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Under the deep Bodhi the shark is no ordinary blue shark. Aside from making headlines for completing a record 1250 metre dive for squid off the Bay of Plenty coast last month, Bodhi is one of eight sharks tagged by shark expert Riley Elliot for his specialised research into the species. With his sharks coming and going from Bay of Plenty waters, Riley is pleading with fishers to not catch or kill the tagged sharks. After losing signal on Bodhi’s mate Bluey, Riley is afraid one of his sharks has already met a sad end. See page 13 for full story. Photo: Riley Elliot.

formerly known as the Accident & HealthCare Centre

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Strange encounters on a calm night The RR paranormal investigation branch has switched to Code Red after readers report puzzling encounters on the harbour after dark. One case as recently as this Thursday, of strange lights under Tauranga Harbour upstream of the harbour bridge, was caught on the weather camera and remarked on by television reporters and seen by thousands of early morning viewers. Another boatie reports a series of strange lights in, and under the harbour, near the mouth of Hunters Creek late last week. There was no sign of a vessel near the lights.

Another astonishing case, involves an astute reader who does not wish to be named (we’ll call him Horace) who is a highly experienced local boatie and knows the harbour intimately. He spends a lot of time night fishing, shooting and floundering and was, until Tuesday night, of sound mind and judgement. Alcohol or drugs were not a factor in this incident. Horace was in a small boat fitted with electric trolling motor, travelling NE at around five knots across shallows just on dark, about half way between Omokoroa and Matakana Island on a very still night. Showing a single, white allround light, moving towards signs of what he thought was fish on the surface, he noticed an unlit craft approaching in the distance from the east. It had odd, white dome-shaped topsides and a tall shape in the centre, about 600-800m away. The size and shape of the white hull seemed to change periodically. Horace assumed it was a kayak or paddleboarder, although the size and distance were difficult to assess in the fading light. At times the hull seemed to disappear completely, again he assumed it was a kayak or board of some sort, turning end-on, thus appearing to change in length.

Silent stalker

With the distraction of city lights in the background, Horace says he could not figure out what he was seeing. Horace’s cellphone, in a watertight case, erupted into flashing and buzzing fits then went completely dead and his trolling motor died. Even the hand held VHF radio, with freshly charged battery, was completely flat. Horace moved north in shallows towards Matakana. Gripped by uncertainty, Horace finally decided to confront the other vessel head on, if only to take him to task on displaying incorrect nav lights. He went about, only to find the other craft had disappeared completely from view and was never seen again. No lights, wake or any sign. He could see no clue of any vessels leaving the area or landing. As bewilderment turned to anger, he checked along some of the shoreline north of Omokoroa and found nothing, nor could anything be seen in the moonlight west or north towards the Matakana inshore coast. Paddling ashore, Horace removed his cellphone battery and restarted it, finding the battery almost completely flat, despite being fully charged that afternoon. He didn’t know whether to call the police, the coastguard or book himself into an institution. He says he cannot explain what he saw on the harbour that night. There were thunderstorms forecast and he wonders about static electricity build up. He could have been confused by lights in the background

behind the other craft, but this is a boater very experienced and confident in nighttime navigation. Perhaps a short circuit in his electrical system somehow affected his cellphone and VHF? He estimates the speed of the mystery craft rules out a board or kayak, and at times the water was probably too shallow for a conventionally powered craft. There was no noise and little sign of wake, despite dead flat calm conditions. He cannot explain the apparent vertical light rising from the other vessel or its sudden disappearance. Meanwhile, the UFO Focus website reports an upsurge recently in sightings of orange orbs in the sky around the country, although no sightings have been reported in the Bay region. Have you seen anything unusual on the harbour lately? If you have any information, email

Tangerine dreams

The big news revealed this week thanks to Tangerine Research, commissioned by Tourism BOP has discovered this startling fact: People come to the western Bay of Plenty for, wati for it … the beach! Who would have thought? We are so grateful to Tangerine Research for uncovering this information. Perhaps we should put them onto the case of the strange lights in the harbour. Drop us a line if you have had any encounters. In the meantime, keep wearing your aluminium pants.

 

 

 

Changing course to the south, the other vessel appeared to follow. Horace increased speed and changed direction again. The other craft was gaining and appeared to follow silently. Horace called out, but received no answer. In the near dark, and nearing the shallows, Horace picked up the pace, dropping the trolling motor into action for speed in the shallows, concerned at the intent of the other craft. Further calls received no response from the silent craft. Looking over his shoulder, a white light appeared near the top, which he assumed was a headlamp, but after a minute or two, while still pursuing, it turned to oscillating blue and red and then appeared to rise vertically into the air. The hull seemed to be levitating just above the water now at a distance he estimates to be around 300m.

What lies beneath: A graphic artist’s interpretation of the unusual craft and lights seen on Tauranga Harbour this week.

Cosmetic Medicine

IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. Buzz Aldrin’s mother’s maiden name was Moon. 85 per cent of all life on earth is plankton. Sharks are immune to all known diseases.


The Weekend Sun

‘It’s our right’ 30%OFF Plea to legalise euthanasia


Watching his wife of 44 years fight a losing battle against cancer only solidified 71-year-old Lance Reed’s belief euthanasia should be legalised in New Zealand. Shirley Reed died last month from cancer of the pancreas, after being diagnosed last October. It was a slow and drawn out process, and Lance says if ending things herself had been a legal option, Shirley would have done it in a heartbeat. “She couldn’t eat for the last 14 days, it was all through her,” he says. “To just sit there and watch her slowly die, it’s not bloody fair. She was fit to take something, she wanted to take something, but she knew if the doctors found out that I would be in trouble, so she didn’t.” Lance wants to share his story in the hope others will come forward and stand to make euthanasia legal. “We are fined and criticised if we let our animals suffer. All your life you’ve worked and paid

for other people, it’s so wrong. your taxes and you’ve got no I might be hard, but the people bloody rights when it comes to that are stopping it, I wish to the finish. It’s just not fair.” hell they have the most terrible Last June, Shirley knew death and then they’d know what something wasn’t right. Having people are going through. battled cancer 26 years ago, she “We have to stand up. It’s just a was aware of the signs. After matter of enough people saying multiple doctor and specialwe want it passed.” ist visits, she was diagnosed By Corrie Taylor in October and underwent an emergency operation. The operation, and 12 rounds of chemotherapy, failed and Shirley was sent home with Lance to await the end. “It was the last 24 hours that were the worst,” says Lance. Lance, who now lives alone in the couple’s Minden Rd home, knows legalising euthanasia would have its complications, but he is adamant people who are terminally ill should have the right to end their life early. “You see young people committing suicide and that’s crazy, but when you get sick and you know damn well there’s no cure and you know you’re going to suffer like hell, why can’t you have that Lance Reed, 71, wishes euthanasia right? was legal in New Zealand. “I’m just feeling




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Four more years for trustee Mount Maunganui woman Pamela Lewis will serve another four years as a BayTrust trustee after being reappointed by Associate Minister of Finance Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman. Pamela’s contract was due to expire on May 31 but has been reinstated – effective of June 1. Gregg Brown of Rotorua and Jenny Mahoney of Whakatane were also reinstated to the board. Pamela Lewis is heavily involved in

community activities, including volunteering for Mount Maunganui’s Police Information Centre and St John’s Friends of the Emergency Department at Tauranga Hospital. She was a founding member of the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation in 1994 and national chair of Breast Cancer Support Services from 1995-1998. In 1993, Pamela was awarded a Women’s Suffrage Centennial Medal for services to the community.

The Weekend Sun

Landing a swordfish A Fairey Swordfish biplane could soon join Classic Flyers’ display.

Classic Flyers CEO Andrew Gormlie hopes the museum’s largely restored Aermacchi will soon share the hangar with a Fairey Swordfish biplane. Photo by Tracy Hardy

A replica 1936 Fairey Swordfish biplane will probably soon join Classic Flyers’ growing aviation display. Classic Flyers CEO Andrew Gormlie says the Mount Maunganui aviation museum is in negotiations with Auckland’s MOTAT to get the plane, and expects confirmation next week. Andrew says the replica would be a great addition to the museum’s collection. “It is very exciting. We haven’t received anything as unusual as that for quite some time. All the jets are great but it’s good to get something different.” The replica, which had been built about 30 years ago, has been in storage at MOTAT. Andrew said it

will require some restoration work and a repaint to return it to top condition. The Fairey Swordfish, which has a wingspan of 14metre and had a top speed of 224km/h, was used as a torpedo bomber biplane by the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm in WWII. Andrew says the Fairey Swordfish would give the museum’s 15-strong voluntary restoration team a different challenge to get its teeth into, after finishing most work on the Aermacchi MB-339 jet which was gifted to the aviation museum by the RNZAF last year. After months of painstaking work to restore the Aermacchi, the team has it looking brand new, but it is not expected to take flight again until early next year. Classic Flyers NZ management

board chairman David Love says while “the jet can be pushed around and it looks complete”, final work to install the engine and have it approved by CAA will not be done until next year. He says another challenge will be having the ejection seat certified. Restoration team members are now pouring their energy into a Venom and Kittyhawk – neither of which will ever be able to fly again. A staircase is also being built up to the Catalina, which is hung near the roof, with plans to restore inside the plane and open it to the public this winter. “The Venom is going to take some time as it crash-landed, and it’s a question of putting it back together and making some of the parts. It will never fly again,” says By Hamish Carter David.

Young golfers a swinging success A youthful Bethlehem College side has run out clear winners by claiming their second title at the annual Manihera Memorial Golf Tournament at Kawerau this week. The team comprising of Luke Bryenton (Year 11),

luxury airport

shuttles es

Matthew Fairweather and Bill Burnett (both Year 12), and Madison Gartner (Year 10) fought off four other Bay of Plenty schools, including an experienced Tauranga Boys’ College side, to finish nine shots clear at the end of Tuesday’s play. The format was the best three out of four nett scores, and Bethlehem’s total of 196 got them across the line ahead of Tauranga Boys’ College top team, boasting three of the top Bay of Plenty juniors in their ranks, with a score of 205. Bethlehem College golf spokesperson Greg Haumaha says it is a great achievement for the college, which last held the trophy in 2004. “It was quite funny as the organiser had already written down Tauranga Boys’ as the winners and then ours came in and blew them all away. “It was a very comprehensive victory in the end.” By Luke Balvert


The Weekend Sun

Ninety years on Mount Maunganui Sports Club life member Laurie Smith, life member and patron Terry Hurdle, Wilson Mellow, Chris Elvin, Heidi Nield, Rhianna McCormick-Burns and Caleb Cobb, 9. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

In 1923 a group of young Mount Maunganui men working on the East Coast railway line got together to form the Mount Maunganui Rugby Club. Unknown to the young sportsmen, their creation would grow to become a local sporting sensation – now known as the Mount Maunganui Sports Club. The club, now catering for 21 rugby teams, six netball teams and 210 squash players as well as organising local touch rugby for 46 teams, is celebrating 90 years next weekend. Past and present players and members from rugby, squash and netball will celebrate 90 years of rugby and 40 years of squash throughout Queen’s Birthday weekend. Club patron and life member Terry Hurdle first got involved in the club when his son was playing junior rugby, before getting involved in competitive squash and helping on committees. Terry says it is great to see the club was still a major force in its codes “after all these years”, and played a central role in binding the Mount sporting community together. “It’s a big part of the area.

The Mount Maunganui football team in 1923. Wherever you go you meet people who have been involved. I have met so many people through the club over the years.” Terry is encouraging everyone who has been involved in the club to take part in the 90th birthday celebrations next weekend. The club has come a long way its near century. The first clubrooms were built on a freehold section in Hinau Street, ready for the 1963 season. Five years later the fast-growing entity rendered those rooms too small and when Tauranga City Council offered to purchase the property, the club relocated to its present site on Blake Park. In December 1973, two squash courts were built and opened. A further squash court, rugby changing rooms and large lounge were opened in 1981. Additional changing facilities were added by council in 2008 to complete the current development. By Corrie Taylor

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6 A selection of local breaking stories featured this week on... Read these stories in full at

Matua Dairy removes legal highs

Matua Dairy is removing all legal highs from its shelves after residents threatened to boycott the store. Dairy manager Raj Singh has decided to stop selling the controversial synthetic products like K2 and Everest and has removed all of the products from the Levers Road store. He says the decision is a way of repaying local customers who have supported his store throughout the debate to remove the drugs. “We won’t be selling any synthetic at all, we will certainly lose a fair bit of business at the moment.” Residents in the Tauranga suburb recently considered petitioning the Levers Road dairy if it continued to sell synthetic drugs due to concerns about the long term health effects for users.

Mount walker saves woman

A man on a Sunday walk around Mauao is being praised for helping save a drowning woman by pulling her from the ocean. The man, whose identity is not known, jumped into the water to rescue a 41-year-old woman who had gone into the ocean to cool off on Sunday afternoon. Mount Maunganui St John ambulance staff say the 41-year-old woman was hypothermic on the beach when paramedics arrived. The Mount Maunganui woman is believed to have become hot while walking the base track and walked into the sea on the harbour side to cool off. She was fully clothed, got out of her depth, became cold, and was calling for help. A St John spokesperson says the woman would not be alive if it wasn’t for the actions of the man.

$1.7m boost for social housing

The Tauranga Community Housing Trust is welcoming a $1.7million cash injection from the Government to help develop an age-friendly affordable housing village. The grant is part of the Government’s latest $16.4million funding round towards building affordable social housing, announced on Wednesday. Tauranga Community Housing Trust will put the grant towards the development of 14 purpose built units – eight one bedroom and six two-bedroom units, totalling 20 bedrooms, for people of mixed ages and abilities. Trust manager Chris Johnstone says the development on the existing Clarke Street site will begin in the next six months, and is crucial in helping the trust ensure more housing needs are met.

‘Plenty for Everyone’ in the Bay

Bay of Plenty’s new tourism tagline ‘Plenty for Everyone’ is one of Tourism Bay of Plenty’s key drivers in moving the region into the top four destinations in the country. Tourism Bay of Plenty general manager Rhys Arrowsmith unveiled plans including the new slogan to promote the Bay of Plenty at a tourism operator event this week. Rhys outlined the strategy and initiatives designed to promote Bay of Plenty as a tourism destination within New Zealand and increase the visitor spend in the region. He says key draw-cards continue to be the Bay’s “beautiful” coastline, from Waihi Beach to Ohope, and the fertility of the land in between. “But we’re steadily growing a presence with those seeking a more adventurous holiday – with the likes of our boat charters, kite surfing and Blokarting activities.

The Weekend Sun

Be bright, be seen, be safe Cyclists are being asked to keep themselves safe, and lessen the chance of being hit by cars, by making sure they are bright and seen on Tauranga roads this winter. Tauranga City Council travel safe programme leader Karen Smith says with winter settling in, some cyclists are getting caught out. She says when cycling at night, or when visibility is poor, cyclists should wear hi-visibility vests and have flashing lights on their bikes. “As part of our Be Safe, Be Seen campaign, we are hosting checkpoints around the area where cyclists are stopped and if they do not have a light on their bike, we fit it for them then and there.” The campaign is being run in

conjunction with the NZTA Safer Journeys Campaign. “It will run in April, May and June and will focus on people travelling to and from work mainly.” She says it is all about keeping people safe and making sure they don’t become a road casualty. Karen says other things cyclists need to do are: *Have a steady or flashing rearfacing light that can be seen at night from a distance of 100m away. *Have one or two white or yellow headlights that can be seen at night from a distance of 100m away. If the bike is fitted with one headlamp, that headlamp may be flashing. If it is fitted with two, only one can be flashing. *Have pedal reflectors on the forward and rear-facing surfaces of each pedal. By Letitia Atkinson

New fine alternative unlikely for Tauranga

New gadgets for Police State of the art equipment for mapping crime and crash scenes is being introduced to all 12 police districts, including the Western Bay of Plenty. Total stations are electronic theodolites, which can record the location of evidence and quickly generate scale plans using the computer aided design (CAD) software. The stations are robotic and can be controlled remotely with no assistant needed. The new equipment means roads can be reopened sooner following a crash or other serious incident.

Western Bay of Plenty road policing manager Senior Sergeant Ian Campion says the new total stations will be an asset, once people learn how to use them. “Bear in mind that not all areas will be getting the robotic unit, as I understand it. But it is certainly an advancement in technology. “Once the staff get to grips with the new technology, then it is likely to save time at crash scenes where surveys are required.” Ian is not sure when the Western Bay of Plenty will receive the stations. “Obviously, we are moving with technology, which is great.”

An alternative to traffic fines, being trialled in Palmerston North, will not be introduced in the Western Bay of Plenty any time soon, according to the head of Western Bay’s traffic unit. In Palmerston North, traffic offenders have the choice to swap their fines for a road safety seminar, in a bid to reduce suburban crashes by increasing driver confidence and road safety awareness. Senior Sergeant Ian Campion thinks the operation is a good idea, but it probably won’t happen locally in the near future. “It won’t be implemented in Tauranga at this stage. The plan for the next financial year has been finalised and there are a great deal of good initiatives within that, in terms of keeping people safe on the roads. “Any of those initiatives are usually put through a joint road safety committee. Decisions, funding and things for those types of programmes, are then considered for the coming year.” By Letitia Atkinson

By Letitia Atkinson

Dogs neglected and abused in Tauranga Neglected or abused dogs fuel the majority of animal welfare calls to Tauranga SPCA with about 180 complaints since already this year. Animal welfare inspector Jason Blair says their work load has increased to meet the nature of offending. “Tauranga has a wide range of species of animals to cover

due to its geographical location involving residential and rural properties. While attending all complaints, by far the majority of complaints are in relation to dogs. On a daily basis I visit dogs that are tied to a dirty, dingy kennel in the corner of the property receiving very little interaction from their owners as they

have either lost interest or keep their animals as a status symbol.” Depending on the type of offending and the condition of the animal, owners can be issued a verbal warning, mitigation of suffering notice, formal written warning or the animal can be seized and the owner prosecuted.

Tauranga animal welfare inspector Jason Blair sees dogs in poor condition almost every day.

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Secrets shared Founder Erika Harvey and designer Dan Weck. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

A terrifying diagnosis that left 26-year-old Erika Harvey crying herself to sleep has become the inspiration behind her series of international projects aimed at helping people who have nobody to turn to. After battling cancer and feeling like she couldn’t share what she was going through with anyone, the idea came to Erika, now 33, to launch a series of online platforms where people can vent their secrets and fears anonymously and receive support from one another. Enter project number one: Anonymous Wife Diaries – which, launched its BETA version on May 14, is already attracting women from around

the world. Erika is developing and perfecting the website with friend and designer Daniel Weck from her home in Bethlehem, with the plan to launch project two: Anonymous Teen Diaries, soon. The projects are rolled out with The Secret Media Company. Erika says her illness opened her eyes to what is important in life – helping others. “I was scared that if I went to sleep I wouldn’t wake up. So I kept all those feelings inside and that was really hard. I didn’t want my parents or friends to know how scared I was or they would freak out. “I thought if people had a place where they could share their deepest secrets, and connect with others going through the same things, it would really help. Erika is determined to get the initial wives’ website perfected

before the teenage version is launched and encourages women to interact and provide feedback. “What I’ve found out is every two hours and 11 minutes, a person under 25 commits suicide. It’s the third leading cause of death in teens and at the moment with the emergence of social media, it’s increasing in the ages of 10-14. “If it can help even one per cent of people not to do it, or actually feel like they can go somewhere and talk to someone without their parents or family finding out they feel this way, then the projects a success.” Erika is not allowing advertising on her site, and is currently trying to save money to add an interactive forum on the site. All the comments are moderated and privacy is ensured. By Corrie Taylor

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Award nominations loom Nominations for the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards 2014 open on June 17. New Zealanders can nominate an individual or community organisation making a positive difference to the lives of others for the fifth annual awards. Last year, a record 700 nominations were received and organisers have high hopes for another successful year. CEO Alan Edwards especially enjoys recognising the success and outstanding achievements of senior New Zealanders.

