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20 January 2012, Issue 581

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Game, set, match Tennis players ranging in age from 35 to 85 take centre court in Tauranga next week as they compete in the National Senior Tennis Championships. Among the top Tauranga players involved is Otumoetai Tennis Club coach Jason Young, who is competing in the 40-44 men’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Jason is aiming to go one better than last year when he won both doubles and was runner-up in the singles, however, with his first baby due during the competition, he could have a major distraction to his game. See more on page 9. Pictured: Otumoetai Tennis Club coach Jason Young. Photo by Tracy Hardy.


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Full medical services available includes Xrays,splints & plasters. Fracture Clinic, Womens Health Clinic, Mole Removal Clinic & Ear Care Service.


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Why we shouldn’t let 10 year olds run the world This week the RR research team sent a couple of operatives deep into foreign territory to assess the future leadership prospects for the country. Under the guise of hosting a threeday 10th birthday party, we delved into the minds and motivations of a bunch of nine and 10 year olds to see how well society is nurturing and challenging the thought processes of this upcoming generation. And we have to report that the picture is not pretty. Although in considering future leadership potential, the nine year olds weren’t far behind current political performance in terms of levels of debauched actions and twisted thinking. At least they weren’t considering stooping to the lows we have witnessed lately; such as fraud, perversion, sex changes or forging documents to gain the identity of a dead baby.

Is the future of civilization is in good hands? Who knows. But when you lose your “Survivor” birthday theme bandana, make a new one with chux and ice cream container. Darcy, Stan, Harrison and PJ. Ironically, the best answers to our series of questions actually came from the six year old, who had a much better grasp on the issues facing the country and the world. Probably better than most politicians and possibly more sensible than some of the adults asking the questions. Perhaps that’s a subject matter for a future column: Why six year olds should run the world. In the meantime, in case you were

considering throwing the reign of power to anyone under the age of 10, here’s a few reminders of why that’s a dangerous idea. When asked, what would you do if you were prime minister? Answers: Get vodka. Give the army every holiday off. Have no school. Send teachers to the coal mines for slavery. And they don’t get vodka. Have you ever tried vodka? No. Yes, said one. In Fiji. Then out of blue, one came up with this stunning observation (presumably about being the youngest ever sloshed PM) “I’d be the sexiest man alive.” John Key is doing a good job, but our ideas are better. What else is important in parliament? Good posture.

The questions then turned to issues about the environment. The first recommendation was that a party should be sent out to kill all the eels; and the people who drink vodka. Apes would rule the world. Every dog would not have a lead and could run around free. What about solving the world financial crisis? Drink vodka. (The questioneers then banned all answers involving vodka.) There was general consensus that NZ needed to be bigger; that Tasmania should be invaded by NZ and all the Australians kicked out. A more serious answer to the financial question was to have a national scavenger hunt to find the remains of Michael Jackson’s nose then sell it on trade me. What is wrong with Michael Jackson? He’s dead. What about Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber needs to be put into space. So does Britney Spears. Britney can live on Mars, but Justin Bieber doesn’t even get a planet. He can have Pluto because it’s not a planet. Put him in a wormhole. On Rena: Fix the holes with giant corks. Vacuum up all the water and squirt it out and keep the oil. What would improve your parents? Tell them to eat the carrots and celery. We’ll have the steaks.

Sun Media owner/editor Brian Rogers

Medium-rare. What’s wrong with vegetables? They make you fat. Carrots can stay, but we’d nuke all the others. Oh no, except tomatoes, because we’d need tomatoes for tomato sauce. Then in a flashback to a previous question: Britney can go to another planet, but Coldplay can come here. Looking to the future, what will you be doing in 30 years? I will invent the hover car. Call it the Flypad. After I’ve been a rugby player, I’ll be a chef and really good at cooking. I’m going to own my own monkey. A soccer player and a zoo keeper. Will you be married with children? No. We don’t like them. My children would have to pay me to be their dad. What sort of wife do you think you’ll marry? A hot one. Then came probably the most sensible response from the panel. “I think you’re going to win an award for this article.”

Road closure continues Courtney Road, off Fraser Street, will remain closed for the rest of the week to allow road works to continue. The road was initially due to be opened from Wednesday, January 18 after reconstruction work on the road was completed. Detours are still in place. Southbound traffic coming from Cameron Road and Fraser Street will be detoured via Chadwick Road. Northbound traffic will be detoured via 18th Avenue. Access for residents will continue to be maintained and access to Courtney Road businesses will be available from the Fraser Street end of Courtney Road. Because Courtney Road is so narrow and steep, it is unsafe to have traffic driving through the work site during this phase of the work. The work is weather dependant. The road is being reconstructed because it has reached the end of its life. On average roads require reconstructing every 20 to 25 years.

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The Weekend Sun

Microchip sends stolen dog home Animal control officers are urging people to get their dog’s microchipped after it helped to return a dog found on the streets of Mount Maunganui to its owner, more than two years after it was reported stolen. The cream and brown English bulldog was located roaming the streets of Mount Maunganui during the New Year holiday break with no collar or tag. Alerted to the 10-year-old dog’s whereabouts by a member of the public, Tauranga City Council animal services manager Brent Lincoln says the dog was immediately picked up and taken to the pound. “It was found roaming the streets of Mount Maunganui. One of our animal control officers went and located the dog and took it to the pound.” A scan of the dog located a microchip, which linked to the National Dog Database enabling Brent and his team to track the dog to its last registered address. The database showed the dog was registered to a property in Fielding, where it had been reported stolen from two years earlier. “It was in reasonable condition, it was checked over by a vet and they said it was a couple of kilos lighter than when it went missing. No one else tried to claim the dog,” says Brent. When animal services contacted the dog’s owner at the Fielding


Tauranga City Council animal services manager Brent Lincoln scans a 6-month-old Terrier cross found on the streets of Tauranga this week. A stolen English bulldog was recently reunited to its owner thanks to its microchip.

address, Brent says the woman was “over the moon”. “She said ‘Oh My God, my dog was stolen more than two years ago!’ – she couldn’t believe it. She was rapt we had located the dog, she never thought she was going to see the dog again.” The owner organised for the dog to be returned to Fielding where Brent says the dog instantly recognised its owner. “When she was reunited the dog seemed to remember her, it was a very happy reunion.” He says the council usually get about two similar cases a year, however, this one is especially unusual due to the extended amount of time the dog had been missing. “We don’t often get this amount of time between the dog being reported missing and it being returned, and especially being reunited with the owner from such a distance.” Brent encourages all dog owners



to register their dogs on the free national database through Tauranga City Council, which gives animal control officers across the country access to a dog’s details. “We have a few dogs in that have been microchipped, but they have not been entered onto the council’s database, so even then we can’t locate the owner. Brent says microchipping is the best way to ensure the safety of dogs. “Any dog picked up, we can track the owner down and get the dog back to them. “Dogs may loose their collar and it becomes a matter of trying to find the owner, especially during the holiday period. If people do not report it if their dog’s lost, we may not know whose the dog is.” To register a dog on the national database, simply contact the council with personal details once the dog is microchipped. By Phillipa Yalden



The Weekend Sun

Rena buoy found on Papamoa

luxury airport

shuttles Graeme Russel found a Rena life ring too. Photo by Bruce Barnard. By Laura Weaser

In response to last week’s The Weekend Sun front page featuring Matakana farmer Sam Taikato holding a Rena life ring, Papamoa resident Graeme Russel has approached the Sun with his findings – another Rena life ring.

He says he located the ring on October 12, on a “horrible rainy day” at about 6am on Papamoa beach. Despite being covered in oil and sand, the shape was clearly identifiable. “I saw this shape and I went to have a look. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it was. I scooped more sand over it to clean off the oil and then pulled it out. “I then took it straight home to clean off.” He describes the ring as “absolutely black” and it took him “ages to clean it off ”. “I tried water, turps, but nothing would get

the oil off. I finally found a product that is designed to clean car break parts and it just melted the oil away.” Graeme has the ring proudly displayed on the wall of his shed – his ‘man cave’ as he calls it. A spokesperson from Maritime NZ says although many have been collecting items on the beaches that have washed up from the container ship, they are advised to call 0800 OIL SPILL for a maritime representative to collect the items.

Motiti beach debris flown to offshore barge Rena debris collected from Motiti Island beaches was cleared this week and flown off the island to a barge waiting offshore. For island resident Ali Martin and Vernon Wills, it’s not before time. “We’ve had meat on the beach now for three weeks not being picked up,” says Ali. “I complained about it. I think there’s a long list of things that need doing and they are getting round to it. “It’s a hell of a thing, because most of Motiti is rock – and the milk powder, oh dear, it’s horrible.” The debris includes everything from plastic packaging material and food containers, to timber, upholstered furniture, supermarket baskets, polystyrene, pre-prepared rice dinners, packs

of meat and “most worrisome for sea and bird life I should think – millions of tiny plastic beads which looks like fish roe or caviar” says Ali. “Amongst it all are big cow pats of thick black oil.” “I only hope the one with the meat parcels in the bottom doesn’t drop out of the containers,” says Vernon. Vernon says the seagulls seemed to like the packages of rice and vegetables. “The timber is messy, but not insurmountable at all.” He thinks in six months time there will be little sign of the damage, with the debris is being cleaned up a lot quicker than the oil was. Braemar Howells hazardous noxious specialist is dealing with the Motiti clean up because of the meat that needs

Photo by Gillian Saunders.

to be collected. “Work on Motiti has been planned since before the break up of Rena, but that very event meant Braemar’s focus had to be directed to different areas,” says a spokesperson. “Motiti has always been a priority to Braemar. Since the Rena broke up, we have had vessels hovering to reduce the amount of debris reaching the island.”

The Motiti penguins seem to have escaped another major oiling says Vernon. “I think they are getting the oil mainly when they go into their holes. They leave a little bit of oil in the entrances of their burrows. There’s only a couple of wildlife people working on the island and they say it’s quite good really.” By Andrew Campbell


The Weekend Sun

Only the classics Friends of The Elms committee are seeking ‘exotic automobiles’ to be displayed as part of the upcoming Art of the Automobile event. From vintage E-type Jaguars to modern Ferraris; the inaugural event is a celebration of the expensive and the rare. Organiser Russell Standish, owner of a 1968 E-type Jaguar, says the Friends Committee is seeking new ideas to raise funds for the promotion and maintenance of the historic Elms. Once the director of the Tau-

ranga’s District Museum, he used his experience of organising the annual Classic and Sports Car show to put together this brand new event. Russell says the show was the most successful event they’ve ever held and hopes this event will be just as successful. He hopes the event becomes an annual event, with one major make of car featuring each year. Russell’s E-type was launched in 1961 and during the 1960s. Later, it was considered the world’s most iconic sports car. Last year, the 50th anniversary of the release of the first E-type was celebrated. The event is sponsored by

Russell Standish with his 1968 E-type Jaguar which he has owned for 42 years. Photo by Tracy Hardy. Farmer Auto Village, which is assisting with the staging of the event. In addition, Farmers will source and display 18 modern cars such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini. The Friends of The Elms Committee will locate 20 or more of the top classic cars from the region to extend this range of show cars. These cars will be included on an invitation-only basis. The event is on Sunday, March 4 from 10am to 4pm at The Elms. If you wish to put your car up for consideration, please contact Russell, email By Laura Weaser


The Weekend Sun

A golfer’s dream against the odds Most golfers can only dream of getting a hole in one, but Pahoia Road resident Chris Bryant is lucky enough to have scored two in his golfing career. The 61-year-old, who also suffers from the debilitating Parkinson’s Disease, managed to drive 148 metres on the 17th hole of Omokoroa Golf Course to attain his second hole in one. Chris began playing golf when he was 14 and shot his first hole in one at Waihi Golf Club in 1977. Playing with a handicap of 22, Chris left the course feeling extremely happy, managing a total score of 90 for a

course with a par of 72. “When I first hit it, one of the groups behind us saw the ball flying and said ‘that is going to be close’, and then it looked as though it was getting closer and then someone yelled ‘it’s gone in’. Everyone then erupted with cheers,” says Chris. The magical shot happened on Wednesday, January 11 when Chris was playing with a group of nine people, split into groups of three. “When we came to the tee, we looked at each other and thought ‘that is a tough hole’ as it is right in the back corner, so it’s probably a bit longer than 148 metres.” Luckily, Chris did not have to shout

Pahoia Road resident Chris Bryant collects his ball at the Omokoroa Golf Course. Photo by Tracy Hardy. the whole club, although he did celebrate by buying a round for his golfing group. For Chris, this achievement is a little slice of relief in what has been a hard battle to deal with Parkinson’s, a muscle degenerative disease where people suffer from shaking, tremors, stuttering and lack of balance. Chris was first diagnosed with the neurological disorder at the age of 43. At the time, he had two young children and found it difficult to accept at such a young age. “I played a lot of tennis, and I noticed after the game I would shake. Then I noticed other tell-tale symptoms and went to a

neurologist and he diagnosed it as Parkinson’s. “We went and got a second opinion, and it was confirmed.” During the years, Chris has undergone a number of treatments to treat the disease, including brain surgery in 1998. “It’s a procedure where a small relay deep inside the brain, they drill in and put a legion of electricity through to stop the shaking. I had to be fully conscious during that operation.” Although Chris says the operation was “brilliant” he still says one of the most effective ways of dealing with Parkinson’s is to get active and play sport.

“One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s is muscle rigidity so any exercise is beneficial. “Keeping active is an important part, joining a gym or doing exercises helps combat muscle disease.” Chris now plays golf once a week and says it is something he looks forward to every Wednesday. “People with Parkinson’s tend to become a bit withdrawn because their voice tone lowers, and they start to lose their memory. Golf also helps me with balance and walking.” The famous hole in one ball is being mounted and will feature on one of Chris’ walls at home as a reminder of the achievement. By Phillipa Yalden

Growing Food Bill opposition Having her online call for opposition to the government’s Food Bill go viral is good news for Jodie Bruning. She passed on the list of concerns about the Food Bill from Little Paisley in Dunedin before Christmas. It success has resulted in 38,000 signatures to an online petition and prompted press releases from Food Minister Kate Wilkinson decrying the ‘anonymous’ internet campaign as misinformation. Jodie doesn’t believe Kate’s claims that the bill will not affect small holders, gardeners and farmers markets. She wants Kate’s

assurances written into the draft Bill. “What I want to see is people starting to talk about it,” says Jodie. “If it is in the Bill, then it will happen, whether its next year or in two years.” Greens agricultural spokesman Steffan Browning is calling for a redraft of the Food Bill and Julie says the Labour Party has also been spurred into calling for changes to the draft. The concerns are the long term implications of the Food Bill says Jodie. While Kate Wilkinson assures people the Bill will not

affect citizens’ rights to grow and trade their own food, the draft Bill as written states otherwise. It also allows non-government and non-police the rights to enter private property and search without warrant. Kate says New Zealand Food Safety Officers will not be armed, but she doesn’t deny that under the Food Bill, FSOs will have the power to search without a search warrant. “It is legislation for business and it’s for big business rather than small business,” says Jodie. “I’m worried about small growers and food diversity.” By Andrew Campbell

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The Weekend Sun

The power of the spoken word

Michelle McCarthy’s new group is offering a mix of good Japanese food and conversation.

Tauranga’s first Japanese conversation group is looking for interested Japanese speakers to share a good old fashioned conversation over a meal.

