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Art’s fresh shine

He is known for his distinctive graffiti art on walls and buildings around Tauranga, but he is reluctant to show his face for photos. Instead, Mount Maunganui artist Owen Dippie lets the art speak for itself; and this weekend the art is doing the talking all in one location, with the opening of his new gallery. The gallery is a display of his vast range of work, including the wall-size portrait of his partner – pictured here. The Weekend Sun caught up with the elusive artist to explore his art space. See page 6 for more. Pictured: Aerosol artist Owen Dippie puts the finishing touches on the spray painted image of his partner. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

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Getting a measure of mid-life crisis After celebrating a recent lifestyle milestone, it has come to my attention that I should be in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

Maybe it won’t happen or, perhaps I’ve been in a permanent crisis since Teddy got left in the sandpit at Whakamarama School in 1963. Wayward friends are telling me I

should be getting a large motorcycle, a new dog, a tattoo, boat or taking a world cruise. Most of those suggestions have been ruled out due to budget constraints and I’m not over the old dog yet. The motorcycle also suffered due to budgetary limits. Besides, I have enough problems keeping the office scooter pointed in a safe direction, let’s not compound the issue with any real horsepower. That only leaves the tattoo. Now my mother always said I couldn’t have one. But you know how it is, when you reach 50 and are in mid-life crisis – started when I was seven and hasn’t let up – there comes a point when you do things just to spite your mother. Now seems as good a time as any.

Most tattoos are pretty useless, unless you happen to be in the habit of getting on the wrong side of the law, in which case the police find them useful in helping to identify you. I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to have useful things tattooed on one’s body. Such as a return address, in case a person gets lost regularly. It would have worked for Teddy. This would only work in cases where your address didn’t change, however. Otherwise, there’s the risk of being delivered back to the old house. But it could be dangerous; especially in the case of my old school buddy whose former family home is now smack in the middle of the motorway. Getting your woman’s name

Sun Media owner/editor Brian Rogers

permanently inked is a popular idea. They are prone to change now and then though; so the idea of tattooing a partner’s name is fraught with possible future complications. Some guys I know wouldn’t have arms long enough. Now a really useful tattoo, however, would be a tape measure – stretching from the tip of the longest finger, up the arm. How often do we need a ruler, but just don’t have one “to hand”, so to speak?

We all have a foot or two, so that measure is easy and convenient. And a hand, although not much use unless you plan to measure a lot of horses. So wouldn’t it be really handy to have a series of graduated marks permanently engraved on one arm, for all those day-to-day measuring tasks? Not necessarily accurate to the last millimetre, but better than the ‘Eyecrometer’ can manage and a whole lot better than guessing. Handyman tasks around the home and office; working out whether the furniture will fit through a doorway; even a quick measure of fish – the possibilities are endless. Imagine the benefits for

builders, dressmakers and other creative souls. Assuming that our bodies are not going to change in size (children, don’t try this at home, your arms haven’t stopped growing) but having reached 50 I reckon there’s a pretty good chance I’ve stopped growing – so a ruler ‘tat’ up the left arm sounds like the perfect mid-life addition. If you’ve got a useful tattoo, send a pic to the RR team and we’ll share your creative genius with our readers. Email

The size of fish

In other news, the fishing is about to hot up again and here at RR headquarters, we reckon it’s about time the minimum size of snapper was increased. Currently it’s legal to keep a snapper of just 27cm, which is crazy. I don’t know any self respecting fishos who keep snapper any less than around the 35cm mark. For starters, it just isn’t worth the drama of filleting such a tiny fish. You see these pathetic little snapper in the supermarkets, they’re all head and tail and would be much better left to grow to a decent size. MAF need to whack up the size limit to at least 35-40cm. And if you can’t tell if your snapper is legal, it’s about time you got a fish measure stick tattooed up your arm.

Parting Shots:

A couple of wags posted these photoshop images after reading last week’s RR on the penguin release. James Moloney facebooked his cheerful Happy Meal greeting card; while another offered the shark snapshot for sale on an internet trading site; all proceeds to the SPCA, of course.

Rejuvenation a new you

Pin Up Pet of the Week My name is ‘Roly’ and I am a 10 week old male lab cross who came to the SPCA after falling from a trailer and rolling down the road (hence my name!) I didn’t get badly injured luckily just a little fur missing here and there, and now I am looking for a new forever home to call my own. Please come into the SPCA to meet me or phone 578 0245 for more information. Ref no. 15340

IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without written permission of the publishers. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers. The Weekend Sun takes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all published information however will not be liable in any way for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. Happy Feet the emperor penguin was last seen bobbing in the Southern Ocean after being encouraged down a hydro slide off the Tangaroa, just north of Campbell Island. Since then his journey has been somewhat erratic, with the penguin initially taking a random route. However, he now seems to be heading in the right direction and is well on his way to Antarctica and presumably, fellow penguins.


The Weekend Sun

Sun most read across the Bay The Weekend Sun continues to be the most read newspaper in the Western Bay of Plenty according to the latest Nielsen National Readership Survey. In Nielsen’s report for the two year period from July 2009 until June 2011, The Weekend Sun is recorded as having 75,000 readers per issue. For the second year running, Nielsen is indicating a ‘significant change’ in the number of people reading The Weekend Sun. Following behind in the Western Bay of Plenty is the weekly paper Bay News with 66,000 readers. The region’s daily newspapers are also behind The Weekend Sun for readership. The Bay of Plenty Times has 69,000 readers over a week’s six issues. Both publications have shown a decrease according to Nielsen. Comparatively, The New Zealand Herald has 41,000 weekly readers in the Western Bay of Plenty – also showing a decrease in readers according to Nielsen. Sun Media directors Brian and Claire Rogers say achieving such positive results comes down to hard work and being a good business citizen in the community. “To continue a trend as the most read newspaper in the region and to be showing an increase in readers in a time of economic downturn is something we are extremely happy about,” says Claire. “We started The Weekend Sun 11 years ago and to build it up from nothing to become the number one

The Weekend Sun team members Laura Weaser, Kathy Andrews and Jo Dempsey with Nielsen Senior Client Service Executive Barry Tung. most read paper is amazing. “We would like to say a big thank you to the readers and businesses that have supported us over the years and look forward to many years to come.” The Weekend Sun’s growth is being replicated by Sun Media’s latest product; daily news website Also rated by Nielsen, SunLive. achieves consistent top 10 ratings amongst New Zealand newspaper and magazine websites. Leading the top 10 are national

news websites and consistently rates in third place behind these two websites in reader loyalty statistics, such as frequency of visit to the website and time spent there. SunLive’s success is also shown by its winning of the ‘best website’ category in the 2010 New Zealand Community Newspaper Awards. “ is serving the growing public demand to read their daily news online,” says Brian.


The Weekend Sun

Jazzing it up for good cause Jazz lovers are being encouraged to join a foot-stomping good fundraiser for Waipuna Hospice this weekend. The annual Waipuna Jazz concert returns on Sunday for its eighth year running, with high hopes a new format makes it even more successful. Hospice fundraising manager Trish Rae says the economic slow down had made fundraising harder,

so they were relying on all efforts to cover hospice operating costs. Trish says it has been a lean year for the hospice and she is hoping this Sunday’s concert raises $3000 to cover some costs. “We are incredibly grateful for the jazz musicians and all the work they do to organise the event.” Tauranga Jazz Club has organised this year’s event, which has shifted to Tauranga RSA at Greerton. Bay Dixie trombonist Dave Proud says it is always great to play at the hospice fundraiser to honour late Dr Jazz Neil McKenzie, who he had played with for many years. The annual hospice fundraiser was started by local jazz musicians following Dr Jazz’s death. The Dr Jazz Band was renamed Bay Dixie two years ago. “We do it every year, it has a special meaning for us.

Bay Dixie members Dave Proud, trombone and Brian Gaggen, trumpet, are looking forward to playing at this Sunday’s Waipuna Jazz fundraiser and to honour late musician Dr Jazz. Photo by Tracy Hardy. “Neil was a great character around town and it’s good to do something like this.” Local musicians and groups performing this weekend include Carol Power, Bay Dixie,

Carol Storey, 3’s Company, Sebastian and Camila, Kokomo and Woodhouse Connection. The concert is 4-8pm. Tickets are $15 at the door. By Hamish Carter

Chip seal for ’burbs The developers’ dream run of having Tauranga City Council renew expensive hot mix road sealing at no charge may be about to end. During Ten Year Plan deliberations this week, councillors are being asked to review the city’s road sealing policy because the New Zealand Transport Agency is threatening to withdraw its 43 per cent subsidy. The current policy means that when suburban streets paved with the expensive hot mix begin to wear, council reseals them with hot mix. The NZTA is threatening to review its subsidies where hot mix is used instead of chip seal on streets that carry less than 10,000 vehicles per day. Tauranga is flush with suburban streets paved in hot mix, a result of the high growth levels of the last 20 years. It resulted in many subdivision streets being vested with the council in a short period – streets that will become due for resealing at roughly the same time. Unless council adopts a cheaper strategy, a lot of streets will deteriorate and may be unsafe to drive on. The council’s current policy means it can afford to reseal fewer streets each year. There is now a backlog totalling 80km of streets that need replacement seal and is increasing each year. Resealing with hot mix costs an average of $17.5 per Sqm depending on the grade. The coarser mix with larger stones costs $21 per Sqm. Chip seal costs $4.50 per Sqm. The hot mix lasts for about 16 years, chip seal about 12. The council can chip seal about 3.8km of road for the cost of hot mixing 1km. This is the third time the decision has come before council. It opted to keep the status quo in 2005 and 2008. By Andrew Campbell

luxury airport


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Whanau focus central to league head New Maori Women’s Welfare League president Kataraina O’Brien with great grandchildren Mikaere O’Brien, 2, and cousin Neveah O’Brien, 2. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

As a young girl, Kataraina O’Brien remembers going to meetings of the newly formed Maori Women’s Welfare League in Te Teko with her mother and aunties. Fifty years on, her lifetime involvement in the league – Te Ropu Wahine Māori Toko I Te Ora – has seen the Tauranga greatgrandmother come full circle with her election as the new head of the family-focussed organisation. “I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting to win,” she says after her success at beating five other candidates. Asked why she thought she was successful, the humble Tauranga

great-grandmother modestly says it may have been her long service. She has been actively involved in the league since joining in 1967 – inspired by the role of her mother and aunties. Kataraina says she would like to see the league’s core values refocused on whanau support. “They need to be reinforced because we are living in this changing world – I think the problems are even worse now. “I would like to return to its organisation kaupapa of tatau tatau (altogether) supporting the whanua, especially the high-needs family.” Since 2004, she has been Tainui region manager for Whanau Toko I Te Ora – a whanau-focussed parenting programme, centred on pre-schoolers from at-risk families.

“Whanau is very important to me, I take two great grandchildren to Kohanga (Reo) most days and the other two to kura (school).” The mother of three, grandmother of 10 and greatgrandmother of seven – shares her home with two grand-daughters and their four children, taking an active involvement in their lives. During a 30-year teaching career, she taught both in Auckland – Hato Petera and Auckland Girls’ Grammar – then Tauranga – (Tauranga Girls’ College and Otumoetai College. Kataraina lists her tribal affiliations as Mataatua (waka) and Ngati Awa (iwi); Te Arawa (waka) and Ngati Pikiao (iwi); and Tainui (waka) and Ngati Maniapoto (iwi).

By Hamish Carter


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The Weekend Sun

Contented canine lives to ride While enjoying a coffee in Te Aroha, I spotted a hairy black and white thing on the back of a Harley Davidson. It was motionless and looked like a toy. As I went for a closer look, the Harley rider, Fran Mens of Tauranga, started dressing her little dog Clifford for the ride home. Fran then jumped on and the Harley roared away. Clifford looked back at me and in doggy language was saying, “I live to ride”. Isn’t he gorgeous.

Learn more about photographing animals at Andy’s next photo workshop on Saturday, September 17. For more details email

Street art goes to the gallery wall From front cover It is going to get easier to find artist Owen Dippie’s gallery as time goes by. The gallery is in Ashworth Lane, off Triton Avenue – it’s the building with the billboard-sized portrait of Princess Diana on one outside wall and an equally oversized portrait of former US rapper Biggie Smalls over the front door. “He was the best, he died in ’97,” says Owen. The gallery’s official opening is September 10. The following day, Owen’s organised 15 of the country’s top street artists to paint the remainder of the wall beside Princess Di. “It’s going to be like a whole block full of street art,” says Owen. “The whole block I have creative control to do what I want.” “You have got to have a certain level of skill”, says Owen, but eventually the walls of the industrial buildings in the back alley will be transformed as the artists

Owen working on one of his pieces. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

from his workshops begin making their ways in the world. He’s already begun transforming the interior of his new workshop. “I’m giving street artists a place to paint without the law or anybody harassing them. “My main focus is to have a place to show art. Galleries say they promote the artist, well this will be a whole new way of promoting it.” Owen intends to create a unique gallery without admission fees and the ‘poncy’ feeling that you are

not welcome. “This one will be like, my grandma, all kinds of people, will be there. It will be awesome.” He paints mostly with a spray can these days and the walls are being covered with his art; portraits on the big walls and a variation on street art along what may become the mezzanine over the display space. Bob Marley, Bruce Lee, Che Guevara and the Mona Lisa are on his ‘to do’ list for other walls in the immediate neighbourhood. By Andrew Campbell


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Walking around the world

Members of Idea Services in Tauranga are getting their walking shoes out as part of the Stepping Stones Challenge. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Tauranga residents are all set to walk around the world in hopes of winning the Stepping Stones Challenge. The challenge is part of a healthy living programme being launched today, Friday, September 9 by Idea Services and IHC. Both organisations’ staff and the people in their residential and vocational services will be clocking up the kilometres in an attempt to make it around the world.

Tauranga Idea Services representative Lyn Nickel says the programme is a way of encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to get outside and get active. “It is about promoting a healthy lifestyle.” Participants can obtain their kilometres in any form of exercise, with some of the most popular choices being walking, swimming, cycling and Zumba, a Latin inspired dance fitness class. Branches are competing against each other to see who can walk

further, with the ultimate aim being to clock up enough kilometres to make it around the world. “Each person will keep track of the exercise they do and how many steps they take.” This is the second time the challenge has run. Last year participants walked a total of 37,000 kilometres, which Lyn says they are hoping to beat. The distance of the equator is 40,075km. The programme launches today at Memorial Park, with the finishing line set for December 16. By Phillipa Yalden



The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun

Adventures to hook tourists Adventure tourism operators are hoping a six week showcase on The Strand waterfront convinces visitors to enjoy some of the Western Bay of Plenty’s attractions during the Rugby World Cup. The promotion, which runs from now until October 23 in the glass pavilion at the former Kestrel site, includes static displays and information on 10 adventure operators, with some rides available from the site. Blokart Heaven marketing manager Ash Rawson says it is exciting to be running the promotion in the heart of the city and all operators are hoping to keep many of the visitors in the Western Bay. “Whenever a cruise ship comes in, it’s like a mass exodus to Rotorua, so we are just trying to keep some of them here,” says Ash. Visitors can experience the thrill of a jet boat ride on the harbour, energetic kayak paddles, a launch cruise or take a three-wheeled ‘spyder’ roadster for a ride. Blokart is still waiting for a council decision on whether it can operate its land yachts in the waterfront area. Tourism Bay of Plenty general manager Glenn Ormsby says the showcase is also a great opportunity for local residents to experience first-hand the activities offered in the region. The adventure zone has been organised as part of the 2011 Real

Downtown adventures: Mike and Jaye Williams of Katipo Adventures and Ash Rawson of Blokart Heaven get ready to showcase their adventure activities on the waterfront. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

CANVAS by design

Laser Hair Removal IPL Treatment Facials Anti Ageing Treatments TCA and Jessner Peels Vitamin A, 5 Berry & Chocolate Peels

Tauranga Festival on the waterfront throughout the world cup. The main festival centres around two weekends on The Strand – the Multi-Cultural Feast-ival

from September 15-18 and the REAL NZ Family Festival October 13-16. By For more details visit Hamish Carter

Museum decisions in pipe line Plans to save the privately-owned Katikati museum from closure are gathering steam, with tentative council support for a community buy-out, but museum supporters are being urged to continue the campaign. Katikati Heritage Museum Society chairman Alistair Boot says it is important for local residents to continue lobbying the Western Bay District Council to ensure they continued to get the message. “We still want people to tell the council and the mayor that they want the museum to be kept open in the community. “It’s the only museum in the Western Bay and we need to keep reminding them that.” The society is asking the council to help keep the museum by guaranteeing a $550,000 loan by a community trust to buy the heritage centre. The proposal does not require any council funding. Alistair says the proposal seemed to have the support of “most councillors”, but they were continuing

to campaign for a loan guarantee, which will lower the loan interest rate and save the community trust $17,000 in annual loan repayments. Council staff are assessing the group’s business plan for the museum, before a vote on the proposal next month. The museum’s owners have been trying to sell it for two years – and plans to save the local heritage came to a head in March when the owners announced plans to sell off artifacts. Meanwhile, the Tauranga Moana Museum Trust plans to announce its preferred site for the city museum this month. The trust was set up by the Tauranga Council last year to promote the development of a museum in the city. The council has previously selected Cliff Road as its preferred museum site. Trust chairwoman Vanessa Hamm says trustees had decided the first major decision needed to be the site for the proposed museum, “given the history surrounding the location of a By Hamish Carter museum in Tauranga”.


The Weekend Sun

Police update on Pukehina deaths

Tauranga welcomes Fijian team

Commissioner stands by decisions

Karangahake hall fire suspicious

The deaths of a Pukehina couple Scott Crawford Meikle, 43 and Gail Marie Almond, 41, will now be referred to the Coroner. The two were found dead at their Pukehina property on Sunday, September 4. Bay of Plenty district field crime manager Detective Inspector Mark Loper says the scene examination at the property has now been completed and has been returned to the family. A post-mortem held in Auckland confirms a third person was not involved, but Inspector Loper says the results, including the cause of death, will not be released.

Police Commissioner Peter Marshall is standing by the decision to prosecute individuals arrested during raids in the Eastern Bay of Plenty in 2007. Police conducted raids in the Bay of Plenty, Auckland, Waikato, Christchurch and Wellington using warrants issued under the Terrorism Suppression Act. Commissioner Marshall admits Operation Eight did have a number of unintended consequences on the relationship between Tuhoe and Police. “The prosecutions relating to Operation Eight were undertaken in good faith and I have full confidence in the officers who undertook the investigation and of Crown Counsel who have led the prosecutions.”

A selection of local breaking stories featured this week on...

The first world cup team to arrive in New Zealand have been given a warm welcome into the Bay of Plenty. Fiji were treated to a traditional powhiri at Tauranga Huria Marae, followed by dinner and Kapa haka entertainment. The 30 team members then received their official Rugby World Cup hats in a formal capping ceremony. With the RWC kicking off on Friday, September 9 – the team have spent the last week training in Whakatane. Fiji head to Rotorua to take on Namibia in their first game of the RWC on Saturday, September 10.

