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12 July 2019, Issue 968


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Birds bounce back

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In a battle that pits man against mouse, the birds are winning. For more than a decade, volunteers have been painstakingly restoring native bush on the outskirts of Tauranga at Puketoki Reserve, Whakamarama.

Where there was once silence, now the birds are in full voice, thanks to volunteers like Robbie Banks (pictured above in the foreground). Predators and pests like stoats and possums, rats and mice are largely under control.

Foundation member of Friends of Puketoki Terry Edwards says the area is now flourishing but what they need is a new generation to keep all the hard work safe into the future. Read the full story on page 4. Photo: John Borren.

Women are learning to shine p32

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Friday 12 July 2019

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They’re driving us crazy I’m getting a few mixed messages from the people making all the important decisions.

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For starters fossil fuel burning cars are bad – they contribute to the warming of the planet. All the good scientists agree the planet is warming and the sea is rising. So, we should all be driving electric cars, right? Of course! The Government is so certain of this, it announced plans this week to penalise importers of big old fossil cars with thousands of dollars of new fees and give that money to people who buy electric cars. New Zealand has lots of renewable energy but not enough to power everything. Renewable energy makes up about 80-85 per cent. Don’t worry though, Huntly Power Station still has its coal fired powe generation on standby in case we do run out. That usually happens in dry years and in years when we have a million electric cars. Gas is far better but we can’t talk about that without talking about Taranaki and Jacinda mania.

Shock treatment

It’s a moot point anyway because although they want you to buy an electric car, they don’t want you to drive it. The Government is cancelling the new roads and building cycle lanes instead. Your electric car will be useless on a road that hasn’t been built yet. You’ll need a big, stinky 4WD for that. You can’t drive a car on a historic road because everyone else is already there. You will sit there so long in traffic tha even the simple act of listening to Ed

Sheeran will cause the lakes to run dry and the polar ice caps to melt. What you can do is go for a short drive in the country in your electric car. Don’t stray too far though or someone in a fossil car will have to come and get you. And that is taxing - emotionally, environmentally and financially So, just to recap, driving electric cars is good and bad and impossible. It is good because it is better than fossil cars but bad because it is still a car. Sitting in a safe, comfy, warm car with

the music playing feels good but it is very, very bad. Some people get massive brownie points for transporting colleagues and friends to work. If you do this in an electric vehicle you are something special. Squeeze an extra person in the middle seat, at the back, and you will reach the very pinnacle of human enlightenment. If everyone started and finished at th same time, this could actually work.

The other options

Buses are great but you still have to get to the bus. Sometimes you can catch a bus to another bus but the best thing to do is to get a fold-up electric scooter. You will also need some good quality, highvisibility wet weather gear, a helmet and

comprehensive medical insurance. Take a chair too, and a good book and a cut lunch in case the bus doesn’t arrive. This can be a little impractical so, ironically, some buses have become the single most polluting form of transport there is. Three people riding a huge diesel-spewing behemoth in a tortuous, indirect route around town is not exactly the most efficient form of transport But it’s a cool concept. Electric scooters are good, right? Owning a scooter is okay but renting a scooter is irritating to other people and will give you a reputation for being irresponsible. Tauranga City Council certainly has no plans to allow this in the foreseeable future. There is a genuine public fear of rented e-scooters, particularly from people who dabble in the ancient art of walking. They are an accident waiting to happen because they are silent like a runner and just as fast. This triggers a flight or fig response in the humble biped.

What about cycling?

Cycling is good for fit people an a useful experiment for those trying to make better life choices. They are not great for long journeys, not great around larger vehicles, not great around pedestrians or in wet weather. And they are not as cool as an electric skateboard. Motorised skateboards are awesome but really dangerous for uncoordinated people. They fall into the same broad family as e-scooters, segways and those weird, single-wheel motorised things. So I don’t really know what to do. I’d love an electric car and know the wise people really want me to buy one. At the moment it would just be a cool sound system on wheels.

IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. As of September last year there were 10,000 electric vehicles registered for use on New Zealand roads and 4 million combustion engine vehicles.

The Weekend Sun Doug Jarvis is cleaning up and clearing out from his store in the Tauranga CBD.

The traditional Cumberland sausages, Lancashire black pudding and pork pies have disappeared from Tauranga’s main street… just as quickly as they arrived. Doug Jarvis, the traditional English butcher, a man who knows his craft, a second generation butcher with 38 years of experience, couldn’t make his expansion into the Tauranga CBD work. And after an 18-month dabble in the CBD, he’s gone from Devonport Road. “When I took it over from Jason and Dee, it was going well, very well.” But then Farmers closed and other shops followed. “Over the last four months it’s gone from iffy-ish to nothing” says Doug. “No customers, zero, there’s nobody in that street whatsoever.” “Damn!” said a passerby after reading Doug’s window notice. “He does great snags.” She could drive 8km to Owens Place or 10km to Papamoa to Doug’s other outlets. “I was hoping to grow my business, get out there,” says Doug. “But if I got 12 customers a week, that was a lot... they were buying a pie or four sausages. “None of the big customers like in my other stores.” “Disheartening,” says Mayor Greg Brownless. “Definitely a decline and it’s observable.” Of course he would love to see the heart of his city pumping.


No fair suck of the sav Doug Jarvis did a count the morning the “closing” signs went up. “Twenty-two empty premises. It’s a dying city. I would hate to see what that place will be like in 12 to 24 months.” The Mayor says events have conspired against retail in Devonport Road – like the malls and the opening of the Crossing with 100 shops and eateries, and Farmers’ temporary departure from the city. “It’s hard to know what would work in downtown Tauranga. Although when Farmers comes back, like may attract like. Let’s hope.” Doug Jarvis says the one prickly issue raised by customers was the cost of parking and lack of it. A new carpark building is coming but the Mayor says only people will help. “Auckland’s Queen Street died until people started living downtown. Now 50,000 to 70,000 people live in the CBD and it’s buzzing.” So when Farmers return and apartments start springing up, creating a downtown population, things might change. But, says the Mayor, people need to do more than talk, they have to support the businesses – “go out and eat and buy there”. Doug says the small butcher industry is in trouble. “Every retail butcher I know will say they’re doing okay but they’re not. It’s a dying industry. “The soulless supermarkets are taking over, pre-cut and pre-wrapped meat – no chat, no smiles... “I am not sure there are any answers,” says the butcher, turning his back on Devonport Road.

Friday 12 July 2019

Friday 12 July 2019 A selection of local breaking stories featured this week on...

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Tamati’s baby arrives

Labour MP for the Waiariki electorate Tamati Coffey and partner Tim Smith are celebrating the birth of their son, who has been brought into their ‘modern family’. On Twitter, Tamati posted a photo saying: “He’s here. And he came into the world surrounded by his village. “Mum doing awesome. Dad’s overwhelmed at the miracle of life.” Tamati and Tim’s story is set to be shared on TVNZ 1’s Sunday programme at 7.30pm. Tauranga Labour List MP Jan Tinetti says she is very happy for Tamati and Tim. “They are such wonderful friends and will be amazing Dads. “Children are a blessing and I know this little one will be surrounded by aroha. “I can’t wait to meet him for cuddles.” In February, Tamati announced he and Tim were expecting a child at the Big Gay Out event in Auckland.

Dumped carcasses

The carcasses of an unidentifiable animal has been found in the Oropi area, prompting a warning from one resident. A member of the Oropi community says she spotted the carcasses dumped on the side of the road on Thursday morning. She says they were found near the Oropi and Mountain Road intersection, where metal and dirt gets dumped every so often. “They must have been dumped overnight as they weren’t there the day before. “They are dumping and making it very obvious not trying to hide it.” The woman is also hoping that the farmers in the area are aware of this and are on alert.

NCEA fees wiped

Nearly 150,000 people have received NCEA credits that had previously been withheld because they did not pay the qualification’s annual fees It follows the government’s Budget decision to abolish the $76.70 annual fee for NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship and to write-off unpaid fees dating back to the introduction of the NCEA in 2002. Education Minister Chris Hipkins says forgiving the unpaid fees allowed 149,618 people to receive NCEA credits and 60,595 of those people would receive sufficien credits to be formally awarded at least one NCEA qualification

SunLive Comment of the Week ‘Mark Watchman’ posted by Mark Watchman on the story ‘Hunting dogs, kiwi and council team up’. “As a hunter, hats off to the Opotiki Council and hunters for their combined common sense. A great move to allow hunting dogs to be registered as working dogs as well to ensure the prerequisite avian training. Brilliant. Mark Watchman.”

The Weekend Sun


Meet the birds’ best friends A group of Whakamarama volunteers say that native flora and fauna at their local reserve is thriving, and they are calling for help from the community to keep it that way. Friends of Puketoki is a pest control group of 16 members who are helping to restore the bush and birdlife at the reserve. Bay of Plenty man Terry Edwards introduced pest eradication at Puketoki Reserve 14 years ago, after noticing deteriorating vegetation and a lack of native birds in the area. “It used to be a very quiet reserve because there were no native birds, and it was a very open space because there was no canopy.” He says nowadays there is an abundance of native wildlife at the reserve and the bush is finally returning “There is plenty of native birds in there from kaka, kereru and the most prolific North Island robins. There’s also a range of other species from weta to geckos. “Everybody who lives in the Whakamarama area and beyond are seeing Kereru, birds they haven’t seen for years and years, and it is because of the work we have put in.” Terry says when they first started trappin at Puketoki Reserve they were catching hundreds of possums each year, and now they are barely reaching 40. “We used to use two to three drums of bait in a visit, and we are lucky now if we would use half a bin.” Friends of Puketoki has trapped 38 possums, 14 mice, two stoats and two ferrets over the past year. Member Robbie Banks says the group are now in a maintenance phase and need more volunteers to ensure pest numbers are kept low. “Puketoki is currently doing so well, but if we stopped our trapping the pests would come back again.” Both Terry and Robbie agree that having

Volunteer from Friends of Puketoki Terry Edwards among the canopy at the reserve. some new volunteers would help reduce pressure on the current volunteers. “We always need more volunteers. “Every year two or three people leave the district. Having more people just makes it easier for us,” says Terry. “It would be nice to get some fresh enthusiasm and we would love to get some younger people and families involved,” says Robbie. Friends of Puketoki head into the reserve fortnightly on Thursday to walk the trap lines and top up bait stations. “Some of us also go in on the weekends, it’s healthy because you are sucking in good oxygen and getting some good exercise,” says Terry. “The main thing is we are putting

something back into the earth, giving the environment a chance.” Robbie says the volunteers put in the hard work at the reserve because they know how much the community love to use the space. “It’s really special to know that so much of the community do love it. “Especially families and young people, because it’s so safe being in that pocket of bush. It’s a really peaceful place.” “The atmosphere in the bush is quite special, it’s for people to go there on the weekend and get away from everyday life,” adds Terry. For more information about getting involved with Friends of Puketoki contact Terry Edwards on (07) 552 6222

Emma Houpt

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


A sight-seeing trip Rebecca Verster is taking part in the Eyes 4 Everest trip in September. Photo: Daniel Hines.

A Tauranga optometrist is one of 10 Kiwis that will trek through Nepal fixing people’s eyesight Rebecca Verster has joined up with Eyes 4 Everest and will be involved in setting up temporary eye clinics along the Annapurna base camp track. Rebecca was inspired by a locum optometrist in Australia who had previously taken part in the trip. “She had really great things to say about it, and I’ve always wanted to use my skills in a way that will benefit other people, but I just haven’t had the time or the opportunity to do it, and I thought this would be a cool trip to do it.” The Eyes 4 Everest charity was set up in 2013, after Sydney optometrist Shaun Yang was trekking in the Sargamatha Everest National Park. At the time, he was forced to cut his trip short due to bad weather and heavy snowfalls. Instead, Shaun accepted a request to visit a local school to help children who had trouble seeing the board. The rest is history. Rebecca says the 10 optometrists will bring their own equipment, including portable retinal cameras, so they can test people properly. “We also bring a whole heap of glasses over with us and dispense them out. We check their prescription and then try and give them the closest script.”

Because the trip is voluntary, the optometrists travel with their own gear and Rebecca says a lot of the glasses and eye equipment is donated. “The charity owns a retinal camera, so we hike over with all of the equipment. “A whole heap of eye drops have been donated, like basic antibiotics and some lubricant eye drops, so if people have an anterior eye health problem, then we can treat the diseases as well.” In terms of the hiking aspect, Rebecca says she loves walking, however she admits it is going to be very physically and mentally challenging. “I went up the Mount a couple of times this weekend just to do a bit of training. I really enjoy my walking and it was a beautiful day, but it’s just trying to find time to do a few more long distance walks. “It’s pretty much three weeks of walking “I’ve heard some stories that these Nepalese people trek for days to come to your clinic and I think one of the hardest things will be turning people away because there are so many people to be seen, so I think that will be super emotional. “I care a lot for my patients, so it will be hard going over there and not being able to give everyone the best that you can.” To donate to Rebecca’s Eyes 4 Everest trip, visit: Wells trip-eyes4everest

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Friday 12 July 2019

End is in sight for scenic cycleway Construction of the Wairoa River Bridge cycleway, the last major link in the Omokoroa to Tauranga cycle trail, is underway. And it will be completed before Christmas. The 177-metre steel cycleway, on the downstream side of the Wairoa Bridge on SH2, will offer a scenic, safe and fully accessible route for cyclists to travel across the Wairoa River. The cycleway has been a marathon project spanning several years. At the Wairoa Road side, the bridge extension will transition to a path connecting with the Te Puna Station Road cycleway which has just been completed. On the Bethlehem side there will be a three metre wide concrete cycleway from the bridge connecting cycleway network at Carmichael Road. The project had a budget of $13 million.


The Weekend Sun

Idea goes over their heads The concept of a pedestrian overbridge has been floated to replace the cancelled Baypark to Bayfair underpass project. Architect Mark Wassung describes his overbridge idea as “an urban playground”. NZTA senior project delivery manager Andrew Thackwray says the proposed underpass would be complex and they could not justify the $33million cost. “We understand that this decision will be disappointing for many in the community, but a new underpass is no longer an affordable option in what is currently a highly constrained funding environment.” Tauranga City councillor Larry Baldock agreed that a new underpass is hard to justify but he wanted to see an alternative put forward. At present, the solution is to stop traffic using signals to allow pedestrians to cross. “You could go on the south side of Girven Road and provide an overpass there and then down at Concord to give two options for people to get across, particularly cyclists and mobility scooters.” Fellow councillor Rick Curach says the overpass

concept provided by architect Mark Wassung is “awesome”. “The overpass can be done after, so it can be retrofitted after the project is finished and i is obviously something we need to consider as a solution because it doesn’t mean going underground.” Mark Wassung says there are no clients or anyone else behind his idea. “It’s my idea and it’s all done in the resources of my practice.” He has designed a similar bridge that was built in Hamilton. Based on that project, he estimates the cost of the Bayfair bridge to be about $7million. “I don’t live in that area, but I am aware of [the old underpass] its high usage historically and of course it’s gone now, but it was an interesting amenity that was taken away. Because the new design was wider, the underpass would’ve ended up being I think close to 100 metres. “It would be visible, accessible and allow for scooters and pedestrians and cyclists. It basically takes the existing amenity and gives people a safe and accessible path over the top.” He is yet to hear back from the council and the NZTA about the proposal. Kate Wells

Mark Wassung’s overbridge idea could be an alternative to the NZTA’s rejected Bayfair link underpass.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


Mr Nice Guy chops the lot He’ the chocolate smooth tonsils on the Breeze easy listening breakfast show – the nice guy, the Mark of Mark and Jolene. But don’t be lulled – ‘the voice’ could probably kill you with his bare hands, not that there is the propensity to do so. Because Mark Eagle, the man who likes to make listeners feel special for four hours each morning, is a 30-year karate exponent. “There’s the kumite side to karate - the full contact fighting side,” says Mark. “And there is kata, I love the kata side.” Kata is the expressive side of karate, it’s about forms, the karate specific techniques, choreographed pattern of movements. But again don’t be lulled. “You have got your strikes in the air, some pretty nasty techniques when you find out what they’re designed for. They are designed to maim and kill. “You know, the eye gouges, and the nasty bit where you pull things off people. That’s if you actually had to use those techniques. And fortunately, in three decades of karate, he hasn’t needed to. Probably never will. This weekend the 45-year-old radio jock is in Auckland for the New Zealand national Karate Championships. And that is on the back of a very successful outing at the Hamilton just recently. “A gold in the men’s veteran open – 35 years and older. And bronze in the mens’ open – so you’re up against teenagers and guys in their 20s – half my age – so that was a good feeling.” A win at the nationals this weekend would mean nine New Zealand titles all up for the Breeze breakfast man. He’s good. “I suppose it’s pretty good anytime when someone from Tauranga is beating someone from Wellington or Christchurch,” says Mark. He’s not only an exponent but an advocate. “It’s especially great for kids to get into karate. They sort of exude confidence and tend not to be picked on. And if



Mark Eagle is all smiles after his success at the New Zealand national Karate Championships.

they do, then they can look after themselves.” But they don’t go looking for fights, they learn not to. Karate is about self defence. And for all three or four years Mark Eagle has been on the Breeze Tauranga, and successfully so, not one mention of his prowess at karate. “I would feel a bit self-conscious talking about myself on radio.” Then with typical humility, the radio jock slips into a Breeze promotion. “The Breeze is not about me and Jolene,” insists Mark. “It’s about making our listeners the stars… yeah!” The latest survey results, the lifeblood of the radio industry, came through two weeks ago last week. “Really good for us, the Breeze has gone up quite significantly,” says Mark. So it is like karate, the higher and harder you kick, the more it pays off.

community event until 12pm. There will family-friendly activities such as a super hero dress-up, sausage sizzle and community bike ride. Access to the event is via the Faulkner Street entrance to the reserve and people are encouraged to walk or cycle to get there. Tauranga City Council recently finished the upgrade of this 6km long track, creating a safe

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Tauranga to Tauriko cycle and walkway route now open It cost $100,000 – a thousand dollars a kilometre. It’s the new improved walking and cycling path through the in the Kopurererua Valley Reserve. And it’s officially opened this weekend, at 10am on Sunday July 14. Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter will do the honours, and after the formal opening at 10am, there will be a


walking and cycling link between The Lakes at Tauriko and Tauranga city centre. The upgrade cost $600,000 – 51 per cent of it coming from NZTA through the Government’s $390 million programme to make it easier for kiwis to walk and cycle around New Zealand. More information visit: www.