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Young professional Michelle McCarthy is passionate about Japanese culture and the language. After moving to Tauranga last year, she has not had the opportunity to practise speaking Japanese as much as she would have liked. “I enjoy engaging with Japanese people living in New Zealand and other Kiwi Japanese-speakers,” says Michelle. “I feel that establishing this group would provide the Japanese community in Tauranga the chance to meet each other as well as New Zealanders who are Japanese-speakers or passionate about Japanese culture.” Majoring in International Management and Japanese at Waikato University, Michelle has not studied Japanese for eight years. During her time at university, she undertook two academic exchanges and one research scholarship to Japan. In 2011, she assisted Export BOP in market research for Tauranga busiRadiata Merch Grade Radiata Prem Radiata Merch Grade nesses and sister-city relationship building on a two week business H3.2 R/S 1.8m Paling H3 Decking G H3.2 R/S 1.8m Paling trip. She is also a member of the Asia:NZ Foundation which GradePrem Radiata Prem 150 x 25mm 100 x 40mm Radiata Merch Grade Radiata Prem 150 x 25mm Radiata Merch Grade Radiata Merch Radiata aims to promote awareness of Asia within H3.2 New Zealand. R/S 1.8m H3Paling Decking Griptread H3 Decking G R/S 1.8m R/Sthis 1.8m Paling H3Paling DeckingH3.2 Griptread 15025RAMEH3RS18 15025RAMEH3RS18 10040RAPRH3DK She hopesH3.2 through group to find out the size of the 150 x 25mm100 x 40mm 150 x 25mm100 x 40mm 100 x 40mm 150 x 25mm Japanese community in Tauranga. 52 87 52 each10040RAPRH3DKGT (EXCL GST) per 15025RAMEH3RS18 10040RAPRH3DK each (EXCL GST) “I hope15025RAMEH3RS18 that this group will provide15025RAMEH3RS18 both network-10040RAPRH3DKGT ing opportunity for the Japanese community52 and 87 52 87 Radiata No 2 Radiata No 2 Radiata No 2 52 each (EXCL 87 GST) each (EXCL GST)per m (EXCL GST) per Japanese speakers. each (EXCL GST) per (EXCL GST) H3mR/S 4.8m H4 R/S H3 R/S 4.8m “I hope that participants will be able to improve Radiata No 2 Nox250mm 100 x 50mm 150 x 50mm Radiata No 2Radiata Radiata No 2 100 their Japanese Radiataability No 2through discussions on topical Radiata No 2 H3 will R/Sbe 4.8m H3 R/S 4.8mH4 R/S10050RAN2H3RS48 H4 R/S 15050RAN2H4RS 10050RAN2H3RS48 issues H3 and R/S that ultimately, participants ableH4 R/S 4.8m 100 x 50mm 100 x 50mm150 x 50mm 150 x 50mm to create close bonds which can be carried on into 100 x 50mm 150 x 50mm 52 13 52 10050RAN2H3RS48 the future.” per 15050RAN2H4RS length (EXCL GST) per length15050RAN2H4RS 10050RAN2H3RS48 (EXCL GST)per m 10050RAN2H3RS48 The group is free to 15050RAN2H4RS 52 13 these 52 13 a these join and is beginning per length (EXCL mCheck (EXCLlatest GST)outdeals per lengthout (EXCLper GST) per m 52 13 GST) Check per lengthon (EXCL GST) 1. The per m (EXCL GST) local Carters today. February local Ca group will meet atCheck Takara out these latest deals at your Check out these latest deals Carters Tauranga Carters Tauranga Carters Moua Radiata Prem Check Restaurant out these latest deals at your on Hamilton local Carters today. local Carters Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Pla Birch Avenue, Judeatoday. local Carters Street from 6pm toDecking 7pm. today. Ph. 07 578 9099 H3 Griptread Ph. 07 5 Ph. 07 578 9099 Carters Tauranga Carters Mount Carters Carters Mon - Fri: Tauranga 7am - 5pmMon Mon Mou - Fri: - Fri:Maunganui 7am - 5pm For more information conCarters Tauranga 100 Carters Mount Maunganui Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Place, Bayfair x 40mm Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Pla Sat: 8am 12pm Sat: 8am Sat: 8am 12pm tact Michelle, phone 07 571 Ph. 07 578 9099 Ph. 07 575 6821 Ph. 07 578 9099 Ph. 07 5 Birch Avenue, Judea Owens Place, Promotional Bayfairprices valid until 31 January 2012 at Carters Tauranga and Mount Maunga Terms and Conditions: and Conditions: valid until 31 January-2012 Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm Mon - Fri:Promotional 7am - prices 5pm 140110040RAPRH3DKGT or email michelle@ Fri: 7amTerms - 5pm Mon Fri:at Ph. 07 578 9099 Ph.stocks 07Mon 575-6821 While last. While stocks last. 8am - 12pm Sat: 8am - 12pm Sat: Sat: 8am - 12pm Sat: 8am Mon - Fri: 7am 5pm Mon - Fri: 7am - 5pm

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The Weekend Sun

French-style caravan drawing attention Spot the difference? Skin Cancer is by far the most common cancer in New Zealand and here in the Bay, and the number of diagnosed cases continues to rise each year. Skin Cancer can be life threatening, specifically melanoma if not treated early, so ensure you receive the right analysis and treatment at an early stage. Call the Skin Centre today to arrange an examination.

Skin Cancer

171 Cameron Road, Tauranga Freephone: 0508 578 578

Jessica and Ritchyrd Hirst (on chairs) with Dalyn, 8, and Faith, 5, from Auckland.

A French-themed caravan is drawing positive attention at the Mount Maunganui Beachside Holiday Park. Auckland couple Ritchyrd and Jessica Hirst have been coming to Mount Maunganui with their two children for 11 years and decided to spice up their holiday accommodation. “It’s all been decked out real French,” says Jessica. “Everyone in the camp has stopped and talks to us every single day and says it’s such a posi-

tive thing for the mount because businesses have been quiet with the Rena and the bad weather.” Jessica says they started with a normal caravan and added some accessories. “We’ve got a wooden floor and a really neat awning, but in the awning we’ve set up a really cool couch and it’s all French looking and cane and mint green cushions, there’s a lamp with a boa around, a big Marilyn Monroe poster, there’s fairy lights and a candle thing.” Jessica says her husband came up with the idea.

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

“He’s a really creative person, he could’ve done more, but I was like no, no, no because I am the one who pays the bills. “He gets everything really cheap, which is cool. He spends a long time sourcing the items and getting a really good deal, and making them himself.” The awning will be packed away when the couple returns to Auckland on Sunday. “We leave the caravan here permanently, we pack up the awning when we go and set it back up when we come back.” By Letitia Atkinson


The Weekend Sun

It’s a definite love all for tennis coach From front cover

As a youngster, Jason Young got the bug for tennis at age 10, when he discovered a natural gift for ‘padda tennis’ at Mount Maunganui Intermediate School. After discovering his ability on the school courts, he quickly rose through the ranks and within six months had taken out an Auckland age-group title. It was the start of an unbeaten four year stint. Jason’s focus returned to local youth tennis when he took up the coaching role at Otumoetai Tennis Club in 2003, following 10 years coaching in Germany. Next week

(from Wednesday, January 25-29) his attention will move from fostering young talent to his own game when he competes at the National Seniors Championships in Tauranga. He says being a coach helps keep his game sharp because he has a racquet in his hand every day and gets to see other player’s mistakes. “Seeing others’ mistakes helps remind you about your technique and of course all the practise is a great help.” Jason is no stranger to success at the senior age group level – having had a series of successes, including being a winner in the doubles and mixed doubles, and runner-up in the singles in last year’s New

Zealand’s senior’s tournament. He is currently the highest-ranked New Zealander for the 40 plus age group, at 82nd in the world. Last year, Jason was part of a New Zealand invitational team that beat Australia to win the Oceania Tennis Championships in New Caledonia. Despite his high international ranking, Jason knows he could have a major distraction to his game at next week’s tournament – with his first baby due on Thursday. Jason – who loves introducing players to tennis and helping them develop their potential – is already looking forward to getting his baby hooked on the game.

Otumoetai Tennis Club coach Jason Young (pictured with Jack, 8, and Harry, 7, Kendall) hopes to win twice next week with the National Seniors Championships, coinciding with his baby’s due date. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Two fast rides I often try to fit two subjects into one photo. A fast Ducati and a fast kite surfer seemed like a good choice. I framed up the Ducati and then waited for the surfer to come back into my picture.

Learn more about composition at Andy’s next photo workshop, phone 021 444 830 or visit www.

Bruce Matthews

Ben Heath

021 580 580

021 701 237

“I will be teaching it to play tennis as soon as it’s strong enough to hold a racquet.” The National Seniors Championships are broken down into five-year age brackets for men and women from 35

years and up – with about 200 players expected to compete in games spread between Tauranga Lawn Tennis Club, Otumoetai Tennis Club, Gate Pa Tennis Club and Mount Maunganui Tennis Club. By Hamish Carter


The Weekend Sun

Shop talk for project managers Project managers in the Bay of Plenty will from January 25 have their very own sub branch of the Project Management Institute of New Zealand. Project management is a skill that crosses a variety of skills and professions says sub branch coordinator Kay Armstrong. “We have got a lot of engineers, but we also have people working in health and safety information technology, government departments and the professions.” Kay says until now Bay of Plenty project managers had to travel to Hamilton or Auckland to talk shop with peers. “When we started to put it out there was a lot of interest. Project managers would like to be part of an organisation where they can meet like-minded people and improve their skills as project managers.” The Bay of Plenty sub branch is led by three volunteers; Kay, Alex Johnston PMP professional development coordinator and Don Jones meetings coordinator. The New Zealand chapter of the Project Management Institute has more than 1700 members nationally and drives improvements within the profession. Its presence in the Bay of Plenty will create new opportunities to

raise project performance, critical to economic growth within the region says Kay. The inaugural meeting of the PMINZ Bay of Plenty sub branch is from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Wednesday, January 25 at Classic Flyers, 9 Jean Batten Drive, Mount Maunganui. The PMINZ president and Northern Branch chair will both attend. Those interested can meet project managers and others interested in the profession. Find out about PMI certification, learn how the PMI certifications can assist you in becoming a better project manager and can progress your career. It is a credential held by more than 370,000 practitioners worldwide.

Email Kay Armstrong at if you have any queries or to guarantee your place at this session. By Andrew Campbell

Project managers Alex Johnston, Don Jones and Kay Armstrong.

Where are we going? Once again the New Year is here, congratulations you made it.

The new wave in IT service

Life can be hard, but being here is better than the alternative. In the year of the dragon, luck will be on your side. Although any golfer know that luck is helpful, some planning of your own will go a long way. If you need a third party advocate that can help think outside the box, go and see a financial planner right now. Not next week or next month, now still remains the best time to do something. A good planner might help you with your personal savings or retirement goals or even review your insurance needs. A planner may help with your business risk insurance plans including investigating Key Person risks and your ACC Levies. A planner might even help you increase the yield on your investments without taking undue risk. Whatever it is you may need from a financial point of view, a financial planner who is an Authorised Financial Adviser with the right attitude like myself should be able to help. If you want any help, please come and see me. I am only a phone call, text or email away. The article is based on personal opinion and may not be representative of the views of Goldridge Ltd. Josh Hoskin is an authorised financial adviser with Goldridge Wealth Management. A copy of his Disclosure Statement is available free on request. This article is not personalised advice under the Financial Advisers Act 2008. Readers should not act on any suggestions in this column without taking professional advice that takes into account their current circumstances and appetite for risk.



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Missing hunters prompt warning People hunting in the Bay of Plenty are being advised to be prepared before they head into the bush. GPS devices ensure piece of mind when travelling in unfamiliar bush areas.

This call has been prompted after several hunters have needed rescuing around the country, including three hunters who went missing in the Mamaku

Plateau recently. A 15, 22 and 23-year-old were dropped off in the Mokaihaha area south of Mamaku village and failed to arrive at the pre-arranged pickup area on time. Family members and friends spent all afternoon and night looking for them and when they were unable to locate the hunters, notified police. A search was mounted utilising Police Search and Rescue squad personnel, LandSAR volunteers and members of the Rotorua Four-Wheel Drive Club. The trio were located by a search, about seven kilometres from where they had been dropped off. Police say the group had become lost and made camp overnight.

They then set off and after a time realised they were back where they had started from. Police say they eventually located a major river which, by following, led them out of the bush and onto a road. “The men were tired and hungry, but otherwise none the worse for their night out,” says Detective Sergeant John Wilson. “Unfortunately, they were not well prepared, took no compass or map and had minimal food with them.” John says this once again serves as a lesson to those going into the outdoors that you need to be prepared and follow some basic rules. • Plan your trip. • Tell someone where you are going and when you will return so they know when to raise the alarm. • Be aware of the weather. • Know your limits. • Take sufficient supplies. This includes food, clothing to cover all eventualities and a means of communication.

One sound retaining wall The large retaining wall on Welcome Bay Road on the hill down to Ngapeke Road is nearly finished, signalling the completion of 1.6 km of road widening and

of the job is securing the steel reinforcing rods through the piles with large washers and nuts. The rods are sunk back into the hill from five to 15 metres.

The large retaining wall recently erected on Welcome Bay road. improvements carried out by Inroads. “That particular area we couldn’t get enough width without cutting into that bank, and there was a house up the top there which was deemed to be in serious risk if we didn’t support it, hence that wall going in,” says Inroads construction manager Bryan Crean. It should be finished next week says Bryan. Among the last parts

“Some are not far off horizontal, some quite sloped,” says Bryan. “It’s all to do with different materials in there – trying to get a sound foundation to hold those poles so they won’t move.” The gap between the wall and the bank will be back-filled with gravel and pumice to allow the water that comes off the bank to drain away. By Andrew Campbell


The Weekend Sun

How to save $20,000 Councils calculate how much money they need to pay their debts, maintain infrastructure and services and hopefully be able to save for a rainy day.

Only then do they see how much they need to extract from the public through rates. Some money does come in from investments, compli-

ance costs and charges, but a fair swag (probably the right word) is collected by sharing the rate burden between different sectors by way of property valuations. Unfortunately, this mechanical device is then misused and misinterpreted to the disadvantage of the ratepayers themselves. The mystical value of a property now has been given a number and people buy, borrow, sell and invest referencing their hard

earned money to their council valuations that were never designed for that purpose. WBOPD Council lowered the rural valuations about 25 per cent and the urban rates by five per cent, but these percentages were not the figures used for the current rates. They used the higher 2011 figures for a larger total take. Read in full on

With Brian Anderson

NZ shareholders clear message on values Happy New Year. As the current shareholders of ‘NZ Inc’, we have the opportunity to give those in the seats of power a clear message about the values we believe need to underpin the operations of this wonderfully beautiful and unique country. And one of those values is that respect, protection and enhancement of our environment must be a

non negotiable part of how we exist and seek to develop. The Rena disaster has left us with mind-boggling cost and unanswered questions. Fran Osullivan – business commentator for the NZ Herald has called for a Commission of Inquiry and says bluntly that “the NZ tax-

payer must not be tail-end Charlie for the environmental fallout from the...incompetent...actions” that led to the grounding of the Rena. Ditto for the ratepayers Fran. Clearly, there is a lot of work and enquiring to be done on the Rena, but bottom line is that our environment, plant and animal life, has been cruelly breached as have our environmental values. But the values of environmental respect et al must equally apply to all aspects of our environment; air, land, water. Read in full on

Planning for an emergency Last year gave us The draft plan identifies and quantifies the hazards a good reminder present throughout the Bay and looks at ways to manage these hazards over time to minimise that disasters can actively consequences and reduce risks. and do happen. Read in full on The Christchurch earthquakes, the Pike River mine collapse, the extreme flooding events and the Rena grounding remind us that we cannot be sure what is around the corner. Recently, a review of our civil defence planning for the Bay of Plenty was undertaken and an updated Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Management Draft Group Plan 2012-2017 has been released for public consultation. The aim of the update is to strengthen the four key areas of emergency management – reduction, readiness, response and recovery. We hope it will result in a more effective and efficient civil defence emergency management capability here in the Bay of Plenty.

school uniform


Follow The Footsteps To:

111 Grey St Tauranga

PH TGA 579 4923

(behind Shanton Apparel)

active schoolwear


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PROUD TO BE LOCAL P 07 575 5008 | F 07 575 4367 | E

A 282 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui

The Weekend Sun


Lifeguards get a work out At last, summer has arrived, though with the settled spell of weather people need to remember to take extra care near the water. Sadly, the drownings haven’t abated in New Zealand this season and we even had one close to home in Tauranga last weekend. Remember, if you’re at the beach, swim between the patrolled flags. If you’re in a river, estuary or lake, wear a personal flotation device or appropriate swimwear, stay within your comfort zone and don’t swim alone. It’s just not worth the risk. Already this season, Eastern Region lifeguards have performed 164 rescues and treated 121 people for first aid. The good news for Bay of Plenty beach-goers, is they have some of the best trained surf lifesavers in the world. Last weekend, the next generation showcased their skills at the Eastern Region Top Rookie Competition. Under 14 rookies from the nine clubs in the Eastern Region – from Hot Water Beach to Whakatane – competed in a range of challenges throughout the day. Papamoa’s Jake Cowdrey starred in the 200m swim, the tube rescue, resuscitation and run-swim-run to win the top male rookie, but it was his clubmate Maia Bryant who grabbed the female and overall title to bring back to Papamoa for the second year running.


Omanu regional guards have been kept busy with the sea conditions

during the last week, with one major rescue at Tay Street and a few minor rescues from the numerous holes and rips along the beach. Hopefully, the settled weather and drop in swell will help things for a while. There has been a bonus to the dodgy sea conditions, as well as the uncertainty over Rena – we’ve seen good numbers attending the Mount College swimming pool, which has Omanu Beach lifeguards patrolling. It has been great to see the number of families taking up the option of this community facility. Entry is $2 and the pool is open every day during the school holidays, plus weekends once school goes back. We’re looking to send a good number of juniors to the Papamoa Invitational carnival this weekend and it will be a good test for the young squad to see how they are placed leading into bigger events. We’re also sending 15, Under 16 and Under 19 athletes to the Gisborne championships as well.


The Papamoa Junior Invitational Carnival is on this Saturday, starting at 10am, followed by about five hours of furious competition. Teams from across the North Island are attending and the forecast is pretty good for a change – we’re keen to get as many athletes, officials and supporters down to the beach as possible. It was disappointing that last Saturday’s Eastern Region Junior Carnival was cancelled at Papamoa because

of conditions, but a big thank you to the Mount club for inviting our older juniors down to have a bit of a friendly competition with them to make up for it. We look forward to more ‘friendlies’ in the future, as it was a lot of fun for all. Our rookies again performed superbly at the Eastern Region Top Rookie Competition – well done to Jake Cowdrey (top male) and Maia Bryant (top female and overall), taking the mantle from Scott Miller and Ariana Moffatt who won last year. A huge thanks to club captain Ailsa Cowdrey and her young helpers for all their time and effort training our rookies to this standard. Our senior athletes also did well in Oakura at the Central Regional Championships on Sunday, finishing second overall with some great performances in the testing conditions.

fact, the ‘Mounties’ took a clean sweep of all three women’s taplins, winning the Under 19 and Under 16 finals as well. Unfortunately, some of our board relay teams have taken a leaf out of the Euro currency crisis, heading all over the place! Rena has been kind to the Mount Main Beach for a change and the public has been very well behaved, listening to the lifeguards on duty and swimming between the flags. Our next big carnival is the Eastern Regionals on our home beach next week.