‘Absolute carnage’

Waihi Police are appealing for information on a suspicious fire that destroyed the Karangahake Gorge Hall. Waihi CIB Detective Mike Plant says emergency services were called to the scene at the Karangahake Hall at 5am on Wednesday. “The hall, which was built in the 1950s, was well alight when the Paeroa Fire Brigade arrived. Despite the best efforts of the fire fighters, the building was beyond saving and a scene examination by detectives and fire safety investigators has determined the cause was suspicious.” People are being asked to phone the Waihi Police Station 07 8638179 or alternatively information can be left anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Emergency services banded together this week when they responded to the sprawling scene of injured children at the Ruatoki bus crash. TrustPower TECT Rescue Helicopter pilot Todd Dunham says the scene was one he’s never come across before – and hopes it is one he never sees again. He says children were clambering their way out of the wreckage of the bus and others were being helped by emergency services and members of the public. “We go to a lot of scenes/crashes where the outcome is a lot worse as far as the people involved, but just for the share numbers of this – it’s something we won’t get to see that much and it’s a blessing we don’t get to see it that much.” A total of 35 children were on the bus; 28 children were taken to hospital, as well as the truck driver. “We were advised that there were a number of status two patients, which is very serious.” Todd describes the scene of the accident as controlled mayhem – with emergency services working together to help children who “were injured and scared”.

Community highlights:

Blog of the Week: NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated chief executive Mike Chapman urges kiwifruit growers to vote in support of the organisation for a grower mandate and funding ‘levy’. Read it in full at Comment of the Week: By user ‘dave4u’ about AC/ DC drummer Phil Rudd’s new steak house at Bridge Marina: “Will there be a 240 and a 12 volt steak?” Not the News of the Week: “Not the News can today reveal the dramatic government response to a new study commissioned by the Department of Labour into attitudes towards immigrants. It started with controversial comments from Margaret Mutu, head of Auckland University’s department of Maori studies, who agreed with the findings and called on the government to restrict the number of white migrants arriving from countries such as South Africa, England and the United States as they brought “attitudes destructive to Maori.” Read this Not the News in full at

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When the community rallies As a community we have a lot to thank ratepayers for even though the hapless individual ratepayer’s only input is through the annual plan and the elected members. We also have a lot to thank TrustPower electricity consumers for through the Tauranga Electricity Consumers Trust (TECT). TECT, along with Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Tauranga City, have provided TECT Park a 1700ha approx park up Pyes Pa Road. It’s for all sorts of recreation that has been forced out of residential environs or had no permanent base at all. At a user group forum meeting this week it was impressive to see the initiative and commitment of a large variety of users as they discussed matters common to everyone involved. TECT Park has had some unfortunate unwarranted and unnecessary publicity recently and it is heartening to see this now appears to be resolved. TECT also committed significant funding along with ratepayers for the new TECT Arena at Baypark. Contrary to daily media reports this new facility has come in at well under its $41 million budget. We know it’s a stunning success because so far it hasn’t been bagged by the media – just kidding! The point of all this is that it is a demonstration of what can be achieved when a community pools its financial resources and takes the initiative to help itself instead of leaving it to ‘someone else’. Remember the adage from yesteryear that if you want something done properly then do it yourself?

Smartgrowth lost track

The three year/10 Year Plan process continues with all-day meetings. These can be quite demanding on elected members as we grapple with a wide variety of subjects in the course of the day. As with the annual plan/budget each topic gets debated and a decision reached for a draft and consultation process. The ongoing problem here is that the sum of all these democratic decisions exceeds the financial capacity of ratepayers. So then you have to go back and make cuts to what has already been

through the consultative process. Things like reducing some roading resealing to chip seal. Other things like sludge disposal from the wastewater plants we have to rely on professional advice, but taking the line of least cost seems logical.

Water: who should pay?

One topic bound to create plenty of discussion is the price of water. It’s complex. Council is only able agreed and that is an extremely difficult to recoup the actual cost of water – ie. no profit, process to get agreement on. surplus or cross subsidisation and that’s how it must I have long advocated that a much be. But 70 per cent of the cost of water is in the capibetter process is for a figure to be tal tied up in plants and infrastructure. Only 30 per agreed of a total budget before indicent of the cost is in the actual production and delivvidual budgets are discussed – then it ery of water to you. Because you have done your bit is already apparent that a lot of work, and reduced your water consumption/wastage, some services, amenities and facilities won’t $2 million has been under collected to date so this be able to be done within a given time has to be addressed. There are many options available frame. As has often been noted in this ranging from a blanket per cubic metre increase to column, we now face at best, a lengthy a stepped tariff system where the more you use on a term of financial consolidation and at percentage basis, the more it costs. In tandem with worst a drop across the board in some this is the ongoing proposal to charge wastewater levels of service. on a percentage basis of your water consumption. At present there is a uniform or constant charge for We carried on too long every residential ratepayer. This seems unfair, in that like water consumption, a person on their own makes with the Smartgrowth significantly less demand than a family. But there formula which was are many sides of the debate with no right or wrong concocted during a time answers. It all depends on the individual’s point of view. of extraordinary growth. This week’s mindbender highlights why you should We could have paced it never be blinded by experts: with annual reviews that “Radio has no future, x-rays are clearly a hoax, should have recognised that the aeroplane is scientifically impossible.” growth was plummeting. – Royal Society President Lord Kelvin 1897-99. So in this three year/10 Year Plan there is the unexpected factor that growth hasn’t paid for growth and what will be done about in into the future. We’ve already budgeted some $30 million into the future for uncollected growth development contributions that will have to be picked up by ratepayers.

Concerns to be heard

So this week some topics are open space priorities, sludge disposal, roading re-seals, street lighting renewals, reserve management plans, vegetation and open space strategy, amongst other heady subjects like ‘Approach to Strategy Policies’ and ‘Proposed Amendments to Rates Remission Policy’. I’ll report back on the outcomes next week, but if council is serious about curbing the insatiable appetite of the big money munching machine then there will be some significant issues for you to consider and comment on


BIG BIrthday

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Observations on China I recently represented the Bay of Plenty Regional Council on a visit to China with Opotiki District Council.

The purpose of the trip was to discuss aquaculture developments off the coast of the eastern Bay of Plenty. The discussions were very encouraging and the relationship with potential Chinese partners is very positive. An added bonus of the visit was an understanding of the scope and scale of the

transformation occurring in China. Socially, the standard of living of many in the population is increasing dramatically. The cost of living is escalating as people

move to a more sophisticated lifestyle – this is the result of a move to the cities, particularly to the eastern coastal areas. Nearly 50 per cent of the Chinese population now live in urban centres, attracted by the available work, however, there are suggestions of growing labour shortages because of the one child per couple policy and the increasing length of education. Economically, growth in China is compounding at about 10 per cent a year. This shows in the many new modern buildings and factories and in a massive expansion of infrastructure.

Mangroves under regional council’s spotlight The regional council can be rightly proud for being the first to mechanically remove mangroves from our harbour. This week’s Operations Committee has received a report that boasts the successful removal of 110 hectares of mangroves – of a total of in excess of 900 hectares of this pest. The challenge for regional councillors is how to manage the exponential spread

– estimated to have the potential to grow to 2000 hectares – if further interventions aren’t initiated. Mangrove removal is an expensive exercise, but should be seen within the perspective that: a) there is overwhelming community support for containing and in fact reducing mangrove distribution, and b) that through the revenues created from dividends from the council’s shareholding in the Port of Tauranga, there should not be a funding constraint. If you take the thesis

that putting back a few hundred thousand dollars into a harbour that generates around $25 million annually to the regional council, this appears reasonable to me.

More questions than answers regarding the council I decided not to feature any particular issues until September 15 and until everyone has had a chance to respond to my three questions on what the council is doing well, what they have to hurry up and what they need to correct or implement urgently. Thanks for the replies so far, but I have received just about as many questions as

With Brian Anderson

answers. With time on my hands, I decided to follow up queries related to developments on Matakana Island. I didn’t expect to find 10 years of documentation on disputes,

financial fiddling, Privy Council involvement, Treaty claims and a suspected murder with police and coroner reports. WBOP District Council has been party to much of this mayhem. For a council that in a previous draft plan forgot to include Matakana Island, the recent district plan has been overkill. The stories that are emerging are so intriguing that I considered sending the material off to Jonathan Dreaver for another Bond novel, but I discovered that The Weekend Sun has just reported the whole story could be coming out in a film.

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Read these columns in full and make comments on the Bay of Plenty’s leading news website Join free for daily news updates in the BOP.


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Chasing conference visitors A push to attract more conventions to Tauranga has been applauded by industry players, but more facilities are needed to fulfil the city’s potential. Following the opening of TECT Arena at Baypark – the city’s first large scale event centre – Tourism Bay of Plenty has created a fulltime role focussed on attracting conferences and events. Tourism Bay of Plenty general manager Glenn Ormsby says conferences were a high value tourism market that would bring benefits for the whole local economy. Latest industry figures show conference delegates are worth more than $400 per day to the event’s region. Tauranga City Venues business manager Karen Gemmell says the arena is

already attracting strong enquiries, with Zespri holding the first major conference in the venue from October 13-14. “It’s the first time the conference has been held in Tauranga because we haven’t had a large enough venue up until now, so it’s great to be able to have them here,” says Karen. Hotel on Devonport owner Paul Bowker welcomed both developments, saying he believes the region has a strong potential in the conference market. “Tauranga has been punching below its weight in terms of ability to hold conferences.” While the new arena means the city can host some larger conferences, Paul says the city’s lack of large hotels makes it impossible to accommodate guests in only one or two hotels. “With Baypark it’s going to have difficulties in attracting the larger conferences until there is another four-star

hotel in the city to accommodate them.” Paul believes the arena is ideal for conferences of less than 400 guests and for events, but says Tauranga is in “dire need” of another four-star hotel and dedicated conference centre to achieve its potential. Priority One is investigating

“Selling quality business is what I do best, so well in fact that I am seriously short of good quality businesses to offer our long list of pre qualified purchasers.”

opportunities for a four-star hotel and conventions complex on Tauranga City Council-owned land in Durham Street. Tauranga Conference events organiser Anne Pankhurst says Tauranga is the new “hot product” in the conference market and the new arena is opening up new

opportunities. She says Tauranga’s ability to attract conferences, however, was limited without a dedicated conventions centre that can be broken into smaller rooms to allow different activities to run at the same time. By Hamish Carter

Te Puke upgrades debated Specialising in

For your free free 24 24 page page guide “Managing “Managing the the sale of your business” business” call or email email me me today. today.

Tourism Bay of Plenty conventions bureau and events manager Trudi Peet discusses opportunities with Hotel on Devonport Conference manger Kim Eldring. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

. Childcare . Horticulture . Franchise Businesses and general business sales

A new library, a developing aquatic centre and earthquake proofing the Te Puke Memorial Hall were the three hot topics at the recent Western Bay District Council submission hearing. About 25 residents attended the hearing on August 24 to speak on submissions on the Te Puke Reserve Management Plan and receive any feedback regarding upgrading facilities around Te Puke. Western Bay of Plenty Planning and Community manager Rachael Davie says the library, aquatic

centre and the hall were the three prominent issues. “The debate is over whether to upgrade the existing library versus building a new one. “This is the same with the aquatic centre, where location is also an issue – do we upgrade the current pool on Ministry of Education grounds (Te Puke High School) or build another one somewhere else? “The council is listening to feedback and looking at the merits of each project and the cost implicated.” Developing these projects would come at a cost. Strengthening of the Memorial Hall alone in the next 10 years would cost an esti-

mated $260,000. Rachael says the council received more than 100 submissions with mixed feedback, particularly regarding the potentially large expenses the council would have to make. “There was definitely a message with some submissions that Te Puke is in crisis with Psa. “Some residents are urging the council to tighten its belt, to minimise any rates impact on residents.” The council is currently deliberating the issues and a decision on these proposed projects is expected to be released on September 13. By Laura Weaser

The Weekend Sun


Sit back in comfort

PROUD PROUD TO LOCAL BE LOCAL P 07 575 5008 | F 07 575 4367 | E

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The Weekend Sun

Automotive innovation in schools When Bay of Plenty Polytechnic’s Automotive Programme tutor Barry Dawe was nominated for an exceptional adult educator award by his work colleagues he was, as he says, gob-smacked. It was no shock, however, to those who know Barry and the endless hours that he devotes to community projects, ranging from stage drama to motor sports. According to Barry, community work is invaluable experience for him as a tutor, allowing him to relate to a wide range of people of various backgrounds,

Barry Dawe with one of his mini-bikes. ages and skills. In 2011, this exceptional adult educator added to his list of achievements by launching the inaugural Mini-Bikes Project to Bay of Plenty secondary schools. He had initially built bikes with mature students who had not succeeded in mainstream academic education, soon realising how focussed and dedicated those students became as they worked towards achieving a tangible outcome. Barry decided to pitch the idea of building mini-bikes to schools, with a focus on enabling suitable Year 12 automotive students to move smoothly

from school into the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic Automotive Programme. After building the prototype and training manual, Barry was soon teaching four classes at the Polytechnic facility; six schools are currently involved and demand is growing. Today’s automotive trade requires a multitude of skills, so industry tradesmen need to be achievers. With this in mind, Barry’s project allows students to completely engage in their learning experience – from the initial welding of the bike frame, to the fixture of parts, to the optional decoration of their bike.

START YOUR CAREER ON THE LAND WITH US! The full time Future Farmer training programme is designed by Agriculture New Zealand and Landcorp to fast-track your pathway to farm management. From shearing technique to genetics, Kiwis lead the way in farming. As a Future Farmer you will be trained by the best to become the best - on a fully commercial 5000 ha farm in Taupo. You will graduate with the skills and knowledge to make your mark in New Zealand’s real growth industry − agriculture!

The full time Destination Dairy training programme is designed to help you get ahead of the competition and fast-track you into positions of responsibility in the dairy industry. You will graduate with a full skill set in dairying plus a thorough knowledge of the technology that makes our dairy industry a world beater.


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The full time Introductory Rural Skills training programme specialises in teaching 16-17 year old school leavers who are interested in agriculture / horticulture. The course involves a mixture of classroom and practical tuition as well as practical workplace experience. Graduates may progress to further study or into employment.

If you want quality training, you want Agriculture New Zealand! For more information or to apply, contact us now! * Minimum numbers for course to commence.

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E d u c at i o n yo u r ch o i c e

Refresher course for any age Age Concern are taking the fear out of driving, with a friendly driver refresher course for road users.

Course coordinator Jim Wilson says the course is designed to be a fun way to up skill on the road, providing informative information in a social and interactive setting. The course is designed to keep drivers on the road for as long as possible, giving the driver the skills to know when it is time to cease driving. He says the course ensures drivers are keeping their driving skills up to date and are aware of any changes to the road code.

The course focuses on a number of topics, including new road rules, intersection rules and roundabouts, car care and maintenance and rural and urban driving. Other aspects within these topics are how to use passing lanes, weather conditions, eye sight and hearing checks. The course runs from 9.20am until 1.30pm and is open to all. The courses are funded by the Tauranga Road Safety Committee, Tauranga City Council and the Western Bay District Council.

What’s the course about? Course coordinator Jim Wilson.

Unleash your inner psychic energy and tune in A workshop teaching people how to unlock their psychic abilities may get a few raised eyebrows, but that is something clairvoyant Judie Roberts is very used to. “I respect sceptics and of course they try to give you a bit of grief, but I just have fun with it. “I get many sceptics coming along to the workshops because they are curious, but it is a healthy curiosity. “Some people come in to test you, but it does not bother me. They are normally the ones who will look foolish.” The former owner of Crystal Dreams in Tauranga is holding two workshops in Tauranga on September 17 and 18

in both beginner and advanced psychic work. Judie’s workshops teach people how to unleash the intuition we have learnt to suppress. “New Zealanders are very intuitive. I try to keep it simple by teaching people to recognise energy from their body and other people’s bodies and how to tune into that frequency, like tuning your TV. “I use meditation and hands-on exercises such as creating energy balls.” Judie, whose mother was also a psychic, has been doing readings for 28 years and teaching for 18 years. She says her moment of spiritual awareness came when she was 13 years old and it was a “freaky experience involving a Maori ghost in a grave site” – which left her not “wanting to know anymore” until she returned from

Canada in her early 20s. Judie says there is a real “beauty in spirituality – you see some sadness, but there is also a hell of a lot of beauty.” By Laura Weaser


The Weekend Sun

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Environmental health a growing issue MADE

In today’s global environmental situation, with biodiversity being lost at an alarming rate, resources diminishing and waste and pollutants on the rise, the need for a sustainable living environment is paramount. New Zealand’s clean and green image will not only be a draw card to tourists, but be an attractive healthy alternative for Kiwis – something that we are and can continue to be proud of. To raise our clean and green standard and try to maintain what native biodiversity we have, the environmental field of employment is and will continue to increase. Whether it be consulting on world environmental standards for business and trade, assessing waste through auditing, education or in the field as a conservation ranger, ecologist, bio-security personnel

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or biologist – these professions are essential to ensure some positive outcomes in an unstable environment. The Diploma in Environmental Management at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic equips students with NZ native species identification, biology and ecology, water quality and waste management skills, environmental legislation knowledge and a vast amount

of bio-surveying skills in the outdoors. An optional final year at the degree level gives those successful graduates a Bachelor of Science degree, to enhance the unique skills and knowledge gained on the Diploma. By Alice Jones, applied science programme coordinator for Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

Chance to experience the real New Zealand ecosystems and managing national parks, high country Get ready to help your environment forest parks, reserves and offshore islands. and get active with the annual Conservation parks, There are other ways to get involved in your own Week from September 11 to 18. backyard for conservation week. Get to know weeds There are lots of activities; go on a guided walk around Puketoki Reserve to better understand the beautiful tawa forest; climb up Mount Te Aroha, which offers stunning views of the Waikato, Hauraki and Coromandel, followed by an optional hot soak at Te Aroha domain spa. If you want something more hands-on for the environment, the annual planting day at Athenree helps preserve the area of saltmarsh and wetland near Waihi Beach. Conservation Week is about celebrating our native wildlife, the incredible natural areas, and the places that are a part of our history by taking part in events and getting outdoors to experience the natural New Zealand. Conservation Week is run by the Department of Conservation. DOC has a leading role in conservation work that contributes to the prosperity of our country, including building and maintaining outdoor recreational facilities, hands-on work with species and For more information about DOC’s role, how to be a conservation Kiwi and sign up for events visit www. or www.

and animal pets and ways to combat them, plant native plants in your backyard to turn your garden into a native bird sanctuary or start your own clean-up group and organise regular rubbish collection ventures along By Laura Weaser the coastline.


The Weekend Sun would like to encourage you to send us your Conservation Week photos to display on SunLive. Email with your conservation efforts.

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Explore the beautiful beach of Papamoa in the spirit of Kiwi tradition – camping out, relaxing in the sun, with a few luxuries thrown in.


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Papamoa Beach Top 10 Holiday Resort has more than 250 camping and motorhome sites, with many of them located near or on the beachfront. The rest of the Resort is beautifully landscaped with mostly natural features and plenty of space. Between the sound of the waves and the Tui’s who have made themselves at home, camping by the beach without being on the beach is as relaxing as can be. Papamoa is the perfect location for swimming, surfing, fishing and strolling along miles of white sandy beach. Staying at the Resort means relaxing and enjoying the spectacular panoramic sea views in the best possible way. Unlike camping of the past, however, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the accommodation sites when you hop in your tent. The Resort boasts three amenity

The Weekend Sun

blocks with communal bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, a fantastic barbecue area with a big screen for movies and sport and wireless internet for the whole Resort. Most of our campers have been coming for a number of years – the record so far sits at 38 years – and most are families and older couples. A number of our campers come from Tauranga and the wider Bay of Plenty – it is an easy location close to home, but with the feel of being worlds away. Have all the convenience of home away from home.

Making friends

It’s so easy to make friends when camping too, it normally starts with the kids – it seems they make friends within minutes of hitting the playground. Next thing you know, they are occupied for the majority of the holiday and you’ve met a few people at the barbecues or while doing the dishes and watching the news in the communal kitchen.