“These people are role models in their communities, and have often put in decades of time and effort, making a positive contribution to the lives of others. “Whether it be in business, sports, arts, education or community involvement, this is a wonderful opportunity to recognise their efforts, and we would like to invite people to nominate someone over 60 years of age for this prestigious award.” Last year, Te Puke man and Tauranga Habitat for Humanity director Jim Dowman was named a semi-finalist in the awards.

The Weekend Sun

Royal times in Katikati Katikati Theatre Group member Julie Thomas gets into the spirit of the ‘Royal Affair’ exhibition opening at Katikati Heritage Museum on Queen’s Birthday. Photo by Elaine Fisher.

Forget about a cup of tea and a walk with the neighbour’s corgi, this Queen’s Birthday you can pay a more fitting tribute to the monarch. Katikati Heritage Museum is opening its month-long ‘Royal Affair’ exhibition on Queen’s Birthday (June 3), in what museum manager Paula Gaelic says offers a great chance to mark the occasion. “We’ve had a lot of interest from the community – but we’d still love to hear from anyone with royal memorabilia they can loan.” Paula says the museum’s decision to put on themed exhibitions

struck a chord with the community with its Anzac April show, and she wanted to hear from anyone who was happy to loan items to add to the museum’s display of newspaper and magazine material. She was particularly interested in items other than the many coronation plates, tea cups, silverware and coronation coins they had already been offered. All items lent would be put behind glass for safeguarding. “We wrote to Buckingham Palace to see if they could lend us something small of the Queen’s, a pair of gloves or something like that, but unfortunately they turned us down.” The exhibition covers the era from King George V (1910-1936)

up to the recent wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Katikati Theatre Group artistic director Julie Thomas, who occasionally dressed up as the Queen after a “joke” medal presentation to his husband, says the royal family is a great choice for an exhibition theme. “I think the Queen is great. I’m certainly in no hurry to see her replaced.” The exhibition will be officially opened at 1pm on June 3 by Coromandel MP Scott Simpson. Paula had invited members of the royal family and was still waiting to hear if anyone could attend. For more details go to

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Move over John Student dreams of leading role

Kura Waller plans to take on the Prime Minister’s role when she leaves school – a big dream, but one she’s well on the way to achieving. The Tauranga Girls’ College Year 13 student – whose roles include school prefect, Nga Poi Maori committee leader, Rugby Sevens player and and kapahaka performer – is representing the interests of young Maori people when the Youth Parliament sits in July. The 17-year-old also has plans to one day become the country’s leader. Kura was surprised to be picked by Maori Party’s Te Ururoa Flavell to attend the two day youth parliament. “I’m pretty excited. It was a surprise, I didn’t expect it”. Kura wants to see asset sales discussed and the Government’s handling of the Rena grounding back in October 2011, “because that affected a lot of Maori iwi”. Te Ururoa says the calibre of applicants received was very high, but it was Kura’s obvious interest in Maori history which caught the MP’s eye. “What stood out about Kura is that she has an obvious interest in Maori history and is passionate about advocating for Maori to have an independent voice in the Beehive.” He says there is a particular relevancy to the Youth Parliament this year, with the Maori Electoral Option running from March 25 – July 24. “In essence, this gives every Maori in Aotearoa the chance to choose whether they want to be on the Maori Electoral Roll or the general roll, when they vote in the next two General Elections.”





Other Western Bay of Plenty students joining Kura as Youth MPs are Tauranga Boys’ College student Mungo Mason (representing Tauranga MP Simon Bridges), Tauranga Girls’ College student Emily McCarthy (representing Bay of Plenty MP Tony Ryall) and Bethlehem College student Tom Rutherford (representing independent MP Brendan Horan). By Zoe Hunter




18/09/2012 12:10:09 p.m. 09/19/12 18X4

Tauranga Girls’ College student Kura Waller.

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Newfound freedom for the Muellers A beach lifestyle and a sense of freedom was a dream 15 years in the making for German couple Matthias and Bettina Mueller and their children. Recognising the difficulty of establishing themselves in a new country, they contacted Tauranga’s Settlement Support for help – and are now enjoying life living in Papamoa. “Getting in touch with Carol Anderson (Settlement Support coordinator for Tauranga/Western Bay of Plenty) was the best thing we could have done,” says Bettina. “She gave us a very special service and was unbelievably supportive,” says Matthias.

Helping hand

Carol helped to find a school for Jasmin and Marcel, who now attend Mount Maunganui College and are enjoying Kiwi life. Bettina, who loves cooking, now works at a popular cafe, while Matthias enjoys work in the kiwifruit industry. Matthias and Bettina also took advantage of events Settlement Support organises for newcomers, enjoying a Connecting with Kiwi Culture workshop which they say really helped them understand Kiwis better and make friends. The couple says they are examples of how dreams can come true. “You need help to make it. We hope that telling our story will help others and we want to honour Carol and the help she gave us. We hope others will look for Settlement Support’s help too as they can

Matthias and Bettina Mueller, with their children Jasmin and Marcel, are living their dream in Tauranga. offer so much and make such a difference when you come to a new place.”

Making a difference

Settlement Support has been operating in Tauranga since 2006 and has helped settle more than 1800 migrants and their families. Last year they offered help to 344 migrants in the Western Bay of Plenty. Communications manager Helen Gould

says the support they offer can make all the difference to new migrants. “We help to make sure they settle well and stay in New Zealand, rather than find it all too much and leave for home. It can be very daunting for a new migrant to arrive in a new country and enter a community and/or workforce which is culturally different.” For more information on the service, visit

SUMMERSET BY THE SEA – THE LATEST! Located right at the end of Park Road, Katikati, Summerset by the Sea will offer a truly exceptional retirement lifestyle. The village will comprise a mixture of villas, townhouses, and apartments and, when completed, a Village Centre with care apartments and Care Centre. More than 200 residents will eventually call the village home. Our first stage build is progressing well, with our first residents due to move in mid-year. We still

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can show the plans for the lovely homes

will love.

still available in Stage One, and explain

To find out more about Summerset by the Sea, call Alan Mathews on 07 549 4016 or email Artist’s impression

how the village will develop. You’ll also find out what makes Summerset way of life so different – and so enjoyable.

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Beckoning beauties By Corrie Taylor

She’s calm now, but when the Miss Tauranga and Miss Teen Beauty Pageant arrives next month, contestant Aimee-Jo Coupe knows she’ll be nervous. The 19-year-old is taking part in the inaugural event on June 8 which will see the winners of each division entered into the Miss Teen New Zealand and Queen of the World NZ pageants later this year.

Having never entered a pageant before, Aimee was ‘head hunted’ by co-organiser Alison Grey, while working at Whitcoulls in Bayfair. “Alison actually came up to me at Bayfair one afternoon and just told me a bit about the pageant and got me a bit excited about it. “It seemed like a really good experience to get into.” She says the event sounds modest and simple – and her curiosity got the better of her. I’ve never done anything

like it so it’s just something completely different, and it’s stepping out of my comfort zone. “I’m not nervous at the moment, but I know that the day before or the day of, the nerves will set in.” The pageant is organised by Dianne Foley and Alison Grey. Dianne has coordinated a number of events in Auckland, but this is a first for Tauranga. The Miss Teen is open for ages 13-16, while Miss Tauranga is for the 17-25 age-group. Watching Dianne’s pageants in Auckland, Alison says she was really impressed and welcomed the idea of a local event. “They enjoy it so much, they make friends, and they gain so much confidence. “It’s a very, modest wholesome

Miss Tauranga contestant Aimee-Jo Coupe, 19. presentation. Not out there at all.” The one-day event includes a small interview, two 20 second speeches, and a modest swimwear and evening gown display. To ensure they are included in the souvenir programme, girls must

Dad and daughter

We are extremely lucky in Tauranga to have such a fantastic hospital. I have just undergone a painful procedure called bone marrow biopsy. I would like to say a big thank you to the doctors and nurses who are looking after me so well, as I go through further tests. It’s also great to have the support of family and friends at this challengPanasonic Lumix, on a ing time. This photo of miniature tripod. my daughter and I was For details, contact Andy at his website: taken recently with my

apply by 5pm this Sunday. A $250 entry fee, which girls seek a sponsor to pay for, funds the event, while contestants also raise money for the events charity: Look Good, Feel Better. Email


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Big blues with bling Riley Elliot is monitoring eight blue sharks, one of which currently resides in Tauranga waters.

From front cover

Shark expert Riley Elliot is pleading with Bay of Plenty fishers if they see a blue shark with a satellite tag attached to not catch it. The University of Auckland PhD student’s appeal follows suspicion one of the sharks tagged for his current project is pregnant and residing in Tauranga waters. Riley is conducting his PhD project which aims to describe the spatial and temporal patterns in habitat use and migration by blue sharks within the south Pacific. His research involves monitoring eight tagged blue sharks, including lone female shark Hannah – named after Riley’s Mount Maunganui friend – who is currently tracked in Tauranga waters. “She has resided here for some time now, possibly conserving energy for possible pregnancy.” Riley says blue sharks separate

by gender, males moving north together, whilst females often inhabit the Kermadec Rise – where mating occurs as males pass through. “Hannah resided there for some time, before moving south into the coastal waters of Tauranga.” If Hannah is pregnant, Riley’s research could explain vital information about the species’ reproduction. “Only time will tell us if where she will go, and in doing so, possibly explain where blue sharks breed, give birth and the nursery grounds for their young. These are important pieces of information to know about a population, as removal of them may risk population sustainability.” After losing his shark Bluey to suspected long liners, Riley hopes fishers will be extra careful not to catch or harm Hannah in following weeks. “If a shark is already on the line, please bring in to boat gently and cut the line as close to the hook

as possible.” Another of Riley’s sharks, pictured on page 1, made headlines when it completed a record dive for squid off the Bay of Plenty coast last month. Bodhi, a 2.5metre male, dived 1250 metres, slaying the previous 1160metre record held by a 1.8metre female blue shark tagged in Portugal. Bodhi has since moved into BOP waters off Waihau Bay. Riley returned to New Zealand on Wednesday and hopes his research will create awareness of the blue shark’s importance to ocean life. “These creatures as so necessary to our ocean’s future, and yet our government is allowing thousands a year to be killed just for their fins. “Such research is essential to back the public voice I hope to stimulate, illustrating that we care about our ocean and want to stop its demise.” For more information on Riley’s project visit By Corrie Taylor


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Campaign to bring home national titles Volleyball Tauranga’s crusade to bring home national titles continues tonight with a clash against Hamilton at ASB Arena. The club’s top men’s and women’s team will face off against one another at 7.30pm giving fans the chance to watch two elite games at once. After a slow start for Tauranga men, coach Tim Cleaver says the match is a great opportunity for the team to bounce back and build momentum. Hamilton men currently sit one place above Tauranga men, while Hamilton

women sit one place below Tauranga women on the current Northern zone ladder. Last year, the women’s team took silver and the men earned bronze in the National Club Championships, but Tim is hoping for a better result this year and says tonight could be the start of the teams’ rise to number one. “Friday night’s matches will pit two closely matched teams against one another, and with a few Tauranga natives in the Hamilton teams, there are a lot of bragging rights on the line.” Tonight’s matches are free for the public to watch at ASB Arena.

Tauranga men’s volleyball player Daryl Lewis, 17, prepares for tonight’s match.

I recently spent the weekend at a Rotary Conference in Napier, and I was so impressed with that city.

In all the work we do, we work with our community including tangata whenua, landowners, other councils and agencies.

Early morning isn’t generally the best time of the day for teenagers. However, I was very impressed at a recent SmartGrowth breakfast.

It makes business sense to sell assets if the profits from that sale are used to generate new income. But why not simply retain the original profitable enterprise?

By Ian McLean, spokesperson for the Green Party

My sympathies rest firmly with the school administrators and the teaching profession, which for so long now has had their attention distracted from their primary roles as educators.


AROUND Papamoa Lions news with Lion Adam



Since last month’s Lion Around with the Papamoa Lions Club – we’ve been to one of our club’s more important events: The Lloyd Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust Dinner and Awards presentation, held at Bureta Park Hotel.

Read these columns in full on


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Te Puke heart bypass

free bus TO SKYCITY HAMILTON WEDNESDAY TAURANGA PICK UP & DROP OFF POINTS Stop 1 9.30am: Bayfair Shopping Centre, Harris St Stop 2 9.45am: Wharf St (By the I-Site), CBD Stop 3 10am: 1272 Cameron Rd (Outside Caltex), Greerton Departs SKYCITY Hamilton at 3.45pm SUNDAY TAURANGA PICK UP & DROP OFF POINTS Stop 1 10am: Bayfair Shopping Centre, Harris St Stop 2 10.15am: Wharf St (By the I-Site), CBD Stop 3 10.30am: 1272 Cameron Rd (Outside Caltex), Greerton Departs SKYCITY Hamilton at 4.15pm

More plantings, angle parking and pedestrian friendly spaces are some of the ideas planned for Jellicoe St under a Te Puke town centre redevelopment concept unveiled this week.

Te Puke residents and business people have thrown their support behind plans to redevelop the town centre, with strong interest in a meeting to present the vision this week. The vision, produced by Page Henderson Architects, outlined broad concepts they believe should underlie any town centre development – but final decisions would not be made on the redevelopment plan until after community consultation. The town centre redevelopment, driven by the Te Puke Economic Development Group, aims to recast the heart of Te Puke to take advantage of changes to traffic patterns after the Tauranga Eastern Link opens in late 2015.

Positive response

Te Puke EDG manager Mark Boyle described the response from everyone at the meeting as overwhelmingly positive, and said a series of six workshops to be held during the next three months would give everyone a chance to have their say. “There were quite a number of comments from people saying this was quite an opportunity to make our town a lot more attractive and a lot more functional. They saw this as being a coordinated and professional approach to try to take the town forward.”

The plan for Jellicoe St included more plantings, angle parking, more pedestrian friendly spaces and the introduction of electric car chargers – which could be subsidised to attract customers. Mark said redeveloping the town centre offered the chance to revitalise Te Puke as a destination with an “attractive, highly differentiated and quite unique retail centre”.

Time for progress

He said work would not be complete by the time the TEL opened, and major steps will have been taken to position Te Puke town centre to take advantage of opportunities from the State Highway bypass. “It’s not going to be all done in five minutes, but we can start making some serious progress on parts of it, particularly the road.” Plans would be formalised after consultation begins, then the development group will begin lobbying New Zealand Transport Agency for changes to Jellicoe St, start a marketing campaign to attract the right businesses and encourage landlords to make changes to their buildings that support the plan. Landlords are being encouraged to modify their shops as part of the strengthening and rebuilding work required to meet earthquake standards. Community workshop dates will be announced next week. Details:

PLEASE NOTE: All bus passengers must be 20 years of age or over and proof of age may be required. Admission onto the bus is strictly on a first in first served basis. This bus service is provided subject to availability. SKYCITY Hamilton does not guarantee seat availability or bus timings.

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End of season sale

By Hamish Carter

Ideas aplenty


Rd Devonport

Elizabeth Street Glasgo w



Ideas discussed at the meeting covered the form and function of Jellicoe St, new parking and what the town centre will look like, and how it will function with its proposed mix of retail and residential use.


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Wendy Macphail Director LLB(Hons)


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Prize discussion Tauranga Home Show visitor Raysan Al-Kubaisi and Mount Maunganui Placemakers branch operator Matt Orr discuss powertools and what Raysan should do with the $200 voucher he won at the show.

Putting the heat on heaters When is a heater not a heater? It sounds like a bad joke (when it’s not working), but the reality is not all heaters are created equal. Along with your budget, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority recommends considering how clean, effective and power efficient heaters are when choosing one. EECA senior technical advisor Christian Hoerning recommends modern wood and wood-pellet burners, Energy Star qualified heat pumps

Amazing race Children from 20 schools around the city participated in a unique version of the hugely popular Amazing Race show last week.

and gas heaters, and fireplaces as some of the better clean and effective heaters. He says to always look for the blue Energy Star mark which rates it as one of New Zealand’s most energy efficient.

Gas space heaters

From March 2013 New Zealand’s most efficient gas space heaters have been earned the blue ENERGY STAR rating, showing they are more efficient at converting gas to heat and are healthier for your family because they’ are flued. EECA recommends avoiding portable gas heaters because they pump moisture and noxious gases into the home, making it damp, unhealthy and more expensive to heat. They are also much more expensive to run than electric heaters. Modern wood and wood-pellet burners Modern wood and wood-pellet burners have low running costs, especially if you have access to free or cheap firewood. They are good for heating large spaces and heating hot water through a wetback system. Firewood needs to be dry to burn most efficiently (ideally stored for 12 months). Building consent is needed to install a wood burner, unless your property is larger than two hectares. By Hamish Carter

Fire safety home tips Around 250 children tested their problem solving, navigational and team building skills in a race around Te Puna’s Quarry Park.

The wood is stacked and the kindling cut – but there might be one thing you have overlooked for toasty, safe winter fires. While autumn’s warm start has only required a few roaring blazes so far, the New Zealand Fire Service is reminding households to have their chimneys and flues cleaned, always uses a spark guard and never burn batteries and aerosol cans. Ashes should be soaked in water before disposal and check the fire is out before going to bed.

Feasty donation Tauranga SPCA’s pantry is stocked with an extra amount of pet food after staff at Sharp Tudhope fundraised for the animal shelter this month. The firm had a mufti day on May 10 where participants brought a pet food donation. SPCA operations manager Margaret Rawiri says the donation is incredibly generous and thanks Sharp Tudhope for thinking of them.

Charity speech Suzie Johnson from Oosh speaking to a crowd of 400 at Classic Flyers, fundraising for Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga. I.A.N.Z Signatory


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Keeping animals warm through the winter Pet owners are being asked to look after their animals this winter so the Tauranga SPCA doesn’t have to intervene.

Western Bay of Plenty pet owners are being asked to stop their animals from freezing to death this winter.

Animal welfare inspector Jason Blair says colder weather brings a different range of welfare concerns compared to summer months. “Shelter, in particular, becomes an increasing concern.

We will expect an increase of calls about dogs tied up in the cold with no shelter. People need to be aware of their obligations to provide adequate shelter and be aware of changing

weather conditions. “There are also less hours of daylight and people are at times less likely to walk their dogs after work. Dogs that have got by okay over summer tied to a dusty area under a shady tree will now be tied to a cold mud pit.” Every winter, Jason will attend calls and find dogs in such conditions. He says new born puppies being born in make shift shelters in a corner of someone’s back yard are also at risk. Old frail cats are another concern as they are unable to cope with the harsh weather, says Jason. “A greater amount of calls are likely to be received about farm animals over the winter months.

After very poor grass growing conditions during summer, feed is going to be tight for a lot of people. “Where they have got by in past winters, people may find themselves overstocked now. People need to be assessing what feed

they have on hand now and preparing for winter. “Any animals that are in poor condition currently need to be built up now before the colder months hit where their demand on energy is higher.” By Letitia Atkinson

Warm up for winter with soup Sometimes nothing warms you up on a cold winter night like a piping hot bowl of soup, and what better to warm the bones with than a classic chicken and vegetable concoction.

Stir and check every few hours. Before serving, beat eggs with lemon and stir through the soup and add the corn. As the soup starts reduce the flavours will come out. Test the soup for flavour, salt if needed. To thicken the soup before serving, boil pasta/ rice in a separate pot and add to soup. Serve with a little grated parmesan cheese.

Here is a recipe guaranteed to warm you up and tantalise the whole family’s taste buds. I used to love walking in from school to smell soup cooking on the stove. My mother Rosa would make us chicken soup and we would have it for afternoon tea. It’s the same in my household, expect my children love it for breakfast. It’s so full of flavour and nutrition so it’s great for the family. Make it in bulk and freeze for those winter nights when you’re too cold to cook! For this recipe I use my slow cooker and cooked the chicken from frozen.

Ne w



Mamma Rosa’s Chicken Soup 6 chicken thighs, skin on 1 finely chopped onion 2 pieces diced fresh garlic 2Tbsp finely chopped parsley 2 pieces celery diced 3 carrots diced 3 Tbsp chicken stock 1 can whole tomatoes 2.5 litres water 1 can creamed corn (optional) 3 eggs 1/2 lemon Parmesan cheese to taste 1/2 cup cooked small pasta or rice

Method Place everything in the crock pot, apart from corn, and leave on low for the day. After three hours the chicken skin can be removed and discarded. This adds to the flavour. Shred the chicken and place back in the crock pot, disposing of bones.