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Friday 12 July 2019


The Weekend Sun

Wallabies are knocking It was the unmistakable silhouette of a wallaby that excited. A Facebook post of an about-to-be-deceased wallaby as it leapt across the railway lines in front of several hundred tonnes of logging train between Murupara and Kawerau. It was there, going into the rail yard, according to the train driver, and it was there coming out. He snapped the wallaby on his phone as evidence. “That’s the problem – it’s not deceased,” says rueful Bay of Plenty Regional Council biosecurity officer, Dale Williams. The wallaby was too quic for the train. So Dale dispatched a contractor with ‘indicating’ dogs to flush out the Ozzie invader But it had disappeared into a blackberry thicket. That made Dale slightly uneasy. “That wallaby is a long way from the main breeding population around Kaingaroa Forest. “It’s also only a kilometer or so from the Rangitikei River bridge. “And that’s of real concern.” If the wallaby cross the Rangitikei, the next stop is Te Urewera – a vast, heavily forested, sparsely populated and protected area and home to Ngai Tuhoe. “We certainly don’t want them in there. “We definitely don’t wan wallabies established there. It would have a major negative impact and be very difficult to manage. Why all the angst? The dama wallaby, macropus eugenii, looks so cute – just 530mms high, weighing up to 7kgs, sleek grey-brown coat

with pale belly, the greenish-yellow eyes and the irresistible ‘take-me-home-and-cuddle-me’ appeal. “That’s half the problem,” admits Dame. “Look at stoats and the impact is obvious, they kill kiwis. “People see an immediate problem. But then they go: ‘oh, I didn’t know we had wallaby’ or ‘I can’t see the problem, they just chew grasses and shrubs and things’.” But that can have a huge impact on our birdlife for instance. They devour the seedlings of exotic trees which may also produce a lot of seed that the birds eat. “So over time there’s a slow and insidious change to the forest,” explains Dale. “The wallaby works slowly and systematically nipping off every palatable seedling. And that completely removes the regeneration of some species. The impact is quite dramatic.” The wallaby, classified as an unwanted organis under our biosecurity legislation, inhabits 200,000 hectares east of Rotorua. The spread is not alarming – but it’s a bit of the hare and tortoise thing, slow but sure. And the Bay of Plenty is not immune – wallabies are knocking at our door, nibbling at our seedlings. They’ve reached Paengaroa. “Go to the end of Allport Road east of Paengaroa and there’s a small DOC reserve called Roydon Downs. They’re established there,” says Mark. “They’ll be in the pine forest to the west, and across the state highway in Sun Valley right up to the Kaituna

The Weekend Sun

on the door

DOC seeking whale sightings Scientists and the Department of Conservation are appealing to the public to report sightings of a rare but increasingly regular visitor to New Zealand’s shores, the southern right whale or tohora. Reports from the public of tohora off the New Zealand coast are for a new study by the University of Auckland, the University of Otago and the Department of Conservation. Tohora were driven almost to extinction by whaling in the 19th and 20th centuries. After decades of protection, they are making a steady comeback, with

A wallaby is photographed by a train driver near Kawerau.


Bay of Plenty Regional Council biosecurity officer, Dale Williams

River.” And there’s a natural barrier like the open pastureland in the area. The new pest management plan is one of progressive containment, preventing the spread of wallabies. Dale Williams has some tools in his box like pesticides – cyanide and 1080. There’s night shooting with thermal imaging, scopes and night vision. “They live in scrub during the day and at night if they have access to good quality pasture, they will come out and feed at night. “So night shooting is good. Problem solved.” But they need people on board, people who will advise regional council if they spot a wallaby – they’re wanted dead or alive. There is a reporting app for cellphones where people can put in: That will open up a questionnaire asking for contact details and where they saw the wallaby. There is also a little digital map where you can drag the marker to where you saw the wallaby. Dale will be very glad to hear from you. When the train driver’s image of the wallaby appeared on the WBOPRC Facebook page, the anti-1080- brigade seized the moment. “Let go of

the pest mentality,” said one post. “It only promotes inhumane ecocide poisons.” Another said: “they’ve been trying to push this wallaby story a bit lately. “Might be to do with ideas of spreading poison.” The regional council immediately tried to defuse things. It thanked the contributors and explained that usually when a report of a wallaby comes in a highly trained detector dog is dispatched. “If it’s a small population then they can be humanely killed with a gun rather than pesticides.” “Well, that’s unfortunate,” admits Dale. If wallaby sightings are reported smartly, it’s highly likely the problem can be solved with man and gun. “Whereas if you don’t tell us and we end up with a quite a well-established population, we probably have to use poison. We will use cyanide to start with. But if it’s a bigger problem 1080 might have to be an option.” So keeping quiet about wallabies may be counterproductive here. And all this can been sheeted back to George Grey, governor of New Zealand who thought it might be cool to ‘zhuzh’ up our wildlife with a few monkeys zebras, gnus and five species of wallabies Nearly 200 years later we are paying for his folly.







Friday 12 July 2019



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A special highlight of this voyage will be an overnight spent in Rio de Janeiro during the “Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro” festival. This is one of the ‘biggest shows on earth’, with many festivities and street parades.



population growth estimated at up to 7 per cent per year. Latest estimates put the total population at about 2000 animals which means a higher chance of spotting one and a higher chance that when whales do visit, they will stay for longer. Sightings of tohora begin around Matariki in June and are possible almost anywhere during the winter months from Southland to Northland. Anyone seeing tohora is asked to call DOC’s hotline: 0800 DOCHOT / 0800 36 24 68 as soon as they can and, if possible, take photos and send to DOC.

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Friday 12 July 2019


The Weekend Sun

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


The ArtBus is revving its engines again

Students had a chilly mid-winter swim at Omanu. Photo: Jim Critchley.

children to the Gallery. An ArtBus ride means they will take part in an art education programme that could kickstart a life-long connection with the arts. It’ll help foster young creative minds and apply critical, innovative and reflective thinking to all areas of their life. Each child in this programme comes to the gallery on a free ArtBus, which provides no-barrier access for all schools. To help the gallery keep the ArtBus a free service, visit:

The annual Tauranga Art Gallery ArtBus fundraiser is back for 2019 – more intimate this year and every bit as tantalizing. It’ll be held on Tuesday August 13 and is an evening of jazz, whisky and delicious food in the warmth and creative comforts of the Tauranga Art Gallery. The $50 tickets will secure a place at this exclusive event and 100 per cent of the ticket price will be an investment in kids and art - bringing local school

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Taking the plunge for cancer Mount Maunganui College students and staff took a mid-winter swim on Wednesday as part of their annual Polar Bear Plunge event. The school community gather each year at Omanu Surf Club to remember Jed Roberts and Harrison Mundy. Assistant principal Tina Yule says Jed was a student who passed away in 2011 from leukaemia. “We try and have some way to acknowledge him. “And one of our staff member’s son died of a cancer a little bit later, Harrison Mundy. “It’s our way of acknowledging anybody that has contact with any form of cancer and so the kids get into orange and run into the water and then run out.” Tina says she has taken part in the plunge every year since the events inception, and for her it is personal as she lost a godson to leukaemia. Going for a swim in the middle of winter isn’t the most pleasant, however Tina says this year the water temperature wasn’t as harsh in comparison to other years. “The water wasn’t too cold, but it was rough and choppy so we were in and out.” The sports leaders briefed the school community, as well as the Roberts and Mundy families who were in attendance. Students then lined up on the beach to perform the school haka, before braving the choppy winter sea.



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Tina says the event is very special, and it never moves from the school calendar. FREE QUOTES “It’s a non-negotiable and we’ve opened it up so all the kids can come down and the community come down as well. “It’s just an event where everyone has a bit of fun 021 0227 4245 and acknowledges leukaemia.” Head boy Louis Donovan says the plunge is something the entire school gets behind. “There were ore than 100 students from all different year groups, and I think for us it really builds the schools awareness and it fills you with a great sense of admiration for the families and what the school can do to continue to support them.” It seems as though some have different limits when it comes to feeling the cold. U nlike Tina, Louis says the water was freezing, and he was in for all about ten seconds. Louis says it was a special moment to perform the school haka on the beach with the families in attendance. “Everyone’s there and around talking about it, and the mufti day at school is a celebration of what the work the leukaemia foundation is doing, and hopefully one day we can work to overcome leukaemia.” Not only students and staff were involved in the plunge, Louis says coaches of sports teams and parents came to show their support which they all appreciated. “I know our first 11 footy coach was there, and lots of people really support the event.” Kate Wells


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Friday 12 July 2019

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Police warn of new scam Increasing numbers of people are being defrauded out of large sums of money by scammers accessing the email accounts of legitimate businesses. Known as invoice fraud, the crime involved fraudsters monitoring a business’ emails, waiting for it to send an invoice to a customer for a large amount of money. The scammer would then send their own email to the customer, from the business’ email address, informing them its bank account number had changed and asking

Stories from behind the surgery door

them to instead put the money into the fraudster’s account. The crime was now the third most common form of online lawbreaking in this country behind phishing and ransomware. Last year globally the FBI experienced double the number of cases compared to 2017. Former deputy police commissioner, Rob Pope, was now working with the government’s online fraud agency, Cert NZ. He says the reason the scam often fooled people was the fact it was so plausible.

Fictional anecdotes on getting old, born in a doctor’s office

It’s called ‘This Old Stick’ – and when you have thumbed the final page of Dr Andrew Corin’s first sortie into published creative writing, when you have doused the light and closed your eyes, you will be pondering.


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And as you wait for sleep you will consider some wonderful old sticks in your own life and lost opportunities to connect with them, to listen and learn, and enjoy. “I would like you to think that the people in this book are delightful,” says Andrew. “I would like you to think you might like to get to know people like that.” The people are old people, people Dr Corin believes society does not value, and, sadly, we are poorer for that. Even the title is mildly deprecatory by definition – old stick, a person, used in a familiar, offhand or disparaging manner. And in his introduction, the Tauranga author and doctor prefaces his anthology of ‘old stick’ stories with statements he has heard - “they’re a drain”, “they smell bad and look funny” and “I don’t know how to communicate with them”. And from the old sticks themselves – “I don’t have anything to contribute” and “I don’t want to be a burden”. He says there is a lot of good stuff going on that values elderly people, but as a western, consumerist individualist kind of society, we don’t take care of our elderly. Dr Corin says he hopes his collage of purely fictional stories from behind the closed door of a purely fictional surgery will contribute to “healing this disorder”. “I want people to get to know old sticks, to think they are going to look around tomorrow and start talking to old people they have ignored until now.” Characters like Bob and Irene. Their now estranged daughter comes home with love bites, Bob punches a hole in the wall of their railway bungalow, daughter flees, Bob finds solace at work at the shunting yard Irene doesn’t find solace and threatens separation. Bob accuses Irene of sleeping with a ghost and they end up at the doctor’s. The Doctor does a lot of observing and listening and detects a flicker of life

left in the marriage. Dad shares his inner self, there’s a touching of hands, a promise to fix the hole in the wall and all just may end well. It’s a touching story nonetheless and one that comes from the other side of a closed surgery door. All the characters are fictitious but the author, the doctor, has drawn on real-life interactions with patients over a quarter of a century as a community practitioner to tell patient stories. “Every character has been influenced by multiple characters’ story, and there is enough changed about their story so that it would not be recognisable to anyone.” So the Hippocratic oath is unbreached, not even dented. “But certainly every story has been influenced by real people, real patients,” says Dr Corin. And that teases the voyeur in us all. Dr Adrian Fisk who weaves us tantalisingly through his case book in ‘This Old Stick’ is an aging GP, burnt-out, struggling with his workload and fairly negative about the environment he works in. His journey takes us from poor coping strategies to more flourishing strategies in order to continue working Is there a bit of our good doctor and author in Dr Fisk? “That’s the danger here. People will think Andrew Corin wrote this book, he’s a GP, there’s a GP in the book so it must be Andrew. People will read a lot of stuff into me that is not me. So the answer is there is very little of Dr Corin in Dr Fisk.” Is ‘This Old Stick’ a storybook, a textbook or social commentary – it could anyone or a bit of all three. “I just want to encourage readers to connect better with the people around them, people they don’t know very well and in particular the elderly community.” I have since used Dr Corin’s prescription, albeit in a small way. Driving home last week I passed an elderly man standing in the cold wet dusk at the bottom of Maxwells Road. He was waiting to cross the road with his soggy wee dog. Walking the pooch was obviously not subject to the weather. I liked that and their resilience made me toot, smile and wave my approval. It wasn’t lost. Back came an equal dose of Dr Corin’s medicine. Maybe we will chat one day and I will flick him my copy of ‘This Old Stick.’ To buy the book go to: Hunter Wells

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Friday 12 July 2019


Riding a new wave



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my destiny, I don’t have to keep walking the same path to ruination because it’s the only one I have been shown, I can stay out of jail, I can stay out of the justice system, I can earn a legit’ income, I don’t have to wear a gang patch’.” The director suddenly realised there was a much bigger story to be shared. They needed $20,000 to get the job done, to get the movie out there and the message shared. Then a major sponsor Showerdome gave them $5,000 so they just need just $15,000. “The director Brad Hook started shooting material 18 months ago. Videography is his passion but not his job so we need to pay some professional to get the scripting, voice overs, music, editing - all the post production done.” Live for More relies totally on donations and grants. “We need support to finish the movie. The plan is to finish the movie early September so it can be premiered and shown to an international surf therapy conference in California in November. “It will also be shown around New Zealand,” says Krista. “People will be saying this is not just surfing, it is so much more, surfing is medicine. To help, go to:

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Live for More camerawoman Amber Jones and Live for More doco interviewee Keyonte Borell. It’s an untitled, home-grown movie – at this moment a no budget movie, with a cast of stars in their own right and supported by an international slew of bit-players, psychologists, probation officers and police It’s a movie with an important, heartfelt plot that will help understand, shape young, challenged lives. “The whole world stands to benefit from this movie,” says Krista Davis, founder of Live for More. This Tauranga trust uses surfing to reach troubled young men and empower them to turn their lives around. “The more the world realises and appreciates the amazing free tool that is surf therapy, the better,” says Krista. “It’s helping people with depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol problems, PTSD and autism. Surf therapy is being used because some things modern medicine can’t treat.” But Live for More needs a hand up. What started out as a short, five minute movie about the good works of Living for More morphed into a fulllength documentary of cinema quality because the young men telling their stories were so compelling. “Stories of true transformation, changes from a life of absolute brokenness and despair and hopelessness to radiant smiles and some kid saying: ‘I can actually control







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DENTURES PHONE: 07 576 0620

Blue boys return to the Bay A Bay of Plenty chef is returning back to his hometown, after working in award-winning kitchens overseas for the past ten years. Brothers Matt and Nathan Schaeffer are taking over Papamoa beachfront dining spot Bluebiyou. Matt started cheffing after he dropped out of school. He started off working for free in kitchens around Hamilton. After that, he made the move across the ditch landing a job at award-winning Melbourne restaurant ‘Vue De Monde’ owned by celebrity chef Shannon Bennett. “We won Restaurant of The Year in 2006 and 2007. I was 18 at the time, and the youngest guy in the kitchen by 4 years. “Behind the scenes, it is survival of the fittest. Working there taught me about parts of the industries that I don’t want to replicate at my own restaurant,” says Matt. Then Matt went further afield, working in and establishing restaurants and bars in Vietnam, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. “Working in third world countries within the Middle East opened my heart to becoming a leader in the industry that is essentially dying.” He says there is a drastic difference between how people approach dining-out across the Middle East and Asia compared to the Bay. “I have been working in cities where restaurants have repeat clientele every day, people use them as their dining room. “Coming back to New Zealand, where

Brothers Matthew and Nathan Schaeffer are now running Bluebiyou restaurant. people eat for celebrations, treating it as a night out, hugely changes the way you approach serving food. “I have really had to adjust my style of what I think people are going to be into. “We are not trying to do the latest Gordon Ramsay technique at Bluebiyou, but we are doing a good job of cooking the basic things. “My passion is knowing the story of the products I am cooking with, where they have come from and how they have come to me. It’s important to respect those products and cook them well.

