.

The Reserve Bank’s new rules will restrict the ability of banks to lend more than 80 per cent of the value of homes, meaning home buyers with less than 20 per cent deposit will find it difficult, if not impossible, to get on the property ladder. The seminars run by Financial Independence, Holland Beckett Lawyers and Property Solutions will cover lending changes, home loans, guarantees and joint loans, and property valuations in Tauranga. They are on October 7, 10 and 16. Visit

We’re celebrating the opening of ASB Cameron Road with a special rate for you. ASB’s Terms and Conditions and Term Deposit Investment Statement are available on request. Rate not available to financial institutions. Minimum deposit $10,000. Maximum total Term Deposits of $10m per customer. Offer available at ASB Cameron Road until 4 October 2013.

ASB Bank Limited 3633 12368 0813


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Hearing aids give Nigel a new life

Supported by TECT for 2012 – 2014

Taylor Burley


Nigel Francis.

For Nigel Francis, finally getting his hearing checked resulting in him receiving hearing aids changed his marriage and his life – for the better. The Greerton resident admits he put off booking a hearing check but after realising the benefits he is now encouraging others with hearing difficulties to seek help. “I just tolerated it [poor hearing]; it had always been that way. It was just the fact my wife was getting more and more annoyed at me that I decided to get them checked.” Nigel had hearing aids fitted in February, and is astounded at the benefits they bring to his everyday activities. “They’re marvellous, you don’t realise how lacking in sound you are until you have them.” The simplistic design means Nigel hardly even notices they’re there. “I came home after getting the hearing aids fitted and my wife asked where they were – she didn’t even notice them. “They’re quite unobtrusive.”

Tauranga audiologist Carey Wright says Nigel is among many residents who avoid hearing checks, either for fear of needing a hearing aid, or because of the cost. “Hearing aids are sophisticated little devices that do cost quite a bit of money.” But there are many funding entitlements available – from ACC, Veterans Affairs, or Ministry of Health, says Carey. “We are fortunate in the Tauranga area to have a great local charitable trust, Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust, that has helped many local people fund their way into hearing aids,” says Carey, who warns the earlier help is sought, the better the outcome. “Many people wait until they are really struggling and their career and family life is suffering before seeking help with their hearing.” Carey says while fitting hearing aids is a significant part of audiologists’ job, they’re also trained in diagnostic testing to identify the type or cause of the hearing loss. This week is Deaf Awareness Week, raising nationwide awareness of deafness and hearing loss. By Amy Kelly

Antioxidants Part 3: Nature’s colour scheme Locked into vegetable and fruit colours are potent antioxidants called carotenoids, the most common being beta carotene found in carrots, squash and dark leafy greens.

Abundant Health

The body converts beta carotene to active vitamin A for eye function; and is needed for mucous membranes and immune function. Studies show beta carotene help lung function by protecting lungs from age-related free radical damage; though one study has linked beta

carotene in smokers to increased cancer risk but a reduced risk for non-smokers who supplement with beta carotene. The real heroes include lutein, and closely related zeaxanthin, in helping prevent eye disease, especially agerelated macular degeneration, and lycopene for prostate health. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the macula, the central part of the retina, from free radical damage caused by solar radiation. You can get lutein and zeaxanthin from with John Arts dark leafy vegetables, corn, red peppers, goji berries and egg yolks. I recommend 2.5-5mg of lutein daily to protect eyes.



Helping men

The carotenoid lycopene has been shown to have benefits for men’s health by preventing free radical damage that can lead to prostate cancer. Good sources of lycopene are cooked tomato products. Any good multi antioxidant should include lutein, lycopene and some beta carotene. I recommend 5mg of lycopene daily to protect prostate cells plus other antioxidants especially grape seed extract (200mg) natural vitamin E (400IU) and selenium (150mcg).

Raw and cooked

To optimise your intake of these important carotenoids I recommend a diet rich in dark green and brightly coloured fruit and vegetables combining both cooked and raw foods. With supplements, look for the most important carotenoids especially lycopene and lutein. These should be in any good multi-antioxidant, but look for supplements that have all the antioxidant groups not just some of them. Give me a call if you need more information. To join my weekly newsletter go to: and visit: John Arts is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and founder of Abundant Health. Contact John on 0800 423 559. To read more go to


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A Tauranga trio hope to raise $6000 ahead of a 200km charity bike ride later this year.

Trio’s pedal challenge

In November Tauranga women Karen Connell, Zara Crick and Tash Thompson will compete in The Ride to Conquer Cancer in Auckland and wish to fund $2000 each prior to the event. To fundraise, they are holding a movie night featuring ‘Beyond the Edge’ – a New Zealand made 3D movie depicting Sir Edmund Hillary’s ascent of Mount Everest.

Tauranga women Karen Connell, Zara Crick and Tash Thompson are taking part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer in November.

The screening begins at 6pm at Rialto Cinemas on Monday, October 28. Tickets cost $20. There are limited tickets available so early bookings are encouraged. Email or visit www. Click on the ‘donate’ link and search for Karen Connell, Zara Crick or Natasha Thompson. Proceeds go towards the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre. By Zoe Hunter

Looking younger and more energetic Blepharoplasty is the ultimate procedure to help restore a more energetic and youthful appearance, according to Skin Centre specialist Dr Paul Salmon. “Sometimes even after a good night’s sleep it can be hard to feel vibrant when you see your eyes looking tired,” says Paul. “The loose skin over your eyes and the fat bags under them make

you look more tired and older than you feel inside.” Eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, can not only correct sagging eyelids, remove fatty pouches beneath the eyes and remove excess skin from the upper eyelids, but can also correct eyelid problems that may be interfering with vision. Excess skin around the eyes can be removed making people look alive and refreshed. “Stunning results and the recovery period short.”

The eyelid lift procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes one-two hours. Fine incisions are made in the eyelid creases to remove excess skin and treat bulges. After surgery the area around the eye may be swollen for about four days and there may be some bruising, especially after lower lid blepharoplasty. Makeup can normally be worn five days after surgery. The resulting hairline scars which follow the natural contour of the eyelids tend to fade in about two months, says Paul. “The procedure leaves you with a softer, more youthful appearance.” Paul has been performing eyelid lifts for more than 10 years and has lifted more than 1000 eyelids. In some cases your health insurance may cover this procedure.

Free breakfast Tauranga families are being treated to a free breakfast this weekend. The Kellogg’s and Pak N Save ‘Kids Do Great with Breakfast’ initiative is part of a nationwide campaign to encourage Kiwi families to bring back the most important meal of the day. Parents are invited to bring their children along to Pak N Save Tauranga for a free cereal breakfast and entertainment tomorrow from 9am-12pm.

Silent learning School staff and guests at Kaka Street Special School were challenged to broaden their communicative horizons by interacting using anything but speech. The school held a morning tea, where participants communicated using nonverbal software TouchChat and an alphabet board. Speech language therapist Catherine Arbuckle says they experienced the “frustrating and difficult” challenges faced by children and adults using these systems every day.



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An eclectic mix of masterpieces on display Toils with oils and getting idyllic with acrylic has seen the paintbrushes of Katikati Art Group members create an eclectic mix of masterpieces for their annual exhibition, opening next Friday.

Katikati Art Group member Carol Fippard and president Molly Brightwell show some of the club’s paintings, which be displayed in their annual exhibition. Coinciding with the NZ Mural Contest and Arts Festival, from next Friday to Sunday (October 4-8), Katikati Memorial Hall will be engulfed with colourful paintings of landscapes to abstract pieces – and everything in between – created by the 50-strong group. Set to offer many pieces from members of varied expertise levels – from emerging to award-winning artists – group member Carolyn Watts says the exhibition will feature a wide range of styles and subjects, including seascapes, landscapes, birds, flowers,

countrysides and rivers. “These will be in lots of different mediums, including oils, water colours, acrylics, pen and pencil and some collage word.” The exhibition is ‘artist’s choice’ but Carolyn says in a first it will host a ‘people’s choice’ opportunity “for visitors to vote for their favourite work of art”. A musician will play throughout the exhibition, which is open daily 9.30am-4pm. Raffle tickets will be on sale with proceeds going towards By Merle Foster exhibition expenses.

Celebrating aging: Today’s our day International Day of the Older Person next Tuesday is an opportunity to celebrate aging. Growing older is nothing to fear, the experience gained through a lifetime shows in the exciting and innovative activities we hear about all the time involving older people. We have well and truly thrown off the title ‘elderly’. This is not to say we are unaware of the less fortunate, but organisations such as Age Concern are addressing loneliness and elder abuse.

Internationally ‘our day’ is recognised by a walk, usually involving all ages as we recognise the importance of intergenerational activities. As New Zealand is the ‘first to see the light’ we kick off the walk, and here in Tauranga everyone is invited to come to Memorial Park at 11.45am and join in the fun on Tuesday. It is holiday time so the train rides will be running, weather permitting.

There will be a sausage sizzle and cake and drinks, so bring your friends, enjoy the walk and support our day. Meet at Memorial Hall if it is raining. Supporting the Age Friendly City initiative is another activity starting on October 1. This is ‘Accolade’: a photo essay by photographer Ross Brown. This is at the Tauranga Art Gallery and runs until October7. It celebrates positive images of older people in Tauranga.


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A helping hand rewarded For Pyes Pa man Colin McAllister there are few things more satisfying than helping out in your own back yard.

Colin McAllister has been involved in Daffodil Day in Tauranga since organising the first fundraiser for the Cancer Society in 1990.

Like all community-minded volunteers, Colin is motivated by simply helping make a difference, but earlier this month his efforts were rewarded when he was given honorary membership of the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society – after more than 23 years of support. “It was a great surprise, I feel very proud,” says Colin, who got involved when the society was setting up in Tauranga and has overseen major growth in the support it provides. Looking back Colin, who has just retired from the society’s executive committee, says there are many highlights, including seeing Daffodil Day grow dramatically from the first year in 1990 when it was trialled in Wellington and Tauranga before being rolled out nationwide. “I’ve meet some wonderful people over the years through the society and it’s great to be helping in what is sadly a growth industry.” Colin has been trying to make a difference in the community since joining the Lions in 1967, which he is still actively involved in. “It was actually through Lions that I got involved in the Cancer Society when it was setting up. I went along as a delegate and have been involved ever since.” Society communications manager Rachael Mounsey says Colin has given “an extraordinary amount of support” throughout the years. “We couldn’t do what we do without people like Colin. His commitment to fundraising and his role as a long standing Lions member provided a vital link between the Cancer Society and the Lions and had a huge impact when it came to joint fundraising efforts.” Along with supporting Daffodil Day, Colin organised the society’s new offices when it outgrew the last and has had a general hands-on role. He also served on the society’s national council. By Hamish Carter

Photo Bruce Barnard.

‘No pressure, no diamonds’ - MARY CASE Most of us run from conflict. It makes us feel uncomfortable, and we avoid it in the hope it will somehow sort itself out. However, confronting difficult situations can give us an opportunity for greater growth and deeper personal connection. Every conflict carries within it a chance to learn and to grow as a human being – in our understanding, awareness and perspectives. It is about balancing compassion with courage when we choose to face conflicts. And conflict often occurs because everyone wants to be ‘right’. If you allow the other person the opportunity to

feel they have the right to their opinion, even if you don’t agree with it, then there is more opportunity for clearer and calmer communication. How can you turn conflict situations around so you create win/win outcomes? If you would like to find out more about coaching, phone Mary Parker for a complimentary session 07 577 1200, email

Keeping Kiwis Independant




Laid back Bailey needs home My name is Bailey and I am a gorgeous 8-year-old male cat. I came to the SPCA as a stray after wearing a collar and tag for seven days in an attempt to find my owner (via the SPCA stray cat policy). I am a lovely, quiet boy who would love nothing better than to have a nice sunny spot to curl up in and snooze the day away. If you are looking for a friendly, laid back cat for your home then please come in and meet me. Phone 07 578 0245 for more information. Ref no. 18773.


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Writing the hard word A Welcome Bay author is raising awareness about social issues including child abuse, poverty and racism in his 16th book launched this week. Kibbutz

George Bryant – known as one of New Zealand’s most prolific non-fiction writers – released his latest book ‘Millennium3 Unresolved Issues of Our Time’ on Thursday at Creative Tauranga. George has spent nearly three years researching and “objectively probing” 12 social issues he says have plagued the nation for decades. And despite all of the governmental inquiries and large sums of money spent – the issues remain unresolved, he says. George believes he has answers and he shares them in his latest book, discussing issues including the widening gap between rich and poor, family breakdowns, violence, racism, political correctness and life and death issues such as abortion and euthanasia. As a former principal of Whangarei Girls’ High School, an ordained Christian minister

– Israel

and active member of many social organisations, George says it only makes sense he wrote about issues in society. “I’ve been involved with people for many years now. It’s only natural I should be thinking about society and ask why can’t we resolve these issues.” With his book George’s aim is to raise public awareness, open up lines of inquiry and provide some hope. His book is being made available at bookshops around the city. By Zoe Hunter

Welcome Bay author George Bryant with his new book ‘Millennium3 Unresolved Issues of Our Time’. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Proven results for arthritis pain In the midst of Arthritis Appeal Week, one woman is encouraging those suffering with Arthritis or similar symptoms to try a homemade product being proven repeatedly to relieve pain and stiffness.