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A chocolate ‘pick me up’ Chocolate is the one of the most alluring ingredients to use, and a strong dose of bitter dark chocolate is one of my favourite ‘pick me ups’.

Yes, my own research has concluded that through a period of emotional events, chocolate produces the spirit-lifting, warm, gooey feeling we all need. According to the International Cocoa Organisation, cocoa consumption is on the way up worldwide. People, it seems, can become addicted to chocolate much like coffee, and some believe it’s important to obtain beans that are fair trade. Chocolate can form part of a healthy diet, if eaten in moderation. But during the late 1980s, we had a dessert called ‘Death by Chocolate’. No paramedics were ever called to the restaurant – and we sold heaps of them. Today, I still sometimes do part of that platter, which had an array of chocolate. This mix of two chocolate mousses, on a chocolate sponge, is the most requested recipe that people have asked me for. This recipe would have three chef hats, as some cookbooks do, to rank difficulty or degree of expertise. What comes easily to me is often tricky for others – a fact pointed out to me on numerous occasions. However, love conquers all, and if you really want a celebration cake that will fulfil all chocoholic desires, then this cake will work for you. Originally, I used dark Belgium chocolate which has an 80 per cent cocoa. Now, I use Whittakers dark Ghana with 72 per cent cocoa, and the cake is extremely decadent, delicious and rich.

The Weekend Sun


Double chocolate mousse cake Mousse: 4 x 250g Whittakers dark Ghana 3 x 250g Whittakers white chocolate 1.5L full cream milk 1L cream only just whipped 1.5 Tbsp gelatine powder (dissolved in ¼ cup boiling water) 8 egg whites 1 pinch cream of tartar

Base: 50g cornflour 50g baker’s flour 50g cocoa powder 175g castor sugar 25g melted butter 6 eggs

Method Begin by melting the chocolates in separate stainless bowls over hot water. Put one litre of milk with the dark chocolate, and ½ litre of milk with the white chocolate. Stir until melted then add the dissolved gelatine. Mix two thirds into the dark chocolate and one third to the white chocolate. Stir well and allow to rest. For the base, line a 28cm spring-form tin with baking paper. Whisk the castor sugar and eggs over warm water until pale and thick, then slowly fold in the sifted dry ingredients, a little at a time. Lastly, add melted butter then carefully pour into tin and bake at 180 degree Celsius for 20 minutes until skewer comes out clean. Remove and allow to cool on rack. Whisk the chocolate mousses, from time to time, and place in the fridge to set. Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of cream of tartar and fold some into mousse. Allow to cool again and repeat. The aim is to allow as much foam to aerate the mix. Finally, fold in the whipped cream after about 45 minutes of allowing the lightened chocolate mousse to begin to set. I often test a small amount in the freezer. This is the tricky part – getting the mousse to the right amount of setting, without being too set, to place on top of a cut sponge to form the cake. Using your own judgement (I usually only use half of the sponge made and freeze or eat the rest), pour the dark chocolate mousse on first and allow to set for 10 to 15 minutes before topping with white chocolate mousse. If you have the right consistency you can swirl it to create an effect as it cools and sets. Allow cake to fully set for at least six to eight hours before cutting. The recommended dose is one piece.


The Weekend Sun

Coffee café offering tasty gluten-free swap Are you wanting gluten-free meals but don’t know where to meet? Meet at The Coffee Club in Bethlehem where there is always the option of gluten-free. Head chef Tiffany Woolley says The Coffee Club in Bethlehem is offering customers a selection of delicious gluten-free homemade cakes and slices from the cabinet, or the option to swap some of the lunch and dinner meals to gluten-free. “If they’re not already, then they can easily be altered to become glutenfree,” she says.

Tiffany says the number of customers wanting glutenfree options has been steadily growing, so they are stepping up to the challenge. “We’ve had requests for it for quite a while now, so we always have it as a back-up just in case. “We just really want to get it across that the options are there. We have the products available to swap [ingredients] to make any dish gluten-free – it can easily be swapped around.” Main meals including chicken, fish and steak are already gluten-free. The risotto and pasta, offered on both lunch and dinner menus, is not. But Tiffany says these meals can easily be altered for those with special gluten-free requirements. “We have pasta in store that we can cook fresh for By Zoe Hunter the customer.”



Head chef Tiffany Woolley holding a delicious range of gluten-free dishes. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Settling the intolerance If you have been struggling to put on weight, or finding food runs through you, get tested for coeliac disease. That is the advice from Coeliac New Zealand, a non-profit organisation supporting those with coeliac disease and gluten intolerances. Coeliac disease, along with less acute forms of gluten intolerance, affects about one per cent of New Zealanders and can be difficult to diagnose – with the autoimmune disorder presenting in a range of ways. Coeliac New Zealand says common symptoms which alone or in combination could suggest a problem in adults include diarrhoea, fatigue or lethargy, anaemia, constipation, flatulence, cramping and bloating or nausea and vomiting. The problem is caused by intolerance to gluten which is found in wheat, barley, oats and rye. This intolerance causes the body to produce antibodies which damage the lining of the small bowel and make it impossible for the body to absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from food. Because the condition can present in a wide range of symptoms for both adults and children it has been notoriously difficult to diagnose.

But sufferers’ health can improve quickly by changing their diet as soon as the condition is assessed. How does it affect your health? If undiagnosed the condition can cause long term poor health and other less common effects such as osteoporosis due to reduced calcium absorption, infertility, miscarriages, depression, dental enamel defects and increased risk of gastrointestinal cancers. What are the causes? It occurs in family groups and is probably genetic. Is there a cure or treatment? There is no known cure but a gluten-free diet allowing most people to return to normal health is the best treatment option. How can I have a gluten-free diet? All foods containing ingredients with gluten must be avoided if you are gluten intolerant. This diet rules out all ordinary breads, pastas, and many convenience foods. Grains and starch sources that are acceptable for a gluten-free diet include maize, potatoes, rice, and tapioca (from cassava), amaranth, arrowroot, millet, montina, lupine, quinoa, sorghum, sweet potato, taro and yam. More details:





Pet of the Week: ‘Mama Cat’

The Shed is where it happens

This beautiful cat had been living in a kind lady’s garden after her owner moved away and left her behind.

I like going to The Shed. The Shed is where cool things happen. Only me and the boss are allowed in The Shed.

All was going well, until a pesky fly buzzed my bone. Now Ady has taught me well. I have the German Pointer instructions etched into my It’s a man-and-his-dog sort of place where we fix Labrador skull. things and make things and talk quite a “Don’t let zer buzzing fly lot of complete rubbish. land on zer bone. Zee fly Only men are allowed in The Don’t let zer must die, at all cost.” Shed. And their dogs. Although At that point, the fly buzzing fly land left I’m not technically a man, but the bone, landed in she-dogs have exemptions in on zer bone. Zee the contact adhesive and sacred places such as The Shed. had all six legs firmly glued to the canvas. God forbid anyone who is not a fly must die, at So torn between an insatiable drive to eat bone man or a dog turning up in a shed. as fast as possible, and the instinct of a retriever, all cost. Although I quietly suspect there’s brainwashed by the obsession of a pointer – I ended been a cat or two in there. A blanket up leaping off the mat, diving at full speed across The with Ralph on it (no self-respecting dog would be Shed, and landing in three acres of very tacky contact called Ralph) and the initials CM, which I believe is glue-covered canvas. possibly Chadwick Maulder, carved in blood into the The fly parted company, leaving all its legs still rafters alongside the skeleton of a rat, still with a very adhered, and flew off somewhere that didn’t require surprised look on its face. landing gear. Anyway I digress. The Boss and I were Meanwhile, one medium sized brown dog was stuck having a great day in The Shed. We’d powwith enough canvas glued around my legs to have ered through the List of Things to Fix opened a small circus. and were up to the exciting part. The Boss, not too happy, dived in to the conglomThe List of Things to Make. I was eration of dog, canvas, Ados and fly legs, to try to getting a bit boisterous while the Boss was salvage the situation. trying to focus. I don’t think the bourbon was helping There was a great amount of flailing limbs and so I decided not to have any more. eventually we all extracted ourselves from the disaster, No, he was having the bourbon. I was just being less one Croc. naturally boisterous. It was firmly glued by its worn out sole to the mess. So the Boss suggested I might like a bone from the The Boss sat on the floor laughing, while the fly Big White Cold Cupboard. buzzed around, without clearance to land. I was This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. standing with tacky feet on the concrete floor, Not only does it produce an endless supply of having a good whiff of glue and wondering why bones, but it keeps them cool and fresh. he wears Crocs anyway. They are a crime against There’s a smaller mysterious little chest next to it. fashion. The Small White Cool Cupboard – but I’ve never seen In the end, The Boss decided the whole episode much interesting come out of there, but the Boss does could probably be sorted with a bit of solvent and a lot of jabber when he goes near it… about Woodmore bourbon. The fly, we presume, is still flying. stock. Must have been a great festival about that, cos So we switched off the Shed lights, retired to he’s always reminiscing about Woodstock. the lounge and watched some dogs in ancient re-runs Anyways, I was happily chewing on my very cold of Country Calendar. bone, with the Boss assuming I was well occupied, Interesting stuff there, but I notice none of the dogs and he took the opportunity to create a masterpiece managed to eat a bone, pull the legs off a fly, sniff glue of something involving acres of canvas, some graphite AND cure the world of a fashion disaster …. all in rods from Steve’s Marine and enough contact adhesive - Flo to assure Mr Ados a happy and well-heeled retirement. one day.

Initially illusive, she became amenable to handling and was taken to ARRC. She was heavily pregnant and soon after settling into her new accommodation she produced two gorgeous kittens, which have now been successfully rehomed. ‘Mama Cat’ has been an exceptional mum, hence her name, but now she’s spayed she needs a loving home and a new name too. If you would like to give Mama Cat or any of the cats or kittens at ARRC a home, contact 07 579 9115, visit: or view ARRC’s Photo by Matt Leamy. Facebook page.

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NZ Made Cubes





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Featuring classical rounded edges and ball bearing runners, add understated style and class to your bedroom with this quality range.



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Uniworld – the world’s only boutique cruise line Whether you’ve visited Europe once or a dozen times, you haven’t really experienced the best of Europe until you’ve sailed with Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. Sailing along historic waterways on-board your floating luxury hotel, you’ll see some of the most enchanting places in the world up close. Your proximity to the shore means that colourful hillside villages, picturesque castles, and ancient ruins are within view from all areas of your intimate ship – the elegant restaurant, the welcoming lounge, the inviting sun deck, and your own beautifully-appointed stateroom. River cruising offers an unparalleled level of convenience, as you often dock right in the heart

of town, mere steps away from charming squares, magnificent cathedrals, and bustling market places. You’ll never wait in long lines to get on or off the ship; you’ll never tender into port; you’ll never spend long hours wave watching on a vast ocean (which is inescapable on larger cruise ships); and you’ll never experience rough water or motion sickness – only smooth and peaceful sailing throughout your journey. Uniworld has more than 30 different itineraries that take you to some of the most amazing places in the world. With itineraries from eight to 30 days in length, Uniworld will have a destination to suit your dreams. In 2014, Uniworld will introduce their newest ‘super ship’ SS Catherine, sailing along the Rhone and Saone rivers through France’s breath-taking

A maze of fabulous experiences Hong Kong.

How about a 78-day Grand Pacific and Far East voyage with Holland America's flagship MS Amsterdam? The itinerary features a sweeping discovery of China, Japan, Melanesia, the Philippines and Polynesia with overnight stays in eight Eastern cities. This voyage departs on the September 21, 2014, and an inside cabin starts from as little as US$12,447 per person share twin. This voyage begins in Seattle and ends in San Diego. This is one of those magnificent itineraries that will carry its passengers through a maze of fabulous experiences. The MS Amsterdam is the third ship to carry the name of the Dutch capital in Holland America's more than 135-year history. The MS Amsterdam blends the very latest in shipbuilding technology with the artistry, personalised touches and superior service that

pers’ paradise – before Vietnam has made the Holland America Line one of the highest rated cruise and allows time to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi lines in the world. Dutch heritage Minh City and on to Singapore. and tradition is clearly displayed There’s time to relax in a Chinese throughout the ship in original Art teahouse or purchase a colourful Deco pieces that once graced the sari in little India. It visits Komodo Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938. Island and Bali Icons famous to and then enters Holland America the northern tip of are the luxurious mariners ‘Dream Australia taking in Darwin. Further Beds’, with 100 south, it bounds to per cent Egyptian Cairns and Sydney cotton towels, before heading complimentary west once again to fresh fruit on the South Pacific request, with Komodo Island. islands, including Elemis Aromapure Noumea, Fiji, and circumnavigates ‘time to spa’ bath amenities and the Hawaiian Islands before ending luxurious complimentary bathup in San Diego. robes – all made to make you feel This is a one-off itinerary that is pampered and special. a mixture of cultures and different Starting in Seattle, the cruise lands. Call Patti Brown at United goes east to Dutch Harbour and to Tokyo, on route to the Far East and Travel Bethlehem on 07 579 3431 for details on cabin types and furChina. ther information. It visits Hong Kong – the shop-

by Design

Grand Pacific & Far East Voyage with Holland America Line

78 night cruise from




Per person, twin share. Departing Seattle on 21 Sep 2013. Highlights: China, Japan, Melanesia, Phillipines & Polynesia

United Travel at Bethlehem Bethlehem Town Centre (07) 579 3431 *Terms & Conditions apply. Fares are cruise only, per person in NZD, for an inside twin stateroom, category MM. Airfares not included. Sales until further notice. Offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice and is subject to availability. Supplements apply for other cabin categories. Prices based on cash or cheque. Prices correct at time of printing. Offers valid for new bookings only. Events beyond our control such as currency fluctuations may result in price variations. Product is supplied by reputable suppliers with their own terms & conditions, please contact United Travel at Bethlehem for full terms & conditions. UT1435

Burgundy and Provence regions. France is going to be the River Cruise destination for 2014, after a sell-out 2013 season. Uniworld is an ‘all inclusive’ river cruise package – with captivating shore excursions, hosted by the best local guides in the industry. All meals on-board come with complimentary European wines, beer, spirits and soft

drink. It also comes with hassle-free airport transfers on arrival and departure days – and so much more – so you’ll have nothing to worry about except enjoying yourself while our highly trained, English-speaking staff pamper you with uncompromising service by anticipating your every need. Unpack. Unwind – and leave the rest to Uniworld.

River Cruise Info Evening Wed 29 May

6.00pm Featuring France, Portugal, Italy & the rest of Europe. Imagine discovering the unique scenic treasures of Europe from the luxurious serenity of your river cruise ship. For venue details RSVP to Maree by Mon 27 May

United Travel Tauranga City (07) 577 9957


As part of the first All Blacks training camp for 2013, the 32 players – excluding six Highlanders – went through a series of indoor skills based and stretching exercises as part of the three-day camp at ASB Arena.

Advert placement made easy

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All Blacks’ Mount stay New Zealand’s top rugby talents are being put through their paces as coaches search for the 2013 All Blacks squad. As part of the first All Blacks wider training camp for 2013, the 38-man squad were put to the test during the first three-day private camp in Mount Maunganui from Sunday to Tuesday. The second camp starts this Sunday. All Blacks coach Steve Hansen

hopes the Mount location will get the boys excited for up and coming test matches. Players’ form will be continually monitored up until the announcement of the final All Blacks squad on Sunday, June 2. Despite the camps remaining private, some play-

ers have taken to social media sharing photographs of their stay in the Bay. Crusaders first five Dan Carter, along with team mate Tom Taylor and Chiefs flanker Sam Cane posted photographs while paddle boarding on Monday night.

Let’s play in the Bay’s biggest playground Regional council describes Tauranga Harbour as the Bay of Plenty’s biggest playground. Hundreds of people use the harbour for organised water sport and recreation.

H E A LT H & F I T N E S S

For councils, water sports are easy to control because sports clubs can negotiate clubrooms and access to the harbour. Unfortunately there is no organisation responsible for overall management of recreational activities associated with the harbour. The harbour is the initial attraction for all visitors to the Bay but there is very little councils can

do to control when these visitors arrive, where they go, or what they do when they get there. Sport Bay of Plenty works hard for organised sports in the Bay but their list of activities don’t line up with the regional council’s list for the recreational use of harbour. There is no group with responsibility for managing recreation users of the harbour who could be anywhere on the 150km coastline and be jet skiing, swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, canoeing, picnicking, horse riding, tramping, exploring or just relaxing. Many will be leaving rubbish around, entering forbidden areas and conflicting with other harbour users. The harbour needs a coordinated





Bay Bay Central Shopping Centre Centre Central Shopping 65 Chapel St, Tauranga

65 Chapel St, Tauranga


recreation policy. Councils need to plan for locals and tourists as well as for the health of the harbour itself. For recreation users, the first problem is access. We don’t have a multi-use harbour park in the Northern Harbour to attract families. There are a number of small reserves that have been allocated a toilet and carpark but very few that could be termed a destination for a family picnic. Despite the council’s policy of claiming esplanade strips on the foreshore, not many have been developed as walkways worthy of a sub-regional park. There are plenty of boat ramps purpose built for local fishermen with a minimal trailer park, but very few of these sites are suitable for picnics. Read this column in full on

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Acknowledgement: Regional Public Health Lower Hutt

w.t to




Protect our most valuable

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Don’t get it. Don’t give it.

Is Influenza immunisat ion free for you? Are you pregnant? Do you regularly use an

My wife died from the ‘flu – Mark’s story Before his 49 year-old wife died of influenza last year, Mark McIlroy had never considered that the flu could be deadly for fit healthy people. “Until Catherine’s death, I’d thought it was something that only older people or people with health conditions needed to worry about,” he says. “We made sure our children received all of their childhood vaccinations but we didn’t think a winter flu vaccination was important for us. We didn’t have any underlying health risks and were generally fit and healthy.” When Catherine became unwell last winter she at first thought she had a cold or mild bout of flu. She had a tickle in her throat and was a little feverish but the following day felt well enough to celebrate Mark’s birthday with friends at a lunch and then dinner. During dinner, however, Mark says she had to excuse herself to go to the bathroom, where she vomited. On Friday, the third day of her illness, she could only take

fluids and spent the day in bed resting. On Saturday morning she went to get out of bed but couldn’t raise herself. At about midday Mark called Healthline for advice and a nurse recommended that he call an ambulance. When Catherine arrived at Wellington Hospital she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and Mark stayed with her until late that night, when staff advised him to go home for some rest. Very early on Sunday morning Mark received a call from the hospital suggesting that he and the rest of the family come to see Catherine as she had become critically ill. The following morning, only five days after she first became unwell, Catherine passed away. Mark still struggles to talk about the death of his beloved Catherine but wants her story to be known so that as many people as possible have an annual influenza vaccination. “It’s such a simple precaution to prevent getting seriously sick and potentially dying


0800 466 863 National Influenza Specialist Group


NISG (the National Influenza Specialist Group) is a group of expert Kiwi doctors and nurses who aim to promote the benefits of immunisation for those most at risk.


0800 466 863 National Influenza Specialist Group


NISG (the National Influenza Specialist Group) is a group of expert Kiwi Doctors and

asthma preventer? Do you have diabetes? Do you have heart disea se? Do you have kidney probl ems? Do you have a serious medical condition? Do you have cancer? Are you 65 years or older ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions your influe nza immunisation may be FREE.