THE CLUBS With Jamie Troughton

Papamoa’s Danny Hart, left, finds the going tough against Mount Maunganui’s Perry Farrell at the Central Regional Championships in Taranaki last weekend. Photo by Jamie Nilsson/SLSNZ.

Mount Maunganui

The big Mount squad had a great trip to the Central Regional Championships at Taranaki’s Oakura Beach, with 16-year-old Katie Wilson leading the charge, winning the Under 16 ski race, board race and diamond lady and finishing second in the surf race. Andrew Newton won the open board race, Jamie Banhidi took out the beach sprint and flags double, as did Arna Wright in the women’s division, with Arna also using her board skills to help Mount Maunganui take out the open women’s taplin relay, with Emmanuelle Bescheron and Brooke Shergold. In


Lifestyle Living Owning your own freehold home at Havenbrook will open up a whole new world! You get to own your own home (yes it’s freehold and not licence to occupy), socialise with others at your discretion (there’s pot luck dinners, a self-managed library, card clubs and other social activities all on site), take care of your gardens while we do the lawns, count your neighbours as friends and live the life of your dreams! Secure, modern homes in a safe, managed environment – with the freedom to come and go as you please! What more could you wish for?

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A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

Pharmacy robbery suspect arrested Police say he was heavily disguised and made off with prescription drugs. Anyone with information about the incident, or who may have seen a light-coloured, older-model 1980s car with no number plates in the area at the time of the robbery is asked to contact the Tauranga Police Station or on the Crimestoppers line, 0800 555 111.

The Tauranga man accused of robbing the Bureta Pharmacy is being held in custody until his next court appearance on Monday. Peter Houghton, 50, has yet to enter a plea for one charge of robbery and another of cultivating cannabis. Houghton is accused of entering the pharmacy at about 8.30am and demanding drugs from a lone staff member.

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)

Blue bottles lurking

Toi te Ora Public Health is asking swimmers in Bay of Plenty waters to be wary of blue bottle jellyfish. Warmer temperatures are bringing the jellyfish to the area, which can leave people in serious pain if stung by them. Medical officer of health Dr Phil Shoemack says there’s no treatment that’s going to make an absolute difference, as most of the damage is done at the time the sting occurs. Phil says if anti-histamine or pouring some Dettol on it works, then this is okay to do so. He says New Zealand is lucky not to have the type of jellyfish which can inflict more serious stings than they have in places like Australia.

Ute fall victim named

Shane Hohepa, 13, of Te Teko is the boy who was killed after falling off the back of a ute in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. He was travelling on the back of the ute along Galatea Road shortly before 1pm on Wednesday. Police Senior Constable Stephen Allen says Shane was one of two people on the back of the ute at the time of the accident. Stephen says the circumstances of how Shane died are being investigated. Anyone with information is asked to phone Constable Stephen Allen of the on (07) 308 2308.

Bay Beaches Photo Comp SunLive, in conjunction with Tourism Bay of Plenty, is asking people get photo happy this summer and send in their snaps of Bay beaches. The Bay Beaches photo competition is to entice people to step out and take snaps of their own and send them to SunLive. The first prize for under-17s is a family pass prize to Waimarino, valid between 17/02/2012 and 17/08/2012 for up to two adults and three children. The second prize is a family pass to Kiwi360, Te Puke. The first prize for 17 and over is the White Island tour prize with Pee Jay White Island Tours, valid between 21/01/2012 and 21/07/2012. The second prize for the 17 and over is a jet boat ride for two at Kaituna Jets. People can find entry details on, following the link to Bay Beaches Photo Competition on the home page. Entries close on February 3.

SunLive Community Highlights

Picture of the Week: Pemberton Park by Elspeth Lewis. Email your photos to Blog of the Week: film blogger Laura Weaser writes about the good and the bad of the latest Sherlock Holmes film. Read it at Comment of the Week: By user Gee Really about the pending sentencing of the teenager who admitted guilt to the attack of a five-year-old girl at a Turangi holiday park in December: “It’s hard to imagine the awfulness of this crime. Let’s now see what sentence is imposed on this 16-year-old. I’ve got an awful feeling it will be light. But let’s hope I’m pleasantly surprised and it reflects the get tough promises of the National government.” Not the News of the Week: “Earth scientists studying the after-effects of last year’s Japan earthquake, registering a 10 on the Richter scale, have discovered that the shifting continental plates have tilted the earth a little further on its axis. The result is a tiny, but measurable, alteration in time, distance and position in space.” Read this Not the News in full at Should people who find Rena cargo washed up on beaches be allowed to keep it? Yes




The only local daily news source you need, constantly updated, seven days a week.

Join for free and get stories, photos and video sent to you as the news breaks.


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Enter the Dragon Chinese New Year (also called the Lunar New Year) occurs in the early months of the calendar year, typically January or February and this year falls on January 23. This is the first of 15 days of celebration and the start of the Year of the Dragon. Chinese New Year is a time to welcome longevity, wealth and prosperity and to eliminate any negative chi from the past. This 15 day celebration is very symbolic. In Chinese tradition, each year is dedicated to a specific animal. In 2012, the Dragon is welcomed back after the 2011 Year of the Rabbit. Each of these animals is thought to bestow their characteristics to the people born in their year. While the Year of the Rabbit was characterised by calm and tranquility, the Year of the Dragon will be marked by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity. The Rabbit imbues people with a sense of cautious optimism, but people respond to the spirit of the Dragon with energy, vitality and unbridled enthusiasm, often throwing all caution to the

wind – which can be an unwise move. This Chinese New Year 2012 ushers in the Water Dragon. Water exerts a calming influence on the Dragon’s innate fire. Water Dragons are more open to other people’s opinions than other Dragons, which gives them the ability to channel their personal charisma into real leadership qualities.

Reviving 5,000 YeaRs of Civilization.


asB theatRe theat Presented by Falun Dafa Association of New Zealand

Which of these issues is the most important for you at this election? The sale of national assets % Use of national standards in schools % Addressing the credit crunch % Raising the retirement age % Introducing capital gains tax %



starts: 21st Feb



starts: 14th Feb



starts: April/May 2012



starts: 8th Feb



starts: 8th Feb



starts: 9th Feb



starts: 23rd Feb



starts: 11th Feb (6 week intro)



starts: April 2012



starts: 10th Feb


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Carrying on the music in Waihi Despite changing hands at the end of 2011, Music Oasis has been a part of Waihi for about 15 years. Music Oasis is an independently owned Musical instrument retailer. New owners Richard and Sandra Addison bought the Waihi business in August 2011 after having to give up dairy farming. Music has always been part of their lives. Richard’s father owned a music shop and manufactured and played the bagpipes. Richard also plays the bagpipes with the Bay of Plenty Pipes and Drums, while Sandra and their two daughters have a keen musical interest too. They stock and can source an extensive range of musical instruments and accessories. The website,, allows Music Oasis to extend its reach nationwide, with sales and enquiries coming from all over the country. Just because it’s not in the shop, it doesn’t mean they can’t get it. To support music in schools, Richard and Sandra are continuing a scheme started by the previous owner, offering four per cent of sales by customers who nominate one of the 60-plus schools signed up to receive the rebates in the form of credit to be used for their music department, a huge help for the schools who always have limited budgets.

fference is DRAMAtic i D the

Owners Richard and Sandra Addison, with daughters Monique and Caitlin.

Confident, creative children a reality Every parent’s dream of confident, creative and articulate children can be a reality, believes Helen O’Grady Drama Academy principal Camilla May.

unique approach to this need, through a unique drama curriculum which encompasses speech work, music and movement, scripted and improvised drama and quick thinking team games.

“Children today, more than ever, need to be confident communicators – able to express their ideas and feelings effectively, so that they can make friends, be included in decisions, play and work cooperatively and get themselves out of difficult situations.” The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy takes a

Bringing out the BEST in Everyone 07 576 4400

The Central Tauranga Primary Class at their 2011 production. Children love coming to the weekly classes which are varied, challenging and lots of fun says Camilla. The trained teachers ensure each child realises their own potential. Classes are held across the Bay of Plenty for children aged 5 to 17 years. For more information phone Camilla 07 576 4400 or visit


The Weekend Sun

Dance floor open to new talent Experience getting taught hip-hop dance by the best in the field at Urban Dance’s free open week.

in top eight at Worlds. Fellow Aucklander Paulah Hopoi is formally of Black Grace, a contemporary dance company which toured extensively through The open week runs from Europe and America. February 7 and caters to all Owner-chorographer ages, from pre-school classes Sarah Martin will also for three to four years old, to begin teaching street jazz at adult classes through to more The Shed – an urban mix advanced classes. of hip-hop and jazz which Urban Dance has three chodevelops a better foundaUrban Dance’s talented choreographers. reographers, all with extensive tion and more versatility New Zealand at the World Chamindustry and dance experifor dancers. pionship Hip-Hop contest. ence. Carl Flavell is the leader of Dancers with Urban Dance Auckland dancer and choreogthe Waikato-based Vouge Dance have the ability to go on and rapher Langa Tonga is formally of Group, who are current reigning become involved in competiDesire 2.0, the two-time national street dance champs and who went tions with crews and street dance champions. The group also placed to Los Vegas in 2011 to represent competitions both regionally and

Dancing across life’s canvas Tauranga-based dance company Inzpire is showcasing its brand new show to start 2012. ‘Canvas’ combines multimedia and art to paint the company’s picture, as they take the audience on a journey of every emotion and phase of what makes up our lives. Special guest acts finish off the production, ensuring a mix of dance styles.


Inzpire is comprised of dancers all aged primarily under 18 years old. The self-funded company is designed to give dancers a professional company to keep their talents in the Bay of Plenty. The show is on at Baycourt Theatre on January 28. Tickets available from

“This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.”

The Weekend Sun has a double pass to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us what the new show is called? Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by January 24.

On-site Dancewear Shop

nationally. They cater to all levels of experience and fitness. For more information and to check out the free open week timetable, visit



The Weekend Sun

More tricks than walking on water They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but for Chelsea Marriner this is just another day at the office.

CHICKEN FERTILISER & LIME cken certified organic chi We sell standard & e. manur ctive, all year round It is a natural, cost effeture, maize crops, pas for r ilise N.P.K fert small blocks. market gardens and ead. spr and t car , We supply le in bags or bulk. Wood shavings availabshavings for bulk Free delivery of wood orders. and cart Also available: Supply l Lime l Metal l Sand

The 20-year-old dog handler and ‘The Dog Stars’ are one of the star acts at the Tauranga A and P show this Saturday, held at Tauranga Racecourse. Chelsea’s stars are a group of collies, with an average weight of 22kg, who she has trained to perform tricks from the simple ‘roll over’ to jumping up and sitting on her back. She says the energetic lot keep her busy on her few acres in Rotorua, but teaching the dogs tricks is a fun process. “When they are younger it is easier and quicker for them to pick up.

“Depending on the dog, they can pick it up as quickly as a day or for the harder acts I usually spend five minutes every day for two weeks with the dog.” As well as Chelsea’s dog show, Tauranga A and P also features other fun activities and attractions for all ages. One of the more talked about attractions is the Water Walking Balls. These are giant, non-toxic, super strong transparent balls which allow you to walk, jump, flip, crawl, roll or just float and relax in it on water. Another great and energetic activity is Mobile Laser Skirmish – a new, high-tech, leisure and recreational activity. Like paintball, laser skirmish uses the same battlefield scenarios using paint-free infra-red laser tagger technology – which provides a safe activity for all ages and abilities. The A and P Show have a petting zoo, amusement rides and over 40 local trade and informative sites. The first 2000 people through the gate go in the draw to win $1000 plus Chelsea other main prizes, which include seven Marriner. nights in luxury accommodation on the Gold Coast, grocery vouchers and Mobile Laser Skirmish. prize packs.

By Laura Weaser

Taking longboarding to the screen A new documentary exploring the longboard experience, featuring four coasts of the North Island, is playing in Tauranga.

SEWN (which is an acronym for South, East, West, North), is the first New Zealand-made longboarding film in more than a decade.

Entrancing sights

Longboarding is a surfing discipline using boards longer than 9 feet (2.84m). Longboarders are entrancing to watch as they literally seem to be walking on water. SEWN is directed and produced by French filmmaker and longboarder Nicolas Brikke, who has been based in New Zealand for more Longboarding: popular this than five years. summer. He takes the viewer within the longboarding experience, going up close and personal to the surfing action through his camera work.


Film expertise











& A





The documentary’s production team includes Will Moore, a director and editor who has worked with company Fish n Clips productions and on the music videos of some of New Zealand’s best-known artists, including Brooke Fraser, Scribe and the Mint Chicks. It also includes Paul Wedel, a Canadian director, editor and producer who has had films screened in New Zealand film festivals and Kirsten Berrett, a graduate from the New Zealand Film and Television School, who has worked as an actress and in production for several films. The World Premier of SEWN was held at Piha Domain, during the 2012 Hyundai National Surfing Championship. SEWN is showing at Baycourt on Tuesday, January 24. For further information visit


The Weekend Sun

Children to dig for dino bones The sand is set to fly on Monday as more than 200 people are expected to merge on Mount Maunganui Main Beach for the annual Dino Dig. Organised by Tauranga and Mount Maunganui PORSE In-Home childcare centres, Dino Dig is a free community event where children and their families are invited to plow the sand in search of plastic dinosaur bones that will claim them some top prizes. PORSE consultant Ali Keillor says the event is a fun activity involving a lot of digging. “We get dinosaur bones, dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs (ping pong balls) and bury them all over the place. “The children go out there and dig, and dig, and dig. It really is incredible how much digging goes on.” The bones will be buried in various places in a section of the beach in front of Leisure Island. Ali says it is primarily aimed at children under the age of five, but older brothers and sisters, along with parents and grandparents, are all welcome to attend.

“We usually get about 200 people down there – it’s a lot of fun and laughter.” This is the fourth time the event has been held and Ali says this is the perfect time of year for the event, before the children go back to school and holidaymakers head home. “We have a heap of prizes for the children, including puzzles, games and toys.” The event is on Mount Maunganui Main Beach in front of Leisure Island on Monday, January 23 from By Phillipa Yalden 9am.

Social Sunday bowling Just over a year ago, Club Mount Maunganui moved into sparkling new buildings at Blake Park. The new club combines more than 4000 members from two different bowling clubs, a croquet club, the previous Mount Cosmopolitan Club and a further nine different groups, (known as ‘adjuncts’), affiliated with different sports and leisure pursuits.

Great hospitality

Club Mount Maunganui caters for a hugely diverse range of interest groups – the only common thread amongst members is that everyone expects to receive great hospitality and great value at all times. “We provide a really welcoming and safe atmosphere, with some of the best priced drinks in the Bay of Plenty,” says Acting general manager Andrew Logan.

Relax and enjoy

“Our buffet restaurant is under new management and now offers a great meal at a very reasonable cost. And of course we regularly have live music and many special events where you

can relax and enjoy.” Now the plan is to offer a much wider range of specialist events to attract even more people. This Sunday afternoon is the start of a very popular activity in Australia. It’s an opportunity to have your first ever game of bowls

in a social atmosphere. Enjoy the sausage sizzle and then start bowling at 1pm. They’ll even be a few prizes later in the afternoon. Starting at 12pm on Sunday, the afternoon is called ‘Barefoot Bowls, Beers and BBQ’. Everyone is welcome.


The Weekend Sun

Learn skills for further education Returning to study or keen to do tertiary study but you didn’t finish school? The Bay of Plenty Polytechnic’s Certificate in Tertiary Studies could be for you. The 17 week course runs twice a year, with two weeks of break in between. The course is designed as a bridging course, aimed at providing the skills and knowledge for higher level courses and increasing the likely hood of the academic success at this level. The certificate teaches the students skills in academic writing such as essays and reports, basic mathematics, as well as piratical skills such as CV preparation, interviewing techniques and how to prepare for a formal interview. The course also familiarises students with the tools they need for a tertiary course, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. A two-day first aid training course is also held as part of the certificate. One aspect which differs from many courses is it teaches students the importance of identity and cultural history.

The Bay of Plenty Polytechnic’s Certificate in Tertiary Studies caters for those who wish to get back into the swing of study. The course explores each student’s individual family history and whakapapa to understand research skills and also develop a sense of self. It also teaches students to open their eyes to a different way of life and the bi-cultural make-up of New Zealand. The course is the first step to moving onwards and is aimed at

people who haven’t had previous educational success, who are now ready to come back into study. The first intake begins February 25. Contact Bay of Plenty Polytechnic for further information, phone 0800 BOP POLY or visit

By Laura Weaser

Switching to a more positive approach A person can succeed at anything for which there is enthusiasm. - Charles M. Schwab I have noticed that if I feel a little flat and I make the decision to be more upbeat, then my thoughts and physical response seem to catch up with that

thought and I find I can be in a different and more positive place. I also find that the decision to be more enthusiastic opens me up to possibilities that I hadn’t noticed when I was feeling unenthusiastic. What thoughts or physical stance could you adopt to create a more upbeat approach to something you don’t feel overly enthusiastic about? If you would like to find out more about coaching, phone Mary Parker for a complimentary session 07 577 1200, email or visit


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Volunteer in Costa Rica

“We have a group of 18 of our international volunteers from Iceland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Denmark, Austria, USA, Germany, Switzerland and will be running a series of activities so our volunteers can review their experiences in New Zealand, including an art workshop with a renowned local artist.” Kate says as a volunteer, people would live with a Costa Rican homestay family, learn Spanish and be part of an international volunteering team. ““We would love to strengthen the relationship between New Zealand and Costa Rica – one CR staff member spent his volunteer exchange year in New ZeaNational director Kate Clark and volunteer Celina land about 12 years ago. “ACVE is all about offering young people from New Vargas Arguedas. Photo by Tracy Hardy. Zealand the opportunity to volunteer on some amazing A volunteer exchange programme in projects around the world and reap the rewards of taking Tauranga is asking for volunteers to part in a volunteering programme which encourages you come forward who are willing to head to challenge yourself.”  

overseas to work in different projects.