Serious upgrade

Papamoa Beach TOP 10 Holiday Resort recognised the need for ‘roofed accommodation’ early on with the first lot of accommodation being built in the late 1980s. In 1999, the Resort did something no other Holiday Park had done – built five-star accommodation on the absolute beachfront location.

“As far as we were concerned, the location demanded it and these ‘Beachfront Villas’ have been very popular,” says general manager Rebecca Crosby. The Resort has two types – Family Villas and Spa Villas just for couples. Their positioning on the beachfront in the Resort means they are quite private with an amazing outlook spanning along the white sandy beach of Papamoa – with views from Mount Maunganui to Maketu. Papamoa Beach TOP 10 is a sustainablyminded business and joined the BOP Sustainable Tourism Charter in 2006 as a pilot business. They have continued their commitment and, to date, have achieved an Enviro Gold rating from Qualmark NZ for their efforts.

with The Weekend Sun, SunLive and Papamoa Beach Resort are giving our readers the opportunity to win one of two exciting holiday packages! Option one is a romantic weekend package for two: Two nights in a Luxury Beachfront Spa Villa, wine and chocolates and free spa pool sessions included. Option two is a Family Breakaway Package for up to five people: Two nights stay for a family of up to five in one of our Beachfront or Garden Villas, with free kids funbike hire and spa pool sessions included. To enter, simply tell us which one you would like and why you deserve a break? Due to popular demand, this competition has been extended, entries now close September 23. Enter under the Competitions section. For more information on the Resort visit

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Fruit and vege store ripe for success A year on since opening, Green Fresh is still picking up more customers at its Papamoa produce store. “We have been very happy with the response,” says owner Harpreet Kaur. “We are really appreciative of the support from our many local customers.” Harpreet says the store’s commitment to only offer top quality fruit and vegetables has won it many loyal

Davinder Dhillon and Harpreet Kaur celebrate a year since opening Green Fresh. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

customers. All fruit and vegetables available in the store are Tag No1 Premium Quality. “We are all about number one quality. We have many customers who love it – because they are sick of buying seconds.” She says the shop’s reputation for great produce and Indian spices was getting around – with many customers recommending the store to friends. “We have people coming all the

way from the Mount.” Along with great fruit and vegetables, the store also stocks gourmet food items, gluten-free products, frozen Indian breads, spices and general baking and cooking ingredients. “We also offer wholesale and free delivery as well.” Harpeet says they can also offer discounts when purchasing large amounts to cater for weddings or other large functions. By Hamish Carter


The Weekend Sun

The sweet and the sour A long while ago, before the advent of convenient prepared meals and sauces in jars and packets, there was something called cooking from scratch.


voting at the Market September 24th & October 1st


Cooking Tour October 8th

Bakers use this term a lot when preparing dough from base ingredients without additives and pre-prepared mixes. The convenience of having a sauce in a jar, just open and use, comes at the price of flavour and the art of cooking itself. If you learn a recipe – for example sweet and sour – you can adjust and add to it according to your tastes. The other disadvantage of a lot of convenience products is they often have labels that contain lots of numbers E 113, E 330 etcetera. Fresh is always best; the sauce for this

week’s recipe is so simple to make I often find it hard to understand how you could ever buy sweet and sour sauce in a jar. Now that we have that out of the way and while on the subject of sweet and sour, I recently met some very sweet and sour people lately – mainly on reception duty. They are either sweet and talkative while answering the phone and then sour when offered free samples or business cards. In one case, throwing their arms in the air as if fending off some demonic evil denying free salads as if they were harbingers of doom. The sweet ones accept our free samples, tap away at the keyboard and email their colleagues and provide positive feed back – which somehow brings me to this week’s recipe; the well-balanced sweet and sour pork in noodle batter.

Sweet and Sour pork (in noodle batter) Sweet and sour sauce Ingredients 1 cup of each: Water Sugar Pineapple juice Vinegar, white or cider Tomato sauce 1 tbsp corn flour to thicken Method Bring all five ingredients to a boil, then thicken with corn flour and a little water. Garnish with thinly cut celery, onion and carrot if desired. Noodle batter Ingredients 150g cooked fine wheat noodles 200g flour 150-200mls chilled water Small pinch of baking soda Tsp of salt Method In a large bowl, add the flour, baking soda and salt, pour in the chilled water whisk to a batter adding more water as required. Allow to stand, add cooled cooked noodles. Pork Fillets Ingredients Two pork fillets, sliced on an angle into 4cm chunks 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp soya sauce 1 tbsp hoisen sauce Method Marinate cut pork for an hour then bake in moderate oven 250 degrees for 10 minutes – do not overcook the pork. Rest in fridge to cool and set completely. Toss cooled pork in corn flour then into batter mix, drape noodles over pork chunks and scoop up with batter place in deep fryer or shallow fry in pan until batter is crisp – about six minutes. Drain on paper towels then serve with sweet and sour sauce, serve with rice or salad and a nice floral Gewurztraminer. Serves 4.


NZ Farms

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The Weekend Sun

Slow and steady wins the race Mount Maunganui business Slowfish Cafe has been recognised as Best Cafe in the Bay of Plenty for 2011 in the latest Cafe Magazine. Cafe Magazine is a national quarterly magazine edited by Michael Guy, who puts out an annual Eating Out guide and judges the best cafes around the country anonymously. Cafe owner Brigitte Van Weele says it was a total surprise winning the award and they didn’t know until they saw the winners announced in the Cafe Magazine. Brigitte says the cafe’s point of difference – and something perhaps Michael picked up on – was their Italian slow food principle. “This means going back to buying local, buying fresh and free range products. We also make sure we are sustainable. “From day one, we have tried to be as sustainable as possible. We recycle and don’t use any plastic cups – ours are made from corn starch – for those who just want a drink of water. Little things like that that we do to make a difference.” Slowfish avoid processed foods and all cakes are made by Brigitte’s partner chef

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437) Slowfish Cafe staff Jana Martelli, Josh Ben-Chabat, Jay Beardsell, owner Brigitte Van Weele and Carrie Neal. Photo by Tracy Hardy. Josh Ben-Chabat. The cafe is home to three fulltime chefs, two fulltime barista staff and three wait staff – all experienced and well-trained. Brigitte and Josh have owned the cafe for seven years, after selling her previous business Shiraz cafe on Wharf Street. They then took a year off to travel around Europe and experience the Italian slow food

principle. The current location used to be a hair salon, so Brigitte had to redevelop the building from scratch to transform it to the beachfront premise it is today. “It is always full in the summer. And in winter the locals keep us busy. It is a happy place on the beach, with a great view looking out to the waves, coffee in hand!” By Laura Weaser

Warning: caramel obsession likely each layer of the slice works as a perfect compliment to the other, delivering a full taste sensation of sweet goodness. The loaf is a good size to cut up and share in small pieces – or split for your-

So much caramel!

I am going to go out on a limb here and claim that the caramel slice is the greatest baking invention of all time... What’s not to love? Chocolate, caramel and an oaty/ coconut base. Three layers of delicious heaven. The Good Food Trading Co stocks an amazing New Zealand made, award winning caramel slice from Loaf handcrafted breads. Their Gooey Caramel slice is described in three layers: a chocolate top with a caramel centre and an oaty chocolate bottom – chocolate overload! The best part is not one part is overwhelming –


The Weekend Sun has three packets of Loaf ’s Gooey Caramel to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us the three layers that make the perfect Loaf Gooey Caramel slice. Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 13.

self – and will last for a few sittings. I feel there should be a caution warning that this loaf may cause repeat sittings. By Laura Weaser


You have won this week’s Prize Pack from Nappies for Less & Sassi Photography

The Weekend Sun

Last chance for prize The Classic Flyers model plane Nolamae Glass, competition has seen heaps of 5, shows off her entries flying in, but you need model World to get your entries in quick to War Two paper be into win a fantastic prize plane, in a World package. War Two Piper Nolamae Glass got more than Grasshopper she bargained for when she aircraft at Classic dropped off her model. She got FlyersNZ. to sit in a World War Two Piper Grasshopper aircraft with her To celebrate the forthcoming Clasminiature model of a WW2 sics of the Sky Tauranga City Airshow, plane. The Airshow on January 28 the organisers have joined forces with to 29 gives families a chance to The Weekend Sun to create a series be up close and personal with of kids’ competitions with some great prizes on offer. aircraft both historical and The first competition is to build a modern. model plane, with a wonderful prize There will also be hobby of an action-packed birthday at Classic stands, family entertainment Flyers worth $250. and trade fair.


To enter, simply print out the instructions at under the Competitions section and make a model plane. Drop into The Weekend Sun on The Strand or Classic Flyers, Jean Batton Drive in Mount Maunganui to show us your plane. Hurry – Saturday, September 10 is the last day for all entries!

In defence of children This year has seen the release of significant reports, recommendations and working groups convened to discuss the ongoing appalling treatment of children in this country.

Child abuse is of major concern to us all – along with statistics which show high death, serious illness and accident rates for our youth. Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Ministers chief science advisor, released his report to the Minister – ‘Improving the Transition: Reducing Social and Psychological Morbidity During Adolescence’ – in June 2011. He said in his speech notes that “The research shows that the best way of advancing self-control and protecting the young person in their transition to adulthood lies in focusing on the preschool years. “Quality early childhood environments and education, targeted as appropriate to the most disadvantaged and with specific success criteria underpinning the programmes offered, offer the best chance of reducing adolescent morbidity; economic analyses show the cost-benefit ratio of doing so. Such

approaches in general are likely to be more effective than remediation, but where remediation is necessary the evidence suggests that punitive approaches are not effective; this report has reviewed the more effective remediation approaches.” The report itself states that a holistic approach investing for the long term in the early years is likely to result in real benefits for our children and young people as well as our economy. Why do we then accept our politicians telling us “we now spend almost as much on early childhood education as we do on the police force” as though we should be thankful for that much? Doesn’t it make more sense to spend the money on quality early childhood education to reduce the cost of our jails? Especially when the same report has suggested that punitive approaches are not effective? The recently released Infometrics report, ‘1000 Days to Get it Right for Every Child’, commissioned by Every Child Counts estimates the current cost of child poverty at about $6 billion a year, or three per cent of GDP. The report says that it does matter: “First, it matters because our poor and ineffective investment results in many New Zealand children living lives that could be

much better. “Second, it matters because our population is aging. It is, therefore, essential that our children grow into fully productive contributors to society as mature individuals capable of engaging in positive social relationships, being good parents and well educated and trained participants in the labour market. Finally, it matters economically.” It went on to say that: “The fundamental conclusion affirmed in the report is that the first years of a child’s life are critical for optimal development and that investment therefore should be focused here. Not only are children at their most vulnerable to the damaging consequences of deprivation, but the first three years are the period of unprecedented social, cognitive and physical growth.” If taking a long-term investment focusing on the earlier years of life is likely to improve outcomes for us all, why are we not all out there supporting the call by NZEI for the government to invest a minimum of one per cent of the GDP into early childhood? Next week: Child advocates

Why choose us, it’s our uniqueness! We believe every child is unique and everything we do is aimed at developing that potential...

This is what sets us apart from the others. BAY OF PLENTY | MATAMATA | ROTORUA

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0800 2QKIDZ

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First nursery winner A Tauranga woman is the lucky recipient of the Baby On The Move national Nursery Prize Pack. The Baby On The Move franchise holds a national competition every two months, with $3000 worth of nursery products to be won. To enter the draw, customers can simply subscribe to the online newsletter to receive updates about Baby On The Move products and services. For your chance to be a lucky winner simply visit

Excited winner

Rachael Benjamin and her daughter Juno are the first winners for the Tauranga/Mount Maunganui store. Mount Maunganui Baby On The Move owner Sue Macilwee is very excited and pleased to hand over this great prize pack to her first winner after owning the business since December 2009.

Boutique feel

Baby On The Move Tauranga has a real boutique feel. Operating from home and having individual booking times gives each customer – especially first time mums – that one-on-one service. This means each customer gets to make an informed decision about important purchases. Sue describes herself as a bit fussy – which drives her own children crazy – but is a real asset when it comes to helping customers with their baby product needs. Baby on the Move owner Sue Macilwee with winner Rachael Benjamin and daughter Juno. Photo by Bruce Barnard.

Top dad ‘always there’

“I am very particular about cleanliness and quality when hiring products. I double check everything to make sure it is in immaculate condition before I hire it out.” Sue is passionate about safety and keeping her community safe. Being a qualified Child Restraint Technician means Sue can advise and install child restraints and can install your child restraint for free. “I want to help my customers save time and money by making sure they make the right choice from the start, from car seat restraints, cots, to strollers and everything in between.”

Tony McMurtrie with daughter Rebecca.

Congratulations to Elim Christian Centre’s Dad of the Year 2011 – Tony Murtrie. Tony was nominated by his daughter Rebecca, who says her dad is a champion because, in amongst other things, he is always “there when I need him, to lend a hand, give advice, pick me up when I fall or hold my hand when I am scared.


I always rely on him for an honest opinion or unbiased observation”. Tony took home a prize pack including a six month membership to Jetts 24/7 Gym, Chipmunks Voucher, tools and car accessories valued at $550. Congratulations to Tony from Elim Christian Centre and The Weekend Sun.

on the

specialists in the rental and sales of baby products


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First destination on home building journey

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Classic Builders Building Consultants Lorraine Oates and Mark Hooper (absent Lorraine McLachlan). fied planning ideas – more than 100 standard plans Clients dreaming of a new home are available, ranging from 100Sqm to more than often need a space to develop their 400sqm,” says Matt. initial ideas and when it comes to Classic “Our showhomes create the ambience that set ideas in motion, while our brand new display area provides Builders, the showhome is the first full samples of materials and fittings. You choose evedestination on a home building journey. rything right there with one person, without having Company director Matt Lagerberg says with the to run all over town to suppliers.” showhome, clients can discover just how cost-effecMatt says once clients have decided on your plan tive building can be and how much they can achieve and set things in motion, the clients are given a set of – without compromising quality. handbooks to build a systematic approach to devel“With specialist in-house designers, we’ve simplioping their home. “This approach guides you throughout the building process, letting you select everything in a simple method that ensures you’re fully involved and understand what’s going on and when. We work with you and an interior consultant to ensure your new home feels just as you would like.” Matt attributes Classic Builders success to the strong team of dedicated people to implement their systems. “We have an exceptional team of people. They understand the emotion behind building and, more importantly, they understand the intricacies of the process to make it work. Classic Builders showhome is on the corner of Fraser Street and 15th Avenue. Visit the showhome to meet the team and begin the journey.


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Bringing outdoor impression into the home Ten years on from returning to her childhood love of painting, Pahoia artist Debbie Emslie is not looking back. The talented watercolourist – who last year won first prize at the Tauranga Society of Artists annual exhibition – is one of two feature artists at next week’s Omokoroa Art Society show. Debbie, who far prefers to paint outdoors for the natural light than from a photograph, was spurred on to reignite her passion for painting when her children were growing up. “When I turned 40 I decided it was time to do something for myself, so turned my attention back to art.”

A correspondence course in art and creativity got her “back right into it” and she was soon wishing she had returned her focus to art earlier. The initial course was followed up with more training, including fortnight-long painting school trips to Europe where she would do paintings a day under the guidance of tutors. “It’s pretty exhausting, but you learn so much. It has been great for my watercolour technique.” Debbie, who describes her style as impressionistic, says she loves working in watercolours because of the translucent quality it brings to painting, which helps her capture the light. From her Pahoia home, Debbie loves to take her easel outdoors to paint the harbour – her favourite subject – usually

Pahoia artist Debbie Emslie is exhibiting at next week’s Omokoroa Art Society show.

Powell. The annual show at Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Road, includes about 200 works by 20 society members and runs from Sept 16 to 18 and is open 10am-5pm. Exhibition organiser Fran Ashley says a show highlight will be an exhi-

painting four or five days a week. Along with Debbie, the other feature artist at Omokoroa Art Society’s annual show is Mary

Something for the sexes Four shows in one; the ‘super show’ Bay of Plenty Home & Leisure Expo showcases the bets of the region’s home and lifestyle products, with a real spring focus. The Expo is the first to be held at the new TECT Arena at Baypark, Mount Maunganui on September 16-18, 2011. With his and her world, there is something for everyone – with toys for the men and lifestyle and beauty for the women.

In conjunction with Bay Events, The Weekend Sun has seven double passes to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us what dates the Expo is on? Enter online at www.sunlive. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 13.

bition of “colourful, imaginative art works” from students at local schools; Omokoroa Point, Omokoroa No. 1 School, Whakamarama, Pahoia and Matahui By Hamish Carter Road schools.

  



 

Call for an obligation free design, measure and quote

  


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EVERYTHING IN STORE EVERYTHING IN STORE excludes superbuys excludes superbuys


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Experience key to a good sleep The key to a good nights sleep is asking a lot of questions, according to Beds R Us store manager Nick Williams.

DARK ROOMS? Owner Norman Richards, area manager Christine Blain and store manager Nick Williams.

DARK ROOMS? Brighten them Brighten them with with Daylight Daylight

• Certified Installation • Certified Installation • 10 Year Warranty • 10in Year • Free home Warranty evaluations

on top of the different type of beds that are brought into the store. “We go through a fair bit of training. The company puts us through extensive training. “Every year we go through the factories and learn about the new technology and benefits of that technology for the customer.” This Saturday, September 10 the store is celebrating its grand opening with 30 to 60 per cent off everything in store. Come down and meet the team which has more than 25 years experience between them and sleep well tonight.

• Free in home evaluations

By Laura Weaser

Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Concerns with leaky home issues and short-sighted regulations has lead Tauranga Master Builder Stuart Wood to rediscover prefabricated building systems – and he is expecting growing interest. “I used a timber panel system about 15 years ago – and was impressed by its simplicity and accuracy.” These early panels gave way to paint finish and high cost. “Increased costs of new building regulations, cold, poorly performing older homes and knowledge of superior methods globally, prompted a search for a

better solution.” The reinforced concrete walls are poured on-site, in lightweight insulated forms to your own design and combine many benefits. Stuart says the increased strength, warmth, stability, noise reduction and fire resistance are massive. High thermal mass is the key. There is no timber to rot, nasty treatments or voids for moisture and vermin to gather. “The concrete absorbs heat during the day then releases it, so if you build to maximise passive solar gain you may not need any heating at all.” The Papamoa property assembled this week has received a lot of interest. “We are all suitably impressed and keen to bring New Zealanders a better choice. As much as tradesmen don’t like change, we have a forward thinking team whose questions and doubts have disappeared as the design unfolded.” This is a proven system used in many countries, from single to 10-storey projects and to economically build custom-designed architectural homes.

By Hamish Carter






SAVE 100 SAVE 200 Total Savings $300

Concrete construction takes off Home Builders BOP director Stuart Wood believes reinforced concrete wall panels – which are widely used in Europe – will become a popular building choice here.