Ask your doctor or se about influenza immnur unisation. from the flu,” he says. Immediately after Catherine’s death Mark made sure the rest of his family had an influenza vaccination. This year, he and his adult children Louisa and Ollie were among the first in New Zealand to receive the Southern Hemisphere’s 2013 influenza vaccine. Mark has also offered to pay for his 60 employees and their families to have this year’s vaccination, along with the 150 students living at Canterbury University’s College House. He says he was motivated to fund the College House flu vaccinations because he and his daughter had lived there as students and he thinks a flu jab might be something students wouldn’t opt to pay for. “It’s really important for young people to get the flu jab, just like everyone else, because influenza can hit you hard at any age. ”

The influenza vaccine is a prescription medicine. Talk to your doctor about benefits and possible risks or ring 0800 IMMUNE. TAPS CH3591. INSIGHT 9685MC


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n o t g n i l d Pad

ew begin

nin gs

. te r wa e the It’s no th Pad beach. t on dler u longer o ’s H “It’s quite ime iria Rolles ore t looked restrictive, ng m ton is lo i d n e p s oking forward to being stuck inside upon as a lesser and we just like hanging sport to surfing. In fact, out with everyone at the beach, so the number of people taking to stand that’s what we’re going to do.” This Saturday, a masup paddle boarding is rapidly growing. sive relocation sale is taking place at the store to clear all stock – and the public is invited to take advantage For East Coast Paddler co-owner Hiria Rolleston, of great sale prices. Stock will then be available from seeing the sport she loves taking off in her home their new website. town is an everyday thrill, and one she intends to Hiria is looking forward to organising more combecome an intricate part of. munity events. Hiria and husband Seaton are closing down their “The growth here is just crazy and now it’s about Totara St store and going mobile in an effort to promoting the sport itself. We’re about lifestyle – it’s spend more time at the beach and in the water, always been a big part, to get people out there and encouraging people to give the sport a go. giving it a go. “It changes people’s lives. There is a “We’re heading out on the water and doing what huge social part and it’s for all ages. we do best.” The company began in 2009 with a We do little race series and you see whole families mobile truck/trailer and beach lessons, and that’s getting out there, it’s a great vibe, and what they’re going back to. “The last two years has By Corrie Taylor that’s really addictive.” been awesome with the retail store, but were missing

Ea st

Co ast

Doctor’s meningitis warning for the Bay A fast acting and potentially deadly disease can be stopped if caught in time, says a Bay of Plenty Medical Officer of Health. While there have been no cases of meningitis reported in the Bay of Plenty this year, Dr Phil Shoemack is warning people to always be prepared. He says meningitis is literally explained as an inflammation of

the meninges. “There are three layers of meninges which are like an onion with different layers. So there is the brain and covering the brain inside the skull are three layers which are called meninges. “If you get an inflammation anywhere else, say your leg, you get some swelling and you get some redness. If you get that same problem on the surface of your brain, because of your skull, the only place for the swelling to go

is to put pressure back onto the brain. “It’s a very dramatic illness, a person can be quite well one day and be critically unwell within 24 hours.” Phil says the best thing people can do is be aware of the symptoms which include a fever, a headache so bad you want the curtains drawn and drowsiness to the point where someone can be almost impossible to wake up. By Letitia Atkinson


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Keeping skin moist through winter The words ‘winter’ and ‘dry skin’ are often considered synonymous.

stratum corneum (uppermost layer of the skin). This change in the stratum corneum alters the scattering and reflection of light leading to a dull, rough appearance to the skin. Skin dryness can be triggered by changes in the environment or due to factors related to your overall health. In winter, the most common cause is a change in the humidity of the environment.

Did you know that dryness of the skin has almost nothing to do with the amount of water you drink? Dryness of the skin (xerosis) is actually related to changes in the protein and lipid content of the

On a 24 month Business Smart Data $60.86 Plan

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By Dr Eugene Tan

The call is being made for residents to join Tauranga (BOP) Hearing Association’s committee and help improve the lives of the region’s hearing impaired.



Skin cancer does not respect seasons. Research has shown that melanomas are thicker and diagnosed at a later stage in winter than in summer. This is most likely due to an increased awareness of skin cancer in summer when compared to winter. Hence winter is not a time to be complacent. Your dermatologist is the best person to discuss skin checks and skin care.

Members sought for Bay hearing association committee

Make a smart business move


Winter brings about three common problems in the skin: dry skin, worsening of eczema and skin cancer. The stratum corneum plays an important role in the barrier function of the skin, and when skin becomes dry, its barrier function is affected and this can exacerbate eczema. A good moisturiser is an important part of winter-skin-care and those that contain glycolic acid will improve the skin’s appearance and texture.

Project and information coordinator Toni Bieleski says they desperately need three new members after previous members moved away earlier this year. “It’s left us with a committee of only four members.” The not-for-profit organisation services the city’s hearing impaired, working with 32 rest homes, running programmes in schools and providing support and resources. Toni says responsibilities are light and include attending a monthly meeting

where financial and project decisions are made. Members don’t have to be hearing impaired. “We’re very much a company that’s going forward in a lot of ways, but we need a strong committee.” Anyone interested can phone 07 578 6476.

5 Megapixel Camera + Flash

Personal service starts here. Yes, I can help you with all your business communication needs.

Call me, Christopher on 021 110 1111 to find out more. Business Smart Data offer: Handset prices valid as at 1 May 2013. Plan price excludes GST, handset price includes GST. Vodafone On Account mobile terms and conditions apply, see for details. Fair usage policy applies. Included minutes exclude special, premium and international numbers. Out of bundle rates apply once you have used your monthly allocation. Out of bundle voice minutes are $0.43 (ex GST) per minute, out of bundle TXTs are $0.17 (ex GST) per message and out of bundle data is $0.17 (ex GST) per MB. Early termination fees apply and plan transfer restrictions and fees may apply. See for details.



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Washed up

Protestors to join international march against Monsanto Tauranga residents will join thousands of activists across the world this weekend in taking a stand against Monsanto – the leading producer of genetically-engineered seeds.

A visual emphasis on how hospital staff can stop the spread of infection by practising good hand hygiene is the focus of the Bay of Plenty District Health Board this month.

Director of nursing Julie Robinson says good hand hygiene prevents the transmission of harmful microorganisms between patients or between different parts of a patient’s body. This is being done by educating staff on the Five Moments for Hand Hygiene: before touching a patient, before a procedure, after a procedure or body fluid exposure risk, after touching a patient and after touching a patient’s surroundings. “We want to get this serious clinical message across to our staff, patients and public in a fun way so we’ve identified staff who practise good hand hygiene and have had full-sized photographs of them made. “Over the next four weeks these cut-outs of cleaners, allied health workers, nurses and doctors will pop-up throughout both Tauranga and Whakatane hospitals.” She says patients also need to feel they can remind our staff, if they have to, to practise good hand hygiene.The initiative is part of Hand Hygiene NZ’s 2013 goal to make education a focus.

The March Against Monsanto protest at Red Square on Saturday is part of a worldwide stand including tens of thousands of people in more than 30 countries. Tauranga man Marty Stewart, is leading the local event, and started

the March Against Monsanto Tauranga Facebook page inviting residents to take part. Marty says on the page: “I have been wanting to do something and say something about this for so long. I knew it was wrong to re-make nature and try to claim it as your own. “So now we have the chance to stand not just as one city or a nation, but as one planet who will be marching across the world.” In 1982 Monsanto was the first company to genetically modify a plant cell. The seeds are not in New Zealand, but Marty says New Zealanders need to be concerned about protecting their country’s food supplies. “We need to get as many people involved as possible for this to be a success. We need farmers, organisations that promote organic food, consumers, and anyone else who is for GMO labelling. “If we all do our bit, this march will help

raise awareness of the dangers we all face and start waking people up to the curse on this planet that is Monsanto.” The international March Against Monsanto website says the protest was planned after research studies showed Monsanto’s genetically-modified foods can lead to serious health conditions, such as cancer, infertility and birth defects. “For too long, Monsanto has been the benefactor of corporate subsidies and political favouritism. Organic and small farmers suffer losses while Monsanto continues to forge its monopoly over the world’s food supply, including exclusive patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup,” says the March Against Monsanto Tauranga Facebook page. The Tauranga protest is scheduled for 12pm on Saturday. When The Weekend Sun went to print, 73 people said they were attending the protest on Facebook.

Under New Ownership

Certainty of style. Luxury of space. A choice of stylish apartments from $300,000. Some decisions are harder than others. Thankfully there is a retirement village option that ticks both boxes. Greenwood Park sits on 17 stunning hectares, so you can imagine the peace and quiet on offer. When you feel like some fun in town, it is still just a short drive from downtown Tauranga. To top it off you can make your home from one of our spacious and sunny two bedroom apartments. To make your decision easier, simply pop into one of our weekend Open Days. We look forward to showing you around.



Your weekly village fee will never be increased at any time after you move, providing you with price certainty for good.


Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 10am to 4pm Call Jamie on 07 544 7711 10 Welcome Bay Road Tauranga

Greenwood Park


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Teacher blown away by children’s photography What began as a simple school project may have sparked a lifetime passion for Year 5 and 6 students at Omanu School. Having undertaken three photography lessons as part

Tennis Ball by Abbie Thomas, age 10.

of their visual arts learning, the 150 students blew teacher Ann Carruthers away with the images they produced. “The images they captured totally blew me away, regarding

Crayons by Ruhith Pathirana, age 10.

both composition and skill. “Being children, they are smaller and do see things differently than adults. They are more inclined to see things

Jandal by Jack Kelly, age 9.

Flower by Emi Craig, age 9.

through little gaps or from an upside down position.” Here is a selection of the children’s work.

Playground Equipment by Hamish Feast, age 9.

Golden visit for school Myah has cancer and these are her 1,000 Beads of Courage



Become a supporter and help children fight cancer: CALL: 07 579 4141 TEXT: BEAD to 206 to make

a $3 donation

The City of Tauranga Under 13 Competitive Marching Team.

Marching muster for members

New recruits are being sought to join the City of Tauranga Under 13 Competitive Marching Team and Senior Open grade team this weekend. Fresh from a couple of months’ rest, the teams are

welcoming new members and interested parties at a club muster on Saturday afternoon. The current U13 squad was recently crowned third NZ Technical Team and fourth NZ Champion Team at the recent national championships

in Dunedin. The marching season runs from June to March each year. Any keen 9–12-year-olds or 13–40-year-olds are welcome to attend on Saturday. For details, phone Tracy on 07 579 9123 or 0274 153600.

Students at Papamoa Primary School are researching the name ‘Sarah Ulmer’ this week in anticipation of the New Zealand Olympic cycling gold medallist’s visit to the school next week. As part of the Olympic Ambassador Programme, inspiring young people to fulfil their sporting dreams, Sarah will share her Olympic success story with the students on Thursday May 30. This is the first time Sarah has visited the school and students are this week studying her profile before the visit. She will also officially open the school’s cross country which is scheduled for the same day.

By Zoe Hunter


The Weekend Sun

Business brains sought Do you have smart business ideas percolating away or skills to help turn a business vision into a profitable enterprise? If that sounds like you, Tauranga Startup Weekend organisers want you involved in July. The 54-hour weekend startup marathon begins with people pitching business proposals, then teams form ideas they

like and race to build the software app or business during the weekend. At the end of the weekend all teams get feedback, with the winning team receiving on-going support. Organiser Sheldon Nesdale says last year’s inaugural Tauranga event, which attracted 46 participants, was such a success they have expanded ticket numbers to about 80 this year. This is thanks to support of the BNZ’s Cameron Rd corporate office – which is freeing up desk space to accom-

modate more people. “We’ve already had a lot of interest – selling six tickets the day they were released – so that’s got to be a great sign.” Sheldon says the weekend brings together four types of people (entrepreneurs, marketers, developers and designers) “to create some magic together” by turning ideas into prototypes that could go onto become profitable businesses. Two teams are still working on projects they began at last year’s event, with the aim of launch-

ing them. Last year’s winner was, for its mobile app that aims to make it easy for boaties to check in with the Coastguard before they leave for an activity, and when they return. This year, the Tauranga Startup Weekend event is at the BNZ Partner Centre, Cameron Rd, July 5-7. Early bird tickets are available until June 5. For further details interested parties can visit www.tauranga.

Awarding Te Puke success Te Puke businesses are encouraged to polish their plans and prepare entries for the town’s annual business awards. Entries in the Te Puke Business Excellence Awards, organised by the Te Puke Economic Development Group, open on June 6 with the awards night to be held at Memorial Hall on September 6

with guest speaker Richard Hadlee. Te Puke EDG manager Mark Boyle says the awards’ format changed two years ago to provide a higher standard professional competition which celebrated the area’s best. The competition includes businesses in the food and beverage, service, retail and horticulture/agriculture/industrial categories. There are also employee of the year, public choice and supreme awards. By Hamish Carter

By Hamish Carter

Financial literacy for youth Have you ever considered the times in your life when the going was tough financially?

Literacy for Youth programme in Tauranga in June and July. The course is run early evening, for one hour and covers budgeting, credit cards, finance, goal setting, saving, banking and insurance. Each participant receives a full workbook and supporting material. Feedback we have received has been fantastic.

Perhaps you had credit card debt, borrowed too much on finance, or fell a month behind in a bill payment. Sometimes things happen beyond our control – especially if you are self-employed. These problems could also impact By Bruce Cortesi from Planwise Financial Services on your young teenage daughter or son – unless they can get insight, at their level, which provides useful information to avoid the many financial snares rife in today’s world. Take the raft of mortgage deals being flaunted in the face of the public from banks and non-bank lenders – free televisions, vouchers for example – all designed to make you want to shift your business to them, when the truth is there probably wasn’t anything wrong with your current mortgage. But it works, and you fall into the trap. What these lenders are not doing is selling service. What is the point in changing if, when it is done, you find yourself with poor service, little care but much regret. Planwise is running three sessions of our Financial


For more information on this opportunity, contact Maxine at Planwise on 07 547 4266 or email: maxine@

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Who’ll stop the rain? The phone calls and emails continue from concerned ratepayers worried about the prospect of their properties being flooded again if the torrential downpours continue. Make no mistake about it this is a major problem for council that must be addressed in this year’s annual plan. Apart from the on-going budget allowed after the 2005 floods there has been no extra budget allowed this year to fund the new problems that have arisen. I can see another $10 million at least just to address the floodings I am personally aware of. It’s going to take a rabbit (or more like an elephant) out of the hat to financially juggle this without going into more debt and possibly breaching the 250 per cent debt ratio set by credit rating standard and poors. Allowing infill without increasing storm water capacity, allowing soak holes for overflows, under estimating or not estimating changing weather patterns all add to probably not the smartest of past planning regimes in my opinion. And still the planners promote “intensification”.

Knocked proposed ‘nodal’

Just as well a majority of elected members knocked the proposed “nodal” intensification proposal on the head in the heady days of the last property bubble of 2005-7. In more ways than one. In a Joint Council initiative Western Bay Council and Tauranga City Council are doing a few LAPs as part of the Government’s not to subtle plan to devolve contentious, emotive and unpopular functions onto your local council. This is a Local Alcohol Policy (LAP). After a three hour session we had got through two of the 12 issue papers at a combined workshop. Elected members were set up in the centre of the Western Bay chamber fully encircled by staff, media, police and many representatives from the Liquor Industry. I commented that it resembled the classic western situation where settlers in circled wagons were surrounded. Except in this case some of those surrounded were shooting themselves in the foot. Issues to be discussed for a draft paper were bottle stores, supermarkets and grocery stores selling liquor. Hours of trade and proximity issues produced a plethora of opinions that saw elected members in wide ranging discussion. We even have to get a legal description of what a grocery store is in order to prevent dairies trying to get in on the act through the back door. Principle to all this is apparently to minimise harm caused to the community through alcohol. All of us can recognise the harm alcohol creates to some in the community. It is also true that there are many for whom alcohol does not create a problem and it’s finding the balance that’s creating the confusion.

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE SHOWHOME LOCATIONS... 1115 CAMERON ROAD OAD TAURANGA URANG GA GA Open Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm Sun 11am to 4pm m Call Carol, Tom or Paul 07 577 9934 934

GOLDEN SANDS PAPAMOA Cnr Golden Sands Drive & Kapuka Street Open Sat to Wed 11am to 4pm Call Brendyn 07 929 7682

Sale of liquor

Default hours nationally for sale of liquor though bottle stores and supermarkets is 7am to 11pm. The consensus draft proposal locally is to reduce these hours to 7am to 9pm. All present outlets remain but any new outlets to be allowed on a per capita basis in the future will have to be 500 metres away from other outlets, schools and facilities.

THE LAKES TAURANGA 10 Bracken Mews, Off Lakes Boulevard Open Sun to Thurs 11am to 4pm Call Kerry 07 578 5363



PA N 1 0 1 1 9 2 6

ROTORUA 261 Te Ngae Road, Rotorua Open Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm Call Paull 07 345 3077

Central Government’s move to allow communities to “decide for themselves” on prostitution, gambling and now liquor is a brilliant strategy as it deflects attention away from the big picture issues Governments plan. That’s any Government – not just this one. On that subject I hear again through Local Government NZ that Government plans are still bubbling away over Council’s involvement in water supplies. As noted previously this will be corporatisation/ privatisation by stealth. In answer to critics who say that many NZ council water supplies are substandard and drinking water has to be boiled the answer is not removal from Council ownership and control. Legislation outlining what standard must be achieved is all that is required. Councils then do the work at cost. No expensive add-ons like directors fees, tax and profit. The investment hawks are desperate to get their hands on the potential windfall monopoly of water supplies. And they only have to succeed once. Once it’s out of public control it’s unlikely to ever go back. On other matters Council is working away at updating the Strand Night management plan. Ongoing issues over mobile shops at the Mount over the holiday period. The contentious positions are down by the Blowhole on the beach side of the road. The idea is to provide light refreshments to beachgoers to they don’t have to cross a busy road, provide a holiday atmosphere and other reasons. Proposal is to tender positions and ensure that no one tenderer secures all the available sites to obtain a monopoly. Tight control over mobile vendors is to ensure that the rights of established businesses who pay rates and provide a year round service in the not so profitable months are preserved.

Welcome mat out

Freedom camping – that is for motorhomes that have fully self-contained facilities – are to get the welcome mat thanks to Central Government legislation. Councils now have to justify why freedom camping is not allowed rather than only allow it in certain Council owned areas. The on-going problem is with sleeper vans with no self-contained facilities and enforcement of by-laws. We don’t have an army of enforcement officers and don’t intend to get them so it’s largely enforcement upon complaint. For details of those bylaws you can go online for an update on the current rules. I made the annual pilgrimage to present our submission to Rotorua District Council seeking operational funding for TECT Park. We are seeking $60,000 after three years starting with $20,000 this year. This funding would be in addition to what Tauranga and Western Bay presently fund and would speed up and enhance basic park infrastructure providing essential services to the clubs who are funding their own installations. TECT Park is 2kms closer to Rotorua than Tauranga and Rotorua residents are making use of it. It’s a great amenity for the region and provides a permanent home for all kinds of activities that have been “urbanised” out of city proximity locations. This week’s mindbender from Napoleon Bonaparte – “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” After taking on the Russians and losing he would know!

Tackling a fishy fundraiser this weekend There’s a mobile tackle shop and sausage sizzle operating on the beach side of Papamoa Beach Road this weekend as a fundraiser for the Wish for Fish charity. Wish for Fish is a non-profit trust aimed at giving people with a variety of mental and physical

disabilities the opportunity to experience salt water activities. “Ash that’s got the fishing trailer mobile tackle shop, he’s holding a charity sale over the next couple of weekends and donating proceeds to Wish For Fish,” says trustee Bryce Dinneen. “We are going to hold a sausage sizzle as well.” The mobile tackle shop is

located on the ocean side of Papamoa Beach Road most weekends, says Bryce. “The weather looks alright for this weekend, we are going to put up a marquee, and do some signage and stuff.” As well as chartering boats for wheelchair fishing, Wish for Fish’s main aim is to raise enough money to buy their own suitable boat.

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Mount culture cringe

The foundation of democracy

Calls for TCC to support a ‘Cultural Centre’ in Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui, behind the old I-Centre are at best opportunistic. This is private commercial enterprise under the guise of ‘culture’ trying to establish itself on ex-Bowling Club Reserve land taken by Council who with indecent haste demolished perfectly good existing Clubrooms. Land was taken for Reserve purposes by TCC for use as open green-space, not commercial development. A Charitable Trust indeed, what might I ask is the purpose of this? Who will have any accountability, who gets a look at the financial books/audits them, what are the objectives of the so-called Trust (approved), who are the people involved anyway (backgrounds) and what is the significance of this Asian-styled-looking building? If and when it turns to custard, who would clean up the mess? TCC ratepayers should not be funding or providing reserve land or any other land for speculative commercial ventures. It simply shouldn’t be there, it is not a Cultural Centre at all, looking more like a pseudo attempt akin to 2011 World Cup plastic waka trying to fly under the radar. Budding entrepreneurs can acquire own land, raise own funds and then build what they like, perhaps Whareroa Marae about 2 km down Totara Street would be a good site for any authentic onsite cultural entertainment. (abridged) R Paterson, Matapihi.