4u2 T ender L oving C are In your own home

Jenny Watson is selling the Aircycle – an inflatable cushion-like product providing natural arthritis care to hundreds of New Zealanders. The Aircycle works by improving circulation, joint flexibility and strengthening muscle. Users inflate one-half of the cushion and press the air from one side to the other, either with their hands or feet. “My cousin designed and made it for her husband who had severe arthritis at the time, and it helped him considerably with his pain,” says Jenny. “The arthritis educator work-

ing with him asked if my cousin would make some for other people because it was so successful. In the last few years I’ve gradually got the word out there, and the comments from people about what it’s doing for them are just so convincing, and exciting. “It’s not just working at keeping the joints moving and relieving pain, but it strengthens the muscles around the joints. That’s so important for keeping people mobile.” Jenny, who is now retired, says the incredible results are what drives her to promote the Aircycle. She also donates $5 from each item sold through phoning 04 569 5013 to Arthritis NZ. “I really want to add to their appeal, they need all the help they can get. “It’s the only reason I’m doing it. It’s no money maker but it’s benefitting a lot of people.” Arthritis Appeal Week runs from September 25-30. By Corrie Taylor

Above: Jenny Watson. Insert: The Aircycle in action.

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The Weekend Sun

Aid our mental health service The hardest thing is to lose is your child before you die. I truly sympathise with the Milne and Russell families - and so does the Bay coroner Wallace Bain. Mr Bain was moved to refer the suicides of Brad Milne and Brendan Russell to the Law Commission because of his frustration over the on-going failure of mental health support. It has been well publicised that New Zealand has the highest suicide rate amongst young people in the OECD, yet we still skirt around the subject. Let’s be honest, many of the suicides are connected with mental health issues, particularly depres-

sion and bipolar. A lot of these suicides would not have occurred if there was a truly connected mental health support service, and an aftercare programme. I am talking about peer-led support services. They are people who have lived with depression and bipolar, and have carried on. They are advocates who have so much hope to offer other sufferers. They need to be involved. Earlier this year, we established the Matt Skellern Bipolar Trust to enhance the mental health support systems in New Zealand, particu-

larly regarding bipolar. We are completing extensive research and a gap analysis into the current services. After establishing the trust, we have created a growing database of people with bipolar who have contacted us because they didn’t know where to turn. There is one simple answer: People struggling with handling their mental condition need to talk with advocates who have been there and have worked through it. You would be amazed about the gaps in the mental health system, when it really matters. Depression, bipolar should no longer be sidelined. It’s a silent problem. Talented people are taking their lives because they lose hope. Why? Graham Skellern, Matapihi.

Food for thought on our finances

Wanted: Positive, future looking thinking and action, by way of: 1. Introduced by the Minister of Finance and Internal Affairs. Widen and encourage, by better tax advantages, the wealthy investing in charitable trusts. This could assist many government-funded businesses. 2. Zero taxes on our private schools and private health insurance.

3. A futuristic, democratic, parliament system. 4. Dangerous drugs: Ensure not worthwhile to sell dangerous drugs in NZ. Replace by government, free outlet to addicted users who must register and have treatment. 5. Meat export. A new scheme to increase returns to producers, with an impartial advisor. David Blackley, Summerhill, Papamoa.

The Sun excels with Western Bay reporting I arranged for a meeting with Brian and Claire Rogers, directors of The Weekend Sun recently. Their family orientated approach to their business was appreciated. I had asked for 10 minutes to put a case forward to The Weekend Sun to extend their political and business coverage to the wider Western Bay of Plenty District Council, which up until now has been dominated by urban issues. Their approach to my request was welcomed, discussed and a decision was made in 10 minutes. We had a candidates meeting in Katikati and I was greeted by

The Weekend Sun’s new reporter Merle Foster, who has been appointed to report on current rural and economic agendas affecting the new three Western Bay of Plenty District wards. Our rural sector now has a wider political representation. We have had excellent coverage from female journalists like Leslie Board, Rosalie Smith and currently Elaine Fisher and we must recognise and encourage Merle Foster in her task to open up council business and activities to their readers. George Van Dyke, Katikati.

Bad poison right in front of us Why fund There are some really bad poisons in the news lately. I raise this issue because New Zealanders are exposed to one of the worst. For example, the key ingredient for Sarin Nerve Gas, which killed so many in Syria, is, according to news reports in England, sodium fluoride. The same stuff you get in your toothpaste. Google it.

Another example, the key killing agent in 1080 poison is, according to DOC, sodium fluoride. The same stuff your kids swallow in their toothpaste. Tony Ryall, Minister of Health, cannot supply me with one independent scientific report showing fluoride is safe. It is no wonder given that it is one of the worst poisons in the Chemist’s Poison list. Ken Evans, Avenues.

Same-sex marriage: No such thing To Ernest Izett re: ‘Same-sex marraiges another bad deviation (The Weekend Sun, September 13) and others concerned. Do not worry. Same-sex marriage is a four-sided triangle. There is no such thing. Since the dawn of recorded history, with small detail variations, marriage has been practised as an exclusive and permanent relationship

between a man and a woman for the purpose of providing love and support to each other and the children of their relationship. Parliament may call another relationship a same sex marriage, but that will not make it so. They might as well call it potatoes and gravy. Kevin Mooney, Papamoa.

Why an unelected Maori authority? Taxpayers of Auckland must be justifiably appalled over the amount of unwarranted and unjustified recognition and authority the Mayor and his council are giving to local iwi. The iwi’s egregious claims become compounding by the day. Surely this misguided placating of a small but very vocal group, subverting the Treaty to their own avaricious desires, must cease. General citizens of Auckland must now consider the horrific ramifications

of agreements entered into between council and Maori. The Treaty made Maori equal citizens, no more. It did not confer any powers of governance. Unelected positions on councils or any group are not mandatory. The Auckland Council chose to permit this undemocratic state of affairs at great expense. Rather than being grateful for their special status the Iwi just keep claiming more. Bryan Johnson, Omokoroa.

Hapu/Iwi? Towards the bottom right of page six of your last issue is a small item ‘Iwi/Hapu management plans’ (The Weekend Sun, September 20) about funding up to $30,000 to “support development of the iwi/hapu management plans”. What on earth is this all about? Why do they need special payments and why can’t they use money from the colossal full and final settlements of their Waitangi claims. Can I get financial help in planning the management of my immediate and extended family matters? I bet not. Could the Mayor please advise the reasoning behind this, and tell us how much more of our funds is to be wasted in the future. Robin Osborne, Bethlehem. Got an issue to highlight? The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to short letters (200 words) and supplied with full name and contact details. Email:


The Weekend Sun

Hospital carparking a stressful task Many facilities at the Tauranga Hospital are wonderful. But one facility has become far more difficult in recent years – parking within easy walking distance of the hospital. It’s hard enough finding a park during visiting hours, but it’s very difficult finding a carpark when you’re attending an outpatient appointment. In the last two years my parents, aged almost 81 and almost 90, have been to inpatients, follow up specialist and day or stay procedures.

When possible, a family member or friend drives them, not because they’re incapable of driving, but because of the carparking. situation. I’ve driven them twice since June. Both times the closest park I found was outside Historic Village. There is no way I’d get my elderly parents to walk uphill from Historic Village to the lift from the carpark. I emailed the DHB about the carparking.

The board replied: “Consideration has previously been given to the erection of a multi-storey parking building, but the costs of the build would require the DHB to charge for parking and this is seen as presenting an obstacle for some people to attend for clinics etc”. My parents just paid $50 for a permit, so they can get my father to clinics. Yes, my father can use the permit elsewhere but hasn’t needed it.These appointments are often very stressful, without adding the stress of getting a park. What are future plans for parking at Tauranga Hospital? Diane Jeffery, Te Puke.

Hicane: Our silent threat needs banning The Ban Corexit protest being held on Mount Maunganui Main Beach this Saturday is to be applauded. Great to see our leaders and Rangatira fully supporting this kaupapa. When the line in the sand is drawn on Corexit, that has been banned in many countries because of the conclusive evidence it poisons human beings from the inside out, why not do us all a favour and draw another line in the sand on Saturday and ban another

toxic poison that also has beed banned overseas. Hicane has never ever been tested for its effects on human health yet we pour millions of litres on to our whenua every year but no one protests. Why is that? Hicane makes money for the berry barons, no-one standing to be elected has the balls to ban it. Tommy ‘Kapai’ Wilson, Te Puna.

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A photographic gift for all GCSB above the law Ross Brown, Sun Media’s general manager needs to be congratulated. Ross is a man who has given up a lot of his time voluntarily for the last six months, taking photographs of our elderly in Tauranga ‘living life’ going to the theatre, playing Bridge, dining out and much more. The exhibition photographs will be at Tauranga Art Gallery, October 1-7.

Support this Tauranga, as this exhibition honours elderly members of our community who fought wars so we will have the freedom to ‘live life’. Well done Ross Brown for acknowledging the elderly in our community, for photographing them enjoying life, and then gifting it to live on for our future generations. A Malcolmson, Ohauiti.

Ross an ‘unsung hero’ of the city What a heartwarming story in this week's issue of The Weekend Sun about your General Manager Ross Brown. Ross has spent hours of his own time to create an exhibition of photographs, which depict elderly residents going about their daily life.

He has done this photographing as a voluntary project for the Age Friendly Strategy group. Here is yet another unsung hero of our city, quietly using his talent and expertise, to do a kind deed to bring pleasure to others. R. Bishop, Pyes Pa.

Now we really know the GCSB is above the law. It’s obvious from the lack of action to address proven illegal surveillance and subsequent actions of the Dot. Com debacle. Now a law is passed allowing the GCSB to spy on us all, we should be collectively shaking in our shoes Barry H Walker, Mt Maunganui.

A lesson in compassion Is it any wonder the Tauranga Public Hospital Emergency Department is overrun with outpatients when the Central Med in Devonport Rd is too busy to write out a prescription when a patient is in agony with gout, instead stating it takes 24 hours for a prescription to be written. Maybe their Medical Centre has become more important than their own good and the good of their patients welfare. It certainly needs to be taught a lesson in compassion. John O’Rourke, Tauranga.

07 578 0030

46 Briefly

$1050 cigarette for lighter thief The Tauranga man who admitted to smashing the window of a Countdown supermarket to get a cigarette lighter on August 2 has been ordered to pay $1050 reparation. Samuela Haitonga Kavenga, 57, will pay the sum at $50 a week, and complete 100 hours’ community service while under nine months’ supervision. The sentencing came after Kavenga pleaded guilty to unlawfully being in a building, wilful damage and theft under $500.

Confessed drunk driver sentenced

A Tauranga housewife who drove while almost four times over the legal alcohol limit has been sentenced to seven months’ home detention. Alison Kay Hockly, 53, was also disqualified from driving for six months when she appeared in Tauranga District Court this week. She earlier pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol, dangerous driving and refusing to accompany a police officer. She was arrested on May 22 after blowing 1519 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath when tested by police.

Man denies attacking women

A Tauranga man who fled to Waihi after being accused of viciously attacking two women in separate incidents in Mount Maunganui and Papamoa is denying the charges. Zane Tani Courtney, 24, was arrested on September 18 after failing to appear in Tauranga District Court on five counts of breaching his community work conditions and one charge of shoplifting. He is also charged with aggravated burglary, threatening to kill and three counts of injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Courtney was remanded in custody until November 26 for a case review hearing.

Female police officer attacked

A Tauranga man has been arrested and charged with injuring with intent to injure after allegedly strangling a female police officer in her patrol car last Sunday. The 21-year-old man appeared in Tauranga District Court on Monday and was released on bail until his next court appearance on October 14. Police say the lone officer was transporting the man back to the police station and he attacked the female officer in the patrol car on the way.