$300 $200 SAVE SAVE *

Total Savings $600

Total Savings $300

*Offer ends 31/10/2011. Not in conjunction with any other offer

THREE Call BUY Today! 0800 SOLA2B (765 222) $


SAVE 300

Total Savings $600

*Offer ends 31/10/2011. Not in conjunction with any other offe

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Signature Homes Franchise of the Year 2009 & 2011 Consistent national award winner for client service 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 National award winner for showhome 2010 Finalist Signature Homes Franchise of the Year 2010

Alison Morison 0 ph 021 340 41 ph 02 74 346

Finalist Sustainable Business Network Award 2009 Top New Home Consultant Award 2009

Showhome: 113 Lakes Boulevard, The Lakes Open: Daily 1pm - 4pm Office: Corner 16th Avenue & Fraser Street Open: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Phone 07 578 1000 or visit



“To find the right bed for someone, we have to listen to what they want in terms of support, comfort and their body type as well,” says Nick. “It can be a difficult task asking so many personal questions, particularly about body type, but most people appreciate it to find the right bed for their needs.” Beds R Us is expanding this weekend with a new store opening in Owens Place. With two stores – one in Waihi and one in Tauranga – the expansion puts the Beds R Us store in a “positive area”. “Our focus truly is beds, we are bed specialists,” says Nick. “We live and breathe beds. We have a deep understanding of the different types of beds, so that we are able to meet our customers’ needs. “We are really ‘service’ orientated and model how we do things in-store on what is most beneficial for the customer. This service is given from the moment the customer walks through the door right through to our delivery team. I think this is a key point of difference.” With 65 different models in the Sleepyhead range and more than half of those in-store to choose from, Nick says the experienced team ensure they are always


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Identifying the key problem early It is often the stigma of owning a home built during the leaky homes period, rather than the home itself, that can end up costing home owners hundreds of thousands of more than is necessary, according to Bryan Holyoake. Pictured: Step Up moisture detection probes to accurately measure moisture in the walls, through the skirting board.

The Step Up group technical director says the lack of knowledge around this issue means often there is little wrong with the cladding or timber in a home, but due to stigma surrounding the type of home purchasers are reluctant to buy them – leaving home owners out of pocket. “The majority of people who call us say their house is built sound, but they can’t sell it for the right price because there is this stigma on the property due to its construction period, materials or design. “But after we thoroughly analyse the structural condition and monitor weathertightness of the building, it is often factually shown that their particular property is very good in comparison with the average home – which gives them a strong basis in which to sell for the right price.” Bryan says while there is typically some key specific issues to resolve with many of these buildings, the blanket ‘full reclad’ repair expectation that surrounds many of the 80,000 plus buildings constructed during the 1998-2002 leaky homes period is based on lack of understanding of the construction types, remediation

options available and the state of each individual building in question. A key component of the Step Up Group’s investigation work is a thorough non-destructive structural analysis of the timber framing for condition and durability and the installation of a permanent moisture monitoring system to check and confirm the weathertightness of the building during its life. This is done in up to 100 key locations around a property where leaks and damage may first appear. Like a warrant of fitness for the home, the monitoring system works by analysing up to 100 key locations into the skirting board to detect any moisture problems in the structure. The probe gives peace of mind the home is dry and acts as a guarantee and future maintenance checking system for potential buyers. Bryan says monitoring moisture levels in the house is important in the same way that checking the fuel, water and oil gauges helps avoid problems when driving a car. It helps prove the house is weathertight and alerting you to potential issues early. If problems are identified, the system helps pinpoint where and what the problems are, so that a suitable solution can be designed and implemented – not just full recladding. The monitoring system will then show whether you have successfully resolved the issues or not. “We have found that for people who are looking to sell in three or four years that this structural analysis and regular moisture readings gives them very good information and proof of performance from which to protect the property’s value and sell for fair value in the future.”

Life cycle of our homes New Zealand homes generally have very short life cycles; that is, our materials and the way we build are not particularly enduring, with our habitable spaces only requiring 50 year durability.

The functionality and longevity of our building is lacking compared to other developed nations, where homes as old as 100 years are not uncommon. Some simple consideration within the design process gives an opportunity for a greater life cycle; productivity and sustainability also become part of this default process. Consideration of the shift in demographics, this is practically important with Tauranga’s aging population. Our homes should be offering better use of useable space and safe access such as level entries, larger hallway access, kitchen functionality and bathrooms designed to be accessible and adaptable for anyone. These small considerations mean less adjustments, renovations and costs for a change in life cycle. They also offer a marketable item to a greater audience. Many homes in Tauranga do not offer a lot of historical importance and are often poorly constructed – removal to build again is often considered an economical reality. However, more robust design and construction with longevity in mind from the onset can be more productive – with the life cycle of the home extended to make full use of the labour, materials and economics.


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Ladies are doing it for themselves Quality kitchens at affordable prices.


or repayments for 12 months! Minimum purchase $999

Ladies Night at Mitre 10 is always a great success.

Mitre 10 Mega are once again holding a Ladies Night – this year shifting away from the usual format to bring an even bigger event. The event on October 12 has 22 different stalls to visit, with a variety of activities to participate in. To name a few; ladies are able to try out popcorn makers and soda stream machines, visit a chiropractor for their spine, a beautician, get hairdressing tips and of course the usual power tools to try. There is also a DIY Diva competi-

tion, with every ticket a potential ‘diva’ – to participate, every ticket gives the lady the option to enter the competition. On the night, five pairs will be randomly selected to do five different challenges and the fastest pair win a great prize. Tickets cost $2, with all proceeds going toward Plunket. With only 500 tickets available, ladies need to get in quick and get theirs early. Drinks and nibbles are on offer and goodie bags are available for purchase. There is also a grand prize of a 19 inch LCD TV and other spot prizes on the night. Come along for a good night in with the girls.

Regional finalists become national Harwood Homes is proud to announce that its three Gold Award winners from the 2011 Tauranga Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards in August have been named as 2011 National Gold Reserve Finalists. A new competition now commences, whereby the properties of the National Gold Reserve Finalists throughout New Zealand are re-judged between mid September and mid November. National winners announced at the National Gala Dinner in Auckland on Saturday 19 November 2011. The three finalists are family homes in the Bay of Plenty including a Te Puke Property in the $600,000 to $1 million category, which also won the 2011 People’s Choice Award, an Omokoroa property in the $450,000 – $650,000 category and a Papamoa home in the $350,000 – $450,000 category. For 15 years in a row, Harwood Homes has been recognised with awards for quality of design, workmanship

and finish adding value to every home that they build. This weekend, Hardwood Homes’ themed French Provincial

Farmhouse opens for viewing between 1-4pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 to 11 at 21 Broadwater Close, The Lakes.

Terms, conditions & fees apply* Offer valid until 30th September 2011 *Details in store

Bay Central, 65 Chapel Street, Tauranga

Ph 07 577 0423

0800 288 288



$1693590 Save $ o *tapware n

t included

Sapphire 9x9 Curved front Shower (f (flat w wall) all) delano CloS CloSe Couple vitreou itreouS S China toilet Suite Sapphire 750mm v vanity anity OFFER ENDS 30.9.2011

mT mAUNGANUI | PH: 07 574 7437 131 NewTON STReeT TRADING HOURS: MonDAY - FriDAY 8.30 - 5.00 | SAtUrDAY 8.30 - 4.00 STOReS: Albany | new Lynn | Whangarei | Mt Maunganui | Palmerston north | Christchurch


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Soccer star doesn’t hold back With no previous training or knowledge of soccer, Maximus Sim, 7, surprised both his parents and his coach when he dived right in and excelled at the sport.

Swim, stick, jump, stick, splash, stick, run, stick.

in August and placed first equal, with Max scoring his first ever goal in the second game. “He loves to share the ball and praise his team buddies and is always polite and respectful to the opposition.” Max’s coach Phillip Glover says Max has come along way this year. “He started never playing a game of football before, to captaining the team to their first equal placing in the Waipuna 7th grade tournament. “He shows great natural skill and talent and with the support he has from his family he will go a long way.” See the ad on this page for details on how to nominate your child for Band-Aid Sports Kid of the Week.

Soccer star Maximus Sim. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Activity for the health of the environment A fundraising venture for Tauranga Boys’ College Cross Country team also marks the first ‘carboNZero’ certified running event in New Zealand. Get active and explore the TECT All Terrain Park.

New BAND-AID Waterproof Tough-Strips will stick with them through anything. ®


BAND-AID® Sports Kid of the Week

Nominate someone you know to be the BAND-AID® Sports Kid of the Week! Just send us their name, address and daytime phone number, along with photo and a brief outline of what makes them a great sporting kid. Email your entries to before

®Registered trade mark Johnson & Johnson (New Zealand) Ltd. Auckland. DA1710MT. NZ6484/11.

His mother, Cristin Wright, says Max is “constantly surprising us all with his natural sporting abilities”. “When he begun school at Greerton Village primary, he placed in all swimming races at the swimming sports and this year he won many first places in various races. “In June, he won gold at the Year 2 cross country and I nearly cried with pride. “But even after these successes, his biggest achievements have risen from his new love of soccer when he spontaneously joined a team with Blue Rovers Eagles mini football.” Cristin says Max recently achieved Player of the Day in the Otumoetai Tozer Tournament and has just been continually improving at the sport. “His team entered their first tournament


The inaugural Smiths Sports Shoes Tauranga Trail Run on Sunday,

October 23 gives walkers and runners the option to complete a 13 or 26km off-road track. The course takes participants along a trail with astounding views out across to Mount Tarawera, stream crossings, native bush and through the 60 metre Te Rerenga Tunnel. All profits go towards local school groups, with other schools running stalls at the event. Being a carboNZero certified event means the event is operating the best practice to limit greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. Team manger Scott Furness says the team of organisers will offset any carbon emissions by planting a native tree for every participant. He says they have also secured the donation of two buses to transport people to and from the event, in order to limit the number of ‘vehicle miles’ needed on the day. Scott hopes the Smiths Sports Shoes Tauranga Trail Run becomes a successful yearly event, one that attracts as much attention as other local runs, such as the City to Surf. The run also has a corporate challenge option, where five participants entered in the 13km event from the same workplace get the chance to win a $500 restaurant voucher. While the event is the same day as the Rugby World Cup Final, Scott says “there is still plenty of time to get to Eden Park or a mate’s place to watch the game”. For more information email Scott at


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Creating a sustainable art in fashion Reducing our carbon footprint through fashion is the hot topic that a Bay of Plenty Polytechnic tutor is presenting to the London College of Fashion, at the Fashion Colloquia to be held during London Fashion Week in September.

“My research particularly looked at these low quality items and how these can be transformed into high quality fashion garments.” Her solution for reducing fashion waste is not just reliant on the consumer – producers and designers need to take some responsibility for the garments they manufacture. Debra says this approach is called Extended Producer Responsibility and Debra Laraman, group leader design at requires the designers to have a the Polytechnic, is heading to London to lifecycle approach to design, where present a paper that builds on the research they consider how the life of the from her Master of Art and Design in garment can be extended, adapted 2008/2009. or re-used. Her research investigated waste created “I think people do need to get in the manufacture of garments and after A new high-end fashion back to making their own garclothes have been bought, used and disgarment constructed ments and understanding the carded in favour of the next fashion trend. from old, stained and real cost of making. Having an “My research looks at ways to up-cycle threadbare t-shirts that awareness of how garments are garments, so it can re-enter the fashion would only be suitable manufactured, by whom and system, rather than it been dumped in for landfill. the costs to the environment is the landfill or donated to charity stores. imperative if we want to reduce the amount of textile Many consumers are using charity stores as a dumping waste going to landfill, which has been estimated to be ground for soiled and stained clothing which cannot four per cent of the waste – based on 2006 figures, this be sold and then the charity stores are incurring costs is equal to approximately 31.5 kilo per person. to send these items to landfill.

“I’m interested in how academics can help industry through research and education to help make businesses more sustainable and teach our upcoming designers about the impacts of fast fashion.” By Laura Weaser

Small changes make a big difference LIVING with John Arts

Sometimes in life we need to make major changes in order to achieve something. Our son has just taken up rowing and this has meant getting up early and sacrificing weekends and evenings. What is not so obvious is how small changes can equally make a big difference and this especially applies to health. Small dietary changes such as decreasing inflammatory polyunsaturated oils in favour of antiinflammatory oils such as olive or avocado oils can in time make a difference. In particular, this is true of using well formulated, high grade supplements where we can introduce a variety of nutrients at optimum levels in a very short period of time. No big deal at all – just the discipline of swallowing a few capsules. As an example I spoke with someone recently who has made significant health improvements by adding a nutritional support plan alongside her existing medical programme. She had battled with Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) for five years and had been unable to bring her prednisone dose down past a certain

point. After about six months on an intensive anti-inflammatory nutritional programme, her doctor had finally declared her PMR had gone and she is now off prednisone. To get different results you have to do something positive. If you are unwell the first step is to take ownership of your health. The second is to see your health professional – in most cases your GP – to assess the problem. The third step is to gather information on the self-help measures you can implement includ-

ing diet, lifestyle and, as mentioned, appropriate supplements. Most people operate within financial constraints and the costs of any programme need to be carefully assessed. There is no point in starting something you cannot finish. The changes you need to make will be entirely dependent on your age, body weight and of course the severity of the problem. Other factors need to be considered such as ensuring that any supplements or diet do not conflict with any prescribed medication or

with any other supplements and remedies. Read more from John at

Abundant Health


The Weekend Sun

Chemotherapy and complementary medicine When faced with a diagnosis of cancer, many people will consider using natural therapies. It is important to remember a natural approach may be included even if

you are incorporating conventional treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Complementary medicine places you at the centre of all care options; treatment is based on whatever your needs

and choices are. It may or may not include conventional approaches as well as natural interventions to support all your health needs. Seek advice from a registered naturopath; treatment may include lifestyle changes, changes in diet, herbal medicines and supplements to help protect healthy cells from the toxic effects of radiation, anticancer drugs or carcinogens present in the environment. If you make a choice, for example to undergo chemotherapy, natural therapies can not only help protect the healthy cells from the toxic drugs used in chemotherapy, but limit the side effects. A major side effect of chemotherapy is nausea and vomiting. Herbal medicine can be very effective in helping this. It can occur at the start of chemotherapy or can happen after the chemotherapy has finished. A study last year used ginger root capsules with 60 people with bone cancer undergoing chemotherapy. One group took ginger capsules as well as the medication to stop nausea and vomiting, the other group only took the medication to stop nausea and vomiting. Almost all – 93.3 per cent – of the group who took medication alone had nausea and the majority also had vomiting. By comparison, a little more than half of the group taking the ginger capsules had nausea and only a third had vomiting. Next the study explored how often delayed nausea and vomiting occurred; the majority of people in the medication-only group had nausea, but in the group that had the ginger, only a quarter suffered

nausea. Delayed vomiting happened to almost half of the medication-only group, but very few of the people taking ginger as well as medication. Dietary supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A – best taken as natural beta-carotene – selenium and Coenzyme Q10 have been found by research to help when taken during chemotherapy. In a study where vitamin C, Vitamin E and natural beta-carotene were used alongside radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the treatment was more effective and less toxic to the person. The scientists who conducted the study suggested continuing the nutritional supplements at a lower dose “together with modification in diet and reduce the risk of recurrence of the tumour” and further cancer. During a naturopathic consultation, advice is given on diet, lifestyle and relaxation techniques. Treatment may include nutritional supplements – I recommend the Entire Katoa Food State range for the optimum absorption, low dose and low toxicity – herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies and deep tissue massage. Contact Jaine Kirtley for references, more information and to book a consultation.

Revolutionise your ‘man skin’ The divide between the sexes is changing when it comes to skin care. Just like Shane Warne, men are beginning to sit up and take notice of the wide range of products for men that are becoming available – aware that good skin needs good care. Trilogy have devised a pack so good men won’t have to dip into their partner’s beauty products – a la Shane Warne. The Trilogy Natural Actives for Men range is a new skincare package that transforms weather-worn skin into smooth with four quick steps. Getting on the natural products bandwagon, I am a big fan of this product for the man in your life

The pack.

because it is made from well known minerals – zinc, copper and magnesium – which work to energise the skin, brighten skin tone and smooth the general rough appearance. I’ll confess; I gave it a try despite not having ‘man skin’. The thing I liked most about the cleanser was it had the right combination of smooth, soft textures with a little bit of exfoliation. I hate over greasy cleansers, but I also can’t stand the feeling of sand tearing at your face – it was the perfect blend and I felt refreshed. Coupled with the moisturiser, it left my skin feeling pretty dammed good. Trilogy have an extensive range of products, so visit By Laura Weaser


The Weekend Sun has five Trilogy men’s packs to give away containing a cleanser and moisturiser to the lucky readers who can tell us the three active minerals in the products. Enter online at www. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 13.


The Weekend Sun

Sorting out spring style Welcome to the September edition of Fashion Focus. We are now into spring, with summer closely following and there is much enthusiasm already being shown towards the bright colours, styles, fabrics and the price points.

Frank Lyman jacket.

The time has once again rolled round and it is now necessary to spring clean your wardrobe, sorting out the clutter. You may just find you have to discard several garments because they are looking a little tired and weary. I suggest you start with three piles: 1) Does it still look good on me? 2) How long is it since I have last worn it? 3) Do I love it? Now, if you have answered honestly the “yes” pile will be items you wear regularly, cherished pieces, are of good quality fabric and are dateless. Don’t keep garments in the hope you will drop three sizes “one day”. The new season’s colours are sure to give you a real lift and it is essential you call in and peruse the new spring range. The lengths of skirts vary for this season, ranging from the short, just below the

Exposing the ‘invisible’ illness In the July 29 edition of The Weekend Sun, Abundant Health writer John Arts discussed Fibromyalgia and alluded to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS or Myalgic Encephalopathy ME. The Weekend Sun received several letters from readers who wanted to share their experiences with ME and how the illness lacks recognition and understanding. Kira Follas has been a sufferer of CFS/ME for five years, battling with periods of debilitating health. She says she has now finally come to terms with and accepted the CFS/ME diagnosis in order to become better informed about her condition. “One of the reasons why I was hesitant to accept this diagnosis was the fact that people in general didn’t seem to understand or accept CFS/ME as a legitimate disease. Like many other sufferers, I have hidden myself and my symptoms out of shame and fear of hostility from others.” ME/CFS Support Inc secretary manager for the Bay of Plenty John Kelliher says people suffering from ME or CFS are still being misunderstood. John says the general public still perceives this

illness as a “state of mind”, but sees recent research helping change people’s perceptions. “Research has proven the illness is physiological and that it has a genetic basis. “Aside from possibly looking tired, a person with ME/CFS looks well to the average person, however, the tiredness is in fact a prolonged profound exhaustion. “They suffer sleep disruption and deprivation, cognitive difficulties – forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate – pain for which there is no apparent cause, headaches, and gastro-intestinal problems to name but a few of the symptoms.” “it is difficult for people without this illness to conceive the severity of its symptoms – that is why raising awareness is a crucial part of the solution for this somewhat, frustratingly, ‘invisible’ disease”. John says the centre provides support for people with ME/CFS, their carers and their families, through providing information and advice on how to best handle this illness. Kira says “understanding, love and support are the most important things anyone could offer a person who has been diagnosed with this debilitating condition”. For more information visit By Laura Weaser

knee to mid-calf with straight hems. Dresses are showing from the knee to mid-calf and full length. Pants range from a full length, capri, 3/4, to knee-length dress shorts. Tops are plentiful, starting with the more dressy styles to knits, t-shirts patterned and plain, short to three-quarter and no sleeves. The experienced team at Maison Monique are excited and enthusiastic about this season’s range and

look forward to creating an exclusive look for you for 2011/12. For those in winter sale mode still, we have some fantastic quality bargains still on offer. For example 70 per cent off normal retail price, so do pop in and have a look. Until next month; look great, feel great.


The Weekend Sun

Experience the magic of musical hall Award-winning Operatunity are presenting a favourite theatre genre with its everpopular national tour of The Magnificence of the Music Hall.