Thank you Mayor Crosby for putting me right about Ngai Tuhoe, they are in co-governance with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and not our Tauranga City Council. I am sure that this will delight those who are under the authority of the regional council to know that Tame Iti et al will not have power over you at the point of a gun, but rather with the stroke of a pen! A weapon of stationery may appear preferable to a cache of AK-47’s, but their power will be immense and they will use it to the nth degree.. Meanwhile, it is the Tauranga Moana who are in co-governance with our council. The prefix “co” denotes “half ” and I stand by my original comments in which I pointed out the problems in Auckland caused by this co-governance and the

As the driver of the Toyota involved in the accident on the corner of 17th Avenue and Devonport Road last Thursday I would very much like to thank the two paramedics lived close by for their prompt attention to my passenger until the ambulance arrived. The local residents and the young lady on her way to work who witnessed the collision and the gentlemen who had seen me pass his house and came to tell the police I had not been speeding, thank you very much. My passenger was taken to hospital and after four hours of tests and observations at A&E was allowed to go home. Thank you all. A grateful motorist.

TECT’S PROPOSED DISTRIBUTIONS to Consumers and Community Groups

In terms of its Code of practice TECT publishes its proposed Annual Distribution Plan.


THE PLAN (income permitting)

Each year TECT distributes the majority of its funds direct to Consumers. TECT this year plans to pay out $26.6 million in this way – a minimum of $400 per Consumer (last year $385). Over the past 19 years, TECT has distributed over $220 million direct to Consumers through this Scheme.

For the year ending 31 March 2014 is:

Consumer Distribution Cheques

“Twisting the Treaty” is nothing more than negative propaganda and a rally of whining resentful so called meritocratic intellectuals who feel so hard done by that they must blame Maori for the state of New Zealand in regards to the Treaty and its implications for either side of the argument/debate. The treaty has not evolved as contracts are usually revised and amended or nullified to suit the needs, wants or considerations of all parties. Therefore the treaty may have been made null and void a long time ago if it were not for Maori attempting to live by, what they saw as a spiritual agreement, but was probably more of a contract for extraction of resource. The Maori were bound to this document by what they wished to achieve, to reduce the rampant non ethical lawless British, without knowing the full extent of British intent which was to dispossess by stealthy albeit illegal unlawful acts with no legal or moral recourse for Maori. (abridged) Richard Matthews.

Community Subsidy Scheme

Re: Apartheid here we come. My submission in regards to the Constitutional Review is that the Constitutional Act 1952 not be altered except for minor alteration. I am an 83 year old female and a third generation New Zealander and firmly believe that we, who were born in New Zealand, are all New Zealanders being white or dark skinned. I therefore wish for no separatism at all. B Hill, Tauranga.

Crash thanks from a grateful motorist

Have your say...

‘Negative propaganda’

Wish for no separatism

extra millions it will cost their ratepayers. You all have the opportunity to make your opinion heard at a meeting to be held by the Constitutional Advisory Panel next Tuesday 28th 9.30am – 11.30am at the Village Hall, Historic Village, 17th Ave. The aim of the racially-stacked panel is to entrench the Treaty of Waitangi as supreme law in a written constitution for New Zealand. This is our chance to make clear to that panel that you wish for equality for all with no regard to race. The foundation of democracy is that all citizens must be treated exactly the same under the law. They need to know that we say a resounding NO to a race-based constitution. See you there! R. Bishop, Pyes Pa.


Direct Distributions to Consumers

TECT Consumer Card


TECT further assists Consumers directly by negotiating discounts to various TECTsponsored events and amenities on presentation of the TECT Card which is distributed along with the cheques. The Card can be used for a number of discounts including 20% off the entry price to the Baywave TECT Aquatic & Leisure Centre, and discounts to various local events and amenities.

Major Amenities

Community Subsidy Scheme

$2,500,000 $1,500,000

Funds available $1,504,755 (including proposed allocation as shown in table) This Scheme makes funds available to Community Groups which are TECT Consumers, to enable them to further their community work. Funds are put into the purchase of equipment that uses electricity or electrical installation costs for new or existing community facilities. Subsidies are generally 50% of the electrical costs with a maximum of $60,000.

Community Events

Major Amenities

Community Amenities

$500,000 Community Special Projects


Funds available $5,639,660 (including proposed allocation as shown in table) The emphasis of this Fund is to support Major Amenities that benefit a wide number of Consumers. A discount for TECT Consumers (if applicable) is part of the consideration of applications within this category.

Community Amenities


Funds available $2,443,459 (including proposed allocation as shown in table) This is for important Community Amenities which are not ‘Major’. An amenity must be of significant benefit to Consumers with funding directed towards a permanent new amenity or a significant upgrade of an existing amenity.

Retentions/Debt Reduction

Community Events

Energy Efficiency




TECT Consumers who wish to comment on the Plan are invited to make submissions by 5.00pm on Friday 31 May 2013.

Funds available $605,601 (including proposed allocation as shown in table) This Fund is to assist with Community events which will be enjoyed by a significant number of our Consumers.

Community Special Projects

Funds available $2,110,875 (including proposed allocation as shown in table) Funding is to provide support to significant special projects which benefit Consumers such as the TrustPower/TECT Rescue Helicopter and operating costs for various programmes.

Energy Efficiency

Funds available $925,012 (including proposed allocation as shown in table) This fund is to support organisations in delivering cost-effective energy efficiency and energy conservation projects which benefit Consumers.

Retentions/Debt Reduction Online: *From the areas formerly supplied electricity by the TECT Group bank debt at 31 March 2013 is $27.5m. Post: TECT, PO Box 356, Tauranga Tauranga Electric Power Board and *From Tauranga the Electricity areas formerly supplied electricity by the Tauranga Electric Power Board and Tauranga Ltd (basically the territories of the Tauranga City Email: ApplyElectricity for funding now at *From the areas supplied electricity by thethe territories of the Tauranga City Ltd (basically and Western Bayformerly of Plenty Councils). Tauranga Electric Power Board and Tauranga Electricity and Western Bay of Plenty Councils). LtdTECT (basically the territories of thea Tauranga Citypower account and *A “Consumer” must have TrustPower and Western Bay of Plenty Councils). be situated essentially in the Tauranga City or Western Bay of Plenty District.

Benefiting ConsumersBenefiting Consumers and their Communities Benefiting Consumers and their Communities and their

*From the areas formerly supplied electricity by the Tauranga Electric Power Board and Tauranga Electricity Ltd (basically the territories of the Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty Councils).

Benefiting Consumers and their Communities


Nothing new about Plenty for Everyone

The Weekend Sun

Quince, false quince and jam

Ten years ago when I was a foundation board member of Tourism BOP I pitched to them a tagline “Plenty for everyone” Ten years after, the new Tourism BOP has adopted it. Why did it take so long? It was a winner way back then and the song that I also wrote and pitched with it is still available for them to use if they look back on their board records. Plenty for everyone, even the recognition of an original idea. Tommy Kapai, Te Puna.

Membrillo and Autumn’s best kept secret. 17 May 2013. I too have gathered quince from McLaren Falls Park and with them made jam, jelly and cheese and grown my own trees from the pips. The trees in the park aren’t true quince but Pseudocydonia sinensis or Chinese false quince. The true quince or Cydonia oblonga has bigger, beautiful aromatic fruit with a grainier texture. Over the last two years I have been making cheese from the true quince and realise it is a far superior product in every way - set, colour, flavour and texture than ever achieved with the false quince. If any of your readers would like to try a fruit cheese we have quince, damson and crab apple for sale at our cafe in McLaren Falls Park and we serve the quince with our antipasto platter. Miranda Campbell, Tauranga.

The Land of Plenty

Token gesture meeting May 28

Travelling from far away Looking for a place to stay Then check out this place called Bay Where there is plenty for everyone Cos we say... Ever been to the land down under Where Bay Of Plenty is the 8th wonder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear Mount surf thunder You better come, You better bring another Met a man from Samoa Digging pipis in Papamoa I said do you speak a my language He just smiled and said there’s plenty for everyone And gave me a fresh schnapper sandwich And he said We come from the Land Down Under Where Bay of Plenty is the 8th wonder Come and hear the Mount surf thunder You better come, you better bring another Lying on a beach in Waihi Footloose and francy free I said to my friend “Are you trying to tempt me?” To check out The Bay Of Plenty And he said... Oh we come from the bay that has plenty Where the temperature lives above 20 Come and here the Mount surf thunder You better come and you better bring another Tommy Kapai 2002 - copyright

Cedric’s secret savings I save $35 on every power bill. Unfortunately, if I tell everyone how it is done, Trustpower will just increase the price to compensate for their loss of revenue. Sorry about that. I only wish we could go back to the days of power at cost price, when power boards distributed our energy needs. No one has yet told us why the change. I can tell you; it was for the big boys to negotiate for cheap power via privatised power lines. Dream on, you will never see cheap power again. Cedric Sutherland, Otumoetai.

Constitutional Review meeting unannounced: Because we have been making such a noise here in Tauranga about the ‘Constitutional Review’ I think they have decided they had better set up a token gesture meeting for us. So on 28 May [next week hoping it will fail, of course] so no advertising on the subject, in the smallest hall they could find at the ‘Historic Village’ 9.30 am, courtesy of Sir Michael Cullen [Involved in a Maori Trust] hardly an impar-

tial Review committee member! All sound familiar and we are supposed to trust these people! So I hope all of you that are interested in this subject will turn up in force! C Humphreys, Katikati.

Layman’s language will do Further to your editorial on lunatic labelling, how about adding the latest Ministry debacle. I refer to the gobbledygook Ministry of Primary Industry - what does it mean? Everyone understood MAF - it said in plain language what it was. Let’s have layman’s language to describe exactly what they are. No wonder the poor Chinese don’t know what is going on. How much money has the MPI spent on re-inventing itself? Printing all the new letterheads and everything change requires. Anyway I am sure you and some of your readers come up with more names for this MPI (doesn’t roll off the tongue either!), such as: Ministry of Prattish Incompetence Ministry of Political Idiocy; Ministry of Pillocks and Idiots... The list could go on!, over to you. By the way, with all the ‘leaks’ from various Government Departments I have come up with a new metaphor, we seem to be employing a Plethora of Plonkers. Tim Pickford, Bethlehem.

Treachery and the indigenous In page 8, point 2, of Twisting the Treaty, we read that the Maori only arrived in New Zealand 400 odd years before Tasman (or, if you prefer, 500 odd years before Cook). In my dictionary, Indigenous is defined as; originating, growing or living naturally in a particular region or environment, 2. Innate or inborn. Just how Treatyists can compare the above 400 years with the 40,000 years of the Aboriginals of Australia, is beyond a joke, or even any serious intelligent thought on the matter. Taking this to a logical conclusion, it shows up the duplicity of the United Nations in allowing Maori to sign up to any Charter for Indigenous People. And to take that one step further, it shows up also the treachery of National who encouraged them in the matter. R McGuinness, Tauranga.


The Weekend Sun

Community centre site Not so Merry in Merivale: Recent reports on the latest land purchase at the Merivale Community Centre site by TCC (under urgency) defy belief, there is a sorry tale here that has not all reached the light of day yet, here is what the public have been told so far: The current 2012 ratable value is $72,000 in total, TCC Paid $330,000. Where is the independent valuation before purchase? The 1940’s building has been demolished, so what has been spent to demolish the buildings on it? Perhaps $30,000? Obviously no one looked at the property as there is asbestos there, where is the LIM report? Looks like TCC is now mining asbestos? It is only 273 square metres in size, that is very small? The cost is $1319 per metre, that is not big enough to subdivide and a bit small to build on? Marine Parade prime beach front land

price but instead in Merivale and guess what no beach to be seen anywhere near! What other skeletons are there in the closet on this one? The cost to date is $360,000 all up and counting, the money would have been better used to reduce rates or even better TCC debt. Now the only question left unanswered is what on earth are they going to do with this land now? Relocate the beach? I Stevenson, Tauranga.

Not economic or clever I read that some schools are now having to feed their children because ‘they come to school hungry’. Struth, from what I’ve seen, schools are having enough trouble teaching their kids let alone feeding them. I wonder if their ‘parents’ have ever attended a family budget advice service, or even know what to feed them in the first place. A lot of them are no more than teenage high school drop-outs, who don’t work and therefore don’t have enough money or knowhow to feed themselves properly, let alone their kids. There’s a solution to this. Stop encouraging them by paying them to have babies that they can’t afford to feed or look after in the first place. And we’re not just talking about schools here. Our court systems are full of pitiful ‘parents’ bitching and fighting each other over one thing or another. There’s a sure way to poverty. Have

kids before your time, bust up with your ‘partner’ and try to live on your own. Not economic or clever. The standard of parenting in this country is now so poor in places, it’s criminal. This is a sad reflection of how low we’ve become. Most teenagers I know are in no real position to look after themselves let alone their children. So why on earth do we continue to pay them and encourage them to do so? It’s liberalism gone mad. It’s socialism at its dysfunctional best. It’s stupid. It’s crazy. It’s dumb. And it comes at a colossal cost to the whole country. These days we chop and change our ‘partners’ and ‘partners kids’ so much, we’re not quite sure who’s going be at the breakfast table. But that’s the problem isn’t it. There is no breakfast on the breakfast table. They probably spent it on beers and takeaways last night. Graeme Martin, Otumoetai.

Briefly... Pizza theft: youth bailed

One of the two men accused of assaulting and robbing a Domino’s pizza delivery man has had his charges dropped, while the other is bailed. Police arrested a 24-year-old and 16-year-old following the assault of a 23-year-old Domino’s worker delivering pizzas at a Maungatapu address on May 9. Both men, who have automatic name suppression, were charged with aggravated robbery. In Tauranga Youth Court on Monday, the charges against the 24-year-old were dropped due to a technicality. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old was granted bail and is due back in Youth Court on June 4.

Accused armed robber bailed

A 28-year-old man charged in relation to the armed hold-up of the Lenz Superette on Cameron Rd during Friday night, May 17, has been remanded on bail. Bethlehem welder Brett Robert Heginbotham appeared in Tauranga Registrar’s Court on Thursday morning charged with aggravated robbery. He was remanded on bail by a community magistrate and is yet to enter a plea on the charge. The accused is due back in court on June 19.

Man accused in pack rape

A Katikati man is among four people accused of raping a 19-year-old woman in Hamilton during the Hamilton V8s weekend in 2011. Kamaljeet Singh, 27, is accused with Hamilton men Amir Chand, 25, Harvinder Singh, 22, and Sumit Vermani, 26, of raping a then 19-year-old woman at a Lake Rd property in 2011. All four are defending the charges at trial in the High Court in Hamilton, where the victim gave her evidence by video link from another room in the court house.

Police target truck drivers

A number of truck crashes in the Western Bay of Plenty are caused by the inability of truck drivers to see other motorists when merging, says Senior Sergeant Ian Campion. The region’s road policing manager says a number of crashes in the region occur at the close of merging lanes on highways where cars attempt to overtake trucks. “Car drivers need to be aware [that] often when they are overtaking a truck, particularly on the left [where there are two lanes] there are areas where they are unsighted by the [truck] driver.” The comments come as police launch a joint NZ and Australian campaign - Operation Austrans aimed at reducing the number of people killed in truck accidents.

Heat lamp starts fire

Man denies firearm charges

A Bay of Plenty man arrested following a police search relating to the George Taiaroa murder case is denying the firearms charges he is facing. The man in his 70s appeared in Rotorua District Court on Thursday, May 16, where he pleaded not guilty to careless use of a firearm. Namely keeping a loaded rifle under a bed without taking reasonable precautions to avoid danger to others. The man, who has interim name suppression, was remanded on bail for a status hearing on June 25. Police say the firearm charges are not connected to the murder case.

• • • • •

A faulty heat lamp set fire to a Papamoa bathroom on Monday but smoke alarms alerted residents who managed to contain the fire. Firefighters from Papamoa and Mount Maunganui were called to the Palm Beach Boulevard house at 6.56am. Fire safety officer John Rewi says the fire was caused by a three-in-one heat/fan and lighting unit, which overheated and caught fire. The unit dropped onto clothing drying in front of a dehumidifier, setting fire to the clothing, which set off the fire alarms. The unit is being investigated by Energy Safety Services.


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Saturday 25 May

2013 Christian Singles Born again

friendship group meet monthly socially. Plus 1st & 3rd Tues of month at McCafe Mt Maunganui 10am. Email: janfos@ or 021 182 7972 Art Gallery Open Constables Gallery, Commerce Lane open from 10am – 1pm. Come & have a look at the art or watch one of the Society’s artists working. Also an exhibition of portraits done by the participants of the Pastel Portrait Workshop tutored by Maxine Thompson. See if you can recognise any of the people in the portraits. Bay Association of Sea Kayakers Pilot Bay to Rabbit Island. Bevan 576 8885 BOKWA Fitness Class At Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd 9.30am. As seen on TV. Great music, easy steps to sign language for a cardio workout. All levels of fitness welcome. Instructor, Sarah 021 185 3363 or Charity Garage Sale Held by Zonta Club of Tauranga at 104 Fraser St, Tauranga 8am - 1pm. Parking on 14th Ave East. Variety of items for sale. Proceeds towards making of Breast Cancer cushions for local Bay women.

Christian Creative Ministry Papamoa

Actors, artists, dancers, musicians, poets, singers & songwriter group. Pauline 575 5556 Come Dancing Tonight Sequence & old time dancing at Greerton Hall 7.3011pm. Friendly atmosphere, good music & supper. Run by Tauranga Scottish Soc. Allyson 576 9194

Free Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism

A way to indestructible happiness. Every Sat at Otumoetai Plunket Room, 59 Otumoetai Rd 2.15-3.30pm. Market Greerton Hall 8am - 12pm. Crafts, plants, bric-a-brac, produce. Merv or Nancy, Waihi 07 863 6697 Mount Militia All Girl Roller Derby At QE2, cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga. Doors open 4pm for 5pm start. Tickets on the door $10, under 12 $5, under 5 free. Cash/eftpos. Also collecting nonperishable items for Tauranga Foodbank this month so bring a donation or 2. Otumoetai Indoor Bowls Champion of champion singles, Mount Sports Centre 12pm start. Karen 576 0443 Taichi Qigong Every Sat in Memorial Park between mini golf & playground 10am. Free to join. All welcome. Tauranga Farmers Market Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am - 12pm. Tenth birthday market today. Purchase tickets to win a birthday market hamper, with tickets drawn at 10.15am. Fresh & artisian produced food. Trixie 552 5278 or www. Tauranga Fuchsia Group Meet at Tauranga Craft Centre, Elizabeth St West, Tauranga 1pm. Margaret 573 6026 The Sociables 30’s/40’ age group of males

News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene. & females that meet once a week to socialise by dining out or participating in local activities & events. 022 012 0376

Sunday 26 May

Bay Bible Fellowship Welcome Bay

Primary School Hall, Welcome Bay Rd 10am. Speaker: Richard Roodt “Get ready for battle” Ephesians 6:10-13. Gerald 021 938 618 Beekeeping Hobbyists Meet at 501 Kaitemako Rd, Welcome Bay 2pm. Gordon 027 544 2882 Bible Seminars Sundays at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St, Greerton 1.45pm. Title: “Joseph saves his brothers.” Interactive, Q&A. Refreshments provided. Vic 543 0504 BOP Linux Users Bimonthly hands on day at Arts & Crafts Centre (back room) cnr Elizabeth St & Glasgow St 9.30am – 3pm. Bring your computer for help with Linux & Open Source software. $2 door charge. 578 6024. BOP MND Association Fundraising/ awareness walk June 9 at Memorial Park 11am. To register http://walktodfeetmnd. BOPRCCC Club Race Day 1/8 scale nitro & electric radio controlled car racing at TECT Park, Pyes Pa Road, Whatoroa Rd in TMMI motor sport area, weather permitting. Starts 9.45am, register car by 9.15am. Enter car $12, spectators free. Sausage sizzle $2. Email: Boprccc@ Bowls Matua Winter social bowls. Make up your triples team or enter individually. 2 games of 1 hr 10 min limited to first 16 teams. Entries close 12.30pm on the day. Ply starts 1pm. Cost $5 per player. 576 9980 Club Mt Maunganui Indoor bowls start 1pm. All welcome. Allen 575 5776 Fire Brigade Bowling Club Champ of Champ Singles at Memorial Hall 9am. Sharon 543 3929 Giant Garage Sale Queens birthday Sunday at Downtown Mount. Over 50 shops will have some amazing bargains. You never know what treasures you will find. June 2 10.30am - 3pm. Home Computer Club (Tga) Inc Computer enthusiasts meet to share knowledge & experience at Arts & Crafts Centre, Elizabeth St West on last Sun of month 9.30am - 12.30pm approx. $3 door charge. Visitors welcome. 544 2067 Learning Spiritual Laws Sunday’s 10-11am & Weds 7.30-8.30pm at Plunket Rooms, 59 Otumoetai Rd, Tauranga. $5 donation, children free. Remember & celebrate who you are!