Jailed for disqualified driving

A Tauranga man has been sentenced to six months’ jail for driving while disqualified. Jason Rex Thomas Maney, 33, appeared in Tauranga District Court this week where he pleaded guilty to his first driving while disqualified charge. He was also disqualified for 12 months and one day starting February 22, 2014, once his jail sentence is complete. Maney is also facing a charge of unlawfully being in possession of a sawn off shotgun, a 12 gauge single shotgun and nine rounds of shotgun ammunition. He is jointly charged with his cousin Damien Maney, 34, in relation to this charge.

New developments with the Rena disaster come as no surprise. In past articles I warned the ships owners and the Government were laying foundations to leave the remains of the wreck on the reef; and this is now becoming a reality. Despite prior government promises of a complete removal, we now have another National Party about-face. Surely, all New Zealanders should support the small but brave local hapu on Motiti Island, who are left fighting for justice against rich international polluters, with an asset base of more than $2.4 billion, the owners of the Rena. Our government has gone silent on the issue; they have also done a sordid backyard deal to get a paltry payment of $10.4 million if our local hapu fail to get the wreck removed. The Government seem to have taken the attitude “out of site out of mind”. Read this column in full at



The Weekend Sun

City Council’s debt level is unsustainable After attending two election meetings last week, firstly the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Mayoral Meeting, where five of the six Mayoral candidates showed real concern on Tauranga City Council debt levels; and the subsequent Citizens Advocacy Tauranga Election Meeting for the presentation by well-respected expert Local Government analyst Larry Mitchell, (who also expressed serious concern about TCC debt levels), one realises TCC debt level is approaching$500million. This is unsustainable and cannot continue unchecked as it amounts to $10,000 for each

and every ratepayer. In reality there’s only five options to repay crippling TCC debt: 1. Sale of assets – proceeds will be minisicle and will not help at all (NZTA won’t take Route K). 2. Increase rates immediately by 50 per cent but more likely need to double, for example, $2500 per annum to $5000 per annum (providing $90m per annum)– unaffordable by 95 per cent of Tauranga citizens 3. Windfall in consent and development fees, doubling from $9.5m (2013) to $19m. per annum – a drop in the ocean and will

cover zilch even with 2000 more ratepayers giving an extra $4m per annum in rates take. 4. Slash TCC and Council-Controlled Organisation’s staffing levels (saving $20million per annum), which is realistic and achievable but unpalatable to city hall. 5.The last option is that we slash spending on infrastructure? As interest alone on TCC debt is about $30million per annum, the only viable option apart from staff cuts is doubling rates. Everyone except Town Hall and Mayor Crosby can see the writing on the wall. If anyone at TCC wants to challenge my assessments, speak up and provide detailed calculations. I’ll have them professionally analysed. R Paterson, Matapihi.

Don’t give us personal gaff What voters want A message to the local body election candidates: Would you please stop putting irrelevant personal information in your ‘vote for me’ spiels. I really couldn’t give two hoots if you have been married to the lovely Mary for 40 years, or have seven beautiful children, or enjoy kayaking and bobsledding. I want to know why I should vote for you, what you are going to do for Tauranga, how

you stand on important issues like rates and the like; and I don’t care about your hobbies or family. In fact, if you have so many kids and grandkids and exciting pastimes how do you think you will have time to do council work? You don’t put personal information on a CV, so why plaster it all over your election advertising? H Auld, Welcome Bay.

If you don’t vote, don’t moan Please ensure that you vote before midday on October 12 in order to have your say in the forthcoming Tauranga City Council elections. Only 43 per cent of voters voted at the last election; and if we continue to have such low voter turnouts potentially even more poor decisions will be made by future councils without you having any

say in those decisions.I also hear people say, that by voting, my vote does not make a difference or alternatively even if I do vote they don’t listen to us. But rest assured that by not voting at all you have even less say. Please vote - if you don’t please don’t complain. Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

Voting extends Matua water torture Well the Local body elections are here again...and all the hyperbole that goes with it. I will vote, it is my right, but the synic that I have grown into knows oh so well the futility of it all. Definitely not for the candidates, they have an inner strength that I cannot analyse. Bless them. But are you aware that folk who have issues right now with council will be put back months and months while all this goes on. The poncing and rethoric, the breast beating and the parading. Please spare a thought for four or five residents, flooded out in Matua, who wait a daily; their only problem being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trying to live in houses damaged by water and sewage that poured through their properties months ago. While the council fiddles - with candidates running to be elected in the local body elections - these families try for answers, just for a decision that may bring an end to the constant thought that the next big storm, brings more water - more duck shoving while their elected representatives, can’t, or wont make a decision on their futures. Water torture has nothing on this (my apology, no pun is intended). I challenge the new candidates to answer this and search their minds for just what they will do. If anything. Maryrose Bell, Matua.

I have this week read some of the most hilarious material for a long time. It is TCC candidates election campaign write ups on themselves. You only have to read the main catchphrases to burst into tummy rumbling laughter. For example, “Proven leadership”, “An experienced councillor”, “An astute business woman”, “A focussed business leader”, “For strong and effective leadership”. These are from just a few of the very highly selfopinionated candidates but there are a number of others. There are also one or two who have been pushing themselves intentionally in front of the public for the last few years. Then there are those honest candidates, who just present themselves as and who they are, which is what the voters want. They do not need a pile of candidate generated fictional rubbish to confuse them. I know who I won’t be voting for. Roger Bailey, Papamoa.

Help is there for all I read with interest the problems facing Age Concern with lonely people etc. St John Ambulance have an excellent service, that targets this type of situation, and are more than willing to help. All one has to do is to give them a call. The lady in charge of this Tauranga area is very competent and happy to help. An approach to Red Cross could also be a good move. They will consider the problem and help in anyway they can. We must not have lonely, upset people, in any caring Society. Ron Chamberlain Otumoetai The Weekend Sun welcomes letters and photographs from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words) and supplied with full name and contact details. Photos are best in high resolution, jpeg format. Email:


The Weekend Sun

Maori problems a burden on public purse? marae protocols in hospitals when they are probably regularly followed in normal life by fewer than 20 per cent of those who claim themselves Tangatawhenua, the 14 per cent of the population. Visitors’ allowances are relaxed to suit Maori, numbers of visitors and length of stay, official forms in both languages are presented to all and many are questioned as to any special requirements they may have as Maori. These are courtesies not offered to any other ethnic or religious group. These were

The report in the latest issue of The Weekend Sun, from the BOPDHB is another example of the official, racist preferential treatment of Maori. The report indicates a conciliatory, almost patronising, attitude in its reportage of “health inequalities for Maori”. They then go on to win an award from IPANZ. What inequality? Already we have seen great preference given exclusively to Maori. A requirement of nurse trainees to visit maraes and the official need to follow

not promised by the Treaty but just the rights of all citizens. The poor state of Maori health is the sole responsibility of Maori. No one forces cigarettes into their mouths, poor food and booze into their guts. No one denies them the education that is freely available to all, and without which many become unemployed. No one forces a marked dependency on public welfare. Maori should therefore consider solving these problems out of the large assets that they have accrued through Treaty settlements and cease to be a continual burden on the public purse. No one should call them disadvantaged. Bryan Johnson, Omokoroa.

Councillor absences rip-off to ratepayers I’ve just finished reading councillor Tony Christiansen’s sorry excuses as to why he didn’t bother to attend 34 council meetings during the last three years (SunLive, September 20). Apparently, he’s been learning to bobsleigh in the USA and swanning off to Jakarta for a motivational session is far more important than earning his ratepayerfunded salary.

Tony says he just hope the ratepayers of Tauranga City accept his truancy ( ie flying around the world to speaking engagements, and generally not being at work). He also believes what he does gives him a good balance in life. It’s not about a good balance in life Tony. It’s about you doing what you are paid to do by the ratepayers - all the time. Unbelievably and bizarrely I next read

Vote to stop golden goodbye With the media full of Christchurch council’s CEO salary and payout its worth looking at what is happening at Western Bay of Plenty District Council. The council’s CEO is paid $380,000 dollars per annum. He also has a ‘golden handshake’ in his contract of about $400,000 when it expires next year. This is a payment over and above his

salary and entitlements. It is a special goodbye gift for being with the council for 20 years. It’s an absolute outrage. How can the Mayor allow this for a CEO of a small council with only 45,000 people in the district. We are one-third the size of Tauranga. The Mayor has to go. Vote him out. Lisa Morrissey, Katikati.

Tony’s election profile in the same edition of SunLive where he states: “I am not a politician and I don’t want to be”. Then why on earth are you standing for council again Tony? I suspect it’s because you’ve found you get paid whether or not you are work. A nice little rip-off of ratepayer’s money. Perry Harlen, Mount Maunganui.

Stop rates increasing I’m a very concerned ratepayer. I’ve attended candidate meetings to try and help decide who I want to have work for me for the next three years. Why did incumbent Ross Patterson tell us at Katikati’s meeting what he is supposedly doing in Te Puke? We want to know what he is going to do in Katikati to stop rate increases. It is clear that he has absolutely no idea what to do to help the poor suffering ratepayers in our town. Gary Mankelow, Athenree.

Jason & Sharlene Rowling with the team.

Greenhouse misinterpretation: The mechanics of

the greenhouse effect and the very small role carbon dioxide plays in that effect are not too hard to understand. But these simple facts seem to be completely beyndd the abilities of many politicians, especially the Green Party’s Dr Russell Norman.

John Mills, Mount Maunganui.

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E N T E R T A I N M E N T G U I D E MUSIC The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

Saturday 28 September

Alcoholics Anonymous Women’s meet-

ing at Mt Maunganui Primary School, Orkney Rd 10-11am. Children welcome.

All Girl Roller Derby War of the Wheels

2 at Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, Tauranga. Doors open 4.30pm, first game 5pm. Adults $10, under 12 $5, under 5 free. Anti-fracking Meeting Legion of Frontiersmen’s Hall, Elizabeth St West 6.308pm. Druid ceremony. 543 3056 Bay Association of Sea Kayakers Kinloch to Kaiapo Bay & return, Lake Taupo. Approx 25km. Bevan 576 8885 BOKWA Fitness Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd 9.30am. Easy steps to sign language, fun cardio workout. All levels of fitness welcome. Sarah 021 185 3363

Celebration 100 Years Birthday Dance

Sequence & old time dancing. Friendly atmosphere, good music & supper. Greerton Hall 7.30-11.30pm. Semi formal dress. Entry $8 single $15 double. Run by Tauranga Scottish Soc. Allyson 576 9194 Dance Party Oct 5 Ballroom, Latin & Tango at Te Puke Memorial Hall 7-11pm. BYO drinks & supper plate. $12pp. Doro salees by reservation. The Dance Centre 542 1295 Feta Cheese Workshop Demonstration on the simple art of making your own Feta cheese at home. 9.30am - 12pm. Cost $45. No’s limited. To register 542 2257 Give Kayaking a Go Free session for anyone interested in seeing that is involved in this sport at Waimarino Kayak Centre, Taniwha Place, Bethlehem with about 1/2 hour on the water, so allow about an hour for the session. Times will be confirmed on booking your place. Bring swimwear & a towel. Book: Claire gilbert 543 3893 or 027 293 3040

Jan Preston’s ‘My Life as a Piano’

Upbeat toe tapping boogie music show of songs & music, humour & a contemporary bent on the honky tonk piano tradition. At Baycourt Exhibition Space 7.30pm. Baycourt 577 7188 or Market Greerton Hall 8am - 12pm. Crafts, plants, produce, bric-a-brac. Merv or Nancy Waihi 07 863 6697 Messianic Weekly Meetings The Way meet in the Kingfisher Room, Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way, Mt Maunganui 10am. 570 1438 Mount Maunganui Cricket Club Senior registration - all current & new players welcome from 1pm onwards at Blake Park Clubrooms, Kawaka St, Mt Maunganui. Jason 027 277 2922 Sea Kayak Beginners Skill Course Sept 28 & 29. Comprehensive 2 day course with a morning session in the pool covering capsizes, self rescues & assisted rescues, followed by an afternoon in the harbour learning kayak handling skills & paddling strokes. Second day cover some theory around equipment, trip planning, weather navigation. Then end course with a 10km

News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene. local paddle. Email: bop@canoeandkayak. or 574 7415

Tauranga Farmers Market Tauranga

Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am - 12pm. Fresh & artisian produced food. Trixie 552 5278 or The Cargo Shed Open Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm. Coffee & a free biscuit with new products on display. The Sociables 30’s/40’ age group of males & females that meet once a week to socialise by dining out or participating in local activities & events. 022 012 0376 Urban Dance - Peter Pan Street dance adaptation of Peter Pan at Baycourt Theatre 2pm & 5.30pm. 0800 842 538 or Village Radio Community radio broadcasting from Tauranga Historic Village 1368 kHz AM. Music of 1920’s - 80’s weekends 9am - 5pm, weekdays 10am - 5pm. Specialty programmes. or 571 3710 Vocal Technique Workshop With Helen Medlyn at Wesley Church, 13th Ave 1-5pm. Afternoon tea provided. NZCF members $20, non members $30.