Favourite guest artists Stuart Coats, Tessa-May Brown, Lynette Martin and accompanist Alex Wiltshire join Operatunity directors John Cameron and Geoffrey Hughes in a miscellany of music, monologues and melodrama with a galaxy of glamour and gallantry in a

Geoffrey Hughes, Susan Boland and John Cameron.

concert of stupendously spectacular singing. Hughes who plays the Chairman says it is always a special and fun concert with the interaction between the audience and the Chairman and the banter between the Chairman and the performers. “It’s a style of entertainment with everything - lots of fun music, repartee between the Chairman, the audience and the performers and of course the ever popular melodrama.” Amid all the jokes, laughter and banter the concert will showcase memorable music hall melodies like I

do like to be beside the seaside, Daisy Daisy, and The Laughing Policeman, complete with a Gilbert & Sullivan bracket. Operatunity directors describe the show as a “rollicky, rousing, sensational, scintillating show of marvellous, mellifluous melody, monumentally magnificent melodrama and fantastic, frolicking fun”. Operatunity will perform at the Holy Trinity Church on September 16. To book tickets or request a free brochure of the Daytime Concert Series call Operatunity on 0508 266 237

The Weekend Sun has two double passes to give away to lucky readers who can tell us the two directors of The Magnificence of Music Hall. Enter online at www.sunlive. under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 13

42 acres of grounds. 10 minutes from town. experience a relaxed country retirement that’s so close to the city. With such wide-open spaces, it’s no wonder this village has a relaxed feel to it. But if you want to pop into the city, downtown is a short drive away. (Or even easier, have the village van drop you in). The options don’t stop there. The village also has a range of living choices to suit anyone – two and three bedroom villas, one and two bedroom apartments, and serviced apartments. To top it off the facilities and vibrant social calendar make this a truly satisfying lifestyle.

open weekend

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September, 10am to 4pm 10 Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga


For more information call Jamie on 07 544 7711.

Metlifecare Greenwood Park 10 Welcome Bay Road Welcome Bay Tauranga 3112 Telephone: 07 544 7500


The Weekend Sun

New arena great venue for netball I was one of the thousands of people who attended the BOP versus Canterbury netball game at the TECT Arena on Saturday night. What a great venue it is. I had previously been to a Waikato-BOP Magic game at the QE2 centre. Comparisons should not be drawn between the two complexes as the TECT Arena is of course purpose built as a modern sports and events centre with modern technology allowing flexibility in room size and set up. Parking was easy and we certainly had no hold ups leaving after the game, unless of course you count the ignorant drivers who have never heard of “merge like a zip”. There were friendly, helpful staff available right from the front doors to guide people in the right direction. The game itself was well worth going to. To see BOP, the newcomers to the grade actually two goals up on Canterbury the current champions, in the first half was awesome. It was also great to

see new Silver Fern Anna Thompson in action. I urge local people to get off their couches and away from the tv or computer and get out to the TECT arena to see teams like our local BOP netball teams and hopefully the Magic next season, the Breakers with some of the Tall Blacks included, and the various concerts and events arranged so far. Where else can you have a great time for $10 per seat as the netball was. There is a fantastic weekend coming up with the Breakers on the Saturday and more BOP netball on Sunday. If we don’t support these games and other events then Tauranga just will not get them in future. Baypark is a lot closer than Rotorua or Hamilton. By the way I am not associated with Baypark so I am not trying to get them a free plug, I just want to be able to take my Mum and her friends to more events like this. Diane Jeffery, Tauranga.

Mumbo jumbo costs As a ratepayer I find it hard to believe that we paid $15,000 for a consultant to interpret what the NZTA was telling council, what they were proposing to do at the Welcome Bay roundabout, according to Faulkner’s Corner, it was all a load of mumbo jumbo and we paid $15,000 to have it changed into gobbledegook. 1. Do we not have a staff member who could interpret the NZTA, don’t we have roading engineers paid $100,000 per year who are capable of doing this work. 2. Can the Mayor Council and the C.E.O. not see that this sort of things is why very few people have any confidence in any of them, the $15,000 is a lot more than a lot of older people have to live on for a year, and they still keep putting up our rates, far higher than inflation. E.K.Mills, Tauranga.

Schools need cameras It is disastrous to see colleges, schools and kindergartens being targeted by thieves and vandals. I suggest these institutions invest in concealed infra red video cameras and recording equipment linked to movement sensors. The costs of these systems are very reasonable today. Lowered insurance premiums should cover these costs quickly. While it will not stop the low lives from stealing, at least their identification will be easier to establish. These pictures could then feature in both the print edition and the on line edition. Some people will be able to recognize the low lives and be able to name them. Name and shame would probably be the biggest deterrent for these criminals. David Tustain, Tauranga.

A much better paper

Spray and walk away When will we learn what the effects of agri chemicals are having on our whenua and the people who live on it? For 2 decades now we have poured poisonous sprays like Hicane and copper based agri chemicals on to orchards without any scientific tests done on their effects to human health. This was all in the name of increased yield. And now orchardists are paying the price and it’s called PSa. You can listen to all the hype and spin from so called scientists and experts in their field but I will take my advice from kaitiaki ki te whenua who tell me PSa is a cancerous manifestation caused from years of chemical abuse on the whenua that kiwifruit grow on. To throw more chemicals at PSa such as KeyStrepto, an antibiotic not only banned in many countries but held with serious human health risks is short sighted madness and warrants at least the level of concern of boobs on bikes. This is poison on people and unlike boobs on bikes where you had the choice to look or look away, we don’t have a choice to spray or walk away. Many within the Kiwifruit industry including Seeka are saying no to Keystrepto and so should we as concerned citizens of Tauranga Moana who want our tamariki of tomorrow to live healthy lives. When will we learn that Papatuanuku our Mother Earth, and the guardian of our whenua, is telling us to stop poisoning her? T. Kapai, Te Puna.

Tax obsessed government It was interesting to read the comments by several readers in the letters to the editor page, on Winston Peters, and what Simon Bridges had to blow his trumpet about, as if we are interested in his comments in the first place. What he should have said was that his government is the most tax-obsessed government yet, to name a just a few, GST, ACC. Registration fees. A possible levy on fuel, if my memory serves me right they have already imposed a three cent levy on petrol, with a suggestion that the next one would be in the vicinity of 10 cents. Can’t remember what it is for now, but one the average working man can ill afford any way, let alone the increased taxes that we are already burdened with. With Winston, you know where you stand, and he was upfront with any subject that he felt a concern about. This is a great opportunity for all members of grey power and those elderly that do not belong, to show their support for Winston in appreciation of what he has done, re the gold card and other concerns he had regards the aged and those, that where on the minimum wage as well. Think hard on that, before you vote for all these other useless articles, that call themselves politicians. Ivan Boyle, Greerton.

Congratulations to the Sun on the results of the readership ratings. This household for one is not surprised that The Sun is pulling even further ahead in readership ratings above all others in the region. Everyone we talk to says the same thing – the Sun is by far a much better paper all round. We read of the survey results on your most excellent Sun Live website during the weekend – yet another great product from the Sun team at the Strand. Sun Live has become a most informative regular ritual for us now, the news is so fast and accurate. I don’t know why anyone buys a paper anymore, Sunlive has it days ahead and without any sensational spin or beat ups. The free regular news alerts are extremely worthwhile. Thankyou Sun team, keep it coming! Nicholson family, Tauranga.

Letters: PO Box 240, Tauranga.

Sea & harbour views Quiet location Sky television Close to bowling & golf clubs Only 100m to beach Motel units from $85 double



This information can be viewed online at

The Weekend Sun’s guide to who’s playing and where.

Friday 9 September

Creative Tauranga Gallery Artist

Bernard Dobbie, paintings of Mauao Beach Rocks, Lifesaving boats in waves at Omanu, Mermaids on Rocks & more. 112 Willow St, Tga 9am - 4.30pm. The Best of New Zealand A group exhibition with 14 participants at Harrisons Art Gallery, 106 11th Ave. Starts today closes Oct 1. Gallery open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. Sat 10am - 2pm. 578 9322

Saturday 10 September Arataki Market St Mary’s Church

carpark, opp Baywave, Girven Rd, Bayfair 9am - 12pm. Eftpos on site. Craft stalls, plants, fresh seasonal produce etc. Sausage sizzle & Devonshire teas available. New stallholders welcome. Claire 575 3238 Balmoral’s Marching Team Ladies interested in joining this new team aged 20-50yrs welcome. Experience preferred but not necessary. Anita 571 4096 Brazilian Percussion Absolute beginners workshops every Sat 9.30-11am. No experience required. Instruments provided. Phil 021 075 4300 or Cactus & Succulent Society NZ BOP Branch, Thames Trip – market & Malgre Gardens. Entry $3, share cars. Greerton Orchid plus cactus show Sept 23-25. 544 1225

Forest & Bird Walk (Tauranga Branch) Rainbow Mountain plus

warm swim in Kerosene Creek (bring togs). Eddie 576 1849 Friends of the Libraries Mt Maunganui meeting 2pm. Special visit – Mount College. John Pringle has graciously opened the library & resource rooms. Don’t miss this opportunity to see a modern educational facility. All welcome. Genealogy Informal Group Who is your oldest relative? Patricia’s house, 316 St Andrews Drive, Bethlehem 1.30pm. 579 1538 Historic Village Bazaar & Market 17th Ave 9am - 2pm. Crafts, car boot sales etc. All shops open. Kevin 544 4518

Messianic Meeting: Ha Derech - The Way

Sharing The Truth, The Way & The Life together. All ages & backgrounds Jew & non Jew welcome. Every Sat 10am. Geoff or Pamela 570 1438 Moggies Market Memorial Hall Katikati 8am – 12pm. Plants, spray-free home produce, local crafts, home baking, recy-

News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene.

clables, knick knacks. Come & find a bargain. John 0274 534 050 Monster Week-Long Garage Sale Sept 10 - 17 at ‘The Blue House’ between Winz & Pet Essentials. Sat 7am - 1pm, Mon to Fri 10am - 2pm. We need: books, plants, furniture, bedding, curtains, toys, electrical goods, bric-a-brac & clothes, all in good condition. Bring goods to the Blue House or for pick up ph Shirley 577 1116. Money raised keeps volunteers on the streets in your neighbourhood doing day & night patrols. Mount Music Club Every 2nd Sat of month at Mount Senior Citizens Hall, 345 Maunganui Rd 1-4.30pm. All genres. May play own instrument with provided backing band. 576 0434 Mt Maunganui Sequence Dance Old time & sequence dance at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd 8-11.30pm. Theme: Colours of Spring. Live band, good supper. Entrance $8, members $7. All welcome. Organised by Mount Scottish Society. Elizabeth 544 5633

NPGHS Old Girls’ Assn (BOP Branch)

Spring lunch meeting 11.30am. All Old Girls welcome. Ngaire 574 2777 Opus Orchestra Peter Walls (NZSO) our regional orchestra Sept 17 7.30pm. Unmissable. At Graham Young Youth Theatre, Tauranga Boys’ College. Tickets at Baycourt 0800ticket. Door sales available. Children free. Steinway Showcase Baycourt Theatre 7.30pm, presented by Friends of Baycourt. Performances by “Estrella Quartet”, Santiago Canon Valencia, cellist, Rafaella Garlick-Grice, pianist, Andrew Leathwick, pianist & his chamber group Beethoven Clarinet Trio. Tickets at Baycourt or TicketDirect 577 7188 Tauranga Farmers Market Tauranga Primary School cnr 5th Ave & Cameron Rd every Sat 7.45am - 12pm. Trixie 552 5278 or

Tauranga Radio Sailing Club Sailing

Model yacht sailing every Sat 11am - 4pm & Weds 1.30-5pm at Lake Taurikura, Scoria Close, The Lakes, Tauriko.

Tauriko Playcentre Children’s Celebration



GUIDE The ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay.

The Weekend Sun

Tauriko Playcentre 9am – 12pm. Join us in a Playcentre session – the classic kiwi childhood experience. Free. Village on 17th Bazaar Market Every second Sat of month 9am – 3pm. Set up from 8am (no earlier access than this). All kinds of stalls welcome, craft, art, produce. $10 per stall. Graeme 543 9282 or 027 4496 960

Sunday 11 September

Bay Blokart Club Kaimai Blokart chal-

lenge at Baypark Land Sailing Arena next to TECT Event Centre. Racing starts 10am wind permitting. An event between Waikato & BOP Clubs & includes a team from Auckland. Use second entrance 400m down Truman Lane. Spectators/ new members welcome. All welcome. 027 391 8300 or Peter 0274 721 322. Bible Seminars Greerton Senior Citizens Hall, Maitland St, Greerton 1.45pm. Title: “Bible teaching on The Man of Sin - 2 Thessalonians 2”. Interactive, Q&A. Refreshments provided. All welcome. Vic 543 0504 BOP Treecrops Assn 246 Ruahihi Road, Lower Kaimai 1pm. Focus: gingkos & kauri collection. Supreme Ballance Award winner 2011. Elizabeth 549 2795 Coast Care Te Tumu Kaituna Meet at very end of Papamoa Beach Rd (closest to Maketu) 9.30am sharp to go through the locked gate and onto a very special dune area which has recently been fenced to exclude rabbits. We’ll be working with the owners to start replanting 2,000 pingao. Pim 0800 884 881 extn 8518 or email:

Holistic & Spiritual Community Centre

Presents Alan Willoughby, journey & theata healing, at Legion of Frontiersmen’s Hall, Elizabeth St 7-9pm. Join us for a night of fun & friendship. $5pp. All welcome. Leigh 218 0330 Jazz for Waipuna Fundraising concert – 7 bands. At RSA, Tauranga 4-8pm. Door sales $15. Katikati Tramping Club Tramp from the Tui mine to Franklin Rd. Car swap or transport to the start. Moderate tramp starts 8am. Peter 07 863 8781

Mount Maunganui Farmers Market

Every Sun 9am - 1pm in Phoenix car park, rain or shine. Home grown, home made, organic or spray free - fresh fruit & veges, breads, cheese, oils, plants & more. Downtown the Mount open 7 days. 575 9911 Omokoroa Lions Market Western Ave car park, Omokoroa 9am - 12pm. All stall holders & car boot sales welcome. Produce, crafts, anything. Only $5/5m space. Keith 548 2117 Otumoetai Tennis Club Open day for juniors 1-3pm. Come & have some fun. For returning & new players. All abilities. Karen 576 5796 or website

Reviews of DVDs, old and new, as well as other bits and bobs.

Stories, snippets, strangeness, and general entertainment.

Palm Beach Plaza Lions Market

7.30am - 12.30pm. Stalls must be set up by 7.30am. Great range of goods for sale including fruit & vege, arts & crafts. $10 per car space. 0272 593 120. Next market Sept 25. Petanque Every Sun, Tues & Thurs at Cliff Rd 12.45pm. Boules available, tuition given. 1st 3 visits free. Neita 572 3768 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Every Sun & Thurs at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to race electron class yachts. Graham 572 5419 Reddy & Ray’s Footy Tea Dance Bethlehem Hall 6-9pm. Reddy 578 2636 Singles Mix & Mingle 40+ Coffee afternoon at Zaggers Cafe, Chapel St 2.30pm. Looking for friendship or companionship? Join like minded individuals who want to meet new singles in a relaxed atmosphere. Gayle 027 439 3267 Sunday Bible Study Starts 10am. Fellowship/tea 10.45am. Sunday worship 11am. 1st & 3rd Sunday evening singing 6pm. Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton. 541 0388 Tauranga Country Music Club Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St 1pm. Members a plate please. All welcome. Practice night Sept 9 at Senior Citizens Hall 7pm. Merv 543 4400 Theosophical Society “Meditation & Stillness” introduced by Bert Esser, at Tauranga Yoga Centre, Elizabeth St West 1pm. Entry by donation to cover expenses. All welcome. June/Wanda 576 6106

Monday 12 September

Bethlehem Bowls Bethlehem Hall every

Mon 7.15pm. All ages & new players welcome. First 2 nights free. Wendy 578 2585 Body & Soul Fun Fitness For over 50’s, social events & occasional guest speakers Mon & Fri, Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church, 13th Ave. Weds City Church Otumoetai Rd. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. Men & women welcome. Dianne 576 5031 Dances of Universal Peace Legion of Frontiersmen’s Hall, Elizabeth St West 7pm. All welcome. Pat 533 3915

Fire Brigade Indoor Bowls Club

Handicap Singles 7pm at Greerton Hall, Cameron Rd. Colin 543 0326 Fitness League Tone & align your body, increase flexibility & stamina. First class

All Black

OUT THERE free. Mon at Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd & Tues at St Johns Anglican Hall, Seddon St, Waihi. Both 9.30am. Dorothy 549 3378 Meditation Free classes. Find the real meaning & purpose of your life. Bring out the peace & joy that exists inside you. Mon 10am & 7.30pm. David 576 9764 Otumoetai Indoor Bowls Aggregate Night, Matua Primary School Hall, Clivedene St 7.15pm. Fred 576 4607 Papamoa Branch of NZ Soc of Genealogists Meet 2nd Mon of month in Tohora Room, Papamoa Library 9.30am – 2.30pm. Modest door charge, BYO lunch, tea/coffee provided. Speakers & research material available. New members welcome. Mark 542 0204 Papamoa Progressive Assn Meet 2nd Mon of month in Tohora Room, Papamoa Library 7pm. Opportunities for members to discuss civic & community affairs with councillors & guest speakers. Learn about proposed & ongoing local & regional developments. New members welcome. Steve 542 1602 Recycled Teenagers Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Mon (no class Sept 12) & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga, Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues, St Mary’s Church Hall, cnr Girven Rd & Marlin St. All 9am - 10.30am. Taken by Heart Foundation phase 3 cardiac instructor. First class free. Jennifer 571 1411 Relationship Services Mon - Parenting Through Separation, free course for separating parents 10am - 12pm. Positively Me 4 Women - self esteem course for women 12.30-2.30pm. Blended Families, course for parents in combined household 7-9pm. ManMade, self esteem course for men 7-9pm. Tues - Parenting Through Separation 7-9pm. Weds - Sex, Drugs & Homework, course for parents of teenagers 7-9pm. Parenting for Success, course for parents of 2-12yr olds 7-9pm. Thurs - Parenting Through Separation Papamoa 10am - 12pm. Positively Me 4 women 7-9pm. 576 8392 Sequence Dance Class Modern sequence dance tuition & revision every Mon 1-3pm St Johns Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd, Otumoetai. $3pp. Gordon 573 4333 Sit and Be Fit Class Seated down class. Focused on balance, stability, aerobic, flexibility & strength. Tues 11.30-12.30pm at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 11am-12pm at Greenwood Park Village, Welcome Bay. 578 9272

Until 9 October

The imaginative life and times of Graham Percy Curated by Gregory O’Brien

New this week! Opens 10 September

Glen Hayward: For Want of a Nail Until 6 November

Kelcytaratoa:CrisisandIsolation Until 6 November

Floor talk about The imaginative life and times of Graham Percy by curator Gregory O’Brien. Sunday 18 September, 11.30am. Entry $5. Open daily 10am - 4.30pm


The Weekend Sun St Columba Indoor Bowling Club Club night 7.30pm, St Columba Hall, 502 Otumoetai Rd. New bowlers welcome. Ron 570 1570 Tauranga Badminton Club

Bethlehem College every Mon & Weds from 7.30pm. All players welcome. Friendly club. Racquets available. Sue 543 0035 or 021 194 4335 The Sociables Males/females 30’s/40’s age group. This week - movie night. 022 0120 376 YMCA - ALFS (Active lifestyle for seniors). Smooth Movers class Mon 8.45-9.45am & 10-11am at Matua Community Hall, Levers Rd. Also 9.1510.15 at Salvation Army Community Hall, Eversham Rd. Tues 9.15-10.15am & 10.30-11.30am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. Weds 9.15-10.15am Welcome Bay Hall, Welcome Bay Rd. Thurs 8.45-9.45am at Otumoetai Action Centre, Windsor Rd. Also 10.30-11.30am at Bethlehem Hall, Bethlehem Rd. Fri 9.15-10.15am at Papamoa Community Centre, Gravatt Rd. 578 9272

Tuesday 13 September Bereaved Parents Support Group

106 College Place, Tauranga 7.30pm. All welcome. Mary 544 3778 Depression Support Group Meet at Junction office, 4 Roys Road, Greerton 1-2pm. 579 9890 Excel Toastmasters Club Learn to be a competent communicator & get your message across. Meet 2nd, 4th & 5th Tues of month at Senior Citizen’s Hall, 345 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui 6.15pm. New members welcome. George 573 3943 Freestyle BMX Club Club night every Tues. Meet at 17th Ave Skate Park 4.30pm. A decision then made as to what skate park to go to. Participants must be 11yrs or older to join. Helmets are compulsory. Bring money for fish & chips. Check us out on facebook - key word BMX Inc. Paul 027 742 1756

Golden Kiwis Leisure Marching Team Meet weekly for exercise, fun & fellowship. No experience required for ladies 50+. Dorothy 579 5232

Inachord Ladies 4 Part Harmony Chorus

Every Tues at Wesley Methodist Church, 100 13th Ave 7pm. Have fun singing & make new friends. Loes 575 8929 Junior Badminton Club Otumoetai College Gym, all grades 5.30 - 7pm. Racquets available. Sue 543 0035 Katikati Support Group Coffee & chat for people with an experience of mental illness. At Katikati Resource Centre, Beach Rd 10am – 12pm. 579 9890 Mount Joggers & Walkers Beginners group, 10 week running programme aimed at getting people to run non stop up to summit of Mauao. Every Tues & Fri 9.15am at Scout Hall, May St, Mt Maunganui. 578 4493 Mount Morning Badminton Every Tues 9am - 12pm at Mount Sports Centre, Blake Park. Social, competitive, all ages, beginners welcome. Racquets available.