Mount Mainstreet Farmers Market

Every Sun in Phoenix car park 9am - 1pm. Fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese, oils, plants & more. All home grown & home made. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911

Palm Beach Plaza Lions Market

7.30am - 12.30pm. Stalls must be set up by 7.30am. Great range of goods for sale


including fruit & vege, arts & crafts. Fundraising raffles to support needy causes. $10 per car space. 542 2559 a/hs. Petanque Every Sun, Tues & Thurs at Cliff Rd 12.45pm. Boules available, tuition given. 1st 3 visits free. Neita 572 3768 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Meet Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419

Rifle Range Public Open Day

Open to public on last Sun of the month. Range at end of Ngawaro Rd, TECT All Terrain Park 9am - 3pm. Some targets available to purchase, or bring your own. Must bring own ammo, shooting rests, ear muffs etc. Firearms license must be presented at registration area. $15pp (cash only). No cellphone coverage. www. Singles Mix & Mingle 50+ coffee afternoon at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St 2.30pm. Mix & mingle with other likeminded singles in a relaxed atmosphere. Gayle 027 439 3267

SOS Seminar – Slave or Sovereign

Held June 2. Presented by Marc Pawley – a 30 year exploration into; 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Constitutional Order, & the potential for New Zealander’s today. An illuminating talk relevant to today’s Constitutional dilemma facing New Zealanders, & the moral conflicts arising from current thinking. $10 contribution appreciated, light refreshments provided. At Mako Room, Papamoa Community Library, Palm Beach Plaza 12.30-4.30pm. Loral 021 024 66976 Tango Argentine Tango upstairs at Imbibe Bar & Restaurant, 19 Girven Rd, Mount. Social dancing from 6.45pm. For free demo/intro, Carl 021 280 4464 Tauranga Kennel Assn Ribbon Parade at Waipuna Park, Kaitemako Rd, Welcome Bay. Entries taken on the day from 8.15am. $4 per dog, $2 per stake class. Child handler & veteran class also welcome. Food available. Angela 549 5469 or 0275 550 989 Tauranga Rainbow Social Network For gay/lesbian/bi/transgender meet 2nd Sun every month at 3pm. Kaye 021 239 7142 or 07 218 1411 Tauranga Prayer & Healing Fest Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre Gym, Memorial Park, cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga 2.30-5pm. Prayer is available for anything in the name of Jesus Christ. Te Puke Forest & Bird Mystery trip. Where to? Can’t say…Trip leader Matt Reid. Bring a torch & shoes that can get wet! Two hour moderate walk. Add 15 mins drive time. Car $3. Cathy 573 9566, emergency 027 223 4991 Theosophical Society “The Power of the Octagon” by Glen Atkinson at Tauranga Yoga Centre 2pm. Entry by donation. June 576 6106

Welcome Bay Community Centre

AGM & grand opening ceremony May 26. Afternoon tea 3pm. Nominations for committee members wanted.

The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where. ness & the meaning of your life. David 576 9764

Otumoetai Indoor Bowls Aggregate,

Mon 7-9pm & social club night Weds 7.30-9.30pm at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529 Bethlehem Bowls Every Mon 7.15pm. First 3 nights free. Wendy 578 2585 Body & Soul Fun Fitness For over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri, Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds City Church cnr Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified Instructor/ Cardiac Care leader. Books Wanted Harbour City Lions are needing donations of tidy books for their annual booksale being held later this year. To arrange pick up 576 2505 Chess Mt Maunganui Every Mon at Mt Maunganui RSA, 544 Maunganui Rd. Juniors 6.15-7.15pm during school term. Open club 7.30pm onwards. Bob/Viv 575 5845 Citizens Advice Bureau For free, confidential information & advice on anything call in Mon -Fri 9am - 5pm 38 Hamilton St, Tauranga or freephone 0800 367 222 or 578 1592. Weds CAB Service at Welcome Bay Community Centre 9.30am - 12.30pm. Fri CAB Service at Mount Library 1.30pm. Fire Brigade Bowling Club Club night – General meeting at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd 7pm. Sharon 543 3929 Fitness League Safe effective, low impact fun exercise set to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for women of all ages & abilities. First class free. Every Mon at Settlers Hall Omokoroa 9.30am & Tues St Johns Anglican Church Waihi 9.30am. Dorothy 549 3378 Free Antenatal Classes Pirirakau Hauora, classes available each month in 2013. Venues throughout the Bay. For dates & venues ph 552 4573 or email: Genealogy Friendly Group Meet in Mako Room, Papamoa Community Centre 1pm. Assistance offered to anyone with an interest in researching their family history. Daphne 575 4674

Matua Primary School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. New members welcome. Karen 576 0443 Papamoa Mahjong Club Every Mon at Papamoa Sports club 12.30pm. Jacqui 542 1766 or Recycled Teenagers Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s Church Hall, Girven Rd. All 9 - 10.30am. Taken by Heart Foundation phase 3 cardiac instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411 Tauranga Badminton Junior Club From 7-17yrs Every Mon at Bethlehem College Events Centre 6-7.30pm. Every Tues at Otumoetai College action Centre 5.15-6.45pm. Racquets available. Beginners welcome. Sue 0211 944 335 or 543 0035 Tauranga Creative Fibre Every Mon at Arts Centre, Elizabeth St from 9.30am. Spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet & more. Learn & share in a mutually supportive club. Also on Thurs evening twice a month. Joan 577 6781 Tauranga Rock n Roll Club Club nights Mondays at Tauranga RSA, Cameron Rd 7pm. Lessons 6.30pm. Tauranga Scottish Dancing Every Mon at St John’s Church Hall, Bureta Rd, Tauranga 7.30-10pm. Sarah 579 0123 Tauranga Senior Badminton Club Every Mon & Weds 7.30pm onwards. Racquets available. Sue 0211 944 335 or 543 0035 Voice for Life AGM at St Mary’s Catholic Church cnr Cameron Rd & Elizabeth St 7.30pm. Guest speaker, supper provided. Welcome Bay Painting Group Meet every Mon at Welcome Bay Church Hall 10am - 12pm. No experience necessary. Jean 544 2342 YMCA - ALFS (Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 8.45-9.45am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-9.55am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.3011.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Also Te Puke Senior Citizen’s Club, Jocelyn St, Te Puke 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Thurs 8.45-9.45am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.1510.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272

Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. 572 3345 or Mandarin Learning For adults only. Non profit but small contribution of $32 for 8 sessions (once a week) to cover cost of the rentals. Ian 578 9668 Meditation Free classes Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm. Find peace, spiritual aware-

ABC - Avenues Badminton Club Every Tues at Tauranga Intermediate School Sports Centre. Juniors 6-7.30pm (term time). Seniors (Adults) 7.30-9pm. Club racquets & coaching available. Delwyn 027 212 4720 Altrusa Club of Tauranga Womens community service group. Dinner & business meeting 2nd Tues of month,

Young Classical Musicians Society

Concert at St Enoch’s Church, 16th Ave 2.30pm. Entry adults $3, children $1, family $6 2 + 2. Come & enjoy our young talent. Jocelyn 575 5975

Monday 27 May

Badminton Mt Maunganui Club night

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus

Tuesday 28 May

Tauranga tide heights in metres. The full month’s tide information is available on Every effort has been made to ensure that these times and tides are correct, no responsibility will be accepted for any inaccuracies, omissions, or misuse or misinterpretation of the values for tides and times published.


The Weekend Sun social programme 4th Tues of month. Interested? Denise 570 3134 Badminton (Social) Every Tues at Otumoetai Baptist Hall 9.30am - 12pm. Racquets available. Lorraine 579 3229

Balmorals Leisure Marching Team

Welcome ladies to join this awesome sport for fun, friendship & travel. 30-60 age group. Anita 571 4096 a/hs or 0210 257 6094

BOP Shirley Club Walking Group

Every Tues meet outside Mount Surf Club 9.20am. Easy walking. Cafe jaunt after. Great group. See you there. Bureta Garden Circle Monthly meeting at St John’s Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai 1.30pm. Colleen 576 7610 Conversation Cafe for Seniors Every Tues at St Andrew’s Church, Dee St, Mount 10am - 12pm. Morning tea, fellowship, games. 575 9347 Fibromyalgia Group Meet at Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Bayfair 1.30pm. Speaker: Daphne Earles, pharmacist - clinical nutritionist. Maureen 576 3256 Free 9 Hr Peaceful Family Communication Course For parents at Mt Maunganui

Intermediate, Lodge Ave May 28, June 4 & 11 6-9pm. Gold coin donation for supper. Andrea 07 307 9085 or 027 711 2072 email: Genesis - Women’s Group Every Tues during school term. 10am morning tea. This week: Fashion Parade at Papamoa Beach Village, 2 Te Okuroa Drive, Papamoa. Jennifer 578 4264 Inachord Chorus Womens 4 part harmony every Tues at Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd 6.55pm. Enjoy the challenge of singing & performing a varied repertoire. Penny 579 2945 or Elizabeth 542 0646 Israeli Dancing Beginners class at Gate Pa school hall, Cameron Rd 7-8pm. No partners required, all ages welcome. Maria 544 1680 Mount Aglow All ladies invited to meeting at Salvation Army, 57 Eversham Rd, Mt Maunganui 9.45am. Come & join us if you are needing a new direction to your life. Guest speaker: Ruth Clark. Shared lunch to follow. Raewyn 574 6967 Mount Morning Badminton Every Tues at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park 9am - 12pm. Social, competitive, all ages, beginners welcome. Racquets available. Visitors $5 per session. Margaret 575 9792 Sequence Dancing Tauranga Social & Leisure Club, St John’s Anglican Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai Tues 7-9.30pm, second Tues of month 3-5.30pm. John 578 9716

South City Indoor Bowls Club (Inc)

Skips & Leads, Threes & Twos Pairs at Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Mary 541 0687 Table Tennis Papamoa Every Tues at Papamoa Primary School, Dickson Rd 7-9.30pm. John 572 0129 Tai Chi-Chi Gong Every Tues at Pacific Park, Matavai St, Bayfair Mt Maunganui 9am. A set of 18 movements concentrating on breathing. Easy & enjoyable. Marlene 575 5803 or txt 0274 979 304

Tauranga Acoustic Music Club

Cedar Lounge, Bureta Park, Vale St 7.30pm. Friendly jam sessions or open concert 4th Tues & 2nd Sun, 1pm. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or

Tauranga Astronomical Society

Observatory & hall open at Fergusson Park 7.30pm. AGM followed by astronomical DVD presentation by Professor Jim Al-Khalili ‘Looking at Everything & Nothing.’ Public welcome. Telescope viewing if weather permits. 576 5389

Tauranga Morning Badminton Club

Every Tues & Thurs at QEII Youth Centre, cnr Devonport Rd & 11th Ave 9-11.30am. Wendy 552 5293 Tauranga Scrabble Club Every Tues at Tauranga Bridge Club, Ngatai Rd 9am. 3 games $3. 544 8372 Tauranga Society of Artists Evening group meet every Tues at Clubrooms, 171a Glasgow St 7-9pm. 576 9592 Tauranga Toastmasters Tga Lyceum Club 1st Tues 7.15-8.45pm. Exterminate the butterflies, confidence building, improving public speaking & leadership skills. Alan 544 5989 Te Puna Indoor Bowling Club Every Mon at Te Puna Memorial Hall 7.15pm. Ian 579 3024

The Widow & Widowers Club People

living alone invited to join at Arts & Crafts Centre, Elizabeth St 2pm. Margaret 576 5292 Toastmasters Excel Club Learn to be a competent speaker & get your message across. Meetings held on 2nd, 4th & 5th Tues of the month at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St) Mt Maunganui 6.15pm. New members welcome. Tess 575 6610 Tools to Love By Your wounded child is ready to be loved by you. He/she lives within you waiting for your love. Believe in the power of love & you will be healed. Once you love yourself, love will come to you in another. Life coaching & seminar Tues 6pm. Carl Peterson 021 753 693 YMCA Sit n Fit Class Tues at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd, Papamoa 11.30am - 12.30pm. Weds at Greenwood Park Village, Welcome Bay Rd 11am - 12pm. Social exercise seated to music. 578 9272

Wednesday 29 May Age Concern Walking Group

Meet at end of Sterling Gate Drive 10am. 578 2631

Badminton Mt Maunganui Junior Club Club night tonight at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd 6-7.30pm. All keen players aged 8-15yrs welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Baywide Community Law Service

Drop in clinic every Weds at 63 Willow St 5-6.30pm. No appointment necessary. Free legal assistance. 571 6812. Every Tues morning at Te Puke Clinic. For appointment 573 5614. Every Thurs morning at Katikati Clinic. For appointment 549 0399

Fernlands Spa Water Exercise Class

Weds 10.45-11.45am. Held rain or shine, but not during school holidays. New participants planning to attend, ph Jennifer 571 1411 Gate Pa Indoor Bowls Club night 7.30pm. Super Liquor Ladder & Champ Finals at Greerton Hall 7pm. Marg 543 3394 Global Hearts Exercise Group Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by certified Phase 3 cardiac rehabilitator. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388

Mount Healing & Spiritual Centre

Fellowship & celebration at Omanu Bowling Club, Golf Rd, Mount. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start. Meet the mediums (Mary Martin, Gail Kerr, Sandy Hart, Sharon Smith). Door charge $5. Janet 027 264 0226

Nicole Foss - The Automatic Earth

Nicole is an internationally acclaimed expert on Energy, Economy & Environment. Find out how each of us & our communities can prepare for looming financial, energy & environmental crises. At Baycourt, Tauranga 7.15pm. No booking necessary, suggested donation $5 - $10. 578 6664

Orange City Square & Round Dance Club Weds combined A& Plus, Thurs

club night. Frontiersmen’s Hall 7.30pm. Daytime class starting soon. 543 1063 Otumoetai Toy Box Toy Library 94 Bureta Rd. Open Weds 6.30-8.30pm, Thurs & Fri 9.30-11.30am. A number of membership options available. 576 9923 or 027 857 7452 Salvation Army Meeting For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at Salvation Army cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tauranga. Theme: Weddings - bring along a wedding photo. Jennifer 578 4264 Scottish Country Dancing Weds at Senior Citizens Hall, Maunganui Rd. Fri at Papamoa Primary School Hall, Dickson Rd. Both 7.30pm. 573 5055 Soulfood Relax, unwind, be still, reflect, refresh & enjoy. Share in a selection of sacred & inspirational writings & music from around the world. At 6 Moiri Place, Maungatapu 7.30pm. 544 2786 Table Tennis Tauranga Memorial Hall, QEYC. Weds 1-3pm, 7-9pm. Fri 7-9pm. All welcome. Bill 578 1662 Tauranga Embroiderers Guild Every Weds at Rowing Club Rooms, Memorial Park 10am - 2.30pm then again 7.30-9.30pm. Beginners & experienced.

Toastmasters - City Early Start

Improve communication, leadership & teamwork skills. Join the motivated &

enthusiastic group every Weds at Classic Flyers Avgas Cafe 6.45-8.15am. Email: or 571 1545. Website:

Toastmasters Tauranga South Area

Leadership skills, speaking skills. Weds at St George’s Church Hall cnr Cameron Rd & Church St 7.15pm. Alan 544 5989 Tong Ren Healing Every Weds at Plunket Rooms, 59 Otumoetai Rd 6.30pm. $5 minimum donation. Great energy healing! Try it. TS Chatham (Sea Cadets) Every Weds at TYPBC, Keith Allan Drive, Sulphur Pt 6.30-9pm. Lee 542 5377 or 027 291 6151 or email: Yoga with Ocean Views Every Weds & Fri during school term at Fergusson Park Sports Centre (end of Tilby Drive, Matua) 9.30-10.40am. $10 casual. Stella 021 0249 6390 or email:

Thursday 30 May

Age Concern Tauranga Monthly meeting at Tauranga Senior Citizen’s Club, 14 Norris St, behind Pak n Save 10am. Guest speaker: St Johns Medical Alarms, keeping you safe in your home. State Insurance: Your home insurance is changing. Cost $3pp includes morning tea before starting. 578 2631 Awareness Through Movement

(Feldenkrais Method) at the Dance Studio 9.30am or 5.30pm. Gisella 544 4823

Bay Salsa Presents Salsa on the Strand New venue, upstairs

at Flannagans every Thurs. Intro class 8pm followed by social dancing. $2 entry, members free.

Community Bible Study International

Join us at 14th Ave Gospel Centre 10am - 12pm for a non denominational in depth study of Ephesians/Hebrews until July 11. Jack & Betty 544 3809 Country Wednesday Nights Now relocated to the Matua Pub, Tilby Drive off Levers Rd, Tauranga 7.30-10pm. No door charge. A mix of country with Andy Craw, Trevor Branuis, Alastair & friends. Fitness League Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities, first class free, every Thurs Central Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd 9.30am & Weds at Katikati Memorial Hall 10am. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 170 Happiness & Our Mind Drop in meditation classes, beginners welcome. Self contained classes - so start any date. Cost $14 per class. Otumoetai Plunket, 59 Otumoetai Rd. Monthly classes, next class June 13 7-8.30pm. Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Women’s chorus meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Nora 544 2714 Knitting Classes for Children 8 years onwards (including adults). Every Thurs at St Andrew’s Church, Dee St, Mount 3-4.30pm. 575 9347 Mainly Music Fun interactive music sessions for preschoolers 0-5yrs & their parents/caregivers. Every Thurs during term time at Salvation Army cnr 5th Ave/Cameron Rd 9.45am. $3 per session or $25 10 week concession card. Davina 544 2417 More Than Craft Friendly craft group meet every Thurs at Greerton Bible Church, Chadwick Rd 9.30-11.30am. $3 per session. Creche. Ruth 576 0955 Mount Art Group Meet every Thurs at St Peter’s Parish Hall, 11 Victoria Rd, Mt Maunganui 9am - 2pm. Merilynn 575 6777 or 0274 846 874 Tauranga Heart Support Group Phase 3 rehab exercise, social events & guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. Every Thurs at City Church Hall, Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St 9.3010.45am. This week class starts 9.15am then guest speaker: Rachel Hall, Senior cardiac educator, Tauranga Hospital 10am. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified instructor/Cardiac Care leader. Tauranga Storytellers Group Meet last Thurs of month. Learn how to develop your storytelling skills. Claire 577 7220 Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions Annual Book Fair June 20, 21 & 22 in Te Puke Memorial Hall. Wanted:

donations of books, magazines, music, cds, DVD’s etc. Drop off points: House of Travel Papamoa, Lenard’s Orchard on SH2, Te Puke Times office, Bennettsproactive, & Z Petrol Station Te Puke. Maxine 573 3325

Friday 31 May

Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting every

Fri at Hamner Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton (behind Tyremaster) 7.30pm. 0800 229 6757 for more meetings or assistance. Chess Tauranga Every Fri at Tauranga RSA, Greerton 6pm onwards for the whole family. Noel 579 5412 http://www. Free Immigration Clinic Every Fri legal advice & information on immigration issues. For appointment, Baywide Community Law 571 6812 Gay/Bi Men’s Support Group Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations ph/text Alex 027 358 5934 NZ Shareholders Assn BOP Branch Meet monthly on last Fri of the month to share information, discuss topical subjects followed

by social hour. For venue & time of next event, Bruce 541 0688 Pauline’s Prophetic Princesses Born again, Christian group for those who move in the prophetic gifts. 575 5556 Pink Ribbon Breakfast May 31 at The Phoenix, The Strand, Tauranga 7.15-9am. Grab a group of friends & head out for breaky while supporting a great cause. Tickets $30pp available from the Phoenix or via email: the 100% of the ticket sales go to the NZ Breast Cancer foundation.