Sunday 29 September

Are You Happy? Find out how Nichiren

Buddhism can help us attain indestructible happiness. Every Sun, except first Sunday of month at Otumoetai Plunket Rooms, 59 Otumoetai Rd 2.15-3.30pm. or email: sgitauranga@ Argentine Tango at Imbibe Tango upstairs at 14 Girven Rd, Mount. Social dancing from 6.45pm. No cover charge. Free demo/intro. Carl 021 280 4464 email: Assn of Rationalists & Humanists BOP Branch at Alzheimer’s NZ House, 116 13th Ave, Tauranga on last Sun of month 1.30-3.30pm. Paul 543 3399 Bay Bible Fellowship Welcome Bay School, Welcome Bay Rd 10am. Teaching from “Joshua” 5:1 to 6:12 (Melting hearts or celebration of God) Ps Lincoln Forlong. Gerald 021 938 618 Bible Seminars Every Sun at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St, Greerton 1.45pm. Title: “Elijah & shows God’s power over Baal.” Interactive, Q&A. Vic 543 0504 Beekeeping Hobbyists Meet at 1114 Ohauiti Rd, 11.1kms up Ohauiti Rd from Palmers Garden Centre 2pm. Please bring your bee suit & afternoon tea. Gordon 027 544 2882 BOP Linux Users Bimonthly hands on day at Arts & Crafts Centre (back room) cnr Elizabeth St & Glasgow St 9.30am – 3pm. Bring your computer for help with Linux & Open Source software. $2 door charge. 578 6024. Busking Festival Free family fun & entertainment downtown the Mount Oct 6. Lots of performers along the street with Juniors 10.30am/open section 12.30pm.

DVD MOVIES Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

OUT THERE Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment.

Vote for your favourite performer & go in the draw to win a $50 Mainstreet voucher! Grab the Hopper bus. Central BOP Self Containment Day And electrical warrants at the VTNZ Maleme St, Greerton 9am – 1pm. To arrange an appointment please supply your NZMCA Number, vehicle registration & contact number. NB Chrome hub caps can be left on. This service is free to NZMCA members. Bruce 544 1303 or 027 687 1377. Electrical warrants incur a charge – inspector Ross Lockyer. Charity Wedding Event High tea, bridal show, charity auction, Gatsby dress up at Trinity Wharf Hotel, 51 Dive Crescent, Tauranga 2pm onwards. $55 per ticket Club Mt Maunganui Bathurst Sunday Oct 13. Members & petrolheads welcome. 575 4886 Early Music Ensemble Affetto Tauranga Musica Concert Series. Affetos’s programme is “Venus in Venice” – music from the Courts of 17th Century Italy. At Tauranga Park Auditorium, 383 Pyes Pa Road 3pm. Price: Adult $32, Youth $10 under 19 years or free with a paying ticket holder. 577 7188 Home Computer Club (Tga) Inc Computer enthusiasts meet to share knowledge & experience at Arts & Crafts Centre, Elizabeth St West, last sun of month 9.3012.30approx. $3 door charge. 544 2067

3ft long yachts. Graham 572 5419 Rifle Range Public Open Day Open to public on last Sun of the month. Range at end of Ngawaro Rd, at the TECT All Terrain Park 9am - 3pm. Some targets available to purchase, or bring your own. Must bring own ammo, shooting rests, ear muffs etc. Firearms license must be presented at registration area. $15pp (cash only). No cellphone coverage. Sunday Bible Study At 10am. Fellowship/tea 10.45am, Sunday worship 11am. 1st & 3rd Sun evening singing 6pm. Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton. 541 0388 Tauranga Prayer & Healing Fest Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre Gym, Memorial Park, cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga 2.30-5pm. Prayer is available for anything in the name of Jesus Christ.

Join the newbies on the Sunday paddle as part of their sea kayak sills course. 10km paddle planned by the training group in accordance with weather & tides. bop@ or 574 7415 Maketu Rotary Club Market 3rd & 5th Sun of month at Village Green, Maketu from 8am. $10 per stall. Lyn 533 1572 or 021 882 059 PacknBoots Tramping Group All trampers welcome. packnboots for program, tramp grading. Eveie 542 1199 or packnboots@hotmail. Shoestrings walking group alternate Sat mornings for new trampers. Petanque Every Sun, Tues & Thurs at Cliff Rd 12.45pm. Boules available, tuition given. 1st 3 visits free. Neita 572 3768 Pet Sunday At St Mary’s Anglican Church, Girven Rd, Bayfair 10am. All pets & owners welcome. Bring your animals for a blessing. 575 9945 Prayer & Healing Fest Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre Gym, Memorial Park cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd 2.30-5pm. Are you sick or in pain? Prayer changes things. Email: Prestige Singles Change of venue. 50+ Coffee afternoon at Nautilus Cafe & Restaurant, Cross Rd 2.30pm. Mix & mingle with other like-minded individuals. Gayle 027 439 3267 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Meet Sun 1.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron & similar

Wai/BOP Bisexual Women’s Group

Local Sea Kayakers Beginners Paddle

Ben Hurley Friday 4 October, 8PM Elvis to the Max Saturday 5 October, 8PM The Ten Tenors Monday 14 October, 8PM NZSO Magnificent Mozart Wednesday 16 October, 7:30PM Kiss My Arts - Speakers Series Thursday 17 October, 5:30PM Hank Marvin Gypsy Jazz Saturday 19 October, 8PM Tauranga Arts Festival Thursday 24 October - Sunday 3 November

Tauranga Rainbow Social Network

For gay/lesbian/bi/transgender, intersex. Meet 2nd Sun of month at 3pm. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411 Tauriko School Spring Gala Sept 29 at Tauriko School, 768 SH 29, RD1, Tauranga 10am - 2pm. Live entertainment, gumboot throw, lucky dips, bouncy castle, paint ball, candy floss, cake stall & more. Tauranga Spiritual Society Mini expo night with 6 great guests. Crystals, readings & healings. Senior Citizen’s Hall, 14 Norris St. Doors open 6.30pm, for 7pm. Fun night for all. For support & social activities. Women only, transwomen welcome. Meet 4th Sun of month 3pm. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411

Monday 30 September

Achieve Toastmasters Feeling anxious

about that forthcoming presentation. Learn to speak with confidence. 1st, 3rd Mon of month at St Stephens Hall, Otumoetai 7.30pm. Fraser 544 4579 Baby Moves & Group Specialised movement & music class for 0-14 months run by qualified early childhood educator. Mondays at Arataki Community Centre 10-10.30am, music 10.30-11am. Coffee group all for only $4. 575 2048 Bay of Plenty Pipes & Drums Army Hall, 11th Ave & Devonport Rd 6.45pm. Annette 577 9272 Bay Salsa Beginners salsa lessons at 6.45pm. New intake every 4 weeks. Improver Salsa lessons - walk in classes at 7.45pm. $15 per class. Otumoetai Action Centre. Begin Again - Return to Love Create the life & circumstances you want. Understand & utilise the subconscious mind, stillness & prayerful meditation + spiritual principles to help obtain the life that is designed especially for you. No charge. 571 5188 or 021 2646 002 Bethlehem Bowls Every Mon 7.15pm. First 3 nights free. Wendy 578 2585 Body & Soul Fun Fitness For over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues

GUIDE The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where. Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds City Church cnr Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified Instructor/ Cardiac Care leader. Chess Mt Maunganui Mount RSA Chess Club meet every Mon at Mount RSA, 544 Maunganui Rd. Juniors 6.15-7.15pm during school term. Open club 6-11pm Noel 579 5412 Citizens Advice Bureau Free, confidential info & advice about anything call in Mon - Fri at 38 Hamilton St, Tauranga 9am - 4pm or freephone 0800 367 222. JP service every Weds & Thurs 9-11.30am. Weds CAB service at Welcome Bay Community Centre 9.30am - 12.30pm, Fri at Mount Library 11.30am - 1.30pm. No appointment necessary. Fire Brigade Bowling Club Club night at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd 7.30pm. Sharon 543 3929 Fitness League Safe effective, low impact fun exercise set to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for women of all ages & abilities. First class free. Every Mon at Settlers Hall Omokoroa 9.30am & Tues St Johns Anglican Church Waihi 9.30am. Dorothy 549 3378 Free Antenatal Classes Pirirakau Hauora, classes available each month in 2013. Venues throughout the Bay. For dates & venues ph 552 4573 or email: Fee Seminars for Home Buyers Regarding Home Loan Changes, 3 Tauranga businesses aim to help home buyers to better understand the changes & their effects. At Holland Beckett Lawyers, Cameron Rd Oct 7 & 10 6-7.15pm. Oct 16 5.30-6.45pm. To reserve your place online visit Early registration advised.

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus

Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. 572 3345 or Hello Monday! Healthy way to start the week. Free healthy breakfast for everyone. Book now! Svetlana 027 616 2124 I Just Want to Run Free running group for beginners. Couch to 5k programme. Free child minding. Mon, Wed, Fri mornings 9.30am. jandjtutbury@xtra. or 0277 582 117 Indoor Bowls Every Mon at St Mary’s Church, Girven Rd, Bayfair 1pm. 575 9945

Junction Mental Health Peer Support And advocacy: Coffee & chat 10am – 12pm. 579 9890

Justice of the Peace Service Centre

Monday at Bayfair Shopping Centre Management office 10am - 12pm. Katikati Open Air Art 4th biennial New Zealand mural contest & arts festival starts today. Many activities including mural tours, workshops, studio trails, cultural displays & more.


The Weekend Sun Learn to Dance Te Puke Sequence dancing for beginners & coaching. St Pat’s Hall, Beatty Ave, Te Puke 7pm. $3pp. Gordon 572 0060 Meditation Free classes Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm. Find peace, spiritual awareness & the meaning of your life. David 576 9764 Otumoetai Indoor Bowls Club night triples, Matua Primary School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. Karen 576 0443 Papamoa Progressive Assn Meet 2nd Mon of month in Tohora Room, Papamoa Library 7.30pm. Ken 574 2332 Recycled Teenagers Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s Church Hall, Girven Rd. All 9 - 10.30am. Classes taken by qualified instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411 Relationships Aotearoa Mon - ManMade - gain insights into what shape us as men 6.30-8.30pm. Tues - Parenting Through Separation. Free course for separating parents 6.30-8.30pm. Parenting for Success - learn how to support the well-being & development of your 2-11 year olds 12.30-2.30pm. Weds Blended Families - combing a household? This course covers step parent & step sibling issues 6.30-8.30pm. Positively Me 4 Women - self esteem course for women - Papamoa 12.30-2.30pm. Parenting through separation - Papamoa 10am - 12pm. Thurs - Positively Me 4 women- self esteem course for women 6.30-8.30pm. Parenting today’s Teens - this course covers issues being experienced by teenagers in today’s society 12.302.30pm. Parenting through separation 10am - 12pm. Fri - Positively Me 4 Women 12.30-2.30pm. 576 8392 Tauranga Badminton Club Bethlehem College Events Centre 7.30-9.30pm. Free racquet use. All players welcome. $5 per person. Sue 021 194 4335 www. Tauranga Creative Fibre Every Mon at Arts Centre, Elizabeth St from 9.30am. Spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet & more. Learn & share in a mutually supportive club. Also on Thurs evening twice a month. Joan 577 6781 Tauranga Pipers Club Every Mon 7pm. Enquiries welcome from pipers & drummers. 579 1460 Tauranga Rock n Roll Club At Tauranga RSA. Lessons 7-8pm, club nights 8-10pm. or Colleen 544 4676 Tauranga Senior Badminton Club

Every Mon & Weds 7.30pm onwards. Racquets available. All welcome. Sue 0211 944 335 or 543 0035 Tauranga Senior Citizen’s Club Mon & Thurs Cards. 500 & Bridge 1-4pm. Tues, Weds & Sat Indoor Bowls 1-4pm. Register by 12.45pm. At 14 Norris St, behind Pak n Save. Entry $2 includes afternoon tea. New members welcome. 578 7534 Mon Indoor Bowls at St Columba Church Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd 1-4pm. Names in by $12.45pm. $3 entry includes afternoon tea. 571 6663 YMCA - ALFS (Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 8.45-9.45am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-9.55am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome

Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Also Te Puke Senior Citizen’s Club, Jocelyn St, Te Puke 9.15-10.15am. All welcome. First class free. Thurs 9-10am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.15-10.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272