Visitors $5 per session, students $2. First day free. Margaret 575 9792 Shirley Club Classic Flyers 10am. Talk & demonstration. 544 3259

South City Indoor Bowls Club Inc

Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Box Drawn Mixed Pairs (Mounted Bowl). Ph Mary 541 0687 Stitching Servants Every Tues at Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton 10am. Card, quilt, bear making, knitting etc. 541 0388

Tauranga Astronomical Society

Observatory at Fergusson Park open to the public 7.30pm. Talk “Introduction to Astronomy” given with telescope viewing if weather permits. 576 5389

Tauranga Indoor Bowling Club

Progressive/Aggregate 7.30pm. Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St. New bowlers welcome. Ron 570 1570 Tauranga Toastmasters Tga Lyceum Club, 1st Ave Tues 7.15-8.45pm. Exterminate the butterflies, confidence building, improving public speaking & leadership skills. Alan 544 5989 Te Puke Kiwicoast Lions Meet 2nd & 4th Tues at Settlers Lounge 6pm. Pat 533 4345 Total Sleep Programme Are you, or is someone you know, fed up with not sleeping properly? Is lack of sleep affecting your life? For a permanent solution make sure you book for the 7 week Total Sleep Programme. Next one starts Sept 13 6.45pm. For an information brochure email: 570 3155 for info or

Wednesday 14 September

Bromeliad Meeting Yacht Club, Sulphur Pt 12.30-2.30pm. Speaker: Elizabeth Bailey - Easier way to grow types of orchids as companion plants for bromeliads. Plant of month: Aechmea recurvatas & hybrids. Sales table. Visitors welcome. Lynley 576 7711

Capoeira Classes: Beginners Welcome

Tauranga Weds 6-7pm & Sat 12.30-1.30pm, Legion of Frontiersman Hall, cnr Elizabeth St & Glasgow St. Mount Mon, Tues, Thurs 6-7.30pm, Mount Sports Centre, cnr Maunganui & Hull Rd. Kids class, Papamoa Primary School Hall. Kids from 4-6yrs 4-4.30pm. Kids 6+ 4.30-5.30pm. Tulio 576 2427 or CrissCross Playgroup Every Weds of school term at 25 Moffat Rd, Bethlehem 9.30-11.30am. Come join us for music & dancing. $2 per family. Please bring piece of fruit. Faith Bible College Public meetings every 2nd & 4th Weds of month at 749 Welcome Bay Rd 7.15pm start. Variety of speakers. Supper to follow. All welcome. 544 2463

Gate Pa Indoor Bowls

Greerton Hall 7.30pm.Tony Hammond Motors Open Fours Tournament. Names in book. Kevin 543 4044 Global Hearts Exercise Group Weds 2pm & Fri 11am. Provides group activities combined with health education that encourages members to live a

healthy & active lifestyle. Classes run by qualified instructor. Vikki 575 0470 or 0272 800 388 Katikati Herb Society St Paul’s Presbyterian Church Lounge, cnr SH2 & Mulgan St, Katikati. Making sleep pillows etc. All welcome. katikati/ Jenny 552 0697 Ladies Bible Study/Tea Every Weds 10am, Singing/Bible Class 7pm. Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton. 541 0388 ME/CFS Support Meeting Chadwick House, 250 Chadwick Rd, Greerton 10.30am. Subject: ‘Working with WINZ’. All welcome. 578 7804 Mount Badminton Club Social club night Weds 7.30-9.30pm at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd. All past & new players welcome. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529 Mount Junior Badminton Club Club night 6-7.30pm at Mount Sports Centre, Maunganui Rd. Keen players aged 8-15yrs welcome to come along for a night of fun & to learn the game. Janice 575 2438 or 027 201 0529

Orange City Square & Round Dance Club

Weds plus, Thurs club night & new dancers. Frontiersmen’s Hall 7.30pm. 543 1063 Otumoetai Tennis Club Registration for juniors 3.30-5pm. Want to play interclub or learn how to play tennis? Karen 576 5796 or or website Scottish Country Dancing Weds Senior Citizens Hall, Maunganui Rd. Fri Papamoa Primary School Hall, Dickson Rd. Both 7.30pm. 573 5055

Social Beginner Dancing Classes

Start Sept 14 at Tauranga Primary School Hall, 5th Ave 6pm & Sept 15 at Greerton Hall, 1247 Cameron Rd 6pm. Supreme Dance Centre, Sonia 543 2377 or 027 322 1786. Email Tauranga Floral Art Baptist Hall, cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd 1pm & 7pm. Visitors & new members welcome. Cecille 579 3209

Te Puke Free Meditation Classes

5 week course at the Settlers Lounge (Board room) next to the Library 7.30pm. Join in any time. Gain a new awareness to find peace, balance & the joy of life. David 576 9764

Te Puke Spiritual & Healing Centre

Palmer Place, Te Puke. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start. Speaker: Gary Chadwick - Healer. $4 donation. Russell 573 7933 Walking Group Age Concern walking group meet at Burger King, Fraser Cove 10am. All welcome. 578 2631

Thursday 15 September

Bay Fish & Reptile Club Meet every third Thurs of month at Natures Place, Historic village, 17th Ave, Tauranga 7pm. This month: brine shrimps/painting out 3d background. All welcome. Bay Salsa Salsa on the Strand. Intro class 8pm followed by social dancing at

Buddha Lounge. Great for fitness, social, no partner required. $2 entry (members free). All welcome. Happiness & Our Mind Drop-in Meditation Classes. Beginners welcome, classes are selfcontained so you can start any date. Cost $12 per class. Otumoetai Plunket, 59 Otumoetai Rd. Monthly classes, next class Sept 29 7-8.30pm. Fitness League Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for females. All ages & abilities, first class free. Thurs 9.30am Central Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave & Cameron Rd. Weds 10am at Katikati Memorial Hall. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 7170 Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Womens Chorus Meet Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 6.45pm. Sing for fun & health. Pam 578 3757 Simplee Cre8ive Creativity group for women at Papamoa Community Centre, Tohora Room 9.30am - 2.30pm. Scrap booking, art, sewing & more. Bring own lunch, tea & coffee supplied. $5pp.

Tauranga Heart Support Group

Fun, rehab exercise, social events & occasional guest speakers for those with or at risk of heart disease. Thurs 9.30-10.45am City Church, Otumoetai Rd. Men & women welcome. Cardiac Care leader Dianne 576 5031 Wanna Dance Rock & Roll Social rock & roll dancing to authentic music. Every Thurs at Senior Citizens Hall, end of Maitland St, Greerton 7.30-9.30pm. $2.50 entry. Peter 544 5556

Friday 16 September

Art of Living Course Three day transformational workshop at Otumoetai Primary Sept 16 6.30-10pm & Sept 17 & 18 10am - 2pm.

Course benefits: breathing techniques to eliminate stress & tension. Skills for improving relationships at home & work, tools to handle you mind & negative emotions. Ann 027 728 6012 Grey Power Coastal BOP & Districts Assn Inc at Community Centre/Library, Papamoa 1pm. Speaker: Alan Jones, referendum explain the different methods of voting, that we will be asked to vote on at the general election. Entry, raffle & afternoon tea $3. All welcome. Dorothy 574 7271 or email: His & Hers Home & Leisure Expo Open 10am - 5pm daily Sept 16-18 at TECT Arena, Baypark. Adults $10, Friday only two for $10. Under 13’s free. Over 150 exhibits. Great show prizes. Kids Fun Friday Every Fri at Tauranga Church of Christ, 1400 Cameron Rd, Greerton 3.30-5pm. Free Bible crafts, stories, puzzles, puppets, plays, skits, snacks & singing. 541 0388 The Magnificence of the Music Hall Holy Trinity Church, cnr 3rd Ave & Devonport Rd, Tauranga 11am. A miscellany of music, monologues & melodrama in a concert of spectacular singing. Presented by Operatunity.

Regular events see under the What’s On section. “What’s On” in the Weekend Sun is a free service for non-profit clubs and organisations. email julie@thesun. or fax 571 1116 or post to PO Box 240, Tauranga. Deadline 3pm Tuesday. Contributions should be less than 20 words.




The Weekend Sun

By Winston Watusi

Rugby, musicians and restaurants It has been a funny week. Perhaps it’s the sound of a nation holding its collective breath. There is no way that anyone in this country who watches television, listens to the radio or reads a newspaper could not be aware that the Rugby World Cup is starting tonight. From the morning story reading on National Radio to the pages of The Listener – a mere three All Blacks-focused articles this week – it’s all rugby. Shortland Street is planning to record extra scenes to slot into nightly episodes, reflecting the latest results. Amidst fears of possible defeat a national newspaper recently sought a psychologist’s advice on coping mechanisms. Charles Baudelaire once said: “I am unable

to understand how a man of honour could take a newspaper in his hands without a shudder of disgust.” But he probably wasn’t talking about rugby coverage. Just a bit grumpy. I myself am a keen consumer of newspapers. I cleave more closely to the line taken by Aneurin Bevan, who said: “I read the newspaper avidly. It is my one source of continual fiction.” And, if you looked hard enough amongst the prattling predictions of sporting glory, there were a couple of entertaining snippets of information to be gleaned from the press this week. The NZ Herald reported this week that Tiki

Taane, the singer arrested at Illuminati nightclub some months back after being accused of behaviour likely to incite violence, had charges against him dropped. Western Bay of Plenty Police Inspector Karl Wright-St Clair said Taane’s arrest resulted from a misunderstanding and that police now respected his right to express himself as an entertainer. That’s a rather brain-boggling statement. Police ‘now respected his right to express himself as an entertainer’. The police and Taane apparently had three mediation meetings, each lasting around three hours. They talked about the case for nine hours. And that’s what emerged? But who knows whether Inspector WrightSt Clair actually said that. After all it was just something in the paper. And it doesn’t compare to the funniest thing I read in print this week: from another newspaper, really was worth a chuckle. I guess everyone’s heard by now that AC/ DC drummer Phil Rudd is opening a restaurant in Tauranga where Spinnakers and The Lobster Club used to be and is remodelling it as Phil’s Place, to be opened later this month. Now I like Phil a lot; he’s a top bloke. He has, as I’ve mentioned before, been extremely generous to many people, particularly other musicians in Tauranga. He’s got great cars and I’m sure his restaurant will be terrific. Only the suggestion, repeated elsewhere, that he is opening Phil’s Place to “give something back to the community” is a little bizarre.

It is my understanding that people open restaurants to make money, and Tauranga isn’t exactly short of restaurants. They fight and they struggle and, since there are so many, places are regularly going under. Why opening a restaurant – even if you’re Phil Rudd – should be seen in such philanthropic terms escapes me. But wait. There’s an explanation in the article. The writer enthusiastically opines: ‘When Phil’s Place opens this month, Tauranga joins London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles for being a town you will fly to just to eat.” Wow. I’ll say it again backwards. Wow. London. Where Gordon Ramsey and Peter Gordon have restaurants. And Heston Blumenthal and Marcus Waring. Home to the famous Savoy Grill and Michel Roux Jr’s La Gavroche, where the clientele are so posh that waiters are instructed not to even make eye contact with customers. I understand Paris has the odd good eatery too. What will Phil’s place offer to compare to these international palaces of gastronomy? According to Phil it will be steak and seafood. “It is going to be known as the place you come to get a steak. There will be various cuts of steak on offer – fillet, rib-eye, porterhouse. I am talking steak that is off this planet. Kiwis love steak.” Phil’s right. I certainly love a good steak. But a rush to lengthen runways at Tauranga airport to accommodate the impending flood of food-tourism would seem premature.

In 2012, study Waiariki’s

BACHELOR OF NURSING Rotorua or Tauranga campus Applications are available now for Waiariki’s highly recognised and sought after Bachelor of Nursing qualification. Places very limited for 2012. Apply now.

Applications close on 31st of October 2011.

Call 0800 924 274 or visit


The Weekend Sun



Fantastic Not bad at all Dreadful


Damn fine Dubious

Thanks to Video Ezy Brookfield for the DVDs

Dir: Errol Wright, Abi King-Jones It’s ironic that this documentary was released during the same week all firearms charges against defendants arrested during the notorious Operation 8 were dropped – the raids upon activists throughout New Zealand and particularly on the Tuhoe people in the Urewera ranges. This is a documentary everyone should see. I can’t put it any more simply than that. It is eye-opening and deeply alarming, as reports and eye-witness accounts of the original raids give way to a wider examination of the complicity – wilfully malicious or simply blinkered – of the media, the government and the justice system in what, to put it very kindly, was a spectacularly misjudged action by the police. So Paul Walker and the babe spring Vin Deisel on his way to prison and they haul off to Rio with The Rock on their trail. In no time at all they’re at war with the local drug kingpin, getting the team back together and planning a $100 million heist. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s ). DepartFast & Furious 5 ( ing from formula, this sidelines the car racing to be more of a violent Ocean’s 11. The thieves are a lacklustre bunch, but Rio looks exotic and Dwayne Johnson’s hard-nosed DSS agent brings welcome energy to a film where the spectacularly destructive finale is more important than… well, anything really. The post-credit sequence promises further instalments. 2005’s Reeker scored points for verve, but few for originality: isolated young cuties were dispatched by a smelly hooded killer – but in a twist were revealed to be dead all along, killed in an earlier car accident. In No Man’s Land: there are The Rise of Reeker clear signs 20 minutes in that this is the same deal, just with different characters. Surely not. Who cares what happens if everyone’s dead anyway? What’s the point of a twist if you know what it is? Ignoring these questions writer/director Dave Payne makes an entertaining, if pointless, job of things. Everyone loves a good courtroom thriller, as the popularity of John Grisham thrillers attests. The Trial is likewise based on a best-selling book but, despite the efforts of lead lawyer Matthew Modine, the film never engages. Grief-ridden and suicidal after

Many people, from police chief Howard Broad to Labour deputy leader Annette King to the editor of the Dominion Post, emerge very poorly from this film. The suggestion is that this represented both deep seated racism and an overzealous attempt to stifle any sort of political dissent, fuelled by a paranoia that equates animal rights and peace activists with terrorists. It is a thesis that is hard to dispute on the evidence presented here. If you thought you lived in something resembling a free and open country, think again. This documentary offers ample evidence that the forces New Zealand has most to fear from are part of the establishment, not those struggling to change it.

the death of his family, he is forced by a judge to take “one last case”. There is little tension, the reveals come too late and the whole thing feels like a bland made-for-television pot-boiler. Griff The Invisible is the latest of a veritable new movie sub-genre: people pretending to be superheroes. Check Defendor, Super, Kick-Ass, et al. Here the dude who plays Sookie’s brother in True Blood is the harmless, but mentally troubled wannabe – donning the colourful garb of the titular masked crime-fighter with predictably mixed results. It’s a sweet low-key film, a creditable effort on a smallish budget, enjoyable but forgettable. In case Cohen fans overlooked it, there is a fantastic documentary revolving around Leonard Cohen’s 1972 European tour, Bird On A Wire . It’s a fascinating glimpse at the singer in his earlier years, mixing insightful interviews with some remarkable stage and backstage footage, particularly from a hair-raising concert in Tel Aviv.

Club Mount Maunganui Friday 9 – Helmet in the Bush. Mount RSA Friday 9 – Helen Riley. Saturday 10 – Tony Wellington. Sunday 11 – Harlequin 4.307.30pm.

The Crown and Badger Friday 9 – The Mixed Nuts. Saturday 10 – Shabang. Sunday 11 – The Blarney Band (Andy Craw & guests) 3-6pm. Thursday 15 – Chris Gunn and guests 8pm start.

Across No. 1234 6. Ski resort (SI) (5,6) 6. Month (5) 7. Mope (4) 11. Spiders (8) 8. Slaughterhouse (8) 13. Under cover (6) 9. Impudent (6) 14 Usual (6) 10. Deserved (6) 15. Flag (6) 12. Town (SI) (6) 16. Farewell (5) 15. Cause to be loved 18. Shape (4) (6) C G N E E B T B I E A S H P A I N K I L L E R K S M 17. Suspends (8) S T U F E K L O M R A C Y 19. Song (4) K E N O E I N T R O K A M E A D R D N G T X R I M A 20. Lake (NI) (11) M U R C H I S O N J K P M Down Y E L E OW I T O F A T O A O C D P O P O K A T E A 1. Most distant (8) O R A L I U G R T I I M K 2. Stable (6) A E C U L T R A I R O A M T W I N E L I N I WO I K 3. Rotate (6) A A C C H A N G E A B L E 4. Island (NI) (4) F E T H E Y E E O Y T S R 5. Applaud (6) Solution 1233

M O V I E S With Rialto

Win Win (M) Contains offensive language Friday Sept 9 - Wed Sept 14 131 Jellicoe Street, Te Puke. EARLY SCREENINGS!


Comedy-drama from the director of The Visitor and The Station Agent, about Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti), a down on his luck attorney who moonlights as a high school wrestling coach in order to support his family. When the runaway son of one of Flaherty’s elderly clients arrives in town, Flaherty takes him under his wing and discovers the boy has the potential to be a star wrestler. Things start to turn around for the pair, until the boy’s mother (New Zealand actor Melanie Lynskey) shows up, fresh out of rehab, flat broke and threatening to derail everything.

Capitol Cinema 4

(M) Contains Adult Themes.

Holding at No. 1 in the US Box Office for 3 weeks! Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek. Based on the New York Times bestselling novel, Emma Stone stars in this story of 3 extraordinary women in the American deep South in 1962. on MEGASCREEN. Fri 2:00, 5:15, 8:10pm. Sat 11:45, 5:00, 8:00pm. Sun 11:20, 2:20, 5:20.



Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde. Comedy where a father accidentally switches bodies with his best friend. Fri 1:30, 6:10, 8:35. Sat 3:40, 8:30pm. Sun 1:05, 5:45. Mon 3:40, 8:15pm. Tue 1:30, 6:00, 8:20pm. Wed 3:40, 8:25pm.

HANNA (M) Violence & Offensive Language.

Win Win is now showing at Rialto Tauranga. The Weekend Sun has two double passes to give away to the lucky readers who can tell us who is the Kiwi actor in this film? Enter online at under the Competitions section. Entries must be received by September 13.


(M) Contains Adult Themes.



Drug Use, Sex Scenes & Off Language.



Info line 573 8055

Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana. A 16-year-old is raised by her dad to be the perfect assassin. Fri 3:50, 8:30. Sat 1:20, 6:10. Sun 3:25, 8:10pm. Mon 6:00. Tue 3:50, 8:10. Wed 8:10pm.

Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Judi Dench, Sally Hawkins, Jamie Bell. A mousy governess who softens the heart of her employer soon discovers that he’s hiding a terrible secret. FINAL DAYS! Fri 1:30, 6:00pm. Sat 3:50, 8:15pm. Sun 5:45pm. LARRY CROWNE (M) Offensive Language. Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts. Tue 1:35. Wed 6:05pm. FINAL WEEK!


HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 (3D) (M) Supernatural Themes & Violence Sat 11:00am. Sun 3:00pm. Mon 8:00pm.



(PG) Low Level Violence.

Jack Black, Angelina Jolie. Sunday 11:00am.

CARS 2 (3D)

(PG) Coarse Language.

Adventure, Comedy. Animation. Saturday 11:00am.





Contains Offensive Language, Drug Use & Sexual Content That May Offend.

Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx Sun 8:20pm. Mon 8:20pm. Tue 2:00, 6:20. Wed 6:20pm.


(G) Jim Carrey Comedy. Fri 4:00pm. Sat 1:45pm. Sun 11:00, 1:00pm. Mon 6:00pm. Tue 3:55pm. Wed 4:00pm.

MRS. CAREY’S CONCERT (PG) Coarse Language. Doco. Karen, the Music Director at a Sydney Girl’s High School, puts on a concert every 2 years at the Sydney Opera House (M) Fri 4:10, 8:15pm. Sat 12:00, 6:10pm. Sun 11:30, 3:45pm. COWBOYS & ALIENS (M) Contains Violence. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford. Sun 8:05. Wed 6:00. Contains Violence. James Franco. Sat 2:45. Mon 3:50, Mon 6:10pm. Tue 4:05pm. Wed 8:30pm. 6:10pm. Tue 4:05, 8:30pm. Wed 3:50, 8:30pm. INCENDIES (R16) Violence & Content That May Disturb. BEYOND (R16) DRAMA BILLY T: TE MOVIE (PG) Contains Drug References. Oscar Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, 2011. Contains Violence, Domestic Violence & Offensive Language. Fri 1:40pm. Sat 1:50, 8:00pm. Sun 1:20, 5:50pm. Documentary celebrating NZ comedian, Billy T . Swedish drama. Fri 6:20. Sat 4:15. Sun 8:20pm. Mon 3:45pm. Tue 1:40, 7:50pm. Wed 6:05pm. Sat 6:15pm. Mon 3:55pm. Tue 6:10pm. Mon 8:00pm. Tue 6:00pm. Wed 3:45pm.


The Weekend Sun

Supporting those at sea The volunteer Coastguard is valuable when it comes to water rescues.

The Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard is the second largest unit in the country, but it is also a non-profit organisation that relies heavily on membership and fundraising initiatives. Manned almost entirely by volunteers, the Coastguard is holding its major fundraising initiative this year with a special Travel Raffle during the period of September 9 until October 24. Operations manager Simon Barker says during the last 12 months, Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard’s radio operators and boat crews completed close to 50,000 volunteer hours and have handled approximately 140

incidents – some of which involved the police, Port Company, surf lifesaving clubs and neighbouring Coastguard units. Simon says the radio operators are available for calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have handled approximately 25,000 radio calls. Travel Raffle tickets are limited to 4000 tickets, so get in quick for some great travel prizes. Winner of first prize gets to chose between an eight day Pacific Island Cruise for two or a trip for two to Samoa, including accommodation at Aggie Greys. Second prize is a trip for two to Sydney, including flights and accommodation and third prize is a night for two at Sky City Hotel which includes breakfast and a gift basket.

Coastguard would like to thank Brigett Turner of NZ Travel Brokers and Sky City Hotel for their support. Tickets are $5 per ticket or three for $10 – a reasonable price to support a service that saves lives at sea. Tickets are available at various locations around Tauranga or you can purchase tickets by phoning the Coastguard 07 578 5579 or visit Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard will also have a stand at the His & Hers Home & Leisure Expo from September 16 to 18 at the new TECT Arena, Baypark. For any enquiries or sponsorship opportunities please phone Simon Barker 07 578 5579.

Speaking confidently and effectively Join others in a friendly and supportive environment, with the same goal of being an excellent public speaker with a course to boost confidence in public speaking beginning Tuesday, September 27. Each week you will be inspired to accept new challenges, including preparing and presenting several speeches.

Participate in impromptu speaking seasons know as Table topics – the 60 second, pickup tips on how to prepare a speech, delivery techniques, including vocal variety and gestures, props, visual aids and most importantly how to listen to others. Speech Craft Course coordinator Lani Christensen says the most remarkable thing about a Speech Craft course is that “it will change your life and it only takes four weeks”. “It gives your confidence a huge boost; you could be heading for a new and exhilarating career and when you receive your course completion certificate your self esteem just sky rockets.” Lani says previous participants initially think “no way, this is way

out of my comfort zone”. “But once you get underway you think ‘wow, this is great’, a really good eye-opening learning process, educational, but in an awesome supportive atmosphere.” Speech Crafters are encouraged to continue their journey and join a Toastmasters Club. There are six toastmasters clubs in Tauranga, plus one in Te Puke and another in Katikati, all providing an atmosphere that will help overcome any fears and make speaking less of a challenge and more of an occasion to achieve. The next course starts on Tuesday, September 27 at the Tauranga Lyceum Club, 68 1st Avenue, commencing at 7pm for two hours, includes snacks and refreshments.

Objecting to new ideas

Don’t find a fault; find a remedy. - Henry Ford It is very tempting to express the objections we may have to a new idea when we believe it won’t work. It is easier to respond in this way. Coming up with an alternative requires more effort. Would it sometimes be a better choice to say nothing when you don’t have an alternative to present? If you would like to find out more phone Mary Parker for a complimentary session 07 577 1200, email or visit www.


The Weekend Sun

they all mean and which ones uired to pay?

ouncil's main source of income for providing and maintaining vices for residents throughout the District. Our rating system is provide for both District-wide and localised activities. Localised typically defined by an area of benefit. This generally includes ties that could benefit from the services being provided.

operty owner pays the following d charges - collectively these make ct-wide rates:

e Rate is based on capital value and is used to cover costs with the day-to-day running of Council operations.

nual general Charge (uagC) eable property, owners are required to pay a UAGC - for 2011/2012 0. This money is used for the same purposes as District Rates.

ary Charge rty owner pays this charge, which is used to fund library ughout the District.

rty owner pays a Roading Rate and a Roading Charge. Rural ners are also required to pay a Rural Works Charge, which is roading projects in rural areas.

tal Protection Charge d charge per property. The income is used to pay for Council protect the environment and community health, including a wastewater and solid waste costs and environmental planning.

Subdivision Charge This is a fixed charge on properties in the process of being subdivided, as at 30 June each year. For information on financial contributions associated with subdivision, please refer to fees and charges information available on Council’s website or at any of Council’s offices.

gibraltar Water Scheme This charge is paid by all properties receiving water from the scheme as identified by the scheme's directors.

Talisman Drive Development Charge Property owners in Katikati Ward are required to pay this charge to cover works associated with the development of Talisman Drive.

katikati Promotion All separate rateable properties in the Katikati Ward pay this charge (commercially-zoned properties in the Katikati Community Board area are required to pay an additional rate) which is used to fund the promotion of Katikati.

Te Puna Library All properties in the Te Puna school catchment area are required to pay this charge, which contributes to operating costs of the Te Puna library.

katikati Resource Centre Charge Properties in the Katikati and Waihi Beach wards are required to pay this charge to fund the operation of this community facility. katikati Town Centre Development Property owners in Katikati Ward are required to pay this charge to fund town centre activities. Omokoroa greenwaste This is a fixed charge per property in the Omokoroa Community Board area to fund the greenwaste disposal facility. Omokoroa Town Centre Property owners in the Omokoroa Community Board area are required to pay this charge to fund town centre activities.

Water and Wastewater If your property receives Council water and/or wastewater services, or is located in an area where these services are available, you are required to pay a service/availability charge.

Pukehina Development fund Pukehina property owners are required to pay this charge for the development of infrastructure.

Wilson Road upgrade This is a charge on all properties in the Waihi Beach Ward and an additional charge on commercial properties in the Wilson Road area.

Recreation If your property is located in Katikati, Te Puke or Maketu ward, you are required to pay this charge to cover costs of swimming pools in your area.

Property owners in the area of benefit will be required to pay a capital charge based on a 50% charge for the first year (2011/2012).

Resort Pacifica Capital Sewerage Charge Every separate rateable property within Resort Pacifica is required to pay this charge to enable connection to Council's sewerage reticulation system.

board Rate uired to pay this rate if your property is located in a Community It is a fixed charge on each rating unit within that Community

Solid Waste This is a fixed charge per property, based on location. It covers costs for solid waste facilities across the District, including transfer stations and ongoing remedial work at closed refuse tip sites.

hall the vicinity of a community hall, this is the amount you pay oing operating and maintenance costs.

Stormwater You are required to pay a stormwater charge if your property is situated in a defined stormwater catchment.

about your rates

Waihi Land Drainage Properties in the Little Waihi area, which benefit from drainage works, pay this charge.

Pukehina beach Protection Charge Pukehina property owners are required to pay this charge to fund Pukehina Beach protection works.

ng on where your property is situated, also be required to pay one or more llowing:

2011 2012

Waihi beach Coastal Protection Charge Depending on the location of a property in the Waihi Beach Ward, property owners will be required to pay the following charges: • Beach front behind the rock revetment, in the defined area of benefit: $1,376.00. • In the defined area of benefit for dune work: $648.00. • In the defined area of benefit for dune works and Three Mile Creek works: $641.00. • Beyond the defined areas of benefit: $10.00. For more information on these charges please refer to Council’s website:

neW rate: maketu/little Waihi Wastewater


if you require further information or have any questions about your rates please phone our customer services team on:

07 571 8008

or visit your nearest library and service centre:

te puke library & service Centre, Jellicoe street, te puke omokoroa library & service Centre, mcDonnell street, omokoroa Katikati library & service Centre, main road, Katikati Waihi beach library & service Centre, Waihi beach road, Waihi beach

56748 ©Western Bay of Plenty District Council

s anD CHarges

people • plan • progress

focus Te Puke All separately rateable properties in the Te Puke and Maketu wards pay this charge (commercially-zoned properties in the Te Puke Community Board area are required to pay an additional rate) which is used to fund the promotion of Te Puke.

yOu CaN Pay yOuR RaTES ONLiNE aT:

74 jellicoe Street, te



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trades & services

The Tree Man FREE QUOTES Ph: 577 6433 or 027 307 3777


• Cuts Trees, Shrubs & Hedges • Prompt Service • 20yrs Experience

Interior Furnishings

Personal service in your home with samples to compliment your existing interior. All curtaining and upholstery requirements can be taken care of.


Phone Amber from Stratford Interiors 0800 SINTERIORS (746 837)

• Specialised personal service from your local technician Alison Steve To: ________________________________ Time:________________ Date:__________________ From: ____________ • Authorised service for Fisher & Paykel, ELBArevisions: and Haier appliances

advertising proof


A M E L CK y Co


P R I 576226KL7E PRIC 0800


job: T88368

size: 6 x 1


run date

2011 format: solo



cost +gst

1 2 3

your contact:

Alison Adcorp New Zealand Ltd tel: (07) 927 8700 fax: (07) 927 8717


rick www.p










please no

this advertisem understanding In approving t

client’s respo

accuracy of bo the media and

approved by signature:

The Weekend Sun

trades & services






for sale

Great Specials at Farmlands!


Castrol Oil Agri MP Plus SHAREHOLDER PRICE $

Time 2 Shine


Cydectin Pour On 2.2L SHAREHOLDER PRICE $


KBL WT120 Water Trough

Farmlands Trading Society Limited FAR20655



NRM Peck N Lay 25kg SHAREHOLDER PRICE Tauranga (07) 578 4049 Te Puke (07) 573 7216 Te Puna (07) 552 5072



While stocks last. All prices include GST. Valid until 30th September 2011.

46 travel & tours

public notices

The Weekend Sun to rent

cars wanted

For all your trave l ne eds Harvey World Travel Downtown the Mount 149 Maunganui Road Phone: (07) 572 3040

0800 382 828 house for sale

VEHICLES WANTED CARS WANTED – GET TOP CASH TODAY Any make and model, petrol or diesel

HIACE • HILUX • LANDCRUISER VANS • UTES • 4WD • ANY TRUCKS Free removal 24/7 • All conditions accepted

3 3 3 3


Please support your local buyer . . .

We pay up to $10,000 on the spot!

0800 30 50 40

public notices

public notices

Hon Tony Ryall

Sandra Goudie

Simon Bridges

Todd McClay





Ph: 07 578 0175

Ph: 07 868 3529

Ph: 07 579 9016

Ph: 07 348 5871


The Weekend Sun karaoke hire

health & beauty

horse treks adult entertainment

$$$$ MONEY for Spring. Corporate Angels Escort Agency. Ladies and Gay Males welcome for our extremely busy season. Apply in confidence to Allan 021 606 180

adult entertainment

art & craft

health & beauty

Corporate Angels Ladies and gay males required for our busiest $100 season. ½ hr


Boutique Parlour

AT KATIKATI MOSAICS we run mosaic classes to suit, either day or evening. Everything supplied. Ph 549 4048 or FELTMAKING AND TEXTILE Art Workshops see www. for information or call in to the shop see samples and discuss your wish list/project with Rosemary. We are at the Historic Village 17th Ave Ph. 07 985 6232 email


Phone 579 0085 or 021 606 180

art & craft

GLASS FUSING 24th September 1pm - 3.30pm. An introduction to the art of fusing glass. Make your own jewellery pieces or a coaster. These items are fired overnight. We even take the notes for you, so you can concentrate on the design and making. $46. per person + materials. Warning: This is addictive! Leadlight Expressions, Historic Village, 17th Ave Ph 571 3726 MOSAIC WAREHOUSE want to decorate your home & garden, make gifts for family & friends. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, all your mosaic supplies in one shop. Huge selection available. Making mosaics is easy & so much fun. Give it a go, you’ll love it. Unit 29, 23 Tukorako Drive, Mount (off Hull Rd) Tues to Sat 10am2pm eftpos Ph 572 3866

bible digest

“BUT THE LORD is the true God; he is the living God, the eternal King. When he is angry, the earth trembles; the nations cannot endure his wrath.” Jeremiah 10:10


boats for sale

CANADIAN CANOE, FIBREGLASS. Stable and fast. Built in buoyancy, two paddles. Superb duckshooting boat, easily handled two blokes with a dog. Or just cruising around the beach or river. Great for family to get out on the water together. Huge carrying

boats for sale

capacity and very seaworthy. Can deliver within Western BOP. Room desperately needed in shed. $300 ono. 0274 996 747 POWERBOAT - GROOVY LITTLE two seater. Former single seat racer, converted to a 2 seater, or three with small bums. Has been run with a 30hp Yamaha, and currently with a 20hp Honda. Hull in excellent order. Very fast, fun and cheap to run. Trailer needs a bit of work, but okay for a beach trolley. Not warranted. But could be. Will sell with or without near new 20hp Honda. $500 ono for hull and trailer. Or $8500 for the lot. 0274 996 747 STAND UP PADDLEBOARD Red Air, 11ft inflatable paddleboard, with pump and take apart paddle. Brilliant accessory for yacht or launch. Only used three times for demo. Just the thing for your summer cruising or messing about at the beach. Great for surfing small waves and exploring the coastline and waterways. Can be paddled standing up, kneeling or sitting; or even lying down like a surf board. Incredibly rigid when inflated, but packs down to easily stow. New these are $1300. This one, $900. 0274 996 747

caravans for sale

1977 17ft VAGABOND reasonable condition. Suitable for a sleepout. $4500. Ph 07 544 1283

cars for sale

1997 MAZDA 626 GLXI sedan, NZ new, A/C, stereo, airbag, new cambelt. $5990. Ph Clayton Knight Cars 542 0387

appliance servicing

funeral director

situations vacant

They say goodbye is the hardest word. So to help you with your goodbyes, we’d like to say ‘hello’. Because we’ve been around for over 100 years, many Bay of Plenty families already know us. Generations have relied on us to bring family and friends together, to celebrate lives, to share treasured memories and to care for recently departed loved ones.

Caring. Locally. Since 1909. Chris Andrews & David McMahon Registered Funeral Directors

578 4009

cars for sale

2000 FORD LASER sedan, 5 speed, 1300cc, 52000kms, airbags, ABS, A/C, CD stereo, silver. $6990. Ph Clayton Knight Cars 542 0387 2001 TOYOTA SPACIO 1500cc, 7 seater, new shape, hatch spoiler, CD stereo, 73000kms, airbags, ABS, A/C. $10990. Ph Clayton Knight Cars 542 0387 2005 NISSAN WINGROAD s/ wagon, 1500cc, VVTI, auto, airbags, ABS, A/C, CD stereo, 74000kms. $12990. Ph Clayton Knight Cars 542 0387


COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s, tuition or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183 VIRUS & SPYWARE REMOVAL Upgrades, servicing and repairs Free call out and quotation New power supply $70 fitted Motherboards From $100 fitted. All work has 12 month warranty. LAPTOPS from $300 DESKTOPS from $125 WANTED faulty pc & laptops Call Crystal Computing Tel: 07 579 5860 / 021 156 0055 COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Free call outs and delivery. Software and hardware issues. We also install TV’s and home theatres. Ph Kyle 027 828 7078 at TechSolutions

computer services

48 flatmate wanted

FLATMATE WANTED Welcome Bay, $80 wk inc power. 027 368 6792 or 544 3274

for sale

AMAZING SELECTION OF salt lamps at brilliant prices. Each with dimmer. Helps improve breathing. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 CAMELLIA CLEARANCE large range of sizes including standards. 1656 SH2 Papamoa opposite Black Stump. Phone 542 0793. No Eftpos CANE 2 SEATER folds down into double bed $200 Ph 576 9831 or 021 769 831 CONCRETE SLEEPERS everlasting and realistic, from $9.00 each. Village Stone, 53 Hull Rd. Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 FRESH FRUIT AND VEGE Lettuce $1.99ea Broccoli only $1.99ea Carrots 99cents kg Swedes 99cents kg While stocks last.CITY MARKETS, Cnr Willow and Hamilton Streets, Downtown Tauranga. Ph 07 577 0270 FRESH FRUIT AND VEGE Fuji Apples 99cents kg Pacific Rose Apples 99cents kg. NZ Oranges $1.99kg While stocks last. CITY MARKETS, Cnr Willow and Hamilton Streets, Downtown Tauranga. Ph 07 577 0270 HEALTH AND FASHION performance in sports. Meridian stress management. The incredible Shuzi. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 PAVERS Factory seconds, half price. 53 Hull Rd Mt Maunganui. Ph 575 4887 WING PADDLES Brand new, used twice in demos. Rochfort, carbon shafts and blades. Pair would suit double kayak, racing or fast cruiser or will sell separately. $300 each. 0274 996 747


GOOD FILL free to take away now. 12 Aurora Avenue, Welcome Bay. Phone Hunt 544 4858


$80 LANDSCAPE CONSULTATION. Need help with landscaping and gardening ideas? I am now taking bookings


for landscape consultations. Phone Carolyn 579 4984 or 022 069 7033 GARDENER AVAILABLE Pruning, spraying, weeding, rubbish removal. Ph Tracey on 578 9779 for a free quote GARDENER with chainsaw, weed eater & hedge trimmer. All Tools. Seeks work. Phone 57 00 539 GENERAL GARDEN maintenence landscapes and rubbish removal. Ph 579 4984 or 027 5155 746 I NEED YOUR unwanted native plants for a wildlife habitat project. Kowhai, Rewarewa seedlings, Flax cuttings etc, FOC please. Text or phone Richard on 027 262 4116

health & beauty

100% NATURAL UNIQUELY New Zealand, Living Nature Body Lotion. Pamper yourself. Free body wash with each purchase. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 CLAIRVOYENT COUNSELLOR, Registered Natural Healer (visit Rainbow Rose www. Psychic readings (30yrs exp.), crystals, aromatherapy massage. Appts - Rose 021 0758 040 or FREE 2 HOUR health & wellness seminars. Learn how balanced nutrition can help you. for details. KEEP YOUR JOINTS HEALTHY with Microgenics Glucosomine 1500 complex. Proven clinical results with 1500 strength. Save $10 off every 180 tabs. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 LOSE WEIGHT FEEL GREAT! Join a ‘New Look’ clinic in your area. Healthy eating with real food. Ph Bernice NOW 576 4848 MULTI VITAMIN SOLGAR VM 2000 high potency multi nutrient system with chelated minerals and herbs. Tops in absorption. Buy 90 tabs and save $5. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL and antiviral fighter Comvita Olive Leaf extract in natural or peppermint flavours. Get free Olive Leaf liquid oral spray with each purchase. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333.