“It’s good supporting other local businesses that represent what is most close to me, the food culture in New Zealand.” Matt and Nathan started managing the restaurant in November last year when it was called ‘The Blue Bar and Eatery’, however they have only had the chance to go through the rebranding process this winter. “It was always known as Bluebiyou when we grew up here and the locals still call it that. We wanted to capitalize on the local notoriety that was always there, and that sort of sums up why we wanted to come back.”

I won’t stand for Mayor this election It’s easy to be cynical in an era of fake news and spin. In modern politics, style seems to trump substance and words speak louder than actions. It’s rare to find the genuine article but I believe we’ve got one in Tauranga; someone who’s in politics for the right reasons. Almost without exception, the politicians I’ve met are more generous with other people’s money than they are with their own. Greg Brownless is different. He’s got a reputation for being disciplined and even miserly with ratepayer money, much to the frustration of some ‘spenders’ on Council, but he’s generous with his own. Greg single-handedly built a large and successful funeral business but in his late forties, after volunteering to retrieve and repatriate the remains of victims of the boxing day tsunami, something

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changed. He decided that the accumulation of personal wealth wasn’t the driving force in his life and gifted his business to the community by establishing Legacy Trust. Since then, he’s donated more than $3.1m to the Tauranga community. Quietly spoken, he’s committed to our community through his actions. When elected, Greg’s inherited some poorly executed projects, but he’s ensured Council learns from its mistakes and that they are reported openly; not buried in a spreadsheet somewhere. He’s faced criticism from some political opportunists as a result, but it’s called transparency. He’s ensured accountability too by leading the recruitment of a new chief executive. Greg’s the right person for the right reasons for Mayor. That’s why he has my vote.



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Friday 12 July 2019


Welcome to refurbished mission Coffee capsule recycling is catching on L’affare and TerraCycle are launching a new recycling programme. L’affare have joined with global recycling pioneers TerraCycle to launch a free national recycling programme for their products. Through the L’affare Coffee Capsules Recycling Programme, New Zealanders can now collect and ship all their L’affare coffee capsules free-ofcharge to TerraCycle, who will shred, wash and melt them down.

Simon Bridges

The refurbished Port of Tauranga United Seafarer’s Mission. Photo: Daniel Hines.

The United Seafarer’s Mission has had such a spruce up in recent times, people are walking out thinking they are in the wrong place. Mission chair Jeff Law says the place was “very dark and quite gloomy” and they wanted to spruce it up. He says some of the ship workers have almost walked out of the mission, thinking they were in the wrong place as they didn’t recognise it. “We have had all of the internal walls clad, it’s been painted, there’s new carpet, and all of the money was donated for the entire job.” The revamp makes the facility more practical and enjoyable and is also a more positive environment for the seafarers to be in. Jeff says part of their plans included having neutral colours on the walls and carpet, and adding bright coloured furniture. “One of the last things you want for a seafarer centre is the colour scheme this place had before, which was all blues and yellows, because that’s what they see on the ship. The main focus of the new and improved Tauranga Seafarer’s Mission facility reflects the meaning of Tauranga Moana – a safe haven and a good anchorage.

These materials will then be used to make new products like garden beds, park benches and even playgrounds. Those recycling in the programme can earn $1 per kilogram of capsules collected which goes to the New Zealand school or charity of their choice. Globally, more than $45million has been raised for schools and non-profit organisations worldwide through TerraCycle’s free recycling programmes.

MP for Tauranga Chair Jeff Law. Jeff and his team want to provide a place for seafarers to relax, be comfortable, to catch up with loved ones and to seek advice if they have any problems. “Our attitude is not trying to make a place that is nice to work in, it’s a place for the seafarer to feel at home,” says Jeff. The volunteers at the seafarers’ mission aim to make life a little easier for the seafarers, whether that’s taking them to Bayfair if they need to pick something up, by providing a chaplain to talk to or making them a cup of coffee. Jeff says the maritime industry had the worst record for industrial suicides so it is important for them to take good care of the seafarers coming through. “That is an awful stat for any industry. But you’ve got to remember, these guys normally sign a nine month contract, which means they are away from home for probably 10 months by the time they leave home, fly to whatever port to pick up the ship, get on Kate Wells the ship and come home again.”

The Hikurangi Serviced Apartments FROM JUST $500,000

Greerton Constituent Clinics Meet with Simon or his Team Upcoming clinic dates July 15 • August 19 • Sept 16 When 12:30—2:30pm Where Heremanuhiri Room, Greerton Library, Chadwick Road, Greerton, Tauranga No appointment necessary. All enquiries to 07 577 0923 or

Funded by the Parliamentary Service. Authorised by Simon Bridges MP, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.


SERVICE Age is but a number, especially when you are living life to the full without compromise. Our new Hikurangi Apartments are designed to be at the heart of our sociable supportive community. We take pride in ensuring our apartments are more than just a beautiful and functional space and it is our privilege to provide flexible care and support that suits your needs. These well-appointed one and two bedroom serviced apartments provide an option for residents who need some assistance with everyday domestic tasks such as cleaning and meals. You can make an appointment to view the new show apartment by calling Janet on 07 572 3029.

07 572 3029 | 210 Maranui Street, Mount Maunganui


Friday 12 July 2019

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The army assault on winter ills






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Low of 8, low of 5, low of 8, low of 5, low of 5. The mercury has crept chillingly down day-by-day this week and is expected to stay down until the end of August. The chill comes as the Salvation Army appeals to the more fortunate public to spare a thought for those living in poverty during the depths of winter. “This morning we supported families sleeping in cars and cabins with blankets, clothing, cooking equipment and utensils,” says Davina Plummer, community ministries manager for the Army in Tauranga. Many families struggle at the best of times to meet the rising cost of accommodation and living. “Winter adds the additional pressure of trying to keep warm and healthy,” says Davina. The Salvation Army in Tauranga has a consistently high demand for its services across winter. More than 21 people walk through its doors every week seeking social welfare assistance with basic needs predominately for food and blankets. Jono Bell, the Army’s national director of

community ministries, says vulnerable people struggle with warmth, shelter and food over winter, which can exacerbate or cause health problems. “Substandard housing and poor heating often lead to sickness and people don’t always get to a doctor when they should.” Latest Ministry of Health data shows about one in seven adults didn’t consult a doctor due to cost. Transport costs are also a barrier. “Even with free doctors’ visits for children under 13, if there’s no car, no petrol and no bus money, it’s near impossible for some whanau,” says Jono. Children from the most disadvantaged communities are twice as likely to end up in hospital for medical conditions and three times more likely to be hospitalised for respiratory conditions compared to advantaged communities. The Salvation Army relies heavily on the public to provide essential services to 120,000 people each year. Now it’s pleading for the fortunate to donate to its Winter Appeal launched this week and running to the end of the month. To give, go to:

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Cold temperatures bring a new set of challenges for people living in poverty in Tauranga.

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92 First Avenue, Tauranga | 07 578 2868 WWW.APPLIANCEPLUS.CO.NZ I 0800 46 36 36 ˆ Room sizes are indicative only. Installation covers a standard back-to-back installation with a 4m pipe run and existing electrical circuits only. Conditions may apply, see in-store for more details. Offer ends Wednesday 31st July, 2019. *Finance options available with Finance Now, terms and conditions apply, see in-store for more details.

The questions came thick and fast for Paul Goldsmith at a recent National Party morning tea in Mt Maunganui. Paul is the newly appointed spokesperson for Finance and Infrastructure following the announcement from Amy Adams that she’s retiring at the next election. While it will be sad to see Amy go as she has made a massive contribution to the National Party and Parliament, I know we are in good hands with Paul. Paul has done an outstanding job holding

the Government to account in the Economic and Regional Development portfolios. Locals had many questions for him, including concerns on the rising cost of living and the impact this Government’s wasteful spending policies (such as fees free and KiwiBuild) will have on their future tax burden. When spending grows faster than the economy, it leads to more tax and more debt. It’s not a matter of choosing wellbeing over the economy.

A strong economy pays for the services that aid better wellbeing. The Bay of Plenty’s economy is in good shape. We have lots of momentum here. But the New Zealand economy is slowing and it won’t be long before that trickles through to the Bay. The Government is blaming the slowdown on global factors but they are responsible for the domestic economy, not Donald Trump. I’m pleased Amy is here for the rest of the term to help us form policies for next year’s election. It’s exciting to lead such a talented and hardworking team and know that we have a depth of talent to continue holding the Government to account.

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Candidates’ evening 2019 Local Government Elections

7pm - 9pm Monday 22 July Tauranga City Council chambers 91 Willow Street A presentation on standing for council will be given in the Tauranga City Council chamber at 7pm on Monday, 22 July. Topics will include how council is structured, role and responsibilities of elected representatives, skills required, anticipated time commitments and meeting schedules, and an overview of the nomination and election processes. For more information, contact Jacinda Lean on (07) 577 7000.

Friday 12 July 2019

Friday 12 July 2019

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How do I become a New Zealand citizen?

There are four ways you can be a New Zealand citizen:

Zealand includes the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, and the Ross Dependency in Antarctica. Adoption - you can become a New Zealand citizen if you’re legally adopted by a New Zealand citizen. Citizenship by descent - you are a New Zealand citizen if you’re born overseas on or after January 1, 1978, to a parent who is a New Zealand citizen by birth or by grant. If you’re a citizen by descent you need to register your citizenship

to get a New Zealand passport. Citizenship by grant: You can apply to the New Zealand government for a grant of citizenship. If you are not sure whether you are a New Zealand citizen, you can use this online tool to check your citizenship status to the Citizenship Office. If you are not already a citizen, check whether you are eligible for citizenship. More information about citizenship can be found on the New Zealand Government website:

Unsung heroes get a helping hand There are a significant number of New Zealanders caring for high-needs family members in their own homes. The work they do is vital and largely unheralded, but it can also be stressful on both an emotional and financial level. The Coalition Government this week provided some relief to these stretched carers, with the announcement of substantial changes to the Family Funded Care policy. The $32 million package will see pay rates for family carers increase from the current

minimum wage to a fairer pay equity rate of between $20.50 and $25.50 an hour. Family carers’ rights to challenge the laws and policies which affect them most will also be restored, after being rendered voiceless by the previous Government. Family carers are some of New Zealand’s unsung heroes, but their needs have not been met and their voices have struggled to be heard. But this Government is listening. We are working to ensure that all New Zealanders,

whatever their challenges, receive the recognition and support that they deserve. This package follows on from recent Government announcements on additional learning support in classrooms, the extension of support for those in state care transitioning into adulthood, and the overall focus on improving support for those with mental health and addiction issues. New Zealand First is proud to be part of a Government which is addressing problems which have been ignored for too long and will make a positive difference in the years ahead. We are determined to put the wellbeing of New Zealanders at the forefront of what we do.

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Citizenship by birth in New Zealand - in general, any person born in New Zealand before January 1, 2006, is a New Zealand citizen by birth. If you

are born on or after January 1, 2006, in New Zealand, then you’re a citizen if at least one of your parents is a New Zealand citizen or entitled to be in New Zealand indefinitely at the time of your birth. For the purposes of citizenship, New



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Friday 12 July 2019


Speed concerns are passed along A petition put together by a Tauranga resident for a speed camera to be installed along Chapel Street is being looked into by council. Back in May of this year, a resident gathered more than 60 signatures in support of a speed camera being installed along Chapel Street. This was put to the Tauranga City Council.

Founder of GirlBoss NZ Alexia Hilbertidou with students from Tauranga Girls’ College who attended her workshop on Wednesday.

GirlBoss making moves in Tauranga She’s met the Queen, flown with NASA, spoken at more than 50 events in New Zealand and overseas, and founded New Zealand’s largest organisation for young women. GirlBoss founder Alexia Hilbertidou is now travelling around New Zealand empowering young women to aim high and create change. The 20-year-old entrepreneur stopped off in Tauranga last week, encouraging female students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, maths, entrepreneurship and leadership. She says they are “future-focussed” fields where women can create a positive influence in the world “It’s really important that women are at the forefront of all technological change.” Alexia delivered workshops at Tauranga Girls’ College last Wednesday and Otumoetai College last Thursday. “It’s been a really amazing experience seeing young people so excited about GirlBoss. They leave

the workshop inspired, empowered, excited to be ambitious and aim high. “I encourage all the young women I work with to be unapologetically ambitious in the pursuit of their most audacious goals.” Alexia has seen hundreds of success stories emerge from students who have attended the workshops. Tauranga Girls’ College year 12 students Parvi Gounder and Tania Simpson left the leadership workshop feeling motivated to set the bar high for themselves. “We girls often don’t want to put ourselves out there in case we get rejected or we fail. Alexia was talking about how, rather than thinking we can’t achieve as highly as men, we should go out and seek opportunities and really get a plan going,” says Parvi. Tania says lots of young women in her year group don’t have the confidence for leadership positions. “It’s like breaking through the glass ceiling, she is showing us we can have confidence in ourselves and our abilities.” For more information about the GirlBoss workshops, visit: Emma Houpt

In the period 2014-2019 seven crashes were reported. Two crashes involved minor injuries and five were non-injury crashes. Acting manager of transportation at Tauranga City Council Phil Consedine says staff will contact NZ Police to determine if the speed camera deployment programme can include the Chapel Street/Maxwells Road area.

Friday 12 July 2019


Locally owned & family run

The Weekend Sun

Reinforcements arrive for ‘Milo Night’ crew Tracey Carlton, Margaret and Pip prepare for ‘Milo Night’ at the Willow St bus shelter.

Street Kai gets together every Monday for ‘Milo Night’ at the Willow St bus stop, providing Tauranga’s vulnerable community with hot food, warm clothes, connections and a cuppa. Two weeks ago, The Weekend Sun published a story about how the crew needed more volunteers to help feed an increasing number of rough sleepers. Since the article was published, founder Tracey Carlton is seeing more and more volunteers showing up each Monday evening to give a helping hand. “Some new vollies [volunteers] have totally committed to coming weekly, which is really fabulous for us because we need the support.” Linda joined the team two weeks ago. She says she has been “humbled” by her experience and will continue to help out. “It was great to be part of a community that I haven’t been in before. You can see how much Tracey and her team give of themselves. “It is daunting to think in a prosperous place like Tauranga we have got a hundred people showing up for a meal on a regular basis.” Street Kai volunteer Ann has been getting involved with ‘Milo Nights’ for about a year. Over the past two weeks, she has seen new people bringing along food and unfamiliar faces wanting to know how else they can help out. One new volunteer even donated 15kg of fresh fish for the crew to cook with. “It’s just been fantastic. Normally we just had the core people to do it, whereas last week we had all these extra people, and all this extra food.”

Another Street Kai volunteer Grant says extra support from new volunteers gives the crew more time to connect with the ‘peeps’. “Normally we are running around serving food and drinks. Now we can have more in-depth conversations with the peeps, which is awesome because they are all really good people. “We had the time, energy and aroha to get out from behind the kai table and mix and mingle with the peeps, which is what our nights are built on,” says Tracey. ‘Milo Night’ volunteers range in age from fouryears-old to those their seventies. “Our youngest vollies that come are four-years-old. “They make food with their mum, and then their aunty brings them over here,” says Tracey. “We have two teenagers that come along regularly, people in their seventies and people in their fifties. “This shows that anyone can step up with us, young or old.” The Street Kai cooking crew are now looking for additional support from the community, hoping to see more people contribute to baking and cooking. “We definitely need the kai support, and we are very specific about the kind of food we want. We ask the peeps what they need, and they need protein. “They want scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, boiled eggs, lasagne, macaroni cheese, cottage pie, chicken stew and baking. “If you talk to the peeps, they will tell you it’s not about the kai, it’s the caring behind the item.” For more information about how you can support Street Kai team visit:, email: or visit their Facebook page: Street Kai. Emma Houpt

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Friday 12 July 2019



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Friday 12 July 2019

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Let the Pacific Games commence New Zealand sports people are in Samoa for the Pacific Games

The Games are held every four years, with more than 4000 athletes from 24 nations competing in 27 sports at this edition. New Zealand team chef de mission Kristy Hill says the athletes are settling into the Samoan climate ahead of competition. “They’re getting used to accommodation and the venues and the food. The competition sarted

on Monday July 8 and everyone was feeling relaxed and ready to perform,” says Kristy. New Zealand has a team of 54 athletes contesting the Games. Weightlifting and archery run the first week, while taekwondo and athletics run the second. Football is contested across both weeks. The temperature has been close to 30 degrees every day and Kristy says processes have been put in place to help the athletes deal with the heat. The footballers were the first in action, taking on Tonga in their opening match on Monday July 8.

Bay of Plenty Squad squash players Emma Merson, Jaime Mitchinson, Katie Templeton and Emily Chamberlain are playing at the Penang Junior Open this week.

New experiences for young athletes Bay of Plenty teens are tearing up the squash court at a prestigious tournament in Malaysia. A group of twelve students from all around Tauranga is competing at the Penang Junior Open, alongside 48 other young players from around New Zealand. Squash Bay of Plenty coaching director Robbie Wyatt says the competition is one of the biggest junior tournaments in the world, hosting about 900 players from a range of countries. He says the competition is an awesome opportunity for the squad to experience squash at an international level. “Some of the young people playing from other countries are the best in the world. This is an offshore experience for our Bay

Limited spaces! Phone now to book.

of Plenty players to see what the standard is out there in the big wide world of squash. “It’s a trip for a lot of learning for the future. Girls and boys who want to make world junior teams in the future will be able to see where they have to get to and what level they have to get to in the years to come.” Mount Maunganui Squash Club member Emma Merson is one of the twelve BOP squash players competing in Malaysia at present. The 13-year-old has been playing squash since primary school and this is her first time competing internationally. “I’ll try my hardest to win some games, but if I don’t that doesn’t matter. “I’m just happy that I got selected, and get the opportunity to learn about different squash players and techniques that they use.”