You’re Never Too Old to Get Moving! A physical activity & education programme developed for people over 60yrs. Fully endorsed by GP’s & National Heart Foundation. Every Mon, Weds & Fri at BOP Polytechnic 8-9am. Keith 571 0190 or email:

Tuesday 1 October

Athletics NZ Run, Jump, Throw

Holiday programme + individual event technique sessions. Tauranga Domain Athletics Track oct 1-3 & Oct 8-10. Registrations to Val Bromley 576 0559 or 021 148 6695 or

Balmorals Leisure Marching Team

Ladies welcome to join aged 30-60 for fun, friendship & travel. Training every Tues at Greerton 6-8pm. Anita 571 4096 or 021 0257 6094 Bayfair Petanque Club Every Tues & Thurs at Bayfair Reserve, Russley Drive 1pm. Tuition & boules available for learners & visitors. Margaret 572 3173 BOP Linux Users Share & learn about free Open Source software & the Linux computer operating system first Tues of month at LJ Hooker cnr Cameron Rd & 8th Ave 7-9pm. Experts & beginners welcome. Free 578 6024 Come & See Like to know more about the Catholic faith & church? Meet every Tues at St Mary’s Catholic Church cnr Cameron Rd & Elizabeth St 7.30pm. 578 6209 Conversation Cafe for Seniors Every Tues at St Andrew’s Church, Dee St, Mount 10am - 12pm. Morning tea, fellowship, games. $5. 575 9347 Exhibition “Accolade” Photo essay by photographer Ross Brown, in support of the Tauranga AgedFriendly strategy. 10.30am, then daily 10am - 4.30pm until Oct 7 at Tauranga Art Gallery cnr Wharf & Willows Sts. Free entry. Genesis - Women’s Group 1st & 3rd Tues during school term. 10am morning tea at St Paul’s Co-operating Church, 242 Dickson Rd, Papamoa. This week: Meet for coffee at ‘The Palms’ Domain Rd 10am. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264

International Day of the Older Person

Global embrace walk 2013 at Memorial Park, (Fraser St end) Tauranga 11.45am – 1pm. Gentle walk for all ages, wheelchair accessible. Pack a picnic. Theme: red/purple. Sausage sizzle, weather permitting. Free train ride for first 50 children under 14yrs. 578 2631 Judea Sports Club AGM At Judea Sports Club 6pm. Kura 579 9941 a/hs Junction Mental Health Peer Support & Advocacy - Depression Support Group 1-2pm. For info or ride 579 9890

Justice of the Peace Service Centres

Every Tues at Te Tuinga Whanau, 190 Chadwick Rd, Greerton 10am - 12pm. Mount Mainstreet Centre 11am - 1pm. Kidz Need Dadz Morning tea at ‘Dads Place’ 538 Fraser St 9.30am. Mah Jong Every Tues at St Mary’s Church, Girven Rd, Bayfair 12.45pm. 575 9945

Midweek Country & Variety Music

Every first Tues of month at Elizabeth St Arts Centre, Glasgow St 7pm. All proceeds to charity. Ruth/Dick 576 4527 Mount Morning Badminton Every Tues at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park 9am - 12pm. Social, competitive, all ages, beginners welcome. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session. Margaret 575 9792

Mount Social Table Tennis Group Every Tues at Arataki Community Centre 7.30-9.30pm. $4. Paddles available. For players of all abilities. 575 2048

Orange City Square & Round Dance Club Beginners Tues 10am - 12pm.

Weds A Level, Thurs club night, Frontiersmen’s Hall 7.30pm. 543 1063

Oriana Singers Every Tues at St

Andrew’s Church, Dee St, Mount 7-9pm. Jim 571 4044 Otumoetai Community House Every Tues at 11 Highmore Place 10am - 12pm. Drop in for a coffee, chat (children welcome) or access to the internet. Allsorts Op Shop is open at the same time, so call in & browse. Margaret 021 260 6504 Pink Zumba Dance Part Tauranga Boys College Gym 7pm. $10 adults, $5 high school students. All proceeds to Tauranga Breast Cancer Support. Wear: Pink! Sparkly, glittery, sexy, funky. Tina 544 3385 or Sequence Dancing Tauranga Social & Leisure Club, St John’s Anglican Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai 7-9.30pm. Second Tues of month 3-5.30pm. John 578 9716

Wednesday 2 October

After Suicide Support Group Runs for 6

weeks, starts today. Grief Support Services 578 4480 or

Age Concern Walking Group Meet at Décor Garden Centre, Bethlehem 10am. All welcome. 578 2631

Badminton Mt Maunganui Summer social

club night Weds at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd 7-9pm. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Baywide Community Law Service Drop in

clinic every Weds at 63 Willow St 5-6.30pm. No appointment necessary. Free legal assistance. 571 6812. Every Tues morning at Te Puke Clinic. For appointment 573 5614. Every Thurs morning at Katikati Clinic. For appointment 549 0399 Fernlands Spa Water Exercise Class Weds 10.45-11.45am. Held rain or shine, but not

during school holidays. New participants planning to attend, ph Jennifer 571 1411 Gate Pa Indoor Bowls Club night at Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Marg 543 3394 Social Tennis Men & women, have a friendly ‘go’. Welcome Bay tennis courts, Victory St 9am. Just turn up. Global Hearts Exercise Group Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by certified Phase 3 cardiac rehabilitator. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388 Justice of the Peace Service Centres Every Weds at Citizens Advice Bureau, Hamilton St 9-11.30am. Te Puna School 6.30-7.30pm. Papamoa Library 10am - 12pm. Kaimai Ramblers Tramping every Weds. Fit & keen new members welcome to join! Website:


South City Indoor Bowls Club (Inc) Open Fours Xmas Tournament

(Plate & raffle item) at Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Mary 541 0687 Stitching Servants Every Tues at Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton 10am. Card, quilt, bear making, knitting etc. 541 0388 Tauranga Acoustic Music Club Cedar Lounge, Bureta Park, Vale St 7.30pm. Friendly jam sessions or open concert 4th Tues & 2nd Sun 1pm. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or Tauranga BMX Club Summer racing starts today then every Tues at Tauranga MTB & BMX Park, 280 Cambridge Rd during school terms 1 & 4. Registration from 5.15-5.50pm, racing starts 6pm. $2 per club member $5 visitor. First 3 nights free. New riders welcome. Txt 021 054 6668 Tauranga Toastmasters Tga Lyceum Club 1st Tues 7.15-8.45pm. Exterminate the butterflies, confidence building, improving public speaking & leadership skills. Alan 544 5989 Toastmasters Excel Club Learn to be a competent speaker & get your message across. 2nd, 4th & 5th Tues of the month at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St) Mt Maunganui 6.15pm. New members welcome. Tess 575 6610 Union of Fathers Support meeting at ‘Dads Place’ 538 Fraser St 7.30pm.

Waihi Beach Tennis Club

Morning tennis every Tues & Fri starts 8.30am/9am. Club night Weds 5.30pm. June 12+ Weds 4pm.

50 or 021 996 517




Salvation Meeting for all Women Every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army, cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tauranga. This Mount Healing & Spiritual Centre Fellowship & celebraweek: Hearty Herbs. Jennifer 578 4264 tion at Omanu Bowling Club, Golf Rd, Mount. Doors open Scottish Country Dancing Weds at Senior Citi7pm for 7.30pm start. Guest speaker; Rosemary Leach - True zens Hall, Maunganui Rd. Fri at Papamoa Primary Purpose. Door charge $3. Janet 027 264 0226 Otumoetai Lions Club Meet at Hotel Armitage cnr Willow & School Hall, Dickson Rd. Both 7.30pm. 573 5055 Table Tennis Tauranga Weds 1-3pm & 7-9pm, Park Sts, a business meeting. Fellowship from 5.45 & dinner Fri 7-9pm at Memorial Hall, QEYC. All welcome. 6.30pm. Visiting Lions or potential members welcome. Alan or 570 2630 Bill 578 1662 Papamoa Sunset Women’s Institute New Tauranga Embroiderers Guild Every Weds at group for ladies who want to go to an evening Rowing Club Rooms, Memorial Park 10am meeting & listen to fascinating speakers or join 2.30pm then again 7.30-9.30pm. Beginners & in on hands-on creative workshops. 1st Weds of month at Papamoa Sports Centre, Parton Rd 7.30pm. shaun@ experienced welcome. Tauranga South Garden Club Meet at Central Baptist Church Hall, 13th Ave, Tauranga How solve 1.30pm.toSpeaker & subject: Sheila - continuation - “Plant business, plus.” DecoraSudoku! No.1698 EASY tive: Mixed foliage. Usual competitions, bring & buy table, afternoon tea. Margaret 1 9 6 578 1017 Fill the grid so that Toastmasters City Early Start Improve com3 8 5 every row and -every munication, leadership & teamwork skills. Every 3x3Weds square contains at Classic Flyers Avgas Cafe 6.45-8.15am. 2 the digits 8 4 6 Toastmasters1if to the9answer for building confidence & leadership skills. To find a club near you email: 9 4 or 571 1545. http://cityearSolution No.1697 to solve 1No.1698 5How 1 9Toastmasters 7 4 5 2 8 6 3 Tauranga South Area Leadership Sudoku! 8 5skills, 3 9speaking 6 7 2 1 4 skills. Weds at St George’s Church 2 6 1 3 8 9 4 2 6 9 6 Hall cnr Cameron7Rd5& Church St 7.15pm. Alan 5 5989 2 4 9 3 8 6 Fill the grid so that 7 1544 8 9 1 4 Cadets) 3 7 5 (Sea 3 4 5 5 every 2 Every Weds at row and every 2 6TS8 Chatham 9 8 1Keith 3 4TYPBC, 6 5Allan 2 7Drive, Sulphur Pt 6.303contains 5 79pm. 3 4 9 1 6Lee 2 542 8 85 4 6 2 3x3thesquare 6 5377 or 027 291 6151 or email: digits 1 to 9 6 8 4 5 9 1 7 3 2 7 5 9 ...Continued





1 How 5to solve No.1698 Sudoku! 2 6 6 4 Fill 5the grid 2 so that 55 every row and every 6 3 contains 2 3x3thesquare digits 7 1 to 9 5 4

3 5

1 8 4 7 2 3 5 6 9

Solution No.1697 9 7 4 5 2 8 6 5 3 9 6 7 2 1 2 6 1 3 8 9 7 1 5 2 4 9 3 8 6 8 3 7 5 1 4 4 9 8 1 6 5 2 7 1 6 2 3 4 9 8 4 5 9 1 7 3 3 2 7 8 4 6 5

Thursday 3 October

9 3 2 7 8 4 6 5 1

3 4 5 6 9 7 8 2 1

1 8 4 7 2 3 5 6 9

Solution No.1697 9 7 4 5 2 8 6 5 3 9 6 7 2 1 2 6 1 3 8 9 7 1 5 2 4 9 3 8 6 8 3 7 5 1 4 4 9 8 1 6 5 2 7 1 6 2 3 4 9 8 4 5 9 1 7 3 3 2 7 8 4 6 5

3 4 5 6 9 7 8 2 1

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Salvation Army,

Eversham Rd, Bayfair 7.30-8.30pm. Awareness Through Movement Class Feldenkrais method starts Oct 10 at Yoga Centre, Elizabeth St 1.30-2.30pm. First lesson free. Gisella 544 4823 or 027 286 0891 Fitness League Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities, first class free, every Thurs Central Baptist Church Hall,

The Weekend Sun cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd 9.30am & Weds at Katikati Memorial Hall 10am. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 170 Happiness & Our Mind Drop in meditation classes - classes are self contained so start any time. $14 per class. Otumoetai Plunket, 59 Otumoetai Rd. Monthly classes, next class Oct 17 7-8.30pm. Beginners welcome. Justice of the Peace Service Centres Every Thurs at Citizens Advice Bureau, Hamilton St 9-11.30am. Te Puke Anglican Church 10am 12pm. Tauranga Ethnic Council, Historic Village 11.30am - 1.30pm. Welcome Bay Community Centre 12-3pm. Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Women’s chorus meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Nora 544 2714 Mount Underwater Club Club night at Mount Ocean Sports clubrooms (cnr The Mall & Salisbury Ave, Mt Maunganui) 7.30pm. Presentation: to be announced. New members welcome. Gail 570 1935 Salsa on the Strand Presented by Bay Salsa intro class 8pm followed by social dancing upstairs at Flannagans. $2 entry, members free. Tauranga Bridge Club Social bridge every Thurs at 252 Ngatai Rd 1pm. 576 5022 Tauranga Heart Support Group Phase 3 rehab exercise, social events & guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. Every Thurs at City Church Hall, Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St. This week class starts 9.15am. Speaker: St Johns 10am. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified instructor/Cardiac Care leader. Tauranga Photographic Society Meet on first & third Thurs of month at Art & Crafts Centre, 177 Elizabeth St West, Tauranga 7.30pm. Tauranga Storytellers’ Group Meet last Thurs of month. Learn how to develop your storytelling skills. Claire 577 7220 Toastmasters - Kickstart Club Have fun while learning to speak confidently. Breakfast meeting at Alimento Cafe, 1st Ave, Tauranga 7-8.15am. Guests welcome. Helen 571 6181

Friday 4 October

Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting every Fri at Hamner Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton

(behind Tyremaster) 7.30pm. Ph 0800 229 6757 for more meetings or assistance.