Aotearoa Cultural & Volunteer Exchange is looking for three people from the Bay of Plenty region. Two are to go to Costa Rica for 12 months, working on projects such as turtle conservation, public health, in an elderly residential home in San Jose or cloud forest conservation. The third person will go to another part of the country to take part in a volunteer exchange programme. National director Kate Clark says ACVE is a dynamic international youth exchange organisation responsible for running the International Cultural Youth Exchange volunteer exchange programme in New Zealand. “Our worldwide exchange programme is supported by the United Nations and has been running for over 60 years,” says Kate.


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Have a go and build your literacy skills Literacy and Language BOP literacy manager Annamaria Grafas is pleased to be able to offer the successful, free Key Skills Course in 2012. This course provides a safe place for people to ‘give it a go’. Run during school terms, the success of the 100-hour course is attributed to the informal and comfortable environment, the group dynamics and the variety of activities. Learners work at their own level and pace covering the basics that people may have missed at school or refreshing and updating learner’s prior knowledge. The course is very flexible and offers the opportunity to work on NZ school curriculum workbooks and the Open Polytechnic Certificate in Foundation Communications in which learners gain 40 level one credits.

Literacy and Language BOP’s Joy Taylor and Annamaria Grafas. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Learner’s goals, needs and learning styles determine what aspects of the material they learn and how they learn it. Course manager Joy Taylor noted previous students have made huge

improvement, particularly in confidence and overcoming the fear of learning, and the concept of ‘school’. On completion of 100 hours, students receive a certificate of achievement.

Get industrial training With more than 50 vocational programmes covering five of the Bay of Plenty’s largest industries, Pacific Coast Technical Institute encourages future students to get industrial. Covering distribution, maritime, food, horticulture and retail, the vocational training centre revolves around three main categories of courses: Short term, straight-to-work and train-while-you-work. The first is focused on those who want to boost their skills or revalidate a qualification, with a focus on roading, horticulture and maritime. Owner Mark Hellyer says the purpose of the short courses is to ensure employees in businesses are well trained and up-to-date with their qualifications – ensuring they are the right staff to service a client’s needs. The second course category is built around five week short courses based in hospitality, retail and business admin. He says these popular courses are for those who want to get qualified and get out into the workforce. Examples of skills that are taught include food service, bar service and barista training in hospitality and merchandising, point of sale and customer service in retail. These courses are offered part-time during the day, five days a week for five weeks. The final category is for employers who are looking to increase productivity in their business and want to

Pacific Coast Technical Institute owner Mark Hellyer in the retail vocational suite. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

put their employees through these courses. These courses are customised around the work place to minimise impact on the employer, so employees can go about their normal work and gain credits towards certificates. With seven specific suites on site, all targeted to a specific course and education, Pacific Coast Technical Institute offers practical training in a realistic setting, so future employers can be guaranteed the staff they hire understand the workforce they are entering. Call PCTI to discuss your options today.


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Overcoming learning difficulties Like many others, Isabelle Beniston struggled tremendously with reading, writing and maths. Her parents were frustrated with the time it took to help with reading, spelling and times-tables - often with their daughter in tears and throwing tantrums. Whilst working hard at intermediate, Isabelle obtained only mediocre results and her reading and writing were very poor. The prompt for her parents to take action came during a parent-teacher evening Isabelle’s teacher discussed her concern about the discrepancy between Isabelle’s reading and writing abilities and her spoken language. Then 12 years old, her reading was at a seven year-old’s level. Isabelle’s mother, Louize, decided to undertake some intensive research herself on literacy learning disorders Isabelle Beniston.

– and came across Dore, an exercise-based treatment for people with learning, attention and behavioural difficulties. The programme works using targeted and individualised exercises to stimulate activity in the cerebellum, part of the brain involved in learning, cognition and co-ordination. An assessment with an educational psychologist was undertaken and Isabelle was diagnosed as having dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. Isabelle herself decided that Dore was for her! Through self-determination and family support, she maintained her Dore programme routine without faltering, and quickly saw results her family had never considered possible. Helped by the programme, Isabelle began to make exceptional academic progress. In less than 12 months her reading age went from 7 to 14 years and she was awarded her school’s prize for the greatest academic progress by any student. Isabelle went on to do well at secondary school and has just completed a year at a performing arts school training as a ballet dancer – not bad progress for someone who struggled so much with reading and writing and couldn’t tie her shoelaces properly until she was 14.

Football funding for two Bay schools Four clubs in the Waikato Bay of Plenty Football Federation are in a better position to develop football after receiving grants from the New Zealand Football Foundation. The Football Foundation is to provide the long-term financial support needed to grow football in New Zealand. This growth plan includes building the profile of the game, encouraging participation and improving facilities and training for all New Zealanders, especially youth. The four WaiBOP Football clubs to receive funding are Tauranga Boy’s College and Waipuna Junior Football Club in the Western Bay of Plenty and Hukanui-Rototuna Football Club and Glenview United AFC in the Waikato. Boys’ College received $3000, which they are going to use for pitch improvements in conjunction with another $3000 already received from the school sports board. “It will allow us to have a better playing surface on the two pitches the school owns, especially when they’re used for pretty much all training and games for 15

teams,” says teacher Scott Furness. Patron of the New Zealand Football Foundation and All Whites Captain Ryan Nelson says the aim of the Football Foundation is to help raise the profile of the game in New Zealand and also pro-

vide young players with the opportunity to realise their dreams. “I am pleased and proud to be Patron of the New Zealand Football Foundation and believe it will play a significant role in New Zealand's football future.”

Learning about fish and the water is part of our culture.


It’s the next BIG thing. With a Certificate in Aquatic Studies you can unlock the door to a whole range of opportunities in the aquaculture, marine, eco tourism, and seafood industries. Make the world your oyster with this...

42 week course.

Starts February 2012. Call now

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$29,990 +ORC*

Get more life and more luxury from new Lancer SEi – the latest addition to the 2012 M hatch, and it’s yours from a very surprising $29,990*. Inside, a wealth of features sur makes a commanding impression. On the road, you’re covered by our unbeatable Di more to the 10-year relationship. Call 0800 54 53 52, visit or se

*Price listed is for Lancer SEi Sedan Auto. Visit for Diamond Advantage participating Mitsubishi Motors Dealers.


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Mitsubishi range. It’s available in sedan or spacious rround you. Outside, the newly styled exterior amond Advantage Warranty. It really brings a lot ee your nearest Mitsubishi Motors Dealer now.

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Spoilt for choice This year is definitely shaping up as an exciting period for the New Zealand new car market.

From compact cars to commercials, the world’s leading manufacturers have been rolling out the innovations and loading them into a variety of models that will see the local car buying public

well and truly spoilt for choice. Three new compact ‘crossover’ vehicles are due for release soon, the first of which is the Mazda CX-5, which will be available in two and all-wheel-drive options

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from early April, and in both diesel and new SKYACTIV petrol engines. Peugeot is also launching a smaller option to their 4007 SUV, the 4008. Due here in May, the 4008 will be sold as a 1.6 or 2.0 litre petrol or as a 1.6L HDi diesel variant. Nissan has its own sporty crossover in the form of the Nissan Juke. Described as ‘funky-looking’ inside and out, the Juke will boast a 1.6L petrol engine with an improved Xtronic CVT transmission and is due out in April. More exciting news from Nissan comes with the mid-year launch of the all-electric Leaf. This eagerly anticipated car has received many favourable reviews overseas and boasts a range of up to 170km from its fully charged lithium-ion battery. Hybrid vehicle converts will also be pleased to know Toyota have made big changes to their world-leading Prius, with a new model due out later in the year. New small to mid-size cars, like the Mitsubishi Lancer SEi, Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla and the Series II Holden Cruze SRi-V, were selling well in the last half of 2011. This trend looks set to continue as manufacturers keep expanding their ranges. For example, the Holden Cruze is soon to have the addition of a hatchback model, while Toyota is launching all-new Camry and Aurion models in March. The luxury end of the market will be well catered for too with new Mercedes-Benz ML, SL and B-Class



Exciting smaller ‘crossover’ models like the Mazda CX-5, Peugeot 4008 and Nissan Juke will offer buyers more flexibility when they are released into the market soon. models and the new 3 Series and outstanding M5 from BMW. Commercials and utes also continue to provide buyers with a huge range of options with better technology and performance built into every new model. The Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and Toyota Hilux, continue to sell well. Joining them this year will be the Nissan Navara 550, powered by a new 3.0L V6 diesel engine delivering 170kW and 550 Nm of torque.



Offer based on 30% deposit, 48 month term (including 5 months deferred payment), and 5% p.a. interest rate. Normal lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. On-road costs plus a booking fee of $325 apply. Finance provided by Holden Financial Services, a division of MARAC Finance Ltd. Offer ends 29th February on the selected models above, while stocks last at participating Dealers. Offer not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount and available to private customers only.



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The all-new Ford Focus Sport is one model in the award-winning line-up.

The new generation Ford Focus has been judged New Zealand’s Car of the Year by the country’s leading motoring writers and commentators. Launched in the third quarter of 2011, the new model is the third generation of the Focus, and the first of this popular model to scoop New Zealand’s highest new car automotive honour. In reaching their decision to award the 2011 Ford Focus the country’s Car of the Year accolade, members of the New Zealand Motoring Writers' Guild assessed a number of variants in the range. These included the 1.6 and 2.0-litre petrol variants, as well as a fuelefficient 2.0-litre turbo-diesel version. In addition to performance and handling, the facets under consideration included suitability for the task for which the Focus is designed, safety accoutrements, economy, visual appeal, value for money, ease of operation and its level of home comforts and quality of finish.

“The level of chassis sophistication engineered into the new Focus is remarkable,” says Guild president David Linklater. “New generation direct-injection engines and Ford’s PowerShift dualclutch transmission bring strong performance and outstanding economy. “This year’s win for the Focus is also a tribute to the quality of Ford’s model range”, says David. “Three out of the last four New Zealand Car of the Year winners have come from the Ford stable, with victories for the Fiesta and Falcon in 2009 and 2008 respectively.” The Focus was one of 12 finalists for this New Zealand Car of the Year award, which is open to new passenger car models launched in New Zealand during the 12 months prior to 1 November, 2011. Other finalists were the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Audi A7, BMW X3, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Optima, Kia Rio, Peugeot 508, Suzuki Swift, Toyota Yaris, Volvo S60 and Volkswagen Passat.


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Pedals to Planes With increased traffic on Anniversary weekend, make travelling by car to the Classics of the Sky Tauranga City Airshow your back-up option.

Even from Greerton, airshow organisers are encouraging show attendees to find alternative and environmentally-friendly transport options to reduce traffic congestion and delays getting into the show. The Pedals to Planes concept is an initiative to encourage families to bike to the event. Thanks to the Tauranga City Council, this can be achieved by using the many bike tracks available. Team leader of Kids can Ride, a school cycle safety education programme, Iris Thomas says biking should be in preference over travelling by car because not only can the whole family bike safely together, but it is a great way to get fit, care for our environment and save money. Biking together also means less congestion on the road and Airshow organisers have even set up a dedicated fence area for people to lock their bikes onto, to give them piece of mind as to the safety of their bike. If biking is not an option, there are always the Bay Hopper buses, which can take visitors direct to the Airshow. Route one and two take you direct to the Airshow’s gates and route 33 has a short walk. For more information phone 0800 422 928 or visit While you can take your car, organisers recommend carpooling to limit the number of cars trying to get into the site. Please note that Jean Batten Drive is closed for all vehicles, with pedestrian access only during the Airshow (exceptions permitted). For more information, visit the Airshow website,

Greerton athletics winning form Greerton’s rising athletic stars performed well at the recent North Island Colgate Games held at Tauranga Domain. Greerton Amateur Athletics Club team manager Sue Somerfield congratulates all 48 athletes who took part from the club. She says they all competed to their best ability during the three days of tough competition. “It was absolutely a great success. All the kids gave it their best and had a great time. “We had a lot who did PBs which was great.” Sue says the event was a great success and congratulates the organising committee for its hard work. The competition, which attracted 1635 seven to 14-year-old athletes – including 92 from Australia, was the peak North Island track and field competition for the age group. “Many of our athletes made the finals in their events, this on its own is a great achievement against the best in the North Island, a handful from the South Island and the visiting Australian Trans Tasman Team.” Sue says there were many outstanding efforts including Samantha Bitcheno’s gold medal for the 100m and bronze for the 200m (grade 13), along with Melia Eades (grade 10) for gold in high jump, Brooke Somerfield (grade 14) for bronze in 100m, 200m and long jump and Felila Simanu (grade 11) for silver in 200m. “Our relays teams had some great success too, taking home one silver and four bronze medals.”

The competition – which is rotated between the seven North Island athletic districts – was hosted in Tauranga for the first time. Following the success of the Tauranga event, three Greerton club members competed in the South Island competition in Nelson the following weekend where Brooke Somerfield, and sisters Jessica and Samantha Bitcheno all won medals. Three other club members also competed well in the Trans Tasman Challenge against Australia held in Auckland on January 15. Lachlan Haycock, Petra Gough and Felila Simanu all won bronze (grade 11) in the 4x100m relays, while Lachlan also won bronze in By Hamish Carter the 400m.


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Postcard to Ady Hi Ady,

Just a quick note to say I'm having a fab time on holiday in the sun, but miss you and can't wait to catch up. I should be home by the time the paper comes out on Friday. Finally summer has arrived, and I've been practising my swim and fetch techniques, on the off chance the bosses manage to shoot anything that needs retrieving this winter. Cousin Rosie is a late bloomer in the swimming. I showed her how it’s done and how to swim with a stick at the same time. She’s very keen on helping me bring in the same stick. They say friends should stick together, but this is taking it a bit far.

We've been fishing too. The bait sure looks tasty. I've had to be on best behaviour on the boat or I won’t be invited back. Hope your Ziwipeak supplies are in good shape for my return. I will need a bit of sustenance when I get back. Camp food is getting a bit bland. And probably some lead training with Aunt Wendy the dog trainer. The boss reckons I've picked up some bad habits being out of civilisation this week. Miss you heaps, you're still my best stick chasing buddy. Catch you later.

Luv, Flo

Friends stick together. Flo and cousin Rosie looking very fetching.

Putting Greerton in the spotlight Businesses in Greerton are hoping to capitalise on a busy calendar of promotions by Greerton Village Mainstreet this year, which kick off this weekend. Mainstreet manager Victoria Thomas says a promotion at the Tauranga A&P Show will kick off a series of events organised for the coming months to attract more people to the Greerton area. Victoria says the show – which is being held at the neighbouring racecourse – is a great place to promote Greerton because people are already in the area. “They are already here, so we want to capitalise on that so we are giving away goody bags with discounts and vouchers for some businesses.” Victoria says most of the retailers she had spoken to report a good Christmas and holiday trading period – with many a lot busier between Christmas and New Year than expected. The A&P Show goody bags will be followed by a Valentines Day promotion and a Guinness world record attempt for the biggest water pistol fight planned for the racecourse in early March. The world record attempt – which will need more than 2700 participants to be successful – is being organised as a fundraiser for Variety the Children’s Charity.

Victoria says she feels getting 2700 people to take part is achievable and says it will be good to support the children’s charity. During Easter, Greerton Mainstreet will get involved in the jazz festival, with at least three bands performing around the streets and on stage in the Greerton village square. Mainstreet also hope to organise a vintage car show on Easter Saturday, April 7. “The jazz bands will add to the atmosphere in the area,” says Victoria. “We did it last year and it seemed to attract quite a few people, but we are hoping the weather will be a lot better this year.” By Hamish Carter


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Veggies to show up the barbecue Barbecues this summer don’t always have to be meat, meat and more meat. Vegetables cooked on the barbecue are a great alternative for vegetarian guests or even those who enjoy a healthier alternative to sausages. Capsicums: Cut lengthways into quarters. Remove seeds. Brush sparingly with oil, place on a hot barbecue plate and turn frequently during cooking. Courgette halves: Split courgettes in half lengthways and place on the barbecue. Baste sparingly with oil and turn frequently during cooking. Eggplant slices: While slices are cooking, brush them generously with oil. Cook for 5-10 minutes. Kumara: Scrub medium sized kumara.

Do not peel. Wrap in a double layer of foil and place in barbeque embers. Cook for 25-30 minutes, or cut into 0.5cm thick slices and brush with oil. Turn only once during cooking. Cook for 10-12 minutes. Other suggestions include onion rings with fresh rosemary or sage, pepper/capsicum wedges with sliced shallots and beans or asparagus with sesame seeds.

Corn barbequed in foil.