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. Email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.

40 M U S I C


The Weekend Sun

By Winston Watusi

Always something bubbling away under the surface The music scene in Tauranga may seem quiet but there’s always something bubbling away under the surface.




Whether it’s regular jam sessions, touring bands passing through or new national success for an act like Mount Maunganui’s Joseph and Maia – check them out on YouTube or itunes – things happen on a lot of levels. There are currently albums being recorded at Welcome Bay’s The Colourfield, and Whakamarama’s Boatshed and How to solve Soundtree studios and music is being produced in numerous smaller studios Sudoku! in the Bay. Today we’ve got a couple of recent Fillalbums the grid that both quite different. for so review, every row and B-Side bandevery have been around for 3x3a square few yearscontains now. They’ve previously

released a mini-CD and two full length albums mixing their own songs with carefully-selected “b-sides”, forgotten classics, often with a Kiwi connection. They have played at jazz festivals here and the blues festival in Rotorua and are a band for hire. On their new release they are augmented by the recent addition of guitarist Mike Kirk, making them a four-piece. On the other hand, June Armstrong doesn’t really perform live as far as I’m aware. She sings for family and friends as far as I’m aware and a couple of years back she made a CD of country favourites at The Colourfield. And a very nice little project it was too. Now she’s back with an encore. If you want to get hold of either of these albums, drop me an email at and I’ll point you in the right direction.

7 1 6 9 2 8 3 5 8 3 9 B-Side Band- At the Hideout 2 6 the digits 1 to 9 1 9 8 The latest recording from B-Side Band is a six-track mini CD of original compositions. As expected, 6 8 7 June Armstrong – Thru The Years the boys offer up a musical mix of electric white Solution to solve2 boy blues, R&B and rockabilly, the exception being One ofNo.1679 the positives coming from 5 9 4 3No.1680 8How 5 4 3 9 1 8 7 6 2 “Eldorado”, a Jeff Beck-styled Bolero. Sudoku! increased access to recording technol7 8 2 5 4 6 3 1 9 As the genres B-Side Band work within are my 4 8 albums like this 7 that 3 2 it 5makes 1 9ogy 6 is 6 96 2 2 88 3 favourites, I was rather looking forward to throwing charming labour of love possible. For Fill the grid so that 2 5 9 6 8 7 1 3 4 this on the stereo and giving it a good old window 1 row and 6 every 8 8 3her4 second 9 7 6June has picked 1 2 5 outing 5 4 8 33 9 every rattling (my neighbour’s as well as my own) tweak. collection 3 9 4 of 6 1a 7 2 her 8 5favourite country 3x3 square contains 42 36 the 2 And so it was, twenty-two minutes later, the antici18 1 8 as9 the 4 7 songs 5 2 –6from, 3 title ungramdigits 1 to 9 8 4 7 says, 9 6 “thru” 5 1 the years – added pated high energy electric aural gratification I was 26 8 97 5 7 3 4 39 26matically 1 5 3 4 for 2 7her father, and 8 written expecting to experience had failed to materialise, and a 1song had been replaced with a slightly sad and forlorn state collaborated with Welcome Bay’s No.1679 2 5 4Solution 9 4 3 How 8to solve 3 9 1 8 7 6 2 of mild disappointment and frustration. sound wizard Tim Julian to produce a 7 8 2 5 4 6 3 1 9 Though repeat playing allowed for recognition o.1680 Sudoku! polished and professional CD. 8 1 9 6 7 3 2 5 4 8 and acknowledgement of the obvious quality of the Much credit must go to the team 2 5 9 6 8 7 1 3 4 3 compositions - sly, humorous and well-delivered 6 8 8 3 4 1 2 5 9 7 6 of local musicians whom Tim has Fill the 1 grid so that assembled. He handles keyboard and of Calista Nelmes (from Girls College) lyric; excellent musicianship and interplay between 6 1 7 3 9 4 2 8 5 9 4every row and every 3 2 harmonica and lead guitar - I was still unable to get bass duties himself while drummer Ian and Liz Tamblyn. 4 7 5 2 6 1 8 9 3 square contains Gilpin lays down a solid yet 6 3x3the June’s voice may be a little looser than past the somewhat pedantic, slavish and on occa2 9 digits 5 17to 39 4 39 26 18 48 75 39 64 52 17 “Beano” sion downright awkward rhythm section. Rather sensitive bed, Mike Kirk and Al Camp- previously but she still has a lovely than augmenting, supporting and highlighting the 7 bell supply, respectively, acoustic and sincere approach to a song and the electric guitars and there is good fiddle material here, from “Tennessee Waltz” excellent vocals and lead duelling it seemed to distract No.1679 2 5 4Solution from and dull down what should otherwise have 3 9 1 8 7 6 2 from Alison Fitzpatrick and pedal steel to “If Teardrops Were Silver” will be a


8 4

7 1 2 8 6 4 3 9

8 9 5 3 1 7 2 6

2 6 9 4 7 5 8 1

5 7 6 1 3 2 4 8

4 3 8 2 9 6 7 5

6 2 7 5 4 1 9 3

3 5 1 9 2 8 6 4

1 4 3 7 8 9 5 2

9 8 4 6 5 3 1 7

No. 1321 Across 5. Extinct bird (8) 1. New Zealand 6. Well founded (5) (Maori) (8) 7. Succinct (7) 6. Immorality (4) 8. Faculty head (4) 12. Clearance (8) 14. Soldiers (7) 9. Brilliant (8) 16. Frivolous (7) 10. Ignores (5) 18. Senior (5) 11. Bird (inf) (6) 20. Start (5) 13. Stick (6) 21. Epidermis (4) 15. Abate (6) P E A R E B T U I B A B H 17. Consented (6) O F N O E R I N B A K E R 19. Christmas song (5) N O T E E E L T M L T G S U E I C B E E R I D A I S 22. Stalemate (8) I N C H D Z G U X E M N T 23. Abundant (4) A E C U N Y I E L D I N G 24. Consumer (4) Y I L G OWG T O E A I O A G R E E M E N T S K N M 25. Gorge (NI) (8) A H T A I A G A T K E G S Down A B U T E G A T E I N L K Z O P O E P I T I A N T I 2. Sea (5) S U Z Y A I K E N E U V N 3. Dignify (7) F R T S E E E E O P I T T 4. Ill-mannered (4) Solution 1320

from Harold Strong. There is also some lovely backing singing courtesy

perfect fit for many older country fans.

Review by: Winston Watusi

taken flight. I suspect the unwavering doggedness of the rhythm section may be as a result of it only being a two-piece (due to the considered and intentional omission of a bass player), and that it would likely be less intrusive in a live setting. In essence, this CD is a collection of well-crafted, (mostly) blues-based, down and gritty, electric rock and billy songs, that for me - and I must declare that I am an absolute sucker for slick and slap bass grooves - got hijacked by an overbearing rhythm arrangement. I strongly suggest you check it out for yourself and prove me wrong. Review by: Tony Moon

Tim Armstrong Band Club Mt Maunganui Friday 24 – Just Two. Cornerstone Pub Friday 24 – Magic Eye 10pm – late. Rock. Saturday 25 – Magic Eye 10pm – late. Rock. Sunday 26 – Tim Armstrong from 5pm. Easy listening. Latitude 37 Sunday 26 – Wayne McPherson 5.30pm. Solo acoustic guitarist and singer.

Mount Maunganui RSA Friday 24 – Shy & Retiring. Saturday 25 – The Tradesmen. Sunday 26 – Helen Riley 4.307.30pm. The Matua Sunday 26 – Blarney Boys 3-6pm. Wednesday 29 – Country night 7.30-10pm. Welcome Bay Sports Bar Friday 24 – PJ’s karaoke 8pm. Karaoke with Paulena.


The Weekend Sun D V D


With Winston Watusi

Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER Starring: Logan Lerman, Emily Watson, Ezra Miller - Dir: Stephen Chbosky American high school coming of age stories come and go and this is a pretty good one. Shy likeable Charlie (Lerman) is the titular wallflower but finds friends in the form of Watson’s self-assured free spirit Sam and her flamboyantly gay brother Patrick (Miller, as likeable here as he was alarming in We Need To Talk About Kevin). It’s set in the early eighties so there’s The Smiths, mix tapes, “Heroes” and midnight sessions of Rocky Horror, along with all the exhilaration and angst of new experiences and first love. It’s funny, excitable, awkward and a little long, but it has a warm heart, giving the characters space to breath and real threedimensional lives. This is definitely an

The Collector (2009) was written to be part of the ever-expanding Saw franchise but became a stand-alone piece of disposable torture porn. Low budget, extreme violence, of course it made money, so now we have The Collection . Let’s get started... Story? Who cares. These films are about one thing only. Forget flimsy characterisations and gaping plot holes, are the deaths frequent, inventive and gory? Yes, probably and yes. From the opening party massacre it’s wall to wall fetishised horror and preposterous bloody “traps” from the leathermasked “collector” (that’s his thing). Unrelentingly unpleasant, staggeringly stupid, expect many more.

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

achievement to be proud of for first time director Chbosky who adapted it from his own very popular novel. The young cast equip themselves admirably: Watson easily casting aside shadows of Hermione Granger, Miller a clear star in waiting, and particularly Lerman, who has previously underwhelmed in the likes of Percy Jackson but who steps up here with a turn of real depth and subtlety. Add to that a killer soundtrack – though one obviously geared towards its era rather than being cutting edge – and you have a film that is reminiscent of Cameron Crowe’s earlier work. And, despite his dry run recently, I mean that in the best way possible.



In The Fourth State Paul is a Berlin gossip columnist brought to Moscow to punch up a celebrity magazine. He hits the parties but repressive politics are all around and after witnessing the murder of a fellow journalist he foolishly prints an overly political obituary. This and a budding relationship with a cute Russian activist sees him jailed for terrorism as the full force of state paranoia comes crashing into his life. It’s a taut serious thriller – in English despite its location – with a complex unfurling plot and good performances from the unknown Eastern European cast.



(2D) (M) Violence. Directed by J.J. Abrams (‘Star Trek’).

Fri 6:00. Sat 11:00, 8:35. Sun 11:00, 5:50. Mon 8:10. Tue 12:40, 6:00pm. Wed 8:30.


on MEGASCREEN! Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis.

Fri 1:30, 4:00, 6:20, 8:35pm. Fri 8:45pm. Sat 3:15pm. Mon 3:15pm. Sat 1:45, 4:00, 6:20, 8:35pm. Tue 3:20, 8:45pm. Wed 3:15pm. Sun 1:45, 3:55, 6:05, 8:15pm. THE CROODS (2D) (G) ANIMATION. Mon 3:30, 6:10, 8:20pm. Tue 1:30, 4:00, 6:20, 8:35pm. Wed 3:30, 6:20, 8:35pm. Fri 3:50pm. Sat 10:40am. Sun 10:30am.

FINAL DAYS (M) Violence.

ROMANCE, DRAMA. Final Days! Fri 6:00pm.

Sat 12:45. Sun 3:15pm. Tue 6:00pm.


THRILLER. Riz Ahmed, Kate Hudson, Liev Schreiber, Kiefer Sutherland, Om Puri.

Fri 3:30, 8:00. Sat 4:05, 8:15. Sun 2:15, 8:20. Mon 3:30, 8:00 Follows 6 young dancers. Sat 10:40. Sun 6:30. Tue 2:30, 8:10. Wed 3:25, 8:00.


(PG) Adult Themes.

N.Z., DRAMA, ROM. Sun 12:45. Tue 4:50pm.

PERFORMANCE Sex Scenes & Off Language. Sat

(M) Drama,




Sat 6:00pm. Sun 8:30pm. Wed 6:00pm.

Fri 1:30, 6:05. Sat 2:20, 6:25. Sun 11:00, 4:40. Mon 6:10pm. Tue 12:40, 6:20pm. Wed 6:10.

Fri 1:00, 8:30. Sat 1:00, 5:55pm. Sun 3:10, 8:30. Mon 3:10, 5:50pm. Tue 8:30pm. Wed 3:15, 6:00.

IRON MAN 3 (3D)(M) Violence.

Robert Downey Jr. Fri 3:20. Sat 8:40pm.

Sun 12:35, 5:50pm. Mon 8:30pm. Tue 12:40. Wed 8:40pm.



JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (3D) Fantasy Violence. Final Days! (PG)

Music. Coarse Lang & Sexual References. COMEDY, DRAMA, MUSIC. Christopher Eccleston, Gemma Arterton, Terence Stamp.

(M) Violence & Nudity.


(M) Violence. Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto’s Spock return with Karl Urban, Simon Pegg & Zoe Saldana and newcomer Benedict Cumberbatch in the sci-fi sequel.

Sat 3:45pm. Sun 1:05pm. Mon 6:00pm.




A prehistoric family goes on a road trip.






(R16) Viol, Off Lang, Sexual Material & Other Content That May Offend.

(M) Violence.


Info line 573 8055

MEGAscreen times in GREEN


Fri 1:00pm. Sat 10:40am.




The Weekend Sun has two double passes to Samsara for lucky readers who can tell us what the word Samsara means. Enter online at: under the competitions section. Entries must be received before Wednesday, May 29.

Gangster Squad cannot help but remind one of The Untouchables, though the action here isn’t bootlegging Chicago but ‘50s Los Angeles and the crime reign of gangster Mickey Cohen (played with monstrous relish by Sean Penn). It’s a handsome film and has a great cast (Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling et al) but somewhere in the predictable story things fail to fully click and the result is a slight feeling of anticlimax as events head towards their obvious ending. Penn alone is worth the price of admission, but it could have been so much more.

Capitol Cinema 4

With Rialto

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means “the ever turning wheel of life” and is the point of departure for the filmmakers, as they search for the elusive current of interconnection that runs through our lives. Filmed over a period of almost five years and in twenty-five countries, ‘Samsara’ transports us to sacred grounds, disaster zones, industrial sites, and natural wonders.

Exploitation films got their name not just because of their transgressive subject matter but because the audience would be knowingly ripped off, a few extreme scenes used as a lure amongst a tedious morass of amateur schlock. Dear God No! , depending on your tastes) follows that tradition to the letter, looking exactly like a badly-made seventies biker flick, a masterclass in sloppy shooting and editing with poorly-dubbed sound, soft core nudity and nothing that really passes for acting. A labour of love by a bunch of goodnatured Southern hoons, its (very limited) target market will love it! Fri May 24 to Wed May 29 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke.

Damn fine Dubious

Sun 10:30. Tue 3:20pm.



The Weekend Sun

Artists’ creativity is sought for mural contest The fourth biennial event runs alongside Katikati Open-Air Art’s festival, offering a range of art events including bird sculpting, photography and exhibitions bringing people from

“They end up in people’s homes or businesses, which is really cool.” Steve says the event always attracts a crowd and is well-loved in the region. “It’s really fun. Especially as the week progresses, we have the murals scattered around the town and you can go in and see how they’re going and talk to the artists.” Entry forms are online, with applications closing August 2. “They can send in a submission, we look at them all and decide on the six candidates we’d like to enter.” First place receives $5000. By Corrie Taylor

Marc Spijkerbosch from Rotorua from the 2008 contest.

Craft fair more popular than ever This year’s Waihi Beach Art and Craft Fair is more popular than ever with more than 130 crafts people being invited to participate.

Many of these crafts people will be there for the first time, having missed out last year. Colleen and Trish say stall holders are thrilled to be part of the popular fair. “We go that extra mile for our stall holders, providing advertising and an excellent venue, tables for them to set Organisers Colleen Low and Trish Coates says this year the stalls were all One of the beautiful crafts up their wares and a thank you gift in snapped up in record time so there will at the Waihi Beach Art & appreciation of their participation in the fair.” be 75 amazing stalls stocked full of Craft Fair. Last year people travelled from as far as Hamilton, Te exciting goodies. Puke, Rotorua, Cambridge, Matamata, Tauranga, and “We have some really talented crafts people in New Coromandel to visit the fair, and explore the wonderZealand and this fair is the place to see all this talent, ful things to do at Waihi Beach, they say. from ceramics, jewellery, handbags, books, woodwork, “So mark your calendars and make it a must do this collectors’ dolls and bears and supplies, and lots of new Queen’s Birthday weekend.” preserves.” The RSA ladies will be providing a supported on-site There are also herbal creams, alpaca hats and scarves, cafe. toys, baby clothes and cards, to name just a few – The fair is at Waihi Beach Community Centre from not forgetting the eight artists and their wonderful 10am-4pm. Entry is $3, children under-12 get in free. paintings.

SAVE BIG $$$ on Hearing Aids* CALL NOW to see Audiologist Alan Ferguson

FREE hearing test for 50+ FREE professional follow-up for 1 year MINIMUM 60 day trial INSTANT fitting options * Budget aids start from under $1000. If buying 2 digital aids, our second aid at half-price offer can easily save you $1000 or more! Conditions apply.


0508 20 30 20 or visit




Beginning in October, the competition sees six artists each create their own mural in five days, somewhere in Katikati’s township as the public watches on.

near and far. President Steve Graveson says this year’s mural theme is ‘Cultural Encounters’ and artists of any calibre are invited to apply. “We’ve had first timers have a go, right through to accomplished mural artists. It’s really diverse. “It’s whatever the artists’ interpretation of our theme is, so they can do whatever they want, it’s entirely up to them.” Katikati Open-Air Art provide the supplies and the mural’s location, so artists need only bring their idea and brushes. The winning mural is displayed around town, while the others are sold to festival-goers or residents.


Organisers of this year’s NZ Mural Contest are calling for artists to take part in the popular and unique event.


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trades & services


Deck Restoration

We specialise in restoring weathered decks, fences & outdoor furniture

From this...

To this...

Deck cleaning, staining & oiling - fence staining & painting - garden furniture restoration 07 552 5311 Deck&FencePro specialists or 0274 108 940 Paint, Oil & Stain Restoration

ree ech


We Specialise in: • Continuous Spouting • All Metal & PVC Spouting systems


• Long-run Roofing • Fascia

broken window • Repairs & Leaks


• doors • windows • Spouting & Roof cleaning • locks • hinges • Moss & Mold control • handles • conservatories Your local specialists




Call/text/e-mail us for a FREE for a no obligation quote 07 571 4491 *finance FREE Ph: 07 542 1016 Mob: quote021 02051038 available E-mail:








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trades & services


winter heating


LAWNS & GARDENS Let us take care of the chores, so you get on with your life & running your business. Call now for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE.


Trained, Security-Cleared & Insured Operators Value Integrity Professionalism

(07) 576 2091


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$1000 CASH per week

0800 382 828

job training wanted

appliance service

karaoke hire

liquor licence

for sale

Visit us. Visit us.

OPEN: Monday-FridayÊ8.00am-5.30pmÊÊÊ aturdayÊ9.00am-5.00pm

OPEN: Monday-FridayÊ8.00am-5.30pmÊÊÊ SaturdayÊ9.00am-5.00pm

116 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui. 116 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui.


cars wanted

computer services


business opportunity

situations wanted

situations vacant


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health & beauty

health & beauty

Todd McClay MP

Hon Simon Bridges

Hon Anne Tolley

Hon Tony Ryall





Ph: 07 348 5871

Ph: 07 579 9016

Ph: 07 307 1254

Ph: 07 578 0175


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national advertising


Advert placement made easy Keeping Kiwis Independant

funeral directors


Complete Bereavement Care


‌from the time you call, until your final goodbye. Don Hoult





All profits are given back to the local community

FSP 20381


Call any time on

07 543 4780

- Approvals in 30 minutes - Establishment fee of $99 applies - 3 month term Terms and conditions apply. Subject to Instant Finance lending criteria and responsible lending guidelines. All Fast $500 loans must be approved and drawn down in branch.