Emma says she has been training hard for the tournament, spending most days after school at the club. Robbie says that many of the players in the BOP squad have never competed internationally before. “I’m excited that we have so many new kids in the squad that have never experienced offshore competitions before. “It’s great seeing how pumped up a lot of our young athletes get, and it’s a massive eye-opener playing squash in a country like Malaysia.” The Penang Junior Open is running from July 9-14. Mount Maunganui Squash Club runs a junior club night on Thursdays from 4pm to 5.30pm. Members of the public that are under 18 are encouraged to attend and give squash a try for a gold coin donation. Emma Houpt

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


DIESEL TRANSFER EQUIPMENT TBC’s Benjamin McManus in possession.





Hockey success for Tauranga Boys’ It has been a notable start to the hockey season for Tauranga Boys’ College with the main national tournaments still to come. For the first time the school’s Second XI has triumphed in the competitive Peter Stafford Cup, which is contested by the top teams from Tauranga Boys’ College, Mount Maunganui College, Katikati College, Papamoa College, Otumoetai College, Aquinas College and Te Puke College. With Tauranga Boys’ flagship First XI competing in the Premier Men’s competition, where they finished in third place, it was up to the seconds and under-15 orange teams to carry the school banner.

The Second XI under the able captaincy of Aidan Everitt went through pool play undefeated in eight matches, scoring 27 goals and conceding just five In the final they came up against cross town rivals and favourites Otumoetai College First XI. They quickly took control of the match with three quick goals putting them 3-0 ahead at the break and the final was as good as over. Otumoetai did get one goal back in the second half but the spoils went to Tauranga Boys’ who became the first Second XI team to win the Peter Stafford Cup. Teacher in charge of hockey Rob Leslie says they have probably got more depth across the whole Second XI and the under-15 team which is giving that consistency of performance.

“The First XI is on the trophy more than anyone else so for the seconds to win is great. (Captain) Aidan is showing really good leadership with the group and it has been good to have some continuity in the coaching.” Next up for the Tauranga Boys’ seconds is the Midlands Intercity competition in preparation for the Galletly Cup national Second XI competition to be held in Oamaru in September. “We have never won the Galletly Cup. We are definitely going to be contenders this year. It is always a pretty tough competition,” says Rob. The other national title that

Tauranga Boys’ have yet to win is the Rankin Cup which features New Zealand’s best First XIs in one tournament full of future Black Sticks. This year’s event is in Christchurch, September 2-7. Rob believes it may be a year too soon for Tauranga Boys’ young First XI but there is no shortage of talent in the team. “The premier men’s competition is giving them good hard hockey week in, week out, which is what they need to be at their best for Rankin. We certainly hope to be up in the top eight and once you’re there you have to have a bit of luck running your way to win those tournaments. “It might just be our time to have some luck.”

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Friday 12 July 2019

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Helping hand from an oven angel Cleaning the oven is a job that few enjoy and most put off. It’s too dirty, too difficult, too time consuming or just too confusing. So why not call in an Oven Angel? Neil Adams is your local Oven Angel and he has cleaned more than 2000 ovens since 2014. Neil now welcomes Greg Goodhew to the team. “Well done to Greg for his first month’s effort and contributions,” says Neil. Neil and Greg will clean your oven, gas or electric hob and range hood anywhere in the greater Bay of Plenty region. Oven Angel also replaces oven door hinges, seals and oven bulbs as required They use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Neil Adams from Oven Angel. and lots of elbow grease, so you can use your oven immediately after cleaning. “Regular cleaning extends the life of your cooking appliance,” says Neil. He tries his best to keep prices affordable and offers vouchers for any

occasion, so a voucher for an oven clean might just be the perfect gift. Appointments must be made in advance. For more information, call Neil on: 021 217 7317, freephone: 0508 683 626, or visit:

Don’t put up with bad showers If your home suffers from leaky pipes, either your bathroom is in need of repair or you need to change your shower pressure. Thankfully, Kev’s Plumbing is an expert you can call on right here in the Bay.

“I do total shower replacements from start to finish,” says Kev, “with no other trades involved. Most shower replacements only take two days.” As well as the total replacement of leaking pipes, he also does hot water cylinder conversions, so you never have to put up with a lowpressure shower ever again. “I specialise in re-piping houses that have leaky water pipes in walls,” says Kev, “and a lot of Owner-operator Colin Fine people like their shower – who is nicknamed Kev – pressure increased. That is has 35 years’ worth of something I do a lot.” experience. When you call Kev Kev believes life is about a job, he’s the too short to have a man who shows up. bad shower, so he’s “I will travel Bay here to help renovate of Plenty-wide for bathrooms and work,” he says. replace them. Colin Fine, aka Kev.

How to keep the critters at bay Finding rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and white-tailed spiders in your home can be alarming. You can do a lot to keep rats and mice away by keeping your home clean and tidy so they have no food source and nowhere to nest. If they do get inside, mouse holes and nesting areas can be blocked with steel wool. Mousetraps are also available from the local supermarket or you can buy poisoned bait from garden or hardware shops. Be sure to set bait out of reach of children and pets, and always wear rubber gloves when getting rid of dead rodents. Keep bay leaves or garlic in your cupboards to keep cockroaches away. Wash the floor and wall behind fridges and stoves regularly, and

spray these areas with long-lasting insect spray. Ants in New Zealand are generally harmless but can be a nuisance. Sprinkle ground or whole cloves in cupboards to keep them away. You can also sprinkle talcum powder or cream of tartar at the point where they come inside. If you find an ant nest, pour boiling water into it. White-tailed spiders usually live in cool, dark areas like under bark in gardens, wood piles, litter and walls. They also hide under beds and in clothing left on the floor. Their bite can cause pain, swelling redness and small ulcers. Use fly spray to get rid of them. Total release aerosol pesticide cans known as bug bombs are also available from hardware stores.

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Friday 12 July 2019


June’s highs and lows across Aotearoa Real-time statistics from show June as a month of highs and lows right across the country. Four regions saw an all-time high average asking prices, while four other regions registered all-time low new listing numbers. When started collecting data 12 years ago (2007), the average asking price for a home in New Zealand was $410,666. By June this year, it had climbed to $659,422 which is a 60.6 per cent increase. New listings painted the opposite picture, falling from 12,345 in January 2007 to 7,545 in June 2019. This represents a 38.9 per cent drop over this period “The property market changes month to month however looking back over an extended period of time it always paints an interesting picture,” says spokesperson Vanessa Taylor. The Manawatu-Wanganui region led the way in June, registering a record average asking price high of $425,239 which represents a 7.2 per cent increase on the previous month. “All highs are taken from 12 years’ worth of data, going back to when our

records began in 2007,” says Vanessa. Next up, the Wellington region saw a 3.8 per cent increase, jumping up over the $700,000 mark for the first time. “The region’s average asking price has climbed slowly but steadily, sitting in the $600,000+ bracket for the past 16 months until finally breaking into the $700,000+ asking price bracket this June.” The Canterbury region’s record average asking price of $513,586 was more modest in percentage terms (up 2.2 per cent) but cements it into the $500,000+ bracket. Over the last 12 months it hovered for much of the time between high $400,000 and low $500,000 asking price range. June’s average asking prices in Southland increased by 1.6 per cent compared to the previous month to $350,321. “The Southland region also recorded a modest increase, tipping over the $350,000+ mark for the first time

which is significant for our most southern region,” says Vanessa. Nationally, the average asking price remained relatively flat with a slight increase of 0.4 per cent on May 2019. The region with the biggest jump this month (although it was not an all-time high) was the Marlborough region hitting $529,617, an increase of 9.2 per cent. “The last 12 years has shown us that we continue to see the average asking price of property drive upwards at varying speeds,” says Vanessa. While June this year registered highs, it also saw its share of lows. The region of West Coast saw an almighty drop of 30.6 per cent in new listings, with only 34 coming onto the market when compared with June 2018. Following the West Coast, we saw the seaside region of the Coromandel drop 22.5 per cent in new listings when compared to same time last year, with only 69 hitting the market during June 2019. Northland saw a drop of 17.1 per cent with 296 new listings put up for sale. To round out the all-time lows, we saw the Taranaki region dip 16.9 percent to 148 new listings.

A Showerdome to solve your worries Steamed mirrors, condensation on walls and ceilings, slippery floors and mould are year-round annoying home issues caused by shower steam, which can add significant costs to house upkeep. Showerdome solves all these problems and more. A Showerdome shower top consists of a clear acrylic dome that prevents steam from forming when fitted on top of an existing shower box. With no on-going costs it is the most effective investment one can make for a home or rental property.

Showerdome also makes mirror demisters and extractor fans redundant and could save the average household about $250 in energy costs alone. To learn more, visit The Weekend Sun has one DIY Showerdome kit, valued at $299, to give away to one lucky reader who can tell us how much an average household could save in energy costs alone with a Showerdome. Installation of the Showerdome by an official local Showerdome installer is available at standard pricing. Enter online at under the competition section. Entries must be received by Tuesday, July 16.


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Friday 12 July 2019


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Sky Waka opening a boost for tourism Mt Ruapehu’s newest and most exciting tourism attraction, the Sky Waka gondola, opened last week and is expected to be a ‘game changer’ for tourism in the North Island. Sky Waka gondola travels 1.8 km through one of the North Island’s most rugged and spectacular landscapes high on Mt Ruapehu, past waterfalls and snow-laden peaks. The ride will be equally as spectacular in the summer months. The gondola travels from the top of the Bruce base area directly to the Knoll Ridge Chalet. At peak times it will transport 2,400 people per hour. The trip takes five minutes Ruapehu Alpine Lifts CEO Ross Copland says the Sky Waka is one of a kind in New Zealand and will transform the mountain visitor experience. “Sky Waka also brings with it a huge economic boost for the local economy through accommodation, restaurant and other sightseeing activities, and also opens up a lot of job opportunities for locals all year round,” says Ross. “And a big thank you goes to the Provincial Growth Fund for granting us a loan and recognising the value of the Sky Waka to the local economy and people.” The Taupo and Ruapehu district councils bought $1.5 million of investment bonds in the project andfunding from iwi and the Government’s Regional Growth Fund. Mayor David Trewavas says it was a “good, sound investment” and a “game changer” for

The new ‘Sky Waka’ gondala at Whakapapa Skifield opens up Mt Ruapehu’s upper slopes and scenery to non-skiing sight seers. the tourism industry. “We were first in the queue at Whakapapa “The gondola brings a whole new dynamic this morning to get on. Super excited, to Mt Ruapehu, making it an all-year-round beautiful day!” says Victoria. destination, with something spectacular for Ross says the gondola is one of a kind in families and visitors in the summer months, New Zealand and transforms the mountain as well as skiers in the winter. visitor experience lifting it to a whole new Locals as well as visitors from as far afield as level. “Sky Waka is the culmination of years Brisbane, Melbourne and Sri Lanka enjoyed of planning and today is an exciting day the gondola ride and scenery. for not only mountain visitors but also the A very excited seven-year-old Charlie Fry region as whole.” and his mother Victoria McAnulty from Sky Waka has fifty gondola cabins with Pukekohe queued for over an hour to be the floor to ceiling glass for breathtaking views, first on the Sky Waka ski racks, audio, lighting and leather seats.

Experience cruising in 2020 Departing and returning Auckland Holland America Maasdam 20 January – 3 February 2020 14 nights Oceanview $

Cunard Queen Elizabeth 21 January – 6 February 2020 16 nights Balcony $6,807

Celebrity Solstice 1 April – 14 April 2020 13 nights Balcony $3,899

Per person share twin, cruise only.

Per person share twin, cruise only.

Per person share twin, cruise only.




Bay of Islands Melbourne




Burnie Hobart



Pago Pago

Vava’u Nuku’alofa


Bay of Islands



Includes onboard credit USD 620.00 per cabin TERMS & CONDITIONS: Prices are correct as at 06 March 2019 Prices are based on cruise only (unless specified), per person, twin share. Valid for new bookings only, for selected stateroom categories. Due to the popularity of cruising, fares detailed cannot be guaranteed, they are subject change or withdrawal at any time without notice up until full payment is received. Bookings & bonuses are subject to availability, are capacity controlled & may not be available on all dates. Itinerary routings are also subject to change at the discretion of the cruise company. Once this offer ends, fares may revert to a higher fare but may also be further discounted. Fares detailed are only valid on specific departure dates & higher fares apply to other departure dates listed. Some oceanview categories may have obstructed views. Unless specified, all prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars, are subject to currency fluctuations & include applicable discounts, taxes, charges, port, handling & government fees (which are subject to change). Cruise lines reserve the right to impose a fuel surcharge should oil prices exceed their specific threshold per barrel. All prices are correct at time of printing & may be subject to change without notice. Deposits, final payment due dates & amounts vary by cruise line & will be required to secure your booking. Please note some of these deposits will be non‐refundable & non‐transferable ‐ your YOU Travel Specialist will advise full details. All cruises are subject to the full booking & passage conditions of the respective cruise lines, which passengers will be bound by. In order for you to proceed with a booking, you must formally acknowledge that you accept & agree to these conditions ‐ these can be obtained from your YOU Travel Specialist. Amendment and cancellation fees apply. Prices are based on cash or Eftpos payment only

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Friday 12 July 2019


The winter escapes you never considered As bookings heat up for New Zealand’s top winter destinations, why not avoid the hordes and take the road less travelled for your winter getaway this year? We all know Kiwis love a roadie. A new survey by Avis New Zealand reveals that not only have 62 per cent of New Zealanders taken a road trip in the past year, but a quarter plan to go on a roadie for their next long weekend. So, with that in mind, Avis has put together a list of some of New Zealand’s less frequented and overlooked spots for your next winter getaway. You’ll spend less time in queues and more time enjoying the sights.


Known as one of the best surfing

spots in the world, Raglan is often overlooked as a winter destination. Although the beach is the main draw card for keen surfers, the town is surrounded by bush and a number of walking tracks. One of the most popular sights in the area is the picturesque Bridal Veil Falls, a 55m waterfall around 20 minutes into the Waireinga Scenic Reserve. Raglan itself is known for its unique character and is the ideal place for a quiet getaway to enjoy nature, eat some great food and enjoy a beer with the locals.


Located just an hour and a half out of Christchurch’s city centre, Methven is a small town with an array of outdoor activities at its doorstep. Methven has lots to offer all year round, from mountain biking to hot air ballooning, but in winter it’s the ideal getaway with nine ski fields close by. It is the perfect getaway for groups and families alike, with idyllic bed and breakfasts and cosy lodges to relax

in after a big day in the snow. Here, you can catch a shuttle bus up to Mt Hutt Ski Field, the largest commercial ski field in Canterbury With spectacular views of both the Southern Alps and the Pacific Ocean, it is the perfect ski field for families who are wanting to escape the lengthy queues, plus kids under 10 ski for free.

waterfalls and caves, as well as dolphins, endangered sea lions, and the world’s rarest penguins.

Abel Tasman

New Zealand is renowned for its many scenic walking tracks. The Tongariro Crossing and Roy’s Peak are arguably the most popular winter hikes due to the amazing snow-capped views.

The Southern Scenic Route

If you’re looking for a new stretch of road to explore, the Southern Scenic Route should be at the top of your list. This coastal roadie will take your breath away as you drive from Queenstown to Dunedin around the perimeter of the lower South Island - 610 kilometers of stunning scenery through some of New Zealand’s most remote locations. One of the most spectacular stop overs along the coastline is The Catlins. Located between Balclutha and Invercargill, the area is made up of lush rainforests, fairytale-like

luxury airport


The great winter roadie Getting out and seeing New Zealand in winter is a special opportunity many people take each year. Tourist hot spots and attractions tend to be less crowded and our countryside is beautiful in winter. That being said, there are certain things you can do to make your winter roadie a bit more comfortable – especially if you are traveling in a campervan or caravan. For a warm night’s sleep, choose a vehicle with an electricity hook up and make sure you choose your campground carefully. Absolutely pack warm gear such as thermal layers, but also pack togs in case you come across one of New Zealand’s wonderful hot pools. Make sure you are comfortable driving in New Zealand weather before embarking on your winter roadie and stay safe on our roads.

However, winter is an ideal time to have these popular spots, which are often overrun in summer, to yourself. The Abel Tasman takes you through native forests, sandy beaches and natural rock pools with many different track options depending on your level of expertise (or remaining annual leave). The DOC huts along the track are fully heated to ensure you stay warm throughout winter.