Ben Hurley - The Reckoning NZ’s

favourite comedian at Baycourt for 1 night only 7pm. 0800 842 538 or Chess Tauranga Every Fri at Tauranga RSA, Greerton 6pm onwards for the whole family. Noel 579 5412 http://www.westernbopchess. Free Immigration Clinic Every Fri - legal advice & information on immigration issues. For appointment, Baywide Community Law 571 6812 Friday Friends 10 Pin Bowling League New members wanted to join our friendly league playing every Fri at 13th Ave 10 Pin at 1pm (3 games). Barry/Loris 571 5492 Gay/Bi Men’s Support Group Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations ph/text Alex 027 358 5934 Justice of the Peace Service Centres Every Fri at Tauranga Library, NZ Room 12-2pm. Katikati Resource Centre 10am - 12pm. Tauranga RSA, Greerton 2-4pm. Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffats Rd 10am - 12pm. Mount Maunganui Library 11.30am - 1.30pm. Katikati Art Exhibition At the Memorial Hall Oct 4 -8 9.30am – 5pm. Russian Speaking Gets Together Free healthy meal Oct 25 7.30-9am. Book now. Svetlana 027 616 2124 Sew Retro At Village Hall, Historic Village 17th Ave, Tauranga 9am – 3pm. A one day sale of retro & vintage fabric, clothing, doilies, tablecloths, scarves, ties & assorted pieces of nostalgia at prices you can afford. Cash only, no Eftpos available. Organised by Turning Point Trust 578 6934 Waterfront Workers 24th Anniversary Oct 11 at Tauranga Citizens Club 11am. Past, present & widows welcome. No cover charge to be paid at door. Please confirm attendance. John 577 0929

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. Email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.


The Weekend Sun D V D



With Winston Watusi

MEA MAXIMA CULPA: SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD Dir: Alex Gibney Let me start by saying this is a profoundly depressing film. Alex Gibney, the documentarymaker previously responsible for Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and the Abu Ghraib examination Taxi to the Dark Side, has created a meticulously-researched account of abuse and cover-up within the Catholic church, and it’s not a pretty picture. The story starts at a school for deaf children in Milwaukee where the popular Father Murphy abused over 200 boys. When a victim spoke up in 1972 it was the first time in America a priest Dead Man Down looks quite promising: Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard in a tough New York crime flick. Howard leads a criminal gang, Farrell is his deputy, and Rapace is a woman blackmailing Farrell into killing the man who left her scarred in a car crash. But Farrell is not what he seems and seeks revenge of his own. Mucho double-crossing ensues. This is not the New York we normally see, but an underbelly of different nationalities and anonymous locations. The film also has an odd feel, a European melancholy that fits uncomfortably with bursts of melodramatic excess and occasional extravagant gunfights.


In Red Lights Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy are university types who travel round debunking psychic phenomena. They regularly take down phoney mediums, faith healers and mentalists, so are up for a challenge when spoon-bending superstar Robert De Niro comes out of a 30-year retirement. It's an intriguing premise and makes for a taut battle of wits. At least it does for the first two thirds. After that things rather collapse and, as is common when such stories try and have it both ways, the ending is a frustrating cop-out. Still, it's fun to watch De Niro have at it, even if he's spouting arrant nonsense.

With Rialto


Director Ron Howard (of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Apollo 13’) explores the high-risk, high-reward world of 1970s Formula One racing in this true story of Niki Lauda and James Hunt’s duel for the 1976 World Championship. Daniel Bruhl (‘Good Bye Lenin!’, ‘Inglourious Basterds’) is Lauda while Chris Hemsworth (‘Thor’) is Hunt. While Niki Lauda may have become Formula One World Champion by a massive margin in 1975, the following year saw a fierce competition commence between the defending champ and British driver James Hunt from the very first Grand Prix. During the course of 1976, every race would see the pair scrap it out on and


had publicly been accused of abuse. The subsequent litany of cover-ups, deception, denial, and generally despicable behaviour is simply horrifying. The film then expands to similar scandals in Ireland and Italy, clearly showing that it was the Vatican, and specifically Popes John Paul 2 and Benedict, that was ultimately - and knowingly – responsible for the continuing inaction. But the film is more than an expose of individual behaviour. There are jaw-dropping facts and figures suggesting an institution that has long been so lost in a self-image of moral supe-

off the track – and even a horrific, theoretically unsurvivable crash proved no match for their rivalry. The two men were locked in a struggle to reach the pinnacle of motor racing during one of its most glamorous eras.

Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

riority that it considers itself above the law, even as it struggles to come to terms with a history of vile activities. The extraordinary new Pope has a lot to do...

The Details is a suburban black comedy taking advantage of the fact that Tobey Maguire is very good at acting harassed. And he has plenty of opportunity here as his quiet life is slowly torn apart. What starts with a family of raccoons destroying his lawn escalates, via infidelity, to murder and general chaos. The perfect family is in fact anything but. It's an entertaining ride, possibly a little short on actual character development but well played by a cast that includes Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney, Kerry Washington and Ray Liotta, all happily plunging over the top when required. Rapture Palooza is a lot better than the cover would suggest. In fact it has a fair amount in common with the recent Warm Bodies in that each is fuelled by a very funny voice-over. It's supplied by the excellent Anna Kendrick who, along with her boyfriend and various others, finds herself left on earth after the rapture strikes, plucking believers to heaven and leaving a world tormented by Biblical plagues and more, all ruled by Craig Robinson's foul-mouthed Anti-Christ. Who has the hots for Kendrick. Depending on your sense of humour this might be just the ticket: inconsistent but often side-splitting.

The Weekend Sun has two double passes to ‘Rush’ for lucky readers who can tell us who plays Hunt. Enter online at: under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, October 2.

With Capital Theatre


Animation, adventure, comedy. Director: David Soren.

(2D & 3D) (G) 110mins Cast: Voice cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Bill Hader, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez, Maya Rudolph, Snoop Dogg and Samuel L. Jackson. From the makers of ‘Madagascar’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’, this film is a high-velocity 3D comedy about an underdog snail who kicks into overdrive when he miraculously attains the power of super-speed. But after making fast friends with a crew of streetwise, tricked-out es-cargoes, Turbo learns that no one succeeds

on their own. So he puts his heart and shell on the line to help his pals achieve their dreams before turbo-charging his own impossible dream – being the greatest racer in the world and winning the Indy 500. “The best animated movie of the year” - Pete Hammond, Movieline. “Fresh, fast & funny” Lou Lumenick, New York Post. Playing in RealD 3D or Standard 2D. New this week at Capitol Cinema 4, Te Puke.

Damn fine Dubious

Friday Sept 27 to Wed Oct 2 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. PLAYING THIS WEEK

Across 1. Arrested (8) 6. Bamboozle (4) 8. Game (4) 9. Vegetables (8) 10. Town (NI) (5) 11. Exempt (6) 13. Cake (6) 15. Flexible (6) 17. Gentle (6) 19. Meat (5) 22. Correct (8) 23. Lifeless (4) 24. Whirlpool (4) 25. Lake (NI) (8) Down 2. Odour (5) 3. Material (7) 4. Enchanted (4) 5. Island (SI) (8)

Capitol Cinema 4


No. 1339

6. Jeans are made of this fabric (5) 7. Native bird (7) 12. Disadvantage (8) 14. Pressured (7) 16. Mollusc (7) 18. Awful (5) 20. Possessor (5) 21. Twelve months (4) B R A S H A Y D A S Z A F












Solution 1338

Info line 573 8055

MEGAscreen times in GREEN





PLAYING THIS WEEK IN 3D Fri 6:00pm. Sat 3:20pm. Sun 11:00, 5:40.. PLANES (2D) (G) ANIMATED, FAMILY, COMEDY. Mon 3:25. Tue 11:15, 6. Wed 1:10, 5:45. From the world of Pixar’s Cars. Fri 3:55pm. PLANES (3D) (G) NEW! Sat 11:00, 5:45pm. Sun 1:15. Mon 11:10, A high-flying Disney tale of a cropdusting PERCY JACKSON (2D) SEA OF 5:40. Tue 1:35, 6:10. Wed 11:00, 8:00pm. plane named Dusty, who dreams of


(PG) Violence & Coarse Language.

Fri 1:40. Sat 8:00. Sun 8:05. Mon 7:45. Tue 3:40, 8:20pm. Wed 1:15.



From DreamWorks (Madagascar).

Fri 6:20. Sat 1:30. Sun 11:00, ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US (2D) 3:25. Mon 1:15. Tue 11:00, 6:00pm. Wed 3:30pm. (PG) Coarse Lang. Sat 1:10. Mon 6:10. Tue 3:50



(M) Violence & Offensive Lang. Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx.


Fri 8:15pm. Sun 8:00pm. Tue 8:15pm.

Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde.


(M) Fantasy Violence.

Sat 3:20pm. Mon 3:25pm. Wed 8:20pm.

(R13) Violence, Off Lang, Sex Scenes & Content That May Disturb.

Fri 3:45, 8:30pm. Sat 3:40, 8:30pm. Sun 5:40, 8:15pm. Mon 3:30, 8:10pm. Tue 3:25, 8:10pm. Wed 3:40, 8:30pm

competing in a famous aerial race.

Fri 6:05. Sat 1:15. Sun 11:20, 5:55. Mon 1:20. Tue 11:10am. Wed 3:50.


(G) NEW! A high-velocity family comedy about a garden snail who miraculously attains the power of super-speed. Fri 1:40pm.

Sat 6:15. Sun 1:10. Mon 11:00, 6:00. Tue 1:15pm. Wed 11:00am, 6:15pm.


(G) Live-Action/Animated Family Comedy.

Fri 3:45. Sat 11, 6:00. Sun 1:30. Mon 11:00. Tue 1:25. Wed 11:15. (M) Viol & Off Lang. FINAL DAYS! Fri 1:45, 8:00. Sat 3:30. Sun 11:30, 5:45. RED 2 PERCY JACKSON (3D) Mon 1:25, 7:45pm. Tue 3:45. Wed 11:30. Bruce Willis. Sat 8:20pm. Mon 8:15pm. SEA OF MONSTERS (PG) Violence & FINAL WEEK ROMEO & JULIET: A LOVE SONG Coarse Lang. Fri 8:10pm. Sat 11:10am. (M) Violence. NZ DRAMA, MUSICAL, ROMANCE. THE PATIENCE STONE Subtitles. (M) Sun 3:20. Mon 1:10. Wed 6:00pm. Shakespeare’s timeless tale of star-crossed lovers retold.


(M) Off Lang & Drug Refs. Ashton Kutcher.

Fri 4:10. Sat 11:30, 6:00. Sun 1:55, 8:15. Mon 3:50. Tue 11:45, 6:20. Wed 2, 8:30.

Violence & Off Lang & Sex Scenes. Foreign War Drama.

Fri 6:05pm. Sat 1:35, 8:00pm. Sun 3:50. Mon 11:30, 5:45. Tue 1:45, 8:20. Wed 4.


1:40. Sun 3:50pm. Wed 1:40pm.