0800 760 000 |

Linsa Finance Ltd Get

the things

you want




Call us today!

We’ll get the money moving. All loans subject to normal lending criteria.


0800 34 62 63

174 Devonport Road, Tauranga | (07) 578 7717 |


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houses for sale R

Open Home

Mortgagee Auction

Lower Kaimai 175 Ruahihi Road

3b 2s 2l 2c

This 5.288 ha lifestyle property located approx. 20 kms from Tauranga CBD has much to offer. The site is elevated with good pasture, is well fenced into paddocks plus a large shed, double garage, tack-room, barn, yards & loading ramp. The comfortable brick home has well designed open plan living & sits very nicely for the sun with decks on two sides & has very good indoor/outdoor flow. The bedrooms are spacious, there is an office & the kitchen/ dining/family room is open plan complete with HRV & a woodburner for winter warmth and there is a spacious separate lounge.

12.30pm, Wednesday 19th June Conference Room, Bethlehem Motor Inn, 176 Moffat Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga

Mortgagee Auction

Mortgagee Auction

View Sun 2.30 - 3.00 pm ID# HAM25157

Lynn Eagar AREINZ 027 458 1780 office 07 839 7060 Brenda Abercrombie 027 861 3734 office 07 839 7060

Online Realty Limited Licensed (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Mortgagee Auction

Te Puke 25 Glen Terrace

3b 1s 1l 3c

Mortgagee Auction

Mortgagee Auction

Located in this great part of Town is this spacious home on its 1791 m² (more or less) section. It needs you to add your touch to enhance its value. With three bedrooms on the upper level the home has had the basement area developed. This is a great opportunity so ensure you don’t miss out on this great buy. Contact Lynn Eagar or John Pope and for further information go to

12.30 pm, Wednesday 12th June 2013 Conference Room, Bay Palm Motel 84 Girven Road, Mt Maunganui View Sun 12.30 - 1.00 pm ID# HAM25133 Lynn Eagar AREINZ 027 458 1780 office 07 839 7060 John Pope 027 496 3111

Online Realty Ltd (Est 1999) LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

Mortgagee Auction

Myah has cancer and these are her 1,000 Beads of Courage ®


Te Puke 6 Barrow Place

3b 1s 1l 2c

Mortgagee Auction

Mortgagee Auction

Here’s a great family type home, great for the first home buyer or investor. With its splitstone construction, generous outdoor living court and good size indoor living. The home also caters for the hobbyist with its double garaging and workshop area. Well located in Te Puke, this is an auction not to be missed. Contact Lynn Eagar or John Pope and for further information go to

12.30 pm, Wednesday 5th June 2013 Conference Room, Bay Palm Motel 84 Girven Road, Mt Maunganui View Sun 1.15-1.45 pm ID# HAM25118 Lynn Eagar AREINZ 027 458 1780 office 07 839 7060 John Pope 027 496 3111 office 07 928 5000

Become a supporter and help children fight cancer: CALL:

07 579 4141 TEXT:

BEAD to 206 to

make a $3 donation

Online Realty Ltd (Est 1999) LICENSED (REAA 2008)


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Ph 07 928 3042 or email art & craft

health & beauty

GLASS CUTTING CLASS Sat 1st June, 1pm - 3pm. Learn hands-on glass cutting techniques & tips on how to successfully cut & break glass safely. Leadlight Expressions, Historic Village, 17th Ave Ph 571 3726

INNERWISE AIDS HEALING on an emotional & physical lever. One on one sessions, courses available. Ph Debbie 543 3670 MOBILE FINGERS & TOES Manicure & Pedicure maintenance, reflexology massage – I come to you. For all ages & I specialise in nail care for the elderly. Ph Sheryle 577 0673 NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products. Something for everyone. NZ Registered Natural Therapies & Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 &

bible digest “THE FEAR OF the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.” Psalm 111:10

business opportunity CREATE HEALTH, wealth & lifestyle. Earn at home p/t or f/t hours to suit. Ph 576 3642

cars for sale CAR FAIR – buy or sell any vehicle every Sunday at 11th Avenue Car park opposite Mad Butcher 8am-noon. Vehicle Finance available from Heartland Finance. Ph for more information 027 733 9686 or

computers COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s tuition, or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183 FREE ON SITE DIAGNOSIS & quote. We come to you & don’t charge extra for travel. Pensioner discounts. Ph Kyle at Tech Solutions 027 828 7078


AVOCADO CUT & stored for 6 months. Trailer load $30 or tandem load $60. Ph 548 0766 FIREWOOD FOR SALE Dry split Pine $70 cubic metre delivered. Ph 544 3124 FIREWOOD FREE DELIVERY for sale. Carristina & Lawon mix. $75 cubic metre. Ph Scott today on 027 462 4769 SHED STORED firewood for sale, free delivery. Ph Croc 021 0824 1958

for sale COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT Putaruru $137,000 plus GST. Long term progressive tenant 8.35 % return. Ph 543 1468 GARAGE “DOMINATOR” single tilt-a-door. Complete with remote. Viewing near Greerton. Offers. Ph 578 5827 or 027 336 2511 PAVERS factory seconds half price. 55 Hull Rd, Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 SCHOOL UNIFORM Brookfield Primary. Grab some winter uniforms, Tshirts etc… boys & girls. We have moved so must go! Bulk buy the bag for only $30 sizes 5yrs to 12yrs – approx 40-50 items in the bag – text 027 211 9193 SMALL CONCRETE SLEEPERS everlasting and realistic from $9.00 each. Village Stone 55 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui Ph 575 4887

free house sitters MATURE COUPLE 12 years experience Tauranga area. Large CV of local house sitting references, available from, 19th July - 20th August then from 21st November - 20th December. Ph 027 302 8328

gardening AFFORDABLE EXPERIENCED GARDENER Lawns, regular maintenance, Autumn tidy ups, green waste removed. Domestic hedges & shrub care. Free WINZ quotes. Ph Chris 578 5825 GARDENER AVAILABLE Pruning, spraying, weeding, rubbish removal. Ph Tracey on 578 9779 for a free quote

house sitter PROFESSIONAL HOUSE minder available. Do you want peace of mind that your treasured home is in trustworthy hands while you are away on holiday. Excellent references. Available for July. Ph Cathie 022 162 8301

lifesaver FRIDAY 26 APRIL - You saved my life in Bayfair food court. I’d like to thank you. Please Ph me 573 7135

lifestyle coaching CAREER RESTRUCTURING? Creating opportunity from Change. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548

livestock AC PETFOODS collect injured & unwanted cows & horses. Ph 0800 369 6269

mobility FOR ALL DISABILITY needs, visit our showroom 29 Burrows St, Tauranga Ph 578 1213 MES “Supporting you Independence” for 12+years. STAIRLIFTS – Make life easy with a stairlift enjoy the home you love by installing an Acorn Stairlift. Call us now TOLL FREE 0800 782 475 or

pets GOT A NAUGHTY DOG? Barking, being destructive, growling, unsociable, chewing the kids, howling, pulling on the lead, or anxious to be without you. Ph Wendy 021 070 0111

social outings FOR YOUNG ADULTS with a mild disability. enjoy hot pools, bowling, dining out, dancing, Ph Edna 575 3739 or Suzy 576 9831

to let UPSTAIRS FLATETTE to rent. Suitable for elderly person. Water views. Welcome Bay. Furnished. $220 p/w inc power. Please Ph 544 0694

trades & services BUILDER registered over 40 years experience. Renovation a speciality. Bathrooms, decks, etc. Plans & permits arranged. Ph Vaughan 578 9334 EXTERIOR HOUSE WASHING bsp house washing. 30 years in the industry, high & low pressure cleaning. Competitive rates, free quotes. Ph Mark 027 699 8356 a/hours 544 4541 GORSE SPRAYING Do you have a gorse problem? Ph today for a free quote for all gorse control. Ph Scott 027 462 4769 GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs moss removal. Experienced Certified Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 HANDYMAN BUILDING, property maintenance & repairs. Waterblasting, house washing, roof painting. Ph Mark 543 3670 HANDYMAN BUILDING & section maintenance, decks,

fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 PAINTER accomplished reliable tradesman. Available now. For free advice & quote Ph Barry 021 518 994 or 07 579 0119 PAINTER / A1 DECORATOR available. All interior & exterior work. Prompt, reliable, excellent references. Ph Paul 576 4793 or 027 689 6252

PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, quality workmanship friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas. Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 07 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PAINTING & PAPERING work wanted. 40 years experience in the trade. Professional workmanship & free quotes. Ph Alpro Painters 022 062 3590 ROOF PAINTING & maintenance. Free quotes! Ph Mark 543 3670 or 021 0273 8840 ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline gutters & down pipes clean or replacement chimney repairs. Certified Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 027 436 7740 ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter & rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 027 496 5375 ROOFING new roofs re-roofs spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237 SCAFFOLDING prompt free quotes, friendly service, DIY or full erect & dismantle services. Safe, certified, cost effective. Safeplank Scaffolding 021 680 555

travel & tours A DAY OR NIGHT AWAY of your choice. Tours to suit you. Ph Geoff 552 5278 or George 549 4925 for a no obligation quote A HOLIDAY or day-out. Every week. Small Group Tours. Door to Door Hinterland Tours Ph Kae & Rick 07 575 8118 BAYLINE COACHES Day trips, away trips or sight seeing & tours! Call for a free quote today Ph 578 3113 EAST AFRICA 2014 Personalised Safari with The African Touch. Over 20 years experience. 2013 fully booked, now taking bookings for 2014. Take advantage of our early bird special, see website. Email or Ph 09 4315 444 SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see THE SUNDAY LUNCH CLUB Vilagrad Winery (Ohaupo) 9 June, The Trading Post (Paengaroa) 23 June. We can take your group to cultural & sporting events! Ph 07 544 1383


COINS & BANKNOTES NZ Gov Lic Dealer is buying all pre NZ decimal coins, Aust, English & world coins. Also buying all banknotes especially NZ pre decimal notes. Top cash paid. Please Ph Brian 575 9928 MALE BALLROOM dance partner, must be committed for practices and competitions. Aged between 9 & 10. No experience needed. Ph 027 411 7652 SILVER ITEMS all old tea sets,

trays, salvers, cig cases, cutlery, tea caddy’s, jugs, bowls, etc. Looking for all silver items. NZ Gov Lic Dealer. Pay top cash prices. Please Ph Brian 575 9928

STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 022 076 4245 TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990 TILER QUALIFIED TILER references available free quotes all types of work done from kitchen splashbacks to full tiled bathrooms. Contact Nelson 021 609 289

TIMBER RETAINING WALLS decks and all types of fencing. Excellent work at a competitive price. Ph Clive 021 048 2833 or 552 6510 TREE SHRUB and hedges trimming, topping removal, rubbish removal, satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 571 5958 or 027 498 1857 TREES TREES TREES Felling, Pruning, Maintenance, Chipping, & Removal. Ph Scott Today on 027 462 4769

AVENUES 104 Fraser St, Sat 8am start. Zonta Charity sale! Good quality household items, clothing, kauri tables, circular table, office chairs & desks, plus various office supplies. (Parking on 14th Avenue East) See you there! All proceeds to local Zonta projects.

trailer repairs


GET YOUR TRAILER fixed now! I do it all, from small trailer repairs to major re-dos. Car & boat trailers, horse floats, transporters etc. Free quotes, pickups and drop offs! Ph Dave 027 325 9896 or a/h 07 575 3178

478a Maunganui Road, Sat 9am. Moving sale! Beds, cars, office wear, general items.

transport DRIVING MISS DAISY relief for busy families let us take care of the transportation of your parents to appointments or outings. Safe, friendly, reliable service. Ph Jackie from Driving Miss Daisy 552 6614

Daytrips on our doorstep

40a Golf Road, Sat 8 - 11am. Furniture, whiteware, & household items. 414b Oceanbeach Road, Sat 9am - 12pm. Household goods, outdoor furniture, chinese folk art, books, exercise gear, etc.

The weather might be closing in but it doesn’t mean you need to be stuck indoors for the next few months. It is a great time to be getting out to discover our backyard – both around the Western Bay or further afield. Tourism Bay of Plenty i-site information consultant Joel Bell says there are still plenty of attractions on offer during the cooler months, as long as minimum numbers are met. Around the Western Bay, he suggests trips to Classic Flyers aviation museum or Katikati Heritage Museum offer interesting indoor day-trip activities to ensure the weather does not pose a problem. Joel says Classic Flyers offers a range of interesting aviation and military exhibits, along with the chance to see some old classic planes in the process of restoration. “The men who are doing the restoration work are more than happy to talk to visitors about what they are doing.” In Katikati the museum, which last year was bought by a community trust, will run a special exhibition on the royal family over June to coincide with Queens Birthday Weekend. It will be the second themed month-long exhibition, following the highly successful military-focussed Anzac April month. Museum manager Paula Gaelic says the Anzac exhibition has reminded people about the museum’s great collection, showing it is a great day-trip destination for people from throughout the Western Bay and beyond. Joel recommends McLaren’s Fall kayaking trips as another great option for people looking for something close to home, saying the dusk trips to see glow

worms is an amazing experience and does not require a high level of fitness. “It’s an absolutely awesome experience. I was blown-away when I did it and it’s an activity that’s great for all ages.” He says other great day trip options include visiting Kiwi 360, which offers an informative insight into the kiwifruit industry, to the nearby Comvita visitor centre in Paengaroa to learn about the manuka honey industry, Kaituna River Jet trips or visiting Te Puna Quarry Park for the park’s art exhibitions. Further afield in Eastern Bay of Plenty, trips to White Island offer a fascinating day trip for people wanting to see the volcanic island close-up. Visitors can choose from simply flying around the island by plane, a helicopter trip that lands briefly on the island or a boat trip that includes more time walking around the volcanic crater and is guided by geologists. Joel says other popular day-trip destinations were to Rotorua, Coromandel, Hamilton or Taupo, while the Waitomo Caves are popular with those happy to take longer day-trips. “Quite a few people are driving across to Hamilton then taking the train down to Wellington to stay for a few days and get their big city fix. This is quite a popular choice at the moment.” Bayline Coaches sales manager Tracy Dragovich says trips to Rotorua are always a popular daytrip option whether it is to Maori cultural shows and hangi, Rainbow Springs Wildlife Park, or any of the other attractions. Closer to home, Tracy says, guided trips through the Port of Tauranga and to the Waihi gold mine are also popular daytrip choices. By Hamish Carter


sunday at 10 10am am thursday at 7pm 146 devonport Rd

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You'll love it!

A sure and certain salvation Our church in Auckland is involved in a couple of outreach programmes, facilitating consistent and powerful opportunities to speak to people about Jesus and salvation in Him. One of these outreaches is in a market in a local mall, where people from a couple of churches look after a stall. Passers-by are invited to participate in a clearly defined ‘spiritual survey’. Significant discussions take place, and often I receive an email the following week that briefly details the key points of these (anonymous) conversations. Always, I am shocked by two things. Firstly, the number of people who have no idea who Jesus is, and have no comprehension of the gospel. Secondly, and more distressingly, the number of people who state clearly that

they are Christians (even mentioning the church they attend and how long they have been attending),who then confess that they don’t really know who Jesus is, they don’t know about sin or repentance or the cross or about the necessity of new birth. If Jesus was to return tonight, many people attending church who have a false hope of salvation, based on a false gospel or based on a wrong understanding of what scripture says concerning salvation, will find themselves hearing Jesus say on that great Day of Judgment: ‘depart from Me, I never knew you’ (Matthew 7:21-23). They will say ‘Lord, Lord’ but He will not know them because they were never born again, even though they attended church and did good things. In John 3:3, Jesus says that unless someone is born again, they cannot see the Kingdom of God. New birth in Christ requires a person to

acknowledge that he is a sinner because of mankind’s inherent sinning nature of selfseeking rebellion, which separates us from a holy and righteous God. A person needs to wholeheartedly repent of his sin and needs to turn completely away from living for himself (according to the desires of his own heart) and then to surrender his life to Jesus. There is no forgiveness without repentance and a person remains separated from God until he has been forgiven. The consequence of new birth is new life in Christ, a new heart, a new spirit and a desire to become more like Jesus and to live for Him. Do you know Jesus, not just know something about Him, but do you know Him? Have you have come to salvation in Him through new birth? Be certain of your salvation. Eternity depends on it. By Peter Whitcombe, Jesus First Church

Sunday Gatherings 10:00 am Mount Sports Club 51 Miro Street Blake Park The Mount






Unity Through Community



The Weekend Sun

Word of God We are a non-denominational, autonomous congregation. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and so, is our only source of authority in matters of religion and everyday life.

We believe that Jesus is not only the Son of God but that he is also the head of the church, and that no one should overrule His wishes. We believe that this life is not all there is but that the soul is eternal and will continue in heaven or in hell. We believe that Jesus is not only worth dying for but is also worth living for.

Pin Up Pet of the Week Practices and people Author Annie Dillard comments that, “how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives”. It seems so very plain and obvious. Given more careful thought though, it is a spectacularly profound insight. Life is essentially made up of and built around practices, rhythms, spaces and people: “how we spend our days”. Your practice might be watching television, your rhythm could be three hours a day, your space may be your bedroom, regarding people – you might do this alone. This combination builds a certain kind of life. If you change these variables you change the makeup of your life. For example, watching television, three hours a week (a movie), in your living room, with your spouse or a group of friends. It builds a different kind of life. Jesus Christ offers a different way of life, in fact, the early Christians were known as “Followers of the Way”. The Christian faith is thus a way of living where (through on-going faith and repentance) one places oneself under the care, providence, governance and Lordship of God. All of life is then to be lived in a manner that honours God and is aligned to His on-going mission of redemption, reconciliation and renewal in the world. In light of this, what “practice, rhythm, space, people” combinations might be helpful in ensuring that as Christ-followers we live the way of Jesus? By Joseph McAuley

Sunday Services 9:30am & 6:00pm Come along!

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My name is Libby and I am a very lucky 10 year old female cat. I was brought to the SPCA after I was found in a bag in a car at a wreckers yard that was about to be crushed. I am a very pretty girl and can’t believe that someone would do that to any cat, let alone one as nice and rehomable as me. I have an awesome nature and I am looking forward to being adopted by wonderful new owners who will love me and look after me for the rest of my life so that I never have to worry about being abandoned ever again. Please come in and meet me and see just how nice I am or phone 5780245 for more information. Ref no. 18435

Organisations working together Representatives from Tauranga and Mount RSAs met with Sun Media staff this week to receive $500 in donations, raised through a recent Poppy Day Feature in The Weekend Sun. Each RSA received $250. Pictured: Sun Media general manager Ross Brown, with Tauranga RSA manager Graham Howard, chairperson Heather Waldron, Mount RSA manager Peter Moss and president Paul Franks.

Look for the beauty “I keep my ideals because, in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” ANNE FRANK When I apply this concept to my life and to those around me it allows me to see more clearly the inherent beauty in each person. When I choose this approach, the goodness always overshadows the limitations that exist in me, and in those around me, because that’s the direction I’m looking in and that’s the expectation I’m choosing to apply. How often are we tempted to see the flaws in another, rather than look for the beauty that is there as well?

Historic Village looking for friends Anyone interested in the Tauranga Historic Village on 17th Avenue is invited to the inaugural meeting of the Friends of The Historic Village on Thursday, May 28 at 5.30pm. Tauranga City councillor Catherine Stewart says the invite is for anyone passionate about the village. “Whoever wants to support the village [can

come along], whether it be by helping to do heritage tours, some work in the garden or even passive membership, just to be kept up-to-date with whatever’s going on in the village. “People can get to know more about the historic village. We can also take you on a walkabout as well for those who aren’t familiar with the village.”


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The Weekend Sun, 24 May 2013