Food to match your brew Forget expensive trips to the supermarket for entertaining snacks and treats, Liquor 4 Less now has a wide range of Do-ItYourself food specialty kits and ingredients. The homebrew retailer has added pizza ovens and pasta makers to their repertoire of DIY food creations, providing easy, delicious options to accompany any brew. Bernice Quartermain from Liquor 4 Less says making your own pasta and pizzas from scratch is very easy. “The pasta maker is so simple, you just mix flour and water together with a bit of salt and put it through the machine. The pizza oven comes with six spatulas so you can choose to make six little pizzas or one large one.” The preserving kits are also a popular favourite says Bernice. Complete with preserving pans, jars

and equipment for grabbing the hot lids, the kits are all-in-one and easy to use for delicious preserves. Liquor 4 Less continues to stock the ‘Mad Millie’ cheese making range, which enables anyone to make a range of cheeses from mozzarella, cream cheese and camembert, to mature cheddar in a few simple steps. Bernice says the newest addition is the smaller incubator, which is good for making soft and fresh cheese using less kitchen space. Another easy and extremely quick kit is the Beginners Italian Cheese kit. The kit makes fresh Italian cheeses, such as mozzarella, in less than an hour. For anyone interested in making cheese, there is a free demonstration at 10am on Saturday, February 4. In addition to the food craft range, Liquor 4 Less has an extensive range of brewing kits, equipment and ingredients to make beer, wine and spirits at home.

Bernice Quartermain from Liquor 4 Less with a cheesemaking kit. Photo by Bruce Barnard.


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Leaning forward for plums While I was visiting a friend the other day his neighbour passed by with a bowl of plums.

Plum Streusel Cake

Ingredients 250g self-raising flour 80g castor sugar Pinch of salt 150g unsalted butter, cold 1 egg, beaten About 1 kilo plums – big juicy ones are best, cut up into eights 1-2 tbsp of castor sugar or a bit more if plums aren’t sweet Ground cinnamon

They were large and flavoursome, with a natural milky white waxy bloom on them, you had to lean forward to eat them as they were so juicy. The plums

tasted amazing compared to the last ones I had eaten from the supermarket, which were sour and dry. Eating these fresh plums brought back many memories of scaling fences on the way home from school as a child to grab as many as I could before being sprung by the owner. Plums can be used in so many ways. When dried, they become prunes, which are also sweet and juicy containing several antioxidants and as we know, prunes are well known for their laxative effects. The Chinese salt and dry their plums and use them for a snack and liquorice is sometimes used to intensify the flavour. The Japanese variety called umeboshi is used often to flavour rice balls or omusubi and the Malaysians make a dark, sweet chilli plum sauce by adding fresh chillies and palm sugar and cooking into a syrup. If you do find a flavoursome, lean-forward variety at the farmers market or hanging over your neigh-

Streusel 150g plain flour 100g brown sugar 1 tbsp vanilla sugar 100g unsalted butter, cold Method For the cake, grease a 26cm flan or cake tin. Combine the flour, sugar, salt and butter all together in a food processor, mix until you have coarse crumbs, add the egg and mix until it forms a ball. Press together and wrap in cling film and allow to rest in the fridge for 20 minutes. Roll out the

bours fence, try slicing a few up and steeping in water in the fridge for a refreshing plum water drink. Or you could make an old favourite of mine – a plum Streusel cake.

pastry until you have the flan tin covered to about 5mm as evenly as possible. For the streusel, combine all ingredients in food processor and rub together with your hand until you have large lumpy crumbs. Arrange the chopped plums upright and tightly packed in the pastry, sprinkle the sugar and cinnamon over the plums and sprinkle the stuesel mix over the top. Bake at 180 degrees for about 35-45 minutes until golden brown, serve with whipped cream or ice cream while still warm.

Birthday celebration of cheese Over the Moon is based in Putaruru. They make handcrafted cheeses from locally sourced cow, goats, sheep and buffalo milk. The range includes not only traditional hard cheeses like Cheshire and Romano, but also a tantalising family of soft cheeses and blues, plus some relatively undiscovered delights like haloumi and washed rind. Over the Moon cheeses are traditionally crafted using modern-day recipes developed by internationally renowned Master Cheesemaker Neil Wilman.

Over the Moon uses non-animal rennet so that everyone, including vegetarians, can enjoy the cheese. The quality cheeses New Zealanders love to eat – such as camembert, feta and a variety of hard cheeses from Europe are all stocked at Good Food and the team from OTM will be in store this Friday, January 20 doing sampling to celebrate our first birthday. Come in store for the chance to win a great range of giveaways from Over the Moon.


NZ Farms


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Exploring in Maketu Bring the family together for an energetic and educational run/walk or bike around the historical points of Maketu. The Maketu Duathlon and Maketu Historic Hikoi is back again for the sixth year this Saturday, January 21 from 8am until 1pm. There are two courses – Standard is a 3.5km run/walk and 10km bike or for those who like to push themselves, Challenge is a 6km run/walk and 20km bike. The opening run/walk course runs through the village of Maketu with some

grand vistas overlooking the Bay of Plenty. It has a steep hill climb in the first km and from there it is mostly flat or downhill. Alongside the duathlon, the Historic Hikoi is a 5km walk around the historic precincts of Maketu Village, including the St Thomas Anglican church, the second oldest church in the Bay of Plenty, the Ivy Isles and the Pukemaire Pa. Both are designed to be a commu-

One of the historic sites on the walk. nity event and one for all ages and fitness levels. This year, the Maketu Duathlon welcomes a new sponsor, The Rotary Club of Maketu, which has been a regular supporter since its inception. Maketu Rotary has stepped up to take over coordination of the event. There are spot prizes to be won, music and a sausage sizzle. Organiser Carolyn Symmans, Alexandra Redmond, 13, from Maketu For more information visit and organiser Susan Campbell. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

After 20 years, Vasectomies at Promed Urology have moved.

Urology custom-built premises Consultant urologists Andre Westenberg and Liam Wilson have set up in private practice as Bay Urology in brand-new, purpose-built rooms at the bottom of Hamilton Street in Tauranga city.

now at Bay Urology 120 Hamilton street, tauranga BOOK nOW to be able to sit on the couch for · super 15 Opening weekend February 15th · nrL Opening weekend March 2nd · the Masters, Augusta April 8th

suite a,120 Hamilton street, tauranga P (07) 571 2288 E W

CREATE THE BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED! If there was a way you could target fat and cellulite in the problematic areas of your body without the cost and painful recovery of surgery, would you be willing to give it a try? Well, here’s your chance. Hailed by UK media “the most effective fat reduction and cellulite treatment on the market”, HYPOXI® is now taking New Zealand by storm. This innovative treatment enables you to burn fat and reduce the appearance of unsightly cellulite from the stubborn areas of the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs in as little as 6 sessions. HYPOXI’s unique combination of gentle exercise with vacuum therapy increases blood circulation and accelerates fat metabolism in those stubborn areas, yielding some amazing results. The real beauty of HYPOXI® is that the recommended course of treatments is just 3 sessions a week for a period of 4 weeks. A session takes just half an hour and is provided in a private boutique environment.

HYPOXI® ARRIVES IN MOUNT MAUNGANUI See how easy it is to create the body you’ve always wanted, call our friendly staff at The Body Studio on (07) 575 8454 or visit for more information.


1 Free Consultation and 1 HYPOXI Session

Valid at The Body Studio

Suite 3, 43 Girven Road Mount Maunganui 3116 To redeem this Guest Pass call (07) 575 8454

Kim Inskeep and Simone Evemy, who were previously at Promed Urology, have joined them to provide nursing and administrative support. “The new rooms give us a real ability to deliver seamless first-world care,” says Kim. “We not only have state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities, but we are also complemented by having on-site continence and sexual therapists. “We aim to deliver patient-focused care – we realise that not everyone can make appointments during work hours and so we will have appointments available outside of those hours. “In addition, we will hold slots aside so that if people need to be seen urgently we will be able to do so.” The Urologists, who also work at Tauranga Hospital, cover the range of Urological procedures with Andre having a subspecialty interest in urological cancer and male urinary incontinence and Liam in Pediatric and reconstructive Urology. They both manage more routine Urological cases such as kidney stones, female incontinence and prostate problems. “If we don’t do it, we will refer you to someone who does,” says Liam. Vasectomy Fridays will commence from next week. “This service aims to make vasectomy not only safe, painless and effective, but also –even though it may be hard to believe – fun.” Appointments for consultation and treatment of any urological condition are available now.


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Family reunite for centenary Hans Andresen, Doreen Talma, Chuck Talma, Lorraine Andresen, Damian Andresen with birthday girl Hilda Talma. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

It was a 100th birthday to remember, not just for passing the landmark milestone, but for Hilda Talma, it was the first time she has seen some of her family in nearly 50 years. By Laura Weaser

Hilda’s children, Chuck from Canada and Doreen from North Dakota, had travelled to New Zealand for a surprise birthday party on Friday, January 13. It had been 48 years since Hilda had seen Chuck and 35 years since she had seen Doreen.

a great surprise for Hilda. As well as celebratory champagne, the family and friends took Hilda to her favourite restaurant, Bluebiyou on the Saturday.


She says it was good fun and a great opportunity to catch up with everyone. Staff at Bernadette Lifecare say Hilda is a great resident, with a talent for knitting, crochet and needle work, despite having an injured eye.


They shared the celebration at Bernadette Lifecare with afternoon tea, cakes and balloons decorating the lounge. Hilda has been with Bernadette for five years, but until this time, daughter Lorraine Andresen says Hilda had been very independent living on her own. “I think she puts her good health down to being happy and eating well, as well as regular attendance to Church.” Lorraine, who lives in Tauranga, says the day was



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Fashion sense comes to Tauranga From their humble beginning as plus-sized clothing wholesalers, to owning two successful stores, Platform owner Annette Merrin and husband Lee are excited to bring their store to Tauranga.

Donna Stobie, Marie Welham, and owner Annette Merrin from Platform. Photo by Bruce Barnard. The store is set to be a “fantastic addition” to the couple’s two stores in Auckland and Wellington, as well as their comprehensive online store. Originally from Whakatane, Annette says Tauranga was the logical answer for her next store. “A lot of our online customers are from the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. It is a lovely part of the country and I think a good reflection for what our brand is about – lifestyle clothing. “Whether you are taking kids to kindergarten or you are going to a wedding, we have everything to suit your lifestyle.”

Everything in Platform is exclusively made at the factory in Auckland, which means there are no imported items and the chances of running into someone with exactly the same piece is unlikely, unlike many chain stores. The store prides itself on a high turnover of fashion, with five new styles designed to flatter and compliment the plus-sized figure arriving in store every week. The husband and wife team have nearly 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Annette says they have seen the retail fashion sector develop over time, includ-

ing the importance of an online presence. “Not only can clients find what they like and buy it from their own home, those who don’t like shopping online often use the website to scope out the styles before they come into the store.” The website also features a weekly newsletter, a hand-picked outfit of the week feature and style blog, put together by Annette. Annette is The Weekend Sun’s newest fashion columnist. Keep an eye on the health and beauty section every month for her column, beginning the first week of February. By Laura Weaser

Nominate volunteers for awards Nominations are now open for Western Bay of Plenty and Tauranga residents to recognise the dedication of voluntary groups

by entering them in the TrustPower Western Bay of Plenty Community Awards and TrustPower Tauranga Community Awards. The awards, which are run in conjunction with the Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District Councils, are open to all voluntary groups and organisations working to make their regions a better place to live. The awards cover five categories: Health and Wellbeing; Heritage and Environment; Arts and Culture; Sport and Leisure; and Educational and Child/Youth Development. Category winners receive $500, runners-up receive $250 and the Supreme Winner will take home $1500 and an all-expenses paid trip to the TrustPower National Community Awards. Anyone can enter a voluntary group in the awards – groups can even enter themselves. Entry forms for the TrustPower Community Awards are available from council offices or service centres or can also be downloaded from www. Entry forms can also be received by calling TrustPower Community Relations, phone 0800 87 11 11 or if you prefer, the TrustPower community relations team will take details of your entry over the phone. Entries close on Friday, March 23.


The Weekend Sun

Tips on keeping safe With the summer season upon us, drug educator Pat Buckley shares his tips on keeping your family, in particular your children, safe. Pat says to help children develop good behaviour, it is important for parents to be role models in their own positive choices. He believes this is particularly important with alcohol. With wine and beer flowing freely during the coming weeks, Pat says it is important for parents to reflect on their own behaviour and build a trusting relationship with their children so they know what they are doing. He says parents should trust their instinct on their children’s behaviour and the friends they are associating with. “One of the greatest tell-tale signs is the friends they are associating with. There is an old saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’, so trust your gut instinct.”

Safe drinking tips: • Prepare ahead by having something solid to eat. • Have a nominated sober driver. • Have clear boundaries set for children. • Have an ‘in case of emergency’ contact on their phone address book under ICE. Hints there could be substance abuse: • Grades dropped off. • Blood shot eyes. • Weight loss. • Not sleeping. • Becoming more introverted. • Secretive conversations. • Chemical smells. • Finding drug instruments in their rooms. • Clothing adorned with marijuana leaf or other drug paraphernalia. “If something has all of a sudden changed, you have to read the signs. None of these are indicative, but they are By Hamish Carter all cause for concerns,” says Pat.

Sunglasses crucial child accessory


Keith Millar from Visique Mount Maunganui says the sun in New Zealand causes more damage, and with the increase in

cataract and sun damage on the surface of the eye, young children are at risk. He says 80 per cent of the damage done is caused before you are 20 years old, so optometrists recommended getting in early with sun protection for your eyes. Young eyes have larger pupils, which let more light into the inner parts of the eye, including harmful UV rays. This can lead to long-term eye damage and cataracts later in life. Visique recommends children are fitted for sunglasses from their first day of school. For the last eight years, Visique has been offering free glasses to new entrants. Keith says this campaign is about “highlighting the importance of eye care and the need of getting children into sunglasses earlier”. Visit your nearest Visique store for more information or ask your child’s school about their free sunglass voucher in their new entrants pack at participating schools. Sunglasses are an important accessory for any child this summer.

SAve Big $$$

0800 VISIQUE |


While many remember to ‘slip, slop, and slap’ this summer, often the wrap (of sunglasses) is forgotten, particularly with younger children.

on Hearing Aids* WAx RemovAl & HeARing teSt for 50+ valued at $110*

FRee professional follow-up for 1 year minimUm 60 day trial + inStAnt fitting options *Budget aids start from under $1000. If buying 2 digital aids, our second aid at half-price offer can easily save you $1000 or more! Conditions apply.

FReepHone noW to see Audiologist Alan Ferguson

0508 20 30 20 or visit

moUnt pHySio & pilAteS, 4 Dee St mt mAUngAnUi

AvenUe 14 meDiCAl CentRe tAURAngA

Protecting Kiwi kids’ eyes from UV is as easy as ABC. ABC Because 80% of children’s learning is visual, it makes sense to look after their eyes from an early age. That’s why Visique is offering free sunglasses to all new entrants.* Get a comprehensive eye test for students up to Year 8 for $49.95 plus collect 10 Fly Buys Bonus Points.* Simply call into your local Visique for full details.

Visique Greerton Optometrists 157 Chadwick Road, Greerton, Tauranga | Ph 07 577 0113

Visique Mt Maunganui Optometrists 43 Girven Road, Mt Maunganui | Ph 07 575 4005 *Terms and Conditions apply. Visit our website or ask your local Visique for further details.


On-board Where’s Wally Rena should’ve been bombed

The recent Rabbits editorial on Rena was pure prose and very much a Where’s Wally if you read between the lines about who was on board when she hit rock bottom. Is it just coincidence the container ship Rena and the cruise ship Costa Concordia both hit rocks they didn’t see in the middle of the night with devastating on-going consequences? Or do they both share the same mistakes made by their ships masters? What will they find when the oil settles and the beaches are all cleaned up in Tuscany and Tauranga? I’ll bet a clean beach and a bottle of Chianti

there will be more than a couple of ‘co-incidences’. One thing is for sure the rocks and reefs didn’t move themselves in to the paths of the ships as some are suggesting. Surely ship masters should be subject to the same laws as aircraft pilots when it comes to ‘drink driving’. How hard would it be to have the pilot when he comes aboard to either take the ship out or bring it in to dock at Tuscany, Tauranga or anywhere else in the world, have the captain blow in the bag? Tommy Kapai, Te Puna.

The Weekend Sun

Are realtors worth it?

At the weekend, a very telling article appeared in the media, competition in the real estate industry, or Re: Vessel ‘Rena’. the blatant lack of it. Salvage men are We seem to have no shortonly interested in age of multi-millionaires making salvage in the real estate industry, money. I should people who charge in some know, being Mate cases a year’s income from of a large salvage tug in the past. All this large amount a client to make a transaction in selling of money spent in removing oil and containers was a a property, yes poor people have to buy waste of time and money. property at times. Does anyone out there The British, using the RAF, bombed and set on fire think that they are worth it?? And what gives a ship that was threatening the Devon and Cornish them the right, to have nothing short of an beaches. monopoly in the above?? New Zealand unfortunately doesn’t have an airforce Looking around, deregulation is all around us, but capable of doing this, but demolition and explonot in the above field. A solicitor is always involved, sive experts from ashore could have set up petrol in in property transactions, no matter who buys, or sells sealed canisters above opened up oil tanks. Exploa property. Perhaps we need to run the country, like a sives attached to the petrol could have been set off rugby game, however we all know where the penalties by remote control and she and fouls would come from. would have burned, One top agent was asked what the rates of the propsaving a lot of proberty were: sorry I do not know. Well, all one had to lems. Of course, there do was to turn over the page and there it was, that’s was nobody with what you call skill. enough clout to make Being elected to Parliament is a big responsibility, that decision, mores the many MPs come, and they go, and they leaving nothpity. ing behind them, but hot air. The saying goes, that Captain Robert Wyld, evil prospers, when good men do nothing. Tauranga. Ron Chamberlain, Otumoetai.