Keeping Kiwis Independant

health & beauty

NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products. Something for everyone. NZ Chartered Natural Therapies and Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 and ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT health-promoting supplements. Flax Seed Oil from NZ Botanicals. Long list of healthy benefits. Save $5 on every 500ml purchase. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 PREPARE YOURSELF FOR summer. Spend $50 on Celebrity Slim and receive one chocolate fudge and one berry fudge flavoured meal bar free! Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333 WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT and body fat? New green coffee bean extract Svetol from Good Health. Proven clinical results. Gradual weight loss is best. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333

house for sale

A FANTASTIC 3 bedroom home, warm and cosy with a fireplace and full insulation. Fenced on a 716m2 section, situated within easy walking distance to Brookfield shops, schools, parks. Separate single garage with power. Located in a quiet cul-de sac in a great neighbourhood. Only $330,000 please phone Kathy on 027 211 9193 FANTASTIC LIFESTYLE BLOCK AT PIKOWAI Within easy commuting to Tauranga, Te Puke and Whakatane this 4 bedroom brick home is in paradise! Beautiful sea and rural views 6 acres grazing land, horse pens, heaps of shedding, butchery and chiller for own use single garage with sleepout/ office big games room or can be converted to extra double garage, chook house, drenching race for the cattle. 11.5 x 4.5 metre in ground swimming pool which is fully decked and fenced. This is a beautiful home and comes with a share in the community woolshed, tennis courts and cattle yards. Own water scheme. Fantastic community to belong to - be in quick! Price of house has been slashed! to $550,000 - urgent sale. Ph 027 281 7427 today.

House sitting

HOUSE SITTING Mature couple (60+) Urban or Rual. Preferably Papamoa / Te Puke are, including Xmas. Contact Rob 027 280 6014 / 575 5743

lifestyle coaching

BALANCED SUCCESS Moving beyond average. Ph Chris at Balanced Success Coaching 027 548 2548


MOBILITY SCOOTERS, wheelchairs, walkers & more. Visit our showroom, 29 Burrows St, Tauranga, ph 578 1213. Mobility Equipment & Services. ‘Supporting your independence’


GET THE MALENESS ROARING! Natural libido stimulants Pro-Erex and Testo 19. GREAT results reported. Hardy’s Health Bayfair, Hardy’s Organic Papamoa. 0800 833 333


FREE REMOVAL unwanted steel, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, fridge/ freezers, car batteries, etc. Phone Breno 021 608 129 Or 544 6560

to let

CARAVANS heated, special winter rates from $30pw. Free local delivery. BOP Caravan Rentals Ltd, 184 Waikite Rd, Welcome Bay. Phone 544 1509 or 027 533 9301

trades & services

ALTERATIONS & NEW HOMES qualified builders & joiners with references available. Proform Construction, 130 Newton Street, Mount. Ph 07 574 9135 BUILDER 30 YEARS experience in BOP. Fences, decks & maintenance work. For a reliable service and a free quote, Ph Keith today on 578 6869 or 021 377 387 BUILDER AVAILABLE NOW New homes, renovations, bricklaying, quality rates, quality work. No job too big or small. Call me now for a quote. DK Builders - Dieter 021 474 299 or 574 2139 a/h BUILDER EXPERIENCED New homes, repairs & alterations. Bathrooms, decks, fences. Trade qualified. Ph Warren 543 2040 or 021 021 98 196

The Weekend Sun

trades & services

BUILDER / PAINTER qualified carpenter. Labour only $30p/h. Ref available. Ph Mark 544 4177 or CHIMNEY CLEANING For prompt service. B.O.P Chimney Sweep 07 543 2669 evenings. 0275 449 505 anytime ELECTRICIAN Able to do all jobs. Alarms, New Houses and renovations. Registered. Quality service at great price. Phone Tomas, Check Electrical 07 544 6448 or 027 566 7872 ELECTRICIAN affordable and prompt electrical solutions. Guaranteed friendly and professional service. Ph Steve today on 027 848 6042 or 578 0555 ELECTRICIAN available for all services. Mitsubishi air conditioner supplied and installed for very competitive rates. Ph 027 5473 831 or a/h on 543 0062 FENCING WORK, DECKS, pergolas, timber retaining etc. More than 16 years exp. Quality work, immediate start and competitive rates. Phone Daneby 574 4259 or 027 615 0432 GORSE SPRAYING do you have a gorse problem? Ph today for a FREE quote for all gorse control. Scott 0274 624 769 GUTTERING CLEAN and repairs, moss removal. Experienced Certified Roofer. Free quotes. Ph Peter now 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 HANDYMAN FOR A wide variety of building, maintenance and repairs etc.. in and around your property. Phone Mark 021 027 38840 or 543 3670 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Contact Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 PAINTER AVAILABLE free quotes. Experienced. Reasonable rates. Ph Warren 07 543 2040 or 021 021 98 196

trades & services

PAINTER / DECORATOR Interior & Exterior, quality workmanship, friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PLUMBING WORKS no job too big or small, blocked drains, plumbing, spouting & roof repairs. Ph 571 5558 RESPOUT NOW! Call Ageless Continuous Spouting. Made to measure costs less than you think. For a prompt quote. Ph 574 0496 RETAINING WALL SPECIALIST Pole walls, crib walls, tilt slab concrete walls. Excavation and levelling. The best in the business. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 a/h 576 0941 ROOFING & SPOUTING Metal fascia, gutter and rainwater systems. Long run corrugate. Maintenance, repairs or replacement. Free no obligation quotes. PROFIX 0274 965 375 ROOFING New roofs, re-roofs, spouting & repairs. Free quotes. Ph Chris 027 276 6348 or 572 3237 ROOF REPAIRS metal or onduline, gutters & down pipes, clean or replacement, chimney repairs. Certified Roofer over 30yrs experience Free quote. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 0274 367 740 ROTARY HOEING Lawn preparation & sowing. Loader & blade work. Tractor mowing. Quality work & friendly service. Mini Tractor Service. Ph Murray 543 4538 or 027 200 7480 SHAPAZ BUILDING for all your building needs, trade qualified, new homes, alterations, decks/ fences. Ph Tai for a no obligation quote. 577 1802 or 021 997 409 S.P.A BEAD BLASTERS Metal Restorers Aluminium, brass, stainless steel. Specialising in motorcycle and car parts. Ph Steve 571 0511 or 021 025 36513 STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & prompt service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 0220 764 245 TIMBER RETAINING WALLS, Decks and all types of fencing. Excellent work at a competitive price. Ph Clive 021 0482 833 or 552 6510

trades & services

TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING Best Buzz in the Bay, Gift Vouchers. Ph 576 7990 TREE FELLING, PRUNING & Removal/chipping. No job to big or small. Phone Scott 0274 624 769


DRIVING MISS DAISY, relief for busy families, let us take care of the transportation of your parents to appointments or outings. Safe, friendly, reliable service. Phone Jackie 552 6614

travel & tours

CURTISY TOURS TRAVEL club Upcoming day and away trips:Raglan, Kawerau Wood Fest, Tairua/ Whangamat, Catlins/Lower South 10 days. Wairarapa 5 days, Christmas Northland and many more phone 07 543 9205 SCOTTSDALE SENIOR TOURS, fully escorted owner/operated since 1978. Ph free for colour brochure today 0800 664 414. Also see www.scottsdaletours. SMALL GROUP TOURS. Door to door service/pick up. Day trips away or enjoyable short holidays. Ph Kae & Rick 575 8118


GERMAN LESSONS Interested in learning German? Study with Alexandra, a qualified German teacher. Try a free lesson with Alex: nzgermanlessons@yahoo. PIANO TUITION modern styles, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Rock. Experienced teacher. Ph (07) 218 8001 or 021 267 6033


WANTED TO RENT Garage for dry storage needed by retired couple. Must be lockable and secure. Payment in advance. Western Bay of Plenty. No Power required. Long term preferred Ph 021-047 5807 WE BUY FURNITURE House lots, deceased estates, shed/ workshop clearouts. Large or small. Ph 027 437 2811

work wanted

GIB STOPPING, PAINTING, Exterior & Interior Plastering. Full time, Part time. Labour only. Ph Joshua 022 031 0375


The Weekend Sun

Churches Active In Our Community

Now is the hour The call of the Father is, “Come just as you are”. Come and find His love in the midst of heartache and disappointment. Come and find peace for your soul. Nothing can separate you from the love of God. The bible says in Romans 8:35, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?” Romans 8:39 says, “Neither height nor dept, nor anything in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus”. The Father’s heart of love pours out new mercies every day. The Father is the same through the ages embracing and welcoming you into His arms of forgiveness and unconditional love and acceptance. There may be pain in the night with our circumstances but joy comes in the morning because God’s love never fails.

Relationships formed in the ‘mire’ of our life often turn out to be ones of debt and longevity. Jesus said in Matthew 22:4 “Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.” But they paid no attention and went off. In Matthew 22:8 “Then he said to his servants, the wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come.” Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find. So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, both good and bad, and the wedding hall was filled with guests. An invitation to form a relationship with God and to come to his house for a banquet is available to you. Come just as you are.

Relate Deeply, Worship Creatively With a range of programmes and services available, Paul and Dale from the Holy Trinity believe that when we gather together these three aspects of church life are central to our life and worship together. To relate deeply cannot happen at a church service. This can only occur in smaller relationships through small groups or close friendships. Holy Trinity values relationships and endeavour to build these together. Without deep relating, worship is shallow. Worshiping together can all too easily slip into dead formality. Holy Trinity has a liturgy, and believe it is their responsibility to live and act creatively as people inspired by the Spirit of God. “We live and learn from those who have gone before and mould it to shape what is to come.” It has been said that preaching is a dead activity in a modern world. The Holy Trinity doesn’t believe this to be true. Preaching or teachings are moments in time when people hear ‘together’ the Word of God. If its proclamation is boring or incapable of holding people’s attention, that is the fault of the

By Janet Johansen

252 Otumoetai Road, Tauranga

Sunday Services 9:30am & 6:00pm All welcome! See website for more info

communicator not the scripture. Teaching this is effective under the Spirit of God, and will shape and direct a community of faith. Holy Trinity works hard to make preaching effective.


The Weekend Sun

Snowbound siblings Skiing siblings Emma and Matthew Crosby are hitting the slopes on Monday in Aquinas College’s quest to win the North Island Secondary School Skiing Championships. The pair pictured above, 14 and 13 years old, are among the school’s six-member team competing in the event on Monday. They will also race off in Aquinas College’s inaugural skiing championships at Whakapapa on Sunday. Both Emma and Mathew say they are putting their greatest focus on

Let us be your best friends’ best friend when you can’t be.

family fun in

Flapping about Hey folks, a short but sweet column from your fraulein friend this week.

I’ve been far too busy dodging pesky marine life to write much – in fact, the seas around our coastline have been seething with angry specimens. No sooner had we dispatched Happy Feet back to the deep freeze, than we get a plague on the beaches of another sort of marine visitor. DOC says the seals are here for a bit of shore leave and are best left alone. Roger that. I’ll be keeping a good the national competition. “The distance from those biting competition is very strong in the buggers. nationals, so I’m wanting to do as Snappy Feet, they should be well as I can,” says Emma, who – named – seals are well known like her brother – started skiing at to have a particular dislike for aged three. inquisitive canines. They both aim to continue So people, keep your improving every year and to take pooches well away. Mind you, competitive skiing as far as they can. there’s a few cats I’d like to Aquinas College head of physisend their way. cal education Richard Watson says Apart from inflicting nasty the North Island championships bites, they also carry diseases are usually dominated by Auckland and have bad breath. I guess schools, but he knows all team mem- that happens when you eat too bers will give the competition their much fish and don’t floss. best shot. Some two-leggers mistake

seals on beaches for sick ones, when in fact, they are often just bone lazy and lie on the sand or in the water for long periods of time. Best to give them a wide berth. And speaking of such, uncle had a close encounter with a similar marine monster this week; a sealion he’s named Grumpy Feet. There is certainly nothing happy about this bloke. He got his flippers in a right flap when uncle strayed into his patch during a night fishing expedition. Now, uncle is not known for his religious beliefs, but it’s rumoured that he did walk or run on water for a fair stretch when the adrenalin kicked in. He still jumps when you sneak up behind him and bark “Arrrf.” Hilarious. Till next time. Don’t let your flipper flappers dangle in the dust. Ady.

By Hamish Carter




aged 2-16 years





per child

why not make the most of it!



SIGHTSEEING 2 day Disneyland Resort Hopper Pass


All packages include return economy class airfares from Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch to Los Angeles flying Qantas and 5 nights accommodation as specified.


 Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel





per adult, twin share

229 $ 199 $



 Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel





per adult, twin share


 Hyatt Regency Orange Country






per adult

*per child (3-9yrs)

ADD ON: Character dining share a delicious meal while meeting some very special Disney Characters, from $55 per adult, from $25 per child (3-9 yrs)

ADD ON: 4-night school holiday cruise for 4 to Mexico with Carnival Cruises *# $



Based on 4 people sharing in a 4A interior cabin. Early saver fare guaranteed to be the lowest fare! Based on 16 Apr 2012 departure. Includes: ensuite accommodation, main meals and entertainment onboard, port charges, govt taxes and pre-paid gratuities


per adult, twin share

Includes: 5 nights in a 2 Bedroom Kids Suite, complimentary return transfers from hotel to Disneyland, kids under 13 years eat lunch & dinner FREE at Tusca when accompanied by an adult. Includes 1 FREE night! Travel dates: 10 Feb-30 Apr 2012

Includes: 5 nights in a Standard Room, complimentary transfers to/ from Disneyland Park (subject to availability) Travel dates: 10 Feb-31 Mar 2012 (maximum child age at this resort is 15 years inclusive)

Includes: 5 nights in a Standard Room Travel dates: 10 Feb-30 Apr 2012

Call: 0800 955 655


Visit: 66 Devonport Rd or Cherrywood Dr, Cherrywood


Orewa • Whangaparaoa • Takapuna • Auckland CBD • Mt Eden • Remuera • Kerikeri • Whangarei • Chartwell, Hamilton • Cherrywood & Devonport Road, Tauranga • New Plymouth • Motueka • Richmond, Nelson • Christchurch *TERMS & CONDITIONS: Prices are correct as at 31 Aug 2011. Valid for sales 5-15 Sep 2011. Valid for travel as stated above. Package prices are per person, share twin unless otherwise specified, based on economy class airfares flying Qantas from Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch to Los Angeles including all ticket taxes (which are subject to change). For departures from other domestic points throughout New Zealand please contact your Mondo Travel Specialist. Seat capacity is limited and may not be available on all services, if unavailable at time of booking you will be advised of the airfare surcharge applicable. For prices for different date ranges please contact your Mondo Travel Specialist. Tickets must be issued within 14 days of reservation. Accommodation is subject to availability at time of booking. Package prices are based on a room maximum of 2 adults/2 children (up to 16 years inclusive unless specified above) using existing bedding. Travel requiring an overnight stay in NZ will be at passengers own expense. Above packages are based on consecutive stay. Prices are correct at time of printing & may be subject to change without notice. Blackout dates & seasonal surcharges may apply depending on date of travel. #Cruise fare is based on 4 persons travelling together in an inside 4A category quad-share cabin, which is subject to availability at time of booking. Price based on Early Saver fare, which is subject to availability at time of booking. Non-refundable deposit of USD$150 (NZD$180) per person required at time of booking. **First 25 people paid in full receive Qantas Premium class check-in passes and Qantas Club passes (Auckland only). Qantas lounge access offer is applicable only to passengers aged 18 years and older. For passengers under 18 years access will be at the discretion of the Qantas lounge staff on the day. Prices are based on cash or Eftpos payment only, are subject to currency fluctuations and may be amended or withdrawn at any time. We welcome ALL major credit cards, however a credit card processing fee will apply. Amendment and cancellation fees apply. Mondo Travel recommends QBE Travel Insurance. Please always refer to your Mondo Travel Specialist for further details on 0800 955 655. Have a great journey!


The Weekend Sun PURCHASE and VIEW PHOTOS from this publication on...

The public opening of the new TECT Arena at Baypark on Saturday attracted thousands of people who participated in the many sports and activities available. Photos by Tracy Hardy.

...under Photo Galleries

Crystal Grenell, 6 and Temarama Munroe, 9, from Tauranga have their faces painted at the TECT Arena open day.

Brookfield kindergarten students Kody Feek, Teina Kimura, Taylor MillerHerewini, Ryan Hamill, Jimi Goodall and teacher Degen Prodger get into the Rugby World Cup spirit. Photo by Tracy Hardy.

Molly Taylor, 5, from Papamoa.

Isabele, 4 and Ned, 6, Desilva from Tauranga learn some indoor bowling techniques. Anna, 5 and Thomas, 3, Alexander have a go at indoor bowls with Dianne Garratt from Gate Pa Bowling Club.

Oliver Laurie, 2, from Welcome Bay has fun on the slide at the TECT Arena.

Affordable Homes

Affordable Homes

Asset Homes

New Zealand Limited

Flexibility in Design

Consistent Service

Flexibility in Design Consistent Service Quality and Affordability Quality and Affordability

Come and see why many of our clients Come and see why many of again. our clients return to us again, and

return to us again, and again. Visit our Showhome:

Visit our Showhome:

Cnr Cameron Road and 21st Avenue, Cnr Cameron Tauranga Road and 21st Avenue,

Tauranga Opening Hours: 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday

Opening Hours: 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Phone:Friday 07 577 6374 The Best Move07 You’ll Ever Make! Phone: 577 6374

The Best Move You’ll Ever Make!


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The Weekend Sun 9 September 2011

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