52 M U S I C


The Weekend Sun

By Winston Watusi

The world of collaborations I was listening to Elvis Costello’s new album and it got me to thinking about collaborations. On his new recording Costello partners with hip-hop funksters The Roots for an impressively tough set. He’s previously worked with others from across a wide musical spectrum, classical to country, avant-garde to Bacharach. I was wondering, in the great scheme of things, when we look back in a hundred or two hundred years time whether these will be seen as historical meetings or just forgotten. It’s hard to know what will last a hundred years, which music will have the staying power, which artists will be the Mozarts and which the Salieris, but anyone you’ve still heard of after a

century or two must have done something significant. Which is why I find stories about famous people who knew each other so fascinating. Forget Elvis Costello. What if Beethoven and Mozart had collaborated? They were alive at the same time so it’s not impossible. What would they have talked about if they’d met? There are virtually no collaborations between the leading geniuses of the classical world. Shame really. In fact many seem to have loathed their competitors from a distance. Amongst other proof we have a delightfully intemperate diary entry from Tchaikovsky: “I played over the music of that scoundrel Brahms... what a giftless bastard! It annoys me that this self-inflated mediocrity is hailed as a genius.” (Brahms, on the other hand, described Anton

Bruckner’s music as “symphonic boaconstrictors.”) But famous people did meet and we can only wonder at what might have gone down at those meetings. All we have are tantalising glimpses. For instance, in 1940 Orson Welles, famous for a radio adaptation of War of the Worlds which had panicked gullible Americans, met H G Wells, the man who wrote the original. In 1940 they sat down for a chat in San Antonio, Texas. There’s even a recording, though it only shows two men being very polite to each other. What did they say in private? “So you’re the bastard who ruined my book!” perhaps? A far older literary meeting always boggles my mind (and we’re going back a ways here). Charles Dickens and Hans Christian Andersen, most certainly both literary giants, were contemporaries. Andersen worshipped Dickens’ writing and even went to stay with him in London. Unfortunately, once he arrived he wouldn’t leave and drove

Walt Whitmore and Oscar Wilde met in 1882. Dickens crazy with his obsequious manner. So much so that Dickens later immortalised him on fiction as Uriah Heep (the “humble” clerk in David Copperfield, not – obviously – the rock band). Just recently another of these literary get togethers has been revealed and it’s a doozy. In 1882 Oscar Wilde and the great American poet Walt Whitman met. And they, to use the correct literary term, got it on. Wilde was young tall and slim, Whitman was in his sixties with a bushy grey beard. Wilde was on a tour of America; they were introduced by publisher John Stoddart. Here’s a passage from The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, Neil McKenna’s excellent biography: Stoddart tactfully left the two poets alone. “If you are willing I will go off for an hour or so – come back again – leaving you together,” he said. “We would be glad to have you stay,” Whitman replied. “But do not feel to come back in an hour. Don’t come for two or three.”

Whitman opened a bottle of elderberry wine and he and Oscar drank it all before Whitman suggested they go upstairs to his ‘den’ on the third floor where, he told Oscar, “We could be on ‘thee and thou’ terms.” Gotta love those poets! Oops. That was a kinda lengthy intro. Spiralling towards relevance, remember that this Saturday (28 September) there’s the Tauranga Waterfront Festival from midday on the Strand. There’ll be music from Jesse Matthews, Carlee and Tilly, UkeJam NZ, Celtic outfit The Wild Clovers, Megan Sidwell, Aaron Saxon, U4RIA and more. Things run till 7.00pm. And, as a reminder to anyone who missed last week’s rant, also this Saturday, boogie-woogie pianist Jan Preston plays the Baycourt Exhibition Hall and bluegrasscountry-swingers The Remarkables (featuring Aucklander Neil Finlay, local Robbie Laven and more) will be playing the Te Puna Memorial Hall.

Star studded 80’s line-up Classic Kiwi sounds from the 1980s will radiate from Mills Reef next year as ‘Stars Under The Stars’ brings its “best line-up yet” to Tauranga.




Organisers of the annual outdoor concert have announced the line-up for January’s event last week, promising 3.5 hours of “pure home-grown hit music” from the 1980s, and more. This includes The Narcs, Andrew Fagan, Sharon O’Neill, Shona Laing, Margaret Urlich, Annie Crummer and Debbie Harwood. Concert promoter Craig Wilson is thrilled with the line-up, boasting it as the most exciting since the concert series began in 2003. “It’s a huge line-up. For me, this is probably the best we’ve had yet. Our targeted age-range this year is wider, so it opens it up to a lot more people.” The backing band also features Alan Mansfield, a 20-year member of

Dragon; and Gary Verberne, who was originally with DDSmash and The Legionnaires. Craig has been growing the ‘Stars Under The Stars’ concert every year – from small beginnings to twonight, sell-out events attracting 6000 people. Next year, Karyn Hay – who was with ‘Radio with Pictures’ – an early morning programme introducing most of these acts on television at their height of fame – will MC the event. “You’ll get all of the artist’s great solo hits, plus all those from the groups they were in: When The Cat’s Away, Peking Man, Netherworld Dancing Toys, The Narcs, The Mockers, Dragon and more.” ‘Stars Under The Stars’ is on Auckland Anniversary Weekend, January 25-26. Tickets go on sale 9am October 2, available over the counter only from Baycourt Ticket Direct for two days. From 9am October 4 they will be available online and through phone bookings. Each concert will allow for about 3000 people, with recent years’ events selling out.





Now this is the life!

Chartered Accountant

Club Mt Maunganui Friday 27 – Black Top Blur. Crown and Badger Friday 27 – One One One. Saturday 28 – One One One. Katikati RSA and Citz Club Sunday 6 October – Debbie Dorday and Jim Joll “Bedazzled” variety show 4pm onwards. Mount RSA Friday 27 – Chris Gunn. Saturday 28 – Harmonics. Sunday 29 – Debbie 4-6pm. The Matua Sunday 29 – Figure 8 3-6pm. Monday 30 – Quiz night with host Andy Craw 7pm start. Wednesday 2 – A Taste of Country Night 7.30- 10pm. Welcome Bay Sports Bar Friday 27 – Paulena’s karaoke 8pm. Karaoke queen.

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Triple top talents for Waipuna Waipuna Hospice is thrilled to have secured talented singing trio SOL3 MIO for a December fundraising concert. Samoan Kiwi brothers Pene and Amitai Pati, and Moses McKay, are hitting headlines as SOL3 MIO and making waves individually in the international opera scene. Waipuna Hospice fundraising manager Trish Rae says the trio has recently signed with Universal Studios, which will take full responsibility for the group’s albums, tours and concerts. “So it may be our last chance to work directly with the performers.” SOL3 MIO will perform a mix of aria’s operas and popular contemporary numbers plus a sprinkling of Christmas songs. “In addition to performing together as SOL3 MIO, individually the men are taking strides forward in the development of their professional opera careers. “Among some of the finest young opera singers at prestigious academies in Wales and San Francisco, Pene has been hailed as a strikingly gifted singer with a natural, soaring, effortless voice that is quite rare.” Moses has enjoyed a year of “amazing experiences” including being one of 12 international singers to attend the Georg Solti Academy in Tuscany. After attending the Welsh Academy, Amitai went on to perform a leading role in an Opera in Italy. All three performers have received fantastic reviews, says Trish.

Trish Rae, with SOL3 MIO’s Moses McKay, and Amitai and Pene Pati. “This year has been the busiest and most exciting year yet for the boys, who all have exciting prospects lined up for the future.” As well as being talented singers and musicians, the lads possess an amazing sense of humour, so the audience can expect an entertaining evening appealing to all music tastes, says Trish. “After our previous concerts these lads have a great following.” Trish suggests acting promptly to secure tickets. SOL3 MIO will perform at Holy Trinity Tauranga on Friday, December 6. Tickets available at Waipuna Hospice, Creative Tauranga, Hospice shops at Greerton, Fraser St and the Mount, and online at: By Corrie Taylor

Market opens later Katikati Plant and Produce Market is now open every Friday to 6pm for people to shop for fruit and vegetables in extended daylight hours. Spokesperson Pauline van Rejin says she recently requested stallholders stay open to 6pm – so people can shop in warm, sunny evenings – with daylight saving coming. “Our message is our market at Katikati A&P Showgrounds never cancels.”

Quality Adult & Children’s Clothing and Quality Bric a Brac for our

Protest against Corexit A rally to ban corexit in New Zealand is at Mount Maunganui Main Beach this Saturday morning. Organiser and Mount Maunganui surfer Dominico Zapata is calling on people to join him in drawing a human line in the sand to protest against the use of the chemical dispersant in Kiwi waters. The protest is prompted by research revealed last week showing the toxicity of corexit increases 52-fold when combined with oil. All information can be found on the protest’s Facebook page.

Myah has cancer and these are her 1,000 Beads of Courage



Become a supporter and help children fight cancer: CALL: 07 579 4141 TEXT: BEAD to 206 to make a $3 donation

Boat expo back for 2013 The annual Tauranga Boat Expo and On The Water Festival visits Downtown Tauranga from November 8-10. The Tauranga Marine Industry Association has made the most of this opportunity, utilising the stunning waterfront location – the perfect site for a marine-based event. The expo incorporates a fully enclosed main marquee that can withstand most weather conditions. Event manager Dahna Mae is hoping for a fine weekend so visitors can enjoy the stands outside – including jet skis, trailer boats, canoes, kayaks and the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic stall. The Boobops will raffle off a pink kayak to fund their Dragon Boat Racing Club trip to Christchurch to defend the national title, and will demonstrate their mastery on the water. All three pontoons will showcase a range of vessels, from jet skis and trailer boats to large luxury launches.

The Wish for Fish charity has children’s area and barbecue fundraiser running alongside the Hydrohub water-refill trailer. “The festival will have a variety of marine-themed food stalls, and the council’s proactive approach to recycling, supported by the Envirowaste corporation, has helped this event to become bigger, better and greener than before,” says Dahna. Bring the family along and witness the remarkable on-water and on-land amphibious vehicle showcased by the Sealegs crew; and surf lifesaving clubs will be on-hand to discuss staying safe on our beaches. Tauranga Coastguard and the TECT Rescue helicopter will be there to show the intricate process of rescuing from the water, involving a cross-section of organisations. Tauranga Water Transport is offering a combined harbour crossing and Expo entry package, which departs hourly from Salisbury Wharf. Come along for all the fun.

Books for monster sale Katikati St Pius X Catholic Church is calling on bookworms to donate their unwanted books, magazines, jigsaws and indoor games to its annual Monster Book Sale on November 2-3. “We’re asking anyone wanting to clear space at home to donate to our fundraiser. Proceeds go to paying off

our new church building,” says organiser Pauline van Rejin. Books can be dropped at the church (corner Beach and Wills roads) anytime.


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trades & services

Give curtains the expert clean Curtain Clean owners and operators Margaret and Robert Anderson say curtains seem to be the most neglected furnishing item in a house.

Tumble drying can also cause fabric damage. The team at Curtain Clean use a gentle hand washing process and natural drying with no solvents. Once dried, the curtains are checked for shrinkage and minor repairs which are attended to before being returned to the customer. Fortunately, their team can give most curtains and Margaret and her staff can also do replacement blinds a new lease of life with their expert cleaning. linings and alterations to your curtains. Curtains Margaret and Robert say mildew removal is one of and blinds can be dropped into the their specialities and most stains and smell can be Greerton workshop or Margaret removed. and Robert can arrange to take Washing curtains in a washing machine can them down, clean them and damage curtains and set stains into the fabric. return them refreshed to their window.

Curtain Clean co-owner Robert Anderson. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Thinking of renovating? Call today to find out more about Refresh, New Zealand’s leading design and build renovation specialist.

0800 33 60 33

ree ech




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We Specialise in: • Continuous Spouting

Time 2 Shine

• All Metal & PVC Spouting systems • Long-run Roofing • Fascia • Repairs & Leaks • Spouting & Roof cleaning • Moss & Mold control Your local specialists

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appliance service


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LocaL repairs Genuine spare parts 0800 372 273

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Flat Fee Free Internet Advertising Free Property Inspections Free organising Tradesmen Free online access to your property account

Visit us. OPEN: Monday-FridayÊ8.00am-5.30pmÊÊÊ SaturdayÊ9.00am-5.00pm

Visit us.

OPEN: Monday-FridayÊ8.00am-5.30pmÊÊÊ SaturdayÊ9.00am-5.00pm

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L����n� Pe���� t� Pr�����

Deck Restoration

We specialise in restoring weathered decks, fences & outdoor furniture

From this...

To this...

Deck cleaning, staining & oiling - fence staining & painting - garden furniture restoration 07 552 5311 Deck&FencePro specialists or 0274 108 940 Paint, Oil & Stain Restoration


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Hon Hon Todd Todd McClay McClay MP MP

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FSP 20381


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- Approvals in 30 minutes - Establishment fee of $99 applies - 3 month term


Terms and conditions apply. Subject to Instant Finance lending criteria and responsible lending guidelines. All Fast $500 loans must be approved and drawn down in branch.

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situations vacant CARPENTRY LEARNING FACILITATOR Skills Update Training Institute is an established private training organisation who has been operating in sites around the country since 1991. We are seeking an individual with experience in the carpentry and construction industry who has trained and/or coached staff. This is a full time position with flexible working hours. Rewarding remuneration proportional to performance.