Friday 12 July 2019


Investors cosy up to new rules New Zealand Property Investors Federation has welcomed a survey that shows more than 96 per cent of its members’ properties have met the insulation deadline. From July 1, all rental properties had

to be insulated under the Residential Tenancies Act. “I am thrilled that our membership has an almost 100 per cent compliance rate with the insulation regulations,” says NZPIF executive officer Andrew King,

The Weekend Sun

Energy efficiency to power the future The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has welcomed the formation of a new global group prioritising energy efficiency policy, with New Zealand’s Energy Minister Hon Dr Megan Woods joining as a founding member. The International Energy Agency has formed the Commission on Energy Efficiency Urgent Action to accelerate stronger policy action on energy efficiency to enable the global transition to clean energy. The IEA says more than any single fuel, energy efficiency has a central role to play in meeting global sustainable energy goals. EECA’s chief executive Andrew Caseley says EECA’s own analysis shows widespread uptake of energy efficiency measures could have a big impact on the electricity system by freeing up capacity for electrification of transport and process heat, and saving households money. “Proven technologies like LEDs, efficient heat pumps for water and space heating, and efficient motors, can all make a massive difference in our energy use,” says Andrew. “New Zealand’s electricity grid is already powered

by an 80-85 per cent renewable energy system. “Energy efficiency could play a big role in getting that higher and increasing capacity in the system. “It’s only a matter of time before we need more electricity for charging electric vehicles as they become more widespread, and many industrial boilers using oil and gas are replaced by electric boilers” says Andrew. “Getting clever about our energy use through efficiency will be key to ensuring we’re as low emissions as possible.” The IEA calculates that with the right policies, the global economy could double in size by 2040 while still maintaining broadly the same level of energy use as today, but that policy implementation has slowed and efficiency progress is weakening It says those policies alone would enable the world to achieve more than 40 per cent of the emissions cuts needed to reach international climate goals using cost-effective technologies already available. The focus of the new energy efficiency panel will be on key policy actions that can be taken by countries across the globe. It will produce a concise list of clear, actionable recommendations next year. “It is imperative that we get global energy efficiency progress back on track,” says IEA executive director Dr Faith Birol.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


Get the best from your heat pump Nobody can deny that it’s cooling down at the moment, and some days you simply need to warm up. Energy Services in Tauranga recommends cleaning your heat pump regularly in order to maintain the most energy efficient use “A cleaned unit is also healthier for you and your family,” says Energy Services’ sales manager Andrew Stockman. Regular maintenance also forms part of the owner’s responsibility under the manufacturer’s warranty, which is normally between five and six years Energy Services offer a full service for $96.60 including GST, and each additional unit at the same property is $51.75. This service includes the cleaning and sanitising of an indoor unit, filters and coils behind, cleaning and de-greasing of the outdoor unit and coils, removal of any plants or foliage

that may affect the unit’s performance, checking the operation of the remote and replacing batteries if needed and checking of indoor and outdoor drains for blockages. The service also verifies adequate airflow, checks for refrigerant leaks and includes an inspection and treatment, if necessary, for insect and rodent damage - both can end up doing a lot of damage if not treated correctly. They’ll also check for any signs of rust. They inspect all operation of the unit and verify correct electric control, making sure that heating is locked out when the thermostat calls for cooling

Gabi Wood

and vice versa, and verify correct thermostat operation. If this sounds like something you could do with, call Gabi Wood at Air Con Tauranga on: 07 578 4334 or 027 4222435, or email:

Keep your pets safe and happy in winter It might be time for you to start rugging up and adding an extra blanket to your bed, but what about your furry friend? They may have a warm coat already, but that doesn’t entirely stop them from feeling the cold. Dogs and cats that spend a lot of time outside will need a shelter that protects them from the wind, rain and frosts. Choose a place that is elevated and protected from the elements as much as possible and fill it with dry, warm blankets to keep your pet warm and cosy. Your pet deserves the best when it comes to sleeping, so make sure your pet’s bed is elevated a bit off any cold, damp ground and is away from any drafts. You can add heating pads if you like to pamper your pet or if you have an older pet that suffers from conditions such as arthritis. Stay away from

hot water bottles in case they leak or are chewed on. Arthritis symptoms worsen in winter for humans and the same is true for your pets. This may present as dogs limping or stiffness with walking, or struggling to get up and down. Cats tend to not jump as much to higher places, they groom less and sleep more. A visit to the vet is your best bet if you are concerned about possible arthritis in your furry friend. It’s hard to want to go outside in the cold weather, but animals still need to exercise in winter to maintain a healthy weight. Going for a walk isn’t always an option but playing with toys indoors will suffice for the more cold, wet days. And of course, be careful with your furry friends around heaters and fires. They’re attracted to the warmth as we are but have a higher potential to burn themselves.

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Friday 12 July 2019

The Weekend Sun


Unsung heroes of Tauranga Cheap track solution All too often you hear about the bad things that are happening in Tauranga. People complaining about how long it took them to get from one place to the other or the state of the region’s roads. People worrying about the smallest things that they have no control over. But what about those who go above and beyond to help out their fellow man. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge the people in the Tauranga community who take the time to make sure other people are looked after and doing okay. To those in the medical

profession, bus drivers, parking wardens, police offices and even councillors and council staff members who do more than they are required to, thank you. Thank you to the construction workers who are doing their bit to improve the infrastructure of Tauranga. Thank you to the road workers standing out in the rain and cold, working to improve the roads. Thank you to the retail people who make sure we have items available to purchase to make our lives easier. Thank you to the mums and dads who are raising the next generation of Tauranga. A Wilson, Brookfield

Robust vociferous, damning criticism on the proposed remedial works spend up on Mount base track that has rocketed from about $3million to around $7million is completely justified. The projected cost is obscene when, in simple terms, close inspection shows all that’s needed to remediate 20 metres of damaged track (caused not by slipping but uprooted tree) is cut back and batter the upper banked area above the track. Tauranga examples abound where this has been successfully achieved for less than $200,000. Time frame for remedial work is one month. Leave existing stairs in place in case future damage occurs and do not risk intruding into nor degrading the foreshore/beach area. TCC has no idea about budgeting, nor getting bang for bucks spent and recent examples include Greerton roadworks, Phoenix Park, Durham Street roadworks and Marine Precinct etc, etc all bear testament to TCC’s fiscal madness and mindsets. The failure to govern responsibly and come up with practical, cost-effective solutions loses TCC ratepayers mega millions annually and must stop. If TCC and/or Maori interests don’t have skill sets to address remedial work then authorise locals to organise contractors quotes, provide design plans, obtain BRC consents, geotech engineers certification along with workplace health and safety approval. Sally Paterson, Ohauiti.

A high cost Here’s a reprint from Tauranga City Council website: “The Mount base track was damaged in a slip in April 2017. Temporary steps are in place so visitors to the Mount can still walk the base track loop. “However, the steps are not suitable for prams, strollers or wheelchairs. We are working on a longterm solution that reroutes the track.” Now this is why Tauranga citizens should be outraged. Those temporary steps cost $640,000 to construct! Two independent, highly qualified, private contractors recently viewed the site. They stated that it would cost less than $200,000 to repair the slip site rather than $7million for council’s proposed re-alignment. Work could be completed in less than a month. So for over two years certain families have been deprived of this popular pathway due to bureaucratic bungling. This council displays no fiscal restraint or good judgement. No wonder this city is half a billion dollars in debt. They’re quite prepared to squander our money on lunacy projects such as above or the disgusting transformation of Phoenix Park which cost nearly $4million. Come October we need to oust them all and introduce councillors who truly understand the value of money and display common sense. Tony Fellingham, The Lakes.

Arcadia 131m²



The 131m² Arcadia design is the combination of a practical floor plan with stylish architectural details, creating a very liveable 3 bed, 2 bath modern Lockwood home. Striking laminated beams and sloping sarked timber ceilings – both hallmarks of a timeless Lockwood – expand the living space, dining and kitchen areas with cohesive visual lines. Talk to us about building the Arcadia design on your site either choosing the architectural styling of this home, or customise to make it your own.

Phone to find out more 07 572 1865 or Soren on 021 208 4842 New showhome coming soon to Bell Road, Papamoa!

Free Fisher & Paykel Appliance Package Valued at $15,400! Sign up to build an Arcadia home on your site before the end of September and receive an amazing Fisher & Paykel Appliance Package worth $15,400 RRP!


The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


Not impressed Climate confusion Tenby Powell writes from Auckland that he hopes to come to Tauranga’s rescue astride his white charger complete with carpetbag. As he flits between the cities he may have missed my letter outlining the realities of local government so I’ll summarise for him. As a mayor you don’t get to change anything unless at least five councillors support you. From the tone of his letter the only thing he would get to change in Tauranga would be his underpants. As a potential new entrant into local government in Tauranga he may be unaware that this council embarked on an era of change starting with the appointment of a new CEO who is implementing So councillor Baldock wants a new referendum on a council’s new direction. Museum in Tauranga. The Local Government Act, designed by Oh no, not again! With council’s squandering of Wellington bureaucrats, ensures that change doesn’t ratepayers’ money on ill-considered projects, I wouldn’t happen quickly. trust them to build a privy, never mind a museum. Witness the mess Auckland is in and he proposes to I despair of councillor Baldock who has voted in bring that experience to Tauranga. No thanks! favour of the Tauranga City Council reneging on their We understand you want to escape from Auckland promise to transfer 11 Mission St to the Elms, but but we don’t like what we see so, please Mr Powell, rather give it to the Otamataha Trust for free and with spare us your hyperbole and hollow promises and an ill-thought-out and unworkable lease arrangement. tether your white charger at the The reason the council bought 11 Mission St was Bombays and unpack your for it to be added to the Elms estate so the Elms could carpetbag. build a visitor centre/museum over 7 (already owned Tauranga, by the Elms) and 11 Mission St, highlighting the Elms haven for and its place in Tauranga’s rich history. This is not refugees from viable unless the Elms can combine both titles. Auckland is It seems that councillor Baldock would rather the doing just fine council failed to honour its promise to the Elms without you. and the Elms proposed development in favour of a Bill Faulkner, grandiose pie-in-the sky museum somewhere else. Otumoetai. Richard Prince, Welcome Bay.

The only thing confusing and laughable about Peter Otway’s letter last week is the fact he actually believed what he wrote. Climate change is a huge con job. If we believe what Al Gore and his looney left mates told us 20-odd years ago none of us would be here now. Neil Harvey, Welcome Bay.

Museum referendum

You snooze, you lose I am not complaining, or asserting my opinion. I just need help. Apart from testing my loyalties, the New Zealand cricket team has cost me inordinate amounts of sleep. I am torn – do I stay at my post in front of the television when the Cricket World Cup telecasts start at 9.30pm and nod off about an hour and a half later? Or do I go to bed early and wake up at 3am for the last three or four hours of play? If I go to bed early, I lie there with deep anxieties wondering if Guptill has finally delivered what Gary Stead says he capable of. And if I stay up, any excitement is lost in the fog of advancing sleep. So I am getting just four or five hours of broken sleep each night and no results from England to ease the pain. Don’t tell me to record the cricket; that’s like watching last night’s news. Don’t tell me to sleep during the day and stay up all night – I need a job to pay my Sky subscription. Don’t tell me to get a life because cricket is my life. I suppose I have another four years to regenerate. And apologies to the neighbours who’ve probably heard me shouting obscenities at the television in the dead of night. You try being a Black Caps’ fan. Ian Goldsmith, Bureta.




Blanking the buses

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round…” De-dum-de-da!! But the sad thing is the buses must be costing the debt of a developing nation. The accountant at regional council won’t be humming merrily to himself over the big yellow spreadsheet. How do we get bums on the seats? The Regional Council did a fine job of getting the new bus service flying off to all parts of the city at all times of the day. But despite the complaints about routes and timetables no-one seems to use the buses. A service is a system supplying a public need but is there a need? I have found myself watching each yellow beast as it flies by, hoping it will be jammed full. I feel sorry for the driver who has to bust his way through peak hour traffic with an empty bus We can’t complain if we don’t support. Bob McIntyre, Maungatapu. The Weekend Sun welcomes letters from readers. Preference will be given to short letters (200 words maximum) supplied with full name and contact details. Email: For more letters go to

Our unique investment model currently generates upwards of 6.25% in returns, paid out monthly. If you’re looking for excellent returns** and a more flexible, transparent way to use your capital, investing in one of our mortgages could be the perfect move. With a registered mortgage held over the borrower’s property, it’s ideal for higher value investments. Plus, the terms are flexible and the fees are zero. We think it’s a great way to make your moneywork harder!

Phone Carlene: 07 281 1519 or 0800 00 58 43

Friday 12 July 2019


Giving credits where fees are due Almost 150,000 current and former students with unpaid NCEA fees will now formally be awarded their NCEA credits or qualifications It follows the Government’s decision in the Wellbeing Budget to remove the $76.70 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship fees, and write-off any historical NCEA fees owing dating back to 2002, when NCEA first started. “We want to make things a bit easier for families to make ends meet and ensure every student who

achieves NCEA can receive their qualification,” says Education Minister Chris Hipkins. “Current and former students with unpaid fees will now have their credits or qualifications added to their official NZ Record of Achievement, backdated to the time the credits or qualifications were earned “It also means that employers will now be able to verify that their employee or potential employee has earned their NCEA qualification.


APPLY NOW for a July Start Programmes available for mid-year intake: • Bachelor of Social Work* • Master of Professional Practice* • NZ Certificate in Study and Career Preparation


Visit: Call: 0800 BETHLEHEM Email:


Get a head start Find direction for your future career Learn how to explore your study and career options, apply tikanga (Māori principles) and how to communicate with others. Enrol now in the NZ Certificate in Study & Career Preparation Level 3.

Find out more | 0800 255 553 19-246 | Entry criteria apply for each programme. Subject to confirmation and approvals. Information subject to change. Te Wānanga o Aotearoa 2019.

The Weekend Sun

Discovering an inner strength A Te Puke community hub wants to help Bay of Plenty women live in freedom, overcome trauma and discover their self-worth. EmpowermentNZ is launching a free self-development workshop ‘Shine Women’ at the end of this month, aiming to teach women about their worth, strength and purpose. “We have all been through our traumatic (stuff) aye, and we just can’t let it define us, because we end up living in these little boxes,” says programme coordinator Charli McLachlan. “This workshop is about women establishing their own sense of selfworth and belonging, no matter what they have been through. They can use the skills to empower their lives rather than hide behind it.” EmpowermentNZ social work manager Deborah Nicol says the workshop is needed because there is a lack of support for women in the community with self-esteem issues. “I have come across too many women from all walks of life who don’t think very highly of themselves, beat themselves up, have anxiety, depression, and feel unworthy. They are sort of hidden from society. There is a lot of services for at-risk families, especially for kids that are at risk and women that have been victims of domestic violence. “To be able to bring this workshop to the table for Te Puke for me was really important because I did see it as a gap.” The nine-week course will involve conversations exploring

The Shine Women workshop is helping a wide range of people. self-worth, art-therapy, journaling life,” says Charli. and learning about self-care on a “Women are looking to discover budget and nutrition routines. who they are. There’s definitely a It will also provide free childcare yearning among them to connect for mothers who are keen to and have a voice,” says Deborah. attend. Charli emphasises the Shine Women is an international importance of making the programme written by Hillsong workshop accessible to all women, Church based in Australia. particularly those who would not Deborah says the programme is normally have the opportunity to written in a way that is take time out for themselves. non-religious and can be “It needs to accessible to single applied in both church and mums, women who have been through traumatic experiences who community settings. can’t ever get out because they are EmpowermentNZ Charitable stuck at home with the kids.” Trust is a hub which functions to Both Charli and Deborah say help the community thrive. that an overwhelming amount It provides access to food, of women have already opportunities to connect with registered their interest in the others, receive advocacy, budget workshop, ranging from a help, social work and counselling. teenage girl through to a woman For more information about the in her nineties. workshop, call Charli on “It is such a blessing to see 021 027 74174 or visit that this programme speaks to women of all ages, backgrounds, EmpowermentNZ ethnicities. It’s really targeted at Women from outside of Te Puke any women, no matter how old are welcome to sign up. you are or where you have been in

Emma Houpt

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


The Weekend Sun’s ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay. Pg 36 THE WEEKEND SUN

Music – from Matariki to the Mount As Matariki events continue, calls are out to create a public holiday.

it. This should allow people to take the song home with them, knowing exactly when and where to sing it. If that sounds a little dry or intimidating, be assured Robyn and her ever-changing band of musicians have received rave reviews all over and promise to be a whole lot of fun. And now for something completely different...

This isn’t a new thing. Just as Matariki rolls round annually so do voices asking for it to be recognised as a new holiday. Each year they get louder. Many people now seem in favour of skipping Queen’s Birthday and instead shifting the holiday to Matariki. After all, the first Matariki stars appear only a week or so after the Queen’s Birthday holiday. As Stuff journalist Glenn McConnell pointed out: “Queen’s Birthday is the worst public holiday. “It is not the Queen’s birthday and no one gets any presents.” There is certainly a good argument that we have failed to properly recognise Māori holidays or moments of significance. Quoting Glenn again: “Waitangi Day is the only holiday which realises people who aren’t Pākehā also live in New Zealand.” I suspect this issue isn’t going away. All sorts of Matariki events have already taken place and there’s another this weekend at the Historic Village where Auckland group Wai.Tai take up residence for the day on Sunday (July 14), firstly running an afternoon workshop, then performing an evening concert.


Lazy Fifty, from Gisborne.