Treaty claims need to be more transparent I totally support Andrew von Dadelszen’s column (13 January) in which he calls for greater transparency during settlement of the Tauranga Moana Treaty claims. A settlement of 150 million is being waived around (with probably about $50m in cash). I feel as citizens of New Zealand paying taxes we have a right to know exactly what this large sum of money is for, and as for the cash settlement, what are local Maori going to use it for? There is also the grave question of what is exactly meant by “co-governance of our harbour and waterways”. In an interview with Radio NZ, the spokesman for the iwi claimants of the 90 Mile Beach explained that “the National Party had created a brand new right for them which had not existed anywhere in the world

before”. Many New Zealanders believe that the socalled “customary title” had always existed. It is, in fact, a brand new right, written by the Attorney General, created especially to satisfy the demands of the Maori Party and those iwi who want private ownership of our coast! Under the new Marine and Coastal Area Act, claimants will be negotiating their claims for the coast in secret with Chris Finlayson, with no public or judicial scrutiny of the negotiation process. Claimants could get their hands on lucrative coastal trade, tourist operations and a myriad of other business that operate in the marine and coastal environments. It is time we all demanded total transparency. Mary Brooks, Tauranga.

Grey Power: still alive and well after changes Grey Power, a wonderful organisation, advocating for all those in our community who are 50 years and over. A big thank you is extended to all of you who attended the Special Meeting held at the Wesley Church Hall on the 9th December 2011. With your almost unanimous support we have been able to keep this organisation alive and well. It is with positive attitudes and you in mind that we look forward to a very bright and happy 2012. Yes, there have been some changes, we have a new Interim Committee which will take us through to the AGM (the venue and time to be advised) where a democratically elected Executive shall be sworn in. At the present time the Interim Committee are working hard to deal with all the issues needing to be addressed. Your input and expertise is always welcome and we look forward to hearing from you with any suggestions or offers of assistance. Please contact us if there are any changes to your contact details: C/- Western Bay of Plenty Grey Power, PO Box 841, Tauranga 3140; phone 07 571 2558. Remember, we are here for you. We all take this opportunity to wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year. WBOP Grey Power acting president, Warren Townsend The Weekend Sun welcomes letters from readers. Preference will be given to letters that are short (200 words) and supplied with full name and contact details.


The Weekend Sun

It’s time to take cossie club museum idea to the people For openers, let me say I am not a Museum supporter per se but I could, along with many Tauranga people, live with a modest Museum concept. It was therefore of some interest that I recently saw what looks like a serious proposal to locate a Tauranga City Museum at the now ‘unoccupied’ ex-Mount Maunganui Cosmopolitan Club building at Blake Park. From reading and checking out some of the information for myself I came to the conclusion it looked like a very laudable scheme and made eminent sense. So, the question I then asked is; why wouldn’t the Tauranga Museum Trust want to go down this path. The premises are ideal, almost to the point of being

purpose-built and could be leased long-term. Costs other than refurbishment (if any) would be virtually nil and if genuine dedicated Museum people are involved then the Community Funding and volunteers could handle that cost. One huge plus is the TCC saving of $1 million p.a. in artefact storage fees. Looks like all Councillors have received this information so why has there been no public feedback? The silence is deafening as they say. I think that the Tauranga public should hear from Chairman Hamm and the Trustees of Tauranga Museum Trust with their views on what seems to be something sensible for a change. R Paterson, Matapihi.

More feeder lanes would pay for K From the city, one can access the toll road via Elizabeth St. If one is at 6th Ave, 11th Ave or the Hospital etc, one is compelled to add to the congestion of Cameron Rd for 10 to 20 minutes while one heads slowly for Barkes Corner. Add that time to a trip to Hamilton or Rotorua or even the Lakes subdivision and it makes a big difference. I believe a feeder lane to the toll road, at 11th Ave is a long term plan, but

surely a short, one way connection, by the Historic Village in 15th Ave, to the northern end of the toll road, could be processed by the City Council at limited expense? Once established and promoted, it could I believe lead to dozens if not hundreds of cars daily dodging the long drag out Cameron Road. Long term, that would help the interest payments by thousands of dollars! Ray Bernard, Omokoroa.

PC suits don’t understand what happens on battlefield What a lily livered world we live in now. I can understand in normal circumstances, and expect respect for the respectfully dead. However what the hell is going on in the minds of so called intelligent people when it is OK and acceptable for Taliban to massacre and kill indiscriminately, but hell is freezing over because soldiers after the heat of

battle urinated over the bodies of men who were a few minutes before trying to kill them. Such cases should only be dealt with by people who have just walked away from a battle not a group of suits and pips sitting back smoking cigars in well appointed lounges. PC will see the end of Christian society not war. Alastair, Bethlehem.

Offering solutions better than whining Re: A Good Letter. There have been some good Sun letters lately but the letter headed “enough of the whiners” (Sun 13 Jan) was I believe a realistic approach to the many negative and basically unhelpful letters that are published in the media from time to time. It’s all very well to complain but even better if you can offer a possible solution rather than constantly being negative which some correspondents seem to

prefer to be. There are always two sides to every argument but I do believe that the bulk of the current Councillors generally endeavour to reach decisions that satisfy the majority of the electorate but this is not always easy to achieve. No decision reached will be universally supported by the entire electorate because that is human nature. It would however be great to see letters in the paper that offer

advice and possible solutions to the problems that Tauranga is facing rather than just negative and invariably unhelpful criticism. The 2008 Government enquiry into Local Body rates came to the conclusion that the current way that Local Bodies are financially operating was not sustainable into the future and that things must change and this is the challenge now facing all councils in NZ. Mike Baker, Bethlehem.

Calling council into account is not ‘negative’ Mr. Vlietman, since when has it been whining and negative to call into account a group of our employees, the local council? Do you realise they have got us into debt that will fall on ratepayers because of projects that only benefit the few and not the majority i.e. spending millions buying the stadium from Bob Clarkson who couldn’t make it pay. Why did they think they could? It’s public knowledge it’s a white elephant along with Baywave. Did the ratepayers have a choice on these purchases? Were these huge purchases discussed undemocratically behind closed doors? If they borrow MORE money which creates more interest repayable, it’s poor money management.

You obviously have no care for those who cannot afford to have their rates raised to cover this council’s incompetence. Your inane comment about running for Mayor or council if we dare criticise, is churlish. We vote to employ those who believe they are capable of running the city. When it shows up they are not capable of good money management and run us into debt then it’s time to make changes. Where is the negativity in that? It’s called Democracy. According to your logic, and assumptions we are anti-council, we should allow this mismanagement to go on, say nothing and leave town. Rubbish!!! A. Taylor, Tauranga.

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Friday 20 January The Magic of Mosaic

Work by Frances Woltman and Liz Roelofsen, Jan 19- Feb 4 at Creative Tauranga Gallery, 112 Willow Street, Tauranga.

Saturday 21 January BOP Christian Singles

Over 40’s group meet 1st Sat of month for fun & fellowship. 575 5556

Brazilian Drumming

Absolute beginners every Sat at Elizabeth St community centre 9.30-11am. Gold coin. Phil 021 0754 300 or www.taurangasamba. org

Car Boot Sale

At Greerton School 7.30am – 12pm. Cost $5 per site. Weather permitting. All welcome. Shirley 577 1116

Charity Dance

Te Puke Memorial Hall 8pm. Good

music, great dancing (sequence, old time, etc). Entry $3 plus a plate or $8 for ladies & gentlemen. Spot & door prizes. Donations can be made on the night - all money raised will go to St John Te Puke. All welcome. Valerie 573 7093

Classics of the Sky Airshow

January 28 & 29 at the city’s airport. The best display aircraft in NZ with a full on spectacle from classic piston engine & jet fighters, supported by a wide range of other aircraft. Ideal for everyone in the family. or email:

Maketu Duathlon

Mount Maunganui Farmers Market

Every Sun 9am - 1pm in Phoenix car park, rain or shine. Home grown, home made, organic or spray free - fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese, oils, plants & more. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911

Palm Beach Plaza Lions Market

7.30am - 12.30pm. Stalls must be set up by 7.30am. Great range of goods for sale including fruit & vege, arts & crafts. $10 per car space. 0272 593 120. Next market Feb 12.

Papamoa Country Music Club

Annual summer event fun-run/ walk for the whole family. At the same time, there is a Historic Hikoi, a 6k walk around the historic sites of Maketu. Email: maketuduathlon@ or

Papamoa Sport & Rec Centre, Parton Rd 1-4.30pm. 542 3200

Mills Reef Stars Under the Stars

Radio Controlled Model Yachts

Saturday 28 Jan - sold out. Sunday 29 Jan only. Tickets available from Baycourt.

Papamoa Sport & Recreation Centre

Open day at Gordon Spratt Reserve 10am - 2pm. Martial arts, yoga, Tai Chi. Zumba gym challenges & much more. 542 0180

Tauranga A&P Show

Tauranga Racecourse Jan 21 & 22 9am – 4pm. Amusements, many different animals to see & touch, Trade exhibitors suitable for introducing city people to the aspects of rural lifestyles available in the Bay, music, exciting, affordable family entertainment. All the fun of the fair. 548 1703 or email: tauranga_aandp@

Tauranga Radio Sailing Club

Model yacht sailing every Sat 11am - 4pm & Weds 1.30-6pm at Lake Taurikura, Scoria Close, The Lakes, Tauriko.

Tauranga Woodcrafters Club

Every third Sat at club rooms, Yatton St, Greerton 1pm. Visitors & interested people welcome. Geoff 579 3637

Te Puna Farmlands Speed Shear

Quarry Tavern 5pm start. Lots of world class shearers competing. Live band. Great prizes to be won. Gold coin donation.

The Sociables

Males/Females 30’s/40’s. 022 012 0376

Sunday 22 January

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Hanmer Clinic, 1235 Cameron Rd, Tauranga (behind Tyremaster) 10am. Ph 0800 AAworks.

Healing Meeting with Weston Carryer

Come have your needs met through the power of Jesus Christ. City Life Church, 174 11th Ave 6.30pm. 571 6316

Katikati Twilight Concert

Jan 29 at Haiku Reserve, Katikati. Gates open 5pm, music starts 6pm. Suzanne Lynch & The Conrays with Danni Roberts, Ben O’Leary & Durham Carnaby. Children 15 & under free, adults $15. 549 3549 or

Kingdom of Heaven Healing Fest

Jan 29 at Memorial Park (Jordan’s Field) 3-5pm - Jazz Gospel Concert. 5-8pm Prayer for the sick & disabled. No charge & no appointment.

Papamoa Outdoor Bowling Club

Twilight bowls 5pm start, names in before 4.45pm. Bowlers & non bowlers welcome. Joy 574 8334 Every Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419

Singles Mix & Mingle

50+ coffee afternoon at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St 2.30pm. Mix & mingle with other like-minded singles in a relaxed atmosphere. Gayle 027 439 3267

Tango at Za Bar

Argentine Tango at Za Bar/Pizzeria, Upstairs 53 The Strand. Social dancing from 6.45pm. For free demo/intro to Tango Carl 021 280 4464

Waikato-BOP Masters Athletics

Competition today at Tauranga Domain 12pm start, as a warm up for the Oceania Masters Athletic Championships, spectators welcome, no charge Ray 579 1039

Monday 23 January A Course in Miracles

Study group meet every Mon 7.30pm. 576 7228 or 0210 274 2502

Argentine Tango for Beginners

6 Week introduction to Salon (Social) Tango starts Monday Feb 13 7pm. The Popularity of this sensual dance is growing in NZ/worldwide, first lesson free. Carl 021 280 4464 or email

Aspergers Coffee & Chat Group

Support group for people with aspergers. Junction office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 10am – 12pm. 579 9890

Body & Soul Fun Fitness

For over 50’s, guest speakers & social events. Mon & Friday Greerton Hall Cameron Rd, Tues Wesley Church 13th Ave, Weds Memorial Hall 11th Ave. Please note change of venue, all classes 9.15am, first class free. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Cardiac Care Leader

Dance Te Puke

Every Monday at St Patrick’s Hall, Beatty Ave 7-9pm. Dudley 027 768 2023

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus

Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. 542 4191 or


Free classes Mondays 10am &

The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where. 7.30pm. Find peace, success & a new awareness. David/Trish 576 9764

Papamoa Patchers

Friendly get-together for a chat & a bit of sewing at Arataki Community Centre, behind Ambulance Station, Girven Rd 10am - 3pm. Cherry 575 0018

Recycled Teenagers

Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s church hall, Girven Rd. All 9am - 10.30am. Taken by Heart Foundation phase 3 cardiac instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411.

Relationship Services

Mon - Parenting Through Separation, free course for separating parents 10am - 12pm. Positively Me 4 Women - self esteem course for women 12.302.30pm. Blended Families, course for parents in combined household 7-9pm. ManMade, self esteem course for men 7-9pm. Tues - Parenting Through Separation 7-9pm. Positively Me for Women 12.30-2.30pm. . Weds - Parenting for Success 7-9pm. Sex, Drugs & Homework, course for parents of teenagers 7-9pm. Parenting through Separation, Papamoa 10am 12pm. Thurs - Positively Me 4 women 7-9pm. Weekend Course - relationship secrets, for couples. 576 8392

Sit and Be Fit Class

Seated down class. Focused on balance, stability, aerobic, flexibility & strength. Tues 11.30-12.30pm at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 11am-12pm at Greenwood Park Village, Welcome Bay. 578 9272


(Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 9-9.55am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9-10am & 10-10.55am at Arataki Hall, Zambuk Way (off Grenada St). Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Thurs 8.45-9.45am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.1510.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272

Tuesday 24 January Genesis Women’s Group

Every Tuesday during school term, 10am morning tea. This week meet at Gana Cafe, Fashion Island. New members welcome. Jennifer, Salvation Army 578 4264

Kidz Need Dadz

Coffee morning every Tues 9.3011am at Dad’s Place, 538 Fraser St. All welcome. 571 0379

Mah Jong

Do you enjoy playing the harder hands? Like the idea of restriction of easier hands? Try Katikati Mah Jong, Resource Centre, Beach Rd Katikati every Tues 1-4pm. 549 5954

Tauranga Acoustic Music Club

Trust Bar, Bureta Park Motor Inn 7.30pm. Friendly jam session. Sing, play or just listen. Paul 579 2346 or


The Weekend Sun Tauranga Astronomical Society

Monthly meeting at Fergusson Park 7.30pm. Aliens - the final DVD in the series presented by Prof Brian Cox, comparing the most extreme conditions for life on earth with probable similar conditions that exist beyond our planet. Public welcome. Telescope viewing if weather permits. 576 5389

Wednesday 25 January After Suicide Support Group

7-9.30pm at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd. Cost $8 per night. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Salvation Army Meeting

For all women every Weds 10am morning tea, 10.30am meeting at the Salvation Army, cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave, Tga. This week: Video morning. New members welcome. Jennifer 578 4264

Sex, Drugs & Homework

Next group starts in Feb & runs for 6 weeks, registration necessary. 578 4480

Parenting Teens 7-9pm, Relationship Services 576 8392

Age Concern Walking Group

Jan 25-29, hosted at several clubs throughout the city. Mens & ladies singles, mens & ladies doubles & mixed doubles. 577 9725

Meet at Kulim Park 10am. Sausage sizzle. All welcome. 578 2631

Bipolar Support Group

Junction office, 4 Roys Rd, Greerton 1-2pm. 579 9890

City Early Start Toastmasters

New Year’s Resolution to improve communication, leadership & teamwork skills? Make it happen. Every Weds at Zaggers Cafe 6.50-8.15am. 571 1545 or email:

Genealogy at the Mount

1st Weds of month Feb - Nov at Arataki Community Centre, Zambuka Way, Grenada St off Girven Rd 10am - 12pm. Ken 575 6260

Global Hearts Exercise Group

Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by certified Phase 3 cardiac rehabilitator. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388

Mix & Mingle 50+

Single coffee morning at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St, Tga 10am. Gayle 027 439 3267

Mount Badminton Club

Summer social club night Weds

Tennis Seniors National Championships

Te Puke Spiritual & Healing Centre

Palmer Court. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start. Speaker: Allan - didgeridoo meditation (bring a pillow). $4 entry. Sarai 573 7933

social dancing at Buddha Lounge. Great for fitness, social, no partner required. $2 entry (members free). All welcome.

Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Womens Chorus

Meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Pam 578 3757

Mah Jong

Every Thurs at Lyceum Rooms, Te Puke 1pm. Beginners welcome. M Green 573 5355

Mount Art Group

St Peter’s Parish Hall, 11 Victoria Rd, Mt Maunganui, every Thurs 9am-2pm Elise 575 9851

Social Rock & Roll Dancing

Authentic music at Senior Citizen’s Hall, Norris St, Tga (note change of venue) 7.30-9.30pm. $3 door entry. All welcome. Maria 576 7326

Tauranga Heart Support Group

For people living alone. Meet at Arts & Crafts Centre, Elizabeth St 7.30pm. All welcome. Margaret 576 5292

Phase 3, easy exercise for those with or at risk of heart disease, Guest speakers & social events. Every Thurs at City Church Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St 9.30-10.45am. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Cardiac care leader.