We are looking for someone with: • Proven experience in the construction or carpentry industry at a supervisory level • Hold a Trade Certification or National Certificate in Carpentry (level 4) • Minimum 3 years practical building industry experience • Proven ability to coordinate your business activities to meet targets and deadlines with integrity • Excellent presentation and communication skills • Passion and motivation for teaching and training • Hold the National Unit Standard 4098 and the National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (level 5) or be willing to complete these courses

If you feel that you are a match with our requirements, please forward your cover letter and CV to Nadia Tu’itahi, HR Manager:


• Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, or hold a current NZ work permit

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The express world of real estate Rushing out the door with ‘open home’ flags and ‘open home’ signs in the car at the ready –plus buyer register, property flyers – in other words all the paraphernalia of a Sunday real estate agent and off I went. On with the engine, and on with the hands-free kit. Synch phone to hands free... “No phone detected”. Now where is it? Uh oh … on the roof of the car where I put it while loading up. Stop, back up, check along the road verge … Where did it fall? Oh darn ... found but it doesn’t look great. SIM card has survived but new phone needed. Goodie. Now to get an iPhone with even more features including Siri. But it doesn’t work in high noise areas or over car engines. Remember to spell check and proof read prior to sending. Scary. And need to set up handsfree to talk to phone. Need to share contacts. So now my phone is my portable calendar, diary, phone and email contact list, camera, calculator, compass (for cloudy days) – and for fun I have family snaps to browse in quiet moments. I can tradein shares, buy from Trademe, buy music movies etc from Apple stores or many other sites. Download free apps. Keep my grandsons amused with games. But what I can’t do is get it to automatically cross reference buyers and sellers from my database, phone and update buyers and sellers by itself. Nor will it prepare vendor reports. It can calculate but not






negotiate. Sadly it’s not quite human. Worse it will not remember to charge its own battery, call out to me when I walk out the door without it, or leave it in the bottom of the supermarket trolley. It doesn’t automatically log calls and call back promptly ... so the myth (hopefully) that agents don’t follow up can be perpetuated. With dyslexic fingers it can and has been known to delete contacts, messages and phone numbers permanently. It is aqua-phobic. What it does do is save innumerable trees, file multiple items and reference possible deals in a comparatively minuscule package. It can share wirelessly between devices and send data and documents seamlessly up to the clouds. Smart phones are the modern sales person’s tools of trade. Along with laptop and iPad, it can go to social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to update and check. Sometimes, I am so busy with all this it is surprising I find the time to be out on the road securing new listings or assisting buyers. Technophobes are becoming the new dinosaurs. Sync or swim. By Kirsty Walker, Eves Realty, Bethlehem



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art & craft

ART - BUYING OR SELLING? We can expertly negotiate and facilitate the sale or sourcing of artworks on your behalf. Visit NZ FINE ART SERVICES - your local art professionals. Ph 07 929 6980 ONE DAY MOSAIC WORKSHOP Sat 5th October 9am – 4pm. A full day of creating your Mosaic from choosing your own project through to grouting and all the tricks along the way. Clay Art Studio, Historic Village, 17th Ave. Ph 571 3726

bible digest

THE LORD IS WITH ME; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me? The Lord is with me; he is my helper. I will look in triumph on my enemies. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. Psalm 118:6-8

cars for sale

CAR FAIR – buy or sell any vehicle every Sunday at 11th Avenue Car park opposite Mad Butcher 8am-noon. Ph for more information 027 733 9686 or CHEAP MAG WHEELS/ SEAT BELTS promotion for mag wheels, seat belts (many models for selection) at 94 Birch Ave, Tauranga. Ph 07 578 4537 or 926 9982


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FEELING LOST? Want to reconnect with self. Regain purpose, clarity and joy each day. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548 INSPIRATIONAL COACHING Are you coping with your lifestyle change? Life Coaching can help! For a complimentary strategy session in moving forward Contact Rosemary Inspirational LOA Life Coach 07 577 9672, 027 616 9519 rosemary@truepurpose.


AC PETFOODS collect injured & unwanted cows & horses. Ph 0800 369 6269

lost & found

SENIOR NETBUDDY in-home computer coach. Basic computer skills. Seniors - Internet, email, skype. Relaxing one to one lesson. Learn at your own pace. Reasonable rates. Ph 576 4728 or 021 246 0038

SPCA FOUND - Short Haired, White Female Cat, Judea area. Reference number #18960

BALLROOM DANCE PARTNERS required, aged between 10-18 years. No experience needed. Ph 543 2377

Brindle & Merle Female Puppy, Greerton. Ref #18964



TAURANGA CAR LOANS independent finance broker. Beneficiaries, learners licence, bad credit, no problem! Call or text Jeff 021 816 315

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Medium Haired, Torti Female Cat, Welcome Bay. Ref #18962 Short Haired, Black & White Male Cat, Mount Maunganui. Ref #18963

Grey & Yellow Cockateil, Welcome Bay. Ref #18965 Ph 07 578 0245 for more info.


MOBILITY SCOOTERS wheelchairs walkers & more. Visit or showroom 29 Burrows St, Tauranga Ph 578 1213. MES ‘Supporting your independence’


DOG SITTER WANTED 1-2 days a week at your place, for my foxie. Must live in Papamoa or Mount. Ph Karla 542 3622

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AFFORDABLE HANDYMAN SERVICES House / property repairs & maintenance, spouting etc. 20 years experience. Ph 027 421 1339 BOAT BUILDING repairs and maintenance. Timber & fibreglass trade qualified, boat builder. Ph Shaun 021 992 491 or 07 552 0277

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CERTIFIED BUILDER All jobs welcomed big & small. Free quotes (no hidden cost) Good rates with great results. Ph Jason 021 424 900 EXTERIOR HOUSE WASHING bsp house washing. 30 years in the industry, high & low pressure cleaning. Competitive rates, free quotes. Ph Mark 027 699 8356 a/hours 544 4541 GARDENING SECTION CLEAN ups, weeding, light pruning, plants planted, pebble garden made, painting etc. Semi retired active gent. Ph Eric 577 1988 GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs moss removal. Experienced Certified Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior and Exterior, quality workmanship friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas. Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 07 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PAINTING AND PAPERING work wanted. 40 years experience in the trade. Professional workmanship and free quotes. Ph Alpro Painters 022 062 3590 RESIDENTIAL AND RURAL FENCING Excellent references, cheapest hourly rate in the Bay. Ph Ian 027 467 6056 ROOF PAINTING & maintenance. Roofs rescrewed. Waterblasting, moss removal. Free quotes! Ph Mark 543 3670 or 021 0273 8840 ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline gutters & down pipes clean or replacement chimney repairs. Certified Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 027 436 7740 ROOFING AND SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter & rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 027 496 5375 ROOFING new roofs re-roofs spouting and repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237s SCAFFOLDING prompt free quotes, friendly service, DIY or full erect & dismantle services. Safe, certified, cost effective. Safeplank Scaffolding Ph 021 680 555 STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 022 076 4245 TAURANGA Tandem Skydiving Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990 TAX PROFESSIONALS Problems with your taxes? Experienced staff will teach you, how to manage your finances. Ph today 07 576 9932 TILER QUALIFIED TILER references available free quotes all types of work done from kitchen splashbacks to full tiled bathrooms. Contact Nelson 021 609 289


trades & services

TRAILER REPAIRS I do it all, from small trailer repairs to major re-dos. Car & boat trailers, horse floats, transporters etc. Free quotes, pickups and drop offs. Ph Dave 027 325 9896 or a/h 07 575 3178 TIMBER RETAINING WALLS decks and all types of fencing. Excellent work at a competitive price. Ph Clive 021 048 2833 or 552 6510 TREE SHRUB and hedges trimming, topping removal, rubbish removal, satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 571 5958 or 027 498 1857


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travel & tours

A HOLIDAY OR DAY OUT Join us for the White Island experience, Treetops Luxury Lodge, shows, day tours every week. Ph Kae & Rick 575 8118 ANDRE RIEU Book your seat today! Coach only $55 per person return. 25 October 2013. Ph Bayline 578 3113 BAYLINE COACHES Day trips, away trips or sight seeing & tours! Call for a free quote today Ph 578 3113 BIG DAY OUT. It’s back! Book your seat today! Only $60 per person return (or $110 for two!) 17 January 2014. Ph Bayline 578 3113 CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – MICHAEL JACKSON Book your seat today! Coach only $55 per person return. 30 Oct, 2 Nov or 3 Nov 2013. Ph Bayline 578 3113 NO.8 TOURS receive your free Newsletter, enjoy VIP pricing for great day and overnight tours throughout NZ. Ph 579 3981 SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see

wanted to rent

HELP PLEASE! Professional late 20’s full time working couple, + medium sized, short haired, show dog, looking for fenced 2-3 bedroom home in Papamoa / Mount. Great refs available. Ph 022 353 1413





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FREE SIGNS & PRICE STICKERS when they advertise.

funeral directors


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The Feasts of the Lord in Prophecy www.

Leviticus 23:1-2 says "The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the people of Israel and say to them, These are the appointed feasts of the Lord that you shall proclaim as holy convocations; they are My appointed feasts." The word "feasts" refers to a fixed time appointed by God. "Convocation" speaks of a dress rehearsal. "Proclaim" means to bid to come. The feasts of the Lord were times appointed by God when His people were called by Him to come together for a holy dress rehearsal that would prepare them for the dress rehearsals pointed prophetically towards. There were seven feasts that were established by God on specific days of every year, according to the Jewish (Biblical) calendar. Three of these seven feasts were major feasts requiring all Jewish males to gather to the Lord in Jerusalem. Four feasts (the Spring Feasts) were celebrated during the Spring season,

sunday at 10 10am am thursday at 7pm

Sunday Gatherings 10:00 am Mount Sports Club 51 Miro Street Blake Park The Mount

146 devonport Rd

pointing towards the first advent of Christ, the Messiah, as the Lamb of God. The other three feasts were the Fall Feasts, pointing towards the rapture of the Church and the second coming of Christ, the Messiah, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. In the events of His death and resurrection, Jesus, the Passover Lamb, exactly fulfilled the details involved in the "dress rehearsals" that had been occurring for over 1500 years in the feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. Why is this important in 2013 in New Zealand? The Spring feasts were fulfilled on the exact days of the year that God set aside for these feasts. That which the Fall feasts point towards prophetically, will also be fulfilled on the exact days of the year that God set in place and we are in the midst of this Fall season now. Are you ready for the Bridegroom to come for His bride?

You'll love it!

Sunday Services 9:30am & 6:00pm Come along!

07 576 5387 252 Otumoetai Road

By Peter Whitcombe, Jesus First Church

The season of creation When the seasons change – especially the arrival of spring or the approach of autumn – we sense a change in the air and somehow it makes us more aware of the world we live in. Maybe this is why many churches around the world are beginning to observe the Season of Creation during September. A weekly focus on the ocean, the sky, plants and animals or even the weather gives us the chance to celebrate this amazing planet Earth. It is also a call to care for creation and an invitation to live more sustainably. How sad to think that every year unique species of plants and animals, languages and traditional knowledge are being lost forever. These school holidays are an ideal time to enjoy this beautiful part of the world and take part in sustainable activities such as dune replanting or conserving eco-systems. For Earth’s sake, let’s care for God’s world.


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Top scarecrows

Guests stuffed with straw attracted a lot of attention at the Tauranga Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning as part of the annual Spring Festival. The scarecrows were the creations of stall holders, who each year design a scarecrow representing their business and enter the festival competition. Photos: Tracy Hardy.

John and Mary Beddow with Scare’M who came second equal. Emma Morton, 4, with Farmer Morty.

Show stoppers

Vicki Diggelmann and Mister Has Bean.

Second equal was Letitia with makers Chris Miller and Joel Tuitufu.

Te Akau ki Papamoa School students performed their first school production this week, titled ‘Our Stories’. The two performances sold out. Pictured is the Kapa Haka group in the production finale.

New kayakers welcome for a go Does the picture below impress you? – If so, here’s your chance to have a go, nice and slow! Canoe Slalom BOP is holding a free ‘Give kayaking a go’ session at Waimarino Adventure Park this weekend for anyone interested in trying out the water sport. Organiser Claire Gilbert says the opportunity is open

to young and old, with no experience needed. “If you have had some time paddling before we can help you improve your skills and hopefully have some fun and camaraderie at the same time.” Claire says the club is strong in the Tauranga region, and runs training sessions Monday – Friday, and on weekends on the region’s rivers as the paddlers advance in the sport. This Saturday, existing paddlers will be on hand to help, as well as coaches and club members. Swimwear and a towel is all that’s needed. “We would like to give each paddler about half an hour on the water so it would be best to allow about an hour for the session.” Times will be confirmed when bookings are made. Claire is asking everyone to book by phoning 0272933040 or emailing


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287 Cameron Rd, Tauranga | PH 07 571 8174 | OPEN 7 Days |


The Weekend Sun, 27 September 2013