Lazy fift

Wai.Tai is a collective of musicians under the direction of Robyn Kamira, who writes in both Te Reo Maori and English, while fusing world music with Maori rhythms and vibes. Accompanying Robyn, who plays banjo and guitar, are Te Auripo Kamira (ukulele, vocals), Krissy Jackson (fiddle), an Antony Royal (bass). They present songs from around the world in Te Reo Maori as well as Robyn’s original songs. The idea is that the concert will be at 5pm and, before that, from 2.30pm you can take part in a workshop, learning one of Wai.Tai’s original Waiata in Te Reo. Then you’ll be able to sing it at the concert. The group will also take a deep dive into the meaning of the song and the cultural contexts behind

If classic rock is the bag you’re into then there’s a gig at The Mount next week that may interest you. Lazy Fifty, from Gisborne are coming to town and sent over a copy of their debut CD, Fifty Shades Of Lazy. I guess these days you’d describe Lazy Fifty as a bit of a retro throwback to simpler times, when guitars shredded and the pub music world was ruled by descendants of Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzie, Led Zep, ZZ Top and any number of guitar rockers. That’s where Lazy Fifty fit in and indeed they do a covers show specialising in exactly that. But the album – while not straying too far musically from those roots – is all original. I like the cover art and its skeleton designs. Musically, bits reminded me of bluesy sixties’ trios such as Free though the band strays towards metal with songs such as Round And Round where guitarist Adrian Athy conjures patented death metal tones on his grungy rhythm guitar. He also shreds away quite entertainingly on a number of songs including Lady In White, which before its big build up marks the album’s first downbeat momen and shares common DNA with House of The Rising Sun. John Coffee Blues, Fly Away, and I’m On The

Move also feature fin guitar workouts. This is very much a textbook definition of blues rock, whether of a funkier variety on Table Full of Ex’s or slow and minor a la Gary Moore, or even with a punk inflection as on the opener Guilty. The album was pretty much recorded live in the studio from what I understand so that’s exactly what you’ll get at the Mount Mellick next Friday (July 19, 9pm), though the night will probably lean more towards those classic rock covers. It’s free.

Tauranga Citizens Club








WED 17 JULY 10am 12.25pm 2.45pm 5.30pm


10am 3.10pm 6.15pm






10am 1.50pm 3.50pm 6pm

12.45pm 6.20pm 8.15pm

10.20am 1.10pm 6.20pm

12.50pm 3.50pm

10.20am 6.20pm 8.20pm







10.20am 5.50pm 8.30pm 3pm 5.30pm

12.30pm 6pm


10.20pm 8.30pm

10.15am 5.45pm

10.20am 8.30pm


9.50am 5.50pm 8pm 10.20am 3.15pm

3pm 5.45pm

10.15am 1pm

3.15pm 5.30pm

11.50am 2.45pm

12.20pm 3.20pm


12pm 2.50pm






1pm 4.45pm

10.15am 12.30pm 3.30pm

10.40am 3.20pm

10.30am 12.40pm

12.30pm 3.30pm 5.50pm

12.40pm 3pm

1pm 5.40pm







9.45am 5.45pm

12.45pm 8.15pm 2.50pm

Corned Silverside


Roast Hogget

Only $12 Only $16


Soup of the Day and Warm Bun THURSDAY LUNCH

Roast Pork

Only $7 Only $16

SUNDAY NIGHT (from 5pm)

Roast & Dessert

from $15.50

Friday 12 July 2019

The Weekend Sun


Fun and soul collide at The Hop House Ever wondered what happened to soul music? The stuff that makes you dance like an uninhibited child? It’s on the comeback, as three local lads and seasoned musicians, Grant Haua, Brian Franks and Jeff Nilson have joined forces in their recently formed Grant Haua Trio.

Bloody Mary and Thorn. It happened that the drummer for Brilleaux had broken his leg, so Jeff filled in for their summer New Zealand tour. Brian and Jeff caught up with Grant at a gig they were all playing at and they hit it off and chatted about having a jam. In April 2019, Grant had been working on a tune This is the Place about being grounded with family, home and the land. After successfully jamming, they decided to write a few more tunes. Two months later they have written several songs and learnt a show’s worth of Grant’s back catalogue originals. The boys like to have fun, so Going Fishing is a humorous funky number. Blue Jeans is a cuddly, sexy song. They plan to write more songs and do recording and music videos. Their debut gig will be at The Hop House on Wharf St, Tauranga on Saturday July 20 from 8pm. The Grant Haua Trio.

Brian Franks, long-time member of Brilleaux, has played in Tuner, Eclipse and Squish. They are joined by Jeff Nilson, current drummer for Electric Universe, who has performed in bands Black Rose, Freeway,

Grant, on guitar, lead vocals and blues harmonica, is well-known from previous bands Swamp Thing, She’s Just Greedy, Moss and Knucklehead.

Neosoul duo Dillastrate coming to BOP Aotearoa band Dillastrate is popping into the Bay of Plenty next month. The duo, consisting of powerhouse wildman Henare ‘H’ Kaa and self-confessed music nerd Tim Driver, are embarking on a national winter tour, including playing five support slots for Katchafir They describe their signature sound as neosoul pop;

GIGGUIDE & ENTERTAINMENT MT RSA Fri 12th LTD All Star Band 7pm – 10:30pm Sat 13th Gerry Lee 7pm – 10:30pm Sun 14th Rick Harris 4:30pm – 7:30pm MOUNT SOCIAL CLUB Fri 12th Bruci 6pm – 9pm 10pm – 1am Sat 13th Self Righteous Brothers 6pm – 9pm, then

OLF CLUB OMANU G U G U ST 2 0 1 9 A 2 Y A D I FR $60 per person (Includes dinner of two meats, range of vegetables and dessert)

Bar opens 7pm, show starts 7.30pm Tickets available from: Phone: 07 5755957 Email:

Human Behaviour from 10pm Sun 14th Kam Kafai 3pm – 6pm Thur 18th Acoustic Social Jam Night 8pm JACK DUSTY’S ALE HOUSE


Sun 14th Blaze 3pm – 6pm THE BARREL ROOM Sat 13th Flaming Mudcats 8pm

Members of Dillastrate - Henare ‘H’ Kaa and Tim Driver. “a product of intense refinement and humanising machines, combining modern digital sounds with analogue soul to provide the best of both worlds”. Dillastrate will be performing two Bay of Plenty shows – at Our Place in Tauranga on Friday, August 9 and followed by The Rising Tide in Mount Maunganui on Saturday, August 10. Previous collaborative efforts for the duo include ahoribuzz and Soulsytem. Vocalist and drummer Henare ‘H’ Kaa has previously toured New Zealand with members of the Rolling Stones. Tour and album release details can be found at their website: and on their official Facebook page:

The Weekend Sun

Kings to perform in Tauranga New Zealand artist Kings has been making a name for himself ever since he released the smash hit ‘Don’t Worry Bout’ It’ in 2016. The song became the biggest New Zealand single release that year and surpassed the record for longest running number one song on the New Zealand Singles Chart. Since 2016, Kings has released a number of songs and performed all around the country and this year he has announced that he will be touring the country for his first headline tour which he says is “a long time coming”. “At the very beginning of my career when ‘Don’t Worry Bout’ It’ first dropped, it was kind of like you should probably do a tour now and between me and my management we just decided not to. “We ended up playing so many shows instead and did a bunch of shows all around New Zealand, so the timing’s perfect because I’ve had experience now, and I have some fans to actually perform to which is cool,” says Kings. The upcoming shows will be the first time he has been able to take control of everything. “I’m doing the music, I’m doing a light show and then I’m doing the visuals as well. “So it’s really exciting to really give it everything, give it my all.”

Friday 12 July 2019


Kings will perform in Tauranga on August 23.

For fans attending his Tauranga show on August 23, he says they can expect a lot of energy. “Especially with the weather, I’ll make sure they are warm by the end of it.” Alongside performing his new single ‘Flex’ on the tour, he will play some unreleased tracks from his new project. “I can’t wait and like that’s probably one of the coolest things is being able to travel and see New Zealand. “Much love to everybody who’s been supporting and I can’t wait to perform,” says Kings. Kings will be performing in Tauranga at Totara Street on August 23. Tickets are available now from Ticketmaster. Kings new single ‘Flex’ is out now and the music video for the single dropped on July 2. Caitlin Houghton

Thinking of standing as a Council or Community Board candidate?

No. 1639 Across 5. Gluttonous (8) 1. Beach (NI) (8) 6. Hurricane (5) 6. Drinks (4) 7. Island (NI) (7) 8. Engrave (4) 12. Slow (8) 9. Birds (8) 14. Attain (7) 10. Colour (5) 16. Limit (7) 11. Prisoner (6) 18. Perfect (5) 13. Dock (6) 20. Overhead (5) 15. Bare (6) 21. Cure (4) 17. Scream (6) 19. Native palm (5) T O R U E B T S I B A B H 22. Liquid refreshment W F E O T O U T O U W A I R S (8) NA EL EP CS SE TT AL GI MI KL NT O B 23. Golf club (4) G A L A D O G M X E M M T C C A M N A P A I N E R G 24. Cut down (4) Y T L H OWG T O R A T O 25. Representative (8) N I N E T Y M I L E K E M A P T A I U G N T Y A R D Down H A R D E C U F F I C L I 2. Following (5) Z T P A E C I L I P O S T 3. Fish (7) W H A N G A N U I E R V C F Y T K E S E X O I N C H 4. Back of the neck Solution 1638 (4)

Come join us on 22 July for a Candidate Information Briefing Evening. Information covered will include; candidate eligibility, the nominations process, remuneration, and your role and responsibilities if elected.

2019 Local Body Election candidate information briefing • Monday 22 July, 6pm-8pm • Council Chambers, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Barkes Corner, 1484 Cameron Road, Greerton, Tauranga • No registration required For further information contact: Kirstie Elder on 07 571 8008

Friday 12 July 2019

The Weekend Sun



Saturday 13 July

Art In The Park Original Art for Sale.

Weather permitting. 9am-4pm, The Strand, Tauranga. Tauranga Society of Artists Bay Network Singles Club Single, over 50? For weekend dinners, barbeques, outings. Ph Jonathan 572 2091, Maureen 021 112 3307 FASH Tauranga Fabric Fair Bethlehem Hall from 9am-3pm. Where lovers of fabric browse, bargain, buy, & exchange. $2 entry. No EFTPOS, cash sales only. Felt & Light Workshop Create your own light using softest NZ Merino wool & hand-dyed silk fibres. Popula workshop is also suitable for beginners. 11am-3pm Festival Concert A showcase of the very best items from the preceding days of the Tauranga Performing Arts Competition. 7:30pm Addison Theatre, Baycourt. Genealogy Informal Group Want new ideas to make your family tree grow? Come along. 1:30pm Brain Watkins House, cnr Cameron Rd/ Elizabeth St. Sue 544 1751 Greerton Hall Market Last Saturday of the month. 8am-12pm. Stalls inside/ outside. Discounts for charity groups. Refreshments available. Ph/txt for site. Tricia 543 1487 or 027 908 2952, www Katikati Bowling Club 8 Park Road. 12:45-3pm Katikati Lions Moggies Market 2nd Sat of month Katikati Memorial Hall, Main Road 8am-Noon. Enquiries 549 3589 LOL Laughter Wellness We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh! Come join us. Arataki Community Ctr, Zambuk Way, Mt Maunganui. 11-11:45am. Ph Trish 022 036 6768 lollaughterwellness@

Mount Maunganui Sequence Dance

7:30-10:30pm Arataki Community Centre, Bayfair, Mt Maunganui, Sheldon’s Band. Lovely Supper. $7 entry. By Mount Maunganui Scottish Society. Erica 576 0578 Mira Corbova Art Exhibition + fashion show 5-7pm. Exhibition runs until 25 July Tues-Sat 11am-4pm at The Art Lounge, 117 Willow St Mount Music Club 2nd Sat monthly. 1-4pm Old Folks Hall, Midway, Mount. Mostly country. Good backing band. Ph Dick 027 493 8458 Otumoetai Tennis Club Adult tennis. Start time 1pm. Bellevue Park Windsor Rd (adjacent to swimming pool complex). New players & visitors welcome. Ph Fred 544 5088

Social Ballroom Dance Party All welcome 7:30pm Bethlehem Hall, 239A State Highway 2, Bethlehem. BYO drink & nibbles. Strict tempo music. Ph 544 2337 or 027 322 1786 Steampunk Tauranga Fashion Show

Fundraiser with Welcome Bay The Lions. Sat 20th July at Greerton RSA. Tickets from Robyn’s Cottage, $30 includes supper & 1st drink. See Steampunk Tauranga on Facebook

Strong Mind Meditation Workshop Learn to create a

happy strong mind, a nevergive-up attitude, to overcome any challenge! Greerton Library, 1-3pm. $5. 027 446 5357 Tauranga Farmers Market 7:4512noon Tauranga Primary School cnr Cameron Rd & 5th Ave. Fresh & artisan products direct from producers. Ph 0274 915 876 Tauranga Floral Art Group Monthly meeting & workshop, every 2nd Wed & Sat. New members welcome. Baptist Church Hall, Tauranga. Ph Ruth 543 2157 Tauranga Fuchsia Group Meet last Saturday of month 1:30pm Art/ Craft Centre Elizabeth St . Workshops on growing fuchsias. New members welcome. Ph Pat 579 1655 or Noeleen 578 4643 Te Puke Scottish Society Tartan Dance, War Memorial Hall, Sat 20th, 7:30-11pm. Lovely supper. Live music, air conditioned hall. $7 entry. Valerie 573 7093

Two Informative Seminars

Finding Your fit: Learning t fly solo & planning for th future. 502 Otumoetai Rd. Registration 9am. Seminars 9:15-11:45am. $10. Morning Tea provided. Village Radio Museum Community Radio broadcasting nostalgic music & Community Notices seven days on 1368 KHz AM Band. Radio Museum open from 10am. Request line 571 3710

Sunday 14 July

Bible Seminar 1:45pm Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St, Greerton. Title: The Baptism of John - lessons for us. Interactive, Q&A. All welcome. Mary 573 5537 Bible Society Family Concert Entertainment for the whole family. Tauranga SDA Church 25 Moffat Rd Bethlehem. Showcasing local talent & Performances. July 28th 2pm-3:30pm BOP Oodle Club Monthly playdates for dogs! Fergusson Park 2-3pm, first Sunday of the month. Al welcome. Gold coin donation. BOP Orchid Society Auction 12noon at Te Puke Lodge, Oxford St. Fun, plants, pots, all sorts of bargains. Tea & food to follow. All welcome. Computer Club (Tga) Inc At Art & Craft Centre, Elizabeth St West on last Sunday of month 9:30-12:30. Ph 572 1230 Croquet Tauranga Domain, Cameron Rd, 12:45 for 1pm start, Sun, Tues, Fri. Beginners welcome. Peter 571 0633

Performing Arts Competitions 2019

Over 900 young competitors showcasing some 3000 individual performances across eight art forms. Family entertainment. Gold coin donation. Go to for more! Petanque Sat & Tues 12:50pm. No equipment needed. Nice low impact sport to enjoy outdooors. Ph Jo Ann 578 3606

Farmers Market - Mount Mainstreet

Held every Sunday 9-1pm rain or shine! Right in the middle of Mount Mainstreet at Coronation Park, Maunganui. www. Friendship Force Travel Club Enjoy international travel? Join our club. Be hosted by other clubs worldwide & host them. Ph Barbara 574 5711 or Jonathan 572 2091 Historic Village Market 1st & 3rd Sunday every month. 17th Ave Tauranga. 8-12 wet or fine. Crafts, plants, health merchandise, food. A Bethlehem Lions Project. Katikati Tramping Club Pinnacles Hut, 7:30am start, Moderate plus, Leader Ann Vukojevich. Ph 0276 758 774 Living Well Church 10am, Papamoa Community Centre. We are of different backgrounds & ages, joining together to celebrate the life we have in Jesus. Maketu Market 3rd & 5th Sundays 7am-12pm, Maketu Village Green. Ph Carolyn 027 251 0388 or Pat 021 447 420 Messy Church Join us for fun activities, faith exploration, celebration time, meal provided. 4-6pm at St John’s Anglican Church, 94 Bureta Rd NZDA BOP Range Day NZDA BOP branch run public open days last Sunday each month at their 300m range in TECT All Terrain Park. 9am-3pm $20 bring firearms licenc Omokoroa Lions Market 2nd Sunday monthly. Western Ave Car Park, Omokoroa. 9am-noon. Bookings not required. Ph Keith 548 2117 Papamoa Lions Club Market 2nd & 4th Sunday Gordon Spratt Reserve, Parton Rd, Papamoa. Gates open 7am for stall holder entry. Wayne 027 974 5699 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Sun & Thurs 1:30-4pm, in pond behind 24 Montego Drive Papamoa, sailing Electron Yachts for fun. Adult beginners welcome. Graham 572 5419 Quakers in Tauranga In hall behind Brain Watkins House, cnr Elizabeth/ Cameron Rd 10am for an hour of mainly silent worship followed by tea/ coffee & talk 544 7158 or 573 8497 Sunday Stitch Workshop Textile Art casual get together. Create treasures with Kristy Clegg. First Sunday of the month, 10am1pm. $10. The Artery, Historic Village. Info @ Ph 07 571 3232

Tauranga Spiritual Growth Centre

Meet the mediums & energy healers. Citz Club, 14 Norris St. Every 2nd & 4th Sunday, 6:45pm. $5 door charge

Tauranga Theatre Organ Society Meet at Baycourt Theatre, 38 Durham St at 1pm. Hear & play the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ. All Welcome. Ph 552 0243

The Sociables Females & males in

30s/40s/50s, that meet to dine out, participate in local activities & go on bushwalks. Ph 022 012 0376

Tibetan Buddhist Teachings Teachings

by Geshe Jamyang Sherab, held in Te Puna, 10am-12pm. Teachings free, grateful for dana/koha. Venue & program email Wai.Tai Performance Collective of musicians fusing world music with Maori rhythms & vibes. Expect a journey of genres from all over the world. 5pm. $20.