Thursday 26 January

Friday 27 January

Public are invited to come & have morning tea with us & visit the new premises at 177a Fraser St, Tauranga 10-11.30am. Go in the draw for a spot prize. All welcome. 578 2631

Do you need a trusting person to talk to? Discretion assured. For meetings & locations ph/txt Alex 027 358 5934

Widows’ & Widowers’ Club

Age Concern Tauranga

Feldenkrais Classes

Start Feb 2 9.30am at Dance Institute & 5.30pm Welcome Bay Kindy. Increase flexibility, improve balance, refine self image, stop pain. First class free. Gisella 544 4823

It is the Season to Salsa

Brought to you by Bay Salsa. Intro class every Thurs 8pm followed by

Gay/Bi Mens Support Group

“What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. email or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.

Revisiting Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revisited has taken on a startling life of its own. Bassist Stu Cook and drummer Doug “Cosmo” Clifford of Creedence Clearwater Revival launched the Revisited project in 1995 to once again perform live CCR hits – touchstones of a generation, including Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, Green River, Travelin’ Band, Lookin’ Out

My Back Door, Suzie Q, Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son, Who’ll Stop the Rain and more. Support act Made in NZ features national icons Jackie Clarke and Rikki Morris on lead vocals with full backing band, celebrating 50 years of every Kiwi’s favourite New Zealand summer hits. Creedence Clearwater Revisited is playing at Mills Reef Winery on January 28 and 29.


The Weekend Sun has two double passes to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us who are the two CCR members who began Creedence Clearwater Revisisted? Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by January 24.

Club Mount Maunganui Friday 20 – Sparx Drivers Bar Wednesday 25 – Classic Rock Jam from 8pm.

Mount RSA Friday 20 – Double Xposure. Saturday 21 – Andy Ellis. Sunday 22 – Golden Sandz 4.30-7.30pm.

The Crown & Badger Friday 20 – Keel. Saturday 21 – In 4 Red. Sunday 22 - Blarney Band (Andy Craw and guests) 3pm until 6pm. Thursday 26 - Chris Gunn Band 8pm till 10.30pm.




The Weekend Sun

By Winston Watusi

Big days out bonanza ahead

News that this weekend’s Big Day Out will be the last one must be a worry for festival promoters throughout New Zealand. The 18-year-old event has given up the race for purely financial reasons – it just doesn’t make enough money to continue. The big question is whether this is specific to the Big Day Out, whether their structure was just too top heavy – too many expensive acts in a short timeframe – or whether it is a more general problem. Given the profusion of festivals about to take place, one must hope it was the former. And we’re about to find out in the Bay, what with February on the horizon, the month that Tauranga goes into fully-fledged festival mode. Last week I wrote about Summer Fest, which happens at Blake Park on February 5. I also talked about guitarist Aaron Saxon, who has been involved with organising the music for the day and is running

the Packing Heat Battle of the Bands that will pick three youth bands to play at the Fest. What I didn’t have room to mention was that those of a musical bent can currently catch Aaron live, something that doesn’t happen a lot aside from specific gigs at events such as the Jazz Festival. The LBC (Little Black Corner – on the corner of Maunganui Road and Pacific Ave at the Mount) has changed hands and Aaron, along with drummer Mickey Ututaonga and bass player Karika Jr Turua are the resident band every Saturday night, stirring a melting pot of original music (funk, fusion and vocal tunes). There’ll be a special session on Feb 3 and 4 when Aaron will be joined by three Australians, Todd Bynes (drums), Damian Barnard (bass) and Aaron West (guitar), who are all in town to play at Summer Fest. Also planned are guest artists and bands, both national and international, who are set to be included in the new club’s line-up once every 4-6 weeks. And Aaron, for one, is certainly not pessimistic about the year: “So much doom and gloom around 2012....pfffffff! This is a new beginning, an exciting new beginning! Go the Mount and Tauranga!” The week after Summer Fest it’s time for Tauranga’s annual shot of blues-lovin’ in the form of the Marchwood Blues Picnic. Taking place again at Pete Archer and Carol Murphy’s lovely property on Youngson Road, the line-up for 2012 is an interesting mix of local and national acts, leaning a little more towards the electric guitar end of the spectrum than previous festivals which have mixed acoustic, electric and regular appearances from Jan Preston on boogie woogie piano.

36 months to pay No deposit


Topping the bill this time is venerable Kiwi blues icon Midge Marsden, one of the very few performers for whom I can honestly say “needs no introduction”. So here’s a weird thing that happened to me yesterday (true that). I was down in town and happened to see a sign that was partly obscured. It said: “…idge Mar…”. My immediate thought was, hey, Midge must be coming to town, so I moved to where I could see the whole sign. It said “Bridge Marina”. Returning from last year’s festival are American singer Dianne Harris, who will again be singing with R ‘n’ B kings Brilleaux and, from Wellington, (early) Fleetwood Mac tribute band Manalishi. New to the bill are Chris Gunn and Gunshy, who have been acting as the house band at the very successful monthly blues jams at Drivers bar on 11th Avenue. Along with the Brilleaux rhythm section of Ian ‘Beano’ Gilpin and Brian Franks they feature Morgan Lewis on guitar and Lewis Martin on sax (and, of course, the venerable Chris Gunn himself ). The another recent-formed band is Chill Factor, a band started by vocalist / bassist Dave Porter (who also plays with John Michaelz and The Usual) and Marchwood co-founder Pete Archer (whose harmonica has graced every festival so far). They play high-energy electric blues and roots music and are rounded out by drummer Paul Davies and ace guitarist Derrin Richards. Marchwood Blues Picnic takes place on February 11. Tickets are $40 up till the end of this month then $50 afterwards and on the gate. For more information visit


The Weekend Sun



With Winston Watusi

THE TREE OF LIFE Dir: Terrence Malick. Starring: Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn Opinions have been sharply divided about The Tree of Life, illustrated perfectly by the fact that it was booed at the Cannes Film Festival when it won the top award. And indeed it is a challenging film. But at the very least it sets its sights high, aiming at nothing less than life the universe and everything. There are four sections. In the first we learn that one of Pitt and Chastain’s three sons has died, and are introduced to Penn, another son, now grown and looking troubled. This leads us into an astounding half-hour potted history of existence, from the big bang onwards. Reminiscent of the 2001’s surreal finale it is a visual feast of remarkable images. A whole bunch of movies sneaked out in the couple weeks around Christmas and new year so there’s a lot to catch up on. What’s odd is that Christmas seemed a dumping time for some of the best foreign and festival films of the year, making it even more likely for them to be overlooked. Best of these, and a Canadian multiple award winner, was Incendies , not a cheerful watch by any means, follows the journey of two twins who head to Lebanon following their mother’s last wishes to deliver two mysterious letters. The subject matter – child soldiers, the continuing damage of war – is difficult, but the story, based on Wajdi Mouawad’s acclaimed play, is brilliantly told and deeply moving. is an unusual Hanna take on the teenage assassin genre (see Leon, Colombiana), being directed by Joe (Atonement) Wright, who brings a very arthouse sensibility to proceedings, turning the thriller into something of a dreamy fairytale. It’s unusual and well worth a look. Also very worthwhile is The Guard


Then the bulk of the film shows the boys’ childhood in idyllic 1950s smalltown America. This is the bit that many find taxing, but others praise as a perfect evocation of growing up. What makes it hard viewing is the stubborn refusal to break into narrative: we see condensed vignettes which tell wider stories but none of which are given special emphasis – it’s like a dream of youth, beautiful to watch, stunningly filmed and acted, but languorously out of reach. And then there’s the final section where the entire cast end up in surreal wildernesses (beaches, salt flats, etc) and experience some sort of enlightenment. Maybe it’s heaven. There are metaphorical doors all

, a charmingly deadpan piece of Irish storytelling anchored by a magnificent turn from Brendan Gleeson as a hard-drinking prostituteloving small-town cop who finds himself unwillingly forced to actually go to work when Don Cheedle’s American agent turns up on the trail of drug smugglers. Very In Bruges, very entertaining. And on the comedy front I though Horrible Bosses turned out to be one of last year’s better mainstream comedies, loaded with quotable zingers and great performances, particularly Jennifer Aniston’s almost unrecognisable sex-crazed dentist. Not only that, but it actually has a plot, complete with twists and turns and surprises. Good stuff, and , better than Bad Teacher though Bad Teacher isn’t by any means bad. It’s like a less extreme version of Bad Santa and Cameron Diaz has plenty of fun in the lead. The biggest problem is actually a reluctance to plunge over the top, although some may appreciate that.

With Rialto

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (M) Contains violence and offensive language

Actor-tastic adapation of the 1974 British spy novel by John le Carre, directed by Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One In) – his first English language film. In the bleak days of the Cold War, middle-aged, taciturn, espionage veteran George Smiley (Gary Oldman) is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6s echelons, dubbed the ‘Circus’ by those who work there. A previous adaption

was made in 1979 as a seven-part series for BBC, featuring Alec Guiness as George Smiley.




Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is screening at Rialto Tauranga. The Weekend Sun has two double passes to give away to lucky readers who can tell us what year the original novel was written? Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by January 24.

TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY No Comps M- Contains violence & offensive language.

FRI & SAT: 10:00, 12:40, 3:15, 6:00, 8:30. SUN: 10:00, 12:40, 3:15, 5:45, 8:15. MON TO WED: 10:00, 12:40, 3:15, 6:00, 8:30.

ALBERT NOBBS -M- Nudity & sex scenes.

FRI & TUE: 4:10. SAT: 10:30. SUN: 1:00. MON: 12:20. WED: 8:40.

THE DUEL FRI: 12:15. TUE: 12:15.

-M- Contains violence & nudity


FRI: 10:40, 1:00, 3:30, 5:45, 6:30, 8:15. SAT: 1:00, 3:30, 5:45, 6:30, 8:15. SUN: 10:15, 12:30, 2:45, 5:10, 7:45. MON: 10:40, 1:00, 3:30, 6:15, 8:40. TUE: 10:40, 1:00, 3:30, 5:45, 6:30, 8:15. -M- Contains violence


No Comps -PG- Contains violence & coarse language

FRI: 10:20, 2:15, 8:45. SAT: 4:15, 8:45. SUN: 11:00, 3:30. MON: 10:20, 3:00. TUE: 10:20, 2:15, 8:45. WED: 11:00, 6:30.

The Metropolitan Opera RODELINDA

SAT: 11:00. SUN: 5:30. MON: 5:45. WED: 1:30.

Goddards Centre, 21 Devonport Road, Tauranga Info Line: (07) 577 0445.

-ENo Comps Conditions Apply

over the place and it’s dead symbolic. Throughout the film whispered voices ask philosophical – or just plain naive – questions, suggesting one theme as the never-ending struggle between ‘grace’ (Chastain’s loving mother) and ‘nature’ (Pitt’s disciplinarian father), but there’s so much offered that the whole is rather overwhelming. There is much to admire here, and also much that frustrates, but this is a uniquely ambitious film and one that deserves engaged attention. Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful

Damn fine Dubious

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

Across No. 1252 6. Famous dolphin of 6. River (NI) (5) the early 1900’s (7,4) 11. Uncivilized (8) 7. Money (4) 13. Dogs (6) 8. Demanding (8) 14 Money (6) 9. Flavoured ice (6) 15. Latitude (6) 10. Foetus (6) 16. Devoured (5) 12. Beat (6) 18. Engrave (4) C E N B E S T H I M A S H 15. Pantry (6) A C C O M P L I C E K K M 17. Town (NI) (8) S Z U R E L L D M L E A D 19. Singing voice (4) H E R E E A D D L E K I M E M D D D S G E X E C H O 20. Statement (11) S A X O P H O N E J K U M Down Y E L M OW A T O O A T O A B C D S T R A T F O R D 1. ABC (8) W A R U I A G S T F I A K 2. Passionate (6) A L C N A S T Y I C E N T A M I D E M I L I U O D K 3. Run away (6) A Y C E V A L U A T I O N 4. Lure (4) F E T R E N E M O S T M R 5. Thin (6) Solution 1251


The Weekend Sun

Majestic glory of love Sunsets of God’s unconditional love line our horizons at the end of most days. Deep crimsons injected with gold splashes sometimes fading into a passion pink make us look twice up to the sky. Soft white clouds

often enclave upon the depth of the crimson creating even more amazement at the richness of majestic beauty. It is the hand of the master artist who created the heavens and the earth and all that is within it. He is the Lord God Almighty. As a day fades into night, the light of day is overtaken by dusk, a glorious sunset is often released, causing our hearts to be amazed at the awesomeness of the landscape. This is the Father’s beauty to comfort us and assurance that he is still there for us. The bible says that those who

put their faith and trust in God that he will give strength for today and hope for tomorrow. Circumstances of relationships, finances and unfulfilled desires can cause us to come under a cloud of despair and hopelessness. It is then that we fail to see the beauty and acceptance of the open arms of grace awaiting us. We can feel inadequate and incapable of moving forward when we don’t know the unconditional love of God the Heavenly Father. Moses was a man God loved. God called him to lead His people out of the bondage of slavery. Moses felt totally inadequate and tried to get out of being the leader by making all sorts of excuses. He said, “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” And God said, “I will be with you”. Again Moses tried to get out of what God was calling him to do. He said, “O Lord, I have

never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue”. Moses even told the Lord, “O Lord please send someone else to do it”, Exodus 4. Moses wanted to stay in the comfort and familiarity of yesterday, despite the severity of hardships. God eventually asked Moses to take his place and the journey of freedom for the Israelites began. Many dangerous situations took place, but God’s powerful loving presence was with them. The Father of love, “says he will be a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night”. A cloud of light and love to soften the blows of life and a fire to ward off the things in the darkness of hardships and warmth to your heart. I warmly invite you to come and seek new sunsets of the Father’s glory at The Father’s House, Sundays at 10am. By Pastor Janet Johansen

Who is the Holy Spirit? Before His death, Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit in His place (John 16:7).

Exalt God • Worship Jesus TAURANGA PRIMARY SCHOOL HALL, 31 Fifth Ave 10am: Worship & Communion Service Speaker: David Otway Phone: 579 2729 COME & MEET WITH THE LORD

Live & Serve in the Power of the Holy Spirit

After Jesus ascended to the right hand of His Father in heaven, this promise was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 1:8 & Acts 2). The 120 who were in that Upper Room were empowered and enabled by the Holy Spirit to impact the known world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the demonstration of the Spirit and of His power. Two thousand years later, much of the Church seems to understand little about the person of the Holy Spirit and much of the Church is uncertain or confused about His function in the Church and in our lives. Someone said some years ago, if you took the Holy Spirit out of the Church in the Book of Acts, 95 per cent of what went on would have stopped, but if the Holy Spirit is taken out of the Church today, 95 per cent of what we do would continue without Him. The Church in our nation must walk in the present-day ministry of the Holy Spirit if the Church is to be the Church that Christ’s presents to Himself in “splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any

such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish”, (Ephesians 5:27). If the Church is to fulfil the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19–20 to make disciples of all nations, we must walk in “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts”, (Zechariah 4:6). So, who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead, co-equal and co-existent with the Father and the Son. He is both divine and eternal. It is His ministry to convict mankind of sin, righteousness and judgment, as well as to reveal the Father and the Son to the believer and to glorify Jesus. Since the Day of Pentecost, in all His glorious functions and ministries, He has been working in and through all who believe in the Father, through the Son. Jesus is Lord over the Church. The Holy Spirit is Lord in the Church. It is therefore vitally important that we understand who He is, that we understand both theologically and experientially, His role and His function in the Church and in our lives personally. You are welcome to join us at Jesus First, Tauranga.


By Peter Whitcombe


Mosaic is a community of people committed to living by FAITH, being known by LOVE, and being a voice of HOPE in the Bay of Plenty and beyond. Offices are at 3 newton st, Mt. Maunganui for more info visit or


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trades & services

SimpleDesign Kitchen and Spacial Design











Time 2 Shine




trades & services

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situations vacant


The Tree Man

for sale

Visit us. OPEN: Monday-FridayÊ8.00am-5.30pmÊÊÊ SaturdayÊ9.00am-5.00pm

Bay Family Homebased Childcare (BFHC)

Visit us.

OPEN: Monday-FridayÊ8.00am-5.30pmÊÊÊ SaturdayÊ9.00am-5.00pm

116 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui. 116 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui.



adult entertainment

Corporate Angels Ladies and gay males required for our busiest $100 season. ½ hr


Boutique Parlour

Phone 579 0085 or 021 606 180

Supplement the family income by looking after pre-school children in your own home Carers required in Tauranga, Mount, Papamoa, Te Puke and the outer areas. Benefits of joining our team include: Free play & music groups, toy library & excursions. All nursery equipment supplied free. • Retainers paid on statutory days & our Christmas closure. • Plus more! • •

For more information or to join our team call

0800 396 406 We look forward to your call

Bay Family Homebased Childcare

cars wanted


GroutPro tile & grout restoration specialists

FREE QUOTES Ph: 577 6433 or 027 307 3777


• Cuts Trees, Shrubs & Hedges • Prompt Service • 20yrs Experience

0800 382 828

horse treks

cars wanted

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QUALITY SERVICES MANAGER Satara is a public company listed on the NZ Stock Exchange. It has been operating over 35 years, and has packhouse facilities located in the Bay of Plenty and Whangarei. The company uses leading edge technology to pack and store kiwifruit and avocados, as well as undertaking significant R&D to enhance its services. In addition to this, it is also involved in leasing and managing 400 canopy hectares of kiwifruit. The Quality Services Manager is responsible for ensuring that product is fit for purpose and meets all internal and external requirements, including legal compliance, customer expectations and all mandatory quality standards. In addition, the Quality Services Manager will be expected to build strong working relationships within the Satara Group and across the wider industry. Our wish list of Key Qualifications, experience or knowledge for this position includes: • Previous Kiwifruit Industry experience • Have ZIL and MAF Accreditation • MAF, ZIL, GLOBALCAP, BRC/Food Safety, NZGAP and BioGro Audit Systems. • Level 4 Certificate in Horticulture or Fruit Production • NZ Food Safety Authority Risk Management re: Cool and Dry Stores • Avocado Industry requirements • Documented Quality Systems • A practical understanding of Quality Management. • Energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail • Highly effective communications skills • Sound understanding of Microsoft Applications. • Awareness of current compliance regulations • People management and motivation You should apply for this position if you have some or all of the above skills. This role is critical to ensure that Satara operates within all necessary industry best practice standards and maintains programmes for ongoing improvement. If you are interested in applying for this role, send a covering letter and an updated copy of your CV to Applications close: Thursday, 26 January 2012

11 or 00 189 1 Phone 08



The Weekend Sun


computer services TER NEED COMPU


Keeping Kiwis Independant

health & beauty

karaoke hire

to rent

business opportunity

appliance servicing

to rent

house for sale


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public notice


funeral directors

They say goodbye is the hardest word. So to help you with your goodbyes, we’d like to say ‘hello’. Because we’ve been around for over 100 years, many Bay of Plenty families already know us. Generations have relied on us to bring family and friends together, to celebrate lives, to share treasured memories and to care for recently departed loved ones.

tours & travels

Caring. Locally. Since 1909. Chris Andrews & David McMahon Registered Funeral Directors

for sale

578 4009


tours & travels

Famous For Fun!

Nature’s future is iN your haNds.




For the price of a couple of coffees each week, you can help Forest & Bird secure the future of New Zealand’s unique wildlife. With so many of New Zealand’s unique native animals, plants and habitats still threatened or at risk we need your support to give nature a greater voice. Through our regular giving programme your contribution will help fund conservation work to help protect our country’s flora and fauna for you and future generations to enjoy. Join our regular giving programme for as little as $25 a month (minimum) and you will receive complimentary membership of Forest & Bird including our acclaimed

Wrybill chick. Photo: Peter Langlands.

Forest & Bird quarterly magazine as well as many other benefits. Please will you help Forest & Bird protect our unique wildlife and habitats? Don’t delay – fill out the cheque or credit card form and send it to us freepost today.

Just fill in the form and post to Freepost 669, Forest & Bird, PO Box 631, Wellington 6140 or fax it to (04) 385 7373. Payment by cheque: Amount $_____________________ (one annual payment only, minimum $300) Payment by credit card: Monthly amount $________ (minimum $25) Payment by credit card: Annual amount $________ (minimum $300) Card type:


Credit card number:





Expiry Date: ____ ____

Cardholder’s Name: _________________________________ Cardholder’s Signature: ___________________________ Please send me a direct debit form. Title ___________ First Name(s) ____________________________________ Surname ___________________________ Address ________________________________________________________ Suburb _____________________________ Town/City _____________________________ Postcode ________ Daytime phone number ______________________

Help give nature a voice. Help Forest & Bird

Email ___________________________________ Call freephone 0800 200 064

or visit Thank


50 adult entertainment

$$$$ MONEY for Spring. Corporate Angels Escort Agency. Ladies and Gay Males welcome for our extremely busy season. Apply in confidence to Allan 021 606 180

art & craft

You have won this week’s Prize Pack from Nappies for Less & Sassi Photography

1 DAY MOSAIC WORKSHOP a full day of hands on mosaic experience. Sat 4th Feb Great for beginners or those looking for new skills.Tools supplied. $95 + Materials Clay Art Studio, Village on17th Ave Ph: 571 3726 MOSAIC WAREHOUSE want to decorate your home & garden, make gifts for family & friends. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, all your mosaic supplies in one shop. Huge selection available. Making mosaics is easy & so much fun. Give it a go, you’ll love it. Unit 29, 23 Tukorako Drive, Mount (off Hull Rd) Tues to Sat 10am2pm eftpos Ph 572 3866

bible digest

“HE’S THE ONE power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called by his own glory and goodness” 2nd Peter 1:3


COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s, tuition or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183

The Weekend Sun


VIRUS & SPYWARE REMOVAL Upgrades, servicing and repairs Free call out and quotation New power supply $70 fitted Motherboards From $100 fitted. All work has 12 month warranty. Laptops from $300, Desktops from $125. Wanted - faulty pc & laptops. Call Crystal Computing Tel: 07 579 5860 or 021 156 0055


DRAMA CLASSES for children and teens. Help your children build self confidence and have fun. Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Ph 576 4400 PIANO / KEYBOARD TUITION new beginners course - no prior experience required any age, kids, 50+. Walter Tel. 07 543 2824


EXTREME FUN at paintball extreme – Indoor Paintball and Paintball Lasertag, Open 7days 9am til late. Baypark Pavillion 3, Truman Road, Mount Maunganui Ph: 07 544 7987 PAT A LION cub today!! Paradise Valley Springs - Rotorua’s must see NZ wildlife park & trout springs! Ph 07 348 9667 or see our advert in the Sun Fun pages.

flatmate wanted

FLATMATE WANTED Welcome Bay, $80 wk inc power. 027 368 6792 or 544 3274

for sale

1997 PEUJEOT 406 Saloon, Auto, 2 Litre, Airbags, ABS, A/C, CD Stack/Stereo, One NZ Owner, Clean Car $5,490. Clayton Knight Cars 07 542 0387

for sale

1997 TOYOTA Caldina, GT Beams, VVti, Auto, 4x4, Airbags, ABS, A/C, Alloys, 118,000kms, Cambelt Done, Very Nice Example, One NZ Owner $7,990. Clayton Knight Cars 07 542 0387 2001 BMW 330 Coupe Motorsport, Airbags, ABS, CD Stereo, Alloys, Factory Spoilers & Electric Sunroof. Spoil Yourself! $16,990. Clayton Knight Cars 07 542 0387 2002 TOYOTA 1st 5 Door Hatch, 1300cc VVti Auto, ABS, A/C, CD Stereo, Airbags and Easy Entry/Access. Only 62,000kms $11,990. Clayton Knight Cars 07 542 0387 2003 TOYOTA Camry Saloon 2.4 VVti, Auto, ABS, A/C, CD Stereo, 86,000km, Spacious, Economical, Large Saloon $13,990. Clayton Knight Cars 07 542 0387 2005 HYUNDAI for Sale $9500 ono 137000 kms, silver, tiptronic, only two owners in NZ, wof & rego, great family car. Ph 027 5526283 or 07 552 6283 or email 2008 FORD Falcon XT Mk II Sedan, NZ New, Alloys, ABS, Cruise, CD Stereo, Airbags, Smart in Ego Metallic for $16,990. Clayton Knight Cars 07 542 0387 CONCRETE SLEEPERS everlasting and realistic, from $9.00 each. Village Stone, 53 Hull Rd. Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 H O U S E WA S H I N G / WATERBLASTING TRUCK 1990 Toyota Dyna. Complete with high/low pressure systems.

hair to train




the Bay  Free course valued at $5700


 40 Weeks



 Accredited NZQA unit standards    

recognised nationally & internationally National Certificate in Salon Support Level 3 Are you 16 or 17 years old? Live at home with supportive parents Great future in an exciting industry

Want more info or to enrol:


TXT or visit our website only 027 531 6606 or

hair to train


9 Anson Street, Tauranga Tel / Fax: 578 5747

health & beauty

GARDEN TIDY UPS qualified professionals, reasonable rates. Ph Carolyn 579 4984 or 022 0697 033 GARDENER with chainsaw, weed eater and hedge trimmer. Weeding All tools. Seeks work Ph 570 0539

LOSE WEIGHT FEEL GREAT! Join a ‘New Look’ clinic in your area. Healthy eating with real food. Ph Bernice NOW 576 4848 NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products. Something for everyone. NZ Chartered Natural Therapies and Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 and SHUZI – THE HI-TECH solution for arthritis, insomnia, peripheral neuropathy and much more. From sports bands to high fashion jewellery. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 SMOOTH WRINKLES, rejuvenate skin, repair elasticity - Pro-Col Collagen a pure, hydrolysed triple matrix bovine collagen. Buy one get one half price. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 SVETOL the decaffeinated green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Support metabolism and weight management – save $10 off 2 mth pack. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 THE LESLIE CLINIC – Massage Therapy with a difference, specialising in developing individual treatment programmes. Call to book today 0274 158 254 TIRED OF YOYO DIETING. Celebrity Slim – the amazing diet system. Value pack – normal value over $100. 14 shakes, 2 breakfast bars, 2 replacement bars, 5 snack bars. Now $79.90. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333

GUARD YOUR PROSTATE Microgenics Protech – supports health of your prostate gland. Save $10. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 HEALTH STARTS IN THE GUT! Primadophillus Reuteri provides Lactobaccillus Reuteri a strain of probiotic with extra power. Save on 30’s & 90’s. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333

A PERFECT 3 bedroom home, warm and dry for winter with fireplace and full insulation. Absolutely gorgeous outlook and cool breezes for Summer! Fantastic family home or for first home buyers - ideal location in Brookfield. Fully fenced on a 716m2 section situated within easy walking distance to Brookfield shops, Schools, PreSchools & parks. Separate

garage sale

SATURDAY 7AM - 10AM 115a Simpon Rd Papamoa. Moving oversea sale.


health & beauty

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for sale

All lance’s, hoses, ladders and tanks. This truck is ready to go. All equipment in excellent condition. Phone for more details including chemical suppliers etc. $14,800 plus GST ONO. Genuine reason for selling. Ph Mark 027 699 8356 or 544 4541 a/hs INDULGENT, NUTRIENT RICH, body nurturing – Antipodes – buy any two products & get a third FREE. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 INIKA COSMETICS - Organic and Mineral Makeup – now with a face in a box – incredible value – all you need to start. Value $208 for only $119. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 MARINE PLY BUILDING 3mx2m with door and large window for removal. Can be dismantled. $3200 ono. Ph 576 2790 OVEN UNIT includes Stainless Panasonic Microwave and Fisher & Paykel oven, approx 10 years old, excellent condition, plus range hood. $450 ono on the lot. Ph Claire 0274 827200. PAVERS Factory seconds, half price. 53 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887

house for sale


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house for sale

single garage with power. Located in a quiet cul-de sac in a great neighbourhood, this home is a must see to see the potential. View some photos on TradeMe #405 700 583 or phone Daphne 027 552 6283 today! Price Slashed to Sell was $330 now only $295,000 FANTASTIC LIFESTYLE BLOCK AT PIKOWAI Within easy commuting to Tauranga, Te Puke and Whakatane this 4 bedroom brick home is in paradise! Beautiful sea and rural views 6 acres grazing land, horse pens, heaps of shedding, butchery and chiller for own use single garage with sleepout/ office big games room or can be converted to extra double garage, chook house, drenching race for the cattle. 11.5 x 4.5 metre in ground swimming pool which is fully decked and fenced. This is a beautiful home and comes with a share in the community woolshed, tennis courts and cattle yards. Own water scheme. Fantastic community to belong to - be in quick! Price of house has been slashed! to $550,000 - urgent sale. Ph 027 281 7427 today.

lifestyle coaching

CAREER RESTRUCTURING? Creating opportunity from Change. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548


MOBILITY SCOOTERS, wheelchairs, walkers, & more Visit our showroom, 29 Burrows St, Tauranga, Ph 578 1213. Mobility Equipment Services ‘Supporting your independence’


HAVE A BOOMING New Year – Pro- erex Booster Plus – buy one get one free – better sex naturally. Hardys Bayfair, Hardys Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333


FREE REMOVAL unwanted steel, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, fridge/freezers, car batteries, etc. Phone Breno 021 608 129 Or 544 6560

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AONGATETE 500² SHED with bulit in 3 bedroom accommodation $395 per week, 2 weeks bond and 2 weeks in advance. Ref required. Available 5th Feb. Ph 578 4748 no calls after 8.30pm PUKEHINA 2 BEDROOM cottage with garage, suit employed or retired person $250 per week. Ph 07 533 3455

trades & services

ALLAN HOLMES FOR ALL your carpentry & Handyman jobs around the home. Big or Small. Free quotes. Reasonable rates. Call 021 992 678 or after hours on 07 576 3543 BAY PAINTERS INC for all your painting needs. Interior and Exterior. Colour consults available. Call Lewis FREE on 07 213 0784 or 021 555 013 BUILDER 30 YEARS experience in BOP. Specialised in outdoor areas, decks, pergolas, retaining walls, fences etc. Reasonable rates. Free quotes. Ph Keith today on 578 6869 or 021 377 387 BUILDER AVAILABLE NOW New homes, renovations, bricklaying, quality rates, quality work. No job too big or small. Call me now for a quote. DK Builders - Dieter 021 474 299 or 574 2139 a/h BUILDER / HANDYMAN 45yrs experience, no job too small. Ph Bryan on 027 408 3905 DO YOU HAVE GORSE? Do you have a gorse problem? We can help! Ph today for a FREE quote for all gorse control. Ph Scott 0274 624 769 EARTHWORKS Truck / Digger hire, Tree removal, Farmwork. Opening special only $80+GST per hour. No job too big or small. Call Carl at Addison Civil today 0274 636 560 ELECTRICIAN A professional and affordable registered electrician. New builds, alterations, repairs. Ph Steve 578 0555, 027 848 6042 ELECTRICIAN Able to do all jobs. Alarms, New Houses and renovations. Registered. Quality service at great price. Phone Tomas, Check Electrical 07 544 6448 or 027 566 7872 ELECTRICIAN available for all services. Mitsubishi air conditioner supplied and installed for very competitive rates. Ph 027 5473 831 or a/h on 543 0062 GORSE SPRAYING do you have a gorse problem? Ph today for a FREE quote for all gorse control. Scott 0274 624 769 GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs, moss removal. Experienced Certified Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 PAINTER / A1 DECORATOR available. All interior and exterior work. Prompt, reliable, excellent references. Ph Paul 576 4793, 027 689 6252

trades & services

trades & services

PAINTER, ACCOMPLISHED, reliable tradesman, friendly service. For free advice and quote. Ph Barry 021 518 994 or 07 579 0119

TIMBER RETAINING WALLS, Decks and all types of fencing. Excellent work at a competitive price. Ph Clive 021 0482 833 or 552 6510

PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, quality workmanship, friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 544 6495 or 021 575 307

TREE FELLING, PRUNING & Removal/chipping. No job to big or small. Ph Scott 0274 624 769

PLUMBING WORKS no job too big or small, blocked drains, plumbing, spouting & roof repairs. Ph 571 5558 RESPOUT NOW! Call Ageless Continuous Spouting. Made to measure costs less than you think. For a prompt quote. Ph 574 0496 RETAINING WALL SPECIALIST Pole walls, crib walls, tilt slab concrete walls. Excavation and levelling. The best in the business. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 a/h 576 0941 ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter and rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 0274 965 375


DRIVING MISS DAISY, relief for busy families, let us take care of the transportation of your parents to appointments or outings. Safe, friendly, reliable service. Phone Jackie Miss Daisy 552 6614

travel & tours

travel & tours

A DAY OR SEVERAL days away with John’s door to door Trips and Tours. Comprehensive Top of the North Tours in March. Jersey Boys Show in April. 2 premium seats and transport. Ph 576 9305

SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS, fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see www.scottsdaletours.

A HOLIDAY OR DAY-OUT. Every week. Small Group Tours. Door to Door Hinterland Tours Ph Kae & Rick 07 575 8118

CUSHIONS for Outdoor Chairs x4 Base with Back style please. Phone Kathy 571 8535

CURTIS COACHES, for all your coach travel needs! Curtisy Tours. Come join the fun. Day and away trips phone 07 5439205 for quotes or newsletter.

ANYTHING CONSIDERED looking for a summer job for the holidays before I go back to my study. I am a confident, energetic 24yr old and am


work wanted

work wanted

willing to consider anything. Please Ph or txt Jeremy on 027 781 5549 CAFE OR LUNCHBAR WORK, I have owned my own cafe so come with experience. Part time, Full time, casual or on call. Excellent references. Ph Ann 027 452 3415 or 578 8766 CLEANER AVAILABLE, do you require a weekly, casual or that extra special one off clean. Experience in Hotel, Motel and Domestic cleaning. Ph Ann 578 8766 or 027 452 3415

Total Design


ROOFING New roofs, re-roofs, spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237 ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline, gutters & down pipes, clean or replacement, chimney repairs. Certified Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 ROTARY HOEING Lawn preparation & sowing. Loader & blade work. Tractor mowing. Quality work & friendly service. Mini Tractor Service. Ph Murray 543 4538 or 027 200 7480 SAY GOODBYE TO GORSE! Do you have a gorse problem? We are experts for gorse control and can spray it all goodbye. Ph us today for a FREE quote for all gorse control. Ph Scott 0274 624 769

DESIGN & BUILD or select from


SHAPAZ BUILDING for all your building needs, trade qualified, new homes, alterations, decks/ fences. Ph Tai for a no obligation quote. 577 1802 or 021 997 409 STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 0220 764 245 TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990


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