Monday 15 July

Adult Social Ballroom/Latin Dance

Free Introductory Beginner Dance Lesson 7pm at Club Mt Maunganui. Partner not necessary, just come along. Ph Dean 021 230 3187 www.udance2. Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting 10am Mon & Fri. Tauranga Central Baptist Church. Cnr 13th Ave/Cameron Rd. All welcome. Ph 0800 229 6757 Bastille French Quiz Night 7pm Wesley Church 13th Ave. Questions in English about all things French. No French language required but must RSVP to 544 9557

Bethlehem Indoor Bowls

Meets in Bethlehem Hall 7:30pm start. Names in by 7:15pm. New members of all ages welcome. John 027 654 1298 Chess At Mount Maunganui Mount RSA Chess Club, 544 Maunganui Rd, 6-7pm during school term. Late program 7pm onwards. Incl casual games. Noel 579 5412 Chess In The Afternoon Mount Chess Club, 1-4 pm, Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd Mt Maunganui. $4 a session. Equipment & refreshments provided. Bob 0274 786 282 Citizens Advice Bureau Tauranga Free confidential impartial info & advice Don’t know? Ask Us! Ph or visit us at 38 Hamilton St Tauranga. Mon-Fri 9am5pm 07 578 1592 or 0800 367 222

Concert Christ’s College, Cambridge

Hear this world famous UK choir perform at St Peter’s Anglican Church, Mt Maunganui, 7:30pm. Door sales $30. Part of their 2019 Singapore/NZ tour.

Diabetes Help Tauranga Drop-In Clinic 10am-12pm, no appointment necessary. Advice or support for anyone living with diabetes & their families. 174 11th Ave, Tauranga. INFOline 571 3422 Friends Of The Library Greerton Library Book Group meets at 10:30am. Come along & see if this is the group for you. Tea & coffee. Jenny 543 4760 Genealogy Friendly Meeting Mako Room Papamoa Community Ctr 1:303:30pm. We help solve your brick walls or share how you solved yours. 544 4182 Let’s Learn Lifelong Learning

Are you a lifelong learner? Check out the range of courses, workshops, classes, lectures, lessons & events on or Ph 544 9557 Mah-Jong 12:30-4pm, visitors & beginners welcome. Free teaching available. Tauranga South Bowling Club, 11th Ave. Ph Shirley 576 0014

Maketu Market 3rd and 5th Sundays 7am-12pm, Maketu Village Green. Ph Carolyn 027 251 0388 or Pat 021 447 420 Marlin Friendship Club Meets Omanu Golf Club on 2nd Mondays at 9:45am. Friendly mixed membership club with regular social activities. Take part & meet people. Mount RSA Indoor Bowls Monday & Thursday. Names in by 6:30 play starts at 7pm. All welcome come to our friendly club & enjoy yourself. Ph Mary 574 2873 Never 2 Old Strength/balance classes & workouts for over 55s. Mon, Wed & Fri 7:30am-9am. Ph Keith 557 8765 Omokoroa Beach Indoor Bowls

Omokoroa Settlers Hall, 1pm for 1:30pm start. $3 door fee, first session free. All equipment provided. Ph 548 1636 Raranga - Weaving Weekly get together 10-3pm. Raranga weavers, motivating each other. Bring own materials. $5 Koha. The Artery, Tauranga Historic Village. more info:

Recycled Teenagers Gentle Exercise

Mon & Wed Tga Senior Citz Club 14 Norris st. 9:15-10:45am. Tues St Marys Hall cnr Girven & Marlin 9-10:30am. Jennifer 571 1411 or 027 206 0776 Seido Karate Tauranga Age 7 & up, all abilities. Keep fit, learn self defense meet friends, free trial period. Tauranga Primary Hall, Mon & Thurs 6pm. Ph/ txt Cameron 027 518 8356 Silver Singers Choir Conductor, soprano, alto, tenor, bass voices welcome. Practise at St Stephens Chapel 1pm. Ph Gaynor 579 2465 Taichi Internal Arts NZ Tai Chi Beginner Class, Greerton Senior Citizens Hall, 33 Maitland St. 9:30-11am $5. All Welcome. Includes Qigong. In association with Sport BOP. David 552 4425 Tauranga City Brass Practise at 10 Yatton St Greerton at 7pm. All welcome. Brass & Percussionists. Ph Jeremy 021 132 3341 Tauranga Creative Fibre Every Mon 9:30am & every 2nd & 4th Thur 7pm. Learn & share spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, dyeing & crochet skills. 177 Elizabeth St. Ph Margaret 571 3483 Tauranga RocknRoll Club Lessons 6:45pm & social dancing 7:30pm at Legion of Frontiersmen Hall, 165 Elizabeth St. Ph Rana 027 699 5571 or FBook: taurangarocknrollclub Te Roopu Raranga Weaving Weekly get together for Raranga weavers. Plenty of space to work collectively , motivating & inspiring each other. The Artery, Historic Villiage, 10-3. $5 Koha Welcome Bay Art Group 9:30-12 at Lighthouse Church meeting room next to Welcome Bay Road Village Shops. Ph Denis 544 6451

Tuesday 16 July

ABC-Avenues Badminton Club At Tauranga Boys College Gym. Juniors

PHOTO OF THE WEEK JULY 12 Fri 13 Sa 14 Su 15 Mo 16 Tu

02:51 03:47 04:43 05:37 06:28

1.9 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8

15:31 16:29 17:24 18:16 19:05

1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.9

JULY 17 We 18 Th 19 Fri 20 Sa 21 Su

07:17 08:03 08:47 09:29 10:10

1.8 1.8 1.8 1.7 1.7

19:50 20:34 21:16 21:57 22:37

1.9 1.9 1.9 1.8 1.8

Plenty of rain and wind to start July, but we did get a day Hapuku trip in on Sunday. Good conditions and not bad ÿ shing after a slow start. We tried a few shallower spots initially, but no joy so went deeper and after a couple of fails we ended up getting a heap of gemÿ sh and a few bluenose. Gemÿ sh are similar looking to barracuda, without the worms and are excellent eating, so a good alternative when the hapuku are hard to ÿ nd. We even had a skipjack on a lure on the way home. All in all, a pretty good trip.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019



6-7:30pm (term time). Seniors (Adults) 7:30-9:30pm. Club racquets available. Delwyn 027 212 4720 Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting, 7:30pm St Peters Anglican Church, 11 Victoria Rd, Mt Maunganui. All welcome. Ph 0800 229 6757 Altrusa Int’l Tauranga Club Womens service group, literacy focused meet 2nd Tues for dinner business meeting & 4th Tues for programme evening. Pam 027 253 7562 or president. www.altrusa. Arataki Coastal Club At Arataki Community Centre 9:30am for retirees, 2nd Tuesday of the month for morning tea, guest speakers, outings & activities. Ph 572 2908 Bayfair Petanque Club Play Tues & Thur 12:45. Bayfair Reserve, Russley Dr. All levels of play welcome. Equipment & training available. Ph Alf 570 0480 Beginner Social Dance Class 7pm Tauranga Primary School Hall, 5th Ave or Wed 8pm, Welcome Bay School Hall, 309 Welcome Bay Rd. Ph 544 2337 or 027 322 1786

Citizens Advice Bureau Papamoa

Free confidential impartial info advice. Don’t know? Ask Us! Ph or visit us at Community Ctr 15 Gravatt Rd Papamoa. Tues & Thurs 10am-1pm. 0800 367 222 Fitness League Cardio, weights, floor work, balance work, & a bit o dance. 9:30am at St Columba Church, 502 Otumoetai Rd, Cherrywood. Ph Gloria 021 139 2448 Inachord Womens’ Chorus If you like to sing dance & have fun, join us! Great Musical Director! 7-9pm Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd. Ph Sabine 021 111 8659 Keep On Your Feet 10:30-11:30am & 1-2pm at Katikati Catholic Church hall, 89 Beach Rd, Katikati. Strength & balance classes for older adults. Sharnie 021 111 8617 Marching For Leisure A non-competitive activity for mature ladies. Fun, Fitness & Friendship. For Tauranga teams’ details ph Frances 07 544 1318 or 021 297 3407 Merge: Social Connections For new residents to Tauranga. Meet 1st & 3rd Tuesday of month at The Raft, Chapel Street 5-7pm. Email Karen merge. Midweek Music 1st Tuesday monthly. 7-10pm Cliff Road Hall, Tauranga. Mostly country. Good backing band. Ph Dick 0274 938 458

Mount Morning Badminton

9-11:30am. Mt Sports Centre, Blake Park. Social, all ages, racquets available, beginners welcome. $5 day. Ph Margaret 575 9792 Mt Runners & Walkers Mt Maunganui Runners & Walkers Club meet every Tues & Fri 9:30-10:30am, Scout Hall, 13 May St. All welcome. Babysitters available.

Omokoroa Beach Indoor Bowls

Omokoroa Settlers Hall 6:30pm for 7pm start. $3 door fee (first sessio free). Equipment provided. All Welcome. Ph 548 1636

Oriana Singers Tauranga

A mixed-voice (SATB) choir. We welcome new members both men & women. 7pm Dee St, St Andrew’s Hall. Resume July 23rd. https://www. Otumoetai Tennis Club Adult tennis. Start time 9am Tues & Thurs. Bellevue Park Windsor Road (adjacent to swimming pool complex). New players & visitors welcome. Ph Pam 570 0302 Otumoetai Walking Group Meet at 9am at Kulim Park. Ph Jim 576 7339 Read Between The Wines Poetry Group meets last Tuesday of every month. 7-9pm $5 Koha. BYO poems & wine, relaxed vibe. The Incubator, Historic Village. More info: www.

School Holiday Art Workshop

Landscape Painting for year 6-11. Get them off their devices. Nik Williams, qualified art teacher 10-3pm, $60. The Artery, Historic Village, book @ www. Ph 571 3232 Scrabble 9:20am for 9:30 start. Tauranga Citz Club 13th Ave & Cameron Rd. All most welcome to exercise your brains! Ph Jo Ann 578 3606 Sequence Dancing Tauranga Social & Leisure Club, St John Anglican Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd Otumoetai, 7pm9:30pm except 2nd Tues of month 3:30-6. Faye 543 3280 South City Indoor Bowls Championship Fours, Hughes Cup 7pm. Strength & Balance Exercise class for over 60s to improve strength, balance & prevent falls. 11am Welcome Bay hall. $6. Ph Raewyn for more info 027 607 7437 TaiChi Internal Arts NZ Te Puke Memorial Hall. Beginner Class Settlers Room 9:30-11am. All welcome. $5 Regular Class Pioneer Room. 9:3011:30am $5. Ph David 552 4425

Tauranga Acoustic Music Club

Greerton RSA 7pm. Friendly gettogether, all instruments, all levels of ability. Come in & enjoy some live music. Grant 578 6448

Tauranga Diamond Friendship Club For active retirees, meetings 1:30pm 1st Tuesday each month at Tauranga Citizens Club. Guest speakers, social outings, numerous activities. All welcome. Ph Nancy 543 4468

Tauranga MidWeek Tramping Group Radar dome via N Henderson. Grade moderate. Garry 578 3083

Tauranga Model Railway Club

Club meets Tues mornings & Thurs evenings at clubrooms, cnr Mirrilees Rd & Cross Rd, Sulphur Pt. Ph Mike 021 939 233

Tauranga Morning Badminton Club

Keep fit the fun way. Play badminto at the QE Youth Ctr Tues & Thurs 9-11:30am. Visitors $6. Some racquets available. Bob 0274 786 282 Tauranga Orchid Society Speaker Helen McDonald on the 2019 Tokyo Orchid Spectacular. All welcome. 7pm, Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Ph 577 6676

Tauranga Patchwork & Quilters

1st & 3rd Tuesday 7-9:30pm & 2nd & 4th Fridays 10-3. At Arts&Craft Centre, 177 Elizabeth St. Helen 027 475 3632

Tauranga Samba Drumming Band

Percussion Band! 7:15-9:15pm. Mount Sports Hall, Cnr Hull & Mt Maunganui Rds. Ph/txt Rob 021 232 7185. No experience necessary, we teach you everything! Waihi Beach Tennis Club Adult social tennis, Tues & Fri 8:30am. All year. Casual & new players welcome. Ph Barry 027 492 6475 Yoga For All Welcome Bay Community Centre, 6:30-8pm. Traditional, relaxing yoga class. Beginners welcome. $12 one or $90 nine classes. Bring a mat. Bhajan 07 929 7484

Wednesday 17 July

500 Cards Club Join our friendly

500 club 1-3:30pm St Thomas More Church, 17 Gloucester Rd. $3 a session. Prizes plus refreshments. Bob 0274 786 282 or Barbara 572 4962 Adults Dance Class 2pm St Peters Katikati. Many dance styles, Ballet: Jazz: Character etc. No experience required just a love of movement. Ph Gaye 577 1753

Age Concern Walking Group 10am Papamoa

Gravatt Rd Bus Stop

Alcoholics Anonymous Open

meeting 1st & 3rd, Wed of every month. Tauranga Central Baptist church, cnr 13th Ave/Cameron Rd. All welcome. Ph 0800 229 6757

Community Bible Study Join us

@ City Church 252 Otumoetai Rd 7-9 for Bible Study on the Book of Revelation. Ph Julie 552 4068 Fernland Spa Water Exercise Gentle exercise in the warm water. Suitable for joint replacements, arthritics & recovery from injury or illness. Great for strength, coordination & balance. Jennifer 571 1411 Gate Pa Indoor Bowls Open Carousel Triples 7:30pm. Names in book. Healing Rooms 1-3pm Come, experience God’s healing touch, whether physical, emotional, spiritual. Behind Graced Oppshop, cnr 11th Ave/ Christopher St. No charge. Ph 021 110 0878. Katikati Bowling Club 8 Park Road. Mixed Roll-ups 12:45-3pm. Mah Jong Tauranga Citz Club, 13th Ave & Cameron Rd. 12:45-4. All welcome, free teaching available for beginners. Tauranga Citz Club, 13th Ave & Cameron Rd. Ph Joy 578 7310 Pickleball At The Mount 10am12pm Mt Sports Ctr, Blake Park. Social, all ages, equipment supplied. Beginners welcome. $5 session Ph Viv 575 5845 Sahaja Yoga Meditation Always Free. Experience inner peace & joy. Connect to your Spiritual Essence. Sport BOP (next to Squash Courts) 406 Devonport Rd Tauranga. Ph Ian 027 884 2238 Scottish Country Dancing Mount Senior Citizens Hall 345 Maunganui Rd. Beginners 6pm, General dancing 7:30pm. Mary 574 8687 Lynne 021 140 7912 Sorry Bout It Entertainer Tofig Fepuleai’s new show showcases all his hidden talents as well as bring back some of his iconic crowd favourites. 8pm Baycourt. Steady As You Go Exercises at St Johns Church Hall Bureta, 2-3pm except 1st Wed of month. Improve balance & overall wellbeing. Ph Alison 07 576 4536 Tai Chi Internal Arts Beginner Classes. All welcome. Te Puna Rugby Club rooms, Maramatanga Park. 6-7:30pm. Te Puke Memorial Hall, 5:30-7pm. Gold coin koha. David 552 4425 Tauranga Embroiderers’ Guild At Tauranga Rowing Club, Devonport Rd 10am-2:30pm & 7-9pm. Beginners very welcome. Ph Jenny 021 581 951 Tauranga Film Society “Lady Macbeth” 6pm at Rialto Cinema. Meets every second Wednesday. 3-fil taster membership $30. Join any time: full season membership $90. See

Tauranga Rotary Would-Be Members Have time, want to help

in your community? Like fun, food, enlightening speakers? Join us from 6pm, Daniels In the Park. Ph Bev 027 285 4066

Thursday 18 July

Adult Conversational English Classes Using the Bible. All learners

welcome @ St Andrews Church, 3 Macville Rd, Mt Maunganui, 10-12. Ph 575 9347 Tues-Fri 9-3 Age Concern Coffee Group Chat over a relaxing cuppa at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, 33 Maitland St. 10:30-12. $3pp. Open to the Public. Ph 578 2631 Bay City Rockers Social RocknRoll dancing, plus other popular dances at Senior Citizens Hall Norris St. 7-9:30pm. Includes supper. $3 entry. Ph Gavin 027 643 6222 Community Bible Study Join us @ 14th Ave Gospel Centre 10am-12pm for Bible Study on the Book of Revelation. Ph Gay 021 225 5981 Fitness League Exercise, movement, dance focusing on posture, stretching, strengthening & flexibility suitable fo all ages & abilities, 10am Tauranga Central Baptist Church Hall. Pam 07 549 4799

John Baxter Art Exhibition First solo

exhibition entitled Circles & Signs. At The Incubator Galley, Historic Village, 17th Ave. Exhibition runs until 31st July. All welcome. Katikati Bowling Club 8 Park Rd Rummikub 1-4pm, $3 entry. Katikati Concert Band Katikati Bowling Club, 8 Park Rd, 7pm. Come & join our friendly band. All ages & abilities welcome. Ph Mick 021 217 1780

Keynotes Women’s Barbershop Chorus

Meet 7pm in Wesley Hall 100 13th Ave. New members welcome, age no barrier. Sing for health. Ph Bernice 576 4848 Facebook Keynotes Inc Kickstart Toastmasters Gain public speaking, presenting, leadership skills in fun environment. 7-8am. Alimento Cafe, 74 First Ave. Ph Brian 027 543 2777 or turn up! Lighthouse Cafe 10am-12pm at Lighthouse Church Welcome Bay. Come for a chat or bring your chosen craft & have a cuppa. Ph 027 576 3105 Mainly Music Music & dance for preschoolers, Mums & carers. $4 per family. Morning tea provided. 9:30-10:30am. Holy trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd Orange City Squares Rounds Club night 7:30pm, St Enoch’s Church Hall, 16th Ave Tauranga. Learners welcome. Ph 577 1100 or Facebook, Orange City Squares Rounds Retro & Mod Sale Vintage & retro clothing, fabrics, linen etc. 9:30-1 at Historic Village. Proceeds to Turning Point Trust. Cash only.

Rhythm, Foxtrot & Waltz

Ballroom dancing at Mt RSA Thurs 10am-12pm & Tga Citz Club on Sat afternoons. Ph 572 4272 Social Games Club Mt Play Indoor Bowls & Cards. Come along & have fun in the afternoon. Ph Dot 575 3780 Sunshine Sequence Dance Group Learn dancing at a friendly club. Baptist Church Hall, 13th Avenue, 6:30pm Learners tuition/revision. 7-9:30pm all dancers. $3 entrance includes supper. Jan 544 4379 Tauranga Cake Decorators Meets at 68 1st Ave, 7:30pm. Denise demos a sugarpaste fantasy flower. Visitors & everyone with an interest welcome.

Zonta Tauranga Women’s Organisation

Leading Global Organisation, empowering women thru service & advocacy, warmly welcomes you! Meet others, fun informative meetings/ guest speakers & more! Make a difference. Suzy 021 266 5044

Friday 19 July Alcoholics Anonymous Open meeting 7:30pm, Hamner Clinic 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton (behind Bridgestone). Ph 0800 229 6757 Arataki Artists Paint with friends, 9am-12pm at Arataki Community Centre. Occasional tuition with local artists. All levels welcome. Ph Fran 021 136 8173 Chess Tauranga Tauranga RSA Chess Club, Greerton 5-7pm, Casual & Standard length games. Standard Chess rules. Werner 548 1111 http:/www.westernbopchess.weebly. com/ Diabetes Help Tauranga Do you have a child or youth with type 1 diabetes? Join us for a youth event. For more information Ph 07 571 3422 Greerton Indoor Bowling Club Yatton St, Greerton. Names in by 7:15pm for 7:30pm start. Championship Fours Mātauranga By NZSO As part of the

NZSO Cook’s Landfall Series to mark 250 years since the first encounters at Captain Cooks first landfall. Classical music. 7:30pm Baycourt.

Skating Mt Sports Stadium Skates for hire or bring your own skates/roller blades. Great family fun. For more details email taurangarollerskating@gmail or checkout our facebook page. Taichi Internal Arts NZ Te Puke Memorial Hall. Regular Tai Chi Class. Yang form plus Qigong 18 move. 9:30-11am. $5 Lok Hup Ba Fa. 11am-12. $4. David 552 4425

Taoist Tai Chi Tauranga Relaxed. Balanced. Strong. Suitable for all Tauranga: 15 Koromiko St 9-10:30am. Papamoa: 242 Dickson Rd, 9-10.30am. New Beginner classes in August. Ph 578 6193 for detailed info or

Horoscopes ARIES: Loved ones may need a dose of tender loving care. Despite the number of new and old faces, don’t neglect your nearest and dearest. Encouraging family news arrives by the weekend.

LIBRA: It’s been a long while since you have been so popular - enjoy! Postponements on the weekend could make life a little confusing, but manage to provide at least one surprise bonus.

TAURUS: Allow extra time now to tend to the needs of older and younger relatives. You could find yourself coming to a loved one’s defence around Friday. Avoid any kind of snap decision on the weekend.

SCORPIO: A close friend could reveal a startling secret before the weekend and there’s a possible work or neighbourhood conflict before the weekend. In romance, a long awaited commitment could send you to cloud nine.

GEMINI: A possible financial boost before the weekend is followed by a rapid paced period. In romance, sentimentality is the keyword. In health, take charge and see that loved ones are getting health check ups.

SAGITTARIUS: Opportunities for increased status open up now. You are being promoted behind the scenes and you would be dazzled to know who is singing your praises. In financial dealings, read the small print.

CANCER: Disappointing news you hear early on, perhaps changing plans, can be turned around to your advantage. It’s a mobile time, favouring travel, moves and lots of little errands.

CAPRICORN: Financial judgement may be clouded now, so seek out professionals before making key decisions. Social obligations can make you weary, but invigorating exercise should help recharge your spirits.

LEO: Rely more on brains than on charm right now. Your wit and wisdom are by far your most impressive qualities.The weekend can bring a retinue of admirers to your door.

AQUARIUS: Your partner may seem a little coy and a little mysterious this week. Try not to question temperament or motives and love will be the greatest on the weekend. Volunteer work of your choice is emphasized.

VIRGO: The week starts slowly, but the tempo quickens when you hear exciting news about a loved one. There may be a secret admirer out there, so interpret the most minute gestures as major love signs.

PISCES: It’s time to do a juggling act - looking after major family matters, tackling an “inherited” job and tending to more than enough routine affairs then suddenly, you find yourself with too much time to spare.

Your birthday You are passionate, intense and with a reputation for being jealous. Your powers of concentration can be this week remarkable and when challenged, you show great reserves of inner strength. Make “trust” your keyword.

Hard work is stressed over luck. Nothing will come easily, but you will be delighted with the eventual results.

Friday 12 July 2019

The Weekend Sun


Time for a spiritual spruce Who hasn’t made excuses before about not going to church? There are some real doozies. Sidney Laing, who’d heard a few whilst ministering in Ireland, wrote a fun and interesting satirical piece entitled ‘Ten Reasons Why I Never Wash’ in response to various excuses. The 10 he wrote were: “I was made to wash as a child… People who wash are hypocrites… Those who wash think they are cleaner than other people… There are so many different kinds of soap, I could never decide which one was right… I used to wash, but it got boring, so I stopped… I still wash on special occasions such as Christmas and Easter… None of my friends wash… I’m still young, when I’m older and a bit dirtier I might start washing… People who make soap are only after your money.” la tyb Some further ones might include, ‘I’m too


Sunday Gatherings - 9 am & 11 am

busy to wash... I feel out of place washing… I’m too dirty to wash.’ As far as washing goes, these are laughable excuses, but some may think they are perfectly legitimate reasons for not attending church. Laing’s use of washing for his satirical piece on church attendance is very appropriate when we consider the Bible has much to say about our dire need for spiritual washing or cleansing before Judgment Day. Thank God he is forgiving and that we who are alive still have a chance to obtain his mercy. Are your sins washed away by the blood of Jesus?

Messianic Family


Use it wisely


Upstairs, 146 Devonport Rd, Downtown, Tauranga

David Kidd, Church of God’s Love (7th day)

Joel & Sharon van Ameringen

021 768 043


ONE CHURCH THREE LOCATIONS CITY CHURCH TAURANGA Sundays at 9.30am & 6pm 252 Otumoetai Road, Tauranga

CITY CHURCH COAST (PAPAMOA) Sundays at 10am Papamoa Rec. Centre, Gordon Spratt Reserve


CITY CHURCH NORTH (OMOKOROA) Sundays at 10am Omokoroa Sport & Rec. Centre, Western Avenue

We are born into different situations, with varying talents and abilities, but the one thing we all receive in equal measure is the gift of time: 24 hours each day, 52 weeks each year. Ill-health or unemployment, delayed flights and slow processes may mean that time hangs heavy on our hands. However, full schedules and a range of commitments may make time our most precious commodity. The Hebrew and Christian scriptures reflect an underlying conviction that God’s purpose is being worked out in time, sometimes delayed but never completely frustrated. Jesus lived with a constant awareness of that plan, as he prioritised time. Sometimes he was too busy to eat; at others, he would set aside time to reflect and pray before dawn. On the way to be with a dying child, he stopped to hear the story of a chronically sick woman and brought healing to them both. His trust in God’s timing helped him not to act out of fear. God’s gift of time comes to us with freedom to choose, rather than with pressure to fit into a pre-determined plan. There are many competing demands in life and there is no recycling bin for time. Paul, an early church leader, suggests however that we can “redeem time” or as a recent paraphrase puts it: “Be careful how you act; these are difficult days… make the most of every opportunity you have for doing good.” How can I use for good the hours God has given me today? Viv Whimster, Tauranga Methodist Parish

The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019



portable accommodation

PH: 07 928 3042 or email these pages can be viewed online at

situations vacant Drivers needed for Meals on Wheels

Recruiting _ now!

Want to join our Meals on Wheels team?

New Zealand Red Cross delivers around 18,000 Meals on Wheels every year to people in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa areas. Volunteering is a fun, rewarding experience. Being a Meals on Wheels driver takes about an hour, one day a week, fortnight or month, depending on your availability. If you’re friendly, have a clean full New Zealand driver’s licence and are keen to help, we’d love to have you on our team. Call us on 0800 RED CROSS (0800 733 276) to find out more.

appliance services




0800 34 62 63

174 DEVONPORT ROAD, TAURANGA | (07) 578 7717 Terms and conditions apply. Subject to Linsa Finance lending criteria and responsible lending guidelines. All loans must be approved and drawn down in our branch. Establishment and account maintenance fees apply. FSP 176104

trades & services

Friday 12 July 2019


trades & services

RM Electrical Bayside Services BOP Ltd Ltd

broken window handle? • • • • *finance available

doors • windows locks • hinges handles conservatories

for a FREE quote

07 571 4491

House Washing

Roof Treatments Decks & Driveways Gutter Cleaning

100% Biodegradable Products M 021 M 021 143 143 25172517 P






GreenKiwi Gardens

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The Weekend Sun

Friday 12 July 2019


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New Zealand’s Quietest Heat Pumps

Enquire today for a


Friday 12 July 2019

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Need a builder?

Licensed Building Practitioner Phone 022 035 1997



Administration Services

For prompt, efficient, professional service

call Vivienne on 07 579 9130 email

93 Wharf Street, Tauranga

public notices

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Look Here You can advertise your business/service for just $21 for 20 words here.

PH DEBBIE: 07 578 0030

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Friday 12 July 2019


RUN ON LISTINGS accounting

ACCOUNTING PAYROLL SOLUTIONS. Require assistance with your accounts, payroll, GST? We are Xero Partners & IRD Tax Agents. Call Pete today at Waihi Beach 07 863 4438 or 0274 392 737 email: PS&R ACCOUNTING Contact us for a free quote to have your Annual Accounts & Tax Returns completed. Ph Peter 022 136 6005 email trefusis34@gmail. com

bible digest

BE JOYFUL in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12

car for sale

TOYOTA RAV4, 2002, Black, Auto, $5000. 156,000km. Ph 0210 256 7896

carer wanted

PART TIME RELIEF POSITION as carer & companion for elderly man. Need a great attitude, experience, good references, flexibility, own vehicle. Availability morning & late afternoon for mail preparation. Ph 020 4047 4078



RETIRED? BORED? JOIN US! Sunrise Lions Club exists to serve Tauranga and keep our members active and healthy. For more information phone Ken 027 733 9686 or visit www.


COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s tuition, or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183 FREE ON SITE DIAGNOSIS & quote. We come to you. Pensioner discounts. Ph Kyle at Tech Solutions 027 828 7078

curriculum vitae

CVs THAT STAND OUT. Don’t let your C.V. get lost amongst all the others. Get the WOW factor that A C.V. For You can provide. From scratch or update existing I can help you stand out. View samples on or Ph/text on 021 27 27 912


TABBY KITTEN, 5 months old, girl, free to good home, flea treatment in last month, really cuddly & affectionate. Ph 027 348 1706



ABLE GARDENER, experienced, efficient, knowledgeable, highly qualified. Maintenance, pruning, hedges, shrubs, roses; disease/pest control, lifestyle blocks, garden renovations; design & plant. Ph Tita 027 654 8781 or a/h 542 0120

health & beauty

NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products & Clinic. Something for everyone. NZ Registered Natural Therapies & Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 www. and www.naturalpetremediesstore. com


Our family helping your family

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AC PETFOODS collect injured & unwanted cows & horses. Ph 0800 369 6269

lost & found

FOUND KITTENS VARIOUS places various colours Ph SPCA 07 578 0245

07 543 3151

4 Keenan Road, Pyes Pa, Tauranga

FOUND NEW TOWEL RAIL, still in packaging, at Bethlehem Rd bus stop. Ph/txt 027 309 7624

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A PAINTER tradesman, available now. Quality work guaranteed. Phone Barry 021 518 994 for free advice or a quote. APPLIANCE REPAIRS For service of all Fisher & Paykel, Haier and Elba appliances, Ph 0800 372 273 for your local technician. BOAT BUILDING repairs and maintenance. Timber & fibreglass trade qualified, boat builder. Ph Shaun 021 992 491 or 07 552 0277 BRYCE DECORATING, interior & exterior painting, wallpapering. Quality work. Ph Wayne 021 162 7052 ELECTRICIAN, 18+ years experience, NZ registered. Residential & commercial, maintenance & service, new builds, renovations. Fast, friendly service. Ph Andrew 022 354 1960 HANDYMAN, section maintenance, lawns, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes. Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 PAINTER/DECORATOR Interior & exterior. Quality workmanship, friendly service. Over 25 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas. Ph Shane Mount/ Tauranga Decorators 07 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PICTURE FRAMERS, canvas stretching, tapestry, poster, Diploma framing also vanity mirror with lights. Large selection of frames. Ph 07 576 0657 or 021 862 523 PLASTERER A1 TRADESMAN with 30 yrs experience. Quality finish with friendly, reliable service. I specialise in interior walls & ceilings with no job too small. Strip your own wallpaper and I will skim your walls ready for a modern paint finish. Repair cracked walls & ceilings using proven carbon-fibre technology. Call Murray now for an obligation free quote 027 266 5657 ROOF REPAIRS Free quotes for all maintenance of leaking roofs, gutter cleaning & repairs.


Chimney maintenance & repairs. Registered roofer, 30yrs exp. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 027 436 7740 TREE, SHRUB and hedges trimming, topping, rubbish, palm pruning or removal, satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 027 498 1857

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#ZEALANDIERTOURS – Do you like to travel? Visit new places and see new things with like minded people? We offer day trips & multi-day tours both local and international. Let us do all the organising while you sit back, relax and enjoy. Latest full colour catalogue available now. Contact us today for your fee copy and start planning your next journey. Contact Jan or Emma Zealandier Tours 07 572 4118 email: NO 8 TOURS NEW ZEALAND’S SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB. Join our Club today for Free to receive all our VIP Members Benefits exclusive to No 8 Tours. 1) Aug 13th-15th; Mid-Week Mini Break at Waitakere Estate a Murder Mystery Adventure & more. 2) Aug 21st Mad Hatters Tea Party. 3) Sept 11th-School of Rock Musical. 4) Sept 18th23rd; Top of the South Nelson & Surrounds. Hot off the press our New Complimentary Beautiful colour catalogue is now available packed fill of exciting tours. Free Door to Door service. Day Trips, Shows & Extended Tours. BOOK NOW: Ph No 8 Tours team on 579 3981 or Email


FOR WEDDINGS, FUNCTIONS OR MEETINGS+ check out No.1 The Strand, a beautiful historic setting. Email: bookings@ or www. WEDDINGS, PARTIES, MEETINGS etc - The perfect venue. With stunning Harbour views, fully licensed bar & kitchen onsite. Restaurant open every Friday from 5pm & Sunday from 4.30pm, kids under 12 years dine free with every paying adult. Tauranga Fish & Dive Club, 60 Cross Rd, Sulphur Point. Ph 571 8450

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FLATMATE WANTED for shared 3bd house in Katikati, right in town, queen bed, bedding available. Has own entrance, very sunny room. MUST be working full time & have references. Ph/ Text 021 27 27 912 for details.

Friday 12 July 2019

The Weekend Sun




OPEN DAY Wednesday 17 July 10am – 2pm

YOUR SUN-FILLED RETIREMENT OASIS AWAITS DON’T MISS OUT ON A RETIREMENT IN THIS VERY SPECIAL VILLAGE These light-filled, open plan homes in Papamoa Beach Village, with a 6 Homestar Design rating*, are a stone’s throw from the soon to be built Pavilion extension. Quickly shaping up to be the very heart of the village, the new Pavilion features a cafe and bar, upgraded spacious lounge and outdoor bbq area. With a new homestead model care home coming in September, there is so much more excitement to come at this village.


We have special deals on selected units so don’t delay!

PAPAMOA BEACH VILLAGE 2 Te Okuroa Drive, Papamoa

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PAPAMOA BEACH VILLAGE OPEN DAY Wednesday 17 July, 10am – 2pm Light refreshments will be provided For more information call Jennifer 07 542 1933 *6-Star Homestar rating provides assurance that a house will be warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to run

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The Weekend Sun - 12 July 2019  

The Weekend Sun - 12 July 2019  

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